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2007-09-28 11:06
by Cliff Corcoran
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Look, the Yanks have clinched. The O's have given up. There's no point to breaking down a terrible team that I've already analyzed five times this season, and that the Yankees just played last week. The O's roster hasn't changed since last week. There's nothing to see here.

That said, the division is still in play. If the Yanks sweep and the Red Sox, who lost to the Twins last night, only win one of their remaining three against Minnesota, the Yanks will win the East via the tiebreaker of having won the season series against Boston. That said, neither team is going to fight for it. The Yanks are going to rest their regulars (though Melky's the only regular who will rest tonight), continue the bullpen tryouts, limit Andy Pettitte to 60 pitches tomorrow, and go with a spot-starter in the season finale on Sunday.

Tonight they'll let Mike Mussina throw his usual 100-or-so pitches. In three starts since returning to the rotation, Moose has gone 3-0 with a 1.37 ERA and has not allowed a home run. Two starts ago he faced the O's in the Bronx and turned in his best start of the year. Sure, he's faced Baltimore once and the depleted Toronto lineup twice, but the prospect of Mussina as the fourth playoff starter (or even the third if Clemens can't answer the bell) is not as scary as it was just a few weeks ago.

The O's send Jon Leicester, who has alternated good and bad starts since joining the rotation at the beginning of the month. The Yanks caught him two starts ago and rocked him for six runs in four innings. Tonight would be bad-start night for Leicester if he continues the pattern.

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2007-09-28 15:27:14
1.   seattleyank
Just because I've never been the first to post.
2007-09-28 15:35:32
2.   Schteeve
This has got to be the least hotly contested division title in the history of the Sox-Yanks.
2007-09-28 15:37:19
3.   standuptriple
If the Yanks rock Baltimore's starter tonight, will they be serial moleicesters?
2007-09-28 15:44:44
4.   yankz
3 Moleictophiles.
2007-09-28 15:45:15
5.   SF Yanks
I wonder if the Yanks pull within one after tonight, if Torre stays in full-on rest mode for the next two games. Maybe he'll just be in half-rest mode.

I started thinking today about how close we are to playoffs. I can taste it and I've waited all year for this. I'm gettin giddy. I'm just hoping it's Wed and not Thurs. After all, that's a whole 'nother day we'd have to wait while watching the other teams play.

2007-09-28 15:57:03
6.   JoeInRI
3 More or leices . ..
2007-09-28 16:06:15
7.   vockins
Buchholz's season is done due to shoulder fatigue:

God Bless The Joba Rules

2007-09-28 16:07:00
8.   Max
2 No kidding. How much you want to bet that if the Yanks win the whole thing as a WC entrant, that MLB comes up with rules next year making the road for the WC much tougher?
2007-09-28 16:26:34
9.   vockins
Hermida hit a gigantic 2 run jack. Jeez.
2007-09-28 16:29:21
10.   randym77
Okay, what the heck happened with that rundown?
2007-09-28 16:38:53
11.   ny2ca2dc
10 Call it good baserunning on Roberts's part. I really like that f-er.

5 Hell, there's a good reason to not want to win the div: WC gets Cleveland.

man, I'm the biggest Po fanboy on the earth, but he's such a shitty baserunner! nice how after clinching that misplay ain't no big thing.

2007-09-28 16:39:31
12.   OldYanksFan
in Yankee history.
But we still luv ya Jorge!
2007-09-28 16:44:02
13.   RIYank

I guess we know which team has the better base-running. That contest is over already.

2007-09-28 16:50:41
14.   RIYank
Okay, the base-running contest is starting to even out now.

Hey, JoeInRI is here. I hope nobody gets confused.

2007-09-28 16:51:13
15.   BklynBmr
OK, Cap. Let's take the suspense out of this one early...
2007-09-28 16:51:27
16.   randym77
I kinda like Roberts, too. Even if he did use 'roids.

Minky is en fuego these days, isn't he? His batting average is getting to be downright respectable.

Damon is heating up, too.

2007-09-28 16:52:11
17.   yankz
14 Yeah Joe, I guess Posada made up for his blunder.
2007-09-28 16:53:22
18.   rbj
16 Brian Roberts used steroids? Where'd you hear that?

I got to watch him in college, great player there.

2007-09-28 16:53:29
19.   RIYank
Nice. Captain RBI.


There's something to be said for games like this.

2007-09-28 16:56:55
20.   RIYank

Take that. Cheating umpires.

2007-09-28 16:57:23
21.   rbj
Boo Yaaa!!! A-Rod!
2007-09-28 16:57:38
22.   yankz
Oh my.

How far did it go/

2007-09-28 16:57:44
23.   ny2ca2dc
A Rod!!!!!!!!!! Way to stick it to the moronic ump. even the O's broadcasters were saying Abreu clearly checked. F-in umps this year..... (and Po was struk out earlier, he knew it)
2007-09-28 16:58:22
24.   BklynBmr
22 Not too deep in the seats, but it was a bullet...
2007-09-28 17:00:23
25.   RIYank
I never complain about a check-swing call, either way, because there just doesn't seem to be any serious criterion. But that one was just absurd.
2007-09-28 17:01:03
26.   yankz
Jeter and Arod are back on track. Mink and Johnny are pleasantly surprising. Cano has hit a few bombs. If Matsui and Melky would get their acts together, and the other guys keep it up, maybe we can slug our way to the WS?
2007-09-28 17:01:09
27.   ny2ca2dc
Off topic i know, but what about Kevin Milaaaaaah for 1b next year. cheap short term fill in.. right handed. slug a little. on base at a decent clip. shift to pretty good bench player if something better comes along... I'm pretty much over the Sawx connection, and as idiotic as he is, he's actually a likeable guy. I think he's a fee agent next year...
2007-09-28 17:01:21
28.   yankz
24 Thanks.
2007-09-28 17:01:36
29.   ny2ca2dc
25 And the umps theatrics didn't help.
2007-09-28 17:01:44
30.   cult of basebaal
24 what was most impressive is that it was slightly outside and a-rod just reached out and hit a bullet over the LCF fence ... dude is serious strong
2007-09-28 17:02:32
31.   cult of basebaal
27 not before betemit gets his chance ... plus i'm sure miranda will get a look in ST, too
2007-09-28 17:03:27
32.   yankz
Matsui has a .669 OPS this month.
2007-09-28 17:05:16
33.   yankz
I don't even want to check Giambi's.
2007-09-28 17:05:21
34.   ny2ca2dc
32 Too late to muck around now, but maybe Cano should've been swapped with Matsui in the order...
2007-09-28 17:06:28
35.   randym77
18 He was one of the players Grimsley named in that affidavit that leaked to the press last year. Along with Clemens, Pettitte, Tejada, and Gibbons. And I have to say, I did find it a bit odd that he hit 18 homers in 2005, when he'd never hit more than 5 before.

How'd you see him in college? Did you go to South Carolina? He was a college all-star. He was Bubba Crosby's roommate on that team.

2007-09-28 17:08:09
36.   yankz
FLA 4 NYM 1 Top 3
MIN 0 BOS 3 Top 4
2007-09-28 17:08:31
37.   yankz
WSH 0 PHI 0 Bot 4
2007-09-28 17:09:10
38.   RIYank
32 But I think it's well over .800 in the second half of the month.
2007-09-28 17:10:44
39.   ny2ca2dc
Moose really has that good command tonight. Mojo!
2007-09-28 17:12:09
40.   yankz
38 .813 over his last 15 games.
2007-09-28 17:12:25
41.   rbj
35 Thanks. I didn't see the list of names in the affidavit.

I was working for SC for a few years. The funny thing about him is that his sophomore year he was at UNC where his dad was the coach. That year he set the ACC record for steals in a season. Team didn't do well, so dad was fired. Brian then transferred to SC, where the coach there (forget his name at the moment) let his dad continue to coach him. That year Brian set the SEC record for steals in a season. Didn't have much power then either.

2007-09-28 17:12:51
42.   BklynBmr
36 Amazin'...

39 Markakis handled a pretty decent pitch there...

2007-09-28 17:13:00
43.   yankz
Matsui's OPS is over 100 points lower as the DH.
2007-09-28 17:14:40
44.   Mattpat11
43 That might be because he generally plays DH when he's hurting.
2007-09-28 17:14:56
45.   RIYank
Beltran dinger, 4-3.
2007-09-28 17:16:10
46.   Mattpat11
Oh boy.
2007-09-28 17:16:38
47.   yankz
44 I'm pretty sure he generally DH's because Damon is better defensively. It's probably too small a sample (I think it was like 150 AB), but who knows, he might have a Giambiesque split.

For the record, I think Matsui should DH in the playoffs.

2007-09-28 17:17:19
48.   Mattpat11
47 He's got two bad knees right now.
2007-09-28 17:18:04
49.   Mattpat11
He's not pitching well, but he's not throwing a lot of pitches either.
2007-09-28 17:18:48
50.   yankz
48 That wouldn't explain the split because he's played some LF recently, but again, there probably isn't anything to explain.
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2007-09-28 17:19:47
51.   RIYank
49 I think he's pitching pretty well. About the same as the last two starts, only less lucky.
2007-09-28 17:20:08
52.   randym77
41 Wow. Maybe the Yanks should hire Roberts' dad as a coach.
2007-09-28 17:22:27
53.   ny2ca2dc
51 Agree, if Bobby maybe made that catch, couple grounders get thru, etc. Can't expect much more than this. I'm pretty encouraged, honestly.
2007-09-28 17:23:48
54.   Mattpat11
53 That non catch was a bit amazing
2007-09-28 17:24:06
55.   Mattpat11
It still baffles me that Kay can't read outfielders.
2007-09-28 17:25:11
56.   rbj
WTF ump?
2007-09-28 17:25:27
57.   Mattpat11
Damon was safe by alot.
2007-09-28 17:26:29
58.   Mattpat11
Matt Lecroy is still in baseball?
2007-09-28 17:29:24
59.   BklynBmr
58 I ask the same question about Matt Stairs everytime I see him...
2007-09-28 17:30:11
60.   ny2ca2dc
Nice. Moose has that sharp tailing action on the fastball again. Awesome.
2007-09-28 17:31:43
61.   RIYank
These umps are not stupid. They want to get home at a reasonable hour. I'm cool with that, actually. So, we lose a base-runner or two, big deal.
2007-09-28 17:33:27
62.   rbj
Looks like the umps have checked out for the season.
2007-09-28 17:34:32
63.   RIYank
How does Abreu do that? It's amazing.
2007-09-28 17:34:49
64.   Mattpat11
6-3 Florida
2007-09-28 17:35:49
65.   BklynBmr
61 Yeah, but Robby needs a ribby...

62 This is exceptionally bad tonight...

Perfect time to start re-heatin', A-Rod! Keep it going 'till November...

2007-09-28 17:35:49
66.   RIYank

It just seems like A-Rod and Jeter are, what, practicing, gearing up, fine-tuning for October. Is that real, or is it just a coincidence?

2007-09-28 17:35:51
67.   ny2ca2dc
I love watching Bobby run - big guy gots wheels.

also like ARod hitting a bit. I guess his slump is over.

2007-09-28 17:35:58
68.   wsporter
If these f'n umps don't want to work why don't they get their fat asses out of the Park and let people with a sense of honor and duty get the job done. What a collection of clowns.
2007-09-28 17:36:08
69.   OldYanksFan
Another gratuitious RBI
2007-09-28 17:37:28
70.   cult of basebaal
2007-09-28 17:37:45
71.   BklynBmr
Now this is encouraging. If they start rakin' like back in July, nobody will want to face this club...
2007-09-28 17:37:58
72.   rbj
68 Don't hold back, let us know how you really feel.

Yanks in the playoffs, up 6-2 in a meaningless game. Friday night. And payday. What a sweet day.

2007-09-28 17:38:02
73.   OldYanksFan
Mags, Papi and others have had great years, but is there any question that ARod is MVP? Would we be anywhere near the PS without him?
2007-09-28 17:38:47
74.   cult of basebaal
rick peterson said he could fix v.zambrano in "ten minutes" ... in his defense, he never specified which ten minutes ...
2007-09-28 17:39:28
75.   BklynBmr
And Minny picked up their third hit tonight, so things are heatin' up in Beantown. ;-p
2007-09-28 17:39:49
76.   yankz
Still 3 zip Boston. And with that, I'd better get going. See you all later.
2007-09-28 17:42:26
77.   ny2ca2dc
Phils now up 3-0 in 5th
2007-09-28 17:45:13
78.   BklynBmr
I like the graphics operator for the O's broadcast. It changed to '2' outs while Giambi's ball was still in the air.
2007-09-28 17:45:49
79.   JeremyM
I'm glad they decided to follow a Kazmir appearance with a Zambrano sighting.
2007-09-28 17:47:04
80.   randym77
Holy crap. Earlier in this season, who'd have guessed the Yanks would have their post-season ticket punched while the Mets didn't make it?
2007-09-28 17:47:34
81.   ny2ca2dc
WOW!!! that was a mile outside!

this shit better not mess with the guys' sense of the zone...

2007-09-28 17:49:47
82.   Mattpat11
81 The Minky K?

Yeah, that wasn't close. It looked like it was the other batter's box.

2007-09-28 17:51:34
83.   Mattpat11
Tike Redman should not be getting all these hits.
2007-09-28 17:53:11
84.   ny2ca2dc
holy shit, Duque in in the 5th - gives up a home. 7-3 top 5, 2 outs
2007-09-28 17:54:52
85.   3rd gen yankee fan
"Lots of surprises tonight, including the strike zone." -- O's announcer
2007-09-28 17:56:31
86.   Mattpat11
Umpire isn't calling shit for Mussina
2007-09-28 17:57:52
87.   ny2ca2dc
oops. that pitch tailed its way right over the center of the plate.
2007-09-28 17:59:19
88.   Mattpat11
7-4 FLA
2007-09-28 17:59:48
89.   ny2ca2dc
err, maybe i was wrong about Moose... geez.
2007-09-28 18:00:18
90.   Mattpat11
89 He hasn't gotten a call all night, but he's not pitching well at all.
2007-09-28 18:01:02
91.   rbj
2007-09-28 18:01:41
92.   ny2ca2dc
That was merciful. Nice base running.

Prediction: Hughes is going to be a huge part of the post season, bailing out Roger or Moose.

2007-09-28 18:02:02
93.   williamnyy23
Any chance this outing makes Joe realizes that Hughes would be a better option for the playoff rotation?
2007-09-28 18:02:19
94.   Mattpat11
Mussina went right to the club house. He might be hurt again.
2007-09-28 18:03:44
95.   rbj
93 Rookie over a veteran who has playoff experience? Maybe in some strange parallel reverse universe where the evil Joe Torre starts the rookie.
2007-09-28 18:04:37
96.   Mattpat11
93 The only think I'd consider is Hughes is a better caddy than Mussina is.

I still think Mussina may have hurt himself.

2007-09-28 18:04:55
97.   3rd gen yankee fan
Holy poop! OUTSIDE the stadium?????
2007-09-28 18:05:14
98.   williamnyy23
94 Feelings maybe?
2007-09-28 18:05:26
99.   randym77
95 I guess that means JD in CF instead of Melky?

Though the way they are hitting right now, I wouldn't be too upset.

2007-09-28 18:05:27
100.   wsporter
72 I thought I did. ;-)
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2007-09-28 18:05:49
101.   Mattpat11
Garrett Jones has that same Minnesota Twins awful fake tan.

Is it some kind of requirement?

2007-09-28 18:05:59
102.   3rd gen yankee fan
Wow. Go Damon.
2007-09-28 18:07:46
103.   bartap74
So does this mean that Mussina's "resurgence" against a couple of really weak lineups was somewhat less than that? I would personally prefer Hughes or Kennedy as the no. 4 man.
2007-09-28 18:08:04
104.   rbj
99 With the way Johnny's been hitting, I could see Melky being a LIDR.
2007-09-28 18:08:25
105.   Mattpat11
103 This is the same awful lineup he shutdown, so I'm not sure why it would be any different.
2007-09-28 18:08:27
106.   wsporter
97 No they said it hit out on Eutaw Street which is between the stands and the Warehouse which is part of the Stadium/Yard.
2007-09-28 18:09:21
107.   ny2ca2dc
Man, Damon has hit some bombs in Camden. Where he hit it is rare real estate - god damn.
2007-09-28 18:10:07
108.   ny2ca2dc
104 But Melky isn't replacing JD - JD is the starting LF. Melk replaces Giambi, who is sucking. And upgrades the D big time
2007-09-28 18:10:07
109.   bartap74
103 I'm thinking that the team watched tapes and whatnot of the last game and adjusted, and Mussina failed to adjust back. 6 ER in 5 innings? Ugly.
2007-09-28 18:10:27
110.   3rd gen yankee fan
106 Oh it's not a "real" street. Thanks.
2007-09-28 18:11:14
111.   rbj
108 Good point.
2007-09-28 18:13:03
112.   Mattpat11
Where exactly do the Yankees have to pitch it to get a called strike?
2007-09-28 18:13:18
113.   ny2ca2dc
110 It still sorta left the yard - but trust me, it's far far far
2007-09-28 18:15:03
114.   ny2ca2dc
113 From PeteAbe: "That home run by Damon landed on Eutaw Street, the first ball to land there this season and the 40th in Camden Yards history. The Yankees have now hit 200+ home runs for eight consecutive seasons. That's a record."
2007-09-28 18:15:11
115.   williamnyy23
Even when the games dont mean much, the Yankees and Orioles still play loooong games.
2007-09-28 18:15:16
116.   randym77
Somehow, I can't imagine Torre (or anyone else, really) benching Giambi to play Melky.
2007-09-28 18:17:16
117.   bartap74
116 But hasn't he done that A LOT since Giambi came back from the DL?
2007-09-28 18:17:43
118.   monkeypants
103 et al.

Mussina is less consistent than Hughes. He ahs been been much better, and much worse, but his inconsistency is very worrisome. I said it days ago, and ai say it again--I would go with Hughes as the play off #4 because you pretty much know that you are going to get 5 or 6 inning with 3 runs allowed. Since the #4 will only get one start (at most) pr series, I'll take my chances with that level of production.

2007-09-28 18:18:21
119.   Mattpat11
115 Long and sort of boring.

I once went to an El Duque game between the two of them that was so hideously boring that I swear Torre got himself thrown out so he could just leave this shitfest.

2007-09-28 18:19:13
120.   bartap74
BTW, as a Yankee fan who grew up in Queens in the 1980s, I despise the Mets with every fiber of my being, but even I'm starting to feel sorry for them. If they don't make the playoffs, the collapse will be historic. I think the majority of my sympathy comes from my affection for Willie Randolph, who deserves better. Maybe he and Girardi could co-manage in the Bronx next season?
2007-09-28 18:21:42
121.   williamnyy23
118 Also, if Hughes struggles, it will be a slow drawn out outing, which would allow Torre to prepare. Mussina on the other hand seems to just give it up when he doesn't have it, which pretty much renders the game a foregone conclusion. I think Hughes is the safer choice.
2007-09-28 18:21:48
122.   3rd gen yankee fan
Hey I found out some good news yesterday. Yanks open 2008 in KC, I get to be there! woo hoo!
2007-09-28 18:22:00
123.   rufuswashere
Ohlendorf has good stuff. Fun to watch. What's the update on him? Future reliever? Starter? Still uncertain?
2007-09-28 18:22:31
124.   Mattpat11
120 I've seen a lot that I don't like from Willie these past couple years. Not just the total lack of passion these two weeks.

For one, he flat out refuses to argue for a player. "You're on your own, Kid!" Lastings was flipping the fuck out a couple weeks ago, Rickey was dragging him off the field, and Willie was just standing around. Say what you want about Joe Torre, but if one of his players was that passionate about something, he'd have his back.

2007-09-28 18:23:00
125.   Mattpat11
6-0 PHI
2007-09-28 18:23:18
126.   cult of basebaal
ummm .. can we please put ollie on the f'ing postseason roster????
2007-09-28 18:24:05
127.   Mattpat11
126 No. Bruney will be there.

Possibly Igawa.

2007-09-28 18:25:45
128.   randym77
117 Yeah, but the post-season is different.
2007-09-28 18:29:25
129.   Mattpat11
I remember getting into a whole argument with someone last year about how if Bernie came back for 2007, he would SURELY bench Melky for him.

I asked him who was benched when we got Abreu last year. I'm still waiting for an answer.

2007-09-28 18:29:27
130.   williamnyy23
For some reason, Francona let Dice K throw 120 pitches. Wasn't he recently skipped a turn because he had a tired arm? Talk about a rough playoff warm up.
2007-09-28 18:29:29
131.   cult of basebaal
120 i'd only wish this collapse on a red sox fan ...
2007-09-28 18:30:15
132.   williamnyy23
129 Terence Long!!
2007-09-28 18:30:48
133.   BklynBmr
Useless Fact Dept: Giambi is the only player in the game without a hit.
2007-09-28 18:31:16
134.   cult of basebaal
127 heh. nice. but i actually think bruney has angered the mighty Joey Joe Joe ... inability to hit the broad side of a barn will do that ...
2007-09-28 18:34:08
135.   OldYanksFan
Ouch... Our SP is 7th and our RP is 10th. I didn't know it was that bad.
2007-09-28 18:35:08
136.   randym77
Jeez, I'd almost forgotten about ol' T-Long. Whatever happened to him? I don't think I've seen his name even on the minor league rosters. Did he retire?
2007-09-28 18:36:25
137.   Mattpat11
132 Long played 12 games for the Yankees. Melky Cabrera started somewhere in the outfield in 11 of those games.
2007-09-28 18:37:50
138.   pistolpete
At the very least, Farnsworth > Bruney
2007-09-28 18:37:59
139.   RIYank
Efficient Farns.
2007-09-28 18:38:52
140.   Mattpat11
138 Me > Bruney
2007-09-28 18:39:39
141.   BklynBmr
140 ROFL!
2007-09-28 18:40:10
142.   cult of basebaal
140 dude, you should diet ... carrying all that around is bad for your heart!
2007-09-28 18:40:48
143.   pistolpete
140 So you're less than 275, are ya?
2007-09-28 18:42:24
144.   BklynBmr
No love from the Twinkies tonight...
2007-09-28 18:42:28
145.   Mattpat11
141 I promise you if you stood both of us 60 feet, six inches away from a wall, painted a 17 inch box, gave both of us ten balls and told us to throw, I'd throw more strikes.
2007-09-28 18:43:03
146.   RIYank
135 What did that mean? In what ranking??
2007-09-28 18:43:22
147.   Mattpat11
Boston wins.
2007-09-28 18:44:31
148.   pistolpete
145 But I'll bet those pitches wouldn't be thrown as blazingly fast as Bruney's.
2007-09-28 18:45:34
149.   BklynBmr
145 I hear you. I honestly think I could do the same. (Still trying to get some mileage from the no-no I threw in Little League 30 years ago)...
2007-09-28 18:45:50
150.   Mattpat11
148 They'd be 50 mph splitters. But they'd be in the zone.
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2007-09-28 18:46:08
151.   RIYank
148 Dude throws hard.
2007-09-28 18:46:58
152.   BklynBmr
Funny, Payton looked like Abreu on that play...
2007-09-28 18:49:06
153.   RIYank

Can he triple in the ninth? We need lots of base runners to get him another at-bat.

2007-09-28 18:49:28
154.   cult of basebaal
2007-09-28 18:50:06
155.   BklynBmr
Make 'em pay, Molina. Make 'em pay.
2007-09-28 18:50:59
156.   Mattpat11
Obnoxious Red Sox fans
2007-09-28 18:51:53
157.   cult of basebaal
156 eh?
2007-09-28 18:52:26
158.   OldYanksFan
146 Out of 14, in the AL (according to the O's announcer).
2007-09-28 18:53:18
159.   Mattpat11
157 Watching Yankee Game at Fenway
2007-09-28 18:53:54
160.   Mattpat11
They picked Detroit and Chicago for the out of town scoreboard?
2007-09-28 18:55:21
161.   bartap74
Joe Torre clearly could not care less about Viz's tired arm.
2007-09-28 18:55:54
162.   BklynBmr
159 That's unhealthy. What's wrong with those people?
2007-09-28 18:56:00
163.   Mattpat11
161 Vizcaino was begging to come in these games.
2007-09-28 18:57:05
164.   RIYank
158 Oh, the whole staff, you mean.

I missed that -- I had to go pick up my 6th grader from the Friday night dance. I heard the Damon dinger on the radio, too -- long, apparently.

2007-09-28 18:57:56
165.   RIYank
161 163 Yeah, he said he's completely fine, that he just had a bad outing, "It happens sometimes".
2007-09-28 18:59:20
166.   Mattpat11
165 Supposedly he also wants to get straightened out before the playoffs.
2007-09-28 18:59:49
167.   BklynBmr
164 From Pete Abe:

UPDATE, 9:08 p.m.: That home run by Damon landed on Eutaw Street, the first ball to land there this season and the 40th in Camden Yards history. The Yankees have now hit 200+ home runs for eight consecutive seasons. That's a record.

2007-09-28 19:00:16
168.   Mattpat11
Singleton: There are going to be a lot of changes on this Baltimore team

None good, as usual, I'm sure.

2007-09-28 19:01:17
169.   Mattpat11
Mike, I've listened to Tony Pena interviews. That may not actually be what he was saying.
2007-09-28 19:04:25
170.   cult of basebaal
this is a bad time to turn back into The Deuce, viz, just sayin ...
2007-09-28 19:04:49
171.   BklynBmr
168 Wish the YES feed was on EI tonight. Kenny is a pleasure...

And good. The last thing we need in this division is another competent front office. Stay stuck on stupid, Birds. We like you just the way you are...

2007-09-28 19:06:29
172.   BklynBmr
As Fenway groans...
2007-09-28 19:06:38
173.   Mattpat11
Well, he got the job done
2007-09-28 19:06:44
174.   RIYank

Joe is going to like that Vizcount performance, a lot. He loves it when guys put men in scoring position and then doesn't let them score.

2007-09-28 19:07:38
175.   Mattpat11
171 Kenny is my favorite announcer.

Alou Ks with runners on 1st and 3rd to end the 7th

7-4 FLA

2007-09-28 19:10:42
176.   Mattpat11
Philly won
2007-09-28 19:11:16
177.   bartap74
175 I loved listening to Kaat/Singleton. Class, lots of baseball knowledge, and no ego.
2007-09-28 19:13:11
178.   cult of basebaal
wow ... what was that about ... robbie stealing 2nd??? and it being so obvious that the birdies were pitching out with him having only 4 steals this year ...

no supper for you, rob bell, your time to home plate must suck!

2007-09-28 19:13:27
179.   RIYank
Oh, Melk! That was close, dude.
2007-09-28 19:14:02
180.   Mattpat11
177 I loved Kaat too.

The one things that does bother me, is while they don't need to be obnoxious, some of these guys were really good and they talk about themselves like they were scrubs. Kaat and Singleton, and to a degree, Murcer, are really bad with that. I once heard Singleton and Murcer say they wish they could hit like Adam Kennedy

2007-09-28 19:14:06
181.   3rd gen yankee fan
WOW, no kidding that was close.
2007-09-28 19:15:11
182.   Mattpat11
178 Hit and run. Ball was 8 feet off the plate, so Mink couldn't make contact
2007-09-28 19:16:10
183.   Mattpat11
Delgado leading off the 8th
2007-09-28 19:16:31
184.   RIYank
Save opportunity.
2007-09-28 19:17:20
185.   BklynBmr
175 Mine, too. Hands down. The rare play-by-play and/or color talent. Remember that game he did alone in the (TV) booth? A classic.

177 Same here. Kenny & Kitty were my favorite combo for the exact reasons you state. I let out a sigh of relief every time they came on camera at the start of a broadcast. I knew I'd probably learn something that night...

2007-09-28 19:18:22
186.   Mattpat11
Delgado singles.
2007-09-28 19:18:38
187.   RIYank
Cla Meredith induces a DP, getting the Pads out of a bases loaded jam. They lead 4-3...
2007-09-28 19:18:56
188.   Max
Here's how I'd like the Sox to "clinch": have them lose tomorrow's game, have our game be delayed by rain and start really late, and go extra innings and end at 3am with a loss. It will be nice and anticlimactic -- if they want to stay up that late and party, let them have their fun.

Or better, we win, they lose tomorrow, they lose again on Sunday and we do too, but much later than they do.

2007-09-28 19:19:43
189.   Mattpat11
185 I really miss Kaat (although I do think some of the other color guys are very good) and I hope they keep Kenny for a long time.
2007-09-28 19:19:57
190.   RIYank
Mo's definitely off.
2007-09-28 19:20:21
191.   Mattpat11
Hey ump. When you hear a LOUD wooden noise, it probably means the ball hit the bat.
2007-09-28 19:21:16
192.   Mattpat11
1 out, Shawn Green up
2007-09-28 19:21:30
193.   RIYank
188 Hysterical! That would be great.

Okay, that wasn't actually so bad -- Mo was just jamming him and Millar didn't get out of the way.
Now get Mora!

2007-09-28 19:21:56
194.   3rd gen yankee fan
188 That would be awesome. Imagine the stress on them.
2007-09-28 19:22:36
195.   Mattpat11
188 If they lose out from now on, I want the division.
2007-09-28 19:22:36
196.   Mattpat11
188 If they lose out from now on, I want the division.
2007-09-28 19:23:50
197.   Mattpat11
2 outs. Gotay up.
2007-09-28 19:24:23
198.   Mattpat11
pop up. Going to the ninth
2007-09-28 19:25:02
199.   BklynBmr
188 I love it. Any time spent trying to figure out how to make Sawx fans lives even more miserable is a worthy cause. ;-)
2007-09-28 19:25:02
200.   Mattpat11
Okay. One more out.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-28 19:26:32
201.   RIYank
Okay, enough. Finish it, Mariano. This game is long enough.
2007-09-28 19:26:57
202.   Mattpat11
Oh Jesus.

The phony HBP could come back to haunt us.

Well not really. If we lose, we lose, so be it. But I don't want Mo to blow it.

2007-09-28 19:27:49
203.   RIYank
I'm not too concerned. Jay Payton sucks.
2007-09-28 19:28:41
204.   RIYank

Damn it. Not happy.

2007-09-28 19:28:59
205.   OldYanksFan
Mo is not looking sharp.
2007-09-28 19:29:00
206.   Mattpat11
Bobby Abreu fucking sucks
2007-09-28 19:29:26
207.   Cliff Corcoran
Anyone want to complain about my being hard on Mo in my series wraps now? He's just not been pitching well.
2007-09-28 19:29:29
208.   OldYanksFan
oh my...
2007-09-28 19:29:37
209.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-09-28 19:30:06
210.   Raf
Regarding Melky's flyball, could someone PLEASE tell Sterling not to go into his HR call until the ball clears the fence?
2007-09-28 19:30:06
211.   RIYank

More audition opportunities. I may shut it off and go do something else. Probably involving alcohol.

2007-09-28 19:30:13
212.   Mattpat11
207 He was robbed by a HIDEOUS HBP call. Unless Kevin Millar has a wooden finger.
2007-09-28 19:30:19
213.   OldYanksFan
Extras. Just what we needed.
2007-09-28 19:30:36
214.   Mattpat11
210 I'll tell Sterling if you tell Kay.
2007-09-28 19:30:48
215.   cult of basebaal
wonderful mo ... well, at least you didn't lose it ... and the red sox fans have to wait longer ... bah!
2007-09-28 19:30:54
216.   Mattpat11
Send Jeff Karstens out there
2007-09-28 19:30:59
217.   3rd gen yankee fan
Great. A long, boring-ass game just got longer and boringer-assier.
2007-09-28 19:31:05
218.   RIYank
210 That would sound weird, though. "That ball is high..." as it's bouncing on Eutaw St.?
2007-09-28 19:32:07
219.   pistolpete
If we lose, I hope it happens in like 23 innings - this way, all the Boston players will have gone home.


2007-09-28 19:32:54
220.   WeMissPaulie
Well, if we do lose this the RS will clinch the division...but they've all gone home!
2007-09-28 19:33:24
221.   rufuswashere
Yanks have been TERRIBLE in extras this year. Everyone reading this now knows that, of course.
2007-09-28 19:33:54
222.   pistolpete
Cap won't let us lose. Thank god for our offense.
2007-09-28 19:34:10
223.   BklynBmr
It's OK, Mo. Two good things here. One: that was your slap in the face reminder before the real games start. You will not let this happen again.

Two: Way more DUIs, Sawx fans in jail, and increased revenue for the Boston Police Dept.

But let's not tax the pen, bats. Do your thing, put up a crooked number here... YEAH, CAP!!!

2007-09-28 19:34:23
224.   RIYank
Let's just get Jetes in now. Then we need somebody to save, too. Hm.

Nice, Sardinha!

2007-09-28 19:34:46
225.   Mattpat11
Reyes leading off the ninth
2007-09-28 19:34:50
226.   pistolpete
WHY a pinch runner? WHY?!

This game is guaranteed to go longer now.

2007-09-28 19:35:25
227.   wsporter
Clay Buchholz shut down with a tired shoulder. Hmmh? I'm liking our 'Rules'.

I think this Jeter guy may turn out to be a decent player.

2007-09-28 19:35:35
228.   bartap74
I can't remember the last time I saw them pinch-run for Jeter.
2007-09-28 19:35:47
229.   Mattpat11
Just get it in the air
2007-09-28 19:35:48
230.   RIYank
219 220 Yeah, I was thinking that too.

I didn't actually know we'd been terrible in extras. What's our record this year?

Oh, they'll walk A-Rod. It would be stupid not to.

2007-09-28 19:36:17
231.   Mattpat11
Reyes singles
2007-09-28 19:36:31
232.   pistolpete
227 Kay mentioned that in the beginning of the broadcast - basically told the people that criticize the Joba rules that they're idiots.
2007-09-28 19:36:51
233.   BklynBmr
O's announcers are speculating walking Mats and A-Rod to get to Molina...
2007-09-28 19:37:11
234.   3rd gen yankee fan
227 Probably got tired out stealing laptops.

No I'm not going to forget that.

2007-09-28 19:37:21
235.   Raf
218 We're listening on the radio, we won't know the difference. The "it is high, it is far it is (dramatic pause) caught at the wall!" gets annoying after a while.
2007-09-28 19:37:28
236.   RIYank
225 Reyes on. And Castillo is bunting??????
2007-09-28 19:37:48
237.   pistolpete
Reyes, FC - 1 out.
2007-09-28 19:37:54
238.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-09-28 19:37:54
239.   Mattpat11
FC, Castillo at first, one out
2007-09-28 19:38:30
240.   pistolpete
Prediction: Molina hits either a sac fly or a bases clearing double to the gap.
2007-09-28 19:38:35
241.   Mattpat11
Come on Jose, just get it in the air
2007-09-28 19:38:46
242.   RIYank
Walking A-Rod was smart. Walking Matsui is stupid.

(a) now there are two runners in scoring position, and two runs will be better than one.
(b) huge pressure on Bradford to throw strikes.

2007-09-28 19:39:45
243.   yankz
242 OTOH, Molina is much less likely to hit it to the outfield, and more likely to GIDP.
2007-09-28 19:39:55
244.   3rd gen yankee fan
Agreed. Orioles are dumb.
2007-09-28 19:40:15
245.   RIYank
Damn. I expected him to get ahead in the count.

Come on, Jose!

2007-09-28 19:40:21
246.   pistolpete
Wright, FC - 2 outs.
2007-09-28 19:40:23
247.   Mattpat11
Wright ground out. Runner on 2nd, 2 out
2007-09-28 19:40:35
248.   3rd gen yankee fan
Jose can do this.
2007-09-28 19:40:43
249.   pistolpete
Oh Jesus, Jose.
2007-09-28 19:40:57
250.   Mattpat11
Come on Giambi. Just a single.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-09-28 19:41:01
251.   yankz
2007-09-28 19:41:13
252.   BklynBmr
Actually that was a good AB by Jose. He kept it off the ground...
2007-09-28 19:41:28
253.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-09-28 19:41:29
254.   RIYank
Shoot. Well, I have to admit, that worked for them.
2007-09-28 19:41:40
255.   Mattpat11
1-1 on Beltran
2007-09-28 19:41:56
256.   Raf
241 not quite what i had in mind...
2007-09-28 19:42:22
257.   RIYank
Bradford is throwing strikes. Fairly impressive.
2007-09-28 19:42:28
258.   pistolpete
Mets lose.
2007-09-28 19:42:29
259.   Mattpat11
Beltran pops out
2007-09-28 19:42:36
260.   bartap74
Mets lose, fall to 2nd place.
2007-09-28 19:42:40
261.   yankz
Before tonight, Mo had a .92 WHIP and a 0.75 ERA if I'm reading this correctly, and there's a decent chance I'm not.
2007-09-28 19:43:20
262.   yankz
261 In September
2007-09-28 19:43:25
263.   RIYank
Poor Mutts.
2007-09-28 19:44:40
264.   pistolpete
How does Kay know they're watching the game at Fenway?
2007-09-28 19:45:16
265.   Mattpat11
264 He was alerted by YES
2007-09-28 19:45:28
266.   Mattpat11
Just send Henn out to lose it.
2007-09-28 19:45:35
267.   RIYank

I'm leaving. Good luck, I guess.

2007-09-28 19:45:38
268.   pistolpete
2007-09-28 19:45:48
269.   Raf
2007-09-28 19:45:55
270.   SF Yanks
If Roberts gets on...over.
2007-09-28 19:46:52
271.   BklynBmr
Well, hats off to the stratergization by the Bird brains.
2007-09-28 19:47:03
272.   Mattpat11
270 So be it. No need to drag this on anyway.
2007-09-28 19:47:10
273.   yankz
Possibly the shittiest way to lose the division (Mo blowing a 3 run lead) if they don't end up winning.
2007-09-28 19:48:17
274.   Mattpat11
273 That botched HBP call is going to sting a little, but what can you do.
2007-09-28 19:49:20
275.   pistolpete
Why do I have a 99% certain feeling that Edwar will give up a solo shot to end the game?
2007-09-28 19:50:18
276.   yankz
274 Botched HBP or not, he still gave up 3 ER on 3 hits.
2007-09-28 19:50:19
277.   pistolpete
Effin' Jays & Orioles are conspiring to wreck our bullpen going into the playoffs.
2007-09-28 19:50:50
278.   Mattpat11
The clock has certainly struck midnight on Cinderella Ramirez.
2007-09-28 19:51:44
279.   Mattpat11
276 And one of those runs wouldn't have been on base if the umpire had a clue.
2007-09-28 19:52:22
280.   pistolpete
If I have to see any footage of Sox players popping champagne at all, I'm going to throw up in my mouth a little.
2007-09-28 19:52:40
281.   Mattpat11
279 Not to mention whatever the fuck Bobby Abreu was doing in right field.
2007-09-28 19:53:40
282.   yankz
281 You're making way too many excuses for him. He failed to get 3 outs without giving up 3 runs to the Baltimore Orioles. Even he will admit he failed.
2007-09-28 19:53:52
283.   yankz
Stealing strategies, nice.
2007-09-28 19:53:57
284.   Mattpat11
280 The chance to stop that was lost by Ramirez, Bruney and Karstens. No need to go all out.
2007-09-28 19:55:38
285.   pistolpete
In 'Mets Elimination' news, Padres lead 6-3 in the 9th.
2007-09-28 19:55:53
286.   Mattpat11
282 He failed to get three outs before giving up three runs largely because a major league umpire singlehandedly put a man on base and the right fielder SNAFU'd a ball. Jay Payton should have never come up.
2007-09-28 19:56:56
287.   BklynBmr
284 Or that game in April, or the one in May, or especially that one in June, or the one in July, and so on...
2007-09-28 19:57:05
288.   Mattpat11
286 * And Jay Payton never should have come up to hit that ball
2007-09-28 19:57:35
289.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-09-28 19:58:04
290.   Mattpat11
Oh well.
2007-09-28 19:58:13
291.   yankz
Ah damn. Whatever, just win the WS.
2007-09-28 19:58:14
292.   randym77
2007-09-28 19:58:16
293.   pistolpete

Um, no need for that announcement, Kay. This is the F*CKING Yankees broadcast.


2007-09-28 19:58:30
294.   BklynBmr
Wow. Great call by the O's.
2007-09-28 19:58:53
295.   marc
good, Mo got some work in and no one got hurt in a meaningless game
2007-09-28 19:58:57
296.   3rd gen yankee fan
Oh well! That's it.
2007-09-28 19:59:29
297.   pistolpete
Please, Michael, mention it again.

Just one more time. Please?

2007-09-28 19:59:35
298.   randym77
I guess we were out-managed tonight.
2007-09-28 19:59:46
299.   Mattpat11
293 Yankees did this to themselves.
2007-09-28 20:00:32
300.   wsporter
F'n O's

What did M. Einstein Kay say?

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-09-28 20:00:52
301.   Mattpat11
300 Red Sox win the division, I presume.
2007-09-28 20:02:02
302.   BklynBmr
Clarity is power. We are the Wild Card.

Get dem ducks in a row, Joe.

Here come the Yankees.

2007-09-28 20:02:35
303.   pistolpete
300 301 Only about 3 times between the time Redman crossed the plate and they went to commercial.


Pretty much with that sort of enthusiasm too.

2007-09-28 20:03:44
304.   williamnyy23
At least the playoff matchups are really felt like the Yankees wanted to lose. I am sure the thought of a 15 inning marathon wasn't very appealing.
2007-09-28 20:03:46
305.   rconn23
Yeah, Mo got some work in. Um, glad he did that.

Our bullpen is Chamberlain, who is great, and Mariano who is on the downside.

Everyone else sucks. No matter how anyone tries to slice it or rationalize it. Everyone else is TERRIBLE.

2007-09-28 20:03:50
306.   Mattpat11

Well, they are.

If the Yankees could have been bothered to show up in the first three months, they could have prevented it. They couldn't, and they didn't. So be it.

2007-09-28 20:04:22
307.   Mattpat11
304 Absolutely no reason to drag this out.
2007-09-28 20:06:15
308.   williamnyy23
Cubs win the division...D'backs clinch a playoff spot...more pieces fall into place.
2007-09-28 20:06:31
309.   BklynBmr
Congrats to the Cubbies and Sweet Lou! They're NL Central champs. Good for them.
2007-09-28 20:07:14
310.   pistolpete
LOL - Kay said Payton hit a triple past a 'diving Abreu'.

306 Yes, thanks.

2007-09-28 20:08:53
311.   Mattpat11
310 Are the not the American League Eastern Division Champions?
2007-09-28 20:10:44
312.   williamnyy23
It's official...Yanks vs. Tribe...bring it on.
2007-09-28 20:10:49
313.   pistolpete
310 See 307 , take your own advice.
2007-09-28 20:14:50
314.   pistolpete
313 Should have been 311 .

Hoo boy. Well, I take small comfort that Mets fans are about 90x more miserable right now than I am.

2007-09-28 20:15:33
315.   marc
Hmm, Yankees D-backs or or Cubs would both be good opponents. Yanks cubs would be a hot ticket assuming we get that far
2007-09-28 20:17:36
316.   3rd gen yankee fan
Congrats Cubbies.
2007-09-28 20:19:56
317.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
315 I'd love to be wrong, and the Cards showed last year anything is possible once you make the playoffs, but I'm afraid we're going to crap out in round 1 again.

As far as I can see, we've got 2 starters whom we can trust, and 2 relievers. I can't see how that gets it done, especially against the Tribe, whose 2 best startes are more than a match for ours.

2007-09-28 20:27:39
318.   Mattpat11
317 Well, they had better win it all. It'd be a shame for all of this to be for nothing
2007-09-28 20:29:57
319.   BklynBmr
Reality check. The 4 Letter Network will hyperventilate over the Sox division crown for the next three days. As to be expected. Just don't watch. You won't learn anything you don't already know from what might just be the weakest lineup of talking heads in the "network" existence of baseball coverage.

Once every slot and matchup is determined, we'll have a day or so catch our breath.

Then we'll just see what happens, which is always the case, ain't it? ;-)

2007-09-28 20:32:34
320.   Mattpat11
319 I really don't care anymore. Like you said, I'm probably not going to watch anything that may have Gammons or Berthiaume, but the Yankees could be in a lot worse shape.
2007-09-28 20:43:37
321.   ihrtstrayrod
Am I the only one who really really really like Ohlendorf?
2007-09-28 20:43:47
322.   ihrtstrayrod
2007-09-28 20:48:51
323.   bbfan1
pistolpete ---If I have to see any footage of Sox players popping champagne at all, I'm going to throw up in my mouth a little. /

Hey, at least you didn't have to watch the highest paid team in the majors celebrating for coming in second :)

So much sox hate on this site! It's only a game :) The earned it :)

2007-09-28 20:52:51
324.   Mattpat11
The playoff gear is available now. I cannot fathom buying these things.
2007-09-28 21:05:41
325.   yankz
Who still watches ESPN, and why?

Also, CC was hit with a line drive today, I believe on or near the pitching hand. Don't think it affected him.

2007-09-28 22:30:58
326.   pistolpete
323 Still, it's pretty tame stuff compared to what I've read on some Sox boards about my team.

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