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Did He Who Made the Lamb Make Thee?
2007-08-17 03:01
by Emma Span
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I recently returned from a trip to Taiwan, on which more later. (I’ve braced myself, and I’ll try not to take it personally when the inevitable slew of “Go back to Taiwan! Quick!” comments appear below.) I had no trouble following the Yankees while I was there, because ESPN Taiwan shows every game, first live (at 7 am or one in the morning), then repeated at least two or three times throughout the day. But it’s all in Chinese of course – with the occasional “wow” or “home run!” thrown in, or “ooh la la!,” which I think is like the ESPN Taiwan version of “booya!” - so I may have missed a few subtleties; if so, please don't hesitate to correct me.

Strangely enough, this is the Yankees’ first series against the Tigers since last October’s Series of Unfortunate Events, and things didn’t go any better this time around: Tygers 8, Yankees 5, and it wasn’t even as close as the final score would indicate. Is there an Onion jinx?

Last night’s Yankee starter was Mike Mussina, who I’ve always enjoyed watching (and listening to, even when he’s grousing about something), but who does, increasingly, strike me as a grouchy 85-year-old trapped in a 39-year-old’s body. When not yelling at the Tigers to get off his damn lawn, Mussina struggled with his control, and that combined with bad luck put the Yankees in a big hole before the first commercial break. Mussina allowed a single, and an A-Rod error allowed Sheffield to reach base. (By the way, if you were curious about the crowd’s reaction to Sheff: he was booed, but as far as I could tell, not too intensely. The Yankee pitchers seemed not to want any part of him, not that I blame them, and he went 0-for-3 with two walks.) With two on, Magglio Ordoñez up, and one out, the situation was unlikely to end well; sure enough Ordoñez and the fuzzy thing living under his batting helmet walked, and Carlos Guillen promptly knocked a grand slam just over the right-field wall. Mussina offered no excuses after the game and refused to blame the error: “I lost the game for us in the first inning… I have to do my job when it’s my turn to play, and today I didn’t do it.”

In the bottom of the first, Derek Jeter singled and reached second on a wild pitch. I’d like to take a minute here to appreciate the anonymous Yankee fan sitting in the front row on the third-base side, who made what happened next possible. Hideki Matsui popped up and Brandon Inge, an excellent fielder at third, threw himself into the stands to try for the catch. He would have made it, too – he had it timed perfectly – but a spectacled, slightly nebbishy young guy in a blue button-down shirt jumped, just barely got his fingers behind the ball right as it headed into Inge’s glove, and flicked it away. He was the anti-Steve Bartman. It was masterfully done, and perfectly legal – he never touched Inge, didn’t do anything obnoxious or dangerous, but single-handedly saved the Yankees from an out; and on the very next pitch, Matsui singled to plate Jeter. As it happened, that run didn’t really matter, but you never know... had things gone slightly differently, it might have been decisive. So, well done, anonymous Yankee fan. I guess not everyone who sits in the front row is a soulless corporate tool.

The way the Yankee offense has been playing lately, three runs are hardly insurmountable, but the pitching staff just couldn’t hold it there. Mussina was hit hard again in the top of the second, making it 6-1. He then settled down – a combination of better location and better luck, as several well-hit balls found gloves - and an inning later the Yankees got two back on a Bobby Abreu homer; but that would be as small as the margin ever got. It was a frustrating loss, in large part because Tigers starter Justin Verlander seemed vulnerable all night – lots of balls (not in the good way), deep counts, long at-bats, and a massive pitch count, with 90 thrown by the 4th inning. To his credit he held things together and slogged his way into the sixth inning, throwing 119 pitches in the process.


Unfortunate juxtaposition of the game, brought to you by Michael Kay: “He could tell you what his plans were for the 7th, 8th, and 9th inning - for pinch-hitting, hitting and running, the way he'd use his pitchers - in his office before the game. If there's such a thing as a genius in baseball, Billy Martin was a genius in baseball. He was a genius … and there you see Ron Villone beginning to throw...”.


Anyway. The Tigers added a run in the 5th, on singles off Mussina in his final inning of work, and in the 7th, with a Pudge Rodriguez home run off Villone. One interesting note: with two on in the bottom of the sixth, Joe Torre pinch-hit for Johnny Damon with Shelley Duncan. Now, Damon’s been very gracious about his recent lack of playing time, saying he’ll fill whatever role the team wants, anything to help - but man, that’s got to sting a little.

The Yankees staged a mini-rally in the ninth off Todd Jones – with the Padres' recent release of David Wells, Jones is perhaps now the reigning Major League Pitcher Who Looks Least Like a Professional Athlete, and I love him for it. The Yanks scored twice with two outs before Jason Giambi struck out to end the game; too little too late, though I suppose it at least it made the final score more respectable.


On a very sad note, we learned in last night’s comments that passionate Banter commenter Jim Dean passed away July 27th – while watching the Yankees, in fact. Jim needs no introduction to any regular reader of this site; as many people noted during the game, he was a strong presence here, and he will be missed. My condolences to Kate Dean, and the rest of Jim’s family and friends.

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2007-08-17 06:18:50
1.   Andre
nice write up.

On Jim Dean - what a way to go

2007-08-17 06:28:52
2.   NJYankee41
I didn't read this site last night, but just yesterday afternoon many were wondering where Jim has been. It is sad to now know the truth as I checked out the thread this morning. While I haven't been the most vocal person on this site, I am always reading the comments and Jim Dean was perhaps the most prevalent banterer. I usually disagreed with his arguments, but no one can dispute his passion and that will probably missed most of all. My guess is that he was too young to have gone so soon, but it is nice to see all the kind words people have been giving.
2007-08-17 06:49:25
3.   Count Zero
I don't do the "game thread" thing so I missed the post last night. I have been wondering where Jim was for about a week now, and am truly saddened to hear this story. His strong perspectives and ability to challenge the conventional wisdom will be sorely missed here. RIP Jim.
2007-08-17 06:55:12
4.   Count Zero
Oh and...

Go back to Taiwan! Quick! ;-)

2007-08-17 07:03:30
5.   pistolpete
Sorry to hear about JD - I can't remember, but was it him who I made the 'Worm Burner' signs for last year?

Without getting too nosy, what exactly did he die of? Gotta love that it was during a Yankees game, though.

Hope it was a win. ;)

2007-08-17 07:04:22
6.   Yu-Hsing Chen
haha, you didn't know that with one touch of the bottom you could change right back to the English commentary , wether it be YES or ESPN or FOX depending on the night (most of the time it's YES though, pick your poision i guess, but Kay is still better than the lunacy of Steve Phillips i guess)... ESPN is nowadays known by Taiwanese MLB followers (espically the non- Yankee fan onces) as YESPN, i wonder why ;)

I didn't think Moose's control was that terrible last night, he had A LOT of pitches 1 inch off the plate that ball called balls, where Verlander and particularly Zach Miner got it called for strikes even further out. I'm under the impression that the ump will get some bad reviews for that game.

it was a game of inches basically, A-rod booted a inning inning double play, after loading the bases Guillen poked one just out of the short porch on a breaking ball that went too far inside (but was far from smoked. in most other park that woulda been a deep flyout).. that was pretty much the difference of the game. and if Moose hadn't been so gased in the first, i though there would have been a solid chance for him to do better the rest of the way.

What has happened has happned, the Yankees need to forget about it and move foward.

2007-08-17 07:14:48
7.   NJYankee41
5 You can read the sad post his wife left on the last thread. It was #39.
2007-08-17 07:20:02
8.   pistolpete
7 Thanks - for obvious reasons, I was'n't keeping up with the game thread last night. :P
2007-08-17 07:29:35
9.   Yankee Fan In Boston
i can't believe that we will never be treated to another jim dean rant.

i was always entertained by the man.

truly sad, truly shocking news.

my heart goes out to his family and friends.

he will be missed around here.

2007-08-17 07:29:58
10.   AbbyNormal821
0 I am stunned to read about Jim Dean. To Kate and his family...there are no words. I'm so sorry for your loss.

I found this quote by Emily Dickinson, I liked it:

"Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality."

...and I think JD would appreciate this quote from Bob Feller:

"Sympathy is something that shouldn't be bestowed upon the Yankees. Apparently it angers them."

2007-08-17 07:30:36
11.   Yankee Fan In Boston
welcome back, emma.
2007-08-17 07:41:10
12.   RichB
Wow, I vividly remember an argument with Jim about whether the '95 Yanks were one Derek Jeter short of a championship or if they needed more. Seems like last week, but looking at the archives it was a week before he passed. I dropped the conversation after a couple back and forths. Now I wish I would have kept it up - it was a fun conversation.

So long Jim! Maybe you can play some pepper with Scooter.

2007-08-17 07:42:46
13.   Simone
Abby, the Emily Dickinson quote is beautiful.

Emma, it is good to know that there are some Yankee fans at the games who have good baseball fan IQ and act accordingly.

2007-08-17 07:47:07
14.   rsmith51
12 I always thought using Mo correctly could have been the difference in '95, after the fact, of course.
2007-08-17 07:47:23
15.   RichB
The interesting thing about Duncan's pinch hit appearance was that they brought out a new reliever to pitch to him and then Pudge visited the mound twice (I think) to make sure they were on the same page. I don't think I've seen any Yankee bench player treated that way since Strawberry retired. Certainly, no one would have made a pitching change for Cairo or Nieves or even Phelps.
2007-08-17 07:55:05
16.   RichB
14 That would have helped, but Wetteland did a good job, especially in the series. He saved all four Yankee wins while giving up only one run. Rivera for a World Series MVP for that in 1999.
2007-08-17 08:23:33
17.   tommyl
I just want to add my condolences to Kate and the rest of Jim's family. Like many others here, Jim and I didn't always agree on everything, but I'll really miss arguing with and against his opinions. He'll be missed.
2007-08-17 08:47:26
18.   dianagramr
Hiya Emma .... good to read ya again ...

"The Yankees staged a mini-rally in the ninth off Todd Jones – with the Padres' recent release of David Wells, Jones is perhaps now the reigning Major League Pitcher Who Looks Least Like a Professional Athlete, and I love him for it."


I vote for Bob Wickman ....

2007-08-17 08:58:51
19.   Yu-Hsing Chen
18 throw in David Weathers to complete the amazing trio of fat closers that look like they came outta your neighborhood bar for beer everyday.... and give their respsective teams heart attacks everytime they "close out" games
2007-08-17 09:26:26
20.   rilkefan
Shocked and saddened by the news of Jim Dean's passing. His death diminishes us.

I know he'd have been thrilled to see some of his criticisms of the roster construction finally being taken care of by the FO, and I'm sure he would have been delighted to thoroughly point out how they could have done a better job.

2007-08-17 09:26:31
21.   Cliff Corcoran
19 Weathers has the added feature of looking like his face melted into his neck. Still fond of that guy for the way he shut down Juan Gone in the '96 ALDS. People forget that the Yankee pen was five deep that postseason: Wetteland, Rivera, Lloyd, Weathers, and Nelson.
2007-08-17 09:32:50
22.   unpopster
I just went back to the 7/27 thread titled "Yanks Jump Start Their Weekend". This was Jim's final thread. His final comment was #218. It sends chills down my spine as I read the rest of the comments on that thread sans a JD appearance.

I'd like to add my condolences to Kate and the rest of Jim's family. It touches me to no end to think that WE were part of his last and final moments.

I assume that none of us have ever met JD in person, but the Banter crowd is a sort of virtual family for many of us - and this community has lost a family member.

Jim Dean, R.I.P.

2007-08-17 09:37:23
23.   fansince77
18 , 19 Bobby Jenks is no fitness guru either...the four of them (Weathers, Jones, Wells, Wickman, Jenks)- and maybe Prince Fielder sitting at a Bar or better yet checking ID...
2007-08-17 09:37:40
24.   Zack
21 Yeah, and that, at least according to at least one reporter, Weathers is exactly the kind of guy that the Yanks have been missing instead of that whole A-Rod loser...
2007-08-17 09:44:36
25.   standuptriple
Wow. I enjoyed sparring with Jim Dean. He'll be missed.
I'm glad his wife let us know and that she has this site to remember him being passionate and genuine.
2007-08-17 10:03:11
26.   RichB
21 *sigh* That was the same point I was making to Jim - the '96 post-season bullpen was a major upgrade to the '95 crew (Howe, Wickman, Hitchcock, Rivera, Wetteland)
2007-08-17 10:07:03
27.   Yankee Fan In Boston
20 I know he'd have been thrilled to see some of his criticisms of the roster construction finally being taken care of by the FO, and I'm sure he would have been delighted to thoroughly point out how they could have done a better job.

spot on.

2007-08-17 10:15:14
28.   YankeeInMichigan
The Tigers finally DFAd Monroe today and called up top prospect Cameron Maybin after only 5 games at double-A Erie (
). With lefty Pettitte on the mound, the Tigers will probably start Thames at first and Maybin in left.

Perhaps we'll get a chance to see Joba pitch to Maybin. They probably faced each other earlier this year in the FSL.

2007-08-17 10:15:42
29.   JL25and3
OTOH, in memory of Jim, I'd like to point out that the Yankees might be in first place if only Cashman had gotten anything useful in exchange for RJ.

Jim and I tangled hard, but I've missed the challenge. My condolences to his family.

2007-08-17 10:17:25
30.   JL25and3
BTW, Emma, I loved the English 101 headline. It's great to have you back.
2007-08-17 10:18:43
31.   OldYanksFan
FYI: "Asked if it would be cost-prohibitive for the Yankees to pursue A-Rod as a free agent, Cashman said yes. He also confirmed that if Rodriguez opts out of his deal, the Yankees can offer him arbitration."

I believe the question was asked if we will get draft picks if ARod opts-out. It appears that we will.

2007-08-17 10:25:25
32.   cult of basebaal
29 make it a double feature and thrown in a reference to what a great team this would be if cashman hadn't traded sheffield for crap pitching prospects and a handful of shiny beads ...

speaking of our dear friend, sheff:

They wanted me back. It was my choice to leave. I wasn't willing to play first base for a year," Sheffield said. "I didn't come here to play first base."

Cashman confirmed that the club would have kept Sheffield if he were willing to play first this season. Now, Sheffield said he's happy with his multiyear contract in Detroit -- even though he's had to adjust to being a designated hitter.

so wait, how is playing first any more not-playing-right-field than DHing is not-playing-right-field.

detroit and jim leyland respected you so damn much, sheff, they sat your immobile ass on the bench

2007-08-17 10:27:38
33.   yankz
Luis Vizcaino's 2007 VORP: 12.3 and growing
Randy Johnson's 2007 VORP: 11.7 and done

How anyone can still think the Yanks got ripped off in that deal is beyond me.

2007-08-17 10:29:54
34.   cult of basebaal
meanwhile, in boston, john lackey is conveniently spitting the bit ...

damn angels, all they seem to do is find ways to beat us, but they can't get their acts together against the sox

2007-08-17 10:30:14
35.   Zack
How come Lackey dominates us and sucks against the Sox? Figures, darn bandbox that is Fenway
2007-08-17 10:36:58
36.   cult of basebaal

[/ end jim dean voice]

i'll miss you around here jd, arguing with you was like trying to spar with a gelatinous cube ...

2007-08-17 10:37:29
37.   Mike T
I hope Lackey turns in a similar performance against the Yanks. The Sox are making him look pretty bad right now.
2007-08-17 10:38:00
38.   Zack
Geez, even crappy Doug M knocks in a run, hit just makes me hate the Angels even more. They play us like its the world series and consistently lay down in Fenway and roll over. Grrrr
2007-08-17 10:38:33
39.   cult of basebaal
jesus ... way to man up for the big series, lackey, you squint-eyed, mole-faced, fell-out-of-the-ugly-tree-and-hit-every-branch-on-the-way-down, bum
2007-08-17 10:39:26
40.   Cliff Corcoran
32 Where in that quote did he say "I want to play right field?"

DHing is hitting, which is what Sheff has done his whole career. Playing first base is learning a whole new position. Huge difference.

2007-08-17 10:40:53
41.   Cliff Corcoran
38 I'm amazed that "even crappy Doug M knocks in a run" has nothing to do with Mientkiewicz.
2007-08-17 10:41:09
42.   Zack
Wow, Lackey must have NOTHING. The entire Sox offense has hit him for extra bases. Heck, Alex Cora just hit a double.
2007-08-17 10:41:40
43.   williamnyy23
35'll surely be knocked out early so he can be fresh for his next start against the Yankees.

With Santanna going tonight, this looks like a Red Sox sweep. In other words, another Yankee loss and we can put the division on the back burner once again.

This is why three game losing streaks in Aaugust are unacceptable, and why the Yankees organization really dropped the ball on Tuesday.

2007-08-17 10:41:49
44.   Max
37 The problem is that the Halos become incredible pansies at Fenway and at Toronto, but turn into absolute world-beaters when playing us.
2007-08-17 10:41:49
45.   Zack
41 Yeah, must be something about Doug M.'s that make them suck in infuriating ways, huh?
2007-08-17 10:46:07
46.   Vandelay Industries
35 Ugh! I hear ya. Even Mirabelli is punding him. When it rains it pours I suppose.

Yikes, another run! Ok, I'd say this game is about over with the Angels' offense. To be fair to the Angels, John Lackey isn't nearly the stud that his numbers sometimes indicate.

Well, Yankees win and a Seattle loss tonight, and we're in first in the WC. It might nearly be time to put the Bo-Sox out of our minds. Boston sweep today and a Yankee loss, and the lead is back to seven. Even Jack Lemon and Jane Fonda couldn't stop the meltdown required for the Yankees to overcome that lead this season.

2007-08-17 10:52:29
47.   Vandelay Industries
44 I would have to disagree. They are "incredible pansies," the Yankees just get outmanaged by Mike Scioscia, and out hustled by the Angels offense, and outplayed by the Angels defense.
2007-08-17 10:56:22
48.   NJYankee41
32 With Sheffield it all comes down to money and respect. Respect=money and money=respect of course. Something tells me if the Yanks told Sheff he would get a four year extension to play first he would do it. It bothered him that they had no intention of extending his deal and would only want him around for that final year. This is a perpetual bit by Sheffield, he gets pissed off everytime his contract is near an end and if he doesn't get an extension all hell breaks loose. Hence all the trades.
2007-08-17 10:58:30
49.   williamnyy23
Chris Britton made another appearance on Wednesday night. He went 2.2IP, with 1K, 0H and 0BB.

No wonder he can't get a promotion.

2007-08-17 10:58:30
50.   williamnyy23
Chris Britton made another appearance on Wednesday night. He went 2.2IP, with 1K, 0H and 0BB.

No wonder he can't get a promotion.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-08-17 11:02:26
51.   williamnyy23
48 Sheffield will never be happy. His MO has been the same everywhere. He comes to an organization with a smile and leaves with a frown. It isn't worth trying to decipher his borderline personalities. The bottom line is the Yankees got great production when he was healthy and then moved on. If Sheffield is so happy in Detroit, then why does he feel compelled to dwell on the Yankees. The Yankees have moved on; now it is time for Sheffield to do the same.
2007-08-17 11:06:08
52.   NJYankee41
51 It will be funny when he's ripping the Tigers in a couple years. This whole ripping the Yanks ordeal would be humorous had he not brought racism into it.
2007-08-17 11:12:33
53.   williamnyy23
52 Torre is an imposing figure. His stature in the game is greater than Sheffield's. The only was Sheff could put a dent in his armor would be to bring race into it. It's one thing to bully Trebelhorn, Riggleman and Tracy, but Torre is another story.
2007-08-17 11:15:03
54.   Zack
Angels are grounding into double plays as if it were their job...
2007-08-17 11:15:59
55.   williamnyy23
Anyone watching? How does Bucholz look?
2007-08-17 11:21:03
56.   pistolpete
34 We swept LAA at the beginning of July, lost 2 out of 3 in May.

Better than usual!

Of course, we always used to beat up on Baltimore & Detroit. This season is so twisted.

2007-08-17 11:21:39
57.   ric

i only caught the first 2 innings at the gym... a little wild, good change, curveball was left up high, no hard hit balls.

2007-08-17 11:22:50
58.   Zack
I picked up Bucholz on waivers in my Yahoo league (of course, he came available today, so i can't start him until tomorrow, thanks Yahoo jerks!), but mostly to try and con my Sox filled league into trading for him...
2007-08-17 11:29:14
59.   ny2ca2dc
Note from the in-game box score at ESPN: "DOUG MIRABELLI LEFT THE GAME IN THE SECOND INNING DUE TO A STRAINED RIGHT CALF." Bring on the passed balls in Wakefield's starts...

I'm not real good at these kind of things, so I'll keep it brief and just add my condolences for Jim Dean's loved ones.

2007-08-17 11:33:08
60.   NJYankee41
53 Very true. Did he say anything bad about Bobby Cox? I can't recall what he said after leaving Atlanta.
2007-08-17 11:37:13
61.   williamnyy23
60 His Atlanta saty was only two years and he priced himself out of the Braves' budget, so he didn't really have time to grow sour. Had he only lasted two seasons for the Yankees, he probably would have also exited on less bitter terms.
2007-08-17 11:50:48
62.   pistolpete
61 He was hurt for virtually all of 2006 - shouldn't that count?
2007-08-17 11:57:20
63.   Zack
Just when the Angels were starting to smack around Bucholz what do they do? Hit into a DP, again...Of course, it was a line drive one, but still
2007-08-17 11:59:41
64.   pistolpete
Meh, I guess we worry about Seattle now.
2007-08-17 12:07:33
65.   williamnyy23
62 More time to stew and be angry...Sheff's angry side emerged because of the 4th year option and then being asked to play 1B. If the Yanks had him for only 2 years, the volcano wouldn't have had time to erupt.
2007-08-17 12:19:06
66.   JL25and3
I'm just sitting back, reading the Sheffield bashing, and grinning.

For the record, he didn't say anything bad about Cox or the Braves.

2007-08-17 12:22:56
67.   Max
60 There was a story going around that part of the Yankees' due diligence in making the decision on signing Shef in the first place was talking to Cox -- and I seem to recall Torre being quoted as saying that Cox recommended Sheff as highly as he could recommend anyone, particularly as a teammate.

Indeed, I was inclined to cut more Sheff more slack than I normally would a player with that big of a mouth, just because his 2004 regular season was as memorable as any Yankee of recent vintage -- full of swagger, home runs and big, late inning dramatics. On a team full of pros like Jeter and Posada that media types found boring, along with more vanilla high paid mercenaries like Giambi and Moose, Sheff was a dream for the media and any fan who liked hot-blooded, hyper-competitive types that could back up their talk. Even loud mouthed Yankee haters cowered when talking about him. (Quite a contrast to A-Rod, to say the least).

Of course, it all turned sour by the end of the season, and he was obviously absent in the playoffs at a time when he was needed most. He completely squandered any remaining brownie points he had with the media when he went after Torre.

And 66 , you've earned the right to gloat and then some.

2007-08-17 12:33:42
68.   Chyll Will
51 Why do I get the impression that the Yanks' perceived indifference to Sheff no longer being in the org is one of the underlying causes for his ire? There was a mutual disgust wherever he left, but NY: "Trade, good luck, meh."

I always thought one thing about being a "man" was making lemonade out of lemons, not turning whatever into whine?

2007-08-17 12:37:28
69.   Chyll Will
65 ,66 Okay, got it >;)
2007-08-17 12:58:26
70.   Zack
Wow, Gary Matthews and Aybar really killed the Angels today, 9 LOB between them...
2007-08-17 13:09:13
71.   cult of basebaal
having seen sheffield's act out here in LA, i wasn't exactly thrilled when the yankees, well, george steinbrenner, to be exact, went out and signed him instead of Vlad the Imapaler.

overall, though, i kinda enjoyed sheff's time in pinstripes, at least when he was at the plate. He's one of those guys who i love watching hit ... hell, just swing, to be honest ...

i could do without ever hearing his opinion, on well, just about anything, again, though ...

2007-08-17 13:22:09
72.   yankz
Cubs extend Big Z, guess we won't be seeing him.
2007-08-17 13:36:37
73.   Simone
66 I'm with you. It really irked me how people defended Sheffield and gave the cheat a pass when he was a Yankee. George should have never signed Sheffield without pursuing Vlad, NEVER.
2007-08-17 13:44:35
74.   Vandelay Industries

Maybe George was irked by Vlad refusing to learn a single word of english after twelve years in the big leagues?

2007-08-17 13:49:45
75.   Vandelay Industries
72 First, that is way too much money for him. Stuff, yes, headcase, yes. I would really have to see him pitch in a big post-season game before I threw 18.5 mil per at that clown. This does set the Cubs up, should ownership agree, to make a run at Arod if he opts out, making them the prohibitive favorite in the NL Central. Alex moves back to short, yikes, that club would be a force with one more pitcher and Piniella at the helm.
2007-08-17 13:55:30
76.   Vandelay Industries
It must feel strange for Lou to have one guy who equals the entire payroll he had with Tampa.
2007-08-17 14:03:10
77.   Raf
73 ,74 Don't forget, Vlad was coming off a season where he had a back injury.
2007-08-17 14:05:41
78.   Raf
75 Well, he pitched in the 2003 postseason, but he didn't do too well.
2007-08-17 14:06:17
79.   Vandelay Industries
77 Maybe George's last big decision, forcing Cashman and Joe into signing Sheffield over Vlad?
2007-08-17 14:06:24
80.   Raf
My condolences go out to the Dean family.
2007-08-17 14:07:57
81.   Raf
79 Could be. I seem to remember that Steinbrenner and Sheffield worked the deal out amongst themselves. I think the deal almost fell apart when Sheffield asked for more money at the last minute. I could be wrong, tho'
2007-08-17 14:13:17
82.   Emma Span
74 Si usted juega eso bien, usted sabe hablar cualquier lengua que usted desee.
2007-08-17 14:18:04
83.   rilkefan
82 If you play that well, you are able to speak any language you want?
2007-08-17 14:19:59
84.   Raf
Am I the only one that thinks Vlad looks like Thelonious Monk?
2007-08-17 14:20:53
85.   DougP
My condolences to Jim's family and friends. I'd been wondering why he hadn't chimed in lately, particularly on the improvements to the bench and am very saddened to learn the reason.
2007-08-17 14:21:21
86.   Vandelay Industries
83 Not me. I am liberal as they come. I was speaking for George.
2007-08-17 14:22:11
87.   Emma Span
83 I think so, but to be honest I had to BabelFish a few words there. I'm taking classes but I have a loooong way to go...
2007-08-17 14:24:24
88.   Bama Yankee
82 Nice. How well do you have to play before you are allowed to speak only "pig latin"?
2007-08-17 14:27:47
89.   Vandelay Industries
87 Come stay with me in LA for a few weeks and wander the streets and shops in my hood. You won't need any more lessons, but hey, I may have to charge you some tuition:)
2007-08-17 14:35:47
90.   yankz
I think literally it's you will know how to speak whatever language, but my Spanish is getting rusty.
2007-08-17 14:38:36
91.   Bama Yankee
87 I used the following site:
it gave me this:
"If you play that well, you can speak any language that you wish"
2007-08-17 14:39:05
92.   Emma Span
88 Actually, I've been advocating that move for A-Rod for years.
2007-08-17 14:41:20
93.   cult of basebaal
92 so, maybe we should change this year's rallying cry to A-HEY?
2007-08-17 14:43:45
94.   Bama Yankee
93 Ellway ayedplay, ultcay ofway asebaalbay
2007-08-17 14:46:32
95.   JL25and3
I believe it would be "tan bien" rather than "eso bien." Babelfish gives word-for-word translations, but isn't as good with idiomatic phrases.
2007-08-17 14:47:39
96.   JL25and3
92 Otherwise known as Odd-Ray?
2007-08-17 15:57:58
97.   rilkefan
90 That was my point, Emma had a can/may confusion.
2007-08-18 04:20:19
98.   joejoejoe
If anyone wants to remember Jim Dean through reading his old comments I did a search of all of his remarks on and made a tiny URL link.

Google archive: "jim dean" -

Rest in Peace Jim Dean. My condolonces to all of Jim's family and friends.

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