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2006-08-15 11:59
by Cliff Corcoran

I have to admit. I'm sick and tired of the Orioles. It's not that they give the Yankees a hard time. The Yankees haven't lost a season series to the O's since 1997, when the O's were the last non-Yankee team to win the AL East. This year, the Yanks are 6-3 against Baltimore, taking 2 of 3 in each of their three series, including a weekend set at Camden Yards just over a week ago. So it's not that the O's are troublesome. They're just oppressively uninteresting.

By this point in the season, Miguel Tejada is typically phoning it in (something we saw in that last series in Baltimore), and without Tejada giving a full effort, who is there on this club that you're excited to see play? The only guy I can muster much enthusiasm for is closer Chris Ray, but I don't want to see him pitch because it generally means the Yanks are about to drop a game to a team that shouldn't beat them. The three game series that starts tonight will be even worse because it's already being overshadowed by this weekend's five-game death match in Fenway Park. Still, you have to take it one day at a time and tonight, it's those flat lining Orioles (who just got swept by the Red Sox) yet again.

The O's look about the same as they did two weekends ago. They've activated Kris Benson and recalled Daniel Cabrera from triple-A, but the Yankees won't see either in this series. Those two have bumped Bruce Chen and Russ Ortiz back into the bullpen and knocked Winston Abreu and Julio Manon off the roster. Thrilling, ain't it?

Tonight Mike Mussina takes on Erik Bedard. Moose has had trouble pitching around defensive errors and questionable umpiring of late as he's reverted to his 2004 and 2005 form, in which well pitched games would often be ruined by one bad inning in which he just couldn't stop the bleeding. He was the hard-luck loser in the one loss in that last series in Baltimore, allowing three runs in five inefficient innings while Adam Loewen and company one-hit the Yanks. Bedard did not pitch in that series, but has been excellent since late June after a rough start to his season. Starting with eight dominant innings against the Marlins on June 21 (2 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 12 K), he's posted this line:

9 GS, 6-2, 1.73 ERA, 62 1/3 IP, 42 H, 3 HR, 15 BB, 63 K, 0.91 WHIP, 7 QS

The good news for the Yankees is that his two non-quality starts, and only two loses, over that stretch have been his last two. Then again, both were near-misses: 5 1/3 innings, two runs against the Mariners at home, and four runs in seven innings against the Blue Jays in Toronto. Still, the 27-year-old Bedard is another pitcher, like Chien-Ming Wang and Justin Verlander, who is entering uncharted innings territory. After losing most of his 2003 season to Tommy John surgery he threw 142 1/3 innings between the minors and majors in 2004 and 148 2/3 innings in 2005, both setting career highs. This year he's already thrown 142 2/3 innings. The good news for Bedard and the Orioles is that they can baby him through the rest of the season and won't lose anything by shutting him down early. The Yankees and Wang don't have that luxury.

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2006-08-15 12:54:36
1.   kylepetterson
According to "Beckettttttt has been the worst pitcher in the American League since April 20. His ERA since then: 5.62." Good times.
2006-08-15 12:59:58
2.   Schteeve
Cliff, I couldn't agree more. The Oreo's are the most boring team in baseball. They have a Mister Burns-ish owner who would rather litigate than field a good team. They have the ballpark that spawned a dozen retro imitations, and ever since Cal Ripken retired, not one interesting baseball related thing has happened in Charm City.
2006-08-15 13:02:59
3.   Alex Belth
It's really a shame to see what has happend to a once proud franchise. Dag, remember when they were the model organization in the game?
2006-08-15 13:10:58
4.   Schteeve
3 Indeed. I lived in Maryland during their heyday. Believe it or not, Brady Anderson, Jeffery Hammonds and Tony Tarasco were once a pretty impressive outfield trio.
2006-08-15 13:11:02
5.   ericw
You're spot on about the O's. They are totally uninspiring.

Everyone complains that Steinbrenner is ruining baseball, meanwhile Angelos is killing baseball. Not to praise Steinbrenner too much because his tactics have gone too far and the competive landscape is still unfair to small market teams, but the level of play that the Yankees have maintained the past 10 years, fed by Steinbrenner's spending have caused several other AL temas to step up their games and create some great teams.

Meanwhile Angelos has made a ton of money from their ballpark, runs through GM's presidents managers like toiletpaper. Spends money haphazzardly, blocks trades where all parties could beneit.

Worst of all he blocked the move of the Expos to Washington for years and demanded the local TV rights for the next 20 years in exchange for allowing the Nationals to move to DC. Which made the team almost impossible to sell. Now Kasten and Lerner's Nats ownership team has no local TV rights and the games are not on TV in Washington except a handful on Fox, so it is impossible to follow the Nats regularly, diminishing the ability to build a fan base. Angelos is now going to start his own sports TV network in in the Baltimore Washington area and he will get all of the ad revenue and affiliate royalties from the cable systems to carry the network and the Nats will get nothing they will not even be paid the rights fees to carry the games that most teams get paid by the network that carries them.

2006-08-15 13:20:44
6.   Sliced Bread
Brian Roberts is one of the few Orioles who doesn't induce yawns, but his collectively boring team should just be moved to dullsville Delaware. Even Anna Benson can't make these O's exciting.

Am I the only one who thinks the Yanks should start Ponson against the O's this week and save Wright for Fenway?

And am I the only one who thinks Dotel (who appears to be close to his Yankee debut) should face the Orioles at the Stadium before he is potentially thrown into the fire at Fenway this weekend?

2006-08-15 13:21:21
7.   Javi Javi
5 wow. I had no idea about Angelos. Pretty savvy, even if ugly behavior.
2006-08-15 13:22:36
8.   tocho

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Jason Giambi DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Jorge Posada C
Craig Wilson 1B
Melky Cabrera LF
Mike Mussina RHP

2006-08-15 13:25:05
9.   rbj
Ok, so which one of these Yanks-O's games is gonna go 4 hours?
2006-08-15 13:30:22
10.   vockins
9 That is half the problem with these Orioles games. The Yanks pull a Jets (play down to the level of the other team) and the game goes on for an eternity.
2006-08-15 13:34:14
11.   Ron Burgundy
And now that A-Rod is raking, Joe premenantly moves him down to #5. Wonderful. I wonder which idiot will call more bunts tonight, Perlozzo or Torre?
2006-08-15 13:34:57
12.   tocho
as uninspiring as these guys are, the yanks face them for TEN more times this season.... boring. the bad part of these games is that any loss v. them is a devastating loss and if they win its just what they are supposed to do.

to my mind this only happens with the O's, not even with TB or KC

2006-08-15 13:35:00
13.   Jen
I'm stuck at work and can't go to tonight's game.

I have 2 tickets in the bleachers if anyone wants them. I'll knock a few bucks off too.

Email me at
jen AT nosenseworrying DOT com

2006-08-15 13:41:14
14.   atc
nice post. Just to correct one thing you said, you can follow the Nats if you have satellite.
2006-08-15 13:43:18
15.   Ron Burgundy
I hate Orioles game. They are booooooring and take 4 hours, ALWAYS.
2006-08-15 13:48:49
16.   C2Coke
8 It still feels weird with no suspense waiting for the lineup nowadays. I just got so used to the very last minute ones this year.

Great, With all the craziness blowing in the coming weekend, yep, 3 boring, non-exciting, no-drugs-needed(then again, maybe Prozac will be handy) games are just what we need (not).

2006-08-15 13:50:06
17.   pistolpete
3 1996 seemed to be a turning point for both franchises...

All I'm hoping tonight is that Gibbons doesn't kill us. He's really the only guy I truly despise on that team, and only because he looks like a friend of a friend who I also despise.

2006-08-15 13:51:43
18.   Xeifrank
I agree, the AL East is uninteresting. :)
vr, Xei
2006-08-15 13:52:01
19.   Cliff Corcoran
12 That's because they only play KC six times a year (save the odd year they play them 9 times) and Tampa Bay at least has exciting young players like Crawford, Cantu, Gomes, Kazmir and now Upton and soon Young etc.
2006-08-15 13:52:30
20.   BayRidger
It's not really about the games themselves a at this point; it's about the race. For me, the pennant race infuses all of the games with suspense(non-blowout games, that is). So stop complaining and scoreboard watch:)
2006-08-15 13:52:35
21.   pistolpete
11 I don't suspect there'll be much bunting in the gameplan tonight - it worked against the Angels, but the O's pitching & defense is hardly as good as Los Angeles's...
2006-08-15 13:55:28
22.   rilkefan
0 - How does one tell Tejada is phoning it in?
2006-08-15 13:59:49
23.   Bob Timmermann

I suppose the reference to Tejada there is just somewhat timeless...

2006-08-15 14:00:07
24.   Cliff Corcoran
22 Watch him run the bases tonight. Last year the whole team gave up late in the season. It's amazing Perlozzo was rehired. Amazing.
2006-08-15 14:01:46
25.   tocho
19 and TB play the yanks really hard. its tough to beat them. whereas, when the yanks lose to the o's its normally because of lousy playing by the yanks.
2006-08-15 14:08:56
26.   vockins
Phoning it in Tejada still manages to hit .680 vs. the Yanks.
2006-08-15 14:22:34
27.   randym77
26 Someone just posted these stats over at YES. The Boids vs. the Moose:

Conine 8/35
Fahey 0/3
Gibbons 13/35 3HR
Hernandez 2/12 3K
Markakis 0/1 K
Millar 14/32 HR
Mora 10/31 HR
Patterson 1/4
Roberts 15/29
Tejada 17/40 4HR

Tejada owns Moose. And Roberts ain't too shabby, either.

2006-08-15 14:28:32
28.   Javi Javi
27 not to mention Millar and Gibbons.
2006-08-15 14:49:47
29.   Ron Burgundy
Mike Francessa is complaining that Bernie doesn't play anymore and says he wants him in the line-up. What. An. IDIOT.
2006-08-15 15:01:17
30.   rsmith51
Bernie has played more than enough for the year already. Where is he going to be in the lineup? DH, RF, LF, CF? Giambi, Abreu, Cabrera, and Damon are all better defensively and at worst equal offensively.
2006-08-15 15:02:27
31.   singledd
Below is a compilation of remaining games of the Yankees and Red Sox.

The Sox still play the White Sox and Oakland.... we have games against TB instead.
We have a 6 game trip out west, the Sox have a 9 game trip out west.
We have 17 games against TB and Baltimore, the Sox have 8.
The Sox have 3 more HOME games then us.

Our Key (aside from Head to Head)
Beating up on TB and Baltimore (17 games)
Their Key (aside from Head to Head)
Beating the White Sox and Oakland (6 games)

--------- NYY BOS
--------- H/A H/A
Detroit-- 3/0 2/0
Bos/NY--- 4/5 5/4
White Sox --- 3/0
Minnesota 3/0 3/0
Oakland A --- 0/3
LA Angels 0/3 0/3
Toronto-- 3/3 4/4
Baltimore 6/4 3/3
Seattle-- 0/2 0/3
TB Devils 3/4 2/0
KC Royals 0/3 3/0
________ 22/24 25/20

2006-08-15 15:13:01
32.   Schteeve
5 Please tell me how Steinbrenner is ruining the game. Please show me how he has "gone too far." Please tell me how in a sport in which smaller market teams can't compete, the Twins and A's are perrenial fixtures in the post season.

Before anyone says or writes one more word about how Steinbrenner uses his "unfair market advantage to ruin competitive balance in MLB" please consider the fact that where I live (Chicago.) We have a team, owned by a vastly profitable media giant. This team sells out almost every single game. This team is profitable beyond belief. This team attempts to stop people from watching games on their own proximate property, in the name of profit and yet this team doesn't seem to give a shit that they have a AAA ball club.

Of course, I'm refering to the Cubs, and I would like to hear diatribe after diatribe about the disservice the Cubs owners perpetrate on their fans before I hear another peep about how Steinbrenner is ruining anything.


Ok, rant over.

2006-08-15 15:29:03
33.   randym77 rated the remaining strength of schedule for all the teams in the league. Here's the AL, weakest to strongest:

1. Yankees 11.6
2. Athletics 4.1
3. Twins 2.8
4. Rangers 2.7
5. Blue Jays 2.6
6. White Sox 1.3
7. Indians -0.8
8. Tigers -1.7
9. Red Sox -2.4
10. Mariners -3.9
11. Angels -4.9
12. Devil Rays -9.4
13. Orioles -11.9
14. Royals -20.8

>>The Bronx Bombers are expected to score 14 more net runs than the Red Sox between now and October, thanks to Boston's remaining series against Chicago and Oakland as well as a slightly-greater Blue Jays load (8 vs. 6 for NYY). Even worse -- New York benefits from more matchups with the lowly Devil Rays (7 vs. 2 for BOS) and Orioles (10 vs. 6 for BOS). After Kansas City, Tampa Bay and Baltimore are the two worst teams in the AL. <<

I'd be more reassured if we didn't have so much trouble with the Tampa Bays of the world.

2006-08-15 15:48:51
34.   Xeifrank
32. You are right, Steinbrenner is not ruining the game. It takes a combination of both "way too much money" and "brains" to ruin the game. The Yankees management has shown they don't have the baseball brains like a Minnesota or Oakland (successful smaller market team) to ruin the game. But when you look at the payroll of the Yankees vs some of the smaller or even medium market teams it's pretty much a joke. The Yankees and perhaps 2 or 3 other teams get first dibs and other teams get whatever is leftover. The Yankees are baseball's version of Zsa Zsa Gabor... flashy, sparkly, full of makeup, good on paper, lots of money to throw around, entertaining, but a sign that money can only do so much for you. vr, Xei
2006-08-15 15:49:06
35.   RIYank
33 Very interesting.
Is that purely by strength of schedule? The gloss ("The Bronx Bombers are expected to score 14 more net runs than the Red Sox between now and October") makes it sound like it takes everything into account, not just opposition.
2006-08-15 15:53:27
36.   Ron Burgundy
34 Oh, those poor Kansas City Royals. I heat their owner can barely pay his taxes, that poor billionaire Wal-Mart tycoon.

Funny how 90% of baseball owners are as rich or richer than Big Stien yet refuse to spend money, and pocket their teams' revenues rather than do what Big Stein does and re-invest in the team. Don't even start with the revenue sharing. The Yankees are the only thing keeping this pathetic "League" afloat by generating most of its revenue. And most owners who recieve revenue sharing keep pocketing it rather than spend it on their teams.

33 I like those numbers.

2006-08-15 16:01:58
37.   yankz
36 Not to mention luxury tax, increasing other teams' ticket sales, etc.- which all help those poor (read: filthy rich) teams.
2006-08-15 16:02:42
38.   Schteeve
36 DEAD ON. An owner who will work within the system and spend as much as he can to field a winner is for nobler than owners who begrudgingly pay moderate bucks for one or two marquee names and refuse to even invest in "smart management techniques" to build a moderately priced winner.

If I were a Cubs fan or a Royals fan, I'd stop wasting time crying about how Steinbrenner is ruining my chances and spend the same energy screaming at the miserly idiots who run my team.

As for the Yankees not being smart enough to use their money to it's advantage.... that clearly points out that you know very little about baseball.

2006-08-15 16:03:01
39.   Xeifrank
36. Yes, then please keep this pathetic league aloat while teams from Boston, Chicago, Miami and Arizona bring home what really counts of late. :)
vr, Xei
2006-08-15 16:05:44
40.   Xeifrank
I would love to see a list of team wins over replacement value per millions spent in salary. vr, Xei
2006-08-15 16:12:34
41.   atc
No Palmer tonight - Praise the Lord!!
29 Francessa also stated earlier that Bernie is a better hitter than Craig Wilson, and it's simply Giambi's inability to play first that is keeping Bernie on the bench.
2006-08-15 16:13:18
42.   rilkefan
40 - (a) problem with that is the differential value of marginal wins for different teams.
2006-08-15 16:15:11
43.   Ron Burgundy
39 And after those teams' bandwagons fall apart after no more than 2 years, the Yankees keep on selling merchandise. Your arguement has no substance. Just Stop.
2006-08-15 16:17:38
44.   Ron Burgundy
We got Tejada Out!
2006-08-15 16:18:48
45.   seamus
44 that was an accident. We won't do it again. We promise.
2006-08-15 16:19:48
46.   randym77
Speaking of first...Aaron Guiel is starting at 1B tonight in Columbus. Too many OFers in Columbus, or are they thinking of switching him to 1B?

Bubba's having a good night so far. They've moved him up to the two-hole. He's 2 for 3 with a double, 2 RBI, a run scored, and a stolen base. So far. It's the 4th inning.

2006-08-15 16:22:16
47.   atc
I was watching the Red Sox pregame earlier (there was no Yankee pregame tonight) and Remy said that last night with Nate Robertson, it was the first time he can remember a starting pitcher making a concerted effort to pitch Ortiz inside, move him off the plate, and then attack the outside corner. Now, I can't imagine that that has never happened, but for him to say it that emphatically must mean it occurs pretty scarcely. Hopefully our pitchers can follow that plan.
2006-08-15 16:23:57
48.   Ron Burgundy
Ordonez sucks. Why is Leyland batting him 4th? Guillen (the guy behind him) has an OPS almost .070 higher!
2006-08-15 16:29:52
49.   randym77
47 Why don't they? I've never understood that.
2006-08-15 16:30:51
50.   rsmith51
Looked low to me, but maybe that will help Moose.
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2006-08-15 16:31:21
51.   Dimelo
ARod's eyes must be hurting, he just can't see that he should swing at that pitch.
2006-08-15 16:32:23
52.   SF Yanks
A-Rod takes an awful lot of close pitches.
2006-08-15 16:32:45
53.   Ron Burgundy
50 $50 says that's called a ball for Moose.

51 He's been taking that pitch for the past 3 years. Nothing new. And yet, it still pisses me off that he continues to take that fastball down the middle rather than send it into the Upper Deck.

2006-08-15 16:33:04
54.   atc
49Me neither. I always assumed it was just the Yankee pitchers who never pitched him that way.
2006-08-15 16:35:11
55.   randym77
Pavano is pitching for Tampa tonight. So far: 2 innings pitched, 1 hit, and 1 strikeout. No walks, no runs.
2006-08-15 16:36:03
56.   RIYank
What's up with the Metropolitains? Got destroyed last night, and behind 4-1 again to the Phils.

Wow, Moose is in control this evening.

2006-08-15 16:36:13
57.   atc
Wow, was that last pitch to Conine slow.
2006-08-15 16:38:13
58.   Dimelo
55 Who? I think you might be on the wrong website, I don't think anyone here knows any Pavano. Isn't that the name of a calzone w/ no meat?
2006-08-15 16:39:04
59.   Ron Burgundy
Tigers REALLY have NO plate discipline what-so-ever.
2006-08-15 16:40:36
60.   RIYank
58 No, that's a Chacon.
2006-08-15 16:42:37
61.   Dimelo
60 That's rough....dissing Chacon like that. He sucked this year but he's done more for the Yanks than Pavano.
2006-08-15 16:45:59
62.   RIYank
True enough. Sorry Shawn.
2006-08-15 16:46:26
63.   randym77
Maybe Chacon was just injured. He missed his last start in Pittsburgh because of a knee problem. Sounds like it's been going on for awhile.
2006-08-15 16:46:44
64.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Which is worse, giving up a homer to Coco Chanel, or a hit to Cowboy Millar?
2006-08-15 16:46:46
65.   SF Yanks
Coco with a solo, Shilling throwing a nono.
2006-08-15 16:48:07
66.   SF Yanks
65 thats not true... I just wanted to make it rhyme.
2006-08-15 16:50:46
67.   rilkefan
66 - Technically not a rhyme.
2006-08-15 16:50:54
68.   Dimelo
RIYank, Just spoke to Shawn...he said he forgives you.

Way to be Moose...

2006-08-15 16:53:01
69.   SF Yanks
67 Yeah but it would work in a rap song... they don't rhyme they just put words together that sound alike.
2006-08-15 16:53:31
70.   RIYank
66, 65 But he has actually faced the minimum -- ten up, ten down. (One GIDP)

Da**, Moose really is rocking.

2006-08-15 16:53:32
71.   randym77
2006-08-15 16:54:32
72.   rilkefan
67 - that's "consonance". And back to baseball...
2006-08-15 16:55:41
73.   LI yankee
feeling good about this inning
2006-08-15 16:56:00
74.   SF Yanks
What does DIAF or DAIF stand for... I see it a lot here and havn't been able to put it together.
2006-08-15 16:56:57
75.   RIYank
Have the Yanks hit the ball out of the infield yet?
2006-08-15 16:57:32
76.   LI yankee
74 Ron should answer that for you
2006-08-15 16:57:33
77.   rilkefan
Gaah, "assonance". Have I annoyed Cliff enough?

I had been thinking it was about time for Moose to dominate.

2006-08-15 16:58:53
78.   SF Yanks
Ron, who and where are you?
2006-08-15 17:00:34
79.   randym77
74 I think Ron's the only one who uses it. It's short for "Die In A Fire." Personally, I find it kind of creepy. I don't think I'd say that about anyone, at least not in a baseball context.

75 Yeah, but right at the fielders.

2006-08-15 17:01:37
80.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Magglio sux.

2nd time in as many days he fails to get the runner in from 3rd with 1 out.

2006-08-15 17:01:47
81.   tommyl
53 Yup, just was last frame.
2006-08-15 17:02:12
82.   bobtaco
74 I was wondering that too.

Then I caught him use the full expression...

"DIE IN A FIRE __________!"

Fill in the blank when someone really annoys you on the other team or makes a great play...

2006-08-15 17:02:27
83.   RIYank
Two hits for the Tiggers, runners in the corners with one out, but Schilling gets out of the jam.
2006-08-15 17:02:39
84.   SF Yanks
79 Yeah that's creepy. I won't be using that any time soon.
2006-08-15 17:04:14
85.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Jeez, and then the 5-hole hitter, Guillen, bunts out. A friggin bunt. How do these guys have the best record in baseball?
2006-08-15 17:06:07
86.   atc
84 Not even for our friend Chone?
2006-08-15 17:07:36
87.   SF Yanks
86 I might keep it in reserve for Becket.
2006-08-15 17:07:39
88.   LI yankee
84 Yeah, not very classy if you ask me :P
2006-08-15 17:07:49
89.   Dimelo
WOW...that was awful.
2006-08-15 17:08:12
90.   Travis
Ugly play by Abreu.
2006-08-15 17:08:19
91.   randym77
Ugh. Abreu really has a wall phobia.
2006-08-15 17:08:29
92.   Alvaro Espinoza
Yeesh, the scouting reports are true - Abreu stinks near the wall.
2006-08-15 17:08:36
93.   SF Yanks
Where's Bernie when you need him?
2006-08-15 17:08:46
94.   rilkefan
How did Tejada run?
2006-08-15 17:09:31
95.   eephus
How about "Bruise A Finger Just Badly Enough To Miss The Rest Of This Series Against the Yankees, Tejada"?

I just got home from work... who are they talking to in the booth?

2006-08-15 17:09:48
96.   randym77
86 Not for Chone. But I might make an exception for Brett Myers. :-P
2006-08-15 17:10:34
97.   Travis
Good job by Moose to get out of that one quickly.
2006-08-15 17:10:38
98.   RIYank
Moose still on top of it, though. Tejada will have to go yard to get himself home.
2006-08-15 17:11:52
99.   Jeb
some offense would be nice....Maybe we should put Mr. Worthless - Andy Phillips - into the game.
2006-08-15 17:12:20
100.   Dimelo
98 Don't give him any hints..
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2006-08-15 17:13:38
101.   Eirias
Come on Tigers! Let's get that lead up to 3, then the Tigers can start losing again.
2006-08-15 17:14:21
102.   atc
88, 96

That's easy to say today. Yesterday and/or next week, however . . .

2006-08-15 17:17:08
103.   randym77
Aaron Small pitched one inning in Columbus. Gave up two runs, but it wasn't entirely his fault. Two errors (one by our pal KT in RF) led to the runs.

Wonder if they'll call him up in September?

Henn came in in the 7th, and is now walking everyone and his brother.

2006-08-15 17:17:59
104.   SF Yanks
f.r.u.s.t.r.a.t.i.o.n. building (got lazy at the end)
2006-08-15 17:19:46
105.   randym77
102 Nah, I don't hate on players just for playing well for a team that's not the Yankees.

And what's really disturbing is Ron sometimes says it about Yankees players. If they strike out, say. Pretty harsh.

2006-08-15 17:20:58
106.   LI yankee
103 Randy, how is Pavano doing so far?
2006-08-15 17:21:42
107.   RIYank
What the????
Since when does Millar kill beat up on the Moose?
2006-08-15 17:21:59
108.   randym77
Millar. If it wasn't Tejada, it was gonna be Millar. :-P
2006-08-15 17:22:01
109.   Travis
Words can't describe my hate for Kevin Millar.
2006-08-15 17:22:02
110.   SF Yanks
D.I.A... Lets...Go...Yankees
2006-08-15 17:22:18
111.   Dimelo
F'ing idiot!
2006-08-15 17:22:40
112.   atc
"16/34 w/ a couple of homers"
2006-08-15 17:23:21
113.   Dimelo
D.I.A.F Kevin Millar. That feels good!!!
2006-08-15 17:24:18
114.   SF Yanks
I don't get mad when the Yanks don't score runs as long as the opposing team is not scoring them. Now I am getting mad.
2006-08-15 17:25:17
115.   LI yankee
113 At this point I would direct that to Erik Bedard. Or just the O's in general...
2006-08-15 17:25:33
116.   SF Yanks
113 Did it? I might let it all out sometime.
2006-08-15 17:25:34
117.   Simone
I can't stand that scab Millar.
2006-08-15 17:25:44
118.   seamus
113 but it sounds stupid.
2006-08-15 17:25:49
119.   atc
Wasn't our investment in Pavano $40m? The o's announcer just said it was $55m. Get the f'ing facts right, Fred!
2006-08-15 17:25:53
120.   RIYank
Man, I have to pay attention to the Banter Pregame Show.
2006-08-15 17:26:59
121.   randym77
106 They just announced it on YES. Pavano's Final Line: 4 innings pitched, 1 hit, 1 walk, 5 strikeouts, and no runs. He faced 13 batters.

Pavano had 5 groundouts, and 2 fly outs.

He threw 56 pitches and 37 of them for strikes.

2006-08-15 17:27:08
122.   seamus
119 that is all the O's announcers talk about when the Yanks play Baltimore. Salaries, salaries, salaries. yawn!
2006-08-15 17:28:07
123.   RIYank
Moose is still fine, one mistake. But we need to start getting to Bedard now, it's time. At least work some counts, get a couple of walks, kinda thing.

Mean while, Infante lead off double...

2006-08-15 17:28:11
124.   LI yankee
121 Thanks. Not too shabby.
2006-08-15 17:30:33
125.   atc
123 Didn't you get the memo? It's law that any O's lefty must throw a 1-hitter against us.
2006-08-15 17:30:43
126.   Dimelo
Maybe we should adopt a nicer, gentler and more politically correct saying to express our anger. How about, Die by Natural Causes?

Used in a sentence.

D.N.C Curt Schilling

I'm sure the vatican would approve of that one.

2006-08-15 17:31:44
127.   Travis
Granderson single, 1st and 3rd, 0 outs in Boston
2006-08-15 17:32:38
128.   atc
D.N.C. Omar Infante
2006-08-15 17:33:34
129.   Dimelo
128 F'er. What a dumb f-!
2006-08-15 17:33:37
130.   LI yankee
Posada?? Infield single??
2006-08-15 17:33:58
131.   Travis
Awful baserunning by Omar Infante. He didn't break on contact on a grounder to 3rd and only went home when Lowell bobbled it. Of courrse, he was thrown out easily.
2006-08-15 17:34:17
132.   Eirias
126 I must say "die in a fire" has a little more charm or panache.
2006-08-15 17:34:51
133.   Zack
Wow, it seems that the Yanks and Tigers both really want the Sox to be as close as possible come this weekend...
2006-08-15 17:35:29
134.   Eirias
El Duque has given up eleven earned runs over 4 innings.
2006-08-15 17:35:40
135.   Travis
The O's broadcast just put up a graphic with "Melke Cabrera."
2006-08-15 17:35:46
136.   SF Yanks
Ordonez is extrememly ugly (at least in my eyes) He's one of those guys that just BUG.
2006-08-15 17:36:05
137.   Jeb
where was pavano pitching? AA? AAA? A? and against whom?
2006-08-15 17:36:20
138.   Dimelo
132 I agree 100%. It's a little bit more serious.
2006-08-15 17:37:00
139.   SF Yanks
136 Maybe ugly is the wrong word.
2006-08-15 17:37:09
140.   randym77
I dunno, I just don't get that angry at baseball players for playing well. Or not playing well.

Speaking of fires...Craig Wilson is en fuego. ;-)

2006-08-15 17:37:12
141.   Eirias
2006-08-15 17:38:04
142.   randym77
137 He pitched for Class-A Tampa.
2006-08-15 17:38:35
143.   atc
Granted that all baseball announcers make well into 6 figures, but if I had to watch 162 O's games, I would prefer to DIAF than DNC.
2006-08-15 17:39:57
144.   Travis
Bedard up to 80 pitches. Looks like we'll get to see the O's middle relief tonight.
2006-08-15 17:40:21
145.   SF Yanks
Alright, that's enough playing around. Start putting up runs NOW. Or else...
2006-08-15 17:40:24
146.   Eirias
Both Bedard and Schilling are farging iceholes.
2006-08-15 17:41:22
147.   SF Yanks
It's getting old isn't it? (not scoring runs and all)
2006-08-15 17:42:11
148.   Kered Retej
146 "Did you know your last name is an adverb?" Loved that movie...
2006-08-15 17:42:14
149.   eephus
140 Me neither, but the best replacement I've come up with is PAH - Pull A Hamstring. I guess it just doesn't have the same ring.

I tell you though... those hammy injuries can be pesky...

2006-08-15 17:43:05
150.   JeremyM
Here's a typical inning of late: Batter one, ground out. Batter two, fly out. Batter, three, sharp single. Batter four, works a tough walk on a full count. Runners now on first and second. Batter 5 goes 5 pitches or so and grounds or strikes out, end of inning.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-15 17:44:07
151.   randym77
149 I like to stick with the classics. "Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!" ;-)
2006-08-15 17:44:48
152.   SF Yanks
150 Sort of agree.
2006-08-15 17:45:26
153.   Travis
If Mora was on the Yankees, Torre would have him bunt right now.
2006-08-15 17:45:49
154.   Eirias
148 This is fargin war!
2006-08-15 17:46:09
155.   SF Yanks
What happened to those blow out wins that they used to put up every now and then?
2006-08-15 17:46:46
156.   eephus
151 Ha. I blow my nose in Melvin Moira's general direction.
2006-08-15 17:46:47
157.   RIYank
153 Just thinking the same thing.

Bonderman cleverly walks Ortiz with nobody on, two away, and Manny pops out.

2006-08-15 17:48:43
158.   RIYank
Guillen starts the MoTown seventh with a single.

But this would be a good time for a Moose strikeout. Tejada will oblige, I'm sure.

2006-08-15 17:50:24
159.   Travis
Pudge single, 1st and 2nd, 0 outs.
2006-08-15 17:50:52
160.   RIYank
I-Rod singles, runners in the corners with nobody out. Uh, sounds familiar!
2006-08-15 17:51:25
161.   RIYank
Right, not the corners. Wishful thinking.
2006-08-15 17:52:08
162.   Travis
Moose doesn't get the strike three call. Please don't let happen what I think will happen.
2006-08-15 17:52:38
163.   atc
Yes Tigers!
2006-08-15 17:52:45
164.   Travis
Double in the gap, 2-1 Detroit
2006-08-15 17:52:56
165.   RIYank
Nice. Now a hard grounder to Jeter, please.
2006-08-15 17:52:58
166.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Sean Casey!
2006-08-15 17:53:06
167.   Ron Burgundy
I'm back only to see we're down 1-0 on a Kevin Millar home-run. And the offense takes the day off with Moose pitching, AGAIN. WTF?!
2006-08-15 17:53:29
168.   RIYank
Casey doubles! Tigers take the lead, and nobody out.
2006-08-15 17:55:08
169.   Dimelo
Come on Moose......come one
2006-08-15 17:55:58
170.   Travis
2006-08-15 17:56:07
171.   RIYank
Hoo boy. On an 0-2 pitch, too.
2006-08-15 17:56:11
172.   Dimelo
2006-08-15 17:56:25
173.   pistolpete
167 ...And Erik 'Cy' Bedard continues working his magic.
2006-08-15 17:56:37
174.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
0-2 hit. Dammit.
2006-08-15 17:57:05
175.   Ron Burgundy
Somebody explain this to me. Why are we losing and getting shut-out by the Orioles again?
2006-08-15 17:57:09
176.   pistolpete
Of COURSE. That play had disaster written all over it, as soon as I saw it was hit to third.
2006-08-15 17:57:21
177.   eephus
Ohhh, man. Ouch. That's it... I'm going to the gym. Maybe their luck will change.
2006-08-15 17:57:27
178.   JeremyM
you have got to be kidding me.
2006-08-15 17:57:29
179.   Eirias
Oh, this will be replayed so often tonight.
2006-08-15 17:57:31
180.   Cliff Corcoran
Let's see how Moose responds to the error.
2006-08-15 17:57:34
181.   Max
And the A-Rod saga continues...
2006-08-15 17:57:35
182.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Damn it...this O's lineup is absolute rubbish and they are scratching out runs...

A Rod....christ this guy is is like he forgot how to field

Let's go Tigers

2006-08-15 17:58:46
183.   RIYank
What the he|| was that?
Inexplicable. Simple play. Ugh, I just hate this kind of game.

And Moose's chances of winning 20 are whirling down the toilet.

2006-08-15 17:58:55
184.   SF Yanks
Why not bunt to AROD? I would!
2006-08-15 17:58:59
185.   Ron Burgundy
You gotta be kidding me. 3-0 is all do-able, but will the fucking offense wake up in time?
2006-08-15 17:59:13
186.   BklynBmr
175 Because we started printing World Series tickets before the Chicago series and haven't concentrated on the job at hand since...
2006-08-15 17:59:52
187.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
damn Tigers leaving a guy on 2nd with no outs stranded !

NESN is "all homer..all the time"

2006-08-15 17:59:57
188.   randym77
The Orioles are good hitters. And Bedard's been pitching decently lately.

We have to get to their bullpen...

2006-08-15 18:00:26
189.   weeping for brunnhilde
Didn't this exact scenario just transpire in Chicago, behind Mussina?
2006-08-15 18:01:24
190.   SF Yanks
189 It seems ARods errors happen most when Moose is pitching.
2006-08-15 18:01:26
191.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Hate to say it, but given the night Millar is having, and Moose's overall ineptitude against him, I'd bring in someone else. And Moose is over 90 pitches.
2006-08-15 18:01:47
192.   Ron Burgundy
189 Yes it did. It also transpired the week before that in Baltimore. Basically, the entire team hates Moose. He has the worst deffense behind him and gets horrible run support.
2006-08-15 18:02:25
193.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
183 I could give a shit about Mussina and his 20 win season...the guy was never the ace they thought they were he is having his contract year to fool someone else into taking him up on a 3 year deal...
2006-08-15 18:02:33
194.   monkeypants
This one has the classic symptoms. Tough luck for Moose; 0-2 batters not finished off; A-Rod error; snoozing offense, with a smattering of out-hit-out-walk-out 'drama'...

Good night.

2006-08-15 18:02:44
195.   RIYank
Just to cheer everybody up: Schilling settled down and struck out the next three.
2006-08-15 18:03:19
196.   BklynBmr
I've issued a fatwa on Bedard's shutout, which just reached the O's dugout. If this young punk knows what's good for him and his family, he'll be groovin' some pitches in the bottom of this inning...
2006-08-15 18:03:43
197.   Max
And the crowd derisively cheers Arod managing the final out.
2006-08-15 18:03:47
198.   Travis
A-Rod due up 4th; let's hope he gets a chance at redemption.
2006-08-15 18:03:57
199.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Glad to be wrong.
2006-08-15 18:04:02
200.   Cliff Corcoran
180 Very well.

Wait, "the my9 star celebration"? Have they been doing that all game? Dear lord.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-15 18:04:18
201.   JeremyM
193 Oh here we go again. The same guy that's been a better pitcher for the Yanks than Clemens and Pettitte, among others, were?
2006-08-15 18:04:24
202.   Dimelo
I hate it that every time a ball is hit to ARod my mind just starts yelling out, "NOOOOO!!! NOT TO HIM!!!!". I don't want to think that, but my mind just has a natural reaction when a ball is hit to that side.
2006-08-15 18:04:57
203.   weeping for brunnhilde
193 Moose is a fine pitcher. I hope he retires with the Yankees.
2006-08-15 18:05:01
204.   Eirias
Wow, My9 looks to have quite the quality slate of television programs.
2006-08-15 18:05:25
205.   randym77
Villone's warming.
2006-08-15 18:05:30
206.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod will hit a Grand Slam this half-inning.
2006-08-15 18:06:04
207.   Simone
I just saw A-Rod's error on BBTN. Ugh. Isn't he suppose to be feeling better. See, this is exactly why he should have never mentioned any injuries.
2006-08-15 18:06:17
208.   weeping for brunnhilde
202 Agreed.
2006-08-15 18:06:39
209.   RIYank
Hey, that was an earned run. Why? (I mean, all three O runs are earned.)
2006-08-15 18:07:55
210.   RIYank
206 So far, so good. Now Abreu and Giambi draw nine-pitch walks.
2006-08-15 18:08:02
211.   Travis
209 Because you can't assume the double play.
2006-08-15 18:08:42
212.   Travis
Great catch by Polanco to save a run, but it looks like he dislocated his shoulder.
2006-08-15 18:09:25
213.   RIYank
Okay, stage two completed. C'mon, Jason.
2006-08-15 18:09:50
214.   Travis
I love having Abreu in the lineup.
2006-08-15 18:09:59
215.   singledd
Player------- W L ERA G CG
M Mussina NYY 13 5 3.50 25 1
C Lidle-- NYY 1 1 3.60 2 2
C Wang--- NYY 13 5 3.84 26 2
J Wright- NYY 9 6 4.24 21 0
R Johnson NYY 13 9 4.92 26 1
2006-08-15 18:10:26
216.   randym77
It's a doubleheader in Columbus tonight. They're definitely looking a little tired in the second game. Colter Bean is starting. He's now one game away from matching a record that's stood for over a hundred years.
2006-08-15 18:10:28
217.   pistolpete
207 Wow, they can't WAIT to pounce on A-Rod up in Bristol, can they?

C'mon, Giambino- tie this mutha up.

2006-08-15 18:10:34
218.   rsmith51
214 He is fun to watch.
2006-08-15 18:10:34
219.   Ron Burgundy
I'm watching MR. & MRS. Smith on HBO Zone right now. I'll turn to MY9 just in time to see A-Rod's Grand Slam.
2006-08-15 18:10:40
220.   RIYank
211 Ah, of course. (But you can assume that A-Rod would have thrown to second rather than home?)
2006-08-15 18:12:13
221.   Alvaro Espinoza
Woh! I love the mustache, Jason. Now hit the ball please.
2006-08-15 18:12:29
222.   pistolpete
Note to Jason - the porn 'stache has got to go.
2006-08-15 18:13:19
223.   RIYank
Stage Three completed. Now time for Alex to make Ron B. a soothsayer.
2006-08-15 18:13:34
224.   Dimelo
The stage is set for ARod
2006-08-15 18:13:43
225.   Mattpat11
Okay, big dramatic A-Rod grand slam.
2006-08-15 18:13:46
226.   weeping for brunnhilde
Can you believe Giambi took that pitch?

Damn, that's impressive.

2006-08-15 18:13:50
227.   pistolpete
On a side note, is it disturbing at all to Mets fans the way they've gotten destroyed the last two nights?

Giambi - Phase 3 ;-)

2006-08-15 18:13:51
228.   Alvaro Espinoza
Well, you wanted A-rod up in a big spot??? Well... YOU GOT IT, PUNK!!!
2006-08-15 18:14:05
229.   Travis
220 If A-Rod was preparing to throw home, and it was clear that the runner would have been out, the run would not have been earned. But he was definitely looking at second.
2006-08-15 18:14:08
230.   BklynBmr
That had half the plate... but I'll take it.
2006-08-15 18:14:14
231.   Alvaro Espinoza
222 That PRECISELY why I love it.
2006-08-15 18:14:16
232.   Simone
Rally, rally, rally! Take the lead this inning, guys.
2006-08-15 18:14:20
233.   Dimelo
Let's see what ARod can do.......
2006-08-15 18:14:23
234.   randym77
Let's go, Yankees! The Orioles' weakness is their bullpen. This game ain't over yet.
2006-08-15 18:15:10
235.   rsmith51
Put some hits together.
2006-08-15 18:15:17
236.   Dimelo
Ok he went inside on you twice.
2006-08-15 18:15:40
237.   Travis
227 The Mets haven't been trying for a while now. They look like the Yankee, circa late August/early September 1998 (in approach only, not in talent).
2006-08-15 18:15:58
238.   Travis
Good enough for now.
2006-08-15 18:16:01
239.   Dimelo
There you go ARod
2006-08-15 18:16:09
240.   randym77
RBI single. I'll take it.
2006-08-15 18:16:10
241.   rsmith51
Nice Alex! Very nice!
2006-08-15 18:16:16
242.   Mattpat11
2006-08-15 18:16:17
243.   claybeez
Wow. Lucky break.
2006-08-15 18:16:23
244.   Cliff Corcoran
Not quite 206, but a hell of a call anyway. Nice hitting by Rodriguez. And did you all catch those numbers with the bases loaded?
2006-08-15 18:16:38
245.   weeping for brunnhilde
Bravo, Alex!

Just mussel it out.

Nice hitting.

2006-08-15 18:16:41
246.   Ron Burgundy
219 Not a Grand Slam, but good enough.
2006-08-15 18:16:44
247.   pistolpete
A-Rod at the wheel of the Yankee Rallymobile, and pulls down hard on the CLUTCH!
2006-08-15 18:16:44
248.   RIYank

Hit it too hard for Abreu to score.
Hm, he didn't actually swing hard, either.

2006-08-15 18:16:49
249.   rsmith51
Smoke one, Cano!
2006-08-15 18:16:53
250.   BklynBmr
Whoomp! There's one... Good job, A-Rod. Now keep the line movin', Robbie...
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-08-15 18:17:02
251.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
A Rod no double play was all I was hoping for...he exceeded my expectations...nice
2006-08-15 18:17:17
252.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
A Rod no double play was all I was hoping for...he exceeded my expectations...nice
2006-08-15 18:17:18
253.   Dimelo
237 That Yankee team won 114 games. This Mets team is nowhere near that pace. Bad comparison..
2006-08-15 18:17:55
254.   RIYank
Ron Burgundy, Minor Soothsayer.
2006-08-15 18:18:16
255.   Mattpat11
god damnit.
2006-08-15 18:18:18
256.   Travis
2006-08-15 18:18:21
257.   Dimelo
Great pitch by Bedard.
2006-08-15 18:18:23
258.   rsmith51
2006-08-15 18:18:24
259.   pistolpete
Wow did Cano look bad during that AB. Crap.
2006-08-15 18:18:47
260.   Ron Burgundy
Damn IT Robbie.
2006-08-15 18:18:57
261.   Mattpat11
jesus, here comes the slowest man on earth.
2006-08-15 18:19:00
262.   RIYank
I expect at least a sac fly from Jorgie.
2006-08-15 18:19:21
263.   BklynBmr
237 My dream is the Braves snaggin' the Wild Card and KO'ing the Mutts...
2006-08-15 18:19:26
264.   Zack
Hey, Cano just realized that its time for Jorge to steal the show again, no biggie!
2006-08-15 18:19:49
265.   Cliff Corcoran
Damn, game saving play by Mora. Sick.
2006-08-15 18:19:57
266.   randym77
Jorgie was robbed.
2006-08-15 18:20:07
267.   Dimelo
What a great play....
2006-08-15 18:20:09
268.   Mattpat11
God almighty
2006-08-15 18:20:13
269.   RIYank
Goddam Mora.
2006-08-15 18:20:19
270.   Ron Burgundy
2006-08-15 18:20:41
271.   rilkefan
Why is I-Rod at 2nd for Detroit?
2006-08-15 18:20:59
272.   Cliff Corcoran
266 I think that shot by Jorge broke Mora's hand.
2006-08-15 18:21:08
273.   pistolpete
Wow, I don't think I've ever seen something like this...
2006-08-15 18:21:15
274.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Mora looked very non-A-Rod at 3b on that play...

You cannot come away with 1 run from bags loaded no outs

2006-08-15 18:21:17
275.   BklynBmr
No prob. 2 out rally comin' up...
2006-08-15 18:21:19
276.   Travis
253 I meant more that they know they're going to the playoffs, and they're not really going all out to win (look at my parenthetical note). The 1998 Yankees slacked off around this time in 1998 (a bit later), and it took a Torre-called clubhouse meeting to re-light that fire.
2006-08-15 18:21:25
277.   Zack
Damn, it was worth a shot...We really don't seem to want to win...
2006-08-15 18:21:33
278.   Ron Burgundy
We're not winning, are we...
2006-08-15 18:21:36
279.   Dimelo
I've never seen that...a line drive take a player out of a game -- and it isn't a pitcher. Is Mora related to Pavano?
2006-08-15 18:21:42
280.   Alvaro Espinoza
Is that Pudge playing 2nd in Boston???
2006-08-15 18:22:01
281.   Travis
The 1998 Yankees, day-by-day:

2006-08-15 18:22:12
282.   Cliff Corcoran
277 No comment.
2006-08-15 18:22:27
283.   Simone
272 If true, then that is bad karma for Mora sitting on Jeter.
2006-08-15 18:22:33
284.   Travis
2006-08-15 18:22:42
285.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
C'mon "Chris" Wilson, moida this lefty.
2006-08-15 18:22:49
286.   pistolpete
Jesus, bases left loaded - are we still playing the Angels?!!!
2006-08-15 18:22:50
287.   Mattpat11
Well that inning cannot be considered anything but an absolute disaster.
2006-08-15 18:23:22
288.   Ron Burgundy
We got ONE run off bases-loaded and no out. Horrible. Another good Moose start goes down the drain and is wasted into a pathetic loss.
2006-08-15 18:23:42
289.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
279...if Mora was related to Pavano he would have gotten injured scratching his ass after the catch and will be out for two years now
2006-08-15 18:23:53
290.   Simone
At least, Bedard is just about done.
2006-08-15 18:24:04
291.   pistolpete
And oh look - Crisp gets on, Loretta up with 1 out and Big Poopy on deck.
2006-08-15 18:24:08
292.   Eirias
280 Yep, Polanco left the game.
2006-08-15 18:24:13
293.   monkeypants
See 194.
2006-08-15 18:24:21
294.   RIYank
Oh, man. What a frustrating game.

Yeah, 271, what's with Pudge playing second?

2006-08-15 18:24:32
295.   Dimelo
Great job by the Yanks....seriously. Hey, Bedard got some good fielding, pitching and little luck to get out of that inning. Just tip my cap....oh I don't have a hat on...I tip my bong then to them.
2006-08-15 18:24:37
296.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
288 technically, since the bases were STILL loaded with no out when Cano came up, we got 0 runs from A bases loaded no outs situation.
2006-08-15 18:25:08
297.   Simone
288 For goodness sake, it is the 6th inning. The Yankees are only down 3 runs. The game is not over yet.
2006-08-15 18:25:21
298.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
here comes Big to walk him and pitch to Manny....or at least give him nothing to hit
2006-08-15 18:25:28
299.   Travis
Inge bobbles a DP ball, only gets one.
2006-08-15 18:25:47
300.   randym77
That's probably it for Bedard, though. They can get a couple of runs off the Baltimore relievers.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-08-15 18:25:50
301.   Zack
282 Obviously I was being factitious

Damn, I shouldn't have started Bedard on my fantasy team today. its exactlly this kind of guilty conscience that normally keeps me from starting an opposing P...

2006-08-15 18:25:59
302.   pistolpete
Poopy now up with Crisp at 2nd and 2 out.

What's the ending here - RBI single, HR, or deep fly out to right?

2006-08-15 18:26:16
303.   Ron Burgundy
Hold 'em down and then for the love of God, please score some runs.
2006-08-15 18:27:02
304.   RIYank
Pudge has never played a game at second base in his career.
2006-08-15 18:29:15
305.   Zack
Bonderman pitched a great game...Not sure I would have trusted anyone else against Papi, no matter how many pitches he had thrown...we'll see...
2006-08-15 18:29:15
306.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
The dreaded lead-off walk.
2006-08-15 18:30:27
307.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Big Papi kills them again
2006-08-15 18:30:27
308.   RIYank
Papi delivers, RBI.
2006-08-15 18:30:45
309.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Should've left Bonderman in.
2006-08-15 18:31:14
310.   BklynBmr
297 Thank you. The 'game over in the 6th' take is what one would expect from the Craigslist forum. Always surprised to see it here...
2006-08-15 18:31:33
311.   singledd
Ortiz ties it with a single. 2-2 w/Manny up in the 8th.
2006-08-15 18:31:42
312.   Travis
Off-topic, but Jose Reyes has 3 homers tonight. He absolutely kills the Phillies.
2006-08-15 18:31:45
313.   Ron Burgundy
Screw you Ledezma.
Paper Tigers indeed.
2006-08-15 18:31:56
314.   Zack
Hey, I'll take him hitting a single and only tying the score over what normally seems to happen...
2006-08-15 18:34:22
315.   atc
Figure the Tigers have a MAXIMUM of two innings to score, otherwise Papi comes up again.
2006-08-15 18:34:55
316.   Ron Burgundy
314 I guess that's OK. But a lefty VS. a lefty with 2 outs, and Ledezma has to throw a hanging slider right down the middle.
2006-08-15 18:35:22
317.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
The Yanks are going to need 8 run leads going into the 7th in Fenway this weekend...

The fragile pen... where Farnsworth cannot pitch two games in a row, etc...could be an issue

2006-08-15 18:35:57
318.   pistolpete
310 Ron's the token pessimist. Along with Alex on certain nights... :-D
2006-08-15 18:36:06
319.   Travis
Inning over in Boston.
2006-08-15 18:36:43
320.   RIYank
317 I'd be happy to go into every Fenway game tied in the seventh with the bullpen entering for both sides.
2006-08-15 18:39:15
321.   singledd
Palonco separates his shoulder. That's it for his year.
2006-08-15 18:39:23
322.   BklynBmr
318 There's a few others, too, but Alex always blows my mind with that because he seems to be correct more often than not. I hate it when he does that ;-)
2006-08-15 18:41:22
323.   RIYank
321 Okay, so that explains why Polanco is out, but why is Pudge in for him at second base???
2006-08-15 18:41:32
324.   Travis
Leadoff walk to Guillen.
2006-08-15 18:41:49
325.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
310 Except the Yanks put of the following numbers in 7+ innings:


That's compared to .293/.369/.476 in innings 1-6

And that first set of numbers ranks 11th of 14 AL teams in avg, and 10 of 14 teams in slugging.

I'm not sure what their record is going into 7th and trailing by 2 or more, but I suspect that it ain't very good based on those hitting numbers.

So, yeah, a little pessimism isn't exactly misplaced, especially after that failure from last inning.

(BTW, I am not a Craig Wilson fan, at all. Bring back Andy).

2006-08-15 18:43:13
326.   RIYank
And speaking of the Boston pen, I believe Mike Timlin is going to take care of the game for us.

Hey, Bobby A., very VERY nice job!

2006-08-15 18:43:35
327.   Travis
323 Inge went in for Infante in the 7th, so they were out of backup infielders. That's what happens when a team carries 12 pitchers, I guess.
2006-08-15 18:43:45
328.   BklynBmr
You don't pull on Superman's cape — or run on Bobby! Whew!
2006-08-15 18:44:26
329.   Cliff Corcoran
Man, Abreu's throws are always strong and accurate. Outstanding. Tejada hit that ball like he was driving a golf ball off a tee, except it wasn't low. Weird swing.
2006-08-15 18:44:30
330.   Alvaro Espinoza
Pudge bunting. Groan...
2006-08-15 18:44:53
331.   Ron Burgundy
Scotty Does Good!
2006-08-15 18:44:56
332.   BklynBmr
The @ssman gets the job done — barely! Now lets go Yanks! At least one run here...
2006-08-15 18:45:25
333.   singledd
321 They already had done a defensive sub for their 3rd baseman, so they are out of infielders
2006-08-15 18:45:26
334.   randym77
328 I have a feeling it would have been ugly if it were Bernie in RF.
2006-08-15 18:45:50
335.   singledd
oops... thats 323
2006-08-15 18:46:48
336.   atc
BTW, who was bitching earlier about the length of these Yanks-O's games? Great call!
2006-08-15 18:46:49
337.   Alvaro Espinoza
Abreu will make a big throw when we need it. The question is: will he make a big catch? The jury is out...
2006-08-15 18:47:18
338.   Travis
1st and 3rd, 1 out. Come on Tigers!
2006-08-15 18:47:18
339.   Max
Villone spits the bit, and Scotty bails him out in a great escape. Now let's see if we can get some runs to make up for last inning.
2006-08-15 18:47:20
340.   Alvaro Espinoza
Abreu will make a big throw when we need it. The question is: will he make a big catch? The jury is out...
2006-08-15 18:47:47
341.   singledd
334 Hopefully we've seen the last of Bernie if RF.
2006-08-15 18:48:04
342.   JeremyM
Casey with the single, runners on the corners with one out.
2006-08-15 18:48:13
343.   RIYank
Sean Casey, what a stud! First and third, one out in Fenway.
2006-08-15 18:48:23
344.   Travis
339 Don't blame Villone entirely - Moose walked the leadoff batter in the inning (a long, long time ago).
2006-08-15 18:49:34
345.   Travis
Wily Mo pulls a Manny.
2006-08-15 18:50:01
346.   JeremyM
Tigers up 3-2.
2006-08-15 18:50:17
347.   RIYank
Okay, Leche!

I love it when our nine guy leads off with a hit.

2006-08-15 18:51:25
348.   Travis
2006-08-15 18:51:32
349.   atc
2006-08-15 18:51:36
350.   RIYank
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-08-15 18:51:39
351.   Ron Burgundy
Johnny TIES IT UP!!! BOOYA MotherFucker!!!
2006-08-15 18:51:47
352.   JeremyM
Oh hell yes!
2006-08-15 18:51:53
353.   mehmattski
Looks like I tuned in at the right point...


2006-08-15 18:52:00
354.   singledd
1st and 3rd, one out. Easy, short fly to Willy Mo. He drops the ball. One run scores. The runner falls asleep rounding first, and Pena throws him out! Man on 3rd, 2 out, one in.
2006-08-15 18:52:03
355.   Max
344 Thanks for the reminder...I completely forgot about Moose starting the inning. I guess I was surprised at seeing him still out there (plus the inning went slow as molasses, so Moose might as well have thrown his last pitch an inning ago).


2006-08-15 18:52:18
356.   BklynBmr
325 If expectations based on previous performance ruled my emotions, I wouldn't be a sports fans.

If someone wants to channel Nostradamus and predict doom for the team halfway through the battle, let 'em knock 'emself out.

Thanks for illustrating my point, JD!

2006-08-15 18:52:23
357.   Cliff Corcoran
Money. Will I get yelled at for pointing out that that was in the exact same spot as his last dinger and that he's now hit 11 of his 16 to RF in the Stadium?
2006-08-15 18:52:23
358.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Man, if the Sawx lose this the fans will have Tito's head for not bringing in Pamplemousse with the game tied in the 9th.
2006-08-15 18:52:25
359.   Bama Yankee
Just logged on in time to watch Damon's homer... attaboy JD!
2006-08-15 18:52:37
360.   LI yankee
Johnny "Don't forget about me" Damon!!!!
2006-08-15 18:52:49
361.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Very happy to be wrong.
2006-08-15 18:53:19
362.   Cliff Corcoran
357 Sorry, I meant 11 of 17.
2006-08-15 18:53:22
363.   randym77
Told you their bullpen sucks. :)
2006-08-15 18:54:18
364.   singledd
Inning over. 3-2, bottom of the 9th, 6-7-8 for the Sox.
2006-08-15 18:54:55
365.   Travis
5-6-7 up for the Sox in the bottom of the 9th. I hope Pudge doesn't have to turn a double play.
2006-08-15 18:55:26
366.   Ron Burgundy
357 I'm loving Damon so far.

Abreu Triples with one out!

2006-08-15 18:55:31
367.   Travis
Have I mentioned how much I love seeing Abreu in the Yankee lineup?
2006-08-15 18:55:34
368.   BklynBmr
Oh, yeeeeeeaaaaaah! Heads up, Bobby!!!
2006-08-15 18:55:39
369.   Cliff Corcoran
I'm thisclose to getting a #53 jersey (partially because I wore #53 on my freshman football team in high school).
2006-08-15 18:56:12
370.   JeremyM
Great! Come on Giambi!
2006-08-15 18:56:21
371.   RIYank
Oh, sweet. Walkin' Giambi to face A-Rod, I could get to like this.
2006-08-15 18:56:30
372.   Max
Sterling was talking about Hawkins clearing waivers, and the Red Sox expressing interest in trading for him. Do I ever hope that happens.
2006-08-15 18:56:33
373.   mehmattski
So, does this qualify as a "close and late" situation?
2006-08-15 18:56:36
374.   Ron Burgundy
IBB to Giambi to pitch to A-Rod. This is not June A-Rod, Oreos.
2006-08-15 18:56:49
375.   Travis
Fly ball. All I ask.
2006-08-15 18:56:53
376.   pistolpete
369 Same here - although I'll wait and see if he's still got that number next season.

At least a t-shirt!

2006-08-15 18:56:54
377.   JeremyM
OK, come on A-Rod then.
2006-08-15 18:57:14
378.   Ron Burgundy
2006-08-15 18:57:35
379.   pistolpete
375 There ya go, fly ball.


2006-08-15 18:57:40
380.   Zack
Not sure how much faith I have in him, but go Todd Jones!
2006-08-15 18:57:46
381.   RIYank
Maybe I should have saved that 'sweet'.
2006-08-15 18:57:54
382.   rsmith51
Wow, ARod????
2006-08-15 18:58:01
383.   Travis
2006-08-15 18:58:05
384.   singledd
Youk pops up. 1 out.
2006-08-15 18:58:10
385.   atc
Scary catch by Pudge
2006-08-15 18:58:22
386.   Travis
Pudge calls Casey off the pop-up. 1 out.
2006-08-15 18:58:36
387.   singledd
Common Cano. Pick up ARod.
2006-08-15 18:58:40
388.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it. I swear, of Po doesn't get a hit here...
2006-08-15 18:59:09
389.   Cliff Corcoran
376 That was his number in Philly, he made Bowa give it up, he'll wear it as long as he's a Yank.
2006-08-15 18:59:13
390.   Mattpat11
I swear A-Rod must be Charlie Brown.
2006-08-15 18:59:46
391.   Ron Burgundy
388 Should be CANO.
2006-08-15 18:59:48
392.   RIYank
Travis 345, Monroe also pulled a Manny on the basepaths, on the same play.
2006-08-15 19:00:37
393.   singledd
Lowell grounds out. 2 out.
2006-08-15 19:00:40
394.   atc
What did Jeter do this inning? I missed it
2006-08-15 19:01:05
395.   monkeypants
Come on, two hit. Don't want to see some sort of lengthy battle of the BPs with that five game series looming.
2006-08-15 19:01:11
396.   Travis
Lowell grounds out. Let's see if Wily Mo redeems himself. CANO!
2006-08-15 19:01:18
397.   mehmattski
2006-08-15 19:01:25
398.   Cliff Corcoran
Mora couldn't catch that from the x-ray table. Props to Robbie.
2006-08-15 19:01:25
399.   BklynBmr
Rockin' Robbie strikes again!
2006-08-15 19:01:33
400.   Alvaro Espinoza
Giambi taking 3rd? It's gotta be the mustache!
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-08-15 19:01:45
401.   Ron Burgundy
Thank You Robbie. MAYBE, MAYBE, this will help erase the A-Rod pop-out.
2006-08-15 19:01:50
402.   mehmattski
394 Weak ground out to Tejada
2006-08-15 19:01:50
403.   RIYank
Alex now owes Robby a gold watch. Or a 'vette.
2006-08-15 19:01:53
404.   Cliff Corcoran
394 groundout
2006-08-15 19:02:24
405.   randym77
394 Grounded out to SS.
2006-08-15 19:02:58
406.   singledd
Willy Mo strikes out. Game over. Tigers beat the Red Sox 3-2.
2006-08-15 19:03:04
407.   atc
Todd Jones!!
2006-08-15 19:03:18
408.   pistolpete
2006-08-15 19:03:20
409.   Travis
If there's any justice, Pena's dropped fly ball will lead off all the highlight shows tonight.

Pena K's. Game over.

2006-08-15 19:03:22
410.   RIYank
All over in Fenway!
Great Tiger pitching.
2006-08-15 19:03:38
411.   seamus
I called Posada's K before it happened. If he gets 0-2 against a lefty pitcher with any kind of breaking ball at all and he always strikes out.
2006-08-15 19:03:51
412.   Ron Burgundy
OK. Tiggers win their win. We just gotta hold this down and take that 3-Game lead.
2006-08-15 19:03:52
413.   Zack
Wow, Byrdak's ERA is 15.19...1 K, 7 walks, 8 hits in 5 innings of relief...
2006-08-15 19:04:00
414.   Cliff Corcoran
This my9 crap is dreadful. What the hell is "my9" supposed to mean anyway? Who are the ad wizards who came up with that one?
2006-08-15 19:04:30
415.   marc
damn, I'm listening on XM and I keep flipping to the Boston game and back and I'm somehow missing the last few big Yankee hits. Strike 3 Sox lose. Now back to Yankee game
2006-08-15 19:04:33
416.   SF Yanks
ARod's gonna give me a heart attack before the seasons end, I swear.
2006-08-15 19:04:38
417.   atc
[402 404 405 Thanks!
2006-08-15 19:06:18
418.   Travis
The O's announcer had me scared there. Fortunately, this isn't Camden Yards with its 364-foot left-center fence.
2006-08-15 19:06:24
419.   atc
414 How do you feel about the WB song? You know, "I want my doubleyoubee"
2006-08-15 19:08:17
420.   Cliff Corcoran
419 Funny, that's WB Mason, not the WB Network (though I thought the same thing for a long time). That may be the worst commercial jingle I've ever heard. Ever. The commercial is awful too, but it could be bad good if the song wasn't so awful and the blond wasn't so unattractive.
2006-08-15 19:08:19
421.   Travis
Why is Farnsworth warming?
2006-08-15 19:08:30
422.   SF Yanks
Pontoon and Farnswhacker are up
2006-08-15 19:08:42
423.   Mattpat11
414 I think its "MyNetwork" replacing all the old UPN statiions. So im sure theres a My7 and My5 abd so on and so forth.
2006-08-15 19:09:25
424.   Zack
When was the last time Myers pitched? He must have taken over the last guy out of the BP role, not counting Fatty Ponson of course...
2006-08-15 19:10:34
425.   Travis
414 Not coincidentally, it's owned by News Corp., who bought MySpace a few months before the network was created.
2006-08-15 19:10:35
426.   Ron Burgundy
424 Really, at this point, might as well get rid of him and call up Guiel or Thompson.
2006-08-15 19:10:36
427.   Bama Yankee
Why do they show some of the games on my9 instead of YES?
2006-08-15 19:10:39
428.   BklynBmr
Alright, Proctor! Now let's get some insurance...
2006-08-15 19:10:39
429.   atc
I had no idea it was for WB Mason
2006-08-15 19:10:46
430.   RIYank
This guy Proctor is really good. How come we never see him out there?
2006-08-15 19:10:48
431.   JeremyM
Nice job by Proctor tonight, with an assist from Abreu's cannon.
2006-08-15 19:11:45
432.   Bama Yankee
424 & 426 We'll see Myers this weekend against Papi...
2006-08-15 19:12:11
433.   Ron Burgundy
427 Gotta have some broadcast games on local networks.
2006-08-15 19:12:26
434.   Cliff Corcoran
427 Gotta throw a bone to the few non-cable hold outs. I know Murphy's among that group. My mom downgraded her cable package to the bare minimum and there's no YES on that. You can't put all the games on cable or you lose the old timers and those living on tight budgets in the city.
2006-08-15 19:13:17
435.   RIYank
Come on, guys. The Sawx tagged Britton for four runs in 2/3 of an inning. Let's do likewise.
2006-08-15 19:15:02
436.   Bama Yankee
434 I guess I understand that (especially for the old timers), but why not just simulcast on YES. What is YES showing right now?
2006-08-15 19:15:07
437.   randym77
432 Yeah, I think you're right. Myers didn't do very well when Joe last tried him as a regular reliever. So he's only going to be used as a lefty specialist.
2006-08-15 19:15:12
438.   Bama Yankee
434 I guess I understand that (especially for the old timers), but why not just simulcast on YES. What is YES showing right now?
2006-08-15 19:15:22
439.   BklynBmr
Damon is a rock star. Great call by Bowa, there, too...
2006-08-15 19:15:33
440.   Ron Burgundy
RBI Triple for the Ex-Caveman!
2006-08-15 19:15:39
441.   Travis
Markakis has no arm. Very unusual for a young corner outfielder.
2006-08-15 19:15:42
442.   marc
wow was that fielded cleanly?
2006-08-15 19:15:48
443.   Cliff Corcoran
Another triple! Damon's got the hard half of the cycle, too bad it's too late in the game.
2006-08-15 19:15:58
444.   LI yankee
435 I think they heard you
2006-08-15 19:16:20
445.   Jeb
Bama Yankee, where in Bama are you? I'm in Birmingham. (FYI, I root for the Tide, but I still want the Yanks to DFA Andy Phillips).
2006-08-15 19:16:38
446.   Ron Burgundy
442 Yep. Speed kills.
2006-08-15 19:16:42
447.   BklynBmr
435 Ask and ye shall receive...
2006-08-15 19:18:10
448.   Cliff Corcoran
441 I think Markakis is supposed to be a CF in the long run. Am I wrong about that?

438 YES is showing Poker, Center Stage, Ultimate Road Trip, the usual none-game crap. I doubt 9 would be willing to give up it's primetime line-up if they weren't getting the game exclusively.

2006-08-15 19:18:28
449.   RIYank
Now I share the honors of Minor Soothsayer with Ron B.

The O's bullpen really, deeply sucks. Let's get into it tomorrow in the fifth inning.

2006-08-15 19:18:44
450.   BklynBmr
Make it moot, Jason...
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-08-15 19:18:45
451.   Bama Yankee
445 Fort Payne. Roll Tide and I guess I have to agree with you on Andy (as much as I hate to say it).
2006-08-15 19:19:12
452.   pistolpete
Amazing how Damon got all the way to third and Bowa had nothing to do with it - he was busy watching Melky's slide into home plate!
2006-08-15 19:20:07
453.   Cliff Corcoran
I love that Ford has pulled Taylor Hicks from the Taylor Hicks Ford commercial. Hilarious. I can only imagine how poorly it tested.
2006-08-15 19:20:17
454.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
437...a lefty specialist on a 4 pitch pitch count...his sole exsistence for being is the potential for facing Big Papi 4 times this year
2006-08-15 19:21:55
455.   Jeb
Been there several times. Not too far from luggage land over in Scottsboro
2006-08-15 19:22:00
456.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
Taylor Hicks and Ford will have a lot in common going forward as their future are both dismal on a good day
2006-08-15 19:22:29
457.   monkeypants
Mariano again tonight. I would not pitch him under any circumstances tomorrow.
2006-08-15 19:22:38
458.   Bama Yankee
Hey Jeb, you gonna let Cliff 453 dis our boy Taylor Hicks?
2006-08-15 19:22:45
459.   Ron Burgundy
GOD in for the Save.
2006-08-15 19:22:55
460.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
MO AGAIN ! Is the pen that shit like that this guy has to protect 3 run leads against shitbag lineups ?
2006-08-15 19:23:01
461.   Zack
I know Joe is saving Myers for Boston, but wouldn't it be a good idea to, perhaps, have him pitch at least once BEFORE facing Ortiz...Going back a month, to July 15th, Myers has pitched in a grand total of 6 games, for 2 innings. Total. I know he "can pitch to Ortiz," but why even have the guy on the team to do that when his spot could be used in so many better ways...It was tolerable when he was pitching at least somewhat, but come on...
2006-08-15 19:23:52
462.   Zack
I just noticed that waswatching has a post just like mine about Myers, so I was beaten to the punch!
2006-08-15 19:24:15
463.   Travis
447 You're right, Markakis is viewed as the O's center fielder of the future. Oddly, he also starred at pitcher in college, but from what I've seen this year (especially the last week), he can't throw the ball a lick.
2006-08-15 19:24:36
464.   Travis
That should be 448.
2006-08-15 19:24:52
465.   RIYank
I know Mo shouldn't be in, but I always feel like it's a privilege to get to see him.
Damn, I love to watch him field, too.
2006-08-15 19:24:55
466.   Bama Yankee
455 Jeb, what part of B-ham are you in?
2006-08-15 19:26:01
467.   Jeb
Ugh, Taylor hicks. When I was in NYC in May (to see the Yanks/Royals) everyone that found out I was from Birmingham wanted to ask me about him and Reuben. I didn't watch the show and didn't care. \
2006-08-15 19:26:06
468.   Cliff Corcoran
461 They used him against Thome in the Chicago series and he did the job.
2006-08-15 19:26:17
469.   seamus
I think Mo should be in. All of the games count right now and we may not need him tomorrow so why not use him?
2006-08-15 19:26:35
470.   Jeb
Forest Park
2006-08-15 19:26:53
471.   monkeypants
461 Agreed. I am not a 'house-money-game' believer, but tomorrow should be empty-the-BP day. Meyers must get in the game, at least, and ideally one or two other bottom feeders.
2006-08-15 19:27:33
472.   Cliff Corcoran
467 Wait, two of the (what five?) American Idol winners (and the only two males) are from Birmingham, AL? What're the odds?
2006-08-15 19:28:41
473.   Cliff Corcoran
471 Speaking of house money, if they win tomorrow night, then I would argue for starting Ponson on Thursday and saving Wright for the double header on Friday.
2006-08-15 19:29:05
474.   Jeb
very odd isn't it? Plus some guy from Gadsden finished 2nd or 3rd a couple of years ago. This year they're coming to find talent and I'm dreading it.
2006-08-15 19:29:33
475.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan

they have a 3 run lead against a shit club...he has been getting hit a bit lately and they have 5 big games this weekend against a real club....

Let Veras or Myers get some work, if they let a guy get on..give them the hook and bring him in...

2006-08-15 19:29:45
476.   RIYank
Great at-bat by Roberts.
2006-08-15 19:29:46
477.   monkeypants
469 True, but he was used yesterday AND there is that big Boston series coming up. The problem is the save rule drives strategy. The odds of losing a three run lead in the ninth are pretty small--I would rather have gone with someone else to start the ninth and see how things developed and saved Mo (at least tonight.

Of course, I wouldn;t have used him at all yesterday, so my concern tonight would have been moot. But the prevailing wisdom last night was, I guess, 'he needed some work.'

2006-08-15 19:30:21
478.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it Roberts. Up yours asshole.
2006-08-15 19:30:33
479.   Bama Yankee
472 Not to mention that Bo Bice (runner-up) is also from Alabama. I guess we have a lot of people down here that watch that show (except Jeb of course).
2006-08-15 19:30:40
480.   Travis
472 It's unusual that both winners came from Birmingham, but Southerners love to watch American Idol (and vote).

2006-08-15 19:31:33
481.   randym77
Brian Roberts is a pest.

But I am glad to see him playing well this year. That collision at 1B last year was horrific.

2006-08-15 19:31:42
482.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I would argue for placing a tee at home plate and letting the Sox hit rather than rolling out Ponson....his only real value is taking David Wells out in some buffet instigated type brawl
2006-08-15 19:32:08
483.   Jeb
Believe me, my in-laws watched EVERY night on the damn plasma. It was annoying. Just give me Bama Football and the Yankees! Beat Auburn and Boston!
2006-08-15 19:32:31
484.   BklynBmr
Cue up 'ol Blue Eyes. Good thing they still play 9 innings, huh?
2006-08-15 19:32:38
485.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
so now MO throws 25 pitches to get out of the inning...nothing comes easy for him anymore...everyone gets old...fact
2006-08-15 19:32:41
486.   marc
gee they must feel horrible in Boston with the late game reversals. I feel so bad I'll have to go celebrate in their place
2006-08-15 19:32:47
487.   mehmattski
Theeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees win!

Three game lead! Hells yeah!

Sleep will be easy tonight, fellas.

2006-08-15 19:33:27
488.   Travis
482 Would a Wells-Ponson duel be the fattest pitching matchup of all-time?
2006-08-15 19:33:31
489.   monkeypants
473 I can see that. The only problem with Wright for the DH is that he will only go five (or maybe six), so you know you're gonna stress the BP. Someone has gotta go seven or eight, or there needs to be at least one Yankees' laugher.
2006-08-15 19:33:34
490.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I agree that Torre should use Myer in mop up roles more also... at least give him SOME innigs .

3 games up , heaven and hell are so close these days.

Is there a better 9th hitter in the league than Melky? he has hit well over .900 OPS since the start of July...

2006-08-15 19:33:38
491.   Ron Burgundy
Finally. That was getting annoying.

We Win!


2006-08-15 19:34:54
492.   atc
4 in the loss
2006-08-15 19:34:57
493.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
3 game lead ! It would be great to head into the weekend up by 3...with 4 starters and a tub of goo
2006-08-15 19:35:06
494.   LI yankee
So now the worst possible lead we'll have come Friday on Boston is 1.5 games. Then even if we only get 2 out of 5 at Fenway, we'd still be up by a half game. That's not too bad, although I hope we maintain this lead at least come Friday.
2006-08-15 19:35:50
495.   monkeypants
482 That would rest the bullpen...
2006-08-15 19:36:22
496.   Bama Yankee
483 Good to finally meet someone on here who understands what beating that Cow College is all about. I'm out for the night. Roll Tide and Go Yankees.
2006-08-15 19:36:53
497.   Kirribilli Yankee Fan
I would leave Ponson in all 9 innings if the game gets out of hand...let the Sox hang 20 on the board...he is a big boy and can cop a beatdown for the team
2006-08-15 19:38:20
498.   Cliff Corcoran
489 But Ponson might only last 2 1/3.
2006-08-15 19:39:20
499.   JeremyM
497 Followed by an immediate DFA.
2006-08-15 19:39:51
500.   randym77
Clippers won both games of their doubleheader tonight. The second one was close: 2-1. Bubba scored the winning run. Bean and Beam both pitched well. I wonder if Beam might be called up for the weekend? Torre said before the game they were thinking about calling up an extra pitcher for the Boston series.
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2006-08-15 19:40:23
501.   SF Yanks
499 Thats rough, but also funny.
2006-08-15 19:41:08
502.   JeremyM
Only problem there is who do they drop? I'm guessing Phillips if it came down to it. That would be pretty tough with 2 weeks left until expanded rosters.
2006-08-15 19:41:50
503.   monkeypants
498 Yep. it's the old known quantity (Wright) v. high risk-high, er, reward (Ponson). But if the Yanks win game one, I like Kirribilli's thinking 497.
2006-08-15 19:42:37
504.   marc
I thought I heard Hawkins may go to Boston. If that's still possible the Yankees need to send a stretch Limo to make sure he gets there OK
2006-08-15 19:45:09
505.   seamus
504 kidding aside, that would be a pretty cool way to welcome him to Boston! The Boss could order the limo and leave flowers in it...
2006-08-15 19:46:03
506.   monkeypants
502 It pretty much has to be Phillips, if they actually go with the extra arm. Or Green, if Torre trusts Andy as the break-glass-in-case-of-emergency IF.

Andy really is spare parts right now. If he were DFA's and claimed, he team could just call up Pena (or Guiel, who supposedly played 1B tonight).

I like the idea of Andy, but when the music stopped playing, he just didn't have a seat.

2006-08-15 19:47:31
507.   randym77
502 Yes, I was thinking that. Andy's only had 5 at bats since Wilson arrived, so it's not like he's being used a lot. OTOH, they really seem to like him, and he might not clear waivers.

One possibility might be to send Veras back down and bring Beam up. Joe seems to trust Beam more than Veras.

2006-08-15 19:47:38
508.   JeremyM
Do you think we could get them (Boston) to pick up Arthur Rhodes as well?
2006-08-15 19:49:00
509.   JeremyM
Veras has been better than Beam so far. Small sample size and all that but still.
2006-08-15 19:50:09
510.   JeremyM
Lidge just blew another save, and a win for Clemens (although an ugly one). He must hear that Pujols shot in his sleep. It's amazing what one homer can do to some closers.
2006-08-15 19:50:18
511.   monkeypants
507 Only Torre would consider adding Beam for Veras and call it 'adding an arm.'
2006-08-15 19:54:59
512.   randym77
511 LOL! Joe likes Beam, though. I think he'd have brought him up again, except he wasn't eligible, having just been sent down. Veras wasn't bad his last time out, but I don't know if it was enough to convince Torre.

Me, I'm not too comfortable with either Veras or Beam, really. Maybe they should try Kris Wilson again...

2006-08-15 19:57:51
513.   Max
Eckersley on NESN is my favorite postgame guy. When they were previewing the games tomorrow of interest to the Sox, he said about the O's: "Baltimore stinks...I don't expect anything out of them at all...It makes me ill watching them play"

Pretty much what Cliff said.

2006-08-15 20:03:04
514.   seamus
Worst case scenario, we split the next two games with Baltimore, Boston wins tomorrow, and we go into Friday with a 2.5 game lead. Fortunately, we do look set to possibly sweep Baltimore (matchup wise) and the Detroit -Boston matchup is favorable for Detroit. We could, in theory, have as much as a 4.5 game lead. That would be nice to go in with a big lead like that and win the series. A lot of IFs there.
2006-08-15 21:49:03
515.   BklynBmr
All your bases are belong to us.

I'll post this 'till my fingers fall off — we have 9 games left with Boston and the outcome of these will have little bearing on the outcome of the AL East, unless one team goes 7-2 or better, and takes care of biz along the way.

Odds are these 9 games will end in a 5-4 split and that moves nothing. The road to the division crown will boil down to what happened tonight. We beat teams we're supposed to beat. We hold serve with Boston. Done deal. Do the math.

The only losses I'm hopin' for now are Detroit's. We dictate everything else, one way or another...

2006-08-15 22:13:22
516.   seamus
515 Not this Boston team. We should win at least six. They are a lesser team, particularly with their pitching problems and injured players.
2006-08-15 22:44:25
517.   BklynBmr
516 We have pitching problems and injured players, too. You throw all that out the window when these two teams meet. Anything can, has, and most likely will happen.

If we get out of Beantown this weekend 3-2, I'll take it. Two out of five is not the end of the world, either...

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