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My Moose Take
2006-08-10 13:18
by Cliff Corcoran

The good news is that, with the Red Sox having lost their first two games to the Royals, the Yankees could lose tonight and still finish the three-game stretch in which they played the defending World Champs while their rivals played the worst time in baseball without having lost a game in the standings.

The bad news is this trend I just noticed in Mike Mussina's game log:

First 12 GS: 7-1, 2.42 ERA, 7.71 K/9, 1.43 BB/9, 7.16 H/9, 0.96 WHIP, 0.99 HR/9, 12 QS, 6.81 IP/GS
Last 12 GS: 6-3, 4.65 ERA, 8.29 K/9, 2.13 BB/9, 8.67 H/9, 1.20 WHIP, 1.13 HR/9, 6 QS*, 5.97 IP/GS

*would likely have been seven, but he was forced out of his June 30 game after allowing no hits over four innings because of a long rain delay

The more than two extra runs per game (!) seem to be the result of his increased number of baserunners. Moose has been getting hit harder and more often, and that might be the result of a slight loss of command that has also inflated his walk rate (though note that his K rate has also increased). More runners mean more pitches and more pitches and more runs mean fewer innings and a bigger strain on the bullpen.

Now compare that bottom set of numbers to what Moose did over the 2004 and 2005 seasons:

57 GS: 25-17, 4.50 ERA, 7.16 K/9, 2.27 BB/9, 9.85 H/9, 1.35 WHIP, 1.18 HR/9, 28 QS, 6.04 IP/GS

So much for Moose having discovered the secret to late-career success. Not that he's a bad pitcher, but he is a league average one, though with a great K/BB rate and the ability to go on a dominant run like he did in Septemer 2004 or the first two months of this season. Still, the Yankees would be wise to bear this in mind when making a decision about his 2007 option this fall. Given the other options, it's likely worth overpaying Moose for a year to keep his reliability in the rotation, but he'll be 39 in November 2007. I wouldn't give him a multi-year deal at this point.

That 12-12 split in Moose's season falls conveniently at June 1. Check out what happens when you divide the season of his mound opponent in tonight's game the same way:

through June 1: 6-3, 3.86 ERA, 6.3 K/9, 2.2 BB/9, 0.69 HR/9, 1.10 WHIP, 10 GS, 7 QS, 6.53 IP/GS
since June 1: 4-3, 6.45 ERA, 8.6 K/9, 2.5 BB/9, 1.32 HR/9, 1.52 WHIP, 11 GS, 2 QS, 6.12 IP/GS

That split sure looks a lot like what we all saw from Javy back in 2004, don't it? In reality, Vazquez in April and June of 2004 was even better than he was in April and May of this year, but he was every bit as bad in the season's other four months.

Of course, despite that bottom split above, Vazquez dominated the Blue Jays in his most recent start to the tune of 8 IP, 2 H, 1 HR, 2 BB, 13 K. The consolation there being that without those numbers he was even worse in June and July. Here's hoping Home Run Javy shows his true colors tonight as the Yankees look to take the rubber game and finish the season with a 5-1 record against the defending World Champs.

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2006-08-10 14:23:29
1.   Bob B
I agree on your take on Moose v Javi tonight. I'm also hoping Schilling is going to have a bad outing tonight for the Saux. A sweep by the Royals would be sweet, indeed.
2006-08-10 14:26:13
2.   Cliff Corcoran
1 That reminds me, I need to go read Soxaholix.
2006-08-10 15:02:51
3.   Bob B
Didn't know the sox grounded into three double plays last night with the bases loaded. Nice.
2006-08-10 15:24:48
4.   randym77
I guess Damon's okay....

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jason Giambi DH
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Craig Wilson 1B
Melky Cabrera LF

Mike Mussina RHP

2006-08-10 15:35:03
5.   Dimelo
2 Wasn't today's soxaholix piece great? I was dying.
2006-08-10 15:48:40
6.   pistolpete
Moose may be going through a rough patch, he's entitled - I'd wait until the season's done before pronouncing him unworthy of a multi-year deal...
2006-08-10 16:13:12
7.   mehmattski
5 I enjoyed it. I've enjoy most of their recent ones, but the thing that drives me batty is their incessant use of phonetic spelling with a Boston accent. When I type, I don't write "Ohhh muaaay GAWWWD!" with a Joisey accent...

Continuing yesterday's theme of using movie quotes to describe how we feel about the game:

"Its 106 miles to Chicago. We have a full tank of gas, a half pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it."

2006-08-10 16:51:35
8.   pistolpete
4 Heard Torre on with Russo today - said he was thinking of Abreu in CF since Wilson looked okay in RF last night. No mention of Melky as a consideration, though.


2006-08-10 17:02:42
9.   JeremyM

Not Chris Berman!

2006-08-10 17:03:04
10.   Travis
The tarp is on the field behind the ESPN announcers ... is the game delayed?
2006-08-10 17:03:43
11.   atc
For those not in NY, the choices are either Hawk or Chris Berman. I'm just going to open a bottle of vodka and hope I can't hear anything by the 3rd inning.
2006-08-10 17:04:38
12.   Travis
Half-hour delay, ugh.
2006-08-10 17:05:31
13.   Dimelo
11 Vodka, ehh...I'm about to do a bong hit during this delay.
2006-08-10 17:07:03
14.   atc
13 I have 4 red bulls sitting in the fridge from last weekend, and I can't resist the combination.
2006-08-10 17:10:37
15.   seamus
Pavano was knocked out in the 3rd. 5 hits and 3 runs allowed. one strikeout and one walk. I think Dotel will be making an appearance soon.
2006-08-10 17:14:02
16.   SF Yanks
13 14 I'm going with Vicodin. Take the pain away of listening to these freaks.
2006-08-10 17:14:59
17.   SF Yanks
15 At least he's pitching finally.
2006-08-10 17:16:41
18.   seamus
17 I'm actually excited about it. He may never see the field again for the Yanks, but I always pull for guys to turn things around when they are down. The good news is that the walk was intentional, so it does appear that he had his control.
2006-08-10 17:20:43
19.   Dimelo
14 Red bulls and vodka are great. I'm watching the Sux...Papi's up and he doesn't know this yet, but he's going to hit into a double play....not required.....Crisp was thrown out trying to steal.
2006-08-10 17:22:32
20.   Dimelo
Runelvys has to stay away from those pork rinds.
2006-08-10 17:23:12
21.   atc
I know we're not allowed to rip on Gammons, but does anyone remember what he said after Schilling's minor league rehab start last year? If memory serves, Schilling gave up a bunch of runs on a bunch of hits, and Gammons came on the air and called them all "bleeders." I wonder if Pavano will get similar treatment.
2006-08-10 17:28:44
22.   Dimelo
I don't think people rip on Gammons enough.

I don't hate him and don't wish bad health on him, but I can't say I'm missing him too much. I like him just where he's at. I find Gammons to be very unobjective. I like Olney and Kurkjian, but I don't think Gammons is like any of them.

2006-08-10 17:30:58
23.   atc
I like Olney recently only because he seems to have acquired sources that allow him to break new information. I can't stand it when he tries to analyze, however.

Nice start for KC

2006-08-10 17:32:39
24.   atc
I wish Brian Kenney [sp?] would get more face time.
2006-08-10 17:48:00
25.   Dimelo
I think I'll be all out of chips ahoy before the game starts. This game better start soon or else I'll be a zombie by the 5th inning.

9:10 first pitch.

2006-08-10 17:48:22
26.   Travis
First pitch scheduled for 9:10 EST.
2006-08-10 17:49:06
27.   claybeez
24 Yeah, Kenny is the best they have, IMO. He asks intelligent questions which show a degree of preparation. He doesn't just give the usual off the cuff, fluff and diatribes. I would tune in to ESPN News just to listen to him talk baseball. I never see him on now. I'm not sure why.
2006-08-10 17:50:56
28.   Travis
27 Chris Fowler, from College Gameday, is also really good. I'm not sure what he does during the other 8 months of the year.
2006-08-10 17:53:35
29.   Travis
Does the Red Sox's catcher-standing-up on the 0-2 high fastball EVER work? They do it seemingly 4-5 times/game, and the batter either takes the pitch or fouls it off.
2006-08-10 17:56:45
30.   JeremyM
29 That's one of my pet peeves as well.
2006-08-10 17:58:20
31.   atc
30 I'm not a fan of Posada asking for the pitch up from Rivera. I always feel like Mo throws it so high over the batter's head that he is forced to take it.
2006-08-10 18:00:34
32.   Travis
Runelvys Hernandez's uniform is soaked through, and it's only the 3rd inning. 1-0 Boston, middle 3rd.
2006-08-10 18:00:43
33.   LI yankee
Mirabelli homers in the 3rd, 1-0 Boston
2006-08-10 18:01:26
34.   atc
9:30 start. I have to be up at 6:30. This should be fun.
2006-08-10 18:02:03
35.   Travis
30 Me neither, but I've seen plenty of hitters swing and miss on Mo's 0-2 high fastball. Not so with Boston pitchers.
2006-08-10 18:02:27
36.   Travis
That should be 31.
2006-08-10 18:03:06
37.   Travis
Tarp coming off the field.
2006-08-10 18:04:37
38.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Doug ".191 avg" Mirabelle... ack...

Cliff: how you think we should handle Moose in the off season though? pick up option? reconstruct contract? let him go? he's been great this year, but 17M is A LOT to pay for a pitcher that have been mediocare in 2 of this last 3 years and is quickly approaching 40.

2006-08-10 18:05:18
39.   Travis
DeJesus: 2-2, 2 doubles
Rest of team: 0-8
2006-08-10 18:07:11
40.   cliffy6745
Lets get this game going..what's up everyone? just came on board, looking forward to the rest of the season.
2006-08-10 18:11:29
41.   claybeez
40 Hey. Welcome aboard. From the looks of things written previously there may not be many sober Banterers around tonight.
2006-08-10 18:12:40
42.   atc
I switched to red wine. The rb + v's were too much for a thursday night.
2006-08-10 18:13:36
43.   singledd
I can not imagine Moose being much good in 2008. Maybe a #4 guy. Based on his numbers this year, and his age, I would give him 10+/- mil for 2007.
2006-08-10 18:14:45
44.   JeremyM
40 Welcome. At least I was able to get my lawn cut before the first pitch, I really want to see Vazquez get hammered. Don't really care for the guy after 2004.
2006-08-10 18:16:40
45.   atc
Is the consensus Hawk or Berman? I can't decide.
2006-08-10 18:17:12
46.   Travis
Sox waste a leadoff single by Manny, still 1-0.
2006-08-10 18:18:15
47.   cliffy6745
44 Thanks everyone...probably not a bad thing since I have a few in me as well.

I hear that, it will be nice to rough him up. At least he had half a good season for the Yanks.

2006-08-10 18:20:13
48.   atc
W/ Vazquez, it's not just the grand slam. His game 4 start against the Twins sucked as well.
2006-08-10 18:20:43
49.   3rd gen yankee fan
cliff: "moo-steak"??? LOL
2006-08-10 18:25:13
50.   Travis
Manny being Manny, deep liner ticks off his glove, 1-1.
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2006-08-10 18:25:29
51.   LI yankee
Sanders RBI double in 4th, 1-1
2006-08-10 18:25:46
52.   mehmattski
49 Dammit I'm normally the king of puns but I didn't pick up on this one until you pointed it out. I'm slipping. Maybe I should start drinking with everyone else.


2006-08-10 18:27:29
53.   Cliff Corcoran
49 Interesting interpretation. No, "mistake," gotta say it even faster.
2006-08-10 18:31:43
54.   mehmattski
Man. Does August baseball get any better than a rubber game between two good teams?
2006-08-10 18:32:18
55.   BklynBmr
Heh-heh. Good start, JD!
2006-08-10 18:32:25
56.   atc
there it is JD
2006-08-10 18:33:25
57.   BklynBmr
The only way to keep Harrelson's f*cking mouth shout is the for Yanks to hit and just keep hitting. I like the silence so far...
2006-08-10 18:33:54
58.   BklynBmr
57 'shut'
2006-08-10 18:34:22
59.   3rd gen yankee fan
Oh baby yeah!
2006-08-10 18:34:50
60.   atc
57 I'm going w/ Berman for now
2006-08-10 18:35:10
61.   mehmattski
For anyone who was following the game on Tuesday (I know you'd all like to forget), I mentioned that one of my poker buddies from college made the final table at the WSOP main event. Well, he finished 7th for $2.4 million. Or roughly what Alex Rodriguez makes in two weeks. Incredible for a 22 yr old recent college grad. The main event should be on TV in late September.
2006-08-10 18:35:49
62.   phee
atc, hawk or the azz clown? we are screwed!!!!!!
2006-08-10 18:36:59
63.   BklynBmr
60 Thank you, thank you, thank you, atc. Forgot it was on the 4 letter network...
2006-08-10 18:37:08
64.   atc
62 Yup
2006-08-10 18:37:11
65.   phee
yessss, Jete with GREAT BASERUNNING
2006-08-10 18:37:40
66.   monkeypants
OK, I usually can't stand Sterling, but he just busted on Hawk. Funny.
2006-08-10 18:38:06
67.   Schteeve
C'mon A-Rod pad your stats with a meaningless 3 run home run!
2006-08-10 18:38:17
68.   BklynBmr
62 Azz clown anyday, phee. But I may be dialing up Sterling before the night is out...
2006-08-10 18:39:06
69.   atc
66 What did he say?
2006-08-10 18:39:25
70.   Mattpat11
Come on guys. I want to embarass Vazquez
2006-08-10 18:39:26
71.   Mattpat11
Come on guys. I want to embarass Vazquez
2006-08-10 18:43:00
72.   phee
agreed bklyn, i'm going with ESPN. If any of u guys are watching Hawk, please keep me posted what he's saying. Thanks. Dammit. Pick him up Giambi.
2006-08-10 18:45:28
73.   Yu-Hsing Chen
arrragh, unclutch strike out
2006-08-10 18:49:42
74.   BklynBmr
Javy is one of the reasons you don't have a ring yet, Jason. Make him pay...
2006-08-10 18:52:38
75.   phee
agreed bklyn, i'm going with ESPN. If any of u guys are watching Hawk, please keep me posted what he's saying. Thanks. Dammit. Pick him up Giambi.
2006-08-10 19:18:55
76.   claybeez
Finally, back on. Looks like the Toaster's been nippin' too.
2006-08-10 19:19:24
77.   atc
and we're back...was it a coincidence that this site crashed when Arod struck out, or was it 1,000 people trying to post at once?
2006-08-10 19:19:39
78.   Ken Arneson
Oops, sorry about the server freeze there. I turned the site monitor off and forgot to turn it back on. My bad.
2006-08-10 19:20:23
79.   Travis
This game's going to end around 1:00 am, and I just hope it ends well.
2006-08-10 19:20:25
80.   Mattpat11
Can someone explain to me how Kevin Brown gets shit on for the ALCS but Dr. Claw Vazquez gets a free pass?

Is it ALL youth?

2006-08-10 19:20:59
81.   JeremyM
Oh Jesus.
2006-08-10 19:21:06
82.   Mattpat11
2006-08-10 19:21:11
83.   pistolpete
OMG why didn't he tag Dye?!!!
2006-08-10 19:22:05
84.   Travis
DAMMIT. Just tag Dye, and throw to 1st. The last thing we need is another A-Rod error on ESPN.
2006-08-10 19:22:24
85.   mehmattski
Okay, who threw the Toaster in the bathtub?
2006-08-10 19:22:32
86.   BklynBmr
Tonight is definitely not following the formula of the first two...

Oh, no. I can hear the commotion in Bristol from out here...

2006-08-10 19:22:41
87.   Mattpat11
83 Because he's A-Rod. If he just tagged him or threw to first or threw normally we wouldn't have 8 pounds of baggage following him
2006-08-10 19:22:43
88.   randym77
Groan. It's never going to end, is it? I suppose this means a new flood of stories about "what's wrong with A-rod"....
2006-08-10 19:23:11
89.   mikeplugh
I have a very bad feeling about this game.

We make Javy Vasquez throw 45 pitches over the first 2 innings and come away with zero. Moose has 1st blood drawn against him.

Just a bad omen. Let's go fellas. Snap your asses out if it and play ball!

2006-08-10 19:23:17
90.   atc
Not that this stat would be the end all be all, but can someone tell me what Arod's percentage is of getting the runner home from 3rd w/ less than 2 outs this season? It can't be more than 33% (I read somewhere yesterday that he had 1 sack fly on the year).
2006-08-10 19:23:31
91.   Cliff Corcoran
Is Stormer out there or any of his HBP co-conspirators? I wonder if they think the White Sox should retaliate for Moose hitting Dye? Turnabout is fair play, right?
2006-08-10 19:23:31
92.   JeremyM
You know, A-Rod deserves whatever he gets from that play. I've defended the guy but come on.
2006-08-10 19:23:31
93.   randym77
Did Melky get an error for that?
2006-08-10 19:23:54
94.   Ron Burgundy
Well, I see I haven't missed much other than FIVE LOB in TWO IP!!! >:(

Damn It. Knobby is back.

ESPN has their lead story for the next two weeks.

We...uh...we are not winning this I can see....

2006-08-10 19:23:57
95.   Yu-Hsing Chen
............oh lord
2006-08-10 19:23:59
96.   pistolpete
Fabulous. Well, no danger of me staying up late tonight.
2006-08-10 19:24:02
97.   Mattpat11

Just go home boys. You don't want to be there. You can hit the MISERABLE Vazquez, you can't make routine plays. JUST GO HOME.

2006-08-10 19:24:08
98.   monkeypants
Hoo boy--looks a total meltdown effort tonight. Go Royals.
2006-08-10 19:24:33
99.   mikeplugh
This is F-ing pissing me off. We look like the Devil Rays out there.
2006-08-10 19:24:43
100.   Cliff Corcoran
That'll push back Joe's willingness to play Melky in center another 6 mo.
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2006-08-10 19:24:47
101.   randym77
92 At this point, I don't care about A-Rod. I care about me. And I'm just so tired of A-Rod already. :-P
2006-08-10 19:25:37
102.   Travis
Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's any chance of a torrential downpour in the next 3 innings.
2006-08-10 19:25:52
103.   mikeplugh
They have to stop us from scoring our regular 6 runs. This game is not over. Moose needs to get out of this now, and let our guys get to work.

We need to win this baby 7-5.

2006-08-10 19:26:13
104.   Cliff Corcoran
101 But have you ever been to you?
2006-08-10 19:26:26
105.   Mattpat11
101 A-Rod is a draining guy. Things can never go well for more than a week or so before Calamatiy hits.
2006-08-10 19:26:31
106.   claybeez
100 Read my mind.
2006-08-10 19:26:53
107.   BklynBmr
That's OK. Tonight we spot them 7 and show 'em how a come from behind is done...
2006-08-10 19:27:34
108.   Mattpat11
103 They can't hit Vazquez, who they should have more motivation than usual to hit. This is bad.
2006-08-10 19:27:59
109.   Max
Train wreck in progress.
2006-08-10 19:28:00
110.   mikeplugh
A-Rod is what he is. He's one of the greatest players in history, and will probably win another MVP in a Yankee uniform before it's over, but he's succeptable to flaking out for VERY long periods of time. He's the kind of guy that frustration snowballs on because he's nice.

Go Yanks.

2006-08-10 19:28:20
111.   Travis
Unless Mussina turns it around really soon, the combination of Ponson and Veras are going to make any comeback impossible.
2006-08-10 19:28:21
112.   Mattpat11
What in the hell is going on?
2006-08-10 19:28:50
113.   BklynBmr
It's gonna take three DPs to get out this inning...
2006-08-10 19:28:52
114.   Ron Burgundy
Cano and A-Rod REALLY pissing me off tonight.
2006-08-10 19:29:19
115.   atc
can someone answer my q from 90
2006-08-10 19:29:28
116.   mikeplugh
Remember folks, this team is capable of putting up 10 runs in an inning. We are far from out of this and Vasquez is a meltdown waiting to happen. We've choked the 1st 2 innings into the toilet, but there are 7 more chances to rip the Chisox a new asshole.
2006-08-10 19:29:29
117.   JeremyM
Time to run some laps boys...0 for 6 with RISP, one error, two "errors", a HBP, a wild pitch/passed ball.
2006-08-10 19:29:33
118.   mehmattski
Everyone is screwing up on Defense to make the Sportscenter highlights take the focus off A-Rod. That's nice of them, isn't it?
2006-08-10 19:29:39
119.   Mattpat11
110 I'd say some of his quotes dispute the "nice"
2006-08-10 19:29:49
120.   Ron Burgundy
Well, I'm goin' to sleep. Screws this. Offense eating a male genital, Moose with nothing, deffense eating feces. Bad combo.
2006-08-10 19:33:18
121.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Come on Mooose...
2006-08-10 19:34:35
122.   Ron Burgundy
OBP for Bobby.

A-Rod, Shut Up, and HIT A HOME-RUN.

2006-08-10 19:34:59
123.   JeremyM
115 You are correct on the one sac fly stat. Not sure on the rest.
2006-08-10 19:35:24
124.   Cliff Corcoran
Rodriguez's run led to one error. ONE. Melky's lead to at least one. Cano's, 114, lead to none. Why do none of you blame Mussina for pulling his post-error meltdown routine?
2006-08-10 19:35:41
125.   randym77
It's not so much A-Rod, as the press coverage of A-Rod. The guy really does suck all the oxygen out of the room.

Lord knows he's not the only one who screwed up this inning, but we all know who's going to get the bulk of the ink (and phosphors). Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he's on the team, but boy, am I suffering A-Rod exhaustion.

2006-08-10 19:35:44
126.   claybeez
Fellas, are you telling me this same lineup everyone was drooling over days ago can't make up a 4 run deficit with 21 outs to go? Come on.

Wrote that before server hiccup #2

2006-08-10 19:36:03
127.   Ron Burgundy

Missed it be half a foot.

2006-08-10 19:36:15
128.   Mattpat11
What's the word for people who can't handle success?

That's A-Rod.

2006-08-10 19:36:34
129.   mehmattski
115 This is pretty quick and dirty, and doesn't completely answer your question, but:

Runner 3rd, < 2 out, 2006
32 AB, 8 H, 2 HR, 21 RBI, .250/.306/.469

Take the small sample size for what you will. I suggest looking at the archives of this blog and others, for the myriad "A-rod: clutch?" articles that are around.

2006-08-10 19:36:43
130.   Ron Burgundy
And we won't get another runner on base all night will we...
2006-08-10 19:37:25
131.   seamus
i don't mind criticism of A-Rod, but the pseudo name calling and insults are pathetic.
2006-08-10 19:37:45
132.   Max
124 Thank you Cliff. I'm tired of Moose getting a pass. No doubt his buddies the beat writers will stroke him to death in tomorrow's post mortem, and sugar coat his performance every which way they can.
2006-08-10 19:38:20
133.   Travis
Royals making it close, 4-3, man on 2nd, 1 out.

The Royals have EIGHT doubles and a homer tonight and only 3 runs.


2006-08-10 19:38:27
134.   Ron Burgundy
Giambi with HOME-RUN power.
2006-08-10 19:38:28
135.   mikeplugh
This is going to be one of the most satisfying wins of the year.

Remember this post when it's over.

2006-08-10 19:38:39
136.   phee
keep crying fellas, 2 run game, jeeez
2006-08-10 19:38:41
137.   weeping for brunnhilde

I didn't think that would carry!

Nice job, Jason!

2006-08-10 19:38:52
138.   JeremyM
126 You guys saying they can come back are 100% right. And Giambi proves it.
2006-08-10 19:39:01
139.   seamus
2006-08-10 19:39:10
140.   mikeplugh
135 I wrote that before the Giambi homer.

How ya like me now? ;)

2006-08-10 19:39:19
141.   randym77
Wow. Giambi goes the other way.
2006-08-10 19:39:37
142.   claybeez
There's a start. We're not getting base hits with runners on, so let's just go Murderer's Row like last night and watch them fly.
2006-08-10 19:39:39
143.   weeping for brunnhilde
This is going to be a regular slugfest.
2006-08-10 19:40:30
144.   yankz
Hey, it's only the third...
2006-08-10 19:40:31
145.   Mattpat11
132 Well, when he gets a ground ball double play and the MVP throws it to Detroit, its sort of hard to blame the pitcher.

And then another run scores when the leftfielder over runs a single.

2006-08-10 19:40:35
146.   weeping for brunnhilde
Unbelievable, Robbie.

You the man.

2006-08-10 19:40:47
147.   Ron Burgundy
Cano keeps on going and going and going...
2006-08-10 19:41:16
148.   mikeplugh
By the way since July 24th, Posada is hitting about .200 with 2 dingers. He's in one of his patented PROLONGED slumps.

He'll flip the switch against Boston or something and ride another hot streak, but it's hard to find a really good at bat for him in weeks.

2006-08-10 19:41:19
149.   JeremyM
Man, Cano is a bit of an upgrade on Cairo with the stick, huh?
2006-08-10 19:41:42
150.   yankz
And Cano is a hitting machine.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-10 19:41:44
151.   mehmattski
To Mattpat11, quoting Mr. Vader:

The Yankees offense finds your lack of faith.... disturbing.

2006-08-10 19:42:09
152.   seamus
wilson has looked bad lately.
2006-08-10 19:42:48
153.   Travis
Walk to Emil Brown, 1st and 2nd, 1 out.
2006-08-10 19:43:07
154.   phee
As for Cliff's Moose comment, I posted the Moose error meltdown comment on PeteAbe's blog 30 seconds after AROD's error, BEFORE the ensuing mess. Moose has done that since he was a rookie, he absolutely sh_ts the bed after an error, go back and check, he gets rattled.
2006-08-10 19:43:12
155.   Mattpat11
151 I find the Yankees inability to embarass Javier Vazquez much more disturbing
2006-08-10 19:43:13
156.   weeping for brunnhilde
That's all right.

Mike's gonna keep us in this.

We're gonna win it.

2006-08-10 19:43:32
157.   atc
129 I'm not trying to argue that Arod isn't clutch. And if I were, I don't think I'd do it with that stat. I only bring it up b/c the Yanks seem to suck at that stat this year, and from memory, it seems that Arod is the worst at it.
2006-08-10 19:43:33
158.   mikeplugh
Wilson chokes on his own male appendage again. He's cold as ice.

Anyway, it's a ballgame and Vasquez has thrown 66 pitches over 3. That's nice.

2006-08-10 19:44:13
159.   Ron Burgundy
155 I sadly agree. I mean, this douchebag tanked in the 2004 ALCS. Give this bitch some PAYBACK. Kill him, don't strand 6 runners on base in 3 innings.
2006-08-10 19:44:37
160.   atc
Have I mentioned that I LOVE KC!
2006-08-10 19:44:42
161.   mikeplugh
Watch Moose go 1-2-3 and the Yanks get back on the board with 3 in the 4th to take a 5-4 lead.
2006-08-10 19:44:44
162.   Travis
Double down the right-field line, 4-4 in Kansas City.
2006-08-10 19:45:14
163.   pistolpete
152 I thought this was supposed to be a platoon-type situation - Wilson in against lefties. Guess if Phillips was hitting at all, he'd be in there..
2006-08-10 19:45:27
164.   Mattpat11
159 Exactly. I've been waiting for this game for almost two years and I get THIS?
2006-08-10 19:45:36
165.   phee
Check any Oriole archive and you'll see Moose gets in HIS HEAD after an error. I'll bet anything he'll settle down now.
2006-08-10 19:45:38
166.   pistolpete
Nice, Royals tie it up - Schilling in for one batter too many.
2006-08-10 19:47:47
167.   mikeplugh
Kansas City is murdering the Red Sox. Oh how I love to read the Sox blogs after another loss to the worst team in the sport. Hallelujah!!!
2006-08-10 19:49:09
168.   Travis
Infield single off Schilling's glove, 5-4 KC!
2006-08-10 19:52:26
169.   Ron Burgundy
Shelling gets it done for us. Nice. In comes the Red Sawx patented "Gasoline Alley" bullpen.
2006-08-10 19:52:29
170.   randym77
Wilson is that kind of player. Streaky.
2006-08-10 19:52:29
171.   mikeplugh
Kansas City is murdering the Red Sox. Oh how I love to read the Sox blogs after another loss to the worst team in the sport. Hallelujah!!!
2006-08-10 19:53:01
172.   Mattpat11
He didn't go, bu where was the pitch?
2006-08-10 19:53:32
173.   mikeplugh
Phew, we're back. Moose doing his best Jaret Wright impression today.
2006-08-10 19:53:47
174.   SF Yanks
Who threw the toaster into the microwave into the oven into the furnace into the forest fire?
2006-08-10 19:54:04
175.   phee
When I said anything, I meant my alarm clock.
2006-08-10 19:54:14
176.   Mattpat11
Christ. I'd venture to say that Hideki Matsui is more valuable to his team right now than Angel Berroa is.
2006-08-10 19:54:19
177.   mikeplugh
Lowell, Kapler, and Cora for the Sox in the top of the 9th.
2006-08-10 19:55:59
178.   Travis
Burgos coming in with a 1-run lead. Ortiz due up 7th.
2006-08-10 19:56:01
179.   Mattpat11
There we go.
2006-08-10 19:56:08
180.   atc
Nice job by Moose
2006-08-10 19:56:09
181.   weeping for brunnhilde
Those last two pitches were beautiful.

Nice sequence, Mike.

2006-08-10 19:56:13
182.   Cliff Corcoran
129 157 There are three walks in there so:

32 AB, 3 BB, 21 RBI = 21 RBI in 35 PA

Of course some of those RBIs might be from additional runners on second or first. We know just two of them are him driving himself in on home runs, so 19 RBI in 35 PA not counting additional runs from second or first, still, looks like he gets the job done close to half the time, which in baseball is pretty good, isn't it? We'd need to know what's typical to know if that's any good, really.

2006-08-10 19:56:45
183.   Cliff Corcoran
129 157 There are three walks in there so:

32 AB, 3 BB, 21 RBI = 21 RBI in 35 PA

Of course some of those RBIs might be from additional runners on second or first. We know just two of them are him driving himself in on home runs, so 19 RBI in 35 PA not counting additional runs from second or first, still, looks like he gets the job done close to half the time, which in baseball is pretty good, isn't it? We'd need to know what's typical to know if that's any good, really.

2006-08-10 19:57:26
184.   Travis
2 outs in KC.
2006-08-10 19:57:27
185.   mikeplugh
1 down in KC
2006-08-10 19:57:29
186.   Cliff Corcoran
Sorry for the double post, guys, I knew that was going to happen, but I couldn't get it to work without double posting. I've mentioned this to Ken.
2006-08-10 19:57:39
187.   Mattpat11
Is there really no one else on else that can close for KC?
2006-08-10 19:57:45
188.   mikeplugh
2 down in KC
2006-08-10 19:58:45
189.   monkeypants
The Toaster is acting fun-ky tonight.
2006-08-10 19:58:55
190.   Ron Burgundy
Melky OBP.
2006-08-10 19:58:56
191.   weeping for brunnhilde
Excellent beginning.

Nice job, Melky.

2006-08-10 20:00:04
192.   atc
Cliff, I think the first sentence about the additional runners is really important, although I'm not sure how to quantify it. For instance, if he comes up w/ bases loaded 1 out and hits a GS, does that make up for coming up 3 times w/ only a runner on 3rd and one out and not getting the job each time? I'm not sure.
2006-08-10 20:00:18
193.   Travis
Last Royals sweep of the Red Sox in KC - August 5-7, 1991. Until tonight.
2006-08-10 20:00:20
194.   Mattpat11
Holy Christ. Did someone just mention that Chicago's pitching isn't any good? ESPN isn't going to be happy, YES.
2006-08-10 20:00:29
195.   Ron Burgundy
Offense needs to wake up here. Put a 10-spot on the board. You have the pitcher to do it against and the ballpark to do it in. We'll need a lot of runs tonight.
2006-08-10 20:01:01
196.   Mattpat11
Boston loses. my mood improves somewhat.
2006-08-10 20:01:20
197.   monkeypants
Excellent. Royals minimize this evening's agony. Now, let's score some runs here, boys.
2006-08-10 20:01:59
198.   weeping for brunnhilde
It's about time someone other than us gets swept by KC.
2006-08-10 20:02:34
199.   Mattpat11
Are the Yankees not aware that this is the man that caused them to lose the most important game of their lives?
2006-08-10 20:02:46
200.   mikeplugh
Oh how sweet it is....

KC sweeps the Red Sox, and does it late in every ballgame. SportsCenter should do a 2 week retrospective on those clutch hitting Royals.

How soon before Francona is fired? I'm serious. Any thoughts on him being ousted? He's hitting Crisp leadoff and f-ing up their whole offense. Their bullpen is sh!t right now, and they have little reliable starting pitching, but Francona has been managing with his eyes closed and the fans in Red Sox Nation are demanding a head. I say get rid of Francona.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-10 20:02:48
201.   Simone
I finally got into to post. The Yankees' offensive is fustrating tonight, but the Red Sox losing is good.
2006-08-10 20:02:54
202.   singledd
Boston swept by KC. Unbelievable. 5 game losing streak to TB and KC. Unbelievable. We need to take advantage.
2006-08-10 20:03:08
203.   rsmith51
The Yanks didn't get swept by KC this year, did they?
2006-08-10 20:03:14
204.   Cliff Corcoran
192 My point wasn't that the other runners would "make up" for anything. We're trying to figure out his success rate in getting the runner on third home with less than two outs and I'm simply saying that not all of those 19 runners driven in were necessarily that man on third, so there's noise in the numbers.
2006-08-10 20:04:06
205.   Ron Burgundy
Hmm...third night in a row the HP umpire appears to be on the White Sox' payroll.
2006-08-10 20:04:58
206.   atc
No, but I was at the one game we did lose...two hour rain delay, come back in the bottom of the 9th, down 1, 1st and 3rd, 1 out, Giambi hits into DP. Made sitting thru the rain delay really worth it.
2006-08-10 20:05:23
207.   rsmith51
200 It would probably be worth them putting Youklis back in the leadoff spot and see if it helps. I hope they don't. Of course, I would put Papelbon in the rotation.
2006-08-10 20:05:49
208.   randym77
203 Not this year, but last year, we got swept by the lowly Royals.
2006-08-10 20:05:51
209.   Mattpat11
200 I assume Crisp is leading off so you can move Youk down and not make the lineup a disaster after 4.
2006-08-10 20:06:38
210.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice job, Abreu.

Very professional.

2006-08-10 20:06:49
211.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod. You are SOOOOOOO on the spot here. DO NOT #### UP.
2006-08-10 20:06:49
212.   Mattpat11
Ton of walks tonight. This is going to be like that 11 walk game against TB where none of them scored, isnt it?
2006-08-10 20:06:50
213.   rsmith51
205 Not according to Garland. He was complaining about the K zone yesterday.
2006-08-10 20:07:18
214.   Mattpat11
211 Oh fuck, i forgot he was up.
2006-08-10 20:07:20
215.   SF Yanks
C'mon... make up for that error
2006-08-10 20:07:28
216.   weeping for brunnhilde
Alex is going to do something here.
2006-08-10 20:08:04
217.   rsmith51
216 Yes, something
2006-08-10 20:08:13
218.   Mattpat11
216 Hopefully.
2006-08-10 20:08:18
219.   mikeplugh
209 Pena is hitting over .300 and keeps jacking multi-run homers. He's more than adequate in the 5 or 6 hole. Lowell and Pena both should be fine behind Manny.

Youkilis is made to leadoff for the Sox. Francona is stuck in that old school "speed at the top of the lineup" crap.

2006-08-10 20:08:25
220.   weeping for brunnhilde
That was a good pitch.

Tough take, Alex.

2006-08-10 20:09:20
221.   weeping for brunnhilde

That's what I don't understand.

Why did we swing at that changeup in the dirt but not at the previous one on the outside corner?

2006-08-10 20:09:21
222.   atc
204 I understood your point. I'm honestly asking that when figuring out his success rate, do you think more weight should be given to a situation when he gets more than one run in?
2006-08-10 20:09:23
223.   mehmattski
192 Statistically there is no difference between runs created in either situation. On a game by game basis, one has to assume that given enough opportinities, every player's production in all those little splits that baseball creates would approach the production shown by the overall statistics. 33 at bats just isn't meaningful enough to ask any questions. A-Rod only had 85 such at bats in 2003-2005. So why analyze production in what amounts to around 8% of total at bats?
2006-08-10 20:09:29
224.   rsmith51
I really hope ARod succeeds here.
2006-08-10 20:09:39
225.   Mattpat11
219 I think Lowell is in a big slump.
2006-08-10 20:10:05
226.   weeping for brunnhilde
The 1-2 to Arod, another tough take.

Just missed down and away.

2006-08-10 20:10:34
227.   monkeypants
This game is like slow torture.
2006-08-10 20:11:06
228.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice job, Alex.

Very nice.

It's up to you, Jason.

2006-08-10 20:11:24
229.   rsmith51
Wow, a walk. Haven't seen one of those for a while.
2006-08-10 20:11:33
230.   weeping for brunnhilde
First pitch, into the upper deck in right center.


2006-08-10 20:11:41
231.   mikeplugh
Vasquez at 91 pitches. Bases chucked for Giambi who's already homered.

Oh how sweet it is....

2006-08-10 20:11:47
232.   Mattpat11
okay. bases loaded for Jason. I'm sure he'll be looking to walk one in, and when he has that mindset, he usually does.
2006-08-10 20:11:55
233.   Ron Burgundy
WALK. A-Rod does the job. GOOD At-BAT.

Now, A-Rod seems to be more consistently locked in. He's been hitting the last couple of days, and the out he made tonight was a long one. VERY GOOD for us.

Make 'em pay Giambi.

2006-08-10 20:12:00
234.   rsmith51
Now would be a very good time for a walk.
2006-08-10 20:12:02
235.   SF Yanks
227 I will agree if we don't score this inning.
2006-08-10 20:12:19
236.   Mattpat11
maybe not.
2006-08-10 20:12:28
237.   weeping for brunnhilde
227 Baseball's nothing if not a grind.
2006-08-10 20:12:54
238.   rsmith51
2006-08-10 20:13:00
239.   weeping for brunnhilde
I can't believe he took that.

Just can't believe it.

2006-08-10 20:13:16
240.   JeremyM
Ugh, more stranded. Well, Vazquez is about done.
2006-08-10 20:13:17
241.   Mattpat11
Christ on a fucking cracker. HOW DO YOU TAKE THAT PITCH?
2006-08-10 20:13:21
242.   mikeplugh
That FUCKING sucked.
2006-08-10 20:13:33
243.   Ron Burgundy
God Damn it, THAT SUCKED!!!
2006-08-10 20:13:52
244.   monkeypants
Unbelievable. I sometimes think that teams should just walk the bases loaded against the Yankees every inning--that's when opposing pitchers seem to get to work.
2006-08-10 20:14:17
245.   Mattpat11
Now I'm annoyed. The Yankees should have made this fool pay for humiliating them two years ago, and they've left about 10 men on.
2006-08-10 20:14:19
246.   seamus
i knew giambi was going to look at strike 3 there. Vaz was wild and Jason came up swinging. Never a good sign. How many LOB? Only good thing is we are now into their pen, or soon.
2006-08-10 20:14:44
247.   mikeplugh
That FUCKING sucked.
2006-08-10 20:14:51
248.   mikeplugh
C'mon Moose. 1-2-3 and get these guys back out there to hit. We're going to crack 6 runs if it kills me!
2006-08-10 20:14:56
249.   yankz
3 pitches, damm.
2006-08-10 20:15:18
250.   weeping for brunnhilde
Back to work, Mike.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-08-10 20:15:31
251.   Ron Burgundy
We should be leading about 10-1 right now...but a fantastic combination of choking by our hitters and crappy deffense has lead to a 4-2 deficit. Amazing.
2006-08-10 20:15:41
252.   seamus
If you are Guillen do you send Vaz out for the 5th?
2006-08-10 20:16:28
253.   atc
223 Because failure in those at-bats pisses me off more than failure in any other situation, and I want to know if people who are better with numbers than me, can tell me if I'm imagining things or not.
2006-08-10 20:16:40
254.   Mattpat11
Anderson doing his best Giambi.
2006-08-10 20:16:40
255.   rsmith51
That umpire's getting a little excited. Look out for strike 3.
2006-08-10 20:16:52
256.   mikeplugh
252 Yes I do.

I want him to go 1-2-3 to get the win, and save the pen from having to string together 6 innings. I'd leave him in until 120 pitches or 2 runs, whichever comes 1st.

2006-08-10 20:16:55
257.   JeremyM
Mussina seems especially into it tonight. I think he really wants to pick up his teammates tonight.
2006-08-10 20:17:15
258.   Ron Burgundy
252 Sure, not like we can score off him. Might as well preserve the 'pen, eh Ozzie?
2006-08-10 20:17:18
259.   Mattpat11
Paul and Al SCHOOLED~! Kay.
2006-08-10 20:17:50
260.   monkeypants
If I am Guillen, I am irrational and offensive, possibly mentally disturbed. But whatever I do, if it works, I will be credited for how "loose" I keep the dugout.
2006-08-10 20:17:58
261.   SF Yanks
252 Yes, he needs one more chance to get shelled.
2006-08-10 20:18:11
262.   Mattpat11
Melky scared the hell out of me on that catch.
2006-08-10 20:18:22
263.   seamus
256 258 I'd be worried about pitch count for him, but it is a tough call.
2006-08-10 20:18:27
264.   ChuckM
I can't believe that, in a series this big, we can't get a home plate umpire with a consistent strike zone for ONE game...
2006-08-10 20:18:41
265.   mickey1956
259 how?
2006-08-10 20:18:43
266.   mikeplugh
259 what happened?
2006-08-10 20:18:49
267.   monkeypants
260 That was meant for 252.
2006-08-10 20:18:52
268.   atc
259 what happened?
2006-08-10 20:19:25
269.   seamus
260 irrational and offensive. he is not mentally disturbed and that is a screwy thing to say.
2006-08-10 20:19:35
270.   Mattpat11
Nothing's ever easy.
2006-08-10 20:19:42
271.   rsmith51
2006-08-10 20:20:24
272.   mikeplugh
We can't seem to get Iguchi out.
2006-08-10 20:22:01
273.   mikeplugh
Fortunately, we can get Thome out every time....
2006-08-10 20:22:04
274.   Mattpat11
Okay, that was fairly easy.

Lets's take the lead now.

2006-08-10 20:22:05
275.   Ron Burgundy
Well, Moose has settled down. If the offense would just STOP SUCKING!!!
2006-08-10 20:22:39
276.   seamus
i finally turned the Hawk off. couldn't do it anymore.
2006-08-10 20:22:48
277.   ChuckM
Buck Martinez just said that Moose/Posada are on their 160th game together as a battery-longest in the majors. Yet Posada didn't tell him about his different changeup grip until spring training of this year-unreal...
2006-08-10 20:22:51
278.   Mattpat11
is 72 really that bad through 4? It puts him on pace for sixish. Hopefully into 7.
2006-08-10 20:23:20
279.   weeping for brunnhilde
273 touching wood
2006-08-10 20:23:33
280.   Ron Burgundy
Well, Moose has settled down. If the offense would just STOP SUCKING!!!
2006-08-10 20:23:51
281.   monkeypants
252 Perhaps the more difficult question--how long to go with Mussina? He clearly does not have his best stuff (tho' he looks like he's settling a bit), and this doable two run lead could grow quickly. On the other hand the BP is pretty fried right now. Do you send him out much past the fifth?
2006-08-10 20:25:05
282.   seamus
281 what is his pitch count? I'd like to see Moose go 6 or 7.
2006-08-10 20:25:27
283.   Mattpat11
Are the Yankees aware of what that thing in their hands is?
2006-08-10 20:25:34
284.   Cliff Corcoran
277 Doesn't matter, it's not working anymore anyway.

I'm amazed how much you guys dislike Javy. I figured you all just thought he wasn't any good, I didn't realize you disliked him. I mean, he pitched terribly in the second half of '04, gave up a ton of home runs, and Torre brought him into a no-outs bases loaded situation against a lefty in Yankee Stadium and you blame Vazquez for the Grand Slam, not Brown or Torre? That's rough.

2006-08-10 20:26:22
285.   Max
Posada having a wretched series with the bat.
2006-08-10 20:26:30
286.   Ron Burgundy
283 That inanimate piece of wood? What it is? And how do you use it?
2006-08-10 20:26:38
287.   monkeypants
269 Chill out, dude--I was basically joking.
2006-08-10 20:28:13
288.   rsmith51
284 I blame Johnny Damon ;-)

I liked Javy and didn't blame him at all for the GS. I am just curious why he was so good in Montreal and hasn't been able to regain that form.

2006-08-10 20:28:30
289.   weeping for brunnhilde
Robbie is fighting off some very tough pitches.
2006-08-10 20:30:25
290.   weeping for brunnhilde
284 Agreed wholeheartedly, Cliff.
2006-08-10 20:30:33
291.   rsmith51
It would be nice to see a good ab by Wilson here.
2006-08-10 20:30:46
292.   Ron Burgundy
This is getting Ri-God-Damn-Diculous!!!
They are such a bunch of pansies it's incredible.
2006-08-10 20:31:06
293.   mikeplugh
284 I think it's easy to dislike a guy who comes in as a frontline starter as a high paid free agent and is mediocre or worse.

Vasquez is by far not the worst of our recent gambles. (Pavano, Brown, etc...)

He's still an easy scapegoat, Cliff. And you know what F-him. ;)

2006-08-10 20:31:14
294.   atc
Did this game start at 9:00?
2006-08-10 20:31:45
295.   weeping for brunnhilde
288 Everybody's good everywhere else except on our staff.

Par for the course.

2006-08-10 20:32:12
296.   SF Yanks
I'm getting FRUSTRATED!
2006-08-10 20:32:54
297.   weeping for brunnhilde
293 ha ha ha ha.


2006-08-10 20:33:12
298.   mikeplugh
Yankee bats are made of soggy noodles.

The 6th is the inning that we put this thing to bed. White Sox bullpen, start praying now.

2006-08-10 20:33:24
299.   Travis
294 Shortly before 9:30.
2006-08-10 20:34:05
300.   atc
Francona: "We just dug ourself a hole and we have to dig out of it, and there's no group I'd rather do it with than this group." How about the teams from the last two years Terry?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-08-10 20:34:12
301.   mehmattski
253 Well, I have nothing else to do and this game teeters between boring and aggravating, so if you'll accept that I don't believe in really small sample sizes, I'll dig through the stats.

Since A-Rod is forever linked to these two players
David Ortiz:
20 AB, 7 H, 1 HR, 4 BB, 19 RBI
Derek Jeter
27 AB, 11 H, 0 HR, 5 BB, 22 RBI

But both players are haivng better overall seasons than A-Rod, so any improvement is not surprising.

For fun, Adrian Beltre:
15 AB, 5 H, 0 HR, 5 BB, 12 RBI
Aaron Boone:
17 AB, 6 H, 0 HR, 2 BB, 10 RBI
David Wright
24 AB 12 H 1 HR, 2 BB, 24 RBI
Miguel Cabrera
27 AB, 9 H 0 HR, 7 BB, 21 RBI
Alex Rodriguez
32 AB, 8 H, 2 HR, 3 BB, 21 RBI

So there you go.

2006-08-10 20:34:15
302.   Max
Now I know how teams that face Jaret Wright (and can't beat him) feel. Javy's arm will fall off, and he'll still get our guys out.
2006-08-10 20:34:17
303.   Mattpat11
284 Who the hell else was he going to bring in?

If he would have done anything else, I may not blame him. He immediately comes in and shits the game to hell.

The grand slam, the other homerun, the FIVE walks, he buried that team.

And then he copped an effing attitide when they rightfully ship his ass out.

2006-08-10 20:34:21
304.   Ron Burgundy
Unbelievable. We should've knocked Javy out in the 3rd inning and scored 10 runs by now. Instead, the offense chokes on a penis and shuts down, and Javy pitches 5 inning with only 2 ER and 8 Ks. What a joke.
2006-08-10 20:34:40
305.   Cliff Corcoran
288 I think a large part of it was heavy work loads at a young age. Switching leagues may have played a much smaller part.

293 Why? It's not his fault how he's perceived. Vazquez never came in and said he was here to be the ace, why take it out on him? Why not blame Cashman, it was his trade.

294 I think 9:30.

2006-08-10 20:35:31
306.   Ron Burgundy
DIAF Javy. Burn in hell. I hate you.
(And he still has that stupid look on his face)
2006-08-10 20:36:05
307.   mikeplugh
Who do we get next inning? Neil Cotts? MacDougal? Riske?

Whoever it is should call the dugout from the bullpen phone and start coughing. You know the "fake call-in sick" routine.

"Uh, yeah. This is Riske...hack..wheeze... I'm not feeling so well today. I think I'm going to stay hom..gurgle..home."

Ozzie Guillen: "Hey. Jackass. I can see you out there on the bullpen camera. Get your ass in gear. Pendejo."

2006-08-10 20:36:52
308.   mikeplugh

I'm with you Cliff. Just teasing. ;)

2006-08-10 20:37:08
309.   monkeypants
288 They worked him pretty hard in MTL, with between 215 and 230 INN per year between 2000 and 2003 (agy 23-26). He was alomost certainly hurt at some point with the Yankees. I think he's just a pitcher with lots or wear and injury on that arm.
2006-08-10 20:37:23
310.   Cliff Corcoran
303 Anyone, anyone else, but if there was no better option, is that the pitcher's fault or the organization's fault?
2006-08-10 20:37:25
311.   LI yankee
I really hope this team is not going back to the "Wait for the big home run" mindset. What happened to the 2 out rallies and timely hitting we've been seeing?
2006-08-10 20:37:43
312.   atc
301 nice work, thank you
2006-08-10 20:38:10
313.   weeping for brunnhilde
Beautiful work, Mike.

Nice breaking ball to get Dye.

2006-08-10 20:38:10
314.   Mattpat11
305 I doubt we passed up on Curt Schilling and traded Nick Johnson in hopes of getting a number four starter.

This game pisses me off. When the hell did Dr. Claw ever get Inspector Gadget? This is what Javy did. He left with that lame supervillain speech and vowed to "show us" and HE DID.

2006-08-10 20:38:38
315.   mikeplugh
311 I'll take the big home run, thank you.
2006-08-10 20:39:49
316.   Mattpat11
303 Damn straight its the pitchers fault. Its the biggest game of his life and he's the best option we have. And he gives us that effort.
2006-08-10 20:39:55
317.   Cliff Corcoran
314 Of course not, but that wasn't Vazquez's decision, that was Cashman's.
2006-08-10 20:40:38
318.   mikeplugh
Judgement day is upon you White Sox bullpen. Do you have anything to confess before you meet your maker.

Lightning strikes.

So be it. The moment of your doom is here. Pray that you have atoned for your past transgressions. Enter: Yankees Hell.

2006-08-10 20:41:08
319.   mehmattski
312 My pleasure. One thing I forgot to point out, which may be relevant to you getting pissed at A-Rod, is that this season, A-Rod's GB/FB ratio is 1.19, slightly above his career average and WAY above his 2000-2005 (other than 2004). So he's hitting the ball on the ground a lot more. When he does make contact, which is less often than in previous seasons, as his really high K rate shows.

But all of these are general trends in every situation. I would assume this would apply to every situation, in the long run. So the reason A-Rod doesn't get many sac flies is that he's not making as much contact, and when he does its on the ground more often than other seasons.

2006-08-10 20:41:13
320.   rsmith51
I am glad we passed on Schilling. I would like to have Nick back, however.
2006-08-10 20:42:20
321.   Cliff Corcoran
316 That's the thing that angers me about your line of reasoning, the word "effort." If you don't think these guys are trying with all their might in these situations you're flat wrong. The only exceptions are very obvious and they aren't Javy Vazquez.
2006-08-10 20:42:25
322.   SF Yanks
318 haha. I like it.
2006-08-10 20:42:25
323.   claybeez
311 Wasn't that in the days of Bubba, Andy, Cairo, Green, KT, Bernie?
2006-08-10 20:42:52
324.   Mattpat11
314 Well then I guess nothing's ever any player's fault.
2006-08-10 20:42:55
325.   weeping for brunnhilde
320 I'd love to have Nick back.
2006-08-10 20:43:44
326.   Cliff Corcoran
319 The similarities between this season and 2004 for Rodriguez support the theory in my article on the sidebar. I think this is how he's going to hit for the rest of his career until the innevitable decline comes.
2006-08-10 20:44:33
327.   Mattpat11
Ah, the sounds of Chicago.
2006-08-10 20:45:27
328.   SF Yanks
Is this the inning? Lets hope.
2006-08-10 20:45:33
329.   Mattpat11
Bubbles Hargrove os the catcher's name.
2006-08-10 20:46:59
330.   mikeplugh
I don't really blame Cashman or Vasquez. That's the luxury the Yanks have. Most of the moves they make are good. They have the money to gamble and roll with the punches when the gambles are bad. The only one that I absolutely hated from Day One was the Kevin Brown signing. Oh, he of the 40 year old bad back and $100 million contract.

Vasquez failed, but that's sports. He was overrated then, and now people have a better perspective on what he is. A back of the rotation pitcher in the AL that will eat innings, strike guys out on occasion, and hopefully hold down the fort over 30+ starts.

2006-08-10 20:47:02
331.   mehmattski
326 Might I note that you predicted the Yankees Savior of The Season for 2005 would be Carlos Beltran. Sort of related to the whole Javy Vasquez/Nick Johnson discussion. My rage against that trade is on record. Its all connected, cosmically. Or something.

Oh hey, when I finally looked up from my statistics, there was actually a game going on. How bout that?

2006-08-10 20:47:29
332.   Cliff Corcoran
324 Because of lack of ability, being outmatched, sometimes because of lack of concentration or hustle, yes, but in general not because of lack of effort or desire. Whenever I read "these guys just don't care" or "they're just not trying" I know the person writing that is doing so out of ignorance or a lack of insight.
2006-08-10 20:47:47
333.   mehmattski
331 You predicted that in your A-Rod article, I meant.
2006-08-10 20:48:03
334.   SF Yanks
Abreu seems to cover the outside of the plate really well. Is he using a tree trunk or just a really long bat?
2006-08-10 20:48:20
335.   weeping for brunnhilde

Second coming of David Justice.

2006-08-10 20:48:26
336.   atc
Oh shit, here we go again.
2006-08-10 20:48:27
337.   Travis
Yet another chance for A-Rod.
2006-08-10 20:49:10
338.   mehmattski
Hey, look, A-Rod is up with a runner on third and less than two outs! I wonder what his stats are in this situation....
2006-08-10 20:49:11
339.   Ron Burgundy
ROOGY coming in. Don't mess up A-Rod.
2006-08-10 20:49:30
340.   Javi Javi
Abreu is great! Nice PA.
2006-08-10 20:49:49
341.   Mattpat11
Okay, three run A-Bomb coming up.

At least a sac fly.

Please don't GIDP, Alex.

2006-08-10 20:49:58
342.   mikeplugh
338 LOL

He's going to get that runner home. Watch.

2006-08-10 20:49:58
343.   Cliff Corcoran
330 That was a trade and they traded Jeff Weaver and Brown was coming off a great season, you hated that move?

326 Appointed savior, yes, and he should have been (he may have failed like he did with the Mets last year, but he should have been cast in the role).

2006-08-10 20:50:10
344.   Eirias
2006-08-10 20:50:19
345.   Ron Burgundy
ROOGY coming in. Don't mess up A-Rod.

We need to score at least 4 runs here, seriously.

2006-08-10 20:50:31
346.   weeping for brunnhilde
331 Heh. :)

How about that?

2006-08-10 20:50:47
347.   phee
AROD 2-2 vs. mac the ninth with a dinger. Cmon Alex, base hit buddy!!!
2006-08-10 20:50:56
348.   atc
I'm not greedy here. It's the 6th inning, just give me 1.
2006-08-10 20:51:03
349.   Mattpat11
324 What is a lack of concentration or hustle if not a lack of effort or desire?
2006-08-10 20:51:23
350.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Thank you KC, now let's beat the other sox
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-08-10 20:51:45
351.   Ron Burgundy
DIAF again Umpire...
2006-08-10 20:52:03
352.   Mattpat11
Damnit, Alex, lean into one.
2006-08-10 20:52:06
353.   phee
oops, wrong team, i'll crawl into a hole and bring it with me, (whimper, sob)
2006-08-10 20:52:09
354.   Travis
347 McCarthy, not MacDougal.
2006-08-10 20:52:20
355.   weeping for brunnhilde
He is WILD!
2006-08-10 20:52:30
356.   mehmattski
347 Close, but wrong Mac. This is McCarthy, coming in to ask: Have you now, or have you ever been, a member of the clutch party?
2006-08-10 20:52:36
357.   mickey1956
326 His .499 slugging this year is closest to his 10% pecota. He's better than this, and will hit better.
2006-08-10 20:52:54
358.   atc
2006-08-10 20:52:54
359.   phee
meant wrong guy, (whimper, whimper, sob, sob)
2006-08-10 20:52:56
360.   Ron Burgundy
And he fails, miserably.
2006-08-10 20:53:01
361.   weeping for brunnhilde
Amateur hour, all around.
2006-08-10 20:53:09
362.   Mattpat11
You can't help but laugh now.
2006-08-10 20:53:15
363.   phee
Yanks are asleep
2006-08-10 20:53:28
364.   mehmattski
Alex Rodriguez
33 AB, 8 H, 2 HR, 3 BB, 21 RBI
2006-08-10 20:53:29
365.   Javi Javi
2006-08-10 20:53:58
366.   weeping for brunnhilde

What a fucking fiasco.

No run scores, and now no more Abreu.


2006-08-10 20:54:06
367.   Javi Javi
bet part of the game--ozzie gets booted. Adios!
2006-08-10 20:54:34
368.   Cliff Corcoran
Terrible call, Abreu was very out. Is this the break for the Yanks that Dye's dropped foul pop was for the Sox the other night?
2006-08-10 20:55:03
369.   BklynBmr
Was Ozzie just asking the ump to kiss him, as in "I like to get kissed when I get f'd"?
2006-08-10 20:55:06
370.   weeping for brunnhilde
What am I talking about?

Guillen was thrown out.

I must be high, I heard "Abreu."

2006-08-10 20:55:14
371.   phee
ozzy just blew it for his team, i have 10 starbursts that says Yanks win now after ozzy's out"burst"
2006-08-10 20:55:25
372.   mikeplugh
343 Yes, I absolutely hated that move. I think that was my most hated Yankee move ever.

Weaver leaving was great, but Kevin Brown was a 40 year old guy with serious back problems. He'd missed a lot of time in 2001 and 2002. 2003's results aside, you were really grasping at straws to think a guy with his demeanor, back, and career in the NL was going to do well in the Bronx.

2006-08-10 20:55:57
373.   mehmattski
I dunno, Cliff, the ESPN replays make him look safe, Konerko kept searching for the bag with his foot and it appears Abreu's hand hit the bag before Konerko's foot.
2006-08-10 20:56:03
374.   rsmith51
368 I didn't think he was out.
2006-08-10 20:56:04
375.   Mattpat11
okay, just a single, Jason.
2006-08-10 20:56:12
376.   Cliff Corcoran
Crazy baserunning by Abreu, but he gets the steal.
2006-08-10 20:56:24
377.   monkeypants
2006-08-10 20:56:24
378.   phee
let me guess, cliff is a white sox fan?
2006-08-10 20:56:36
379.   weeping for brunnhilde
2006-08-10 20:56:53
380.   JeremyM
This is just sickening tonight.
2006-08-10 20:56:53
381.   Ron Burgundy
We pretty much lost this game in the 1st inning. PATHETIC.
2006-08-10 20:56:53
382.   SF Yanks
I'm fecking sick of this $#!+
2006-08-10 20:56:53
383.   Travis
8 players left in scoring position tonight, 12 overall. This is getting ridiculous.
2006-08-10 20:57:06
384.   weeping for brunnhilde
Same pitch as last time. At least he swung this time, I guess.
2006-08-10 20:57:10
385.   Cliff Corcoran
373 I must have seen something else, because I saw Konerko with his foot firmly on the bag and the ball in his glove and Abreu several inches from the base.
2006-08-10 20:57:17
386.   rsmith51
More men left on base. At least the Yanks can get base runners.
2006-08-10 20:57:21
387.   mikeplugh
The Yankees can kiss my fucking ass today. I haven't been this frustrated by a game in months. This is absolutely inexcusably ridiculous.
2006-08-10 20:57:30
388.   Max
I miss Gary Sheffield.
2006-08-10 20:57:43
389.   Mattpat11
When Alex Rodriguez's face is plastered all over the tabloids tomorrow, is everyone going to whine about how he's treated unfairly?

0-3, twice left a runner on third with one out and a huge error.

2006-08-10 20:57:59
390.   phee
wow, we lost already, i might as well not watch then. Negativity rules!!!!!
2006-08-10 20:58:18
391.   claybeez
332 I find that pretty condescending.
2006-08-10 20:58:41
392.   seamus
385 he was safe. Konerko's foot wasn't on the bag. Abreu's foot looked like it missed the bag because it hit konerkos foot. But if you watch, Abreu's left hand hits the bag at same time as Konerko's foot. Then Abreu slides off, but that doesn't matter because the force is no longer active.
2006-08-10 20:59:10
393.   marc
I'm gonna pull by finger nails out. It'll be more pleasant then watching this game
2006-08-10 20:59:16
394.   Travis
389 This is where the rain delay will help. The game's going to end too late for most editions of the paper.
2006-08-10 20:59:38
395.   Javi Javi
392 i agree. He was safe.
2006-08-10 20:59:48
396.   Mattpat11
390 Blind optimism really rules, I guess.
2006-08-10 20:59:50
397.   Cliff Corcoran
389 Yes, because Giambi has left as many men on base and Melky and Moose were as much to blame for the four runs.

378 Anyone wanna take that one?

2006-08-10 20:59:55
398.   Max
Sign my name to 372 as well. Kevin Brown was the single worst acquisition ever in the Torre era.
2006-08-10 21:00:17
399.   Javi Javi
What's moose's pitch count?
2006-08-10 21:00:20
400.   rsmith51
389 At least we have his HR to look forward to.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-08-10 21:01:10
401.   mikeplugh
391 I don't think Cliff was condescending. I agree with him.

389 he is treated unfairly. He went 3 for 3 with 2 walks and had a gigantic game a couple of days ago and not a peep. He continues to struggle a bit and he's public enemy #1. How about Posada's .200 average the last few weeks? How about Giambi's .185 average over the last month or whatever?

2006-08-10 21:01:31
402.   SF Yanks
391 chill out... are you serious?
2006-08-10 21:01:33
403.   Mattpat11
397 Giambi also has a two run homerun in this game.
2006-08-10 21:01:55
404.   rsmith51
Moose is looking good.
2006-08-10 21:01:58
405.   weeping for brunnhilde
Meanwhile, how the fuck do you suppose Moose feels through all of this?

He's pitching a great game, bailed out his defense in that inning and this is the thanks he gets.

Anyone remember that time, I think it was in 2003(?), when Mike kept losing in the postseason and finally he made some pointed comment about how he's doing all he can on the mound but he can't swing the bats for the guys too.


2006-08-10 21:02:26
406.   rsmith51
403 And a couple ugly strike outs.
2006-08-10 21:02:49
407.   seamus
Emotions are running high tonight and a lot of negativity. This game has been frustrating but lets keep our heads up!
2006-08-10 21:02:50
408.   JeremyM
Other than the homer, the 4 and 5 hitters have just been brutal. No, you can't take away the homer, but still.
2006-08-10 21:02:52
409.   mikeplugh
378 Cliff and Alex run this board. Cliff is a serious Yankees fan with a lot of brains in his noggin'.

How's that Cliff? Enough?

He's handsome too? (I've never seen him.)

2006-08-10 21:03:05
410.   rsmith51
405 Well they could give up the DH and have Moose hit.
2006-08-10 21:03:05
411.   phee
Yeah Matt, blind optimism huh? Down 2 with 3 innings left. HMMMMM, let me give up. Keep thinking that way.
2006-08-10 21:03:41
412.   marc
I can just imagine Mussina in the dugout.
"You shitheads want to make sure I never win 20 you goddam bastards"
2006-08-10 21:03:46
413.   Mattpat11
401 Is it really all that much to ask for the best player in baseball to have big runs that last longer than two games?
2006-08-10 21:04:09
414.   rsmith51
Pitch count?
2006-08-10 21:04:36
415.   Cliff Corcoran
405 I do remember that. Good old Moose. I love his grinchiness. He'll make a great old grouch. Can't wait for his "back in my day" quotes when he's in his 70s. I'm serious.

That said, I don't think he bailed out his team in that inning. Since, yes, then, no.

2006-08-10 21:04:43
416.   mikeplugh
Tomorrow's headline:

"Yanks overcome cold bats in the 7th. Win 10-4."

How's that for optimism. Go Yanks!

2006-08-10 21:04:58
417.   monkeypants
I have a very strong feeling that Bernie will PH lefty in some critical situation later in the game--that should just about put a cherry on the top of this game.
2006-08-10 21:05:07
418.   phee
Hey Matt said the games over, last guy out turn out the lights.
2006-08-10 21:05:11
419.   Cliff Corcoran
414 ~95
2006-08-10 21:05:27
420.   Javi Javi
92 0r 93
2006-08-10 21:05:32
421.   BklynBmr
414 84 for Moose...
2006-08-10 21:05:38
422.   markp
Mike & Cliff

As usual, the Arod bashing never bothers itself with logic.

2006-08-10 21:05:51
423.   Travis
414 95 pitches.
2006-08-10 21:06:22
424.   mehmattski
Good Lord, its the sixth inning still. I think I'll go back to esoteric stat splits for a while.
2006-08-10 21:06:37
425.   Cliff Corcoran
409 Comin' on a little strong there, Mike, but thanks.
2006-08-10 21:06:40
426.   mikeplugh
Moose gets the next guy and he's done with about 100 pitches. Can the bats pick him up?
2006-08-10 21:07:17
427.   JeremyM
God damn this ump.
2006-08-10 21:07:33
428.   weeping for brunnhilde
We couldn't afford that.
2006-08-10 21:07:38
429.   mikeplugh
425 Just tryin' to help a brother out Cliff. ;)
2006-08-10 21:07:59
430.   weeping for brunnhilde
That was a very good piece of hitting there.

Why can't our guys do that with RISP?

2006-08-10 21:08:01
431.   rsmith51
Two hits for Pods today. He has been an easy out recently.
2006-08-10 21:08:22
432.   Javi Javi
If they lose this game, I'ts officially A-rod bashing season, part III in the media.
2006-08-10 21:08:24
433.   weeping for brunnhilde
Jorgie's on FIRE.
2006-08-10 21:08:24
434.   Cliff Corcoran
Again, Moose doesn't get a strike call and melts down. What a head case this guy is sometimes.

Jorge is awesome.

2006-08-10 21:08:34
435.   Max
405 Moose is not getting a pass if we lose this game, as well as he's pitched the last few innings. His post error meltdowns are just not excusable any longer.

At any rate, it looks like he's not able to hold the fort any longer. Cliff's post for this game, sadly, is all too prophetic. This is a guy in decline.

2006-08-10 21:08:54
436.   claybeez
402 I am chilled, my man, despite keeping cool not with the AC, but with a fan. I read what was written and that was my take on it. You may not agree, but that's cool with me.
2006-08-10 21:08:55
437.   rsmith51
My brother-in-law is a big ChiSox fan. He says that Podsednik gets caught stealing way too much.
2006-08-10 21:09:03
438.   SF Yanks
blood is boiling....
2006-08-10 21:09:20
439.   mikeplugh
Oh, scrappy hustling Podsednik. How could you go and do that to us. Your reputation as a gritty scrapper has been tarnished with an actual moment of statistical value. Damn you.

Where's David Eckstein?

2006-08-10 21:09:26
440.   mehmattski
No idea what Cliff looks like either, but this is the first hit on Google image:

this is the second:

2006-08-10 21:10:44
441.   seamus
434 A lot of our pitchers have problems like that. Wang with baserunners (on the road) and Johnson after giving up a homerun. Johnson almost always walks the next guy on 4 or 5 pitches.
2006-08-10 21:10:46
442.   JeremyM
434 I don't know that I would call an RBI single, but it did suck. That said, it seems Moose has as many haters as A-Rod does.
2006-08-10 21:10:51
443.   Mattpat11
The thing that annoys me most about some people when regarding A-Rod is they will never just say "he's playing awfully" Its always "well, look what this guy did and look what that guy did and the pitcher did this and the back up catcher did that" and before you know it, blame is spread equally among 25 people.

If Randy Johnson, or anyone else for that matter, on the otherhand has a bad game, its their fault. Not one person on the club has hurt the team more than Alex Rodriguez did tonight. Not one. He blew the inning to hell by throwing a DP ball away, he's 0-3 and has left the man on third twice. But people are so worried about being deemed an "A-Rod Hater" that they cannot admit that.

2006-08-10 21:11:13
444.   rsmith51
Time for Jorge to break out of his slump.
2006-08-10 21:11:23
445.   JeremyM
442 I was trying to say I wouldn't call it a "meltdown."
2006-08-10 21:11:36
446.   singledd
Moose has given up 3 ERs in 6 innings. His pitch count would be well under 100 if not for defensive errors. Add the frustration of watching ARod and company choke w/RISP and it's a pretty good game.

I am an ARod fan, but he is failing on too many RISP, less then 2 out situations. No sac flies or even ground outs... Ks and pop-ups. I'm not getting on his ass, but this team needs him to perform better.

He needs to work on fouling off touch pitches with 2 strikes instead of striking out. This is what makes Jetes and Damon effective hitters. He has far too many Ks for someone of his talent.

2006-08-10 21:12:24
447.   Cliff Corcoran
440 Now that's funny.
2006-08-10 21:13:03
448.   mikeplugh
The Yanks have a .424 OBP in this game. They have a .269 average. Where are the runs?
2006-08-10 21:14:02
449.   Ron Burgundy
Look, whatever man. Call me what you want, I give up on this game. This shit is over. The offense is pathetic. They flat out suck. All the baserunners in the world and they can't drive a single one in to score. It's 12:14, I'm going to sleep.
2006-08-10 21:14:26
450.   Mattpat11
448 The Mark Bellhorn principle. A walk is not, in fact, as good as a hit.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-08-10 21:14:36
451.   Max
Jorgie with a ten ton 0 for 15 collar since his game winning HR against Chris Ray a wsek ago.
2006-08-10 21:15:11
452.   monkeypants
Wilson 2B. Awesome...another LOB chance.
2006-08-10 21:15:32
453.   rsmith51
Couple hits for Wilson, nice. Now if we could put some together it would be even better.
2006-08-10 21:15:32
454.   mehmattski
447 I figure you are somewhere inbetween Surfer Dude and Crusty Bald Old Guy. But then again, aren't we all?

In fairness, here's the first hit for my name:

2006-08-10 21:16:55
455.   Travis
2006-08-10 21:16:59
456.   phee
yessssssss, melkman
2006-08-10 21:17:03
457.   weeping for brunnhilde




2006-08-10 21:17:09
458.   mikeplugh
C'mon Melk-man.
2006-08-10 21:17:10
459.   Mattpat11
There's something horribly ironic about that happening after the fifth run.
2006-08-10 21:17:12
460.   claybeez
Wooo! That was a stroke!
2006-08-10 21:17:17
461.   Cliff Corcoran
Did Melky just hit a no-doubter? He's on a power surge! Man that fifth run was costly.
2006-08-10 21:18:41
462.   Mattpat11
There's something horribly ironic about that happening after the fifth run.
2006-08-10 21:18:48
463.   monkeypants
OK, I take that back.
2006-08-10 21:18:51
464.   JeremyM
Wow, no doubt about that one!
2006-08-10 21:19:44
465.   mehmattski
Yeah, I just shouted "Get Out! Get Out!" really loudly, before realizing 1) its 12:15 and my neighbors go to sleep around 11. and 2) The ChiSox had scored a fifth run.
2006-08-10 21:19:55
466.   JeremyM
Wow, no doubt about that one!
2006-08-10 21:21:03
467.   Cliff Corcoran
Three homers in four days for Melky.
2006-08-10 21:21:06
468.   Ron Burgundy
I love you Melky. Thank you for making me look like a total douchebag.
2006-08-10 21:21:12
469.   rsmith51
Nice inning, Yanks, keep it up.
2006-08-10 21:21:31
470.   weeping for brunnhilde
459 No kidding, man.
2006-08-10 21:21:48
471.   Cliff Corcoran
454 I'm not sure I am in that range, actually.
2006-08-10 21:21:55
472.   atc
Get thru this inning and then Arod redemption.
2006-08-10 21:22:33
473.   mikeplugh
Back at the Banter....

It's a game again. Too bad Jetes didn't come through, but I called a 7-5 win today, and I think I said it would be one of the most satisfying games of the year in the end.

At this point, we're down 5-4 and it's been one of the most frustrating games of the year. It can all change on a dime. Keep the faith folks.

Let's keep the tone positive in here and enjoy this comeback. Yanks 7-5....

2006-08-10 21:22:37
474.   Clay Caviness
Man, Leche creamolished that one.
2006-08-10 21:23:57
475.   atc
Myers is still alive?
2006-08-10 21:24:19
476.   mikeplugh
Any reason Joe went with Myers to start things off against Iguchi?

Thome's next so it's a good move, but Myers has been a mix and match guy to this point...

2006-08-10 21:24:33
477.   phee
were toast (evoking the tocho curse)
2006-08-10 21:24:42
478.   Cliff Corcoran
What were the odds of Iguchi getting a hit of Myers? 1:2?
2006-08-10 21:25:19
479.   mikeplugh
{476] I posted that before the Iguchi hit. Whatever happens in this inning, I can't second-guess, but it's interesting.
2006-08-10 21:25:27
480.   Travis
476 No one on the Yanks is getting Iguchi out anyway, and I guess Torre didn't want to waste an extra pitcher with a short(er) bullpen tonight.
2006-08-10 21:25:42
481.   phee
yeah seeing if he could get him and then thome, and then relieve would be my guess
2006-08-10 21:26:00
482.   weeping for brunnhilde
473 Hear hear, Mike.
2006-08-10 21:26:39
483.   phee
Travis hit it on the head, save a pitcher
2006-08-10 21:26:39
484.   weeping for brunnhilde
That was a very, very good pitch on Thome.
2006-08-10 21:26:40
485.   Cliff Corcoran
Hit too soft for the DP.
2006-08-10 21:27:17
486.   mikeplugh
Okay, Big Jim Slade is down. Now for Konerko.
2006-08-10 21:27:18
487.   randym77
476 Earlier today, Torre said the bullpen was exhausted and with the schedule the way it is, he would have to start using guys he usually doesn't use.
2006-08-10 21:28:20
488.   phee
how many pitches did Moose have? anybody know? maybe start Moose for iguchi? I think Joe has to test Myers against righties at somepoint too.
2006-08-10 21:29:51
489.   Cliff Corcoran
488 99 for Moose. 480 had it right, Iguchi was gonna get a hit anyway, a single is preferable to an XBH.
2006-08-10 21:30:21
490.   atc
Berman just said Mussina was vocal about keeping Proctor at the trade deadline. I don't remember reading/hearing that.
2006-08-10 21:30:23
491.   Travis
488 Somewhere around 100. Torre doesn't like extending pitchers 1 batter into the next inning, and I imagine he told Mussina sometime in the top of the inning (maybe with 2 outs, 0 on, and 0 in?) that Mussina was done for the night.
2006-08-10 21:32:44
492.   rsmith51
490 I remember it, atc.
2006-08-10 21:32:55
493.   pistolpete
Nice, Scotty - Konerko looks like he's trying to induce a 'He Gone' on EVERY swing...
2006-08-10 21:32:59
494.   Cliff Corcoran
By the way, O'Neill has really improved as an announcer. Anyone think Leiter's had a good influence on him or is it just that he's finally getting the hang of the job?
2006-08-10 21:35:04
495.   weeping for brunnhilde
We must win this game now.

We just got through the heart of their order unscathed and the heart of ours is coming up.

We must win this baseball game.

2006-08-10 21:35:35
496.   Max
Some scary long foul balls given up by Scotty, but he keeps us in it.
2006-08-10 21:36:11
497.   rsmith51
494 He didn't seem to be very prepared last year when compared to Girardi.
2006-08-10 21:36:44
498.   rsmith51
Come on, Bobby!
2006-08-10 21:36:47
499.   Travis
493 'He gone' is a strikeout; 'You can put it on the board...YES' is a home run. I'm not sure which one you meant.
2006-08-10 21:36:48
500.   weeping for brunnhilde
494 Not sure, Cliff. I've always liked O'Neill so I'm not sure what you're seeing.

Do you just mean that he's more polished, and perhaps a bit...a bit...I don't know, fuller, or more confident or something? A kind of maturity maybe?

Yeah, I can see that.

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-08-10 21:37:19
501.   monkeypants
494 Where I live, I don't get many Yankee games on TV, so I tend to listen to the radio. Last night we got the YSN feed and I heard Kay, Leiter, and O'Neill--they are MILES better than Sterling and Waldman. And I really liked the 'former player perspective' discussions between Leiter and O'Neill. Former players can be hit or miss, but I do miss that with the current radio team.
2006-08-10 21:37:22
502.   yankz
Is Jeter slumping?
2006-08-10 21:38:03
503.   weeping for brunnhilde
Good hustle by Abreu.
2006-08-10 21:38:25
504.   rsmith51
502 Well he is under .350.
2006-08-10 21:38:54
505.   rsmith51
Crazy strike zone...
2006-08-10 21:38:58
506.   phee
Yeah Moose said he would've been upset if they got rid of Proctor. Moose said there weren't many guys like him who can help out the starters the way he could in the entire big leagues or something. Buck just did his drunk at the end of the bar laugh. Heeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz,
2006-08-10 21:39:00
507.   weeping for brunnhilde
502 Very much so.

Too many weak grounders.

I think maybe he's getting caught off balance too frequently.

Don't know.

2006-08-10 21:39:51
508.   Cliff Corcoran
492 Yup.

Rodriguez better keep quite lest he gets tossed.

2006-08-10 21:40:31
509.   Mattpat11
Well, the two game run was nice while it lasted.
2006-08-10 21:41:40
510.   Max
Horrible strike one call on Alex. But still, he ended up psyching himself out and grounding out weakly on a nubber in front of the mound.

If we don't come back to win, Moose and A-Rod in line for the goat's horns.

2006-08-10 21:41:58
511.   bobtaco
You can throw out whatever stat you want, but I think Arod needs to be moved from the 4th spot.
2006-08-10 21:42:04
512.   phee
Hey ESPN, here's an idea. Show the AROD error, over and over again. Dammmmmm. Missed it.
2006-08-10 21:42:07
513.   Cliff Corcoran
Well, Konerko and Dye had theirs, Giambi got his. A lot of near misses in the last inning.
2006-08-10 21:42:10
514.   yankz
2006-08-10 21:42:10
515.   atc
F**K was that close.
2006-08-10 21:42:34
516.   JeremyM
Damn, so close. If they could've just combined A-Rod's nubber with Giambi's shot, then, well, it would've been a foot closer to the wall and still an out....
2006-08-10 21:42:39
517.   Travis
How many warning track fly balls tonight? At least 3, I think.
2006-08-10 21:43:44
518.   JeremyM
511 I agree, although it would break up the lefty-right-lefty pattern.
2006-08-10 21:44:08
519.   phee
Thornton thought it was gone, after Jason hit it he didn't even look.
2006-08-10 21:44:47
520.   weeping for brunnhilde
510 Seriously, I really don't see how you can hang this on Mike. He pitched very well against a good hitting team. He was victimized by his defense.

Unless I'm forgetting something, but I can't recall feeling like he threw really bad pitches to anyone.

He had a little early trouble with location, but really, he pitched a fine game.

2006-08-10 21:45:00
521.   rsmith51
Is Mo available tonight?
2006-08-10 21:45:16
522.   mehmattski
512 To be fair, they're showing the whole debacle of a 2nd inning, which happened to start with a terrible throwing error. I'm sure it will be all over sportscenter though.
2006-08-10 21:45:38
523.   phee
If Proctor can locate that change-up like that he is near unhittable.
2006-08-10 21:45:47
524.   atc
If Torre pinch hits Bernie for Wilson, I'm turning off the tv and going to bed.
2006-08-10 21:46:04
525.   bobtaco
518 How's that lefty righty thing working out with men on third with less than two outs?

I think I slight shakeup is in order...

2006-08-10 21:46:12
526.   JeremyM
520 As I said earlier, people hate Mussina just as irrationally (although probably more justified at times) as some hate A-Rod.
2006-08-10 21:47:39
527.   Cliff Corcoran
517 Click "away outs" on MLB Gameday.
2006-08-10 21:47:50
528.   Travis
521 Torre was non-committal on Mo's availability tonight. Let's hope there's a chance to use him.
2006-08-10 21:49:18
529.   atc
What are Duke Castiglione's qualifications for this job?
2006-08-10 21:49:39
530.   phee
Don't be a Jenk.
2006-08-10 21:49:47
531.   Cliff Corcoran
Posada, Cano & Wilson v. Jenks. Need one run to force extras, two to win. Here we go!
2006-08-10 21:50:16
532.   weeping for brunnhilde
526 Ah.

I see.

I actually love Mike, not as a person, per se, but as a pitcher. I mean, there's really nothing endearing about his character, but he's just so damned interesting to watch pitch.

Who's more fun to watch than he is when he's on?

And even when he's not, like tonight, he gives a fine, brave showing.

Good for Mike.

2006-08-10 21:53:14
533.   pistolpete
532 If not for all the errors at the beginning of the game, we're ahead right now and Mussina's in line for the win.
2006-08-10 21:53:22
534.   Travis
Bernie on deck.

Why, Joe, why?

2006-08-10 21:53:42
535.   Max
OK, Po gets added to the goat roll call. I don't care how many runners he throws out, I'd like to see him get a hit now and then.

As far as Moose, I agree it may not be fair to single him out, but last time I checked, run number 5 was earned, and it really hurt.

2006-08-10 21:53:51
536.   pistolpete
OMG, Joe just threw the game.
2006-08-10 21:54:05
537.   Cliff Corcoran
Who called the Bernie PH?!?!?! Genius! You are a genius! Torre's a fool!
2006-08-10 21:54:07
538.   rsmith51
I think Andy would have been a better choice to pinch hit here.
2006-08-10 21:54:08
539.   atc
good night
2006-08-10 21:54:09
540.   weeping for brunnhilde

Was it or was it not Jenks who carved up Bernie the other night on three pitches?

2006-08-10 21:54:10
541.   phee
way to work the count fellas
2006-08-10 21:54:44
542.   phee
that's why
2006-08-10 21:54:44
543.   weeping for brunnhilde
Bravo, Bernie!
2006-08-10 21:54:58
544.   mikeplugh
GOB, Keep Hope Alive!
2006-08-10 21:54:58
545.   Travis

Come on Melky.

2006-08-10 21:55:11
546.   pistolpete
Damn it, Bernie - don't encourage him!
2006-08-10 21:55:15
547.   Cliff Corcoran
His first pinch hit of the year! Joe's a genius! A genius! (because Wilson had only gotten hits in his last two ABs).
2006-08-10 21:55:29
548.   rsmith51
Keep the line moving.
2006-08-10 21:55:40
549.   phee
keep talking guys
2006-08-10 21:55:51
550.   weeping for brunnhilde
There went his pitch.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-08-10 21:55:58
551.   pistolpete
2006-08-10 21:56:17
552.   atc
OK I lied - still awake and watching - come on JD!
2006-08-10 21:56:17
553.   Cliff Corcoran
Weird play, why did Iguchi not cover second? Nice hustle by Melky.
2006-08-10 21:56:20
554.   mikeplugh
Melky! Keep Hope Alive!!!!!!
2006-08-10 21:56:20
555.   monkeypants
PR for Bernie?
2006-08-10 21:56:29
556.   rsmith51
547 Sometimes a blind squirrel finds an acorn.
2006-08-10 21:56:48
557.   pistolpete
552 Somehow we knew that. ;-)
2006-08-10 21:56:54
558.   weeping for brunnhilde
Do it, Damon.
2006-08-10 21:56:57
559.   SF Yanks
pinch run Bubba for Bernie... oh wait
2006-08-10 21:57:00
560.   Cliff Corcoran
555 Ain't got one, Green ain't fast. Cairo is the PR, he's on the DL.
2006-08-10 21:57:18
561.   pistolpete
PItch was low, thanks ump.
2006-08-10 21:57:43
562.   SF Yanks
2006-08-10 21:57:59
563.   weeping for brunnhilde
That's the ballgame.

...and sometimes it rains.

2006-08-10 21:58:11
564.   Cliff Corcoran
2006-08-10 21:58:27
565.   rsmith51
More Arod garbage tomorrow.
2006-08-10 21:58:30
566.   monkeypants
560 My devious mind was thinking Mo, especially if he is not available. But the third out rendered the question moot.
2006-08-10 21:58:35
567.   pistolpete
Shit. Ah well, they battled - that's all you could ask for in this situation, I suppose. If we had to face them in the playoffs, I'd be pretty confident.

Bosox lose, still 3 games up. Night all.

2006-08-10 21:58:52
568.   Max
Another crappy strike one call, this one on Damon. And then game over.

To end on a positive note, I love how Melky kept us in it.

2006-08-10 21:58:57
569.   atc
That sucked - however, we took three w/ the white sox off our schedule, the Sawx took three w/ the Royals off their schedule, and we still picked up a game.
2006-08-10 21:58:58
570.   atc
That sucked - however, we took three w/ the white sox off our schedule, the Sawx took three w/ the Royals off their schedule, and we still picked up a game.
2006-08-10 21:59:20
571.   phee
Damon, choke artist!!!!!!! Just kidding, tough loss, the Yanks will be fine. Before people massacre AROD, Moose gave up a 2 out double with nobody on and then another single for a costly run.
2006-08-10 21:59:30
572.   rsmith51
Well, they are a good team and all, but it would have been nice to win the series.
2006-08-10 22:00:16
573.   mikeplugh
The Yankees scored 4 runs wile putting up these numbers on the game:

.308/.413/.564 (977 team OPS)
2 home runs
4 doubles
3 stolen bases

How the F do you figure that? 24 stranded runners.

2006-08-10 22:00:30
574.   pistolpete
Angels are next, and they just lost 2 out of 3 to Cleveland. REGROUP!!!!
2006-08-10 22:00:57
575.   Travis
The game felt like one of the Angel playoff games (pick a year) with chance after chance and never getting the tying run home. At least the Red Sox lost tonight.
2006-08-10 22:02:29
576.   mikeplugh
The Red Sox fall further behind the White Sox in the wild card at least.
2006-08-10 22:02:41
577.   randym77
Mo as a pinch-runner? LOL!

"Wheels" Wright maybe, but there's no way Joe would use Mo that way. He didn't even want him to swing a bat, remember? Told him to not swing at anything.

Eh. Mama said there'd be days like this. I figured the White Sox would be up for revenge, after we swept them last time. At least they didn't sweep us, so we're still ahead.

And the Red Sox lost.

2006-08-10 22:03:57
578.   monkeypants
573 Well, its not losing to the Rays despite 14 walks, but it's close.
2006-08-10 22:04:59
579.   JeremyM
The thing about this team is that when they lost, they almost always lose in spectacular fashion, whether it be a crucial error or ungodly amounts of RISP.

And as far as harping on the extra run Moose gave up, which was the difference, you could also argue that if A-Rod just gets one of those runners from third home with one out in his two chances, then the game is still tied right now. But let's just move on, nothing we can do about any of it.

2006-08-10 22:06:36
580.   pistolpete
575 Exactly - all that was missing was two of our outfielders slamming into each other.

Can't be too disappointed, however - the bullpen recovered from last night's debacle. Proctor could have easily let the game get out of reach and he kept it at 5-4. I'm not as bitter as I guess I should be, but like someone else mentioned - we lost 2 of 3 to the defending champs in their home park, and Boston got swept by the Royals.

2006-08-10 22:09:04
581.   phee
I wasn't harping on Moose if you are referring to my comment. I said before you massacre AROD.......
2006-08-10 22:10:35
582.   phee
Anyway, have a goodnight all.
2006-08-10 22:13:52
583.   randym77
573 Interesting. A credit to Chicago's pitching and defense?

Or maybe we shoulda tried a sac bunt or something here or there...

2006-08-11 17:22:23
584.   TEX
So I don't know how many of you are watching on MLB TV, but this anaheim color guy is the most annoying person i have ever heard.
2006-08-11 17:22:57
585.   TEX
extra innings rather....

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