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2006-08-08 12:40
by Cliff Corcoran

As Alex pointed out yesterday, tonight the Yankees begin a stretch in which they play 21 games in 20 days, 15 of which will come against teams that currently have winning records. Following an off day on August 28, the Yankees will play six more games against contenders, which adds up to 21 of 27 games over the next 27 days against teams with winning records.

At the core of that stretch is a five-game series in Boston that kicks off with a Friday double header, but the second most important of the eight series in this period, at least according to today's standings, is the one that begins tonight in Chicago. Entering tonight's game, the Yankees are two games better (three in the loss column) than the White Sox, who are tied with the Red Sox in the AL Wild Card lead. Since the All-Star break, the White Sox have gone 8-14 while the Yankees have gone 16-6, each pace being set when the Yankees swept the Sox in the Bronx to start the second half.

Since then, the Yankees have made three huge additions to their roster in Bobby Abreu, Craig Wilson and Cory Lidle. Although Lidle will not appear in this series, the Yankees will make yet another improvement to their roster today as they activate Robinson Cano, who will reclaim his starting second base job as Miguel Cairo takes his spot on the DL with a hamstring injury of his own.

The White Sox, meanwhile, made just two minor deals at the deadline resulting in their swapping out former Yankee backstop Chris Widger for the 40-year-old Sandy Alomar Jr. and demoting 26-year-old righty Sean Tracey for former Royals closer Mike "Mac the Ninth" MacDougal (so much for the nickname). Otherwise, their roster remains the same as it was in mid-July.

So far, so good for the Yanks. Tonight things kick off with Chien-Ming Wang taking on Freddy Garcia. Wang hasn't allowed a run in his last 18 innings pitched (6 H, 5 BB, 4 K, 208 pitches). Garcia, meanwhile, hasn't won a game since June, though he pitched well enough to win against the Rangers on July 22, leaving a 1-1 tie after seven innings only to watch closer Bobby Jenks cough up two runs in the ninth.

With Cano back in the line-up following an off day, we should see an order that looks something like this:

L - Damon (CF)
R - Jeter (SS)
L - Abreu (RF)
R - Rodriguez (3B)
L - Giambi (DH)
S - Posada (C)
R - Wilson (1B)
L - Cano (2B)
S - Cabrera (LF)

Man that's purdy. Oh, and Cano went 7 for 15 with two doubles and three walks (!) in his four minor league rehab games.

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2006-08-08 13:23:54
1.   Schteeve
Imagine if you were to replace Cabrera with Matsui and Wilson with Sheffield.

Matsui for Cabrera straight up, Giambi to First and Sheff to DH leaving Wilson out in the cold.

I doubt that lineup will ever happen, but good lord would it be scary.

That said, the lineup we have is pretty scary as it stands.

2006-08-08 13:29:21
2.   Cliff Corcoran
Part of me almost prefers to stick with the line-up above rather than bring back a couple of old sluggers coming of wrist injuries, the younger and potentially healthier of which is capable of cripling slumps. Better Wilson and Cabrera, solid OBP guys with other skills (power for Wilson, speed and defense for Cabrera) in an already stacked line-up. For now, that is.
2006-08-08 13:34:38
3.   Schteeve
2 Yeah I sorta have the same feeling. As much as I love Sheff, I wouldn't mind if he's played his last game in pinstripes.
2006-08-08 13:37:59
4.   kylepetterson
Any thought's on who Pavano bumps when he comes back? (Assuming, of course, he doesn't get a run in his pantyhose any time soon)
2006-08-08 13:40:07
5.   kylepetterson
4 Reading that, I can't believe that I actually think Pavano might come back sometime this decade.
2006-08-08 13:42:59
6.   monkeypants
4 Ponson or Colter Bean.
2006-08-08 13:43:27
7.   rabid stan
2 Melky has been great replacing Mats in terms of OBP, .358 in 76 games this year vs. .353/.369 '06/career for Matsui.

Nothing more important than getting on base, and a ~.360 OBP in the 8 or 9 hole is a luxury not many teams have.

Oh, and that defense. He'll make a nice little CF one day.

2006-08-08 13:44:08
8.   kylepetterson
6 I forgot Ponson still played for us
2006-08-08 13:44:18
9.   Alex Belth
I agree with Cliff re: Matsui and Sheff. I'm doubtful that either will come back this year and be effective. At least I'm certainly not counting on 'em.
2006-08-08 13:46:31
10.   rabid stan
7 Don't want to give the impression that I think Matsui can go suck his thumb. Melky's great, but he's no corner OF'er.

We love you, Godzilla.

2006-08-08 13:48:18
11.   Jason O
Ah...what Alex doesn't understand is that Matsui has been hiding out at a remote ranch, working out and undergoing extensive eastern therapy (acupuncture and herbs, among others) while Kelly LeBrock is stunned by his progress and getting more than a little turned on....

and you can take that to the bank!!

2006-08-08 13:52:42
12.   randym77
Matsui's one of my favorites, but I, too, kind of wonder how effective he'll be this year. He's not taking BP yet. He basically has to go through spring training all over again.

And I have to say, I really, really like having an outfield that's decent defensively. We have strong arms in the corners now, if not in the middle, and I love it. Defense counts, dammit.

Speaking of outfielders...Aaron Guiel is tearing it up in Columbus. Yesterday he went 2 for 4 with a home run, and today he was 1 for 2 with three walks. They are playing him in CF, which is not his natural position.

And ESPN is reporting that Girardi may be fired from the Marlins. I gather he and the owner got into a bit of a tiff.

2006-08-08 13:57:25
13.   kylepetterson
Kansas City's preview of today's has player to watch as "The Red Sox center fielder and leadoff man, Coco Crisp, is 4-for-5 against Hudson." Aren't they supposed to have someone from their own team there? Or do they just realize that there is nobody to watch on KC....
2006-08-08 13:57:44
14.   unpopster
When Matsui returns, I am expecting a long and arduous few weeks where he will struggle and try to both build up his wrist strength and recover his timing. We should simply ignore his production for that immediate period.

But it's not really the late-August/September version of Hideki that I think we should all be looking forward to -- once he has a good month of playing time we should expect the Matsui of old just in time for the playoffs.

Now, THAT'S when we'll really see the return of Godzilla!

2006-08-08 14:00:36
15.   David
Glad to hear Cano was hitting well, albeit against minor league pitching. Cano was DH in (I think) at least two of his rehab starts. I hope his fielding is ready for prime time.
2006-08-08 14:01:53
16.   Mattinglys sideburns
Long time reader but very rare poster here. Sorry for the off-topic (and one series early) question, but I'm from Ottawa, ON and I'm heading to Saturday's game (my first at the Stadium since the one that made me a Yankees fan 20 years ago). Anyway, I'm planning to buy a Mattingly jersey. Any recommendations on where to go, or avoid, for one around the stadium, or are most places about the same. I see on the website that there's an official shop in the stadium, but maybe somewhere else is cheaper? Thanks.
2006-08-08 14:04:42
17.   unpopster
anyone here with access to ESPN Insider care to cut-paste the current Rob Neyer article? This is the juicy tease on the frontpage:

"What if Gary Sheffield and Hideki Matsui hadn't gone down with injuries? Rob Neyer turns to his crystal ball for some answers."

2006-08-08 14:12:24
18.   randym77
And here's the lineup:

Damon CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
A-Rod 3B
Giambi DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Wilson 1B
Melky LF

2006-08-08 14:18:26
19.   mickey1956

What if Gary Sheffield and Hideki Matsui hadn't gone down with serious injuries early in the season? On the one hand, it's hard to imagine the Yankees playing much better than they've played. After all, they're in first place and current projections have them finishing the season with 98 wins, and you can't do much better than 98. However, the Yankees' corner outfielders, not including Matsui and Sheffield, have totaled 621 at-bats -- a season's worth for one player, roughly -- and the combined numbers include 15 home runs, 73 RBI and a .742 OPS (on-base plus slugging isn't the perfect statistic, but it is favored by GM Brian Cashman). Not so hot for the team with the Yankees' payroll.

As with every other team, of course, the Yankees' bad luck has been balanced, at least to some extent, by good luck. Mainstays Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon, Jorge Posada, Jason Giambi and Alex Rodriguez have been incredibly healthy this season, which essentially explains the team's performance. But it could have been even better. With a healthy Matsui and Sheffield, Red Sox fans already would be consoling themselves with thoughts of the wild card.

2006-08-08 14:26:35
20.   BklynBmr
18 Now that is a sight for sore eyes...
2006-08-08 14:34:59
21.   mehmattski
17, 19 Kind of a lame article, really. No analysis, just a little bit of hand wringing. And a shot at Cashman... those on here have noted that Cashman cites OPS stats because that's closer to what normal fans will understand- I'm sure he is aware of VORP, Win Shares, and the like. Neyer goes on to use even worse measures like batting average and win-loss record in his article, but stops to slap at Cashman for using OPS? And in every other little snippet, Neyer uses 2005 statistics to make some sort of guess. Instead, he uses the subpar 2006 stats of Sheffsui, doesn't even support his premise that the Yankees would win the division.
2006-08-08 14:43:00
22.   hensley
21 I don't read that as a slap at Cashman at all, in fact the opposite. He's saying that OPS isn't perfect, but it is something that a knowledgeable GM like Cashman relies upon, as opposed to batting average, rbi's, scounting reports, or whatever tools/intangibles old skool approach others might use when evaluating players.
2006-08-08 14:43:35
23.   Shaun P
21 Not that I disagree with your analysis of Neyer's "What If" article, but before this turns into another round of "Why I Hate Rob Neyer, Certified Yankee-Hater TM" - from today's chat:

"Derek (CT): Your preseason predictions had Eric Chavez as the MVP. He still a candidate among Jeter, Ortiz and Morneau?

SportsNation Rob Neyer: Probably not. And I would cross Morneau off that list, too. This is a two-man race. I'd vote for Jeter, but at the moment Ortiz would win in a landslide.

. . .

Joe, CT: I understand the Jeter for MVP rationale because of what he does day in and day out....but c'mon!! Without Ortiz, the Sox aren't in this race...His numbers are ridiculous, DH or not

SportsNation Rob Neyer: And would you like to demonstrate that the Yankees would be in first place without Jeter? Pretty tough argument, I have to think... "

2006-08-08 14:57:26
24.   Schteeve
Jeter and Giambi both deserve MVP consideration.
2006-08-08 15:24:16
25.   C2Coke
16 Since you want a Mattingly jersey, you probably will have the best luck in an Yankees Official store. Besides the one in the Stadium, there are many other ones (few near Times Square, a very nice one in Fulton South Port). Good luck, and enjoy your time in NYC.

18 That lineup is so nice, fresh, and juicy, plus, we have our Ace on the hill, I don't know what to do to pass the time until 8pm.

2006-08-08 15:42:39
26.   ChuckM
I wouldn't exactly call Jeter, Damon and Posada lucky this year for being healthy, as they've all been dinged up considerably this season and just sucked it up and played through it. Jeter's wrist/hand, Posada's knee and Damon's foot have caused them all to miss time. I think if we had SheffSui, one or more of them would have hit the DL at some point...
2006-08-08 15:54:02
27.   mehmattski
I can't believe its not 8 PM yet. Even though I'll be stuck with the WGN broadcast. Its been 51 hours since I've seen the Yankees play!

My name is Matt, and I'm a Yankeeholic...

2006-08-08 15:56:15
28.   BklynBmr
While we impatiently wait for the game... I know religion is a subject usually unwelcome on a forum such as this, and rightfully so, but I am compelled to breach etiquette and post the following —

Please join me in a pre-game prayer:

I beg of you, oh merciful programming lords of the exalted and most righteous Extra Innings package — please spare your flock the cruel and tortureous presence of Ken 'The Hawk' Harrelson tonight, and for the remainder of our team's stay in The Windy City.

If you can find it in your graces to somehow bestow the YES Network feed upon us, we will gladly sacrifice one of our announcers, you know which, in return for your pity on our sensibilities and gag reflexes.

Can I get a witness?

2006-08-08 15:58:59
29.   seamus
oh merciful programming lords of the exalted and most righteous MLB.TV package - please join the exated and most righteous lords of the Extra Innings package and spare your flock the cruel and tortureous presence of Ken 'The Hawk' Harrelson tonight, and for the remainder of our team's stay in the Windy City.
2006-08-08 16:03:05
30.   mehmattski
The anti-religion ettiquette is inane and old-fashioned. It was etiquette to own slaves, and not put your elbows on the table (nod to Dimelo). I wonder what Alan Alda would have to say....

BklynBmr, what would you do: Watch WGN on digital cable, or watch the grainy, jumpy small feed on if its our friends on YES? I may be faced with this decision in less than an hour...

2006-08-08 16:05:02
31.   phee
Hey Bklyn, we get Yes tonight on the package, tomorrow Hawk and his crew or ESPN, cyanide or arsenic?, and then Hawk again on Thursday nite. At least we get 1 YES broadcast.
2006-08-08 16:06:17
32.   kylepetterson
Gameday 'til I leave work, then 20 minute updates on ESPNradio. Yay! Baseball season is the only time of the year when I wish that I had cable. Or XM radio. Or internet at home.
2006-08-08 16:07:21
33.   phee
Do any of u guys get the Extra Innings package on your TV or just or whatever on your monitor.
2006-08-08 16:09:04
34.   BklynBmr
30 Hmmm. How about sound down on WGN and hope for the best with Even a jumpy YES feed is better than suffering The Hawk. My option is the Gameday Audio radio feed with Sterling, but the delay drives you crazy. I don't have TiVo hooked up in my office TV yet to sync it to the radio delay...
2006-08-08 16:11:49
35.   phee
It's YES tonight, so u don't have to worry until tomorrow.
2006-08-08 16:12:04
36.   BklynBmr
31 Whew! Thanks, phee. YES, ESPN and one Hawk is better than the alternative of Hawk, Joe Morgan, then another Hawk.

How do know which feed will air on the package? I never know 'till gametime...

2006-08-08 16:20:08
37.   tommyl
36 Its on the Extra Innings website. You can pick schedule by team and they have the games and which station is broadcasting that night.
2006-08-08 16:21:04
38.   claybeez
2006-08-08 16:25:08
39.   SF Yanks
33 I get both. I need my Yanks, if I don't get them I go through withdrawals.
2006-08-08 16:28:00
40.   phee
yeah go to and then to sports and schedules etc. They only do a month in advance so I check it out to see what games are not being broadcast so I can scream bloody murder.
2006-08-08 16:28:41
41.   BklynBmr
37 Thanks, tommyl. I used to check '' at the bottom of the live game listing screen, but that site would crash my browser every single time. Some really heavyhanded java applets or bloated Flash programming, it sucked.
2006-08-08 16:30:37
42.   phee
I hear u SF, the package has missed more Yankee games this year than the last 4, I don't know why. Usually Friday nights(thx to WOR) and then Sat. aft, thx to FOX. They missed some during the week this year too.
2006-08-08 16:33:20
43.   BklynBmr
40 Thanks again, phee. Now I can medicate myself well in advance of WGN, KC, Texas, Seattle, Tampa Bay, etc. feeds ;-)
2006-08-08 16:34:46
44.   BklynBmr
42 Seems we miss more Boston and Mutt games than not, too, probably for the same reason — Firdays, weekends, etc...
2006-08-08 16:40:15
45.   Javi Javi
30 on really annoying EI regional announcers, I hit mute and then put my laptop on Sterling and Waldman (Tivo necessary, since you need to pause the TV so the audio can catch up)
2006-08-08 16:41:23
46.   phee
No prob Bklyn, I feel your pain with the local yokels calling the games. I'm a huge Ranger fan too so I get the Hockey Package every year and believe it or not, listening to the local hockey guys is good fun. Alot of old timers with trademark calls, the guy in Pittsburgh comes to mind immediately. "scratch my back with a hacksaw" or "he beat the goalie like a rented mule". Too bad baseball isn't like that, although hearing Vin Sully would rock.
2006-08-08 16:42:40
47.   Javi Javi
33 I get both, but don't tell my wife.
2006-08-08 16:45:22
48.   randym77
Leiter and O'Neill tonight. Kay's outnumbered...
2006-08-08 16:46:40
49.   phee
hey Javi did I hear u say u live in Denver?
2006-08-08 16:54:58
50.   BklynBmr
46 That's great stuff. When the Mutts were hot in '69 and the early 70s, I watched a lot of Ralph Kiner and Lindsey Nelson on WOR, what a pair. Especially dug the post-game show, 'Kiner's Korner' — Ralph looked and sounded like he was half in the bag most of the time. The golden age of live television...
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2006-08-08 17:02:14
51.   mehmattski
45 That is a good call, I do have DVR. And for some reason I pickup CBS 880 better here in Durham NC, than I did in the mountains of NW Jersey... strange.
2006-08-08 17:08:29
52.   Ron Burgundy
48 YES!!! Finally, the two guys who want to kick Kay's ass the most are in the booth.
2006-08-08 17:08:41
53.   BklynBmr
We'll take it! Let's go Cap, move him over...
2006-08-08 17:08:43
54.   Ron Burgundy
Good Start.
2006-08-08 17:08:56
55.   Ron Burgundy
Go Derek, Go!
2006-08-08 17:10:15
56.   Ron Burgundy
Damn. Jeter's AVG. back down below .350. >:(
2006-08-08 17:11:26
57.   Ron Burgundy
Damon SB.
2006-08-08 17:12:20
58.   phee
quick 1-zip lead, love it
2006-08-08 17:12:21
59.   BklynBmr
Oh, yeah! Good job, Bobby!
2006-08-08 17:12:26
60.   phee
quick 1-zip lead, love it
2006-08-08 17:12:54
61.   phee
what the, sorry about the double post
2006-08-08 17:13:29
62.   Ron Burgundy
Garcia takes forever...My God he's slow.
2006-08-08 17:14:18
63.   phee
this umps strike zone is LARGE
2006-08-08 17:14:45
64.   Ron Burgundy
2006-08-08 17:15:19
65.   phee
yeah Alex, keep the line moving, make him work
2006-08-08 17:15:20
66.   Ron Burgundy
And A-Rod walks.


OBP Rules.

2006-08-08 17:15:31
67.   BklynBmr
I love the pressure Joe is putting on them right out of the gate...
2006-08-08 17:15:53
68.   kylepetterson
that was so un-clutch.
2006-08-08 17:16:19
69.   phee
2006-08-08 17:16:19
70.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it Giambi. WHY?!
2006-08-08 17:16:33
71.   BklynBmr
Ufffh. I wasn't ready for that...
2006-08-08 17:19:06
72.   neilymon
anyone here want to debate the merits of demoting phillips for guiel?

or green, if you must, but i'm not sure phillips can back up jeter at SS as well.

2006-08-08 17:20:12
73.   neilymon
oooooh! what a relay by cano!
2006-08-08 17:20:23
74.   BklynBmr
That's our Robbie!!!!!!! Welcome back!
2006-08-08 17:20:34
75.   phee
Yessssss, get back in the dugout Ozzy, he threw a change-up, why Wang?
2006-08-08 17:20:44
76.   randym77
It's so nice to have outfielders with arms...
2006-08-08 17:21:38
77.   tommyl
Guess Cano can still play 2B. Wow that was a laser.
2006-08-08 17:21:50
78.   BklynBmr
G-R-E-A-T call by the ump — at least from that ONE angle ;-)
2006-08-08 17:22:19
79.   BklynBmr
76 And cut-off guys ;-)
2006-08-08 17:22:42
80.   tommyl
72 What's to debate. We should do it. Guiel will mash righties. Steve Goldman said it the other day, Andy has no role on this team right now. He's gotten 2 AB since Wilson was obtained.
2006-08-08 17:23:01
81.   phee
nice scoop and tag by alex too
2006-08-08 17:23:14
82.   nick
ChiSox tv guys of course say he's safe....holy %$#! now they're saying this ump always screws them....he may have been safe, but these guys are unbelievable
2006-08-08 17:25:22
83.   Ron Burgundy
82 There really is now low those morons won't go to.
2006-08-08 17:26:02
84.   monkeypants
80 Calling up Guiel only works if he takes ABs from Bernie. Unfortunately, we know Torre won't do that, so why bother?
2006-08-08 17:26:14
85.   Ron Burgundy
Damn It.
2006-08-08 17:26:19
86.   phee
god sitting 3-1 and late on a fastball, ouch
2006-08-08 17:27:16
87.   neilymon
80 righto - and i believe the yanks will need to get guiel called up before sept. 1 (when rosters expand) in order to have him eligible for the postseason roster. . .once cairo is ready to come off the DL, swap him in for nick green - as for what to do when sheff and matsui come back, i have absolutely no clue. who gets left off?

78 oh yeah - wonderful call. the play-by-play guys on WGN are complaining about eric cooper ("we have a problem with him every day. not just once or twice. every. day."). okay, so maybe pod's hand got in there, but a-rod did a wonderful job of obscuring the ump's view. he should get points for that, right?

2006-08-08 17:27:19
88.   kylepetterson
"cool hand" Luke Hudson "hawk" has a no-hitter going into the 2nd w/ KC...
2006-08-08 17:27:32
89.   Ron Burgundy
84 True. With Bernie on the team, he is the one and only bench-player that will ever play. The others will now never see the light of day.
2006-08-08 17:27:56
90.   BklynBmr
I wonder how many AB's Robbie needs to get back into the league top 10, assuming he keeps his .325-ish numbers...
2006-08-08 17:28:02
91.   phee
yeah mr. wilson!!!!
2006-08-08 17:28:11
92.   kylepetterson
craig wilson!
2006-08-08 17:28:22
93.   Ron Burgundy
Mr. Wilson does his thing.
2006-08-08 17:28:31
94.   BklynBmr
Wilson!!! Yet another nail in poor Andy's coffin...
2006-08-08 17:28:34
95.   tommyl
Where I can order my Cashman jersey? Abreu guns down in the bottom of the inning with help from Cano (who Cash promoted). Then Wilson goes yard.

Thank you Cashman.

2006-08-08 17:28:40
96.   seamus
I like this wilson guy!
2006-08-08 17:29:04
97.   Ron Burgundy
God Damn It, 10 pitch inning.
2006-08-08 17:29:11
98.   AbbyNormal821
Nice...that was a (and please use the "air quotes")..."Laser Beam" home run.
2006-08-08 17:29:48
99.   phee
Bklyn, maybe 100 AB's for Cano, maybe 75? he missed 35 games, that's alot.
2006-08-08 17:31:13
100.   BklynBmr
95 They should give Cash a roster spot after September 1st. He's on such a roll right now, he'd probably knock in a few game winning runs...
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2006-08-08 17:31:21
101.   phee
Did they say Wang hasn't faced the pale hose? anybody know?
2006-08-08 17:31:25
102.   tommyl
84 89 Which is too bad. I could see on days with a really good righty, playing Giambi at 1B and DHing Guiel. Also, I'd much rather see Guiel/Bernie as a PH platoon coming off the bench. That would be a huge weapon come the postseason.
2006-08-08 17:32:18
103.   randym77
72 I think they are considering it. Why else play Guiel in CF at Columbus? He's a RFer.

I think I would do it. Wilson is as good on defense as Andy, and better on offense. With Wilson, Green, and Giambi, we have enough infielders. I want someone who can back up Damon in CF. Someone not named Bernabe. Guiel is not a great CFer, but he's probably better than GOB. And he's a lefty bat off the bench. Strikes out a lot, but also homers once in awhile. I'd rather have him than Bernie pinch hit against righties. Bubba's a better CFer, and a better pinch-runner, but he's not a power hitter and he's really been struggling since getting off the DL. Still, I'd rather have either of them than Andy.

The only drawback is that Guiel has options and Andy doesn't. So Andy would have to pass through waivers to be sent down.

2006-08-08 17:32:30
104.   kylepetterson
Colter "The Laser" Bean
2006-08-08 17:32:36
105.   phee
throw a slider wang
2006-08-08 17:33:39
106.   phee
konerko can hit anybody's fastball, sinking or not
2006-08-08 17:33:53
107.   BklynBmr
99 Thanks, phee. That puts him eligible around mid to late September, assuming 3 or 4 ABs a game...
2006-08-08 17:33:58
108.   Ron Burgundy
Damn It.
2006-08-08 17:34:00
109.   kylepetterson
101 1st time according this morning.
2006-08-08 17:34:18
110.   C2Coke
Looks like your guys' prayers worked wonderfully, today is the YES TV feed (you know, with scores on the screen and all)on MLB.TV and Al Lieter is on.
2006-08-08 17:34:19
111.   mickey1956
Hughes, P (W, 7-3) 5.0 2 1 1 0 6 0 2.62
Cox 2.0 1 0 0 0 2 0 1.85

this is from tonights game in Trenton.

These guys are boring me.

2006-08-08 17:34:57
112.   kylepetterson
105 a "slider wang"?!? gross.
2006-08-08 17:35:06
113.   tommyl
87 Is that true? Was Spencer on the roster the year he hit all those GS before Sept. 1?

My suspicion is that they are loath to lose Andy by placing him on waivers (though maybe he has options left?) and they are assuming/hoping that at least one of Sheffsui will come back. If they do, than Guiel is a moot point since there's no way Bernie is coming off the postseason roster. Its wrong though. Andy has shown he is basically no better than replacement level. He's no real loss and Pena is still down at AAA just in case. Its also a mistake to assume Sheffsui will be back in time. I still think the right option is to send Andy down (either with options or DFA him) and bring Guiel back up.

2006-08-08 17:35:22
114.   phee
wang looks a bit off tonight with his control, maybe he's settlingin, nope right down the middle
2006-08-08 17:36:06
115.   monkeypants
Interesting strategy by Wang--giving up only doubles.
2006-08-08 17:36:08
116.   seamus
Wang seems off tonight. Not hitting his spots.
2006-08-08 17:36:10
117.   Ron Burgundy
Damn, the fly-ball wang is in tonight. NOT GOOD.
2006-08-08 17:36:12
118.   C2Coke
Well...that ends the 19 scoreless inning streak.
2006-08-08 17:36:39
119.   BklynBmr
There's goes Wang's streak of 19 scoreless...
2006-08-08 17:37:18
120.   Ron Burgundy
Oh my God, he's got nothing.
2006-08-08 17:37:35
121.   neilymon
103 so then what to do when sheff and matsui come along? yankees have some major decisions to make in a month or so (right around playoff-roster decision time - just wonderful). i'm guessing matsui resumes in LF, which means that either melky or guiel will be left off (and melky, who should be one of joe's guys by now, should easily win that battle). doesn't matter, though, because sheff probably pushes the other one off the active roster (we need cairo to back up the infielders, and wilson's a valuable bench player and good 1B glove). . .

unless joe's got the balls to drop bernie. gasp he wouldn't do THAT, would he?

2006-08-08 17:37:39
122.   mehmattski
113 There is a loophole in that rule, if the Yankees have a player from the 25 man roster on the DL on August 31, they can replace him with someone from the 40 man roster for the postseason. I believe Spencer did make the team this way, as Steve Karsay was undoubtedly on the DL at that time.

Less than two innings, and I've abandoned WGN for Its that bad.

2006-08-08 17:37:41
123.   phee
cmon, he looks rattled, cmon Wang settle down, we'll score some runs tonight, jeez walking AJ, not good(gulp) lets get 2
2006-08-08 17:37:49
124.   C2Coke
C'mon, guys, Wang had proven he can settle down after a rough inning. Afterall, Wang is so not RJ.
2006-08-08 17:38:36
125.   AbbyNormal821
120 Fortunately, it's looking like Garcia may have a lot of nothing as well. Let's hope he's got more nothing than Wangman
2006-08-08 17:38:39
126.   C2Coke
120 Calm down, Ron.
2006-08-08 17:39:50
127.   nick
we're in big trouble....
2006-08-08 17:40:11
128.   phee
he looks lost to me, everything is getting roped
2006-08-08 17:40:16
129.   AbbyNormal821
YEESH! I may take back what I said to Ron...
2006-08-08 17:40:46
130.   AbbyNormal821
2006-08-08 17:41:14
131.   phee
were toast (i'm invoking the tocho curse) yessssss nice dp
2006-08-08 17:41:16
132.   neilymon
1. . 2. . .3!

double play!

2006-08-08 17:41:24
133.   nick
......except for: the sinker!
2006-08-08 17:41:33
134.   BklynBmr
That's what Cy Young winners do, baby!!!
2006-08-08 17:42:33
135.   C2Coke
134 Hear, hear, BklynBmr!
2006-08-08 17:42:48
136.   AbbyNormal821
132 Holy crapola - I can't believe it!!!(Seriously people, I can't watch when the game gets like's a sickness of mine)
2006-08-08 17:42:58
137.   phee
what is going on with his mechanics? going 2-0 on the 9 hitter, cmon wang
2006-08-08 17:43:14
138.   tommyl
121 You are still analyzing the wrong situation. At this point, neither Sheff or Matsui is in the picture. Until one of them starts taking live batting practice they are out of the picture. Wrist injuries are notoriously fickle. The key is to put the best team forward now, and to me that means DFAing
Andy and bringing Guiel back up. Green, Wilson, and Giambi can all play a passable 1B and Andy is not that great of a PH/PR. He is basically useless on this team.
2006-08-08 17:43:40
139.   AbbyNormal821
Jorgie needs to talk to him! How's his arm angle looking?
2006-08-08 17:44:00
140.   phee
to quote the bad news bears, "just throw it over, he aint swinging"
2006-08-08 17:45:22
141.   phee
or caddyshack, Wang it's a parking lot? jeeez Wangs hurt man, or something
2006-08-08 17:45:36
142.   randym77
121 We may not have that problem. We can't count on either Sheff or Matsui being game-ready this season. Remember Derrek Lee.
2006-08-08 17:46:02
143.   Max
Is Villone warming up? This could be a looooong evening.
2006-08-08 17:46:09
144.   phee
he has the deer in headlights look to him
2006-08-08 17:46:48
145.   claybeez
Thank you Ozzie!!!
2006-08-08 17:47:17
146.   phee
Jorge boy to the rescue, phew, ok someone find out what's going on with Wang.
2006-08-08 17:47:25
147.   nick
some pretty decent hitting by their guys this inning....
2006-08-08 17:47:30
148.   BklynBmr
Jorgie! Gotta lean on the hitting and defense tonight ;-)
2006-08-08 17:47:31
149.   randym77
Maybe it was just one rough inning.
2006-08-08 17:48:04
150.   AbbyNormal821
I think Wang will settle down. I have faith. He's entitled to one (only one, mind you) bad inning after pitching as brilliantly as he has been!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-08 17:48:07
151.   claybeez
We've seen Wang with the nerves before. Hopefully, this just serves to refocus and prepare him for Fenway...and the postseason.
2006-08-08 17:48:41
152.   mehmattski
The ChiSox announcers think the mound visit was because Dye's foot was over the front line of the batters' box during his entire at bat. They showed a replay where it was over the line, and then proceed to deny that his foot is over the line.

I'm reminded of the scene from The Big Lebowski...


2006-08-08 17:48:46
153.   monkeypants
138 You're right. I really don't think Sheff or Matsui are gonna come back this year, and even if they do, it's highly doubtful they will be in game shape for the play-offs. Worrying about what to do if they in fact return in shape is basically worrying what to do when you have too many all-stars on the team...that's a problem I can handle.

As for tonight's game, where would Wang be if the Sox din't keep burning baserunners?

2006-08-08 17:48:51
154.   singledd
When Wang is off, it's major depression time for me. He's the only guy I really trust, although I feel pretty hopeful about Messina.
2006-08-08 17:49:01
155.   claybeez
Didn't mean to get ahead of myself...and tonight.
2006-08-08 17:49:07
156.   neilymon
138 point well taken. i'm actually quite confident that sheff will NOT be able to make an impact (wrist injury + violent swing = ozzie guillen + terrell owens), so maybe the yankees will only need to find a spot for matsui. in the meantime, do you really think anyone will claim andy phillips on waivers? yankees should just put him through waivers right now, and once (when) he clears, just option him straight to the minors and grab guiel.

posada's been pretty good at throwing out baserunners this season. unfortunately, wang's still got to deal with podsednik next inning. ugly, ugly inning.

2006-08-08 17:49:50
157.   tommyl
153 Its Ozzie style ;)
2006-08-08 17:50:05
158.   kylepetterson
I got mad and turned off my gameday and internet, but I'm back now.
2006-08-08 17:50:45
159.   tommyl
156 Is the waiver procedure the same for a player being DFAed? As in maybe he has already cleared and we don't know it? Or is it a separate waiver list for DFAs? Anyone know this?
2006-08-08 17:51:18
160.   singledd
Our team will be really dangerous when ARod decides to show up.
2006-08-08 17:51:53
161.   JeremyM
If they're stepping up in the box so far on him, maybe he needs to adjust and use some of his mid-90s stuff and blow it by them? I dunno.
2006-08-08 17:52:02
162.   tommyl
Guys, relax. Wang has had one bad inning. That year Guidry went 25-3, there were a few games he gave up runs and lost. He will be fine.
2006-08-08 17:52:26
163.   Ron Burgundy
Oh come on. Now they're going to sleep again.
2006-08-08 17:52:33
164.   kylepetterson
156 we could just break his arm....maybe he "falls down" in the locker room?
2006-08-08 17:52:33
165.   AbbyNormal821
OK - can't the people who broadcast these games turn the microphones down on the field so we DON'T have to hear the hecklers in the background. There's some schmuck chanting each of the Yanks' names...Baaaabby, Baaaabby....
2006-08-08 17:52:39
166.   mehmattski
Good lord, the annoying guy sitting near the YES mic is almost enough to drive me back to unmuting the WGN guys. Give that guy some nachos or something.
2006-08-08 17:53:08
167.   neilymon
156 well, since it's after the trade deadline, any player released must pass through waivers first before he can be assigned to anyone or anything or any place.

so, if i'm not completely misguided, i believe you can put a player through waivers, and if he clears, go ahead and DFA him and option him to the minors if he accepts. i think

2006-08-08 17:53:10
168.   phee
bobbbyis white hot,cmon alex big hit bubba
2006-08-08 17:53:23
169.   AbbyNormal821
2006-08-08 17:53:30
170.   neilymon
that was hit very hard. inanimate carbon rod.
2006-08-08 17:53:30
171.   BklynBmr
An A-Bomb!!!
2006-08-08 17:53:38
172.   phee
yesss, called it, is that a big hit? hell yeah
2006-08-08 17:53:41
173.   monkeypants
Soooo unclutch.
2006-08-08 17:53:42
174.   tommyl
160 May I direct your attention please...
2006-08-08 17:53:46
175.   randym77
160 You were saying?
2006-08-08 17:53:56
176.   singledd
I said: Our team will be really dangerous when ARod decides to show up!
2006-08-08 17:53:58
177.   JeremyM
160 Guess he was listening!
2006-08-08 17:54:00
178.   seamus
2006-08-08 17:54:02
179.   claybeez
There he is. Who found him? ;)
2006-08-08 17:54:03
180.   AbbyNormal821
That sure was puuurty!
2006-08-08 17:54:13
181.   singledd
ha ha ha ha
2006-08-08 17:54:16
182.   Ron Burgundy
Alex Rodriguez. Professional GentleMan of Leisure, On the Stroll.
2006-08-08 17:54:20
183.   mehmattski
Not in the 9th inning... BOOOOOOO. What a stat padder that guy. Psht.
2006-08-08 17:54:26
184.   kylepetterson
166 "Give that guy some nachos or something"

If everybody thought like that, I'm fairly certain we would have world peace.

2006-08-08 17:54:33
185.   nick
A-ROD!--Great replay, Garcia's gonna have whiplash the way his head jerked around to follow that shot...
2006-08-08 17:54:47
186.   joe in boston
Hi everyone -

Hey, who was Arod pointing to as he finished his HR trot?

Man, did you see his smile in the dugout !? What a relief....keep hitting !

2006-08-08 17:55:00
187.   BklynBmr
Can I get a back to back?
2006-08-08 17:55:12
188.   AbbyNormal821
2006-08-08 17:55:23
189.   Simone
A-Rod!!! What an elegant swing. Also, Abreu has been hitting very nicely.

I can't stand the White Sox announcers.

2006-08-08 17:56:17
190.   kylepetterson
173 If Ortiz had hit it, it would have scored 8 runs and forced the White Sox to forfeit their side of the inning.
2006-08-08 17:57:04
191.   tommyl
167 You may be right. I just wonder if DFAing a player without options is different than placing him on waivers in the desire to trade/release him. Its probably not, but I'd like someone to clear it up for me if they know for sure.
2006-08-08 17:57:09
192.   kylepetterson
KC up 1 nuthin' 2 on 1 out.
2006-08-08 17:57:09
193.   singledd
I have the YES broadcast on MLB. I don't know where their mike is, but the fan noise is so loud, I can barely hear Kay and Lieter. (It is Al isn't it... or is it Paulie?)
2006-08-08 17:57:47
194.   Max
.....(collecting holding of breath to see what our "ace" has the second time against the WS lineup)
2006-08-08 17:57:58
195.   LI yankee
Now let's hope Wang shows up after taking the last inning off
2006-08-08 17:58:07
196.   BklynBmr
Trouble brewing for BBTN so far. Sweet catch and swipe in the first, a big blast in the third... it's getting very uncomfortable in the editoral room at Bristol...
2006-08-08 17:58:14
197.   Max
Sorry, 194 was supposed to say "collective"...
2006-08-08 17:58:17
198.   mehmattski
184 Without turning this into a political discussion, it does seem that the famous clip of Bush and Blair at the G8 has hit onto your idea... munch hard while forming foriegn policy, indeed. They'd have to be extreme nachos though, the kind with taco meat, jalepenos, three kinds of cheeses, and LOTS of sour cream.
2006-08-08 18:00:45
199.   Travis
Is Lidle available tonight?
2006-08-08 18:00:49
200.   neilymon
191 wikipedia to the rescue. basically, you can put someone through waivers to see if he clears. if some team claims him, then you can either negotiate a deal, release him to that team, or rescind the waiver (which means you can't rescind again later in the season). so the yanks should try to test the waivers with andy and see what happens. . .


Rest In Unemployment
Harold Reynolds

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-08 18:01:04
201.   claybeez
Everything Wang is throwing is still way up.
2006-08-08 18:01:10
202.   phee
wang is only hitting 92 -93 on the gun and seems to be trying to K guys, just let the sinker do it's thing Wang
2006-08-08 18:02:01
203.   singledd
KC up on Lester 2-0 after 2.
2006-08-08 18:02:15
204.   AbbyNormal821
there's the ground outs we know & love.

198 - word up on the extra sour cream!!!!

2006-08-08 18:04:05
205.   phee
he just doesn't look right tonight
2006-08-08 18:04:26
206.   Ron Burgundy
Damn It Wang. SINKER man, SINKER.
2006-08-08 18:05:22
207.   phee
the yanks better keep scoring because we'll be lucky if wang makes it thru 6 tonight
2006-08-08 18:05:53
208.   phee
wow change up to thome on 1-0
2006-08-08 18:06:41
209.   phee
2006-08-08 18:07:19
210.   Ron Burgundy
That's why Wang is Wang.
2006-08-08 18:07:28
211.   eephus
I'm going to see Sidney Ponson pitching for my team at some point tonight, aren't I? Time to break out the beer...
2006-08-08 18:08:20
212.   nick
that 2-2 pitch was strike 3...
2006-08-08 18:08:25
213.   JeremyM
Where was that 2-2 pitch?
2006-08-08 18:08:31
214.   GoingDeep
Wang is only topping out at 92MPH and not throwing much sink. WTF? Also his road ERA is 4.99. IS it mental or what?
2006-08-08 18:08:32
215.   phee
this is like watching(fill in something bad)
2006-08-08 18:08:39
216.   Ron Burgundy
Jesus H. Christ. Wang has absolutely nothing. I didn't expect him to be this bad though. Jeez.
2006-08-08 18:09:29
217.   AbbyNormal821
NOPE! The boy just ain't right tonight! Can somebody go to the mound!?
2006-08-08 18:09:30
218.   AbbyNormal821
NOPE! The boy just ain't right tonight! Can somebody go to the mound!?
2006-08-08 18:09:34
219.   neilymon
oh, by the way, javy lopez is now on an 0-for-15 streak. he has all of zero hits with the red sox. ken huckaby, where are youuuuuuu?
2006-08-08 18:09:50
220.   phee
I think he's tired, his IP are getting up there, better get somebody up soon, lets hope he makes it thru 5
2006-08-08 18:09:56
221.   Ron Burgundy
What? How can we have Wang AND Moose have bad starts in three days?
2006-08-08 18:10:33
222.   mehmattski
Where was the left side of the infield on that ball? He's not hitting the strike zone, sure, but the ground balls are still finding holes, like Thome's hit there.
2006-08-08 18:10:39
223.   phee
2006-08-08 18:10:49
224.   monkeypants
Yeah, time to warm somebody (Lidle instead of Ponson, perhaps?).
2006-08-08 18:11:29
225.   mehmattski
Wang does his Jaret Wright impression and gets out of it...
2006-08-08 18:11:44
226.   Ron Burgundy
Finally. Jeez. He isn't having fun out there.
2006-08-08 18:11:51
227.   phee
hit and run wasnt it matt? i looked away but iguchi or whatever his name is made it to 3rd and jete was on 2nd
2006-08-08 18:12:29
228.   neilymon
222 the shift was on.

note that this wasn't the "david ortiz" shift, where he can BUNT a single towards the third base line. at some point the shift is overly drastic.

2006-08-08 18:12:32
229.   AbbyNormal821
Holy Mutha...
Wang is a magician!
2006-08-08 18:13:01
230.   BklynBmr
224 I'd like to see Lidle be given the chance to get in a groove with the #5 slot...
2006-08-08 18:13:18
231.   neilymon
227 actually, i take my comment back. phee's completely right.
2006-08-08 18:13:23
232.   Ron Burgundy
Offense needs to score major runage here.
2006-08-08 18:13:34
233.   tommyl
200 Is that also true if you want to option the player though?
2006-08-08 18:13:56
234.   Max
225 You read my mind. I knew Wang's home-road splits were dramatic, but I didn't realize it was the difference between Roy Halladay and Jaret Wright. 64 pitches in 3 innings...ouch.
2006-08-08 18:14:24
235.   SF Yanks
I'll will pay someone 1 million dollars for a hit on that ANNOYING GUY at the stadium making weird noises.
2006-08-08 18:15:15
236.   Ron Burgundy
Jorge, dude, WTF.
2006-08-08 18:15:40
237.   atc
The White Sox announcers are definitely less annoying than the clown in the background. Unfortunately, the clown is still audible on WGN. I'm really not sure what to do.
2006-08-08 18:16:05
238.   monkeypants
230 Wasn't Lidle skipped this time around? So if he came in, it would be sorta like his turn in the rotation.
2006-08-08 18:16:11
239.   neilymon
200 in general, you can only option a player if he has options remaining (on his professional contract). if he doesn't have any remaining (or any to begin with), you have to DFA him and see if he clears waivers.
2006-08-08 18:16:22
240.   phee
LOL SF, he is terrible. I wonder what Jorge's splits are when he hits with nobody on and with men on base, any base.
2006-08-08 18:16:26
241.   BklynBmr
235 That's a Red Sox scout...
2006-08-08 18:16:46
242.   Ron Burgundy
Runs? Hello? Weed-Smoker Freddy Garcia on the mound.
2006-08-08 18:17:31
243.   Ron Burgundy
You gotta be kidding me.
2006-08-08 18:17:58
244.   monkeypants
Four runs in, but Yankee half-innings sure seem to be going by fast tonight.
2006-08-08 18:19:17
245.   Ron Burgundy
Garcia only has 57 pitches so far. Damn It. Wasn't the offense working his ass in the 1st?
2006-08-08 18:19:50
246.   yankz
No one can dominate every night. Hopefully Wang can just hold this lead. I have faith.

BTW, how clutch is A-rod?

2006-08-08 18:21:13
247.   AbbyNormal821 make me chuckle! (RE: 242)
2006-08-08 18:22:20
248.   yankz
Jeter's slumping!
2006-08-08 18:22:46
249.   mehmattski
so what happens when weed smoker Freddy Garcia faces weed smoker Johnny Damon? does it look like that scene from Easy Rider?
2006-08-08 18:23:10
250.   Ron Burgundy
Wang settling down.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-08-08 18:23:18
251.   phee
where was that pitch????????
2006-08-08 18:24:03
252.   yankz
Oh, rats...
2006-08-08 18:24:05
253.   Ron Burgundy
2006-08-08 18:24:22
254.   phee
1st slider is perfect and called a ball, 2nd is a hanging one and gets spanked
2006-08-08 18:24:28
255.   AbbyNormal821
249 I think Damon would be WAY cooler, just sitting there with his bong and his bag of Doritos, belting out Pink Floyd tunes...Garcia would be in the corner, bumming out to Nirvana on his IPod
2006-08-08 18:25:16
256.   eephus
Do they have to have fireworks after EVERY home run? Dude, you tied it in the fourth.
2006-08-08 18:25:43
257.   mehmattski
I hate:
Hawk's home run call... you can put that on the board
Kay's call is just as excited, even though its a Yankees broadcast
Fireworks after EVERY home run
Hanging sliders.
That guy sitting near the mic.

I think that about covers it for now.

2006-08-08 18:25:54
258.   randym77
I'm still trying to figure out why Colter Bean was DFA'd when he had options left.

Were the Yankees trying to save an option year for later or something? Maybe they figured he stunk it up so bad no one would claim him, so why waste an option?

Poor Bean is only two games from breaking a record for most games pitched for Columbus that has stood for over a century.

2006-08-08 18:25:54
259.   AbbyNormal821
Crede is on fire...DIAF CREDE...D-I-A-F!!!
2006-08-08 18:26:15
260.   Ron Burgundy
255 99% of the people in that park are bandwagoners. You need fireworks to keep them excited.
2006-08-08 18:27:35
261.   AbbyNormal821
Yeah - Wangy ain't making it past the 5th - if he gets into the 5th at all..
2006-08-08 18:28:16
262.   phee
hey if the Wanger can get thru 2 more innings w/out further damage, that's pretty good for having nothing. Lets get some runs!!!!!!!
2006-08-08 18:28:21
263.   Max
One more inning of this, and then it's time for VillProcFarnMo?
2006-08-08 18:29:05
264.   neilymon
258 i'm gonna go with bachelor #2. honestly - who would claim colter bean? maybe if a team were run by the guys over at

260 the sad thing is, the cell's actually a decent place to watch a game. just make sure you get the hell out of there after the game.

2006-08-08 18:29:19
265.   Ron Burgundy
OK. Offense needs to WAKE UP here. Guys, do what you did in the 1st: Hits, Walks, SBs, and RUNS.
2006-08-08 18:29:31
266.   phee
god take a few pitches guys,make this bum work.
2006-08-08 18:29:51
267.   AbbyNormal821
WTF? All of the sudden Garcia's found his heat?
2006-08-08 18:30:11
268.   eephus
260 I guess I can't really complain -- this is nothing compared to how irritated we're all going to be later in the week by noise sticks and that inane monkey.
2006-08-08 18:30:11
269.   Ron Burgundy
No seriously guys, stop striking out and start GETTING ON BASE.
2006-08-08 18:30:48
270.   phee
WTF kind of swing was that JD? 2nd time tonight he's swinging with his azz inthe dugout
2006-08-08 18:31:09
271.   AbbyNormal821
7 pitches...7 damned pitches...oh the humanity!
2006-08-08 18:31:38
272.   AbbyNormal821
270 he must be stoned....


2006-08-08 18:31:40
273.   phee
SUX lead 3-2
2006-08-08 18:32:01
274.   Ron Burgundy
They did it again! I can't believe this. Bad pitcher on the mound, work him in the first inning or so, and then shut down and go to sleep for the rest of the game.

And Jeter's in a slump. FUCK.

2006-08-08 18:32:13
275.   AbbyNormal821
You know what's just as, if not more annoying than the heckling fan at the Cell? The Geico commercial with Little Richard!
2006-08-08 18:34:25
276.   Jeteupthemiddle

yeah. for three whole games. does that even count as a slump?

2006-08-08 18:34:51
277.   phee
cmon ump, wake up man
2006-08-08 18:35:11
278.   Ron Burgundy
276 Nope. Just saying. I want him to WIN that batting title. Must...Make...ESPN...STFU.
2006-08-08 18:35:41
279.   Ron Burgundy
Wang, just do this one inning man. We believe in you.
2006-08-08 18:35:52
280.   neilymon
275 amen.

by the way, i really did like the red sox a lot better when trot nixon was in RF. stupid wily mo pena is so obviously their second-best outfield option behind manny.

2006-08-08 18:35:55
281.   eephus
275 Yes! How many times do they have to show those Geico ads?! You're broadcasting in New York! None of us even have cars!
2006-08-08 18:36:50
282.   phee
now he's pitching, one more inning for the Wanger
2006-08-08 18:37:58
283.   tommyl
Let me rephrase my question a bit. Let's say Andy has already been placed on waivers, post trade deadline and clears yet remains on the roster. Can we then DFA and send him to Columbus immediately? Or does he have to go through waivers again? or a different kind of waivers?
2006-08-08 18:38:20
284.   eephus
Whew! Now that was pleasant.
2006-08-08 18:38:20
285.   eephus
Whew! Now that was pleasant.
2006-08-08 18:38:52
286.   Max
An efficient inning, hallelujah. I'm still nervous about bringing him out for one more inning.
2006-08-08 18:38:52
287.   neilymon
283 straight to columbus.

unless, of course, he declines. then he becomes a free agent. and the andy phillips sweepstakes begins.

2006-08-08 18:39:32
288.   tommyl
Its time for the Abreu and A-Rod show.

BTW, I loved the Inanimate Carbon A-Rod nickname. Hilarious.

2006-08-08 18:41:03
289.   matt0620
258 IIRC Bean was DFA'd to move him off of the 40-man roster.
2006-08-08 18:42:37
290.   Ron Burgundy
What are they doing?!!!
2006-08-08 18:42:45
291.   phee
alex seems locked in, not chasing thos sliders off the plate, yesss nice hustle alex!!!!
2006-08-08 18:42:57
292.   monkeypants
Man, it seems like eight straight Ks and pop-ups...until A-Rod 'ripped' that IF hit.
2006-08-08 18:43:08
293.   phee
2006-08-08 18:43:44
294.   BklynBmr
A-Rod is only 2-2, HR, 2 RBI...
2006-08-08 18:44:02
295.   phee
time for alex to rip a base AJ stinks and so does garcia
2006-08-08 18:45:15
296.   phee
goddam yanks have dinner reservations or something
2006-08-08 18:47:48
297.   phee
please don't choke ron villone please!!!!
2006-08-08 18:47:48
298.   monkeypants
296 They're still on EST, so everyone is getting sleepy.
2006-08-08 18:50:55
299.   JeremyM
This umps sucks. Villone threw the 1-1 right down the middle and because Posada handled it sloppily, he called it a ball.
2006-08-08 18:51:13
300.   phee
unreal, ump suck this!!!
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-08-08 18:51:23
301.   Ron Burgundy
OK, I don't like where this is going.
2006-08-08 18:52:40
302.   phee
keep the ball down Ron, please!!!
2006-08-08 18:52:55
303.   BklynBmr
257 OT baseball tale on fireworks: In the 80s, some other park (I think San Diego) lit fireworks after a home team HR. Opposing pitcher (can't recall, but some a-hole like Sutcliffe) gives up back-to-back-to back HRs. Manager comes out to mound, pitcher glares at him, 'You're not taking me out!'. Manager: "No, don't worry. I'm just giving the fireworks guy time to reload"...
2006-08-08 18:54:27
304.   mehmattski
I've been a bit distracted from the game, as I found out that a college buddy of mine is now in the final 12 at the WSOP, he's guarunteed at least a million now. A long way from our $10 buy in games... Incredible...

anyone interested can follow along live updates at

2006-08-08 18:54:57
305.   phee
Sux 1st and 3rd 2 out
2006-08-08 18:55:33
306.   Anthony
Did everyone hear Michael Kay just take credit for the 1998 season by saying he was good luck with pregame interviews? Are we all aware of the mind-buggering hypocrisy of that statement, considering his radio rant last week?

Somebody please punch him in the face.

2006-08-08 18:55:58
307.   phee
awesome matt, do me a favor don't say his name, i like to watch when they air it in a couple of weeks
2006-08-08 18:56:44
308.   phee
i think the royals got out of it, cmon ron 1 more buddy
2006-08-08 18:57:19
309.   phee
yesss, Villone says take that
2006-08-08 18:58:11
310.   seamus
306 yeah, but it was more from Paulie's perspective that they were talking about it being luck.
2006-08-08 18:59:14
311.   mehmattski
307 I wouldn't want to give his name away until he's famous on ESPN anyway.

Add "Producing Elite Poker Players" to the list of accomplishments for Duke University.

2006-08-08 18:59:36
312.   BklynBmr
OK, Yanks, let's get into their pen...
2006-08-08 19:00:35
313.   randym77
283 You need a law degree to understand all this, but I think he has to pass through waivers again. DFA means the team has ten days to either trade, release, or put the player on waivers. I don't think doing it before counts.

And I don't think Andy can become a free agent yet. You need five years major league experience to refuse a minor league assignment. He has only two years. If he'd been outrighted to the minors before, he could refuse, because you can only be outrighted to the minors without your consent once a career. But I don't think he has been.

Bubba has four years experience and has never been outrighted, so he cannot refuse a minor league assignment if he clears waivers, either. (I doubt he'd want to if he could, because he'd forfeit his major league salary if he did.)

Small and Stinnett had enough major league experience to refuse to go to Columbus. Small accepted, Stinnett did not.

289 Thanks for the explanation. I was really puzzled about that one.

2006-08-08 19:01:30
314.   AbbyNormal821
2006-08-08 19:02:11
315.   phee
holy getting the shaft batman, he blew that call so badly, i'm puking right now
2006-08-08 19:02:39
316.   JeremyM
Geez, he was safe, easily, and Torre almost killed himself coming out to argue.
2006-08-08 19:02:47
317.   Ron Burgundy
Plain and Simple, this is infuriating me. DO SOMETHING "Murderers' Row!"
2006-08-08 19:02:51
318.   BklynBmr
How about a long ball, Melkman?
2006-08-08 19:02:56
319.   neilymon
LOL! from WGN:

"crede takes his time - he knows who's running. and they do. . .

(awkward pause)

not get him."

2006-08-08 19:03:07
320.   randym77
303 ROFL!
2006-08-08 19:03:25
321.   mehmattski
I've got some empty bottles outside my door.

Its time for the Melkman to deliver.

2006-08-08 19:03:35
322.   Ron Burgundy
But we get all the calls don't you know.
2006-08-08 19:03:40
323.   AbbyNormal821
I'm in need of a mellowing agent - this sucks! My cat is going crazy on her catnip-laced scratchboard...I think I may join her!
2006-08-08 19:04:20
324.   phee
we might as well go home at this rate, hey umps, pick up your pink slip at the end of the game please
2006-08-08 19:04:21
325.   AbbyNormal821
2 on, 1 out, bottom of 5th. GO KANSAS CITY! (can't believe I'd ever say that!)
2006-08-08 19:04:51
326.   Ron Burgundy
And another strikeout. They're slowly killing me.
2006-08-08 19:05:30
327.   Ron Burgundy
324 They're getting a raise from Bud after this game.
2006-08-08 19:05:38
328.   phee
2nd and 3rd for the royals 2 outs
2006-08-08 19:06:35
329.   BklynBmr
A big whew!
2006-08-08 19:07:12
330.   AbbyNormal821
Tie it up, KC...tie it up (clap, clap!)...tie it up KC, tie it up (clap, clap!)
2006-08-08 19:08:02
331.   JeremyM
Bases loaded for KC, Teahen was hit by a pitch. I'd rather he had a chance to swing the way he's been hitting.
2006-08-08 19:09:19
332.   phee
yessss royals up 4-3
2006-08-08 19:09:21
333.   mehmattski
Um... abusing Proctor all season, but goes to Veras?

I guess its just Brian Anderson, but wouldn't a good lefty be better than a medicore righty? I'm perplexed...

2006-08-08 19:09:47
334.   JeremyM
331 Nevermind, Emil Brown comes through, 4-3 KC.
2006-08-08 19:10:25
335.   phee
i also am curious, veras? this is a big spot, Joe please know what u are doing.
2006-08-08 19:10:57
336.   JeremyM
333 It's the old "new pitcher, throw him in the fire." Looks to me like Veras is a right-handed version of Heredia.
2006-08-08 19:11:15
337.   phee
jeeeez, Cmon. why is he in the game here????
2006-08-08 19:12:11
338.   phee
cover your eyes folks, that's all i can say
2006-08-08 19:13:05
339.   Ron Burgundy
Did he...Did he just...walk Brian Anderson?
2006-08-08 19:13:15
340.   phee
here comes myers
2006-08-08 19:14:00
341.   BklynBmr
OK, Veras. That could have a lot worse. He didn't lose the plot completely...
2006-08-08 19:14:05
342.   JeremyM
How long has it been since Myers has thrown? Seems like forever.
2006-08-08 19:14:43
343.   Max
336 I was just thinking the same thing, I hope this isn't some man-love thing he's got going a la Felix. I don't necessarily mind trying Veras in this spot, but I want a quick hook.
2006-08-08 19:15:08
344.   singledd
KC scores to, up 4-3 after 5.
2006-08-08 19:16:16
345.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Ack, Wang didn't have much today, at least he kept us in it though.
2006-08-08 19:16:18
346.   phee
wow posednik 2-5 against myers
2006-08-08 19:16:42
347.   Ron Burgundy
Myers, PLEASE just get this .265-hitting pest out.
2006-08-08 19:17:21
348.   phee
yeah, i think it shows more to your club when u keep your team in it when u have nothing. Good job Wanger.
2006-08-08 19:17:28
349.   neilymon
out of curiosity, who makes more per out:

mike myers


carl pavano?

2006-08-08 19:17:47
350.   JeremyM
Nice job Posada and Myers!
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-08-08 19:17:49
351.   randym77
Posada for POTG.
2006-08-08 19:17:55
352.   phee
yessss, jorge boy again. Hey Ozzy thanks again.
2006-08-08 19:18:09
353.   mehmattski
2006-08-08 19:21:16
354.   phee
jeez,looks like JD should've stayed in bed, cmon Jete!!
2006-08-08 19:22:35
355.   mehmattski
In fairness, the ChiSox announcers are praising Jeter right now. Wouldn't see that from Palmer or the Rangers guys.
2006-08-08 19:23:06
356.   AbbyNormal821
YES...go DJ!
2006-08-08 19:23:58
357.   phee
yes cap, cmon Bobby( i can't say that w/out thinking of De Niro in The Fan) cmon Bobby
2006-08-08 19:24:03
358.   singledd
OK. Cancel the trade.....
2006-08-08 19:25:16
359.   AbbyNormal821
juuust a bit high!
2006-08-08 19:27:32
360.   singledd
Reprise: Our team will be really dangerous when ARod decides to show up.
2006-08-08 19:28:19
361.   phee
yes. error in the SUX game, 1st and 3rd 1 out
2006-08-08 19:28:47
362.   AbbyNormal821
1st & 3rd, no outs, bottom of 6th in KC!
2006-08-08 19:28:53
363.   Ron Burgundy
Let's Go, A-Rod!!!
2006-08-08 19:29:46
364.   phee
make that 0outs for the royals, Arod 1-1 against macdougal with a dinger
2006-08-08 19:31:15
365.   AbbyNormal821
360 Knock, knock!
Who's there?
A-Rod who?
A-Rod...BAM! Base hit!

We'll take that!

2006-08-08 19:31:30
366.   phee
yessss, he's locked in folks, cmon jason fly ball buddy, no DP !!!!!
2006-08-08 19:31:44
367.   JeremyM
Nice job by A-Rod. Now it's up to Giambi (well, obviously:)
2006-08-08 19:32:10
368.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod's close and late AVG. just went up. And of course, that's the ONLY thing that matters.

GIAMBI, Drive in at least 3 runs here!

2006-08-08 19:32:12
369.   phee
bases loaded 0 outs for the royals
2006-08-08 19:32:29
370.   neilymon
oh boy. bases loaded, one out, for jason giambi.

in KC, bases loaded, no outs, for mark grudzielanek.

who gets more RBIs? let's take bets.

2006-08-08 19:33:21
371.   phee
sac fly 5-3 royals
2006-08-08 19:34:06
372.   phee
fly ball Giambi
2006-08-08 19:34:37
373.   AbbyNormal821
Can I break into West Side Story?
"just play it cool, boy....reeeeal cool"
2006-08-08 19:35:11
374.   AbbyNormal821
2006-08-08 19:35:16
375.   phee
that'll work, just be ok giambi
2006-08-08 19:35:39
376.   Simone
Poor Jason, but hey, he took one for the team.

I love seeing Yankee fans at the park during road games.

2006-08-08 19:35:45
377.   randym77
A clutch HBP.
2006-08-08 19:36:19
378.   AbbyNormal821
don't swing stupid, Jorge!
2006-08-08 19:36:20
379.   phee
cmon jorge fly ball buddy
2006-08-08 19:36:37
380.   nick
jorgie's due today...
2006-08-08 19:36:59
381.   Ron Burgundy
That'll do.
2006-08-08 19:37:06
382.   joe in boston
Clicker finger real sore - back and forth - Red Sawx - Yanks.

You know what burns me up ? Hansen and Crisp and that stoopid flat brim/hat a bit off center look

2006-08-08 19:37:08
383.   SF Yanks
2006-08-08 19:37:10
384.   neilymon
now is a perfect time to bring in andy as a pinch runner. just to give him an appearance.

wright works too.

aw shucks. too late.

2006-08-08 19:37:25
385.   phee
2006-08-08 19:37:26
386.   JeremyM
Dammit, Po hit it hard.
2006-08-08 19:37:48
387.   Simone
Darn it, Jorge. Next time think, sac fly.
2006-08-08 19:37:54
388.   Ron Burgundy
Oh God Damn It Georgie.
2006-08-08 19:38:00
389.   JeremyM
384 I disagree, you never know where this game will go and Giambi could bat again.
2006-08-08 19:38:29
390.   SF Yanks
382 I do the same thing for 3 hours day in and day out. I have no life. Well, that is, my life is the Yanks.
2006-08-08 19:39:04
391.   phee
let's go bullpen earn your money boys
2006-08-08 19:39:08
392.   Ron Burgundy
OK, just get 6 outs without base-runners or runs here bullpen, PLEASE.
2006-08-08 19:40:12
393.   nick
'tis our destiny to suffer through a Farns 8th, fellow Bronx Banterers....strength in numbers...
2006-08-08 19:40:50
394.   phee
that pitch was right down the middle
2006-08-08 19:40:53
395.   SF Yanks
umm... where did that miss?
2006-08-08 19:40:57
396.   Travis
Why is Myers not pitching to Podsednik?
2006-08-08 19:41:07
397.   mehmattski
Please, Kyle, resist the urge to throw sliders to lefties.
2006-08-08 19:41:17
398.   SF Yanks
2006-08-08 19:41:43
399.   Ron Burgundy
393 The fact that the Home Plate umpire is Hawk Harrelson won't help with the Farnsworth thing.
2006-08-08 19:41:46
400.   phee
man robby is flamboyant,i'll give him that
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-08-08 19:41:53
401.   seamus
someone get the ump some glasses!
2006-08-08 19:42:48
402.   AbbyNormal821
401 or slip a mickey in his water bottle! JEEZ!
2006-08-08 19:44:04
403.   joe in boston
Geez - that last pitch almost hit me
2006-08-08 19:45:37
404.   Alex Belth
The home plate ump has been horribly inconsistent tonight. Really frustrating.
2006-08-08 19:45:55
405.   Alex Belth
Whatta ya say, Thome yanks one here?
2006-08-08 19:46:30
406.   mehmattski
So, Ortiz's homer shouldn't count, because it wasn't a game winning homer, right? He's just padding his stats, right? BBTN, David Justice, and others will report due fair journalism, right?
2006-08-08 19:47:04
407.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Jesus, the umps really screwing with us today...
2006-08-08 19:47:06
408.   BklynBmr
405 I say now 'bout 'NO!'...
2006-08-08 19:47:30
409.   phee
i think Kyle walks him, i hope not but i cant see him giving a FB to him
2006-08-08 19:47:46
410.   BklynBmr
OK, Farns!
2006-08-08 19:48:08
411.   SF Yanks
Nice, nice, and oh, nice.
2006-08-08 19:48:12
412.   Ron Burgundy
406 No. That counts as a rally-starting clutch home-run to raise his team's spirit.

The Farns!!!

2006-08-08 19:48:13
413.   Alex Belth
Wow, great job by Farnsworth. I love to get on him for falling in love with his breaking ball, but in this case, with Thome waiting on a heater, he kept going off speed. Well done.
2006-08-08 19:48:15
414.   phee
or a wicked slider for a K, hee hee
2006-08-08 19:49:21
415.   Alex Belth
Mo has to deal with the two tough righties, Konerko and Dye in the insurance run (or three) would be very nice right here.
2006-08-08 19:49:43
416.   Alex Belth
By the way, whaddap with Giambi's new 'stache?
2006-08-08 19:50:25
417.   BklynBmr
How about a little insurance here, Yanks...
2006-08-08 19:51:27
418.   SF Yanks
2006-08-08 19:51:38
419.   BklynBmr
YEs! Watch that hammy, Robbie...
2006-08-08 19:51:42
420.   SF Yanks
I miss that swing.
2006-08-08 19:51:51
421.   Alex Belth
Beautiful stroke by Cano...What's up with this left fielder? Can't he throw the ball?
2006-08-08 19:52:01
422.   seamus
man, i love robbie!
2006-08-08 19:52:04
423.   AbbyNormal821
Oh hell yeah, Robbie's baaaack!
2006-08-08 19:52:04
424.   nick
OK, respect due to the Farns--Robby!
2006-08-08 19:52:21
425.   singledd
Nice to have Cano back, yes?
2006-08-08 19:52:31
426.   Ron Burgundy
Robbie's back and doing his thing.
2006-08-08 19:52:32
427.   BklynBmr
WTF was that sound?
2006-08-08 19:53:00
428.   mehmattski
421 No no, he's a Scrappy Player (TM), he doesn't need to have an arm, bat, glove, etc, as long as he can bunt and steal. When he gets on base, that is.
2006-08-08 19:53:17
429.   joe in boston
need a hit need a hit need a hit need a hit
2006-08-08 19:54:20
430.   singledd
... or at least move the runner over!
2006-08-08 19:54:38
431.   SF Yanks
427 I heard that too. It sounded like a dying cow.
2006-08-08 19:54:40
432.   randym77
I don't know what's up with Podsednik. Shoulder injury? Or just a OFer that doesn't like to throw?
2006-08-08 19:54:41
433.   AbbyNormal821
We'll take it!
2006-08-08 19:54:50
434.   Ron Burgundy
Wilson with the productive out.
2006-08-08 19:54:50
435.   Alex Belth
Wilson falls behind quickly, 0-2, fouls pitches off, works the count full, then grounds out to second, advancing Cano to third. Well done.
2006-08-08 19:55:55
436.   joe in boston
Feel good story of the evening in our house -

Just bought my 4 year old boy a "Just Grind it" shirt on EBAY...isn't that slogan more appropriate this year?

2006-08-08 19:56:02
437.   singledd

Man on 3rd and 1 out.
Can we score this guy?


2006-08-08 19:56:43
438.   joe in boston
Oh snap ! Brown homers for KC - out of the park in 1.2 seconds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-08-08 19:57:00
439.   AbbyNormal821
YES - KC just scored again!
2006-08-08 19:57:12
440.   joe in boston
Off of Seeyalater-nez...the Yankee secret weapon !
2006-08-08 19:57:29
441.   Ron Burgundy
Melky just needs a hit here and we have some insurance.

Well, I must call it a night and go watch this in full relaxation.

For all of us here at the Evening News Team,
I'm Ron Burgundy.
You Stay Classy, Bronx Banter.

2006-08-08 19:57:35
442.   Travis
Emil Brown just crushed a Seanez pitch to left.

6-4 Royals

2006-08-08 19:58:10
443.   BklynBmr
Melky's gonna tag this guy...
2006-08-08 19:58:48
444.   BklynBmr
Spoke too soon...
2006-08-08 19:58:54
445.   Alex Belth
Jenks comes in to face Melky and delivers a heater up in the zone, ball one. Cutter, low and inside, 2-0. Another cutter, in on the fists, Melky taps it weakly to short.

Two out.

2006-08-08 19:59:07
446.   Simone
Ugh, Melky.
2006-08-08 19:59:12
447.   mehmattski
440 Shhhhhh don't let the people of Boston know about our secret contracts with Seanz and Tavarez.
2006-08-08 20:00:42
448.   Alex Belth
Damon 0-5 tonight. He looked awful at the plate in this game.
2006-08-08 20:00:46
449.   Benjamin Kabak
Unclutch there. Too bad.

But here comes Mo.

2006-08-08 20:00:47
450.   AbbyNormal821
AARGH! What a waste!
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-08-08 20:01:00
451.   joe in boston
Man, when he whiffes - HE WHIFFES! Not even close.
2006-08-08 20:01:40
452.   BklynBmr
Just do your thing, Mo...
2006-08-08 20:01:46
453.   mehmattski
Say your prayers little one
Don't forget my son
To include everyone

I tuck you in, warm within
Keep you free from sin

2006-08-08 20:01:47
454.   Alex Belth
I'm nervous about Mo here...well, I'm just nervous in general, what do I know?
2006-08-08 20:01:52
455.   singledd
Man on 3rd is like a curse for us.
2006-08-08 20:02:34
456.   randym77
I have faith. It's Mo!
2006-08-08 20:04:56
457.   joe in boston
Hail Mary Full of Grace, Mo is with thee....
2006-08-08 20:05:47
458.   Alex Belth
Mo vs Konerko:

Crowd standing and cheering.

Low and inside, 1-0.

Fastball, swung through, 1-1. Huge hack.

Cutter, this one is lower, swung on and missed, 1-2.

Heater, way upstairs, Konerko lays off, 2-2.

Cutter, Konerko hits it out to right center.

2006-08-08 20:05:59
459.   joe in boston
Shit - my fault - I jinxed him.
2006-08-08 20:06:22
460.   neilymon
goodness gracious. that was a long, long, bomb. now i was definitely wrong about pinch-running for giambi. . .lol.
2006-08-08 20:06:25
461.   Benjamin Kabak
2006-08-08 20:06:27
462.   randym77
Crap. I don't believe it.
2006-08-08 20:06:36
463.   JeremyM
God dammit, I knew this game was going too well. Too many stranded, way too many.
2006-08-08 20:06:47
464.   SF Yanks
2006-08-08 20:06:57
465.   Alex Belth
Fastball, strike one to Dye.

Cutter, pulled through the left side for a base hit.

2006-08-08 20:07:47
466.   singledd
I can't watch.....
2006-08-08 20:08:07
467.   Benjamin Kabak
Terrible. Terrible.

Starting this road trip off on the right foot would be great.

BTW, Joe has managed to basically empty the bullpen tonight so far. Now, he'll have to go to...Proctor? Ponson? Lovely.

2006-08-08 20:08:24
468.   joe in boston
c'mon - double play please
2006-08-08 20:08:28
469.   BklynBmr
465 No more premonitions please, Alex ;-)
2006-08-08 20:08:30
470.   Max
Too many blown opportunities tonight...two GIDPs with the bases loaded, couldn't get the man on third home last inning...Mo's supposed to be able to hold this, but unless he totally melts down, I'm not putting this one on him...
2006-08-08 20:08:56
471.   Alex Belth
A.J. looking for revenge against Mo. Bunts the first pitch foul, 0-1. Mo throws over to first. A.J. bunts the next pitch right to Rivera, who turns and goes to second to get the lead runner.

One out.

2006-08-08 20:09:31
472.   BklynBmr
Let's get two here and unpack the bats...
2006-08-08 20:09:38
473.   nick
"I'm so happy"!?--"I'm so happy"--did that f*ck really say that!?
2006-08-08 20:10:52
474.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Gahhhhh... this game is nerve wreching...
2006-08-08 20:12:17
475.   pistolpete
Wow, Posada is just a machine tonight...
2006-08-08 20:12:36
476.   mehmattski
are you kidding? have you guys learned nothing. its one of the commandments....

Thou Shalt Not Steal.

2006-08-08 20:12:36
477.   BklynBmr
Jorgie = POTG! (Except for that rally-killer in the 7th)
2006-08-08 20:13:52
478.   monkeypants
467 Can't fault Torre for the BP use tonight--he stuck with Wang w/o panicking, then went to the high leverage guys. Mo just blew the save is all. Anyway, you COULD go to Rivera for two innings, then Proctor. If they don't win by the 12th, they shouldn't.

And as much as the Yankees have frittered away opportunities, the Sox have squandered runners on the basepaths.

2006-08-08 20:14:06
479.   Alex Belth
Pablo Ozuna pinch runs for A.J. (who returns to the dugout and fires his helmet into the wall).

Crede takes a huge hack at the first pitch, and fouls it off, 0-1. Runner bluffs, fastball is upstairs for a ball, 1-1. Cutter taken for a strike, runner goes, Posada guns his ass out. Gets him by plenty. Third caught stealing on the night for Jorge.

Fastball, up and in, ball two, 2-2.

Fastball, up and in, fouled off down the right field line.

Cutter, low and away, skied to right for the third out.

Mo grimaces as he walks off the field and we're going to extra innings.

2006-08-08 20:17:14
480.   Alex Belth
This umpire is wack. 0-1 pitch to Abreu was another awful call...
2006-08-08 20:17:39
481.   Alex Belth
Time for A Rod to go A Yard
2006-08-08 20:17:40
482.   pistolpete
This one could go a while - get up Proctor.
2006-08-08 20:20:08
483.   AbbyNormal821
Hopefully - KC can hold their lead. 2 on, 2 out, bottom of 8th. Tavarez pitching for Boston...GOOD! He sucks!
2006-08-08 20:20:32
484.   Alex Belth
1-0 pitch to A Rod, fastball right down the cock. That was his pitch...

Curve, up and away, 2-1.

Another curve, this one falls in, 2-2.


Crowd going nuts now...

Fastball, just inside, full count.

Does he go back to the breaking pitch? Or another heater?

Another breaking pitch, inside...It was close, a pretty good pitch, but inside.

A Rod walks.

2006-08-08 20:20:41
485.   randym77
Well, this isn't good. Giambi injured again. Bernie pinch-hitting.
2006-08-08 20:20:51
486.   eephus
C'mon Bernie... how 'bout a hit for old times' sake?
2006-08-08 20:20:54
487.   pistolpete
I know he's 3 for 3, but if he struck out looking, I would have had a very strong urge to boo my television just now...
2006-08-08 20:21:06
488.   AbbyNormal821
sprinkling some home run pixie dust onto Bernie!!!
2006-08-08 20:21:33
489.   monkeypants
So...Giambi is hurt. Short term--Bernie bats here. Great. Long term--Let's not hink about it.
2006-08-08 20:21:41
490.   nick
the lefty Bernie vs 99 mph heat.....
2006-08-08 20:22:26
491.   monkeypants
Why didn't they bat a good lefty, like Guiel. Oh, yeah...
2006-08-08 20:22:32
492.   Alex Belth
Old Man Bernie...pinch hitting for Giambi.

No way he catches up to a fastball here.

Swings through the first pitch, a heater, A Rod steals second.

Me of little faith. Got no faith in Bernie here...

Another heater. Bernie is way late, fouls it off, 0-2.

Now, Jenks has Bernie...he'll go breaking ball...

Heater, way out of the zone, the old man swings and misses. No chance.

2006-08-08 20:22:33
493.   pistolpete
I hope Jenks hurt his back on that one.
2006-08-08 20:22:49
494.   joe in boston
Wow, Bernie looked old on that K. Too bad

I hate Dr Z too

2006-08-08 20:22:56
495.   joe in boston
Wow, Bernie looked old on that K. Too bad

I hate Dr Z

2006-08-08 20:23:00
496.   Alex Belth
Proctor is coming in to lose the game...
2006-08-08 20:23:50
497.   eephus
489 As Andy Phillips blows out the candles and hides the voodoo doll in his locker...
2006-08-08 20:25:19
498.   nick
wgn team sounds slightly surprised as they read Proctor's (good) #s....for the first time I find myself agreeing with them...
2006-08-08 20:25:32
499.   randym77
I don't know if Guiel is a good lefty. I suspect he would not have been DFA'd by the Royals (when he still had options left) if he were good.

But I'd rather have him PHing in that situation than GOB.

2006-08-08 20:25:36
500.   joe in boston
Gator is now warming up in the bullpen
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-08-08 20:25:47
501.   JeremyM
496 Alex, what is with all the negativity tonight?! Next thing you'll be predicting is another Ortiz game-winner in the Royals game...
2006-08-08 20:26:21
502.   mehmattski
498 and then Hawk says "Scott Proctor is no Mareeeonoh Reeverah. Should I just mark down the win now? Let's see..."
2006-08-08 20:26:52
503.   joe in boston
Dag, noo outs in KC, Crisp walks to ead off the inning
2006-08-08 20:27:06
504.   pistolpete
496 I dunno, he looks awfully good when properly rested. :)
2006-08-08 20:27:50
505.   joe in boston
...and Crisp steals 2nd
2006-08-08 20:27:50
506.   mehmattski
Dear Mr. Burgos:
Please do not blow this save. Walking Coco Crisp was not a good start.


2006-08-08 20:28:40
507.   AbbyNormal821
501 Crisp just stole 2nd, Ortiz will definitely be up...Jeez! Do they PLAN this crap!???
2006-08-08 20:29:05
508.   joe in boston
Wow - Proctor is bringing it !
2006-08-08 20:29:58
509.   joe in boston
Ortiz is now up. 1 out, Crisp on 2nd. Hang on everyone.....
2006-08-08 20:30:13
510.   nick
2006-08-08 20:30:16
511.   mehmattski
Is it me, or did they turn the radar gun off for Proctor? What's the matter, didn't want to show anyone throwing as hard as Golden Boy Jenks?
2006-08-08 20:30:27
512.   pistolpete
507 He's like an offensive version of a closer, isn't he? He just manages to stride to the plate every time they're down by 1 or 2 in the last few innings...
2006-08-08 20:30:33
513.   SF Yanks
2006-08-08 20:30:52
514.   neilymon
497 LOL.

ooooooh man. andy phillips just found out what nick green felt like when he heard cairo was headed to the DL.

2006-08-08 20:30:57
515.   claybeez
How good did Proctor look there!
2006-08-08 20:31:20
516.   joe in boston
ProKtor !!!!!!!!!!

I still hate dr z

2006-08-08 20:31:36
517.   neilymon
510 for absolutely no reason, that reminds me of that amazing seinfeld episode where kramer gets the ASSMAN license plates.
2006-08-08 20:31:43
518.   nick
511--WGN had him hitting 97 repeatedly, I think 98 once....much smoother delivery than Jenks...
2006-08-08 20:32:34
519.   joe in boston
very low strike 2 on Ortiz
2006-08-08 20:33:25
520.   eephus
The Royals pitcher's first name is "Ambiorix." Whatever happens, I love it... sounds like a character from the Asterix comics.
2006-08-08 20:34:26
521.   monkeypants
497 That's funny.

499 His v. RHP splits this year (small sample):

Yankees .261/346/.565
Royals .231/.362/.513

Those are pretty good platoon numbers. I wouldn't appeal to the baseball acumen of the KC Royals.

2006-08-08 20:34:46
522.   joe in boston
Oh no -

Ortiz walks, 1st and 2nd, 1 out and Manny batting

2006-08-08 20:35:18
523.   mehmattski
They keep showing two very attractive young female Yankee fans taunting Papi. Love it, for so many reasons.

Payoff pitch.... walked him. Meh.

Now for the REAL MVP of the Red Sox, and perhaps the entire league...

2006-08-08 20:35:52
524.   3rd gen yankee fan
here we go yankees here we go
2006-08-08 20:36:25
525.   pistolpete
Thank you Mr. Jenks!
2006-08-08 20:37:08
526.   3rd gen yankee fan
hang on KC
2006-08-08 20:37:31
527.   joe in boston
Manny K's !!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-08-08 20:37:36
528.   AbbyNormal821
Shut those front row Muther-f'ers up!! Oh, they are ticking me off!
2006-08-08 20:38:32
529.   joe in boston
um, err, and so does Wilson
2006-08-08 20:39:18
530.   mehmattski
Those bottles are still empty outside my door, Cabrera.

Time for the Melkman to deliver....

2006-08-08 20:39:56
531.   Max
I like Wilson better than the scrappy scrubs that rolled around the bottom of the order the last few months, but this is pretty much what you get with him...feast or famine. There is really no in between.
2006-08-08 20:39:59
532.   pistolpete
530 But is it late enough in the evening for Melk?
2006-08-08 20:40:27
533.   singledd
Sox rally in the 9th but lose 6-4 to a KC closer that leads the league in blown saves.
2006-08-08 20:40:36
534.   joe in boston
KC wins !
2006-08-08 20:40:37
535.   Benjamin Kabak
I hope Melky is enjoying watching the game from the batter's box.
2006-08-08 20:41:13
536.   neilymon
dude, cano just pulled a reggie bush-style juke.
2006-08-08 20:41:31
537.   phee
at least the SUX lost
2006-08-08 20:42:07
538.   Alex Belth
Well, at least the Sox lost...but this is a golden opportunity to gain another game...
2006-08-08 20:42:22
539.   pistolpete
533 Ok, so a loss wouldn't be 'tragic'...

Wonder if this was the last game of the season, would Joe throw it to keep Boston out of the playoffs? Heh..

2006-08-08 20:42:42
540.   Alex Belth
Proctor handled the scrubs. The Sox' good hitters will finish the game for Chicago.
2006-08-08 20:43:16
541.   3rd gen yankee fan
Wow an amazing loss by the Sux! IN KC, to a TERRIBLE pitcher! haha
2006-08-08 20:44:21
542.   phee
not the way Proctor is dealing
2006-08-08 20:44:21
543.   pistolpete
540 Alex, wtf? Did someone drown your puppy today?
2006-08-08 20:45:45
544.   claybeez
543 ditto
2006-08-08 20:45:59
545.   Max
If this game has to end, let it end soon, especially since we're playing with some "house money". It was a 19 inning game between the Red Sox and White Sox that evolved very similarly to this one (RS blew a one run lead in the ninth on a Dye HR off Papelbon) that set the RS on their current tailspin.
2006-08-08 20:47:48
546.   SF Yanks
bad bad feeling
2006-08-08 20:48:03
547.   Max
543 544 Actually, I think Alex is like this during games more than he lets's just his girlfriend that bears the brunt of the anxiety. :-)
2006-08-08 20:49:08
548.   phee
Ozzy Guillen is such a clown, everybody is joking in the dugout, I guess I missed where the game ended
2006-08-08 20:49:30
549.   pistolpete
Good pitch on 3-2. Put it there again, Scotty.
2006-08-08 20:50:11
550.   Benjamin Kabak
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-08-08 20:50:12
551.   phee
F'in ump missed that 1, just give them the game umps
2006-08-08 20:50:13
552.   mehmattski
OBP strikes again, this time against us...
2006-08-08 20:51:09
553.   3rd gen yankee fan
hang in there guys
2006-08-08 20:51:24
554.   phee
lets get 2 fellas
2006-08-08 20:51:39
555.   nick
c'mon Scotty--is this game worth his arm finally falling off, I ask myself?
2006-08-08 20:52:07
556.   3rd gen yankee fan
good deal good deal
2006-08-08 20:52:41
557.   claybeez
What a tense game. Gives you a tease of what October will be like.
2006-08-08 20:53:46
558.   SF Yanks
nice attempt ARod..pfft
2006-08-08 20:53:46
559.   claybeez
I have to laugh. You know there's no way he catches that.
2006-08-08 20:54:25
560.   Benjamin Kabak
Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera - L
2006-08-08 20:54:51
561.   claybeez
That blows. Good game, though. Jeter seriously needs to teach Alex how to catch those.
2006-08-08 20:54:54
562.   neilymon
559 no way he catches that, right? like, none? as in, dye would have won this regardless of who had been in LF or 3B. . .


2006-08-08 20:55:05
563.   monkeypants
...and you KNOW that no catch at 3rd is gonna make the highlight reels.
2006-08-08 20:55:06
564.   phee
what a joke, give the umps an assist in the boxscore, that dude behind the plate should be reprimanded
2006-08-08 20:55:13
565.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-08-08 20:57:25
566.   mehmattski
560 Ummmmm... one of those guys was 3 for 3 with a 2 run homer, and was on base all five times. And what about Johnny Damon's 0-fer? And Posada's GIDP with the bases loaded.


2006-08-08 20:57:38
567.   vockins
That noncatch was garbage. Jeez.
2006-08-08 20:57:39
568.   fansince77
I don't mind the loss...but not on an 0-2 pitch to free swinging Dye- he had him he had him he had him...that 0-2 and 1-2 pitch should have been nowhere near the strikezone!
2006-08-08 20:57:52
569.   claybeez
560 What about Jorge? And let's face it, we can't always let Mo' off the hook. It was his flat cutter that flew over the wall. We should have had a bigger lead, but we didn't. And he didn't hold it for us. Just how it goes. Seems like Mo' is good for one of these stretches every year.
2006-08-08 20:58:44
570.   Yu-Hsing Chen
gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , damn you ump.....
2006-08-08 20:59:05
571.   SF Yanks
560 What about Mo... how can you possibly mention ARod there?
2006-08-08 21:00:51
572.   claybeez
562 No. I'm saying no way ALEX catches that. He's useless on pop-ups.
2006-08-08 21:01:07
573.   randym77
I dunno...I think that was catchable. As Leiter pointed out, A-Rod's just not used to there being that much real estate there.

Last year, there was a ball hit in a similar area that both Jeter and Bubba got to. At the same time, unfortunately.

Dunno if a stronger arm in CF could have prevented the run. Probably not. But Damon's arm doesn't scare anyone.

2006-08-08 21:01:47
574.   Max
Sucky loss, only because of all the blown opportunities, the fact that we were trotting one of our better pitchers out there, and plus it's the start of a brutal stretch. Let's hope the guys know how to shake this one off.
2006-08-08 21:03:13
575.   Benjamin Kabak
566 how about catching a foul pop? Where was Melky on that play?

I don't blame Rivera. Konerko hit a bad pitch. It happens. But Posada's GIDP was bad.

And Melky managed to utterly fail with a key insurance run on third and one out in the 9th and then he wasn't even in the AREA of that foul ball. A-Rod may have missed it but he had to run practically to the end of the field.

So maybe it should just say L-Cabrera. How's that?

2006-08-08 21:03:52
576.   mehmattski
The ball wasn't hit nearly high enough for Jeter to be a factor on this play. And as stated, A-Rod's weakness is popups... the fact remains that with any other third baseman other than at the PLATE, the White Sox would have won this game handily.
2006-08-08 21:04:45
577.   SF Yanks
I hate going to bed on a pissy note. It ruins my sleep. F-in Yanks...that bugs. Get em tomorrow I guess.
2006-08-08 21:06:36
578.   Benjamin Kabak
Randy better remember how to pitch tomorrow. That's as big a game as he's had to pitch all year.

What makes this worse is that the Red Sox lost to the pathetic Royals and the Yanks can't gain any ground.

2006-08-08 21:07:14
579.   randym77
575 Melky was there. He probably figured A-Rod would catch it, though. Maybe he doesn't know about A-Rod and popups.

Honestly, are you really going to pin this loss on the rookie #9 hitter?

2006-08-08 21:09:27
580.   Benjamin Kabak
579 When your fielders give good teams like Chicago extra outs, bad things happen.
2006-08-08 21:09:28
581.   mehmattski
575 That's a lot like Jets fans blame Doug Brein for losing the playoff game against the Steelers, despite the fact the Jets were like 0 for 13 on third down that game... Cabrera was playing out of position to come that far and make a catch. If the Yankees wore down Garcia better, if Wang has a normal Wang-type outing, if they make the correct call on Wilson's GIDP, if Crede's flyout to the track in center was hit a little harder... none of that would have mattered. There are so many things that happen in a baseball game that you can't pin a win or a loss on any one event. It is that mentalitiy that leads to insane things like booing the best all around baseball player of our time. And I'm sick of it.
2006-08-08 21:10:58
582.   mehmattski
575 That's a lot like Jets fans blame Doug Brein for losing the playoff game against the Steelers, despite the fact the Jets were like 0 for 13 on third down that game... Cabrera was playing out of position to come that far and make a catch. If the Yankees wore down Garcia better, if Wang has a normal Wang-type outing, if they make the correct call on Wilson's GIDP, if Crede's flyout to the track in center was hit a little harder... none of that would have mattered. There are so many things that happen in a baseball game that you can't pin a win or a loss on any one event. It is that mentalitiy that leads to insane things like booing the best all around baseball player of our time. And I'm sick of it.
2006-08-08 21:23:46
583.   Benjamin Kabak
581 I'm not booing. I'm just disappointed. There's a difference. I've written it about it plenty on Off the Facade: I won't boo A-Rod anymore. But I'm disappointed in him.

I'm also disappointed in Torre for mismanaging the bullpen and taking Giambi out of the game. Bernie looked woefully overmatched tonight.

2006-08-08 21:25:29
584.   randym77
He had to take Giambi out of the game. He was hit on the elbow by a pitch.

I just hope he's not out too long.

2006-08-08 21:30:16
585.   seamus
583 are you seriously complaining about ARod tonight? You've gotta be kidding me. The guy was 3 for 3, 2 run homer, 2 walks, fielded well overall, stole a base. What else is he supposed to do? Run down difficult to get to popups like Papi does?
2006-08-08 21:31:41
586.   Benjamin Kabak
584 Yeah, I just saw that. Didn't realize it during the game.

585 Remind me again what David Ortiz had to do with A-Rod AND MELKY CABRERA'S inability to reach a catchable foul pop in the 11th inning of a tie game in Chicago?

2006-08-08 21:57:09
587.   Max
583 Please explain how Torre mismanaged the bullpen tonight. I'm waiting.
2006-08-09 05:20:31
588.   seamus
586 the papi reference was a joke, but the point was that it was not an easy play (particularly for ARod, not as sure about Melky) and ARod had a big night. Only a handful of 3bman would have caught that.
2006-08-09 05:54:30
589.   KBT
Gah! ESPN radio is taking every opportunity glitz up Mo's blown save. I feel like breaking something. AND IT'S AUGUST!

The pop-up foul should have been Melky's. Little League 101. Much easier for the outfielder coming in than the infielder over his shoulder.

And a shout out to Mo Claret for getting nabbed with loaded guns while wearing a teflon vest and leading cops on a car chase. What a waste.

2006-08-09 06:27:00
590.   Ron Burgundy
I just woke up with a throbbing and horrible hangover, and I didn't drink yesterday, at all. Oh damn that hurt. That was infinitely worse than a kick in the family jewels. I mean, you take blowout losses easy. If it's a blowout, the team wasn't in it and shit happens, so you just move on. But DAMN. When GOD blows a save and then we lose it in extras. That HURTS.

Luckily for us, the Red Sawx lost to the mighty Kansas City Royals. They get screwed either way, they stay 2 GB of us and are actually 1 GB of the ChiSox now. But still, I can't get over the fact that in the past 3 days, we've lost games started by Moose and Wang. WRONG.

2006-08-09 06:40:37
591.   Simone
Yesterday's game was a hard luck loss, but it happens. Fortunately, the Red Sox lost to the Royals which was nothing, but good luck for the Yankees.

589 Yep, ESPN was out of control this morning with Mo's blown save. I just changed the channel.

2006-08-09 06:48:22
592.   Ron Burgundy
591 What'd they say?
2006-08-09 07:01:46
593.   KBT
It's the lead story on every Sportscenter update. Not that the Sox won, but that Mo blew the save. I mean, it's to be expected. Just salt in the wound is all.
2006-08-09 07:09:05
594.   KBT
But, as usual, Cowherd proves to be the only on-air talent in Bristol.

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