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The World Champion Chicago White Sox
2006-07-14 12:33
by Cliff Corcoran

The second half of the Yankees' 2006 season kicks off with a bang tonight as the Yankees take on the defending World Champion Chicago White Sox at the Stadium. The White Sox are one of two American League teams the Yankees have yet to face this year (the other, the Mariners, comes to town on Monday), and one of two teams that stands between them and a playoff spot. The White Sox lead the Yankees by six games in the Wild Card race. That's a much tougher row to hoe than the 2.5 game deficit the Yankees face in the AL East, but the Yanks and Chisox are actually far better matched than you might expect.

Although the reputations of their two pitching staffs differ significantly, both have been equally effective thus far this season, with the White Sox allowing 4.715 runs per game and the Yankees allowing 4.721 runs per game, putting the two teams in a virtual tie for the fourth-best run prevention in the American League. The same thing is true on defense. Despite their disparate reputations, the Yankees actually have a slightly higher defensive efficiency than the defending World Champs, with the two teams ranking third and fourth respectively in the American League.

Where these two teams differ is offense. Thanks to the acquisition of Jim Thome (.298/.414/.651, 30 HR, 77 RBI), a career year from Jermaine Dye (.318/.397/.646, 25 HR, 68 RBI), and a breakout season from 28-year-old Joe Crede (.294/.331/.512, 16 HR, 57 RBI), A.J. Pierzynski's rediscovery of his 2003 form (.320/.365/.440), the usual contribution from the suddenly consistent Paul Konerko (.313/.384/.449, 21 HR, 67 RBI), and more of the same from Tadahito Iguchi (.287/.346/.429), the White Sox have the major league's best offense, and one that's powered by getting on base and hitting for extra bases.

That's not to say that the Sox don't have a couple of stiffs. Juan Uribe has 11 homers, but a Womackian .264 on-base percentage and has been losing occasional starts against righty pitching to Alex Cintron, who has just two bombs, but 56 more points of OBP. Rookie Brian Anderson, meanwhile, has more than replaced Aaron Rowand's defense in center, posting a staggering 122 Rate, but is cruising down the interstate at .192/.280/.324, forcing his manager to sacrifice his glove for the bat of lefty-hitting utility man Rob Mackowiak (.309/.396/.407) against certain right handers.

The contrast between the Sox and the Yankees lends a great deal of support to the idea that what the Yankees most need is a big bat for right field. (A quick aside, today's New York Post back page featured a big photo of Bobby Abreu along with a headline suggesting that the Mets and Yankees were both trying to deal for the Phillies' right fielder. First of all, the Mets aren't going to get a right fielder from a division rival when what they need most of all is starting pitching. Second, it reminded me of a similar Post back page from 2000 featuring Sammy Sosa. Sosa didn't wind up going anywhere, and the Yankees made a brilliant and unexpected deal for David Justice. Seeing that Abreu headline, I began wondering who might be a similar high-profile, yet off-the-rumor-radar acquisition for the Yankees this year. It would have to be a veteran with a big contract looking to jump off a sinking ship for one last chance at a title. Preferably someone who'd been there before, maybe even had a ring of their own. The names that I came up with were Moises Alou and Luis Gonzalez. Remember, you heard it here first).

That said, any team willing to take a gander on Sidney Ponson is clearly in need of pitching. The Yankees are still fourth in the majors in runs scored, but with their sudden loss of faith in Shawn Chacon (which hasn't been entirely undeserved, but still feels premature), they're essentially without a fifth starter. Aaron Small's glass slipper has shattered, Darrell Rasner might not return to action this year, Matt DeSalvo and Jeffrey Karstens crashed and burned in Columbus and were demoted to double-A, Ramiro Mendoza has been awful of late, Sean Henn spent most of the first half on the DL, Steven White is still finding himself in triple-A, and the Yankees' fourth starter is Jaret Wright, who still hasn't pitched out of the sixth inning (though after he struck out ten and walked none in his last start while allowing just four hits and throwing just 91 pitches and still got the hook after six, I became even more convinced that the Yankees have imposed that ceiling in an attempt to keep Wright healthy).

Think about this for a second: wouldn't Jason Schmidt help this team more than Bobby Abreu?

At any rate, this weekend's series with the World Champs is a big one. The Yankees need to make a dent in the Sox's Wild Card lead and prove that they can hang with these big boys the way they did with the AL-best Tigers at the end of May. Tonight they'll take their first stab at the Sox by taking on the undefeated Jose Contreras. Easily the Sox's ace this year, Contreras has actually not been as consistent as his 9-0 record might lead you to believe. He's the only Sox starter to have missed a turn, having spent 15 days on the DL with sciatica (the Sox as a whole have been alarmingly consistent, their opening day roster differing from today's by just one man, reliever David Riske, and their current record falling just two games shy of their record at the same point a year ago). After being activated in late May, Contreras recorded three no-decisions, dodging the loss in a 12-8 defeat at the hands of the Indians who touched up El Titan de Bronze for six runs in five innings. In his last three starts in June, he gave up 15 runs in 17 2/3 innings and three of his last five starts have also been no decisions despite his receiving an average of eight runs of support over that span.

The Yankees will counter with Randy Johnson. Johnson was acquired prior to the 2005 season to be the difference maker and in a way, he has been. The Yankees won their division last year because of a late-season run that was lead by Johnson's stellar performance down the stretch in which he won each of his final eight starts, posting a 1.93 ERA and a 0.82 WHIP and allowing just two home runs over 51 1/3 innings pitched. They then lost the ALDS in large part because Johnson spit the bit in Game 3. With the Yankees easily within striking distance of the playoffs coming out of the All-Star Break, it's very likely that Johnson, who was maddeningly inconsistent during the first half, will make the difference yet again down the stretch.

The Yankees can guess at what they'll get out of the other three permanent members of their rotation in the second half. Mussina will likely regress slightly from his strong first half, but will continue to turn in quality starts. Wright will continue to give the Yankees a solid five or six innings each time out with an occasional stinker, and Wang will continue to mature into an efficient and occasionally dominant innings eater. But Johnson's a mystery. He was excellent in four of his last five starts during the first half (take off the eighth inning of his final start against the Indians when he was trying to save the bullpen with a nine-run lead and his line in those four outings was 27 1/3 IP, 15 H, 5 R, 1 HR, 2 BB, 27 K), but the exception was a miserable loss to the Mets in which he allowed eight earned runs (though he did strike out seven in six innings pitched). It could be that this is what Johnson is now, inconsistent, but if one side of Randy Johnson's split personality takes over, he will take the team with him to glory or destruction. Tonight we'll get our first indication of which direction he's headed.

Chicago White Sox

2006 Record: 57-31 (.648)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 54-34 (.611)

Manager: Ozzie Guillen
General Manager: Kenny Williams

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): US Cellular Field (103/102)

Who's Replacing Whom?

  • Jim Thome replaces Carl Everett
  • Ross Gload inherits Frank Thomas's at-bats
  • Alex Cintron replaces Willie Harris
  • Rob Mackowiak replaces Timo Perez
  • Javier Vazquez replaces Orlando Hernandez
  • Matt Thornton replaces Damaso Marte
  • David Riske replaces Luis Vizcaino
  • Bobby Jenks takes over Dustin Hermanson's save opportunities

Current Roster:

1B – Paul Konerko (R)
2B – Tadahito Iguchi (R)
SS – Juan Uribe (R)
3B – Joe Crede (R)
C – A.J. Pierzynski (L)
RF – Jermaine Dye (R)
CF – Brian Anderson (R)
LF – Scott Podsednik (L)
DH – Jim Thome (L)


L – Rob Mackowiak (UT)
R – Pablo Ozuna (IF)
S – Alex Cintron (IF)
L – Ross Gload (1B)
R – Chris Widger (C)


R – Jose Contreras
L – Mark Buehrle
R – Freddy Garcia
R – John Garland
R – Javier Vazquez


R – Bobby Jenks
L – Neal Cotts
R – Cliff Politte
R – Brandon McCarthy
L – Matt Thornton
R – David Riske

DL: R – Dustin Hermanson, R – Jeff Nelson

Typical Lineup:

L – Scott Podsednik (LF)
R – Tadahito Iguchi (2B)
L – Jim Thome (DH)
R – Paul Konerko (R)
R – Jermaine Dye (RF)
L – A.J. Pierzynski (C)
R – Joe Crede (3B)
R – Juan Uribe (2B)
R – Brian Anderson (CF)

Comments (274)
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2006-07-14 13:25:09
1.   MattinglyHOF
Would love to slap Jose around tonight
2006-07-14 13:32:27
2.   Cliff Corcoran
2 Indeed, I would love nothing more than for Donnie Baseball to step of the bench with a game-winning pintch hit off #17 on my 25 Least Favorite list. Alas, those days are gone.
2006-07-14 13:32:58
3.   Sliced Bread
Way to set the stage for Re-Opening Day, Cliff.

Good call on Alou or Gonzalez.

I admire your restrained minimalism regarding Fat Chance Ponson. Sid Row.

HUGE series this weekend. Go Yanks!

2006-07-14 13:38:46
4.   unpopster
4 something tells me that David Dellucci, while not the caliber of a Gonzalez or Alou, might be here sooner rather than later...and because he might come on the cheap, it'd allow the Yanks to go after a Schmidt-type starting pitcher.

But what do I know? I'm just a dolt posting to a website.

2006-07-14 13:48:28
5.   Cliff Corcoran
4 I'm just pulling names out of hat, but I think Gonzo or Moises would come cheap. At 38 Gonzo's the younger player, at $7 mill and change Moises has the lower salary. Moises has been having back problems, but is raking when healthy. Gonzo has been healthy, but his production has been way down. I'm not saying I'm in favor of the either player, I'm just goofing around, really.
2006-07-14 13:52:21
6.   standuptriple
I remember when we used to work pitch counts, get guys on and drive them in rather than swinging for the fences. What a surprise it leads to the best offense in the majors.
This should be a good test and I think it's an opportunity to be challenged. This team is pretty scrappy and I'd love to see them make the home crowd proud (and piss off a buddy that will attending a game this weekend).
Go get Contreras. Bust up that "streak". I loved seeing Mo clutch-it-up Tuesday.
2006-07-14 14:00:34
7.   Bama Yankee
5 Alou would save us money on batting gloves and give us someone who would be willing to shake hands with Posada...
2006-07-14 14:12:05
8.   Alex Belth
I'm really excited for this series. Yanks get to test themselves against the World Champs. What more can you ask for?

I say they end Contreras's streak tonight. A Rod goes ding dong. Strong RJ and stronger offense hands Jose his first "L" since last August.

And that's Word to Big Bird.

2006-07-14 14:47:33
9.   unmoderated
johnson goes 6 1/3, 1 ER, 6H 1 BB.

thome has a solo shot in the 5th.

contreras gets chased in the 7th after giving up four straight singles and two runs.

final: 3-2 yanks (arod cushions the lead in the 8th, farnsworth walks the leadoff man the 8th, they steal second, and score on two base error by jeter)

2006-07-14 15:07:23
10.   randym77
Bernie is DHing. Thank you, Joe...

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS Series
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Bernie Williams DH
Aaron Guiel RF
Melky Cabrera LF
Miguel Cairo 2B

2006-07-14 15:09:38
11.   randym77
And here's the White Sox.

Pablo Ozuna LF
Tadahito Iguchi 2B
Jim Thome DH
Paul Konerko 1B
Jermaine Dye RF
Joe Crede 3B
Juan Uribe SS
Chris Widger C
Brian Anderson CF

2006-07-14 16:10:47
12.   rbj
Crap. It's the Sox feed on EI.
2006-07-14 16:13:22
13.   randym77
C'mon, Randy. Good first inning = good game.

And it should be hot enough for you. :-P

2006-07-14 16:14:46
14.   BklynBmr
Good start, Unit!
2006-07-14 16:16:44
15.   BklynBmr
12 Oh no! If I hear 'he gone' just once...
2006-07-14 16:18:01
16.   rbj
And it starts. The Chicago broadcasters are already saying to keep an eye on the strike zone, to see if Jose gets the same zone as Unit. Brilliant. Set up a reason why your guy fails, right off the bat.
2006-07-14 16:22:01
17.   rbj
15 Augh. He said it. I want the Yanks to crush the Sox, not for any vindictivness to Contreras or anything. But just to shut up that duo.
2006-07-14 16:22:50
18.   SF Yanks
15 I'm with ya. Never paid attention to it before, until I just heard it. Let me just say, that will get old VERY fast.
2006-07-14 16:24:39
19.   singledd
This stuff that Contreras couldn't ahndle NY is bullshit. This guy pitched for Castro and went through a ton of shit to get here.

He finally gets his family to the USA and they dump him shortly after. Stupid.

2006-07-14 16:27:12
20.   Eirias
15 He gone?
2006-07-14 16:27:13
21.   SF Yanks
Worst... Announcers...Ever!!!
2006-07-14 16:27:28
22.   singledd
And RJ is back....
2006-07-14 16:27:59
23.   randym77
Ugh. The fastball's looking good, but the slider's kinda flat.
2006-07-14 16:28:22
24.   SF Yanks
Slider looks horrible.
2006-07-14 16:32:14
25.   rbj
Just one bad pitch.
2006-07-14 16:34:39
26.   Alex Belth
Contreras has made short work of the Yanks through two innings. He threw five pitches in the second.
2006-07-14 16:37:35
27.   singledd
When I look at our batting order, I see:
1-5 2006 Yankees
6-9 1965 Mets

Aside from dingers from Giambi, I just don't have faith in this lineup to score

2006-07-14 16:47:41
28.   tommyl
askjdfakjsdfklajsdf Cairo aklsdjfaklsjasdf
2006-07-14 16:52:19
29.   Bama Yankee
21 Don't get me started on the Sox announcers...
Before you puncture your eardrums with a white hot knitting needle, check out the web site
2006-07-14 16:57:23
30.   randym77
Jerk. Good riddance.
2006-07-14 16:58:21
31.   rbj
29 LOL Bama. And if White Sox fans can't stand him. . .
C'mon Jason.
2006-07-14 17:00:18
32.   Simone
The Yankees can get something done here. It is on you, A-Rod.
2006-07-14 17:02:01
33.   BklynBmr
Section 39 wants a souvenir, Jorgie...
2006-07-14 17:02:04
34.   Simone
Okay, it is on you, Jorgie. I believe.
2006-07-14 17:03:02
35.   randym77
Good enough!
2006-07-14 17:03:05
36.   BklynBmr
That's a start. Keep the line movin', Bernie...
2006-07-14 17:03:46
37.   Simone
Jorgie rocks!
2006-07-14 17:07:39
38.   BklynBmr
OK... It's Melky time!
2006-07-14 17:08:16
39.   claybeez
I hadn't recognized the cool, strutting Jose. This sweating, wincing version is the one I remember.
2006-07-14 17:08:19
40.   randym77
Maybe it is New York he can't handle...
2006-07-14 17:08:30
41.   Simone
Let's go, Melky. Why is he hitting between Guiel and Cairo though?
2006-07-14 17:08:31
42.   rbj
Ah yes, Contreras didn't get the 1-0 strike, that is what caused all to Jose's problems. Bugger off Hawk & DJ.
2006-07-14 17:08:50
43.   kylepetterson
Coaching visit to the mount

"Pitch better"

"I can't make any promises."

2006-07-14 17:10:25
44.   singledd
How do you pop up that pitch? Is Melkdud back to his uppercut?
2006-07-14 17:10:54
45.   BklynBmr
^%#$@! A big inning would have been sweet...

39 LOL! That tight shot on him definitely brought back some bad memories...

2006-07-14 17:11:30
46.   singledd
"Ah yes, Contreras didn't get the 1-0 strike, that is what caused all to Jose's problems."
M. Kaye said the EXACT same thing
2006-07-14 17:12:39
47.   Cliff Corcoran
Why is Bernie is in the lineup? Andy may be slumping, but he's also hiting righties better than lefties and improves the defense. Guiel and Bernie should be in a strict platoon in right field.
2006-07-14 17:14:27
48.   rilkefan
Red Sox down 0-2 after 3. Zito at 65 pitches already.
2006-07-14 17:14:53
49.   SF Yanks
Doesn't it seem like the Sox announcers are "down" now because we tied it up? They need to grow a pair and act like men.
2006-07-14 17:16:28
50.   randym77
Bernie shouldn't be in the outfield at all. :-P

Andy's batting .108 for July. I think Joe's decided to pull the plug on him.

Though maybe we'll see him when Wang (and maybe Wright) is on the mound.

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2006-07-14 17:16:36
51.   rbj
46 I'd gladly give up Kaye if it meant shutting up Hawk too.
2006-07-14 17:17:22
52.   randym77
Triple for Miggy!!! Woot!
2006-07-14 17:17:31
53.   SF Yanks
2006-07-14 17:19:35
54.   singledd
Man on 3rd, top of the order, no out.
2006-07-14 17:19:42
55.   SF Yanks
I swear to... anything... if they don't get that run in...
2006-07-14 17:20:06
56.   BklynBmr
Does anyone know someone who is at the game right now and has a cel phone? Please call them and ask them to make to way to the TV announcer booth and knock Harrelson over the head with a heavy, blunt object. Repeatedly. Please. I'm not kidding...
2006-07-14 17:20:14
57.   rilkefan
RS down 0-4 after 3.1 - Ellis homers after some guy named Bradley singles.

Fighting off waves of optimism.

2006-07-14 17:21:41
58.   BklynBmr
54 Man on third returns to second. To play it.
2006-07-14 17:21:51
59.   SF Yanks
They're just messing around right?
2006-07-14 17:21:59
60.   Cliff Corcoran
Oh face!
2006-07-14 17:22:18
61.   singledd
(throw up in my mouth a little)
Common Giambi!
2006-07-14 17:22:44
62.   singledd
Check that. Common ARod!
2006-07-14 17:22:46
63.   rbj
56 I'll kick in a $20.
2006-07-14 17:23:16
64.   BklynBmr
Ozzie is ruthless...
2006-07-14 17:23:49
65.   randym77
Make 'em pay, A-Rod!
2006-07-14 17:24:43
66.   randym77
A clutch HBP for A-Rod!
2006-07-14 17:24:45
67.   singledd
Flash Giambi!
2006-07-14 17:24:47
68.   rbj
Man, when was the last time Giambi stole a base.
2006-07-14 17:24:54
69.   BklynBmr
Take one for the team, Alex...
2006-07-14 17:25:13
70.   kylepetterson
that was so clutch.
2006-07-14 17:25:34
71.   Cliff Corcoran
What a crazy inning.
2006-07-14 17:25:36
72.   SF Yanks
Did they just not score with a lead off triple? Or am I imagining things?
2006-07-14 17:25:51
73.   rbj
&^$#@&%^#(&^@#!!!!! Wasted lead off triple @#@^&!(@&#$!!+!@(!!!
2006-07-14 17:26:07
74.   kylepetterson
68 - gameday says sometime this season
2006-07-14 17:26:22
75.   Simone
Now that is very sad.
2006-07-14 17:27:00
76.   singledd
2006-07-14 17:27:29
77.   JeremyM
Talk about letting a guy off the ropes...again and again and again. Then again, I've read that he has been the luckiest pitcher in baseball over the last 2 years.
2006-07-14 17:28:45
78.   tommyl
Well not quite the clutch ABS from Jeter and Damon. Argh.
2006-07-14 17:29:04
79.   randym77
72 You're not imagining things. Worse, it's hardly the first time it's happened. I think this is the third or fourth time I've seen a leadoff triple by the #9 hitter go to waste this season.
2006-07-14 17:29:12
80.   singledd
Toronto down 3-0 after 4.
2006-07-14 17:29:21
81.   tommyl
We really need to score when the bottom of the order hits. Miggy only has so many base hits in him.
2006-07-14 17:29:48
82.   Cliff Corcoran
76 Let's see, they're tied in the sixth facing the ace of the defending world champs and the current second best team in baseball. Yeah, they're all messed up.
2006-07-14 17:30:37
83.   tommyl
At least the fans seem to be a bit more behind A-Rod these days.
2006-07-14 17:30:55
84.   SF Yanks
81 straight up.
2006-07-14 17:32:36
85.   claybeez
82 Sorry, Cliff, but this does seem like deja vu all over again and again. Not to say we won't pull it out. Just saying so many lost opps it gets frustrating.
2006-07-14 17:34:02
86.   SF Yanks
There was some heat on that pitch
2006-07-14 17:34:23
87.   rbj
This is what we're missing with Shef & Matsui gone. Lead off 3b, then two guys make outs (which is bound to happen) two more get on, but then there isn't that next bat to get a hit.
2006-07-14 17:36:06
88.   rbj
Su-weet, Unit.
2006-07-14 17:36:20
89.   Cliff Corcoran
The early returns on the second half Unit are very encouraging.
2006-07-14 17:37:02
90.   singledd
82 The Mantra of a team that misses the PS.
2006-07-14 17:38:21
91.   tommyl
87 Are you kidding? The guys who made outs: Jeter, Damon and Posada. Even with Sheff and Matsui back I'd be happy having those guys up and they need to hit.
2006-07-14 17:38:23
92.   yankz
I just got here, still no Cano?
2006-07-14 17:38:37
93.   Cliff Corcoran
85 Sorry, I'm not buying it. This team has scored the fourth most runs in the majors and has the fourth best record in the AL. All of this bitching and moaning is just Steinbrenner fostered what-have-you-done-for-me-lately.
2006-07-14 17:39:09
94.   tommyl
89 Yup, that slider (not counting the HR pitch) seems to really be biting. So far tonight he's been good to excellent with one hanging pitch he unfortunately got nailed on.

Let's score a run and get it to Mo.

2006-07-14 17:39:52
95.   Cliff Corcoran
I think I just saw Ponson in the dugout. Now if you want to bitch and moan about something . . .


2006-07-14 17:40:03
96.   kylepetterson
RJ seems to be better since he admitted that he's old and the he isn't the old RJ anymore.
2006-07-14 17:40:10
97.   tommyl
YES. Clearly this is something terribly wrong with this team.
2006-07-14 17:40:21
98.   rbj
91 Yeah, but Jorge would be further down in the order and
Way to go Gueil!
2006-07-14 17:40:37
99.   BklynBmr
It's official. Guiel is a New York Yankee.
2006-07-14 17:41:26
100.   tommyl
Man, that reminds me of that HR that was hit off RJ last year by some no name (whose name I can't remember). High pitch, not even in the strikezone and a laser out.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-07-14 17:41:39
101.   randym77
Home run for the new guy(-ile)!

Come to think of it...I bet Andy is going to be part of the Guiel-Bernie platoon. Joe's not going to take Bernie out of the lineup. So when there's a RHP, Guiel's RF, Bernie's DHing, Giambi's at 1B, and Andy's on the bench. With a LHP, it will be Bernie in RF, Giambi DHing, and Andy at 1B.

2006-07-14 17:41:57
102.   Cliff Corcoran
99 It was official when he signed the contract.
2006-07-14 17:42:02
103.   Simone
Who was bashing Guiel? Clearly, the guy is a Contreras killer.
2006-07-14 17:42:06
104.   kylepetterson
99 - Remember when bubba hit that game winner last year and he was a "real" yankee for like a week?
2006-07-14 17:42:40
105.   Cliff Corcoran
101 Sadly, you might be right.
2006-07-14 17:44:14
106.   tommyl
105 Nah Cliff. I think Joe is just trying to ride Bernie's recent "hot streak" way too far. It'll settle down I think.
2006-07-14 17:44:51
107.   BklynBmr
102 Wrong. It was contingent on his first HR. My brother-in-law is his agent. Trust me.
2006-07-14 17:46:48
108.   BayRidger
Sterling dropped the ball on that HR call. I'm sure I heard him say, even once he woke up and realized that something important was going on, "Damon". Then later "Who would have thought Aaron Guiel would be the one to homer".... obviously not you, John.
2006-07-14 17:47:47
109.   Simone
Why does the wild pitch always happen when there is a man on base?
2006-07-14 17:48:30
110.   rilkefan
Mil-ton Brad-ley, two-run double...
2006-07-14 17:48:37
111.   claybeez
93 I went through the lean years, no johnny-come-lately attitude here. But, I do watch a lot of games on the package. My impression or perception and that of some others is that this team tends to press and not take advantage of the gifts they are handed.

I hear your stats, but we all know lots of our runs lately have come in blowouts. I don't want them to fail or to press, but I can't turn a blind eye to what I perceive just because I'm a life-long fan.

2006-07-14 17:48:38
112.   yankz
109 Doesn't a man have to be on in order for it to be a wild pitch? Otherwise, isn't it just a ball?
2006-07-14 17:48:48
113.   JeremyM
109 Well, technically it wouldn't be a wild pitch then:)
2006-07-14 17:51:00
114.   Simone
109 I mean, the pitcher seems to throw that crazy out of control pitch when someone is on base.
2006-07-14 17:51:08
115.   rbj
Good, set up the double play.
2006-07-14 17:51:33
116.   BayRidger
Just keep it in the ballpark, Randy, please.
2006-07-14 17:51:41
117.   Simone
Let me add: The pitcher then follows the wild pitch with a hit batsman.
2006-07-14 17:53:02
118.   Simone
Well, the lead was nice while it lasted.
2006-07-14 17:54:10
119.   singledd
Bad play on Melkdud. He had tons of time on that play, but was moving back when he caught the ball, and therefore took a loooooog time to set himself and get rid of the ball.

Awful short for a sac fly.

2006-07-14 17:54:35
120.   BayRidger
We all know he's old....
2006-07-14 17:54:51
121.   singledd
Does RJ go 8?
2006-07-14 17:55:02
122.   randym77
Wow, Beckett gone in 4.1 innings. Boston down 7-0.
2006-07-14 17:55:55
123.   singledd
Yes! Oakland up 7-0, top of the 5th.
2006-07-14 17:57:06
124.   yankz
I really want Jeter to bust out of this homer drought, now.
2006-07-14 17:58:11
125.   tommyl
What's Randy's pitch count? He was looking like he was out of gas that last frame. Control slipping a lot and some sliders not breaking as well. When Randy hits the left corner on a slider, that's a bad sign.
2006-07-14 17:58:51
126.   BklynBmr
82 pitches for Zito after 4... 3 walks. Save that arm for The Bronx next year, Barry!
2006-07-14 17:58:54
127.   tommyl
I'd say go to Matt Smith, oh wait, he's not on the team anymore. Ummm...Beam, nope. Oh, I know, Proctor! He's still under 2000 innings this year.
2006-07-14 17:59:16
128.   tommyl
126 Please say you are kidding. Zito is overrated.
2006-07-14 18:00:13
129.   rbj
125 93 pitches for Unit. I don't think he'll be out for the 8th.
2006-07-14 18:00:26
130.   BklynBmr
125 93 for The Unit...
2006-07-14 18:00:58
131.   Marcus
Beckett has already given up 27 home runs this season. His previous season high was 16. What the hell is he doing wrong this year?
2006-07-14 18:02:22
132.   yankz
The chance to be 1.5 games out has me all tingly. The Yanks must win tonight!
2006-07-14 18:03:30
133.   yankz
2006-07-14 18:03:31
134.   BklynBmr
128 So is every other big name FA hurler we've brought in here. I don't want him in Fenway, that's for sure.
2006-07-14 18:04:03
135.   Alex Belth
This game makes a good case for the Yankees needing another stick. Then again, it also proves just how good Contreras has been. Not getting Cairo home from third with nobody out was critical. Contreras' forkball is nasty.

Tied at 3 going into the eighth. The White Sox seem to have a lot of late-inning mojo. Here's hoping the pen can hold it together.

2006-07-14 18:04:30
136.   tommyl
131 Pitching in the AL East
2006-07-14 18:05:02
137.   randym77
131 Playing in the AL?
2006-07-14 18:05:08
138.   Alex Belth
My boy, Farnsworth comes in to pitch the eighth. Here we go...
2006-07-14 18:05:38
139.   tommyl
We'll see. I'm not worrying about the offseason next year yet. Back to the game.
2006-07-14 18:06:57
140.   Alex Belth
Brian Anderson leads off.

Slider, inside corner, strike one.

Fastball, airmailed, upstairs, past Posada, 1-1.

Fastball, low and away. Anderson chops it to second. Cairo fields the ball to his left--it takes a late hop. But he gets it cleanly and throws to first for the first out.

2006-07-14 18:07:29
141.   BklynBmr
139 Yeah, we have enough to worry about in the meanwhile ;-)
2006-07-14 18:09:19
142.   Alex Belth
Pablo Ozuna is next. Skinny, right-handed hitter.

Fastball, up and in, ball one. Another heater, upstairs. Overthrown. 2-0. Fastball, low, 3-0.

(Way to go, Kyle, walk the fast kid.)

Fastball, away, strike one. Ozuna flinched. Close to a ball.

Fastball, low. Popped up foul to the right side, 3-2.

Same pitch. Ozuna hits a one-hooper to Cairo.

Two outs.

2006-07-14 18:09:38
143.   singledd
Seattle over Toronto 5-3, top 7th.
2006-07-14 18:10:18
144.   tommyl
I'm starting to like this version of Farns. Fastball, fastball, fastball all at 96-98.
2006-07-14 18:10:44
145.   Alex Belth
Iguchi. The clutch dude.

Fastball, inside corner, strike. 98 mph says the gun.

Splitter, low and in. In the dirt, 1-1.

Slider, in. Grounded softly to Jeter.

Three up, three down.

2006-07-14 18:11:33
146.   rbj
OK, let's get a run, and then it's Rivera time. Not to be confused in any way with Lima time -- i.e. time to get out of baseball.
2006-07-14 18:11:53
147.   tommyl
I'm so glad Mo never thought he had to throw his other pitches when in relief. Just keep pumping 95mph fastballs in and watch them strikeout. Kyle should be doing that.
2006-07-14 18:12:42
148.   BklynBmr
OK, Farns! Your five cigarette half-innings are getting fewer and fewer...
2006-07-14 18:13:39
149.   tommyl
See, clutch.
2006-07-14 18:13:43
150.   BklynBmr
Yeah, but...
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-07-14 18:13:49
151.   randym77 is reporting that we may trade Melky for Burnitz and Craig Wilson of the Pirates. The Pirates want a young RFer who is ready to play every day. They don't want Burnitz's salary, and Craig Wilson has made enemies in Pittburgh griping about not enough playing time.

We don't want Burnitz's salary, either, but we might take it to get Wilson.

2006-07-14 18:14:22
152.   tommyl
Now if only we had Piazza available to PH for Melky or Miggy.
2006-07-14 18:14:28
153.   Alex Belth
Contreras v. A Rod.

Side arm, called strike one.

Another one, ripped to left for a single. Turned on it. First solid rip of the night for Alex.

Ozzie is pulling Contreras.

2006-07-14 18:14:41
154.   kylepetterson
man, even gameday expects a-rod to get out.
2006-07-14 18:17:11
155.   singledd
Right here right now!
2006-07-14 18:17:29
156.   Alex Belth
Lefty Matt Thornton vs. Jorge.

Contreras, relaxed, smiling on the top step of the dugout. Never looked like that in New York.

Jorge dumps the first pitch into left for a base hit.

First and second, nobody out.

2006-07-14 18:17:30
157.   tommyl
And now, Bernie, its time to pull off some '98 magic.
2006-07-14 18:17:44
158.   BklynBmr
Jorgie Clutch!
2006-07-14 18:18:13
159.   tommyl
156 If ARod scores, Contreras can lose for the first time since last August. That would be sweet if the Yankees were the ones to do it.
2006-07-14 18:18:58
160.   Simone
Trade Melky? I hope not.
2006-07-14 18:19:59
161.   singledd
This is the right time to sac bunt, but we have no one on the bench.
2006-07-14 18:20:19
162.   claybeez
OK boys, let's go take this one!
2006-07-14 18:20:19
163.   Alex Belth

Please no double play, please no double play, please no double play...

Fastball inside, ball one.

Corner infielders in a bit.

Fastball, low, ball two.

(Mo ready in the bullpen.)

Fastball, inside. Bernie falls away, ball three.

Fastball in. Bernie does a little lean. Ball four. Man, that was the closest one.

Bases loaded.

2006-07-14 18:20:28
164.   tommyl
160 I agree, it might pay off in the short term but I think it will come back to hurt us. Anyone else have thoughts?
2006-07-14 18:20:49
165.   Alex Belth

Please no double play, please no double play, please no double play...

Fastball inside, ball one.

Corner infielders in a bit.

Fastball, low, ball two.

(Mo ready in the bullpen.)

Fastball, inside. Bernie falls away, ball three.

Fastball in. Bernie does a little lean. Ball four. Man, that was the closest one.

Bases loaded.

2006-07-14 18:21:09
166.   rbj
161 And Andy Philips pops out of the dugout.
2006-07-14 18:21:26
167.   SF Yanks
Alright, there is a 87.2% chance of scoring here. Lets get it done!
2006-07-14 18:21:28
168.   singledd
If Melkdud played a good CF, he might have future value for us. As a corner OF'er, I'm not sure.
2006-07-14 18:21:43
169.   Alex Belth
Brandon McCarthy is the new pitcher. He'll face Andy Phillips, pinch-hitting for Ralph Malph.
2006-07-14 18:22:24
170.   tommyl
168 I was seeing him as a CFer after Damon is gone. I'm biased because he's a farmhand.
2006-07-14 18:22:38
171.   singledd
Bawston with a small rally going in the bottom of the 6th. Zito's gone. 7-1, 2 on, no out.
2006-07-14 18:22:54
172.   kylepetterson
holy crap! he IS Ralph Malph!
2006-07-14 18:23:26
173.   tommyl
Um, can Andy play RF?
2006-07-14 18:23:39
174.   tommyl
oh wait, scratch that. Bubba will come in.
2006-07-14 18:24:32
175.   rbj
Is Craig Wilson that good, that the Yanks can give up Melky? Consider that at least there'll be a healthy Matsui in LF next year.
2006-07-14 18:25:30
176.   Alex Belth
McCarthy vs. Phillips.

Infield is in.

McCarthy is tall.

Big motion, fastball, low, ball one.

Sinker, low, ball two.

Fastball, up, big cut, fouled back, off the catcher's mask. Missed it. Nice swing.

Sinker, low, ball three.

Fastball, inside corner. Phillips takes it. Called strike two.

Full count.

Fastball right over the plate. Phillips swings and misses.

Nice swing Conan.

One out.

2006-07-14 18:26:34
177.   Simone
Please Melky, show them why they shouldn't trade you.
2006-07-14 18:26:41
178.   singledd
Does anyone simply know how to put the bat on the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-07-14 18:26:51
179.   Alex Belth
Another pitching change.

Ozzie brings in Neil Cotts to face Melky.

The crowd is quiet now.

2006-07-14 18:27:04
180.   kylepetterson
grand slam #2?
2006-07-14 18:27:22
181.   singledd
Bawston with a small rally going in the bottom of the 6th. Zito's gone. 7-2, 1 on, 2 out.
2006-07-14 18:27:45
182.   Simone
Guiel was hot. I'm just saying.
2006-07-14 18:28:33
183.   claybeez
151 Burnitz and Wilson? Guess that's one way to make sure KT doesn't see the light of day again. And why in the world would we want Burnitz?
2006-07-14 18:28:47
184.   randym77
I like Craig Wilson, and I think I would do this trade. Wilson can play 1B and catcher was well as all three OF positions, so he'll give us some flexibility.

Melky's a good kid, but I don't see him being a starter. If he is, we can always buy him back. ;-)

2006-07-14 18:29:29
185.   Simone
Just a sac fly, Melky.
2006-07-14 18:29:51
186.   rbj
Melkman delivers.
2006-07-14 18:29:58
187.   BklynBmr
Keep the kid. Please.
2006-07-14 18:29:58
188.   tommyl
I know its small sample size, but PLEASE keep the kid.

Go Melky!

2006-07-14 18:30:16
189.   Alex Belth
The lefty Neal Cotts vs Melky, batting from the right side.

Bernie on first, Jorge on second, Alex on third.

Tie score, one out, bottom of the eighth.

Fastball, inside, Melky swings and shatters his bat. Foul ball.


Cabrera gets a new bat.

Infield is half-way now.

Fastball inside. Melky fights it off. Little line drive to center. Alex scores. Posada halts at third.

Scrappy little piece of hitting there.

2006-07-14 18:30:21
190.   Mattpat11
2006-07-14 18:30:39
191.   Simone
Ha, trade Melky, ha. Yay, Melky!
2006-07-14 18:30:50
192.   randym77
183 We don't want Burnitz. Pittsburgh is trying to force us to take Burnitz if we want Wilson.
2006-07-14 18:31:07
193.   rbj
And there's insurance.
2006-07-14 18:31:08
194.   singledd
Bawston with a small rally going in the bottom of the 6th. Zito's gone. 7-2, 2 on, 2 out, Papi up.
2006-07-14 18:31:28
195.   Alex Belth
First pitch to Cairo, in on the hands. He fouls it off to the right side.


Fastball, fly ball to right. Medium deep. Posada scores easily.

5-3, Yanks.

Two out.

Contreras on the hook for the "L."

2006-07-14 18:31:47
196.   BklynBmr
... and the bottom of the order takes care of biz.
2006-07-14 18:31:49
197.   Simone
Nice, Miggy.
2006-07-14 18:32:29
198.   tommyl
Anderson, Ozuna, Iguchi in the 9th.
2006-07-14 18:32:45
199.   tommyl
Please, please, please don't trade Melky!
2006-07-14 18:33:44
200.   singledd
Bawston. Inning over. After 6, 7-2.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-07-14 18:33:46
201.   claybeez
192 OK. Thanks.

Wilson has pop, but it comes at a cost. Plate discipline and working the count is not his forte.

2006-07-14 18:33:53
202.   rbj
Johnny Damon!
2006-07-14 18:33:56
203.   randym77
Finally, JD!
2006-07-14 18:33:56
204.   BklynBmr
Damon rocks...
2006-07-14 18:34:12
205.   Alex Belth
First pitch to Damon. Fastball, outside corner. Strike one.

Fastball, inside and low. Damon slaps it to the left side, foul.


Fastball, in. Ball one.

Fastball, in, fouled back.

Still 1-2.

Slider in the dirt, 2-2.

Fastball outside, Damon slaps it past third, down the line. Bernie scores.

Not a bad pitch. Good job by Johnny.


Second and third, two out.

2006-07-14 18:34:15
206.   mickey1956
I know a lot of people complain about Cairo, and some of it is warranted. He plays several positions with competence, runs the bases well, and can hit lefties pretty well. Torre has too much faith in him, but he is a solid 25th man.
2006-07-14 18:34:30
207.   tommyl
If Guiel pans out decently as a platoon option. Cano comes back, and we get Matsui back why do we need Wilson and Burnitz?

I think Melky will develop more power. He's 21, he hits to all fields, he's scrappy and he has a decent eye. He's also a plus fielder with a good arm making the league minimum.

2006-07-14 18:34:46
208.   Alex Belth
Cotts intentionally walks Jeter.
2006-07-14 18:34:50
209.   singledd
This game is officially ours!
2006-07-14 18:35:10
210.   BklynBmr
Ozzie is losing it...
2006-07-14 18:35:12
211.   rbj
How much is Burnitz making, that the Yanks can DFA him (or trade him to KC for a B grade prospect)?
2006-07-14 18:35:12
212.   Simone
Johnny D strikes!

I find calling Johnny Damon, "Johnny D" really makes him seem not so much like the guy who made me crazy as a Red Sox player. He is now a whole new person wearing pinstripes who I can root unconditionally.

2006-07-14 18:35:13
213.   tommyl
Hahaha, I love Ozzie. Let's deliberately let Giambi bat with the bases loaded. The guy with the best eye in baseball.
2006-07-14 18:36:01
214.   claybeez
Well done boys. Way to take advantage!

Is 4-6 weeks of Wilson really worth Melky? Melky doesn't have the pop of a corner outfielder. But, we have pop when healthy. I like having a more agile defender out there.

2006-07-14 18:36:31
215.   randym77
201 Yeah, Wilson strikes out a lot. Especially against righties. But he's probably the best we can get without giving up Hughes, Wang, or Cano.
2006-07-14 18:36:43
216.   tommyl
Can't we give them Bubba instead of Melky?
2006-07-14 18:37:10
217.   Alex Belth
Bases loaded. Two out.

Cotts vs. Giambi.

Lefties only hitting .138 off Cotts this year.

Fastball, low, ball one.

Slow ground ball. Iguchi well off the infield, moving into center, back hands the ball, and throws to second. The ball arrives on a bounce. But it is picked cleanly and just beats Jeter. Jeter slaps his thigh in frustration.

And that's that.

2006-07-14 18:37:20
218.   Simone
I totally support keeping Melky and trading Bubba for who ever.
2006-07-14 18:37:24
219.   tommyl
Best line by the White Sox announcers, "We go to the ninth, in deep trouble."
2006-07-14 18:37:27
220.   singledd
207 I thinks the odds of Matsui being very effective are slim. Guiel/Bernie is better then just Bernie, but nothing to write home about. We need to build a team to win the WS.
2006-07-14 18:39:32
221.   tommyl
220 I disagree. If we make the postseason Mastui should be all back by October if he starts playing in August. Sheff is a bigger question mark.

Melky has excellent discipline and he's only 21. I say keep the kid and let him develop. Craig Wilson will not win us a WS.

2006-07-14 18:40:35
222.   Alex Belth
55,069 at the park tonight.

Enter Sandman.

Cutter, inside corner, strike one to Thome.

Cutter, up. Handcuffs Thome, who holds his swing.

Ball one.

Cutter, breaks Thome's bat. Bloop to center. Damon hauling ass, dives, ball drops a foot in front of him.

Base hit.

2006-07-14 18:41:52
223.   tommyl
DP c'mon Mo.
2006-07-14 18:41:55
224.   Alex Belth
Let's turn two boys.


Fastball, strike. 0-1.

Fastball, in, lined into right for a hit. Just dropped the bat down and singled to right. Simple, good hitting.

2006-07-14 18:42:24
225.   tommyl
I'm terrified this could be one of those bloop broken bat BH nights for Mo. He has those every so often.
2006-07-14 18:42:53
226.   Alex Belth
Fastball, in there for a strike to Jermaine Dye.

Fastball, inside. Close. Ball one.

Single to left.

Bases loaded.

Nobody out.

2006-07-14 18:42:58
227.   randym77
206 I like Cairo. He's not a big hitter, but hey, if he was, he wouldn't be a utility guy. His defense always looks a little awkward for some reason, but it's very solid.

211 Burnitz's salary is the reason the Pirates want to get rid of him. From

>> Burnitz, who is hitting .228 with 12 home runs and 37 RBIs in 246 at-bats this season, would also be owed $500,000 for being traded. The 37-year-old Burnitz has hit more than 30 home runs five times during his career, also topping 100 RBIs four times. He has a $6 million option for 2007, but it can be bought out for $700,000. <<

Not much by Yankee standards, but it's a lot for Pittsburgh. Jason Bay, their biggest star, is making only 1 million/year.

2006-07-14 18:43:46
228.   rbj
209 singledd, Let's hope you didn't jinx it.
2006-07-14 18:44:03
229.   BklynBmr
K. DP. Let's go home...
2006-07-14 18:44:03
230.   singledd
209 WHAT DID I DO...............
2006-07-14 18:44:17
231.   Simone
Ugh, lucky thing I am not watching.
2006-07-14 18:44:49
232.   BklynBmr
230 I was going to say something about that... ;-)
2006-07-14 18:45:35
233.   Alex Belth
No quit in the Sox.

Podsednik, the speedy lefty.

Cutter, inside, ball one.

Cutter, inside and high, ball two.

Cutter, inside corner. Taken for a strike.


Cutter, misses the target, tails back over the plate. Podsednik fouls it back.


Slow grounder to first. Phillips goes to first for the out.

Run scores. 6-4.

Runners on second and third, one out.

2006-07-14 18:46:36
234.   tommyl
2006-07-14 18:46:36
235.   randym77
Yeah, Bubba! Nice work, kid.
2006-07-14 18:46:52
236.   rbj
Two down, one to go.
2006-07-14 18:46:58
237.   Alex Belth
Mo vs. Juan Uribe.

Stupid base hit ties the game.

Fastball, hit to right. Bubba, defensive replacement. Tails over, dives against the fence, makes the catch.

Runner tags.

Two out.

2006-07-14 18:47:14
238.   tommyl
I'll say this, good managing by Joe to put Bubba in.
2006-07-14 18:47:41
239.   singledd
How big does JD's hit look now?
2006-07-14 18:48:28
240.   singledd
No ASG for Mo next year.
2006-07-14 18:49:31
241.   randym77
That play notwithstanding, I don't think trading Bubba would get us much. Ditto Thompson and Reese.

IMO, we need to do something to get Bernie off the field. His "defense" is killing us. I'd be willing to play Thompson or Reese or Bubba in RF, but Joe won't. We need an OFer Joe will play instead of Bernie. Wilson mashes lefties, so he could be the guy.

2006-07-14 18:51:05
242.   BayRidger
What did Giullen do to Mo?
2006-07-14 18:51:42
243.   rbj
Man what an AB.
2006-07-14 18:52:11
244.   tommyl
2006-07-14 18:52:18
245.   Eirias
That was far too stressful of a ninth.
2006-07-14 18:52:36
246.   BklynBmr
Whew! Scary AB... Now, let's go A's!
2006-07-14 18:52:39
247.   rbj
Singledd, never, ever again say the game is officially over until it's over. I don't need the ulcer.
2006-07-14 18:52:56
248.   SF Yanks
I feel completely drained after that. Thank you though.
2006-07-14 18:53:01
249.   randym77
And they hold on! Woo-hoo!

Boston still down 7-2...

2006-07-14 18:53:02
250.   claybeez
Good win. Let's take it to them tomorrow.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-07-14 18:53:06
251.   Alex Belth
AJ, the Bastid, pinch hitting.

Cutter, inside, ball one.

1-4 lifetime vs. Mo.

Cutter, low, fouled off.


6-5, tying run at third. Two out.

Fastball, up. Good swing. Fouled back. He missed it. Good pitch to hit.


Crowd is making noise.

Dye off third...

Cutter, in, popped foul.

Crowd deflates....oooooh...slowly gets louder again...

Fastball, low and away.

Nice emergency swing by AJ. Leaning towards first, ass bailing out, slaps at it, foul.


Cutter up and in, foul.

AJ gets a new bat.

Crowd revs up again.

Cutter, in, broken bat foul to the right side.

Still 1-2. AJ is proving to be one tough out here...

Ozzie, smiling with Konerko at the top step.

Let's Go Yan-kees chant.

Cutter, popped up foul behind the plate.

Not a bad pitch to hit there...

Cutter, popped up to right.

Bubba makes the catch. Man, he just got under it. Wow.

9th pitch of the at bat.

23rd pitch for Mo.


Great win.

Contreras loses for the first time since August 15th, 2005.

2006-07-14 18:53:17
252.   mickey1956
Good bye Sox. Hello beer.
2006-07-14 18:53:37
253.   Simone
Whewww!!! The Yankees win!!!
2006-07-14 18:53:54
254.   singledd
Mo's ERA rockets up, but it's a win!
2006-07-14 18:54:07
255.   Simone
Oh, props to Bubba. I just saw that catch on ESPN. Great stuff.
2006-07-14 18:54:15
256.   C2Coke
242 Mo is too nice to let Guillen lose too badly after that awesome appraisals at the end of All-Star.
2006-07-14 18:57:01
257.   BklynBmr
Heh-heh. Camera on stands in Fenway shows the exit lines jammed... 7-2, top 8, Kotsay just singled, 1 out...
2006-07-14 19:06:05
258.   Eirias
Make that 8-2
2006-07-14 19:06:58
259.   BklynBmr
Milton Bradley singles in a run with bases loaded, 2 out. 8-2 Elephants... Mark Ellis doubles, 10-2, second and third...
2006-07-14 19:07:30
260.   randym77
Holy crap. 10-2 now.
2006-07-14 19:09:13
261.   Eirias
2006-07-14 19:15:17
262.   BklynBmr
261 When the franchise was in Philadelphia (and Kansas City), their logo was an elephant.

See this page:

13-2!!! Save some for tomorrow, A's!

2006-07-14 19:15:21
263.   Bama Yankee
261 From Wikipedia:
Elephant Mascot
After New York Giants' manager John McGraw told reporters that Philadelphia manufacturer Benjamin Shibe, who owned the controlling interest in the new team, had a "white elephant on his hands," Mack defiantly adopted the white elephant as the team mascot, though over the years the elephant has appeared in several different colors (currently forest green). The A's are sometimes, though infrequently, referred to as the Elephants or White Elephants.

The elephant was retired as team mascot in 1963 by then-owner Charles O. Finley in favor of a Missouri mule. In 1986, the elephant was restored as the symbol of the Athletics and currently adorns the left sleeve of home and road uniforms. In 1997, the elephant came to life for the first time in the form of a mascot, Stomper.

2006-07-14 19:17:36
264.   BklynBmr
15-2... They may bat around twice this inning.
2006-07-14 19:17:37
265.   Chofo
Beckett´s ERA (5.12) is now oficially higher than Randy´s (5.06). I don´t understand how writers are softer with him even when he´s going down and RJ is on the rise.
2006-07-14 19:19:18
266.   Bama Yankee
263 I guess the A's are similar to my boys at the University of Alabama. We are the Crimson Tide but have used the elephant as a mascot since the early 1900's.
2006-07-14 19:24:14
267.   randym77
266 I always wondered about that. Too silly to have a dinoflagellate for a mascot? ;-)
2006-07-14 19:24:14
268.   k42
Let's go Royals... It really doesn't get better than a Yankee win alongside losses by every team ahead of them.
2006-07-14 19:25:08
269.   BklynBmr
266 Nice find on Wiki. Was not aware of the origin. Great stuff.

Here's the Tide page on the logo site:

What's the significance of the elephant?

2006-07-14 19:32:54
270.   Simone
Hee. Who knew the As could score this many runs.
2006-07-14 19:51:02
271.   C2Coke
270 The Red Sox knows now!
2006-07-14 19:52:28
272.   randym77
Game over. And Boston is in a bona fide skid - a three game losing streak.
2006-07-14 21:34:45
273.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
265 speaking of Beckett sucking, he's now given up 27 homers. Anyone know the record for most homers given up by a pitcher in a season? He's got to be on track, no?
2006-07-15 08:08:11
274.   randym77
273 According to the Boston Globe....


If you're scoring at home, that's three straight losses for the Sox (four is the season high) and 27 homers surrendered by Beckett in a mere 114 1/3 innings. Barring injury, Beckett is on pace to shatter Tim Wakefield's club record of 38 in 1996. The major league record is 50, yielded by Minnesota righty Bert Blyleven in 1986. Blyleven needed 271 2/3 innings to give up the 50 bombs. Beckett's projection over 271 2/3 innings comes to a whopping 64 homers.


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