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The Devil Rays
2006-07-28 13:30
by Cliff Corcoran

Although it didn't work out particularly well in Toronto, the Yankees have had some rather fortuitous timing since the All-Star break. First they faced a White Sox team that had a .648 winning percentage in the first half just as it hit its first serious skid of the year. The Yankees swept the Chisox at home to open the second half, and the Sox have since gone 2-7, pushing their skid to 3-12 dating back to their final series before the break.

Next the Yankees faced the Mariners at home without having to see Jamie Moyer or Felix Hernandez, taking two of three. They then traveled to Toronto on the even of the Shea Hillenbrand fiasco. The Jays took three of four that weekend, but have since lost three of four to put their post-Hillenbrand record at .500. Most recently, the Yankees stopped by Arlington, Texas to finish their season series with the Rangers with a three-game sweep. The last of those victories saw the Yankees score four runs in the eighth inning against Francisco Cordero, who just earlier today was sent to Milwaukee in the deal for Carlos Lee. Had that trade happened before the Yankees traveled to Texas, the sweep may not have.

Tonight the Yankees come back home to host a three-game weekend series against the Devil Rays. Good timing? Well, Scott Kazmir was supposed to start tomorrow, but has been skipped due to shoulder soreness. Alex's boy, Yankee-killer Jonny Gomes, has a shoulder injury of his own that will require surgery this offseason. Though he's tried to play through it, it isn't working. Gomes is hitting just .121/.181/.258 in July and has been dropped to the bottom third of the order. Finally, Aubrey Huff, the other Devil Ray who always seemed to hurt the Yankees (in part because, like Gomes, he's simply a good hitter), was dealt to Houston for a pair of minor leaguers two weeks ago.

Yeah, that's good timing. Not that the Devil Rays have been a big threat to the Yankees thus far this season (the Yanks lead the season series 6-2), but every little bit helps.

The only roster change the Devil Rays have made since the Yankees last saw them just before the break has been replacing Huff on the 25-man by activating lefty Ruddy Lugo from the DL. Of course, the Huff trade and Gomes's struggles have forced them to shuffle their line-up a bit. Here's what we're likely to see tonight against Chien-Ming Wang:

R - Julio Lugo (SS)
L - Carl Crawford (LF)
R - Rocco Baldelli (CF)
R - Ty Wigginton (3B)
R - Jorge Cantu (2B)
L - Travis Lee (1B)
R - Jonny Gomes (DH)
L - Russell Branyan (RF)
S - Dioner Navarro (C)

Incidentally, the 22-year-old Navarro has gone .283/.345/.358 since coming to the Rays, moving his major league career line to .280/.358/.376. Remind you of any 21-year-old left fielders you've seen around?

Oh, and I am in no way related to 28-year-old Baton Rougue native Tim Corcoran, who will be taking the hill for the D-Rays tonight. Though I think we've covered that during his previous relief appearances against the Yankees.

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2006-07-28 14:07:48
1.   randym77
Damon CF
Jeter SS
Giambi DH
Arod 3B
Posada C
Bernie RF
Phillips 1B
Melky LF
Cairo 2B

Assuming the game's not rained out...

2006-07-28 14:18:34
2.   Bluebleeder87
Looking at the ninth hole & not seeing a pitcher is just playing weird to me (I don't mean anything by it, just an observation)
2006-07-28 14:21:07
3.   yankeemonkey
So much for that Bernie/Guiel OF platoon...
2006-07-28 14:28:05
4.   randym77
Well, you knew Andy would be starting tonight, with groundballer Wang on the mound.

And they probably figure Bernie's defense won't hurt in RF, since if Wang's pitching well, not much will get out there anyway.

Still, I think I'd have started Guiel and sat Bernie tonight. I like the way Guiel charges the ball, and he's been hitting so well.

2006-07-28 14:32:17
5.   Coco Loco
1 Where did you get the lineup that early? It wasn't posted on yahoo or
2006-07-28 14:33:26
6.   randym77
5 Radio.
2006-07-28 14:57:50
7.   yankeemonkey
So far it's cleared up nice over here, so I'd think they should get the game in.
2006-07-28 15:01:54
8.   randym77
And here's the D-rays.

Julio Lugo SS
Carl Crawford LF
Rocco Baldelli CF
Ty Wigginton 3B
Travis Lee 1B
Jorge Cantu 2B
Greg Norton RF
Jonny Gomes DH
Dioner Navarro C

2006-07-28 16:03:42
9.   rbj
*&^@!^&#! Game isn't on Extree Inningses.
2006-07-28 16:06:06
10.   SF Yanks
9 Day off Thurs, game not shown on EI Fri, game never shown on Sat. Thats three days of no Yanks. Great...
2006-07-28 16:08:01
11.   SF Yanks
Is there going to be a game?
2006-07-28 16:09:03
12.   Eirias
11 It appears so.
2006-07-28 16:10:59
13.   randym77
Game has begun. Weather has cleared up nicely.
2006-07-28 16:13:07
14.   Eirias
Go Tiger
2006-07-28 16:15:03
15.   BklynBmr
9 As usual. "Every game, every night" my @ss...
2006-07-28 16:16:28
16.   randym77
Standup double for Damon.
2006-07-28 16:18:12
17.   Eirias
That was not a "nice piece of hitting."
2006-07-28 16:19:10
18.   tommyl
What did Jeter do?
2006-07-28 16:19:31
19.   Bluebleeder87

you're allowed to curse here?

2006-07-28 16:21:04
20.   tommyl
Its A-Rod time.
2006-07-28 16:21:28
21.   tommyl
19 We try to say no, because some people are reading this at work/school and will get blocked by filters.
2006-07-28 16:21:43
22.   randym77
And A-rod gives 'em reason to cheer. Gets one by Lugo, scores Damon.
2006-07-28 16:21:48
23.   rbj
What's the reception like for A-Rod?
2006-07-28 16:21:49
24.   tommyl
A-Rod! That's one RBI. Please tell me the fans are cheering him?
2006-07-28 16:22:50
25.   BklynBmr
Sterling: "A clutch 2 out hit for A-Rod"...

Anyone actually watching? Did Alex get a standing O?

2006-07-28 16:23:17
26.   Javi Javi
He got a standing O when he got to the plate.
2006-07-28 16:23:51
27.   Tarheel
Standing O when he was announced.
2006-07-28 16:24:00
28.   Javi Javi
at least according to suzyn (I'm listening at work) her and sterling are still talking about how everyone should be nice to a-rod
2006-07-28 16:26:34
29.   rbj
26 27 Thanks. That's good, shut up Steve Philips.
2006-07-28 16:28:00
30.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Why in the name of all that's holy is Bernie playing against a right-hander?!@$@#%#$$%&%^*%&(
2006-07-28 16:29:26
31.   tommyl
And Wang is bowling. Man I wish I could see this game. Stupid EI
2006-07-28 16:30:22
32.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Someone needs to write Bernie's and Guiel's righty/lefty splits on a two by four and smack Torre across the head with it til he gets it.
2006-07-28 16:31:23
33.   BklynBmr
29 Funny how it took Phillips about three weeks to tie Joe Morgan on Yankeedom's 'Morons We Love To Hate' List...
2006-07-28 16:35:18
34.   randym77
Jeez. I thought that was going to be a DP. Instead, Lugo drops the ball and they don't even get one out.
2006-07-28 16:35:59
35.   tommyl
33 Phillips replies, "Everyone knows, once the fans cheer for you in NYC, there's no going back. Alex will just feel the pressure of those cheers as expectations which will inevitably lead to failure. He's done in NY, he should be traded, immediately for whatever the Yankees can find. In other news, my free agent pick of the week is Mo Vaughn."
2006-07-28 16:36:14
36.   Mattpat11
He was out there. Ump blew the call.
2006-07-28 16:36:29
37.   tommyl
Missed catch error?
2006-07-28 16:37:37
38.   Ron Burgundy
Well, I'm here. Ah, I see Bernie is hitting 6th against a righty again. DIAF Torre.
2006-07-28 16:38:27
39.   randym77
Yes, it was a bad call. He dropped it, but picked it up again just in time.

Melky's luck is really amazing. Seems like that kind of thing always happens when he's batting.

2006-07-28 16:40:40
40.   randym77
Capt. Clutch! Two-run single!
2006-07-28 16:41:13
41.   BklynBmr
35 LOL! Mo Vaughn — don't tell me Phillips was GM when the Mutts signed Big Mo?
2006-07-28 16:43:13
42.   BklynBmr
Sounds like the fellas are still buzzin' from Wednesday night's game. Keep hammerin', Yanks!

Did Waldman just say we re-acquired Navarro?

2006-07-28 16:43:20
43.   Ron Burgundy
¡Muy Bien, El Capitán!
2006-07-28 16:43:50
44.   tommyl
41 In the winter before the 2002 season, Mets GM Steve Phillips made significant trades and free agent acquisitions, obtaining the services of Roberto Alomar, Mo Vaughn and Roger Cedeno among others.
2006-07-28 16:44:05
45.   bobtaco
10 SF Yanks, you have right?

I think I have found a way to get around the Saturday bl@ckout issue.

Email me at: bobtaco at yahoo dotcom and I will let you know.

2006-07-28 16:45:55
46.   BklynBmr
44 Wow, forgot about those. Thanks, tommyl.
2006-07-28 16:46:12
47.   randym77
Cliff's cousin is really struggling tonight. 43 pitches thrown already, and he's walking 'em left and right.
2006-07-28 16:46:27
48.   tommyl
Clutch walk by A-Rod
2006-07-28 16:47:32
49.   tommyl
46 You may enjoy the Ballad of Steve Phillips:

2006-07-28 16:48:22
50.   randym77
Fielders collide, but former Hudson Valley Renegade Cantu makes the catch.
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2006-07-28 16:48:52
51.   Javi Javi
10 if you don't mind, I will email you as well. I hate the saturday fox blackout.
2006-07-28 16:48:54
52.   Ron Burgundy
Ah, come on PoPo.
2006-07-28 16:50:54
53.   rbj
49 Heh, forgot about Bobby V. Maybe ESPN should pair Stevie up with him. That might make for an interesting show. (note: AN. there won't be more than one)
2006-07-28 16:52:05
54.   bobtaco
51 Sure, I will share with anyone interested...
2006-07-28 16:52:43
55.   tommyl
54 You could just post it ;)
2006-07-28 16:52:58
56.   seamus
anyone else having problems with mlb-tv?
2006-07-28 16:53:02
57.   Ron Burgundy
Gomes' OPS down to .777...
2006-07-28 16:53:30
58.   SF Yanks
45 Bob, just sent you an email.
2006-07-28 16:55:07
59.   BklynBmr
49 Thanks! That should be a full production...
2006-07-28 16:56:35
60.   tommyl
59 They could have dancers with Mets fans throwing stuff at them in rythmn. It'd be great!
2006-07-28 16:57:52
61.   tommyl
What happened? Stupid gameday isn't updating. How did Wang do that frame?
2006-07-28 16:58:11
62.   yankaholic
42 r u sure??
2006-07-28 16:58:58
63.   yankaholic
is tiger perfect??
2006-07-28 16:59:10
64.   tommyl
Updating again. Go Bernie! (still should be Guiel)
2006-07-28 16:59:45
65.   tommyl
63 Shhhhhh what are you doing?!
2006-07-28 16:59:46
66.   BklynBmr
63 Dummy up. Now. ;-)
2006-07-28 17:00:40
67.   yankaholic
my bad...
2006-07-28 17:01:07
68.   SF Yanks
65 Exactly what I was going to say.
2006-07-28 17:02:39
69.   tommyl
Melky! Wow, guess he does have some power.
2006-07-28 17:03:18
70.   BklynBmr

42 No, that's why I asked. Didn't catch her whole comments, and didn't notice Navarro starting tonight...

2006-07-28 17:04:15
71.   tommyl
Doh! What happened there?
2006-07-28 17:05:24
72.   tommyl
Melky's July OPS: .893

still think we should trade him?

2006-07-28 17:06:39
73.   rbj
70 Did you see where Buck O'Neil got traded between innings of an independent league all star game? IBB both times. Looked like it was fun, and only an exhibition game.
Maybe Navarro could get traded between innings.
2006-07-28 17:07:32
74.   Ron Burgundy
Line-out DP. Cairo hit it hard, right at the 3Bman.
2006-07-28 17:08:01
75.   SF Yanks
one of those pitches said 99 mph
2006-07-28 17:08:35
76.   bobtaco
55 I'm paranoid, don't want it to be posted in case gets wind of it...
2006-07-28 17:08:40
77.   Ron Burgundy
I hate Michael Kay. It's only the 4th inning and he has already mentioned that Wang has been perfect.
2006-07-28 17:10:22
78.   GoingDeep
C'mon lets be honest.....Tiger is really De de de dealing!
2006-07-28 17:10:38
79.   Ron Burgundy
Oh, for hell's sake!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-07-28 17:10:56
80.   singledd
56 MLB-TV is OK in New Hampshire... except I have the TB announcers.

We need to petition MLB to offer us a choice of feeds on MLB-TV and allow us to select the one we want. If it can be done game by game, at least allow us a 'preferences' field. Can the technology be that hard for that???

2006-07-28 17:10:56
81.   tommyl
For the last time SHHHHHHHHH
2006-07-28 17:11:32
82.   BklynBmr
73 LOL! Back in the day, it's happened a few times during double-headers where a player would be traded to the opponent between games. Between innings would be a first... ;-)

67 You're off the hook, yank ;-) Sterling just announced it to the world, anyway. Even saying "perfect game'....

2006-07-28 17:13:13
83.   tommyl
82 Yank was first.
2006-07-28 17:13:26
84.   randym77
Pedro gave up four runs to the Braves in the first inning.

Pedro has two daddies? ;-)

2006-07-28 17:13:58
85.   Ron Burgundy
Oh Captain, My Captain!
2006-07-28 17:14:12
86.   tommyl
2006-07-28 17:14:40
87.   bobtaco
80 The game started with the MY9 NY feed, but it kept dropping out. I think they had problems and just switched over to the TB feed, which has been solid.

I agree though, they should offer both feeds per game. I think they do for the radio.

2006-07-28 17:14:52
88.   tommyl
Ok Giambi, time to snap out of this slide.
2006-07-28 17:15:44
89.   seamus
80 i have the tampa feed now. the Yes feed is what i WAS getting but it kept freezing up. I think sometimes they have problems with a particular feed and then they switch folks to the other feed.
2006-07-28 17:16:28
90.   tommyl
It's A-Rod time...
2006-07-28 17:16:54
91.   Ron Burgundy
Hey look, A-Rod getting cheered...
2006-07-28 17:17:36
92.   randym77
Lots of cheers for A-Rod, and a "Let's go, A-Rod" chant.
2006-07-28 17:17:49
93.   BklynBmr
77 D@mn, Ron B. It's on you, now...

BB ByLaw 4.21
Mentioning a Yankee No-No or Perfecto in progress:

If it's broken up in the inning it is mentioned, or the next elidigible inning, the entire blame is put on the poster who calls attention to it.

If the pitcher in question gets three consecutive outs after the post is made and the no-no remains intact, the poster is fully forgiven for broaching the subject.

2006-07-28 17:18:47
94.   tommyl
Man, they don't even want to throw him a strike anymore ;)
2006-07-28 17:19:23
95.   tommyl
BTW, Alex's awful July: .956 OPS . We should all be so awful.
2006-07-28 17:19:31
96.   Ron Burgundy

PoPo, drive in at least 2 Runs here.

2006-07-28 17:20:56
97.   tommyl
Corcoran up to 77 pitches already.
2006-07-28 17:21:43
98.   tommyl
Clutch walks!
2006-07-28 17:21:52
99.   Ron Burgundy
Thank God we got at least one, because it's Bernie's turn in the batting order, which probably = Inning-Ending DP.
2006-07-28 17:22:38
100.   BklynBmr
Yeah! Now keep that line movin', Bernie...
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2006-07-28 17:23:28
101.   randym77
Jorgie finally noticed that this guy is walking everyone and his brother.

And the walk drives Corcoran from the game...

2006-07-28 17:23:57
102.   SF Yanks
93 Agree.
2006-07-28 17:24:31
103.   singledd
ChiSox down 4-1 after 4.
Detroit scores 2 against Minn in the 1st.
So far, so good.
(am I allowed to mention these?)
2006-07-28 17:25:48
104.   Ron Burgundy
Bernie...easy fly out VS. a guy with a 6.something ERA...
2006-07-28 17:26:22
105.   tommyl
Well at least it wasn't a DP
2006-07-28 17:26:47
106.   tommyl
Let's go Bama
2006-07-28 17:28:23
107.   randym77
Yeah, Andy! I think he's actually in double digits for walks now...
2006-07-28 17:28:27
108.   singledd
As unplesant as this might be to some of you, it is a topic for thought.
IF Bonds plays next year, he will definitely want to be a DH in the American league.

Many teams can't afford him.
He will be going to break Aaron's record.

Our team plays in the Big Apple.
Our team is owned by George Steinbrenner.
It will be a media frenzy not seen in a while.

Will the Boss be able to say NO to Bonds?

2006-07-28 17:28:33
109.   tommyl
Yes! Go Bama go! Its Melky time now.
2006-07-28 17:29:15
110.   BklynBmr
Good eyes, Andy!

103 Absolutely, that's just scoreboard watchin'. Only age-old traditions are respected and enforced here ;-)

2006-07-28 17:29:43
111.   tommyl
108 Cashman and Torre will be able to. Bonds is one of the few players that I don't care how good he is I don't want him anyone near a Yankee uniform.
2006-07-28 17:30:14
112.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it Melky...
2006-07-28 17:30:35
113.   tommyl
111 errrr....anyone=anywhere
2006-07-28 17:31:36
114.   SF Yanks
103 I would say yes. I dont believe that those are in the rules.
2006-07-28 17:31:55
115.   tommyl
Wow is Cap really up to .350?
2006-07-28 17:31:57
116.   yankee fan in Hollywood
well said tommyl...

f*ck barry....we have enough steroid alegations on this team already...we don't need to be the place where they all come to..

2006-07-28 17:32:06
117.   randym77
I don't think Bonds will be playing next year anyway. If he does, I don't think he'll come east.
2006-07-28 17:33:30
118.   seamus
damn announcers jinxed Wang
2006-07-28 17:33:32
119.   tommyl
Damnit, there goes the perfecto.
2006-07-28 17:33:48
120.   BklynBmr
108 Let the Mutts have him. The final chapter of the Bonds saga is a train wreck waiting to happen. We don't need it here. I'd like 2007 to be the year of Cano, Wang and Hughes(?)...
2006-07-28 17:34:04
121.   rbj
Just say no to Barry.
I'm watching the Mudhens games. It's obviously for a breast cancer awareness/fundraising, but still, ballplayers should not wear pink tops.
2006-07-28 17:34:04
122.   Ron Burgundy
Kay is SOOOO happy now that Wang's perfecto is gone. What a douche.
2006-07-28 17:34:06
123.   tommyl
Ok, now we can at least talk about him. What's he hitting on the gun?
2006-07-28 17:34:18
124.   SF Yanks
Did anyone just hear the Rays announcers? That was actually kind of funny. But not now because that F-in bastard just laughed at Wanger for giving up that hit.
2006-07-28 17:35:03
125.   tommyl
122 You serious? WHY?!
2006-07-28 17:35:10
126.   yankee fan in Hollywood
wow! Johnny D really doesn't have an arm out there...couldn't the guy some how do some long tosses to build strenght ????
2006-07-28 17:36:06
127.   Ron Burgundy
122 Because he's always excited when the opposing team scores and always does his best to jinx the Yankees.
2006-07-28 17:36:30
128.   randym77
I think sitting in the dugout for 17 minutes has affected Tiger a bit.
2006-07-28 17:37:11
129.   BklynBmr
122 Two questions: What did Kay say, and (2) what has happened to this guy? Not that he was the greatest to begin with, but he seems to be losing the plot...
2006-07-28 17:37:15
130.   SF Yanks
2006-07-28 17:38:26
131.   yankee fan in Hollywood
In your opinion who's the Yankees ace?
Wang or Moose ???
2006-07-28 17:40:57
132.   Ron Burgundy
129 In a Rather happy voice, that's the first hit.
2006-07-28 17:42:13
133.   brockdc
131 When healthy, I'd take Moose every time.
2006-07-28 17:42:29
134.   BklynBmr
127 On one level, Kay does give credit where it is due when an opposing player makes a great play (unlike the mooks across the league we have to suffer on the EI package) — but there just seems to be this vibe about him over the last year or so. I can't get his radio show, so the only times I can hear him is when EI airs a YES game he happens to be doing... Sorry for the delay, my server (or BB's) seems to be hot and cold tonight...
2006-07-28 17:42:31
135.   randym77
126 I don't think the problem is not enough exercise. He never had a great arm, and now he's broken down from years of playing CF. I think he plays with chronic shoulder pain.
2006-07-28 17:43:54
136.   yankee fan in Hollywood
another hit for the "el capitan" ...
2006-07-28 17:44:07
137.   SF Yanks
131 I'd say Moose.
2006-07-28 17:44:24
138.   Ron Burgundy
2006-07-28 17:44:28
139.   SF Yanks
Jetes battin .352
2006-07-28 17:44:32
140.   BklynBmr
Get that batting title, Cap! This is the year!
2006-07-28 17:44:53
141.   yankee fan in Hollywood
I'd say Moose too...i wonder who gets the most run support though.
2006-07-28 17:45:15
142.   smingers
I know lots of people like Miggy because they claim he is better than his putrid stats, that he does "the little things." But it seems to me that for every time he comes up with a key single or stolen base, he has more games like this one where he leaves tons of guys on base and helps kill big innings.
2006-07-28 17:45:47
143.   SF Yanks
22 pts. to catch Mauer.
2006-07-28 17:46:05
144.   tommyl
Come on Giambi!
2006-07-28 17:46:24
145.   tommyl
2006-07-28 17:46:25
146.   brockdc
134 Plus, he can BARELY hide his contempt for Yankee fans (though, to be fair, some Yankee fans are dubiously dancing on the jagoff fringe these days).
2006-07-28 17:46:49
147.   Ron Burgundy
AGAIN a hard liner right at a fielder.
2006-07-28 17:47:54
148.   BklynBmr
My starters in the post season (as of today):

1. Moose
2. Unit
3. Tiger

2006-07-28 17:48:25
149.   tommyl
146 The worst Yankees fans are better than the Phillies fan I sat in front of last week. He kept yelling the date of the game and then "Eagles!"


2006-07-28 17:49:43
150.   randym77
142 No, Miggy's pretty clutch. He's batting .341 with RISP.
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2006-07-28 17:52:06
151.   Ron Burgundy
Gomes' OPS down to .724.
2006-07-28 17:53:31
152.   brockdc
149 True. But some fans at The Stadium have been getting downright Philly-ish with this A-Rod thing.
2006-07-28 17:53:39
153.   Ron Burgundy
Damn It.
2006-07-28 17:54:32
154.   smingers
150 I stand corrected.
2006-07-28 17:56:13
155.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Did jorge almost hit wang on that throw?
2006-07-28 17:58:13
156.   fansince77
Miggie's looked like an "e" to me? anyone?
2006-07-28 17:58:20
157.   yankee fan in Hollywood
That dude Lugo looks like a horse jockey doesn't he...all sick looking...he needs a double big mac or something....
2006-07-28 18:00:39
158.   BklynBmr
Waldman (on Iron Sheff): "I interviewed him earlier, the wrist is off and he's looking forward to rehabbing."
2006-07-28 18:02:30
159.   singledd
Baltimore up 4-2 on ChiSox after 6.
Detroit/Minn 2-2 after 3.
Mutts up 5-4.
2006-07-28 18:07:59
160.   randym77
Whoa. Signs of life from the GOB.
2006-07-28 18:08:01
161.   BklynBmr
2006-07-28 18:08:17
162.   rbj
Bernie homered?!
2006-07-28 18:11:01
163.   Ron Burgundy
158 Kinda hard to rehab without a wrist.
2006-07-28 18:11:15
164.   randym77
Bernie homered. To center, no less.
2006-07-28 18:11:49
165.   BklynBmr
Sawx and Halos finally underway...
2006-07-28 18:13:35
166.   singledd
The TB announcer said: "Bernie goes boom".
2006-07-28 18:14:30
167.   GoingDeep
Bernie loves the D-rays. Torre Genius?
2006-07-28 18:17:05
168.   singledd
Genius! Pure Genius!
2006-07-28 18:18:45
169.   singledd
By the way, Posada was quoted as saying Wang has the 'best stuff' on the club.
Could this be why Jorge and the MulletMan have problems?
(I don't think RJ likes being upstaged).
2006-07-28 18:25:24
170.   BklynBmr
A quick yarn from Sterling on Stottlemyre: Jeter, Jorgie, Mo and Torre chipped in to buy a boat for Mel. Says Mel looks great, lost a few pounds. Stottlemyre tells him it's because "the meal money isn't so good these days". No visit in the booth, Sterling must have ran into him earlier.

Dunno why, but it seems like Mel has been gone for years...

2006-07-28 18:26:47
171.   GoingDeep
Po also said Big Phil Hughes had the best stuff in SP?
2006-07-28 18:27:18
172.   randym77
169 Stinnett said the same thing. Well, he said that maybe Mo's stuff is better. (!)
2006-07-28 18:27:25
173.   Ron Burgundy
Walking Greg Norton is just plain REALLY BAD.
2006-07-28 18:28:34
174.   randym77
Nice DP!
2006-07-28 18:29:23
175.   GoingDeep
Walking Norton in to a DP was a neat trick Tiger.
2006-07-28 18:30:05
176.   rbj
Wang's probably tiring, but I'd like to see him get a CG. That'd be two days of rest for the pen.
2006-07-28 18:30:24
177.   Ron Burgundy
If Wang can just go one more easy 1-2-3 inning...
2006-07-28 18:33:10
178.   Stormer Sports
Boston down 1-0.
2006-07-28 18:33:41
179.   Stormer Sports
I wish I could have seen this game. It appears Wang brought his A game.
2006-07-28 18:35:13
180.   Ron Burgundy
Damn. Giambi's AVG has fallen below .250.
2006-07-28 18:36:29
181.   Stormer Sports

Tell me about it! Am I the only one who is baffled that the Yankees only have 1 hitter over .300 and only 1 other who is even close?

2006-07-28 18:37:04
182.   singledd
Baltimore up 4-2 on ChiSox after 8.
Detroit/Minn 2-2 after 6.
Angels over Sux 1-0 after 2.
2006-07-28 18:37:09
183.   BklynBmr
179 Looks like they may give Tiger a chance for the CG. 93 pitches. No one up in the pen as far as I can hear...
2006-07-28 18:37:49
184.   singledd
Wanger has a ____ hitter.
2006-07-28 18:38:07
185.   Ron Burgundy
Why have two horrible relief pitchers pitched 4 and 2/3 easy innings with 2 hits and 1 run against us?
2006-07-28 18:39:31
186.   Ron Burgundy
Let's go Wang!
2006-07-28 18:39:44
187.   randym77
Beam and Villone are warming. "Just in case."
2006-07-28 18:40:25
188.   BklynBmr
When was the last CG from a Yank starter?
2006-07-28 18:40:47
189.   Stormer Sports

I have to chalk Giambi's average up to his taking on more responsibility for driving in runs and hitting HR this year, with Sheffield and Matsui out. It's less important that he get on base. Also, watching about 75 games this year, it's very very clear that he isn't getting the benefit of the doubt on those close pitches that he got the past two years.

MLB's strike zone is something that should never have evolved, and never changed. Sadly it has over the years. The tiny strike zone has as much to do with the power numbers as steroids.

2006-07-28 18:41:02
190.   randym77
188 Wasn't it the one where Wang gave up a walkoff homer?
2006-07-28 18:41:58
191.   rbj
One down.
2006-07-28 18:42:16
192.   rbj
Two down
2006-07-28 18:42:39
193.   Simone
Wow, I had no idea that Wang was going for a complete game shut out.

Congrats, Wang! Good win!

2006-07-28 18:43:20
194.   randym77
Complete game. Two-hitter. Shutout.

Congrats, Tiger!

And he actually smiles...

2006-07-28 18:43:31
195.   Ron Burgundy
A Complete Game 2-Hit Shutout for Chien-Ming Wang!
2006-07-28 18:44:00
196.   BklynBmr
190 Ouch. You're technically correct. I was hoping for a win ;-)

Well, that answers that. A tidy 2-hit shutout for Tiger!

2006-07-28 18:44:21
197.   Stormer Sports

Torre thinks Beam is solid for some strange reason. He may have potential, but clearly Smith is further along and MLB ready. Not to mention I think Smith has just plain better stuff. If he wasn't going to call Smith up, they should have just called up another hitter.

2006-07-28 18:45:14
198.   seamus
woo hooh! for the Yanks AND my fantasy team! In fact, I have Wang and Liriano going tonight! Both waiver pickups.
2006-07-28 18:45:56
199.   rbj
Woo hoo! Great game by Tiger. Jeter's avg. over three fity, and the first RBI is by A-Rod.
2006-07-28 18:46:17
200.   Cliff Corcoran
188 There was the game in which Moose told Torre to stay in the dugout, and I think Johnson has one too.

Last year Yankee starters threw four shutouts, two by Moose (remember the first, the high-pitch-count Saturday game vs. Oakland at home that finally snapped that early season skid), one my Aaron Small, and one by Carl Pavano. I seem to remember that two if not three of them were against the A's actually.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-07-28 18:47:13
201.   Cliff Corcoran
198 No one drafted Liriano in your league? Wow. Can I join?
2006-07-28 18:48:03
202.   Stormer Sports
Tiger for President! Jeter continues his MVP like year!

Jorgie is right, he is clearly our best pitcher. I know Moose is having a great year, but Wang's ability to go deep consistently makes him much more valuable. There is always a reason that guys pitch from the pen, and that's because they aren't good enough to start or close, with few exceptions, so any starter who minimizes bullpen innings is exponetially more valuable than a guy who can give you 6 innings and three earned runs.

2006-07-28 18:48:45
203.   Bama Yankee
Hey guys, I only caught the end of the game. Wang must have been dealing tonight. Those who got to see it, how did he look?
2006-07-28 18:49:21
204.   C2Coke
Awesome win by Wang! Everyone was so happy not just for the win but for Wang finally got a CG with a W.

I am guessing he's the POTG?

2006-07-28 18:49:36
205.   seamus
201 haha. well, actually, i just double checked and i was wrong. he was a late round pickup. Wang was a waiver pickup. sorry about that.
2006-07-28 18:50:09
206.   seamus
crap, white sox rallying.
2006-07-28 18:50:12
207.   rbj
More good news via Jay Cohen's wrap up:
"Yankees 2B Robinson Cano said his injured left hamstring felt good after running the bases."
2006-07-28 18:50:15
208.   C2Coke
202 And when he can't go deep, he still pitches longer than Wright.
2006-07-28 18:50:59
209.   randym77
Yes, Tiger is POTG. He looked awesome.

Even in the 9th, his sinker was sinking, and he was clocking 96 mph on the gun.

2006-07-28 18:51:34
210.   seamus
white sox just took 6-4 lead in the 9th! ouch.
2006-07-28 18:52:31
211.   C2Coke
203 He looked very sharp with the sinkers right on target, and he was very efficient with mostly groundballs to Jeter and Arod and some flyouts. Kay said it best in the 8th, " That's actually Wang's first DP of the game because the Devil Rays didn't get much baserunners."
2006-07-28 18:52:36
212.   Stormer Sports

Especially considering Joe's cpmplete inability to evaluate relief pitcher's values. Has Joe said anything about giving Chacon a start or is he absolutely going to go with Ponson until he dumps? I know it was just one inning, but Chacon's stuff was downright nasty against Texas.

2006-07-28 18:52:49
213.   BklynBmr
200 Ahhh, good memory. I recall Moose waving Torre off, but can't place the game. Small, I remember from last season — but who is this 'Pavano' you speak of? ;-)
2006-07-28 18:52:59
214.   singledd
210 A grand slam by a guy who hadn't hit a HR since 2004! Crapola.
2006-07-28 18:53:00
215.   Cliff Corcoran
Wang: 6.77 IP/GS 3.84 ERA
Moose: 6.42 IP/GS 3.44 ERA
2006-07-28 18:54:47
216.   Stormer Sports
I don't know who to root against in the Central. Minnesota? They can beat anyone in Selig's moronic 5 game series. No one wants to see Liriano twice in a series, that's for sure. Go White Sox!
2006-07-28 18:55:15
217.   singledd
216 Good point. However, as of the last 2 months, Wang has gotten better and Moose has slipped a bit. It's close.
2006-07-28 18:56:55
218.   singledd
216 Root for Detroit and against the ChiSox and Minn. Let Boston have the WC (or God forbid, us).
2006-07-28 18:58:17
219.   randym77
212 It sounds like Chacon was benched as much for his attitude as for his ineffectiveness. If his attitude improves - and it sounds like it has - he could get another chance.

Torre did say he was "his player of the game" the other day.

2006-07-28 18:58:34
220.   Bama Yankee
211 Thanks C2Coke, the quote from Kay does tell the story. I caught part of the game on XM, I heard Sterling say that Wang had a perfect game going (I knew it would not last long after that).
2006-07-28 18:58:49
221.   Stormer Sports

My biggest concern is that if we do make the playoffs that Joe pulls another "Kevin Brown is going to get the start in game seven" if we get into that situation. I love Joe most of the time, but his reluctance to send guys out there on short rest in the playoffs in lieu of number 4 and 5 guys has cost us far too many crucial games in the past. I will never forgive him for starting Brown in game seven against the Sox with Duque on the roster and Moose on 3 days rest, never.

2006-07-28 19:01:32
222.   Cliff Corcoran
Hellzapoppin, I want the Yanks to win the East, screw this Wild Card noize. That said, Stormer is dead on, you don't want the Twins to make the playoffs with those two pitchers. That's Schilling-Pedro, Schilling-Unit, Lolich-McLain, Koufax-Drysdale . . . all of those teams won the World Series.
2006-07-28 19:07:41
223.   Stormer Sports


Has Joe ever sat down and given his reasoning for babying his best pitchers in the post-season? I think back to '01, if Brenly treats Schilling/Unit the way Joe treats his best pitchers, we win that series. I know it's beating a dead horse, but I just feel like Joe goes all Chris Webber on us when we get in crucial games. My feeling is that you should never lose a game 5 (ALDS) or game 7 with your best starter watching from the bullpen.

2006-07-28 19:19:09
224.   C2Coke
220 My pleasure.
2006-07-28 19:43:26
225.   seamus
detroit took lead in 10th.
2006-07-28 19:55:07
226.   seamus
detroit wins! :)

Boston takes 2-1 lead :(

2006-07-28 20:10:08
227.   kdw
and gives it back :)
2006-07-28 20:12:29
228.   mehmattski
WOW... turned on sportscenter just to see if they mentioned the ovation for A-Rod. And they did. So give some credit there, even though I'm sure there won't be a Baseball Tonight apology for all the over analysis about booing that didn't exist.
2006-07-28 20:19:42
229.   seamus
ok, i'm hopeful. Angels have 6-2 lead!
2006-07-28 20:19:51
230.   yankeemonkey
228 Better (or worse) than that - BBTN completely ignored the ARod reception and RBI, and later in the show our old friend Steve Phillips announced that the Yankees are still trying to get a deal done for Wilson Betemit to protect themselves "from Alex Rodriguez's throwing errors". The man is on a crusade. him and BBTN.
2006-07-28 20:20:30
231.   yankeemonkey
(blip) him and BBTN, that is.
2006-07-28 20:20:33
232.   seamus
228 good. fans were good to a-rod tonight!
2006-07-28 20:21:41
233.   kdw
228 but thought that betemit went west, maybe to dodgers???
2006-07-28 20:22:07
234.   seamus
the anti-Arod stuff is delusional.
2006-07-28 20:25:51
235.   yankeemonkey
233 He did, for Baez and Aybar. Strike 3 for Mr. Phillips.
2006-07-28 20:26:29
236.   kdw
oops, sorry, meant 230 thought that betemit has been traded out west.
2006-07-28 20:26:57
237.   BklynBmr
7-2 Halos, bottom 7...
2006-07-28 20:44:31
238.   yankeemonkey
ARod + fans = much love tonight. Getting an RBI on the first pitch sure helped, too. Let's hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship.
2006-07-28 20:46:14
239.   marc
nice, big papi flops with 2 outs and 2 in scoring position.
2006-07-28 20:48:59
240.   markp
Brown started game 7 because Duque wasn't availabe due to injury.

Angels lead Boston 7-2 late.

2006-07-28 20:50:18
241.   marc
I guess this is Trupiani I'm listening to doin gthe play by play for Boston. Every time the halos get a single it sounds like he just learned that all his family members just died
2006-07-28 20:50:47
242.   BklynBmr
If there is any place on television for Steve Phillips, it is on 'The View', and I understand there is a slot open as we speak.

How ESPN can allow him free range on his personal vendetta speaks volumes for that "network". But most sports fans with a half a brain cell left have been lamenting the slow but steady decline of something that could have been great up there in Bristol.

Since ABC, Inc. owns both ESPN and The View, I'm sure that move can be done with one text message. Email CEO Robert Iger, who knows — maybe he feels the same way...

2006-07-28 20:52:37
243.   marc
8-2 middle of the 8th Sounds nice
2006-07-28 21:13:53
244.   seamus
lovely. Pedro Guerrero has the trifecta tonight: 1 SB, 1 CS, and 1 picked off.
2006-07-28 21:17:22
245.   seamus
you've gotta be kidding me. Ortiz on deck. Men on 1st and 3rd with two outs. Donnelly walks Loretta on 4 straight pitches!
2006-07-28 21:21:28
246.   marc
Boston loses. Yanks within half a game again. We're doing damn good all things considered
2006-07-28 21:22:57
247.   seamus
boston should get rid of that bum Ortiz. striking out with two runners on in the bottom of the 9th!
2006-07-28 21:23:19
248.   seamus
obviously, that is sarcasm...
2006-07-28 23:04:01
249.   Stormer Sports

Duque wasn't injured. He had come back from injury and hadn't pitched yet. If he was injured to the point that it would be impossible to pitch, what was he doing on the roster for the series? That decision was right up there with bringing the infield in against Arizona with the king of broken bat bloops to second in his prime on the mound. I love Joe, but when the heat is on, he makes decisions by the book, not based on the players on the field, and that drives me nuts. If he makes the right decision against Arizona, we get to play another inning!

2006-07-28 23:55:48
250.   Stormer Sports

Agreed! Here is a Coors Light Cold Hard Fact: Steve Phillips is on ESPN because he is a relatively attractive former MLB General Manager, and ESPN believes that gives them some inside credibility. There is absolutely no way he would utter "Pujols should be traded" no matter how bad things got. He says it concerning Arod because of his contact and because he plays in NY.

Same with Joe Morgan, he almost never knows what he is talking about, to the point where I am left wondering how he ever played the game, but "hall of famer" Joe Morgan is on ESPN for a similar reason, because he is in the Hall. Well that, and his penchant for stealing his suits from P-Diddy.

It really is sad though. The became more like FOX, when they should have been moving in the opposite direction. I am waiting for the day that the hosts start wearing advertisements on their suits.

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