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Tampa Bay Devil Rays
2006-07-07 12:05
by Cliff Corcoran

Last year, the Devil Rays hit the All-Star break at 28-61 (.315), then went 39-34 (.534) in the second half thanks in large part to the mid-season promotion of Jonny Gomes and a fantastic second half from Scott Kazmir. This year, the Rays will reach the break with a record at least ten games better than a year ago and are once again set up for a strong second half.

The Yankees last faced the Devil Rays in early May when nearly half of the D-Rays starting line-up was on the DL. The day after the Rays left New York, they activated shortstop Julio Lugo and third baseman Aubrey Huff. Huff struggled through May, but turned it on in June, hitting .359/.400/.543, bringing to mind the extra 100 points of OPS he added after the break last year, aiding the Ray's strong second half showing. Lugo has followed a similar course this year (.349/.439/.604 in June after a dreadful May), though he was actually less productive in the second half last year.

A month later, the Rays added to Huff and Lugo by activating second baseman Jorge Cantu and center fielder Rocco Baldelli. Bringing Cantu back into the fold has allowed the Rays to finally bench Travis Lee (.201/.286/.296 this year) by moving Ty Wigginton, who previously started at third for Huff before moving to second for Cantu, to first base. Baldelli, meanwhile, has come back from a year and a half on the DL due to an ACL tear and Tommy John surgery and lit into American League pitching, hitting .330/.387/.567 (though his center field defense has been atrocious, if error-free).

Of course, none of those four players could be expected to keep up that level of production, and there's a strong chance that Huff and Lugo, both of whom are in their walk years, could be traded. But a large part of the Rays' improvement has simply been benching or other wise disposing of the players those four have replaced: Lee, Thomas Perez (.172/.200/.250), new Kansas City Royal Joey Gathright (.201/.305/.240), and the since released Sean Burroughs and Nick Green.

What's more, activating those four aren't the only improvements the Rays have made over the past two months. They've finally ended the Damon Hollins' experiment in right field, replacing his all-or-nothing approach with the superior all-or-nothing approach of Russell Branyan (both have 10 homers, Hollins in 208 at-bats, Branyan in 114). More significantly, they finally cut bait on Toby Hall (.262/.298/.382 career and the Rays' starting catcher since 2002), swapping him to the Dodgers for former Yankee prospect Dioner Navarro (5 for 14 with a double and three walks since switching team and .283/.367/.382 overall in his young major league career). In addition to already being a better hitter than Hall, Navarro is also eight and a half years younger.

The Navarro deal also saw the Rays swap out Mark Hendrickson (sweet mercy) for ex-Met Jae Weong Seo, which gives the Rays a starting pitcher with a higher ceiling who is also three years younger. The Seo-Hendrickson exchange is one of three changes the Rays have made to their rotation since we've last seen them, having also farmed out 25-year-old failed prospects Doug Waechter and Seth McClung for 24-year-old Jamie Shields and 28-year-old Tim Corcoran. The significance here isn't the additions of Shields and Corcoran (no relation) so much as, once again, the removal of the players they've replaced, a pair of pitchers who couldn't get their ERAs below 6.60.

Tonight the Rays send Seo to the mound to face Jaret Wright. Wright was lit up by the Mets in his last start, getting the hook after just 1 2/3 innings, just the second time all season he failed to make it through five full innings, the other being his first start all the way back on April 15. Seo, who had been demoted to the bullpen with the Dodgers, has made two appearances since coming over from L.A., the first a pair of scoreless relief innings in Florida, the second a Jaret-Wright-like five-inning outing against the Nationals.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

2006 Record: 38-48 (.442)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 36-50 (.415)

Manager: Joe Maddon
General Manager: Andrew Friedman

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Tropicana Field (99/99)

Who's Replaced Whom?

  • Aubrey Huff (DL) replaced Sean Burroughs
  • Rocco Baldelli (DL) replaced Joey Gathright
  • Jorge Cantu (DL) replaced Nick Green on the roster and Travis Lee (via Ty Wigginton moving to first) in the lineup
  • Julio Lugo (DL) replaced Chad Orvella (minors) on the roster and Tomas Perez in the lineup
  • Dioner Navarro replaced Toby Hall
  • Tim Corcoran replaced Seth McClung (minors)
  • Jae Weong Seo replaced Mark Hendrickson
  • Jamie Shields replaced Doug Waechter (minors)
  • Chad Harville replaced Dan Miceli (DL)
  • Jon Switzer replaced Ruddy Lugo (DL)
  • Edwin Jackson replaced Tyler Walker (DL)

Current Roster

1B – Ty Wigginton (R)
2B – Jorge Cantu (R)
SS – Julio Lugo (R)
3B – Aubrey Huff (L)
C – Dioner Navarro (S)
RF – Russell Branyan (L)
CF – Rocco Baldelli (L)
LF – Carl Crawford (L)
DH – Jonny Gomes (R)


L – Travis Lee (1B)
R – Damon Hollins (OF)
S – Greg Norton (IF)
S – Tomas Perez (IF)
R – Josh Paul (C)


L – Scott Kazmir
L – Casey Fossum
R – Tim Corcoran
R – Jamie Shields
R – Jae Weong Seo


R – Brian Meadows
R – Shawn Camp
R – Travis Harper
R – Chad Harville
L – Jon Switzer
R – Edwin Jackson

15-day DL: R – Tyler Walker, L – Ruddy Lugo
60-day DL: R – Shinji Mori, R – Dan Miceli, IF – Luis Ordaz (R)

Typical Lineup

R – Julio Lugo (SS)
L – Carl Crawford (LF)
R – Rocco Baldelli (CF)
L – Aubrey Huff (3B)
R – Jorge Cantu (2B)
R – Jonny Gomes (DH)
R – Ty Wigginton (1B)
L – Russell Branyan (RF)
S – Dioner Navarro (C)

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2006-07-07 14:34:01
1.   das411
Just wait 'til that 8-hole RFer that is currently Branyan gets farmed out for The Delmon any week now...

...and no mention of the DRays taking 3 of 4 from BOSTON just now???

2006-07-07 14:50:40
2.   marc
That TB lineup looks a little scary especially against Wright. They got a lotta good guys back and it obviously shows considering their performance against Boston. If we unfortuanately get out ass kicked I don't mind people complaning but I hope I don't hear about how we can't even beat lowly TB. They ain't so lowly anymore and it looks more like the team that haunted us last year or whenever it was.
2006-07-07 15:04:39
3.   randym77
There's a rumor that Kevin Thompson was called up today. Dunno who would be sent down. Green?
2006-07-07 15:07:33
4.   Michael
TB are still lowly in my book - check the standings? They are in the cellar in the AL East.
2006-07-07 15:09:41
5.   randym77
And here's the lineup:

Cabrera LF
Jeter SS
Giambi DH
Rodriguez 3B
Posada C
Williams RF
Phillips 1B
Cairo 2B
Crosby CF

Where's Ralph Malph? Did Bubba's almost-homerun last night so impress Joe that he overlooked Guiel's three runs?

2006-07-07 15:20:10
6.   Max
4 As Cliff said, the team added Huff, Lugo, Cantu and Baldelli over the last 4 to 6 weeks, so their offense certainly isn't lowly. When we faced them early in the season, they had Nick Green in the lineup.

Their pitching outside of Kazmir is an open question, but we're not exactly trotting out our big pitching guns this weekend, so like marc, I'm a bit nervous. As I mentioned in another thread, the numbers of our best pitcher this weekend (Wang) against TB (both at YS and the Trop) are pretty dreadful, with his only decent start coming this season against their early toothless lineup.

2006-07-07 15:23:13
7.   Cliff Corcoran
Bubba makes sense. On the slick TB turf they get their best defender (with Damon out, their only viable one) in center, and with a righty on the mound, Bubba's bat is slightly less lethal to the Yankees' cause. Once Damon's back in the line-up (which I expect will be after the break) I would expect Guiel to get most if not all of the starts against righties until he proves he shouldn't or a deal is made.
2006-07-07 15:26:36
8.   randym77
Well, it's lefties on Sat. and Sun. Maybe that's why Thompson's headed to Tampa.
2006-07-07 15:28:04
9.   unmoderated
whenever I see 'Corcoran' it makes me think of Bunny from The Secret History.
no offense, Tim and Cliff.
2006-07-07 15:44:25
10.   JeremyM
While we wait for the game, here's a fun link:
The MLB this guy is still playing? team. And if your first guess for a team member is Ruben Sierra, you'd be right.
2006-07-07 16:19:22
11.   Mattpat11
Are the outfielders going to wear body armor with Bubba playing?
2006-07-07 16:23:38
12.   Mattpat11
Oh crap. They're talking about "stuff" People only talk about stuff when the pitcher sucks. Must they remind us that he's Jaret Wright?
2006-07-07 16:28:24
13.   Simone
Arrgghh!!! Wright sucking and it is only the 1st.
2006-07-07 16:31:25
14.   randym77
Wright doesn't look very good tonight.

Nice fake by Bubba in CF. I have a feeling they'd have been running on Bernie without even looking up.

2006-07-07 16:31:46
15.   BklynBmr
Get your provisions, secure the perimeter, and hunker down for another 4 hour slopfest...
2006-07-07 16:32:54
16.   randym77
Wright has struggled in the first inning before, then buckled down.
2006-07-07 16:33:39
17.   rbj
And Wright rightens the ship. For now.
2006-07-07 16:34:02
18.   Simone
Wright got out of it. Let's go, offense!
2006-07-07 16:34:15
19.   chris in c-bus
yep...bubba is clearly the best defensive option in center with damon out...nice work by wright to get out of the jam...only problem is that even if he's on tonight, he'll only be in there another whole 4 innings...
2006-07-07 16:37:58
20.   mikeplugh
My problem is not with least in this case....but rather why Bernie is in RF when Guiel hits MUCH better against righties. Bernie is good against lefties. This should be Bernie's night on the pines and Guiel's to play.

Why did you get him if you're going to start him against a lefty and then sit him the next night against a righty after he had a hit and scored 3 runs yesterday?

2006-07-07 16:39:52
21.   Simone
Yeah, Bernie! A hit.
2006-07-07 16:40:44
22.   randym77
20 I guess that's why. Bernie hits great in the Trop, and he's 3 for 3 with a homerun against Seo.
2006-07-07 16:40:48
23.   rbj
20 Bernie heard you, Mike.
2006-07-07 16:40:54
24.   mikeplugh
I guess Bernie just answered my question. DOH!

Way to go old timer.

2006-07-07 16:41:38
25.   mikeplugh
That always happens.
2006-07-07 16:49:17
26.   rbj
Um, Wright's looking better?
2006-07-07 16:50:05
27.   mikeplugh
Yeah. Jaret.

Keep it up bro. Go 6+ for us today and I'll buy you a nice shiny bike for your birthday.

2006-07-07 16:50:39
28.   randym77
He's done this before. Rocky first inning, then very solid. Cross your fingers...
2006-07-07 16:51:39
29.   mikeplugh
Hafner Grand Slam. The man is sick.
2006-07-07 16:53:33
30.   BklynBmr
This impatience at the plate is contributing to Seo's shutout...
2006-07-07 16:56:20
31.   randym77
No kidding. C'mon, Bubba. Two pitches? That's a "patient, pesky, leadoff hitter type"?

Shoulda tried a bunt...

2006-07-07 16:56:40
32.   mikeplugh
Seo: 38 pitches over 3 innings = 12.7 pitches per....114 pitch complete game shutout.
2006-07-07 16:57:30
33.   Mattpat11
31 He's gritty. Baseball code for "no good"
2006-07-07 16:57:36
34.   mikeplugh
Not gonna happen, but I'm sayin'...look at a pitch or two.
2006-07-07 16:58:23
35.   mikeplugh
33 or "no good", code for sucks.
2006-07-07 16:58:54
36.   randym77
Jeter out on one pitch. The scouting report must have said "swing on the first pitch."

Only Melky didn't get the memo. ;-)

2006-07-07 17:01:34
37.   Mattpat11
35 Well I was trying to be nice about it.
2006-07-07 17:08:20
38.   rbj
All right guys, now's the time to break up Seo's shutout.
2006-07-07 17:10:34
39.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
5ks for Wright thru 3?
2006-07-07 17:11:35
40.   marc
I really like Wright. He makes a solid #5 pitcher. Unfortunately we don't have a #4
2006-07-07 17:12:41
41.   JeremyM
40 At this point they would be foolish to not pick up his option. It's only a difference of 3 million, I think, anyway.
2006-07-07 17:13:18
42.   mikeplugh
Dontrelle Willis Grand Slam. It's catching.
2006-07-07 17:14:17
43.   JeremyM
Listen to me. Only 3 million. That's all. Coming from a guy who makes, oh, 1/30th of that or so.
2006-07-07 17:17:43
44.   mikeplugh
Jose Lima

3+ IP
7 hits
2 BBs
7 runs
2 Ks
1 Grand Slam (to the pitcher)


2006-07-07 17:18:22
45.   mikeplugh
I'm sorry I questioned Bernie. Yo da man.
2006-07-07 17:18:28
46.   rbj
20 Mike, sometimes it's good to be wrong.
2006-07-07 17:18:50
47.   randym77
Bernie's got Seo's number. That makes him 5 for 5 with a homerun, I think.
2006-07-07 17:19:12
48.   mikeplugh
In my seems it's always good when I'm wrong. ;)
2006-07-07 17:21:13
49.   BklynBmr
45 Hey, Mike! How about a little credit for Mr. Torre here, huh? ;-)
2006-07-07 17:22:07
50.   mikeplugh
Good job Joe. Way ta pick 'em.
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2006-07-07 17:22:22
51.   marc
Considering what's happened to the outfield, Bernie's been a godsend. I'm sure as hell glad he didn't retire last year.
2006-07-07 17:24:04
52.   marc
Does Berie get incentive pay foor the number of games he plays in?
2006-07-07 17:24:55
53.   mikeplugh
51 I hear you thing to think about.

If Bernie HAD retired, maybe his roster spot would have gone to a better player.

Not saying it would have, but it needs to be asked.

2006-07-07 17:28:18
54.   mikeplugh
Okay Jaret. One more.
2006-07-07 17:29:09
55.   BklynBmr
51 "I'm sure as hell glad he didn't retire last year." Man, no doubt. There was a lot of Bernie-hatin' here way back when, but those folks are layin' pretty low right now. Everyone was dreamy-eyed over our no-holes, 1,000+ run lineup. And the old man ends up holding the ship together. Who knew?
2006-07-07 17:30:52
56.   BklynBmr
Wright-on!!! sorry, that was bad... ;-)
2006-07-07 17:31:14
57.   mikeplugh
My feeling was...if he's gonna play, it's got to be for our team. He was gonna play, so it had to be the Yanks.

I have to admit...even as my favorite Yankee...I wanted him to retire.

Glad he's with us though.

2006-07-07 17:31:26
58.   mikeplugh
Wright is dealing.
2006-07-07 17:32:24
59.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
5ks for Wright thru 3?
2006-07-07 17:33:05
60.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
7 ks thru 5? We can rebuild him. We have the technology.
2006-07-07 17:35:27
61.   BklynBmr
57 I thought he had enough in the tank for a '25th man' kinda role, and was hoping the Yanks would re-up him for one more. I never thought we'd be seeing this, and probably few did...
2006-07-07 17:35:58
62.   mikeplugh
Cairo is 14 for 68 this year. (.206)
2006-07-07 17:36:57
63.   mikeplugh
Crosby foul bunts on the 1st pitch. What is happening?
2006-07-07 17:38:13
64.   Mattpat11
It will be interesting to see how far Bubba's number plumet and how many people he almost kills before he loses Joe's trust
2006-07-07 17:38:25
65.   Bob Timmermann
Al Leiter seems a bit defensive when discussing Scott Kazmir.
2006-07-07 17:38:30
66.   mikeplugh
62 sorry, that should be Crosby is 14 for 68 on the year (.206)
2006-07-07 17:39:02
67.   mikeplugh
Way to go Melky. Swing at the 1st pitch again.
2006-07-07 17:39:10
68.   randym77
And even the patient Melky flies out on the first pitch.
2006-07-07 17:39:48
69.   mikeplugh
Where is Kevin Thompson? Did he get called up as it was said earlier?
2006-07-07 17:40:17
70.   Mattpat11
62 Cairo is 32 for 128
2006-07-07 17:40:19
71.   rbj
61 Same here. I thought it was just courtesy that the Yankees resigned Bernie.
2006-07-07 17:41:39
72.   mikeplugh
Oh Jaret. The man.
2006-07-07 17:43:17
73.   mikeplugh
70 I caught myself 66. It was Crosby that had earned my ire.

Cairo is a bad player, but we have no options for backup infielder. Crosby is a disaster, but we have Thompson and Guiel sitting around now and Crosby should have a seat.

2006-07-07 17:43:32
74.   BklynBmr
62 One of the funniest things I've read this season was on Canyon of Heroes the other day about Cairo being a 'drunk in a Yankee uniform'. I like the guy in spite of his numbers, but that cracked me up... In a perfect world, now he is a 24 or 25th on your roster.
2006-07-07 17:43:41
75.   Marcus
Did the Yanks call up Hughes for the game? I'm trying to figure out who this guy is striking out all these Rays...
2006-07-07 17:43:47
76.   rilkefan
12 - Maybe Wright has some stuff tonight.
2006-07-07 17:44:09
77.   marc
9 Ks for Wright!
2006-07-07 17:44:15
78.   randym77
69 I don't think he's on the roster tonight. I think we may see him tomorrow. We'll be facing two lefty pitchers over the weekend.

Someone who works with the Clippers said Thompson has been sent to Tampa. He always know who's being called up long before it's announced, but never knows the roster move, since he only knows what's going on in Columbus.

Thompson isn't playing in Columbus tonight, so I think we will see him tomorrow.

2006-07-07 17:44:50
79.   Nick from Washington Heights
Wright's on fire!
2006-07-07 17:45:21
80.   mikeplugh
What is Wright drinking? Gatorade Plus.

(That's not a "juicing" accusation.)

I want to know what kind of sports drink is out there that can turn ME into a strikeout machine.

2006-07-07 17:45:21
81.   singledd
Evening BB'ers. Just got here.
Once again, the Yankees are beating up on TB pitching (kidding).
Wright looks Right. 8 K's in 5 innings? Wow. Anyone know the pitch count? In triple digits yet?
2006-07-07 17:46:51
82.   Simone
Ugh. Ortiz has already homered against the White Sox.
2006-07-07 17:47:08
83.   mikeplugh
Wright's at 78 through 5.
2006-07-07 17:47:18
84.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
effin Papi.
2006-07-07 17:47:21
85.   3rd gen yankee fan
NINE Ks? Is this our Jaret? Jaret Wright?
2006-07-07 17:48:16
86.   mikeplugh
82 I saw that Simone. He is a machine.

I think Boston is going to put some serious hurt on Chicago this weekend. We need to keep pace. I think the White Sox are about to get a punch in the face from the AL East. The Yanks come in just after the All Star Break.

2006-07-07 17:48:22
87.   BklynBmr
81 78 pitches for Wright, 48 strikes...
2006-07-07 17:48:41
88.   mikeplugh
Why is everyone swinging at the 1st pitch? STOP!
2006-07-07 17:49:49
89.   randym77
Giambi juuuust missed a homerun.
2006-07-07 17:49:59
90.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
86 I don't know. From where I'm sitting, the Real Sox are superior to the Sawx in every facet of the game, and that Palehose lineup might put a hurt on Sawx pitching.
2006-07-07 17:50:28
91.   Simone
See I was hoping that the White Sox would help hold the Red Sox down.
2006-07-07 17:50:32
92.   BklynBmr
89 Where's a catwalk when you need one?
2006-07-07 17:50:33
93.   marc
Wright's been good most of the time once they took that giant hardball tractor beam out of his ass that caused him to get hit and injured by the come-backers.
2006-07-07 17:50:53
94.   Mattpat11
78 You say lefties as if Bubba should be playing against righties.
2006-07-07 17:51:26
95.   mikeplugh
90 Maybe so, but I just have a feeling that the two teams from the AL East are going to win a majority of the games out there.

Probably no logic behind it.

2006-07-07 17:51:54
96.   mikeplugh
A-Rod swings at the 1st pitch and ground out.

Now that's something I'll boo.

2006-07-07 17:52:11
97.   randym77
94 Well, Guiel shouldn't be playing against righties, either, which kind of puts us in a bind with Damon out.
2006-07-07 17:53:29
98.   Mattpat11
97 He has to be better than Bubba. Crosby is awful at the plate and a danger in the field. He should never play.
2006-07-07 17:54:00
99.   rbj
Why the hell is anyone up in the bullpen right now.
2006-07-07 17:54:32
100.   marc
Looks like Wright will need a shut out and he probably ain't that good
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-07-07 17:55:21
101.   BklynBmr
Re: Sox vs Sawx — Schilling vs Contreras on Sunday is worth the price of admission...
2006-07-07 17:55:38
102.   randym77
97 Arrgh. I meant lefties. We've got a lot of lefty OFers.
2006-07-07 17:56:50
103.   tommyl
Its fair to say Leiter is pretty pissed with the trend of yanking Wright after 80 or so pitches. I have to say, he has a point. You can't complain you want Wright to go deeper into games and then threaten to yank him if he allows a baserunner past the 5th inning. If anything he seems to be settling down.
2006-07-07 17:58:47
104.   tommyl
Leiter is going to punch Michael Kay. This could be funny.
2006-07-07 17:59:12
105.   singledd
By the by... we should all root for Houston. If they shit the bed and dump Rogers salary, I think he will definitely go to Boston. Full cycle and post season.
2006-07-07 17:59:24
106.   BklynBmr
Nice break there, no pun intended...
2006-07-07 17:59:33
107.   mikeplugh
10 ks. king for a night.
2006-07-07 18:00:11
108.   3rd gen yankee fan
another K, right on
2006-07-07 18:00:51
109.   singledd
Wright has to go 7, yes? Can we possibly pull him? Would be nice to get a run or 2... or at least take a pitch or 2.
2006-07-07 18:01:33
110.   singledd
Palehose score 1. Bloody Sox up 2-1 after 1.
2006-07-07 18:01:47
111.   Mattpat11
105 I refuse to root for any team that employs the Texas Conman and his Mini Me.
2006-07-07 18:03:35
112.   BklynBmr
105 I would love to see The Rocket in the AL East again. Either on Boston or Toronto. Anywhere but The Bronx.
2006-07-07 18:03:58
113.   singledd
You don't want Roger in Boston for Aug. and Sept, do you? It will happen. The fix is already in.
2006-07-07 18:05:59
114.   SF Yanks
Wright's been pulled. Whos going in?
2006-07-07 18:07:11
115.   SF Yanks
2006-07-07 18:07:30
116.   singledd
Man... do they baby Wright or what? Can't they let him start the inning and see what happens. What gives?
2006-07-07 18:07:33
117.   randym77
112 Me, too.
2006-07-07 18:07:43
118.   SF Yanks
Or, Scott FarnMo?
2006-07-07 18:08:52
119.   rbj
Man, if Cy Young were alive today, he'd be rolling over in his grave.
2006-07-07 18:09:26
120.   singledd
112 117 You think Roger is done?
REC 1-2 | SV 0 | ERA 2.76 | WHIP 1.22
2006-07-07 18:10:17
121.   randym77
Oh, no. Proctor. With a one-run lead.

Villone's warming, too.

2006-07-07 18:10:21
122.   Simone
Proctor is in. I can't watch.
2006-07-07 18:11:05
123.   randym77
120 No, I don't think he's done. But I think he will be, by the post-season.
2006-07-07 18:11:49
124.   Zack
Oh God, Proctor, we all know how this story goes...
2006-07-07 18:12:19
125.   singledd
Wright then Proctor then Farns.
They're seeing some serious heat in Florida.
8 outs to go.
2006-07-07 18:17:02
126.   singledd
7 to go
2006-07-07 18:17:41
127.   randym77
Proctor looked like the Proctor we saw earlier this season. Maybe he really was just overused.
2006-07-07 18:17:52
128.   singledd
the Doctor is in! 6 to go. 3 to Mo.
2006-07-07 18:17:53
129.   rbj
Yup. Proctor Ks 2.
When was the last time Proctor pitched? Must've been 3 - 4 games, the lazy goldbricker.
2006-07-07 18:19:19
130.   Max
Has Seo really been that good tonight, or is it the return of the bad offense?
2006-07-07 18:22:21
131.   Simone
Did you see that Dontrelle hit a grand slam against the Mets? The kid is incredible.
2006-07-07 18:22:37
132.   BklynBmr
120 Roger made the right decision to stay with the Astros. He don't want no part of these AL lineups, especially in Aug/Sept when we're all mostly head to head in the East. The legs, the back, the hammy — something is going to give. Let it be for Boston or the Jays. The best chance he has to get back to the WS is probably with the Mutts. And I'm still pissed about that Hummer! Retiring my ass. ;-)
2006-07-07 18:22:48
133.   rbj
C'mon Derek. Need a hit here.
2006-07-07 18:23:44
134.   singledd
Common Cap!
2006-07-07 18:24:43
135.   singledd
130 Man, did you read my mind ir what! 3 hits and 2 of them by Bernie!
2006-07-07 18:26:30
136.   singledd
Take the walk!
2006-07-07 18:27:03
137.   marc
I hope we can work through the 8th without Farnsy somehow.
2006-07-07 18:27:29
138.   singledd
Mo can go 4 outs... maybe 5.
2006-07-07 18:29:01
139.   singledd
8-9-1 coming up for TB. 2 outs hopefully and then Mo.
2006-07-07 18:29:39
140.   singledd
Shit! I'd stay with DocProc
2006-07-07 18:30:23
141.   randym77
Oh, man. A-Rod almost missed that one.
2006-07-07 18:30:52
142.   singledd
ARod catches a Pop-up! Yea!
2006-07-07 18:32:32
143.   rbj
Ooh, Meyers warming. Must have a lefty or two coming up.
2006-07-07 18:32:54
144.   BklynBmr
140 My sentiments exactly. The only danger with that is the one pitch margin for error. Farns will kill you slowly...
2006-07-07 18:33:03
145.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Damn Chisox has Lester on the ropes. Bases juiced no outs. Gets sac fly from Dye, then Crede first pitch dp. Seems like every time he pitches the kid works his way out of a jam like that.
2006-07-07 18:34:01
146.   BklynBmr
Whew! OK, Farnsy!
2006-07-07 18:34:22
147.   pmarcig
Is Wright physically unable to go 100 pitches? I'm glad Proctor did his job, but WTF?
2006-07-07 18:34:24
148.   nyctarheel87
Chicago had the bases loaded and no out, but only got 1 run. 2-2 in the 4th
2006-07-07 18:34:32
149.   randym77
142 LOL! Well it was it was a pretty tough popup in that miniature golf ballpark they have.
2006-07-07 18:36:32
150.   singledd
Feels like we dodged a bullet...
It's either a great win or the heartbreaker of the year.
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2006-07-07 18:36:43
151.   BklynBmr
KC continues to help on the southern flank, up 3-1 on Toronto, bottom 5...
2006-07-07 18:38:43
152.   singledd
130 This guy 3 hits us?
REC 2-5 | SV 0 | ERA 5.35 | WHIP 1.47
2006-07-07 18:40:33
153.   SF Yanks
Lets just hope Crawford doesn't get on to lead off the next inning.
2006-07-07 18:41:07
154.   rabid stan
152 No, he three-hit the Yankees. We would have dominated him.
2006-07-07 18:41:19
155.   singledd
P.S. on Jae-Weong Seo. 15 HRs in 79 innings.
So much for TB's shitty PB.
2006-07-07 18:42:53
156.   singledd
2006-07-07 18:43:08
157.   marc
Mo's gotta keep Crawford off the bases
2006-07-07 18:43:46
158.   randym77
Seo's been a lot better in his last two games. We caught him when he's on a roll.

And this freakin' park is humongous.

2006-07-07 18:45:36
159.   rbj
Nice job Mo. 2 to go.
2006-07-07 18:45:42
160.   BklynBmr
Uno! That was huge! Keep it going, Mo!
2006-07-07 18:46:45
161.   3rd gen yankee fan
154 LOL! My grandmother for starting pitcher!
2006-07-07 18:47:47
162.   BklynBmr
Dos! Uno mas, Mo!
2006-07-07 18:48:31
163.   SF Yanks
Yeah baby!!
2006-07-07 18:48:42
164.   BklynBmr
Oh, yeah!!!
2006-07-07 18:48:54
165.   C2Coke
Mo! Mo! Mo!

It's just the way it goes, after 2 blowouts this time, a close but great win.

Let's hope Wright is finally Wright. 10K is definitely a record for him since a long long time ago.

2006-07-07 18:49:01
166.   wsporter
What a beautiful thing a one to nothing win is.
2006-07-07 18:49:05
167.   Max
Two straight Friday night shutouts. I could get used to this.
2006-07-07 18:49:11
168.   rbj
Player of the Game: Jaret Wright. (IMO)
2006-07-07 18:49:15
169.   Simone
Good win! Hopefully, the White Sox will get the job done also.
2006-07-07 18:49:37
170.   marc
Yaaankkkeees win a brilliant pitchers duel
2006-07-07 18:52:18
171.   C2Coke
170 Bet you never thought you would say that about Wright 2 months ago.
2006-07-07 18:53:31
172.   BklynBmr
Good sign. Lose 19-1. Win 11-3. Win 10-4. Win 1-0. On the road. Let's keep in rollin', Yanks.
2006-07-07 18:56:17
173.   singledd
What a consistant offense.
1 - 11 - 10 - 1
23 RS/4 games = a very deceptive 5.75 RS/game
2006-07-07 18:59:24
174.   Marcus
Can I just say that Mark Buehrle may be above average, but he's not even close to an All-Star.
2006-07-07 19:00:55
175.   BklynBmr
Like any reputable poll/survey, you throw out the high and low, and it's 10.5/RS ;-)
2006-07-07 19:03:04
176.   BklynBmr
Strike 175 from the records. Math was never a stong point here...
2006-07-07 19:06:10
177.   BklynBmr
176 Nor was spelling ;-(

KC up 4-1 in the 7th, but first and second, 1 out for the Jays...

2006-07-07 19:13:17
178.   RIYank
Wright says between the first and second inning he changed his slider grip to the one he used in 2004. I guess it worked.
2006-07-07 19:14:54
179.   Simone
How many times have I seen highlights of the White Sox winning games? They are supposed to be the best team in baseball according to ESPN's experts so what is going on here? It is the 6th inning and so far they have been as useless as the Mets.
2006-07-07 19:29:28
180.   JeremyM
As curious as some of the Yankee moves have been (Erickson, Long), can anyone understand why Jose Lima got another shot?
2006-07-07 19:57:37
181.   BklynBmr
179 Simone, on the bright side, we'll pick up a game in the Wild Card standings tonight — but, yeah, maybe instead Boston should have ran into that Kansas City buzzsaw (up 8-3 over Toronto in the 8th). Oh, well...
2006-07-07 20:04:09
182.   BklynBmr
12-3 KC. Now let's go, ChiSox!!!
2006-07-07 20:19:44
183.   randym77
Good grief. KC won 13-3. How'd they do that?
2006-07-07 20:41:22
184.   randym77
From the NY Times:

Confirmation that Thompson is in Tampa:

>> Perhaps as insurance in case of a longer layoff for Damon, the Yankees instructed outfielder Kevin Thompson to fly here for Saturday's game. Thompson is a right-handed hitter, and the Yankees have two left-handed-hitting reserve outfielders — Aaron Guiel and Bubba Crosby — so Thompson may make more sense for the bench. <<

Good news: Dotel may join the Yankees in two weeks.

Bad news: Cano won't be ready to join the Yankees after the All-Star break.

And Cashman still has faith in Chacon. He says all he needs is consistent work. Just talking him up for a trade, or are they hoping he'll return to his 2005 form?

2006-07-07 21:17:07
185.   BklynBmr
184 Better to have Cano come back when he's 99.99% rather than rush it. Miggy is not killing us in field, so what's a few more days...

Also, glad to see A-Rod bailing on the HR Derby. Total nonsense that will do nothing positive for his mechanics. Plus he seems to be stroking the ball a bit better lately, no need to alter that...

Chacon: I think it's worth one last shot for a mid/long relief role in the pen. When he's on, he's nasty. Dunno how much of his dropoff is mental, but Guidry/Kerrigan should exhaust all efforts before we trade him — unless the 'attitude/clubhouse cancer' reports are accurate. The season is too short for that...

2006-07-07 21:48:28
186.   dpmurphy
Wright looked good. Johnson, now wright. Yankee fans must be happy.

"Yankee Fan in Chicago:86 I don't know. From where I'm sitting, the Real Sox are superior to the Sawx in every facet of the game, and that Palehose lineup might put a hurt on Sawx pitching."

Even defensively? See, you lose cred when you just spout off nonsense. Glad we won tonight. Getting the first game's important when the other team is better in "every facet of the game".

(amazing they couldn't hurt a 22 year old rookie, huh?)

2006-07-07 23:05:25
187.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Damn you're a twit. The Palehose are especially superior defensively to the Sawx.

BP's RATEs for position (career/2006):

c: Tek 100/105 AJ 103/103 Tek shades him this year, but it's clear who's been better long haul

1b: Youk 100/100 Konerko: 99/101 just about even.

2b: Loretta 105/104 Iguchi 91/90 Loretta clearly better.

3b: Lowell 107/110 Crede 102/114 Right now Crede's substantially better. 114 is really picking it.

ss: AGon 94/99 (utterly average this year, and substantially below par for his career. Remind me again why this guy is a major league player?) Uribe 111/105. (Jeez would you check out that career RATE for Uribe? 17 pts higher than AGon!

LF: Manny 92/89 (but then you knew that, right?) vs. Podsednik 102/90 Above avg fielder having a bad year. Still better than Manny tho, eh!

CF: Coco Chanel (you guys miss Damon much?) 91/97. Wow, again. Very poor for his career, short as it is, and below avg this year. Damn what a defense these Sawx have! vs. Anderson 118/121 Yeah, I know he's a rookie, but the kid sure can play centerfield. 27 pts higher than Crisp's career RATE for those keeping score at home!

RF: Nixon 101/103 Having a good year, but Dye's 102/104 edges him.

So what have we learned? Well. The Sawx have a better 2nd baseman by a lot, but that's more than made up for by their weakness at ss and cf. Catcher and 1b and rf are largely even, but Podsednik even in poor form is clearly better than Manny, while Crede edges Lowell on current form. I'd say the Palehose have it no?

Oh, and btw, BP also tracks defensive efficiency (ie balls in play turned into outs): Sorry to break the news DP, but the vaunted Sawx d ranks 12th in baseball, compared to the Palehose 8th place (Yanks are 5th btw).

So we've also learned that you only know what they tell you in the Boston Globe and on NESN, which apparently ain't very much. The White Sox are the superior defensive team, both individually, and as a unit.

2006-07-07 23:05:46
188.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Who's lost "cred" again?
2006-07-08 00:18:02
189.   Nick from Washington Heights
well done, YF in Chi
2006-07-08 00:44:45
190.   BklynBmr
What Nick said. As YF in Chi demonstrates, fools are not suffered lightly at The Banter. A word of advice, they should at least come here sober...
2006-07-08 07:01:30
191.   unpopster
dpmurphy, must you come here to BB and reinforce our impressions of all Red Sox fans as insufferable blowhards?

"Wright looked good. Johnson, now wright. Yankee fans must be happy." Please keep your condescension-masked-as-support to yourself.

By the way, the Red Sox won the final of a four series to keep from getting swept by the last place DRays. Red Sox fans must be happy.

So you show up again to a) talk up the Red Sox, b) attempy to prove that we here at BB don't know what we're talking about, or c) complain about how your mighty Beantowners aren't getting their respect around these parts.

Again, I would like to direct you to the Sons of Sam Horn website. I think you'll get a better reception there, though I'm sure your posts would just get lost in a sea of other blowhard posts.

2006-07-08 08:13:04
192.   randym77
And it's apparently Beam who's headed back to Columbus to make room for Thompson.
2006-07-08 10:32:20
193.   monkeypants
I don't understand why they don't DL Chacon for 15 days, rather than demote both Beam and Smith. In the meanwhile, Cano and (presumably) Damon will have returned--this will takes pressure off the bench, so some combination of Cairo/Green/Reese/Ralph Malph/Bubba/etc can be demoted or released to make room.

Then, when Chacon comes off the DL, the team can make the decision whom to ashcan.

2006-07-08 10:51:23
194.   randym77
They probably figure they won't need Smith and Beam. It's only two games left until the break. They can throw the entire bullpen into both games if necessary. And it probably won't be necessary. Wanger can usually go deep.

Dunno what they're going to do after the break. Cano won't be back right away. Maybe Chacon will be traded (there's a rumor we're trading him for Joel Piniero). There may be other trades going on, too. The Post reports that a Pittsburgh Pirates scout was seen at the Yankees games in Cleveland and Tampa.

The Yanks are interested in Craig Wilson, but who are the Pirates scouting? Beam? Andy? Melky?

2006-07-08 11:14:25
195.   randym77
And Jermaine Dye has homered off Beckett. Go, White Sox!

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