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My NL All-Star Roster
2006-07-11 10:03
by Cliff Corcoran

Unfortunately, I don't have enough time today to do this right, but I had so much fun putting together my AL roster last night, I couldn't resist trying to do a rapid-fire NL roster. Here goes . . .

Starters voted in by fans:

1B - Albert Pujols
2B - Chase Utley
SS - Jose Reyes
3B - David Wright
C - Paul Lo Duca
RF - Jason Bay
CF - Carlos Beltran
OF - Alfonso Soriano

Okay, first thing's first. Reyes has opted out due to being spiked on the hand. The replacement chosen was Edgar Renteria. I'm down with that. Throw in Miguel Cabrera beind Wright at third and we have a rep from every NL East team as well as a member of the home-town and NL-worst Pirates.

Moving up in the standings we need a Cub. Michael Barrett was in the mix for catcher, so let's take him. Lance Berkman is tenth in the majors in VORP, so he's our Astro. Chris Capuano is the Milwaukee VORP leader, our Brewers rep and first pitcher. Brandon Webb of the Diamondbacks pulls the same trick. The Giants similarly give us Jason Schmidt. I voted for Matt Holliday to start over Soriano in the outfield, so I'll take him as my Colorado rep. Bronson Arroyo is far and away the Reds' VORP leader. I'm suspicious of his success, but his .282 BIPA seems legit, so he joins the pitching staff. Brad Penny and Nomahhh have equal claims to the Dodgers spot. Since I have two first basemen already, I'll hold off on this one to see whose name pops up first when I go by position. The Padres give us Chris Young, which is fun for me because he's a guy I had pegged for a big season this winter.

So our current roster:

1B - Albert Pujols
2B - Chase Utley
SS - Edgar Renteria
3B - David Wright
C - Paul Lo Duca
RF - Jason Bay
CF - Carlos Beltran
OF - Alfonso Soriano

1B - Lance Berkman
3B - Miguel Cabrera
C - Michael Barrett
OF - Matt Holliday
SP - Brandon Webb
SP - Jason Schmidt
SP - Chris Capuano
SP - Chris Young
SP - Bronson Arroyo

DL - Jose Reyes

Filling in backups where we need them, Dan Uggla is the easy second base choice. At shortstop, Omar Vizquel has closed in on Bill Hall, I'll go with Omar's marquee name and superior speed and defense given their essentially identical VORPs. In the outfield Carlos Lee and Bobby Abreu are next in line. I'm also going to add third catcher Brian McCann, because he was my starting pick and I have three AL catchers.

Penny and Garciaparra are the highest unchosen pitcher and position player in the NL according to VORP, so I'm taking them both and now I have a man from every team. That brings me to 24 men. I have room for eight more.

I have six starting pitchers already, but no relievers. I took five in the AL. Again I'm looking at VORP and WXRL--the latter of which I failed to point out in my previous post accounts for the quality of hitters faced as well as comparing to replacement level, making those call letters a bit more logical (Win eXpectation adjusted for Replacement and Lineup . . . or something like that). The AL dominates, WXRL (perhaps because of the lineup adjustment that would penalize NL relievers for facing pitchers or pinch hitters). Sorting out the ALers, Trevor Hoffman and Dodgers rookie Takashi Saito are the two most obvious choices. Tom Gordon is next, followed by Scott Linebrink. I'd be pushing it after that, so I won't. Sticking with four relievers, giving me room for two more starters, Carlos Zambrano and Roy Oswalt.

Two spots left. Who are the neglected hitters? Nick the Stick and Scott Rolen. In the AL I declined to take a fourth first baseman (Giambi), opting instead for a middle infielder because Carlos Guillen was there to be had. Here, that player would be the Pirates' Freddy Sanchez, but he's a third baseman like Rolen, and skipping Nick for Freddy would give me four at the hot corner. That the game is in Pittsburgh might convince me to chose Sanchez over Rolen were it not for the fact that Rolen not only has the better numbers, but he's Scott Rolen and the other guy is Freddy Sanchez. Meanwhile, Nomar can play short in an emergency.

So my final roster:

1B - Albert Pujols (StL)
2B - Chase Utley (Phi)
SS - Edgar Renteria (Atl)
3B - David Wright (NYM)
C - Paul Lo Duca (NYM)
RF - Jason Bay (Pit)
CF - Carlos Beltran (NYM)
OF - Alfonso Soriano (Was)

1B - Lance Berkman (Hou)
1B - Nomar Garciaparra (LA)
1B - Nick Johnson (Was)
2B - Dan Uggla (Fla)
SS - Omar Vizquel (SF)
3B - Miguel Cabrera (Fla)
C - Brian McCann (Atl)
C - Michael Barrett (Chi)
OF - Matt Holliday (Col)
OF - Carlos Lee (Mil)
OF - Bobby Abreu (Phi)

SP - Brandon Webb (Ari)
SP - Jason Schmidt (SF)
SP - Chris Capuano (Mil)
SP - Brad Penny (LA)
SP - Chris Young (SD)
SP - Bronson Arroyo (Cin)
SP - Carlos Zambrano (Chi)
SP - Roy Oswalt (Hou)
RP - Trevor Hoffman (SD)
RP - Takashi Saito (LA)
RP - Tom Gordon (Phi)
RP - Scott Linebrink (SD)

DL - Jose Reyes (NYM)

Comparing that to the actual roster we agree on Berkman, Garciaparra (via final vote), Uggla, Renteria (replacing the injured Reyes as starter), Cabrera, Rolen, Holliday, Lee, McCann, Arroyo, Capuano, Gordon, Hoffman, Oswalt (who replaced the injured Tom Glavine), Penny, Schmidt, Webb and Zambrano.

The players elected Ryan Howard over Nick the Stick and Andruw Jones over Bobby Abreu. Phil Garner went with four third basemen, choosing Sanchez over third catcher Michael Barrett. Realizing that I have Zambrano to represent the Cubs, I'm actually fine with that, especially as it gets a second hometown player in the game. Unfortunately the man chose to replace Reyes on the roster was not Vizquel but David Eckstein. Still and all, there are no real outrages on hitting side of the NL roster.

I can't really even complain that much about the pitchers. The players elected Chris Carpenter, Tom Glavine and Pedro Martinez, but both Mets opted out due to injury, clearing the way for successful replacements Oswalt and Capuano. As for Carpenter, he actually is more deserving than Chris Young, and since I have two Padre relievers, I'm willing to make that correction to my roster (though I'm sticking with Barrett over Sanchez for logistical reasons--I'd rather have a third catcher than a fourth third-baseman). The players also voted in Derrick Turnbow, but since my alternates Linebrink and Saito, I can't say they really blew it there. The only choice I didn't understand was Garner choosing Brian Fuentes despite already having Holliday to represent the Rockies. Still, with Linebrink and Saito as my prefered options, I can't complain that much, though Linebrink did pitch like an All-Star last year as well.

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2006-07-11 12:40:34
1.   Shaun P
I was going to say, "No Adam Dunn?" - but then I checked out his VORP, and it was surprisingly low (20.7 IIRC). I'm guessing his low BA is dragging his VORP down, 'cause his OBP and SLG are outstanding as usual.
2006-07-11 12:41:26
2.   Sliced Bread
I like your reasoning re: your Nomar pick, but I wouldn't have given him as much thought. He was an automatic cherce for me. What a comeback.

Ryan Howard over Nick, and Andruw over Abreu? Yup, but I love that Nick is in the same sentence as these guys.

2006-07-11 12:51:44
3.   Sliced Bread
Actually, reading it again, you didn't deliberate over Nomar. My bad.
2006-07-11 13:29:45
4.   Shaun P
2 I still cheer for Nick the Stick, and when he's healthy like he's been, he's the player I always imaged he would be.

All things considered, which would have benefitted the Yanks more?

2004 - Vazquez and Halsey
2005 - Randy Johnson
2006 - Randy Johnson


2004 - Nick the Stick, Juan Rivera, Randy Choate, unknown in Vazquez's spot in rotation*
2005 - 2004 guys + Halsey
2006 - 2005 guys + Navarro

Hindsight is 20-20, but I think the Yanks might have been better off with the second bunch.

*The Vazquez trade went down on 12/16/03, which is the same day Pettitte signed with the Astros.

2006-07-11 14:25:53
5.   randym77
"The replacement chosen was Edgar Renteria. I'm down with that."

(Channeling Al Leiter...) What's wrong with Renteria? ;-)

I still root for Nick, too. I didn't want the Yanks to trade him, but it was probably for the best. Between injuries and Giambi, he'd probably rarely have seen the light of day in NY.

2006-07-11 14:55:13
6.   Cliff Corcoran
5 Seriously, how did Al Leiter play baseball and hang out in major league club houses from 1987-2006 and never come to understand that phrase? Is he the squarest human being who has ever lived?
2006-07-11 17:36:40
7.   marc
what was that ridiculous thing the anthem singer was wearing around her neck that said American on one side and National on the other. I was scratching my head until I started to crack up
2006-07-11 17:44:33
8.   randym77
That was Carrie Underwood, one of the American Idol winners. Weird dress. I think those were the straps of her gown.

All the Yankees got booed a little, but it seems like A-Rod got a lot louder boos and a lot fewer cheers. Yankees fans are setting a bad example.

2006-07-11 17:48:44
9.   Zack
Arrrgh, its only the second batter and I already want to kill Buck and McCarver!
2006-07-11 17:51:57
10.   Zack
Wow, it took them this long to bring up the 'clutch' conversation, amazing!
2006-07-11 17:53:09
11.   Jen
Yeah, Papi was really clutch in that at-bat.
2006-07-11 18:09:31
12.   Stormer Sports
The harder they throw the further they go!

Shades of Giambi vs. Wagner.

2006-07-11 18:12:32
13.   Stormer Sports

Yea, Joe Buck the psychologist. Now he knows what Arod is "affected" by. It is rarely that the son is the father's equal. In this case, I would gladly trade all of his father's accomplishments to get this clown off the air.

Just wait until the World Series when he cuts away from the actual game to pontificate some meaningless point.

2006-07-11 18:15:39
14.   Zack
It was nice to hear both announcers have to stop their man love of Penny..Always living in the moment they are
2006-07-11 18:16:56
15.   Stormer Sports
Ahhhhhh, the first Fox cutaway that misses an inportant GAME momet. Fuck you Murdoch Fuck you!
2006-07-11 18:20:40
16.   Stormer Sports
Of all the accomplishments that Bud Selig takes credit for, all of which he had little or no actual impact upon, the one decision which he played an important role in, was by far his worst, awarding World Series coverage to FOX, should be his legacy. He made bells and whistles more important than the game. Thanks Bud. The Cosmo Kramer of commissioners, falling ass backward into positive developments, but when the shit hits the fan, you blow it like no one else. Fay Vincent, where art thou?
2006-07-11 18:23:32
17.   marc
He who pays the most gets to torture us the most
2006-07-11 18:26:22
18.   randym77
I hate Fox more than words can say. Remember last year, when they kept switching over to the other game while the Yankees were playing? Grrrr.
2006-07-11 18:27:36
19.   Stormer Sports

I know I know. I really don't care who the commentators are. All I ask is that every second of the actual game (All Star or Playoffs) be televised in real time. Is that really too much to ask for, I mean seriously? It's like cutting away from a 4th and 10 during the Super Bowl. That would be unthinkable. But cutting away from a 1-2 pitch during the World Series is ok?

2006-07-11 18:31:31
20.   Stormer Sports

I'm with you. I just don't understand how the biggest media conglomerate in the World can be so utterly unprofessional and incompetent. I know the non-voting, disability check cashing, Judge Judy, So You Think You Can Dance, Cops watching idiots that tune in for the World Series need to be appeased, but all I ask is that you actually let the rest of us watch the game.

2006-07-11 18:34:50
21.   Stormer Sports
Thanks Vernon Wells!
2006-07-11 18:36:09
22.   Zack
Now they are spending so much time talking to Garner that they are missing the game...If the game isn't going to matter, fine, but if they are trying to pretend that it does, at least try to announce it

Rough going for Doc Halliday

2006-07-11 18:37:23
23.   Stormer Sports

Halladay is a fucking idiot to throw that pitch after Beltran stole third. Baseball 101. I hope that doesn't cost the AL the game.

2006-07-11 18:39:12
24.   marc
this is really getting fukn annoying. They're just yapping away while close plays are happening. At least with Jon Miller and Joe Morgan on ESPN they yap away but the camera stays on the goddamn gield
2006-07-11 18:40:29
25.   Stormer Sports
They don't actually report the News, what makes anyone think they will actually cover the game?
2006-07-11 18:41:54
26.   Stormer Sports
No Ozzie, they are up by one because with an open base, a great baserunner on third, and the best hitter in the game at the plate, Roy Halladay throws a breaking ball in the dirt.
2006-07-11 18:42:29
27.   randym77
I dunno. Even for regular games, they do dugout interviews while the game's going on. I think last year someone actually hit a homerun off-camera.

It's a lot worse tonight, though.

2006-07-11 18:45:49
28.   BklynBmr
A FlashBuck (Game 3, '98 WS in San Deigo)

After Scotty B.'s go-ahead 3-run blast in the 8th, camera pans in the stands to Cashman smiling, lightly pumping his fist and giving a wink to someone apparently a row or two away...

Buck: "... and there's Yankee GM Brian Cashman trying hard not to root..."


2006-07-11 18:46:58
29.   Stormer Sports
Let's see if Halladay can get through this inning without doing anything else stupid which might cost the AL the game. If a Yankee pitcher had pulled that garbage during a game, we would all be screaming for his head.
2006-07-11 18:48:30
30.   SF Yanks
What happened to our boys? I was hoping for at least a hit or two. Does anyone secretly hope for the red sox to fail? I can't help it.
2006-07-11 18:51:53
31.   Stormer Sports
Our boys are facing pitchers they have never seen before. It is ironic though, Arod is actually making contact and keeping his at-bats alive. I cannot root against the Red Sox players, the AL needs to win tonight in case the Yankees make it. Go Papi Go!
2006-07-11 18:52:41
32.   BklynBmr
30 Not tonight, SF. WE need that homefield this year ;-)
2006-07-11 18:54:57
33.   Stormer Sports

And apparently Halladay needs Ozzie to hold his hand or come out to the mound to remind him not to throw the ball in the dirt with Beltran on third.

Now they are stoppoing mid-game? Does the game count or not Bud? Does it!

2006-07-11 18:56:48
34.   BklynBmr
33 Bud seems to be looking over his shoulder a lot... Snipers?
2006-07-11 18:57:06
35.   Stormer Sports
Maybe Ozzie should remenber what he said tonight about Roberto Clemente before he goes on his next gay bashing tyrade or accuses another player of betraying his country.
2006-07-11 18:57:31
36.   Stormer Sports

God, I hope so!

2006-07-11 18:58:21
37.   Stormer Sports

God, I hope so!

2006-07-11 18:59:51
38.   BklynBmr
Vera. What a sweetheart!
2006-07-11 19:02:00
39.   Stormer Sports
Did Bud say Nic-a-Agua?
2006-07-11 19:07:30
40.   Stormer Sports
Nice catch by Sanchez!
2006-07-11 19:09:13
41.   BklynBmr
39 That was funny. Nick-A-Ow-Wa, or something like that. What a dork. Weird game so far. Maybe Alex's premonition was right, NL takes this one. Lord, I hope not... with my luck it'll be Pavano vs Pedro in game 7 at Shea. AL has to win...
2006-07-11 19:09:15
42.   marc
39 throughout his remarks Celig was struggling to give a Spanish accent when appropriate and did a pretty awful job of it. He shouldn't have tried
2006-07-11 19:11:21
43.   randym77
They call Sanchez "Frederick the Great" in Pittsburgh. Also "Steady Freddie." He deserves to be an All-Star this year.
2006-07-11 19:11:30
44.   BklynBmr
Wow! Papi bails out A-Rod!
2006-07-11 19:12:16
45.   randym77
Gak. A-Rod looked like a DH on that play.
2006-07-11 19:13:48
46.   Stormer Sports

Why would his defense get any better than its been all year?

2006-07-11 19:15:27
47.   Cliff Corcoran
Wow, you guys are taking this game waaaaay to seriously. I mean, was someone up there actually cursing about a play in the All-Star Game?

That said I second almost everything you've said about FOX.

2006-07-11 19:15:57
48.   marc
Papi plays a great first base. I strongly suggest hey play him there next time we play them
2006-07-11 19:18:19
49.   Zack
What's with all the Ichiro love? Thats the 3rd big intro graphic thing they have done for him, and I haven't seen anything for anyone else...

Oh God, Eckstein is an allstar, yikes...

2006-07-11 19:18:59
50.   randym77
[48} LOL!

He'll probably win AL MVP on the strength of that clutch play at 1B. ;-)

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2006-07-11 19:23:21
51.   Stormer Sports

Yea, that was me. I am just living in a dream world where the Yankees make the Series and this game could actually mean something to us.

2006-07-11 19:24:58
52.   marc
So far at least I haven't seen any Fox stars strategically positioned in the stands that they can keep the cameras on. Maybe Bill O'Reilly is in the stands and someone can smash a foul into his mouth. Sorry, that's way OT.
2006-07-11 19:26:29
53.   mikeplugh
I have to agree that this game shouldn't be taken too seriously. If you fall prey to the "This Game Counts" gimmick, you are actually a victim of the Selig/Fox crap that you've rightly complained about.

If the Yanks are good enough to make the Series, then home field won't matter. Especially if we play the game in NY anyway against the Mets, who have helped their own cause tonight. Beltran and Wright....

2006-07-11 19:27:57
54.   BklynBmr
53 Yeah, is that way --->

Let's talk baseball... ;-)

2006-07-11 19:29:05
55.   BklynBmr
Sorry, that 54 was for 52
2006-07-11 19:30:20
56.   randym77
I don't think I like the "this one counts" stuff. Seems like there should be a happy medium between ending in a tie and having homefield advantage hanging on it. The ASG should be pure fun, IMO.
2006-07-11 19:34:41
57.   BklynBmr
56 Agreed. Best record should dictate homefield, in league PS and overall for WS. The Wild Card needs to go, as well. Make 4 divisions in each league, 4 champs — or contract this crap down to 24 teams. Don't get me started...
2006-07-11 19:36:42
58.   singledd
Nice of Glaus to just casually trot down to 1st on that DP ball. After, it must be tiring running to 1st on all the ASG ABs he has had.
2006-07-11 19:41:50
59.   randym77
This would be funnier, if I didn't suspect Pavano would be the next one signed....

"Disabled List Offers Mark Prior Two-Year, $8 Million Extension":

2006-07-11 19:44:05
60.   mikeplugh
The joke of this game is that Santana and Liriano didn't pitch until very late in the game. Kenny Rogers as a starter is beyond a joke.

If you want to win the game, you go Santana for two. Halladay for one or two. Liriano, Zito, and Kazmir....then turn it over to Ryan, Papelbon, and Mariano.

Of course, Halladay coughed up the winning run at this point on a wild pitch. It is academic, but Rogers was a joke to start this ballgame.

2006-07-11 20:06:28
61.   Stormer Sports
Oh hell yes!
2006-07-11 20:06:40
62.   Simone
Yeah, the AL takes the lead.
2006-07-11 20:07:26
63.   Simone
I was ready to yell at Ozzie if the AL lost this game. Mo closes, right.
2006-07-11 20:07:37
64.   Stormer Sports
Get ready for MO!
2006-07-11 20:08:24
65.   singledd
And here comes Mo!
2006-07-11 20:08:59
66.   singledd
Will they play "Enter Sandman"?
2006-07-11 20:09:33
67.   Stormer Sports
I know I am not supposed to care, but I do. Losing any gane because of a play that should never have been made is always frustrating.

Come on Mo!

2006-07-11 20:10:34
68.   Stormer Sports
Halladay and Rodriguez and their pigeon sized brains get bailed out!
2006-07-11 20:12:01
69.   Stormer Sports
It is a shame that had to happen to Hoffman though. Always a class act.
2006-07-11 20:15:12
70.   Stormer Sports
Beltran is certainly taking the game seriously. As he should be.
2006-07-11 20:15:28
71.   Simone
Hoffman is a good guy.

Lopez making the AL defense look like the Yankees. Oh, so scarily familiar.

2006-07-11 20:15:35
72.   mikeplugh
2006-07-11 20:15:36
73.   mikeplugh
2006-07-11 20:16:55
74.   Simone
One more to go, Mariano.
2006-07-11 20:17:37
75.   Stormer Sports
Come on MO!
2006-07-11 20:18:12
76.   Stormer Sports
96 MPH? Mo is bringing it I see.
2006-07-11 20:18:50
77.   Simone
Nice job, Mariano. AL win. Hopefully, it is the Yankees in the World Series.

No All Star MVP for you, Wright. Michael Young should win it again.

2006-07-11 20:18:57
78.   Stormer Sports
Can anyone out there remind me why we didn't sign Beltran?
2006-07-11 20:20:02
79.   mikeplugh
Oh hell yeah. Who's the MVP of this game. I go with Beltran for playing 9 innings and going 2-4 with a run and a stolen base.
2006-07-11 20:20:34
80.   Simone
Ah, poor Trevor Hoffman. The AL can't help have the best closer, guy.

Ozzie's incompetence overcome by the AL players.

2006-07-11 20:23:32
81.   singledd
79 I second that
2006-07-11 20:24:08
82.   singledd
However, they almost always give it to the winning hit. Let's see.
2006-07-11 20:25:57
83.   singledd
82 Typical and wrong.
2006-07-11 20:27:18
84.   Simone
An ad for a Chevy which will break down many times and cost tons to fix. How appropriate.
2006-07-11 20:37:46
85.   marc
Fox said they have the ASG and WS for the next 7 years. I think I may listen on radio. I'll get to see almost just as much
2006-07-11 20:38:43
86.   Stormer Sports
It was nice of Ozzie to give Jete a couple plugs in the post game. Fitting, since he spent the day with 30 guys who probably voted him most overrated.
2006-07-11 21:08:31
87.   BklynBmr
Since tonight didn't mean anything, and not too many folks got excited anyway, I'm just glad no one got hurt. Maybe next year MLB should just have those voted in decide the thing on PlayStation or XBox. Or not even have it. After all, what's the point? Do it like the NFL and play it after all is said and done. Fans of the new "national pastime" have no issue with that, why should we? Tradition? Please...

Now here's to a kick-ass second half! Let's go Yanks!

2006-07-11 21:35:08
88.   monkeypants
So, how many AL wins in row before people start seriously questioning the "this time it counts" logic?
2006-07-11 21:54:57
89.   JeremyM
I had to turn the game off, which is a shame, but the announcers just don't have what it takes to make that kind of game (or any for that matter) fun or interesting. They're terrible. If I have to tolerate a guy being President based on who his father is and seemingly nothing else then I can't have it in my baseball announcing- America has to throw me a bone somewhere!

But anyway, how cool (and correct) is it that Mariano is always the one they go to in these things, and he always comes through.

2006-07-12 00:29:08
90.   joejoejoe
Jose Lopez has 2 career games at 3B and Troy Glaus has zero games at 1B and that's who Ozzie had in the field in a 1 run game in the 9th. That was fun.
2006-07-12 06:01:09
91.   singledd
SG over t RLYW has an interesting Post called:
"Run Values of the 2006 Yankees"
According to his methodology, Posada has been the most valuable Yankee with a 24.3 score, follwed by Jetes, Moose, Giambi and ARod (looks about right to me).

Bubba, Cabrera and GOB were all in the negatives, and Bernie was the LEAST productive postion player and Melky the 2nd worst. At the bottom of the pile was Vodoo Chacon.

If we simply had AVERAGE players (score 0) at those positions (LF, RF, #5 starter), we would be (statistically) 3 WINS better (or tied for first).

SG is a pretty smart stats guy, but I'm not saying his numbers are gospel. However, they really don't tell us anything we don't already know. We love Bernie, so we accept GOB. We are so happy to see a kid on the team, we give MelkDud a pass. Chacon saved our bacon last year, so we still have a little patience.

But the FO should not. These 3 players alone will cost us the post season. While I have been clamoring for a bat, I guess what I was really saying was get Bernie MelkDud the hell off the field.

Let Bernie retire in peace. Give Melky another year or 2 at AAA to develop more power. Get, if nothing else, a starter with a 4.5 - 5.0 ERA for our #5 slot (forget about Pavano).

Get Dellucci and Huff, or 2 OF'ers who at least aren't an embarrassment and might actual have an overall contribution to winning.

Yes, Bernie has has a decent BA, but his OPS (.739--- 50th of 63) and horrendous defence ("was that a Bernie double") and nullified his minor offensive contribution.

Melky has made a few good catches and has the best arm of all our OF'ers, but it doesn't offset his OPS (.733 after a hot streak---51st of 63).

That's 2 OF'er both in the bottom 20th percentile.

We have a pile of 25 Yankees. Is it unreasonable to get rid of the BOTTOM THREE of the pile?

2006-07-12 08:23:03
92.   JeremyM
I hear Huff went to the Astros for a couple of so-so prospects.
2006-07-12 15:30:47
93.   randym77
91 Wow, that's really shocking. I knew Bernie was killing us, but I thought Melky was doing well.

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