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Cleveland Indians
2006-06-13 10:14
by Cliff Corcoran
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On Friday we learned that the A's disappointing season has largely been the result of injuries and massive offensive outage. The A's then proceeded to sweep the Yankees, scoring an average of 5 2/3 runs per game.

Tonight the Yankees open a three-game series with the American League's second most disappointing team, the Cleveland Indians. So what's Cleveland's problem? It isn't injuries, only relief pitcher Matt Miller currently resides on the Tribe's disabled list. It isn't offense, the Indians have rivaled the Yankees for the major league lead in runs scored all year (both teams have scored 359 runs thus far, though the Indians have needed one more game to reach that total). What does that leave?

That's right, pitching. Only five teams in baseball have allowed more runs than the Indians, the Brewers and post-Mazzone Braves in the NL and the terrible trio of Baltimore, Tampa Bay and Kansas City in the AL. One reason for that is that in the AL only those three embarrassments and the major-league worst Twins have less efficient defenses than the Indians, who are in a very bad way on both sides of the ball at third (ol' buddy Aaron Boone) and second (the erratic Ronnie Belliard) and will be in right field as well as soon as Casey Blake's bat crashes back to earth.

Curiously, the fact that two of the Tribe's four infielders have had their gloves turn to stone hasn't had a tremendously negative effect on extreme groundballer Jake Westbrook, but extreme flyballer Cliff Lee has been having a rough go of it. Meanwhile, new addition Jason Johnson has doubled his groundball rate and seen just about every other number on his stat sheet (save for Ks and homers) shoot up as well.

C.C. Sabathia continues to progress toward being a true ace, and Bob Wickman continues to get the job done in the ninth, but elsewhere things are, if you'll pardon the term, thin. The three best bullpen ERA's after Wickman are Rafael Betancourt's 3.57, Jeremy Guthrie's 4.63 and Rafael Perez's 0.00, the last representing a single inning's work. Other than those four and Sabathia, the only man on the staff with an ERA under 5.00 is Jake Westbrook. Guillermo Mota has been a flat disaster, closer of the future Fernando Cabrera has struggled with wildness, and would-be fifth starters Fausto Carmona and Jason Davis have been just plain hittable.

Still, as bad as things might look, that offense counts for a lot. In fact, the Tribe's Pythagorean record is four games better than their actual mark and would rank them just a game and a half behind the Yankees in the East or all alone in first in the West. Cleveland has a supply of reinforcements in the minors. If things don't shape up soon, expect to see some of them in Cleveland as we approach the All-Star break and the trading deadline.

Paul Byrd, the other big pitching addition for 2006, will take the Yankee Stadium hill for the Tribe tonight. The Yankees handled Fraiser pretty well in last year's ALDS (though that fact was obscured by Randy Johnson's own failings in Game 3). That's reassuring as Byrd has settled down after a rough April to turn in quality starts in five of his last seven outings. Opposing him will be Chien-Ming Wang, who finally turned in a solid outing against the Red Sox in his last turn.

Cleveland Indians

2006 Record: 30-32 (.484)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 34-28 (.553)

Manager: Eric Wedge
General Manager: Mark Shapiro

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Jacobs Field (94/94)

Who's Replacing Whom?

  • Jason Michaels replaces Coco Crisp
  • Eduardo Perez replaces Jose Hernandez
  • Todd Hollandsworth replaces Jody Gerut and Jason Duboise (minors)
  • Tim Laker replaces Kelly Shoppach (minors) who replaced Josh Bard
  • Paul Byrd replaces Kevin Millwood
  • Jason Johnson replaces Scott Elarton
  • Fernando Cabrera takes over Bobby Howry's innings
  • Guillermo Mota replaces David Riske
  • Fausto Carmona replaces Arthur Rhodes
  • Rafael Perez replaces Scott Sauerbeck
  • Jeremy Guthrie replaces Matt Miller (DL)

Current Roster:

1B – Ben Broussard (L)
2B – Ron Belliard (R)
SS – Jhonny Peralta (R)
3B – Aaron Boone (R)
C – Victor Martinez (S)
RF – Casey Blake (R)
CF – Grady Sizemore (L)
LF – Jason Michaels (R)
DH – Travis Hafner (L)


R – Eduardo Perez (1B)
L – Todd Hollandsworth (OF)
L – Ramon Vazquez (IF)
R – Tim Laker (C)


L – C.C. Sabathia
R – Jake Westbrook
R – Paul Byrd
R – Jason Johnson
L – Cliff Lee


R – Bob Wickman
R – Rafael Betancourt
R – Fernando Cabrera
L - Rafael Perez
R – Guillermo Mota
R – Jeremy Guthrie
R - Fausto Carmona

Tyical Lineup:

L – Grady Sizemore (CF)
R – Jason Michaels (LF)
L – Travis Hafner (DH)
S – Victor Martinez (C)
L – Ben Broussard (1B)/R – Eduardo Perez (1B)
R – Jhonny Peralta (SS)
R – Casey Blake (RF)
R – Rafael Belliard (2B)
R – Aaron Boone (3B)

60-day DL: R - Matt Miller

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2006-06-13 14:10:44
1.   Shaun P
Slightly off topic, but I had to pass this along from today's Pinstriped Bible:

"SCOTT ERICKSON, RHP: The best pitcher on the 1991 Yankees.
IF HE WERE A POP SONG HE'D BE: "The Witch Doctor," David Seville."

I can't decide which sentence is funnier, the first or the second.

2006-06-13 14:15:14
2.   yankz
1 For some reason I can't get to this week's PB. Can you post the URL? Thanks.
2006-06-13 14:17:03
3.   C2Coke
1 If only someone will make those slogans on t-shirts, one on each side.
2006-06-13 14:19:06
4.   Shaun P
2 Ask and ye shall receive:

YES did a re-design of the website. I think it looks a lot better, though the PB and the PBlog used to read easier IMHO.

2006-06-13 14:24:32
5.   C2Coke
4 I had the same thought. But the website overall looks better and is easier to use.
2006-06-13 14:29:15
6.   yankz
Thank you.
2006-06-13 14:29:29
7.   Rob Gee
What I alluded to in the other thread:

Victor M. is looking at a caught stealing rate of .157% (8 of 43). I can't find the stats to see what the worst rates of all-time are, but that's pretty bad. For reference, only in Piazza's last season in NY did he have worse (.137% = 13/82). Even then, that's comparing a 36 yo C to a 27 yo C.

For whatever the reason, the Yanks should run early and often and especially tonight to test if it's a fluke. One more reason to see Kevin Thompson in the lineup.

2006-06-13 14:31:35
8.   yankz
For some reason I keep getting back to the PB written on 6/6. Ah, well.
2006-06-13 14:37:40
9.   C2Coke
8 My guess was that they are still reconstructing the PB archive section. When I hit the archive only 6/6 popped up. Try going in from the main Yankees section from YESNETWORK, you can find PB on the left side.
2006-06-13 15:27:02
10.   randym77
No Giambi. Bernie DHing, KT in RF.

Johnny Damon CF
Melky Cabrera LF
Derek Jeter SS
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Bernie Williams DH
Andy Phillips 1B
Kevin Thompson RF

2006-06-13 16:02:30
11.   tommyl
Without Long, I'd feel I'd take up RobGee's slack a bit:

asdfasdfkja Extra asdkalksjdfsdf Innings akljasldkjfalskjdf

2006-06-13 16:07:10
12.   Rob Gee
11 Meanwhile, I'm in lineup nirvana. The only way Tea could have screwed this up is by starting Cairo at 1B or in the OF. I can't believe he even tried that this year.
2006-06-13 16:09:22
13.   Marcus
Dayn Perry has a somewhat interesting column about the Indians' situation here:

Does anyone know about the "dust up" that Paul Byrd and Bob Wickman had recently?

2006-06-13 16:10:14
14.   randym77
I'd rather have Cairo in the RF than T-ball. He looked a little nervous out there, but he didn't screw anything up.
2006-06-13 16:11:20
15.   randym77
Holy crap. A-Rod almost dropped an easy popup. The guy cannot catch popups.

He did an amazing juggling act, though, and managed to grab it before it hit the ground.

2006-06-13 16:15:22
16.   randym77
Wow. Nice catch by Melky.

He hit the wall running at full speed. I hope he's not hurt.

2006-06-13 16:23:32
17.   randym77
13 From USA Today:


The victory [Sunday] also provided some redemption for Bob Wickman, who allowed a pair of inherited runners to score before posting his ninth save. Wickman allowed two runs and took the loss Saturday in a 4-3, 11-inning defeat that led to a heated locker-room exchange between the closer and Tuesday's scheduled starter Paul Byrd (5-4, 5.15 ERA).


2006-06-13 16:26:18
18.   Marcus
17 Cool, thanks randym77.
2006-06-13 16:29:54
19.   randym77
Good gravy. A-Rod looked awful there. He's struggling on offense and defense.
2006-06-13 16:31:21
20.   singledd
ARod really needs a Qualud
2006-06-13 16:31:39
21.   rilkefan
Wonder if he'd ask for a sick day or two if the team was healthier...
2006-06-13 16:32:10
22.   SF Yanks
Is it possible to feel bad for someone who makes 200 million? Cause I'm gettin there.
2006-06-13 16:33:01
23.   Marcus
I haven't paid close attention to A-Rod's at bats lately, but strictly anecdotally, it looks like pitchers aren't afraid to just pound the strike zone on him. Why is he holding back on those first two pitches? That last at-bat reminded me of one he had against Schilling last week. Quick 0-2 count on called strikes, third strike swinging (in this case a foul and a ball in between).
2006-06-13 16:34:54
24.   singledd
Did you see Cano take a pitch? Wow!
2006-06-13 16:35:03
25.   tommyl
1 This one is funnier:

TANYON STURTZE, RHP: Some players are one-hit wonders. Others are one-month wonders. Sturtze was the most celebrated 30-day pitcher in major league history.
IF HE WERE A POP SONG HE'D BE: "Blame It On the Rain," Milli Vanilli.

2006-06-13 16:37:36
26.   randym77
I'm telling you, Robby's learning. He's not Soriano.
2006-06-13 16:42:35
27.   yankee fan in Hollywood
1-2-3 !!!! It's been a while since we had one of those.
2006-06-13 16:43:04
28.   randym77
And all groundballs. A good sign, with Tiger.
2006-06-13 16:43:22
29.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Now that's a Wanger inning. 9 pitches, 3 groundouts.
2006-06-13 16:44:22
30.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Just keep those ground balls away from E-rod (error)...
2006-06-13 16:46:14
31.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Bernie is pumped!!! Can you see him jumping up and down over @ 2nd base ???
2006-06-13 16:46:55
32.   Mattpat11
How did A-Rod look in his at bat?
2006-06-13 16:47:18
33.   randym77
He should be. That was a nice double.

At least Philly didn't GIDP. Or strike out. I think he's improving a bit.

2006-06-13 16:49:26
34.   randym77
32 IMO, terrible. Let two good pitches go by. Swung at one that was kind of high. And the swing looked bad. Late. His eye and his timing are screwed up.
2006-06-13 16:50:39
35.   yankee fan in Hollywood
It would take a lot of balls from Torre & Cashman but they should send A-rod to the minors to get his timing down...
2006-06-13 16:51:10
36.   unpopster
to point out the obvious, 7 of the starting 9 today are HOMEGROWN....hah! so much for the poor Yankee farm system!!!
2006-06-13 16:52:01
37.   Marcus
35 Now that's funny!
2006-06-13 16:52:49
38.   rilkefan
"they should send A-rod to the minors"

Even worse than the idea last year of sending Giambi down.

2006-06-13 16:53:33
39.   yankee fan in Hollywood
I think Marcus got the joke....catch on "rilkefan"...
2006-06-13 16:56:47
40.   Mattpat11
34 I think he's still sick.
2006-06-13 16:58:47
41.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Anyone else think that Flaherty sounds alot like Paul O'Neil on the YES network ???
2006-06-13 16:59:47
42.   randym77
I think he's letting the pressure get to him. He's not playing as well as he usually does, on offense or defense. In the first inning, he almost dropped an easy, easy pop fly. Then a line drive went over his glove. Not an error, but one he usually makes. He's a head case. A very talented and well-meaning head case, but a head case nonetheless.
2006-06-13 17:00:40
43.   singledd
I thought that was O'Neil. That's Flash???
2006-06-13 17:02:06
44.   Cliff Corcoran
Uh, no, it's O'Neill.

And Melky was out.

2006-06-13 17:02:29
45.   randym77
They called him Paul.
2006-06-13 17:03:07
46.   singledd
Melky slowed down when he was running (regardless of what Paulie said).
2006-06-13 17:03:24
47.   SF Yanks
Hwere we go.
2006-06-13 17:03:59
48.   Mattpat11
Oh for Christ sakes.
2006-06-13 17:04:08
49.   SF Yanks
46 agree
2006-06-13 17:04:17
50.   singledd
I say give ARod a week off and send him to Tibet. This guy needs some Zen.
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2006-06-13 17:05:24
51.   SF Yanks
Very productive outs there!!!
2006-06-13 17:05:28
52.   Cliff Corcoran
Wow, 6 LOB in three innings.
2006-06-13 17:05:36
53.   yankee fan in Hollywood
"send him to Tibet" that's hilarious...He's just kidding okay "rilkefan"...
2006-06-13 17:05:37
54.   singledd
Here we go. 2 on, no out.
2006-06-13 17:07:55
55.   randym77
Everyone's getting on, no one's getting home.

Never mind, it's early yet...

2006-06-13 17:07:57
56.   singledd
A FIVE PITCH INNING and 2 men on. Jesus!
The whole damn team is over-anxious.

When even ARod make a bad out, he seems so calm and collected. Take a lesson from O'Neil. Salm the watercooler! Choke the batboy! Pull damons hair!

Express some anger Alex! It's OK (we're pissed too).

2006-06-13 17:08:38
57.   Cliff Corcoran
53 Hey, lay off rilkefan, sarcasm doesn't always translate in text and some folks in this space have been known to overreact, particularly to Rodriguez.
2006-06-13 17:08:54
58.   singledd
Any reports on Giambi? We really need him in this lineup.
2006-06-13 17:09:47
59.   C2Coke
I know there were too many men left on base this early in the game. But everytime I look at the lineup, I am so happy. When Giambi is back, I won't ask for more.

That Tibet line IS hilarious.

2006-06-13 17:12:27
60.   SF Yanks
Ever notice how far Posada flicks his catchers mask on pop ups? Iv'e seen other catchers just drop it.
2006-06-13 17:12:49
61.   randym77
Last I heard, Giambi was soaking his hand in icewater to get the swelling down. He hopes to play tomorrow.
2006-06-13 17:13:15
62.   Bama Yankee
Great stop by Andy Phillips. Who was the guy who said that he could not play 3B because of his bad glove?
2006-06-13 17:15:33
63.   randym77
62 That would be a lot of people, most recently Peter Abraham. "Butcher" was the word he used, I believe.
2006-06-13 17:15:59
64.   singledd
Good Santana for the Twins vs. Sox. Let's hope we tied for 1st at the end of the day.
2006-06-13 17:17:09
65.   SF Yanks
64 He struck out the side in the 1st
2006-06-13 17:17:32
66.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Here we go Andy here we go...!!!!!
2006-06-13 17:17:38
67.   randym77
Lefty Bernie is hitting pretty well tonight.
2006-06-13 17:18:27
68.   Mattpat11
You know, Andy's impoved alot, but he seems to still have a hard time recognizing breaking balls.
2006-06-13 17:19:00
69.   singledd
If this is Bernies's last year, you know he wants to be in the PS. Maybe he's motivated and will step up.
2006-06-13 17:20:18
70.   Bama Yankee
63 He did not look like a "butcher" on that play. Maybe at the plate lately, but not in the field.
2006-06-13 17:23:03
71.   randym77
68 I think it's a matter of "game fitness." Hitting against the Pro Batter Sports machine is not the same thing as hitting in an actual game.

70 Andy is great at 1B. I don't think anyone denies it. 3B is something else again. Defensive spectrum, and all that.

2006-06-13 17:27:21
72.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Ok, back from the dinner table. I can't believe that Yankee 3rd, Arod, Posada and Cano each fly out on the first pitch? I hope they're running laps after the game.
2006-06-13 17:31:25
73.   randym77
A-Rod and Posada I could see. But I was hoping for a line drive single from Robby.
2006-06-13 17:32:04
74.   rilkefan
57 - fair enough. Can't say that calling something worse than a widely-held expert view is that harsh, but bad on me for missing the tone.
2006-06-13 17:32:33
75.   SF Yanks
Santana K's 5 out of first 5 batters
2006-06-13 17:33:34
76.   Mattpat11
Have we had the leadoff guy on every inning?
2006-06-13 17:34:23
77.   rilkefan
74 - ack, wrong link. Apparently can't code, comment, and follow the game all at once. Whatever.
2006-06-13 17:34:39
78.   randym77
76 Yes.
2006-06-13 17:38:02
79.   yankee fan in Hollywood
damn it...I missed it...what did A-rod just do ?
2006-06-13 17:38:34
80.   Bama Yankee
I thought K-Rod played for the Angels...
2006-06-13 17:39:11
81.   yankee fan in Hollywood
enough said Bama....
2006-06-13 17:39:24
82.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Good game in Trenton. Through 5 Hughes had a no-no, tho it seems maybe he gave up ahit in the 6th. The MiLB game log has him no-hitting NH thru 5, but the box score says 1 hit thru 6.

Also Trenton hit into a 5-4-3 triple play.

2006-06-13 17:39:28
83.   Mattpat11
79 Three guesses. First two don't count.
2006-06-13 17:40:26
84.   Rob Gee
76 Yup, and not one attempt at a stolen base. Everyone it taking advantage of Victor and the Yanks play it conservative. What happened to Joe's early season small ball approach? Why not send Melky on a 2-0?
2006-06-13 17:40:27
85.   randym77
79 It wasn't pretty. Went down looking on four pitches.
2006-06-13 17:41:31
86.   randym77
Nice play by KT. Bernie wouldn't have gotten that one.
2006-06-13 17:42:45
87.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
So, per Cliff's intro to the Indians, are we trying to do for Cleveland's e.r.a what we did for the A's hitters' runs scored per game?
2006-06-13 17:42:50
88.   yankee fan in Hollywood
The one thing I hate about MLB.TV is they don't show the count or how many outs there are in the inning...
2006-06-13 17:43:53
89.   Rob Gee
And why not play Melky in RF? Does Joe know he used to play CF and can cover ground? Seriously, and if anything Matsui will beat Shef back. So, they're planning to shift Melky when? in August?
2006-06-13 17:43:54
90.   Rob Gee
And why not play Melky in RF? Does Joe know he used to play CF and can cover ground? Seriously, and if anything Matsui will beat Shef back. So, they're planning to shift Melky when? in August?
2006-06-13 17:44:33
91.   Mattpat11
I will say, I have a good feeling about A-Rod tonight. Just a hunch.
2006-06-13 17:44:57
92.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Hey what's the name of Derek Jeter's new shoe ???
2006-06-13 17:45:16
93.   Rob Gee
sorry! (though I don't know what I did!?)
2006-06-13 17:46:11
94.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
The following just happened in Columbus:

* Pitcher Change: Octavio Dotel replaces Sean Henn.
* Ed Rogers lines out to right fielder Mitch Jones.
* Fernando Tatis strikes out swinging.
* Andy Tracy singles on a line drive to right fielder Mitch Jones.
* Luis Terrero homers (6) on a fly ball to right field. Andy Tracy scores.
* Howie Clark doubles (8) on a line drive to left fielder Terrence Long.
* Keith Reed hit by pitch.
* Val Majewski flies out to center fielder Kevin Reese.

Double plus ungood (I thought Dotel was going to start off in Trenton? Maybe he should have!)

2006-06-13 17:46:33
95.   Cliff Corcoran
You know your Wang's been workin' hard . . . he's worth a deuce!
2006-06-13 17:46:36
96.   Marcus
90 I second those questions. All I've heard so far is that he looks/feels more comfortable in left. Does Joe not value a strong arm in RF (K-Thomp notwithstanding, I don't know about his arm strength)?
2006-06-13 17:46:45
97.   randym77
Nice work, Tiger!
2006-06-13 17:47:31
98.   Mattpat11
94 Are you really looking at results?
2006-06-13 17:49:11
99.   Cliff Corcoran
84 Jeter stole second in the second.
2006-06-13 17:49:38
100.   randym77
89 Bernie's playing right, so Melky can't.

94 Due to Tropical Storm Alberto, Dotel and Crosby were flown to Columbus to play tonight. Too much rain in Tampa to play baseball.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-06-13 17:49:43
101.   Marcus
94 I thought he was supposed to start in High-A Tampa, but I'd imagine the Hurricane had something to do with him going to Columbus. I wouldn't worry yet, though. It's Dotel's first shot at competitive baseball in a year.
2006-06-13 17:50:34
102.   Cliff Corcoran
94 Reese is playing center, aye? I heard he's on a hot streak. If so, I'd rather have him than Bubba on this team.
2006-06-13 17:51:31
103.   Cliff Corcoran
Robby's power stroke in effect. Go figure the one inning they don't get the lead-off man on and with no one on base.
2006-06-13 17:51:32
104.   randym77
Whoah, Robby! Suddenly he's hitting for power.
2006-06-13 17:53:46
105.   yankee fan in Hollywood
that umpire is smokin crack!!!
2006-06-13 17:55:10
106.   Cliff Corcoran
Andy just looks awful up there right now.
2006-06-13 17:56:40
107.   yankee fan in Hollywood
I would be too Cliff if I felt like my manager is looking to pull the hook on me any chance he gets..
2006-06-13 17:57:19
108.   randym77
Yech, neither Dotel nor Crosby is doing well tonight. Clippers losing 0-6. Bubba's the DH and leadoff hitter, and is 0 for 2.
2006-06-13 17:58:34
109.   Rob Gee
99 Sorry, i meant of the leadoff runners. And Jete's was more defensive indifference with Melky on third. But I did forget that Melky was running when Jete hit that single - sending him to third. Still, they should be running every inning until Victor proves them wrong.
2006-06-13 17:59:08
110.   Bama Yankee
106 He tried a hot streak, it didn't work. Maybe he thinks a cold streak will get him more PT. Knowing Torre, it just might work.
2006-06-13 17:59:47
111.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Even if Andy Phillips is not's still worth having his glove out there...Any hits he gets I see it as gravy. Guys like A-rod, Giambi, Jetes, and Damon are supposed to provide the runs...
2006-06-13 18:00:13
112.   Marcus
106 Carlos Pena has been heating up down in AAA. Does anyone know when he gets another chance to opt out of his contract? It'd be nice to be able to hang on to him a bit longer if the right situation were to present itself.
2006-06-13 18:02:20
113.   rilkefan
Mo for the last two? Leave CMW in until he gives up a baserunner?
2006-06-13 18:03:51
114.   JeremyM
113 Instead of hindsight, let's lay it on the line right now. I say stay with Wang, although I'm only going by gamecenter by CBS, not a visual. Even if he gives up a baserunner in the 8th stick with him. He's at 87 pitches right now.
2006-06-13 18:05:08
115.   singledd
107 Did you read that article where it was deduced that Torre was the cause of the hurricane in Florida?

ARod is regressing in front of our eyes. I fear by the end of this series, he might be wearing training pants.

2006-06-13 18:05:35
116.   yankee fan in Hollywood
I agree with Jeremy...Let's get CMW to pitch over 100 pitches...Hey by the way how do u guys do the whole number thing with the underline ????
2006-06-13 18:06:54
117.   JeremyM
Use brackets like [ and ] and put the number of the post you want to reference between it. I just figured that one out a week or so ago after being too chicken to ask:). Pretty nifty.
2006-06-13 18:07:27
118.   yankee fan in Hollywood
The Melky man draws a walk...Take some notes Robby
2006-06-13 18:07:31
119.   Yu-Hsing Chen
God, whats with the offense tonight...Byrd is getting slapped around by the ghost of Bernie but everyone else cept Jeter and Cano seems meserized by the 88 mile fastball and 60 mile change.. if we win this it's definately Wang's credit.
2006-06-13 18:07:42
120.   Rob Gee
No reason not to send Melky here.
2006-06-13 18:08:19
121.   randym77
I think we leave Wanger in, too.

Looks like Dotel has been pulled? His ERA is 18. o_O

And Bubba's now 0 for 3.

2006-06-13 18:08:23
122.   yankee fan in Hollywood
116 thanks a whole bunch JeremyM
2006-06-13 18:08:37
123.   Cliff Corcoran
112 I don't know if he gets another out, I think the end of May was his do or die date and he chose to stick with it.
2006-06-13 18:08:41
124.   Yu-Hsing Chen
yeah putting Wang in the 8th seems logical, his only at 85 pitches and pretty much dominated the Indians so far. Wang 8th Mo 9th if we can't blow it open.
2006-06-13 18:08:45
125.   JeremyM
107 yeah, but Jeter stepped in and made it a tropical depression or storm or whatever it is now.

As far as A-Rod, does he really look that bad? What the hell is wrong with him? Does he have mad cow disease or that dreaded parasite from Tokyo (Kevin Brown-itis) or something?

2006-06-13 18:10:02
126.   Rob Gee
Captain Clutch!
2006-06-13 18:10:30
127.   yankee fan in Hollywood
C'mon Tiger. 1-2-3 inning...Let's go baby!!!
2006-06-13 18:12:20
128.   randym77
125 He really looks that bad. I think he's just stressing out.
2006-06-13 18:12:20
129.   yankee fan in Hollywood
If I wanted to find out who had the most come from behind wins this season. How/Where would I find a stat like that?
2006-06-13 18:13:21
130.   JeremyM
129 I dunno but it sure seems like it's Boston.
2006-06-13 18:14:07
131.   yankee fan in Hollywood
My guess would be the Mets...
2006-06-13 18:14:46
132.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Cliff, mind to chime in on this one ???
2006-06-13 18:14:55
133.   SF Yanks
Santana struck out 10 ugly Red sox in five innings. Think we can turn that into a nursery rhyme somehow?
2006-06-13 18:15:17
134.   SF Yanks
make that 11 in 5.
2006-06-13 18:15:44
135.   Marcus
Hughes went 7 IP, 8 Ks, 3 BBs, 1 H (a double). Not bad at all. He's been walking guys a lot more since his promotion, but he's kept a very good K/BB ratio.
2006-06-13 18:15:45
136.   Cliff Corcoran
I can deal with taking Wang out here only because Sizemore hit that ball off the CF wall earlier in the game, but I skip Farns today and have Mo get the last four (or five) outs.
2006-06-13 18:16:08
137.   singledd
After 4-1/2 in Minn:
Sox 0-2-0
Minn 0-2-0

Santana with 11 K's in 5 innings.

2006-06-13 18:17:47
138.   atc
On three separate occassions this year, the Sox have been down to their final out (and possibly even final strike on all three occassions), and losing with the go-ahead run at the plate, and hit homers to either win the game or send it to the bottom of the 9th.
2006-06-13 18:18:12
139.   singledd
125 ARod has all the confidence of a guy with a tiny dick trying to woo Pamela Anderson away from Tommy Lee.

He needs to fire his life coach and head for Tibet. I don't think there is any Western philosophy that can help this poor guy.

2006-06-13 18:20:25
140.   Rob Gee
135 That is nice news esp since he's only on his second month of AA and at 19 yo.

Eric Duncan is at least hitting AA now - 1 for 2 with 1 BB tonight. Now at 6 for 19 since coming back with 2 HR's.

2006-06-13 18:22:08
141.   randym77
Hey, our old pal T-Long is hitting well in Columbus:

.393 / .485 / .536

Maybe we should bring him back... ;-)

2006-06-13 18:22:28
142.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Put another shrimp on the barbie mate'
2006-06-13 18:24:53
143.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Blow his ass away Farnsworth!!!!!
2006-06-13 18:25:21
144.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Or not...but we'll take the groundout!!!
2006-06-13 18:27:25
145.   marc
I would have either left in Wang or broght in Mo for that last out.Torre proved right with his lefty-righty stuff
2006-06-13 18:27:34
146.   Mattpat11
Its A-Rod's time here. Hes going to make it 2-0, one way or another.
2006-06-13 18:28:24
147.   singledd
If things stay as is...
How many 1-0 games have there been this year?
Tis a pretty rare event in this day and age.
11 hits total to boot.
2006-06-13 18:29:03
148.   JeremyM
Boy, he must really be going bad.
2006-06-13 18:29:12
149.   Mattpat11
Well, there's always tomorrow.
2006-06-13 18:29:14
150.   Marcus
Not a good night for A-Rod.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-06-13 18:30:11
151.   singledd
That strike was 6" below the knees.
2006-06-13 18:30:52
152.   randym77
I think A-Rod would be fine if he just turned his brain off and let his body do the work.
2006-06-13 18:30:56
153.   Tarheel
why does no one else get booed for outs?
2006-06-13 18:31:03
154.   singledd
(ARod's last swinging strike)
2006-06-13 18:32:07
155.   Rob Gee
141 randy - please don't....
2006-06-13 18:32:48
156.   JeremyM
153 I wish the booing would stop. He doesn't seem to be a guy that can take it. And it's undeserved as well, he had a great May and a great year last year, and will probably still have one at this point. I don't get it.
2006-06-13 18:34:00
157.   Yu-Hsing Chen
A-rod completely suck today :/ snap out of it dude.

Funny if we win this one 1:0, remember around this time last year when our pitcher struggle like hell and we finally got a 1:0 win? remember who was pitching? that's right, Wang.

It's interesting how Wang seem to have been stepping up huge many times when the teams need him since last year.

2006-06-13 18:34:33
158.   yankee fan in Hollywood
A-rod must go home and just cry himself to sleep...Poor guy...I'm starting to feel sorry for him. I agree the booing should stop.
2006-06-13 18:35:09
159.   Tarheel
I guess the dumbasses at the stadium wish Aaron Boone was still the 3rd baseman.
2006-06-13 18:35:38
160.   randym77
Ouch, Andy.
2006-06-13 18:36:01
161.   Tarheel
2006-06-13 18:36:25
162.   singledd
2006-06-13 18:37:58
163.   Tarheel
What if Arod would have booted that?
2006-06-13 18:39:23
164.   Zack
So wha tthe heck, Andy was killing the ball, missess two or so games, and has regressed to sucking, and now an error. Torre will return to never playing him
2006-06-13 18:39:38
165.   Tarheel
What if Arod had booted that one?
2006-06-13 18:39:46
166.   Tarheel
What if Arod had booted that one?
2006-06-13 18:41:16
167.   Rob Gee
Actually - quite a game in 'Sota. Both Schilling and Santana at about 70 pitches through six. 2 H for Sux, 3 for Sota.
2006-06-13 18:41:58
168.   C2Coke
And the Yankees win!
2006-06-13 18:42:06
169.   marc
nice 4 outs Mo
2006-06-13 18:42:07
170.   randym77
156 New York fans can be brutal. I remember poor Phil Simms being unfavorably compared with Y.A. Tittle until he finally got the jewelry.
2006-06-13 18:42:30
171.   singledd
2006-06-13 18:43:22
172.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Ghost of Tek goes yard off Santana.
2006-06-13 18:43:35
173.   randym77
Mo was lights-out tonight.

Wang was pretty good, too.

And in Columbus, Bubba Crosby has finally gotten a hit...

2006-06-13 18:44:59
174.   Rob Gee
And of course Varitek homers: 1-0 Sux.
2006-06-13 18:47:04
175.   wsporter
I missed all but the three outs Mo got. Looks like Tiger was the man and Robbie came through. Was it a good, tense 1-0 game? Any good plays or run savers?
2006-06-13 18:50:33
176.   Yu-Hsing Chen
175 Melky had a good play in the first, running into the side wall for a tough near the line flyball catch. but other wise it was not exactly tense.

The summery was basically, Wang dominated the Indians, while Byrd struggled through the first few innings with a lot of free pass and hits, but the Yanks can't come through with the clutch.

2006-06-13 18:52:37
177.   kdw
Cuddyer's -- one of my favorite guys. At least for now.
2006-06-13 18:52:54
178.   marc
Minn with a homer. All tied up
2006-06-13 18:53:09
179.   Rob Gee
It was closer than it should have been. The Yanks left a ton on base. A-Rod is really getting the boos now. He needs a road trip and soon.
2006-06-13 18:53:15
180.   randym77
It was kind of aggravating the first two innings. We had bases loaded but no runs scored. :-P

Plays that stood out:

Melky running all the way across LF to catch the ball, then bang into the wall at full speed. He was wincing and holding his ribs for awhile afterward, but was apparently okay.

KT robbing what looked like an extra-base hit with a nice, running, leaping grab.

Wang getting out of trouble in the 6th, the way he usually does: GIDP.

2006-06-13 18:55:07
181.   randym77
And now Channel 9 news is doing a whole segment on "What's wrong with A-Rod?"
2006-06-13 18:56:08
182.   brockdc
152 I'm making that my personal mantra.

Nothing original to add from me - just want to echo those of you who are sick of Yankee "fans" booing Yankees. If you hate these guys so much, then throw your red Yankees cap into a dumpster and stop going to games. Christ, do yourself and everyone else a favor.

If you subscribe to the baseball card theory (and, for the most part, I do), you know A-Rod's going to have a monster August-September. Just watch.

2006-06-13 18:56:43
183.   Tarheel
If Jeter is supposed to be the captain and leader of this team, why doesn't he come out in the media and tell the fans to lay off Arod (or anyone else that is getting hammered at the time)? With the respect he has from the fans, you would think it would help.
2006-06-13 18:57:50
184.   brockdc
Watching this Minnesota offense makes my eyes bleed.
2006-06-13 18:58:41
185.   wsporter
Thanks guys. It's good to get off the schnide. Hope they video link Gaper's play somewhere.

Bad month to be hated by the homeside; lots of home games at the Stadium in June.

2006-06-13 19:01:17
186.   Bama Yankee
160 Hey randym77, maybe Peter Abraham was right about Andy's defense... Although he looked more like "Buckner" instead of "Butcher" on that play in the 9th. I still think he can play third (you know I'm gonna defend my fellow Crimson Tide alum all the way.... ROLL TIDE!!)
2006-06-13 19:04:21
187.   Cliff Corcoran
Andy's play in the 9th was flukey, ball right to him, he played it perfectly, got down, used two hands. The damn thing just popped out of his glove, and even at that he almost got the out with a nice sidearm throw to mo.
2006-06-13 19:05:23
188.   randym77
I don't hold that play against him. Those things happen.

Hopefully Joe won't hold it against him, either.

2006-06-13 19:07:08
189.   wsporter
152 Sounds like a 4 day weekend in Vegas.
2006-06-13 19:07:55
190.   Bama Yankee
187 Good point Cliff, since some people did not get to watch the game I should not have compared him to Buckner.
2006-06-13 19:10:32
191.   Bama Yankee
Manny lost one in the lights and almost cost the Sox a run.
2006-06-13 19:17:04
192.   Bama Yankee
Big Papi with the warning track power...
2006-06-13 19:19:18
193.   C2Coke
182 Arod will be hot again starting July and continue the hot streak. Now how about this: Arod back in his good old form, Matsui comes back in August, Sheff back in September. Surely we will all have sweet dreams everyday.
2006-06-13 19:19:39
194.   wsporter
187 Thanks Cliff, there's errors and there's errors; sounds like that was one of those tough ones. Andy has a nice glove, good feet and some quickness; he can play around either corner and not embarrass himself. I think he can be an above average defender at first.
2006-06-13 19:22:46
195.   Bama Yankee
Manny caught looking at strike three...
Has he been to the A-Rod school of hitting (or should I say not hitting)
2006-06-13 19:27:12
196.   Sliced Bread
Nice win. Even A-Rod managed to smile on the field after that one. Damn, the booing has to stop.

Poor Phillips, too. Immediately following his error in the 9th, the YES guys went awkwardly silent as the camera showed him pulling an arrow out of his chest. He looked that distressed.

Wang was long. Mo was nasty. Farns was filthy, Myers a one-out wonder.

2006-06-13 19:28:43
197.   Cliff Corcoran
196 Andy's expression reminded me of Paul Rudd having to pick up the fork in Wet Hot American Summer.
2006-06-13 19:29:12
198.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Andy did make a couple of nice plays earlier in the game though.
2006-06-13 19:29:33
199.   randym77
I think we need more padding on the walls. Now that we have outfielders that actually, you know...move.
2006-06-13 19:31:08
200.   C2Coke
That double by Castillo tasted good, especially sweet since it's against Papelbon.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-06-13 19:35:18
201.   JeremyM
Why did the idiot get thrown out at 3rd? Geez.
2006-06-13 19:39:03
202.   Mattpat11
Christ the Twins suck.
2006-06-13 19:39:35
203.   Sliced Bread
197 I'm familiar with Rudd's expressions but not that particular one. From the pained look on Andy's face I'm guessing Rudd's character had to pick up the fork with his eyelid.

He'll shake it off.

2006-06-13 19:41:08
204.   Sliced Bread
199 That's hilarious.
2006-06-13 19:50:05
205.   C2Coke
199, 204 And great news!
2006-06-13 19:56:33
206.   wsporter
202 Yeah, but Rincon can pitch. Wish we had him.
2006-06-13 20:20:46
207.   Yu-Hsing Chen
God damnit, you suck Twins.
2006-06-13 20:22:02
208.   wsporter
If anybody cares to ramp up the excitement just a little, Hughes had his second good start in a row, only this one was freaking dominant. 1 hit, 8 k's and 3 walks, oh my! Plus, Hughes to Cox to Pope could be something we hear a lot of in the future.

Henn and Dotel; not so good their first night out.

2006-06-13 20:23:18
209.   Shaun P
207 MFD, Rincon can pitch, but Crain sure can't. I can hear poor Aaron Gleeman's screams of agony out here in Mass.

In some ways, we should consider ourselves lucky. Ron Gardenhire seems to have Mr. Torre beat by a huge margin in bullpen mismanagement, as I understand things. (Nathan gets held out of tied games for the save that never comes; the loser in those games is often Crain - does this sound familiar?).

Nathan is far and away their best reliever - why did he only throw 1 inning? Sigh.

2006-06-13 20:27:58
210.   Yu-Hsing Chen
209 Well, Torre has a lot of faults, but in truth most other managers are just as dumb if not dumber, just look at Dusty Baker and Willie Randolph's insistence of putting guys who can run but can't get on base as lead off... or Hargrove keep putting his worest hitters in the middle... wasting all those hits by Ichiro...


2006-06-13 20:28:41
211.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Taverez vs Mauer... that seems like a good match up ... :P
2006-06-13 20:34:26
212.   Yu-Hsing Chen
man on 2nd and 3rd 1 out... PLZ ONE MORE HIT
2006-06-13 20:35:36
213.   kdw
Come on, make that intentional walk come back to bite them.
2006-06-13 20:37:04
214.   wsporter
209 MFD, I think there is something to the notion that familiarity breeds contempt. I think in a lot of ways we should consider ourselves lucky where Mr. Torre is concerned.

210 I would venture to say that you don't win 4 Seriouses in 5 years if you're "dumb". "As dumb if not dumber", is that what you really meant to say?

2006-06-13 20:37:38
215.   Rob Gee
Titie not leaving Timlin in must be driving the Sux fans nuts. I understand he came off the DL but they just took the lead. And the difference between 15 and 25 pitches is not huge.
2006-06-13 20:39:04
216.   kdw
Yes, grand slam Twins!!!!
2006-06-13 20:39:12
217.   wsporter
Ta-var-ez! Ta-var-ez! Ta-var-ez! Ta-var-ez!
2006-06-13 20:39:55
218.   Rob Gee
And the Grand Spamonie puts the Yanks back in first!
2006-06-13 20:39:55
219.   Yu-Hsing Chen
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, ROFL, walk off grand slam, Thank you crappy Red Sox pen
2006-06-13 20:41:45
220.   Alvaro Espinoza
Tavarez is awful.
2006-06-13 20:42:12
221.   marc
whoa man, A walk off grand slam to kick the shit out of Boston. Two incredible pitching duels and both come out in favor of the Yanks
2006-06-13 20:42:24
222.   Rob Gee
Seriously, when Tavarez is your third best, you know you have bigger issues. BTW: Papi Manny had a worse night than A-Rod - 0 fer 10 with 6 K's.
2006-06-13 20:43:50
223.   wsporter
222 Rob, Life can be so beautiful.
2006-06-13 20:43:50
224.   Alvaro Espinoza
Kubel's GS looked like a shallow fly ball to RF off the bat.

Gotta love the dome!

2006-06-13 20:48:16
225.   Marcus
So to those who were worried about all the Red Sox walk off/game winning homers, there's their comeuppance.
2006-06-13 20:48:49
226.   Rob Gee
And Coco Chanel went 0 fer 6 with 2 K's and 7 LOB's.

The best part of all of this is the Yanks are in first with a smorgasbord lineup. The Sux have everyone healthy expect Foulke. If they lost their LF and RF until September, we'd never hear the end of the whining and excuses. Good times all around - hopefully Andy and Gapper start again tomorrow.

2006-06-13 20:50:30
227.   yankz
What a night!
2006-06-13 20:52:24
228.   marc
The cool thing is Boston used up all their pitchers. Maybe they'll have to go to the DL for a while before they can pitch again
2006-06-13 20:53:41
229.   Rob Gee
227 Actually the real best part is that the GM can continue to do nothing. If this team makes a run, we get to sit back and enjoy this fun. If they don't, the excuses are right there for all to see. Even more reason for the GM to do nothing. 223 Life is indeed beautiful and these seasons are so much fun - good times!
2006-06-13 20:54:56
230.   Marcus
I don't know if you guys ever wander over to Sons of Sam Horn, but I thought this was an interesting post:

"Can anyone explain to me why Papelbon pitched the 9h in a tie game? Did Tito forget we weren't playing at home?

I can't think of any reason why you waste Papelbon early in the game. He should have had the save tonight."

Is Joe Torre a member of SoSH? Actually, even Torre has given up on that philosophy (at least in a couple situations this year).

2006-06-13 21:00:19
231.   wsporter
230 Marcus, I try to stay out of neighborhoods like that.
2006-06-13 21:15:17
232.   Rob Gee
231 Neighborhoods are where we live. That's a slum.
2006-06-13 21:17:49
233.   wsporter
232 QFT
2006-06-13 21:23:03
234.   rilkefan
233 - quantum field theory? Are you talking path integrals?
2006-06-13 21:39:30
235.   tommyl
232,233 holy, I thought I was the only one on here thinking that! Rilke, what do you do?
2006-06-13 21:40:18
236.   wsporter
234 Rilke, What up? Allow me to differentiate, QFT = Quote for truth. It's an obscure internet expression where truth is expessed as a function of time.
2006-06-13 21:41:44
237.   tommyl
234 Ahhh, too bad. Nothing like quantum field theory after midnight.
2006-06-13 21:43:27
238.   rilkefan
235 - I'm a particle physicist. Well, more of a programmer these days.

236 - truth is a constant...

2006-06-13 21:44:11
239.   rilkefan
I should say, "Truth is an invariant".
2006-06-13 21:52:20
240.   tommyl
238 Where at? Are you shifting to LHC?
2006-06-13 21:54:20
241.   wsporter
238 What is truth? Ask any Roman governor he'll tell you "Truth is relative..." Ask Protagoras. Don't ask Socrates. And let's leave Einstein out of this.
2006-06-13 22:07:14
242.   wsporter
239 ....If that helps you sleep nights.
2006-06-13 22:33:39
243.   rilkefan
240 - I'm at Stanford, working on an astrophysics expt. Maybe I'll move towards bioinformatics, maybe I'll end up on the street or doing engineering. I'd really prefer to be paid to write poetry but oh well. Are you in hep?
2006-06-13 23:42:09
244.   Zack
Wow, the BB thread got wicked smaht tonight. Talk of Quantum Field Theory and what not. See what a good night of baseball can do? All of a sudden we're all physicists :)
2006-06-14 02:47:29
245.   randym77
Wow. If you told me that someone was going to win that game with a walkoff grand slam, I'd have guessed the batter was Ortiz and the Sox the winning team.

But no, the Twins win, and the batter is a rookie named Jason Kubel.

Ah, baseball...

2006-06-14 04:07:54
246.   randym77

"After working out before the game, Johnson privately expressed doubts about making the start, which probably would have pushed Aaron Small into duty."

2006-06-14 06:30:32
247.   Mattpat11
Well thats discouraging. As off and on as Johnson has been, he's better that Aaron effing Small.
2006-06-14 06:40:28
248.   Rob Gee
Read the whole story, kids - he's pitching tonight.
2006-06-14 06:53:04
249.   C2Coke
What I noticed is that even Mo said something about the booing towards Arod. It's gotta be so much louder than we can hear on tv. How's Arod gonna be better when no fan in the stadium supports him?
2006-06-14 07:07:35
250.   Mattpat11
249 It always is louder. I went to a game where Jose Contreras got booed louder than anything I've ever heard. I actually made a point of coming home and listening for it on the replay, and it came off as mild booing.

This is loud, its long, and its mean. I can't imagine what its like live.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-06-14 07:16:59
251.   wsporter
249 250 Yeah, that booing is really going to help him pull it together. It is spectacular when a community can recognize a worthy common goal and work to achieve something positive. It's something for all of us to be proud of. They really put the fan in fantastic.


2006-06-14 07:27:59
252.   tommyl
243 I'm a string theorist.
2006-06-14 12:44:17
253.   rilkefan
252 - smallish world.
2006-06-14 12:53:12
254.   tommyl
253 but an expanding one. I actually gave a seminar at SLAC last fall while I was a fellow at the KITP.
2006-06-14 22:15:07
255.   rilkefan
You can find my blog googling on my handle - drop me a line if you're back in town and I'll buy you a beer.

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