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2006-05-15 10:59
by Cliff Corcoran
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There's not much to say about the Texas Rangers that I didn't say a week or so ago. Despite getting swept at home by the Bombers, they remain in first place in the AL West (thanks to the Yanks' just completed 2-1 series win over the second-place A's), and they've made just one roster move, demoting spot-starter Robinson Tejeda in favor of righty reliever Scott Feldman last Monday.

Due to consecutive rainouts in Boston, the Rangers have played just four games since hosting the Yanks, dropping two of three to the visiting Twins before taking the rain-shortened opener in Fenway behind five scoreless innings by Kameron Loe. Adding in a scheduled off day this past Thursday and the Rangers have played just six innings in the last four days.

So, with nothing doing on the other side of the leger, I thought I'd take this opportunity to take a better look at the home town team, as they could use some lookin' at given the events of the past week.

The normal order for this sort of thing is to start with the hitting and follow up with the pitching and to only sometimes bother with the fielding. Let's invert that.

A year ago the Yankees were a game below .500 and in fourth place in the AL East, 5.5 games behind the surging Orioles. This year they're seven games over .500 and tied with Boston for first in the division with the third best record in the American League.

A year ago the Yankees were dead last in the league in defensive efficiency (their rate of turning balls in play into outs). This year they're fourth best in the AL.


The Yankees are second in the American League in ERA with a 3.77 mark and while that's a legitimate ranking (they're also second, also to the Tigers, in defense-independent ERA with a 4.07 mark), the dramatic improvement in team defense has clearly contributed to their overall run prevention.

So how did it happen? The primary defensive upgrade the Yankees made this offseason was at long last acquiring a legitimate centerfielder. Fielding stats are specious at best, and a 35-game sample size of such are even more dubious, but Baseball Prospectus ranks Damon as a barely average defensive centerfielder thus far this year. That may not sound like much, but Bernie Williams and Hideki Matsui (Tony Womack didn't begin playing in center until later in the year, though he was just as dreadful as the rest) were so poor in the middle pasture last year (Bernie improved in the latter half of the year to bring his fielding numbers up to just shy of average), that "barely average" represents a tremendous improvement.

Meanwhile, Robinson Cano appears to be making a breakthrough at second base, going from barely average last year (or significantly below, depending on your source), to comfortably above thus far in 2006 and seems to be improving daily. Elswhere, Alex Rodriguez early-season struggles at third have been replaced with legitimate gold-glove-level play, surpasing his fine work there in his first year at the position. The forward leaps by Cano and Rodriguez have gone a long way toward compensating for Derek Jeter's return to his old form at shortstop.

One would think that the injuries which will increase Bubba Crosby's playing time in the field and will give Melky Cabrera an opportunity to overcome the poor first-impression his fielding has made in the Bronx could further increase the Yankees defensive efficiency, but it turns out that Hideki Matsui was actually having an excellent season in the field prior to breaking his radius in an attempt to make what would have been an outstanding sliding catch. Matsui was bound to regress himself, but now it seems the Yankees outfield defense will do well to simply break even with it's performance thus far, though alarmingly, given less ground to cover, Bernie does appear to represent an upgrade over Sheffield in right.

On the mound, the Yankees owe a great deal of their success to Mike Mussina's sudden discovery of a nearly unhittable 70-mile-per-hour changeup and the dominant performance that has resulted. Mussina, who will start tonight, is fourth in the league in strikeouts, third in the league in K/BB ratio and ERA, second in the league in WHIP, and tied for first in wins.

Collectively the five Yankee starters (and there really have been just five of them thus far) have compiled roughly a season's worth of work (35 starts, 208 2/3 innings) and have a 19-8 record with a 3.92 ERA and a 1.29 WHIP. This despite the complete collapse of Randy Johnson's mechanics. In fact, taking Johnson away, the other four Yankee starters, including Jaret Wright, are 14-4 with a 3.52 ERA.

The bullpen doesn't even need to subtract it's worst performer to beat even that, posting a 3.46 mark despite abysmal performances from Tanyon Sturtze (7.59 ERA) and Aaron Small (12.00 ERA). The reason is that the top four men in terms of innings pitched (Rivera, Farnsworth, Proctor and Villone) have combined for a 2.37 ERA, and that doesn't even count LOOGY Mike Myers who has allowed just one run (you all remember which one) in the process of recording 26 outs. Regression is sure to set in with Proctor and Villone, but Rivera and Farnsworth could actually improve on their performances thus far. Meanwhile, if the Yankees can wise up and replace Sturtze and Small with men such as rookie Matt Smith, who retired all seven men he faced in a brief call up, they could be well on their way to having their best pen since the glory days of Stanton-Nelson-Rivera.

As for the offense, 1,000 runs seemed like a distinct possibility until wrist injuries swiped two of the team's top hitters. Consider the following:

Through and including the Saturday April 29 game with Toronto in which Gary Sheffield hurt his wrist in a collision with Shea Hillenbrand, that is, the games with both Matsui and Sheffield in the line-up, the Yankees were scoring 6.36 runs per game, which projects to 1,030 runs over a full season.

Absent Sheffield, save for a key pinch-hit and a injury-addled 0-fer, from April 30 to May 10, the Yankees with Matsui but without Sheff scored 5.88 runs per game, which projects to 953 over a full season.

In the four games since then, the Yankees have averaged just 2.5 runs per game without either. Obviously that's a tiny sample, but it's alarming nonetheless and it equals the offense's worst four-game tally of the season (ten runs), the first coming against Harden, Haren, Escobar and Ervin Santana in the second through fifth games of the season. This last stretch came against Wakefield, Zito, Halsey, and Haren. Save for Halsey, whom they beat, though not resoundingly, that's not an unimpressive group, still having a bottom three of Bernie, Bubba and Melky most nights will put added pressure on the pitching and defense. Fortunately, they look like they just might be up to the task.

Tonight the Yankees take on last year's ERA champ, Kevin Millwood, who's currently sporting a 5.13 mark.

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2006-05-15 14:18:45
1.   randym77
"Bernie improved in the latter half of the year to bring his fielding numbers up to just shy of average"

There was an article in one of the local papers awhile back. Bernie talked about how hurt he was at being benched last year. He said he always starts out slow, every year. He's a second-half guy. He was quite insulted when what he saw as his usual slow start resulted in his being benched.

2006-05-15 14:48:34
2.   rabid stan
Watching the radar, and it looks like they should avoid a rainout yet again today. We'll see.

It would be a good thing too, since Moose is a "Princess and the Pea" type pitcher when it comes to irregular rest and other interruptions to his routine.

Remember the opener against the Rays in Japan a few years ago? And the peanut butter incident? If not, has an article at chronicling these other other "Bad Moose" moments.

It kinda reminds me what a headcase the guy can be, something that's been easy to forget this year. Anyway, considering he could be facing Pedro over the weekend, it would be best if there's not a rainout tonight that could screw with him.

2006-05-15 14:52:32
3.   Start Spreading the News
/Begin nonbaseball matter

At the risk of sounding like a "Wordanista from Merriam Websters", "it's" means "it is." It's not interchangeable with "its."

/end nonbaseball matter

We need guys like Giambi and Rodriguez to step up big time to pick up the offensive slack. Giambi seems to be really affected by the shift recently. He has had quite a few hits taken from him in the Boston series. But still, that doesn't explain his sudden lack of walks. In the past 7 games, he's batting: .174 avg, .240 OBP, .435 Slug.

Pretty lame. Hopefully a minor slump.

Another Torre note: why is Bernie batting 5th? Posada has been red hot in his last 7 games with an AVG of .462, OBP: .533 and Slug of .846.

Why not have him bat behind Arod???

2006-05-15 15:02:10
4.   randym77
Well, Bernie's not 5th tonight. Probably because we have a righty pitcher.

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Canó 2B
Jorge Posada C 5
Bernie Williams DH
Bubba Crosby RF
Melky Cabrera LF

2006-05-15 15:06:26
5.   rabid stan
4 He's still gonna try to bat switch, though.
2006-05-15 15:16:36
6.   rabid stan
3 It's the Grammarnistas you gotta watch out for. They'll make you dig your own grave before they shoot you execution-style for using three question marks.

They're still after me because I don't know what the hell I'm doing with quotation marks and punctuation. [So wait, is it, "the comma goes in the quotation," "the comma stays out of the quotation", or maybe "the comma goes in between','?]

2006-05-15 15:18:51
7.   rbj
Oh good. Our bottom third of the lineup is not the outfield. Make the most of your playing time Bubba & Melky.
2006-05-15 15:21:06
8.   randym77
I wonder if the Pirates would part with Craig Wilson? He doesn't have the greatest arm or range, but he plays smart. And he can play infield positions and even catch. He's got some power, though he's not terribly consistent.
2006-05-15 15:21:58
9.   Shaun P
Small sample size caveat applies, but the only person in that lineup with a sub .341 OBP is Bernie (at .282). I don't know if Melky can maintain a .385 OBP, or if Bubba can maintain a .353 OBP, but if even one of them could keep up a .350+ OBP, that would go a long way towards offsetting the loss of Godzilla.
2006-05-15 15:22:30
10.   Shaun P
8 I hope so. I would think so. And I would be very happy if they did!
2006-05-15 15:23:49
11.   randym77
6 It depends on what country you're in. ;-)

The Brits put the period after the quotation mark. Americans put it inside.

Wanna know why? It might help you remember. It's a printing convention, from when printing was done with printing presses. The type was set by hand, and small punctuation had a tendency to fall out. So they starting putting the periods inside the quotation marks, to enclose them and help hold them in.

2006-05-15 15:24:57
12.   rabid stan
Bubba's done well in left, and Melky showed he had an arm yesterday, so why not swap them?
2006-05-15 15:28:09
13.   rabid stan
11 Thanks. I'll forget all of that before the week is out, though. There's a reason I struggle with that kind of thing.
2006-05-15 15:29:11
14.   Shaun P
12 I'm guessing Torre is getting Melky ready to be the fulltime LF when Sheff returns from the DL. I also heard a rumor that Melky told Torre he felt more comfortable in LF.
2006-05-15 15:30:19
15.   rabid stan
Fair enough.
2006-05-15 15:30:35
16.   randym77
Melky told them he preferred to play LF. He was a CFer, so LF may be more natural for him.

Besides, I think it would be better for the kid to stick to LF, rather than switch him between RF and LF depending on whether Bubba or Bernie is in the lineup (which will depend on if there's a righty or lefty pitching).

2006-05-15 16:14:56
17.   BklynBmr
4 Cano in the 5 hole??? Torre is reading Bronx Banter!
2006-05-15 16:17:34
18.   randym77
17 Except some here were griping that hot-hitting Jorgie should be ahead of Robby.
2006-05-15 16:21:17
19.   BklynBmr
18 randym, that's a coin flip for me... also, thanks for the tibit on #11. I love stuff like that...
2006-05-15 16:22:58
20.   BklynBmr
Nice catch by Mattews, Jr. Man, it seems like at least once a game someone has been laying a WebGem™ on us...
2006-05-15 16:24:17
21.   Jen
Damn you John Sterling!
2006-05-15 16:24:21
22.   randym77
Darn. I thought that one was gone.
2006-05-15 16:25:28
23.   randym77
20 Yeah. It really annoyed me that he robbed Jeter that way, but I have to admire it at the same time. I love that stuff.
2006-05-15 16:38:11
24.   randym77
Wow, Robby! Ballsy baserunning.
2006-05-15 16:39:06
25.   rbj
What happened? Robbie go first to third on a ground out to first?
2006-05-15 16:39:34
26.   rilkefan
24 - didn't see the play, but did he not risk making the third out at third?
2006-05-15 16:40:40
27.   randym77
I don't think Robby realized the ball was caught in the infield, so he just kept running.

And Bubba brings him home....

2006-05-15 16:40:44
28.   BklynBmr
25 It looked like Cano thought Bernie's shot got through to right field and just kept running... Lucky!

OK, Bubba! RBI!

2006-05-15 16:40:54
29.   JeremyM
Nice job Bubba...would Cano have scored from 2nd on that hit?
2006-05-15 16:42:41
30.   fgasparini
26 Rilkefan, always wanted to ask--you're a fan of the poet? If so how many people are in the Venn diagram of Rilke and Yankee fans?
2006-05-15 16:44:54
31.   randym77
Robbie took off as soon as the pitch was thrown, so he had a good jump. And I don't think they expected him to keep going.

Dunno if Cano would have scored from 2B on Bubba's hit. Could've gone either way.

2006-05-15 16:48:43
32.   rbj
So maybe it was a hit & run situation? Nice to have some speed on the team (and no, Mr. Commish, I'm not talking greenies)
2006-05-15 16:53:52
33.   rilkefan
30 - yeah, that's R.M. Rilke in my handle. He's rather popular among poets, lovers of poetry, German speakers, and people with mystical bents (the last doesn't apply to me), so I would imagine there are quite a few people in the intersection, esp. since baseball appeals so much to poets.
2006-05-15 16:54:44
34.   BklynBmr
Nice read by Melky!
2006-05-15 16:55:43
35.   randym77
Yeah, I wasn't sure if it was a hit and run or if he was just stealing. Seems like they've done a lot of hit and runs with Bernie at the plate lately. OTOH, they just tried a pitchout, unsuccessfully. Maybe Robby figured they wouldn't do it again.

Nice catch by Giambi, but speedy, he's not.

2006-05-15 17:00:14
36.   rabid stan
They need to work Millwood. He's averaging just about three pitches per batter faced.
2006-05-15 17:00:46
37.   SF Yanks
Anybody annoyed by the umpire when he calls strikes?
2006-05-15 17:00:50
38.   BklynBmr
Kitty is talking about The Unit working on giving his fastball more movement. He should ask Moose how to throw a 68mph changeup, as well...
2006-05-15 17:07:31
39.   tocho
37 are you kidding? I dig umps that can be heard all around the stadium.
2006-05-15 17:13:41
40.   rbj
60 pitches for Moose, and right now it's 42 for Millwood. 36 You're right, make him sweat some.
2006-05-15 17:14:47
41.   randym77
All right, A-Rod. Standup double, even with Matthews out there.
2006-05-15 17:16:04
42.   randym77
And Robby brings him home!
2006-05-15 17:16:13
43.   rbj
I'll also take hits.
2006-05-15 17:18:35
44.   rabid stan
O's are looking pretty hopeless against the Sox tonight. No surprise there.

Looks like I don't have much to look forward to on Wednesday.

2006-05-15 17:19:33
45.   singledd
I'd swear it seems like ARod has been getting a bunch of clutch hits lately (but I know better).

(period outside of parentethies) (sp)

2006-05-15 17:21:06
46.   singledd
Bubba has a nice swing. I'd like to see him spray the ball a bit more. His swing is too big for his body.
2006-05-15 17:21:26
47.   rabid stan
Could use another Run Bubba'd In. To bad that's Bern on first.
2006-05-15 17:23:01
48.   randym77
A-Rod is definitely heating up.

I think Bubba just got spoken to about that last AB. Hitting flies like that is what they're trying to break him of.

2006-05-15 17:23:43
49.   tocho
45 but how can that be? he's not clutch, he only hits when the yanks are winning by a large margin...

on a serious note, Moose's fastball is especially nasty toda, right at the knees, lots of movement and at 89-92mph. that coupled with the 70mph changeup and 80mph curveball. I almost feel bad for the batters. 3 different speeds, 3 different movements, and 3 different locations...

of course as I'm typing a HR by the Rangers

2006-05-15 17:25:58
50.   rabid stan
Solo Jack. Whatever.
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2006-05-15 17:28:18
51.   rbj
49 Bad tocho.
2006-05-15 17:29:11
52.   tocho
sorry moose
2006-05-15 17:29:46
53.   tocho
I'll run a lap around the office.
2006-05-15 17:30:31
54.   rabid stan
This might start to suck.
2006-05-15 17:31:49
55.   rbj
C'mon Moose.
2006-05-15 17:31:59
56.   randym77
Holy crap, Bubba!
2006-05-15 17:35:18
57.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
What'd Bubba do?
2006-05-15 17:35:58
58.   rbj
Oh, and nice career Flutie. I still think the Bills should have started you in the playoffs, over what's-his-name.
2006-05-15 17:36:41
59.   tocho
gotta love outfield defense.

melky and bubba with nice catches tonight. damon almost.

I'll shut up now or run another lap

2006-05-15 17:37:22
60.   rabid stan
That could've been worse.

Good old Big Tex, always willing to pick up a pitcher with a timely strikeout.

2006-05-15 17:39:09
61.   rbj
Millwood's only at 56 pitches?
2006-05-15 17:39:29
62.   BklynBmr
57 Bubba recovered nicely on a rocket to right that was over his head. Leapt straight up to snare it. A run scored, but it would have been second and third no outs...
2006-05-15 17:39:45
63.   rabid stan
These O's truly, truly suck.

Stand up Triple for Mike Lowell.

2006-05-15 17:40:49
64.   Rosbif22
5 pitch inning?
2006-05-15 17:41:04
65.   rabid stan
61 Looks like the Yanks want to string together a few CG's.

Someone should tell them that those are only good if it's your pitchers doing it.

2006-05-15 17:41:08
66.   Stormer Sports
Good job! Give them exactly what they want, a quick inning and Moose back on the mound. Come on offense, clutch, shift, get out of first!
2006-05-15 17:41:16
67.   randym77
57 One of his trademark circus catches. He was running after the ball, back to the infield, jumped up at just the right moment, and tumbled into a heap on the warning track...but with the ball in his glove.

I really did not think he could get that one.

We definitely need another outfielder, because if Bubba keeps this up, he's going to kill himself.

2006-05-15 17:41:43
68.   efb
Aren't you supposed to take a few pitches just to get your pitcher some rest? 7 pitch inning, after Moose gave up a couple runs last inning. Not good.
2006-05-15 17:42:10
69.   Stormer Sports
Koronko must be licking his chops for tomorrow.
2006-05-15 17:42:22
70.   singledd
It's really fun having the 'kids at the Korners', however...

We used to have a really scary lineup.
Now we have a very good lineup.

It's not enough. Not with our pitching and defense. Maybe when Shef comes back it will be OK.

I'm betting Cash and Company are working on an OF'er.

2006-05-15 17:43:37
71.   rabid stan
Seriously, who decided to have everyone swing?

This can still be a patient lineup.

I want Sheff back. Maybe then they won't be so tempted to screw with their approach at the plate.

2006-05-15 17:43:56
72.   rbj
65 lol rabid stan.
Moose should hand out hefty fines in the next kangaroo court.
2006-05-15 17:46:05
73.   Stormer Sports

The outfield is fine for the time being, even without Sheff, 3 runs in 2 days against A's and Rangers isn't acceptable. I don't want another Kenny Lofton problem again. Just get through it with Bubba and Melky for now. We dont need Sanders clogging up the works.

Bubba's been hitting. It's Jete, Giambi, Damon and Posada that are stinking up the lovely month of May, not our youngsters.

2006-05-15 17:46:39
74.   randym77
They said Sturtze has a slight tear in his rotator cuff. (Isn't that what took Wang out last year?)
2006-05-15 17:47:18
75.   rabid stan
73 Posada's been mashing. Terrible today, but otherwise mashing.
2006-05-15 17:47:34
76.   rsmith51
How about the Yanks taking a flyer on Durazo?
2006-05-15 17:48:09
77.   rabid stan
Way to get back on the horse, Moose.
2006-05-15 17:48:12
78.   Stormer Sports

Lets hope so. No tear last year, just the league tearing through his sinker. Bye bye Sturtze.

Now lets see if this piss poor offense can get a run for our ace. I expect this crap when RJ is on the mound, offense not knowing what to expect, but Moose should be rewarded.

2006-05-15 17:48:38
79.   rsmith51
74 Any idea how long it will take to recover?
2006-05-15 17:49:53
80.   Stormer Sports

That type of injury should have him out for months, thank God!

2006-05-15 17:50:19
81.   rabid stan
Runs for Moose?

Runs for Moose?


How about pitches for Millwood?

2006-05-15 17:50:24
82.   rsmith51
Just ask Millwood about being rewarded. Last year he won the era crown and had a losing record, I believe.
2006-05-15 17:50:43
83.   singledd
79 Sturtz? Or us fans?
2006-05-15 17:50:57
84.   tocho
Soooo, with Moose at 93 pitches, what should Joe do? How cool is not having to worry about Sturtze anymore?

I say bring out Moose for the 7th. at the first sign of trouble bring in the Proctor for the cure and if there's no lead for the 8th. leave in the Proctor and/or use the Myers/Villone/Farns tactic.

2006-05-15 17:51:09
85.   rsmith51
Arod to the rescue?
2006-05-15 17:51:29
86.   rabid stan
81 Ok. It's a little late for pitches on Millwood. He's going 7, absolute minimum. Unless they start shelling him.
2006-05-15 17:51:35
87.   Stormer Sports
Man a suspended game would be sad considering how Moose is pitching. Get a damn run!
2006-05-15 17:51:49
88.   randym77
Seems like we often have trouble with really good pitchers. Hence that "win by 9 runs or lose" thing we had going for awhile. If slugging doesn't work, we don't have a plan B.

Maybe we need kids like Bubba. He even hit Wakefield, probably because he's not going for the big homerun. (Or isn't supposed to, anyway. I don't think Donnie Baseball was happy with that last AB.)

2006-05-15 17:53:37
89.   Stormer Sports
Torre has to bring Moose back out for 7. He has no problem leaving RJ out there for 100+, shouldn't that be reversed?
2006-05-15 17:54:05
90.   randym77
79 They don't know yet. He's going to see a specialist tomorrow.

Wang recovered without surgery, so he got back before the end of the season. If surgery is required, Sturtze will probably be out for the season.

2006-05-15 17:54:27
91.   rabid stan
88 I'd agree, except that their problem today seem to be that their swinging at everything.
2006-05-15 17:54:49
92.   rabid stan
88 I'd agree, except that their problem today seem to be that they're swinging at everything.
2006-05-15 17:55:20
93.   tocho
73 stinking up May, they're 8-4 aren't we being a little unrealistic?
2006-05-15 17:55:32
94.   Shaun P
Why do I get the feeling the scouting report on Millwood was, "Better swing at the first pitch" a la Haren?

Who's coming up with this crap anyway? Is this part of the "well we can't jack homers so we better do something else" new offense? I sure hope not.

2006-05-15 17:57:00
95.   singledd
No outs.
I take a piss.
3 outs.
WTF happened?

Gotta go watch '24'.
Someone yell loudly if we score a run.

2006-05-15 17:57:02
96.   rabid stan
The infuriating thing is they can still be patient. Chuck the scouting reports if they say swing first. These aren't swing first hitters.
2006-05-15 17:58:17
97.   rabid stan
Millwood is now UNDER 3 pitches per hitter.

It's a wonder they've plated anybody against him.

2006-05-15 17:58:23
98.   Stormer Sports

Not when Giambi and Jete are both at or below the Mendoza line for the month.

We have to reverse this losing low scoring games and failing to score runs late thing. Anyone can win when you score 10 runs. What do we do whaen we face solid pitching? You're seeing it today. You saw it Yesterday, you'll see it Friday.

2006-05-15 17:59:02
99.   tocho
100 pitches
2006-05-15 17:59:07
100.   Stormer Sports
Is this where Joe overreacts and yanks Moose for Erickson?
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2006-05-15 18:00:38
101.   Stormer Sports
Joe better give Moose a chance to win this game!

DP DP DP! Now get an out and get the bottom of the order up to score some runs.

2006-05-15 18:00:40
102.   randym77
Seems like if you're facing a pitcher you can't hit, the strategy should be to make him throw a lot of pitches.
2006-05-15 18:00:54
103.   Zack
Well, we are ahead, so Proctor must come in, in Joe's continuing effort to tear his arm off
2006-05-15 18:01:05
104.   Shaun P
96 Damn skippy! This is shades of '04 ALCS Games 5 and 6 all over again.

Ah, the pitcher's best friend, the double play. I'm glad Ian Kinsler isn't back yet.

2006-05-15 18:02:05
105.   singledd
If we don't get Moose a run in the 7th and give him a chance for the win, I'll be really pissed!
2006-05-15 18:02:38
106.   Zack
My seems to have just eaten itself
2006-05-15 18:05:59
107.   kdw
106 Mine too, something about searching for a satellite signal. Radio option is working okay, tho.
2006-05-15 18:07:09
108.   Shaun P
103 Shouldn't someone let Torre know that Villone - you know Joe, the Italian guy on the pitching staff - can get both lefties and righties out?
2006-05-15 18:07:16
109.   rabid stan
Here's my recipe for success: If it looks low, it probably is. Don't swing. If it looks high, it probably is. Don't swing. If it looks of the outside, it probably is. Don't swing. If it looks like it's coming inside, it probably is. Don't swing, and don't try too hard to get out of the way.
2006-05-15 18:07:20
110.   Stormer Sports
When are they going to drop this 7th inning nationalist patriot junk? You got your tax cut George, now end it already.
2006-05-15 18:08:22
111.   Zack
Now I switched from the yes feed to the radio feed for some reason. it was nice these last two days to get the YES feed finally
2006-05-15 18:08:30
112.   Stormer Sports
Wow, way to strike out Posada on the same pitch 3 times!
2006-05-15 18:08:39
113.   tocho
106107 try logging out and in again. Mine works fine, with YES feed and sterling.
2006-05-15 18:09:44
114.   Stormer Sports
Oh well, its past the 6th. We're done scoring. I reccomend switching to the NBA game, and then back to watch the Rangers win it.
2006-05-15 18:09:52
115.   JeremyM
Looks like Mussina is getting the big ND today.
2006-05-15 18:09:59
116.   Marcus
Does anyone know of a past example of a career switch hitter that goes one-sided towards the end of his career? I think Bernie needs to think about that (right handed only).
2006-05-15 18:10:35
117.   Zack
Wow has our offense looked worse than pathetic these last two days
2006-05-15 18:11:05
118.   Shaun P
And after a 7-pitch Posada AB, Bernie swings at the first pitch, and Bubba at the second.

Way to execute the strategy 109, fellas. Talk about the killer Bs . . .

2006-05-15 18:11:13
119.   kdw
113 Thanks, getting the same thing now, altho before it was straight YES feed. Odd but whatever. Not that I apparently missed much in the Yankees' at-bat.
2006-05-15 18:11:20
120.   Stormer Sports

Bernie will never do that. It is what will make him marketable in the off-season.

2006-05-15 18:11:58
121.   Zack
Joe does the right thing and brings in the Farns...
2006-05-15 18:13:03
122.   Stormer Sports
Its games like this why we havent seen a 20 game winner in years. Fucking offense.
2006-05-15 18:13:37
123.   kdw
Noooo, not Giambi too.
2006-05-15 18:14:00
124.   JeremyM
Phillips comes in when Giambi is due to hit 4th next inning?!?!?
2006-05-15 18:14:02
125.   tocho
Phillips in, its official torre is not aware of the score.
2006-05-15 18:14:09
126.   randym77
Whoa. It's Farnsworth. I thought it was going to be Proctor.

I had a feeling we wouldn't be seeing much of Villone, after what happened yesterday.

2006-05-15 18:14:17
127.   Stormer Sports
The Cavaliers game is really getting good guys.
2006-05-15 18:15:11
128.   Zack
Ugh, so if they score this inning, and then it goes into delay, does the score count if the Yanks never get up?
2006-05-15 18:15:48
129.   Stormer Sports
Yea, Giambi has been terrible in the field, Joe you moron. Could someone tell him thats Giambi out there not Carlos Delgado! Straight up trade, Torre for Randolph, pull the trigger.
2006-05-15 18:16:21
130.   Stormer Sports
Here goes the 6 million dollar man.
2006-05-15 18:16:32
131.   singledd
No. Only full innings count
2006-05-15 18:17:25
132.   Shaun P
123 124 125 This must also be part of the new offense - don't worry about leaving in the big bats, late in tie games at home, bring in the defensive replacements. Defense wins games, dontchaknow.

I have faith in Andy's hitting ability but geez . . . I would have left Giambi in too. What's Tex/Nevin/Blalock going to do, bunt their way on?

2006-05-15 18:18:18
133.   singledd
Common Guys. Torre's not that dumb. Something's wrong with Giambi.

Shit. There goes the game!!

Anyone who wants to see the kids, take a good look. Phillips, Bubba and Melky all in.

2006-05-15 18:18:28
134.   randym77
Man, it's really raining now. :-(
2006-05-15 18:18:34
135.   JeremyM
Giambi isn't hurt, is he?
2006-05-15 18:18:38
136.   Zack
Ok, it is pouring, they really need to go into delay here...
2006-05-15 18:19:03
137.   singledd
Stall. Pray for snow.
2006-05-15 18:19:34
138.   Shaun P
No complaints here, Farns is an OK move, bad execution though. I still would have used Villone, given Teixiera's left-handness, and Blalock's as well.
2006-05-15 18:20:18
139.   Shaun P
Someone please reassure me and tell me that was an intentional walk.
2006-05-15 18:20:44
140.   Zack
You have to assume the rain played a major part in this inning...Melky slipping, farns cant control his pitches
2006-05-15 18:20:57
141.   Yu-Hsing Chen
.......... oook.. our two RBI been from Bubba and Cano.. sheese... what's with the sudden everyone swings like Soriano approach? is it part of the campaign to bring him back? :/
2006-05-15 18:21:06
142.   Stormer Sports
156 runs in 1-6 innings. 47 in inings 7+. The Yankees, score early or lose.
2006-05-15 18:21:46
143.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Randolph is an infinitely worse manager then Torre. He insists on batting a career .305 obp guy leadoff, with a career .318 obp guy 2nd.

Yeah, by all means trade Torre for someone who fills out a lineup card like that.

2006-05-15 18:22:16
144.   randym77
I can't believe they are playing in this. It's pouring.
2006-05-15 18:22:26
145.   Stormer Sports
Litsten to me now and believe me later. We overpaid by a huge amount for Farnsworth. If Proctor faulters, we're in trouble.
2006-05-15 18:23:23
146.   Zack
This is obscene, I can't even see the ball on tv!
2006-05-15 18:23:28
147.   Shaun P
I would take a delay here and finish it tomorrow. How bad is it?
2006-05-15 18:24:12
148.   randym77
Well, that throw from Melky wasn't nearly as pretty as yesterday's.
2006-05-15 18:24:42
149.   Shaun P
145 Slowly back away from the edge, Stormer. Farnsworth is worth the money, given that the Braves wanted him back very badly. Its not like the Yanks can't afford it . . .
2006-05-15 18:24:51
150.   Zack
They are going to try and get through the half inning, so the Yanks don't get their chance to hit pitchers who can't grip their balls
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-05-15 18:25:14
151.   Bob Timmermann
The umpires really hate suspending games.

But it looks very wet on TV.

2006-05-15 18:25:19
152.   JeremyM
I'm thinking the loss of Matsui and Sheffield has really started to manifest itself.
2006-05-15 18:25:27
153.   Yu-Hsing Chen
gahhh even the weather is working against us...
2006-05-15 18:25:28
154.   Stormer Sports

Yea, Randolph is one of the only managers who understands how insignificant the leadoff hitter is today. I suppose you think Jete should lead-off. he does and did last year, score more runs and have a higher OBP than Damon, while basicallt tied in SB's. Riddle me that one. Is that why the Mets have a better record than we do, with worse pitching?

2006-05-15 18:25:54
155.   randym77
It's already the 8th inning. It's a game.
2006-05-15 18:26:10
156.   Stormer Sports
Yea, Randolph is one of the only managers who understands how insignificant the leadoff hitter is today. I suppose you think Jete should lead-off. he does and did last year, score more runs and have a higher OBP than Damon, while basicallt tied in SB's. Riddle me that one. Is that why the Mets have a better record than we do, with worse pitching?
2006-05-15 18:27:11
157.   fgasparini
Gameday says Blalock was out at second, Melky to this right?
2006-05-15 18:27:11
158.   Zack
Ump clearly cant see balls and strikes either
2006-05-15 18:27:25
159.   Stormer Sports
See 142 The game was over after 6.
2006-05-15 18:28:07
160.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Yeah, the Mets have a better record b/c Reyes leads off. Uh uh.
2006-05-15 18:28:21
161.   efb
Can't grip their balls or can't grip the baseball?
2006-05-15 18:29:07
162.   Zack
And yes, see, now the delay it
2006-05-15 18:29:28
163.   Zack
Little late now
2006-05-15 18:29:55
164.   JeremyM
What a crock.
2006-05-15 18:30:50
165.   Bob Timmermann
But if they can't continue today, the game would be completed tomorrow.
2006-05-15 18:31:36
166.   nyctarheel87
so does the game count if it's called?
2006-05-15 18:32:01
167.   rabid stan
I think Millwood can pitch tomorrow.

Why didn't the Yankee hitters just give him a beer out there too?

2006-05-15 18:32:31
168.   Stormer Sports
The best thing that could happen is to have the game postponed. The Yankees will think its the first inning tomorrow and they might score.
2006-05-15 18:33:18
169.   randym77
157 Yes, it's right. Melky threw into Posada, but it was a horrible throw. Posada couldn't make the play at the plate. Blalock tried for a double, but the guy on 2nd didn't budge, so he got caught in a rundown. By Posada.
2006-05-15 18:35:28
170.   Bob Timmermann
Tonight's game already counts. The question is when it will end.
2006-05-15 18:35:39
171.   rsmith51
How long will the delay be? Any ideas?
2006-05-15 18:37:37
172.   Stormer Sports
The Cav's game is down to the wire.
2006-05-15 18:37:47
173.   randym77
They said they don't know how long the delay will be.
2006-05-15 18:38:02
174.   fgasparini
169 Thanks, Randy.
2006-05-15 18:40:12
175.   Start Spreading the News
142 That drop in performance in 7+ happens to a lot of teams.

The big difference is that Yanks in 1-6 rank #1 in the AL (OPS: 874) and in 7+, they rank #7 (OPS: 740).

But last year, the Yanks in 1-6 ranked #2 (OPS: .824) in the AL. In 7+, they ranked #3 (OPS: .761). The rankings were the same in 2004.

So all signs are that it will even out for us over the course of the season. I hope...

2006-05-15 18:43:47
176.   Stormer Sports
Cav's are going to even up the series. I hope Ron Artest is smiling somewhere.
2006-05-15 18:44:25
177.   randym77
Looks like they're resuming the game.
2006-05-15 18:45:35
178.   randym77
Millwood was warming, but now they've pulled him. Dunno if he's hurt or what.
2006-05-15 18:45:38
179.   singledd
Any news on Giambi?
2006-05-15 18:48:23
180.   randym77
It's Cordero.

I think they just said if the game is called, the top of the 8th doesn't count. So it would be tied again.

Man, Boston is whaling all over Baltimore.

2006-05-15 18:50:07
181.   randym77
No word on Giambi yet.
2006-05-15 18:50:30
182.   Stormer Sports
What happened to Giambi?
2006-05-15 18:50:41
183.   Start Spreading the News
It is pretty awesome that the Cleveland Cavs won. It is even better since Detroit's Rasheed Wallace guaranteed a victory tonight. He backed that up by scoring 7 points. Way to back up the tough talk, big guy!
2006-05-15 18:52:02
184.   randym77
We don't know what happened to Giambi. We're just assuming that there's a reason why Torre put Phillips in and took Giambi out.
2006-05-15 18:52:25
185.   JeremyM
Boy would a comeback win be nice tonight...
2006-05-15 18:55:31
186.   rsmith51
In tie games, don't take Giambi out of the lineup. Hopefully Andy will hit like Giambi here.
2006-05-15 18:55:40
187.   randym77
C'mon, Andy. Your chance to be the hero!
2006-05-15 18:55:41
188.   Stormer Sports
Rahseed and Big Baby Bad Boy Wanna Be Ben Wallace, I love it! Detroit will likely pull it out, but after the way they bashed Brown for making the team "fundamentally sound" I hope they choke and send Flip "Pig Boy Twilight Zone" out to the golf course.

I cannot believe the Knicks and MSG are going with Isiah Thomas over Brown. How badly does Thomas have to screw up the Knicks before someone kicks his know nothing reactionary Marbury loving ass to the curb. He is quite possiblt the worst VP GM in any professional sport. He makes Donald Sterling look like a genius. That team's management is laughable.

2006-05-15 18:55:48
189.   singledd
Do you honestly think Torre would pull Giambi with this 'kidie lineup' if he was healthy?
2006-05-15 18:55:56
190.   rabid stan
This is horseshit. Cordero is beatable.
2006-05-15 18:57:09
191.   JeremyM
I think the Knicks problem is that they need another point guard. And I know his playing time has been scarce, to say the least, but I don't think Phillips is any good.
2006-05-15 18:57:34
192.   Stormer Sports
I told you guys, the game was over after 6. The best thing that could have happened was a PPD.
2006-05-15 18:57:43
193.   Yu-Hsing Chen
......... gahhhhhhhhhhh......... this sucks big time....
2006-05-15 18:58:22
194.   singledd
The game is now officially NOT a tie
2006-05-15 18:58:29
195.   JeremyM
Hey, his was over 8 going in- that means for every 9 innings he throws, the opposition will not score a run in just one inning.

That was the inning.

2006-05-15 18:58:41
196.   vockins
Why should Andy Phillips play more again?
2006-05-15 18:58:51
197.   Yu-Hsing Chen
191 are you suggesting the Yankees trade Phillips to the knicks ? :P surely they have someone there that can hit better than him lol!!!
2006-05-15 18:58:52
198.   Yu-Hsing Chen
191 are you suggesting the Yankees trade Phillips to the knicks ? :P surely they have someone there that can hit better than him lol!!!
2006-05-15 18:59:12
199.   JeremyM
I meant his "ERA going in was over 8."
2006-05-15 18:59:25
200.   rsmith51
Wouldn't this be a good time to pitch Erickson?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-05-15 18:59:45
201.   Alex Belth
Farnsworth and his crappy 1-2 slider to Teixeria is the difference in this game so far. Way to go with your strength, genius. No, don't go up and away with the high stuff, come in low in his zone with a breaking ball. And he had just thrown a nasty breaking pitch before that. Too much of a good thing? I guess so. Fuggin stupit.
2006-05-15 18:59:47
202.   Stormer Sports
191 You're right. He isn't any good. But with Thomas running the show, there is little hope for improvement anytime soon. Hell, forget Isiah, I'd rather have Kurt Thomas as GM, hell maybe Frank Thomas. Thomas of Aqainas, anyone but Isiah, god he certainly proves the adage that good players dont make good management.
2006-05-15 18:59:59
203.   Mattpat11
You would think if Phillips was going to hit anyone, it would be the man with the straight fastball.

It was not meant to be.

2006-05-15 19:00:58
204.   JeremyM
If the Knicks still had Charlie Ward I'd say pull the trigger, he could play football and basketball (sort of) so I'm sure he could pick up baseball, given the chance.

Actually, I want to say he had some experience in baseball, could be wrong there.

2006-05-15 19:01:48
205.   rsmith51
201 I always think of Wohlers not throwing his fastball against Leyritz in '96 when I see someone with a good heater throwing breaking balls too much.
2006-05-15 19:02:24
206.   JeremyM
So how many games until Proctor's arm flies into the stands? This would be another example of too much of a good thing...
2006-05-15 19:03:09
207.   randym77
Oh, crap.
2006-05-15 19:03:47
208.   JeremyM
Yanks have had an uncanny ability to take a game that is close going into the 9th and make it ugly and out of reach.
2006-05-15 19:04:04
209.   Stormer Sports

That Farnsworth money could really have been better spent. He wasn't particularly good with Atlanta, he stunk it up with Chicago. He's not the answer, Proctor (cannot believe I wrote that) Smith, and Bean give us a better cahnce. Farny is a head case who doesn't know how to use the tools he has, and hasn't made any "head" way towards improving them. Just wait until we need him in a tied playoff game and he implodes. 6 Mil. per, wow, I called for Cash to go last year, and this deal didn't make me change my mind.

2006-05-15 19:05:22
210.   randym77
C'mon, Scotty. One more strike!
2006-05-15 19:05:32
211.   Stormer Sports

Farnsworth is Mark Wohlers! Hell, he's a tad closer to John Rocker, but at least Rocker used his best pitch!

2006-05-15 19:06:30
212.   vockins
Why does Scott Proctor suck again?
2006-05-15 19:06:32
213.   nyctarheel87
What happened with Jeter? For those using gameday
2006-05-15 19:06:51
214.   rsmith51
Fearless prediction:

The tying run will get to the plate.

2006-05-15 19:07:07
215.   Stormer Sports
I would have gladly paid BJ Ryan 10 mil. per to set up if he'd accept it. We have no back-up plan if Mo goes down.

Where are all the Tom Gordon haters now?

2006-05-15 19:08:07
216.   Mattpat11
Something I've noticed about Proctor. When he throws a ball that he knows is a ball and wants called a strike, he jumps down into almost a goalie position. Its his "tell" so to speak, and I think umpires are recognizing it.

Either way, its not a big issue.

2006-05-15 19:08:07
217.   rsmith51
213 Jeter hurried his throw and bounced past Andy trying to scoop it.
2006-05-15 19:10:59
218.   randym77
Jeter got the error, but it seemed to me that Andy could have caught it. I don't think he was looking at it.
2006-05-15 19:11:55
219.   Stormer Sports
So Mr. Defense blows another play at first?
2006-05-15 19:13:04
220.   Stormer Sports
Just so I have this right, he can't hit, his defense if mediocre at best, and we are all still clammoring to see more of Andy "Fox" Phillips?
2006-05-15 19:13:13
221.   rsmith51
No more fearlesss predictions for me.
2006-05-15 19:13:25
222.   Mattpat11
I miss Tom Gordon.
2006-05-15 19:14:30
223.   JeremyM
Not a good game other than Mussina brings it again. Losing streaks make me grumpy...
2006-05-15 19:16:00
224.   Mattpat11
220 Clearly, you don't understand. The 29 year old career minor leaguer needs 5 months of constant playing time in order to stop sucking. Forget that he's shown NOTHING promising in his entire time here. He's can hit the Alex Gramans of the world, damnit!
2006-05-15 19:16:12
225.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Why is everyone swinging like Soriano today? is this part of the campaign to get him back ??? good.. the Rangers used like 102 pitchers to finish the game
2006-05-15 19:16:58
226.   randym77
219 No, I wouldn't go that far. It was a poor throw by Jeter. I think he forgot it was the catcher trundling down the line there. (Unusual, IMO. Jeter usually takes note of things like that.)
2006-05-15 19:17:14
227.   Stormer Sports

I miss Matt Smith, I miss Colter Bean, I miss ... Maybe Joe can fish up John Franco to pitch, or maybe Ramon Martinez!

I'd give my left testicle to sign Piniella to manage this team. He's forgotten more about managing a baseball team than Joe "kisses all around" Torre knows. At least the children are safe at home I guess.

2006-05-15 19:19:23
228.   rabid stan
225 I've been complaining about it all night.

Apparently, either Yankee scouts are now slapping every pitcher with the "Swing First" label, or Torre 'n Crew think they can't work the count without Sheff & Mats.

2006-05-15 19:19:24
229.   randym77
225 LOL.

I don't know why they're so impatient at the plate. They were yesterday, too. This seems to be their strategy for dealing with good pitching.

Seems like they did this last year, too...

2006-05-15 19:19:32
230.   Stormer Sports

All Im saying is that Giambi is a fine defensive 1B, not sparkling, but there is no evidence anywhere that he is Carlos Delgado or Frank Thomas, lighten up on the guy. He did save a run today on that ball that would have been out of Phillip's reach! Not to mention the two he dug out of the dirt yesterday.

2006-05-15 19:20:34
231.   Stormer Sports
Yea, the best strategy against a good pitcher is to keep him in the gamne as long as possible. Way to go Donnie!
2006-05-15 19:22:12
232.   Stormer Sports
I bet Pedro can't wait until Friday if this will be the strategy against him.
2006-05-15 19:23:18
233.   singledd
Any news om Giambi?
2006-05-15 19:24:51
234.   rabid stan
Hey Randy, I think you screwed up the lineup tonight. 4

You had:

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Canó 2B
Jorge Posada C 5
Bernie Williams DH
Bubba Crosby RF
Melky Cabrera LF

Should have been:

Alfonso Soriano CF
Alfonso Soriano SS
Alfonso Soriano 1B
Alfonso Soriano 3B
Alfonso Soriano 2B
Alfonso Soriano C 5
Alfonso Soriano DH
Alfonso Soriano RF
Alfonso Soriano LF

It was like some horrible version of that old Bugs Bunny cartoon.

2006-05-15 19:27:22
235.   singledd
Unfortunately for the Yankees, they have to send out Randy Johnson to pitch every five days. Will Carroll wrote about Johnson's knee after his last outing.

From the very first pitch, Johnson was not extending, appearing instead to shorten his stride to reduce stress on that damaged front knee. Watch Johnson's leg--it's nearly straight. He'll either "pop up" on his follow-through, getting taller, or rotate to the third base side. Both actions take the energy that normally heads to the plate in a delivery and redirects it. While this is taking some of the pressure off the knee, it's taking velocity off of the ball, and adding stress to the elbow and rotator cuff. Adding insult to literal injury, Johnson's changed mechanics are also inconsistent, leading to his newfound control problems. It's notable that his release point seems to change, at least according to the video. Video obtained from scouting sources and then seen through the Dartfish program makes this even clearer. Johnson's release point is more than inconsistent--it's almost random, adding stress to the shoulder. Fastballs from the normal slider release point and sliders from a higher ¾ point are consistent only in their ineffectiveness.

The key here is the knee. Johnson isn't complaining about it, but it seems that Johnson is either due for a refill on his Synvisc, or the treatment is no longer effective enough to keep him effective. He's too crafty and talented to write off without another couple of starts, but you don't have to be an expert to see when Johnson's on. You probably saw it last night in your own way, but I'll give you an easy key--watch the front of his jersey. When it pops out hard, as shown on the cover of "Saving The Pitcher," Johnson is okay. Surprisingly, the gloveside shoulder seems to be okay, despite previously reported problems. The Yankees went ahead and had an MRI on Johnson's pitching shoulder yesterday to make sure everything was fine, meaning something was bothering him physically. Johnson says that he wants to "put his best foot forward" in his next outing. He'll need to make sure that's done in combination with a solid knee, good hip turn, and proper energy transfer.

2006-05-15 19:28:06
236.   singledd
From SG at RLYW
2006-05-15 19:28:45
237.   Harley
Stormer, agreed. Giambi's defensive weakness is primarily arm, and then range. But he's got a pretty slick glove, and would've scooped that throw from Jeter.
2006-05-15 19:29:08
238.   randym77
No word on Giambi yet.

However, David Justice did say that swinging on the first pitch was the game plan. This pitcher is known for throwing first-pitch fastballs, and they're the best pitch to try and hit. Once you're behind in the count, it only gets worse.

2006-05-15 19:30:50
239.   Start Spreading the News
209 "He wasn't particularly good with Atlanta"

Hmm. Farnsworth's numbers with Atlanta:
ERA: 1.98, 10 Saves, 4 holds and NO BLOWN SAVES!
his 2005 numbers in total:
Games: 72, ERA: 2.19, 16 saves, 19 holds, 2 blown saves

Compare that to Tom Gordon's 2005 numbers:
Games: 79, ERA: 2.57, 2 saves, 33 holds, 7 blown saves

And Gordon is 39 while Farnsworth is 30. Phillies are paying him to pitch for them until he is 42. Considering our luck with 40+ pitchers, I would not have wanted Cashman to match that deal.

If Rivera goes down for the year, then our season is over with or without Gordon as our closer. Neither Gordon nor Farnsworth have stood up to the pressure of postseason games.

2006-05-15 19:32:58
240.   randym77
The YES guys are wondering why Farnsworth is so in love with his slider.
2006-05-15 19:33:09
241.   Zack
220 224

Are you both high? I really haven't figured out this Phillips bashing. Not sure where you are getting the below average fielding, but he is far far far superior to any 1b we have fielding wise. Just look at the Wang game on friday for proof.

And as for the OF, well, so you are saying we shouldn't have given Cano the ABs he got when he started so slow...

2006-05-15 19:36:02
242.   singledd
With Cano, we were looking for a 2nd baseman better then Womack. Now we are looking for a replacement for a Matsui and 1/2 a Sheffield. Different situation.
2006-05-15 19:37:57
243.   kdw
Giambi has neck strain. Sounds day-to-day.
2006-05-15 19:38:51
244.   randym77
Kitty said something similar to what I said earlier. Cano and Crosby can spray the ball and so did okay, but the homerun hitters have trouble with really good pitchers.
2006-05-15 19:39:12
245.   singledd
243 Where did you get that from?
2006-05-15 19:40:08
246.   Stormer Sports

Nope, I'm just saying he has no place on the team, it's not completley his fault. You can't sit Giambi or DH him every day, especially when Sheff is first in line there. You can't DH Phillips. I know folks want that to happen, but unless Bernie goes down, Phillips is late inning defense, and the occasional start, thats all. If we pick up a viable PH sometime this year, you wont hear from Phillips until he is announced by Vin Scully during a Dodger broadcast.

2006-05-15 19:40:34
247.   Harley
Joe says Giambi "did something to his neck" and came to him and said "he couldn't turn his neck."

So. Neck. But Joe doesn't see it as a "major scare."

2006-05-15 19:41:31
248.   Stormer Sports
Maybe Joe hurt him with all his after game hugs and kisses.
2006-05-15 19:41:58
249.   randym77
It was the stop in the 3rd, where Giambi dove for the ball.

That's what really scares me about Giambi's D. He's not bad, but it seems like he injures himself far too often reaching for line drives or bad throws.

2006-05-15 19:42:05
250.   kdw
245 Post-game wrap from Waldman/Sterling, per Torre.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-05-15 19:42:31
251.   Start Spreading the News
The problem with Farnsworth seems to be in his head. When he had Mazzone as his pitching coach, he did well. Of course, that could be said about many pitchers, including our beloved Jared Wright.

Now Guidry and company need to get Farnsworth to use his fastball a little more.

As for the Phillips/Giambi debate, I don't care -- as long as Cairo is NOT PLAYING 1st base.

Do you know that before this year, Cairo has played a total of 17 games in his career at 1st base? Why does he EVER play first? How can he possibly be a better defender than Phillips or Giambi who have played that position for years? Even Giambi who everyone agrees is not a stellar defensive 1st basemen has a better Range Factor than Cairo.

2006-05-15 19:44:40
252.   marc
Joe not worried about Giambi because he can run around in a circle to see instead of moving his neck (grin).
2006-05-15 19:45:41
253.   Stormer Sports
How's that Mazzone majic workin' in Baltimore. Pitching coaches get way too much credit, and far too much blame.
2006-05-15 19:45:45
254.   Yu-Hsing Chen
234 lol but if that was the case then they might have score a few more cause at least every one of those blind swing is for a homerun....

Seriously though.... we had NO walks.. and 6 HIT!!... 2 hit by Cano.. 1 by Bubba... wtf our stars studded lineup gave as much offsens as our sophmore secondbaseman and the last guy on the bench combined...

Is it just me or is Damon and Giambi slumping a lot lately? also Jorge after a couple hot games looked terrible today

2006-05-15 19:52:43
255.   jayd
Watching the highlights with Hazel Mae, who can't tell the difference between Mussina and Farnsworth!!! Outside of Jerry Remy, Boston does not have a legitimate baseball commentator, no wonder these fans here don't understand dick.

OOooooh something wrong with Josh Beckett's finger?? Now here is anticipation and a big fat told-you-so. Maybe by the end of the year we can work a Pavano-Beckett swap.

Helluva day to write my impassioned defense of Bubba. If we could have had a few runners in the 9th I KNOW he would have delivered the game winner. Average now flirting up to the .280 mark. This is the year of the Bubba. God bless you Joe Torre for seeing the gold in this kid.

I wish I could have the same positive vibes about Melky but I've seen too many really shaky plays -- the flubbed bare hand pickup that allowed the runner to second, the throw home tonight over the cutoff guy, the ball that fell foul the other night when he gave up on it thinking it was going into the stands -- shit like that drives me crazy. Goddamned Redsox baseball in pinstripes -- I can watch that for free anytime. I pay for these channels, Melky. You'd think you'd want the job fer chrissakes, Melky. Stop it, you're killing me.

Granted he has gone back on a few balls and with his speed has caught a couple I could see over Matsui's head but DAMN. Where the hell is Tori Hunter, anyways? I thought Damon had him recruited...

Bubba makes my evening. Moose is awesome. If this isn't a Cy Young 24-3 season I don't know what is.

When Randy turns that corner and all the old man jokes fade, this will jell, this will definitly jell.

And for those Yees of little faith, abide with the Pinstripes my friends and know that the fates swirl over the lakes of Minnesota tonight and a man named Tori (whose name is as close in meaning to the entrance gate of a Shinto shrine as can be allowed) will lead you all past the fallen warrior Matsui to a season of shining glory.

Repeat after me, Tori!~ Tori!~ Tori!~ If that doesn't have a stadium ring to it, my name is not Shane Spencer.


2006-05-15 19:58:16
256.   Jeteupthemiddle
253 I agree. I really think that Pitching Coaches...and especially Hitting Coaches...are simply Glorified Cheerleaders. There to make the pitcher/hitter believe he can continue hitting. Ultimately, it is the player that fails. I hate it when people blame the coaches/manager for poor exucution by the players.
2006-05-15 19:59:14
257.   randym77
We aren't getting Torii. We inquired in the offseason and they said they wanted Robinson Cano, plus other prospects. I don't think the price is going down.

Stewart, maybe. Or someone like Craig Wilson.

2006-05-15 20:07:41
258.   Stormer Sports

Torii is a free agent at the end f the year. That's when we get him. We don't need him this year, we need a DH and hekp on the bench. Next year Damon moves to right and Torii to center. if Sheff is picked up, he's the DH. No sense selling the farm to Torii this year, his bat aint worth it.

2006-05-15 20:08:13
259.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I think pitching coach's effect is still important for younger .. work in progress pitchers like Wang etc though....

If Wang can throw his split finger properly he should be getting his Ks a lot more ....

2006-05-15 20:10:15
260.   dpmurphy
"OOooooh something wrong with Josh Beckett's finger?? Now here is anticipation and a big fat told-you-so."

Hmm, think you'll be saying that in october?

"And for those Yees of little faith, abide with the Pinstripes my friends and know that the fates swirl over the lakes of Minnesota tonight and a man named Tori (whose name is as close in meaning to the entrance gate of a Shinto shrine as can be allowed) will lead you all past the fallen warrior Matsui to a season of shining glory."

How about making what you have work. Jeter, arod, giambi, damon, and you need more offense? So just take another teams best player, huh? And you're talking about boston fans? You need your meds.

2006-05-15 20:11:15
261.   vockins
Surely there is something out there better than Torii Hunter.
2006-05-15 20:24:17
262.   Start Spreading the News
253 You gotta have talent to work with first. And you have to have talent that will listen to you.

Take a player like Soriano. In Game 7 in 2003 vs Boston, how many times do you think people told him to take a pitch as he was on his way to striking out four times in 7 innings?

As for the influence of a good coach, usually I agree that it doesn't make much of a difference from game to game. But somebody like Mazzone has a greater impact because he also affects how pitchers train.

You have to give Mazzone time before you judge him with "How's that Mazzone majic workin' in Baltimore". It maybe that it will take a few years to see what he can do.

Here is someone who tried to quantify the Mazzone effect:

2006-05-15 20:33:13
263.   randym77
Someone just posted the May batting stats on the YES message board. Ranked in order of OPS:

(AVG / OBP / SLG / OPS )

Posada .323 / .447 / .581 / 1.028
Rodriguez .295 / .392 / .591 / .983
Crosby .300 / .364 / .400 / .764
Giambi .150 / .358 / .375 / .733
Cabrera .333 / .385 / .333 / .718
Williams .286 / .311 / .405 / .716
Cano .313 / .340 / .375 / .715
Damon .245 / .302 / .327 / .628
Jeter .224 / .296 / .286 / .582
Stinnett .182 / .182 / .273 / .455
Phillips .100 / .100 / .100 / .200
Cairo .000 / .000 / .000 / .000

It ain't Crosby and Cabrera that are killing us on offense...

2006-05-15 20:35:47
264.   Mattpat11
Cano was a 22 year old future second baseman.

Phillips is a 29 year old career minor leaguer.

Cano gets leeway.

2006-05-15 20:38:00
265.   Start Spreading the News
260"you need more offense? So just take another teams best player, huh? And you're talking about boston fans? You need your meds."

That's rich. Pun intended. A Boston fan complaining about "taking" another team's player.
Let's look at the 2006's Sox lineup and see how many are home-grown talents, shall we?
Youkilis, yes. Loretta, no. Oritz, no. Ramirez, no. Nixon, yes. Varitek, yes. Mirabelli, no. Lowell, no. Pena, no. Gonzalez, no.

So 3 out 9? Good thing, you guys replaced Millar with Youkilis or that number would have been lower.

The Yanks have 3 homegrown talent in their infield alone.

2006-05-15 20:46:39
266.   Yu-Hsing Chen
This offense is still good enough IF the front guys starts hitting like they should... and the whole freaken team take pitches like Yankees not named Soriano should ...
2006-05-15 21:08:40
267.   brockdc
Hunter is fading. The Yanks need another fading vet like we need another Sox fan at the Banter re-hashing tired assertions that no longer hold water.

Bye now. I'm off to Sons of Sam Horn to write about Schilling's faux bloody sock.

2006-05-15 21:16:31
268.   unpopster
265 Varitek is not a home grown Red Sox player. He came to Boston in 1997 as part of a trade with Seattle (along with derek Lowe for Heathcliff Slocumb).
2006-05-15 21:27:31
269.   Start Spreading the News
I didn't know that. I was basing it on the fact that Varitek has only played for the Sox.

Wow, Varitek and Lowe for Slocumb. That is seriously lopsided trade favoring the Sox!

2006-05-15 21:30:18
270.   Mattpat11
I find it more fun to discuss the "home grown" 04 championship team that consisted of such myriad homegrown players
2006-05-15 22:51:23
271.   Zack
264 But Phillips minor league stats were across the board better than Cano's long before, it wasn't his fault we had 1B filled in the form of Giambi...
2006-05-16 06:53:08
272.   jayd
Day Late Dollar Short

265Now, now, let's not be too hard on poor dpMurphy (the dp stands for dipstick, by the way). Stop fighting flamers with facts. As noted in my earlier post, there is no intelligent baseball conversation in Boston and so their fans need to insinuate themselves into Yankee sites so as to promote the following:
1. The Yankees suck.
2. Yankee fans know crap
3. Yankees buy all their championships.
4. Rooting for the Yankees is like cheering for General Motors or US Steel
5. The Yankees suck.
Part of being a Yankee fan is having pathetic hanger-ons like dipstick who need to insult others to maintain their flimsy hold on self-esteem. I mean, look at the matchups here: We have Derek Jeter and drop dead babes like Scarlett Johanson; they have Tom Werner and the perky Katie Couric. We have Sinatra, they have the Cowsills. We have Rudy; they have John ("What's the score? Sox get any more points?" ) Kerry. Wouldn't that make YOU want to strike you pillows at night till your little fists turned red? We have a team, they have a failing Real Estate venture.

267Torii Hunter a fading star. The guy is a year older than Andy Phillips and maybe the best centerfielder in the game. Some other guy whose mother couldn't spell Andrew right gets a few votes here I understand.

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