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The Divine Ms. Em
2004-11-09 12:32
by Alex Belth
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During the ALDS I posted a goofy snap shot of myself in front of a candy store on Arthur avenue in the Bronx. A couple of readers asked why I didn't include a shot with my gal Emily. She was with me that day, "so what gives?" they said. I'll tell you what: the picture with her in it didn't do her justice and I just couldn't run it. I value my life, dude. I may write about Em here but I'm not about to post a lame picture of her if I know what's good for me (and surprisingly, I do!).

Well, better late than never. With the help of my technical guru Alex Ciepley, here are a couple of shots of me with the Minister of Defense. They are a bit dated, but hey, we haven't changed much since they were taken. Plus, they were all approved by Emilish herself. Talk about official.

All smiles hanging out in Chinatown.

At my brother's wedding in the summer of 2002.

Later that year at my man Alan Friedman's wedding in Jersey City.

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