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2008-08-11 06:30
by Alex Belth

 Soul legend Isaac Hayes passed away on Sunday.  He was 65. 


Hayes is most famous for composing the title theme to "Shaft," but he did far more than that.  

Along with David Porter, Hayes was the major creative force behind Stax Records in the Sixties--their most enduring work is the classic, "Soul Man."  His vocal stylings paved the way for Barry White, and years later, Hayes, a Scientologist, had a successful cameo on "South Park."  

Dag, another meaningful loss.   

I love Hayes' moody rendition of "Walk on By":

2008-08-11 07:42:38
1.   Raf
Black Moses!

Some of y'all need to check out Waatstax when you get a moment.

I guess younger fans will remember him as Slammer (or was it Hammer?) in I'm Gonna Git Ya Sucka

2008-08-11 08:42:31
2.   doslobo38
I remember Isaac Hayes had this reocurring role on "The Rockford Files" as James Garner's ex-con buddy Gandolf. He was great in that, always calling Rockford "Rockfish"...we will miss you!
2008-08-11 09:41:23
3.   KJC
1 I had just watched "I'm Gonna Git Ya Sucka" this weekend to see if it was still as funny as when I saw it as a kid. (It wasn't...)
2008-08-11 16:14:08
4.   Chyll Will
Been trying to think of something to say, but I'm just a little too sad to focus on it. Music means a whole lot to me, and his loss coupled with Bernie just a couple days ago stings. Now all I can think is I hope no one else we know will pass anytime soon, with the notion these things happen in threes.

I'll have a post of my own when I can focus a little more...

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