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Sure Shot
2008-08-10 09:41
by Alex Belth

My wife is a sweet little thing.  She's conscientious (almost to a fault), polite, respectful and very much the Lady. She's also a farmer's daughter which means she's one tough broad too.  She grew up feeding chickens, haulin' hay, and milking the goats.*  But you'd never guess that by looking at her.

I'm endlessly amused by the reaction people have when they meet her and shake her hand--it's a firm, confident handshake, a man's handshake. 

The other thing about Em that is a classic is that she's a crack shot--sure and steady. 

Go figure that. 


 What do you mean we're all out of spelt muffins?


I'm sure there are a bunch of Yankee fans that would have loved to unload a couple of rounds after yesterday's loss.  Hopefully, the Yanks pull out a "w" today so we can digest and enjoy our Sunday. 

Go git 'em boys.

* Several years ago, Em was up at her parent's place in Vermont with her older sister.  One day, they found a large black snake in the garage.  They took a shovel, beat the crap out of the poor bastard and then Em used the side of the shovel to cut its head off.  I listened in horror on the phone when she told me the story.  My ass would have been firmly planted on top of the piano in the living room until the snake was gone.  I likely would have wet myself.  My tough guy wife, my hero.

Of course, Em also freaks out when she sees a city critter--a roach or water bug.  What a wimp.

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2008-08-10 10:53:36
1.   dianagramr
Awesome .... you are a lucky man!

Be thankful she doesn't take a Glock to one of those City critters.

2008-08-10 11:14:14
2.   randym77
Aw, why would she kill a harmless black snake? I thought farmers liked them, for rodent control.

There's a huge black snake around here that can be found sunning itself on the rosebushes every morning. It would never occur to me to kill it.

2008-08-10 11:42:54
3.   Alex Belth
They killed it because they found it in the garage and were afraid that it would crawl into the house, of into their parent's car or something. Regardless, snake=I Am OUTTA HERE...
2008-08-10 11:50:27
4.   randym77
It was probably just looking for rats or mice. Black snakes are pretty shy creatures. They run away if they can, freeze if they can't.
2008-08-10 12:00:38
5.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ha ha ha hah ah ah aaa !!!!

Em's got a killer instinct, god love her, to go along with her belly full of guts. know, seeing as how she's good at striking things with a blunt object, and how our heros are a little deficient in that regard...

Seriously, that's a hilarious story. Tell Em she's my hero, too. Now, if she could only chase the rats out of NY.

They're my bugaboo. The spook me to the core.

Whenever I'm walking down a narrow street and the garbage is out, I instinctively walk in the street, lest I get attacked by those hell-rodents.

Anytime I see a vacant lot or a weedy area, I go on alert.

Once, long ago, I was under the Brooklyn Bridge, looking at a great vacant lot, just utterly transfixed by the multitude of rats there. I kept my distance so I wasn't afraid they'd get me, but Christ, they were just so repulsive I couldn't stop looking at them, like I was hypnotized by the horror of it all.

A passer-by kind of looked at me to see what I was looking at and I told him, "My God, look at all those rats!"

His response was classic: "They come from Brooklyn," he quipped wryly and disappeared into the night.

2008-08-10 12:08:43
6.   Just fair
5 That's a good one. Rats creep me out more than anything in this world. They are relentlessly disgusting. Now that I think about it, The L.A. Rats of Anaheim of Orange County suits me better than the Angels. Damn pests.
2008-08-10 12:20:59
7.   weeping for brunnhilde
6 Hear, hear. :)
2008-08-10 12:34:17
8.   randym77
Sounds like NY needs more black snakes. :-)

Pete Abe reports Kennedy has been sent down. No word on who starts for him.

He was also spoken to about the "way he expressed himself."

Melky benched again today, despite his good game yesterday. Are we going to have a Cabrera-Christian platoon?

2008-08-10 12:38:35
9.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ok, Team, here we go again.

Hang onto your hats, and here's hoping Andy can be the golden god he is.

2008-08-10 12:48:30
10.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice hitting, Bobby.

That was huge.

2008-08-10 12:50:19
11.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ahh, thank you Alex!

Keep it going, keep it going!

2008-08-10 12:52:00
12.   ms october
oh this is nice hits w/ risp.

alex, i think your black snake story brought the bats alive.
man i hate snakes too - i remember in like 7th grade science class the teacher made everyone hold a snake and i refused - what that had to do with science class is still beyond me.

2008-08-10 12:53:11
13.   weeping for brunnhilde
Bad Robby.

Hey, at least we got the two: good job, numbers three and four.

2008-08-10 12:54:49
14.   weeping for brunnhilde
12 Ha hah ah ah!

Well, snakes are alive, what's alive is natural, science looks into the natural, and ergo, science=traumatizing young people by forcing them to hold snakes.

Or something.

2008-08-10 12:56:10
15.   Alison
12 I had to do that too...they called it "Earth Sciences". I'm from Long Island...we don't 'do' the outdoors. I could never figure it out.
2008-08-10 13:00:02
16.   Alison
It's nice to see "Good Andy" showed up today...
2008-08-10 13:01:02
17.   weeping for brunnhilde
16 I would be beholden to you if you knock on some wood, for my own peace of mind.
2008-08-10 13:02:00
18.   Alison
17 Done
2008-08-10 13:02:14
19.   ms october
14 15 yeah it was sort of traumatic - sorry you had to go through that too alison

16 yes maybe weeping's hope for andy to be the golden god will be answered

2008-08-10 13:10:44
20.   Simone
I can't believe that the Yankees sent down Kennedy so quickly. He needs a chance to work through his problems in the majors this season. I bet the Yankees caved into the over the top media and fan reaction to his comments. Good grief.
2008-08-10 13:13:14
21.   JL25and3
I liked what Pete Abe reported about Kennedy:

"Kennedy was sent down with instructions to work on his pitching, not work on throwing seven shutout innings. He has proven he can win in the International League. He need to work on specific things now like his two-seamer and curveball.

"Kennedy also apologized for his comments the other day, saying it didn't come out the way he wanted. Several players, including Andy Pettitte, spoke to him about how better to express himself in the future."

That seems like exactly the right way to use a trip to AAA. Rather than proving (again) that he can be successful there, he can work on what he needs to do to be successful in the bigs.

I'm also glad to see his comments about his comments.

2008-08-10 13:15:10
22.   Alison
That was beautiful...way to save the inning...
2008-08-10 13:15:45
23.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hey, how about that!

Things are looking up.

Nice job, Andy.

2008-08-10 13:16:06
24.   weeping for brunnhilde
18 Cheers!
2008-08-10 13:20:09
25.   Max
Simone, the only thing more over the top than the "media and fan reaction to his comments" is your characterization of them. Kennedy was sent down because he isn't ready, period.

If players like Mussina and Pettite have issues with the way he expressed himself, there's nothing "over the top" about talking to a player about how he should conduct himself as a professional.

2008-08-10 13:31:29
26.   weeping for brunnhilde



2008-08-10 13:31:30
27.   dianagramr
Isaac Hayes dead at 65:

2008-08-10 13:32:06
28.   ChrisS
Maybe Andy Pettitte can concentrate on not giving up 5 runs.
2008-08-10 13:32:36
29.   thelarmis
16 don't do that!!!

where in LI, btw...

26 see 16 - maybe that's why...

what's up w/ these infield singles? should they have been outs?

2008-08-10 13:33:08
30.   thelarmis
28 looks like it'll be 6 or more...
2008-08-10 13:37:07
31.   ms october
3 runs sucks, but that easily could have been worse
2008-08-10 13:41:03
32.   thelarmis
meanwhile, the pale hose just walked the bases loaded full of shitsox. 1-run lead for chicago, pitching change. tampa and minn both leading...

nice alex, way to start the inning! c'mon X!!!

2008-08-10 13:41:50
33.   thelarmis
holy shit, manny just got beaned in the head by a matt cain fastball in SF. yikes. he seems fine...
2008-08-10 13:42:18
34.   Just fair
Nady can play on my time any time. : )
2008-08-10 13:42:53
35.   thelarmis
dotel doubled up lowell, chicago still up by 1!!! : )
2008-08-10 13:42:57
36.   weeping for brunnhilde
That was fabulous running by Alex.
2008-08-10 13:43:26
37.   Just fair
34 He can play on my TEAM, too. Ugh. Good take out of the ss.
2008-08-10 13:45:50
38.   Just fair
Don't run Cano for the love of Pete.
2008-08-10 13:52:00
39.   ms october
ah well 1 run nice; more runs nicer

cone keeps calling joe saunders tony
normally find it annoying when announcers get names wrong, yet i don't care, cone can say what he wants

2008-08-10 13:56:02
40.   weeping for brunnhilde
31 Agreed.

And the really amazing thing is we actually got one back right away.

2008-08-10 13:57:22
41.   weeping for brunnhilde
39 Unite, ye beasts of England!
2008-08-10 13:58:26
42.   Just fair
If Molina did not touch Matthews after he was called out, I don't think he ever tagged him. Good stuff, regardless.
2008-08-10 14:00:46
43.   JL25and3
33 Time for the old Dizzy Dean line: he was taken to the hospital, where X-rays of his head showed nothing.
2008-08-10 14:02:25
44.   monkeypants
I'm late the party. I see that Kennedy was sent down to the minors to work on his canned responses to questions after the game. Really, couldn't repeated screenings of Bull Durham teach him the same thing, or maybe some extra instruction from Jeter (on saying nothing) or Pettitte (on being "honest" and expressing self-suckitude)?
2008-08-10 14:04:16
45.   thelarmis
43 yeah, that's awesome! manny ducked well in time, so it more grazed the top of his helmet, and he was fine. the announcers said something about the pitch "trying to knock some sense into him"...
2008-08-10 14:04:48
46.   thelarmis
damnit boBBy! ugh, that's frustrating. c'mon alex, give us the lead...
2008-08-10 14:05:04
47.   3rd gen yankee fan
Cmon Arod, no f'in around.
2008-08-10 14:05:14
48.   Just fair
Choose your adventure.
1) Alex comes through. Sweet.
2) Alex does not come trhough. Un-friggin-believable.
2008-08-10 14:05:56
49.   thelarmis
top of the 9th in chicago, boston down 1...
2008-08-10 14:05:58
50.   3rd gen yankee fan
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2008-08-10 14:08:11
51.   thelarmis
48 i will choose Freewill. (to channel the recent Rush rant...)
2008-08-10 14:12:29
52.   3rd gen yankee fan
51 I missed a Rush rant? Damn.
2008-08-10 14:12:50
53.   Max
49 Right, because we know his performance all year warranted his being kept up here. You're unjust his treatment! He is being martyred unfairly for the mere sin of being a bit callow and ungraceful with his words.
2008-08-10 14:13:11
54.   thelarmis
Boston loses!!!
2008-08-10 14:13:53
55.   Max
53 actually that should have been 44
2008-08-10 14:14:07
56.   thelarmis
52 yeah, it was pretty awesome! : )
2008-08-10 14:14:13
57.   3rd gen yankee fan
Boston loses! YES!!!!
2008-08-10 14:20:07
58.   monkeypants
53 Read what I wrote.

I have no problem demoting the man because of his performance. That he was demoted (as Pete Abe seems to believe 8 ) for what he said after the game, that is silly and somewhat worrisome.

2008-08-10 14:22:52
59.   3rd gen yankee fan
Allright we're going out on the scooter. GO YANKEES! Darnit!
2008-08-10 14:25:02
60.   JL25and3
44 The problem with Kennedy's comments wasn't that they were honest rather than canned. (Pettitte's interviews certainly aren't canned.) The problem is that his honesty revealed something that people weren't happy with - and not for the first time.

If Kay, Singleton and Cone are to be believed, the players weren't real thrilled about it, either.

In any case, the purpose of the demotion is exactly the right one.

2008-08-10 14:25:51
61.   JL25and3
58 See 21 .
2008-08-10 14:26:56
62.   ms october
i never want to see steve donahue again in my life
2008-08-10 14:34:29
63.   monkeypants
60 61 Fair enough.

I guess I wasn't bothered by what his comments "revealed," so I wasn't upset by his comments, so I don't believe that his comments should bear at all on his demotion. I thought what he said was mainly accurate: he did get dinged around at the end by some bloops and grounders. I thought what Girardi said was mostly inaccurate: he was not hurt by getting behind hitters and grooving pitches, as a scan of the gameday play-by-play shows that most of the damage was doe on 0-0 pitches or when he was ahead in the count.

Overall, I thought that coommentgate was much ado about nothing. Now, if he is in fact being sent down to hone specific skills, such as the use of certain pitches, that's fine. And if the organization believes that those skills can be best honed in AAA rather than MLB (and also, and also that the organization does not want to risk future starts in the bigs until he has improved in those ares), that's great. Hopefully when (if) Kennedy comes back, he will have dominated AAA and learned a few more skills.

Then, when (if) he is more successful, he can express himself more how he feels. Or Pettitte can advise him some more.

2008-08-10 14:41:15
64.   weeping for brunnhilde
CAn't we catch just one fucking break?

Damn it.

That should have fallen in.

2008-08-10 14:43:02
65.   monkeypants
64 They did sort of catch one break, when Christian's ball took that funky bounce for a double.

Capitalizing on breaks, however...

2008-08-10 14:46:22
66.   Just fair
63 I finally watched the post-game of Kennedy on Yes this afternoon. Is he Naive? Ignorant? Clueless? In total self-denial? Who knows.
It's the "I don't care" comment that reverberates in my mind. And it undoubtedly pissed off some of his teammates. No matter his intention.
2008-08-10 14:46:46
67.   weeping for brunnhilde
65 Yeah, well then, two breaks!

Can't we catch two breaks?

2008-08-10 14:48:22
68.   weeping for brunnhilde
66 Honestly, I think he's scared.

I finally watched the thing yesterday and he seemed like he was trying to hide the fact that he's having serious doubts about his future.

Could be reading too much into it, of course, but I really sensed something pitiable under the surface.

2008-08-10 14:48:25
69.   Just fair
There's a break. C'mon Guys. Score some gd runs.
2008-08-10 14:52:26
70.   Just fair
68 In IPK's defense, maybe he had the "drowned rat" image of Kim Jones on his mind when she was peppering him about his putrid 2+ innings. That would throw my mind for a loop, too. : )
2008-08-10 14:54:00
71.   dianagramr

Would he have given a "better" answer if he was talking to Erin Andrews? :-)

2008-08-10 14:54:12
72.   weeping for brunnhilde
He's a strong man, that Alex.

I think that was off the end of the bat.

Nice job, Alex, nice job.

Let's get him the fuck in now, Team, please!

2008-08-10 14:55:13
73.   monkeypants
Speed kills.
2008-08-10 14:55:56
74.   weeping for brunnhilde
Of course.

You know, Alex, I think you're a great baserunner, but man, that just broke our back.

2008-08-10 14:57:48
75.   Just fair
71 Only if Randy Johnson wasn't creepily spraying champagne on her.
2008-08-10 14:59:10
76.   weeping for brunnhilde

We're about to get swept.

2008-08-10 15:00:00
77.   Alex Belth
Dude, I'm following this on Game Day. What the hell happened with A Rod? Is he knuts?
2008-08-10 15:00:18
78.   OldYanksFan
ARod was safe. No instant replay might cost us this game.
2008-08-10 15:01:07
79.   Just fair
What was the name of that Pat Benetar song Steinbrenner couldn't figure out on Seinfeld? : (
This game has that feel.
2008-08-10 15:01:59
80.   Alex Belth
He was safe? Really? C'MON!
2008-08-10 15:02:17
81.   weeping for brunnhilde
77 Singleton pointed out that the catcher caught a break because the pitch was a perfect one to throw.

And Coney didn't mind at all the Alex being aggressive there due to California's dominance of us.

Plus, he may have been safe.

Anyway, personally, I'm disappointed, but I can't say I think it was a crazyplay.

2008-08-10 15:03:13
82.   weeping for brunnhilde
Meanwhile, bravo, Andy, bravo.

You're a golden god.

2008-08-10 15:04:31
83.   OldYanksFan
I was a perfect throw, right on the bag, but Figgins caught it slightly in front of the bag and needed to put a tag on. ARod's hand was already on the bag by the time he was tagged. Showed up clearly on slo-mo replay.
2008-08-10 15:04:35
84.   monkeypants
Now, it is very tempting for me to pile on A-Rod after the fact for making a bad play (bad "approach"?) in trying to steal third. To be honest, in general I am not a huge fan of SB--too musk risk for the reward most of the time. It is true that if you steal third you "can score on an out," which Sterling has been blathering about for two innings now. On the other hand, risking stealing third to set up a fly ball, with the middle of your line up batting, smells of desperation to me.

If sending A-Rod (or did he go on his own?) in the seventh was a good play, why not send Christian in the sixth inning. If successful, they would have had two cracks at scoring with an out.

I don't know. I'm just ranting now I realize. Frustration with this offense is certainly setting in.

2008-08-10 15:04:42
85.   dianagramr
Best "bad fast food" craving:

White Castle

I vote KFC

2008-08-10 15:06:17
86.   rufuswashere
Haven't commented in a while. But I am certain that this ranks up there among the most frustrating games I've ever heard. If they win it I'll be shocked.
2008-08-10 15:06:31
87.   monkeypants
78 That's funny.

No instant replay is pretty far down on my list for reason why this game will be lost, if in fact that is the final outcome.

2008-08-10 15:06:48
88.   Jehosephat
79 Hell is for Children? Just jokes. We can't get out of LAnaheim fast enough...
2008-08-10 15:07:48
89.   Just fair
84 With A-Rod on 3rd with one out, it only takes 1 wild pitch to score him instead of 2. That was the only way he was crossing the dish anyway. grrrr......
2008-08-10 15:08:49
90.   Alex Belth
OK, he got Vladi...
2008-08-10 15:09:24
91.   monkeypants
89 I hear ya'.
2008-08-10 15:09:31
92.   OldYanksFan
87 The game should be determined by the players, not the umps.
2008-08-10 15:10:30
93.   williamnyy23
I have no problem with Arod trying to steal that base, nor do I think it was a bad play to bunt with Molina. In fact, I really wish Girardi would wake up to the fact that he doesn't have a reliable offense, and manage accordingly.

I was glad to see IPK's demotion. He has a lot to learn about pitching and about how ge conducts himself after the game. Even if the plan was to allow him another start after another lousy performance, his comments were enough to disqualify him from that generousity. Ultimately, however, I don't think the problem is with IPK's mouth as much as his arm. He simply does not look like a prospect.

2008-08-10 15:12:10
94.   Alex Belth
One more pin Marte!
2008-08-10 15:12:40
95.   monkeypants
92 You are correct. And today's game has been well-determined by the Yankees repeated refusal to score runs. A close missed call on a bang-bang play after the Yankees have stunk it up is not the most powerful endorsement for instant replay.
2008-08-10 15:13:19
96.   weeping for brunnhilde
Three cheers for Marte!

That was fabulous.

2008-08-10 15:15:05
97.   Alex Belth
Hey, not for nothing, but did you guys hear that Isaac Hayes died today?  Jeezus.
2008-08-10 15:16:34
98.   monkeypants
97 I was sort of surprised that he was only 65 (if I read that correctly). He just seemed older to me.
2008-08-10 15:16:44
99.   dianagramr

SEE 27

2008-08-10 15:17:04
100.   Just fair
To help make the shit sandwhich of this weekend taste a bit better, it would be nice to beat Francisco.
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2008-08-10 15:19:20
101.   Just fair
K.C beat the Twinkies 5-4.
2008-08-10 15:20:50
102.   Raf
27 WTF? I leave the Banter for a day, and I find out that Bernie Mac passes, I leave the banter for another day and I find that Issac Hayes passes.

I'm afraid to check in tomorrow...

2008-08-10 15:21:42
103.   monkeypants
102 Or the obvious solution--never leave!
2008-08-10 15:21:43
104.   Raf
97 Yeah, saw that in post 27 . I'm seriously bummed right now.
2008-08-10 15:21:49
105.   Max
Twins lose. Even if this game ends the way it's looking (completing a sweep), we're still not buried.

That's my crazy optimism kicking in, even though it probably means I'm swimming in a cesspool deeper than the one IPK is navigating currently.

2008-08-10 15:23:34
106.   Raf
Ok, it's obvious that the change is Frankie's go-to pitch
2008-08-10 15:24:18
107.   Alex Belth
This has bad news written all over it.  Kendrick homers to win it against Mo...
2008-08-10 15:25:09
108.   Raf
Anyway, regarding Kennedy (who seems to be channeling Sterling Hitchcock with his comments), the Yanks can keep sending him down, but if he's going to continue to put up sub-1 WHIP's, he'll be back before long.
2008-08-10 15:25:26
109.   Alex Belth
I'll have a little tribute to Hayes up tomorrow. Meanwhile, anyone interested in learning more about Stax records should check out Peter Guralnick's "Sweet Soul Music."
2008-08-10 15:26:06
110.   dianagramr
ok ... this is seriously spooky!

Hayes was about to begin work on a new album for Stax, the soul record label he helped build to legendary status. And he had recently finished work on a movie called ''Soul Men'' in which he played himself, starring Samuel Jackson and Bernie Mac, who died on Saturday.

2008-08-10 15:26:08
111.   Alex Belth
No, Mo, still Marte, huh?
2008-08-10 15:26:09
112.   Raf
107 Not with Marte in there for a 2nd inning. Guess Girardi thinks he can get through the bottom of the order with Marte?
2008-08-10 15:26:17
113.   randym77
68 I think you're right. I watched that "live," and was shocked that he said what he said. But I also noticed (and posted here) that despite his words, he looked like he was about to cry.

And I think A-Rod was out. Just barely. The glove touched his forearm before his fingers touched the bag. But it was very, very close.

2008-08-10 15:27:48
114.   Raf
109 And for more info on Hayes.
2008-08-10 15:31:48
115.   JL25and3
78 , 113 Instant replay was hardly conclusive. So you can rest easy, OYF.
2008-08-10 15:34:46
116.   JL25and3
Serious props to Joe G. for this move. I was just thinking how stupid it is that you "can't" bring in your best relief pitcher in this situation. Well done.
2008-08-10 15:35:42
117.   Schteeve
116 If he hadn't gone to Mo here, I would have started a blog called FireJoeGirardi.
2008-08-10 15:36:09
118.   Alex Belth
Figgins will win it for L.A.
2008-08-10 15:37:02
119.   Raf
2008-08-10 15:37:04
120.   Just fair
2008-08-10 15:37:18
121.   dianagramr
damn you Alex :-)
2008-08-10 15:37:25
122.   randym77
I hate the Angels.
2008-08-10 15:37:37
123.   Raf
seeing eye single
2008-08-10 15:39:03
124.   williamnyy23
That ball getting through was pathetic, but fitting for this team. It simply doesn't make the big play, throw the big pitch or get the big hit. I think the Yankees need to figure out whether Cashman is coming back asap because this team is going to need a lot of changes to be contend in 2009 and that process needs to start now.
2008-08-10 15:39:40
125.   Schteeve
I am so sick of this season.
2008-08-10 15:39:42
126.   dianagramr
well ... they ARE still only 4 out of the wild card ...
2008-08-10 15:40:20
127.   Alex Belth
Where's my rifle?
2008-08-10 15:40:35
128.   vockins
Stick a fork in it.
2008-08-10 15:42:35
129.   Raf
124 Actually, I kinda hope Cashman leaves, just so that people can stop blaming him for whatever.
2008-08-10 15:42:50
130.   williamnyy23
Rivera's reaction was perfect...why is that easy 3-1 groundout about to produce the winning run?
2008-08-10 15:43:31
131.   JL25and3
124 Completely pathetic.
2008-08-10 15:43:34
132.   Alex Belth
Should we have expected anything less than a lost weekend for this bunch in L.A.?

I'm rooting for Moose to win 20...that's it.

2008-08-10 15:44:06
133.   OldYanksFan
What was with Cano? I thought he had that... or AT LEAST knock it down. Did he screw up that play?
2008-08-10 15:44:41
134.   williamnyy23
129 That's fine too (I also don't think Girardi returning should be a given either)...but I think it would be best to decide now because this is a seriously flawed team. The sooner they can turn the page toward 2009, the better the chances they'll be a contender.
2008-08-10 15:45:17
135.   Schteeve
I'm also really sick of Marte. Totally irrational, I haven't looked at his numbers, but I just assume that when he pitches bad things will happen.
2008-08-10 15:45:33
136.   nemecizer
By a weird coincidence I went shooting today for the first time in a few years. After moving to Virginia I bought a couple of rifles and a pistol. Today I went to work and then went with some buddies to the range. It sure beat watching the Yankees play these days.

I think this season is rapidly coming to an end...

2008-08-10 15:46:06
137.   OldYanksFan
135 Well, walking that last batter didn't help. Does our BP walk more guys then most?
2008-08-10 15:47:45
138.   williamnyy23
132 I was thinking the samething...what else is there to root for? Normally, I'd be rooting for Arod to climb the charts too, but I am not enamored with him either. At this point, if the Yankees can unload an Abreu, Giambi or whomever for a nice prospect, then I'd be happy.
2008-08-10 15:47:55
139.   JL25and3
I'm waiting to hear how this shows that Mo can't pitch in tie games. (Not from this crowd, of course.)
2008-08-10 15:49:38
140.   OldYanksFan
Boston will be hard to catch. In September:
Boston. 16 Home - 9 Away
Yankees 10 Home - 16 Away (including the last 6)
2008-08-10 15:52:35
141.   ms october
i think marte has no ability to pitch more than an inning.

i was on the phone with my mom for the end of the game so i couldn't even yell properly over this loss.

2008-08-10 15:53:38
142.   Max
135 I just don't think he should ever be brought in for more than one inning. He's just like Farnsworth that way. He did a great job in the eighth, then Joe tries to milk him for the bottom of the order in the just knew that was trouble.

Mo should not have had to come in the ninth with two batters on already. Though he still would have been out of the inning if Cano hadn't had a brain lock on Figgins' "hit".

2008-08-10 15:55:57
143.   williamnyy23
Wow...the Angels hit .533 with RISP. Is that all luck? Meanwhile, the Yankees strand 4 runners on thirdbase with less than two outs. Is that all bad luck? Sometimes the numbers lie. With this offense (which doesn't have great numbers anyway), that's apparent.

135 It really does seem that Marte has been in the middle of a lot the recent losses. While Nady looks like a nice addition for 2009, Marte seems to have upset the balance of the bullpen. At least he has a good chance of being a type-A free agent.

2008-08-10 15:58:08
144.   Raf
142 Marte's stats suggest that he's a one and done type pitcher
2008-08-10 16:03:19
145.   monkeypants
151 Before today, he has pitched more than one inning eight times this season; in six of those appearances he gave up no runs. In those eight appearances, he has allowed 6 hits and 5 walks total (if I count correctly).
2008-08-10 16:06:02
146.   monkeypants
145 I meant 141 .

142 Are we looking at the same stats? He has been used mostly for one inning, but his 1+ inning appearances this season have been very good, including his meltdown on August 4.

2008-08-10 16:09:35
147.   monkeypants
139 Yep.
2008-08-10 16:11:00
148.   williamnyy23
This Yankee team has an accountability problem.
2008-08-10 16:12:23
149.   ms october
146 it's probably too small a sample to tell either way - i think i was mostly just reacting to the aug 4 game against texas and today and i worry a bit about his control issues in any appearance more than an inning (the 5 walks you counted plus today)
2008-08-10 16:13:50
150.   Raf
146 I wasn't clear, but I was referring to his usage patterns
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2008-08-10 16:21:58
151.   monkeypants
149 Right, though 3 of those walks and 2 hits came on August 4.
2008-08-10 16:41:25
152.   weeping for brunnhilde
I missed the end of the game. I went out after the bottom of the eighth to replenish my birdfeeder and a friend happened by. By the time I got back in (needless to say), the ballgame was over.

Obviously, I expected as much.

That's our Team, Team, what is there left to say?

2008-08-10 17:19:23
153.   Chyll Will
152 Just that today really, really sucks today... :'(
2008-08-10 17:43:49
154.   randym77
From PeteAbe:

Andy is very out of sorts on the mound. That comebacker Figgins hits is a ball he fields cleanly usually. Then the balk, which was just weird. He's lucky Sexson stopped the ball.

...I'd say there's a 75-80 percent chance that Pettitte will skip his next start or be pushed back a few days. He has allowed 23 hits in his last 13.1 innings. That's not normal.

Um...can we afford that? We're running kinda short of starting pitchers here.

He also think A-Rod shouldn't have tried to steal 3B.

2008-08-10 17:54:41
155.   Raf
Girardi didn't think it to be a bad play
2008-08-10 18:01:28
156.   randym77
155 I know he didn't.

But I think I'm siding with Pete on this one.

2008-08-10 18:33:06
157.   DarrenF
156 At least a Yankee player strained himself in an effort to win a ballgame.

The Yankees have a second baseman who doesn't seem to even dive for ground balls. I don't recall Cano every recording an out on a ground ball that he dove for.

Didn't affect the game, but Cano also inexplicably failed to catch a throw from Molina on a stole base. All he had to do was reach for it. It's not an unusual play for him.

2008-08-10 18:50:41
158.   monkeypants
154 Can they afford it? Given the state of the season, probably not really. But if they feel they have no choice, the question becomes limited to what are the options to replace him for a start.

Hughes' next scheduled start is Tuesday, with a supposed limit of around 85 pitches. They could hold him back and throw him in Pettitte's place. Or, they could call him up to start Tuesday and push Mussina back one day to Kennedy's start--holding Giese or Rasner until Pettitte's turn comes around. Or, they could hold Hughes one day and have him start for Kennedy on Wednesday.

Or, there is the unthinkable...

2008-08-10 19:35:26
159.   Shaun P
158 Oh no, they better not call up Hughes to start on Tuesday. I am going to be at that game in Pawtucket, and the only reason is to see Hughes pitch, and I will be very disappointed if I miss him. (RIYank is supposed to be there too.)

The season is lost anyway, right? ;)

And I have to ask - what is the unthinkable? Put Igawa back on the 40-man . . . or is it last year's opening day starter? Frankly, given how well he's pitched lately, and how poorly the Twins hit lefties, I think I'd like to see how Chase Wright could do. But, if he wouldn't be available until the Royals' series, forget it, because they can pound a lefty. Then if Pettitte needs a rest, bring on Glass Ass! At least it would be entertaining.

2008-08-10 20:25:16
160.   monkeypants
159 I feel for you about possibly missing Hughes. Every time I caught a Clippers game when I used to live in Columbus, I managed to miss whatever prospect was supposed play because of call-ups, injuries, spot in the rotation, etc.

I was referring to Igawa as the unthinkable. I forgot about Pavano, but part of me would find it a hoot if he actually was forced to suit up this season.

2008-08-10 20:30:36
161.   monkeypants
159 More interesting, perhaps: will Pettitte go on the DL? If not, someone will have to be eliminated if he sits out for a start. Maybe Traber gets sent back down? Or Saxson gets the axe?

In a few weeks rosters expand, no?

2008-08-10 20:46:55
162.   weeping for brunnhilde
160 Forgot about who?
2008-08-10 22:31:54
163.   Chyll Will
160 "I forgot about Pavano, but part of me would find it a hoot if he actually was forced to suit up this season."

But you said crossing the streams would be bad...

2008-08-11 06:46:58
164.   OldYanksFan
Guys... A little HELP Please.
Somewhere on the Net is a page that gives the odds of scoring a run on a given situation. Can you please tell me the odds when:
Runner on 2nd, 1 out ------------ AND
Runner on 3rd, 1 out


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