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2008-07-02 12:33
by Cliff Corcoran

Since stomping the Mets 9-0 in the second game of last Friday's doubleheader, the Yankees have scored just seven runs in four games. Tonight they look to break the slump and avoid a sweep against Rangers rookie Luis Mendoza.

Mendoza hasn't allowed a run since April, but he also hasn't made a major league start since April, when he posted a 9.31 ERA in three starts, all of them Ranger losses. Mendoza spent most of May on the DL due to inflammation in his pitching shoulder and has made three scoreless appearances out of the Texas bullpen since being recalled from his rehab assignment in mid-June. The 24-year-old Mendoza has made six starts in his brief major league career and never seen the sixth inning in any of them. He's also never faced the Yankees.

Opposing Mendoza is former Ranger Sidney Ponson. The Yankees signed Ponson on the day I left for my recent vacation and I was still away when they called him up to pitch against the Mets, so I didn't have an opportunity to register my disgust at the return of the player who very nearly made my list of my least favorite Yankees of the past 25 years based on his 16 1/3 innings as a Yankee in 2006.

Ponson had three quality starts in ten tries as a Ranger earlier this season, with all but two of his starts for Texas coming in May. When the Rangers released him for bad behavior that reportedly included making a scene at a hotel bar and fighting with manager Ron Washington, Ponson had a 105 ERA+, which marked the first time he'd been anything close to league average or above since 2003.

Ponson pitched six scoreless innings against the Mets in his Yankee debut this season, and could have another solid outing if facing the team that released him increases his focus tonight, but he is not a long-term solution. He is a stop-gap as the team waits for a variety of young pitchers to overcome injury, setbacks, and inexperience. That said, I'd rather have Dan Giese in the roation right now. Giese has had just two poor starts in 12 tries between triple-A and the majors this year. I'd also rather give Jeff Karstens, who is finally healthy and pitching well for Scranton (1.88 ERA in June, 3.67 K/BB on the season), or Jeff Marquez, who has rediscovered his ability to get ground balls and posted a 1.89 ERA in June for Scranton, or fast-moving Dan McCutchen (3.88 K/BB in Scranton) a shot to prove themselves in the rotation rather than have to endure watching the Fat Ponson Toad work his black magic. It pains me that we're back in this spot two years later. Three-fifths of the Opening Day rotation may have hit the DL, but that's still no excuse for employing Sidney Ponson.

Word of warning: in his last stint as a Yankee, Ponson pitched the Yankees to a win in his first start, allowing four runs in 6 2/3 innings. He was then lit up in his next outing (six runs in 2 1/3 innings) as he went on to post a 13.97 in his final four games of the season. The Yankees released him after those five appearances and he spent the rest of the season out of work. I repeat: Sidney Ponson is bad.

Melky Cabrera gets the night off tonight, so Brett Gardner will make his debut as the Yankee center fielder. He's batting ninth. Jason Giambi will DH with Wilson Betemit, who is likely to be a permanent fixture in the lineup in Hideki Matsui's absence unless Gardner starts getting on base and forces Johnny Damon to DH, at first base.

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2008-07-02 14:21:34
1.   ny2ca2dc
I was fine with Ponson starting a DH game, if only to not screw with the kids, or some other insufficient explanation (meh, one game). So the only reason I can see starting him again is so they don't have to put one of the kids in against the crazy Tex offense (possibly also applicable with the Sawx and Rays). But I think that's BS (didn't stop them throwing Chase Wright into Fenway) and agree with The Cliff.

Cliff, have any plans for a mid-season or maybe ASB mini-recap of the season? You're always level headed, I'm looking for a reason to think this team shouldn't be a seller at the deadline.

2008-07-02 14:28:35
2.   tommyl
Yeah, I'd agree with you Cliff. I hate, hate, hate seeing Sir Sid aka Snacks Pontoon on the mound in pinstripes. I'd be happy with Giese in the rotation. As for the kids, I'm not sure any of them are ready yet. McCutchen has been a bit up and down and seems to finally be settling in at AAA. I'd like to see him have a few more good starts and build some confidence. Ditto on Marquez. Karstens though, yeah, he deserves it, he's been here before so he knows how to adjust to the bigs and c'mon, its Snacks Pontoon!

When are Hughes and IPK due back? Soon, please.

2008-07-02 14:44:19
3.   RIYank
Yeah, I'd prefer Karstens, too.

On another note, it looks like Molina got off easy:

A fractured left testicle. Ulp. William, you'd still prefer this to getting hit on the knuckles??

2008-07-02 14:45:35
4.   standuptriple
Ugh. A pitcher whom the Yanks have not seen before. Pardon me if I'm not psyched for one of "those games".
2008-07-02 14:50:00
5.   tommyl
4 You mean Snacks vs. the best offense in baseball and the Yankees (or as RLYW refers to them WOE=Worst Offense Ever) against an URP? C'mon, what could possibly go wrong here? Its too bad I'll be out to dinner with my friend in from LA. Oh well.
2008-07-02 14:51:23
6.   Mattpat11
Where does Pavano rank on that list now?
2008-07-02 14:53:15
7.   Cliff Corcoran
3 That happened to Carlton Fisk back in the day as well and was the first thing I thought of when I saw that play.

That was an entertaining moment at the bar at Monday's BP get-together. Everyone has one eye on the game, and they see Molina get hit by a pitch and roll around on the ground. One guy next to me says "oh man, I think he got that on the wrist." Someone else thought he was hit somewhere else mundane. Just as YES begins to throw to the replay I say, "I don't know guys, it looked to me like he got it right in the . . ." at which point the replay shows, in slow motion, exactly where that unencumbered fastball hit Molina and the entire bar lets out a collective "ooooohhh!" of emphatic pain.

"Yeah. That's what I thought."

2008-07-02 14:54:00
8.   Cliff Corcoran
5 Yeah, I've got play tickets.
2008-07-02 14:54:16
9.   tommyl
BTW, I posted this at the end of an earlier thread but currently Melky is sporting an EQA and VORP below that of both Wilson Betemit and Chad Moeller. He's hitting worse than our backup backup catcher. He's currently 13 of 14 CF in VORP in the AL (min 200 PA). Yikes that's bad.
2008-07-02 14:56:16
10.   tommyl
6 134th
2008-07-02 14:58:26
11.   standuptriple
5 ,8 I've got tix to the Giants/Cubbies, but that's not until 7 PST. What can I do that does not involve the office or the Yankees until then?
2008-07-02 14:59:56
12.   Bama Yankee
10 Nice.
2008-07-02 15:01:08
13.   Jeb
Ponson's pretty much garbage, but maybe he'll get fired up to play against the team that released him and made some not-too-quiet comments about what a dope he is. (Of course, depending on what happened during "the incident" the Rangers might be more fired up).
2008-07-02 15:02:39
14.   Jeb
11 watch Omega Man on Youtube? It has a connection to the Yankees because it's a disaster movie.
2008-07-02 15:05:51
15.   Bagel Boy
I can't see how/why they swapped Gardner for Christian unless it's because the former was meant to be a starter while the latter was meant to be a fill-in OF. That interpretation could hedge closer to their plan for Gardner - they seem to want him getting ABs regardless of the level. Time to send Melky for re-education in AAA?
2008-07-02 15:13:56
16.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
guess we just need that "Mystique & Aura" back again, according to Buster Olney's latest blog...God, is that nonsense going to be the new "Curse of the Babe" reference until the Yanks win again? (i.e. annoying, non-issue that the media obsesses over?)
2008-07-02 15:26:36
17.   monkeypants
15 Christian was only called up b/c he's a righty and they were facing a number of LHP. I agree that Melky needs ABs as well, so they should think of sending him to AAA and call up another BUOF, whether it is Christian or Lane.

Unfortunately, Duncanstein hurt his shoulder the other day.

2008-07-02 16:08:09
18.   tommyl
16 I keep telling you, they work at Scores!
2008-07-02 16:10:29
19.   standuptriple
Yahoo! is using a picture of Ponson in a Twins cap w/mullet. Shave those sideburns!
2008-07-02 16:14:29
20.   RIYank
Sid is just a dominant pitcher. He's easily holding the league's best-hitting team in check.
2008-07-02 16:19:43
21.   rbj
I think I'd rather see Chacon in pinstripes than Fudgie the Whale.
2008-07-02 16:20:29
22.   RIYank
Am I right that Mendoza has only one pitch, a four-seam fastball that tops out at about 90mph?
2008-07-02 16:22:36
23.   Yankees Brasil
22 They said something about him getting many GB, so I'd think he throws a sinker also.
2008-07-02 16:25:05
24.   RIYank
That makes sense -- anyway it's been true so far. I can't discern the difference by eye, but Gameday shows the PfX bigger than the Break, which I assumed meant it couldn't be a sinker. But I have little confidence in that assumption.

Ponson continues his domination.

2008-07-02 16:26:09
25.   cult of basebaal
24 better to be lucky than good, at least in small sample sizes ...
2008-07-02 16:26:25
26.   Yankees Brasil
Well, hopefully whatever he throws will get crushed from now on.
2008-07-02 16:29:47
27.   RIYank
Rays with a 2-out rally against Dice-K.
2008-07-02 16:32:54
28.   SF Yanks
Tonight is one of those Yankee games where I just can't get excited. They're coming off a bad stretch, they already lost the series, and if they lose this game it's even worse. But if they win, like they should tonight, then whoopty do, they finally won a game. It's actually sorta tough to explain in words. Anyone know what I mean?
2008-07-02 16:33:52
29.   RIYank
Don't cha know!
2008-07-02 16:34:34
30.   RIYank
28 Absolutely.

But I have a kind of abstracted interest this evening, not a fannish kind.

2008-07-02 16:34:38
31.   cult of basebaal
2008-07-02 16:34:54
32.   Yankees Brasil
Nice one Robbie!
2008-07-02 16:35:15
33.   SF Yanks
So who's rooting for Boston tonight? I think I might have to....well, maybe not. Tough call.
2008-07-02 16:35:31
34.   rbj
28 Yup.

Hey, another 2 out rbi hit! Yanks had one of those last night too.

2008-07-02 16:36:02
35.   cult of basebaal
28 30 then root for something good for the future, like gardner going 4-4 with 3 steals and OF assist!


2008-07-02 16:37:28
36.   standuptriple
33 Can't do it. Ever. On principle.
2008-07-02 16:37:42
37.   cult of basebaal
33 i'll root for al qaeda, hitler, the bubonic plague and dane cook before i'll root for the red sox ...
2008-07-02 16:37:50
38.   SF Yanks
35 I can definitely hop on board that train!
2008-07-02 16:38:33
39.   Yankees Brasil
1 for 2 with RISP, looks good so far!
2008-07-02 16:38:36
40.   RIYank
33 Nope. Can't do it. I'll take the Wild Card, thanks.
2008-07-02 16:39:19
41.   SF Yanks
37 Wow, you're going a bit far with that one. Dane Cook?
2008-07-02 16:39:29
42.   rbj
33 If Boston were in last place, playing the Orioles or Blue Jays, and the Yankees were say a game behind either of those two, then possibly I could roo---, er not want Boston to los--, do badly against that team. Tampa, I can't even get worked up about. Better they win than Boston.
2008-07-02 16:39:45
43.   ny2ca2dc
37 Stop at Dane Cook!
2008-07-02 16:41:13
44.   nick
40 if we want the WC I think we're gonna have to finish ahead of Boston (and Oakland, and the Twinkies, and....)
2008-07-02 16:42:07
45.   RIYank
44 Exactly. That's why I can root against Boston. Get it?
2008-07-02 16:42:14
46.   SF Yanks
43 Root beer please!
2008-07-02 16:43:05
47.   rbj
I think I could root for Dane Cook -- getting a testicular fracture.
2008-07-02 16:44:21
48.   RIYank
No fair hitting bloop singles against Sid. You're supposed to hit screaming line drives to outfielders.
2008-07-02 16:44:55
49.   dianagramr
Ponsonomas anyone?
2008-07-02 16:45:41
50.   RIYank
I sense the dominance beginning to wane.
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2008-07-02 16:46:23
51.   cult of basebaal
there's the snacks we know and loathe!
2008-07-02 16:46:23
52.   williamnyy23
Here's the Sydney that I recognize.
2008-07-02 16:46:41
53.   rbj
Ah, now that's the Sidney we all know and hate.
2008-07-02 16:46:44
54.   Yankees Brasil
This sucks. Two bloopers and all of a sudden the lead is gone.
2008-07-02 16:46:47
55.   dianagramr
that was a good pitch .... kudos to Hamilton.
2008-07-02 16:46:48
56.   SF Yanks
This Pontoon fella is pretty darn good........NOT!
2008-07-02 16:46:49
57.   cult of basebaal
52 heh. you owe me a coke!
2008-07-02 16:47:18
58.   rbj
51 , 52 Stewarts Cream soda.
2008-07-02 16:47:35
59.   cult of basebaal
52 you can get one from 53 and pass it along!


2008-07-02 16:47:49
60.   RIYank
The make-believe was fun, while it lasted.
2008-07-02 16:47:54
61.   rbj
57 Dang, just a bit too slow on the keyboard.
2008-07-02 16:48:02
62.   nick
i'd almost like them to get 6 or 7 in this inning so I could just quit....
2008-07-02 16:48:20
63.   cult of basebaal
that was just good hitting, not a bad pitch from Pontoon.
2008-07-02 16:48:52
64.   dianagramr
nobody ever put a toothbrush on my chair, unless they were making a comment about my breath ....
2008-07-02 16:49:45
65.   cult of basebaal
64 wha???
2008-07-02 16:50:34
66.   Jeb
21 "fudgie the whale"...carvel ice cream stores?
2008-07-02 16:50:51
67.   dianagramr

it was a commercial on the YES broadcast

2008-07-02 16:51:28
68.   williamnyy23
28 I think that sentiment is perfect. At some point, the Yankees will win a game because they aren't terrible, but it is getting hard to be excited for these games.
2008-07-02 16:51:54
69.   dianagramr
I like Gardner .... can we keep him dad ... huh .... can we keep him?
2008-07-02 16:53:30
70.   nick
tell me Gardner doesn't look overmatched up there, somebody--I need to accentuate the positive...
2008-07-02 16:54:15
71.   rbj
66 A-yup. Always had a Carvel ice cream cake on my birthday.
2008-07-02 16:54:19
72.   williamnyy23
70 He has a good eye, but I can't say I've seen a good swing yet.
2008-07-02 16:55:29
73.   Yankees Brasil
I don't know how it looks on gameday, but it seems like Mendoza leaves a lot of pitches on the middle of the plate.
2008-07-02 16:56:02
74.   dianagramr
Girardi will have Abreu bunt here (I kid I kid)
2008-07-02 16:56:57
75.   Emma Span
Hey gang, I'll be your recapper tonight.

I'm getting concerned that people don't like reading about all these losses, though. So I'm thinking about just writing a nice positive description of a win, no matter how the team actually does tonight. Thoughts?

2008-07-02 16:58:03
76.   williamnyy23
What an awful play to tag up there.
2008-07-02 16:58:24
77.   dianagramr
hmmmm .... could you do it MadLibs style .... where we can enter in nouns, verbs and such?
2008-07-02 16:58:26
78.   rbj
Aw crap, just lost the satellite signal thanks to the storm here in Toledo.
2008-07-02 16:59:11
79.   cult of basebaal
what the fuck is jeter still doing at first???
2008-07-02 16:59:23
80.   OldYanksFan
2008-07-02 17:00:10
81.   Jeb
75 Emma, I really like Eephus Pitch.
2008-07-02 17:05:41
82.   dianagramr
so much for .174 with RISP
2008-07-02 17:05:51
83.   rbj
Oh Yes! A Giambombi!
2008-07-02 17:06:56
84.   cult of basebaal
2008-07-02 17:06:59
85.   standuptriple
Uh oh. Now Hank is really going to think he played a part in this.
2008-07-02 17:07:00
86.   Yankees Brasil
2008-07-02 17:08:09
87.   OldYanksFan
Gotta Luv the Big Lug. Yankee MVP.
2008-07-02 17:08:48
88.   Start Spreading the News
82 Now it is .175! While the Giambino homer was great, a two run lead with Ponson pitching is not safe. The Yanks need to rake tonight.
2008-07-02 17:08:58
89.   Jeb
85 I don't care if Hank records motivation audio cassettes for the team to listen to, as long as they win....

Hell, William and I will record a motivational tape for them!

2008-07-02 17:09:22
90.   williamnyy23
85 Hank's comments were pretty mild. I also don't think that rally constitutes a break out. With Ponson on the mound, they likely are going to need one.
2008-07-02 17:10:43
91.   standuptriple
89 Is that like swapping greenie'd coffee with Folgers crystals?
2008-07-02 17:11:31
92.   nick
now it's up to the fat knight to make this lead stand up!
2008-07-02 17:11:50
93.   Emma Span
77 I like it. The Yankees [verb] to an [adjective] team thanks to [crude term for an overweight pitcher]...

81 Thanks!

2008-07-02 17:12:19
94.   Yankees Brasil
Beautifully turned.
2008-07-02 17:13:14
95.   nick
you know, he's probably a terrible human being, but at least he's throwing strikes...
2008-07-02 17:15:34
96.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Off topic- watched the Hanshin Tigers beat the Chunichi Dragons on tv lst night. Tigers won on a "sayonara" game-winning double in the rain, mass pandemonium ensued. (Tigers fans are more intense than southern college football fans). As the team celebrated, the losing pitcher for the Dragons walked off the field, turned around at the dugout and bowed to the field, cap in hand. All with the saddest look on his face. The culture is so different, but baseball is baseball and the emotions are the same. What a game it is!!
2008-07-02 17:15:34
97.   williamnyy23
That's wrong...Terry Francona has won four post season games at Yankee Stadium.
2008-07-02 17:16:39
98.   williamnyy23
When did it become ok to jog to first base?
2008-07-02 17:17:50
99.   cult of basebaal
singleton, .250 was respectable when you played but not for the last 15 years ...
2008-07-02 17:21:00
100.   cult of basebaal
well, that was a good swing ...
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2008-07-02 17:25:25
101.   Jeb
99 I wish we had Ken Singleton in his prime, particularly 1977 when he was .328 .438 .507 .945 and his OPS+ was 165
2008-07-02 17:25:32
102.   standuptriple
No chance @ 2nd?
2008-07-02 17:27:00
103.   cult of basebaal
102 runner was going ...
2008-07-02 17:27:18
104.   williamnyy23
102 Runner was on the move...which is becoming a regular occurence against Jorge.
2008-07-02 17:28:18
105.   williamnyy23
Ponson' locker is by the door...seems appropriate.
2008-07-02 17:29:28
106.   cult of basebaal
jose tabata's crappy year continues ... on the MiL DL
2008-07-02 17:29:56
107.   quacks25
What happened to young?
2008-07-02 17:30:01
108.   cult of basebaal
104 you're slowing building a 6 pack!
2008-07-02 17:31:21
109.   williamnyy23
107 He got old? Must have been an injury.
2008-07-02 17:34:15
110.   Emma Span
107 "mild left groin strain."
2008-07-02 17:35:21
111.   Jeb
110 there's nothing "mild" about a groin strain.
2008-07-02 17:36:10
112.   williamnyy23
That's the AB missing from Jeter's game for most of this season.
2008-07-02 17:37:35
113.   Jeb
112 bingo. we've just got too many guys having career "bad" years...sort of the opposite of the '98 team.
2008-07-02 17:38:09
114.   cult of basebaal
hey! get a hit, you fat hamster!
2008-07-02 17:39:55
115.   Emma Span
111 Yeah, I never really understood why they don't just say, for instance, "left upper thigh." It might be less medically accurate but it certainly seems more dignified.
2008-07-02 17:40:25
116.   williamnyy23
Arod is pulling off a lot now....that's what seems to happen when he tries to hit homeruns.
2008-07-02 17:40:41
117.   rbj
I like it when Texas Rangers make errors.
2008-07-02 17:42:52
118.   williamnyy23
Another endorsement for Jetes? I wonder if that's what Hank meant by outside distractions?
2008-07-02 17:45:59
119.   williamnyy23
I love this Continental commercial with Michael Kay.
2008-07-02 17:46:08
120.   cult of basebaal
c'mon cletus!
2008-07-02 17:46:57
121.   Emma Span
118 Maybe, but I think more likely he meant the Madonna/A-Rod story... Jeter's been endorsing pretty much everything in a five-mile radius for years now, after all.
2008-07-02 17:47:43
122.   williamnyy23
121 But Arod has been pretty good, while the Captain has not.
2008-07-02 17:49:05
123.   nick
did Giambi glower? did he waggle the stache?
2008-07-02 17:50:13
124.   williamnyy23
Posada has swung at two balls out of the zone...uncharacteristic for Jorge.
2008-07-02 17:50:41
125.   cult of basebaal
121 well arod's been "endorsing" every mannish blonde in a 500-mile radius for years now, after all!
2008-07-02 17:50:43
126.   nick
121 I'd like to endorse some of what Jeter's endorsed over the past five years..
2008-07-02 17:51:21
127.   nick
125 two seconds? TWO BLEEPIN SECONDS??
2008-07-02 17:51:44
128.   williamnyy23
126 I'll settle for his pay check over to me.
2008-07-02 17:52:20
129.   cult of basebaal
127 mmmmm ... CO-CA CO-LA!
2008-07-02 17:53:07
130.   Emma Span
122 True. To be honest, I really don't know what he was talking about..

Nice AB by Jorge here no matter how it ends.

2008-07-02 17:53:40
131.   rbj
Good eye, Jorge!
2008-07-02 17:54:44
132.   Start Spreading the News
Here's hoping that Cano was watching that at-bat. Don't need a hit and that walk was a thing of beauty.
2008-07-02 17:54:54
133.   williamnyy23
That sucks.
2008-07-02 17:55:02
134.   rbj
Consarnit! Nice play by Davis.
2008-07-02 17:55:12
135.   cult of basebaal
walk's as good as a hit, cletus!
2008-07-02 17:55:23
136.   Start Spreading the News
or not.
2008-07-02 17:56:16
137.   Yankees Brasil
Damn, nice play.
2008-07-02 17:56:16
138.   cult of basebaal
DAMMIT! well, another nice swing, RIPPER.
2008-07-02 17:57:50
139.   rbj
137 Stewart's Cream soda!
2008-07-02 17:59:23
140.   williamnyy23
Ponson just isn't any good.
2008-07-02 17:59:24
141.   williamnyy23
Ponson just isn't any good.
2008-07-02 18:00:54
142.   cult of basebaal
ah snacks, how you suck so ...
2008-07-02 18:01:41
143.   williamnyy23
How big does that play by Davis look now? I think it's pretty obvious that the Rangers will end this game with more than 5 runs, so the Yankees could have really used those runs.
2008-07-02 18:02:10
144.   williamnyy23
Also, before it becomes a second guess, Ponson should not be in the game.
2008-07-02 18:02:13
145.   rbj
Hmm, I think Sidney is injured with that hit off his leg, better take him out as a precaution.

Or we could just use the Eight Belles treatment on him.

2008-07-02 18:02:42
146.   Yankees Brasil
OK Girardi, enough is enough. No more Ponson.
2008-07-02 18:02:42
147.   randym77
Milton Bradley is having an even better year than Josh Hamilton.
2008-07-02 18:02:45
148.   Shaun P
Cripes Girardi, pull his snacky ass now please!
2008-07-02 18:03:26
149.   Mattpat11
Enough Sidney Ponson, please
2008-07-02 18:03:44
150.   williamnyy23
Does Girardi do any managing at all? This Yankee team is run as poorly as it is playing.
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2008-07-02 18:03:56
151.   Shaun P
147 Somewhere, Rob Gee is screaming, I TOLD YOU GUYS!

Hey, I believe Crazy Uncle Milton is a free agent after this year . . . can anyone say, Abreu's replacement?

2008-07-02 18:04:47
152.   cult of basebaal
A fat man giveth ... a fat man taketh away.
2008-07-02 18:04:53
153.   Emma Span
See, that's what I like about Ponson... you can complain and moan about him all you want and in the long run he will never, ever make you look dumb.
2008-07-02 18:04:59
154.   Shaun P
Dammit Girardi, that's why I said pull his snacky ass BEFORE he pitched to Chris Davis!
2008-07-02 18:05:14
155.   nick
this is a big game for us--I'll be curious to see Girardi's bullpen usage...
2008-07-02 18:05:35
156.   williamnyy23
153 I don't know...he has done a good job of making Cashman and Girardi look pretty dumb.
2008-07-02 18:06:11
157.   williamnyy23
155 Big game? How so?
2008-07-02 18:06:39
158.   randym77
Well, his locker is near the door, so it will be easy for him to move his stuff out.
2008-07-02 18:07:36
159.   Yankees Brasil
It's not Ponson's fault. Not at all. He sucks, we all knew that, only Girardi didn't know that and left him there. After Bradley's HR he should have been gone.
2008-07-02 18:08:27
160.   williamnyy23
159 I fact, I think you could argue that Girardi has played a key role in every loss on this four game streak.
2008-07-02 18:09:09
161.   Shaun P
I have to agree with Cliff that I'd rather see Karstens, or Marquez, or (maybe especially) McCutchen, or anyone not named "Kei Igawa" up from AAA instead of Ponson . . . but if this was Karstens, and he (being Scary Fly Ball Guy) did exactly what snacky ass has done, we'd all be complaining about Karstens too.

I'm not sure if that's fair or not.

2008-07-02 18:10:22
162.   randym77
Hey, it's 7-6 in the 6th. We haven't lost yet. This game is hardly out of reach.
2008-07-02 18:10:29
163.   williamnyy23
161 I don't think are any great options from that bunch, but that's why I think you treat Wang like gold and hold him up at 3B.
2008-07-02 18:11:00
164.   cult of basebaal
once again, i am struck by the foresight of tonite's game thread title??? BE NOT FOOLED!!!

unfortunately, joey joe joe was ...

2008-07-02 18:11:11
165.   Mattpat11
Ponson's line with the Yankees

11 IP, 14 H, 7 BB, 7 ER, 1.909 WHIP 5.72 ERA

Brilliant signing. Whoever could have seen this coming.

2008-07-02 18:11:26
166.   nick
155 to avoid getting swept at home going into four with the Sox...then again, who knows? at least we won't have to throw Sid against them...
2008-07-02 18:11:48
167.   rbj
Well, I suppose the good news is that another storm is coming through here, knocking the satellite signal off so I didn't get to see the predictable Sidney-coughs-up-the-lead scenario.
2008-07-02 18:11:56
168.   williamnyy23
162 The Yankees haven't lost the game yet, but this game is illustrates the immense hole in this Yankee team. Win or lose, Ponson, or someone just as bad, will likely be in the rotation every 5th day.
2008-07-02 18:13:21
169.   cult of basebaal
yup, major league hitters just aren't fooled by edwar ramirez anymore ...
2008-07-02 18:14:50
170.   williamnyy23
166 I guess I am nore of the mindset expressed in 28 . This Yankee team has been so mediocre that I haven't had a big game feeling for quite some time.
2008-07-02 18:15:25
171.   randym77
I don't think Joe was fooled. Cashman, maybe. But really, what are the options? It's not like we came into the season expecting Ponson to be part of the rotation.

I bet Cashman is really wishing he did that Hughes-Melky-Horne deal for Santana now, though...

2008-07-02 18:15:36
172.   Jeb
paging Shawn Chacon....Mr. Chacon, please report to the Bronx.
2008-07-02 18:16:45
173.   nick
170 I still think this team can get red hot for two months if we're healthy; but as the core of the team ages, the risk of that situation never coming together increases...
2008-07-02 18:17:11
174.   williamnyy23
171 Girardi's option was to realize that after a leadoff walk and HR, it was time to get Ponson, who hasn't pitched well despite his ability to escape jams.
2008-07-02 18:17:22
175.   Jeb
Betemit walked...Quick, get Melky up.
2008-07-02 18:18:07
176.   williamnyy23
173 It's not healthy though and there really is no reason to believe it will be anytime soon, especially in the rotation.
2008-07-02 18:19:09
177.   nick
with a normal walk rate (he's been beyond terrible for us) Betemit becomes a very useful bench player...
2008-07-02 18:19:43
178.   cult of basebaal
171 huh? i think the exact opposite. cashman knew what he was likely getting, he was just hoping that he'd catch a little run of average from ponson. girardi on the other hand, got another lousy start from Snacks that somehow turned into a 6-3 lead into the 6th. At that point, you thank god or allah or the flying spaghetti monster for your lucky position and go batter to batter with Pontoon ... you don't give him the benefit of the doubt, because he hasn't earned anything close to it ... ever.
2008-07-02 18:20:11
179.   randym77
174 I think he tried. Edwar came in so fast he had to have been warming for awhile. Maybe as soon as Sir Sidney gave up that walk.
2008-07-02 18:20:12
180.   cult of basebaal
177 miguel cairo says HI!
2008-07-02 18:20:40
181.   rbj
I like Melky and all, but I wouldn't mind if Gardner Wally Pipped him.
2008-07-02 18:20:55
182.   Jeb
ok, I swear I would double-steal here. It's all in the lead wilson gets.
2008-07-02 18:21:11
183.   cult of basebaal
179 no. veras was warming first. then the homerun and veras sat down and edwar got up.
2008-07-02 18:26:51
184.   cult of basebaal
jesus jeter, balls down the middle of the plate are STRIKES!!!
2008-07-02 18:27:05
185.   williamnyy23
A patented Jeter Double Play for Captain Rally Killer.
2008-07-02 18:28:17
186.   cult of basebaal
awesome! derek jeter, the melky cabrera of shortstops ...
2008-07-02 18:28:31
187.   Jeb
I'd rather losing trying to steal third; at least we'd stay out of the DP and Johnny's fly out (if Betemit was safe) would score a run to tie....but NO, we can't try anything unusual.
2008-07-02 18:28:34
188.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
me no like double plays...damn...
2008-07-02 18:29:04
189.   williamnyy23
179 Tried? With Ponson on the mound, you can't get caught with your pants down. Edwar should have been warming before trouble, not after. If Girardi is only going to make moves after the horses have left the barn, why have a manager?
2008-07-02 18:29:39
190.   cult of basebaal
185 actually, that's not true. a patented DJ double play is a grounder to SS ...
2008-07-02 18:30:26
191.   Mattpat11
178 If Cashman knew what he was getting, he wouldn't have signed a proven failure at a time when the Yankees can't really afford to fuck around.

I think its far more likely that Brian Cashman, who has proven repeatedly that he has no clue how to evaluate pitching, sees something he likes in Ponson that's not apparent to anyone else. Either that or he saw his ERA this year and decided he FINALLY TURNED THE CORNER.

2008-07-02 18:32:03
192.   cult of basebaal
191 yawn. who would you have signed, genius?
2008-07-02 18:32:33
193.   rbj
Looking on the bright side, the offense did get a two out rbi hit and they've scored almost as many runs tonight as they did the previous 4 games.
2008-07-02 18:33:01
194.   williamnyy23
I think Cashman's tenure is coming to an end. I wonder if the new GM would be permitted to bring in his own manager. I know it's early, but I really don't like what I have seen from Girardi.
2008-07-02 18:35:15
195.   Jeb
194 the time has come to bring Pete Rose back to baseball as our manager. Kidding (though the circus would be fun). How about hiring Bobby V and making Rick Peterson the pitching coach?
2008-07-02 18:35:15
196.   Jeb
194 the time has come to bring Pete Rose back to baseball as our manager. Kidding (though the circus would be fun). How about hiring Bobby V and making Rick Peterson the pitching coach?
2008-07-02 18:37:21
197.   nick
Edwar! the middle relief is looking up of late....
2008-07-02 18:37:28
198.   Jeb
whoever said MLB hitters aren't fooled by Edwar was dead on.
2008-07-02 18:38:00
199.   rbj
Yeah, I'm with Girardi. I wouldn't have trusted Edwar to start the sixth. Only 3 Ks in two innings. Horrible.

/ sarcasm

2008-07-02 18:38:02
200.   cult of basebaal
198 that would be pete "genius scout" abe ...
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-07-02 18:39:30
201.   Jeb
200 I really like Pete, but I hope he burns that striped shirt from the other day.
2008-07-02 18:41:43
202.   cult of basebaal
i'd like to see the numbers for edwar starting an inning vs coming in with runners on ... seems to me he's done much worse in the latter situations ...
2008-07-02 18:41:55
203.   nick
all right, if we can't hit a guy named Warner Madrigal, I'll say "wait til next year"...
2008-07-02 18:41:59
204.   Mattpat11
192 Why sign anyone? Was there some edict from on high? "Thou Shalt Acquire Trash" and Tubby here was the nearest possible option?

Obviously the criterion for filling this roster spot was a warm body with no regard for skill. There has to be someone in the system body. If you don't care if the pitcher is any good, you might as well give some fringe pitcher in the system a shot. Just not someone we've seen fail over and over and over and over and over again.

Of course, I'm asking this of a man who seems to build a pitching staff around men put on base and a player's most recent results over his career, so this was expected.

2008-07-02 18:42:13
205.   cult of basebaal
it's the black jack black!
2008-07-02 18:43:19
206.   rbj
203 If it's a guy named Madrigal, you better sing it.
2008-07-02 18:43:28
207.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
195 you jest, but I'd love to have seen Bobby V take over from Torre. Looking at some of the managers around MLB it amazes me Bobby hasn't gotten another shot..he must have burned some serious bridges on the way out..
2008-07-02 18:43:35
208.   Mattpat11
There's a man on this earth named Warner Madrigal
2008-07-02 18:43:45
209.   cult of basebaal
see my earlier post on lucky v good!
2008-07-02 18:45:46
210.   Jeb
damn, this rangers pitcher looks like Paul Byrd and Bartolo Colon had a child together
2008-07-02 18:46:39
211.   Jeb
207 I'm serious.
2008-07-02 18:46:42
212.   rbj
C'mon Stache!
2008-07-02 18:47:02
213.   cult of basebaal
grrrrr! WTF were you swinging at that for, arod? homeruns will come, just hit a good pitch hard, dammit!
2008-07-02 18:49:35
214.   rbj
The power of the Stache! And an opposite field hit too!!
2008-07-02 18:49:47
215.   Jeb
Giambi you big lug!
2008-07-02 18:50:02
216.   nick
mustache riiiide!
2008-07-02 18:50:38
217.   cult of basebaal
2008-07-02 18:51:16
218.   Emma Span
216 God I wish that was John Sterling's home run call for Giambi...
2008-07-02 18:51:43
219.   rbj
Oh crap, did I just hear the words of doom "Kyle Farnsworth"?
2008-07-02 18:51:56
220.   cult of basebaal
214 off the bat, i yelled "GAPPER!" me likey this giambi!
2008-07-02 18:52:32
221.   OldYanksFan
I wish people would stop blaming age for this teams problems. Who are our 2 oldest players, Moose and Giambi? How much have they been injured? Are they hurting the team?

Our youth? Wang, Hughes, IPK, Cano, Melky. Injuries? Problems helping the team win?

Sure, being young beats being old, but what makes a player valuable is producion. Our three most fragile vets, Moose, Giambi and JD are the main reason we still have any chance at all.

And Jeter leads the team in hitting with RISP?
The only thing I can think of is: I must have missed those games. I remember 2 hot weeks after he came back from his first injury. Do they tract hitting into DPs with RISP?

We have 5 hits. We are in this game because of BBs, a HBP and one big hit.
A MAsh by the Stache
A Slug by the Lug
A shot to the Moon by the Big Goon

And he does it again!
But the team is STILL NOT HITTING!

2008-07-02 18:52:43
222.   Jeb
Pour it on! more runs more runs.....more more more I tell ya! Stop at 20.
2008-07-02 18:52:59
223.   cult of basebaal
2008-07-02 18:53:57
224.   OldYanksFan
And another ancient one comes through.
2008-07-02 18:54:35
225.   ny2ca2dc
Why is this poor kid still in there. Sheesh
2008-07-02 18:56:09
226.   nick
Robbie! keep the party goin...
2008-07-02 18:56:41
227.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
poor guy has a 108.00 ERA now...
2008-07-02 18:56:48
228.   cult of basebaal
c'mon brett, break yer cherry!
2008-07-02 18:57:21
229.   cult of basebaal
wow ... heads up by robbie, now i've seen everything!
2008-07-02 18:57:50
230.   cult of basebaal
2008-07-02 18:57:59
231.   ny2ca2dc
Little Ichiro in that swing from Gardner
2008-07-02 18:58:05
232.   vockins
208 ...and he hit every gd branch on the ugly tree. Jeez.
2008-07-02 18:58:20
233.   rbj
Congrats, Brett!
2008-07-02 18:58:36
234.   Shaun P
194 You're darn right its early, Mr. Steinbrenner. ;)

In all seriousness though, I see no reason to jettison Cashman now. If he was fit to do the job before the season started - and he was - he's still fit to do it. The man can't win.

As much as I would rather have seen Karstens, or Marquez (who probably isn't ready), or (especially) McCutchen (who really isn't ready - read Chad Jennings' blog, kid is having trouble getting his curve, his 1A pitch, over for strikes at AAA) - if any of them were here right now and had gotten shelled, the comments would have been, "Why is Cashman trying out a crappy (Karstens)/untested (Marquez)/not ready (McCutchen) kid instead of taking a flyer on Chacon/David Wells/pick your veteran flavor of the month."

2008-07-02 18:58:43
235.   Jeb
now steal second, Brett!
2008-07-02 18:58:51
236.   williamnyy23
Thank you Ron Washington for experimenting with the Rookie.
2008-07-02 18:58:58
237.   OldYanksFan
And a Standing O for Brett. We got a nickname for this kid?
2008-07-02 18:59:19
238.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
230 "You took your first pinch like a man, and learned the two most important lessons in life.." Jimmy Conway
2008-07-02 18:59:44
239.   nick
the kid! gotta watch Sports Center now...
2008-07-02 19:00:25
240.   Jeb
238 never saying nothing and never rat anybody out.
2008-07-02 19:00:47
241.   rbj
237 Gardner . . ., hm I think hoe is out, and spade. . .
2008-07-02 19:01:14
242.   williamnyy23
234 I meant after the season was over. If things continue, I have a feeling both sides will mutually decide to part.

Pulling the plug on Girardi after one year might be quick (although it's been done to him before), but if you bring in a new GM, I don't think Girardi has distinguished himself to the point that you would thrust him upon the new hire.

2008-07-02 19:02:05
243.   Jeb
now steal third you little fucker!
2008-07-02 19:02:14
244.   Shaun P
239 Or we can hope has the clip online tomorrow.

237 Speedy Gardzales? Way to run, kid!

2008-07-02 19:02:58
245.   cult of basebaal
GO-GO ... GO Gardner, Go ... GO, GO!!!
2008-07-02 19:03:03
246.   Mattpat11
I feel bad for Madrigal
2008-07-02 19:04:50
247.   Shaun P
239 Gameday has the clip up right now.

Way to run, kid!

2008-07-02 19:05:11
248.   cult of basebaal
242 i'll take that bet, i say if the yankees miss the playoffs, cashman still gets his extension. what shall it be? money, dinner for 2?
2008-07-02 19:06:12
249.   Mattpat11
162 ERA
2008-07-02 19:06:28
250.   cult of basebaal
you watch yer ass, melky, mehopes you've been PIPPED!!!
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-07-02 19:06:50
251.   Jeb
246 fuck madrigal. did anyone on the rangers feel sorry for Jorge when they were stealing those bases?
2008-07-02 19:07:15
252.   randym77
Poor Melky looks kinda bummed out.
2008-07-02 19:07:20
253.   rbj
237 Maybe Mercury -- the winged foot god?
2008-07-02 19:07:21
254.   OldYanksFan
How about Chauncey?
2008-07-02 19:07:42
255.   cult of basebaal
248 hell, i'll go beyond that, i'll bet right now that cashman is the yankees GM next season, regardless of what happens from here on out ...
2008-07-02 19:07:48
256.   Shaun P
248 I bet Cashmoney keeps his job too, playoffs or no. Hank and Hal really do seem to be sold on his plan.
2008-07-02 19:08:27
257.   Mattpat11
248 I believe he'll get his extension. And then immediately acquire a bad pitcher coming off a good year.
2008-07-02 19:08:45
258.   Jeb
how about Billy Batson Gardner? His alter!!!
2008-07-02 19:08:47
259.   OldYanksFan
An A-Bomb here and we are Farnsproofed!
2008-07-02 19:08:56
260.   dianagramr
Rays have bases loaded no out down 4-2 in 7th
2008-07-02 19:09:00
261.   Shaun P
253 Merc sound good to me!
2008-07-02 19:09:11
262.   williamnyy23
248 I put it at 50/50 right now. Let's see how the season continues to play out and I might just take you up on it.
2008-07-02 19:09:35
263.   Mattpat11
256 He first has to show he has some kind of definable plan.
2008-07-02 19:09:41
264.   Shaun P
260 The good news keeps on coming!
2008-07-02 19:10:03
265.   Knuckles
stat padder!
2008-07-02 19:10:19
266.   Shaun P
259 You called it!
2008-07-02 19:10:23
267.   nick
kick the extra point, boys!
2008-07-02 19:10:25
268.   rbj
Oh sure, a totally unclutch, selfish homerun here.

And Kyle 259 is not a challenge to you.

2008-07-02 19:10:27
269.   Jeb
The rangers still won the series, but they're still our bitch and everything.
2008-07-02 19:10:46
270.   williamnyy23
This series is a perfect illustration of why stats can be misleading and run differential can skew reality.
2008-07-02 19:11:04
271.   OldYanksFan
Bada Bing!
2008-07-02 19:11:17
272.   Mattpat11
535 homers. Christ.
2008-07-02 19:11:33
273.   dianagramr
Hansen walks in run, Rays down 4-3 bases still loaded no out.
2008-07-02 19:12:35
274.   dianagramr
Rays up 5-4, 2nd and 3rd no out.
2008-07-02 19:13:11
275.   cult of basebaal
jesus, alex is absurd ... like pinter absurd ... like ionesco absurd ... when he hit that ball he looked shocked! and surprised! like he thought it was going to be go foul ... or be some sad opposite field pop-out ... unreal!
2008-07-02 19:13:29
276.   OldYanksFan
"ground ball to short right"
2008-07-02 19:14:42
277.   Shaun P
272 Holy shit, two more homers and he passes Mantle.

And he's still just 32!!!!!

2008-07-02 19:15:56
278.   OldYanksFan
275 That is one of the very few times the short porch has helped Alex. One away from tying Mickey Mantle. Think about that.
2008-07-02 19:16:11
279.   Mattpat11
Schmidt is within reach by September.
2008-07-02 19:16:28
280.   Jeb
So guys, I guess now we can have the conversation....Ponson gets another few starts, right?
2008-07-02 19:16:29
281.   weeping for brunnhilde
And yet we lost yesterday.

I want to be excited about today.

I really do.

And I am, in that it's great to watch an explosion of hitting, but damn it, we should have won yesterday.

2008-07-02 19:17:04
282.   weeping for brunnhilde
277 32.


2008-07-02 19:17:14
283.   OldYanksFan
One out in Tampa.
2008-07-02 19:17:50
284.   OldYanksFan
At least Farnsworth is one guy you can always count on.
2008-07-02 19:17:53
285.   ny2ca2dc
Wow, Moeller can't even get in this game.
2008-07-02 19:18:33
286.   nick
I like Kyle in the mop-up role...
2008-07-02 19:18:33
287.   Alex Belth
Jeez, just got home. Did I miss anything?

I saw A Rod's dinger. Kind of funny that he doesn't get more of those, isn't it? Liners to right.

I was at a birthday gathering for my great aunt down in the Village--she's 95--and I saw Jorgie walk with the bases loaded, which made it 6-3. But I figured it was still gunna be a long night. They blew the lead, huh? Guess they made up for that suckatude. Dag, nice to see them bust out the can o whup arse.

2008-07-02 19:18:43
288.   Shaun P
282 If my grandfather were still alive, I don't think he'd believe it.
2008-07-02 19:18:56
289.   OldYanksFan
Bases loaded, one out in Tampa.
2008-07-02 19:19:09
290.   dianagramr
Bases loaded on IBB in Tampa, Gomes up with 1 out, 5-4 Rays.
2008-07-02 19:19:50
291.   williamnyy23
281 Ditto...the Yankees should have won at least 2 of the last 3. It was a huge missed opportunity.
2008-07-02 19:19:52
292.   quacks25
Arod is subsituted just for no reason, right?
No, mild grion stuff or anything?
2008-07-02 19:20:03
293.   rbj
280 Sure. They're just going to be with the Chillicothe Paints.
2008-07-02 19:20:13
294.   Mattpat11
Otto Velez?
2008-07-02 19:21:27
295.   Alex Belth
Mantle hit 536 in 8102 abs. Going into tonight's game, Alex has 734 in 7587 abs. Um, that's good.
2008-07-02 19:22:18
296.   williamnyy23
295 Which makes you think, how much better could Mantle have been?
2008-07-02 19:23:04
297.   rbj
295 A-Rod's got *7*34? I musta been sleeping for a few years. Either that or you had a good time at that party. And Happy Birthday to your great aunt.
2008-07-02 19:23:29
298.   OldYanksFan
I think the matchups against Boston are set for us to take 3 of 4. Aside from Beckett/Rasner, we are sitting pretty.
2008-07-02 19:23:36
299.   dianagramr

or Junior ....

2008-07-02 19:24:38
300.   dianagramr
2 out in Tampa
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-07-02 19:24:44
301.   OldYanksFan
2 out in TB. Bases stil loaded.
2008-07-02 19:26:18
302.   dianagramr
7-4 Rays.
2008-07-02 19:26:31
303.   Mattpat11
298 I'm a little weary of Moose vs Manny
2008-07-02 19:26:38
304.   rbj
Now 7-4 Tampa. 2 on, 2 out, bottom of 7th.
2008-07-02 19:26:46
305.   williamnyy23
Bartlett picked up his manager because I think Maddon erred by hitting Gross for Gomes.
2008-07-02 19:27:30
306.   Shaun P
302 304 And here comes the top of the order!
2008-07-02 19:27:30
307.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
295 my pop is of that generation, but always swears that Mantle was the best of all time..those stats on only 75% strength and/or effort? I told him A-Rod will surpass him in reputation easily..
2008-07-02 19:27:57
308.   rbj
I just love the look of dejected Red Sox fans.
2008-07-02 19:28:11
309.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
295 my pop is of that generation, but always swears that Mantle was the best of all time..those stats on only 75% strength and/or effort? I told him A-Rod will surpass him in reputation easily..
2008-07-02 19:29:04
310.   randym77
The bad news is, we have to play Tampa after Boston.
2008-07-02 19:29:40
311.   cult of basebaal
RIPPER! out aside, that's a good sign!
2008-07-02 19:29:48
312.   Alex Belth
You know that pretentious show Actor's Studio when they ask what your favorite curse word, sound etc. is. I think my favorite sound is the sound of a dejected Fenway Park. That and the trailing sound of a garbage truck as it moves AWAY from your bedroom window. LOL
2008-07-02 19:30:48
313.   Jeb
we may as well root for the rays against Bawston. The wild card is the more realistic possibility.
2008-07-02 19:31:21
314.   williamnyy23
309 From everything you read, Mantle didn't come close to tapping his potential. Had he avoided injury and took care of his body, who knows what he would have accomplished. Mantle always had the same regret, which was kind of sad.
2008-07-02 19:31:40
315.   weeping for brunnhilde
Happy birthday to your great aunt, Alex!

95. Wow.

Mazal Tov.

2008-07-02 19:31:43
316.   dianagramr

I liked Actor's Studio, until they started interviewing such noted actors as Jim Carrey and the like.

2008-07-02 19:31:52
317.   Shaun P
312 Its even better in person. =)
2008-07-02 19:32:39
318.   Alex Belth
Don't use up all the runs before Boston...who'll be plenty angry when they arrive in NYC.
2008-07-02 19:32:44
319.   rbj
2 TDs and a safety!
2008-07-02 19:32:46
320.   cult of basebaal
262 how hard is this? i say cashman is here on opening day 2009, whatever happens the rest of this year. you think there's some sort of doubt to that statement. let's gamble, as they say. i'm sure alex would agree to hold the bet. $100 dollars, yes or no.
2008-07-02 19:33:10
321.   cult of basebaal
c'mon, i know it's piling on, but DOUBLE STEAL!!!
2008-07-02 19:33:12
322.   Alex Belth
Jeter gets off the schnide!
2008-07-02 19:34:03
323.   weeping for brunnhilde
316 He was actually great in Eternal Sunshine.
2008-07-02 19:34:13
324.   cult of basebaal
man, isn't billy connors tired yet???
2008-07-02 19:34:59
325.   williamnyy23
313 The question is really who is more likely to experience a significant drop off the Rays or the Sox? I don't see the Rays slowing down, so Boston might actually be more vulnerable, although I think other teams will also be in the Wild Card mix.
2008-07-02 19:35:20
326.   Shaun P
314 I will never forget his words from the hospital in Dallas: "Don't be like me." Hauntingly bittersweet.
2008-07-02 19:35:23
327.   cult of basebaal
rat shit, bat shit
dirty old twat
69 assholes tied in a knot
lizard shit!
2008-07-02 19:35:39
328.   rbj
OK, Hank bitched about Joba starting, soon Joba's starting and doing well. Now Hank's bitched about the hitting and we're up to 16 runs.

Hank, bitch about: 1) catching bin Laden, 2) oil prices & 3) me deserving a raise.

2008-07-02 19:35:59
329.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
312 that bearded host was great as the warden on "Arrested Development" though..
2008-07-02 19:36:39
330.   Shaun P
Is it wishing too much to see Gardner steal home? That's bad from when you're up by 9 runs, right?
2008-07-02 19:37:10
331.   williamnyy23
320 I don't feel strongly about the outcome, so I am not sure why I'd take that bet?
2008-07-02 19:37:51
332.   dianagramr

post of the night nominee ....

2008-07-02 19:39:09
333.   williamnyy23
I wish they'd stop. Scoring all these runs almost makes the last three losses sting more, and sets things up for another low output tomorrow! Save them.
2008-07-02 19:39:54
334.   seattleyank
Is it too late to retroactively apply a few of these runs to the past two days?
2008-07-02 19:40:11
335.   ChrisS
So I checked the score a couple of hours ago and almost threw my phone. Nice comeback ...

I think Giambi comes back.

2008-07-02 19:40:45
336.   Chyll Will
Did somebody put something in these guys' chili or what??
2008-07-02 19:41:19
337.   Alex Belth
Sox not going away vs. the Rays...
2008-07-02 19:41:19
338.   Shaun P
333 Unless something catastrophic happens here, your wish is granted.
2008-07-02 19:42:06
339.   Alex Belth
333. williamnyy23
I wish they'd stop. Scoring all these runs almost makes the last three losses sting more, and sets things up for another low output tomorrow! Save them.

Dude, I'm so with you. Man, superstition rocks don't it? LOL

2008-07-02 19:42:07
340.   williamnyy23
Attention Roto Fans: Chad Moeller now qualifies at 1B!
2008-07-02 19:42:26
341.   Jeb
333 I say score's good for the old run differential.
2008-07-02 19:42:28
342.   rbj
332 Thankkyew, thankkyew verrry much.
(with apologies to Elvis)
2008-07-02 19:42:35
343.   ny2ca2dc
Hah, so Moeller does get in the game, at first!
2008-07-02 19:42:44
344.   Alex Belth
Man, Ankiel just hit his 17th. Not a bad comeback to the bigs, huh? Lordy.
2008-07-02 19:43:03
345.   williamnyy23
339 If by rocks you mean slowly drives you insane, then yes, it does.
2008-07-02 19:43:21
346.   cult of basebaal
Don't rush me, sonny. You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles. You got money?


Sheesh! I never worked for so little, except once, and that was a very noble cause.

This is noble, sir.
His wife is crippled. His children are on the brink of starvation.

Are you a rotten liar.

2008-07-02 19:44:50
347.   ChrisS
Nothing says "I don't trust you" like only pitching in blow outs or when your team s up 11 runs.
2008-07-02 19:45:32
348.   rbj
Oh good. No Ortiz for the series.

Memo to Joe Girardi: Intentionally Walk Manny Ramirez Whenever You Can.

2008-07-02 19:46:07
349.   OldYanksFan
314 ARod has averaged 525 ABs in his first 15 years, Mantle averaged 450 ABs in his 18 year career. Had Mantle averaged 525 ABs, he would have finished with 625 HRs.

Consider that the stadiums were much bigger back then, and pitching was much better (20 teams in MLB as opposed to today's 30).

2008-07-02 19:46:22
350.   williamnyy23
346 Inconceifable!
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2008-07-02 19:46:29
351.   Chyll Will
Tomorrow's headline:

Yankees to Rangers: SPANK YOU VERY MUCH!

2008-07-02 19:48:07
352.   rbj
351 Nice.
2008-07-02 19:48:07
353.   ChrisS
So is Sir Sidney heading back to the farm?
2008-07-02 19:49:21
354.   cult of basebaal
man, i hope the brett gardner story has a happy ending ...
2008-07-02 19:49:24
355.   Emma Span
Brett Gardner gives excellent cliched sound bites, ALREADY. The Yanks' PR team sure gets to them early...
2008-07-02 19:50:42
356.   ChrisS
Emma and AB on the same game thread? Wow, where's Cliff?
2008-07-02 19:50:45
357.   williamnyy23
349 Take a look at Mantle's OPS+ for his career, and that's all you need to know about how great the Mick was. Seven seasons over 180! Now, consider what he could have accomplished with a healthy body and better training? I don't think it's a stretch to suggest that Mantle could have rivalved Ruth as the game's greatest.
2008-07-02 19:52:14
358.   williamnyy23
NESN with a classy promo...every other scene in the advertisement for the upcoming series was a brawl. Nice.
2008-07-02 19:53:33
359.   Alex Belth
I wonder if they make the minor leaguers take a Crash Davis interview exam before they get called up to the bigs?
2008-07-02 19:54:43
360.   Alex Belth
Dag, Emmma and I are just passing ships in the night...I gotta split. Always nice to come home to my nice wife, my cute cat, a Yankee beat down, and a place where everybody knows my name. You guys rule.
2008-07-02 19:56:05
361.   OldYanksFan
Its 7-5 after 8 in Tampa.
I think the Rays are for real. A sweep of Boston will only energize them more. Plus they have this kid Price waiting in the wings. Management will spend a little money now, and they might spring for one impact FA over the winter. They may be a contenter for a few years.

Manny on first, 0 out.

2008-07-02 19:56:19
362.   Jeb
357 amazing...He wins the triple crown in 1956 and then INCREASES his OPS+ by 13 points the following year....WOW
2008-07-02 19:56:59
363.   cult of basebaal
dammit, my post 354 sooooo had a Crash Davis ending before i edited it! i was so close to half-a-six-pack of coke tonite!!! grrrr!
2008-07-02 19:57:10
364.   Chyll Will
353 From 2008's The Neutral

Cash: "Yunnow, my Dad said I oughtta be a farmer...

Sir Sidney: "My Dad wanted me to be baseball player..."

Cash: Well you're the worst player I've ever had, and you're the worst damn pitcher I ever saw. Suit up..."


2008-07-02 19:57:39
365.   Emma Span
Okay... I don't write about gossip much but seriously, WHAT is going on here?:

2008-07-02 19:57:49
366.   OldYanksFan
first and third, 0 out.
2008-07-02 19:58:25
367.   Jeb
sawx first and third with no one out in the 9th..maybe they can play 19 innings...
2008-07-02 19:58:31
368.   Chyll Will
360 cheers! >;)
2008-07-02 19:59:43
369.   Jeb
365 crazy stuff. Madonna is really vile IMO.
2008-07-02 20:00:44
370.   williamnyy23
362 That was the year he had an .OBP of .512. Of course, that's nothing compared to Bonds in 2004 when he had a .609!
2008-07-02 20:01:05
371.   williamnyy23
BJ Upton just made a spectacular catch to save the lead.
2008-07-02 20:02:17
372.   dianagramr

no mention of Anna Benson there, right?

2008-07-02 20:02:39
373.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
370 that Bonds number..really..steroids or not, that is just insane..
2008-07-02 20:03:27
374.   williamnyy23
365 I don't want to know!
2008-07-02 20:03:58
375.   williamnyy23
Francona has a Girardi moment...Lowell gets caught stealing 2B.
2008-07-02 20:04:07
376.   Chyll Will
365 I guess that story's sprouting legs from the oddest places... fortunately, Radioman hinted to me that it's all just for attention.
2008-07-02 20:04:41
377.   dianagramr
Rays win 7-6.
2008-07-02 20:05:20
378.   williamnyy23
The Rays sweep...and Sweet Caroline plays over the PA. They are getting cocky in TB already.
2008-07-02 20:05:58
379.   Jeb
370 if Mantle had taken all the chemicals Bonds took, he would have hit 80 homers in a season.
2008-07-02 20:06:11
380.   weeping for brunnhilde
360 You da man, Alex, even if you did jinx us out of a win yesterday.
2008-07-02 20:07:35
381.   weeping for brunnhilde
365 For you, Emma:
2008-07-02 20:07:36
382.   3rd gen yankee fan
378 The Sux fans are probably so wasted that they sang along.
2008-07-02 20:08:05
383.   Chyll Will
379 And then disintegrated into a pile of dust a year after retirement...
2008-07-02 20:09:36
384.   Chyll Will
382 I hope THEY sang the Bobby Womack version.
2008-07-02 20:13:30
385.   Chyll Will
Crickets... wooshing over everyones head... again. G'nite.
2008-07-02 20:14:17
386.   weeping for brunnhilde
385 Whhhoooooooossshhhhhhh!
2008-07-02 20:35:33
387.   Chyll Will
386 Tums? >;)
2008-07-02 21:13:37
388.   cult of basebaal
i'm calling it now ... SFBG (scary fly ball guy) replaces Snacks Pontoon within 14 days! hear me now und believe me laytarh!!!
2008-07-02 21:13:56
389.   Dimelo
This ARod stuff is going to be good....I thought I was entertained with the Peter Cook and Brinkly divorce, but man....Lenny F-ing Kravitz...Madonna...this is beyond funny.
2008-07-02 21:29:22
390.   cult of basebaal
i take this all as an insult to madonna, frankly ... c-rod was willing to overlook that mannish dog of a stripper in toronto, but draws the line at madonna??? WOW!
2008-07-02 23:31:32
391.   OldYanksFan
Oh shit....
Updated: July 3, 2008, 2:24 AM ET
NEW YORK -- Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and his wife have split less than three months after the birth of the couple's second daughter, according to a report in the New York Daily News.

This could mean more sleepovers at Jeter's.

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