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Salvage Operation
2008-05-28 13:11
by Cliff Corcoran

The Yankees arrived in Baltimore looking to build on a five-game winning streak and continue their climb into the thick of the AL East race. Instead, they find themselves sending Andy Pettitte to the mound tonight in an attempt to avoid a sweep, while being guaranteed to arrive in Minneapolis as a last-place team, even if they pull out a win tonight.

Pettitte's opponent, Jeremy Guthrie, is the only Baltimore starter who has not yet faced the Yankees this year. Guthrie beat the Yanks twice amid his 2007 breakout season, but stumbled against them in their final confrontation in August. With Erik Bedard in Seattle, Guthrie has responded to the responsibility of being the O's best starter this year, following a poor Opening Day outing with eight quality starts in ten tries (and just missing in the other two). Guthrie has a 3.22 ERA over that span. Unfortunately, his teammates have only scored 3.09 runs per game for him, saddling him with a losing 2-4 record over that stretch. In his last two starts, Guthrie allowed just two runs in 13 2/3 innings, but lost both games by scores of 2-1 and 2-0. Given that the two teams just played an exhausting 10-9 11-inning affair last night, I wouldn't be surprised to see a similarly low-scoring game tonight.

Pettitte is coming off a pair of quality starts in which he struck out 16 men in 12 innings against just two walks and no home runs. Chad Moeller caught both of those starts and he'll catch Pettitte again tonight. Moeller is 4 for his last 12 with a walk and a hit-by-pitch, and in catching Darrell Rasner's and Andy Pettitte's recent successes could indeed be securing his roster spot beyond Jorge Posada's expected return next week. This is why giving Jose Molina a two-year $4-million deal was a dumb idea. As I concluded my post suggesting the Yankees resign him: "Jose Molina is as good a choice as any, and he can be easily replaced mid-season if he fails to maintain a replacement-level performance."

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2008-05-28 15:23:58
1.   tommyl
PeteAbe has a pretty funny post up on IPK. Apparently, he does and does not have a strained lat muscle. He also has some bursitis, which isn't so bad, I've had it myself (just don't let them give you Vioxx to treat it Ian...). Could be back in the minimum 15 days.

BTW, does anyone find it weird that when IPK had a sore muscle they immediately DLed him and rushed him off for an MRI but when A-Rod had a sore muscle they waited two weeks before getting an MRI? You'd think A-Rod is kind of more important to the team, no?

2008-05-28 15:30:05
2.   Jeb
We're 5-2 since I came to the conclusion that we were about to go 13-6 and climb to 33-31; and we're still only 6 games out. I realize that IPK going down isn't what everyone wanted, but maybe it will be a blessing in disguise and unveil Rasner #2 (Horne or someone else) or allow Joba to assume the #5 starter role a little earlier.

I do hope we DFA Hawkins because he's horrible.

And (though I'm a broken record on this isseu), Duncan is awful and needs to go to AAA. I don't have a good solution for a replacement (besides Lane, the AG or Gardner, which might require some shifting) there are rumors that Eric Hinske is about to be DFA'd in favor of Aybar. Hinske is fairly versatile and has a line of .257 .340 .542 this season.

I actually DOUBT that Hinske will really be released, but surely there must be something on the wire that's better than Duncan (even a defensive player).

2008-05-28 15:30:55
3.   Jeb
issue not isseu
2008-05-28 15:38:54
4.   tommyl
Sigh, Hughes' bone scan not positive. Wait a week, needs to be reevaluated. I wonder if they've tested for any sort of bone diseases (genetic or not) or something like calcium deficiency in Hughes. That stress fracture is mighty, mighty weird.
2008-05-28 15:55:19
5.   Cliff Corcoran
2 Horne's barely pitched this year due to injury. He's due back soon, but he's not on the depth chart right now.

The Yanks just signed Ben Broussard, but he (like Hinske) is another lefty, which the Yankee bench doesn't need (same goes for Gardner, really).

2008-05-28 16:02:10
6.   OldYanksFan
Re: Ghost of Derek Jeter...
The question of where he goes in 2011? One of 2 places. To the Yankee's bench IF he can be a UINF or to KC. We are unhappy with a .750 OPS from the still speedy JD is LF, but you think a 36+ year old Jeter will be better there?

It's sad, but I lived through Mantle and Donnie retiring and Thurms death. The worst thing that can happen is to repeat the GOB situation just to try and squeeze another year of 2 from Jetes. He just may NOT make 3000 hits.

M. Tajada is a little older then Jetes and tearing it up. Derek is actually looking older then his 34 years (check out ARod). At $20m/yr ($21m in 2010) he will be the worst bang for the buck in MLB if this downward trend continues. I'm not saying Jeter is done. He is smart enough to reinvent himself. However, since his SLG has been slipping for years, how can he suddenly become the WORST on the team at walks (this with Cano and Melky in the lineup)?

If he is in decline, how long can he hit in the #2 hole for? Until 2010? I love Jetes, but I love the team more. I can't see his bad, over 35 years knees in the OF. At least at 1B, he might prolong he offensive value.

Hopefully this year with his minor injuries is an aberation. He could work more on walks and bunts for basehits. He could see a lot more pitches and add some value there. But so far this year, his trend have become very ominous.

He is used to being DEREK JETER, and getting a bit of a ride. Over the next three years, I hope his attitude changes and he realizes he will need to earn his playing time.

AG will never be a great hitter, but with his glove at SS, posting a .650 OPS may be more valuable then Jeter with a below .750 OPS. The whole situation sucks, but I hope the Yankees don't simply ignor it like they did with Bernie.

As fans, we should be prepared for the possibility that 2010 is Jetes last year in Pinstripes.

2008-05-28 16:03:00
7.   Chyll Will
Has it already been mentioned that Britton's been called up today?
2008-05-28 16:06:38
8.   Yankees Brasil
7 Is it worth mentioning? It's not like they are going to use him anyways.
2008-05-28 16:08:32
9.   ChrisS
7 8 Well, they will tonight, because the bullpen is spent - unless Andy goes 9.

After that, though, he'll be relegated to an afterthought until he's sent down again.

2008-05-28 16:09:21
10.   JL25and3
I really hate it when the leadoff hitter swings at the first pitch. If he's going to do that, he'd damn well better get a hit.
2008-05-28 16:09:52
11.   Yankees Brasil
They should have given Derek the night off. Fresh off the worst game of his career, he comes out swinging at the first pitch, and grounds out weakly.
2008-05-28 16:10:19
12.   Chyll Will
6 "M. Tajada is a little older then Jetes and tearing it up. Derek is actually looking older then his 34 years..."

M. Tejada is also under suspicion of being a big PED user. Even if he stopped recently (if he used), I'm guessing the enhancements (if any) would have a negligible drop-off if he continued to work out hard. Assuming Jeter never took anything, it's hard to compare the two. I kinda suspect Jeter is having nightlife issues again, but that's none of my business...

2008-05-28 16:12:16
13.   Yankees Brasil
Not a very encouraging first inning. This should be a must-win game for the Yankees, let's hope they play some good baseball tonight.
2008-05-28 16:14:27
14.   ms october
9 well joba is supposed to pitch tonight - so britton still may not get his chance tonight
2008-05-28 16:16:01
15.   OldYanksFan
12 That may be true, but like Giambi, ex-PED users usually struggle for a while, and seem injury prone. I'm not comparing them as much as saying that 34 does NOT have to be old for a SS.
2008-05-28 16:16:28
16.   Jeb
5 you're right about Horne. I was tossing him out as an example only. Just expand that thought to ALL minor league pitchers beginning with whomever the one is closest to pitching in the majors and working backwards.

6 Jeter is 34 years old. He's not exactly a rookie, but he's also not exactly ancient. And considering he's in pretty good shape (i.e., he's not a fat guy), there's nothing to suggest to me that he won't age well. You're basing your conclusions on 2 months of the 2008 season.

Last year's line for Jeter 206 hits .322/.388/.452 were well in line with his average hits over a 162 game schedule and .316/.387/.461 averages.

I simply cannot conclude that Jeter's done after two subpar months. Granted, I don't think he needs to play shortstop past next year, but he'll get 3,000 hits for sure (he only needs 592 hits) and I'll bet you money on that.

2008-05-28 16:22:32
17.   OldYanksFan
17 I hope you're right, and I'm not that concerned about now. But we know 2010 is a contract year. Any guesses what Jeter's numbers will be in 2010?
2008-05-28 16:23:15
18.   OldYanksFan
17 Is there an online tool available that will give a 2010 projection of Derek?
2008-05-28 16:25:30
19.   Yankees Brasil
At least he made the play. Not before giving Yankees' fans a heart attack, but still, good to get out of the inning.
2008-05-28 16:25:52
20.   51cq24
16 am i allowed to agree with you?
2008-05-28 16:27:24
21.   OldYanksFan
20 I'm not sure I don't agree either, but want to take a crack at 17 ?
2008-05-28 16:27:41
22.   Jeb
17 I think I am, but only OFFENSIVELY. I actually hold out some hope that given his age and apparent condition he might have an outside shot at 2,000 hits. I know that's highly unlikely. But what the heck, Bill James gives him a 7% chance to reach that milestone.

What bothers me though is what you hit on --- what position is he going to play -- cause it sure won't be shortstop.

Maybe if Cano keeps putting on weight, Cano becomes our first baseman and Jeter moves to second. Presumably he could do less damage there. Maybe center? he lacks the power for 3rd and 1st (assuming we expect 25+ homers there).

2008-05-28 16:28:15
23.   Jeb
16 I suppose so ;o)
2008-05-28 16:28:43
24.   Jeb
22 ok I'm stupid. I meant "4,000" hits not 2,000....
2008-05-28 16:29:51
25.   Jeb
nice little league play there by the orioles. My T-ball team that I coach (the Yankees) would do better than that!
2008-05-28 16:31:25
26.   51cq24
17 i really don't worry that much about his offense. remember 04 when he went 0/32? let's discuss that at the end of the season. the much bigger concern is his lack of defense. if a guy has terrible range and an inaccurate arm, the last position he should play is shortstop.
2008-05-28 16:31:54
27.   mehmattski
What now, shift?!?
2008-05-28 16:32:39
28.   Yankees Brasil
Cano always hitting in a 0-2 count.
2008-05-28 16:34:16
29.   Jeb
26 agreed on all points. I was at my first game at the stadium when he got #2,000. Big deal for me.

By the way, someone on here mentioned that they're going to Camden yards to catch a Yankees game. If you get chance, go. The park is unreal, the tickets are cheap, and there's a lot of Yankee fans there. (I was there on kids night and by handing my son the money, all the tickets were $5 each).

The only thing I did not like was the bozo's yelling "yankees suck" in front of my 6 year old and "Steroids!!" (at Giambi). There was one guy who looked at me and kept yelling Yankees suck and I started laughing and asked him how he liked last (or next to last) place compared to first (this was in the fall of 2006). He responded with "Nice shoes, man!"

Nice shoes, indeed. (They were sperry's with holes in them, but dammit I was on vacation!)

2008-05-28 16:35:06
30.   OldYanksFan
Jason's numbers are getting downright respectable. He might break .250 this year!
2008-05-28 16:39:02
31.   Jeb
when the 4th inning comes....they should tell Andy, "Andy's it's the THIRD inning".
2008-05-28 16:39:12
32.   Chyll Will
Anything's possible; ya think Abreu's getting his sugar fix by hiding some on that frosted glove of his?
2008-05-28 16:41:37
33.   ms october
31 i am hoping that andy is doing things in reverse tonight - and the trouble he got in in the 1st was really his 4th inning
2008-05-28 16:43:39
34.   Jeb
if Joba's pitching 55 pitches, does that mean Andy can only go 6 innings? I'd hate to get to a point where We need Hawkins!

Did we really sign Broussard? Does anyone have a link?

2008-05-28 16:44:58
35.   ChrisS
16 Go look at Robin Yount's career stats for a look at a precipitous drop-off around age 34.

Guys get old and they either age well or not (GOB). There's still a case to be made for Jeter aging gracefully, but the stats are not on his side.

2008-05-28 16:45:29
36.   ms october
34 yep, the yanks did
2008-05-28 16:46:20
37.   nick
is there any play more over-celebrated than advancing the leadoff double to third with an out?
2008-05-28 16:46:42
38.   SF Yanks
Jeter looks lost. I think his dog may have died or something.
2008-05-28 16:48:43
39.   mehmattski
Actually, statistically the fifth inning has been Andy's worst this year:

1st: .184/.262/.287
2nd: .359/.375/.359
3rd: .250/.349/.278
4th: .357/.414/.500
5th: .325/.372/.650
6th: .286/.310/.393

2008-05-28 16:49:12
40.   Yankees Brasil
Horrible AB by Jeter, yet again. Chased a couple of pitches WAY out of the strikezone.
2008-05-28 16:49:25
41.   Chyll Will
I think I like Singleton's theory on Jeter's problem(s)...
2008-05-28 16:50:33
42.   SF Yanks
Guthrie is very Cy Young like. How will we ever score against a God like him?
2008-05-28 16:50:45
43.   mehmattski
41 Which was?
2008-05-28 16:51:19
44.   ms october
35 et al, re jeter:
i haven't looked it up, but i would venture to guess with jeter being in the postseason every year since he came up, almost no one has played as many games as he has (even with missing extended time in 2003)over the last 12 years. his body (and he's a fairly thin guy) has taken a lot for a baseball player.
2008-05-28 16:51:39
45.   SF Yanks
41 Which is... (I'm getting the O's feed)
2008-05-28 16:52:50
46.   Yankees Brasil
O's broadcast is horrible. They are interviewing the cavemen!
2008-05-28 16:53:01
47.   Chyll Will
43 A combination of him getting plunked in the hand (then coming right back the next day) and developing bad habits to compensate for the pain/injury.
2008-05-28 16:53:34
48.   SF Yanks
46 Better than watching the game.
2008-05-28 16:54:00
49.   Chyll Will
Bleah. The fourth inning came early...
2008-05-28 16:54:10
50.   Yankees Brasil
This team sucks.
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2008-05-28 16:54:21
51.   mehmattski
That might make the fourth inning worse than the fifth....
2008-05-28 16:55:41
52.   mehmattski
51 Except it's only the third inning. D'oh. I blame Sterling, it's almost impossible to know what's going on in the game by listening to his broadcast.
2008-05-28 16:58:04
53.   Yankees Brasil
A lot has been made of Jeter's struggles, but Pettitte has been equally bad, if not worse. He's pretty mediocre against bad teams.
2008-05-28 16:59:00
54.   Chyll Will
47 Jeter plays through a lot of injuries like they never happened. Still, with the mileage he's accumulated 44 , bouncing back has got to be getting harder and harder. I have a notion that Jeter is overcompensating for something he's not willing to tell anyone about. I was thinking it was nightlife, but I'm doubting that now...
2008-05-28 17:00:49
55.   OldYanksFan
50 Please dude.... broaden your vocabulary.
2008-05-28 17:00:51
56.   Jeb
I have an irrational hatred of the Orioles. I think it began growing up in Virginia and getting their games on cable. I really hate seeing them sweep us.
2008-05-28 17:01:45
57.   fansince77
This game is squarely on Jeter right now...sad excuses by everyone or not, he failed to make contact NOT hit a homer just make contact which takes the wind out of my sails on a promising inning- imagine what it does to the Yankees already fragile sails which were about to take an automatic lead.

And Arod grounds to third...AGAIN!

2008-05-28 17:01:55
58.   OldYanksFan
54 I know an injured hand would kill my nightlife.
2008-05-28 17:02:02
59.   mehmattski
53 Pettitte's walk (2.44/9IP), strikeout (7.16), and HR (0.92) rates are all still pretty good. He just gives up too many hits, and his BABIP is .346, which is kind of high. I think he's still going to turn in some good outings this season. The fact he's only faced 12 batters past the 6th inning is more disturbing, though.
2008-05-28 17:02:14
60.   51cq24
maybe he's just gotten off to a slower than usual start? we can keep guessing at the reasons for it, but i do think he's earned more than 2 months before we start saying he's no good.
2008-05-28 17:03:32
61.   51cq24
58 very good
2008-05-28 17:03:36
62.   dianagramr


2008-05-28 17:04:35
63.   cult of basebaal
2008-05-28 17:04:50
64.   nick
the big G! "my goodness" indeed, Susan....
2008-05-28 17:04:54
65.   SF Yanks
en fuego.
2008-05-28 17:05:08
66.   Jeb
58 post of the month.
2008-05-28 17:05:10
67.   cult of basebaal
guess jason wants a job next year
2008-05-28 17:05:35
68.   OldYanksFan
Giambi 'shorthops the warehouse' again!
Gotta luv the big lug!
2008-05-28 17:05:49
69.   SF Yanks
What if Giambi ended up getting the MVP? Wouldn't that be something..
2008-05-28 17:06:01
70.   Chyll Will
You think Fredericks of Hollywood might try striking some promotional deal with Giambi at this rate?
2008-05-28 17:07:39
71.   Jeb
y'all must be 4 pitches ahead of me. I knew about Jason's homer LONG before I saw it. 42nd homer ever on Eutaw street.

(I hope that guy the criticized my shoes and yelled steroids at Giambi saw that one!)

2008-05-28 17:07:42
72.   Yankees Brasil
Please don't give it back right away Pettitte.
2008-05-28 17:08:29
73.   Chyll Will
61 ,66 Even better if it happens to be the 1 millionth object >;)
2008-05-28 17:09:04
74.   fansince77
Isn't it time some of us gave props to Girardi for sticking with Giambi? We (myself included) were all over his jock for playing JG and he maintained what the evidence is bearing out right now.
2008-05-28 17:09:13
75.   SF Yanks
Thanks you O's feed for missing that play Melky just made. I didn't want to see it anyways...losers
2008-05-28 17:09:54
76.   Yankees Brasil
Melky, the man. But still, another hard hit ball against Pettitte. I hope this doesn't turn out bad.
2008-05-28 17:10:16
77.   mehmattski
74 As a member of the Three True Outcomes cult, I always believed in Giambi.
2008-05-28 17:10:25
78.   OldYanksFan
PeteAbe can be very funny sometimes:

5:58 p.m.: Some good injury news for a change for the Yankees. Kennedy does not have a strained lat muscle according to Joe Girardi. An MRI showed he has bursitis under his scapula. That can be controlled with medication and he could be throwing again in a week. He's on the DL but he could be back after 15 days.

6:16 p.m.: Joe Girardi knows baseball. Not medicine. According to Brian Cashman, Kennedy does in fact have a strained lat muscle along with bursitis under the scapula. But there still does seem to be a chance he could be back after 15 days.

By the end of the night Kennedy might need a glass eye and a hip replacement.

2008-05-28 17:10:28
79.   Jeb
75 What play? I just saw Payton catch Cano's can o' corn. Man, I can't read this AND watch
2008-05-28 17:10:58
80.   Chyll Will
74 But wouldn't that mean admitting that there's a chance he might be right about the others...
2008-05-28 17:11:26
81.   Jeb
73 I've used handled my object a million times.
2008-05-28 17:14:07
82.   SF Yanks
79 I guess he made a decent catch near the wall. I don't know, they were showing something that I didn't care about and not the actual game.
2008-05-28 17:15:01
83.   SF Yanks
Hopefully Melk's emerging from his little slumpty slump slump.
2008-05-28 17:15:03
84.   OldYanksFan
"Boston Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka is being examined in Seattle on Wednesday for his shoulder fatigue."

Just announced he will miss his Monday start against the O's. The unusual thing was he was yanked in the 5th yesterday. People don't usually getted pulled out of the middle of a game for 'tired shoulder'.

2008-05-28 17:15:39
85.   Jeb
82 when you cover a team with so many consecutive losing seasons, you have to talk about other things.
2008-05-28 17:15:42
86.   ChrisS
Hopefully Melky is starting to shake off the slump.
2008-05-28 17:16:13
87.   OldYanksFan
Melky goes the other way. Very nice.
2008-05-28 17:17:14
88.   Jeb
84 ok seriously, is it just horribly wrong of me to hope that he can't pitch anymore this season? We keep getting screwed on injuries, when are they gonna get their share?

And I can't stand Daisuke mainly because of how the Sox fans rubbed our noses in it when they got him.

2008-05-28 17:17:36
89.   51cq24
melky makes my favorite slides
2008-05-28 17:17:49
90.   mehmattski
The replay of Melky's catch is available on Gameday now.
2008-05-28 17:17:58
91.   SF Yanks
Good Jeter...cookie for you.
2008-05-28 17:18:01
92.   Chyll Will
Well well well, Jeter did something right for a change >;)
2008-05-28 17:18:36
93.   nick
ok, derek, there we go...
2008-05-28 17:19:27
94.   nick
88 naah, you can hope he never pitches again--his family won't go hungry with that signing bonus...
2008-05-28 17:20:43
95.   Chyll Will
89 Matsui's have got to be interesting to look at, too... wonder if marriage has diminished his collection or enhanced it?
2008-05-28 17:23:26
96.   Jeb
94 thanks! let's hope for a combo full tear of the rotator cuff and tommy john on the elbow, throw in some turf toe and give him sinus problems...and some itchy eczema

What the heck, let's hope he's got the clap too.

2008-05-28 17:23:30
97.   Chyll Will
No surprises here... "CenterStage: Snoop Dogg"
2008-05-28 17:23:42
98.   ChrisS
60 Sure he's earned enough respect, but I think that it's time to stop with the Jeter woshipping (not you specifically) and start treating him like a ball player. Enough of the special favors and treatment. I argued on here the day after he was hit in the hand that I wish he took a day off for it, but someone pointed out his captain-ness would be needed. What we got was continued bad defense and an 0-18 ...and now possibly bad habits for compensating for the pain.

If management/FO think that they can be better served with him in another position, I can't defend him for not moving or doing what is best for the team.

2008-05-28 17:26:08
99.   Chyll Will
96 Playing with bad karma, my friends (well, except for the clap... also, anyone who participates in "the wave" should also get "the clap")
2008-05-28 17:26:46
100.   SF Yanks
Haha Brian Roberts you little turd.
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2008-05-28 17:26:53
101.   seattleyank
2008-05-28 17:28:00
102.   Chyll Will
Oh hey, that was the first time Andy's picked-off Brian Roberts...
2008-05-28 17:28:29
103.   51cq24
98 i agree, but we also don't need to overcompensate and overreact
2008-05-28 17:29:58
104.   SF Yanks
C'mon Andrew, hold it together for another out. Can you skip the "5th inning disaster" routine please?
2008-05-28 17:30:01
105.   Jeb
99 is a particularly BAD case of the clap okay?
2008-05-28 17:30:41
106.   SF Yanks
Andy's only at 68 pitches too.
2008-05-28 17:31:31
107.   Chyll Will
103 I second. I don't know about the Post, but the NY Daily News barely mentioned anything Jeter did last night. They still love him regardless...
2008-05-28 17:32:41
108.   Chyll Will
105 Don't ask me, I'm not the one playing with fire... >;)
2008-05-28 17:35:02
109.   SF Yanks
So, 72 pitches. Does he get taken out regardless of his pitch count so Joba has enough innings to reach 50 or so pitches? Maybe 1 more inning max?
2008-05-28 17:37:32
110.   Yankees Brasil
Another weak groundout for A-Rod early in the count. Can't he be more patient?
2008-05-28 17:38:03
111.   Chyll Will
"Kyle Farnsworth hangs out with the Coast Guard"... why do I get a mental image of a speedboat crashing into a crowded wharf?
2008-05-28 17:38:48
112.   Chyll Will
110 Can't we all >;)
2008-05-28 17:40:30
113.   mehmattski
110 A-Rod bashing rules clearly state:

"If our A-Rod does hitteth thine home run, thou shalt refrain from critique for two games, inclusive."

2008-05-28 17:41:21
114.   ChrisS
109 No, Joba will finish in the bullpen.
2008-05-28 17:41:55
115.   Yankees Brasil
112 It's been 52 very bad games so far. It's time to worry.
2008-05-28 17:43:27
116.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
111 Ohayo Gozaimasu. first thing i see when checking in is about Farnsworth and the Coast Guard...perhaps not a great game? Giambi with another tater, that's nice...
2008-05-28 17:45:01
117.   Yankees Brasil
113 My bad. I just think he might be better off seeing more than 7 pitches over 3 ABs against a tough pitcher who's got great stuff tonight.

Nice play there, Alex.

2008-05-28 17:45:08
118.   Chyll Will
113 Matthew 28:113...
2008-05-28 17:45:42
119.   Jeb
105 well karma may work but I'M not going to get it too!
2008-05-28 17:47:04
120.   Yankees Brasil
How many pitches for Pettitte?
2008-05-28 17:47:27
121.   mehmattski
So, time for a Ye Olde Fashionede Three Inninge Save?
2008-05-28 17:48:15
122.   SF Yanks
120 88
2008-05-28 17:49:02
123.   Chyll Will
116 Konbanwa. No, it was a promo for "Yankees on Deck" and of course I had to say something. Maybe not so much crashing into, but "flying over"...
2008-05-28 17:50:58
124.   Chyll Will
121 Yea, verily!
2008-05-28 17:58:24
125.   mehmattski
Hmm. Are they waiting for Andy to get to 100 pitches? I don't think Joba will get to 50 pitches in less than 3 innings...
2008-05-28 17:58:42
126.   SF Yanks
Pettitte turning this into one fine outing.
2008-05-28 18:00:27
127.   OldYanksFan
I'm still not sure why we couldn't use Joba for the last inning last night.
2008-05-28 18:00:29
128.   mehmattski
Bringing in Joba mid-inning helps his conversion, how?
2008-05-28 18:01:40
129.   SF Yanks
128 More pitches?
2008-05-28 18:02:23
130.   mehmattski
127 Because the goal is stretching out Joba for the long-term success of the Yankees. Sometimes, the short term best solution (bringing in Joba to throw one inning) needs to be sacrificed.
2008-05-28 18:02:44
131.   Chyll Will
OT, the countdown to one million is on at Fairpole...
2008-05-28 18:04:44
132.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
non-baseball fan here saw Gameday on, asked me "Do you remember the last time your Yankees won the World Series Champion tournament? Were you a little kid?" " was only 8 years ago.."
2008-05-28 18:04:49
133.   mehmattski
131 Who is Karim Garcia?
2008-05-28 18:04:52
134.   Chyll Will
131 Just sayin', less than 100 to go; it's on between us and DT...
2008-05-28 18:05:03
135.   51cq24
did giambi just run away from that ground ball?
2008-05-28 18:05:28
136.   cult of basebaal
jesus, these orioles announcers are so fucking clueless about joba ... they just said he'd never started a game for the yankees in the "minors, or majors"
2008-05-28 18:05:43
137.   SF Yanks
135 That's what I was thinking too...
2008-05-28 18:07:23
138.   mehmattski
At this rate, Joba may hit 50 pitches before the end of the seventh...
2008-05-28 18:07:59
139.   OldYanksFan
130 I understand that, but I can't see one inning last night as jeapordizing his program.
2008-05-28 18:08:15
140.   SF Yanks
The most depressing thing to see at this point would be an implosion by Joba. I think my head would explode.
2008-05-28 18:08:17
141.   Jeb
134 does that count the missing post from the postseason last year, which mysteriously disappeared? Wasn't it #237?
2008-05-28 18:08:24
142.   nick
great--mediocre pitching from Joba--just what I needed to fill me with cheer...
2008-05-28 18:08:45
143.   williamnyy23
I wonder what Pettitte thinks about being lifted so Joba can get his pitch count up. If the Yankees lose this one, Girardi could lose the clubhouse. You already get the feeling the players are not happy that Joba was taken out of the bullpen, so the Yankees are running a risk by intehrating him in this manner.
2008-05-28 18:08:58
144.   nick
now Susan is acting like she doesn't know Joba has started before--jesus...
2008-05-28 18:09:28
145.   3rd gen yankee fan
134 The way our year is going, they'll probably win it...
2008-05-28 18:09:45
146.   JimCobain
This is the toughest thing about developing Joba in the majors, he has a one run lead, late. He can't give the lead up, with no margin for error. he can't experiment with other pitches.
2008-05-28 18:09:46
147.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
143 eh? did i miss something about the players being unhappy about that move? why would they be??
2008-05-28 18:10:00
148.   SF Yanks
141 I thought it was 134...or am I saying that just because you referenced 134.
2008-05-28 18:10:07
149.   mehmattski
139 It would just delay everything... gotta wait a couple days before the 50-pitch outing, and then another 5 days before his first start. If the theory is that he's better for the team as a starter, then getting that done as quickly as possible is the best option. Clinching game of a playoff series: Joba's in there, but not last night.
2008-05-28 18:10:47
150.   Jeb
143 I don't see him losing the clubhouse if we lose. He might lost some fans.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-05-28 18:11:23
151.   Chyll Will
140 I'll bet If you're an Oriole fan right now, that would be a good thing 58 ...
2008-05-28 18:11:29
152.   3rd gen yankee fan
Do you all realize that we're nothing more than crumbs in the great baseballtoaster of life?
2008-05-28 18:13:07
153.   JimCobain
143 Eh, Pettitte had 96 pitches. Would have been different if he didn't let Pettitte come out for the 7th at all.
2008-05-28 18:13:22
154.   mehmattski
143 Pettitte had 96 pitches, had only pitched into the seventh twice before, and in a one-run game, a right-handed hitter with a homer, single, and walk was coming up. I think that there's a good chance that Girardi takes Pettitte out under normal circumstances as well.
2008-05-28 18:13:29
155.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
152 that's better than being Dust in the Wind methinks..
2008-05-28 18:14:48
156.   Chyll Will
152 A very rye observation...
2008-05-28 18:15:20
157.   mehmattski
The Toaster, The Toaster, The Toaster's on fire.

We don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn.

Burn, motherfucker. Burn.

2008-05-28 18:15:20
158.   williamnyy23
147 I am just going off how much the players seemed to like having Joba in the 8th based on prior interviews (i.e., repeated comments about how Joba and Mo really shorten the game).

150 I don't know...I could see Pettitte being upset if he loses a win because of the move. Also, if players perceive things are being done for the future at the expense of the present, there could be some unhappy campers, especially those guys not likely to be around past this season.

2008-05-28 18:15:27
159.   Chyll Will
155 or another brick in the wall...
2008-05-28 18:16:40
160.   Jeb
Kevin Millar....I knew David sir, are no David Dellucci.
2008-05-28 18:17:41
161.   JimCobain
158 Well to those guys who won't be around here next year, maybe they should play better and then they wouldn't be able to gripe. Or at least gripe with a leg to stand on. Easier said, Im just sayin'.
2008-05-28 18:17:57
162.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
159 Hey you Farnsworth, hah-hah, charade you are...
2008-05-28 18:18:10
163.   Jeb
148 to the archives! I hope that's what we're talking about when we pass 1 million.
2008-05-28 18:18:17
164.   3rd gen yankee fan
155 159 I dunno guys, someday we'll just get shaken out over the sink and flushed down the garbage disposal. Maybe that's what happens when we hit 1,000,000.
2008-05-28 18:18:29
165.   OldYanksFan
Jeters last 7 days: .120 .290 .160 .450
Plus today's OFER.
The guys needs to sit for 2 games.
Get him a hooker for the dugout if need be, but we need him healthy. He is NOT doing us any good right now.
2008-05-28 18:19:50
166.   mehmattski
2008-05-28 18:20:24
167.   SF Yanks
This comment is Fairpole Object #1,000,000! Woo hoo!
I wouldn't mind if Arod started being MVPlike again....the good ol days.
2008-05-28 18:20:55
168.   Jeb
134 148 163 HOLY COW, it was #134

See below

How weird that I was also responding to #134 in THIS thread!!!!

2008-05-28 18:21:44
169.   Chyll Will
164 more fun than Y2K, to say the least...
2008-05-28 18:21:48
170.   3rd gen yankee fan
167 Now that's a perfectly appropriate comment for 1,000,000! Grand Salami! Congrats SF Yanks! That's teamwork right there guys! Maybe we should play baseball for a living...
2008-05-28 18:21:57
171.   mehmattski
167 Woooooooo! Congratulations, Toaster! And SF Yanks!

My reference to 134 was 999,998. Shucks.

2008-05-28 18:21:59
172.   Jeb
167 congratulations SF Yanks! I am a day late and a dollar short. I was really hoping that I'd be discussing missing post #134 when it happened.
2008-05-28 18:22:13
173.   SF Yanks
Sorry guys, it's somehow fitting though that post 1,000,000 is a complaint about ARod.
2008-05-28 18:22:21
174.   OldYanksFan
ARod missed a fat one there.
2008-05-28 18:22:40
175.   Shaun P
167 Congrats SF Yanks, you got it!

/dr evil voice on

1 million objects

/dr evil voice off

2008-05-28 18:22:48
176.   Jeb
of course 168 I am object # 1,000,001 (the first post toward the second million!).
2008-05-28 18:23:49
177.   3rd gen yankee fan
173 Absofuckinlutely!
2008-05-28 18:23:51
178.   Chyll Will
167 Now he belongs to the ages... >;)
170 Sure, where do I sign up?
2008-05-28 18:25:35
179.   Shaun P
Well, there was a curveball. Is the ump not calling the high strike? Its impossible to tell on Gameday, because I have no idea how tall Huff is, in relation to the batter dude they show.
2008-05-28 18:27:07
180.   3rd gen yankee fan
178 There's a big stadium right in your neighborhood, try there first.
2008-05-28 18:28:21
181.   Chyll Will
179 He's got to be a little taller than that...
2008-05-28 18:29:00
182.   mehmattski
100 mph on Gameday for the Payton strikeout! That's more like it!
2008-05-28 18:29:08
183.   Jeb
180 does he actually live in the south bronx?
2008-05-28 18:29:33
184.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
ok 松井さん、get your mind off your videos and hit one out here!
2008-05-28 18:29:52
185.   SF Yanks
Thanks guys! Glad to be a part of the Toaster!

Joba's at 28 pitches FWIW.

2008-05-28 18:30:07
186.   Shaun P
Joba, getting 100 MPH on the Gameday radar gun! Nice to see him mixing the curve in there too. I wonder if we'll see a changeup next inning?

181 That's what I'm thinking! What do they do when Randy Johnson bats?

2008-05-28 18:30:15
187.   cult of basebaal
now that's! what i like to see from joba
2008-05-28 18:30:33
188.   Chyll Will
180 I can't afford the entry fee :(
2008-05-28 18:31:22
189.   3rd gen yankee fan
183 IIRC. Which is pretty much 50-50 these days. But at least I am playing .500 ball!
2008-05-28 18:31:27
190.   ms october
179 181 they shoud have a few different sized models - i'm thinking david eckstein for the midgets, richie sexson for the giants, and maybe two average sized guys in between
2008-05-28 18:31:30
191.   nick
ah, that's the Joba we love...
158 you could be right, William, but the first time Joba goes 7 and strikes out a bunch of guys, don't you think that'll also be popular in the clubhouse?
2008-05-28 18:32:16
192.   Chyll Will
186 IMAX...
2008-05-28 18:32:29
193.   JimCobain
OK, boys let's get the leadoff double home. A little insurance, how about it?
2008-05-28 18:33:05
194.   mehmattski
Why is Mo warming up?
2008-05-28 18:35:32
195.   cult of basebaal
194 seriously? wtf, girardi???
2008-05-28 18:35:34
196.   Shaun P
194 To keep loose? He threw quite a bit last night, and they do have an off day tomorrow.

Cano, wait fer ya pitch!

2008-05-28 18:35:47
197.   Chyll Will
183 Nah, I'm in the North Bronx. Spent quite a bit of time around there though...
2008-05-28 18:36:16
198.   Jeb
194 insurance? Also we have an off game tomorrow.
2008-05-28 18:37:22
199.   Shaun P
Outstanding! An IBB!

Now Melky, made them pay!

2008-05-28 18:37:37
200.   Jeb
Joba only has 28 pitches...He won't make 55 so why warm Rivera???
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-05-28 18:37:59
201.   williamnyy23
Melky is not only batting to help the Yankees win, but to also to get Joba more pitches.
2008-05-28 18:38:01
202.   3rd gen yankee fan
Make them pay, Melky.
2008-05-28 18:38:33
203.   JimCobain
194 I would guess it's in case the Yankees don't score this inning and the lead is 1. If the Yankees blow this open or even score 1 more I bet Joba comes out for the 9th.
2008-05-28 18:40:43
204.   cult of basebaal
if it's important enough to stick to the joba plan that you don't use joba to pitch the 10th last night with the game on the line, why bother deviating from the plan tonite ... especially since a) joba seems to be cruising, b) he's probably not going to get to 55 pitches anyway, and c) mo pitched 2 innings last night
2008-05-28 18:41:00
205.   JimCobain
Watch out for the inside fastball, Melk.
2008-05-28 18:41:50
206.   cult of basebaal
and i'd better see a pinch hitter for scrappy moeller if his spot comes up in this inning
2008-05-28 18:41:57
207.   Chyll Will
205 He did...
2008-05-28 18:42:07
208.   JimCobain
204 I can't disagree with your point.

Preparing to be a starter is not only pitch count but routine, maybe that's it?

2008-05-28 18:42:09
209.   Shaun P
I just can't see Mo pitching tonight, not after how long he pitched last night.

Melky is battling.

2008-05-28 18:43:00
210.   Chyll Will
2008-05-28 18:43:12
211.   JimCobain
2008-05-28 18:43:12
212.   mehmattski
That at bat was Epic. Unfortunate result, though.
2008-05-28 18:43:20
213.   Shaun P
Sigh. Too bad he didn't let that one go by.
2008-05-28 18:43:50
214.   3rd gen yankee fan
That's why I love that kid.
2008-05-28 18:44:07
215.   williamnyy23
Good battle by Melky even though he chased a little at the end.
2008-05-28 18:44:16
216.   Chyll Will
Now would be a good time for JD to... WTF??
2008-05-28 18:44:34
217.   Shaun P
Damon comes through!
2008-05-28 18:45:07
218.   JimCobain
We'll take it...
2008-05-28 18:45:22
219.   nick
go johnny go!
2008-05-28 18:45:40
220.   JimCobain
2 run lead I'd go batter to batter with Joba now.
2008-05-28 18:45:42
221.   cult of basebaal
2008-05-28 18:45:50
222.   Chyll Will
Jeter, don't swing at the first pitch, please & thank you...
2008-05-28 18:45:54
223.   Jeb
my boy chadford's got the porn stache. He's a really nice guy even though he's an Oriole.
2008-05-28 18:47:50
224.   Jeb
223 and chad's brother Chip is hysterical.
2008-05-28 18:48:06
225.   Chyll Will
222 ...
2008-05-28 18:48:14
226.   williamnyy23
Jeter needs an intervention. Maybe a sleepover at Arods.
2008-05-28 18:48:52
227.   mehmattski
223 The Pitch f/x for Bradford is certainly interesting.
2008-05-28 18:49:03
228.   3rd gen yankee fan
2008-05-28 18:49:23
229.   OldYanksFan
Good lord Derek!
2008-05-28 18:49:27
230.   nick
I'd love to see Girardi just fucking go for it & sit Jeter for a couple days....or at least go for it in a minor way and not bring Mo in here.....
2008-05-28 18:49:57
231.   ms october
220 yeah - i hope that is the way girardi goes - leave him out there unitl (and hopefully not) he gets in trouble

and as i am typing this mo is in the game wtf?

223 he looks like he is from scottsboro ;}

2008-05-28 18:50:20
232.   OldYanksFan
226 Or maybe at Kim Jones' house?
2008-05-28 18:50:48
233.   JimCobain
Are you kidding me, putting Joba in the 'pen?

why couldn't you go batter to batter with Joba?

2008-05-28 18:50:58
234.   williamnyy23
Something about this Joba situation doesn't sit right. I know they have a plan, but it still seems so disorganized.
2008-05-28 18:51:21
235.   OldYanksFan
JG took Joba out? WTF! Joba needs innings and can't hold a 2 run lead?
2008-05-28 18:51:51
236.   Chyll Will
224 What about sister Dale, cousin Chug and the adopted son Ka-Ching? >;)
2008-05-28 18:51:54
237.   Jeb
223 now there's a fun place. he's from Jackson Mississippi. I walked with him from the Mets Clubhouse after a Braves game to Chip's car. We went right threw the crowd and no one knew who the hell Chad was...I whispered to Chip, "This is so fucking cool!"
2008-05-28 18:52:12
238.   JimCobain
234 they SAY they have a plan. It feels very flimsy, though.
2008-05-28 18:52:28
239.   Jeb
236 I was actually being serious.
2008-05-28 18:52:32
240.   51cq24
i have no problem with this. they wanted to get joba 50 pitches, but that doesn't mean they take andy out early when he's pitching well, and it doesn't mean they don't put in mo in a save situation. he'll throw more pitches in the pen. seems fine to me.
2008-05-28 18:52:50
241.   cult of basebaal
so much for the plan ... forget clueless joe, i'm going to go with wtf, joe???
2008-05-28 18:53:15
242.   Jeb
234 very much so.
2008-05-28 18:53:24
243.   Yankees Brasil
234 Between not pairing him with Ian Kennedy and getting him out after less than 30 pitches, yeah it does seem very disorganized.
2008-05-28 18:54:19
244.   Chyll Will
239 I know, but I couldn't resist, sorry >;)
2008-05-28 18:54:21
245.   RIYank
I don't get it -- Girardi doesn't trust Joba with this lead, is that it?
2008-05-28 18:54:53
246.   51cq24
if joba tires in the 9th and walks the leadoff hitter, mo (coming off a long outing yesterday) isn't sharp, are you guys not going to complain that we're giving away a game?
2008-05-28 18:55:17
247.   Jeb
231 funny story about Scottsboro, Ms. October. I was up there last month and had lunch at a Pizza Place (I think it's "Mama Maria's"). Anyway, they have an article on the wall that the owner's son won the 2007 John Sterling Imitation contest. They were telling me that he does all of Sterling's calls all the time.
2008-05-28 18:55:17
248.   Shaun P
Mo's already got his contract, how many games he saves really isn't that important. Excessive mileage on his arm is!

I don't see why Joba couldn't hold a two run lead - against the 8 and 9 hitters, no less!

2008-05-28 18:55:34
249.   rufuswashere
Rivera's pitches tonight seem to be breaking a bit flatter ... anyone else see that?
2008-05-28 18:55:45
250.   nick
this is just cover your ass managing: after what Hawkins did last night Joe is afraid of a "WTF WHERE WUZ TEH MO?!" shitstorm, were he not to go to Mo in a save situation.

in other words, it's stupid.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-05-28 18:55:55
251.   Chyll Will
241 I think Dimelo already ®'d that...
2008-05-28 18:56:14
252.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
247 think i had a nightmare once in which i had to emcee that contest...
2008-05-28 18:56:48
253.   ms october
246 i do agree that the pressure to win all these games complicates things
(not saying joba would blow the game or anything)
2008-05-28 18:57:10
254.   Shaun P
246 If that happened, yes, I wouldn't complain.

I don't see why JOba would have to be pulled if he walked the first guy, though. Its not like he has shaky control, or can't strike guys out. (Cf. Hawkins.)

2008-05-28 18:57:12
255.   Yankees Brasil
Great D, boys.
2008-05-28 18:57:33
256.   williamnyy23
232 I don't think a lack of female companionship is bothering Derek.
2008-05-28 18:57:48
257.   51cq24
was the umpire just watching roberts run instead of the pitch down the middle of the plate?
2008-05-28 18:57:49
258.   Jeb
252 I would think the nightmare would be realizing that you're Suzyn.
2008-05-28 18:58:05
259.   cult of basebaal
an a-dud for a-rod
2008-05-28 18:58:50
260.   ms october
247 that is a funny story - i can only imagine how they would sound (desperately trying not to imagine)
2008-05-28 19:00:07
261.   Shaun P
From Pete Abe:

"Given how he was going, I might have kept Chamberlain in the game. But managers are so tied to their closers these days, so you can't blame Girardi. Ninth inning, two-run lead, use your closer. By the book."

Oh, I can blame Girardi, believe me. I'd rather see him manage from the John McGraw/Joe McCarthy/Casey Stengel book, than the frickin' Tony LaRussa book. The first manager who has the right pitchers and avoids LaRussa's bullpen overspecialization is going to look very, very smart.

2008-05-28 19:00:10
262.   SF Yanks
I don't think I've ever seen Mo look THIS good.
2008-05-28 19:01:05
263.   williamnyy23
I would love to be inside Mariano's mind for just one day. As golden as his right arm is, I have to believe some of his success comes from the mental part of the game.
2008-05-28 19:01:31
264.   Shaun P
Time of game: 2:53

Is that allowed for an O's-Yanks matchup?

2008-05-28 19:01:53
265.   Yankees Brasil
A win at last. Still another lost series, to the O's nonetheless. Let's hope the Twins play like the M's this weekend and we can win a series.
2008-05-28 19:01:57
266.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
261 those old Oakland bullpens from the late 80s were great though...
anyways, nice to puck up the W. Mo is gold!
2008-05-28 19:02:09
267.   Jeb
260 actually that place is in Rainsville, but it's about 5 miles from scottsboro.
2008-05-28 19:02:10
268.   51cq24
i'm 100% for converting joba and sticking to a plan. but following last night's disaster, i don't think tonight was the best night to experiment with giving joba a 3rd inning with a 2 run lead. i wouldn't have been totally against it, but i don't think it's stupid to deviate from the plan and let him finish the 50 pitches in the bullpen.
2008-05-28 19:03:04
269.   Jeb
2 we're now 6-2 since I called us going 13-6. We just have to go 7-4
2008-05-28 19:05:47
270.   ms october
261 shaun i do agree with your rationale completely and i do think girardi should have left joba in - but if he left joba in and somehow he blew the game in the 9th - girardi would have been skewered - i think many people were hoping he would do as you suggest and not follow the current commonplace thinking - but if he went with a "non-traditional" approach, any decision that did not work out would be extremely criticized, probably both in and out of the organization - should we expect him to take that risk?
2008-05-28 19:08:33
271.   RIYank
I still don't understand it. I don't want to believe that Girardi got stuck with The Formula. If it was a 1-run lead, maybe. But the chance of Joba blowing a 2-run lead is really low, especially if Mariano is waiting in the wings in case of a real, obvious blow-up.

Oh well, can't complain about the results.

2008-05-28 19:09:48
272.   RIYank
270 Yes, we should. It's his job. He's supposed to do the right thing and take the heat.
2008-05-28 19:10:46
273.   williamnyy23
270 No...if Mo says he is ready to pitch, you have to use him there. With the way he is throwing, Mo is automatic, so Girardi would essentially be turning down a much needed win to see if Joba is ready to throw 2+ innings. I can't wait for Joba to just go into the rotation so we can avoid this awkwardness.
2008-05-28 19:14:06
274.   Shaun P
270 I see your point ms october, I really do, and I do feel for Girardi; I'm glad I don't have to deal with the media. But I'm with RIYank on this one; Girardi is supposed to be different, and know better.

Of course, Terry Francona, who is among the most progressive-thinking of managers, left Papelbon on the bench last night instead of bringing him to pitch the 9th in a tie game on the road, when he damn well knows better . . . so maybe we're being hard on Girardi?

2008-05-28 19:16:30
275.   RIYank
Yeah, I guess I feel the same way, Shaun. That is: he's supposed to take the heat. But if he's imperfect, I could give him a pass.
2008-05-28 19:21:53
276.   ms october
272 273 274 i guess i see both sides of the decision. there are a lot of competing interests here - i'm not sure how they are being prioritized - it certainly seems like "win today" was not followed yesterday with not using joba yesterday to save him for today; but "win today" seems to have been followed today with bringing mo in and not get joba enough game action pitches. how much yesterday's loss influenced today's decision making is not really known.
2008-05-28 19:23:44
277.   williamnyy23
I don't think Girardi was worried about taking the heat. I just think he wanted to have a sure win. I love Joba and think he had a great chance to close the door, but no one is as automatic as Mo.

Also, I am not sure if Joba has ever gone 2 1/3 before, so I can fully understand Girardi not wanting to experiment. It's not like a failure to pitch the 9th is a huge setback anyway. I think the bottom line is Joba needs to go into the rotation immediately and simply progress with each start.

2008-05-28 19:25:38
278.   51cq24
276 but using him yesterday would have given him absolutely no opportunity to use other pitches in a game situation. not that he threw more than 1 or 2 non-fastball/sliders tonight, but it is a different situation.
2008-05-28 19:28:40
279.   williamnyy23
Giambi is now 4th in the AL in OPS+...simply amazing. Even more surprising are the names ahead of him: Bradley, Quentin and Hamilton.
2008-05-28 19:29:07
280.   ms october
278 i agree fully.
i just re-read my post and it was strangely written.
2008-05-28 19:30:42
281.   williamnyy23
278 Also, Joba has been warming up well in advance of his entry into the game. Using him in the 11th yesterday would have been more spur of the moment, and perhaps would have gone against whatever routine he is establishing.

This is one of the more unique situations any teamwill encounter. You can't blame Girardi for how he is handling it.

2008-05-28 19:32:55
282.   fansince77
I think we all know that Joba has to start a game next. Just start...that gives the manager the most options- if he is rolling along he goes 3 maybe 4 maybe even 5 innings- if he's not he goes two and it becomes a start for someone else...what's the big deal? This stupidity of Joba plan coming at the tail end of the game where you don't have leverage is just plain stupid!
2008-05-28 19:32:56
283.   RIYank
278 Yeah, that's a good point.
He did throw a couple of curves today. I don't think they were huge, dirty curves, but sandwiched between 99 mph heaters they were vicious.
2008-05-28 19:34:03
284.   Shaun P
279 Also known as 3 guys who played in the NL last year.

Kenny Williams absolutely stole Quentin from the D'backs. Its too bad the Yanks didn't have a grade-B power hitting prospect to have gotten Quentin.

2008-05-28 19:34:26
285.   RIYank
Hey, I wonder if he threw another two dozen pitches in the bullpen afterward... Why not?
2008-05-28 19:38:57
286.   williamnyy23
285 He did...he threw...sat down...and then threw again.

284 Or Hamilton from the's funny, the worm seems to be turning as marginal players from the NL seem to be having great success in the AL.

2008-05-28 19:39:27
287.   JimCobain
Andy on the post game did sound a little, hmm, "off put" when asked about Joba. "We would have had to fight it out on the mound if he was going 4-5." "We're trying to win a game out there"
2008-05-28 19:46:14
288.   Bama Yankee
267 Just getting caught up on the comments here... hey, wait a minute, I missed all the Alabama talk. Jeb, did you like Mama Maria's? I hear it's pretty good. I still find it hard to believe that the kid who won that Sterling contest only lives a few miles from my house.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, good win for our boys and congrats to SF Yanks on the millionth object...

Good night, all.

2008-05-28 19:52:50
289.   JL25and3
286 Obviously, Hamilton's performance last year was nothing like this year's, but I'm not sure I'd describe as marginal, either. He was basically platooned, and did two stints on the DL, so he only had 337 plate appearances. But he definitely made the most of those 337 PA.
2008-05-28 19:57:14
290.   Jeb
288 yeah that damn place is GOOD. Try the calzone. I normally eat in Ft. Payne but have tried this place twice and really like it. It was funny, the girls that take your orders were rolling their eyes when describing this kid's homerun calls. Apparently he is just like sterling. And they told me that sterling supposedly told the kid "when you're old enough to get into broadcasting, call me".

Just Think everyone. We'll be able to hear John sterling for 70 more years!

2008-05-28 19:59:57
291.   Jeb
289 imagine if they'd kept Hamilton with Bruce, griffey and Dunn! Holy cow.

But I guess the reds needed pitching and they got a good starter from Texas to go with cueto. If homer Bailey ever pans out the reds might be the next d-backs.

2008-05-28 20:16:36
292.   JL25and3
291 Yeah, good thing they fired that crappy GM.
2008-05-28 20:23:20
293.   Mattpat11
Mariano Rivera is good at the baseball.
2008-05-28 21:27:07
294.   OldYanksFan
Wakefield throws a 1 run, 5 hit game against Seattle. However, Bedard throws a 2 hit shut out. Seattle beats Boston, 1-0.
2008-05-28 21:29:28
295.   Chyll Will
288 I paraphrase Object # 999,000 for you, my friend; peesh!! >;)
2008-05-28 22:15:06
296.   tommyl
294 Want to bet on how many fly outs to left field those Boston boys hit tonight? Not so good away from Fenway this year, are they? :)

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