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Fo Real or Fugazi?
2008-05-22 12:31
by Alex Belth
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Yanks seek to keep looking good tonight with a (gasp) second straight win tonight against the Boids.  Ian Kennedy smirks and smiles a lot for a kid whose been pitching like a bum so far.  Like to see him smile for the right reasons tonight.  We'll see if he's got anything.    

Go git em smiling Jack.    

Let's Go Yan-kees.


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2008-05-22 16:09:26
1.   cult of basebaal
c'mon ian, let's get this turned around tonite
2008-05-22 16:13:05
2.   rbj
Dang, that was a quick inning.
2008-05-22 16:15:06
3.   cult of basebaal
good thing to see from IPK
2008-05-22 16:16:44
4.   Chyll Will
Also good to see our leadoff on base. Now let's push him across...
2008-05-22 16:17:36
5.   Chyll Will
Well, that was crappy...
2008-05-22 16:17:45
6.   rbj
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. Gotta pay attention.
2008-05-22 16:17:49
7.   williamnyy23
That is the definition of a bad break.
2008-05-22 16:18:02
8.   51cq24
nice play
2008-05-22 16:18:03
9.   cult of basebaal
well, that sucked
2008-05-22 16:21:04
10.   Yankees Brasil
Gotta give it up for Markakis, great play there.
2008-05-22 16:21:31
11.   williamnyy23
10 Watta fugazi!
2008-05-22 16:23:07
12.   Jeb
IPK needs to hit spots, pitch to contact, change speeds, and get ahead of hitters 70% of the time. Smoke 'em inside and go pound Budweisers!
2008-05-22 16:24:56
13.   Chyll Will
Millar swung at that like he was surprised he got a pitch like that...
2008-05-22 16:25:09
14.   Jeb
Is it just me or would anyone else prefer moeller to start more games over Molina?

I'm not suggesting we release Molina when Jorge comes back, just that moeller seems to be hitting better

2008-05-22 16:25:11
15.   rbj
They should just rename Luke Scott Luke Skywalker and be done with it. That's what always comes to my mind.
2008-05-22 16:28:49
16.   Yankees Brasil
Beautifully turned there. Another good inning for Kennedy. Time to put some runs on the board.
2008-05-22 16:28:53
17.   williamnyy23
14 I would like to see them split time because it seems obvious that Molina is not conditioned to play every day over a long stretch.
2008-05-22 16:30:24
18.   Chyll Will
14 Perhaps Moeller has a better rapport with the starters. Always something to consider...
2008-05-22 16:30:59
19.   williamnyy23
Four balls hit on point...hopefully that's a good sign.
2008-05-22 16:31:16
20.   Jeb
Pretty double play by and Derek jeter.

By the way, if anyone is interested, counting tonight we're about to go 12-6 over our next 18 games and will be 33-31.

2008-05-22 16:32:24
21.   Jeb
17 that's a very good way to put it.
2008-05-22 16:32:56
22.   williamnyy23
20 It's kind of depressing to think that after three weeks of .667 ball the team will still be only two games over .500. Still, I'd sign up for that without thinking.
2008-05-22 16:32:57
23.   Chyll Will
Can anyone else see Giambi with a Ron Jeremy mustache when he retires?
2008-05-22 16:33:59
24.   Schteeve
Now would be a good time for Forrest Slump to run into a fastball.
2008-05-22 16:34:07
25.   rbj
Wait, did Jason just go the other way?
2008-05-22 16:34:28
26.   Schteeve
23 See it? I demand it!
2008-05-22 16:35:07
27.   Schteeve
25 Jason whiffed, Shelley flew out to his pull field.
2008-05-22 16:35:38
28.   Chyll Will
26 Easy there, killer >;)
2008-05-22 16:37:47
29.   Schteeve
28 giambi is at the top of my "famous people I'd like to hang out with for a tremendously booze soaked weekend" list. But not in a gay way. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
2008-05-22 16:39:02
30.   rbj
27 D'oh.
2008-05-22 16:39:07
31.   williamnyy23
Kennedy can't implode here...the swings were good, but if the offense gets behind too much they are going to pack it up.
2008-05-22 16:39:54
32.   Yankees Brasil
Here we go, the big inning.
2008-05-22 16:40:55
33.   Schteeve
Moral victory if he gets out of this inning only down two.
2008-05-22 16:42:42
34.   Yankees Brasil
He's really like Moose, when something goes wrong, he loses it. Let's hope he gives up just a couple here.
2008-05-22 16:43:31
35.   williamnyy23
Giambi's defense is a real killer.
2008-05-22 16:43:37
36.   Just fair
Well done, Jason.
2008-05-22 16:43:55
37.   Alex Belth
Fo real or fugazi indeed!!! The old Billy Martin play! Classic. Snookered.
2008-05-22 16:44:09
38.   Yankees Brasil
Pathetic. No outs.
2008-05-22 16:44:25
39.   Chyll Will
Ugh, on a pitchout they still can't get anyone...
2008-05-22 16:45:24
40.   Chyll Will
Boy oh boy...
2008-05-22 16:46:10
41.   Eirias
33 We've become big on moral victories here at BB, no?
2008-05-22 16:46:18
42.   Yankees Brasil
Plate shy. Maybe he didn't spend enough time on the minors.
2008-05-22 16:46:21
43.   williamnyy23
IPK's starts are demoralizing. He can't deal with adversity and has pretty much never given the team much of a chance in his starts. I am desperate to see one flash to justify optimism and mitigate the mounting losses, but at this point, I just don't see it.
2008-05-22 16:46:42
44.   rsmith51
Giambi should have faked to third then go to second, but easy for me to say.
2008-05-22 16:47:13
45.   williamnyy23
Too bad the Yankees didn't just give up the run and take the out.
2008-05-22 16:47:22
46.   Yankees Brasil
Throw a goddam strike. Please.
2008-05-22 16:47:50
47.   rbj
I'm liking Darrell Rasner more and more.
2008-05-22 16:48:16
48.   Eirias
43 You were speaking?
2008-05-22 16:48:19
49.   Chyll Will
2008-05-22 16:48:53
50.   williamnyy23
48 Let's see what happens next...Markakis chased two balls.
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2008-05-22 16:50:14
51.   Chyll Will
Hate to say it, but that was a ball...
2008-05-22 16:51:38
52.   tommyl
There you go kid. Way to work out of it. Now go back to dealing.
2008-05-22 16:51:39
53.   rbj
Way to go IPK!
2008-05-22 16:52:02
54.   Alex Belth
That was a Man-Up moment for Kennedy. Let's hope he builds on it.
2008-05-22 16:52:23
55.   williamnyy23
Now the Yankees have to respond with the bats...they can't let Kennedy get back on the mound after a quick inning. I am sure he used a lot of energy in that inning.
2008-05-22 16:52:33
56.   Schteeve
Unbelieveable. Still walking Jay Payton (.238)with runner on and markakis (.383) on deck is inexcusable.
2008-05-22 16:53:08
57.   Yankees Brasil
Great for the kid. Showed some balls there, glad to say I was wrong about him folding on a big spot yet again!
2008-05-22 16:53:24
58.   Chyll Will
Sweet! Now they need to capitalize on the good vibe there. I wonder why the other players aren't visibly rallying around their young pitchers during times like this...
2008-05-22 16:53:48
59.   rbj
55 Cano didn't get that memo.
2008-05-22 16:54:06
60.   Chyll Will
20 pushups, now!
2008-05-22 16:54:20
61.   williamnyy23
55 On point, Cano hacks away and pops up the first pitch. The Yankee offense is simply not following a plan.
2008-05-22 16:54:47
62.   Jeb
IPK looked so damn good through 2 but at least he escaped with 1 run.
2008-05-22 16:54:53
63.   cult of basebaal
55 don't think this is the right part of the lineup for that

hey, lookie! 1st pitch swinging for robbie.

2008-05-22 16:56:16
64.   rbj
And what, Melky goes for the first pitch too?
2008-05-22 16:56:21
65.   cult of basebaal
63 AND melky ... sigh
2008-05-22 16:56:35
66.   Chyll Will
Molina should be told to run straight through first base, regardless of where he hits it. He runs REALLY ugly...
2008-05-22 16:56:52
67.   williamnyy23
Cano hacks on pitch 1, Molina hacks on 2-0, Mleky hacks on 1st pitch...I am sorry, but that's an example of a team that doesn't understand how you play winning baseball. It should be obivious that after that 3rd inning, the Yankees needed to really be patient and work the count. Instead, not one batter shows discipline. If the players won't do it themselves, the manager has to be there to make them.
2008-05-22 16:57:54
68.   rsmith51
Jeter swinging, too! What is this?
2008-05-22 16:58:08
69.   williamnyy23
67 But when the captain does it, how can you kill the kids.
2008-05-22 16:58:24
70.   Chyll Will
What the hell is Kevin Long telling or not telling these guys? Maybe Joe needs to beat them up and take their lunch money if they swing at the first pitch...
2008-05-22 16:58:52
71.   Yankees Brasil
Why is Jeter swinging at the first pitch?
2008-05-22 16:58:56
72.   williamnyy23
26 pitches in three innings...that's pathetic.
2008-05-22 16:59:34
73.   rsmith51
If they hit a rocket on the first pitch, you can understand, but they are not hitting it hard.
2008-05-22 17:00:41
74.   Yankees Brasil
This team doesn't walk anymore. They are getting away from what made them great. Burres has thrown like 25 pitches through 3. That is pathetic.
2008-05-22 17:00:57
75.   williamnyy23
71 My fear is it's a concession he is making because he doesn't feel as confident or as strong. It almost seems as if Jeter is guessing because he doesn't want to fall behind in the count. Jeter has never been Wade Boggs, but he has never been a hacker. If he doesn't revert to a more patient form, his offense will be league average at best.
2008-05-22 17:02:18
76.   williamnyy23
73 Even if they swing at first pitch fastballs down the middle and just miss it, but Jeter swung at a breaking ball that almost hit the dirt.
2008-05-22 17:02:27
77.   Schteeve
75 I sincerely believe Jeter hasn't been 100% physically all season.
2008-05-22 17:03:43
78.   Yankees Brasil
77 Since last season, you mean?
2008-05-22 17:03:48
79.   rbj
Nice play Molina.

And didn't there used to be kangaroo courts in clubhouses where players would fine each other for quick 3 pitch innings and the like? Jeter's been around long enough to know better.

2008-05-22 17:03:56
80.   williamnyy23
77 I hope that's the case...but then maybe he needs to take time off to get healthy. His offensive level combined with his defense is turning him into a very ordinary player.
2008-05-22 17:05:31
81.   williamnyy23
Now that's impressive by aggressive, strong inning after struggling.
2008-05-22 17:06:23
82.   Yankees Brasil
At least Kennedy came back strong. Maybe this is the inning!
2008-05-22 17:08:33
83.   Schteeve
78 No, last season he OPS+'d 121 which is perfectly in line with his career mark.

His OBP was forty points higher and his SLG thirty three points higher last year.

80 Totally agree.

2008-05-22 17:11:28
84.   Chyll Will
are we all in agreement that was a foul ball? >;)
2008-05-22 17:14:42
85.   Chyll Will
I see he's trying to hit it the other way. maybe his extremities are so big they physically can't go the other way...
2008-05-22 17:15:29
86.   Chyll Will
Hey, if you're gonna pull, then pull OVER the shift...
2008-05-22 17:15:32
87.   rbj
Take that, shift.

But Jason, bubby, would it kill you to take the ball the other way once in a while?

2008-05-22 17:16:20
88.   Schteeve
Giambi's EQA is .293.
2008-05-22 17:16:24
89.   Chyll Will
I hope you guys haven't gone blind because I commented three times in a row...
2008-05-22 17:17:12
90.   Chyll Will
87 That's the rumor...
2008-05-22 17:18:29
91.   rbj
Dang, I thought Shelley nailed. Still, a run's a run.
2008-05-22 17:18:45
92.   Chyll Will
Great, warning track power...
2008-05-22 17:19:16
93.   Yankees Brasil
Phew, a run, at least.
2008-05-22 17:19:25
94.   Schteeve
92 Shane Spencer 2.0
2008-05-22 17:20:03
95.   Schteeve
F'n Cano. I'd bench his ass for a week.
2008-05-22 17:20:07
96.   rbj
Well, off to the Irish pub for Guinness and consversation (and why is it still cool enough for Guinness).
2008-05-22 17:20:52
97.   Yankees Brasil
Cano still taking weak hacks at pitches out of the zone.
2008-05-22 17:23:53
98.   Schteeve
'nother yuge inning for Kennedy.
2008-05-22 17:25:28
99.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Ohayo Gozaimasu. Hot friday morning, 1-1 game..things good so far. How's A-Rod's swing look? havn't seen the two dingers from last two games yet...
2008-05-22 17:28:42
100.   williamnyy23
That was the first inning that I can recall in which IPK worked with a consistently 90+ fastball. Now, he needs to be more consistent with his other pitches, particuarly the change.
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2008-05-22 17:29:02
101.   williamnyy23
99 Two "just missed" pop-ups.
2008-05-22 17:29:36
102.   williamnyy23
99 meant in general. His swing looks excellent.
2008-05-22 17:29:45
103.   RIYank
Yo. I'm just arriving too. Hm, it looks like almost all of our outs are to the outfield, which seems like a good sign but a little frustrating?

Anyone see the two salamis for the BoSox today? And then they came kind of close to blowing an enormous lead. Entertaining game.

2008-05-22 17:31:26
104.   Yankees Brasil
Poor Molina.
2008-05-22 17:32:15
105.   Jeb
Gotta love IPK's moxie. We're going to win this mother fucking game and go 12-6.
2008-05-22 17:33:32
106.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
103 saw them on the morning news here..Japanese tv is in full Red Sox Nation mode these days, it's ESPN still piling on the RSN crap?? Wish Gammons would go out like Buster Douglas..
2008-05-22 17:34:17
107.   Yankees Brasil
Can we hit one out tonight, please?
2008-05-22 17:35:34
108.   Yankees Brasil
That is pretty pathetic. The inning we were taking pitches we scored a run. Why go for the first pitch Damon?!
2008-05-22 17:36:20
109.   RIYank
106 Oh right, especially when Dice-K pitches, of course. I was looking at his secondary stats, by the way, and he appears to have been pretty lucky so far this season (lots of walks and a very low BABiP).

I don't watch ESPN.

2008-05-22 17:38:32
110.   RIYank
Wow, IPK just made Markakis look very foolish.
2008-05-22 17:42:31
111.   Eirias
I love the stirrups.
2008-05-22 17:42:38
112.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Edvar time??
2008-05-22 17:46:59
113.   tommyl
Hell of an outing kid. Seems to be learning, no?
2008-05-22 17:47:14
114.   RIYank
So, IPK has turned the corner, right?
2008-05-22 17:48:25
115.   tommyl
110 BP had a line about this today. Dice-K's fly/ground ratio is a bit up, which they are theorizing may lead to a slightly lower BABIP. We'll have to see as the season goes on.
2008-05-22 17:48:36
116.   RIYank
113 114 They said, hopefully...
2008-05-22 17:50:14
117.   Just fair
Does anyone else think this was a bit of a "smoke and mirror" outing? I agree the O's were not getting mighty good swings on Ian's fastball. But I also saw way too many 1-0 and 2-0 counts. That was quite a tightrope.
2008-05-22 17:50:28
118.   Jeb
114 its a good start if nothing else. 1 run over 6 is a hell of a start. If he can have a couple more outings he'll be okay. BUT he was a bit lucky in the 3rd AND he walked too many hitters. He really needs to be walking < 2 per 9 IP with his K rate.
2008-05-22 17:50:29
119.   RIYank
115 Huh. But it's very low, like .200.
2008-05-22 17:54:11
120.   Eirias
117 Anything is an improvement. I'll take the tightrope over a noose anytime.
2008-05-22 17:54:20
121.   williamnyy23
117 It wasn't a great outing by any stretch, but he did show a good fastball, which is something he hasn't had all year. Now, he still needs to work on his other pitches. If he can establish and use those effectively, then I'll say he has turned the corner.
2008-05-22 17:54:54
122.   Just fair
And the Dead Bats Society has made its triumphant return.
Damn you, A-Rod. : )
2008-05-22 17:55:28
123.   williamnyy23
This offensive performance is demoralizing. I was hoping yesterday might be a starting point, but the approaches are still pretty poor. Brian Burress is a nice pitcher, but to breeze through six innings says more about the offense than it does about him.
2008-05-22 17:56:10
124.   Max
122 We really miss Jorge's bat. Yeah, that's it.
2008-05-22 17:59:01
125.   Chyll Will
120 That's probably what Sir Percival said that to King Arthur when he brought him the Holy Grail...
2008-05-22 18:01:03
126.   Eirias
Answer = Edwar
2008-05-22 18:02:13
127.   Eirias
125 Percival never fully saw the Holy Grail.
2008-05-22 18:03:01
128.   Chyll Will
2008-05-22 18:03:31
129.   RIYank
127 Exactly! That was Chyll's point.
2008-05-22 18:04:13
130.   tommyl
Meanwhile, Santana is losing to the Braves tonight. I expect an appropriate quote from Hank tomorrow.
2008-05-22 18:05:04
131.   Chyll Will
127 Yeah, I never saw the whole thing either. For some reason I always get interrupted after the killer rabbits, then it's pieces after that >;)
2008-05-22 18:06:36
132.   Chyll Will
129 Thanks >;)
2008-05-22 18:08:42
133.   Chyll Will
Anybody just get a sinking feeling just now?
2008-05-22 18:09:23
134.   Eirias
129 Indeed.
2008-05-22 18:11:08
135.   Chyll Will
Ughhowww!! That was ugly...
2008-05-22 18:12:42
136.   Yankees Brasil
I was told Shelley was a major leaguer against lefties. He sure ain't backing them up.

And Cano's performance is just disgusting.

2008-05-22 18:13:22
137.   OldYanksFan
Jeez... to get 6 IP from our starter with onnly 1 run surrendered and this still isn't a cakewalk for us. Terrible.
2008-05-22 18:13:32
138.   seattleyank
Cano is going to drive me to drink. He has absolutely no approach to hitting. See ball, swing. Does he realize there's no shot clock in baseball?
2008-05-22 18:14:14
139.   Just fair
Man, Burres is beyond filthy. Another Cy Young canidate the Yankees have faced so far. The list keeps growing. Robbie's really been murdering those 1st pitches tonight. Ah, the frustration sure brings out the sarcasm.
Kyle, you can make it all better. ?
2008-05-22 18:15:08
140.   RIYank
136 He is a major leaguer against lefties.

Oh, wait, the three plate appearances today show that I'm wrong. Sorry.

2008-05-22 18:15:30
141.   OldYanksFan
oh shit....
2008-05-22 18:16:05
142.   RIYank
The Cano first-pitch thing is really weird. Although they were good pitches. Maybe that was his 'approach'.
2008-05-22 18:16:19
143.   Chyll Will
Hmm... the shock therapy seems to be having some sort of effect.
2008-05-22 18:17:21
144.   RIYank
143 On you, or Kyle??
2008-05-22 18:17:54
145.   Chyll Will
143 Hmm...
2008-05-22 18:18:09
146.   seattleyank
142 But don't you suspect he would have swung even if they weren't?
2008-05-22 18:19:17
147.   Yankees Brasil
140 He's the hitter version of Jeff Karstens. He's absolutely insane against triple-A, and absolutely mediocre against Major League.
2008-05-22 18:19:25
148.   Chyll Will
144 When I start quoting SABR stats on cue, then we'll know...
2008-05-22 18:20:03
149.   RIYank
146 I dunno. I have a feeling there was a pre-game discussion or something. I mean, there were a lot of Yanks swinging at first pitches, weren't there? Or at least early in the count?
2008-05-22 18:21:14
150.   Yankees Brasil
149 Too many.
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2008-05-22 18:21:36
151.   Chyll Will
Molina really must need to sit down or something. That was awful...
2008-05-22 18:22:13
152.   RIYank
147 His OPS against MAJOR LEAGUE lefties is .851.
2008-05-22 18:23:01
153.   Just fair
Duncan's strike 3 swinging + Molina's strike 3 swinging + Melky's strike 3 swinging = punching myself in the face. Oy.
2008-05-22 18:23:55
154.   Yankees Brasil
Not a single walk tonight. That says a lot about the offense and how bad they are.
2008-05-22 18:25:33
155.   OldYanksFan
So... if it is still tied, who pitches the 9th?
2008-05-22 18:27:20
156.   Yankees Brasil
Best AB's tonight were by Damon and Giambi, 2 lefties. Go figure.
2008-05-22 18:27:34
157.   RIYank
155 I say Mo. (I was just thinking about that question.)
2008-05-22 18:28:46
158.   Just fair
Conspiracy theory #343a4
Girardi banned Bigelow Green Tea from the clubhouse along with the candy. Henceforth derelaxifying the hitters and anxiousing them into swinging early in the count. Maybe?
2008-05-22 18:31:15
159.   williamnyy23
If Mo doesn't pitch the 9th, then Girardi was the wrong choice as manager.
2008-05-22 18:31:16
160.   Alex Belth
Gotta go to Mo. And then have A Rod hit the game winner into the black. Whatta ya say?
2008-05-22 18:34:18
161.   OldYanksFan
Lets vote on 160
2008-05-22 18:34:35
162.   Jeb
I hate SANDY DUNCAN and hope she and her ugly warning track ass get DFA'd after the game.
2008-05-22 18:35:09
163.   Chyll Will
160 Second!
2008-05-22 18:35:29
164.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
160 c'mon man, Edvar then the game-winning tater from Engsberg is what we all want!
2008-05-22 18:36:00
165.   Chyll Will
161 I have both hands up...
2008-05-22 18:36:13
166.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
162 hey, don't talk shit about the Wheat Thin Peter Pan, man
2008-05-22 18:36:26
167.   Chyll Will
That deserves applause. Sweet...
2008-05-22 18:39:45
168.   Chyll Will
Mo's motion makes any pitch look beautiful...
2008-05-22 18:40:07
169.   Jeb
166 sheeyut..that biayatch sold out when she made "The Cat from Outer Space" and her OPS sucks.
2008-05-22 18:40:17
170.   SF Yanks
Mo is a God.
2008-05-22 18:40:40
171.   RIYank
Okay, part one was successfully executed. Now it's A-Rod time.
2008-05-22 18:41:37
172.   Chyll Will
La Femme Fatale pitch. Magnifique!
2008-05-22 18:41:55
173.   Jeb
Will Bobby pinch hit for Sandy Duncan?
2008-05-22 18:42:15
174.   Yankees Brasil
Now Matsui doubles and Alex drives him in with a single.
2008-05-22 18:43:11
175.   Jeb
Did you guys know Sandy Duncan made a movie in 2001 called "G Spots?" ? I wonder what that one was about.
2008-05-22 18:44:26
176.   Just fair
[175} I've looked for it at Blockbuster, but I couldn't find it.
2008-05-22 18:44:29
177.   OldYanksFan
Well... so far, it looks like we haven't overpaid for Mo too badly.
2008-05-22 18:45:44
178.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
175 surely you jest, Jeb...i
2008-05-22 18:45:46
179.   Chyll Will
2008-05-22 18:45:54
180.   RIYank
Very nice. Now Johnson won't want to pitch around A-Rod.
2008-05-22 18:46:16
181.   Jeb
2008-05-22 18:46:17
182.   Chyll Will
Here we go...
2008-05-22 18:46:59
183.   OldYanksFan
175 Astronomy? Wendy's weakness? Conterfeiting?
2008-05-22 18:47:35
184.   RIYank
Part Two didn't go according to plan.
2008-05-22 18:47:42
185.   Chyll Will
2008-05-22 18:47:53
186.   OldYanksFan
What does Peter Pan NOT have?
2008-05-22 18:48:15
187.   Jeb
179 WOW, the plot reads like a real nut-filled turd.
2008-05-22 18:48:42
188.   OldYanksFan
ARod trying to do too much.
2008-05-22 18:49:16
189.   Chyll Will
Abreu up for Sheldon...
2008-05-22 18:49:43
190.   Just fair
186 ] A Michael Jackson complex.
2008-05-22 18:50:28
191.   Jeb
186 she was actually kind of hot in 1973 in a sassy kind of way...but she has 2 damn RBI's on the season...the seasson!
2008-05-22 18:50:47
192.   Chyll Will
2008-05-22 18:50:58
193.   Just fair
Fire up the troops, Joe. That's what I've been waiting for. If only for personal satisfaction.
2008-05-22 18:51:19
194.   weeping for brunnhilde
He's hot!

Go Joe!

2008-05-22 18:51:19
195.   tommyl
Wow, that was not a Torre argument there.
2008-05-22 18:51:35
196.   SF Yanks
Holy smokes, he's fired up! I'm not sure what the argument is though...
2008-05-22 18:51:52
197.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
192 192 What?? help out is GameDay viewers!
2008-05-22 18:52:00
198.   Chyll Will
Joe, I bow to thee... that needed to be said and done. Period.
2008-05-22 18:52:03
199.   OldYanksFan
Good theater here.
2008-05-22 18:52:17
200.   JL25and3
Pretty good show by Girardi except...come on, if you're going to throw your cap on the ground, you can't stop in the middle of the tirade to walk over and pick it up.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-05-22 18:52:37
201.   Jeb
Yeah Joe...walking slowly up the tunnel....knocks out a light....enters clubhouse....starts to sit down...turns over buffet table....begins sobbing.
2008-05-22 18:52:55
202.   Yankees Brasil
Pathetic call.
2008-05-22 18:52:58
203.   Alex Belth
That was a great little spaz, thanks Joe!
2008-05-22 18:53:41
204.   JL25and3
202 It might have been a perfectly good call, we can't really tell.
2008-05-22 18:53:48
205.   Just fair
Hey, this might be the night Cano turns it around.
2008-05-22 18:54:06
206.   SF Yanks
203 Wasn't it though? That was awesome.
2008-05-22 18:54:10
207.   tommyl
Robbie all can be forgiven. Just get a single here...
2008-05-22 18:54:12
208.   Alex Belth
C'mon Robbie, YOU need this as much as WE do!
2008-05-22 18:54:20
209.   Chyll Will
197 Giambi got a delayed punchout on a foul-tip on the bottom of his bat. Joe went out there and ripped the ump a new one and got tossed. That was a long time coming, for sure...
2008-05-22 18:54:38
210.   OldYanksFan
Mo in the 10th I assume?
2008-05-22 18:54:42
211.   Jeb
waive to dive out of the way, Bobby..

Robby? First pitch grounder to second?

2008-05-22 18:54:44
212.   RIYank
Can't complain about Girardi today.
2008-05-22 18:55:20
213.   Yankees Brasil
204 The problem was it took him a looong time to make the call. And he made the call after Hernandez told him something. Almost like he didn't want to make the call but made because Hernandez asked for it.
2008-05-22 18:55:26
214.   tommyl
He took one! Ok...take your time man.
2008-05-22 18:55:39
215.   Jeb
Cano should be fined $5,OOO everytime he swings at the first pitch and DOESNT get a hit.
2008-05-22 18:56:25
216.   SF Yanks
2008-05-22 18:56:27
217.   tommyl
2008-05-22 18:56:31
218.   williamnyy23
Nice to finally have a feel good win!
2008-05-22 18:56:35
219.   Chyll Will
F@#% YEAH!!!
2008-05-22 18:56:42
220.   RIYank
210 Ain't gonna be no tenth!
2008-05-22 18:56:53
221.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
2008-05-22 18:56:54
222.   Just fair
Them's some happy dudes. Me too.
2008-05-22 18:57:07
223.   weeping for brunnhilde
Two off-field hits sandwiching a walk!

That's baseball!!


2008-05-22 18:57:14
224.   tommyl
That was a beautiful inning. Single, walk, single and we win the game.
2008-05-22 18:57:18
225.   Yankees Brasil
SWEEEET! Thank you Cano!
2008-05-22 18:57:42
226.   tommyl
Must say, near perfect managing by Girardi as well.
2008-05-22 18:57:56
227.   SF Yanks
Poor Matsui was chugging as fast as his little heart could take him...
2008-05-22 18:58:16
228.   williamnyy23
Girardi's argument, and the Yankees win, are Willie Randolph's worst nightmare.
2008-05-22 18:58:21
229.   weeping for brunnhilde
227 Yes he was!
2008-05-22 18:58:25
230.   Yankees Brasil
Maybe THIS gets him going.
2008-05-22 18:59:24
231.   Jeb
WE WIN THE SERIES...Fuck you Baltimore and your 12-2 win. Thanks for throwing at the Captain.

11-6 over the next 17 boys; the tide is turning.

2008-05-22 18:59:25
232.   Alex Belth
228, you are SO right. There's your talk radio, tabloid angle vindicated right there. Oy! Still, great finish to a great game.
2008-05-22 18:59:27
233.   tommyl
228 Especially because they lost with Santana on the mound.
2008-05-22 18:59:40
234.   Dimelo
What the f- was Cano saying there?
2008-05-22 18:59:53
235.   Chyll Will
Robbie needs to remember this every time he goes to bat from here on. That was a damn good finish and we need to play like this all the damn time!
2008-05-22 18:59:59
236.   RIYank
I have to admit that the two opposite-field singles wrapped around the BB really were as satisfying as, oh, say, an A-Bomb.
2008-05-22 19:00:00
237.   Yankees Brasil
And we won a game they scored first! Great win tonight.
2008-05-22 19:00:00
238.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hey, I missed most of the game, but wow, Kennedy! Great job!
2008-05-22 19:00:39
239.   RIYank
238 Yep. And Farns, believe it or not.
2008-05-22 19:02:19
240.   weeping for brunnhilde
239 Yeah, I did catch ole Farnsy.

He looked sharp.


2008-05-22 19:03:11
241.   Chyll Will
239 Shock therapy, I'm telling you...
2008-05-22 19:03:15
242.   tommyl
Jason Lane is being taught 1B down in Scranton. Shelly's days may be numbered.
2008-05-22 19:03:49
243.   OldYanksFan
It is SOOOOOOOOOOOO scary watching Matsui run in a crucial situation. He looks like those dreams you have where you are running from something but moving in slow motion.
2008-05-22 19:04:37
244.   RIYank
240 I'm praying that his trade value is going up. And that that's also the reason Girardi was talking him up the other day...
2008-05-22 19:05:47
245.   Jeb
242 who is Shelly? Do you mean Sandy?
2008-05-22 19:06:06
246.   Mattpat11
That was one of the first encouraging wins all year
2008-05-22 19:06:07
247.   RIYank
242 I loved him in "The Producers".
(Since this is Musical Theater name-switcheroo night.)
2008-05-22 19:07:21
248.   OldYanksFan
242 Once Betemin is back, Shelly is gone. I think AG, Shelly and Ensberg are replaced by Betemin, Lane and Gardner?
2008-05-22 19:08:31
249.   weeping for brunnhilde
Wtf just happened with that rundown?

(Watching the recap.)

2008-05-22 19:09:56
250.   Mattpat11
249 Roberts fake fell down to distract the fielders in hopes Bynum would score
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2008-05-22 19:10:12
251.   Jeb
247 Outstanding RIYank!

He was also great paying a gay man in "the birdcage"....later we learned that he wasn't actually acting.

2008-05-22 19:11:47
252.   weeping for brunnhilde
250 I see. He didn't actually slip, then.

I'm not sure I've ever seen that before.

Still, shouldn't an out be recorded when that happens, somehow?

2008-05-22 19:12:13
253.   RIYank
251 In fact, I was groping around in my mind for "The Birdcage" but couldn't remember what it was called, so I went with "The Producers".
2008-05-22 19:13:15
254.   OldYanksFan
And Alou is back on the DL. Bad times in Queens.
2008-05-22 19:13:22
255.   Mattpat11
248 I'm no sure I enjoy watching a decent player less than I do Wilson Betemit.

He's horrendous in the field, and those long, looping strikeouts just drive me nuts.

2008-05-22 19:14:15
256.   Jeb
252 he was playing possum.
2008-05-22 19:14:21
257.   williamnyy23
246 It was exciting, but I am not sure if it was encouraging. The bats were silent yet again, and we all know that as nice as it is to see IPK, Veras and Farns pitch well, this team goes nowhere if the bats don't awaken.

Bedard and Felix are up would be nice to see the offense lock in for those two.

2008-05-22 19:14:22
258.   Mattpat11
252 Bynum never got all that far from third.
2008-05-22 19:14:51
259.   Jeb
254 wah...fuck 'em
2008-05-22 19:15:10
260.   Mattpat11
Matsui runs like me
2008-05-22 19:16:15
261.   williamnyy23
Kay is being a little unfair here...Joe Torre had some heated arguments. I was a critic of his late career game management, but never thought he lacked passion to win games.
2008-05-22 19:16:23
262.   Mattpat11
257 The Yankees didn't roll over. Its maybe the second or third time all year that the team didn't was competitive in the late innings
2008-05-22 19:18:03
263.   Mattpat11
261 There was one argument, maybe three years ago, when Torre was ranting and raving, and the ump said something, and Torre responded with a big animated sarcastic "OOOOOH"

It was awesome.

2008-05-22 19:19:26
264.   JL25and3
Nice win. And, unlike last night, they did it without exceeding their allotment of 2 runs.
2008-05-22 19:19:41
265.   RIYank
256 Speaking of possum, the Celtics are tied midway through the third quarter.
2008-05-22 19:19:56
266.   Jeb
257 262 A win is encouraging. A lot of this game is confidence. You string a few W's together and away we go. I want us to take more pitches, but at least we played like we care.
2008-05-22 19:20:12
267.   RIYank
264 And thus avoiding the fine from MLB, right?
2008-05-22 19:20:27
268.   Mattpat11
Kay: Farnsworth not sucking was a BIG NIGHT FOR THE YANKEE ORGANIZATION.

Is there some relationship between this two men?

2008-05-22 19:21:28
269.   RIYank
I like our 2-1 win better than the Sox' 11-8. Of course that's partly because I am totally confident that we'll score a bunch of runs this season.
2008-05-22 19:21:54
270.   Jeb
268 yep, like the Nathan Lane/Sandy Duncan relationship.

I have no idea what I'm talking about.

2008-05-22 19:24:27
271.   williamnyy23
262 I hear you, but if the Orioles had scored two runs, what would be saying?
2008-05-22 19:26:33
272.   Jeb
269 couple wins will do that to you. Mark my words, we're going to go 11-6 (I said 12 and 6, but we already won tonight)

2 of 3 against Seattle
2 of 3 at baltimore
2 of 4 at Minnesota
2 of 3 against Toronto
3 of 4 against KC

That will put us at 33-31 (roughly the same as last year). We gotta take these baby steps.

BUT unlike last year when we were 33-31 (or maybe it was 32-30), we will not lost 9 of the next 11 because we'll have Oakland, Houston, San Diego, Cincy, and the Pittsburgh Welfare Queens.

2008-05-22 19:28:45
273.   Jeb
272 I meant we will not LOSE 9 of 11, not LOST! that's two days in a row when I've written lost when I meant lose. UGH.
2008-05-22 19:29:07
274.   Mattpat11
271 But they didn't. They scored one. If they scored two, maybe we score five the next inning. Its not fair to create a hypothetical situation where they play a different game but we play the same one.
2008-05-22 19:30:05
275.   RIYank
272 When the hell do we get to play Texas???
2008-05-22 19:32:04
276.   williamnyy23
274 I am not creating hypotheticals. I like the win, but I really didn't like the continued impatient approach. It was ok today because they only have up 1 run, but the Yankees wont be successful unless they start having better, longer ABs.
2008-05-22 19:32:31
277.   williamnyy23
275 Texas is playing very well later in the year works nicely.
2008-05-22 19:32:35
278.   Chyll Will
271 That's all well and good, but thankfully it didn't happen and I'll hope they take a lot from this and continue to win. If i were a player, I'd be looking forward to tomorrow and not thinking about how we escaped a loss. It's fine to speculate on potential failure, but it's just as well to celebrate a potential turning point.
2008-05-22 19:34:07
279.   Jeb
271 we'd be saying "extra innings" or we'd be hoping that the hitter after Cano also got a hit.

275 July. that's the best part. We'll roll into July and that's where we'll do some damage because we only have 2 road trips in July (to Boston and Toronto). We play 18 home games and 6 road games in July AND have 4 off days surrounding the all-star break. Plus, assuming we even have 1-2 all stars, they won't be traveling.

the worm is turning.

2008-05-22 19:34:14
280.   williamnyy23
278 Without a doubt...celebrate the win, but don't let it obscure the fact that you need to have better ABs.
2008-05-22 19:34:46
281.   RIYank
It would be so cool if the Celtics lost.
2008-05-22 19:34:58
282.   Jeb
271 no offense but IF your aunt had balls she'd be your Uncle.
2008-05-22 19:35:39
283.   Chyll Will
I also think a little more spark from the leaders will light a fire under everyone. What Joe did is exactly what we expected from him when he was hired, and the rest of this team needs to follow suit.
2008-05-22 19:36:47
284.   williamnyy23
282 Just so we are clear, were you happy with the offense today, especially all the early swinging in the count?

The diamond in Molina's ear is massive.

2008-05-22 19:36:51
285.   Jeb
281 Indeed. I want the spurs (not cause I'm a fan) because they just seem to have a team thing down.
2008-05-22 19:37:20
286.   Mattpat11
280 The better at bats will come. First the Yankees have to go through their annual run where they take for the sake of taking and all strike out looking on the fourth pitch. After they go through the two extremes, they usually start lining up smart at bats.
2008-05-22 19:39:43
287.   williamnyy23
286 I don't think the Yankees have ever gone this long into the season with such a low OBP. With Alex and Jorge on the way, I am also hopeful the good ABs will come, but can't say I am encouraged until I start to see the signs.
2008-05-22 19:39:58
288.   Chyll Will
280 Cano certainly concentrated more with his last at-bat, and that I'm certain was from the sudden ire everyone had. If these guys can internalize that in their overall play, the hits and runs will come by the dozen.
2008-05-22 19:41:00
289.   Jeb
282 nope I wasn't. I want us to take more pitches, draw more walks, etc. But sometimes that's dictated by the pitcher a bit. That guy tonight hit the strike zone and forced players to swing.

He's a good pitcher and a lefty and we all know that the Yanks have done horribly against Lefties this season.

So I'm not happy with the hitting. But when it counted, Cano took two pitches and got a good pitch to hit. That's lesson #1 from "the science of hitting" by Ted Williams (one of the best OBP guys ever) -- GET A GOOD PITCH TO HIT.

Maybe they can start taking more pitches and get on-base a bit more. I blame Kevin Long for that. We've missed two guys with OBP's in the .380's to .400 and they would put more pressure on the pitcher and defense.

2008-05-22 19:43:20
290.   RIYank
285 I'd be perfectly happy with the Pistons or the Spurs (I'd love to see one of those two teams go to the Olympics for us instead of an all-star team), but mainly I want the Celtics to lose. I mean, I can't even think about the... you know, that basketball team I assume most of us root for... ugh. So instead I'm anti-Celtics. (Even though I have a man-crush on Ray Allen, it's the laundry.)

And indeed they trail by nine at the end of the third! Sweet.

2008-05-22 19:46:17
291.   Chyll Will
290 I root for no one. My team is dead to me...
2008-05-22 19:48:06
292.   RIYank
291 So, no Schadenfreude, even? You can't even root against someone?
2008-05-22 19:50:09
293.   Jeb
289 To amplify my answer a bit more, Burres threw 99 pitches and 70 of them were strikes. So we could take pitches all night and be down 0-2 in the count. Sometimes, like I said, the pitcher will dictate how much you can take pitches. Burres didn't walk anyone either.
2008-05-22 19:52:43
294.   williamnyy23
293 Yes, but every first pitch hack counts as a strike. I don't think Burres was exceptional by any means. Instead, I think the Yankees impatience really helped him out.

A win is a win and I'll gladly take it. I just hope the approach improves.

2008-05-22 19:55:10
295.   Chyll Will
292 I root against my team, if that counts... and I don't even have to gamble on it.
2008-05-22 22:49:04
296.   weeping for brunnhilde
I just had a theory: Do you suppose Melky started fading because of pressure, when the others went down?

Because he was really hitting before, but then, when suddenly he became an important bat, he kind of disappeared.

I hope that's what it is, because I starting to have minor concerns that he can't hit a consistent .280-290 with a bunch of walks.

2008-05-22 23:37:09
297.   Chyll Will
296 Weep, the thing is Melky should not be in any way made to carry a lineup, especially since he hasn't reached his peak yet. He's how old again? And we expect him to just flip a switch when the power bats go down and replace that production?

No, and that's partly why Jose Tabata took a powder for a few days, in AA no less. They're kids, for chrissake... this is not KC or Tampa, where the expectations are a whole lot less and the draft picks are much higher, this is NY where everyone has lost their blasted minds because we've won four rings and have consistently made the playoffs for the past decade plus... it's insanity to think that the pressure he's under in this kind of situation is standard for baseball.

I kinda think Joe knows this too, and though his flipping out obviously made an impression on everyone who saw it, he himself said he didn't do it to motivate his team, he was genuinely angry (though he wouldn't say it on the record).

I believe that illustrates how much we take for granted; we miss so much of the obvious because we always try to analyze what people say or do without any regard for them personally. Why try to rationalize it? Eff it, he'll either do or don't; sooner if we leave him alone and let him function with his team.

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