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Hey, Howze About an Old Fashioned Win?
2008-05-21 13:56
by Alex Belth
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Mr. Rasner is on the hill for the Bombers tonight who are in desperate need of a win, of something, anything to feel good about.  The Yanks are wearing us out early once again, our legendary calm and patience being put to the test.  But that's cool, we ain't going nowhere.  So, nevermind the bollocks...

Let's Go Yankees!

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2008-05-21 14:12:08
1.   tommyl
Are we down to rooting for moral victories? Even those are few and far between these days. I don't even remember what it feels like to win a game anymore.
2008-05-21 14:24:46
2.   Shaun P
1 Is A-Rod hitting a crap load of home runs a moral victory?
2008-05-21 14:39:43
3.   tommyl
2 Or rooting for Edwar to outpitch Joba so that we can all see he should be moved to the rotation?
2008-05-21 14:48:09
4.   rbj
I consider scoring more runs than the other team to be a moral victory.
2008-05-21 14:50:18
5.   Jeb
I've made my mind up (Again Again)

When we look back at this season and ask "when did the turnaround start?" the answer is going to be "that second game against the Orioles in May."

Ok - I've posted this twice and we've lost 11-2 and 12-2. So now we lost 13-2?

2008-05-21 14:57:01
6.   ms october
1 i think that picture was taken the last time the yanks won

5 okay - you better be right this time :}

2008-05-21 14:57:15
7.   Jeb
5 I mean "lose" not "lost"

By the way, I really think it is time for Joba to get into the rotation. We need to get him 146 innings so that he can pitch 176 next season. They should send him down for the rest of May early June and get him ready. Then, his first start should be on June 20 against the Reds (because I'll be in the house).

2008-05-21 14:58:35
8.   rbj
Hey, great end to the Chelsea - Man U. game.
2008-05-21 14:59:01
9.   Jeb
8 who won?
2008-05-21 15:14:49
10.   Orly Yarly NoWai
9 I'll give you a hint. It was a team full of complete bastards.

...I guess I should be more specific.

(6) Man U 1 - 1 Chelsea (5)

2008-05-21 15:45:46
11.   kylepetterson
7 No, he means lost. Jeb has a time machine. It's nice. He took me back to 1983 to see Air Supply. I'm pretty sure we both cried when they played Making Love out of Nothing at All.
2008-05-21 15:58:28
12.   OldYanksFan
"...our legendary calm and patience being put to the test"
Are you speaking of William?

Guys, I rooted for the Yankees many years when there was no chance of competing. '67 and '68 were about NOT finishing 10th... last place.

So we did pick our moral victories because there was nothing else. Before Mickey retired, it was simply about seeing Mickey and praying for a good day. I remember rooting for any ONE player, ANY player, to have a .300 average. Then, in '69 it was about a new rookie named Munson, and our one God, Bobby Murcer, hitting more then 25 HRs.

There were small lights here and there, and even a couple of 2nd place finishes. For me, there was no Post Season for TWELVE years... 1976, before we FINALLY beat our nemisis, the Baltimore Orioles.

12 years guys. A number of teams that were not as good as KC or Pittsburg is today. So don't take it for granted and put all your karmic energy into the boys this year.... because they REALLY need it!

Trivia Question: In 1956, Mickey lead the AL in batting with a .353 BA. A NY Yankee only led the league THREE times, with 3 different players, in the next 51 years. Can you name them? And which one bested Mickey's .353?
(And NO looking it up!)

2008-05-21 16:03:08
13.   OldYanksFan
By the way, more good news via PeteAbe:
Chien-Ming Wang is questionable for his start on Saturday. He strained his right calf covering first base on Sunday. They're going to see how his bullpen goes tomorrow before making any decisions. Wang had an MRI that revealed a Grade 1 (or mild) strain.
2008-05-21 16:03:41
14.   Just fair
Before the game, the batting order should gather and sing,
"Cuz I, wanna be, ANARCHY."
Come on, fellas! Let's go already.
2008-05-21 16:11:08
15.   Simone
The Yankees better win tonight. I'm crushed from Chelsea's loss. Damn you, Didier Drogba.
2008-05-21 16:18:36
16.   dianagramr
tonight (rain) would have been a good night to rest Jeter given his banged-up hand
2008-05-21 16:22:31
17.   SF Yanks
Wow! That was about 6 feet inside. What's the point of having a good eye?!?!?!!
2008-05-21 16:24:04
18.   OldYanksFan
I guess the umps don't mind when the catcher pulls his glove 6 inches in after the making the catch. Jeez!
2008-05-21 16:25:27
19.   OldYanksFan
It's time to use hi-tec to calls balls and strikes... at least the inside/outside/over the plate part. There are just too many bad calls.
2008-05-21 16:27:52
20.   rilkefan
The above on the strike 3 call on A-Rod? Gameday seemed to have it inside...
2008-05-21 16:31:09
21.   Just fair
Chuck Meriweather looks like Scatman Crothers from "The Shining." All losses and no hits with risp make Yankees fans go crazy.
2008-05-21 16:36:00
22.   tommyl
What's this called? "Lead" I do not understand.
2008-05-21 16:37:07
23.   SF Yanks
22 I think it's something to do with a runner taking a lead off the base?
2008-05-21 16:37:09
24.   vockins
Hey, I recognize that guy! That guy that hit that double!
2008-05-21 16:37:27
25.   tommyl
A hit with a runner on second? That's not the Yankee way! Fine him!
2008-05-21 16:38:20
26.   JL25and3
I'm confused. The Yankees have a higher number next to their name than the other team. What does that mean?
2008-05-21 16:38:51
27.   tommyl
26 The Apocalypse I think.
2008-05-21 16:38:55
28.   JL25and3
21 Scatman Crothers. Dead on.
2008-05-21 16:39:07
29.   rbj
26 I'm not sure. I think there is some new math where 0 is more than 2.
2008-05-21 16:39:50
30.   ChrisS
26 Got me.

I was wondering that Cano feller and Moeller guy hit the ball on the screws and didn't tap weakly to 2nd.

2008-05-21 16:40:38
31.   SF Yanks
3 hits in a row? Must be a record this season.
2008-05-21 16:40:58
32.   OldYanksFan
No answers to the Trivia Question in 12 ?
2008-05-21 16:42:57
33.   tommyl
Walking? Working a count? Where are the 2008 Yankees?
2008-05-21 16:43:07
34.   Just fair
This is the night that gets Cano going. Hey Jeter, take a pitch will ya'.
2008-05-21 16:44:07
35.   ChrisS

1994 - Paul O'Neill .359 (strike shortened)

2008-05-21 16:44:37
36.   ChrisS
I like what Rasner is giving the team.
2008-05-21 16:44:57
37.   rbj
12 , 32 One is Bernie, one is Donnie. Not sure about the numbers.
2008-05-21 16:45:22
38.   Just fair
32 Paul O'Neill, Bernie Williams, and Donnie Baseaball. Did Bernie hit over 353. Am I ever close?
2008-05-21 16:45:23
39.   JL25and3
32 Sorry...I knew the three names right off the bat. Mattingly, O'Neill, Williams.
2008-05-21 16:45:26
40.   rbj
Yes, really small ball comes through again!
2008-05-21 16:46:56
41.   JL25and3
Now they have a number larger than 2.

As Butch asked Sundance: Who are those guys?

2008-05-21 16:47:23
42.   Just fair
If Cy Rasner goes out and has a 1,2,3 inning, I may just weep.
2008-05-21 16:47:55
43.   ChrisS
I couldn't remember if Paulie hit .352 or 59. I guessed .359 and was right.

What do I win?

2008-05-21 16:48:39
44.   OldYanksFan
1 a: to muster for a common purpose b: to recall to order
2 a: to arouse for action b: to rouse from depression or weakness
intransitive verb
1: to come together again to renew an effort
2: to join in a common cause
3: recover, rebound
2008-05-21 16:50:55
45.   ChrisS
I remember in May of 1994 there was an SI article detailing all of the older than dirt records that could fall that year because guys were knocking the cover off the ball.

Unfortunately a labor dispute got in the way of a potentially historic season.

2008-05-21 16:50:58
46.   OldYanksFan
Wow... I'm very impressed. 35 and 37 are perfect. You win.... my admiration! (Fantastic prize or what!)
2008-05-21 16:52:40
47.   JL25and3
Did you guys hear that?
2008-05-21 16:52:44
48.   rbj
Um, what was that other voice we just heard on YES?
2008-05-21 16:54:06
49.   JL25and3
I believe it was, "Terry Crowley is lucky he's got a fucking job in baseball." Maybe I put the adjective in the wrong place; might have been "fucking lucky."
2008-05-21 16:55:24
50.   dianagramr

the ghost of Kirby Puckett perhaps?

(too soon?)

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2008-05-21 16:55:30
51.   OldYanksFan
Would Giambi have had that? :-)
2008-05-21 16:58:31
52.   rbj
51 No.

And from Peter's commenter Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, here's the youtube of the extra voice


2008-05-21 16:59:27
53.   Eirias
So, what was this about A-Rod hitting a lot of (moral) home runs?
2008-05-21 16:59:50
54.   Just fair
Word. WInning streak's gotta start with one.
2008-05-21 17:00:11
55.   ChrisS
Does that count as a garbage time HR?
2008-05-21 17:00:19
56.   tommyl
Oh, um, wow.
2008-05-21 17:00:58
57.   cult of basebaal
2008-05-21 17:01:21
58.   JL25and3
I've never seen anyone hit them routinely into the bullpens the way Rodriguez does.
2008-05-21 17:01:35
59.   rbj
It wasn't a late inning HR with the Yankees only up by one or two, so it doesn't count.
2008-05-21 17:01:41
60.   tommyl
And another walk!
2008-05-21 17:02:41
61.   OldYanksFan
Did you guys hear that sound?
I believe it was the universe... shifting direction.
2008-05-21 17:03:11
62.   Just fair
Where's Bobby Meacham? DId he get move to 1st base?
2008-05-21 17:03:27
63.   cult of basebaal
wait ... who are these aliens and what did they do to the yankees?!?!?
2008-05-21 17:04:54
64.   JL25and3
This Olson kid is apparently the worst pitcher in the league. At least, the worst one that's not on the Yankees.
2008-05-21 17:05:21
65.   ChrisS
I've been waiting all season for them to play this way. Maybe this is a sign of things to come.

Though I still think that Jeter should have taken the night off.

2008-05-21 17:07:52
66.   yankeemonkey
Hey guys, I'm looking for advice. I've been offered a pair of tickets in the field box section 34. Anyone know if those seats are any good. Seems they are in the vicinity of the Canon sign in LF...

Help is appreciated.

2008-05-21 17:09:39
67.   claybeez
65 I like the message Jeter is sending by staying in there. The stakes are down, things are going poorly, but he still wants to be there and believes the season is worth fighting for.
2008-05-21 17:14:30
68.   ChrisS
OK, that's enough, let's save some runs for the rest of the week.
2008-05-21 17:14:40
69.   rbj
Wait, there were two outs, bases loaded, and a Yankee got a hit?
2008-05-21 17:14:40
70.   cult of basebaal
i feel so ... funny ... i'm not used to watching yankees run around the bases ... getting dizzy ... must lie down!
2008-05-21 17:16:22
71.   OldYanksFan
... I believe it was the universe... shifting direction...
2008-05-21 17:18:34
72.   JL25and3
66 Section 34 is the next-to-last section in left field. What's the box number? If it begins with a 1, you're in front of the aisle; if it begins with a 3, you're behind. either way, you're a long way out...but hey, you're in the stadium.

You can go here to see where the seats are, and an approximation of the view:

2008-05-21 17:19:18
73.   ms october
62 i thought i saw pena (#56) as 3b coach
but i don't trust anything i am seeing tonight
2008-05-21 17:20:44
74.   ChrisS
Suzyn Waldman just actually made a good point about the Yankees being a much more patient team at the plate with a lead and they're not up there first pitch swinging.
2008-05-21 17:21:28
75.   yankeemonkey
72 Ahh, thanks! Looks like the only plus would be a possible ARod homerun ball. Hmm, I'll have to think about it.
2008-05-21 17:25:48
76.   OldYanksFan
Shelly might be worse with the leather then Giambi.
2008-05-21 17:27:04
77.   OldYanksFan
Hey... now Melky has the high socks. Is he wearing the Golden Thing also?
2008-05-21 17:27:56
78.   RIYank
Just checking in to say: I like Darrell Rasner.

As to the rest: Shhh. Nobody tell the boys this isn't batting practice.

2008-05-21 17:28:44
79.   Mattpat11
So Melky has an arm, huh?
2008-05-21 17:30:59
80.   dianagramr
The ballboy does his Giambi impression .... sweet!
2008-05-21 17:31:09
81.   JL25and3
78 I was just about to express my huge man-love for him.
2008-05-21 17:31:20
82.   RIYank
Darrell should get like a $3 million bonus for this game.
2008-05-21 17:32:06
83.   Shaun P
In 19 May games (including today), this is only the 7th time the Yanks have scored 5 runs (or more).

They've won 5 of the other 6 games.

In 29 April games, 12 times they scored 5 or more runs, and 9 times they won.

So, to recap, Yanks score 5+ runs: 14-4.
Yanks score 4 or fewer runs: 6-21.

And Cy Rasner escapes the jam!

2008-05-21 17:34:08
84.   ChrisS
D-Raz with 0 walks in 4 innings, 4 Ks, and 39/57 pitches for strikes (68%).

Here's our 4th starter.

2008-05-21 17:35:44
85.   RIYank
83 Not surprising, really.
84 Yum, good stats.

Here's another very nice stat. Josh Beckett's 2008 ERA+ is 92.

2008-05-21 17:39:03
86.   RIYank
Poor Dennis Sarfate. That at-bat must have just been torture for him.

So, this new 3B guy is good. Do you think he's won the job over Betamit?

2008-05-21 17:41:01
87.   rbj
86 What about Ensberg? Not sure if this new kid can Wally Pip him.
2008-05-21 17:43:38
88.   RIYank
87 I guess it's a little soon to get all excited about him.

Ugh, Shelley.

2008-05-21 17:44:32
89.   Yankees Brasil
I know it's all good 'cause we are winning, but Shelley just isn't that good of a hitter. Just another AAAA player.
2008-05-21 17:47:14
90.   RIYank
89 He's legit against lefties, though. The problem is that he's more like AA against righties.
2008-05-21 17:48:11
91.   Mattpat11
I HATE the Rasner/Small comparison. Its an insult to Rasner
2008-05-21 17:49:14
92.   Eirias
Rasner has been a revelation tonight.
2008-05-21 17:50:04
93.   Eirias
92 Through all of 5 innings, I'll admit.
2008-05-21 17:50:14
94.   Yankees Brasil
91 But Cy Small went 10-0!!!!!
2008-05-21 17:51:12
95.   ChrisS
Granted the O's aren't a top-flight offense (despite last night), but if Rasner can provide a couple of games like this mixed in with some 3-5 run ones it'll be a helluva bonus.
2008-05-21 17:51:13
96.   ChrisS
Granted the O's aren't a top-flight offense (despite last night), but if Rasner can provide a couple of games like this mixed in with some 3-5 run ones it'll be a helluva bonus.
2008-05-21 17:53:13
97.   RIYank
95 That bore repeating!

I agree. We can't expect a lot of shut-out seven inning starts, but a few mixed in with some decent, quality starts, that would be really big. I mean, most teams are happy to have a guy with a 92 ERA+ for their fifth starter. (See 85 .)

2008-05-21 17:54:58
98.   Shaun P
89 I think Shelley can maybe hit LHP, but his career line vs RHP is now .185/.254/.407. Its only 54 ABs, but still, that's pretty bad.
2008-05-21 17:57:42
99.   Yankees Brasil
Good to see Melky working a walk there.
2008-05-21 18:00:27
100.   RIYank
99 I don't think any of the five pitches he saw was close to the strike zone. If Damon had tagged that last pitch (like he shoulda), Sarfate was gone. He pitched pretty well, though -- good thing for us he wasn't the starter.
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2008-05-21 18:00:34
101.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
we`re winning?? Yayyy! will load up tonight to enjoy this rare treat!

BTW, is this some sort of media manufactures "scandal" about Willie Randolph? They should give the guy a break..

2008-05-21 18:01:06
102.   Yankees Brasil
98 Shelley is a borderline major leaguer at best. He'll hit one out every now and them, but in the meantime, he's gonna drive you nuts with all the K's and pop ups.
2008-05-21 18:04:04
103.   RIYank
102 But against lefties he's a legit ML hitter.
I guess both Shawn and I have said that, so maybe you just don't believe a platoon type of guy can be anything better than AAAA.
2008-05-21 18:04:24
104.   tommyl
Ok, Derek Jeter just went to his left. The world is clearly about to end.
2008-05-21 18:05:05
105.   Yankees Brasil
What a beautiful turn there. What a difference a day makes
2008-05-21 18:06:03
106.   RIYank
Darrell to start the seventh?
2008-05-21 18:07:13
107.   Yankees Brasil
103 He might be, but we will never know 'cause that's not how he's being used.
2008-05-21 18:07:52
108.   rbj
106 Oh yes.
2008-05-21 18:09:16
109.   Yankees Brasil
Please no, don't be hurt Rasner. Never thought I'd say that, but please be OK Rasner.
2008-05-21 18:09:37
110.   Shaun P
108 I don't know, he always seems to get pulled around 80 pitches . . . but I hope so.
2008-05-21 18:09:58
111.   Shaun P
109 What? What happened?
2008-05-21 18:13:29
112.   RIYank
Hm. Sit on the fastball, Alex... Lance Cormier doesn't have any control over that hook.

Oh, man. Even as I typed...

2008-05-21 18:14:07
113.   rbj
101 This is the first I've heard of it. I dunno if there is real racism, (and being white I've never really experienced any). It could be that someone who's experienced racism would see some even if there is no intent. But there is racism even in NY.
2008-05-21 18:14:42
114.   tommyl
Oh c'mon, that was clearly a homerun.
2008-05-21 18:15:01
115.   Yankees Brasil
Alex was robbed. That's why we need instant replay.
2008-05-21 18:15:17
116.   Eirias
114 Makes up for the Mets call.
2008-05-21 18:15:27
117.   rbj
The baseball gods giveth and the baseball gods taketh away.
2008-05-21 18:15:53
118.   tommyl
116 I'd rather they both get homeruns.
2008-05-21 18:17:04
119.   Yankees Brasil
118 Me too. Alex deserves that one.
2008-05-21 18:17:52
120.   Alex Belth
What a bunch of blow job hacks. No ball ricochets back in play that quickly. They ALL Missed it. Instant Replay is coming...
2008-05-21 18:18:27
121.   RIYank
Yo, Yankees Brasil, there's yer AAAA.


2008-05-21 18:18:34
122.   mehmattski
I'm just checking in, and am confused as to what has transpired thus far. For example, the Yankees seem to have failed to give up their customary 4 runs before the fifth inning. They have also exceeded their offensive allotment of two runs scored. Will MLB punish the Yankees for their transgressions?
2008-05-21 18:19:04
123.   OldYanksFan
Man... coming off the bat it looked like a punky fly out. His shots just fly. Lets hope he doesn't finish with 785.
2008-05-21 18:20:36
124.   OldYanksFan
Derek Jeter: Tough break Alex (he he he)
2008-05-21 18:20:44
125.   Jeb
11 we had fun watching air supply didn't we?

51 never to soon on Puckett. They put a halo on him when he died and he wasn't a good guy. I bet that woman he hit in that womens restroom (after he burst into the stall) would attest to that.

2008-05-21 18:24:45
126.   RIYank
Darrell's running out of gas.
2008-05-21 18:24:51
127.   rbj
OK, last inning for Darrell. There've just been a couple of loud outs.
2008-05-21 18:28:02
128.   tommyl
120 Its so freakin' hard to hit a homerun, the players deserve credit for the ones they hit. Bang bang tag I can understand, but a homerun?! That's absurd.
2008-05-21 18:28:15
129.   RIYank
126 ... but he had enough in the tank!
2008-05-21 18:30:01
130.   tommyl
Well, I know its small sample size and all, but man Rasner looks really, really good for a #4 starter, eh?
2008-05-21 18:30:19
131.   JL25and3
Next time there's a rainout, skip someone else's spot and let Rasner pitch.
2008-05-21 18:30:33
132.   Alex Belth
Oh, and just to be an extra dickhead, how the Mets doing in Atlanta?
2008-05-21 18:30:55
133.   Shaun P
I just hope Rasner keeps it up. This team can never have enough pitching. I hope Wang isn't going to miss any time.
2008-05-21 18:31:48
134.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
132 Now, now..let's be nice to our younger brothers from Flushing. you can't root against Willie, Reyes or D.Wright can you?
2008-05-21 18:33:01
135.   Mattpat11
134 Its pretty easy to root against Reyes
2008-05-21 18:34:29
136.   tommyl
135 Though not Willie and Wright. They are both class acts.
2008-05-21 18:35:07
137.   OldYanksFan
It looks like a little time off for ARod might have been in order? Jetes also came back from his time off and went on a tear.
2008-05-21 18:35:24
138.   Alex Belth
Willie is always cool with me. David Wright is great. I even like Carlos and Carlos. But I do not, I say, I do NOT like Jose Reyes. Exciting player, but...fug 'im.
2008-05-21 18:38:03
139.   cult of basebaal
screw you girardi ... i was sticking around to hear a-rod bat again
2008-05-21 18:39:04
140.   RIYank
139 Same here. Damn.
2008-05-21 18:39:17
141.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
138 really? got to say I wish we had more players like him..i dig the antics and energy. Love our Captain and all but..well...isn't he sometimes a bit dull??
2008-05-21 18:40:41
142.   Jeb
138 Alex my wife loved your wifes lovely cards (so did my mom). Mothers day money well spent.
2008-05-21 18:40:43
143.   RIYank
But here's another reason to stick around.
2008-05-21 18:40:43
144.   Shaun P
OK, all together now:

Joba for two! (please)

2008-05-21 18:41:56
145.   rbj
Can't say I hate Reyes. Got to see him in 2001 in Columbia SC in the Sally league. Even then he was a really good player. Angel Pagan was on that team too. Kinda fun to see a player go from low minors to the majors.
2008-05-21 18:42:24
146.   SF Yanks
I would do anything if IPK could pitch into the 6 tomorrow giving up 2 or less runs.
2008-05-21 18:42:50
147.   RIYank
144 Nah (as a prediction), Girardi will figure there's no point in wasting an extra Joba inning on this game.
2008-05-21 18:43:51
148.   rbj
146 Anything???


2008-05-21 18:45:00
149.   RIYank
After seven innings of D-Raz throwing 88MPH fastballs, you have to look at the Joba heat. Scary.
2008-05-21 18:45:48
150.   Yankees Brasil
149 Really unfair.
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2008-05-21 18:45:50
151.   tommyl
Are we playing cricket?!
2008-05-21 18:45:57
152.   OldYanksFan
Does Joba need work? I mean... this game is Farnsproof. Are we wasting Joba here? Did Torre call this one in?
2008-05-21 18:46:06
153.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Huh?? Joba in an 8-0 game?? er...why?
2008-05-21 18:46:09
154.   Jeb
148 I'd marry suzyn (if I was single) for another world series victory. That is as far as I will take this gag though.
2008-05-21 18:46:15
155.   SF Yanks
Oh my lord, what was he swinging at? That wasn't even close. Hilarious!
2008-05-21 18:46:58
156.   Yankees Brasil
Wow, that right there, was the ugliest swing ever. He tried to hit it off the bounce.
2008-05-21 18:47:56
157.   RIYank
Joba was scared of Cintron.
2008-05-21 18:48:21
158.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
154 ..having experienced 4 championships, I must say i would NOT go to those lengths for one more...
2008-05-21 18:49:28
159.   Jeb
158 I've experienced 6 titles and would.
2008-05-21 18:50:30
160.   RIYank
158 159 Wow, I didn't even know you guys played.
2008-05-21 18:51:05
161.   OldYanksFan
154 But would you consummate the marriage?
2008-05-21 18:52:11
162.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
160 All fans play in their hearts and minds! But imagine waking up to Suzyn.."Oh My GAWD, we`re all out of CAWWWfee"...shudder...
2008-05-21 18:52:26
163.   Jeb
160 yep, my real name is Reggie Jeter.
2008-05-21 18:53:21
164.   OldYanksFan
It's almost like this is the first real Yankees game I've watched since last year. This is how it's supposed to go.
2008-05-21 18:53:22
165.   RIYank
162 I love her accent, actually.
2008-05-21 18:53:42
166.   Jeb
161 do we sweep?
2008-05-21 18:55:00
167.   tommyl
Joba for two, the beginning of the transition?
2008-05-21 18:55:21
168.   Jeb
165 she's actually grown on me. Of course I also like sterling (and realize I'm in the minority)
2008-05-21 18:56:12
169.   Yankees Brasil
Who are we facing tomorrow night?
2008-05-21 18:56:24
170.   cult of basebaal
wow ... waldman and sterling are so fucking obtuse, sterling is completely at a loss to explain why joba might pitch 2!!! innings today ... just utterly stumped
2008-05-21 18:57:34
171.   RIYank
168 I don't really like Suzyn, I just like her accent. I kind of liked her at first, but she's very annoying now.
2008-05-21 18:57:45
172.   Eirias
2008-05-21 18:58:09
173.   Jeb
170 I just like his voice and homerun calls. My analysis comes from here.
2008-05-21 18:58:18
174.   RIYank
2008-05-21 18:59:02
175.   tommyl
Changeups? Oh please tell me they put him out there and told him to pretend he's a starter.
2008-05-21 18:59:51
176.   Shaun P
174 AAAllllllrrrrriiiigggghhhtttt!

This is a pretty awesome night.

2008-05-21 18:59:51
177.   Yankees Brasil
That first change looked pretty good.
2008-05-21 19:00:01
178.   cult of basebaal
168 dear god, i've only been listening to them for about a week (when i'm working late i can't watch but i can get the audio feed) and already i can't stand them ... they make me twitch like inspector dreyfuss in the pink panther movies whenever clouseau was around
2008-05-21 19:00:12
179.   RIYank
That was a 97MPH fastball. The first pitch was 100MPH.
2008-05-21 19:01:23
180.   Eirias
Is this too early to move him to be a starter, though?
2008-05-21 19:02:54
181.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
178 perfect...
2008-05-21 19:04:29
182.   rbj
168 Science is working on a cure for that.

BTW, how many runs do the Yankees have to score in the bottom of the ninth to win? I'm not sure the scoreboard is working right.

2008-05-21 19:04:50
183.   RIYank
180 Apparently. Needs to work on location!
2008-05-21 19:05:52
184.   cult of basebaal
aaaaaargh! sterling is STILL going on about not understanding why joba is pitching a second inning
2008-05-21 19:06:14
185.   RIYank
That's more like it.
2008-05-21 19:06:34
186.   Shaun P
180 No. After tonight, he'll have thrown 20.3 innings. To get to ~140, he needs 120 more innings, so about 30 innings for each month left in the season. You figure a starter typically has 5 starts in a month, so he could make 20 starts of around 6 IP each and finish right at 140 IP.
2008-05-21 19:08:40
187.   rbj
Good night all. This is a weird feeling.
2008-05-21 19:10:36
188.   RIYank
I think we saw a lot of sliders and change-ups tonight, didn't we? The first inning was all heat, but then the second (ninth) was mostly off-speed.
2008-05-21 19:10:45
189.   SF Yanks
Yessss!! You guys hear that?!!
2008-05-21 19:11:11
190.   RIYank
Sorry, I meant 188 from Joba in particular.
2008-05-21 19:11:31
191.   Jeb
182 I like sterling regardless. If 95% of Yankee fans hate him (and I get that feeling here) then how does he keep his job? Does he have incriminating photos of George or Hank?
2008-05-21 19:11:50
192.   Just fair
Who doesn't like a good processional?
2008-05-21 19:11:55
193.   RIYank
189 No. What?
2008-05-21 19:11:56
194.   SF Yanks
Just in case anyone didn't catch it. They are starting to stretch out Joba for starting.
2008-05-21 19:12:19
195.   SF Yanks
Unless I'm late to the party and everyone already knew this.
2008-05-21 19:12:31
196.   OldYanksFan
D-Raz: 19 IP, 0.84 .203, 1.89 (WHIP, BAA, ERA)
2008-05-21 19:13:13
197.   RIYank
191 I like Sterling too.
And I'll tell you, a lot of Red Sox fans like him (except for his over-the-top admiration for all things Yankee, obviously).
2008-05-21 19:13:39
198.   SF Yanks
But where would he fit in? With Rasner pitching well and IPK and Hughes needing innings?
2008-05-21 19:13:51
199.   RIYank
195 We had surmised it. But who said it?
2008-05-21 19:14:24
200.   RIYank
198 IPK could be a good reliever. It might be the right move.
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2008-05-21 19:14:26
201.   SF Yanks
199 Girardi.
2008-05-21 19:16:49
202.   Shaun P
194 Someone said it? Who?

Where is william tonight? He's got to be pretty happy, especially if this is true.

191 Sterling is OK, I liked him better in the Sterling-Kay days. I used to like Suzyn, but now, I feel more meh towards her than anything else.


Getting either of them out of there is going to be messy, but its got to happen eventually.

2008-05-21 19:19:16
203.   cult of basebaal

from RAB:

During his postgame interview with Kim Jones, Joe Girardi fielded a question about Joba's throwing a career-high 35 pitches tonight. His response: "The process has started." That process, of course, is turning Joba from a reliever back into a starter. Girardi, in announcing one of the more significant in-season moves the Yanks will make this year, was very matter-of-fact about it.

2008-05-21 19:21:37
204.   tommyl
Wow, Joba conversion begins! YES!!!! Best night of the season.
2008-05-21 19:21:49
205.   RIYank
Excellent. So that's straight from the horse's mouth.
2008-05-21 19:32:58
206.   RIYank
That was an old fashioned win. Maybe the ghosts heard me.

2008-05-21 19:36:21
207.   Mattpat11
Kay is acting like this Chamberlain thing is some kind of bombshell
2008-05-21 19:43:40
208.   Mattpat11
Girardi is talking up Farnsworth for no discernible reason.
2008-05-21 19:43:51
209.   tommyl
Guys, he's not going to tell you the entire blueprint. Trust Girardi and Cashman to move it along.
2008-05-21 19:46:57
210.   Simone
Yuck. I didn't know that Colon was a Red Sox. How the hell did that happen? The Yankees can't catch a freaking break.
2008-05-21 20:05:26
211.   Shaun P
210 The Royals do not exactly field, what do they call it? Ah, yes, a major league offense.

Colon does not worry me.

2008-05-21 21:15:15
212.   Knuckles
The more I see that Arod non-homer, the more awful the call gets. Granted, it didn't affect the result, but when was the last time you ever saw a ball hit high up the (padded) wall ricochet like that? Poor umpiring.
2008-05-21 21:31:45
213.   Chyll Will
Good to see all of you back to form. Good bantering, everyone! Chocolate milks for all!!

One thing I don't get, Kay said over and over again that the GMs voted to utilize instant replay, but he never explained why it's not currently being used. Was this during the off-season and requires others' votes, or was it voted on after the season started? I'm just a little confused...

By the way, I would just love for someone to go all George Brett if that happens again. These guys must be doing this crap on purpose; why I dunno. Are they subject to random testing? Please?

2008-05-21 22:03:00
214.   Shaun P
213 During the offseason, the GMs voted to propose trying out instant replay on home runs, on a limited basis. The way Seligula's office moves, though, it'll be a while before it happens:

It won't change unless the owners - or the press/public outcry - force it on Bud. It should change, though. Someone (Rob Neyer?) had the perfect argument. Replay on home runs wouldn't cause delays in games, it would remove them. Look how much time the umps conferencing, and both sides arguing, take now. 30 seconds in front of a replay monitor and it'd be done.

I think the umps performance in general has been awful this year, but who am I to judge? I'd rather see whoever is supposedly supervising them (Sandy Alderson's old job) be punished for failing to do his job.

2008-05-21 22:15:54
215.   Chyll Will
214 That was exactly what I was thinking. Someone needs to spankdatazz. Add it to Bob Watson's phenomenal cosmic powers perhaps? Thanks for lifting the veil, Shaun...

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