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Baltimore Orioles Redux: Return of the Rod Edition
2008-05-20 11:48
by Cliff Corcoran
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The Orioles have the fourth-best record in the American League, but have been outscored by their opponents on the season. They have won seven of their last nine, but lost nine of 11 before that. They have the third-best ERA+ in the league, but the fifth worst OPS+. They're having fun, but it won't last, though given the way the Yankees have been playing recently, it may last a little longer.

The good news for the Yankees is that they'll have Alex Rodriguez back in the lineup tonight, which will fill one of the three gaping holes in their lineup. (Man, this sure looks a lot better, don't it?)

Alex and pals will be facing Daniel Cabrera tonight. Cabrera has turned in seven straight quality starts, posting a 2.50 ERA and 1.07 WHIP over that stretch. Most impressively, his walk rate has been a strong 2.68 BB/9 during those seven starts and he has allowed just four home runs, this after walking nine men and allowing four homers in his first ten innings on the season. Opposing Cabrera is Mike Mussina, who has gone 5-0 with a 2.76 ERA with just three walks and two homers over his last five starts.

There are a lot of coins standing on their sides at the Stadium tonight. The question is which of them will tip over.

Baltimore Orioles

2008 Record: 23-20 (.535)
2008 Pythagorean Record: 21-22 (.486)

Manager: Dave Trembley
General Manager: Andy MacPhail

Home Ballpark (multi-year Park Factors): Oriole Park at Camden Yards (101/102)

Who's Replacing Whom:

Freddie Bynum (DL) replaces Brandon Fahey
Alex Cintron (minors) replaces Greg Aquino (minors)
Bynum and Cintron replace Luis Hernandez as a shortstop platoon
Garrett Olson (minors) replaces Adam Loewen (DL)
Lance Cormier (minors) replaces Randor Bierd (DL)

25-man Roster:

1B - Kevin Millar (R)
2B - Brian Roberts (S)
SS - Freddie Bynum (L)
3B - Melvin Mora (R)
C - Ramon Hernandez (R)
RF - Nick Markakis (L)
CF - Adam Jones (R)
LF - Luke Scott (L)
DH - Aubrey Huff (L)


R - Jay Payton (OF)
S - Alex Cintron (IF)
S - Luis Hernandez (IF)
R - Guillermo Quiroz (C)


R - Jeremy Guthrie
R - Daniel Cabrera
R - Steve Trachsel
L - Garrett Olson
L - Brian Burres


L - George Sherrill
L - Jamie Walker
R - Chad Bradford
R - Dennis Sarfate
R - Matt Albers
R - Jim Johnson
R - Lance Cormier

15-day DL: L - Adam Loewen, R - Randor Bierd, R - Chris Ray, R- Danys Baez, R - Fernando Cabrera, L - Troy Patton, R - Jim Hoey, R - Rocky Cherry

Typical Lineup:

S - Brian Roberts (2B)
R - Melvin Mora (3B)
L - Nick Markakis (RF)
L - Aubrey Huff (DH)
R - Kevin Millar (1B)
L - Luke Scott (LF)
R - Ramon Hernandez (C)
R - Adam Jones (CF)
L - Freddie Bynum (SS)

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2008-05-20 14:47:37
1.   rilkefan
How's the weather there?
2008-05-20 14:59:24
2.   standuptriple
And who gets optioned with the arrival of A-Rod? Britton. Did he run over Cashman's dog? Sleep with his niece then not call her? Leave a flaming bag of dog poop on one of Cash's relative's porch?
2008-05-20 15:11:04
3.   cult of basebaal
2 i always go with "raped his cat" ... in any case, The Make a Wish Kid will return ... if only to sit on the bench again
2008-05-20 15:20:49
4.   Shaun P
2 Britton's been jerked around, and fairly deserved a shot last year, which he foolishly did not get.

I'm not upset over this choice, however. These are ridiculously small samples, but Veras has pitched better. He has 5.7 IP, 0 BB, 4 K, vs 4.7 IP, 4 BB, 0 K for Britton. Veras has, in another small sample, the better minor league numbers this year too: 21 K, 4 BB, and 1 HR in 13 IP, vs 10 K, 4 BB, and 1 HR in 10 IP for Britton.

2008-05-20 15:23:23
5.   Jeb
I've made my mind up (Again)

When we look back at this season and ask "when did the turnaround start?" the answer is going to be "that first game against the Orioles in May."

2008-05-20 15:31:29
6.   williamnyy23
After all the unwarranted boos he has received, I hope Arod gets a thunderous standing ovation tonight. This team simply can not win without him.
2008-05-20 15:32:25
7.   OldYanksFan
I mi8ght be misremembering, but doesn't Daniel Cabrera kill us? They have given this kid a lot of time to develop. Maybe he is finally coming into his own.
2008-05-20 15:37:04
8.   williamnyy23
7 Career vs. Yankees: 4-6, 4.78 ERA in 78.2 IP.

He had a nice start against them this year, but was 1-3 with a 6.67 ERA last year.

2008-05-20 16:05:54
9.   Bruce Markusen
I'm surprised that Ensberg wasn't designated for assignment.

Let's hope that A-Rod is the panacea. Yankee management is sure acting like he is.

2008-05-20 16:09:21
10.   williamnyy23
I am not sure if Arod cures all ills, but in an ironic way, this week will provide an excellent test. If the Yankees can't do well against the likes of the Orioles and the Mariners, well, that would speak for itself.
2008-05-20 16:09:42
11.   Yankees Brasil
8 It's cause everybody remembers that near no-hitter, and seems to think he always does well against us, which he doesn't.
2008-05-20 16:11:14
12.   williamnyy23
Merriweather is not the best umpire for Moose. He is also inappropriately named for the soggy start to tonight's game.
2008-05-20 16:11:56
13.   williamnyy23
11 He seems to have good games or bad games with very few in between.
2008-05-20 16:13:14
14.   Yankees Brasil
Now that's a bad start. Walking Roberts almost always ends up bad.
2008-05-20 16:14:11
15.   Yankees Brasil
How was that first pitch not a strike? If he doesn't call that a strike we might as well give up on the game right now.
2008-05-20 16:23:08
16.   Yankees Brasil
0-2 and he throws middle of the plate.
Why do I hate the O's so much?
2008-05-20 16:25:42
17.   JimCobain
Anyone know who was sent down when A-Rod was activated?
2008-05-20 16:25:51
18.   Yankees Brasil
Nothing A-Rod can do for this team. Moose can't finish off hitters, fielders can't field. This is pathetic, and it's only the first inning.
2008-05-20 16:26:06
19.   williamnyy23
You simply can not have your SS botch a play like that. Jeter's throws have been very bad this year...if this season goes to pot, the Yankees have to begin a plan to move Jeter off SS.
2008-05-20 16:28:57
20.   Yankees Brasil
Good ol' Moose here, loses his composure with a mistake behind him. Walking a mediocre hitter on 4 pitches is just inexcusable, as was Jeter's play. This team deserves the hole they're in.
2008-05-20 16:29:05
21.   weeping for brunnhilde
God almighty, already?

I sit down and I here that Jeter's mad at Robby and Mike has to settle down?

I think Alex was right; the off day was an act of mercy.

2008-05-20 16:29:54
22.   SF Yanks
This is fucking pathetic.
2008-05-20 16:30:05
23.   weeping for brunnhilde

Can we just forfeit now?

(I'm talking the season, btw.)

2008-05-20 16:30:08
24.   williamnyy23
20 You can't blame Moose here...Jeter's error was catastrophic.
2008-05-20 16:30:11
25.   Yankees Brasil
Game over.
2008-05-20 16:31:12
26.   Yankees Brasil
Well, once again Moose throws an 0-2 pitch right down the middle. Sure the inning should have been over, but he could help himself a bit sometimes.
2008-05-20 16:31:28
27.   weeping for brunnhilde
22 Yes it is.

I just fucking sat down and the game's over already?

I mean at least let's have a ballgame for, I don't know, three or four innings, at least.

2008-05-20 16:32:06
28.   SF Yanks
That absolutely infuriated me. I haven't been this pissed all season. !@#$##@!!
2008-05-20 16:32:28
29.   weeping for brunnhilde
Not that it really matters, but what happened with Derek?

Errant throw, I gather?

2008-05-20 16:33:15
30.   vockins
TV available in Carroll Gardens. Has shoe in it. Otherwise OK.
2008-05-20 16:33:28
31.   williamnyy23
26 Sure, Moose could have picked the team up, but before the error he already had a stressful inning.

Jeter botched a play that a high school SS would make...if it was an isolated incident, you could excuse it. The Yankee season is heading to a bad place. At the very least, the Yankees can start preparing for 2009, part of which is to find Jeter another position to play.

2008-05-20 16:33:51
32.   Yankees Brasil
Another great throw by Abreu. Why take Moose out now? The game's over anyways. Just leave him in.
2008-05-20 16:34:43
33.   weeping for brunnhilde
Poor bastards who actually paid to go and watch a 6-nothing deficit after 2/3 of an inning.

God, at least we're all being tortured from the comfort of our own homes.

2008-05-20 16:35:53
34.   weeping for brunnhilde
What the fuck was that with Derek?

Not even like an in the dirt deal, but a fucking eephus pitch over Giambi's head?

Oh my God.



Bye bye, Mike.

Better luck next time.

Is this really happening?

2008-05-20 16:36:14
35.   williamnyy23
Now Molina can't one inning, this is already an ugly effort. If Girardi can be happy with this one, he is an eternal optimist.
2008-05-20 16:36:39
36.   SF Yanks
At least this went from madness to pure comedy.
2008-05-20 16:36:48
37.   Yankees Brasil
31 I have to agree. We should start Jeter on LF some games every now and then to see if he can handle it. Changes need to be made. This season is over. Give a shot to Bret Gardner. Get some minor leaguers up, try something new, just don't keep this shit going. This fucking pathetic.
2008-05-20 16:38:24
38.   Yankees Brasil
The way things are going, I'm sure Cabrera is going to throw a no-hitter.
2008-05-20 16:39:01
39.   weeping for brunnhilde
36 This is a good point.

I hope they hit a lot of balls to Jason.

Maybe the team should replace some of the fielders with trained seals, that might be good for a hoot.

2008-05-20 16:40:13
40.   williamnyy23
38 Considering the Yankees penchant for packing up their bags and going home at the first sign of a deficit, I'd expect a lot of early hacking, so I am sure Cabrera wont have a stressful day.

Instead of complaining about Chris Britton's lack of an oportunity, maybe we should just be happy for him. He doesn't have to watch this crap.

2008-05-20 16:41:07
41.   williamnyy23
At least Arod can throw. We all thought the Yankees missed his bat, but maybe it was really is ability to reach the base to which he is throwing.
2008-05-20 16:41:19
42.   Simone
I just sat down to check Ugh, this game got ugly fast. Oh well, maybe the Yankees will rally.
2008-05-20 16:41:50
43.   weeping for brunnhilde
All right, Alex, it's on you! I know it's your first day and all, but we need a seven-run shot out of you this inning.

You up for that?

(Or perhaps if the math doesn't quite work out there, I'll settle for a three-run shot this inning and a grand slam the next.)

2008-05-20 16:42:02
44.   Yankees Brasil
41 Seeing that the ump's strike zone is really tight, every single Yankee hitter is going to swing at the first pitch. Pathetic effort.
2008-05-20 16:42:15
45.   weeping for brunnhilde
42 Heh heh.

Good one, Simone, tell another!

2008-05-20 16:42:41
46.   AbbyNormal821
My novice opinion/statement: Is it me or is there just absolutely NO hustle with this team? Abreu jogged to try to make that catch, Molina practically walked to get that...?...passed ball (was it?).

Guess A-Rod is going to have to hit a 9-run homer tonight.

...and there may be some bitch-slapping going on in the clubhouse later tonight!

2008-05-20 16:43:15
47.   weeping for brunnhilde
What are we looking for here, say, a seven-pitch inning?
2008-05-20 16:43:44
48.   AbbyNormal821
Maybe Cabrera will suck worse than Moose did tonight...
2008-05-20 16:44:05
49.   OldYanksFan
The season is not over.
It is harder for a pitcher to get four outs in an inning then for a SS to make a routine throw. Blame Moose if you like, but like Matsui's error some games ago, a single player's offense can not make up for poor defense.

Cashman NEEDS to pay more attention to getting good defensive players. Offense is fum to watch. People remember HRs. But we are losing games on defense, and making our pitchers look shittier then they are.

2008-05-20 16:44:11
50.   weeping for brunnhilde
Well how 'bout that!

A 3-1 basehit.

Nice job, Johnny.

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2008-05-20 16:44:19
51.   williamnyy23
48 But will his SS give away outs too?
2008-05-20 16:45:44
52.   nick
fuck, I just checked the scoreboard and--fuck.
2008-05-20 16:45:59
53.   weeping for brunnhilde




2008-05-20 16:46:20
54.   OldYanksFan
Don't be fatalistic about our offense. I'm SURE we will score 6 runs tonight!
2008-05-20 16:46:24
55.   williamnyy23
Incredible...what an inning for Jeter.
2008-05-20 16:46:27
56.   vockins
Derek Jeter's stock is going down in the vockins household.
2008-05-20 16:46:42
57.   tommyl
I hope they lose 7-4, with 4 solo HRs from A-Rod. This is pathetic.
2008-05-20 16:46:51
58.   williamnyy23
54 Tonight, or in the series?
2008-05-20 16:46:58
59.   weeping for brunnhilde
54 Or ten or thirteen!
2008-05-20 16:47:19
60.   Yankees Brasil
You know, fuck Jeter. There, I said it. He's a singles hitter SS who can't field his position and doesn't walk very much. He's actually hurting this team.
2008-05-20 16:47:21
61.   OldYanksFan
I guess now that ARod is back, Jeter can suck again.
2008-05-20 16:47:58
62.   3rd gen yankee fan
This is quite a shock to those of us just getting off work!
2008-05-20 16:48:39
63.   williamnyy23
49 The season isn't over thanks to the wild card, but I am pretty comfortable predicting the Yankees will not come close to the division. The Red Sox have now clearly taken over as the dominant team in the A.L.
2008-05-20 16:50:52
64.   williamnyy23
60 I wouldn't go that far, but sadly, I think the Captain is starting his decline. I just hope he is enough of a team player to realize when his bat can no longer carry his glove. Otherwise, it could get ugly (see the Orioles and how they had to deal with a declining Ripken).
2008-05-20 16:51:51
65.   nick
anybody boo Jeter after that dp?
2008-05-20 16:55:04
66.   weeping for brunnhilde
I ran to the ha ha hah ah ah ah !!!!!!

I ran to the store to buy a twelve-pack and now it's 8!!!

And Damon dropped the baseball!!!

aha hah ah ah ah ah ah ah aha h!!!!!!

2008-05-20 16:55:04
67.   williamnyy23
This team is a laughingstock. If this is maximum concentration and effort, then they are even worse than the results. Something significant has to be done now.
2008-05-20 16:55:11
68.   Raf
oh boy...
2008-05-20 16:55:47
69.   AbbyNormal821
Sucking, party of 25, your table is ready!
2008-05-20 16:56:33
70.   OldYanksFan
60 In MLB, of 21 qualified SSs, Jeter is 10th in OPS. Considering his fielding, this makes him an average SS or worse. All for $20m/yr.

I wondered if ARod signing his LT contract upset Jeter. ESPN used to talk about 'Jeter and the Yankees'... now it's 'ARod and the Yankees'. NY IS turning into an ARod town. Is Jeter that cool that this doesn't upset him? I think he's bummed that ARod is on the team.

Again, if Jeter is moved, 1B is the place, not LF. We have no idea is he can gauge long flies. But we know he is excellent on popups, a very good cut of man, and can catch ground balls. His 'less then good' range as a SS will be fine for 1B. All of his current skills translate to 1B.... but LF is a guess.

This has to be decided before we sign Tex.

2008-05-20 16:56:39
71.   SF Yanks
69 haha!
2008-05-20 16:56:56
72.   williamnyy23
Incredible...YES propaganda is already turning Jeter's awful error into a mistake by Cano. Give me a break.
2008-05-20 16:57:00
73.   Raf
Looking forward to Moose's post game interview
2008-05-20 16:58:13
74.   SF Yanks
Is it bad to hope that we get slaughtered 49-0 in hopes that it will wake the sleeping dead wearing pinstripes?
2008-05-20 16:58:30
75.   Raf
yesterday was the off day, guys...
2008-05-20 16:58:31
76.   glennrwordman
69 attagirl!
2008-05-20 16:58:36
77.   williamnyy23
70 Jeter simply will not hit enough to justify playing 1B. I'd definitely like to give him a try in LF.
2008-05-20 16:58:56
78.   dianagramr
I turned on the game at 7:40 to see Cabrera warming up on the mound, and wondered if it had been a rain delay .... oops!
2008-05-20 16:59:08
79.   nick
could this get bad enough for instant firings?
2008-05-20 16:59:53
80.   weeping for brunnhilde
I think the entire crowd should just get up in mass exodus.

God, what's the record, like 30?

I remember a game when the Mets lost 26-7 against Philadelphia, I think it was.

But that's since been surpassed, right?

Maybe we can make some history tonight.

2008-05-20 17:00:07
81.   williamnyy23
74 If being blown out against the Mets didn't awaken them, I am sure this game wont have an effect. I don't know if this team cares enough to be embarassed anymore.
2008-05-20 17:01:00
82.   nick
and we just sent our long man down...
2008-05-20 17:01:32
83.   weeping for brunnhilde
73 Ha ha ha hah ah ah ah ah aha hah ha a!!!
2008-05-20 17:02:08
84.   3rd gen yankee fan
omg. Is this really the Yankees we're watching? I'm LMAO.
2008-05-20 17:03:33
85.   Raf
think this'll be worse than the 22-0 drubbing?
2008-05-20 17:03:39
86.   williamnyy23
73 I'd love for Moose to rip Jeter...who knows, maybe someone taking on the sacred cow will get this team going. Internal trumoil worked for the 1978 team, and this year seems to be headed down that path.

What a surprise...three pitches, two swings. The Yankees new philosophy in action.

2008-05-20 17:03:42
87.   Mattpat11
So this is going poorly. Moose was due for a clunker
2008-05-20 17:03:44
88.   JimCobain
This is pathetic. And its coming off an off day, which is even more disconcerting. It's like in football when they call a time out and then call for a running play for no gain. You where either out coached or just a bad coach.

In this situation I blame the players. You have a day off to catch your breath and to focus on coming out fired up. And this game isn't about being out played, it's about not playing well and not focusing to make the plays and pitches. The only hope is that these guys have a sense of pride and are embarrassed.

2008-05-20 17:03:51
89.   Simone
I'd forgotten why I should avoid this game thread when the Yankees are losing.
2008-05-20 17:05:16
90.   weeping for brunnhilde
You know what I'd like to see, while we're at it?

I'd love to see Jason drift over into foul territory to catch a ball only to slip on a banana peel and land with a great, great thud butt-down on the grass.

Oh, God, I'd actually pay money to see that.

Oh, even Singleton's cracking up now, reminiscing about Earl Weaver, "Even 9-0, he'd be out there screaming."

2008-05-20 17:05:28
91.   claybeez
Really, Jeter anywhere other than at SS where his bat plays is a problem. Not sure we want him in LF blocking Gardner or AJ or Melky or Tabata or some as unknown FA slugger. At 1B he blocks Tex or Posada or some as unknown FA slugger. He's best left in the IF - SS, 2B or 3B. Keeps the same 3 in the IF without clogging the power spots with a guy who's, perhaps, losing his.
2008-05-20 17:06:22
92.   OldYanksFan
77 What are the odds of Jeter being BETTER then league average in the OF? How about at first? If Jeter goes to first, it could actually make our D better. And instead of spending $100m on Tex, we go out and get the best young OFer money can buy.

And can Jeter's aging knees handle the OF? Will he be as good on D as JD or Melky? To make our defense even worse because Jeter is not the prototypical power 1Bman is silly. How about Youk? Is he OK at first? Seems to me he helps his team.

2008-05-20 17:06:54
93.   weeping for brunnhilde
89 Sorry, Simone, but gallows humor's all we have left.
2008-05-20 17:08:54
94.   williamnyy23
92 I don't could be that Jeter's offense only plays well up the middle. I jsut don't think 1B is the best spot...either from an offensive or defensive standpoint.

Jeter's defense was easy to ignore in the past, but it's becoming a pink elephant.

2008-05-20 17:09:48
95.   williamnyy23
Normally, I'd get on Melky for chasing a 3-1 pitch down 9, but I'll give him credit for knowing Molina would make an out anyway.
2008-05-20 17:10:26
96.   OldYanksFan
91 So he replaces ARod or Cano? The 'players per position' is not as important as the overall offensive and defensive talent your starting 9 represent.
2008-05-20 17:10:57
97.   Raf
86 well, he took on Rodriguez a couple of years back
2008-05-20 17:11:47
98.   williamnyy23
96 Can Arod still play SS? I think that's the linchpin in the equation. You can't move Cano because he is one of the best defensive players at his position.
2008-05-20 17:12:12
99.   williamnyy23
97 He did, but everyone took on Arod that year.
2008-05-20 17:12:26
100.   claybeez
I don't get the strong Jeter backlash. He made a bad throw. Another bad throw. Still, hasn't he been the only consistent hitter through the offensive tailspin?

Even before the article came out about him being the worst defensive SS in baseball, wasn't he already adjusting his workout routine to increase his range? I thought that's the kind of thing we ask for from Melky, Cano, Giambi and others. It's not like he's just sitting on his ass.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-05-20 17:12:31
101.   SF Yanks
So about to be a 4 game losing streak, with Rasner and Kennedy to follow. Yikes!
2008-05-20 17:14:01
102.   SF Yanks
Man Arod's got an arm on him. Glad to have him back.
2008-05-20 17:15:44
103.   claybeez
96 Abreu and Damn and Matsui are getting older. I'd rather not have an aging and less powerful Jeter clogging spots for which we could more easily find all-star caliber hitters. They're not as easy to find up the middle.
2008-05-20 17:17:00
104.   williamnyy23
100 He has been pretty good with the bat over the past two weeks (.898 OPS after being quite weak before that), but his defensive misplays have really been killers. I am sure we are all going overboard because of the error (at least I am), but it's not unreasonable to ask whether Jeter's bat is slowly declining to the point where he doesn't justify playing SS.
2008-05-20 17:17:39
105.   Raf
100 From what I understand, Jeter's defense has been denigrated for quite some time
2008-05-20 17:18:19
106.   williamnyy23
I would have Molina take the 3-2.
2008-05-20 17:18:45
107.   williamnyy23
I would have Molina take the 3-2.
2008-05-20 17:19:36
108.   claybeez
104 Won't his bat be more likely to justify his being at SS than at 1B or LF as many are writing? Sure, SS has change3d since Cal, but I think I'd rather have a declining bat there than at the corners.
2008-05-20 17:21:47
109.   williamnyy23
108 Yes...his bat will always be best suited for SS, but it's the glove that causes the problem. If Jeter could play a solid LF, he would still be an asset, in my opinion.
2008-05-20 17:21:58
110.   Yankees Brasil
Good god, it's only the third inning, and it's 9-0. What's the record?
2008-05-20 17:21:59
111.   AbbyNormal821
hmmmm...maybe THIS will fire up the team. I think I actually heard Jeter say "FUCK!"
2008-05-20 17:22:00
112.   tommyl
As if it couldn't get any worse. This is a joke, right?
2008-05-20 17:22:17
113.   SF Yanks
Just when you think it can't possibly get any worse.
2008-05-20 17:22:32
114.   Raf
bad day just got worse
2008-05-20 17:22:38
115.   williamnyy23
Of course, while we are all complaining about Jeter, the Yankees still desperately need him.
2008-05-20 17:23:02
116.   Bruce Markusen
This team needs an old-fashioned approach. They need Joe Girardi to turn into Dick Williams for a day and give them a verbal asskicking. They need Cashman to get off his duff, stop hemming and hawing, and make a trade ala Gabe Paul--even a minor one--just to send a message.

If I hear one more player say they're trying, I won't be responsible for what I might do!

2008-05-20 17:23:14
117.   williamnyy23
Does a Yankee pitcher hit an Oriole now?
2008-05-20 17:23:55
118.   AbbyNormal821
116 maybe someone's head just needs to roll...someone should go old school Steinbrenner on their asses!
2008-05-20 17:23:58
119.   tommyl
Shut up Kay, he got hit there because Daniel Cabrera threw at his head.
2008-05-20 17:24:47
120.   Yankees Brasil
117 They have to hit either Roberts or Markakis. Obviously they won't do it.
2008-05-20 17:24:48
121.   williamnyy23
This year has 1978 written all over it... at least the first two months (and hopefully the last 4).
2008-05-20 17:25:16
122.   tommyl
So, let's recap. We're down 9-0 on 8, count'em 8, unearned runs. Our offense still sucks, and Jeter comes out of the game with a potentially bad hand injury.


2008-05-20 17:25:18
123.   cult of basebaal
wow ... literally, these words were just out of waldman's mouth ... "if i haven't mentioned it before, chris britton was sent down once again to make room for a-rod ... 'course, whenever britton was sent down before, something would happen and he'd come back ..."

next pitch ... down goes jeter

what a year

2008-05-20 17:26:07
124.   Raf
117 Will be interesting to see if there's retaliation. I don't think there will be any.

Imagine if this were Yanks-Red Sox?

2008-05-20 17:26:13
125.   williamnyy23
120 I's not that Cabrera did it on purpose, but if you are going to throw up and in with a 9-0 lead, you had better have control. The Yankees need 2 for the price of 1 here...a bench clearing brawl might be what they need. At the very least, it could provide the illusion of a catalyst.
2008-05-20 17:26:53
126.   williamnyy23
Jim Palmer...I think.
2008-05-20 17:27:22
127.   claybeez
109 I hear you. I just think a 37 y.o. Jeter with 10 HR/YR power won't be such an asset. I hear you on the defense, but it's not like he's Knoblauch. The throwing is something he can fix. The range he's working on. If he can't improve then try A-Rod at SS sooner than later.
2008-05-20 17:27:36
128.   Yankees Brasil
At least Ensberg is still with the team!! And Shelley. They are very good at.. I don't know, but they must be good at something.
2008-05-20 17:28:21
129.   tommyl
For the first time in my life, I have tickets on thursday and I don't want to go to the game. I can't bear to watch this shit in person.
2008-05-20 17:28:50
130.   williamnyy23
I think the bloom is off the Ohelndorf rose...maybe Ross should have been demoted instead of Britton.
2008-05-20 17:28:59
131.   tommyl
Oh, its Kevin Millar, hitting another homerun against us. Sweet!
2008-05-20 17:29:09
132.   Yankees Brasil
Can they give up a run on every single inning? I think they can.
2008-05-20 17:29:29
133.   tommyl
130 To be fair, he's a short reliever in his third inning of work. You have to expect him to be tired and a bit crappy at this point.
2008-05-20 17:30:11
134.   randym77
Christ on a cracker. I thought it was a mistake when I saw the only the 2nd inning.
2008-05-20 17:30:22
135.   Yankees Brasil
130 It's obvious he doesn't work well when he has to pitch more than 1 inning. But hey, don't tell that to Mr. Girardi. I'm sure he knows what he's doing.
2008-05-20 17:30:29
136.   williamnyy23
129 I've already given away my Friday seats. It's one thing to watch this horror show from home, but I can't justify rushing out of work in business clothes, waiting on line to get in, watching the team get destroyed and then packing into a crowded subway for a 90 minute ride home.
2008-05-20 17:31:01
137.   tommyl
On the bright side, its certainly setting the bar low for Rasner and Kennedy. All they have to do is make it out of the first inning and they are not the worst starter on the Yankees!
2008-05-20 17:32:02
138.   tommyl
136 Yeah, that 4 train back is awful, especially if its raining. On the plus side, if they continue playing this, it'll be a lot less crowded in a few weeks.
2008-05-20 17:32:16
139.   Shaun P
Cliff, those coins you mentioned?

They all tipped over, on top of the Yanks.

2008-05-20 17:32:27
140.   AbbyNormal821
What's worse...watching the Yankees get slaughtered by the O's or listening to Paula Abdul go off on a Vicadin-induced rant on American Idol...hmmm...the choice is so hard to decide!
2008-05-20 17:33:24
141.   williamnyy23
133 Fair enough...I think he has been better in short work, but Girardi seems intent on using him as a longman. Maybe that role needs to be re-evaluated.
2008-05-20 17:33:28
142.   tommyl
140 Just have to make it to 9pm and I can watch Reaper or Hell's Kitchen.
2008-05-20 17:34:45
143.   williamnyy23
138 I have way too many tickets for this season...I am already 0-5 in games attended, so the joy of going to games has really worn off.
2008-05-20 17:35:58
144.   Shaun P
OK, how to pass the time? How about we play, "It must be the '08 Yanks when . . ."? I'll start.

It must be the '08 Yanks when Daniel Cabrera is pitching, and the hitter in the lineup who's seen the most pitches in an AB so far is Jose Molina.

2008-05-20 17:35:59
145.   dianagramr

Imagine if Paula Abdul teamed up to do the broadcast with Waldman!

(evil grin)

2008-05-20 17:36:07
146.   51cq24
121 is that optimism??? tonight of all nights?
2008-05-20 17:37:07
147.   tommyl
Another 2 minute inning from the Yankees?
2008-05-20 17:37:47
148.   Yankees Brasil
143 Even with the team playing like shit, I'd like to attend some games. Too bad I live kinda far away.
2008-05-20 17:38:31
149.   OldYanksFan
I was having dinner. Can someone please tell me what happened to Jetes?
2008-05-20 17:38:46
150.   tommyl
Say it with me everyone: One Two Three!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-05-20 17:40:28
151.   williamnyy23
148 Some games...yes...but I went crazy and have tickets for over 20. That doesn't seem appealing right now.

146 At this point, the Yankees play is making the pessimism into realism. I saw these past 3-4 weeks coming, so I can't say that I am shocked. I also see a parallel to 1978, so hopefully I am right on that one too.

2008-05-20 17:40:33
152.   cult of basebaal
148 i was thinking about making a trip to nyc in late summer to catch some last games at the stadium ... good thing i haven't made any commitments yet ... though seats will be cheap at this rate, i suppose
2008-05-20 17:40:54
153.   williamnyy23
149 Hit on the hand by a pitch.
2008-05-20 17:40:59
154.   AbbyNormal821
149 Team sucking it tonight, Jeter got pissed and said 'fuck it' and purposely got hit on the wrist, just so he could get out of this pathetic excuse for a baseball game!


...but seriously - Cabrera plunked him bad.

2008-05-20 17:42:10
155.   williamnyy23
Hawkins can go from enemy of the people to the fan favorite is he plunks someone here.
2008-05-20 17:42:34
156.   tommyl
144 You know its the '08 Yankees when Giambi is the best fielder on the team.
2008-05-20 17:43:41
157.   51cq24
all we need is 2 starters (or 1 starter and a setup man), a long reliever, a catcher, a first baseman, maybe a shortstop, and 2 outfielders.
2008-05-20 17:43:58
158.   williamnyy23
Last year's slogan was Ha! I think this year's should be, "At least we're not the Mariners"!
2008-05-20 17:44:06
159.   Yankees Brasil
152 For me to make a trip to NYC, it's really expensive. But who knows, if I can get some more Yankees' fans from Brasil.
2008-05-20 17:45:17
160.   tommyl
157 A right handed power bat, some decent pinch hitters, someone to work a walk or something. Yeah, we're right there.
2008-05-20 17:45:25
161.   OldYanksFan
149 Does Jetes look to be out of the lineup for any period of time?
2008-05-20 17:45:51
162.   tommyl
158 Be careful, they might pass us soon.
2008-05-20 17:46:38
163.   williamnyy23
161 No word yet.
2008-05-20 17:47:03
164.   SF Yanks
158 At this rate it will be, "I wish we were the Mariners!"
2008-05-20 17:47:16
165.   Shaun P
I should make a firefox macro so I don't have to type how bad the umps are, pitches inside the batters' boxes are called strikes.

My dad and I have tickets to see a game vs. Toronto in early June. I really hope this pathetic shit is over by then.

2008-05-20 17:47:17
166.   williamnyy23
162 More optimism...the Yankees are a better team than Seattle..there!
2008-05-20 17:47:58
167.   tommyl
Way to work the count Robbie!
2008-05-20 17:48:19
168.   williamnyy23
Flash beat me to it...another lead-off hack on first pitch. It just doesn't seem like this team is giving a full effort (or at least concentrating fully).
2008-05-20 17:48:25
169.   dianagramr
You know .... it really is OK if they don't make the playoffs every year. Some years the dog bites you back.

Its a team in transition ... there is some young talent, and some good veterans. Its just an incomplete puzzle.

Acquiring Santana might have stabilized 1/5th of the rotation, but you still need 24 other players.

2008-05-20 17:48:31
170.   tommyl
One Two...
2008-05-20 17:48:47
171.   3rd gen yankee fan
166 How about, at least we're not the Padres!

I mean there are teams that carry more suckage than we do. Even now.

2008-05-20 17:49:16
172.   SF Yanks
Cy Cabrera's at it again...
2008-05-20 17:49:19
173.   tommyl
2008-05-20 17:50:47
174.   williamnyy23
171 Kevin Towers really lit into his team...after an inning like that one...I think it is time for someone on the Yankees to do the same. Hank's comments haven't come close to being as scalding as the headlines make them out to be.

It might seem crazy, but I wish someone like Arod would be outspoken here and really take control of this team. He'd be sticking his neck out, but it might get the attention of the other players.

2008-05-20 17:50:49
175.   weeping for brunnhilde
Now it's 10 and what's this with Derek?

Man, rough night for the captain.

Did it look really bad?

2008-05-20 17:51:00
176.   Shaun P
156 You know its the '08 Yankees when all it takes is 6 pitches to get the Yanks' hitters out.
2008-05-20 17:51:52
177.   williamnyy23
169 The Santana deal provides great irony because the way the team is playing now justifies NOT making the deal.
2008-05-20 17:51:55
178.   nick
you know, as of today our pythagorean w-l was identical to seattle's....
2008-05-20 17:52:30
179.   Jeb
5 as Kramer once said, "well I was Wayyyyy off!".

I'm so glad I spent $1,300 for plane tickets, a hotel and tickets for 2 game in June so my wife and I can come watch us get bitch-slapped by the reds.

I hope our fans Boo the living shit out of this lifeless, uncaring collection of shit. I never understood booing Arod but this whole team Fucking sucks.

If I was Hank, I'd fire Girardi tonight and Cashman tomorrow. Paging Buck Showalter!

2008-05-20 17:52:48
180.   williamnyy23
Why can't Abreu call Cano off those pop-ups? I wonder if Cano's excellent range factor isn't in part due to Abreu's refusal to catch flyballs in shallow right?
2008-05-20 17:52:55
181.   dianagramr
They all miss Torre .... that's why they're playing so poorly ...

(that's my story)

2008-05-20 17:53:25
182.   Shaun P
169 I don't mind if the Yanks don't make the playoffs. I do mind if they go up there hacking like they were the Twins.

171 At least the Padres have an excuse - that stadium is death to offense. No one hits there. What is the Yanks' excuse?

174 Right now, I'd settle for a bat boy going bat shit crazy, anything to light a fire under their asses. Hey, maybe someone would be willing to literally start a fire, like Proctor did . . .

2008-05-20 17:53:44
183.   williamnyy23
178 Stop raining on my parade.
2008-05-20 17:55:04
184.   williamnyy23
Latroy Hawkins can now wear #21.
2008-05-20 17:55:19
185.   Shaun P
Did Hawkins just throw at Luke Scott?!
2008-05-20 17:55:22
186.   tommyl
Ah, now this game is complete!
2008-05-20 17:56:18
187.   williamnyy23
I hate to be crass here, but I think the next pitcher who is brought in should finish the job. Scott wasn't even hit...Jeter's hand could be broken. Whom do you think is worse off?
2008-05-20 17:57:53
188.   dianagramr

Jeter dives in all the time, leading to a lot of HBPs. Many pitchers try and back him off. Cabrera may have been trying to do that ... AND he's had a history of HBPs.

2008-05-20 17:58:36
189.   Shaun P
187 I firmly believe that when a pitcher hits a hitter, and the hitter suffers a serious injury, the pitcher should be out for the same length of time as a hitter. Fines and suspensions just don't cut it, especially for starters. What's a 4 game suspension for a guy who pitches once every 5 days?
2008-05-20 17:58:40
190.   weeping for brunnhilde
180 No. Idea.

It exasperates me to no end.

2008-05-20 17:58:55
191.   williamnyy23
188 It was 9-0 at the time, and dive or not, the pitch was up and in. If you are going to throw tight, then you should have better control.
2008-05-20 17:58:57
192.   dianagramr
contusion for Jeter .... phew
2008-05-20 17:59:08
193.   mehmattski
So, does Hawkins' ejection show "lack of professionalism" or "enthusiastic chemistry"? Or does it depend on who you talk to....?
2008-05-20 17:59:25
194.   Raf
185 Umps thought so. Couldn't even get that right if he was
2008-05-20 18:00:27
195.   williamnyy23
187 Just to clarify, by finish the job, I don't mean hit Scott in the head. I am sure Hawkins did not mean to throw at Scott's head, but instead was wild doing something he doesn't do often (which would explain the two inside pitches that missed).
2008-05-20 18:01:08
196.   Jeb
I like how we get destroyed by everyone and Boston's got above average pitchers throwing no-no's. Its like when Costanza and Elaine switched lives. My God...we're George!!!
2008-05-20 18:01:48
197.   williamnyy23
Good news...the Yankees are in line to face Carlos Silva this weekend.
2008-05-20 18:02:34
198.   3rd gen yankee fan
192 Yay, Jetes can get back to hitting into double plays ASAP.
2008-05-20 18:03:13
199.   nick
would've made more sense to have Ohlendorf hit a guy right before you wanted to pull him anyway--why burn Hawkins so early?
2008-05-20 18:03:15
200.   tommyl
This game needs a Kyle Farnsworth body slam.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-05-20 18:03:42
201.   Raf
Jeez Edwar can't find the plate.
2008-05-20 18:04:39
202.   nick
it absolutely infuriates me, infuriates me almost beyond measure that Boston's young pitchers are dominating and ours are basically stinking out the joint/rotting in the 8th inning role...

I feel lied to, you know? lied to by those I thought I could trust....

2008-05-20 18:04:40
203.   Jeb
Personally I'd rather our pitchers start throwing at OUR hitters.
2008-05-20 18:05:25
204.   OldYanksFan
Re Jeter: It's not just about his D this year. He is signed for 2 years after this. Then what? After 2010, will Jeter want to retire? I think not. So we will have a Posada/Rivera situation, except that Jetes won't be near as valuable at his position as those 2 are/were.

But he is a lifetime Yankee. An iconic HOFer. We can't let him walk... but we can't put him at SS for 2011 and 2012. The bottom line is if Jeter plays beyond his current contract, he will have to be a decent defensive player at whatever position he plays.

We have 2 good (AJax, Tabata) and 1 OK (Gardner) OFer who will/could be up by 2010. But we have no 1st baseman in the system. Miranda is all bat, already known as a below average glove. I think he's trade bait. Shelly obviously ain't it.

1B might not be the best place for him, but if he's on the team, I can't see him playing anywhere else.

2008-05-20 18:06:40
205.   williamnyy23
202 Their pitchers are older, but it bothers me too. This year's "pla" couldn't have gone more astray.
2008-05-20 18:06:55
206.   AbbyNormal821
203 ...that's awesome!
2008-05-20 18:07:00
207.   tommyl
204 If its good enough for Mantle, its good enough for Jeter. Still lets worry about 2010 in 2010.
2008-05-20 18:07:14
208.   williamnyy23
203 Or maybe throwing to our hitters. Maybe that would break the slump.
2008-05-20 18:07:57
209.   fansince77
Is there a tunnel below rock bottom because if so, the Yankees are digging under that tunnel.
2008-05-20 18:09:12
210.   williamnyy23
204 Everyone says Jeter has a lot of DiMaggio in him. Joltin' Joe walked away at 36 when he knew he was in decline. Would Jeter do the same? Besides, if Mantle and Ruth could make concessions to age, then why not Jeter?
2008-05-20 18:10:13
211.   OldYanksFan
207 Not if you sign Tex for 7/$130m. Gotta worry about it now.
2008-05-20 18:10:46
212.   williamnyy23
You know what makes this season even worse...when the Yankees were bad in the past, I used to really like listening to the game on the radio, especially on a warm summer night. With Sterling and Waldman, that doesn't seem very appealing.
2008-05-20 18:11:21
213.   OldYanksFan
210 So you, and others, think Jeter retires after 2010? Or does he play SS for KC?
2008-05-20 18:11:41
214.   williamnyy23
211 I don't think Texeira will command that contract, but your point is noted.
2008-05-20 18:11:48
215.   tommyl
For Fuck's sake, he's throwing fastball after fastball. You're major league hitters, hit it!
2008-05-20 18:12:19
216.   dianagramr
This is a sucky 62nd birthday present for Murcer. :-(
2008-05-20 18:12:32
217.   AbbyNormal821
2008-05-20 18:13:10
218.   williamnyy23
213 I have no idea...also like Joe D., we know very little about the real Jeter. I couldn't say what he'd be thinking.

Welcome back Arod.

2008-05-20 18:13:25
219.   dianagramr
Oh sure .... do that when you're down 10 A-Rod! (I kid I kid)
2008-05-20 18:13:29
220.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
just logged on here..umm...10-0?? am speechless and distraught...want to go back to bed with my vintage Alvaro Espinoza game-jersey sercurity blanket from my childhood and pretend this season is not happening..
2008-05-20 18:13:51
221.   williamnyy23 least if the Yankees have a lost season, we can watch Arod's 4 ABs each game.
2008-05-20 18:15:48
222.   tommyl
So...A-Rod just has to hit about 4 or 5 more of those.
2008-05-20 18:15:48
223.   nick
215 A-Rod proves that we employ at least one major league hitter.
2008-05-20 18:17:26
224.   nick
212 the Yankees, a warm summer's night, a nice light chablis, and...WTF!? Fantasy ruined!
2008-05-20 18:19:09
225.   OldYanksFan
221 Hey... you joke, but I was a fan in 1965. 1966 thru 1968 were basically about watching Mantle chase 500 and beyond. The rest of the team just took up the other 8 ABs.
2008-05-20 18:19:22
226.   williamnyy23
224 The Yankees always had enjoyable radio broadcasters...even up until Sterling/Kay (before their massive egos exploded). What a shame.
2008-05-20 18:20:19
227.   weeping for brunnhilde

We scored, we scored!

2008-05-20 18:20:44
228.   weeping for brunnhilde
Aw, damn, Alex hit one?

How'd it look?

2008-05-20 18:20:56
229.   williamnyy23
225 I wasn't really joking...even in a 10-0 game, my attention was completely on the Arod AB. I felt the same way with is an honor to watch all-time greats.
2008-05-20 18:21:01
230.   dianagramr

Is Ralph Houk still with us? I think he is.

2008-05-20 18:21:36
231.   williamnyy23
228 Majestic. A true A-bomb over the CF wall.
2008-05-20 18:24:09
232.   tommyl
Meanwhile, Edwar, 2 more innings, zeros.
2008-05-20 18:24:41
233.   weeping for brunnhilde
231 Nice.

Welcome back, Alex.

2008-05-20 18:24:59
234.   Jeb
Good thing we got our 2 runs-gotta keep that average up so we can score 324 for the season, not including playoffs.
2008-05-20 18:25:56
235.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
229 yes, agreed. A-Rod is awesome to watch. Him, Vlad, and Ichiro worth dropping anything to watch on tv.
2008-05-20 18:26:04
236.   tommyl
Did Giambi just sort of kind of go the other way?
2008-05-20 18:26:32
237.   AbbyNormal821
I keep envisioning the game against Texas back in '06 when they came back from all those runs down to win. Too bad Jorgie can't get the walk-off this game!
2008-05-20 18:26:58
238.   dianagramr

given his choice of undergarments, I could see him going both ways ...

2008-05-20 18:27:26
239.   Yankees Brasil
236 No worries, Cano swings at the first pitch, just so we know the Yankees are going to keep sucking.
2008-05-20 18:28:17
240.   tommyl
Meanwhile, on Hell's Kitchen, Matt just chopped half his thumb off.
2008-05-20 18:29:39
241.   tommyl
Cabrera has thrown less than 10 non-fastballs. He's throwing 90mph. This is a major league team?
2008-05-20 18:29:56
242.   Yankees Brasil
239 ..and Melky grounds into a DP. Yep, still sucking.

Melky, by the way, is back to being an impatient hitter with no power. I really think we should consider giving Bret Gardner a chance. He's got a good glove, great patience at the plate. Crazy enough that it might work.

2008-05-20 18:30:49
243.   tommyl
242 At this point, why not. Its not like he can be any worse.
2008-05-20 18:30:49
244.   tommyl
242 At this point, why not. Its not like he can be any worse.
2008-05-20 18:33:39
245.   tommyl
A-Rod lifted? Blowout or he's hurt?!
2008-05-20 18:34:26
246.   Yankees Brasil
243 That's what I was thinking.
2008-05-20 18:35:34
247.   OldYanksFan
238 Fantastic!
2008-05-20 18:36:15
248.   Yankees Brasil
Up 10-2 and they are still working the count. Good times when the Yankees were the ones doing it.
2008-05-20 18:36:16
249.   nick
242 there's a lot of evidence this season that Kevin Long may not be such a great hitting coach....
2008-05-20 18:37:40
250.   nick
245 ARod and Giambi out, so it looks ok....(except that Duncan and Ensberg are in)
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-05-20 18:39:06
251.   dianagramr

He should buy the entire team gold thong undies, and they can wear them on their heads!

2008-05-20 18:39:27
252.   Yankees Brasil
249 Is it really all his fault? I mean, he was the hitting coach last season when they scored more than 950 runs, right? Was it all because of him? I think it's mostly on the hitters.
2008-05-20 18:40:58
253.   williamnyy23
249 Long's problem has been the calendar, and the extra year it added to the ages of the Yankee hitters.
2008-05-20 18:41:17
254.   tommyl
And Luke Scott gets us back the way the Yankees used to respond to being thrown at.
2008-05-20 18:41:27
255.   williamnyy23
Hey Abreu made a catch by the wall!!!
2008-05-20 18:42:37
256.   AbbyNormal821
Hey, I found something worse on TV than this Yankees game...."Showgirls" is on VH1


2008-05-20 18:43:45
257.   tommyl
256 Any leopard print thongs?
2008-05-20 18:46:02
258.   Yankees Brasil
It's really pathetic when Cabrera pitches more than 6 innings against your offense.
2008-05-20 18:46:43
259.   AbbyNormal821
257 No, but Robert Davi was just just in a scene wearing a tiger stripe shirt...will that do?
2008-05-20 18:48:21
260.   OldYanksFan
256 Thanks for the tip. Nice to watch SOMETHING tonight to give me a little pleasure...
2008-05-20 18:48:29
261.   tommyl
Two more fastballs, one more out.
2008-05-20 18:49:27
262.   tommyl
259 Sure, anything is better than watching us go down like little leaguers.
2008-05-20 18:50:40
263.   williamnyy23
You can't pull the plug just yet, but if I was Cashman, I would immediately commence an all out scouting mission on the minor leagues of every major league team. If (or when) the time comes to start trading veterans, the Yankees need to be prepared to make a good deal.
2008-05-20 18:52:15
264.   williamnyy23
I just realized they aren't doing that silly road trip show anymore. There's something positive about this season.
2008-05-20 18:52:50
265.   tommyl
Hey its Mo! He's still on this team?
2008-05-20 18:55:39
266.   OldYanksFan
Wow... the Yankees aren't sweatin' but the showgirls sure are.
2008-05-20 18:56:53
267.   Raf
266 Mystique & Aura?
2008-05-20 18:57:55
268.   tommyl
267 Team trip to Scores?
2008-05-20 18:59:49
269.   williamnyy23
Geez...Masterson threw another good game...maybe we should be worried about more than just 2008?
2008-05-20 18:59:56
270.   tommyl
So, our entire offense is A-Rod. Once again, the rest of the team is awful.
2008-05-20 19:00:31
271.   AbbyNormal821
9 in the 9th????...MMMMBAAAAHAAAAA!!!
2008-05-20 19:00:42
272.   tommyl
Shelly Smash right here would be nice.
2008-05-20 19:00:53
273.   OldYanksFan
270 It's an improvement over the last 2 weeks at least.
2008-05-20 19:01:05
274.   AbbyNormal821
actually, we need 10, don't we? Wow! I suck at math! LOL!
2008-05-20 19:02:49
275.   tommyl
What's this, someone working the count? Fouling off pitches? That's not the Yankee way!
2008-05-20 19:04:40
276.   AbbyNormal821
nice hustle, jagoff!
2008-05-20 19:04:41
277.   williamnyy23
DFA Ensberg...just because.
2008-05-20 19:05:13
278.   Raf
275 No worries, order has been restored
2008-05-20 19:05:58
279.   tommyl
And Morgan Ensberg hits into a DP on the first pitch. Perfect microcosm for this season.
2008-05-20 19:06:43
280.   cult of basebaal
wow ... that sure was fun
2008-05-20 19:08:29
281.   tommyl
280 In the same way a prostate exam is. I'm officially not going to the game on Thursday, I'm a die hard fan, but even I can't bear to watch this team right now.
2008-05-20 19:09:10
282.   OldYanksFan
Wow... this Showgirls thing has really good dialog.
2008-05-20 19:10:00
283.   nick
last 3 outs by the two stooges...dfa them both, let god sort them out....
2008-05-20 19:11:27
284.   tommyl
283 Hey, Shelley worked the count and hit it deep. At least he didn't pop up on the first pitch.
2008-05-20 19:12:21
285.   OldYanksFan
Sign Bonds. That would be a true kick in the ass.
2008-05-20 19:17:27
286.   williamnyy23
285 Bonds has said he would only go somewhere he can win a World Series. Maybe Bonds would pass on the Yankees?
2008-05-20 19:25:17
287.   3rd gen yankee fan
267 Ouch... Aura and Mystique are now showgirls on VH1. Somebody let Schilling know...
2008-05-20 19:41:35
288.   tommyl
Hawkin's postgame interview is pure comedy gold.

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