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You Know Me
2008-05-20 09:57
by Alex Belth
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When I was a kid I received a copy of You Know Me Al from my uncle Sam Plummer, who was not really my uncle, but I thought of him as one all the same. The version I got was a collection of the You Know Me Al comic strips--it wasn't until years later that I learned it was a book before it was a comic.  I loved the gift, not so much because I was especially taken with the strip, but because it combined comics and baseball and Sam was thoughtful enough to know that (a die-hard Cubs fan, Sam later introduced me to the records of Fats Waller).  Somewhere along the line I lost the book but a few years ago I saw a copy in a used bookstore. My heart skipped a beat and I nabbed it. For those of you who have never seen it, here's a peak at a strip:



Here's another one:




2008-05-20 10:26:16
1.   JL25and3
I've got that version also. I have no idea where I got it, because I had no idea that it was a rarity. I just saw it at some used bookstore, and since I love the book so much, I picked it up.

I still prefer the book, but this version is pretty great.

2008-05-20 10:51:53
2.   unmoderated
we just picked up an early edition of lardner's 'gullible's travels,' as well as an old Scribner Library copy of 'Haircut and Other Stories.' here at the store. 'gullible' went up for sale, but i snuck home the other one.
2008-05-20 11:02:35
3.   Peter
I'm sorry to be off-topic, but I have an extra ticket for the game tonight, tier reserved section 8. If anyone would like to go, my email is pg3000 at yahoo.
2008-05-20 11:56:10
4.   rilkefan
Dunno about the "fooled him twice, fool him again with the same thing" advice. Wonder if that was conventional wisdom then.
2008-05-20 12:54:33
5.   Raf
Looks like Piazza's no longer an option for BUC.
2008-05-20 12:56:10
6.   Brian24

I think it's still largely conventional wisdom. Al Leiter certainly thinks so; he says as much about once per game when he calls it for the Yankees. "He's gotten him out with the inside fastball the last two times up, I think you keep throwing it there until he proves he can hit it."

2008-05-20 13:33:11
7.   JL25and3
2 My brother gave me that "Haircut" book when I was a kid. It was my introduction to Lardner, and I don't think I've ever thanked my brother properly.

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