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2008-05-19 14:06
by Alex Belth
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For those of you who live in the tri-state area, consider these upcoming dates at the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center:

Bobby Murcer: Thursday, May 29th. 7:00-9:00 pm.

Graig Nettles, Ron Guidry and Don Mattingly: Sunday, June 8th. 3:00-5:00 pm.

Yogi himself: Thursday, June 12th. 6:00-8:00 pm.

2008-05-19 18:33:36
1.   SF Yanks
Ummmm... Lester throwing a no-no with one out in the 9th. Is it too late for the jinx?
2008-05-19 18:38:16
2.   SF Yanks
Wow! Good for him.....but uh, what about our guys? What a depressing season thus far.
2008-05-19 18:40:55
3.   SF Yanks
First Clay, now Lester. Meanwhile, Joba becoming human, Hughes with a cracked rib and Ian with a 9 era. Alright, that's enough with the pessimistic talk.
2008-05-19 18:49:48
4.   OldYanksFan
As a Yankee Fan, it kills me. As a human being, to see this kid come back from cancer and achieve this, it's a great story. He deserves all the good feelings he can get.
2008-05-19 19:00:38
5.   SF Yanks
4 That about sums it up.
2008-05-19 19:13:44
6.   Simone
Gawd, you know that ESPN will milk Lester's no hitter for all it is worth for the next couple of days.

The Spurs better win this damn game.

2008-05-20 00:44:21
7.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
3 Is it Lima-Time? Boomer?? "Operation Shutdown"??? I'm ready for them to try anything to find a spark...
2008-05-20 03:11:24
8.   Joeg
Lester's no-no is a great story no matter what team you root for. Similar to Abbott's back in the 90's. For any person to come back and dominate his profession like that is inspiring. It'd be nice if the Yankees-Red Sox thing got back to a respectful animosity.

Wish I could make the 8 June Yogi museum event. Those are my three favorite Yanks from the 70s-80s teams.

What's the difference between a museum and a museum with a learning center? Can't you learn stuff at a regular museum?

Let's hope Alex's return inspires a season-high four game win streak! Or am I being greedy?

2008-05-20 04:00:02
9.   dianagramr
Bobby's autobiography comes out today (his 62nd birthday!)

He'll be at the B&N at 555 Fifth Avenue on the 28th at 12:30 pm

2008-05-20 04:32:42
10.   JL25and3
Without question, Lester's a great story, and I don't want to take anything away from it. But I guess I don't get why his story is treated with a sort of reverence that John Kruk or Wayne Tolleson never got - or, for that matter, that Jonny Gomes doesn't get.

Jim Abbott is an altogether different case.

2008-05-20 04:54:31
11.   rbj
Congrats to Lester -- great story.

Now as to the Yankees -- go out and moidalize the other guys, would ya?

2008-05-20 05:20:58
12.   Raf
10 Playing in RSN may have something to do with it.
2008-05-20 05:32:56
13.   JL25and3
12 That's what I figure.

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