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Wha Happen?
2008-05-14 10:19
by Alex Belth
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During the middle of the game last night, I was on-line checking the scores...2-0, 2-1, 3-2, 1-1. Sure sign of a recession when you see lines like that in the Junior Circut. BP takes as look at why scoring in in the American League is down this season. Tom Verducci examines the issue as well, and Jake Luft wonders what ever happen to Travis Hafner.

2008-05-14 11:34:49
1.   mehmattski
I'd have to say that the most plausible explanation (besides small sample size) behind the decreased scoring in the AL is that they simply have worse hitters than usual.

Last night, inspired by william's claim that Damon, Jeter, and Abreu were in sharp declines, I looked up their rankings per position in Runs Creaed. All three were among the top 3 in the AL, but way down the list among both leagues. Hitters (at least at LF, RF, and SS) are significantly better in the NL right now.

If the trends continue, I may be willing to consider the possibility that there is a new influx of ground ball pitchers in the AL.

And it still doesn't excuse the Yankees for scoring zero runs off of Matt Garza and Edwin Jackson.

2008-05-14 12:14:03
2.   Shaun P
1 You could write the performance vs Garza and Jackson off to small sample size.

The stats you posted from BP's adjusted standings in the last thread were interesting. The problem is, even if the Yanks' offense had produced the 182 runs it "should", based on Adjusted Equivalent Runs, the Yanks would still be only 21-19, instead of 19-21.

That's not bad, but its not a lot of improvement either. Contrast that to last year, where in May/June, the Yanks were underperforming by 7 wins.

2008-05-14 12:36:38
3.   rbj
Consider that the American League record for home runs in a season is still 61. All the higher totals are NL records. Maybe the NL hs gone for the big boppers while the AL has better starting pitching?
2008-05-14 13:37:51
4.   ny2ca2dc
Anyone wanna talk Bonds? I was against him in the off season (for many & lame reasons), but looking at how painful it is to see the offensive futility... I dunno. Maybe. It's not so much the losing as the total futility, if that can be understood. Anyone else coming around to Bonds? Obviously some of us needed no coming around, and for me being SF-raised probably makes me a bit more inclined. But trade Giambi and Damon/Matsui, slide Po into 1B if need be (maybe real soon like, let him work back to catching in the off season) and whoever of Damon/Matsui fetches less plays left, Bonds at DH. When ARod comes back, you're right back to a team that can mash it's way into the playoffs with so-so pitching, and trading the vets gets some more young talent. Maybe trade some of it plus some of the guys we have for Salty or Clement. River Ave Blues thinks Hank would be for it, I'm not so sure.

I love wild ideas. Fire away!

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