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How I Learned to Pee Straight
2008-05-10 09:49
by Alex Belth
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As I've previously mentioned, I'm anxious about peeing in public restrooms. Have been ever since I was a kid. About ten years ago, though, I was hanging out with my friend Steve Stein, aka Steinski, at his studio/office in Manhattan. At one point, I told him I had to take a leak and as I stood up, he walked by me and said that he had to relieve himself too. Awww, man, I thought. The men's room down the corridor from his office was made up of two cramped stalls and a small sink. There was no place to hide, not enough room to pretend that my non-peeing was actually just a subtle stream that was tapping on the side of the bowl away from the water. I was stuck. Stein, of course, was oblivious to my dilemma and he continued our conversation in his soothing, New York accent. I was thrilled and delighted to discover that as we chatted, I had no problems peeing. The next time the situation came up, same result. Why Stein I don't know, but I took it as a sign that a deep comfort existed between us. Eventually, I told him as much.

But that was it. Stein was the exception to the rule. It wasn't until a few months ago that it occurred to me to think about Stein standing in the stall next me, carrying on a conversation, when I was in a public restroom without him. Well, wouldn't you know it, my Jedi mind trick works! While I have not tested myself in a jam-packed bathroom during the late innings of a ballgame, I'm now been able to pee in public restrooms. All thanks to Stein. It's a minor thing in life, but for me, it feels major. So much so that I called Stein to thank him. He sent me an e-mail the next day, "I'm wildly flattered that I'm in your thoughts when your schlong is in your hand."

Point is, if I can learn to pee straight, the Yankees can figure out a way to beat the Tigers, who have a formidable line-up of course, but who have underachieved even more than the Yanks have this year. I mean, how frustrating have these four loses to the Tigers been? C'mon already. Cliff hipped me to a bit Kevin Goldstein wrote about today's starter, Darrell Rasner over at Baseball Prospectus:

With Ian Kennedy's minor case of the yips and Philip Hughes' continued struggles, Rasner might suddenly be a surprisingly important part of the Yankees' 2008 season. That said, he also just might be up to the task, because he was totally dealing at Triple-A, allowing just 18 hits and six walks in 31 innings. He's a classic sinker/slider type with plus command, and while at 27 he's already at his ceiling as a back-end starter, he delivered six quality innings in his first big league start of the year, and should be able to provide that more often than not throughout the season.

Let's hope Rasner can make it two-in-a-row this afternoon. The offense needs to score him some runs.

Let's Go Yan-Kees.

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2008-05-10 11:56:39
1.   Jeb
Rasner's gonna pitch well and earn that #5 slot today while the offensive is going to eat Bonderman for lunch. Robby Cano Don't ya know will be the difference.
2008-05-10 12:16:26
2.   Eric
I learned how to pee striaght by hearing a trick From Howard Stern. He said to think about complex mathematical equations or formulas while at the urinal and it will allow you to go. Try it, worked for me, for those of us that don't have a steinski to think about.
2008-05-10 12:21:30
3.   rbj
It's called "bashful kidney". There used to be the occasional Ann Landers column on it.

Let's hope Rasner doesn't piss away his chance to be in the ML rotation.

2008-05-10 12:40:36
4.   fansince77
anyone how to get that special link to watch the game on mlbtv...fucking Fox over here showing d-backs cubs!
2008-05-10 12:43:18
5.   Chyll Will
I do believe he said he has to go pee!

Honestly, is Shelly preparing for an early broadcast career? He obviously likes the camera (even if it doesn't necessarily like him >;)

2008-05-10 12:44:18
6.   rbj
Yes, Derek ends his homerless streak!
2008-05-10 12:45:19
7.   Chyll Will
4 Your lucky, Fox will be showing the game in between NASCAR updates no doubt...

After 129 at bats, Jeter finally homers. Welcome aboard, Jetes (no allowance for you either!)

2008-05-10 12:47:18
8.   rbj
"You're not going to win if you have to outscore the other team all the time."

WTF? Paging, to the white courtesy phone please.

2008-05-10 12:47:32
9.   Chyll Will
Bonderman doing a good Iggy impression!
2008-05-10 12:48:31
10.   Chyll Will
8 Is that Stengalese or a Yogism?
2008-05-10 12:49:27
11.   rbj
10 It's a dumb Fox announcerism.
2008-05-10 12:50:48
12.   Chyll Will
11 The dreaded McCarver Effect...
2008-05-10 12:51:03
13.   Jeb
Please Melky no DP, we had the same situation in NYC last week....
2008-05-10 12:52:26
14.   Chyll Will
Trying to go the other way...
2008-05-10 12:54:05
15.   Bob Timmermann
Out here in L.A., we're getting the Yankees-Tigers game, although I would think that the Cubs-DBacks would have been of greater interest to people out here.
2008-05-10 12:54:43
16.   Chyll Will
2008-05-10 12:55:30
17.   Jeb
The Melk-man delivers with a good eye....Young Bernie has been reincarnated.
2008-05-10 12:55:47
18.   Chyll Will
15 Xof does everything bass-ackwards...
2008-05-10 12:56:07
19.   tommyl
G-d damnit. There's this season in a nutshell.
2008-05-10 12:56:08
20.   rbj
Of course. Only one run with loaded bases.
2008-05-10 12:56:27
21.   Jeb
1 Robby Cano -- Don't ya know -- will be the difference.

maybe not

2008-05-10 12:57:30
22.   OldYanksFan
Robbin hit that about as hard as you can. Bad luck, RCNB. By the by, our horrid pitching has an OPS against of .712.
2008-05-10 12:57:44
23.   Alex Belth
I thought Shelley was funny there...tough luck for Robbie. He hit that hard. Dag. Let Bonderman off the hook. They scored early on him last time and then he cruised after that...
2008-05-10 12:58:09
24.   Chyll Will
20 Well, we're playing small-ball after all >;)
2008-05-10 12:59:18
25.   tommyl
Yeah, not mad at Robbie, hit it on the screws. Just frustrated, should have been a 2-run single.
2008-05-10 13:00:24
26.   rbj
Dang, that ball must have gotten into the jetstream.
2008-05-10 13:00:43
27.   Chyll Will
Yes, Mr. Announcer, that's what sunglasses do... keep the sun out of your eyes...

That was a weirder call than Sterling could ever give.

2008-05-10 13:01:08
28.   Yankees Brasil
Abreu had no idea where that was.
Joyce with the HR. It's going to be a looong game.
2008-05-10 13:01:12
29.   Jeb
Sterling called that an out....people cheered...he realized he screwed up....glasses for Mr. Sterling.
2008-05-10 13:01:16
30.   OldYanksFan
Anybody catch the last inning of the Sox-Twinkies game last night? A thing of beauty. Papsmear with Back-2-back non save/loses for only the 2nd time in his career.

Ug. I'm tired of hearing 'first career home run'.

2008-05-10 13:01:20
31.   Bob Timmermann
But did John Sterling know that ball was going out? Stockton and Karros didn't.
2008-05-10 13:02:25
32.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think the Fox cameras have shown yet where the ball actually landed in the seats.
2008-05-10 13:03:31
33.   mishka
Anyone have that special link for 800kbps users? Sterling is annoying a crap out of me with his crazy calls.
2008-05-10 13:03:47
34.   Jeb
31 no, he just said, "long fly and Abreu's got it for the out."...oh wait....
2008-05-10 13:05:03
35.   Chyll Will
34 I stand corrected 27
2008-05-10 13:06:07
36.   rbj
Joyce did have 5 homers in 97 ABs with the Mudhens earlier, so he does have some pop (the Hens already have about 52 HRs as a team, not surprising that Joyce would hit a #5 starter)
2008-05-10 13:06:49
37.   Chyll Will
The ball is flying first class today...
2008-05-10 13:07:34
38.   Yankees Brasil
Every game there's at least a couple web gems from the other team's CF.
2008-05-10 13:07:45
39.   OldYanksFan
33 My guess is MLB.TV is blcked out for this game.
2008-05-10 13:07:51
40.   Jeb
here's what I hope doesn't happen. Last week we ALMOST got to Bonderman in the first until Smokey Jim talked to him on the mound. Then he turned into Tom Seaver. Let's hope we keep the pressure on this bastard and get some walks
2008-05-10 13:08:14
41.   Chyll Will
Anyone feeling bad for the Reds at all?
2008-05-10 13:09:24
42.   Jeb
Detroit would be 12-21 if not for the Yankees.
2008-05-10 13:09:35
43.   Chyll Will
40 (Sshhh... >;)
2008-05-10 13:09:57
44.   OldYanksFan
This is the only day game in the AL. What happened to Saturday afternoon at the ballpark?
2008-05-10 13:10:09
45.   Yankees Brasil
40 Too late, it started already.
2008-05-10 13:10:43
46.   Jeb
41 No. Everyone's got their own problems. Do the Reds feel bad for us and our payroll? Do they feel sorry for the Pittsburgh Welfare Queens?

I've got tickets to two games against the Reds next month. I hope we smoke 'em

2008-05-10 13:12:18
47.   Jeb
46 Did the Reds feel bad for their GM who they just canned? From what I can gather, he did a good job for them and got them some nice players until Walt Jockety put knives in his back.
2008-05-10 13:12:31
48.   rbj
Augh. Dreaded long URL. Gotta get up to post 57 to get rid of it.
2008-05-10 13:13:29
49.   mishka
39 Thanks OldYanksFan, but doesn't seem to work for me for some reason. It used to work last year, but it times out now in both IE and firefox. Does that work in either IE or Firefox for you?
2008-05-10 13:13:59
50.   Yankees Brasil
They lack a LH power bat? Let's send them Giambi!
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2008-05-10 13:17:55
51.   Jeb
50 be more generous than that....Let's toss in Igawa and Betemit too. We'll do that for only Verlander and Granderson.
2008-05-10 13:18:46
52.   rbj
51 And don't forget Pavano too.
2008-05-10 13:19:58
53.   Jeb
I gotta say --- small sample size and everything --- Rasner's pitched pretty well in 8 MLB innings this season. I know that I tend to get excited early about players but he's quickly earning the #5 slot. My only question is whether IPK or Hughes can be #4....
2008-05-10 13:20:35
54.   Jeb
52 good point, and we'll even toss in Ensberg and Shelly.
2008-05-10 13:22:08
55.   Jeb
Bonderman's settled in again and we're flailing at the first pitch. Rasner for 6, Farns for 1, Joba-Mo for 2.
2008-05-10 13:24:48
56.   Yankees Brasil
It's almost as if they had Igawa pitching the first inning and now they have Cy Young.
That or our offense really sucks.
2008-05-10 13:25:55
57.   Yankees Brasil
By the way, Bonderman is getting a HUGE strike zone. With a zone like that, it's gonna be extra hard for our weak ass offense.
2008-05-10 13:27:46
58.   OldYanksFan
49 Try IE but first edit the URL and change:
detmlb-nyamlb to nyamlb-detmlb
2008-05-10 13:27:53
59.   Chyll Will
54 Not Shelly! Who could introduce the lineups before the first pitch like him?
2008-05-10 13:30:44
60.   Yankees Brasil
It's really a joy to watch one of our pitchers throw strike after strike.
2008-05-10 13:32:17
61.   mishka
58 Still doesn't work unfortunately
2008-05-10 13:32:36
62.   Chyll Will
I don't feel bad for the Reds btw, I'm just sayin'... getting beat by the Mets 12-6 in the eighth is hard to do at this time, or at least it was...
2008-05-10 13:32:43
63.   OldYanksFan
While I am not proud of our 'weakass' offensive OPS of .751, it's 4th in the AL. Detroit is 2nd. League average is .719, which is about 30 lower then typical.
2008-05-10 13:34:06
64.   OldYanksFan
Giambi is LATE on many flyballs and just missing HRs. He has made numerous 380'+ outs.
2008-05-10 13:34:33
65.   Chyll Will
60 I liked that lollipop he threw Joyce...
2008-05-10 13:34:47
66.   Jeb
59 I think Shelly's a nice fella, but he's really just a AAAA player -- a poor man's Kevin Maas/Shaner Spencer. I like his attitude and his enthusiasm, but he's not a major league baseball player. Since the Yanks are going to play Giambi at first, I'd just play Ensberg (since he can get on base) against Lefties and just eat this season until Mr. Teixera comes on the market.
2008-05-10 13:37:41
67.   Yankees Brasil
Wow! Cano with the walk. Crazy stuff.
2008-05-10 13:38:01
68.   Jeb
Cano took a walk...Everyone get ready for the apocalypse.
2008-05-10 13:38:09
69.   OldYanksFan
61 It brings up the MLB screen for me, and has the correct box score, but there is no video. Sorry. You can use MLB.TV to LISTEN to the game.
2008-05-10 13:38:50
70.   Yankees Brasil
Comon Wilson, drive one!
2008-05-10 13:39:35
71.   OldYanksFan
Anybody else rather have the AG rather then Ensberg?
2008-05-10 13:40:33
72.   Jeb
71 I'd rather have the Former AG than Shelly.
2008-05-10 13:41:40
73.   Yankees Brasil
Nice Wilson! Over his head!
2008-05-10 13:42:06
74.   OldYanksFan
Holy crap! Another injury! Here comes the AG!
2008-05-10 13:42:33
75.   Yankees Brasil
Here we go, another one to the DL. This is fucked up.
2008-05-10 13:42:34
76.   rbj
I think the Yankees should partner with one of the area hospitals, for the Injury of the Day.
2008-05-10 13:42:35
77.   Jeb
Once again Sterling missed that one. He said in a very bored voice, "fly to center... drifting back is Granderson for the third out......IT'S OVER HIS HEAD!!!!"

And now Betemit to the DL with a hammy, so here comes the Former AG back tomorrow.

2008-05-10 13:43:21
78.   ms october
well we are going to get the ag now with betemit's hamstring injury - i guess we are starting to see some of betemit's power - which was nice - but i'd like to see what the ag can do
2008-05-10 13:43:43
79.   Yankees Brasil
Comon Moeller, nice and easy, up the middle!
2008-05-10 13:43:49
80.   OldYanksFan
Goldman had a good line on Frank Thomas. He respects the guy, but commented that he is so slow, that it takes a triple to score him from 2nd base.
2008-05-10 13:45:13
81.   Jeb
how about Moeller taking a walk??? Maybe he should be our backup catcher and Molina is #3.
2008-05-10 13:45:21
82.   Yankees Brasil
78 Not a lot more than what we saw before. Great D, suspicious bat.
2008-05-10 13:45:29
83.   OldYanksFan
That pitch to Betemin was moving outside. Quite a shot actually.
COMMON JD! Big AB here.
2008-05-10 13:45:41
84.   mishka
69 Yeah, alas. Sterling is such a joy, and Suzin just makes you wanna vomit.
2008-05-10 13:46:29
85.   OldYanksFan
"Great D, suspicious bat."
I'll take his bat to get great D.
2008-05-10 13:48:03
86.   OldYanksFan
I could watch that chick dance to Thriller all day!
2008-05-10 13:48:38
87.   Yankees Brasil
85 The way we are playing offensively (two more left on base), we might not be able to afford it.
2008-05-10 13:52:58
88.   rbj
So Joe only thinks its a "couple of days" for Betemit. Must mean a season ending injury.
2008-05-10 13:54:38
89.   Jeb
if loving Rasner is wrong, I don't want to be right.
2008-05-10 13:57:17
90.   OldYanksFan
Raz blowing through the AL's 2nd best lineup. Is he for real? How is Raz2008 better then Raz2007?
2008-05-10 14:00:24
91.   Yankees Brasil
GREAT baserunning!
2008-05-10 14:04:10
92.   Jeb
90 maybe he just needed time to develop into a servicable starter. But even so, his career MLB ERA before getting called up was 4.01 in 58 innings so he wasn't exactly dogshit.

I really am starting to think he can be a good #5 starter....Better than anyone last year, better than Corey Lidle (God rest his soul), better than Jaret Wright, better than Aaron Small....etc. etc.

2008-05-10 14:05:36
93.   rbj
Hmm, could Jason be heating up too?
2008-05-10 14:06:55
94.   OldYanksFan
I (heart) Jason! Cliff will be eating his words,
2008-05-10 14:08:04
95.   rbj
Jason, you can only go base to base.
2008-05-10 14:08:08
96.   Jeb
Rasner has 49 pitches, 37 strikes and no walks.
2008-05-10 14:08:21
97.   OldYanksFan
Yeah Jason... go ahead and make me look stoopid.
2008-05-10 14:11:10
98.   Max
95 What the heck did Jason do to make the final out of the inning? I've only got Gameday to let me know how the game is going.
2008-05-10 14:12:35
99.   ms october
98 ran past meachem's stop sign - after hesitating at least twice - saw he was obviously going to be out at home - went back to third and they threw him out easliy
2008-05-10 14:15:29
100.   Jeb
99 at that point---why not just run home and over pudge?
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2008-05-10 14:16:11
101.   Chyll Will
So sick of these fricken injuries!!!
2008-05-10 14:18:45
102.   ms october
100 i don't know - but as injured as the yanks are and as fragile jason's legs are probably best he didn't
2008-05-10 14:18:51
103.   Jeb
I hope they let Rasner go 7. He's only got 60 pitches.
2008-05-10 14:19:42
104.   Jeb
102 true but I really hate pudge
2008-05-10 14:20:03
105.   Yankees Brasil
101 Just went downstairs for a while. Who got hurt now?
2008-05-10 14:20:22
106.   tommyl
Well, that was on Meacham, waving him home until the last second they just showed. Where have you gone Larry Bowa? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
2008-05-10 14:20:43
107.   rbj
103 Wow, only 60. Maybe a CG?
2008-05-10 14:21:02
108.   tommyl
105 Betemit
2008-05-10 14:21:16
109.   ms october
106 yeah - sounds like my apology letter to jason will have to include that as well
2008-05-10 14:21:21
110.   OldYanksFan
Ah HA! Meechem gives Giambi the GO sign, then the HOLD sign AFTER Jason rounds third. Sorry Jason. BAD BAD Meechem.
2008-05-10 14:22:26
111.   Yankees Brasil
108 Nevermind, I saw that one. Thought somebody else got injured. Phew!
2008-05-10 14:22:40
112.   OldYanksFan
109 Send it with my apology letter to JD, who leads the Yankees in OPS.
2008-05-10 14:25:44
113.   rbj
Dang, I thought Johnny got a good jump, but Ivan's got a gun.
2008-05-10 14:26:50
114.   Max
99 Thanks!
2008-05-10 14:34:01
115.   Yankees Brasil
Rasner is leaving some breaking balls up. Tired maybe?
2008-05-10 14:36:17
116.   rbj
Rasner for the 7th?
2008-05-10 14:36:30
117.   Yankees Brasil
Nice play Derek!
2008-05-10 14:37:19
118.   OldYanksFan
Wow. Chien Ming Rasner. Rattleless Rasner. Razor Rasnor. Our farm comes through again.
6 IPs. 1 run, 3 hits.
2008-05-10 14:38:17
119.   Jeb
Darrell Rasner has now thrown 12 innings this season. He's got a 2.25 ERA and has walked one. I'd say he's earned a spot in the rotation.

He's thrown 80 pitches today and could probably go another. Personally, I think he should go hitter to hitter in the 7th. Ultimately he needs to be able to go 7.

2008-05-10 14:39:33
120.   rbj
119 Hitter to hitter sounds right. I want him leaving with a positive.

Recall IPK and send Igawa to Chilicothe.

2008-05-10 14:41:56
121.   Jeb
120 good call. And based on Rasner's K total, he doesn't look like a guy who's going to win 150 games in the bigs. BUT that doesn't mean he can't be effective as long as he pitches to contact and eats innings. He could be the Aaaron Small/Shawn Chacon Version 2.0 and I'd be happy with that.

Then, when the time is right, Joba becomes a starter and we get really good.

2008-05-10 14:42:17
122.   Just fair
I am fascinated by the Rose-Jeter hit comarisons. Stay healthy, Jetes. Just sayin'.
2008-05-10 14:43:26
123.   Just fair
Make that comparisons. Must have had Comerica Park on the brain. : )
2008-05-10 14:43:34
124.   OldYanksFan
Giambi's current line: .185 .339 .478 .817
It's just a matter of time.
2008-05-10 14:44:54
125.   Just fair
124 Before he's over 200 or before he tweaks something?
2008-05-10 14:46:11
126.   rbj
125 He'll tweak, then go on the DL.
2008-05-10 14:49:02
127.   ms october
that's a really short leash with rasner
2008-05-10 14:49:56
128.   Jeb
122 Are you saying that Derket Jeter likes to gamble? Or that Johnny Jeter's making a comeback.

Seriously, Jeter has 2,397 hits as of right now (including today), which puts him 1,859 behind Rose's 4,256. Jeter is 34 years old but in pretty good shape. He's averaged 208 hits for every 162 games, but that's going to go down.

If his future is playing a corner outfield position, 1b or 3b, I really can't see him having enough power to hang around long enough. Maybe he can play centerfield if Melky continues to gain weight and ends up in Right.

I would LOVE to see Derek catch Rose, but I don't want it to be at the expense of the team doing well.

2008-05-10 14:50:07
129.   OldYanksFan
It must be global warming. Typically, DH and 1B are your 2 power hitting positions. Currently, Giambi's .817 OPS is 4th of 14 qualified AL 1Bman. Compared to 7 qualified DH's, he would be 2nd... ahead of Jim Thome, David Ortiz, Frank Thomas, Gary Sheffield, Travis Hafner and Jose Vidro .
2008-05-10 14:50:45
130.   Jeb
128 Derek not Derket. DUH
2008-05-10 14:50:46
131.   OldYanksFan
125 Over 200. And over 900.
2008-05-10 14:51:40
132.   Just fair
Let him leave on a postive note. Looks like Razzmataz, as Shelly affectionately called him during pre-game, is going to go up against the Mets next. If Farnsworth gets out of this inning sans runs, I think my head might explode.
2008-05-10 14:52:40
133.   OldYanksFan
Ohoh. Game NOT Farnsproof yet.
2008-05-10 14:54:38
134.   OldYanksFan
Shef is still fun to watch at bat.
2008-05-10 14:54:46
135.   Jeb
133 we'd all better hope we have good farns this season
2008-05-10 14:55:07
136.   rbj
2008-05-10 14:55:20
137.   OldYanksFan
It's Joba time. RIGHT NOW!
2008-05-10 14:56:00
138.   OldYanksFan
2008-05-10 14:56:11
139.   Jeb
2008-05-10 14:56:18
140.   Max
I think even Joe Torre realized early on that you never give Farnsworth inherited runners...what the hell was Girardi thinking?
2008-05-10 14:56:21
141.   Yankees Brasil
Fuck! There's the game going away.
2008-05-10 14:56:58
142.   rbj
Robbie! Flashing the leather.
2008-05-10 14:58:07
143.   Yankees Brasil
It's absolutely insane not to pitch Joba here. Their best hitters, we have to have our best pitchers.

ANd Farns, always showing a lil bit for us to believe then blowing up when it really matters. Hate him.

2008-05-10 14:58:34
144.   weeping for brunnhilde
To quote George Cloony from that Coen Brothers movie, "We're in a tight spot."

What's the status with Joba?

2008-05-10 14:59:45
145.   OldYanksFan
This is NOT the time for Girardi to be building Farn's confidence. Joba! Now! Before it's too late!
2008-05-10 14:59:58
146.   weeping for brunnhilde
This is not a good match-up.

Pudge is a good contact hitter.

This isn't good.

2008-05-10 15:00:20
147.   weeping for brunnhilde


2008-05-10 15:00:52
148.   OldYanksFan
Thank you Pudge! Swinging at ball 4. Girardi killing my bowels.
2008-05-10 15:01:26
149.   Jeb
Big pitch by farns....
2008-05-10 15:01:34
150.   Just fair
Holy Smokes. Thanks, Pudgie. Does Polance have oddly mishapen head or is it just me?
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2008-05-10 15:01:44
151.   Jeb
I'd walk Polanco here.
2008-05-10 15:02:02
152.   weeping for brunnhilde

How 'bout that?

Talk about dodging a bullet.

2008-05-10 15:02:16
153.   rbj
Are we sure that that is Kyle Farnsworth out there?
2008-05-10 15:02:34
154.   Just fair
That sound you hear is the Universe slowly closing in on itself.
2008-05-10 15:02:43
155.   Jeb
wow dare I say good job Kyle?
2008-05-10 15:02:54
156.   Yankees Brasil
143 I take it back. Kyle you're the man (just kidding, but it was a good job).
2008-05-10 15:03:06
157.   ms october
150 yes odd head

i guess mlb wanted to punish us by having kyle only suspended 1 game

2008-05-10 15:03:09
158.   OldYanksFan
OMG! What was that? Farnsworth... looking like... a pitcher? But fuck you Girardi anyway. You don't leave Joba in the BP in that situation.
2008-05-10 15:04:44
159.   OldYanksFan
Farnsey is actually pitching. More sliders and something else offspeed? Makes his FB much more effective.
2008-05-10 15:07:13
160.   Just fair
158 Hey, I'll defend Girardi and say you've got to be able to trust more than just 2 guys in the Pen. If we all have to lose our minds as Kyle gains modicums of success, then so it be.
2008-05-10 15:10:22
161.   OldYanksFan
Mo, Joba, Albie?
Mo, Joba, Dorf?
Mo, Joba, Britton?
2008-05-10 15:11:15
162.   rbj
Albie's on the DL. The pen is surprisingly good this year.
2008-05-10 15:12:01
163.   ms october
161 albie is probably out for the year and with bruney gone too - someone from the veras, edwar, britton trio is going to have to pitch "high leverage" innings
2008-05-10 15:15:00
164.   OldYanksFan
Albie probably out for the year? Have you heard something? Is his injury diagnosed yet?
2008-05-10 15:15:43
165.   Just fair
What in the world happend to Albaladejo? I missed that train.
2008-05-10 15:15:44
166.   Jeb
[16o] that's exactly how I feel - particularly with Bruney gone for the season and Albaladejo gone.
2008-05-10 15:16:05
167.   ms october
164 no - pure speculation on my part - sorry - shouldn't have said it like that
2008-05-10 15:18:52
168.   Just fair
I love Melky and all, but man, Granderson sure would look sharp in Pinstripes.
2008-05-10 15:20:58
169.   weeping for brunnhilde
168 Agreed.
2008-05-10 15:20:59
170.   rbj
165 He did something to his right elbow while pitching yesterday. Not sure what it is.
2008-05-10 15:24:16
171.   rbj
It's about time to start letting Joba go two innings. Mo's still there if needed.
2008-05-10 15:25:56
172.   Yankees Brasil
168 Better yet when Damon leaves. Great glove in center AND leadoff hitter!
2008-05-10 15:26:14
173.   Jeb
171 but if they each pitch 1 inning today they are both available tomorrow. If either pitches 2 innings today it decreases the chance of pitching tomorrow.
2008-05-10 15:30:31
174.   rbj
Joba's only up to now 15.1 innings this year. What's his ceiling supposed to be 140? In almost 1/4 the season he's at 1/10 of innings pitched. And I don't want him to go from 1 inning to immediately 5 (even if it's AAA). That's a recipe for injury.
2008-05-10 15:31:39
175.   Jeb
174 he pitched 116 last season so his ceiling should be 146. They can stretch him out appropriately.
2008-05-10 15:31:56
176.   Yankees Brasil
Beautiful DP!
2008-05-10 15:33:08
177.   rbj
Yes! Ice cream for everyone, Girardi's buying.
2008-05-10 15:35:56
178.   Jeb
man, I like's like...better than losing.
2008-05-10 16:07:06
179.   Simone
Good win. Rasner may be this season's Aaron Small or even better.
2008-05-10 18:42:47
180.   Mattpat11
179 I really don't like that comparison. By the time 2005 came around, Aaron Small had a long history of being awful. We caught lightning in a bottle with him.

Everything we've seen of Rasner indicates he might be a pretty decent pitcher that just doesn't happen to fit into the plans. He's better than Aaron Small, so I don't think the Small comparison really fits.

2008-05-10 19:36:16
181.   OldYanksFan
From YES:
...Jonathan Albaladejo will not need surgery to mend a sore right elbow. The reliever left Friday's 6-5 loss to the Tigers after throwing 2 1-3 innings.

Tests showed a sprained ulnar collateral ligament and strained posterior capsule ligament in his right elbow. The club placed him on the 15-day disabled list before Saturday's game and recalled right-hander Chris Britton...

2008-05-11 06:44:36
182.   horace-clarke-era
Morning after ... have to say ...

1. Derket Jeter is still killing me. I love it. Typo humor is low, I know, but sometimes you gotta go with it. I am going to have a lot of trouble NOT saying, 'Go, Derket!' this afternoon.

2. Agreed that Rasner/Small is a bad career analogy. It is a decent one for possible role, situation this year, though. As someone (OYF?) pointed out, he has an era of 4 in the bigs, has never been bad, just overlooked and out-hyped, and unlucky with injury. It was a joy to see him throw strikes yesterday.

3. The Giambi numbers flat-out fascinate. If he keeps walking (the obp stays up) and the power is there, he is NOT hurting us, till HE gets hurt.

4. Wilson Betemit is a strong man. Just sayin'

5. I have to disagree with the JobaJobaJoba cries when Farns gives up a run in a 5-1 game. He is pitching well this year, it is not unusual for set-up guys to have ebbs and flows, and the team is much stronger if Girardi is calm enough to let PLAYERS feel he isn't jumpy. I am not on the Girardi bandwagon (is there one?) so far, but I think he's done something right with the 7/8/9th inning plays.

We will stretch Joba properly when the time comes, not by slipping in nervous 2 inning stints. As discussed earlier, it is NOT just adding innings, it is working back to 4 pitches and a starter mentality. I have a sense his trouble in Cleveland came from TRYING to play with pitches.

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