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2008-04-26 20:22
by Alex Belth

So what gives with the secrets?

2008-04-26 21:31:02
1.   Chyll Will
Don't know... but the intensity is really starting to get on my nerves because it seems to actually be sucking the life out of guys. But then, perhaps some of them aren't as good as we want to believe (I know, sacrilege); It's not fun watching these guys lose the way they do, especially after they seemed promisingly fundamental during the spring.
2008-04-26 21:52:13
2.   Cliff Corcoran
I dunno, they've lost the last three games by a combined four runs. I'm not ready to throw Girardi under the bus for anything other than his management of the ninth inning last night.

That said, the secrecy makes a limited amount of sense from a competitive standpoint, but sure sucks some of the fun out of being a fan. Why watch the movie if they won't let you in on the plot?

2008-04-27 06:22:22
3.   Raf
I can see where the secrecy could be a problem, especially in cases where reporters already know the truth.

Just play it straight, Joe. You have no reason not to. The competitive advantage to be gained isn't that great, if in fact it exists.

2008-04-27 06:45:51
4.   OldYanksFan
Yesterday's loss was frustrating... but a game we deserved to lose. The Sox lost a VERY tough one, and have cooperated by losing four in a row.

I was actually encouraged by IPK. He has been a control guy his whole career, so the walks are just MLB jitters. He was NOT hit hard at all, by a good hitting team. That is the key.

Our offense is in 'suck mode' but that won't last. It seems it take this team a while to get into a grove, but it's coming.

I mean I'm not happy, but all things considered (schedule, dings and dents, slow offense, poor showings from IPK and Phil), to be under .500 but still in the thick of it, is not horrible. I don't think we can play much worse, and LOTS of our guys are going to play much better.

Matsui is the ONLY player overperforming.
Derek's .282 .305 .359 .664 can't last.
Cano's .152 .212 .217 .430? Gotta laugh.

I, for one, plan to be here in October
(but only if William promises to play nice).

2008-04-27 06:47:36
5.   ms october
2 i agree with both statements.

i also agree with 3 "especially in cases where reporters already know the truth"
in this regard, the reporters have already continually been comparing jg to jt - and focusing on how jg is not as adept in handling the media, and if they feel he is "lying" to them they are going to jump all over him every chance they get - he will get defensive - and a vicious cycle ensues

on the other hand, many people who were very put off by torre's in game managament believed new joe was going to be so much better and different and seem to be losing patience with him already. imo he has done pretty well - certain things i would like to have seen different, but for the most part pretty well.
what i think will be intersting to see is how he handles similar situations the next time - if in another tie game in the 9th on the road if he brings in mo; does he squeeze with a pretty good bunter up and so on.

2008-04-27 07:12:43
6.   OldYanksFan
I posted this before and was disappointed to not get feedback. While making Molina someone's regular catcher is nice to give Po consistant and 'regular' off days:

Molina is a RADICALLY better hitter against LHP, while Posada is a little worse, so there are BIG gains use use Molina's ABs against lefties.

--OPS-- .LHP .RHP (last 3 year averages)
Posada: .827 .897
Molina:: .770 .562

To play Molina (instead of Posada) against LHP, you give up .057 OPS pts.
To play Molina (instead of Posada) against RHP, you give up .335 OPS pts.
So you GAIN .278 OPS pts using Molina against LHP, as opposed to RHP.

My guess is we face LHP 20-25% of the time? It is not on regular intervals, but that is about how much you want to rest Po. Doesn't it make sense to TRY and use the above strategy?

2008-04-27 07:47:07
7.   Simone
I don't understand the point of the secrecy. Cashman of all people should know better than go along or encourage Girardi's attempts to hiding injuries. This is NY. All this secrecy does is antagonize the media unnecessarily. Also, why put Joba and other players in the middle of a deception of media/fans? How does that help anything?

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