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Sucker M.C.
2008-04-10 10:14
by Alex Belth

The Bats blog over at the Times is really heating up. There are more posts these days and most of them are either informative or entertaining. Witness Jack Curry running into Vanilla Ice up in Boston recently. Hey, toys are people too you know.

2008-04-10 12:04:05
1.   Ben
And after a later-winter lull, Belth explodes out of nowhere, already in midseason form somehow. Three postings. Our heads spinning. It reminds me of the way Jabar would cruise through three quarters then put your ass away in the fourth. Raining down tremendous sky-hooks.

Bill Walton has left the building...

2008-04-10 14:58:54
2.   tommyl
Game thread...need game thread...weird lineup up....

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