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Sunshiney Daze
2008-04-05 19:12
by Alex Belth

They said it was gunna rain but it never did. Instead the sun was out and it was a lovely, crisp spring day. Still a little chilly but the buds are on the trees. Some trees are already in bloom. So Emily and I had lunch at a cute Belgian spot in Manhattan and then walked over to one of her favorite places--the Container Store. Once we got there, I kept telling her, "You can't stop us, you can only hope to contain us." Then, I'd crack up. She rolled her eyes. Em calls me her Jack Tripper (Three's Company is one of those shows that was one of her friends, that kept her great company when she was a kid). Then I waited for her to set me up with a straight line so that I could say, "That's what she said," my other favorite cornball expression of the moment. That's a line I can't say enough. It always cracks me up. Em puts up with me and groans more often then she laughs.

Emily isn't exactly straight-laced but she is formal and dignified in public places. She is mortified if I talk too loudly, nevermind if I pull the old' knock-the-merchandise-off-the-shelf-for-laffs bit. Her eyes start to bulge and she speaks in short bursts trying to whisper, "Alex, No, what are you doing, don't--Hey, I'm serious." Today, I went to a shelf stacked with tiny little white ring boxes and started knocking them over. I picked them up and when I went to put them back I knocked more over on purpose. I had her going for a couple of rounds of that.

I like tooling around town with my wife, we have a lot of laughs. She's a country girl at heart who doesn't have the nature for city-living. The crowds, the traffic, the fast pace. It's not her. But when we are out together she can relax because I make her feel safe. I know where we are going and I am always watching out over her. I make sure to walk on her outside, so that I'm closest to the street. I keep an eye out on the subway car as she closes her eyes and rests her head on my shoulder. It makes me feel good to have her back and create that sense of security for her. Nice to feel like the man and to know your woman wants you to be the man.

After the Container Store, we were standing in the sun on 6th Avenue waiting for the light to turn. A Good Humor Truck was parked a few feet away, a hot dog stand next to it on the curb. A gray-haired woman wearing a black overcoat held a chocolate dipped cone in her hand. I made a yummy sound as we waited for the light. She walked towards us; the light changed, and we crossed the street with her. "Boy, do you look happy," I said. She smiled, a look of simple but deep happiness on her face. "Well, it's my first of the year."

You've got to love the seasons. Speaking of which, the flu season is still hanging over the Yanks who lost again to the Rays today, this time, 6-3. Joe Girardi missed another game, Andy Pettitte wasn't great ("I just didn't have anything today, man"), Jason Giambi hurt himself, and oh yeah, the offense came up short again. A waste of a perfectly beautiful day. I'm not sorry we missed it. Anthony McCaron and Pete Abraham kept entertaining tabs on the game.

Tomorrow, the bats will bring the rukus.

2008-04-05 20:49:32
1.   JL25and3
From Pete Abe: "Bench coach Rob Thomson and all of the players said the same thing about the offense: it's early and they've faced good pitchers."

Since when are Andy Sonnanstine and Edwin Jackson "good pitchers?"

2008-04-05 21:58:32
2.   alsep73
Went to the game expecting a cloudy, possibly rainy day, and instead came home with a bad sunburn.

Also surprising: they played the Sinatra version of "New York, New York" at the end, even though the Bombers lost. To get back to Alex's question from a day or two ago, have they ditched the other version this season so no fan's final Yankee Stadium experience ends on Liza?

2008-04-05 22:02:43
3.   Cliff Corcoran
2 They've never been consistent with the Liza thing the win/loss association with the versions is a bit of a myth.

Giambi has a tight groin (that's what she said). He's day-to-day and expects to play as soon as Sunday, which he may need to with Shelley Duncan out Sunday and Monday serving his suspension.

2008-04-06 04:41:03
4.   unmoderated
morgan ensberg is still on this team, right? that spot with betemit up against the lefty miller seemed like a perfect time to use him...
...although my man wilson did come through.
2008-04-06 05:42:43
5.   Cliff Corcoran
4 I thought the same thing, but with Girardi out sick, criticizing the managing is kind of pointless.
2008-04-06 05:49:41
6.   joe in boston
Great writing Alex. Nothing like being in love and being in the city.

I too, have had the flu. 3 days now. Awful stuff. Especially with 2 kids - you can't lie in bed and suffer alone. Gotta get up and put your best foot forward and all that stuff. Hopefully the Yanks will win and help me recover !

2008-04-06 06:16:37
7.   horace-clarke-era
Giambi's hurt? Playing first base, fielding Jeter throws? Inconceivable!

April is always goofy, and the more so with veteran teams in cold weather. I note that the Bosox bullpen looks as bad as ... the Yankee bullpen? I'm really not sure why cereal box is getting so many starts there in CF but I'm not complaining.

I share the eyebrow-raise about the 'facing good pitchers' excuse. They do face a good one this afternoon, that doesn't bode well.

Cold Comfort? We aren't Tiger fans.

2008-04-06 06:45:18
8.   weeping for brunnhilde
3 Aaahh!--Cliff gets into the act! h a ha hh ha hah ahha ha ha!!

(You guys are the greatest, btw!--all of yous.)

2008-04-06 07:39:38
9.   JL25and3
4 , 5 The real mistake was using Betemit as Giambi's replacement in the first place. All other things being equal, Betemit's an obviously better choice than Ensberg against a righty, but when you're down two players, your choices become more restricted. Since Betemit's the only spare infielder, they have to be very careful about taking him out again. In particular, they'd be screwed if anything happened to Cano.
2008-04-06 11:01:31
10.   The Mick 536
Keep up that lovey dovey. Let that marriage age. The good times will keep rolling in.

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