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Foolish Pride
2008-04-03 12:04
by Alex Belth

Yesterday after work, I went down to the lower east side, between the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges, to meet an old friend for a bite to eat. The neighborhood is populated mostly by Asians, Jews (this is the land of the Jewish settlements), Dominicans, and, increasingly now, hipsters. Hipsters with money. Which is where my old friend fits in (as fate would have it, his apartment building is just two blocks away from where my pal's grandparents first lived when they came to this country).

As I waited for my man in front of a playground on the corner of Essex and Strauss, I watched young Asian and hipster moms with their kids. I'm always intrigued by watching women with little boys. Sometimes, you will see women--mothers or nannies--curb little boys' enthusiasm, their aggressiveness on the playground. But that wasn't the case here.

One beautiful, but hard-looking young Asian mother pushed her son on a swing and occasionally looked at me warily. Another tall Scandinavian woman chased her son around a tree, and then led him to one of those jungle gyms that have stairs and a plank bridge and slides. She led the way and then waited for him to climb up the stairs. She stood several feet away as if to challenge him, but in a sweet, reassuring way. He then passed her and went down the slide. She followed, her long legs awkwardly bent like a stork attempting to sit in the kitchen sink.

I turned back to the street and saw a group of four boys, maybe all of 13 cruise down the street. The kid in the front, wearing all black, stood up on his bike, and cocked his head to the side with a cell phone pressed to his ear. He coasted through the traffic sign and his gang followed behind him. Just then, two Asian girls, maybe all of 10, walked past me. One of them clopped back and forth in that seasoned way of city kids, who look much older than they really are. This little girl, with absolutely no hips at all, actually had a switch, even though she had nothing to switch around. Man, these city girls are tough.

I listened to Slick Rick on my i-pod and stood in the fading sunlight. Old Asian women passed me, carrying transparent blue grocery bags filled with produce. I wonder what they'll be cooking tonight. Behind them, a hipster with a takeout bag in one hand and a Whole Foods bag in the other, wearing over-sized sunglasses looked typically ridiculous.

Then a little girl, maybe 7 or 8, walked by. She looked up at me. She had a good shiner on her right eye. Her face was round and quizzical as she looked right in my eyes. She was wearing a purple jacket, red skirt, white tights with little cartoon characters on them, and bright red shoes. Like most kids, she looked like she was almost going to tip over from the weight of her backpack. She was holding hands with an older, squat man in a green coat. Just as she looked at me, "Mona Lisa" played on my i-pod and I heard:

If you see me walking down the street
And I start to cry...each time we meet...
Walk on by...walk on by...
Foolish pride
Thats all that I have left, so, let me hide
The pain and the hurt that you gave me
When you said goodbye...
You walked on by...

I looked on the ground and saw a little strip of white paper. A fortune cookie. I picked it up and it read, "Be tactful; overlook not your own opportunity."

Tonight, Phil Hughes, gets his first start of the season, the first chance to take advantage of the opportunity the Yankees have given him. Jay Jaffe and I will brave the cold and be at the park.

Let's Go Yan-kees!

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2008-04-03 13:03:47
1.   vockins
My city girl threw sand in another girl's face and then clocked her in the jaw at preschool yesterday.

She's three.

I might understand one or the other alone, but the one/two? Where'd she pick that up?

Among the punishments, there's no tv for a week, which means I have to listen to Philthy's 2008 debut via Sterling and Waldman.

2008-04-03 13:04:45
2.   Yankee Fan In Boston
dear lord, that was beautiful, alex.
2008-04-03 13:06:45
3.   Alex Belth
That little girl with her pathetic face broke my heart. The fact that the Walk on By segment of the song just so happened to be playing at that moment almost took my breath away. Man, that's why music, movies, can be so powerful.
2008-04-03 13:16:11
4.   Chyll Will
Alex, do you ever wonder when you see something unfold right in front of you (like that) if anyone would believe you or think that you made it up for whatever reason? Happens to me all the time. Beautiful, friend >;)
2008-04-03 13:16:54
5.   OldYanksFan
A very nice piece of work Alex. You are a true writer and we are lucky to have you.

Does anyone else think Bobby had a few 'oopsies' yesterday with 2 bad throws? A different game if one, no less both, hit their mark.

2008-04-03 13:18:15
6.   MC Safety
Since when did Hipsters start having babies?
2008-04-03 13:21:27
7.   Rob Middletown CT
There were several mistakes made. Jeter's attempt at 2nd. Jeter's awful throw that Giambi dove and got. Giambi's 2 botched plays (one of which was partly on Moose for failing to cover). Abreu's throws.

Hey, it's not a good defensive team. It's not terrible, but it sure isn't good.

Which is why strikeout pitchers are, like, useful and stuff. Come on Phil!

2008-04-03 13:30:06
8.   cult of basebaal
i think i might have to skip out on work a little early and catch Phil on the teevee ... Mussina's 85mph "fastball" done left a bad taste in my mouth last night
2008-04-03 13:38:16
9.   Rob Middletown CT
At least said "fastball" had movement...
2008-04-03 13:38:32
10.   Adam B
So you were in my neighborhood, Alex? And do you mean Stanton street? There is no Strauss street that intersects with Essex street. At least not anymore.

Let's go Phil Franchise!

2008-04-03 13:47:04
11.   Alex Belth
Word? Dag, I thought that's what the street sign said. I got off the F train at East Broadway. That's where the playground was. Very interesting part of town, very much a neighborhood. Kind of like Inwood, only downtown, different demographic and buildings, but still, somehow, quiet, solitary. We ate at a great Spanish place. Arroz com Pollo, Monfungo...slammin.
2008-04-03 13:56:49
12.   Bama Yankee
Nice job Alex. If Phil's pitching turns out anything like your writing, the Jays will be in trouble tonight...
2008-04-03 14:19:07
13.   Cliff Corcoran
A few injury-type alerts for tonights game:

Jorge Posada's still out with a stiff throwing shoulder. Jose Molina gets the start behind the plate again. Also, Johnny Damon is getting a spell as the DH while Hideki Matsui plays left field.

For the Jays, Marco Scutaro was hit in the hand by Ross Ohlendorf's first pitch last night and the hand swelled up on him. He got x-rays today. I'm not sure of his status, but with Matt Stairs looking more and more like he's headed to the DL, the Jays could find themselves with John McDonald at third base tonight and a two-man bench of Buck Coats and Rod Barajas.

Also, the Jays sent scheduled starter Dustin McGowan home from yesterday's game with the flu and contemplated starting Shaun Marcum in his place tonight. It looks like McGowan's going to start after all, but he could be weakened. The Tigers' Jeremy Bonderman pitched under similar conditions against the Royals this afternoon and gave up four runs on eight hits in 6 1/3 innings.

2008-04-03 14:39:47
14.   its430
The Hipsters are everywhere.
Fortunately the local news will keep us safe and informed about their spreading plume.
2008-04-03 14:45:41
15.   weeping for brunnhilde
God, Alex, I love your accounts of the city we love.

It's like I'm there.

I just visited the city with my kid (5 1/2) for a few days last week and we found ourselves in the playground in Madison Square Park. I really love hanging out at playgrounds in NY. They're usually really hopping and I especially love to see which of the adults mix it up with the kids and which sit on the sidelines. (I'm a mixer-upper, myself.)

No place like NY.

2008-04-03 14:47:23
16.   weeping for brunnhilde
10 Wow, they named a street after Mike Stanton?
2008-04-03 14:56:10
17.   ms october
ladies and gentlemen and lowlifes-

i'm excited for phil tonight.
nesn was on at the gym and they have phil with an 0-1 record - douchebags.

sounds like you enjoyed yourself chillin downtown with your old school crew alex. i really appreciate the beauty in your writing and that we get to partake so much of it.

2008-04-03 15:12:30
18.   bobtaco
4 I always call those "Living in the Matrix" moments...

14 Ever see the Hipster Olympics? Good for a chuckle:

2008-04-03 15:20:08
19.   Schteeve
I don't like this Posada thing at all.
2008-04-03 15:23:52
20.   weeping for brunnhilde
19 Nah, don't sweat it. He'll be fine.

(Weeping has spoken.)

2008-04-03 15:30:52
21.   mehmattski
19 As I said yesterday, I fully support the babying of Jorge Posada. Instead, I'm more concerned with the weak at bats of Jason Giambi and Hideki Matsui.

On the bright side, Alex Rodriguez currently has an OPS+ of 316!

2008-04-03 15:30:54
22.   Chyll Will
16 No, it's named after Arch Stanton. Legend has it there was a cemetery where the street currently runs through, and in that cemetery was grave marked "unknown" next to the grave of Arch Stanton, in which there was buried a bag. And do you know what was in that bag buried in the grave marked "unknown" next the grave of Arch Stanton in a cemetery near the Lower East Side?

That's right. An early mix tape featuring Slick Rick and Dana Dane. What does that have to do with where Stanton Street got it's name? Forget it Weep, it's Chinatown... >;)

2008-04-03 15:31:55
23.   joejoejoe
Amazing post Alex.
2008-04-03 15:37:17
24.   Chyll Will
21 Vote for mehmattski in the next general election. He knows the important issues and has taken a firm stance from the beginning, and has a positive outlook on the future. What more could you want from hypothetical leadership? Don't ask... vote! >;)
2008-04-03 15:44:40
25.   mehmattski
24 I rooted against Johnny Damon before I rooted for him...

I took the initiative that created Karim Garcia...

In the unlikely story that is the Yankees, there has never been anything false about hope...

2008-04-03 15:45:21
26.   Cleveland Steamer
his little girl, with absolutely no hips at all, actually had a switch, even though she had nothing to switch around. Man, these city girls are tough.

what's a "Switch"?

2008-04-03 15:49:55
27.   weeping for brunnhilde
22 H aha haha h1!

It is Chinatown!

Ha ah ahah!!


As to Stanton Street, this guy was a Governor Stanton, right?

I seem to recall something about a Governor Stanton.

2008-04-03 15:50:48
28.   weeping for brunnhilde
25 H aha ha ha hha ha!!

Didn't we all, mehmattski, didn't we all.

2008-04-03 15:52:06
29.   weeping for brunnhilde
26 Like a whip-thing, right? The thing you use on horses?
2008-04-03 16:04:26
30.   Zack
Weeping, those laughs strike me as a bit maniacal. As in, I can see you sitting there typing with a crazed smile on your face and laughing really loudly and creepily. Just thought you should know :)
2008-04-03 16:12:23
31.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice hook!
2008-04-03 16:12:50
32.   mehmattski
Phil lookin good so far. Sweet curve to get Stairs.
2008-04-03 16:12:55
33.   Zack
That was definitely a first pitch change to Rios, interesting
2008-04-03 16:13:40
34.   weeping for brunnhilde
30 Not too far off.

Crazed smile, sure. Laughing loudly, sure.

But creepily?

I protest!

Nothing creepy about my laugh.

Hearty, yes. Raucous, sure.

Never creepy.


2008-04-03 16:14:08
35.   mehmattski
2008-04-03 16:14:11
36.   Zack
That inning made me very happy
2008-04-03 16:14:41
37.   weeping for brunnhilde

Crisp inning!

Two backwards K's on two different pitches.


2008-04-03 16:18:16
38.   weeping for brunnhilde
Damon's not looking too hot up there.
2008-04-03 16:19:53
39.   SF Yanks
I have to say, Phil looked absolutely Philthy that inning. Good stuff.
2008-04-03 16:20:11
40.   Zack
Hmm, another pitcher with an "overpowering" FB. Considering how much of a problem Burnett has been for the Yanks when "on," is this the type of pitcher the Yanks will struggle with? I mean, granted, everyone struggles with an overpowering FB, but still...
2008-04-03 16:20:45
41.   SF Yanks
33 Looked like a slider to me, if I'm thinking of the right pitch.
2008-04-03 16:21:26
42.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice inning, Team!


2008-04-03 16:21:59
43.   Zack
41 Really? To me it looked like a FB at first, but then the radar said 79 MPH, which is why I said changeup...
2008-04-03 16:22:46
44.   Cliff Corcoran
40 Yes, the Yankees will struggle to hit really good pitchers with really good stuff. Go figure.

41 I also thought it was a change.

So my Toronto "injury" warnings proved pointless. Sorry about that.

2008-04-03 16:23:46
45.   SF Yanks
43 You might be right then. I'm pretty sure he threw a slider, but it may have not been the first pitch.
2008-04-03 16:24:15
46.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh my God, I can't believe we're going to have to endure another season of the Robby-Cano-over-the-shoulder-Abreu-won't-call-him-off catch.

My nerves...

2008-04-03 16:25:53
47.   bartap74
0 Alex, if you're going to be the talented writer you are, you have to watch the spelling. The plural of mom is not mom's, it's moms. Sorry, but that's the kind of thing that will take me right out of a piece.
2008-04-03 16:26:18
48.   Zack
Nice two innings for Phil, 2IP, 20 pitches...
2008-04-03 16:28:05
49.   Cliff Corcoran
I think playing the Jays this year is going to be a lot of fun. We look to be in for a lot of nice, tightly pitched games. Tonight looks like another gem in the making.
2008-04-03 16:29:52
50.   Cliff Corcoran
Paul O'Neill just said, before catching himself, re: Bobby Murcer, "there's something to be learned from people who are dying."
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2008-04-03 16:30:37
51.   monkeypants
Who's this Hughes kid? He seems like he can pitch a he for real or one of those typical Yankees prospects?
2008-04-03 16:30:43
52.   SF Yanks
48 I'm DVRing the game and I went back and looked. I don't know what it was. Really did look like his slider, because his change usually goes straight then drops a little. That pitch sort of went up a little then dropped, like a minature version of his curve. I guess I'll have to see more of those pitches to know for sure, but you have Cliff on your side which makes me doubt myself :)
2008-04-03 16:32:56
53.   zanderthegreat
Well, phil looks scary out there. Theyve barely gotten the ball out of the infield.
2008-04-03 16:33:32
54.   zanderthegreat
Wait, why is Molina catching?
2008-04-03 16:34:04
55.   Zack
Wow, that was called a swinging strike? Yipes...
2008-04-03 16:34:09
56.   SF Yanks
Do you have to look like a bird or rat to pitch for the Jays?
2008-04-03 16:34:38
57.   Zack
54 See 13
2008-04-03 16:35:50
58.   Cliff Corcoran
That stolen base was negated by the strikeout, but check out Robby Cano stealing bases alluvasudden. He was 3 for 3 in spring training and had that one easy. He was 4 for 9 last year and is 10 for 20 career. The constant improvement from this kid just amazes me.
2008-04-03 16:38:09
59.   weeping for brunnhilde
50 Thinking of his dad, no doubt?
2008-04-03 16:38:14
60.   bartap74
I realize it's ridiculously early and I am aware of the perils of small sample sizes and young pitchers, but I can't help thinking that Hughes is going to be starting Game 1 of the Playoffs for the Yankees this year.
2008-04-03 16:39:36
61.   SF Yanks
Hughes' 91mph looks as fast as McGowans 94/95.
2008-04-03 16:39:57
62.   weeping for brunnhilde
Man, check out Jason!
2008-04-03 16:40:04
63.   zanderthegreat
Ahh, ok, thx Zack. Missed that.
2008-04-03 16:40:10
64.   Zack
Look at that Giambi all slick out there...

What was that, 9 pitches? So 29 total through 3? Awesome...

2008-04-03 16:41:11
65.   Zack
Yup, 29 pitches, 21 for strikes thus far
2008-04-03 16:41:15
66.   Cliff Corcoran
60 As we're not getting ahead of ourselves or nuthin' . . .
2008-04-03 16:42:17
67.   Zack
No no no, "generation tre?" What is that? That is going to really grate on me this season hearing Kay say it at least 10 times a game
2008-04-03 16:42:46
68.   SF Yanks
I actually kind of hope Phil gives up a hit soon. I hate the anticipation and the disappointment when.... ya know.
2008-04-03 16:44:35
69.   Zack
O'Neill also just called Molina "Bengie Molina"...
2008-04-03 16:44:48
70.   weeping for brunnhilde
I sure do like this Molina.

He really hits.

Good contact guy.

2008-04-03 16:47:07
71.   SF Yanks
"2 straight walks to start off the inning."

Oh, there ya go Kay, way to correct it 5 min later.

2008-04-03 16:47:21
72.   weeping for brunnhilde
Damon, you're a leadoff hitter!

What's with the wild swings?

2008-04-03 16:48:44
73.   SF Yanks
Damon sure doesn't like too comfy up there.
2008-04-03 16:50:04
74.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hooking an outside pitch.

He did hit it hard, to be fair, but man, I don't like it.

2008-04-03 16:50:40
75.   Cliff Corcoran
Anyone remember O'Neill bunting in the World Series with the Yankees? He claims he did but there are no sac hits on his record from his Yankee postseason career.
2008-04-03 16:51:03
76.   weeping for brunnhilde
This is painful.
2008-04-03 16:51:30
77.   Zack
Wow, the Yanks have been, um, unclutch at the ol' plate of late? Good thing its only game 3!
2008-04-03 16:51:40
78.   zanderthegreat
Ohhh, Jetes.
2008-04-03 16:52:10
79.   SF Yanks
76 At least we're headed for a quick game?
2008-04-03 16:52:20
80.   Zack
75 No memory, and I feel like it would have pissed me off enough that I would have. But on the other hand, a lot of the WS games are a bit of a nervous blur...
2008-04-03 16:52:36
81.   Cliff Corcoran
72 In that situation he's not an leadoff man, he's an RBI guy. His job is to get an XBH and drive those men in or, 74 to at least hit it to the right side and move 'em over. He did the latter, but hit it to hard and too low to advance a Molina.
2008-04-03 16:52:58
82.   weeping for brunnhilde
75 I was racking my brain. No such memories...
2008-04-03 16:53:06
83.   Cliff Corcoran
77 The Jays have very good pitching.
2008-04-03 16:53:25
84.   zanderthegreat
Mann, i feel so behind on times. All I have now is gamecast to watch, which is way behind. I had the radio last season, but the station it was on shut down. Crappy internet doesnt help.
2008-04-03 16:54:05
85.   mehmattski
75 According to the game log, Paul O'Neill dropped a sac bunt in Game 4 of the 1990 World Series, in the 8th inning:

He reached on an error, and the Reds later tied the game and went ahead in the clinching game.

2008-04-03 16:54:36
86.   weeping for brunnhilde
81 Point taken. I guess.

It still makes me cringe, though, especially that first swing.

2008-04-03 16:54:48
87.   Cliff Corcoran
85 Yes, but he said he had two World Series bunts, one with the Reds and one with the Yanks.
2008-04-03 16:55:38
88.   Zack
God that is exactly the annoying type of hit I would expect from Eckstein...
2008-04-03 16:55:49
89.   Cliff Corcoran
Thanks, SFYanks (68 ). Don't do that again.
2008-04-03 16:56:06
90.   zanderthegreat
Oh dear. That was a gritty double.
2008-04-03 16:56:27
91.   monkeypants
75 1999, apparently. According to the NYTimes;

Here is the money quote:

"But again O'Neill stood still in the eighth inning, shortly after Chuck Knoblauch's two-run home run had tied the score at 5-5. With Derek Jeter on first base, John Rocker pitching and none out, O'Neill tried to bunt. He popped up the ball in the direction of first-baseman Brian Hunter.

Instead of heading to first, O'Neill -- angry with himself -- didn't run. Rocker, seeing this, shouted for Hunter to let the ball fall. He did. Seeing this, O'Neill started to run, but it was too late. With Jeter still close to first anticipating a catch by Hunter, the Braves threw the ball to second base and then to first for a double play."

So, no sac.

2008-04-03 16:56:47
92.   Knuckles
90 Indeed- he just wanted it more than Hughes.
2008-04-03 16:57:12
93.   SF Yanks
89 Sorry. I realized my mistake after hitting enter. Should have kept it in my head.
2008-04-03 16:58:02
94.   Cliff Corcoran
91 Well that didn't help win that game, to be sure. Nice find.
2008-04-03 16:58:22
95.   Cliff Corcoran
93 You are forgiven.
2008-04-03 16:58:48
96.   Zack
Damn you Alex Rios.
2008-04-03 17:00:42
97.   Zack
Oy. Hideki mishandles that double (though still woulda been a double) and then Robbie messes up a perfect CS. Not helping Phil out here guys...
2008-04-03 17:00:45
98.   Cliff Corcoran
Rios looks great in this series. I've always been a doubter of his, but he's carrying himself differently this year. I think he's going to take yet another big step forward. Laying off Joba's slider and getting hits of Hughes' curve is mighty impressive to me.

Bad play by Cano there, going for the tag without the ball in his glove on a SB attempt and sending Rios to third.

2008-04-03 17:01:23
99.   monkeypants
Why-oh-why the infield in (twice!) in the third inning?
2008-04-03 17:03:34
100.   Zack
That was a beauty of a curve
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2008-04-03 17:03:37
101.   zanderthegreat
Gameday has no explanation as to why Rios is on third. Idk if he actually is?
2008-04-03 17:03:54
102.   SF Yanks
Wells was all over the place on that swing. I love it.
2008-04-03 17:04:18
103.   zanderthegreat
Nvm, i got it.
2008-04-03 17:04:36
104.   Zack
101 He was dead to rights on a steal but, as Cliff said, went for the tag first and the ball went off into CF
2008-04-03 17:06:34
105.   SF Yanks
That was a very fun AB to watch. I love the pitch selection. Sit down Frank!
2008-04-03 17:06:36
106.   Zack
Man, Hughes had Thomas all off on that.

Not sure why Thomas is so darn pissed...

2008-04-03 17:06:43
107.   weeping for brunnhilde
Bravo, Philip Hughes.


Man, that was nice.

Hey, Frank, what gives?

You got all those other calls!

2008-04-03 17:06:47
108.   mehmattski
That, Mr. Hurt, was a strike.
2008-04-03 17:07:34
109.   Zack
On the other hand, no matter how much protection I am wearing, the thought of standing nose to nose with Rank Thomas in an argument scares the bejesus out of me.
2008-04-03 17:07:43
110.   Cliff Corcoran
First time I ever saw Frank Thomas play at the Stadium he got tossed early in the game for arguing balls and strikes.
2008-04-03 17:08:16
111.   monkeypants
Hmmmm..2-2 looked like a strike, and 3-2 looked like a strike. The Big Hurt doesn't usually get that riled up. What gives? No replay or K-zone here on Canadian TV. What does everyone else think?
2008-04-03 17:08:20
112.   weeping for brunnhilde
106 Maybe he's just cold.
2008-04-03 17:08:37
113.   Knuckles
Yeah- don't take two gifts from the umps then bitch that you don't get a third freebie.
2008-04-03 17:08:43
114.   alsep73
Sorry to interrupt the flow of game talk, but does anybody know what time the Stadium opens for a 1 o'clock day game? I'm going Saturday for the first time in a while and want to leave plenty of time to hit Monument Park and the like, but I also don't want to get there and have to sit by the bat for an hour or two until the gates open.
2008-04-03 17:10:17
115.   Cliff Corcoran
Hughes does such a good job of hitting the glove that I bet he's going to get a lot of borderline calls as he gains reputation around the league as a big time pitchers.
2008-04-03 17:10:20
116.   SF Yanks
I disagree with O'Neil there. I think the other pitches were a bit more inside than that last pitch.
2008-04-03 17:11:23
117.   Cliff Corcoran
114 I think it's two hours before game time. When you get in, book it straight to Monument Park, it closes early and the line gets long quick.
2008-04-03 17:12:21
118.   Cliff Corcoran
I feel like 8 of those Delgado homers were off Andy Pettitte and I saw 6 of them in person. Probably not true, but it seemed that way.
2008-04-03 17:13:28
119.   Cliff Corcoran
118 Delgado has 5 career dingers off Pettitte.

Nice baserunning by Abreu there, taking advantage of the shift to go first to third on a weak grounder to first.

2008-04-03 17:14:38
120.   Zack
This would be a very opportune time to get a single, Mr. Cano
2008-04-03 17:19:01
121.   williamnyy23
Too bad the Yankees and Red Sox couldn't have flipped the first week schedule. I'd much rather face Marcum and Litsch. McGowan and Burnett have made the Yankee bats look feeble.

I can't remember O'Neill's sac bunt either. Maybe he did something like hit the ball to the right side and he now remembers it as a sacrifice.

2008-04-03 17:20:36
122.   monkeypants
121 see 91 . Thank me very much! ; )
2008-04-03 17:20:54
123.   Zack
Its very nice to see Hughes show that FB control he's known for, especially in cold weather early on...And as I write that we have a BB
2008-04-03 17:23:07
124.   monkeypants
BB + Broken bat bits = very dangerous situation.
2008-04-03 17:24:46
125.   Zack
Man do I hate Eckstien
2008-04-03 17:25:24
126.   williamnyy23
122 But O'neill said it helped the team, so I am sure he isn't remembering that play.

This is a very frustrating game.

2008-04-03 17:25:36
127.   zanderthegreat
I think a walk should be BoB. More entertaining and accurate.
Phil at over 70. Whats his cap?
2008-04-03 17:27:10
128.   Zack
126 I was just going to say that. This would be far less infuriating if the Yanks could score any dang runs, or even look like they have a chance to, good Toronto pitchers or not...
2008-04-03 17:27:39
129.   monkeypants
Now, it would be nice for the drowsy bats to wake up.
2008-04-03 17:27:39
130.   zanderthegreat
I think Phil is intimidated by Eckies size, so he just pitches less confidently.
2008-04-03 17:28:08
131.   SF Yanks
All Phil has done is give up a couple weak hit and a walk, and he gets 2ER. Doesn't seem right somehow.
2008-04-03 17:29:36
132.   Yankees Brasil
Just got home, how we doing tonight? How's Phil doing?
2008-04-03 17:31:41
133.   weeping for brunnhilde
132 Phil's great. Spotting curve and fastball.

Sticks, on the other hand...

Basehit for Hideki, punched to left.


Ok, Team, here we go!

2008-04-03 17:31:44
134.   monkeypants
And somewhere, Weeping smiles...
2008-04-03 17:32:13
135.   monkeypants
133 Dammit...beat me to it.
2008-04-03 17:32:17
136.   weeping for brunnhilde
132 His curve is not only well-spotted, it's sharp.
2008-04-03 17:32:27
137.   zanderthegreat
Yay! Its fun to watch hits on Gamecast. A little ball goes form the mound to the plate, and pops up from the plate and flies over to where it landed.
2008-04-03 17:32:50
138.   Zack
Those sure are some unfortunate 'burns on Mr. McGowan...
2008-04-03 17:33:18
139.   Yankees Brasil
133 136 Glad to hear it.
Now if only we could score a couple this inning.
2008-04-03 17:33:21
140.   weeping for brunnhilde
134 :)
2008-04-03 17:34:05
141.   zanderthegreat
I think its time for a Melk delivery.
2008-04-03 17:34:25
142.   Zack
134 And laughing maniacally...
2008-04-03 17:34:31
143.   weeping for brunnhilde
Anyone have a razor blade?
2008-04-03 17:34:38
144.   SF Yanks
C'mon Melk, WTF!
2008-04-03 17:34:57
145.   Zack
Wow has this ever been a frustrating offensive series. I know the Toronto pitchers are good, but they ain't THAT good...
2008-04-03 17:35:32
146.   zanderthegreat
Well, I geuss all the crates broke on the way here.
Darn, im having chocolate chip cookies. I woulda loved some milk.
2008-04-03 17:35:49
147.   weeping for brunnhilde
142 Blahah ha hh ahha hH HA HAHAH BLAH AHH BLAHHH!! (Ok, ok, I admit it--hamming it up there, for effect.)
2008-04-03 17:36:23
148.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
137 Yeah! I love watching it while at my desk, it's even better when listening to Suzyn and Sterling on the headphones simultaneously!
2008-04-03 17:36:25
149.   zanderthegreat
142 Apparently not laughing too hard...
2008-04-03 17:37:05
150.   Yankees Brasil
Well, at least our pitching is there.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-04-03 17:38:00
151.   Zack
Well, thank you Mr. Rios
2008-04-03 17:38:24
152.   SF Yanks
Thank you Rios.
2008-04-03 17:39:00
153.   monkeypants
Hughes is running out of gas, I think.
2008-04-03 17:39:45
154.   mehmattski
There's a little kid heckling Frank Thomas, picked up by the YES mic. That's hilarious.
2008-04-03 17:39:58
155.   zanderthegreat
Hmm. Last inning for Hughes most likely. I dont want farnsworth out there. We can make up 2 runs, not 6.
2008-04-03 17:40:07
156.   weeping for brunnhilde
154 Yes, it is.
2008-04-03 17:40:30
157.   Zack
Hughes has basically been continuously blowing on his hand this game, so clearly the cold is bothering him some...
2008-04-03 17:40:37
158.   zanderthegreat
154 Wow. Thats good stuff. Ha
2008-04-03 17:41:00
159.   williamnyy23
95mph on that last fastball...if Hughes can live around 93 instead of 91, he could really be dominant.
2008-04-03 17:41:03
160.   SF Yanks
Hughes sits 91-92 all game then all the sudden hits 95? Weird.
2008-04-03 17:41:17
161.   Cliff Covey
New here everyone. Call me crazy but I would have bunted with Molina up, Matusi on 1st and no outs. Melky is coming up followed by the top of the order and we are only down by two runs. Seems like an ideal situation to me.

I remember reading the Girardi was criticized in Florida for bunting too much. Why not there? Any thoughts?

2008-04-03 17:42:24
162.   williamnyy23
161 I thought about that too, mostly because Molina is so slow and is also a great bunter.
2008-04-03 17:42:32
163.   monkeypants
How many pitches for Hughes--about 90? He started out so efficient I was hoping they could squeeze 7 INN out of him. A few too many pitches the last couple of innings.
2008-04-03 17:42:43
164.   Zack
6IP, 2 R, 4H and generally looked good doing it. TY Phil. Now, maybe your offense could not saddle you with a crap loss
2008-04-03 17:42:47
165.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice job, Phil.

Nice job.

I'm really, really happy about Phil.

Now, for the love of Jehovah, you think we can maybe send a man or two around the bases until that they shall returneth to the place whence they sallied forth?

Is that too much to ask?

2008-04-03 17:42:57
166.   Yankees Brasil
161 I don't know.. Molina does have one of our three hits tonight.
2008-04-03 17:43:21
167.   SF Yanks
Hughes only at 86 pitches. Does he come out for the 7th?
2008-04-03 17:43:43
168.   Zack
159 Hughes will sit around 93 once it warms up. He was down in ST for the most part...
2008-04-03 17:43:45
169.   Yankees Brasil
163 Phil at 86 pitches.
2008-04-03 17:43:50
170.   williamnyy23
It's a good thing the Yankees scratched out that opener. A possible 0-3 start would have raised a few eyebrows.
2008-04-03 17:44:12
171.   monkeypants
161 Normally I pretty much hate the bunt, but the order has been scuffling and hitting into a lot of DPs. I wouldn't have complained too much.
2008-04-03 17:44:44
172.   weeping for brunnhilde
161 Welcome, Cliff!
2008-04-03 17:45:07
173.   OldYanksFan
I will keep typing this until JD doesn't look lost. If JD does poorly, will Girardi move him down and bat Cano 2nd?
2008-04-03 17:45:23
174.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Phil can't go 7? (actually kind of glad not to be hearing the YES-cast.."Generation Trey" is bad enough in print..
2008-04-03 17:45:55
175.   monkeypants
167 I think he's done. I might try to squeeze another out or two (probably short sighted on my part).
2008-04-03 17:46:11
176.   SF Yanks
Good start Johnny! Tack on 3 runs, and lets give Phil a fat W!
2008-04-03 17:46:16
177.   zanderthegreat
Now THATS a lead-off AB.
2008-04-03 17:47:35
178.   weeping for brunnhilde
Derek's constantly off-balance it seems.
2008-04-03 17:47:38
179.   Cliff Covey
Must be a combination of him having a hit and not being a great bunter.

Torre hated bunting and giving up outs and it always frustrated me. This was one thing I was excited about having Girardi come in

2008-04-03 17:47:56
180.   fansince77
Jeter looks lost up there! (please make me look stupid Jetes)
2008-04-03 17:48:39
181.   OldYanksFan
179 (oh oh)
2008-04-03 17:48:48
182.   Zack
Is McGowan wearing a mouth guard? Is that common for baseball players?
2008-04-03 17:49:03
183.   bartap74
179 Funny, I thought Torre bunted way too much.
2008-04-03 17:49:03
184.   weeping for brunnhilde

Derek reaches.

Ok, Team, here we go!

2008-04-03 17:49:15
185.   zanderthegreat
Hmm. Ok.
2008-04-03 17:49:27
186.   monkeypants
179 I though Torre called the bunt too much. And really, "giving up outs" is sorta a bad thing.
2008-04-03 17:49:29
187.   fansince77
That was what we needed from Jetes. Good job capitan.
2008-04-03 17:51:43
188.   fansince77
Aye Bobby - ball three!
2008-04-03 17:51:58
189.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice 2-2 swing by Abreu.


2008-04-03 17:52:33
190.   Cliff Covey
Maybe its just me but I felt like he never seemed to try and move runners over the past couple years. Bunted much more when Zim was around but I feel like it pretty much stopped that past few years. It may have had something to do with having such a powerful lineup but I would not really consider moving runners into scoring position a negative if you are "giving up an out" early in an inning.
2008-04-03 17:53:16
191.   zanderthegreat
Wow, according to gamecast, all 3 balls were in the exact same place.
2008-04-03 17:53:37
192.   weeping for brunnhilde

Let's go, Alex!!!!!!




2008-04-03 17:53:42
193.   SF Yanks
Oh boy, here we go. Lets get er done fellas!
2008-04-03 17:54:04
194.   monkeypants
I would like to think they can scratch a run or two outta this situation.
2008-04-03 17:54:05
195.   zanderthegreat
Wow. If we dont score, Ill be... sad.
2008-04-03 17:55:05
196.   mehmattski
190 "Giving up an out" means there are fewer chances for the team to score runs. With power hitters, everyone is in scoring position. You're essentially playing to maximize the chances of scoring exactly one run, meanwhile decreasing the chance to score more runs. So I think most people here agree with me when I say that the bunt has no place outside of close games in the late innings.
2008-04-03 17:55:24
197.   zanderthegreat
You know what? I think i would be happy if Alex hit a Homerun here. THat would be pretty good. Although I dont know. With all those guys clogging up the base paths...
2008-04-03 17:55:26
198.   OldYanksFan
This is what we want, right? Right?
2008-04-03 17:56:18
199.   Zack
oooh, he flailed there...
2008-04-03 17:56:40
200.   weeping for brunnhilde

Terrible 1-1 swing, Alex.


Come on, Alex!

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2008-04-03 17:56:51
201.   Zack
I'll take it!
2008-04-03 17:57:09
202.   weeping for brunnhilde

He laid off that one!!!


2008-04-03 17:57:22
203.   zanderthegreat
Wow. Again, 3 straight pitches in the same spot...
2008-04-03 17:57:28
204.   mehmattski
Baseball Cliche #345: McGowan is trying to pitch too much.
2008-04-03 17:57:56
205.   Zack
Turds. Alex missed those last two by a lot
2008-04-03 17:58:02
206.   zanderthegreat
Hmm, cant wait to see wat happened. i Love the suspense of Gamecast.
2008-04-03 17:58:04
207.   weeping for brunnhilde

Damn it.

Terrible ab.

We're lucky we picked up the one...

2008-04-03 17:58:11
208.   bartap74
How long before they start booing ARod again?
2008-04-03 17:58:34
209.   Yankees Brasil
Ugly swing Alex.
2008-04-03 17:58:49
210.   zanderthegreat
204 Hes thinking too hard about his next move...
2008-04-03 17:58:50
211.   SF Yanks
How about your first hit of the year Jason?
2008-04-03 17:59:09
212.   weeping for brunnhilde
Jason: Left. Field.

Single scores two.

2008-04-03 17:59:26
213.   monkeypants
{205] Strike 3 was a tough, tough pitch. Strike 2 on the other hand...
2008-04-03 17:59:33
214.   Yankees Brasil
We need to tie it now. Not gonna have a better chance.
2008-04-03 18:00:12
215.   OldYanksFan
A lot of Yanbkees make an out in an important AB. Why is it I seem to forget those, but remember every out ARod makes?
2008-04-03 18:00:13
216.   Zack
Wow, talk about barely scoring two runs. I guess that returns the two relatively cheap Toronto runs
2008-04-03 18:00:25
217.   mehmattski
Ugh, way to nearly mess things up there Abreu. At least Phil is off the hook, though.
2008-04-03 18:00:33
218.   monkeypants
That was a crazy sequence to get two runs from bases loaded, no outs.
2008-04-03 18:01:07
219.   fansince77
Aye Bobby- Aye Bobby- Aye Bobby!
2008-04-03 18:01:11
220.   weeping for brunnhilde

Fine, he got the run in.

I'll take that.

Still, I'd feel a lot more comfortable with some sign that all that "work" on going the other way in spring training had some purpose or other.

Anyway, we tied it up, I'll take it!

This game's ours now.

2008-04-03 18:01:17
221.   zanderthegreat
Ohh, Bobby... Ok, a tie is good.
2008-04-03 18:01:25
222.   Yankees Brasil
Damn Abreu. All those mistakes kill a team. At least we tied it.
2008-04-03 18:02:21
223.   SF Yanks
2008-04-03 18:02:50
224.   Yankees Brasil
Let's see this Traber dude now. Please get some quick outs man!
2008-04-03 18:02:57
225.   OldYanksFan
(.... itjustseemslikeweshouldadonebetter...)
2008-04-03 18:02:58
226.   tommyl
Um, what? Giambi flies into sacrifice DP? RF to 1B to 3B? That has to be a shift thing?
2008-04-03 18:03:11
227.   fansince77
ARod gives up a chance at some big RBI'S by trying to do too much there IMHo. But huge credit to Damon's AB and Abreu's. They used a new weapon- selectivity.
2008-04-03 18:03:58
228.   weeping for brunnhilde
215 I don't know, but I wonder if it's because Alex looks bad doing it.

It's frustrating to watch him flail like that so to me, it's memorable. He seems to get anxious sometimes whereas others (like Abreu, for instance) seems pretty consistent in his approach.

Especially when otherwise he seems to be swinging the bat well.

It just reinforces the clutch thing, which I think there is something to, although it's overstated.

2008-04-03 18:04:16
229.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Why no Phil? Why no T-Bone??
2008-04-03 18:04:58
230.   Zack
Traber has all sorts of a funky delivery--all arms it seems
2008-04-03 18:05:27
231.   mehmattski
226 Fly ball to medium right field. Jeter scores easily, Abreu heads from second to third. Rios' throw goes to the first baseman, and Overbay rifles to first to get Abreu. Abreu wisely backs off by a few feet to ensure that the run counts, then gets tagged out. SF 9-3-5 for your scorecard.
2008-04-03 18:05:36
232.   Yankees Brasil
A lefty who can get lefties out, what a concept!
2008-04-03 18:06:57
233.   weeping for brunnhilde
226 Not sure if you're talking to me, but all I'm saying is It'd be nice to see him go up there actually looking to hit it to left sometimes, especially in late innings where a nice little single would secure two runs.

I'm happy he got the sac, though, don't get me wrong.

2008-04-03 18:07:27
234.   monkeypants
228 "It just reinforces the clutch thing, which I think there is something to, although it's overstated. "

How can you say that after last season? What do you want, that he hits .800 and slugs 3.000 in all clutch ABs?

2008-04-03 18:08:05
235.   tommyl
231 You mean rifles to third? If Abreu was running backwards, he really does need some help ;)
2008-04-03 18:08:36
236.   mehmattski
228 So why not question the ability of all those players who hit into DPs in the other innings? They're just as "unclutch," right? It's not just A-Rod today, all our hitters have looked pretty lost.
2008-04-03 18:09:27
237.   SF Yanks
Wow, that doesn't even look like Bruney.
2008-04-03 18:09:28
238.   mehmattski
235 Was hoping no one noticed ;-)
2008-04-03 18:09:30
239.   Yankees Brasil
That was strike three, wasn't it?
2008-04-03 18:10:57
240.   tommyl
228 Seriously? After last year? A-Rod struck out once with the bases loaded. It happens. Even mighty clutch himself David Ortiz gets out sometimes in innings 7 through 9.
2008-04-03 18:11:06
241.   weeping for brunnhilde
Good old Bobby and his wall.

Nice catch, Bobby!

2008-04-03 18:11:19
242.   Zack
Woah, Bobby charged into the stands!
2008-04-03 18:11:20
243.   mehmattski
237 Yeah, how do we know that Chris Britton didn't kidnap Bruney?

So now every Yankees reliever has made an appearance, but the only Yankees bench player to make an appearance is Molina.

Hey, Abreu, let me introduce you to the wall!

2008-04-03 18:11:39
244.   monkeypants
Abreu runs and makes catch AND touches a wall...and lo there was a plague of locusts.
2008-04-03 18:12:20
245.   SF Yanks
So if we score.... Joba, Mo?
2008-04-03 18:14:06
246.   Ravenscar
Kate Smith is glad she's dead and doesn't have to listen to herself singing this song anymore. Can't we please use a different version?

If Abreu can run into a wall, anything's possible.

2008-04-03 18:14:28
247.   OldYanksFan
It's goona be a harsh on our pissing-and-moaning if Bruney refused to walk his first batter.
2008-04-03 18:14:36
248.   tommyl
I don't understand something. In the last few days I've seen more than two relief pitchers. Are teams allowed to bring in more than the same two relievers in a series now?
2008-04-03 18:14:48
249.   JeremyM
243 We haven't seen Jonathan Albaladejo yet.
2008-04-03 18:15:29
250.   OldYanksFan
246 Sorry... Kate has the contract unless/until there's another terrorist attack.
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2008-04-03 18:15:46
251.   Zack
Is Albaladejo still around?
2008-04-03 18:16:02
252.   mehmattski
249 You mean, Michael Kay said something that wasn't true? My world view is shattered!
2008-04-03 18:16:19
253.   weeping for brunnhilde
234 I know, I know.

I'm not saying what you might think I'm saying.

I'm saying that Alex does seem to get jumpy under pressure.

Not all the time, and certainly less last year.

But in general, he just doesn't seem equally comfortable in all spots, based on chasing pitches, lunging, that kind of thing.

I'm not trying to demonize Alex. Please don't mistake me.

240 I was answering OYF's question, to the best of my ability. That's what I came up with.

Remember how Sori used to flail at those sliders off the plate? Well, all I'm saying is that it seems as if Alex does that more (much less last year, you're right) under pressure than does a guy like Abreu.


2008-04-03 18:16:25
254.   Zack
249 Dang you beat me too it
2008-04-03 18:17:31
255.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
246 Can we get Ray Charles' version of American the Beautiful? Marvin Gaye's version of the anthem before the game? Kate Smith gives me a migraine..
2008-04-03 18:17:51
256.   Yankees Brasil
Now that's an ugly AB. Poor Mats.
2008-04-03 18:17:51
257.   Ravenscar
Joba wants wine! And 10 of your finest wenches! NOW!
2008-04-03 18:17:58
258.   weeping for brunnhilde
236 Ok, ok, I take it back!

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

2008-04-03 18:18:04
259.   mehmattski
Yankees are afraid of the Big Bad Wolfe.
2008-04-03 18:19:13
260.   williamnyy23
The Jays really do have one of the best staffs in the least I hope that's the reason.
2008-04-03 18:19:14
261.   tommyl
253 I've noticed that Alex just sometimes has some bad swings and ABs. At times he gets a little power happy and his swing lengthens. His leg kick is usually a good indicator. Low and quick=dialed in. High and late=long swing. I think he sometimes he does that early in a game too, we just tend to notice it more in "clutch" situations.
2008-04-03 18:19:58
262.   tommyl
Wait a minute, Joba, in a tie game? What is going on here? Isn't Kyle Farnsworth the 8th inning guy?
2008-04-03 18:20:43
263.   Chyll Will
255 Nah, get me Jose Feliciano again. Somehow I missed it last time, but I heard the original online and it was sweet...
2008-04-03 18:22:01
264.   Chyll Will
Joba throws a 92 mph changeup...
2008-04-03 18:22:32
265.   monkeypants
261 Yeah, I noticed that too. He sometimes takes bad swings and has bad ABs. Sometimes he swings and misses, and other times (inexplicably) he takes pitches for strikes. It's really weird, too.
That was sarcasm.
2008-04-03 18:22:47
266.   Chyll Will
...and now he lobs it in >;)
2008-04-03 18:23:29
267.   weeping for brunnhilde
261 I'd buy that. I wasn't speaking scientifically, although I do think that he feels the pressure sometimes and it shows, was my only point.

O'Neill just mentioned earlier in the broadcast about how he felt more pressure with the infield in. Could you see that in his performance, I don't know, but he admitted to feeling more pressure, so I don't think it's crazy to talk about pressure as a factor in one's ab.

Hard to measure, of course, but I don't think it's out of line to muse about it.

Nice pitch, Joba!

2008-04-03 18:23:37
268.   Chyll Will
And that was just unfair!
2008-04-03 18:24:09
269.   mehmattski
262 Don't get too comfortable, as we'll see what happens in the 9th inning of a tie game on the road.

Hint: there aren't many managers who ever use their closer in a tie game on the road.

2008-04-03 18:24:14
270.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
263 is Jose still out there touring? Last I saw him was in Fargo all those years ago...
2008-04-03 18:26:19
271.   monkeypants
Giambi hasn't looked that bad at 1b so far, at least when it comes to taking throws. Fielding has been a bit adventurous, but he's stopped most everything that has come his way.
2008-04-03 18:27:31
272.   tommyl
267 Oh, I completely agree. I'm just saying, with Alex the line tends to be, late in game, feels pressure and swings badly. I'm just pointing out that while he feels pressure its not clear to me it affects his swing. He takes bad and good swings in both situations.
2008-04-03 18:27:56
273.   weeping for brunnhilde
Well done, Joba!

Come on, sticks!

2008-04-03 18:28:19
274.   Chyll Will
270 I believe so. I think his sight has tour info.

I wanted to see a strikeout right there, but an out's an out...

2008-04-03 18:28:32
275.   Zack
I'd go Joba for one more, keep him stretched out a bit and get past the only one innings mentality...
2008-04-03 18:28:35
276.   monkeypants
Joba for two, if it stays tied?
2008-04-03 18:28:49
277.   tommyl
269 Agreed, but if Torre was still managing we'd be looking at LaTroy Hawkins right here.
2008-04-03 18:28:55
278.   weeping for brunnhilde
272 Fair enough.
2008-04-03 18:29:44
279.   weeping for brunnhilde
275 Wow, are we allowed to do that?
2008-04-03 18:29:54
280.   Chyll Will
274 oh gosh, did I actually write that?? His site (smacking myself on the forehead...)
2008-04-03 18:31:43
281.   Zack
I should say Joba for 2 if they don't score here
2008-04-03 18:31:45
282.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
280 Hey, that's not so bad. My first thought was "why would Jose Feliciano need a website, he's blind.." awful, i know...

Joba for 2 or 3 please!! tired of one-inning relievers

2008-04-03 18:31:51
283.   tommyl
269 Also, I liked Girardi's management last night with the pen. He kept it close but didn't go to his highest leverage relievers, or a "mop-up" man. Using Ohlendorf, Hawkins and Farnsworth last night was the right call. Torre would still be calling for Proctor.
2008-04-03 18:31:52
284.   weeping for brunnhilde


Ok, Team, here we go!!


2008-04-03 18:32:12
285.   Raf
26 A switch or a "swish" is a woman rolling her hips while she walks...

Seems that they were discussing the "Joba dance" after Thomas' strikeout. I don't have a problem with it, nor do I have a problem with guys showing emotion, real or otherwise.

2008-04-03 18:32:36
286.   weeping for brunnhilde
Any reason not to bunt here?
2008-04-03 18:32:43
287.   williamnyy23
Buck Coats? Do the Blue Jays scout the Adult Enertainment Industry league?
2008-04-03 18:33:19
288.   OldYanksFan
I think ARod is a guess hitter as opposed to a reaction hitter. It's almost as if at times he's planning on swinging, and then can't stop himself if it's a terrible pitch, or not located where he's expecting it.

One thing I love about Bonds is his uncanny ability to see the pitch that's coming and react to it. I've often thought that some of the drills he does to practice this should be done by other teams/players.

Is O'Neill doing more games this year? I like him. Is it because Bobby isn't available?


2008-04-03 18:34:38
289.   Ravenscar
Wow. What a weird play.
2008-04-03 18:34:44
290.   monkeypants
286 Yeah--it doesn't really increase the chance of scoring a run.

And as I write...

2008-04-03 18:34:52
291.   weeping for brunnhilde
288 Bonds is a revelation.

It's not the distance he hits the ball, it's that he hits the ball.


Joe Girardi!!!

With the bunt!!

Everyone's safe!!!


Make things happen!

2008-04-03 18:35:00
292.   mehmattski
There's your bunt, new guy named Cliff. I fully support it in that situation.
2008-04-03 18:35:22
293.   weeping for brunnhilde
Bunt Derek.

He's not hitting.

Bunt, Derek!

2008-04-03 18:35:44
294.   weeping for brunnhilde
Just nabbed him.

Now we're cooking with gas, Team!

2008-04-03 18:35:46
295.   Raf
Nice fundie baseball there...
2008-04-03 18:35:50
296.   bartap74
It was a successful sac and all, but I still hate the bunt.
2008-04-03 18:36:14
297.   Zack
Oooh, bang bang and he was safe...oh well...better score here
2008-04-03 18:36:20
298.   Cliff Covey
Theres my bunt!
2008-04-03 18:36:23
299.   Chyll Will
285 Not always a woman...

Wowzers, can we get a bunt conga line going?

2008-04-03 18:36:23
300.   mehmattski
Jeter was safe. Oh well. Come on Abreu!
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2008-04-03 18:36:23
301.   weeping for brunnhilde
All right, Bobby.

Nice and easy, nice and easy.

2008-04-03 18:37:27
302.   OldYanksFan
Crap! Jetes was safe. Tie goes to the runner.
2008-04-03 18:37:46
303.   tommyl
Wow, so far it does seem like Girardi reads that copy of BP. In this case playing for one run is the right move with Rivera ready in the pen. I approve.
2008-04-03 18:38:24
304.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice and easy.


I can't believe what I'm seeing!

Textbook inning!

2008-04-03 18:38:44
305.   mehmattski
This game has been one crappy run after another for both teams. Most of this series, even.
2008-04-03 18:38:50
306.   tommyl
Yes! Ok, Mo, its all about you now.
2008-04-03 18:38:52
307.   Chyll Will
There we go. Nice fun-damentals dere!
2008-04-03 18:38:55
308.   JL25and3
[Extended wacky dance]
2008-04-03 18:38:57
309.   Zack
Nice! things falling right for us this inning
2008-04-03 18:39:07
310.   monkeypants
288 If we have to compare ARod to Bonds in order to highlight the former's shortcomings as a hitter, perhaps the argument is strained. Guess hitter, cripple hitter, whatever...he's one of the best hitters in the game. You don't put up the numbers he does by accident. The excruciating dissection of every out he makes when men are on base is a bit much.
2008-04-03 18:39:19
311.   Zack
308 Nicely done sir.
2008-04-03 18:40:00
312.   Chyll Will
A-Rod trying to do too much here.
2008-04-03 18:40:11
313.   OldYanksFan
It always comes down to ARod.
2008-04-03 18:40:29
314.   Zack
Well, there's the answer to the "how long until the boos come out for A-Rod" question
2008-04-03 18:40:48
315.   Yankees Brasil
Horrible AB.
2008-04-03 18:41:04
316.   monkeypants
What is WRONG with ARod? Why no bunt there? How could he miss the ball? Stop guessing!

OK, I got that bit of childishness out of my system.

2008-04-03 18:41:17
317.   OldYanksFan
2008-04-03 18:41:30
318.   tommyl
310 I think A-Rod is not as good a hitter as Babe Ruth. That Ruth, never failed with runners on base ;).
2008-04-03 18:41:47
319.   Chyll Will
308 Is that a variation on Stagger Lee, sir? >;)
2008-04-03 18:42:47
320.   Chyll Will
2008-04-03 18:43:34
321.   tommyl
314 They seriously booed him? That's reprehensible. The man hit a ball out of left center last night!
2008-04-03 18:44:17
322.   mehmattski
318 David Eckstein has never made an out with the bases loaded.

NOTE: "Being Scrappy," in the process of making an out, does not count as an out in the scorebook. You could look it up.

2008-04-03 18:44:48
323.   Zack
Woulda been nice to get another run there, but so be it
2008-04-03 18:45:43
324.   Chyll Will
321 I'm not sure it's the cream of the crop there tonight, but hey s@&% happens...
2008-04-03 18:46:10
325.   tommyl
322 I love when he grounds into those gritty double plays. They taste better than regular ones.
2008-04-03 18:46:14
326.   williamnyy23
321 That didn't sound like boos...more like the murmur of dissapointment.
2008-04-03 18:46:45
327.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
321 Agreed. booing A-rod is insane...sometimes the Stadium fans are a real turn-off
2008-04-03 18:47:11
328.   weeping for brunnhilde
316 :)

(Ftr, I thought his ab last night in the ninth, where he struck out, was a fine, upstanding ab. No criticism from me on that. He just got beat. I just hate seeing him flail around, is all.)

2008-04-03 18:47:15
329.   Yankees Brasil
326 I didn't hear it either. He looked bad, but it's just an AB.
2008-04-03 18:47:39
330.   Zack
319 Chyll were you not around for the advent of [wacky dance]? It has its roots in a discussion of a Marx Brothers script, but for the life of me I can't remember which one.
2008-04-03 18:47:59
331.   OldYanksFan
If you look at ARod's splits over the last 3 years, he is a very poor hitter when behind in the count.

On 2-0 pitches, his OPS is 1.301
On 0-2 pitches, his OPS is 0.605

Obviously, everyone is prone to do poorer behind in the count, but to this degree?

2008-04-03 18:48:19
332.   Zack
I coulda sworn I heard boos. Just a smattering, mind you, but definite boos...
2008-04-03 18:49:22
333.   tommyl
331 I think so, I can't remember the exact numbers but its a huge split for most hitters. That's why the 1-1 and 2-1 pitches are very key.
2008-04-03 18:51:06
334.   Chyll Will
330 I missed that one, believe it or not. Or maybe I'm losing my mi- nowait, found it.
2008-04-03 18:51:14
335.   mehmattski
331 David Ortiz, career:

On 2-0 pitches: 1.083
On 0-2 pitches: .449

Looks pretty similar in the last few years, maybe even worse. (.249 OPS on 0-2 counts in 2005).

2008-04-03 18:51:14
336.   OldYanksFan
And Guys, I'm a BIG ARod fan. Read my posts from last winter after he opted out. I guess I'm just intellectulizing a bit.
2008-04-03 18:52:29
337.   Zack
Woah, that one had me nervous!
2008-04-03 18:52:46
338.   tommyl
1 more Mo. 1 more.
2008-04-03 18:52:48
339.   Ravenscar
Oooooh I thought that one was going through when it was first hit.
2008-04-03 18:53:16
340.   Zack
Weird strike zone tonight, huh?
2008-04-03 18:53:17
341.   monkeypants
331 I remember that someone once wrote into Rob Neyer's old Chin Muzak column and commented on how great a hitter Boggs was with two strikes. Neyer's answer: so what?

All that matters is what his overall numbers are. Given that his OPS the last three seasons are 1.031, .915, 1.067, he must do a good job of not getting behind in the count.

2008-04-03 18:53:26
342.   mehmattski
Where was that first pitch to Hill? Looks like a strike to me...
2008-04-03 18:54:00
343.   OldYanksFan
Nice positioning by Jetes there. I thought that was a hit when it went by Mo.
2008-04-03 18:54:09
344.   Chyll Will
Oh, that nod Joe just did was classic!
2008-04-03 18:54:36
345.   Zack
Nice pitch!
2008-04-03 18:54:44
346.   mehmattski
344 Looked like a golden retriever begging for a treat.
2008-04-03 18:54:52
347.   tommyl
Beautiful. Wish I could have seen it. How did Hughes look?
2008-04-03 18:55:03
348.   weeping for brunnhilde

What a fucking pitch!


I love you, Mo.

2008-04-03 18:55:13
349.   Chyll Will
Classic Mo. Better than Classic Coke.
2008-04-03 18:55:23
350.   Yankees Brasil
I heart Mo!
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2008-04-03 18:55:26
351.   monkeypants
Very entertaining. Fun, frustrating game, and lots of banter and bickering. I love the baseball season!
2008-04-03 18:56:20
352.   Yankees Brasil
I know it's been only 3 games, but our pitching looks real good.
2008-04-03 18:56:27
353.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
351 and it's only Game 3!
2008-04-03 18:56:47
354.   weeping for brunnhilde
351 Don't you just, though?

Nothing like baseball.

2008-04-03 18:57:12
355.   Zack
347 Very sharp the first 3 innings, then got a bit tired in the middle two, then a good last one. Good FB control, good break on the curve.

I'm pretty sure Bobby Abreu just said that Justin Verlander was on the Blue Jays

2008-04-03 18:57:18
356.   weeping for brunnhilde
352 Yes it does.

Yes it does.

2008-04-03 18:57:45
357.   williamnyy23
343 That's two balls up the middle that my first instinct told me would be past a diving Jeter. Could it be that better positioning will lead to Jeter playing better defense?

331 Most players have splits like that. Arod is a great hitter...he isn't perfect though. Not sure we need to go searching for his flaws when we can instead spend time appreciating all of his strengths.

2008-04-03 18:58:20
358.   tommyl
351 Hell I was excited watching on Gameday (away for work for a couple of days).

355 Velocity?

2008-04-03 18:58:51
359.   Chyll Will
346 I think he was flashing back to player mode for a moment...
2008-04-03 18:58:59
360.   mehmattski
Is this the year that the handwringing over the bullpen can finally cease? Where's Mattpat to give us a ruling?
2008-04-03 19:00:10
361.   williamnyy23
The funny thing about baseball is the Yankees go 2-1 and the story is their pitching looks good. If they lost and went 1-2, the theme would be their hitting is sluggish.

Regardless of perception, the Yankees have no won two kinds of games they struggled to win at the beginning of last season.

2008-04-03 19:00:22
362.   mehmattski
358 I don't think I saw anything over 92. But man were those pitches crisp. The late movement on the FB, combined with the deceptive change and the tight hook, is a winning combo. I was impressed.
2008-04-03 19:01:12
363.   williamnyy23
362 Hughes did break off an 95 mph fast ball in his last inning.
2008-04-03 19:01:52
364.   OldYanksFan
Team ERA under 3, with Moose as our #2. I can live with that!
2008-04-03 19:03:55
365.   Zack
358 362 And to add to it, hitters were reacting to it the same way the Yanks were reacting to McGowan's 95 MPH heat. For what its worth.

Yeah, the BP has been great this series minus LaTroy (not that he was terrible per se), but of course, small sample size holds

2008-04-03 19:04:19
366.   tommyl
Next up is Andy or Ian?

Great news. The offense will start hitting, and if Moose is our worst pitcher then we should be set.

Also, good BP and tactics so far for the most part. Girardi has only bunted in the late innings when it was called for. I was giddy to read the only book currently in his office is the BP 2008 annual. That's awesome. Maybe he reads Banter (Hi Joe!).

2008-04-03 19:04:38
367.   Yankees Brasil
361 Yeah, imagine what this team could be when the offense wakes up!
2008-04-03 19:06:28
368.   Yu-Hsing Chen
If the Yankee pitching so far isn't a fluke, 27 is in da bag baby!

really good series though. every game is down to the last hitter.

2008-04-03 19:08:22
369.   Yu-Hsing Chen
367 we'll, facing the Rays is usually a good way to wake up the batters ? ;)

then again, the Yankees seem to always suck against bad pitchers.

2008-04-03 19:08:50
370.   williamnyy23
367 I think the Jays have been overrated, but one thing they do have is one of the best top-3 starter combos and a deep bullpen. It was nice to see the Yankees pitch with them and win the series. I am sure the bats will break out before too long.
2008-04-03 19:09:01
371.   Chyll Will
361 Perhaps it's too early to judge either way? Toronto's not the team to beat, regardless of what the papers and E@#$ might say. I like that they appear to be playing good fundamentals right from the start.
2008-04-03 19:15:49
372.   Bama Yankee
Just checking back in. Nice game. How about those bunts? That's what I'm talking about, put the pressure on the D (not to mention that Jeter was safe).

Welcome to the "Dark Side" Joe, it can get lonely over here... there's me, Weeping, Mehmattski (only a part timer), OYF and a few others (from the looks of the earlier comments we welcomed a new member named Cliff Covey tonight). The Dark Side of Small-Ball... it's sweeping the Bronx... ;-)

2008-04-03 19:21:42
373.   wsporter
What a nice win. And he was safe Bama. Franchise looked just fine to me.
2008-04-03 19:23:31
374.   williamnyy23
The Braves are employing the old put the RHP into left field and bring in a LHP trick. Haven't seen that since the Mets did it in the late 1980s.
2008-04-03 19:25:56
375.   Chyll Will
372 Nice recap, my friend. But did you and Weep switch jobs here this season? All you need is some maniacal laughter sprinkled in for good measure.

Hi Covey, thanks for coming on board, watch out for deadhorses, chump change and hidden sarcasm, hah! >;)

2008-04-03 19:27:08
376.   OldYanksFan
Tales from the Cript:
"Alexa Rodriguez, 13, left, is attacked by a red-tailed hawk during a school tour of Fenway Park Thursday in Boston. Rodriguez sustained a cut to her scalp and was taken by ambulance to a hospital"
How bizarre is that?
2008-04-03 19:31:25
377.   Chyll Will
376 Bizzare... or fair warning?
2008-04-03 19:31:41
378.   Bama Yankee
375 Weep and I always have each other's back (that's the way we roll here on the "Dark Side"). I still haven't perfected the maniacal laughter... been watching a lot of the Count from Sesame Street to work on my technique...
One sac bunt: Ha Ha Ha Ha
Two sac bunts: Ha Ha Ha ha
2008-04-03 19:34:54
379.   Bama Yankee
376 Could the Curse of the Gimpy Crow be back????
2008-04-03 19:41:19
380.   JL25and3
361 I thought the pitching looked good and the hitting looked sluggish.
2008-04-03 19:44:41
381.   Just fair
For some inasane reason, the place I was at tonight had more people who were more interested in seeing the Sabres get eliminated for playoff contention. For those of you who are unaware, the Sabres play in the NHL. I should a stayed home.
Phil's knuckle seems to to hang up there but the guys at bat consistently buckle. So that's cool. Great game to watch. Another under 3 hrs. Billy Traber seemed like a cool dude in the post game. Cano best not be hitting 100 a week from now. Get better Jorge. The Big Hurt had a reason to be pissed. /nonsense
2008-04-03 19:45:04
382.   JL25and3
372 Even I thought the bunt was pretty much of a no-brainer there. You absolutely need to score one run, and that probably wins the game.
2008-04-03 19:45:45
383.   wsporter
376 Was she wearing one of those squirrel hats?
2008-04-03 19:47:47
384.   Yu-Hsing Chen
380 facing the back end o the Rays rotation should straiten out the hitting part ;)
2008-04-03 19:54:24
385.   tommyl
384 For now. When the back end includes David Price and Kazmir is healthy again, not so much.

In other news Kei Igawa was dominant in AAA. He may be the greatest AAA pitcher the game has ever seen. Maybe he's like the pitching version of Crash Davis. Its amazing to me how he can be so consistently dominant in AAA and so consistently awful in the bigs.

2008-04-03 20:04:02
386.   weeping for brunnhilde
375 378 H aha ha ha ha hah ah a!!
2008-04-03 20:06:27
387.   mehmattski
See, I always thought this was more maniacal:

Muahahahahaha! (one eyebrow evilly arched as I stroke my goatee)

2008-04-03 20:25:51
388.   Chyll Will
387 But Weep's looks so disjointed and innocent, yet pathological for lack of a better word. I love it; for old school hip-hop heads it's like the laugh from Milk D on the Audio Two track "Giz Starts Buggin'" or maybe Morris Day in Purple Rain... or for gray-haired cinematic folk, Richard Widmark, rest his soul >;)
2008-04-03 20:35:24
389.   mehmattski
388 As someone not old school, hip-hop, or gray-haired, all the references are lost on me...

Woody Woodpecker?

2008-04-03 20:38:27
390.   Cliff Corcoran
388 Isn't that Vincent Price's laugh from "Thriller"?
2008-04-03 20:56:29
391.   Mattpat11
Was there live. Winning is enjoyable.
2008-04-03 21:01:29
392.   Zack
I was kind of thinking of Stewie's laugh:
2008-04-03 21:29:44
393.   Mattpat11
I saw how they switch the counter down after the fifth inning. The whole thing is sort of embarrassing.
2008-04-03 23:59:37
394.   bobtaco
372 Hey Bama, add bobtaco to that list too please ;-)
2008-04-04 06:04:36
395.   Bama Yankee
394 Gotcha, I knew there was someone that I was forgetting...

btw, do you think the "special link" technique will work this year? I'm curious if it will work with the new media player upgrade...

2008-04-04 06:56:16
396.   JohnBlacksox
Here's my take on the game last night:

I bought two bananas for breakfast. They sat on my desk looking like mottled yellow quotation marks.

2008-04-04 07:05:31
397.   Sliced Bread
394 ditto. Long live Girardiball!

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