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This, That, and the Fourth
2008-03-28 09:00
by Alex Belth
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Joel Sherman is blogging twice a day for the Post now. One of the most saber-friendly columinsts going, Sherman usually has something interesting to add to the discussion. Peep.

The boys at River Avenue Blues are doing some fund-raising for the Jorge Posada Foundation. Check it out.

Why were the Red Sox so successful last year? This picture from Rays Anatomy offers some insight.

Lastly, check out Eric Neel's takeout piece on Joe Torre over at ESPN:

I expected him to be cool. I'd heard the supremely self-possessed Derek Jeter call him "Mr. Torre," as if kneeling at the feet of an ancient elder, and I'd had Dodgers broadcaster Charlie Steiner tell me, with just the slightest hint of exaggeration, that Torre "is like Neo in 'The Matrix,'" a man capable of moving objects in space with a supernatural flick of the wrist. But what I hadn't quite anticipated is the way Torre's calm confidence seems to radiate, seems available to those around him, like a campfire at which they might warm their hands. Some of that comes from winning four World Series rings; he's quick to say his success buys him time and goodwill with people. But some of it is just this: When you're with Joe Torre, you get the feeling -- though, as a student of postmodern culture and a working writer in the world of sports journalism, I know such things are impossible -- that he might actually be for real.

Last fall, the Indians, and the entire Joe Torre Era already seems like a long time ago, doesn't it?

2008-03-28 09:49:56
1.   OldYanksFan
'Brian McNamee resurfaced to give a brief motivational speech to a small group of workout buffs on Thursday but refused to comment on the steroid scandal that landed him and his famous former client in front of Congress.

In his first public comments since testifying that he injected seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens with steroids and human growth hormone, McNamee gave about 25 high school athletes, coaches and parents a warning about mistakes that can tarnish one's reputation.

"My lifetime of actions can be defined by one singular monumental mistake," he said in a 12-minute talk at a friend's supplement store. "I believe firmly that everyone deserves a second chance'

I guess that ONE mistake is dosing a woman on drugs and raping her?

GOD! This man is scum and now he is being PAID as a motivational speaker? It just doesn't seem right.

2008-03-28 10:37:55
2.   tommyl
Holy hell, I just read his entry on A-Rod's workout routine That is insane, seriously. I think my body would fall apart trying to do that for one day.
2008-03-28 11:41:04
3.   pistolpete
I'm curious to see what the effect is in LA after not winning 4 out of his first 5 seasons in uniform. I suspect the conclusion about his NY success will simply be, "right team, right time"...
2008-03-28 13:01:17
4.   Knuckles
2 Man, I would love it if my job dictated that I could spend hours a day exercising. I have a 10 mile bike ride to work, and there are very few mornings where, upon reaching my turn-off from the bike lane, I do not think to myself, "F it, I'ma keep going, and never stop."
'Course, then there'd be the whole issue of your best days seriously being behind you by age 40...
2008-03-28 14:04:29
5.   tommyl
4 Well, I feel the same way about playing soccer or surfing, like I could do them forever, but I've never been lifting in the morning or after work and said, "Man, I wish I could do bench presses all day!" I also like eating pizza now and again. Alex seems to do all these things that are just boring, painful or just plain annoying all in the name of being better.

Think about the number of days you wake up and say, "Man I just don't feel like hitting the gym today." At least for me, its a lot.

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