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Losses Piling Up
2008-03-07 19:49
by Cliff Corcoran
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Not that it matters, but the Yankees dropped their third game in a row yesterday, falling to the Astros 9-5.


S - Melky Cabrera (CF)
R - Derek Jeter (SS)
L - Robinson Cano (2B)
R - Alex Rodriguez (DH)
R - Shelley Duncan (1B)
S - Wilson Betemit (3B)
R - Jason Lane (RF)
R - Jose Molina (C)
L - Brett Gardner (LF)

Pitchers: Andy Pettitte, Edwar Ramirez, Mariano Rivera, LaTroy Hawkins, Steven White, Brian Bruney, Heath Phillips, Jose Veras

Subs: Morgan Ensberg (1B), Chris Woodward (2B), Alberto Gonzalez (SS), Cody Ransom (3B), P.J. Pilittere (C), Colin Curtis (RF), Austin Jackson (CF), Greg Porter (PH/LF), Jorge Posada (DH)

Opposition: The Astros' B-team plus Hunter Pence.

Big Hits: A bunch. The Yankees had 13 hits, eight of which went for extra bases including a solo homer by Wilson Betemit (1 for 3) and doubles by Morgan Ensberg (1 for 2) and Greg Porter (2 for 2). Facing Houston starter and ex-Yankee Shawn Chacon with two outs in the second inning, the Yankees cashed in a leadoff double by Alex Rodriguez (1 for 2) when Jason Lane (1 for 3) doubled himself. Jose Molina then singled Lane home and was pushed to third by a double by Brett Gardner, who tripled in his only other at-bat. Melky Cabrera, who later doubled (1 for 2), walked to load the bases, but Derek Jeter (0 for 3) swung at ball four on 3-1 to leave the bases loaded.

Who Pitched Well: Mariano Rivera, in his first game action of the spring, retired the side on eight pitches (seven strikes) via a pair of strikeouts and a groundouts. Health Phillips pitched around a Tomas Perez double for a scoreless inning and a third, striking out one and getting two other outs on the ground. LaTroy Hawkins allowed two runs on a pair of hits in his only inning, but both were unearned due to a Shelley Duncan error, one of the two hits didn't leave the infield, and all three of his outs, and thus five of the six balls in play he allowed, were on the ground. Andy Pettitte allowed two runs on three hits in his 2 2/3 innings, but the two runs came when a questionable hit-by-pitch was followed Victor Diaz cueing a curve off the plate away the other way for a home run. The other hit was a single and Pettitte struck out two while walking none and getting three other outs on the ground.

Who Didn't: Steven White gave up three runs (two earned) on two doubles and the only two walks drawn by the Astros in an inning and a third. Jose Veras allowed two runs on two hits (one a triple by David Newhan) in the ninth.

Nice Plays: A nice running catch by human highlight reel Colin Curtis.

Oopsies: A boot by Shelley Duncan.

Ouchies: Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada split DH duties due to the fact that both are suffering from sore right latissimus dorsi muscles that hinder their throwing and are being shrugged off as typical of the dead-arm period. Per Pete Abe, they will split DH duties again today, sit out tomorrow, and should play the field again on Monday. Hideki Matsui took batting practice again yesterday and could DH on Monday.

2008-03-07 22:16:00
1.   Yu-Hsing Chen


hey gotta warm up for the season :P

2008-03-07 22:43:02
2.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
you think Hank will make a call to Jack McKeon tonight? or maybe Jeff Torborg is available...
2008-03-08 04:49:38
3.   OldYanksFan
I'm not sure if this was posted, but it seems like a pretty straight article to me.

My favorite lines about the 'money grubber':

"A-Rod was so thrilled to be back, he seemed to barely care about the money anymore. Faced with the thought of having to move on, he lost interested in the loot."

"The history of the pinstripes .... There's nothing like it,'' Rodriguez said. "I respect this uniform more than I can say."

I don't think any player will ever be loved the way Mantle was, but in 8,9 and 10 years from now, I think we will be seeing some special stuff.

2008-03-08 06:19:06
4.   wsporter
3 I hope you're right, I think that'll mean some special things will have happened in the interim.

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