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K is for Klass
2008-03-07 05:41
by Alex Belth
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And Kyle's got plenty of it.

2008-03-07 06:04:32
1.   Shaun P
PeteAbe has an article about Krazy Kyle too, with some of the same quotes ( Its has a slightly different tone.

I can't say I disagree with King's piece. AFAIK, it was Farnsworth who told Torre he couldn't pitch back-to-back days, and didn't like to come in mid-inning, because of his back, not the other way around.

2008-03-07 06:20:59
2.   Sliced Bread
If a man with a ten cent head throws in his two cents on a subject, does he have any sense left?

I don't know either, but clearly, Farnswacker's a couple dozen beads short of an abacus.

2008-03-07 06:22:56
3.   markp
I doubt anyone will ever know whether the no back-to-back games thing was Kyle's or Torre's. I do know that St. Joe was a lousy handler of RPs and his track record for guys who came from elsewhere is awful.
The post article makes it sound like he's ripping Torre a lot more than his comments do. My #1 retort to that article would be: how come so many relief pitchers that had success elsewhere did poorly here?
2008-03-07 06:26:26
4.   monkeypants
I'm not going to defend K.K., that's for sure. On the other hand, in the last few years I have been no huge fan of Torre either. Maybe Farnswhacker is just taking an opportunity to make excuses for himself by cheap-shotting Torre, but I sense that there also was mounting frustration by some players over some of Torre's more pronounced patterns.

Whatever the case, I am looking forward to this year--maybe al little change will do everyone some good.

2008-03-07 06:40:32
5.   Sliced Bread
As perhaps the only Farnswacker supporter around here (even if I give him the dumkoff treatment), I've often questioned how he's deployed. The Farnswacker rules (whoever came up with them) never made sense to me. Guy's built like a brick shytehouse and sure looks like he could work back-to-back days. If he was being held back against his will I could see how he'd be frustrated.

Would be great if he can get it together this year.

2008-03-07 07:11:27
6.   Cliff Corcoran
Fascinating to see how that Post article is angled so severely in contrast to the two articles (Daily News and that I linked to about Farnsworth in my game wrap last night an the Pete Abe article mentioned in 1 , all of which use the same quotes. It's a lesson on why players hate the media.
2008-03-07 08:38:15
7.   Bagel Boy
Meanwhile, Tyler has a completely different take and points to Farnsey's relationship with Girardi as hope for this season:

2008-03-07 19:27:53
8.   Sonya Hennys Tutu
If the pitchers - young, old, starters, relievers, perform better than they did under Torre, two things are for certain: the legend of Torre will diminish, and the rap against Girardi will fade.

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