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2008-02-05 05:35
by Alex Belth
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It is unseasonably warm but overcast this morning in New York. I saw a gang of Manhattan college kids wearing Eli Manning jerseys trooping to the subway this morning, on their way down to the parade. When I got off the train in midtown, more Giants fans--a father taking his young son over to Rockefeller Center, a group of high schoolers cutting school. Everybody likes a parade, right?

Not for nothing, but I'm not a fan of the Yankeeography series--I find the shows slick at best and maudlin at worst--but the box set is worth checking out for the bonus dvds, which feature player highlights. The best part of these highlights is that most of them are not cut-up like the ones we generally see on TV. In many cases, they'll show an entire at-bat sequence, pitch-by-pitch, in real time. The bonus clips are not thorough, and concentrate on home runs (I would have loved to see a fielding compilation for Willie Randolph), but still, it is refreshing to see baseball clips that don't rush by you like a slam dunk. I wish there was more of that. Plus, I'd love it if they did a spin-off Yankeeography show, one where they would honor guys like Roy White and Joe Gordon.

Finally, Roger Clemens visits Washington today. Pete Abraham summed up my feelings about this nonsense last week in a rant over on his blog.

2008-02-05 06:09:50
1.   JeremyM
Thank God all of the country's major problems are at an end so Congress can move on to things like baseball and the Patriots alleged cheating. I think I'll have them look into the kids getting out of karate class who keep karate chopping my fence, as Sheriff Brody didn't do anything.
2008-02-05 06:48:44
2.   Sliced Bread
Seems like the last Yankee parade was a lifetime ago. Pre 9/11 NY.
Didn't Clemens bean Piazza with his official "key to the city" or something like that? Keyed his car?
2008-02-05 07:18:39
3.   vockins
If you're stuck at work, you can check out the festivities at City Hall via live streaming webcam courtesy of WEEI/Boston!

Copy and paste the link below:

2008-02-05 07:36:09
4.   Bob B
3 Perfect day for a parade in Beantown.
2008-02-05 07:51:03
5.   jalexei
Nice try vockins, but I'm on to you! (they filled that fountain a year or two ago ;-)
2008-02-05 07:53:05
6.   Raf
0 I like the idea behind Yankeeography, and wish more teams (or at the very least MLB) would do more to embrace their history.

MLB used to do it, I don't know why they stopped. Probably because there wasn't an interest in it?

At any rate, hopefully I'll be able to purchase some of these baseball related box sets that I hear so much about...

2008-02-05 08:29:38
7.   Joe Gator
Im a yanks fan in Florida and get the YES network on DirecTV, but for some reason the Yankeeographys are blacked out. Does anyone else have this problem?
2008-02-05 08:45:12
8.   standuptriple
One thing I've been waiting for is the complete film of Don Larsen's perfect game. I read that somebody found an old Armed Forces Network (or similar) version but they were still trying to find a way to display it. Anybody know anything more about this?
2008-02-05 09:14:09
9.   Schteeve
...Powerful impact BOOM from the cannon! Not braggin' try to read my mind just imagine. Vo-Cab-U-Lary's necessary, when checkin' in to my liberry...
2008-02-05 09:16:31
10.   Alex Belth
Oh My God, Oh my Gosh...!
2008-02-05 09:20:24
11.   Start Spreading the News
And all this time, I thought you were referring to EPMD.
2008-02-05 09:20:47
12.   Schteeve
Baseball and hip hop will forever keep the Banter close to my heart.
2008-02-05 09:22:57
13.   vockins
It's about twenty deep on Church Street.
2008-02-05 09:43:39
14.   rsmith51
10 What is Alex referring to?
2008-02-05 09:45:14
15.   Schteeve
14 We're spittin rhymes, son!
2008-02-05 11:05:05
16.   ms october
Uh, uh uhh, alone with the track man
Uh, pardon me, uhh, as I come back
As I did it yo I heard you beg your pardon
When I travel to the sun I roll with the squadron

On another note - all this talk of Eli finally getting it together and this is why you don't judge a young quarterback too early, etc, etc - made me think of some of the young(ish) Yankee pitchers and perhaps young pitchers in general. When do you know someone sucks? Do we know for sure Igawa, for example, sucks?

2008-02-05 11:53:16
17.   ChuckM
Yes, Igawa sucks, for SURE.
2008-02-05 11:59:17
18.   Sliced Bread
16 Eli was a first round first pick. He was expected to do better, and he eventually did... and then some.

I'm not sure what Igawa's early career projections were, but Cashman wasn't expecting him to be more than a middle rotation pitcher in the AL. Igawa probably doesn't suck, but he's probably not much better than mediocre. Nobody's expecting him to lead his team to a championship. It was Eli's job description.

Your point about people expecting too much too soon from athletes in general is still a good one.

offtopic - how long until Giselle dumps Tom Brady and starts dating, you know, a winner?

2008-02-05 12:23:22
19.   Shaun P
16 18 Its a lot easier to project things in baseball too - you can translate stats from Japan, and stats from AA and AAA. Translating college football stats is probably fruitless, because college defenses are nowhere near as good as the pros. And of course there are no NFL minor leagues; the Arena leagues are too different to properly translate anything. (Those guys throw for 100+ TDs in a season!)

Offtopic - To be fair to Brady, he hasn't won a Super Bowl since before he and Giselle were an item, so I don't think he'll be dumped anytime soon.

And there are some Pats cheerleaders who might give Giselle a run in the looks department, so I think he'd be OK even if she moved on.

2008-02-05 12:31:19
20.   yankee23
Brothers front, they say the Tribe can't flow
But we've been known to do the impossible like Broadway Joe
2008-02-05 12:33:33
21.   Sliced Bread
19 good point about baseball being easier to project.

and yeah, no shortage of all sorts of love for Brady. A few women I work with think he's slumming it with Giselle and could do better. Imagine that.

2008-02-05 12:55:27
22.   Schteeve
21 A few dudes I work with think the same thing...ifyaknowwhatimean.
2008-02-05 13:09:41
23.   rbs10025
8 Tweren't Armed Forces video. There's a nearly complete NBC video of the game, plus home videos that two guys took.

Problem is that the NBC video is owned by a collector and rarely seen. MLB tried to buy one of the amateur videos last summer but apparently didn't offer enough. The article doesn't say what the story is on the other guy's video.

2008-02-05 13:42:45
24.   yankee23
Perhaps some insight as to why Mattingly left the Dodgers:
2008-02-05 17:17:20
25.   RIYank
Yeah, I generally don't like what sportswriters write about politics, but it's hard to disagree with Pete Abe on this one.

The Specter thing is worse than it looks on its face, too. Specter's #2 leading campaign contributor is Comcast. And his #1 contributor is a PAC set up by a law firm that represents Comcast. To my mind, that changes the story from absurd to disgusting. On the bright side, this info is now in Specter's Wikipedia entry, so maybe he'll experience some fallout.

Oh, and Brady: the guy did march his team down the field for the go-ahead touchdown with 2:40 to play. I don't think his rep is much tarnished by this loss, even though he might take it harder than anybody. He's Jeteresque, if I may dare to say so here...

2008-02-05 17:48:56
26.   Bruce Markusen
I read over at Steve Lombardi's web site that the Yankees are considering giving Kevin "The Head" Mench an invite to spring training. It would be a minor league, non-roster deal.

The battle for the 13th player spot is shaping up to be an interesting one. Assuming that Duncan is the 12th man, the Yankees are looking at Ensberg, Jason Lane, Chris Woodward, and now possibly Mench for that 13th spot. Like Ensberg, Mench has a history of hitting left-handers. My preference would be 1) Ensberg 2) Mench 3) Woodward and 4) Lane. If any of frontline players gets hurt (why am I thinking of Giambi?), they could then carry two of those players.

2008-02-05 17:57:24
27.   bobtaco
2008-02-05 18:27:53
28.   RIYank
Word is Hughes is going to wear #34. He says Sean Henn agreed, but nothing's official.
2008-02-05 19:08:25
29.   Raf
Thanks, I needed that trip down memory lane. Didn't get much better than an ATCQ & LONS collaboration.

Native Tongues FTW!

2008-02-05 21:50:50
30.   Schteeve
25 I think Brady played worse than it looked. His passes were off the mark all day. He flat missed Moss twice, once would have been a TD. Even though he led his team on that late drive, he was not right on Sunday. Either it was the pass rush, or the ankle or both, but he was as inaccurate as I've ever seen him this season.
2008-02-05 22:39:06
31.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Linden Boulevard represent, represent-sent...
god, I am so glad football season is over. how many days till pitchers/catchers? And anyone want to send me some 2008 Season Preview magazines? Last year the Sporting News issue cost US$24 equivalent here in Japan...
2008-02-06 03:58:40
32.   OldYanksFan
Is Roger innocent?
Would he gamble purjury charges on this?
Does he figure that if McNamee has no tangible evidence, that it is decided in his favor?
Would he gamble jail time that there is no evidence anywhere?
Is Roger innocent?
2008-02-06 04:06:09
33.   OldYanksFan
This reminds me of Clinton.
He almost got impeached for lying about something as criminal as getting a blowjob.
Now Clemens is accused of doing something that was/is as common in baseball as speeding is on the highway.
Is Roger pulling a Clinton?
2008-02-06 04:27:17
34.   williamnyy23
33 Perhaps? If so, I really hope for Roger's sake that McNamee doesn't show up to the Congressional hearing with a stained dress.

I love Yankeeographies by the way. I also love that the Yankee Classics only exhibit games in which the Bronx Bombers reign supreme. I've never quite gotten the criticism of that policy. Why on earth would a network that caters to Yankee fans air a game in which the Yankees lose? Is the point to have your entire audience turn off their sets all at once?

2008-02-06 06:35:52
35.   wsporter
33 Actually Clinton was Impeached by the House and was acquitted in a Senate trial. The gravamen of his offense was Obstruction of Justice that arose from allegedly lying under oath. The fellatio was merly a happy vehicle to that end.

I'm just hoping McNamee doesn't show up with a cigar.

2008-02-06 06:37:26
36.   horace-clarke-era
Roger ... well, there was nothing else he COULD do or say, once his 'campaign' launched with the taped call, the 60 Minutes, the 'troubled young man' stuff. (Said troubled young man still telling him what to eat and what not to eat for years after the alleged incidents.)

Yes, the stakes are now very large, same as for Barry and for Tejada. The stained dress line is painfully funny, william.

It seems, Roger is relying on a stand-off with McNamee and Pettitte having nothing but hearsay to offer on Roger's possible drug use (which is likely). There will be no cancelled cheques here, we can be pretty sure of it, simply because if there HAD been, the strategy would HAVE to be different.

The x-factor may be 'correctness', the optics if the justice system goes after a black star and a Latino star for perjury and backs off the white star... this, of course, should be utterly and massively beside the point, but we live in the world we live in.

2008-02-06 06:59:31
37.   Shaun P
25 I think Brady is very Jeteresque. Since the '01 Serious, Jeter has had some postseason series since where he didn't hit well, and his rep is still solid, so I think Brady is going to be fine.

Speaking of the '01 Serious . . . the dazed feeling of shock - still present now 3 days later - that I've seen on so many Pats fans reminds me of how I felt after Game 7 in 2001. That the events that caused that shock, in both cases, occurred late on a Sunday night in Arizona, is a little too eerily similar for me.

2008-02-06 07:22:40
38.   wsporter
37 I thought Brady showed a lot of toughness and moxie hanging in in the face of that rush. He was receiving a serious ass kicking and he stood in, made throws and didn't look a bit gun shy. I think he does have that Jeter thing right down to the teflon.
2008-02-06 08:09:18
39.   Raf
31 Tell me where to send them; (chinmusic at hotmail dot com) and I'll send what I can.

34 The only criticism I have is that I wish they had more variety. Of course, I don't know who has the rights to the games, so that could be the issue.

2008-02-06 08:24:52
40.   williamnyy23
37 Brady was very Jeteresque, but I don't think the comparison really applies anymore. For a time, Brady was the great player more defined by intangibles and rings than outright stats, but with his past few seasons, that has kind of changed. Jeter has also upped his stat production, but his level of game compared to his peers throughout history no longer rates along with Brady's.

Also, while Jeter has Arod as his more stats/no rings rival, Brady lost his when Peyton Manning won Super Bowl XLI.

2008-02-06 08:30:15
41.   williamnyy23
39 For regular season games since the advent of YES rights shouldn't be an issue, but, of course, that still excludes the post season. Here's an interesting question: if you could see one game on Yankees Classics, what would it be? My all-time favorite game to watch is the Leyritz game in the 1995 ALDS, more so for the Mattingly HR than the game winner. While not a YC, it is available if you subscribe to MLB's Baseball Best.

I have a pretty extensive collection of Classic Games, so what I would love to see are replays of more mundane games. A random regular season tilt with Scooter and Bill White behind the mike, for example, would be a very nice treat.

2008-02-06 09:17:16
42.   Raf
41 That's one of the games I enjoy watching, I was actually there.

I wouldn't mind seeing games like Tartabull's 9 RBI game, or Niekro's 300th win, for instance.

2008-02-06 13:30:22
43.   OldYanksFan
The game after Munson's funeral was a classic. The Yanks were thinking of calling it off, but Diane Munson insisted that Thurman would have wanted them to play.
Murcer, Thurman's best friend, won it with a HR and a clutch single late in the game.

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