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2008-01-20 10:18
by Alex Belth
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While the saga of Roger 'n' Andy continues, there is football to be had today. It's b-r-i-c-k in New York and gunna be even colder in Green Bay and New England. I'm not much of a football fan these days, but I'm looking forward to the second game, which looks like a good match-up. The first game isn't as appealing because I just don't see how the Chargers can even hang with the Pats. To be honest, I figure everyone is playing for second place anyhow, with how dominant New England is. Still, it'd be cool to see Brett Favre back in the big game, and it'd even be nice to see Eli Manning make it.

Here's to staying warm, enjoying some good food, and hopefully, a couple of good games today.

2008-01-20 12:24:01
1.   JL25and3
By the way, Alex: I don't know if you saw my post the other night, but I caught your interview on XM. In fact, I sat in my car for 25 minutes, in the driveway, listening. Great stuff.

And great as the interview was, the high point may still have been the song by the Thrillbillys.

2008-01-20 15:44:32
2.   rbj
Joe Buck?! Seriously?!?
2008-01-20 18:40:06
3.   Chyll Will
2 He's there to explain away or talk over any implications of the refs trying to give the game to the Pack... who would advertisers rather see, Brady vs. Farve or Brady vs. (oh, the other) Manning?
2008-01-20 20:06:44
4.   yankee23
3 Well after watching that, I'm not sure who the refs would rather see...
2008-01-20 20:11:07
5.   Knuckles
I think the refs had the over.

Irregardless, that was damn good stuff. Eli's coming.

2008-01-20 20:37:44
6.   OldYanksFan
Is someone playing football tonight?
2008-01-20 20:41:47
7.   Jersey
Yeah Blue...
2008-01-20 21:02:37
8.   Chyll Will
3 Did I say Farve? Obviously I meant Favre, how could I make a silly mistake like that? (says Corey Webster...)
2008-01-21 05:54:05
9.   rbj
Day-um! Didn'think the Gints had it in them.
Now I want to see the Giants crush the Patriots, to see them driven before me and to hear the lamentations of their women.
2008-01-21 06:22:02
10.   Sliced Bread
Best and biggest NY sports moment since the Boone shot.
Now, get the job done, Giants!
2008-01-21 10:29:38
11.   Bob B
The Giant Victory today finally brought me a measure of fulfillment I never thought I'd get. The major disappointment of my youth was the Giants consecutive losses to Green Bay in '61 and '62 and the loss to Chicago in '63.I was ten years old and lived for the Giants who were an incredible team. I particularly remember the game in '62-Yankee Stadium, December 30th and so cold that the hot chocolate froze in our Thermos. Y.A.Tittle, Alex Webster,Frank Gifford, Del Shofner, Rosey Brown, Sam Huff, Jim Katcavage, Erich Barnes, Dick Modzelewski, Jim Morrison, Andy Robestelli, Dick Lynch. I think they had five or six guys who are now in the Hall of fame.

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