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Roger and Albert
2008-01-13 18:39
by Alex Belth
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Wouldn't it be really funny if Albert played Roger's lawyer in real life?

I'm just sayin...

2008-01-13 22:11:29
1.   Scott Long
I would love it, though I think Rip Torn would probably be a better fit for the Rocket. Has any comedic writer/director had a better first 4 films than Real Life, Modern Romance, Lost in America, and Defending Your Life? I can't think of one.
2008-01-13 23:25:57
2.   Mattpat11
Rip Torn is still alive?
2008-01-13 23:46:29
3.   Bob Timmermann
Rip Torn has a recurring role on "30 Rock."
2008-01-14 08:20:20
4.   Alex Belth
Real Life is particularly slept on. Great Albert. The qualude scene in Modern Romance is great--so good, I don't think the movie ever recovers, and Lost in America is tremendous. I think Defending Your Life is charming too.
2008-01-14 09:04:37
5.   The Mick 536
Good taste, again, in movies. Second viewing of Coen's newest on schedule. Albert. Saturday Night Live, yes. Had a little problem with remake of In Laws. Didn't like Douglas either. Mail problem could have been that no one competes with Alan Arkin and Peter Columbo. Serpentine, yes.

As for Roger, he should proceed with great caution. This ain't the Lake Monsters he is swimming with. Congress don't take doo doo from anyone, especially people whom they preceive are trying to out manuever them.

2008-01-14 09:59:34
6.   Scott Long
After Defending your life, it has been a downhill slope for Brooks. The Scout was okay, the Muse was passable and then it really gets bad. His best work since his first 4 films was his voice work in Finding Nemo. Kind of sad to me, but I suspect he will have a comeback.

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