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2008-01-13 07:00
by Alex Belth
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ESPN has become the Super Friends for established sports writers. When ESPN comes calling, it's virtually impossible for a writer to turn them down. There's just too many greenbacks at stake, let alone creative freedom. T.J. Quinn, along with Howard Bryant and Rick Riley to name just a few, is now with the Worldwide Leader. Quinn has reported extensively about PEDs for the Daily News for years. This morning, he has a long Q&A up with Roger Clemens' lawyer Rusty Hardin (the interview is a transcript for "Outside the Lines," due to air this morning). I was first alerted to the piece by Repoz, one of the most trusted and reliable source of information links on the 'Net, over at Baseball Think Factory. Repoz included an excerpt from the interview, a portion of which does not exist on-line any longer, prompting Tangotiger to wonder if ESPN alters their transcripts.

2008-01-13 10:51:08
1.   Suffering Bruin
Who is Rick Riley?


2008-01-13 17:28:25
2.   rbj
Double hot-diggity, Jints beat the Cowgirls!

I could actually deal with them losing to the Packers, just so long as they sent South America's team into vacation.

2008-01-13 18:24:19
3.   Shaun P
2 I still can't believe that the Giants won!!!* - and that that game was the first ever playoff meeting between the Giants and the Cowboys.

But I'd like to see a Giants-Pats' rematch in the big one, even if the Giants likely get hosed.

*sorry Simone and any other Cowboys' fans

2008-01-13 19:10:39
4.   wsporter
3 Beating the girls in D made that very special. That was just stupidly awesome.

I maintain no animus toward the Pats at all, if we play them I obviously want a big time win but would have a hard time deciding if I wanted the Pats or Favre if we don't. Of course a visit from every Sawx troll on the planet could be expected here if we loose to them.

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