Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2004-01-18 08:35
by Alex Belth
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Nomar Garciaparra isn't the one. He isn't going to stir the pot. According to an article by Gordon Edes in The Boston Globe, Garciaparra is taking the high road:

"I focus on the things I can control," he said, "and the things I can control are focusing on getting ready for the season. I'm not going to feel unsettled. I'm under contract with the Boston Red Sox. I know that. My focus is on getting ready. I look forward to this year."

And what about the potential drama with teammate Kevin Millar?

...And yes, he insisted, he's square with Kevin Millar, who has been backtracking ever since he came out in favor of trades that would have brought Rodriguez and Magglio Ordonez to Boston, at the expense of Garciaparra and Manny Ramirez.

"Kevin and I are friends," he said. "We're friends. We've always been friends. Always. There are two sides to every story."

The story yesterday was this: Whatever bitterness Garciaparra may harbor toward the Sox is tucked away, far from prying eyes. He insists it doesn't exist. There were no Pedro-like demands that if an extension isn't agreed upon by the start of the season, he is definitely walking come October.

The Sox and Garciaparra may have gone beyond the point of no return in terms of Nomar's long-term future in Boston, but I hope that he remains in New England. Call it the traditionalist in me. As much as I love to root against the Sox, I was sad when they let Mo Vaughn get away and would feel the same way if Nomar bolted. I think Garciaparra should be a Red Sox for life.

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