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Yankee Panky #30: So the Rumors were True
2007-11-01 08:59
by Will Weiss
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In some respects, that the Yankees were ousted in the first round served as a benefit to the local media. Yes, I called this the “silly season” due to the prevalence of rumors, but there certainly is no shortage of subject matter, and the scribes have been relentless in their stumping, particularly in the past two weeks.

After the writers had their field day with the Joe Torre situation, Scott Boras and Alex Rodriguez notified the Yankees of his opting out during the middle innings of Game 4 Sunday night, giving anyone with a byline something to kvetch about. (I wonder how Commissioner Selig would have disciplined Boras and A-Rod had the Rockies come back and forced a Game 5, since he notified the Yankees before the 10-day opt-out window even started.)

Was anyone surprised by this development? Many friends and colleagues of mine who are either fans of the Yankees or follow the team closely deemed it addition by subtraction.

1) He was above the game

The usual suspects like Mike Lupica and Buster Olney discussed the notion of super-duo of A-Rod and Boras putting themselves above the game with their pre-Series-ending announcement. Olney’s commentary was fact-based, solid, and went outside the scope of New York, bringing into account the similarities of his power play in Texas and the history of disingenuousness demonstrated by A-Rod and Boras. Lupica, on the other hand, his argument had more holes than Sonny Corleone at the toll booth. He asked why we as fans should have expected A-Rod to stay, considering he’d have “no loyalty to a manager who batted him eighth” against the Tigers, and when Daisuke Matsuzaka had more RBIs on one hit in a World Series game than A-Rod had in the last three postseasons. The loyalty bit really got me, especially when all year the talk from A-Rod and Joe Torre centered on how they mended their relationship and how Rodriguez enjoyed playing for Torre. Tim Kurkjian reported Monday night on SportsCenter that if Torre gets the Dodgers job (more on this later), that L.A. would be a likely landing spot because he enjoys playing for Torre. Good luck on that ace, Lip.

2) From the files of Captain Obvious … He was greedy
Monday night’s SportsCenter’s teaser: “Greediest move ever?” Who cares? It was greedy. He’s baseball’s version of Gordon Gekko. There were a number of indicators, as Olney pointed out in his column, leading one to believe that A-Rod would not sign an extension in New York.

3) Where will he end up?
The juxtaposition of A-Rod’s opt-out and Mike Lowell’s free-agent status had a certain faction of New York writers salivating about the potential of the third basemen changing places. The majority determined that Lowell would be best-served staying put.

Quick poll: Should the Yankees overpay for two or three years of Mike Lowell?

Wally Matthews opined that the Mets should put themselves in the running for A-Rod, probably to make amends for failing to acquiesce to his demands in 2001. Never mind that reports from Newsday’s Mets beat man David Lennon – the following day, no less – confirmed that the Mets are not interested in trading Jose Reyes or moving him to second base to make room for A-Rod. It’s not a good sign when beat colleagues are covering for columnists’ bravado. As you’ve probably seen over the years, it happens frequently.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Monday was an interesting day as far as the Yankees’ managerial decision was concerned. Around 1 p.m., Pete Abraham posted on LoHud that the Yankees had made an offer to Joe Girardi. I was skeptical about the truth of the matter, until I saw on a ticker later in the afternoon that Don Mattingly announced that he would not return as a coach next season.

As I’ve written in this space and said to many friends and colleagues, I thought the best-case scenario, that would appease fans and help the Yankees save face from a PR standpoint, was to hire Mattingly as manager and bring Girardi on as bench coach. I thought Girardi would be biding his time for the Cubs job when Lou Piniella’s time is up. I was wrong.

1) Girardi is not Joe Torre
The similarities: they were both catchers. They both held broadcasting jobs before managing the Yankees. They’re both named Joe and have Italian ancestry.

The differences: Torre was a talker, a people person. His pregame powwows with the media could last anywhere from five minutes to a half hour. He was accommodating to anyone as long as the questions asked didn’t put him on the defensive. Girardi, while an excellent broadcaster, is very succinct and direct. It’ll be interesting to see how he manages the egoes of the players, and protects them the way that Torre did.

From what I gathered, the Girardi hire was treated as a ho-hum story. SportsCenter dedicated maybe two minutes to it Monday night, playing excerpts from the conference call. The newspapers were not much different in their presentation. Yes, it was headline news on Tuesday, but there were as many articles dedicated to Mattingly and Torre as there were to Girardi.

Since Tuesday, Girardi has been a nonentity in the local papers. Torre still dominates. Newsday’s Ken Davidoff, who was a busy man Monday, had an interesting take on how Torre has become a martyr in New York.

The most striking component of the announcement, to me, was that it came with no pomp outside of a conference call. Two years ago when Torre and Cashman re-upped their deals, a joint press conference was held and broadcast live on YES.

Are the Yankees growing humble? Did they consult Girardi and ask his preference for conference call over a large press conference? Having covered that craziness, I’d imagine that facing the horde in that capacity would be good practice, because in February, it’ll be worse.

2) It’s make-or-break time for Cashman
The Steinbrenner brothers were proved correct. The Girardi decision was all Brian Cashman’s. Many writers cited Girardi’s work ethic, statistical preparation and attention to detail as qualities Cashman admired. As many veteran NY writers noted, if GMS III was still ruling, Mattingly undoubtedly would have been hired.

The commentary on both topics will grow even more intense as the Yankees’ free agent picture comes into focus. The hot stove has a tendency to alter the writers’ brain chemistry.


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2007-11-01 09:24:00
1.   dianagramr
ooh .... a different font?
2007-11-01 09:39:22
2.   Shaun P
Off topic - Jeter beats out A-Rod again!

Will, do you really think its make or break time for Cashman? Given that Girardi is definitely his hire, and drafting/keeping/using the kids is definitely his plan, won't he be given some time to fully execute that plan?

I don't know if Hank/Hal can be taken at their words or not, but if Girardi is going to get some adjustment time, why shouldn't Cashman?

I think it would be foolish to dismiss him if the Yanks have a down year in 2008 - and then watch the team he essentially built with his plan dominate down the road.

2007-11-01 09:50:13
3.   Ken Arneson
1 Argh. Friggin' Microsoft.
2007-11-01 09:52:36
4.   Ken Arneson
3 There, fixed.
2007-11-01 10:10:59
5.   51cq24
0 no offense, but if you're going to call out other reporters for "holes" in their stories, maybe you should thoroughly research what you're talking about. the press conference is now, and we've known it was going to occur for a while.

"The loyalty bit really got me, especially when all year the talk from A-Rod and Joe Torre centered on how they mended their relationship and how Rodriguez enjoyed playing for Torre. Tim Kurkjian reported Monday night on SportsCenter that if Torre gets the Dodgers job (more on this later), that L.A. would be a likely landing spot because he enjoys playing for Torre. Good luck on that ace, Lip."

what is your point here? that since torre and arod said over the course of the season that they had mended their relationship, the obvious problems between them are definitely gone? that because another reporter says arod could follow torre, that must be true?

2007-11-01 10:26:17
6.   Chyll Will
I'm not surprised at the main media's lack of enthusiasm in covering Girardi's hiring. Most of them had predicted Mattingly and for reasons opposite of what Cash and the Steinbrothers had expressed. The general sports media is most succinct when its wrong ( with a couple of notable exceptions; Madden, Gollum)...
2007-11-01 10:27:12
7.   bp1
"more holes than Sonny Corleone at the toll booth"

Great line.

"Quick poll: Should the Yankees overpay for two or three years of Mike Lowell?"

Depends on what "overpay" really means in this case. Clemens was grossly overpaid, but it was only cash and only one year, so who cares. It had no ripple effect on the rest of the team or the future. I would rather see Lowell at 3rd for a couple years rather than Wilson B. He's a good fielder and a better hitter. Meanwhile, Cash is hopefully stocking the minors with some position player prospects to take his place. Since the team has a scarcity of major league ready position players, Lowell for a couple years at a reasonable salary is ok by me. I think I'd rather see Lowell signed as a FA rather than trading Melky and a pitcher to the Marlins for Cabrera.

In that respect - overpaying for Lowell will be length of contract, not dollars-per-year. If the Yankees gave him five years, that would be overpaying and could harm the team long term by limiting the team's flexibility, as happened with Giambi and appears to be happening with Damon.

The Pettitte contract was ideal. Short, and for the most part annually renewable. Perfect, since that is what both sides want. Lowell certainly does not want a series of one year deals, so he's going to look for length. I don't know if the Yankees should give it to him.

2007-11-01 10:27:44
8.   ChrisS
I don't really think Cashman is on any kind of of seat. He's, by all accounts, a shrewd trader. Also, in three years of drafts he and his crew have selected at least 3 potential front end starters, plus a bevy of future talent.

Cashman's negatives, apparently not stocking as many positional prospects as people would like. And the free agent selections assumed to be his have been pretty much failures. Hank and Hal may not be baseball savvy or media savvy, but it doesn't take a whole lot of investigative work to see that Cashman has stocked the minors.
2007-11-01 10:31:19
9.   ChrisS
Also, thinking in years here, that A-Rod opting out for free agency now puts him in a better position for a another huge long contract than filing for free agency when he's 35. No one is giving him 10 years when he's 35.
2007-11-01 10:31:44
10.   standuptriple
Is there any way Lowell signs a deal for less than 4 years? I'd be happiest with a 2+1 team option. Not sure if that would happen though. But it would probably lock Boston into him for 3-4, and I'd be ok with that too.
2007-11-01 10:34:44
11.   Yankee Fan In Boston
5 i think he was referring to the conference call to announce the deal the other day. the formal press conference is indeed happening now though.
2007-11-01 10:34:59
12.   Shaun P
7 I agree. Lowell wants years more than he wants money, and I don't think the Yanks should overpay in that way. Much better to take a chance on Betemit plus a free talent pickup, like Ensberg or Lamb or ________.

If he was medically OK, and Beane took a couple of B prospects, Chavez is a fascinating option. The downsides are he's probably not 100% healthy and he's another lefty.

Lowell's one redeeming factor is he's a righty hitter who has shown some power.

2007-11-01 10:41:50
13.   51cq24
11 yes, but then he makes it sound as if the conference call was all there was ever going to be.

i think the yankees should try to trade for jason bay.

2007-11-01 10:46:52
14.   YankeeInMichigan
No way on Lowell. He has had only one good year in his past three, and in that year he feasted off the Green Monster.

The Yankees blew their chance of keeping Lowell 9 years ago. Now is not the time to make up for it.

2007-11-01 10:47:33
15.   bp1
12 What I fear is a replay of the Damon signing. Remember that - Bernie was cooked and the Yankees were posturing that Bubba was the answer. Nobody - nobody - believed Bubba was the answer. The Red Sox offered Damon virtually nothing, and Cashman came in and just about gave him asking price. Now the Yankees need a third baseman and some are saying Wilson is the guy, but nobody really believes that. The Red Sox seem somewhat lukewarm about Lowell returning, and it's all setting up like Damon II.

Speaking of Damon - he needs a big bounce back year - 'cause last year he was just not good. He always had a lousy arm, but he could track down balls and was a decent leadoff hitter. Last year his hitting was not good and he lost his center fielder job and he essentially became a platoon player w/ Matsui. That's quite a fall, and that is not what you expect from a $13mil/year contract.

Lowell for two years = go for it.
Lowell for more than that = fuhgettaboutit

2007-11-01 10:50:31
16.   YankeeInMichigan
13 Jason Bay? I guess that you are considering a cheap pickup after a down year, a la Piniella in 1974. You also must be considering passing on Abreu and hoping that Bay reverts to 2005 form. Too risky.
2007-11-01 10:53:01
17.   51cq24
16 i would keep abreu and try to trade damon, play matsui as the regular dh, and not trust giambi to be anything but a bench player.
2007-11-01 10:53:20
18.   Sarasota
If there is a chill in covering Girardi's arrival, it's because of Joe Girardi. He had some difficulty in Florida and it's going to go slow in NY to start off. Girardi blows a lot of smoke. Lets see how this plays out.
2007-11-01 10:56:54
19.   51cq24
18 so because they've heard stories from reporters in miami, they've chosen not to overdo it with stories about the new yankee manager? i think 6 is a much better explanation.
2007-11-01 10:58:04
20.   bp1
17 With Damon gone and Matsui as DH, who's in left field?

If the Yankees can shed Damon, no reason not to use Matsui in left and Giambi as DH.

2007-11-01 10:59:48
21.   Shaun P
17 I think sticking Giambi on the bench is a huge waste. If he's healthy, he can mash - and get on base - far better than Matsui. Why not use him?

Off topic - one downside to signing Bonds, he is a type A free agent himself, so if the Yanks sign him, good-bye 1st round pick.

2007-11-01 11:01:51
22.   standuptriple
21 The way the Giants FO is, maybe they wouldn't even offer arbitration. I know, longshot, but not unfathomable. The air around the Bay is not BLB friendly.
2007-11-01 11:03:46
23.   51cq24
20 see 13

21 when is the last time he was fully healthy for longer than 2 months? 2003? i trust matsui a lot more than i trust giambi right now. i'm not against giving them both a shot, but i don't see giambi as an everyday player anymore.

2007-11-01 11:03:56
24.   ny2ca2dc
21 I think there's no way SF offers arb - Barry would take it, as he should.

Similarly, i think the only way ARod is coming back is if he accepts arb, a la Maddux as suggested on RLYW.

2007-11-01 11:04:09
25.   Sarasota
18 Girardi acts engaged but he isn't. His distatse for saying anything meaningful is a part of his make up. He's not giving the press anything to least not yet.
2007-11-01 11:07:24
26.   YankeeInMichigan
24 Why would A-Rod accept arbitration after a career year? His long-term market value will never be higher?
2007-11-01 11:22:04
27.   Will Weiss
5 No offense taken on the research part. ... To your second query, while Lupica authoritatively stated that Torre was a component to A-Rod's opting out, and then Kurkjian comes back a day later and says that Torre could be a factor in A-Rod signing with the Dodgers if he gets that job. My point is that someone got their story/theory wrong, and I don't think it was Kurkjian. I do know that A-Rod and Torre were back on good terms, so it wouldn't be a shocker if the Kurkjian story was correct.
2007-11-01 11:34:58
28.   Chyll Will
25 Are you stating that as fact or opinion, and more importantly, why is that so?
2007-11-01 11:43:11
29.   Will Weiss
13 11 In my haste to meet deadline, I did believe a conference call was all there was going to be. Ihad forgotten that a presser was scheduled for today. I acknowledge the mistake and apologize for it.
2007-11-01 11:54:50
30.   pistolpete
28 Yeah, where is this coming from?

25 Are you a reporter?

2007-11-01 12:11:32
31.   yankz
26 I agree. Why would he take 30 million over 300 million? It's not like he'll make 350 million after 08.
2007-11-01 12:19:17
32.   ny2ca2dc
26 31 check out

I don't think it's likely, but that if he wants to come back, here's a possible/likely way for it to happen. But he's gone.

2007-11-01 12:26:16
33.   ChrisS
30 Anything I've read from Sarasota started just after Torre declined the contract. Every post is negative towards Joe GIrardi, I wouldn't put much stock in them.
2007-11-01 12:31:03
34.   Chyll Will
33 I've seen Sarasota around during the season; he's no johnny-come-lately. Still, I don't know where the absolutism comes from...
2007-11-01 12:39:51
35.   yankz
32 I've read that, and I wasn't convinced at all. First I don't believe that Arod wants to come back, and second I don't think his value will ever be higher. He and Boras know that.
2007-11-01 12:43:17
36.   Sonya Hennys Tutu
I actually do expect a bounceback season from Damon. His 2nd half was much better than his first - as he healed. Assuming he stays healthy (there I go assuming again) I think we'll see the Damon of the 2nd half of last year, not the first.
2007-11-01 12:47:44
37.   JL25and3
34 I don't know about the absolutism, either. Still, Girardi does seem pretty good at saying a lot without saying anything. I don't necessarily have a problem with that, but it's likely to make his press conferences less interesting to reporters.
2007-11-01 12:48:37
38.   pistolpete
35 Boras wants to raise the bar, but the timing is obviously bad. I just can't see anyone paying a guy $15 million more than the next highest paid player on the roster.
2007-11-01 12:51:28
39.   Chyll Will
37 Maybe he's practicing the Jeter Rules™
2007-11-01 12:58:40
40.   JL25and3
35 There is one way he might be able to increase his value: by getting the Yankees back into the mix. Let's say he did accept arbitration. Then the Yankees have a way of re-opening negotiations for a long-term deal - one that might be bigger than anyone else's.

I don't think it will happen, though.

2007-11-01 12:59:22
41.   Shaun P
22 That's a great point I didn't even consider.

23 How about 2005: 417 ABs, 168 OPS+
Or 2006: 446 AB, 148 OPS+

Meanwhile, Matsui has slugged over .500 just once, and has never had an OBP over .400. Giambi did both of those in 2005 and 2006. And, Matsui's career best OPS+ is just 137 (in 2004).

I'm not saying bench Matsui, far from it. But the Yanks need to maximize run scoring with A-Rod gone, which means Giambi has to play everyday.

2007-11-01 13:02:55
42.   Shaun P
35 I could see the RLYW situation happening, but boy would that be a circus mess. Still, no way Cashman doesn't offer arbitration.
2007-11-01 13:04:35
43.   pistolpete
39 I thought it was called Jeterspeak®
2007-11-01 13:06:39
44.   RIYank
If we don't exercise the Abreu option, do we also get draft compensation for him?
2007-11-01 13:07:10
45.   JL25and3
39 Awesome formatting.

I was also thinking of Showalter. Girardi reminds me a lot of Buck.

2007-11-01 13:17:14
46.   JoeInRI
I could enjoy an out field of Bay-Melky-Abreu.
2007-11-01 13:18:07
47.   JoeInRI
or an outfield even
2007-11-01 13:19:53
48.   Chyll Will
43 Nujo© can afford either one, and you can tell he's not afraid to use 'em >;)

45 The way he's been alternately described, that's the first person I think of. Considering that George almost hired him back right after offering Torre the job, I don't think he'll have a problem with this version.

2007-11-01 13:22:09
49.   Shaun P
44 Yes, if the Yanks offer him arbitration. And Abreu is a Type A free agent himself.

But other than Fukudome, there really aren't any RFs on the market worth getting. Unless you count Milton Bradley (who apparently is unranked). And never healthy.

The other options are:

Geoff Jenkins (33)
Trot Nixon (34)
Reggie Sanders (40)
Sammy Sosa (39)

There's also Shawn Greene or Jose Guillen, if their teams decline their options. Mike Cameron has played RF before . . .

So I really think Abreu is going to be back.

2007-11-01 13:24:34
50.   YankeeInMichigan
44 Absolutely. A-Rod, Abreu, Posada and Rivera would all be Type-A free agents (since they were among the top 20% at their repsective positions over the last 2 seasons). Pettitte would be too, but he has stated that he is not going the free agency route. The "short form" of the rule is that the team losing the free agent gets a 1st round draft pick from the team signing the free agent. Actually, it's not quite so simple (for instance, if a team signs two type-A free agents, it can't give up its first-round pick twice -- the Giants actually signed four last year). Vizcaino is Type-B free agent (in the top 40% at his position but not in the top 20%). If the Yankees lose Vizcaino, they get a sandwich pick between the first and second rounds.

To get draft pick compensation for losing a free agent, the team has to offer the player arbitration (or the player has to sign before the arbitration-offering deadline).

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-11-01 13:24:36
51.   51cq24
44 as long as we offer him arbitration, i'm almost positive we do
2007-11-01 13:24:55
52.   Shaun P
49 My bad, I forgot Milton was on the NL list - where he too is an A.

46 Bay scares me. Maybe he was just unmotivated, or hurt, or both, but I'm not sure he's a good fit.

2007-11-01 13:26:31
53.   Chyll Will
46 If only Abreu could play CF, we'd have one helluvan outfield (BAM!)
2007-11-01 13:26:44
54.   51cq24
52 i think hurt, i think he'd be a great fit, and i think we could get him for less than he is worth.
2007-11-01 13:27:39
55.   JoeInRI
46 Play enough seasons in Pittsburgh, and anyone would lose the fire in their belly.
2007-11-01 13:29:02
56.   RIYank
Fukudome plus a first round pick might be better to have than Abreu.
I mean, I like Abreu. But I'm starting to like the idea of a fistful of high picks.
2007-11-01 13:33:29
57.   Chyll Will
49 Shaun, I thought this was a fam-friendly site >;)

So let's say the worst thing happens (all FAs leave and Bobby is offered arbitration and leaves), with all of these compensation picks, is the impending draft deep enough to find immediate impact players that could help the team in, say two years? Just asking...

2007-11-01 13:36:17
58.   JL25and3
50 It's only a first-round pick if the signing team is in the top half ranked by W-L record. So you never get one of the first 15 draft picks.

Draft picks are great. Good players are worth more.

2007-11-01 13:37:47
59.   Shaun P
56 I agree somewhat - I like lots of draft picks - but if any of the teams with a Top-15 pick signs Abreu, the Yanks get a supplemental pick and their 2nd rounder, not their first rounder. And if the team who signs Abreu signs another type A free agent too, I'm not sure what happens then. Maybe just a 3rd round pick? Ugh.

I'm not sure Fukudome + supp pick + 2nd/3rd round pick > Abreu.

Besides, the Yanks are already going to get picks for 2008 from letting A-Rod go. Why not "save" Abreu's picks for 2009? =)

2007-11-01 13:39:57
60.   JL25and3
57 If that happens, I suspect it will be a lot easier to get Yankee tickets next yer.
2007-11-01 13:40:12
61.   Shaun P
57 "Won't someone PLEASE think of the CHILDREN?!!


I'm not sure how "deep" this draft is considered. We might not know until late May.

2007-11-01 13:41:00
62.   JL25and3
*year. One-liners are a lot better if you don't screw up the typing.
2007-11-01 13:44:12
63.   RIYank
I dunno, I might still like the sandwich plus a second rounder plus Fukudome. My understanding is the Fukudome is kind of similar to Bobby in his approach (high OBP, lots of doubles). Of course, it's always tricky (quest) projecting MLB production (quest) from Japanese produc(quest)tion, so it would be a risky proposition.
2007-11-01 13:48:49
64.   Chyll Will
60 yer-OUT! >;)

61 With what that language implies, children eventually become a consideration...

2007-11-01 13:55:53
65.   Shaun P
63 And Fukudome was hurt at the end of the year in Japan (elbow I think?), so that might be an issue too.
2007-11-01 13:59:06
66.   RIYank
Hm, I don't see anyone mentioning it as a problem for next year, Shaun. But I guess it's a concern.

Speaking of Japanese free agents, what about the closer, Kobayashi? (I hope he isn't too much of a hot dog!)
I'm trying to figure out good ways to spend the money we've saved, is all.

2007-11-01 14:05:55
67.   OldYanksFan
23 Giambi had a .971 OPS in 2006.
He had a good AB/HR ratio when he came back, but Joe refused to play him. You can bet, with ARod power gone, Girardi won't let Jason sit if he can still swing a bat.

People who dislike Giambi just disregard his numbers.

2007-11-01 14:06:55
68.   ms october
Have you seen this story on Joel Zumaya hurting his shoulder from moving his stuff during the CA fires?
Wow, what a way to get injured.

Sorry for this guy, but I hope the Yanks sign Mo soon, before someone like the Tigers gets invloved too.

2007-11-01 14:11:27
69.   OldYanksFan
32 He could accept Arb based on getting a contract from the Yankees, say in the order of 7/$190.
2007-11-01 14:17:39
70.   ny2ca2dc
67 *People who dislike Giambi just disregard his numbers. * roger that, he's going to be important next year, and he can mash.

Maybe this is a dead horse, but if we're going to sign someone that's a positional mismatch and only cost money (or not too much prospect wise), a la Dunn or Fukodome or similar, just go get Bonds. Trade Damon, Giambi at 1st when he's healthy, Bonds DH. Duncan would get plenty of ABs at first & RF, Betemit + Righty TBNL for 3B. Too bad about that whole steroid mess...

2007-11-01 14:19:46
71.   ms october
Pete's got some interesting info up from Cashman's talk after the press conference
2007-11-01 14:30:52
72.   OldYanksFan
For all his UGLY UGLY UGLYness, Bonds is still the most exciting player in the game to watch. His batting eye is the best in baseball. For all his surlyness, he could be a good influence to Melky and Cano.

Bonds has been made out to be a criminal, even though we KNOW there are probably hundreds of others have done PEDs. Bonds just happened to hit more HRs then the Babe. Part of the reason is Bonds works very hard; I hear his workouts are Clemenesque. That's a good influence for kids. And he is baseball smart.

The guy is instant offense. If he signs, 3rd base won't matter that much, and I believe we will all EXPECT to see the Yanks in the PS.

He won't be too ugly for the Halos, Tigers or one of our other competitors. And the haters will deny it, but they will love watching his ABs at the stadium. Watching Barry hit is pure baseball.

2007-11-01 14:33:00
73.   OldYanksFan
From Lohud: Cashman said they did not "need to" get a first baseman. They are prepared to go forward with Shelley Duncan, Andy Phillips and Jason Giambi.

And Bubba, if necessary.

2007-11-01 14:33:13
74.   Eric
72 But what do we do with the 5 DH's that are currently on the team?
2007-11-01 14:38:16
75.   Eric
72 But doesn't the team already have several DH type players?
2007-11-01 14:39:17
76.   Shaun P
71 Thanks!!!!

"Cashman said they did not "need to" get a first baseman. They are prepared to go forward with Shelley Duncan, Andy Phillips and Jason Giambi."

I suppose that can work. I'd prefer a better LIDR than Andy, but he's A-OK. I could see this:

Duncan plays 1B vs LHP (maybe Andy sometimes, if Duncan covers RF for Abreu)

DH vs LHP is divided between Matsui, Damon, and anyone who needs a rest from the field - the other of Matsui/Damon plays LF

DH vs RHP is always Giambi except when Joba (tons of Ks) and Moose (more FB than GB) pitches - then Giambi plays 1B, and Matsui/Damon DHs (with the other in LF)

1B vs RHP when its Wang/Pettitte/Hughes (the ground ball guys) is Phillips (he's the best glove)

1B vs RHP when its IPK is Duncan (keeps Shelley fresh)

The best part is, I think Girardi is flexible enough to pull something like this off.

2007-11-01 14:39:33
77.   Eric
It took 5 minutes for 74 to post sorry for being repetitive
2007-11-01 14:41:48
78.   Sonya Hennys Tutu
72 Can you imagine how many dingers Bonds would dump into the short porch in right? Jeez.

That said...never happen methinks.

Giambi = fool me once.

2007-11-01 14:43:23
79.   ChrisS
Man, I hope Mo comes back just for the sake of having Joba start next year.
2007-11-01 14:45:30
80.   ms october
76 Yeah - one thing that Giradi said several times in the televised portion of his press conference when asked about his "managerial style" was essentially that it doesn't matter what his style was - you have to craft a style based on the kind of team you have - so I think your take on Giradi's flexibility is right on and could be very beneficial with the type of roster the Yanks have right now
2007-11-01 14:51:16
81.   underdog
It's official, btw, Joe Torre, new manager of the LA Dodgers. (one of many sources for this; more official press conference not til Monday)

2007-11-01 14:55:17
82.   OldYanksFan
75 Giambi plays first until he's hurt. But yes, we have an overload, and trading DJ or Mats would be good, but maybe not possible.

I think Bonds would play in NY cheap. $10m or so. He posted a 1.045 OPS last year even with playing the OF. He could be better in Yankee Stadium as a DH. I'm just not sure how you let that get away...

2007-11-01 15:02:52
83.   OldYanksFan
"Industry sources are becoming increasingly baffled at the sluggish pace the Yankees have taken with the five-time All-Star catcher. Even though Posada has filed for free agency, the Bombers are in an exclusive 15-day negotiating rights period with the catcher but apparently have not presented an offer since the end of the season.

It appears inevitable that Posada will not sign a deal with the Yankees before Nov. 13, the date that other teams can get involved in the bidding, so the Bombers run the risk of another club blowing the catcher away with a huge offer.

Mets sources say GM Omar Minaya has identified Posada at the top of the team's list of free agent targets."

2007-11-01 15:04:42
84.   OldYanksFan
Girardi was on M&MD earlier today.
2007-11-01 15:29:39
85.   Marcus
83 Wow, "industry sources" are "baffled"! Yankee are meeting with Posada's agent next week per PeteAbe. They'll have to pay a lot, and may have to go to 4 years, but I'm not worried by that article.
2007-11-01 15:30:08
86.   standuptriple
So Joe took $14M/3 yr. Wouldn't he have gotten more had he went to the World Serious twice with the Yanks? Just sayin'
/re-burries dead horse quickly
2007-11-01 15:39:38
87.   OldYanksFan
If Joes goes to the PS 12 times in LA, they might give him a raise.
2007-11-01 15:48:29
88.   standuptriple
87 If Joe takes the Dodgers to the post season twice LA will give him his own late-night show (taped during the day, obviously).
2007-11-01 16:04:02
89.   yankz
Cashman says he spoke to Boras yesterday, but not about Alex. Which other clients are available?
2007-11-01 16:07:18
90.   RIYank
89 Boras has both Crede and Beltre. He's cornered the market, you might say.
2007-11-01 16:08:41
91.   yankz
What the deuce- Crede has a .305 career OBP!!!!

For reference, Cano is .346. Wilson Betemit is .332.

No thank you.

2007-11-01 16:26:56
92.   vockins
52 Baseball Prospectus had a great article on why Bay is toast last season.

I was convinced, so no to Bay.

2007-11-01 16:30:47
93.   RIYank
Whoa! A-Rod has gotten his first offer!

2007-11-01 16:31:19
94.   yankz
93 Been there, done that.
2007-11-01 16:36:00
95.   RIYank
Darn. I searched this page + comments for the city name and came up zilch so I thought I was first with the news.
2007-11-01 16:36:39
96.   yankz
95 Whoops, my bad. It must have been the last thread. Forgive me...
2007-11-01 16:47:03
97.   RIYank
Hm, dianagramr. Oh well. And you posted the plaque jpeg.
2007-11-01 16:58:47
98.   51cq24
67 i hate that he can't stay healthy and seems to fall apart every year. and anyway i never said i didn't want him to play, i said that i don't trust him to be anything more than a bench player. if he can play and put up those numbers, i won't complain at all.

72 i can tell you with 100% honestly that i would hate to see him in pinstripes. aside from the whole steroid thing (and i agree it's unfair that he is the main scapegoat but i also don't think that's a reason to excuse him or to invite the mayhem to your team), he is 43 years old. you may want to assume he can stay healthy all year as a dh. i don't. i do not want him on the team, no matter what.

2007-11-01 16:59:48
99.   51cq24
92 what did it say?
2007-11-01 19:27:44
100.   Shaun P
99 Here's the full column; its free and available to non-subscribers too:

Long story short - Bay's bat speed seems to have slowed down, he isn't hitting inside pitches, he isn't pulling the ball, and his pull power may be gone. That is, he might have gotten old fast.

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2007-11-01 20:27:19
101.   51cq24
100 thanks. that changes my opinion somewhat. i'm not totally convinced, since he was apparently hurt this year, and was very good the 2 previous years. but maybe now wouldn't be the best time to trade for him. depends on the price, obviously.

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