Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2004-01-14 12:19
by Alex Belth
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Some Yankee fans are moaning about the fact that Roger Clemens has signed with the Astros. He was ripped in the tabloids yesterday; today, Roger's sister defends his actions in The Post. Really, I can't get behind being upset with Clemens. I'm not surprised he's chosen to play for the Astros; makes all the sense in the world to me (Actually, I was skeptical that 2003 was his swan song). Nor am I in the slightest bit upset that he won't be a Yankee this year, at least from a personality perspective (it's likely he's still got some good innings left). Has he ruined his chances of wearing a Yankee cap when he goes into the Hall of Fame? Probably, but so what? It's only fitting that he should go in as a Red Sox. So I don't get what all the cryin is about. But hey, you've got to find a way to sell papers in the middle of winter, right? Got to find something heated to keep you going in this bone-chilling weather. Fortunately, we New Yorkers have insulation: we've got enough hot air to keep us warm 365 days a year, thank you very much.

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