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2004-01-13 16:02
by Alex Belth
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Edward Cossette ponders the concept of team chemistry today over at Bambino's Curse. I just so happen to think it's one of the best thing Cossette has ever done. It's vivid, personal, and succint. Plus, I think he's onto something when he writes:

Chemistry is not friendship. Chemistry, for certain, is akin to what the Supreme Court said about pornography: I can't define it but I sure do know it when I see (or rather feel) it. (Of course, it's the inability to quantify it that gets all the sabermetrics guys and gals all pissy.)

Personally, I'm always trying to get that perfect chemistry in my own life. (And I think you could just as easily substitute the word chemistry with "grace" or "harmony" or "feng-shui" so on and so forth). When I've got it, there is no limit to what I'm capable of as an individual who is also part of a larger group. I find it difficult to believe it would be any different for Tim Wakefield or Kevin Millar.

David Pinto offers his reaction at Baseball Musings.

Speaking of Pinto, David also has some constructive criticism for Jim Caple, ESPN's resident Yankee-baiter, who weighed in on the Roger Clemens signing in Houston yesterday:

Caple is turning into a one-trick pony, blasting the Yankees every chance he gets. It's fine once in a while. I know lots of people think the Yankees are responsible for all the ills of the world. When Dan Shaughnessy took over Peter Gammons Sunday column in the Boston Globe, he added a new feature, a weekly dig at the Yankees buried in the column. Maybe this made Dan very popular in Boston; maybe his Yankee hatred makes Caple popular across America. But in both cases, it turned me off because I know neither writer will ever say anything honest about the Yankees. And if I can't trust them with one team, why should I trust them with any other team?

From what I know of Jim, he's a smart, funny guy. He should save his criticism of the Yankees for when they really deserve it. Otherwise, the constant harping will make readers indifferent to his columns. It's already done that to me.

As radio personality Chris "Mad Dog" Russo would say, "Excellent point Pinto, that's an excellent point."

And on a ridiculous note, the Yankees hired former general manager of the Chicago Bulls, Jerry Krause as a scout. Hey, mabe's he's a big "Moneyball," fan. Oh boy.

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