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2007-10-26 07:05
by Alex Belth
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Nothing much happening in Yankeeland this morning. Unless you want to just cry about how well the Sox are playing, I ain't got much for ya. So instead, check out the trailer for Joel and Ethan Coen's creepy new movie.

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2007-10-26 07:17:54
1.   Sliced Bread
Yo, a new Coen Bros.!
Some cast there.

Trying to get back to my positive outlook about the Yanks I've taken to calling Hank and Hal the Righteous Brothers.

The Red Sox? Meh. May their dynasty be short-lived, as in, this one (if that) and done.

The NY backpages blew it with the Curt puns today. Should gone with the Rockies Horror Picture Show route if you ask me.

2007-10-26 07:26:02
2.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Today's Wikipedia featured article: Bob Meusel.
2007-10-26 07:34:27
3.   Schteeve
Personally, I don't give a rat's ass about the Red Sox if they aren't playing the Yankees. Whether they win, or the Rockies win, or a horde of flying monkeys descends on the stadium and picks up Pedroia and Youkilis and Helton and flies them back to flying monkey land, doesn't matter much to me.

Name a manager today. That's all I ask.

2007-10-26 07:39:39
4.   Yankee Fan In Boston
1 there's a band here called the self-righteous brothers. the name is fantastic, and i think it might be applicable in this case.

also, here's an onion article on girardi tanking his interview:

david ortiz incorporates champagne goggles into his everyday uniform:

these guys and/or gals are brilliant.

2007-10-26 08:01:45
5.   joe in boston
I'm trying to ignore the Sox. Can't be done. The Nation is out of control today as another team lays down for the Bosox. I realize I took the Yankees "run" for granted.... an awful feeling.
2007-10-26 08:19:54
6.   Yankee Fan In Boston
5 the game was pretty close last night. i wouldn't call that laying down just yet. but yes, some people around here are metaphorically wearing their goggles during the game.
2007-10-26 08:20:08
7.   ms october
3 Do you think if a flying horde of monkeys descends on the stadium they will throw at Youk's head?
I was hoping to discuss the new manager today - if they have not made a decision and are being thoughtful that is wonderful - but I don't give a crap about Bud.

5 Yes - lots of fun here in Boston. I think I am actually hoping the Pats (continue to) and Celts do well so the Nation will move on rather quickly.

Oh - and this is not a dynasty.
And it sounds like there is now more of a possibility Schill may be back next year.

2007-10-26 08:27:40
8.   JL25and3
7 "And it sounds like there is now more of a possibility Schill may be back next year."

Great. This time, let them be the ones who hang on to a diminished veteran a year or two too long.

2007-10-26 08:29:08
9.   NJYankee41
I'm hoping they let us know who the manager will be today through an informal announcment. Then they can have a press conference sometime next week to make it "official". Other than that these are some pretty boring times in Yankeeland.

5 I feel I took it for granted as well :(

2007-10-26 08:30:00
10.   ms october
8 Agreed - hope they continue to enjoy his annual summer vacation trip to the DL.
2007-10-26 08:30:34
11.   Shaun P
5 6 7 You guys are in or very near Boston, right? The feeling out here in the 'burbs is a little different. They are scared of playing in Coors. They still don't think Schilling is coming back - and they can't wait for the Celtics and Pats to win it all too, so they can claim "the trifecta". How the Celts could possibly beat the Spurs/Suns/Mavs is beyond me, but I'm no basketball guy.

I won't even talk about BC. I used to live near there and . . . let's just say I will never cheer for any BC team again.

2007-10-26 08:36:33
12.   Yankee Fan In Boston
11 i live in dorchester and work/go to school in cambridge. people sure sounded confident on the red line this morning. here at work, too. "five games, tops."

8 i will keep my fingers crossed. i wish he could get a multi-year deal with a player option. i'm a dreamer.

2007-10-26 08:39:16
13.   yankz
Seriously, I am tired of people thinking the Sox have done something miraculous. Making the World Series twice in four years is impressive. But nobody will remember that achievement in 20 years.
2007-10-26 08:40:59
14.   joe in boston
Thanks for the support everyone. I'm 35 minutes north of "Beantown" - I hate that name -

BC? Their alumni are annoying. Their students are firmly in the Abercrombie and Fitch set. Very annoying to say the least....

Personally, can the Sox lose ? Man, I hope so. Yes, the Rockies gave them a good game but the karma/hitting/fans are really overwhelming.

2007-10-26 08:45:12
15.   ms october
11 , 12 I live in Roslinade and work/go to school in Dorchester. Yes - I am hearing 5 tops too. The only real concern about Coors, which doesn't seem to be as strong today, is Ortiz at 1B. Pats will probably make it two, but don't see it with the Celts. Who knows about Curt, but the thought seems to be with Wakefield seemingly done and Curt still being "big game" he is back - who knows.

13 Agreed - there is no way they should be thought of as even a "mini dynasty" at this point.

2007-10-26 08:46:52
16.   Jersey
Stoked for "No Country for Old Men." Anybody read the book? Word is they were 100% true to it, which works for me. Cormac McCarthy is one of my favorite authors.
2007-10-26 08:47:22
17.   standuptriple
I'm looking forward to watching Ortiz play the role of cheerleader in COL. That team is much more vulnerable without him in the lineup or in the field. I believe COL can hold their home field. Then you have the "Mile High Hangover" which I've seen bite other NL West teams frequently.
2007-10-26 08:54:55
18.   joeindc
I caught an advance screening of 'No Country for Old Men' this week in Georgetown. Absolutely incredible. Easily the best thing they've done since 'Fargo', maybe the best thing they've EVER done. Very, very loyal to the book, beautifully shot. Acting is incredible. I cannot speak highly enough of it.

Also, I vote for Girardi as manager. BASEBALL NEEDS MORE CREWCUTS.

2007-10-26 08:54:57
19.   Yankee Fan In Boston
13 the cardinals have been there twice in the same span.
2007-10-26 08:59:10
20.   standuptriple
18 As a former backstop, I've always been a fan of "high and tight".
2007-10-26 09:00:04
21.   joe in boston
... 17 to think, people thought he was an "MVP" and he'll sit. Also, why don't these pitchers brush these Sox off the plate?
2007-10-26 09:03:56
22.   Bronxer
14 Seriously, you should be teaching instead of posting. And as for hating BC, didn't you used to have season basketball tickets? How quickly you've changed. It's easy to be a playah-hatah .....

If they win this year, it certainly is no dynasty, but it's a lot better than what we've seen out of the Bronx in the past four years. How I long for the late 90's.

2007-10-26 09:05:19
23.   51cq24
21 i think they did last night. all it seems to do is give them better pitches to hit when the pitcher throws a strike after wasting one. i think brushing players off the plate is an overrated strategy that just doesn't work anymore. and shouldn't.
2007-10-26 09:07:22
24.   joe in boston
Ah, my Yankee Fan/ Coworker has appeared. Shouldn't you be Guiding Conselling ?????
2007-10-26 09:09:38
25.   Zack
Ortiz won't sit, he'll just have to play 1B. Dice-K in Coors could be ugly, FWIW.

But I too haven't really cared about the series. Not only do I not care about the two teams, but I am much more interested in the Yankees doings. As always, Bud has managed to screw it up totally. Speculation will just continue to build and dominate the biggest market instead of just announcing it and being done. Is there anyone that has less of a grasp on how these things work than Selig?

Finally, you can't call a team a dynasty if they win 2 titles over the arbitrary span of 4 years (why not 5 or 6 years? or two years?) Especially when that team took 3rd place last year and is an almost entirely different team than the one that won before.

I see the Sox as actually a worse team next year no matter what they do. Another year older for Manny and Ortiz and Lowell and Varitek, another year of Lugo and Drew, If Schilling comes back, you can't expect him to be better. Wakefield really wasn't very good this year, and a year of Buccholz is a question mark. Lester has shown himself to be, well, not very good...

Of course, the same can be said for the Yankees...

2007-10-26 09:10:38
26.   Bronxer
24 Good guess, but wrong. I don't work or live in Lynnfield.

Ortiz was no MVP, but having to sit him says more about the rest of their team than it says about him.

23 Good point. Brushbacks are just another wasted pitch, and unfortunately the Sox seem to wear down pitchers.

I expect this series will go back to Boston for game #6.

2007-10-26 09:14:36
27.   pistolpete
13 I hate to say it because this includes the 70's & 90's Yankees, but 'dynasties' were a lot more impressive when money wasn't as much of a factor.

12 straight years in the playoffs is still impressive, though. Let's see Boston reel that off.

2007-10-26 09:21:04
28.   standuptriple
27 The consecutive AL East titles are nothing to scoff at either. But I'm not here to talk about the past.
2007-10-26 09:21:15
29.   Jersey
18 Dang, how did I miss that Georgetown screening?? I'm in DC too.

Glad to hear you thought so highly of it. I couldn't be more excited.

2007-10-26 09:26:41
30.   Sliced Bread
Something tells me the Self-Righteous Brothers (thanks Yankee Fan In Boston!4 ) are at this moment, presenting a 3-year managerial deal to Joe Torre.

I fear that's how they may roll, ya know, like der daddy done.

Better get myself some lunch. I'm lightheaded.

2007-10-26 09:26:45
31.   joe in boston
27 ok, Dave, back to work for you
2007-10-26 09:29:39
32.   Bronxer
31 Try a parent of a current student. And again, shouldn't you be teaching instead of in here?
2007-10-26 09:36:49
33.   joeindc
29 I picked up the free passes in a bookstore. It was some kind of DC Film Society thing or something. Josh Brolin was there for a Q & A. Turns out he's exactly as big a Hollywood tool as he looks...
2007-10-26 09:40:02
34.   YankeeInMichigan
26 American League VORP Leaders:
1. A-Rod 96.6
2. Ordonez 87.8
3. Ortiz 86.2
4. Posada 73.4

So no, Ortiz is not an MVP, but only because he plays in the same league as A-Rod. He certainly had an MVP-quality season. In fact, despite his drop in home runs, RBIs and "SportsCenter moments," 2007 may have been Papi's best year, as he posted his best batting average, best OBP and second-best slugging precentge. What's more impressive is that he did all this without the protection of Manny for much of the season.

Not having Ortiz and Youkilis together in the lineup will undoubtedly weaken the Sox.

2007-10-26 09:42:46
35.   joe in boston
oh my gosh - it's a good thing I'm in a study hall ....
2007-10-26 09:56:44
36.   Shaun P
25 Exactly - a team that changes 67% of its roster in 3 years' time is not a dynasty.

(And yeah, I know the Yanks' roster had changed that much between 1996 and 2001 - but that was 5 years' time. The Yanks' roster for 1998-2000 had at least 16 guys there all 3 years.)

That kind of dynasty works in football, with unguaranteed contracts and the average career of a player being a little less than 3 years - but not in MLB.

2007-10-26 10:12:30
37.   Bronxer
35 Try studying and preparing for the kids...
2007-10-26 10:29:29
38.   joe in boston
Yikes, called out in the Banter - who are you ? Reveal yourself ?!
2007-10-26 10:29:57
39.   Bama Yankee
I don't know about anyone else, but this "Bronxer"/"joe in boston" thing has got me on the edge of my office chair...

I haven't been in this much suspense since the last episode of the Sopranos.

Will joe get busted by his principal for spending too much time on the Banter?
Will the identity of Bronxer be found out before it is too late for joe?
Will joe develop a lesson plan that includes his students researching the archives of the Bronx Banter?
Is all this an elaborate scam to increase the ratings of the Banter during a slow time?
Will my boss find out that I am spending too much time... uh, gotta go.

2007-10-26 10:31:54
40.   Mattpat11
6 That game wasn't as close as the score. Not for one second did I think they might win.
2007-10-26 10:34:29
41.   ms october
Chyll - if you see this, I am not sure exactly what you were asking about Frank and Jackie Robinson yesterday.
But, I did a little googling and found some stuff on both guys concerning intelligence and being well-rounded ballplayers.

Sample articles:

These are just two articles, but I read quite a few - two things I found interesting - Jackie's intelligence was often mentioned as part of his being college educated. Frank's "surly" personality was referred to a lot.
Couldn't really find anything about Buck O'Neill and cerebralness, but didn't spend that much time on it.

2007-10-26 10:39:01
42.   ms october
39 Oh I know.

I hope the cafeteria is not serving onion rings today.
Big brother is watching - we could all be in trouble.
But we don't want those MA brats coming to the Banter - we have a few too many trolls as it is.

2007-10-26 10:40:28
43.   Yankee Fan In Boston
40 That game wasn't as close as the score.

when you have helton, holliday and atkins in your lineup and the score can be tied by hitting a solo HR, i think it is a close game.

just my opinion.

2007-10-26 10:41:43
44.   Yankee Fan In Boston
42 this will all end in a dream sequence. mark my words.
2007-10-26 10:42:41
45.   Bronxer
0 The preview for this movie is fantastic - definitely will see it when it comes out.

38 Think "PTA" ...

2007-10-26 10:43:53
46.   Bronxer
42 ... and I also don't want the Yankee brats coming to the Banter, either.
2007-10-26 10:44:16
47.   yankz
43 Agreed. Especially when they were stretching Okajima.
2007-10-26 10:45:09
48.   yankz
47 Also, fangraphs isn't updated, but I'm sure it would agree with us.
2007-10-26 10:47:49
49.   Bama Yankee
42 Surely by now, joe has coverted those MA brats over to Yankee fans, right? After all, that's why we have him teaching up there ya' know...

(oh, and I did not mean to call you "Surely"...unless that is your name)

2007-10-26 10:51:20
50.   thelarmis
yeah, this bronxer/joe movie is something i need to see in theaters, i can't sit around waiting for the dvd...!
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2007-10-26 10:51:38
51.   Bama Yankee
49 ...that would be con-verted... (but of course, it would have to be a covert convert up there in Boston now wouldn't it?)
2007-10-26 10:53:09
52.   ms october
49 Good point.

44 Oh yes - but who will get to stay at the Plaza?

2007-10-26 10:54:28
53.   Bronxer
2007-10-26 10:54:52
54.   standuptriple
49 Clockwork Pinstripes? Hmmmm
2007-10-26 10:55:03
55.   Bronxer
I guess study hall is over ...
2007-10-26 10:59:01
56.   Alex Belth
16, Yeah, I just read the Cormac McCarthy book last week. I've never read anything by him and it took me a little while to get used to his style, which I found self-consciously minimalist. But as I was reading it I thought, "Of course, the Coen brothers wanted to make a movie of this." It's really up their alley. And, from what I've heard, they are truthful to the book.
2007-10-26 11:01:19
57.   Yankee Fan In Boston
55 plot twist?
2007-10-26 11:03:03
58.   51cq24
how do you go about figuring out that someone here is someone you know in real life?
2007-10-26 11:03:17
59.   yankz
Personally I'd like to assume that joe doesn't let Bronx Banter get in the way of his work and only does it during down time. I don't know where people get off telling him how to do his job.
2007-10-26 11:03:20
60.   Shaun P
55 So now we have to wait until the end of the school day, or maybe longer? Stupid cliffhangers.

44 I was much happier when it turned out Bobby wasn't really dead. He was my favorite character.

2007-10-26 11:03:49
61.   yankz
58 Post an inside joke.
2007-10-26 11:03:52
62.   ms october
57 Yeah - he got shot by his uncle or beaten up by his brother-in-law - not sure which.

FWIW Buster Olney is reporting that the Yanks will announce the new manager Tuesday and have picked up Abreu's option.

2007-10-26 11:04:37
63.   Bronxer
59 But what if it IS getting in the way of his work ...
2007-10-26 11:05:13
64.   thelarmis
58 apparently that's unfolding before our eyes?

i met somebody here off the blog on a business trip and i know i have a buddy who reads here regularly but never, ever posts. but this between bronxer/joe is kinda cool. ooh, the suspense...!

2007-10-26 11:06:06
65.   Bronxer
58 You don't ...
2007-10-26 11:06:43
66.   thelarmis
57 i can wait til tuesday (aimee mann, voices carry!). ooh, i'm psyched about boBBy!!! : )

61 good idea! glad i thought of it ; )

2007-10-26 11:07:04
67.   Yankee Fan In Boston
59 what if bronxer is his boss?

60 this is for you:

2007-10-26 11:08:07
68.   joe in boston
Listen, my class is working on a review sheet right now ... they are always prepped for any standardized test, book test, future endeavors, college apps, etc !

Hmmm PTA .... I'm wondering.....

2007-10-26 11:11:14
69.   Bama Yankee
67 Bronxer can't be joe's boss, because then he/she would be too busy "principal-ing" to post on an internet blog, right?
2007-10-26 11:11:26
70.   thelarmis
68 i teach, too. does your class ever ask what you're doing online? i bet in boston, they wouldn't be too thrilled you're on a yankees blog! ; )
2007-10-26 11:12:13
71.   Bronxer
69 Don't "teach to the test". No more worksheets.
2007-10-26 11:14:46
72.   ms october
71 Get the PTA to get rid of MCAS
2007-10-26 11:16:01
73.   Yankee Fan In Boston
69 oh, you delegate the principaling out to the other administrators.

to make time for yankees blogs.

2007-10-26 11:19:44
74.   joe in boston
70 Ha Ha - they'd kill me

71 Review sheets prepare for tests

72 I agree, but it's here to stay. Our kids (I've taught sophs for years) do very well on it

2007-10-26 11:24:58
75.   Bronxer
74 Impart knowledge, don't hand out worksheets and then post here while the kids work away. You became a teacher for a reason - find that reason.

Records show you once won a teaching award. Become that teacher again.

See the ball, Danny. Be the ball ...

2007-10-26 11:29:41
76.   yankz
Did anybody else think of this when they read "creepy new movie"?

2007-10-26 11:36:35
77.   Yankee Fan In Boston
75 is that true?

i'm on the edge of my seat over here...

2007-10-26 11:36:51
78.   yankz
"Buck to the Future": Might be the greatest video I've ever seen.

2007-10-26 11:37:11
79.   yankz
78 Warning, has a clip from the Zapruder film if that weirds you out.
2007-10-26 11:40:14
80.   Yankee Fan In Boston
78 that looks like it is gold. i wish i could turn my speakers on.
2007-10-26 11:41:39
81.   thelarmis
yankz - i don't know much about movies...but the url "withleather" reaks of Frank Zappa. and then to see the ZAPruder name, was freaky, so in that regard, yeah, it weirds me out!

i'm still more into this bronxer/joe film though!

2007-10-26 11:43:22
82.   Yankee Fan In Boston
81 i have a feeling that "with leather" was a reference to chris berman's pick up line.
2007-10-26 11:46:23
83.   Yankee Fan In Boston
there's an explanation

(it has its own wikipedia page. wow.)

2007-10-26 11:48:16
84.   Bama Yankee
I always thought that a Boston standardized test would be something like this:

1. Which of the following is a bird?
a. Dove
b. Eagle
c. Larry
d. All of the above

2. Name the greatest athlete of all-time
a. Ted Williams
b. Bobby Orr
c. John Havlicek
d. how could you pick just one of those guys

3. Name the most clutchiest of clutch hitters evahhhh
a. David Ortiz
b. David Ortiz
c. David Ortiz
d. Big Papi

4. If one of Tom Brady's ex-girlfriends is traveling east at 60 mph and another ex-girlfriend is traveling west at 70 mph, how many Superbowl trophies has Tom won?

5. Fill in the blank:
"Yankees ____ !!!!"

2007-10-26 11:49:26
85.   yankz
Oh god, those WithLeather comments are in such bad taste, but they are hilarious.
2007-10-26 11:55:33
86.   standuptriple
84 Kind of like "Ditka vs. a hurricane"?
2007-10-26 11:56:55
87.   NJYankee41
74 75 Don't leave us hanging like this. Is that a true statement?
2007-10-26 11:57:48
88.   Bama Yankee
86 Yeah, but what if the name of the hurricane is "Hurricane Ditka"?
2007-10-26 12:01:37
89.   NJYankee41
83 The moment I looked at that page someone in my office started talking about Chris Berman nicknames. haha
2007-10-26 12:02:00
90.   Yankee Fan In Boston
87 if this is true, it is either a huge coincidence, or the game was taken to a new, even creepier level.
2007-10-26 12:04:19
91.   Bronxer
90 Trust me, it's not "creepier".
2007-10-26 12:06:59
92.   NJYankee41
What if joe in boston and Bronxer are the same person and they/he is just leading us on? Kind of like Karim garc..., I mean Keyser Soze.
2007-10-26 12:07:03
93.   Yankee Fan In Boston
91 i will trust you.

but only because i now fear you.

2007-10-26 12:10:20
94.   Bama Yankee
93 Bronxer > Big Brother
2007-10-26 12:10:47
95.   ms october
93 Check out 22 and 26 .

I fear Kariam/Keyser too.

2007-10-26 12:10:50
96.   Bronxer

New Yankees boss Hank Steinbrenner said that if the Red Sox had a Nation, then the Yankees have a universe.

Soon, "I'm a card-carrying member of Yankee Universe" ...

2007-10-26 12:13:27
97.   Bronxer
92 Good guess, but no. But I like 94 !
2007-10-26 12:14:15
98.   Yankee Fan In Boston
92 ha!

96 i think the yankees' official website were selling "yankees universe" t-shirts last year. he's already advertising the merchandise. maybe this will all work out after all.

2007-10-26 12:19:07
99.   Bama Yankee
92 I don't know, Ken usually tries to keep people from having more than one name around here...

A while back, I... uh, I mean... this guy I know who was already a member here, tried to register again under the name "Karim Garcia" but Ken caught it and did not let it go through. His comment was that he wanted to keep it "one person, one screen name" around here (at least that's what my friend told me that Ken said). Still, I'm not so sure that we don't have a few people with more than one name around here... Deadhorse, I'm talking to you... ;-)

2007-10-26 12:24:33
100.   Yankee Fan In Boston
joe hasn't posted in an hour. i'm assuming school is now out.

how long does it take for him to get home, bronxer? i'm dying over here.

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2007-10-26 12:25:32
101.   pistolpete
84 Hysterical, if not a little sad.
2007-10-26 12:25:36
102.   NJYankee41
2007-10-26 12:26:11
103.   JL25and3
58 I recognized someone I know well. It took me quite a while, but some things about his posts and his writing started to sound familiar, and his screen name fit as well.

He'd already recognized me from my screen name, but had decided not to say anything.

2007-10-26 12:29:54
104.   standuptriple
I'm glad I'm anon. Being on the West Coast helps. Not many Yanks fans out here. That and the fact that nobody in my office/floor likes sports keeps me pretty much under the radar.
2007-10-26 12:33:36
105.   Bronxer
100 I'm sure Joe will respond when he gets home from school.

98 Has anyone ever seen (or own) and "Yankee Universe" merchandise?

2007-10-26 12:35:48
106.   Yankee Fan In Boston
105 here you go:

(it's all for charity!)

i hope that this keeps me in your good graces, sir or madame.

2007-10-26 12:37:19
107.   joe in boston
I'm back. Cross Country practice is over. Nice to see I was missed. Bronxer: who are you ???????
2007-10-26 12:38:20
108.   Yankee Fan In Boston
107 i was beginning to think that you'd been whacked, joe.
2007-10-26 12:38:38
109.   joe in boston
this is like the Office, when Michael worked the second job and called Stanley (who recognized him immediately) ...

actually it's not like that at all now that I thought about it ....

2007-10-26 12:39:30
110.   Bronxer
106 Thanks

I am signing off. I'll check back here in an hour to see if Joe is grading homework :) or posting :(

2007-10-26 12:40:24
111.   Bronxer
Well, given that school hours are over, welcome to the board, J-O-E.
2007-10-26 12:40:28
112.   joe in boston
One of the questions (as a bit of a joke) on a recent Algebra quiz I gave :

True / False:

26 > 6

2007-10-26 12:40:46
113.   NJYankee41
109 Well, is 75 correct? I'm dying to know.
2007-10-26 12:41:06
114.   joe in boston
... heading home ....
2007-10-26 12:42:02
115.   Yankee Fan In Boston
joe, is 74 correct? ("Records show you once won a teaching award.")

that looked like a big hint, to me. what records? who has access to those records? this looks like a case for jd drew!

2007-10-26 12:43:15
116.   Bronxer
? Where is Joe?
2007-10-26 12:43:58
117.   Bronxer
115 Public records, since it was award presented to him at a public school.
2007-10-26 12:44:00
118.   ms october
113 115 Ugh - No answers. There have been lots of clues. At least Nancy has an off day today to work on this.
2007-10-26 12:44:03
119.   Bama Yankee
112 Nice. Feel free to use a few from 84 (on second thought, you might already be on thin maybe not)
2007-10-26 12:44:12
120.   joe in boston
yes, - a teacher of the year award.


2007-10-26 12:44:45
121.   Bronxer
119 Joe on ice?
2007-10-26 12:45:41
122.   joe in boston
Bronxer, you're killing me here.

My biggest worry here used to be the Yanks not winning the World Series .....

Do I know you ???? !!!!!!!!!!

2007-10-26 12:45:58
123.   Yankee Fan In Boston
117 oh, drat! you've bested me again!

118 up until last week, every day was an off day for jd drew.

2007-10-26 12:46:23
124.   joe in boston
gotta go -
2007-10-26 12:46:25
125.   Bronxer
123 "used to be" ............
2007-10-26 12:46:53
126.   Bronxer
Where are you going?
2007-10-26 12:47:14
127.   joe in boston
2007-10-26 12:47:40
128.   thelarmis
106 nomaas has had a link to the t-shirt for awhile. i've always wanted it. back in HS, i did some musical events for charity for Sloan-Kettering. it's been a lifelong desire of mine to be in a position where i can be charitable for them. unfortunately, i've ended up in the proverbial "starving artist" end of the spectrum as opposed to getting the gig with, say, Paul McCartney. sigh.

anyway, i'd still love to buy the tee shirt. anyone have one to know the size scheme. i seemed to get burned every single year buying yankee shirts online. (least i won't have to get the division champ shirt for this year...). that said, even if the shirt is of bad quality and bad size, it'll still go to a good cause. so, i guess i should just buy the damn thing already. it'd just be nice to know the sizes run normal...

nice to see you made it home safely, joe! : )

2007-10-26 12:47:42
129.   Yankee Fan In Boston
120 i am impressed.

by joe for winning the award, and by bronxer... dang it...

2007-10-26 12:47:55
130.   Bronxer
True or False:

Joe in Boston = Bronxer

2007-10-26 12:48:02
131.   Bama Yankee
My biggest question used to be:
"Who is Karim Garcia?"
now it's:
"Who is Bronxer?"

Wait...Bronxer, are you Karim Garcia?

2007-10-26 12:49:20
132.   Bronxer
131 Neither in real life NOR the world of Banter ...
2007-10-26 12:49:40
133.   Yankee Fan In Boston
126 127 don't go inside alone, joe! don't be a hero!
2007-10-26 12:50:31
135.   Yankee Fan In Boston
131 132 that would've blown my mind.
2007-10-26 12:50:38
136.   Bronxer
134 ... goodbye, Joe ...
2007-10-26 12:51:50
137.   thelarmis
134 whoa! wha happened? i never got to read that comment. was it joe in boston? did he get freaked out???
2007-10-26 12:52:18
138.   Yankee Fan In Boston
134 ?!?
2007-10-26 12:52:39
139.   ms october
137 Seriously - where is 134. I don't know how much more I can take!!!
2007-10-26 12:52:58
140.   Bronxer
138 What happened to 134??
2007-10-26 12:53:00
141.   Yankee Fan In Boston
134 that must've been the dream sequence! i KNEW it!
2007-10-26 12:53:32
142.   ms october
141 OMG you are right - Joe is Kevin Finnerty.
2007-10-26 12:53:46
143.   NJYankee41
137 Don't you get it? Bronxer said "goodbye,joe" and his comment disappeared. Thats the mystical and frightening power of Bronxer!
2007-10-26 12:54:01
144.   Yankee Fan In Boston
as long as joe is safe and sound this has been great. this really helped me get through a boring friday.
2007-10-26 12:54:15
145.   Bronxer
so, 134 disappears, and so does JOE. Coincidence?
2007-10-26 12:54:31
146.   NJYankee41
140 What did 134 say?
2007-10-26 12:55:29
147.   thelarmis
well, it is Friday the 26th, which is like Friday the 13th x 2. double weird... : ~
2007-10-26 12:55:31
148.   Bronxer
Honestly, I have no idea who posted 134 or what it said.
2007-10-26 12:56:31
149.   thelarmis
kkkkalling kkkkken to kkkkkomment on who kkkkkkillled 134 !
2007-10-26 12:56:38
150.   Yankee Fan In Boston
146 my guess?

"AAaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh.... [gasp] ...rosebud...."

then journey played.

of course.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-10-26 12:57:27
151.   Bronxer
"Don't Stop Believing" ..........................................................................................................................................................
2007-10-26 12:58:19
152.   joe in boston
Um, I used to just read this site every day. Once in awhile I'd post something about my boring life and my total devotion to the Yanks..... and then today happened ...

I don't get it ?

2007-10-26 12:58:22
153.   NJYankee41
148 Then why did you respond to it? I'm very scared.
2007-10-26 13:00:04
154.   Yankee Fan In Boston
153 i was going to mention that, too... but i was scared.

i'll miss you, njyankee41. it's been real.

2007-10-26 13:00:09
155.   Bronxer
153 Good question. However, no answer.

152 You're life won't be so boring any more ...

2007-10-26 13:00:35
156.   Deadhorse
2007-10-26 13:01:05
157.   NJYankee41
Ok, I have to ask this. Bronxer, what do you know about me?
2007-10-26 13:02:07
158.   Yankee Fan In Boston
157 bronxer told me once that you had some connection to the garden state.
2007-10-26 13:02:39
159.   Bronxer
157 You?? Nothing. How would I know YOU??
2007-10-26 13:02:56
160.   NJYankee41
158 Bronxer IS all-knowing then.
2007-10-26 13:03:22
161.   NJYankee41
159 I'm very happy to hear that ;)
2007-10-26 13:03:30
162.   Yankee Fan In Boston
159 well... how would you know joe?

(will bronxer fall for this? it is worth a shot.)

2007-10-26 13:05:40
163.   Bama Yankee
Seriously, what happend to 134 ?
2007-10-26 13:06:02
164.   yankz
OK Seriously...what the hell happened with 134?

joe obviously said something to piss off Bronxer. Bronxer says goodbye and poof- comment's gone.

Note to self: Never piss off Bronxer.

2007-10-26 13:06:09
165.   Bronxer
162 I see dead people ...
2007-10-26 13:06:46
166.   Yankee Fan In Boston
is there any way that we can get a resolution by 5 PM? i don't want to stick around work late on a friday afternoon.
2007-10-26 13:06:48
167.   51cq24
134 had all the answers.
2007-10-26 13:06:59
168.   NJYankee41
163 Its like the 13th floor for the Banter.
2007-10-26 13:07:41
169.   Yankee Fan In Boston
164 i assume that only moderators can delete posts... or just moderators and bronxers...
2007-10-26 13:07:59
170.   thelarmis
167 i'm shooting for 4:30ish - then i have to leave for work...
2007-10-26 13:08:07
171.   yankz
167 This has blown past "Who is Karim Garcia?", "Where is Rob Gee?", and "Where do the Sox fans disappear to every September?" as the greatest Bronx Banter Mystery ever.
2007-10-26 13:08:27
172.   NJYankee41
164 167 It must have given away Bronxer's identity.
2007-10-26 13:08:50
173.   Bama Yankee
167 I bet 134 even told us who Karim Garcia was... :(
2007-10-26 13:09:38
174.   Bronxer
no resolution today. sorry.
2007-10-26 13:09:59
175.   51cq24
hold on. is it a clue that bronxer repeatedly was 1 post off on his/her references?
2007-10-26 13:10:06
176.   Yankee Fan In Boston
there was only about a 30 second span between posts 133 and 135 . someone had to act really fast to wipe that away.
2007-10-26 13:10:24
177.   Bronxer
169 Did I delete it??
2007-10-26 13:11:17
178.   yankz
176 Maybe Ken or Bob = Bronxer?
2007-10-26 13:11:45
179.   Yankee Fan In Boston
175 do not taunt bronxer.
2007-10-26 13:12:26
180.   yankz
OK, Bronxer must have meant to type 124 , not 134 . Which takes away his mystical powers. But it doesn't explain where the comment went, and why it was deleted in record time.

Anyone else think this is just too bizarre?

2007-10-26 13:13:00
181.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2007-10-26 13:14:11
182.   Bronxer
178 Neither Ken nor Bob.

Gotta go. Have a good weekend all.

Rox / Sox / who cares ....

2007-10-26 13:14:58
183.   Yankee Fan In Boston
182 yeah... the series is nothing compared to this.
2007-10-26 13:16:18
184.   Bronxer
181 couldn't follow your link ...
2007-10-26 13:16:31
185.   pistolpete
150 Well we did lose one person while he was reading Bronx Banter. (RIP JD)
2007-10-26 13:17:55
186.   Bama Yankee
179 & 181 LOL, I loved that SNL parody.

Maybe Bronxer is an "unknown glowing substance which fell to Earth, presumably from outer space."

No offense Bronxer...

2007-10-26 13:21:00
187.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2007-10-26 13:25:08
188.   Yankee Fan In Boston
181 it was an old SNL sketch... happy fun ball... the link worked for me... another mystery?

...i kid...

...or DO i?!?

(i do.)

2007-10-26 13:25:34
189.   yankz
Someday, I will tell my kids about Mystery 134.

(kidding, I hope)

2007-10-26 13:31:29
190.   Bronxer
189 Don't joke about it.
2007-10-26 13:32:58
191.   Bama Yankee
2007-10-26 13:35:19
192.   yankz
191 Found this on the street...

2007-10-26 13:42:52
193.   Yankee Fan In Boston
a minute and 18 seconds transpired between bronxter's posts 132 and 136 . 136 referenced the missing post (134 )with the cryptic "goodbye"... i bookended the missing post and those show a lapsed time of 51 seconds between them.

my question is:
was there a second gunman? a lot seemed to have happened within those 78 seconds.

unless this is the biggest red herring ever.

seriously, somebody get jd drew.

2007-10-26 13:47:36
194.   Bama Yankee
193 ...maybe we need Oliver Stone.

there had to be a hidden poster on the grassy knoll...

or was it: a chat room...with a delete button? I don't have a clue... ;-)

2007-10-26 13:49:15
195.   Bronxer
195 I don't need a delete button ...
2007-10-26 13:53:19
196.   Yankee Fan In Boston
195 delete this.
2007-10-26 13:57:58
197.   yankz
193 194 Eerily enough, we've already been through the JFK assassination on this thread (79 ).

So many clues, yet still no answer.

2007-10-26 14:00:51
198.   Yankee Fan In Boston
darn it. quittin' time.
2007-10-26 14:04:37
199.   ms october
I was hoping when I got home to have gotten some answers.
Who is this the work of?
197 Somehow when they showed Joe Buck in that car I thought there was going to be a re-enactment of sorts.
2007-10-26 14:07:33
200.   Bama Yankee
197 If we just had a Zapruder film of what happened to post 134 ...

Bronxer = Oswald + Ruby + Castro + CIA + Mafia + Russians + DiMaggio's housecat

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-10-26 14:20:50
201.   RIYank
Whoa. I missed a mystery. Or anyway coming in late.

Interesting fact:
The COMMENTS header (between Alex's posting and the comments) says (right now) that there are 199 comments, but the last number of a comment is 200.

2007-10-26 14:28:54
202.   yankz
201 See 134
2007-10-26 14:34:17
203.   Bama Yankee
201 If you do see 134 let us know what it said...
2007-10-26 15:00:19
204.   Will
I love the fact that this is happening in a post about a Coen movie.
2007-10-26 15:13:14
205.   RIYank
Right, I know. I was just adding my fact into the set of clues.
2007-10-26 15:29:15
206.   Yankee Fan In Boston
did i delete bronxer?
2007-10-26 15:29:32
207.   Yankee Fan In Boston
i demand resolution!
2007-10-26 15:31:42
208.   yankz
God bless Jay Mohr:
2007-10-26 15:35:28
209.   Bronxer
206 no such luck.
2007-10-26 15:39:16
210.   Yankee Fan In Boston
209 please delete this?
2007-10-26 15:40:09
211.   Yankee Fan In Boston
210 i'll be locking my doors and hiding under the bed if that happens.
2007-10-26 15:40:38
212.   Bronxer
210 I can't. I didn't delete 134
2007-10-26 15:41:06
213.   Bronxer
211 no need to run and hide ...
2007-10-26 15:41:36
214.   Yankee Fan In Boston
212 aww nuts...
2007-10-26 15:43:09
215.   Bronxer
214 I think it just vanished ... I can't even remember what it said or who posted it.
2007-10-26 15:45:55
216.   Yankee Fan In Boston
215 51 seconds. up and gone. bizarre.
2007-10-26 16:02:01
217.   SF Yanks
Damn, I wish I was here earlier. Reading about The Mystery of Post 134 is definitely entertaining. We have to pull together on this one, and figure this puppy out.

Who or what deleted post 134?
Is this all a setup by Bronxer?
What happened with Joe in Boston and is he all right?
What is the real truth to this absorbing mystery?

The answers to these questions and more will be answered in the upcoming hit TV mini-series: The Mystery of Post 134 (brought to you by Geico)

2007-10-26 16:04:34
218.   joe in boston
I'm ok...

I'm just trying to figure out what happened today. At least it made me forget about the Yanks (and the Sawx) for awhile !

Bronxer: where/who are you ??????? !!!!!!!!

2007-10-26 16:18:50
219.   yankz
217 Coming up next on FOX...

218 Did you type 134 ???

2007-10-26 16:20:10
220.   joe in boston
219 Nope - I'm totally confused as to this whole day
2007-10-26 16:28:15
221.   yankz
Anyone remember this:

""There must be a way to cap what a team can spend without hurting player compensation ... without taking away from the players what they have rightfully earned in the past through negotiation and in creating tremendous value. There is a simple mechanism that could right a system woefully out of whack."

"Baseball doesn't have an answer for the Yankees," Henry wrote. "Revenue sharing can only accomplish so much. At some point it becomes confiscation. It has not and it will not solve what is a very obvious problem.""-John Henry, 2/18/04

I bet he's glad nobody took him seriously.

2007-10-26 16:43:49
222.   Bronxer
220 C'mon. You can figure this out.
2007-10-26 16:45:35
223.   joe in boston
Gimmee some help ...
2007-10-26 16:50:45
224.   Bronxer
223 You ever spend time in Newport?
2007-10-26 16:54:05
225.   yankz
Buck says jub jub:

2007-10-26 16:55:30
226.   Ken Arneson
FWIW, #134 was not removed by a moderator. The most plausible explanation for the missing #134 is that the web server software was restarted while it was being posted. The connection to the database was dropped, so although the counter was incremented, the database transaction didn't go through.
2007-10-26 16:58:46
227.   joe in boston
Um, yeah ..... still confused.....
2007-10-26 17:01:32
228.   yankz
I'm clinging to our little ghost story.
2007-10-26 17:01:59
229.   Ken Arneson
226 Although, if you prefer to keep the mystery alive, I have no record of the web server restarting around 12:50pm, the time of the missing post. I show a restart at 7:10am and another at 1:58pm.
2007-10-26 17:15:35
230.   Chyll Will
228 I'll go get the marshmallows!
2007-10-26 17:20:36
231.   Chyll Will
230 We can cook them over the firewire!

204 Dude.

2007-10-26 17:33:13
232.   joe in boston
Favorite Line: "the dude abides"
2007-10-26 17:34:34
233.   JL25and3
231 You're talking to yourself.
2007-10-26 17:34:47
234.   JL25and3
232 But then, so am I.
2007-10-26 17:35:08
235.   Bronxer
Yeah, some mystery about that missing post ...
2007-10-26 17:43:31
236.   Chyll Will
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

( \\\\\\\\\)
( --------- )==========================
( /////////)

mmm... Banter-Mallows... (harder to make than you think >;)

2007-10-26 17:50:29
237.   Chyll Will
233 This is news?
2007-10-26 18:16:51
238.   OldYanksFan
Advance Scouting Picked Off Matt Holliday
2007-10-26 19:38:27
239.   OldYanksFan
And the Yankees FO is at it again.
2007-10-26 20:11:53
240.   51cq24
239 we all knew the yankees are penny pinchers. is the last line of this article for real?
2007-10-26 20:14:29
241.   Chyll Will
239 That url keeps shutting down my browser. It must be tired of the whole issue >;)
2007-10-26 20:30:27
242.   Jeb
I want the Red Sawx to fire Francona and hire Mike Dubose!
2007-10-26 21:15:08
243.   thelarmis
ooh, i was hoping to come home to a resolution. oh well. glad joe is home safely in boston! looked like we were maybe getting close there for a second w/ the Newport link. but....nope.

chyll, you get the 'mallows, i'll bring the beer! sierra nevada pale ale okay?

2007-10-27 02:48:30
244.   OldYanksFan
"What we're looking for is a guy that's maybe going to be one of the greatest managers, maybe of all-time, over a period of 10, 20 years," he said. "Who knows? And it could be any of the three. I think all three of them have great capabilities, they really do."

Steinbrenner also took what could be perceived as a jab at Torre.

"It's going to come down to who we think is the absolute best guy for the job, the guy that really can be the best leader," he said. "Joe was a great manager ... he was like a father figure to some of these guys. We want a guy who can do that, but at the same time, it's going to be a younger guy, and we want a guy who's going to be a real leader. This guy's got to take charge and be a real leader. We're not looking so much for a father figure now as a real leader."

Ya know, it's true I'm still sad about Joe, but DARY really scares me. It's like my boy Sherman set the Wayback machine for 1980.

Does anyone see just pure idiocy in those statements? How do you think you lead guys like Andy, Jeter, Giambi, Posada, Mo, Clemens, ARod and Moose. With pom-poms and cheers? Yeah, a lot of those guys are out soon but still.... are they gonna hire Giradi because "We really wanted a guy named Joe"?

I think it's obvious that they want Donnie, but his inexperience compared to also having Girardi as a candidate is making it hard.

What they ready wanted is for Torre to usher out the old guard for a year or 2, and then transition to a more experienced Donnie. I really like(d) having guys like Pena and Bowa around, and they have had an impact.

The truth is losing Joe isn't nearly as scary as gaining DARY. Some of the statements they make are just such a weird mix of infantile and insanity.

Bathwater, meet Baby. Baby, meet bathwater.

2007-10-27 05:24:52
245.   ms october
226 229 Thanks for the info. As entertaining as the mystery is - I don't think I am the only one wanting a resolution - - 243 yes, we were getting closer.

242 That would be a lot of fun - HA HA, I remember when all that went down.

2007-10-27 05:29:44
246.   51cq24
244 it's like when he said we need to have patience with the new manager because he won't be getting the 96 yankees. it's a petty reference to joe. so i can see the infantile half of it. but insanity? i don't think so. as with the 96 yankees/patience remark, i think there is truth behind this. i agree that we should have a manager who is strict and really pushes the team, who will be willing to sit a veteran as soon as he starts to fade, rather than give him half a season to prove himself. i want a manager who is more of a leader than a father figure. and these statements make me think that maybe they want girardi, but can't figure out a way to get him without upsetting mattingly too much.
2007-10-27 05:53:13
247.   Bronxer
246 I agree that their comments are pointing towards Girardi. However, I think Mattingly will be upset if he isn't chosen. Quite a quandry.

In any event, I believe they will time the announcement in an effort to take some of the spotlight off the Sox if they win it all.

2007-10-27 06:09:11
248.   joe in boston
aha, Bronxer is up. I'm calling you out - identify yourself !
2007-10-27 06:13:11
249.   Bronxer
248 Enjoy the day off, but don't forget that Monday is a WORK day.
2007-10-27 06:17:02
250.   joe in boston
Ha Ha - well, just finished 2+ hours of grading and lesson planning.....
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-10-27 06:18:50
251.   ms october

This quote in Pete's paper is strange though-
Steinbrenner said. "We've got to make the choice for the best manager possible. If it's Donnie, it's Donnie."

2007-10-27 06:21:33
252.   Bronxer
251 But they have to say something like that. They would ONLY hire the "best manager possible".

My $$ is on Girardi.

2007-10-27 06:22:09
253.   Bronxer
250 To make up for the time you spent on this site yesterday, while at school?
2007-10-27 06:33:46
254.   joe in boston
I give up.

You win.

I'm out

2007-10-27 06:34:44
255.   Bronxer
254 Too easy, Mr. D
2007-10-27 06:36:50
256.   joe in boston
(big smile)

You're really killing me here.

another clue perhaps ?

2007-10-27 06:37:59
257.   Sliced Bread
Clearly, this isn't an easy decision for the Yanks, but the more Hanka'burnin'love speaks, the more he sounds like one of those fools on a TV dating show trying to make up his mind.

"All these ladies are fine, I mean, they're all pretty much at the same level of hotness, but what I'm looking for is a lady who's going to be one of the hottest ladies of all time over a period of 10, 20 years. That's why I'm only considering three ladies, so I don't become even more confused, ya know?"

2007-10-27 06:40:18
258.   ms october
252 I understand the "best manager" part. I just don't see why he would add the "...if it's Donnie..." part. Maybe he was responding to a question, but it would have been better not to name any names.
2007-10-27 10:11:20
259.   Zack
244 246 Zzzzzzzz
2007-10-27 10:14:45
260.   OldYanksFan
Clueless Hank:
2007-10-27 11:18:25
261.   RIYank
Just heard on the radio:
ESPN says a source inside the Yankees' organization reports that today the team will offer to extend A-Rod's contract for approx. five years at $30M/year.
2007-10-27 11:21:39
262.   yankz
Article RIYank was talking about:
2007-10-27 11:23:47
263.   ms october
262 Ah- I just logged in and was about to post the link. What's with the line -
"It is unclear if the Yankees will get the meeting with the All-Star third baseman that they've requested."
2007-10-27 11:23:50
264.   Yankee Fan In Boston
261 262 my fingers are crossed.
2007-10-27 11:25:03
265.   thelarmis
ah, beat me to it yankz - yeah, just read the Olney article a few minutes ago... manager, a-rod, abreu then i guess posada will get done. mo after that. hopefully molina, too. and, of course, andy <--- crossing all digits (and eyes) that he'll come back!
2007-10-27 11:26:41
266.   thelarmis
263 boras has been balking at the in-person meeting. perhaps he feels he can lose leverage if there's anything personal going on - emotions/sentimentality - that sorta thing...
2007-10-27 11:28:17
267.   Bama Yankee
242 Boy, that's a name I never thought I would see posted on this site... ;-)

The Red Sox were actually managed by former Crimson Tide quarterback Butch Hobson back in the early 90's.

2007-10-27 11:30:22
268.   ms october
266 Oh thanks. Even though I am not really a Boras hater I have kind of stopped paying attention to him the last few weeks.
2007-10-27 11:32:36
269.   ms october
267 I would love to see it. I can't belive Jeb was even thinking about him.
2007-10-27 11:33:19
270.   Bama Yankee
261 That's good news about A-Rod (I suppose). It's amazing how that ol' $25/year deal sounds like peanuts now... Maybe that was the plan all along: get the Yankees to offer a $30M/year extension and in the process make them think that it was a bargain.
2007-10-27 11:37:46
271.   thelarmis
255 256 a little closer. joe is boston sounds like a real live Joe D!
2007-10-27 11:44:04
272.   JL25and3
265 Rumor is that the Yanks are offering Posada something in the order of 3 yrs/$40M. He'll probably get them to throw in a little more, but that basic offer should get it done.
2007-10-27 11:46:46
273.   ms october
271 Yeah slowly getting closer and Bama thought Dimaggio's housecat was involved- but then they both disapear the rest of the day.
2007-10-27 11:47:00
274.   thelarmis
272 yeah, and i think there's a very similar offer in the works for Mo...
2007-10-27 11:47:47
275.   thelarmis
273 ya mean, they went the way of 134?! ; )
2007-10-27 11:56:13
276.   Chyll Will
273 Thanks for trying to stir up the roast last night man 243 , but you probably know the hardest thing I drink is root beer >;) now, had you said Yoo-Hoo, I'da been up all night!
2007-10-27 11:59:14
277.   Chyll Will
276 ehhh, yeah, that was supposed to be for thelarmis 275
2007-10-27 12:00:33
278.   JL25and3
275 That's got the makings of a great expression. As in, "The Yankee bats went all 134 in the playoffs."
2007-10-27 12:02:13
279.   JL25and3
277 See 233 , 234 .
2007-10-27 12:03:16
280.   yankz
I'd be totally fine with the Yankees giving A-rod that contract, especially since they keep the $21 million subsidy.
2007-10-27 12:03:30
281.   RIYank
Looks like the FO has made it's decision (on a manager) but isn't ready to release the name.

2007-10-27 12:04:37
282.   Zack
Don't you just love that on Game 3 of the WS, the Yankees have the 2 TOP HEADLINES on ESPN?? And yet Bud the genius doesn't want them to upstage the WS by announcing their plans.

As RAB wrote, its the Yankees world and we're all just living in it...

2007-10-27 12:06:15
283.   Zack
The other thing with A-Rod's contract and the other resignings is that they will all be offset to some degree by Roger coming off this year, and the others next year, not to mention the kids low contracts...
2007-10-27 12:08:01
284.   Chyll Will
279 a reasonable fellow, a good listener too >;)
2007-10-27 12:15:02
285.   Chyll Will
Is this happening to anyone else? I go to the Daily Rues site and it crashes my browser. I don't suppose they read all of my bashes on their credibility, huh?
2007-10-27 12:15:13
286.   thelarmis
276 yeah, i know, but that's okay - i don't eat marshmallows! : ) that said, i do have like 10 cans of Barq's in the fridge - i can bring those!

278 i thought that right after i typed it! : )

2007-10-27 12:23:52
287.   thelarmis
the espn article has more hank quotes than the daily news one linked above. man, this guy is talking a lot of shit. taking jabs at torre being a father figure and not a leader. now, he's taking shots at boston's "baseball people" and how ours are better and the best. jeesh, just shut up and hire a damn manager and stay the hell outta the way. in fact, i think i'm gonna be wishing for hank to go all 134 very very soon...

2007-10-27 12:34:02
288.   Zack
Again, I see nothing wrong with what Hank is saying or has said thus far. Until he actually DOES something bad, I'm liking Hank. A blustery boss is not the same thing as a bad boss.

And besides, as I said, the Yanks ARE the top two headlines on espn...

2007-10-27 12:39:19
289.   Chyll Will
287 Sounds like he's trying to compensate for something. I wish they'd offer stress and competency tests for ownership of major sports teams. At this rate, Bush will offer him a cabinet job very soon...
2007-10-27 12:41:14
290.   Chyll Will
288 More often than not, one follows the other. No choice but to keep an open mind though; I hope you're right.
2007-10-27 12:51:29
291.   Zack
289 290 I just see a guy who has some of his father in him, in that, if there is a mic there, he's gonna speak. He's getting used to it and I expect him to quiet down when things quiet down in Yankee land in general. But so far, to me at least, he's SAID all the right things:
Cashman is in charge
the kids are the future
Joba is a starter
We want to hire the best manager we can, media be damned
We want to win but recognize we are transitioning at the same time
2007-10-27 13:39:49
292.   rafael00
Seems I'm late to the mystery party...
As fun as it was to read through, it seems to me to be a bit inappropriate to expose someone's personal life and details (and criticizing them on top of it) while hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.

At the very least, I can imagine most people would be pretty uncomfortable in joe's position.

2007-10-27 13:43:17
293.   yankz
292 I agree. As I said earlier, I don't know where Bronxer gets off telling joe how to do his job.
2007-10-27 13:47:34
294.   OldYanksFan
289 Ya mean Big Hank might not really be 'big' Hank?

I don't think $30m will fly with ARod. His current contract calls for $32m in 2009-2010.
So Boras will be 'insulted' at the pay cut and ARod wil turn down $150 million (HA!)

Hicks really screwed up big. Think about it. $30m for a 40 yr old player won't be enough. It's really sick.

2007-10-27 13:51:47
295.   OldYanksFan
"We want to hire the best manager we can, media be damned"

Well... Donnie is certainly not the 'best' they could find. Best because of DARY and Torregate? Best to resign our guys? Maybe. But this ain't just a managerial hiring. This is as much about damage control as anything.

I'd like Pena to manage and Donnie to bench coach. Has the throw-away thing if necessary, and if Pena is good, gives Donnie the next crack at it, whenever that comes.

2007-10-27 13:54:15
296.   yankz
295 "Well... Donnie is certainly not the 'best' they could find. "

You have no way of knowing that.

2007-10-27 14:01:30
297.   RIYank
294 They can only turn it down if they believe they're very likely to get more from someone else. I have no idea whether they do believe that. But the stuff they say aloud for negotiating purposes is one thing, and what they believe is pretty much uncorrelated with that.
2007-10-27 14:07:47
298.   ms october
294 Boras got Hicks almost just as much with the 3 straight opt-out years in what Hicks would have to assume is still Alex's prime
2007-10-27 14:10:00
299.   51cq24
295 is "DARY" just something you made up and keep repeating? i still don't know what you mean by it. haven't you been saying all along that they wanted joe gone and the offer was only for him to reject? if so, what damage are they controlling? personally, i hope they don't care what the media has been saying about them and just pick the best candidate, who i think is almost definitely girardi.
2007-10-27 14:15:10
300.   joe in boston
292 293 Thanks guys. I don't really get what happened yesterday .....

Anyhow. Let's get the Yanks put back together and go after #27. Go Rockies too!

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-10-27 14:18:14
301.   51cq24
300 i got the impression that he was just kidding around with you and is probably a friend of yours. but who knows? frankly i was more interested in 134.
2007-10-27 14:18:17
302.   thelarmis
299 yes on both accounts - girardi is the best candidate and i hope he gets it though it seems likely it'll go to donnie AND yeah, what in the hell is DARY???
2007-10-27 14:22:09
303.   Zack
At first I was 100% convinced it would be Donnie, but reading into Hank's comment can push down the path of it being Girardi. On the other hand, it can push you further down the path of Donnie. Oh the mysteries are everywhere! Is it Monday yet?
2007-10-27 14:22:53
304.   thelarmis
300 yeah, it was definitely weird and i'd hate to be in that position. i met someone here and he's used my real name a coupla times and i was none too happy about it. at all. thankfully, they weren't major threads, but still. (though i guess in the longrun it's not that big of a deal...) but like 301 states, it sounds like Bronxer knows you and is just having fun til you figure out who he is. no harm, no foul...

and, yeah, where/what/how/why - 134!!! perhaps DARY had something to do with it??? ; )

2007-10-27 14:32:20
305.   Chyll Will
299 ,302 I had guessed that DARY was D ipshits A re R uining Y ankees, but he came back a few comments later and stated D yslexic A ccountants R unning Y ankees, a shot at Levine I suppose. I will say this, though... the team, no matter who's in charge now, still has the media and fans alike wrapped tightly around their... finger. Bud's nightmare, George's Revenge (kinda like Monty's, only less humid)
2007-10-27 14:33:50
306.   ms october
yeah 134 sent it to a new frenzy. i wasn't entirely sure, but it seemed like a joke - and i certainly hope it was.

DARY = dipshit accountants running the yankees
(i did not make it up - i am only repeating it because as zack said there are too many mysteries and we might as well solve one - so PLEASE let's not go down that route again)

2007-10-27 14:36:23
307.   thelarmis
ah, yeah, DARY is not nearly as much fun as 134 or joe/bronxer, for that matter. and, yes, it most certainly be a friendly joke! hope the punchline comes soon and we can solely concetrate (hat tip to FJM) on 134 !
2007-10-27 14:36:57
308.   ms october
actually the more i think about it 134 named the new yankee manager and bud had it erased
2007-10-27 14:37:22
309.   yankz
What's worse than a bunch of Sox fans? A bunch of Sox fans that don't know anything:

"We don't throw $28 million at Roger Clemens."

Yes, douchebag, you throw it at Julio Lugo and J.D. Drew.

2007-10-27 14:38:00
310.   yankz
305 If it was the latter, then it'd be DRAY.
2007-10-27 14:40:30
311.   thelarmis
309 stop torturing yourself, bro! that said, i am really sick and tired of seeing all these new bandwagon fairweather fans rooting on the sux. they're everywhere. i think it's more of a yankee hating ritual than actually liking boston. soooo silly. i met a few of these tools at the bar last nite and they were all ignorant. best thing we can hope for is coors field magic for our mountaineers starting tonite - GO ROX!
2007-10-27 14:42:30
312.   thelarmis
310 nice! if we were playing anagrams it would be YARD and remember, these are really football guys at heart we're talking about...

i don't follow/care for college football, but...GO NITTANY LIONS!!! (they probably have as much a chance as the rockies. sigh.)

2007-10-27 14:45:50
313.   Chyll Will
310 Hey, I didn't make it up, either. But if it were like that, then the decision-making is definitely way too close to Tampa Bay, which would explain everything...
2007-10-27 14:50:37
314.   Chyll Will
312 Steinbrenner, him no-notta Yardie; himma rude bwoy...
2007-10-27 15:06:39
315.   thelarmis
314 that caused some major crickets, chyll!
2007-10-27 15:09:43
316.   joe in boston
309 [ 310] great stuff. I respect the old-time Sox fans, the ones who really suffered. "RSN" is really tiresome, really lame in my eyes.
2007-10-27 15:11:27
317.   OldYanksFan
299 Damage Control: Mo, Po, Bowa, Arod, Andy

DARY - Dysfunctional Accountants Ruining the Yankees.

Please... use with care.

No - I didn't coin the phrase. Can't remember who did. Maybe a week ago or so.
I just put the acronym to it to save typing. as it was beautifully telling, accurate and insulting without using any bad words.

2007-10-27 15:12:57
318.   Chyll Will
315 I'll accept the one-year offer to come back for one more year since I like it here so much. Hopefully Alex will lower the bar a little to accept such bemusement every now and then >;)
2007-10-27 15:17:13
319.   ms october
314 Ha

316 Yeah I only know a few of the former. But even some of them I find to be a bit much with their hatred. RSN was out in full effect today

317 Sorry OYF - I though I remembered seeing the way I defined it at one time.

2007-10-27 15:17:55
320.   Bronxer
316 All teams have old-time fans who appreciate baseball and their teams. However, all successful teams (Yankees and Sox especially) have their wagon jumpers who give the fans a bad name. Hey, RSN wouldn't bother me if the Yankees were winning ...

Joe-ey kid .....

2007-10-27 15:26:27
321.   Chyll Will
319 Haha, somebody got it. You owe me an apology {8p

320 We complain about the Yankee bandwagoners all the time. (handing you plate of apple-y pie) Cobbler?

2007-10-27 15:29:40
322.   Bronxer
321 Chill Will Nill - love that apple-y pie!!!
2007-10-27 15:34:27
323.   joe in boston
320 don't do this to me. Dave ?

319 when I lived in the Back Bay (1990-2001) I had no problem wearing my Yankee hat out in public - now ?... No way. (And I'm 40 mins north...

2007-10-27 15:36:35
324.   Bronxer
323 I still wear my NY hat in public - what's to fear?

Nope, Mr. D.

2007-10-27 15:38:24
325.   joe in boston
324 hi Mike M.
2007-10-27 15:40:29
326.   Yankee Fan In Boston
323 i still wear my gear. let 'em start running their mouths, i can handle it. i'm no trash talker, but when one of the less knowledgeable, more vocal sox fans starts in on me about the yankees, i can usually come up with an appropriate response.

this must be the 1st two day thread in about a year.

maybe alex & co. went all 134.

a thought i can't bear to dwell upon.

2007-10-27 15:40:57
327.   ms october
323 324 i wear mine on occasion - and twice i got some very hostile type comments from guys - which i wasn't expecting as a female
2007-10-27 15:43:28
328.   Chyll Will
323 All you need is a posse. People who 'got your back when it's about to go down. Either that or blind them with science... you'll have cool theme music to boot. Then they'll leave you alone >;)
2007-10-27 15:47:34
329.   thelarmis
326 i'm the same way w/ fans of other teams. of course, it's not quite as bad here in atlanta. i wear yanks shirts/hats almost daily! : )

neh, emma would have posts that became the next days game thread. usually they were good luck and we'd win those games. even though there are no more games, i still miss emma's writing and hope she puts up a post soon!

323 325 i love it - guesses and getting closer! i leave for work w/in an hour, hopefully you'll figure out bronxer by then!!! : ~

2007-10-27 16:03:12
330.   Jeb
267 269 Bama and Ms. October, now all the other Yankee fans know what it's like to be around Auburn Fans when they're better than Bama (Sox Fans = Auburn fans

Ms. October, whereabouts did you live in B'ham? I'm in forest park.

2007-10-27 16:07:07
331.   Bronxer
325 Mike M?
2007-10-27 16:30:27
332.   joe in boston
331 wrong guess, I guess.

Just when I think I'm out.... he pulls me back in !

Time to put the kids to bed.

328 I hear ya. BTW, my original #23 comes out on special occasions ....

2007-10-27 16:44:53
333.   Bronxer
332 Time to put the Sox to bed, Rocks.
2007-10-27 16:54:47
334.   ms october
330 What's 2004 - when the games were no longer just at Legion field?

I lived right near UAB; then I moved a little further back close to the Vulcan near the Homewood border.

2007-10-27 17:08:29
335.   OldYanksFan
Ya know, I looking up the word 'RUINING' (the R in DARY) bacause it is close to 'Running' (which fits, but is not as good, and is not in the origingal post), and I wondered if I might have spelled it wrong.
And in that process I came across this little gem.

2007-10-27 17:10:22
336.   OldYanksFan
319 Are you... the... original author? (I bow to you). Sorry, pick your 'R'.
2007-10-27 17:12:08
337.   OldYanksFan
327 Try wearing Alyssa's stuff.
2007-10-27 17:20:14
338.   ms october
336 No - I am not the original author - though I do have somewhat of an appreciation for it - but one would have to pick the D of their choice as well.

337 Ha Ha - these guys were such jerks they would have probably been almost menacing to her too.

2007-10-27 17:58:02
339.   Jeb
334 Ms. October, if I'd known there was a female Yankee fan living here who even blogs about the yanks I would have had to propose! LOL.

2004? No, they've been playing every other game at auburn since 1989 and the last legion field iron bowl was 1999.

I work on highland near UAB

Wow hideki....err kaz matsui looks good! I hate dais-suck.

2007-10-27 18:02:34
340.   Mattpat11
I;m not sure the Rockies understand the concept of a base. If you wander off it like a moron, you can be tagged out. Someone needs to send this memo to the Rockies.
2007-10-27 18:05:48
341.   ms october
339 ha ha. no i was saying that in the way the red sox/yankee rivarly changed some in 2004, i think auburn/alabama rivalry changed some when the games started being played at auburn too back then.

i'm not watching the game - i'd rather be pleasantly surprised later.

2007-10-27 18:07:12
342.   Jeb
341 Gotcha....Auburn's owned Bama for longer and it's been miserable here.
2007-10-27 18:09:41
343.   Jeb
341 when I was in grad school here, I loved in the fabulous "mountainside apts" (aka dump) near vulcan. Now I'm closer to Silvertron.

Yanks fans sorry to talk off-topic with Miss October, but what the heck, it's the off season, right?

2007-10-27 18:15:14
344.   Mattpat11
How long before Atkins just walks off first base? I give it a batter.
2007-10-27 18:21:43
345.   ms october
343 yeah - when i was a kid alabama had the mental edge over auburn and the history and better coaches (even after bear bryant really)and all that stuff and then it has definitely changed. some when auburn got to host games too i think, but also when alabama got put on probation.
oh yes- i liked it in that vicinity (where you are - not near the vulcan).
the sad thing is each of the "mountainside" apartments was worse than the other

hopefully we will have some yanks news to return to on monday or so
but i will leave us with a memorable huntsville, al connection - jimmy key

2007-10-27 18:28:27
346.   Mattpat11
This is non competitive.
2007-10-27 18:35:12
347.   Mattpat11
A joke. A total joke of a team.
2007-10-27 18:43:52
348.   bartap74
Game over. World series over.
2007-10-27 18:47:02
349.   Yankees Brasil
What's happening to Colorado in the WS is what should have happened last year to St. Louis.
2007-10-27 18:47:41
350.   Simone
I'm enjoying watching the Red Sox beat up on the Rockies. I love knowing that baseball writers cannot write the Rockies as the plucky underdogs who defeated the big bad Red Sox. Sooner than later, these sports writers will have to start writing those envious mean spirited articles that they used to write about the Yankees and the lack of competitive advantage about the Red Sox and their money machine now. Ha. Time for Lucchino, John Henry, and Rex Sox fans to experience what is like to be ripped on a daily basis just for being better. Hope they can take because they damn sure dished it out for years. Now they will see how pathetic they have been towards the Yankee players and their fans. Of course, they won't be subjected to the homophobic slurs that are characteristic of parochial pathetic Boston.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-10-27 18:54:09
351.   weeping for brunnhilde
Fucking Colorado.

I mean for Christ's sake.

2007-10-27 18:59:17
352.   weeping for brunnhilde
350 :)

You know, Simone, you make a great deal of sense and your observation almost (ALMOST) makes this all tolerable.

But yes, it would be nice for Boston to wear the bull's eye for a bit.

Oh my God, what am I saying? What loser talk.

Has it really come to this?


2007-10-27 19:05:29
353.   Mattpat11
I'm going to look at the bright side. Hopefully after buying two world titles in four years, the Red Sox will start getting the same absurd treatment the Yankees have been getting.
2007-10-27 19:11:11
354.   Sarasota
Does anyone think the Sox will have a bullseye on them once the DARY's overypay for A Rod? I hate the Sox but admire what they have achieved. In the end their FO made better choices, got better pitchers, and their bats have delivered at crunch time. I hope our future young pitching studs will lead the way and fast 'cause this Red Sox revival is causing me much grief.
2007-10-27 19:51:40
355.   51cq24
351 fucking BUGS. fucking bugs.
2007-10-27 19:53:47
356.   51cq24
this sox team has to be one of the ugliest teams all time
2007-10-27 20:01:27
357.   monkeypants
354 Relax. If you invoke "DARY," then you must consider the postseason a crap shoot. If so, then the regular season is the real measure of a team's success. IF so, then the Yankees have beaten the Sox the last four years overall.
2007-10-27 20:03:20
358.   monkeypants
335 I'm going to withhold judgment on who is "ruining" what, until there is actual evidence of ruining.
2007-10-27 20:10:21
359.   51cq24
358 yankees haven't won a championship since the young steinbrenners took over
2007-10-27 20:11:32
360.   monkeypants
359 Good point.
2007-10-27 20:12:51
361.   51cq24
359 357 or an eastern division title
2007-10-27 20:17:21
362.   monkeypants
361 Touché.
2007-10-27 20:22:21
363.   monkeypants
361 358 Worse yet, they haven't resigned any important free agents.
2007-10-27 20:25:18
364.   51cq24
363 they just love to leave people hanging
2007-10-27 20:27:20
365.   monkeypants
364 I think more properly "twisting," rather than hanging
2007-10-27 20:30:53
366.   51cq24
365 yeah as soon as i posted that i knew it wasnt the right word.
2007-10-27 20:46:28
367.   51cq24
rockies seem to be continuing their bizarro 96 yankees thing
2007-10-27 21:02:13
368.   yankz
Fucking Rockies, what a tease.

1 inning, with the bottom of their lineup, till 'Boner.

2007-10-27 21:38:31
369.   Hank
2007-10-27 21:39:09
370.   Hank
Sorry, just wondering if the comments were still working, or if it was just a problem on my end.
2007-10-27 21:39:15
371.   yankz
369 Wrong number.
2007-10-27 21:51:21
372.   yankz
Let The Great Boston Collapse begin!
2007-10-27 21:52:38
373.   monkeypants
371 I'm sorry, I was dialing # 134 .
2007-10-28 02:02:50
374.   thelarmis
373 well, it's after 5 now (yankz, you got my back?!), but i'm not kidding about this -- i packed up my gear and left my gig, got in the car to drive off, and it was...i shit you not...wait for it...yup -- 1:34am!!! crazy.
2007-10-28 05:40:08
375.   Bronxer
373 Ah, the mystery of 134 lives on. Maybe the Sox-07 will pull a Yankees-04 - we can only hope.
2007-10-28 05:45:54
376.   rich65a
i have an idea or perhaps wish that derek jeter would become the player manager of the yanks and save a few million to pay a-rod and the rest of the motley crew
2007-10-28 05:56:09
377.   joe in boston
375 Noooo, the mystery of Bronxer continues. I'm not alone on this one:

2007-10-28 06:03:32
378.   Bronxer
377 No, then his defense would slid even further.
2008-05-28 18:49:09
379.   fansince77
Seriously Jeter - What the fuck was that? That was piss poor.

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