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2007-10-21 14:55
by Cliff Corcoran
Note: The Bronx Banter blog has moved to

For those who are on-line, I'm going to be on Yankee Fanclub Radio at around 6:20 this evening. Give a listen or watch their live videocast below:

Listen to the archived show here. I come in at the 21:00 mark.

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2007-10-21 15:49:26
1.   thelarmis
great job, cliff! i just got home from the road, turned on my computer, went to Bronx Banter (of course) and BOOM - the clock on my laptop read 6:20. perfect timing! (good quality to have as a drummer, ya know!!!)

anyway, a wonderful job as always. kudos, my friend!

GO TRIBE!!! (i have a bad bad feeling about this though. ugh...)

2007-10-21 15:50:10
2.   yankz
I'm guessing Cliff's done, but is anyone else having problems with sound?
2007-10-21 15:50:35
3.   yankz
OK, got it.
2007-10-21 15:51:34
4.   thelarmis
hey yankz - yeah, it sounded like cliff is done, so i'm not listening anymore. i didn't have too many problems with the sound, but it did cut in & out quite a bit. it wasn't too terribly frustrating though and i was able to make out everything cliff said.

are you not getting any sound at all or is it really bad?

2007-10-21 15:52:24
5.   thelarmis
3 oh, good. hope you got to hear cliff, though it doesn't sound like you did. boo. lemme know if cliff happens to come back on the show...
2007-10-21 15:52:50
6.   yankz
4 At first I wasn't getting any at all, but after a few refreshes it worked. Now they're talking about the "Sexiest fan" - interviewing one of the finalists- so I'm out too.
2007-10-21 15:53:23
7.   Sliced Bread
1 what he said. Happened to catch the whole thing live.

Go Tribe, indeed!

2007-10-21 15:56:34
8.   Cliff Corcoran
Yeah, I'm done, guys. I'll replace the video link with a link to the MP3 once they post it later tonight. Thanks for listening!
2007-10-21 15:58:14
9.   thelarmis
8 excellent, thanking you for that! i was somewhat distracted catching up on your previous posts whilst listening to you speak. i'll make sure to listen again later and only do something mindless like play solitaire while doing so! : )
2007-10-21 16:51:48
10.   OldYanksFan
Crap... I missed Cliff, but I did find the rest of the show to be very good. They were talking to a guy named Mike, who obviously knows has baseball. He had some very, very good points about this whole affair.

Anyone else catch the whole show?
And why is it that almost EVERY Blogger I see is better and smarter than any of the FOX and ESPN commentators?

Fox and ESPN should be VERY worried about their livelyhood, and Joe Morgan better start saving more of his paycheck.

2007-10-21 17:00:55
11.   Sliced Bread

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you were more emphatic in your support of Joe on the radio than you've been here. You come across as more objective here, which is something I've admired about your writing.

What's funny is that I come across as a crazed disciple of Joe here, (I assure you it's sincere) yet if I were to be interviewed "live" (as if anyone would take a call from a guy phoning in as Sliced Bread from NJ) I'd probably sound much more objective, you know, like in real life?

Anyway, you do great work, and add intelligent perspective wherever you're heard. That's why you and Alex are the first and last stop for the word on the Yanks.

2007-10-21 17:05:25
12.   Sliced Bread
10 Honestly... and what's crazy is that a NY radio station could go wall-to-wall Yankees, intervieweing Yanks bloggers year 'round, and I bet it would do a fat number, and rake cash.
Don't tell anyone, but there's probably a good buck to be made talking about the Yankees all day, as long as ya know yer shyte.
2007-10-21 17:09:38
13.   OldYanksFan
Where is everyone? We need to project mass bad karma to the Sox (or mass good karma to Cleveland?)
2007-10-21 17:13:07
14.   Chyll Will
11 I'd take a call from Sliced Bread from anywhere... except Rye, NY. Phooey.
2007-10-21 17:13:38
15.   BatgirlReneeNYC
raises hand- Count me in for the bad karma to the Sox!
2007-10-21 17:26:39
16.   Sliced Bread
14 Sliced Bread from Rye? Also available in wheat, and honey oat...


Let's go Indians! We don't need no water let this matsusucka burn!
Burn matsusucka!... burn!

2007-10-21 17:26:40
17.   Mattpat11
Bad start
2007-10-21 17:26:49
18.   thelarmis
15 i'll raise hands, feet...hell, if i have to - GO TRIBE!
2007-10-21 17:27:37
19.   thelarmis
i really hate that kid
2007-10-21 17:35:12
20.   thelarmis
i really really hate that kid...
2007-10-21 17:35:52
21.   yankz
I will be very pleasantly shocked if Cleveland actually pulls this one out.
2007-10-21 17:38:12
22.   Simone
The game is over already. Cleveland should just concede defeat. Jake Westbrook can't even get an out so far. What a mess.
2007-10-21 17:38:30
23.   thelarmis
man is he ever UGLY!
2007-10-21 17:39:26
24.   thelarmis
22 c'mon now, this game was over before westbrook put the 1st 2 batters on. this game was over last nite. : (
2007-10-21 17:39:38
25.   OldYanksFan
Wow... is this game going to be over before the 2nd inning? Do the Indians look a lot like the Yankees in recent PSs?
2007-10-21 17:39:52
26.   Mattpat11
Westbrook is a mess.
2007-10-21 17:40:24
27.   thelarmis
yeah, that was beautiful!
2007-10-21 17:41:00
28.   thelarmis
25 yeah, and what pisses me off is that they ousted us. damnit.
2007-10-21 17:42:13
29.   SF Yanks
Is this game over before it even begins?

Sko Tribe! They need to score first to get this crowd out of the game.

Big strike out there.

2007-10-21 17:42:56
30.   Bob B
Damn! It should of been us against the Redsox in a game 7.
2007-10-21 17:43:09
31.   Mattpat11
The Indians have rolled over.
2007-10-21 17:43:30
32.   thelarmis
that just fucking sucks. i HATE this team so freaking much i can't stand it. i wish they would just contract the fucking scumbags. bollocks.
2007-10-21 17:45:57
33.   thelarmis
please, oh please, have drew hit into a DP. please.
2007-10-21 17:46:44
34.   Bob B
Looks like it's gonna be just like last night/
2007-10-21 17:47:40
35.   thelarmis
wow, it worked! thanks. c'mon tribe, get back in this - you can hit dice-k, you can heet him!!!
2007-10-21 17:51:17
36.   Mattpat11
They need to take Westbrook out. Everything is being smashed.
2007-10-21 17:51:23
37.   Sliced Bread
Matsuzaka: Must you rake-a.
Let's get 'em, Tribe!
2007-10-21 17:53:19
38.   Sliced Bread
Baserunners please...
2007-10-21 17:54:12
39.   thelarmis
2007-10-21 17:54:30
40.   Simone
36 Yep, Westbrook will give this game away in the next couple innings. Pull him NOW, Wedge!
2007-10-21 17:56:11
41.   Sliced Bread
Indeed Westbrook is sooo replaceable right now.

He has Proctor or Jaret Wright written all over him tonight.

2007-10-21 17:57:34
42.   Mattpat11
2007-10-21 17:57:43
43.   Simone
Is there someone warming up in the pen?
2007-10-21 17:57:51
44.   thelarmis
vagitek. get him outta there...
2007-10-21 17:58:13
45.   Simone
Damn, I said that someone needs to be warmed up just before Carver did.
2007-10-21 17:59:06
46.   Simone
Is someone warming up? If Sabathia is available, he has to be warming up NOW! Come on, Wedge!
2007-10-21 17:59:41
47.   Mattpat11
45 I did as well. When they announced Westbrook would pitch games 3 and 7.
2007-10-21 17:59:48
48.   Simone
Gawd, bring in someone else NOW!!!!!!
2007-10-21 18:00:33
49.   Simone
Come on, Wedge!!!!!!
2007-10-21 18:00:58
50.   Mattpat11
Eric Wedge is costing his team the world series
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2007-10-21 18:01:01
51.   Sliced Bread
Oh my God. Raise your hand if you didn't see this coming... and please go watch football.
2007-10-21 18:01:05
52.   thelarmis
good grief. tribe have no chance against these scumsuckers. rockies will have waaaay less of a chance. it's over. and i thought last postseason was rough... : (

NO bullpen activity for the indians?! what? really? hello, eric wedge, are you watching this game? it's, um, ya know, GAME 7, leading to the world fucking serious!!!

2007-10-21 18:01:39
53.   OldYanksFan
Man... at least Torre knew when to pull a starter who was giving away the series.
2007-10-21 18:02:03
54.   Simone
Game over!
2007-10-21 18:02:20
55.   Mattpat11
Lugo was the only guy to make contact that didn't smash it.
2007-10-21 18:03:30
56.   Simone
Why is no one WARMING UP? There may be another pitcher with better stuff.
2007-10-21 18:03:31
57.   thelarmis
so, at this rate, they'll win 8-0. great. just fucking great. c'mon tribe, get the fuck with it and get on base, damnit!
2007-10-21 18:04:39
58.   Mattpat11
56 Wouldn't want to hurt Westbrook's feelings.
2007-10-21 18:05:14
59.   OldYanksFan
Judging by Clevelands ABs, they look like they have given up. I swear, they looks like the Yankees in Game 1.
2007-10-21 18:06:53
60.   thelarmis
low & outside. strike, of course.
2007-10-21 18:10:43
61.   Sliced Bread
By the time Atomic Wedgie goes to the bullepn, the fucking midges will have arrived.
2007-10-21 18:12:06
62.   Simone
Dice-K is dealing.
2007-10-21 18:12:19
63.   Simone
Dice-K is dealing.
2007-10-21 18:12:24
64.   thelarmis
yeah, god forbid cleveland gets a baserunner.

dice-klay is throwing a no-hitter. i repeat a NO-HITTER. a perfect game no less. can that be?!

2007-10-21 18:13:07
65.   thelarmis
61 you are freaking hilarious, sliced! : )
2007-10-21 18:13:44
66.   Mattpat11
Well, at least they weren't no hit.
2007-10-21 18:14:00
67.   thelarmis
hey, it worked again! that's twice for me. well, 3 is my fave #, so let's try this again...


2007-10-21 18:16:51
68.   thelarmis
so, would the pitching coach consider that a thrown pitch on his clicker?
2007-10-21 18:18:12
69.   thelarmis
fuck and shit.
2007-10-21 18:21:38
70.   Mattpat11
Can they please pull him?
2007-10-21 18:22:07
71.   OldYanksFan
Where is the team we played tghis Post Season?
2007-10-21 18:22:37
72.   OldYanksFan
Can someone please tell me just exactly what Wedge is saving his BP for?
2007-10-21 18:25:20
73.   Sliced Bread
Meanwhile, in the Indians dugout, the phone rings...

Bench Coach: It's Joe Torre, Skip.
(gives the phone to Wedge)... no shit.

Wedge (into phone): Joe. Game on. What's up?

Torre (voice over): You're fucking this up, Wedgie. Get Westbrook the hell outta there.

Wedge: Ya think, Joe?

Torre (voice over): You're fucking this up, Wedgie. (click)

2007-10-21 18:25:27
74.   thelarmis
wow, a smart move by wedge. whooda thunk it?
2007-10-21 18:26:58
75.   Mattpat11
Wedge is fiddling while Rome burns.
2007-10-21 18:27:29
76.   Mattpat11
72 Game 8.
2007-10-21 18:27:59
77.   Simone
Game even more over. Wedge is a dumbass.
2007-10-21 18:28:19
78.   Mattpat11
2007-10-21 18:28:55
79.   murphy
are there rules against wearing makeup on the field? 'cos i think papi is wearing eye liner.
2007-10-21 18:29:39
80.   Simone
Now Wedge is warming up someone! Too late, too late was the cry, dumbass.
2007-10-21 18:29:42
81.   Mattpat11
Westbrook will start the fourth.
2007-10-21 18:30:17
82.   OldYanksFan
I'm not sure if the fact that they look to lose this game 6-0 is better then the fact it could easily be 6-0 now.

So... Torre's use of the BP stinks? You prefer Eric Wedge? Is he preparing for a late comeback against Papelbom and Beckett?

2007-10-21 18:31:27
83.   thelarmis
79 goes nicely w/ a-rod's purple lipstick.

81 but, of course. no doubt. : /

well, the 8-0 line is still alive...

2007-10-21 18:32:34
84.   pistolpete
Anyone think the Rockies have a realistic shot?
2007-10-21 18:32:59
85.   Mattpat11
82 Game 8 dude. Game 8.
2007-10-21 18:33:21
86.   thelarmis
great. 1st pitch swinging. 'nother measley popup. well, it sure does seem like we're watching the yankees... : /
2007-10-21 18:33:45
87.   thelarmis
84 NO
2007-10-21 18:33:49
88.   Cliff Corcoran
Hey, all, I posted the link to the archived show in the post above for those who missed it and are interested.
2007-10-21 18:35:12
89.   OldYanksFan
2007-10-21 18:36:14
90.   thelarmis
um, tim. hey, tim. ah, there ya go. yes, indeed this is the 2nd indian in scoring position. for a second there, i thought you were watching the same game as eric wedge - game 8 (hat tip to matt pat)
2007-10-21 18:37:27
91.   thelarmis
88 thanking you. can you please post a crooked number on the fenway scoreboard in favor of the visiting team? 'preciate ya...
2007-10-21 18:38:02
92.   pistolpete
The most aggravating part is that these guys all expected to win (Manny's purple tie), and now they probably will.

Why oh why did I have to move to Connecticut. I really can't stomach another ring for this fanbase, I just can't.

When exactly did we lose that mojo the Sox have right now?

2007-10-21 18:38:17
93.   Sliced Bread
The worst thing about this for me is I've maintained since April that the BoSox pitching was overrrated...
2007-10-21 18:40:41
94.   thelarmis
he knew it was gonna be high w/ vagitek standing. why swing? it was a high ball...
2007-10-21 18:41:32
95.   thelarmis
92 Game 4, 2004.
2007-10-21 18:42:02
96.   Sliced Bread
92 Not to be bitter, (seriously, I don't begrudge the BoSox) but when our batters stopped bouncing and slapping hits just out of reach... oh, and when our pitchers stopped controlling games...
2007-10-21 18:43:31
97.   Mattpat11
fucking wall.
2007-10-21 18:43:38
98.   thelarmis
nice. i HATE that freakin ugly ass green wall. i'm sorry, but i can't stand the fens.
2007-10-21 18:43:39
99.   Simone
93 I will never understand how anyone could have thought that about the Red Sox pitching, especially after they got Dice-K, but you weren't alone.
2007-10-21 18:44:51
100.   pistolpete
Stupid Nintendo ballpark.

I guarantee Francona pushes the panic button if it gets to 3-2 this inning...

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2007-10-21 18:46:56
101.   Mattpat11
Peralta moseyed on down to first
2007-10-21 18:47:47
102.   OldYanksFan
98 Remind me to tell you my famous Fenway story.
2007-10-21 18:49:38
103.   Mattpat11
Westbrook still in?
2007-10-21 18:49:41
104.   yankz
It's not mojo. Where was their mojo when they got throttled the other day? It's just shitty pitching. Simple as that.
2007-10-21 18:50:15
105.   Sliced Bread
99 I truly underestimated Beckett. Partly because I, like Cashman & Co. wuz Pavanoed.
Matsuzaka I believed in, (what's up Mike Plugh?!) but until now hasn't lived up to it like he has tonight.
Good for him... in a Red Sox way.

And the BoSox bullpen has never scared me. Goes to show how much I don't know I suppose...

but better late than never, I tip my NY cap to them now.

2007-10-21 18:51:37
106.   Mattpat11
Eric Wedge is trying to prove some point to someone. There's no other explanation.
2007-10-21 18:53:04
107.   Mattpat11
Can we take him out? PLEASE?
2007-10-21 18:54:40
108.   Simone
Why is Westbrook still in the game?
2007-10-21 18:54:59
109.   pistolpete
I was actually hoping they would have thrown Byrd out there tonight considering the news of the day. Maybe he'd have something to prove, who knows.
2007-10-21 18:55:47
110.   Simone
Just call the game NOW!
2007-10-21 18:56:46
111.   thelarmis
107 neh, what for? leave him in, he's doing just what seemingly the entire world wants - the goddamn shit sox to win. fuck boston.
2007-10-21 18:56:57
112.   OldYanksFan
In the radio show above, it was mentioned that the Yankees TEAM OPS+ this year was 123, the highest team OPS in MLB since a 1930's Yankee team. He also mentioned that in the three years, 2005-2007, our TEAM pitching ERA+ was under 100 each year.

So while anything can happen, we basically played in 3 Post Seasons, against some of the best pitching in baseball, with BELOW AVERAGE pitching.

So it's not really that much of a mystery that we lost.

2007-10-21 18:57:41
113.   pistolpete
Think I'll go watch the end of the '99 and '03 ALCS instead of this crap.
2007-10-21 18:57:42
114.   Mattpat11
I always say all managers are basically the same. I take that back. I can't think of anyone else that would do NOTHING through all this. Did he fall asleep?
2007-10-21 18:58:21
115.   OldYanksFan
111 Looks like someone has their sticks tied in a knot today
2007-10-21 18:58:56
116.   Simone
I'm convinced that Wedge secretly has BIG money on Boston. It is the only explanation.
2007-10-21 18:59:05
117.   thelarmis
113 yeah, i'm pretty close to buying the 7dvd set from the '77 WS...
2007-10-21 18:59:39
118.   Mattpat11
Westbrook will start the fifth. This bullshit is IMPRESSING Wedge.
2007-10-21 18:59:46
119.   Simone
Unbelieveable, Wedge keeps gambling with Westbrook who pulls this inning out.
2007-10-21 19:00:13
120.   pistolpete
117 I'm going have to buy a lot of stuff to distract me from what promises to be a very frustrating World Series. :)
2007-10-21 19:00:16
121.   thelarmis
i hate the baserunners and i hate the defecit but i like the double plays. please score some damn runs...

hey matt, ya think jake starts the 5th? i do.

2007-10-21 19:01:33
122.   Mattpat11
121 I think he does. Wedge decided at some point that Westbrook is giving him five innings no matter what, and I think these hard hit outs impress him.
2007-10-21 19:01:47
123.   thelarmis
120 i'm gonna do a major end of the year Metal order. it won't help far as my baseball fix goes.
2007-10-21 19:03:03
124.   Mattpat11
What a mess.
2007-10-21 19:03:10
125.   Simone
Dumbass Lofton. Like manager, like player.
2007-10-21 19:03:27
126.   thelarmis
fucking bullshit. that just sucks. fit 'em for rings right fucking now. : /
2007-10-21 19:03:39
127.   Mattpat11
And to top it off, he was safe.
2007-10-21 19:04:07
128.   thelarmis
should be 3-2. fucking crap.
2007-10-21 19:04:09
129.   Mattpat11
It wasn't even all that close.
2007-10-21 19:04:32
130.   Simone
Why was Lofton going for 2 in the first place? There were no outs in the inning.
2007-10-21 19:04:39
131.   pistolpete
It's not even here yet and somehow I'm already sick of the likely WS slogan, "Sox and Rox".


2007-10-21 19:05:00
132.   thelarmis
125 no, not dumbass. he was SAFE!
2007-10-21 19:05:04
133.   Simone
Francona smart enough to start warming up his bullpen.
2007-10-21 19:05:49
134.   Chyll Will
Wedge is likely addicted to sudden 7-run innings. Poor guy, he might have to take a drastic pay cut and manage for incentives next year to earn it all back...
2007-10-21 19:05:53
135.   thelarmis
130 so t-mac could say "and the indians have their first runner in scoring position..."
2007-10-21 19:06:29
136.   Mattpat11
Botched call looms large.
2007-10-21 19:07:15
137.   thelarmis
ya know what? just let the damn indians win. just beat these dirtholes. i'd be sooo happy to see a see of navy celebrating at the fens. c'mon cleveland!
2007-10-21 19:07:59
138.   thelarmis
136 it most certainly does. and wedge, of course, was sleeping so he didn't even argue. hell, he probably didn't even see it.
2007-10-21 19:08:36
139.   OldYanksFan
Was Lofton running hard out of the box? That looked like a double to me.
2007-10-21 19:09:11
140.   Sliced Bread
137 That's the pepper!

I'm in!

As Thurman himself might say: Fuck these fuckers!

2007-10-21 19:09:20
141.   Sliced Bread
137 That's the pepper!

I'm in!

As Thurman himself might say: Fuck these fuckers!

2007-10-21 19:09:45
142.   Sliced Bread
2007-10-21 19:10:07
143.   Simone
That wasn't a double at Fenway. Besides Lofton hesitated at 1st and then decided to go for 2nd so even he wasn't convinced.
2007-10-21 19:10:23
144.   Mattpat11
138 This is one of the most atrocious managerial jobs I've ever seen. I never like putting a managers job on one game, but I think Wedge's performance tonight is damned close to fireable.
2007-10-21 19:10:48
145.   thelarmis
140 thurman was my very first idol, makes sense. fuck these fuckin' pieces of shit - c'mon grady!!!
2007-10-21 19:11:46
146.   thelarmis
it should be a TIE FUCKING GAME!!!

ok, ok - these bad calls are supposed to even themselves out. let's hope it happens tonite.

c'mon Ass-Dribbe!!!

2007-10-21 19:12:19
147.   Mattpat11
3-2. Probably should be tied.

MLB either needs Cleveland to win this game or Boston to blow it open to avoid the uproar over the call.

2007-10-21 19:12:31
148.   thelarmis
143 lofton is fast as hell. it was a double. oh, and he was SAFE!!!
2007-10-21 19:12:58
149.   Mattpat11
146 If Wedge could have been bothered, I think he could have bought a makeup call.
2007-10-21 19:13:24
150.   thelarmis
147 i go with Cleveland winning the game.
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2007-10-21 19:14:03
151.   thelarmis
149 he's probably thinking he'll get the makeup call in Game 8...
2007-10-21 19:14:33
152.   Mattpat11
Needs to straighten it out
2007-10-21 19:14:42
153.   thelarmis
right there - makeup call: FAIR BALL - 2-run HR!!! ; )
2007-10-21 19:15:47
154.   Mattpat11
Makeup call.
2007-10-21 19:15:54
155.   OldYanksFan
143 Either that, or it WAS a double UNTIL he hesitated.
2007-10-21 19:16:03
156.   thelarmis
well, that was kind of a makeup call right there. let's hope it ends up looming large. gapper comin' up...
2007-10-21 19:16:03
157.   Mattpat11
Maybe not.
2007-10-21 19:16:39
158.   Mattpat11
155 Well, it was a double regardless. He made it in safely.
2007-10-21 19:17:37
159.   thelarmis
bollocks. ya know, as much as i hate fox and buck/mac, it's easier to listen to than chip fucking caray and gwynn's voice (i do love gwynn, though...)
2007-10-21 19:20:23
160.   thelarmis
OMG - westbrook still in. i am not shocked, however...
2007-10-21 19:21:37
161.   thelarmis
"westbrook on a short leash"

"no one up in cleveland's bullpen"

um, huh?

2007-10-21 19:21:58
162.   Sliced Bread
159 Christ, Caray was an abomination... and Gwynn on point was very cool.
2007-10-21 19:22:19
163.   bartap74
Interestingly, FOX was so busy kissing Manny's ass (better than Yaz????) that they didn't even bother mentioning that maybe, just maybe, Lofton was safe.
2007-10-21 19:22:41
164.   thelarmis
that is some really disgusting facial hair, i must say. apologies to the person who didn't want us to say things like that...
2007-10-21 19:24:17
165.   Mattpat11
Westbrook settling in.
2007-10-21 19:24:53
166.   thelarmis
163 ooh, and they just had a chance to mention the bad call, not so much.
2007-10-21 19:24:54
167.   Mattpat11
Buck has just totally forgotten that the call on Lofton was botched.
2007-10-21 19:25:07
168.   thelarmis
165 easy.
2007-10-21 19:26:03
169.   thelarmis
oh yeah!
2007-10-21 19:26:03
170.   bartap74
That's "former Yankees farmhand" Westbrook.
2007-10-21 19:26:15
171.   Mattpat11
166 I wouldn't be shocked if thats not an order from on high. You know baseball doesn't want fans thinking a botched call decided the ALCS, so maybe they've instructed Buck and McCarver to stop mentioning the call.
2007-10-21 19:26:26
172.   pistolpete
167 Shhh, it might interfere with his 'glorious Red Sox comeback' spiel after the final out.
2007-10-21 19:26:45
173.   Sliced Bread
167 Buck is very well compensated to not make such observations.
2007-10-21 19:27:01
174.   pistolpete
172 Or courageous. Make that courageous.
2007-10-21 19:28:29
175.   bartap74
174 Oh yeah. It takes real courage to win. After all, it's so much less fun than losing.
2007-10-21 19:29:08
176.   Jeb
Hey guys I'm late for the party but suzyn wouldn't let me leave her cuz she's crying about Joe again

Question - is it just me or has fox lowered the volume on mccarver and buck and raised the volume on the Fenway crowd? Seriously I feel like I can barely hear them over the crowd. I'm not exactly bitching because their pro-sox favoritism is annoying, I'm just wondering if I'm the only one.

Oh and I miss the Frank TV ads already!

2007-10-21 19:30:46
177.   Max
Hate to break it to you guys, but Westbrook has been twice the pitcher the so-called "studs" (CC and Carmona) have been. It's unbelievable that there's a game 7 given that the top two Tribe guys have stunk it up every start.
2007-10-21 19:33:10
178.   thelarmis
oh, jesus - that was up and in...
2007-10-21 19:33:24
179.   thelarmis
and buck/tim are silent. fuck them...
2007-10-21 19:34:49
180.   Max
WTF was that 3-1 pitch to Martinez? Even by the standards of the umpiring in 2007, that was unbelievably bad.
2007-10-21 19:35:03
181.   Jeb
I swear I think Henry ordered them to turn the crowd noise up to drown buck and idiot mccarver.
2007-10-21 19:35:54
182.   Bama Yankee
176 Hey Jeb, that was some game yesterday down in T-town wasn't it?
2007-10-21 19:41:03
183.   Sliced Bread
177 Seriously, Wedge seems to have adamantly crossed his arms, and willed Westbrook back into this.
2007-10-21 19:41:39
184.   Jeb
41-17. Oh God it was beautiful. I just wanted John Parker to lead the band in "Yay Alabama" like when manning lead them in "rocky top" in 97. I was at that game at the old gray lady and despise peyton for rubbing in in. Roll tide roll!
2007-10-21 19:42:40
185.   OldYanksFan
Joe Buck: "What a job done by Westbrook!" (ERA: 4.5, WHIP 1.5)
2007-10-21 19:43:04
186.   pistolpete
That Wedge is a genius!
2007-10-21 19:43:47
187.   OldYanksFan
159 Tiny Tim is easier to listen to than chip fucking caray.
2007-10-21 19:44:11
188.   Jeb
I was in scottsboro on Friday and kept my eye peeled for a guy in a Bama shirt with a NY hat.

Westbrook suddenly looks good. I guess okakima pitches the 7th...Is gagne pitching the 8th or will pabs pitch 2?

2007-10-21 19:45:40
189.   thelarmis
good lord, that chick in the suzuki ad is smokin' HOT!!!

187 yes, absolutely. both tim/buck are...

2007-10-21 19:46:04
190.   unpopster
188 The 8th is probably timlin's.
2007-10-21 19:46:27
191.   thelarmis
188 i doubt we'll see gagme in a close game here. tito would get crucified...
2007-10-21 19:47:30
192.   Jeb
How many 2 inning saves did pabs have this year? This is questionable strategy IMHO.
2007-10-21 19:48:19
193.   Max
188 Actually, I wouldn't be surprised to see Papelbon for two innings. Timlin is a reasonable choice, but he should have been brought in before Okajima.
2007-10-21 19:48:55
194.   Jeb
2007-10-21 19:49:02
195.   thelarmis
...and he was SAFE!!! yes, there ya go, joe. he was indeed -- SAFE!!! should be a tie fucking game. tribe must win. YES!

there's the sort of makeup. lofton on 2nd base. 1 out this time though...

2007-10-21 19:49:27
196.   bartap74
God bless the laziness of Manny Ramirez (and the lousy fielding of Lugo).
2007-10-21 19:49:46
197.   thelarmis
paps would go 2, i would presume...

lofton needs to steal right here...

2007-10-21 19:50:08
198.   Mattpat11
You could tell from the beginning that Lugo wasn't going to catch that ball.
2007-10-21 19:51:02
199.   Jeb
If the sux lose this game lugo will be more reviled than Nancy drew, Eric gagne and Buckner.
2007-10-21 19:51:43
200.   thelarmis
vagitek has a terrible arm. oki is slow to the plate. right-handed hitter. lofton should've been on 3rd by now...
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-10-21 19:52:17
201.   thelarmis
199 sounds good to me. 4 yrs/$36mil, right?
2007-10-21 19:52:49
202.   OldYanksFan
2007-10-21 19:52:51
203.   pistolpete
201 Or a serious bid for A-Rod.
2007-10-21 19:52:53
204.   Mattpat11
God Damnit Kenny
2007-10-21 19:52:57
205.   thelarmis
christ. why in the fuck didn't lofton score?!?!?!?!
2007-10-21 19:52:58
206.   Jeb
Why did Lofton stop???? Is the fix in?
2007-10-21 19:53:30
207.   thelarmis
skinner ain't no bowa, that's for damn sure. if there's a DP here, skinner is fired...
2007-10-21 19:53:41
208.   Mattpat11
Just in the air Casey
2007-10-21 19:54:02
209.   Jeb
Fucking Lofton!
2007-10-21 19:54:07
210.   thelarmis
2007-10-21 19:54:24
211.   Mattpat11
Well, that third base coach lost his job.
2007-10-21 19:54:30
212.   tommyl
Wow, am I glad I'm not a Cleveland fan right now. Skinner is fired, that's clear.
2007-10-21 19:54:43
213.   bartap74
Can you fire a third base coach halfway through Game 7 of the LCS?
2007-10-21 19:54:46
214.   unpopster
well, Joel Skinner just cost Cleveland the ALCS.
2007-10-21 19:54:47
215.   OldYanksFan
Now we have a blown call by the 2nd base ump and the 3rd base coach.
2007-10-21 19:54:49
216.   thelarmis
that was probably the game right there. i can't believe this crap. rockies will have no chance vs. the sux...
2007-10-21 19:54:57
217.   tommyl
209 That was all on Skinner, can't blame a runner for listening to his third base coach.
2007-10-21 19:54:58
218.   Max
Joel Skinner is about to become the most well known third base coach in major league history.
2007-10-21 19:55:39
219.   thelarmis
2007-10-21 19:55:47
220.   pistolpete
Add that DP to the 2007 championship DVD highlight reel.
2007-10-21 19:56:12
221.   Mattpat11
Un fucking believable.
2007-10-21 19:57:51
222.   thelarmis
what a bunch of crap. ah, fuck it, i'm just gonna go watch Scrubs on tbs. of course, i could just watch "scrubs" manage/coach the Cleveland "Done-dians"...
2007-10-21 19:57:52
223.   Jeb
217 you got me...but I can't hear buck and Mac over the crowd. Something is wrong with the broadcast here.
2007-10-21 19:57:58
224.   tommyl
213 Eric Wedge looked like he wanted to. Wow, seriously could you imagine if this was us? In a game 7? We'd be demanding heads right now.
2007-10-21 19:58:39
225.   Mattpat11
What the fuck was Joel Skinner thinking?
2007-10-21 19:59:21
226.   Jeb
218 mike ferraro, 1980
2007-10-21 19:59:30
227.   Mattpat11
Its all over.
2007-10-21 19:59:33
228.   Zack
Just wanted to chime in that I can't believe how small the Indians are coming up. Pathetic
2007-10-21 19:59:35
229.   thelarmis
and there ya have it. it's over...
2007-10-21 20:00:06
230.   Mattpat11
Casey Blake attempts the rarely seen "Half assed sort of reach" play
2007-10-21 20:00:38
231.   thelarmis
225 fishing trip next week...
2007-10-21 20:01:30
232.   tommyl
Hey, maybe Skinner will be available to interview next week. I kid, I kid...
2007-10-21 20:01:42
233.   Zack
Blake just returning the favor. Except the Sox will actually score because they aren't a bunch of fucknuts
2007-10-21 20:01:59
234.   pistolpete
I foresee an awful WS ad campaign involving 'Rock Em- Sock Em' robots.


2007-10-21 20:02:27
235.   Mattpat11
What a disaster.
2007-10-21 20:02:55
236.   bartap74
Let's go Rockies!!!!!!!
2007-10-21 20:02:57
237.   yankz
Blake GIDP on the first pitch, and then does that shit. Yahoo.

Jesus, don't let us down now!

2007-10-21 20:03:44
238.   yankz
I'd rather see Josh Beckett hit that homer than Dustin Pedroia. His already "compensating for something" ego just doubled.


2007-10-21 20:03:47
239.   Sliced Bread
225 "Uh, derrr, uh, if, uh, Tony Pena gets da job, derrr, uh, da Yanks will need a swell, eh, thirdbase, eh, coach, derr...."
2007-10-21 20:04:04
240.   pistolpete
No, there you have it.

Why of all people did it have to be Pedroia?

2007-10-21 20:04:06
241.   Max
Skinner's off the hook, I guess. Betancourt giving up a HR? It just wasn't meant to be.
2007-10-21 20:04:42
242.   Mattpat11
And just think. If the Yankees didn't decide to sit breaking ball all night against Paul Byrd, the Yankees might put up a fight against Boston.
2007-10-21 20:05:05
243.   thelarmis
fuck. i'm glad i missed it. yeah, "go rockies" and all, but i think everyone here realizes they have zero chance. zero.
2007-10-21 20:05:36
244.   OldYanksFan
Cleveland has all the momentum until that call. The DP then just killed the team.
2007-10-21 20:05:41
245.   Mattpat11
I think it goes without saying that Casey Blake is the goat of game seven.
2007-10-21 20:06:00
246.   thelarmis
241 yeah, maybe more should be put on Blake's shoulders - DP, error...
2007-10-21 20:06:24
247.   pistolpete
243 Did the Marlins in 2003?

We'll see.

2007-10-21 20:07:25
248.   thelarmis
we can only hope tito puts in gagme and he coughs it up. ain't gonna happen though...
2007-10-21 20:07:36
249.   Mattpat11
246 double plays happen

The lazy, half assed approach on that error is unforgivable. Get your fucking ass in front of the ball.

2007-10-21 20:07:37
250.   Zack
What a joke. I am sick of seeing teams implode, whether it is the Yankees or anyone else. The Indians had no business losing this series, yet there it is. And now we have to hear about how amazing the Sox are again. Oh well, as far as I know, the season ended two weeks ago...
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-10-21 20:08:09
251.   yankz
Seriously everyone, if you weren't a Christian before tonight, convert now!
2007-10-21 20:08:43
252.   tommyl
243 Um, the Cardinals from last year? What have we learned: Short series, anything goes.
2007-10-21 20:08:59
253.   thelarmis
247 that was against us though and we were exhausted after how the LCS ended. these are the "Sawx". rox have NO chance... : (
2007-10-21 20:10:45
254.   yankz
Just to cheer everyone up...

Dustin Pedroia age 23 OPS+ = 112
Robinson Cano age 23 OPS+ = 126

2007-10-21 20:11:29
255.   Mattpat11
The Indians will do something stupid to blow this. Someone will fall down.
2007-10-21 20:11:49
256.   yankz
Hafner is SO due
2007-10-21 20:12:52
257.   yankz


2007-10-21 20:13:49
258.   Jeb
Papelbon has never gotten a 6 out save + 2 on = hope
2007-10-21 20:15:31
259.   Max
If this were a one-run game, I could see Papelbon getting nicked. But that homer by Pedroia really hurt.
2007-10-21 20:16:10
260.   Mattpat11
Papelbon looks baked
2007-10-21 20:16:58
261.   yankz
Oh fuck you Hafner
2007-10-21 20:17:42
262.   Jeb
259 excellent point. Let's keep our fingers crossed though.
2007-10-21 20:18:24
263.   yankz
2007-10-21 20:18:37
264.   Sliced Bread
Fucking midges...
2007-10-21 20:19:21
265.   thelarmis
god, i abhor his stoopid face/stare.
2007-10-21 20:19:45
266.   yankz
The worst part will be Papelbon embarrassing Irishmen all over the world
2007-10-21 20:19:51
267.   Max
Was the ump so impressed by 97mph that he called an outside pitch to Garko a strike?
2007-10-21 20:20:13
268.   Matt B
I hate this feeling of rooting AGAINST a team instead of FOR someone. No good can come of it.
2007-10-21 20:20:22
269.   Jeb
Is it bad that I want pabs to tear a rotator?
2007-10-21 20:20:37
270.   pistolpete
264 C'mon now, Pedroia's short and all, but he's not THAT sh-

oh wait, never mind. :)

2007-10-21 20:21:06
271.   yankz
Just kill yourself 3-4-5.
2007-10-21 20:21:11
272.   pistolpete
268 It's okay when the team in question is full of arrogant a-holes.
2007-10-21 20:21:23
273.   Mattpat11
Watching Matsuzaka's smug ass celebrate annoys me more than anything there.

Cleveland should be ashamed of this performance.

2007-10-21 20:21:50
274.   Max
Game over. That was the Indians' best chance, and Garko hit it pretty well, just to the wrong part of the ballpark.
2007-10-21 20:22:29
275.   Jeb
I hate Nancy drew too. That fucker's going to get aberu's ring.
2007-10-21 20:23:48
276.   yankz
Fuck bugs, and fuck 5 game series.

NYY loses 3 of 4 to Cleveland. Boston does the same, but they get a chance to come back.

Seeing how Carmona has pitched, I have no doubt that in a game 6 or 7 vs the Yanks, he would not have repeated his game 2 performance. Not saying the Yankees would have won, but AGH *#$@#@

2007-10-21 20:24:30
277.   Jeb
272 thanks pistol! I feel better now. Hopefully he tears it in the 9th and gagne pitches.
2007-10-21 20:25:05
278.   yankz
Rockies in 4. No doubt about it.

I hope they have their WWJD? bands, because they're going to need them.

2007-10-21 20:25:12
279.   Sliced Bread
We'll be fucking skiing on midges this winter.


Sorry, I don't have better words for this.

2007-10-21 20:25:19
280.   Mattpat11
Someone owns an Actober shirt?
2007-10-21 20:25:41
281.   SF Yanks
Papelbitch needs a day in the sun. He's mighty pasty.

Are we seriously looking at the '07 W.S. Champs right now? You've got to be kidding me.

The last thing on this planet that I want to see is Boston win the World Series. Either the Rocks need a miracle or... I don't even want to think about it...

2007-10-21 20:26:43
282.   Jeb
What would Frank TV do?
2007-10-21 20:27:06
283.   Mattpat11
Game four of the ALDS is going to haunt me for a while.

I don't know if the Yankees would have beaten the Red Sox had they faced them, but I'd hope they'd at least show up for game seven.

Then again, the didn't three years ago, so I can't say that for certain.

2007-10-21 20:29:07
284.   yankz
At least Boston is the 2nd most hated team now?
2007-10-21 20:29:50
285.   Sliced Bread
283 I don't think there should be any question the Yanks had the BoSox number this year.


2007-10-21 20:30:13
286.   Jeb
Fuck Boston. Maybe the high altitude will affect them.
2007-10-21 20:30:20
287.   thelarmis
284 it seems like everyone everywhere freakin' adores the shit sox. makes me wanna vommit...
2007-10-21 20:30:50
288.   yankz
Colorado CANNOT lose, guys. Fear not.
2007-10-21 20:30:53
289.   Mattpat11
The Indians stopped trying.
2007-10-21 20:31:21
290.   yankz
Hey, the magic fourth run- you don't need your closer anymore, Tito!

Bring in Gagne!!

2007-10-21 20:31:58
291.   thelarmis
288 i fear. i fear. no way boston loses.

ugh. i can't watch this anymore. i'm sick...

2007-10-21 20:32:09
292.   weeping for brunnhilde
Insult to injury, eh guys?

What a fucking disaster of a season.

We're in crisis and Boston's still playing.

I was actually rooting, affectionately, even, for Cleveland.

Now I'm just pissed all around.

2007-10-21 20:32:28
293.   Mattpat11
I don't need to watch this anymore. If Cleveland doesn't care, I don't.
2007-10-21 20:32:42
294.   unpopster
This is going to be the nightmare of nightmare offseasons for Yankee organization:

1) Joe Torre is no longer the manager
2) Joe Torre wins Manager of The Year in the AL
3) Boston Red Sox win the WS

If Posada, Mariano, Pettitte and Arod do not sign up, this will be the worst off season in the the Yankees' illustrious history. It'll make the post-'04 off season look like a day in the park.

2007-10-21 20:32:56
295.   Max
Wow, you had a bad feeling when Skinner pulled a Bartman, but Betancourt pulling a Tom Gordon was totally unexpected. I am going to really hate living in Boston until 2009 (when we'll finally field a capable team).
2007-10-21 20:33:22
296.   Jeb
I hate them all. There's not a single red sox player that I even respect. I absolutely hate them.
2007-10-21 20:34:22
297.   Sliced Bread
295 ... if we're lucky.

C'mon fucking Rockies!

2007-10-21 20:34:30
298.   weeping for brunnhilde
294 What if they all sign with Boston?

If that happens, look ye all for the four horsemen.

2007-10-21 20:34:39
299.   unpopster
296 I agree. But to be honest, it's really hard to hate Papi.
2007-10-21 20:35:04
300.   yankz
296 I very, very begrudgingly respect Fatass. But the rest are idiots. Pedroia, Youkilis, and Schilling just cannot STFU. Papelbon and Beckett are just supremely talented assholes.

I guess I like Okajima, because he never talks.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-10-21 20:35:26
301.   thelarmis
299 no, not really. i am not a fan of his. at all. i can't stand his violent swing, either...
2007-10-21 20:35:36
302.   unpopster
298 that ain't happening. No way Mo, Posada or Pettitte go to Boston. Arod, I'm not so sure about.
2007-10-21 20:36:10
303.   thelarmis
perfect. and with that, i'm turning this off.


2007-10-21 20:36:24
304.   yankz
Pettitte already turned down Boston last time. I know Mo has said he would never go there. They already have a catcher. And Arod won't go to Boston. Don't worry about that.

But still- could things be worse for a Yankee fan right now?

2007-10-21 20:36:50
305.   Mattpat11
Okay. I'm back.

Holy fucking shit Casey Blake.

2007-10-21 20:36:54
306.   yankz
2007-10-21 20:37:08
307.   Max
My god, Blake is trying to make everyone forget Joel Skinner. That last misplay made Lugo look like Jeter.
2007-10-21 20:37:26
308.   tommyl
Boston, meet Casey Blake, Skinner and the 2nd base umpire, your ALCS MVPs.
2007-10-21 20:37:30
309.   Mattpat11
304 I'm not sure about A-Rod.
2007-10-21 20:37:33
310.   Jeb
299 I hate him for crying for an MVP in 2005 and 2006. He's just a fat fuck whose going to eat his way out of the league like Mo Vaughn.
2007-10-21 20:37:49
311.   unpopster
Mo - he won't go anywhere. He's sticking with the Yanks
Posada - ditto.
Pettitte - he has a $16mm option. Who else is going to give him $16mm at his age? Houston?
Arod - if he goes to Boston, look for Lowell in pinstripes.
2007-10-21 20:37:57
312.   SF Yanks
296 I respect Ortiz and Lowell. Seriously, that's it. I hate the rest. H.A.T.E.
2007-10-21 20:39:37
313.   yankz
310 Oh yeah- I forgot that. Fuck him.

If Arod goes to the Sox, he will be the most hated person in Yankee fan history. Seriously, can you think of a person you'd boo more than him?

He'd be booed by every single team on the road, and by 99% of fans at home. No way does he do that to himself, not when NYC is finally falling in love with him.

2007-10-21 20:39:40
314.   Max
Can you imagine if ARod pulled what Blake is pulling in this game? The NY media and fans would fry Cashman for even offering him 10 mil per year.
2007-10-21 20:40:00
315.   Mattpat11
The Keystone Koppery in an elimination game makes you wonder what would have happened if the Yankees could have hit the immortal Paul Byrd and forced a game five.
2007-10-21 20:40:01
316.   yankz
311 Someone might give him 22 mil/2 years.
2007-10-21 20:41:30
317.   Jeb
I just hope that the sux winning it all doesn't provoke a panic kennedy + Hughes + Wang + Melky + tabata deal for Santana.

I still like the yanks better than the sux over the next few years.

2007-10-21 20:44:01
318.   Mattpat11
317 I have to believe the Yankees will find something stupid to do that doesn't involve the young guys.
2007-10-21 20:44:01
319.   unpopster
316 never gonna happen. Can you imagine a player walking away from $16mm a year for $11mm, even if it is for a 2 year contract. If Pettitte has a good 2008, then he can probably negotiate another 2 more years at $15mm PLUS per year.
2007-10-21 20:44:41
320.   Sliced Bread
317 not so sure about the next few years for the Yanks, but I'm with you re: the panic button.

Try to hold tight now, Yanks.

Fuck, this doesn't look good.

2007-10-21 20:45:11
321.   Mattpat11
Luckily for MLB, the botched call at second wound up meaning nothing.
2007-10-21 20:46:30
322.   yankz
319 More to the point, didn't Andy say it was option or retirement? I'm 95% sure he did.
2007-10-21 20:47:00
323.   nick
310 Baseball reference lists them both
at 210 [hmmm]--Papi's three inches taller, though.....I'd completely forgotten Vaughn's 1995 MVP award--one of the weakest MVPs ever, OPS+ 144 with negative defensive value....
2007-10-21 20:47:21
324.   Mattpat11
322 Roger Clemens is his mentor.
2007-10-21 20:47:26
325.   SF Yanks
Silver lining: Sox fans will get their hopes up. It can only be that much better seeing them get so close and have nothing to show for it. I'd almost rather get knocked out early than to lose in the Series. Well, not really but I'll switch it in this case.
2007-10-21 20:47:48
326.   nick
this game, by the way, is just an utter fucking travesty....
2007-10-21 20:47:59
327.   Max
I despise Youkilis, Beckett, Schilling, and Pedroia. But I honestly don't hate the team as much as I hate all the bandwagoning around the team since they won in 2004.

I'm a photographer and photograph lots of events, and the number of people who are lurching to associate themselves with the Red Sox is nauseating in the extreme. And when I photograph weddings, so many couples imagine their relationships as a variation on Fever Pitch, talking about their dates at Fenway, having table details with names of 2004 RS players, and there is so much gratuitous Yankee hate from people that barely know baseball.

It just sucks living here right now.

2007-10-21 20:49:05
328.   Jeb
Betancourt just saved Joel skinner's job.
2007-10-21 20:49:12
329.   yankz
324 Oof. Yeah...
2007-10-21 20:50:16
330.   nick
maybe we can hope for Paplebon to hurt his arm pitching the 9th? not seriously, of course, just enough to miss the Series...
2007-10-21 20:50:16
331.   Mattpat11
I've never seen a team, from top to bottom, manager, coaches, players on down just completely fall apart like this. And I'm including the 04 Yankees.
2007-10-21 20:50:57
332.   yankz
I'm going to start a campaign to expand the ALDS.
2007-10-21 20:52:35
333.   3rd gen yankee fan
Just popping in to say that I'm disgustipated like everyone else here. Nite.
2007-10-21 20:52:39
334.   nick
327 yeah......spent 8 yrs living there (out before 2004, thankfully):

Sox fans are supposed to be bitter, hardcore old men with no expectations; you used to see them filling bars in Somerville or JP, with half-empty glasses of warm draft in front of them and thousand-yard stares in their eyes--

not this happy sexy yuppie horseshit....

2007-10-21 20:52:50
335.   Jeb
323 what was mo vaughn's age when he fell off the cliff and what's papi's now? Their both pigs and neither one of them weigh 210! Papi weighs about 250.
2007-10-21 20:52:56
336.   SF Yanks
This is quickly headed to one of the worst off-seasons in a really, really long time.
2007-10-21 20:53:26
337.   yankz
In fact, I might write to Rudy to include it on his campaign.
2007-10-21 20:53:50
338.   Max
331 Didn't the Cardinals have a 3-1 lead on the Braves many years ago, then completely get blown out the rest of the series?

As far as one game implosions go (especially tanking late in the game), this is pretty awful, though.

2007-10-21 20:54:55
339.   Jeb
330 why not seriously? I want Papelbon visiting Dr. Andrews for experimental shoulder and elbow surgery and a 5 year rehab.
2007-10-21 20:55:09
340.   yankz
May God continue to act through the Rockies.
2007-10-21 20:55:47
341.   SF Yanks
Wow, Lofton's had some tough luck.
2007-10-21 20:56:17
343.   Sliced Bread
327 Just for kicks (not for business, obviously) you should subtly air-brush/photo-shop ten pounds, and ten years on to every one of those fuckers.
2007-10-21 20:56:52
344.   yankz
342 What the fuck does college have anything to do with anything?
2007-10-21 20:57:32
345.   yankz
339 Cue that douchebag asshat Sox fan who only comes here when the Sox win sarcastically telling you what a great person you are.
2007-10-21 20:57:34
346.   Mattpat11
338 Did the Cardinals start running into each other?
2007-10-21 20:57:42
347.   Cliff Corcoran
You have got to be kidding me on that last catch. Worst night of Casey Blake's life? (I'm hoping the rest of his life has been good enough that that's true).
2007-10-21 20:57:46
348.   Jeb
338 the pirates trailed the orioles in the 1979 series by 3 to 1 and won. Both teams tied in the "ugly pajama-like uniform" contest.
2007-10-21 20:57:57
349.   SF Yanks
I'm so fuckin unhappy for them.
2007-10-21 21:01:43
353.   nick
339 See, ya gotta be realistic man--ask for too much and we might get nothing (or an injury to Coco Crisp, which is less than nothing)
Show/Hide Comments 354-400
2007-10-21 21:02:32
354.   yankz
351 352 see 350

Also, can you read? He said he's a photographer.

2007-10-21 21:02:33
355.   Jersey
350 That's not going to end for a loooong time. I'd actually rather not have that. There's something...icky about it.
2007-10-21 21:02:34
356.   Jeb
Let's go Rockies!
2007-10-21 21:02:34
357.   Cliff Corcoran
Papelbon is a real nut job, ain't he? Holy smokes.
2007-10-21 21:02:42
358.   Jersey
350 That's not going to end for a loooong time. I'd actually rather not have that. There's something...icky about it.
2007-10-21 21:03:19
361.   yankz
355 I love it. They'll never enjoy it fully.
2007-10-21 21:03:29
362.   Mattpat11
357 I turned the show off. Is he clothed?
2007-10-21 21:04:27
363.   Mattpat11
Oh jesus. Our hopes now rest with the Colorado Rockies.
2007-10-21 21:05:08
365.   yankz
363 Well, the first part of your post is what gives me hope!
2007-10-21 21:06:33
368.   Max
342 Dude, your team just won the pennant -- why do you care where the h**l I live? And FWIW, I'm past college and making a decent living for myself.

I have a family here, and I like this part of the country fine (though I'd live on the West Coast or in NY if I really had my druthers). I actually like a lot of the people here, at least the people I don't have to talk sports with. But yeah, being a sports fan here really sucks.

2007-10-21 21:08:19
371.   Mattpat11
347 I'd be alot more sympathetic if the first error wasn't so damned lazy looking.
2007-10-21 21:09:51
373.   Sarasota
.......I knew Papelbon was a little strange.I had no idea he was a meathead. Pedroia was awfully cocky in his post game interview too
2007-10-21 21:11:49
375.   yankz
372 Dude...please stop...
2007-10-21 21:16:41
383.   Cliff Corcoran
371 Don't get me wrong, Casey Blake is a bad baseball player, particularly in the field. Still, you gotta feel for the guy.
2007-10-21 21:17:52
384.   Cliff Corcoran
382 Cursing's one thing, but take the porn elsewhere, wouldja?
2007-10-21 21:18:55
387.   yankz
384 Thank you very much. The mental image was just piling on.
2007-10-21 21:20:55
389.   Mattpat11
383 I still hold him responsible for this. If the Red Sox wind up losing, I'll feel bad for him.
2007-10-21 21:22:10
391.   SF Yanks
388 I don't think anyone's going to use that one anytime soon. Hate to break it to ya.
2007-10-21 21:24:11
393.   Ken Arneson
Neither trolling nor trollfeeding are tolerated on Baseball Toaster. I just deleted a bunch of both. So cool it.
2007-10-21 21:28:05
395.   yankz
394 I think so, Cliff has spoken.
2007-10-21 21:28:59
397.   Ken Arneson
394 You should follow the advice in 384 . You crossed a line. Don't cross it again.
2007-10-21 21:30:52
398.   SF Yanks
393 Can't you just delete him?

And I will no longer respond to trolls so sorry about that.

How many days till pitchers and catchers again? Ugh.... this is going to be a long off-season.

2007-10-21 21:30:53
399.   Max
393 Ken, thank you. Don't forget 378 . :-)

But seriously, thanks for maintaining order and for continuing the great work with all the communities on the Toaster.

2007-10-21 21:31:45
401.   yankz
399 Yes, ditto all that. We get angry enough as it is. Trolls are just hydrochloric acid...
Show/Hide Comments 402-450
2007-10-21 21:32:22
402.   yankz
400 Dude, you're about to be banned. Drop it.
2007-10-21 21:33:29
403.   SF Yanks
396 We would be blogging if it was Indians/ Blue Jays. There was only one baseball game on tonight. We didn't have much of a choice. Maybe not as much but some games just carry more weight.
2007-10-21 21:37:06
405.   Mattpat11
404 Its also...not particularly funny the 7th or 8th time you say it.
2007-10-21 21:37:13
406.   SF Yanks
We would be blogging if it was Indians Blue Jays right? Right?.... Hello?


2007-10-21 21:37:25
407.   yankz
406 I think Jeb just got banned...
2007-10-21 21:39:10
408.   yankz
Have we really gotten 55 comments deleted in one thread?

Sorry Ken...

2007-10-21 21:39:19
409.   SF Yanks
407 I think that's what he was going for. Who seriously keeps going like that?
2007-10-21 21:39:42
410.   yankz
409 It reminded me eerily of Rob Gee.
2007-10-21 21:40:06
411.   Max
407 Shame to get banned over pushing a bad joke too far. Jeb isn't Rob Gee or anything like that, so I hope he makes it back a little chastened.

Then again, it's Ken's (and Cliff and Alex's) community, so they can do what they want.

2007-10-21 21:41:28
412.   SF Yanks
408 Yikes. Yeah, definitely sorry.
2007-10-21 21:42:34
413.   Ken Arneson
I didn't ban him for pushing the joke too far. I banned him for comparing me to a Nazi.
2007-10-21 21:43:49
414.   SF Yanks
410 411 Very similar. Being told once is way, way more than enough. Somethings up when 3,4, and 5 aren't sinking in.
2007-10-21 21:45:46
415.   nemecizer
This will be a long, dark winter if the Rockies don't deliver.

116 or so days until pitchers and catchers.

2007-10-21 21:53:06
416.   Max
414 You're right. I just didn't see him as the kind of guy to push buttons and be insulting with other people (which is the type of person I consider most disruptive on a board like this). But when you cross the line and start antagonizing the people in charge (even after being warned), you deserve what you get.

My experience with this board is that it's very tolerant, especially compared to other sports boards. Emotions run so high on some boards that some of the moderators are constantly making examples of people, and show off their "kills" to members to keep them in line. Thankfully, the general quality of discourse is higher here, and Ken trusts people to mostly stay civil.

Go Rockies!

2007-10-21 21:56:34
417.   Zack
I think I would find myself caring about what a pathetic showing that was a little bit more if my entire county wasn't currently on fire. Nothing quite like watching the sun get hidden by smoke and set in a true fiery blaze and falling asleep to the smell of smoke...Just as you all back east are settling in for fall, we have 90 degrees and Santa Anas blowing in at 70 mph with 7 % humidity. Looks like things will be getting worse before they get better, so make sure to send some positive, water filled thoughts towards San Diego county...
2007-10-21 21:57:34
418.   thelarmis
whoa!!! looks like i missed a lot of fireworks 'round these parts. sounds like i'm glad i did, too.

huh, so the scum sox added yet 2 more runs after i turned it off. ugh. i don't wanna know what paplebitch was doing during the celebration, either.

definitely, gonna be a long, cold winter. then again, i have my a/c on here in the south, so i'm not sure about the cold part!



2007-10-21 21:58:25
419.   thelarmis
417 be safe, zack! all the best, bro...
2007-10-21 22:00:55
420.   yankz
Rox won the season series 2-1, outscoring them 20-5. All in Fenway.

Course, the boys were 6-0 against the Tribe, so...

2007-10-21 22:02:04
421.   thelarmis
yeah, i'm certainly not expecting much from the Rox, but ya never know. i'll certainly be hoping and rooting for them to win in a big BIG way!
2007-10-21 22:02:42
422.   Max
417 Zack, sorry to hear that. Praying for wet, cool fire-drenching weather in your neck of the woods.
2007-10-21 22:05:02
424.   Zack
432 Hell, even if the season wasn't disappointing we would want the Sox to lose, its part of not liking another team...or their fans...
2007-10-21 22:06:44
425.   yankz
Oh, why did Ken have to put up the "DO NOT FEED THE ANIMAL" sign!
2007-10-21 22:06:53
426.   Ken Arneson
I don't want to make examples of anyone, I just want people to not insult or taunt each other. It's a simple rule, and it's usually enough to keep things civil.

Probably a third of my banned people go away, a third make things worse by insulting me with the fascism metaphor and/or trying to sneak back into the system, and a third figure out how to fix things the right way by reading the FAQ.

2007-10-21 22:07:28
427.   yankz
424 Caution, dude. Tons of troll and anti-troll posts have been deleted today. I feel bad enough for Ken.
2007-10-21 22:08:57
428.   Zack
427 I'm heading to bed anyways, surprised you're all up! Go to bed and dream of next year's rotation. In a strictly hetero way of course :)
2007-10-21 22:09:45
429.   yankz
428 thelarmis and I will be here all night...
2007-10-21 22:10:44
430.   Ken Arneson
425 I am seriously considering just closing this thread. It's getting ridiculous.
2007-10-21 22:11:07
431.   thelarmis
yeah, never in a million lifetimes would i ever spend a second of my time going to another teams' blog/site and either gloat or insult. doesn't make any sense to me...
2007-10-21 22:12:27
432.   thelarmis
428 bed? yeah, see 429 ! that said, it's been a loooong weekend and i have to get up at a decent hour tomorrow, so i'll try to get some sleep...
2007-10-21 22:12:39
433.   SF Yanks
423 "With a season so disappointing you want the sox to lose to make yourselves feel better."

I want the Sox to lose because I hate the Sox. It's simple really. You would be rooting for the Yanks to lose if the situation were reversed so what's the problem here?

2007-10-21 22:14:11
434.   SF Yanks
433 Oh crap. I just did what I said I wasn't going to. I'm out. G'night.
2007-10-21 22:14:33
435.   yankz I asked a few days people think Parkman's dad is really the dude killing off The Company?
2007-10-21 22:17:19
436.   Max
430 431 Not that this justifies anything, but this is obviously the heaviest comment volume in over a week, even with a certain popular manager leaving and making lots of news. The Banter may have invited some curious bystanders by virtue of our heavy focus on our neighbors for one evening.

thelarmis, if you really want to be appalled, you should see the number of visitors to a nyyfans game thread, and compare it when the yankees are winning versus losing (especially at key times like the playoffs, or when we're in a funk like the 21-29 tailspin). Twice as many visitors when the Yanks are doing poorly. The number of "drive-bys" is such a sad reflection of the envy of other fans.

2007-10-21 22:22:46
437.   thelarmis
yeah, that's nuts. just seems like a waste of time to me. the main thing i care about in regards to all of this, is the Yankees winning. i don't care to throw that into anyone elses faces or insult them where their team is losing. plus, this is the only site (baseball toaster) that i'm "on" as far as comments or anything...

let's hope the Rockies can continue their "mile high miracle"...

2007-10-21 22:32:49
438.   Ken Arneson
435 If Papa Parkman is a good guy, I'll be pretty darn surprised. And Heroes hasn't really surprised me for a long while, so I'm fully expecting him to be the heavy. I hope I'm wrong.

436 Traffic today on the Banter was pretty high for a Sunday, but still below a normal weekday. Perhaps the trolls are just getting a little excited about Halloween or something.

2007-10-21 22:36:44
439.   yankz
438 Yeah. He's a baddie. I just want to know how he got Nathan in on it (you heard it here first!)

You weren't surprised that Nightmare Man was his dad? I thought that was a bit cheap, because it was never even hinted. No way to predict it.

2007-10-21 23:52:14
440.   Ken Arneson
439 Well, yeah, I guess that was a bit surprising, but it was more of a "oh, groan" surprise than a "oh, cool" surprise. I suppose now that we know that Matt has an evil dad, we'll soon find out that he also has a good twin sister, and in the season finale, Matt will convince his dad to sacrifice his life to both save Matt and kill the Company Emperor, and finally restore balance to the force.
2007-10-22 05:10:37
441.   Sliced Bread
Oy. Truly did not need to see Papelbon celebrating, if that's what you can call it, on the backpages this AM.

Crouched, and screaming on the backpage of the NY Daily News, he looks a little like John Rocker.

2007-10-22 05:48:22
442.   nemecizer
441 I think there is something not quite right with the dude. I still can't get those terrible images of him step dancing with the goggles and biker pants out of my head. That was horrible.

That's why the Red Sox will never be the Yankees. Their base classlessness will always come out, especially in victory. Could anyone imagine Mo doing what Papelbon did?

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