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2007-10-08 10:41
by Cliff Corcoran
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It may seem strange, but I think the Yankees are in a better position having fallen behind 0-2 in this series then rallied to force a game four than if they had split in Cleveland then lost their home opener last night. In either case they'd be down 1-2, but I believe that, being on the verge of elimination and faced with the task of winning three straight to prolong their season, the team's approach is different than it would have been otherwise. As I wrote in my pregame post yesterday, the Yankees have to do to the Indians what the Red Sox did to them in 2004: Take the field each day with the goal of winning only that day's game.

That sentiment was echoed by Joe Torre and several of his players last night, including hitting stars Johnny Damon and Robinson Cano.

With that in mind, Joe Torre has decided to start Chien-Ming Wang tonight on short rest to take advantage of his extreme home/road splits. Wang has never started on three-days' rest in the majors before, but his ERA at home during the regular season was more than two runs lower than his ERA on the road. Over his three years in the majors, the difference is smaller, but still in excess of a run and a half. Perhaps Wang's just more comfortable on the Yankee Stadium mound. Perhaps it's that his fielders, upon whom he's very reliant, are more familiar with the bounces they're likely to get, or the speed with which the ball moves through the infield grass in their home park. Maybe Wang doesn't deal well with air travel or hotel stays. Whatever it is, it's a meaningful difference, and one that likely cost the Yankees a win in Game One when they had C.C. Sabathia on the ropes only to watch Wang cough up three runs in the first and get bounced in the fifth as the Tribe put up a five spot.

More evidence of the split can be found in Wang's performance down the stretch. He was actually fantastic, going 6-1 with a 2.67 ERA in eight starts, seven of them quality starts, but the one non-quality start (which was also the one loss) came on the road in Boston. Meanwhile, here's what he did in his last three home starts combined (against Boston, Seattle, and Toronto):

21 1/3 IP, 12 H, 3 R (2 ER), 1 HR, 8 BB, 10 K, 0.94 WHIP, 0.84 ERA, 2-0

As for the theory that sinkerballers do better on short rest because being too fresh can often cause them to keep the ball up, negating the effects of their sinkers, there's no evidence of that on Wang because he's never pitched on three-days' rest, but here are the splits for Kevin Brown, who despite being abhored by Yankee fans, was a borderline Hall of Fame sinkerballer (he also provides a reasonably large sample size):

3 Days: 2.98 ERA
4 Days: 3.17 ERA
5 Days: 3.20 ERA
6 Days+: 3.98 ERA

It's a minuscule difference, but it's there.

The Indians are sticking with their original plan by starting Paul Byrd tonight. Byrd has an interesting home/road split of his own, with an ERA two runs lower on the road. The Yankees beat him badly in August (2 IP, 7 R), but that was in Cleveland. Last year they faced him twice, once in Cleveland (another beating: 3 2/3 IP, 9 R) and once in the Bronx. In the latter he turned in a gem, holding the Yanks to one run over seven innings only to lose a 1-0 game to . . . wait for it . . . Chien-Ming Wang.

There's one other relevant Paul Byrd start I wanted to mention, that came at Yankee Stadium in Game Three of the 2005 ALDS when Byrd was with the Angels. The Yanks got to Byrd but good then too (3 2/3 IP, 4 R), but Mike Scioscia worked a quick hook and Randy Johnson and Aaron Small gave it all back plus some and the Yankees lost 11-7.

So, really, anything could happen tonight, but, if the Yankees do pull out another win, they'll have tied the series and will head back to Cleveland to play a double-elimination game with Andy Pettitte pitching on full rest against C.C. Sabathia. That's Wednesday, though. The Yankees need only concern themselves with today.

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2007-10-08 11:48:50
1.   yankz
Wang for 5, Moose for 3, Farns for 1. Yanks win big, 11-4.
2007-10-08 11:50:05
2.   unmoderated
Thanks for the insight.
can't wait.

also, I can safely say that the yanks won last night because the wife and i switched places on the couch. do we stay in the same spots tonight, or switch back? do i sit in the chair, on the floor? do i get the matsui bobbleheads and bronze munson statuette back out?

2007-10-08 11:50:39
3.   yankz
2 Don't change a thing.

I blame myself. The Yankees have only known first-round exits since I joined Bronx Banter.

2007-10-08 11:54:58
4.   SF Yanks
Ugh, my nerves can't take much more. I'm dreading the end so much, it's hurts to think about.

This is exactly the type of mismatch that scares the living crap outta me. You gotta figure Wang's a lock for a solid 5 innings and that Byrd will be roughed up. It's got reverse-lock written all over it. Hopefully though, its not so much of an advantage to actually have the reverse-lock effect.

Whatever....just win.

2007-10-08 11:56:08
5.   51cq24
is clemens going to be replaced on the roster with ian kennedy? it doesn't seem like clemens could be of much use if there's a next series. who else could replace him if not kennedy?
2007-10-08 11:57:18
6.   SF Yanks
2 Keep things the same. If you happen to be eating butter, then go by 25 tubes of it so you can eat it the entire game. If you were doing pushups, well, be prepared to have no arms the following day.. Get my drift?
2007-10-08 11:57:31
7.   Rob Middletown CT
According to my wife last night, the Yankees do well when I don't watch. In frustration, I have on occasion retreated. I'll still listen, but from another room while doing something else.

A quick list of games when I did this:

2001 WS games 4 and 5. I was listening when Tino and Brosius hit their HRs, but didn't actually see them in real time.

2003 ALCS game 7. I heard, rather than saw, most of the rally against Pedro. I did come down in time for Posada's bloop double.

Last night.

Of course, I did it some other times and they lost anyway. It means nothing. Still, perhaps I will "watch" tonight's game from afar.

2007-10-08 11:57:51
8.   cult of basebaal
britton, villone, edwar ... i'd prefer someone who could go long relief though, which probably means IPK, or maybe villone
2007-10-08 11:58:12
9.   SF Yanks
5 Villone, Edwar, and Britton I believe
2007-10-08 12:00:45
10.   SF Yanks
7 Yes, please, stay away from the telly. I will be wearing my same home jersey as last night with a big 42 on the back.
2007-10-08 12:01:42
11.   Knuckles
Ugh- that ALDS Game 3 was the worst. A rainy Friday night in DC and I was watching it at the aptly named Billy Martin's tavern in G'town. My future in-laws were in town at the time, and they probably left shaking their heads as I uttered more than a few choice words at the TV screen in the bar...
2007-10-08 12:02:34
12.   ihrtstrayrod
The Yankees are in the playoffs! Let's go Yankees!
2007-10-08 12:06:30
13.   Bookworm
2 -- I agree with yankz -- don't change a thing!

On my end, I can't find anything that I did differently for the games we didn't win vs. the one we did, except following the B.B. comment thread during the game (when we lost). So! Let's go, Yankees -- and I won't be here during the game! :-)

2007-10-08 12:06:51
14.   rbj
I better run and get some more Old Speckled Hen ale then.

2007-10-08 12:17:05
15.   standuptriple
14 I threw caution to the wind and went the Newcastle route. And it worked. Still have enough for tonight. I'm doing my part for the team (at least that's what I'm telling the wife).
2007-10-08 12:21:43
16.   tommyl
I'll be there tonight, right by the LF foul pole in the second deck. I'm beyond excited, this will be my first playoff game since Game 1 of the 2003 WS (stupid Juan Pierre bunt ruining my night off the bat). BTW, my uncle was there last night and swears its the loudest he heard the stadium ever, louder even than Tino's HR in the 98 WS.

Guess what else? I printed out Cliff's series preview to take with me. Great writing guys, thanks!

2007-10-08 12:32:30
17.   YankeeInMichigan
Is today Pettitte's throw day? If so, could he be available as a LOOGY?
2007-10-08 12:34:13
18.   Yankee Fan In Boston
17 i read someplace that it is indeed his throw day. i would imagine that an inning or so might not be out of the question.
2007-10-08 12:42:44
19.   Rob Middletown CT
Hmm. Considering that he was effective when used that way in the regular season, I'm up for that (an inning, not as a LOOGY - I don't think his stats make a case for use as a LOOGY). All hands on deck.
2007-10-08 12:43:02
20.   bp1
4 I have the same fear. I pray that Byrd does not go all Kenny Rogers on the Yankees tonight and pitch the game of his life. Be on the lookout for smudge marks.

Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed. Let's Go Yankees.

2007-10-08 12:50:12
21.   NetShrine
Cliff - Wanger has pitched in the bigs on three days rest before:

2007-10-08 12:57:05
22.   cult of basebaal
19 yeah, but i bet torre is hoping that he can make that inning coincide with having to face sizemore and hafner at the top of the lineup
2007-10-08 12:57:58
23.   cult of basebaal
according to pete ... looks like villone is active for 2nite
2007-10-08 13:01:28
24.   monkeypants
23 That's after burning through Joba and Mo in a semi-blowout, Torre can turn to the always trusty Villone in some critical, high-leverage, mid-game situation.
2007-10-08 13:02:45
25.   yankz
If today's Pettitte's throw day, why was he warming up yesterday?

Don't pitchers usually throw on their second day of rest? Today would be his 3rd.

2007-10-08 13:06:33
26.   Mattpat11
1 Its my dream to win the world series without ever having to see Kyle Farnsworth's face.
2007-10-08 13:08:14
27.   Mattpat11
24 You say that as if Veras, Farnsworth Ohlendorf and Vizcaino couldn't blow through a five run lead in three innings.
2007-10-08 13:08:21
28.   Bob B
I believe that until Number 13 goes to Boston the Yankees can never win another World champion ship. I say this despite loving A-rod (I believe the Yankees do not make the playoffs without him these last three years.). First, he wears Number 13. Bad. The Yankees blow a 3-0 lead in his first season and the despised Redsox end 86 years of futility. Very Very bad! It was just bad Karma to get him-like it was bad Karma to get Kevin Brown and Randy Johnson. It is the reverse of the Babe Ruth curse........the best player in Baseball comes to the Yankees and the curse is reversed. I fear the God's of baseball have turned their backs on us. The only way to make them smile on us again is to Sacrifice A-rod. It's like a Greek tragedy. I can't watch these games anymore. The bugs at Jacobs field. God's of baseball revenge. I'd rather watch the Jets play than suffer these slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. At least with the Jets I know they'll find a way to lose. With the Yankees it's pure torture.
2007-10-08 13:10:37
29.   yankz
27 You only needed at max one inning from them.
2007-10-08 13:11:18
30.   yankz
28 Are you being serious or just parodying that "Let Arod walk and spend money on the minors!" dude from yesterday?
2007-10-08 13:11:39
31.   tommyl
28 Man, are you seriously advocating the Yankees get rid of A-Rod because he wears the number 13 and so is bad luck?! Ending your rant with Shakespeare doesn't make it seem any more intelligent.
2007-10-08 13:11:59
32.   cult of basebaal
28 wow ... just ... wow ... looks like you picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue
2007-10-08 13:12:04
33.   tommyl
26 I share your dream.
2007-10-08 13:15:44
34.   Yankee Fan In Boston
26 you are not alone.
2007-10-08 13:17:45
35.   Wait Til Next Year
This is going to be a blow-out! Byrd stinks! Joba and Mariano won't even have to pitch tonight! Go Yankees!
2007-10-08 13:24:33
36.   Yankee Fan In Boston
30 31 32 now wait a second. hear this out...

maybe if they got rid of the best active player in the game they could improve.

y'know, set aside his 50-something HRs (22 of which tied the game or put the yankees ahead, but 31 of those were unlucky). forget that he's a mentor to two important young players, just coming into their own.

maybe we'd be better off.

because he may or may not be unlucky or cursed.

i'll go grab a calculator and a ouija board and report back.

2007-10-08 13:30:55
37.   Mattpat11
29 I think they're capable of blowing it. They're no good.
2007-10-08 13:31:22
38.   tommyl
36 If you believe that, I have some magic beads here to sell you...;)
2007-10-08 13:33:44
39.   Yankee Fan In Boston
38 i didn't say i believed it, just that i was willing to research the possibility.

the ouija/calculator thing didn't produce conclusive results, but fortunately i have a magic eight ball on hand... let's see here...

2007-10-08 13:34:22
40.   Yankee Fan In Boston
39 "ask again later"

jeepers, we may never know.

2007-10-08 13:35:43
41.   tommyl
40 Hmmm...have you tried tea leaves? tarot cards? or I know! Astrology!
2007-10-08 13:36:41
42.   yankz
37 Ignoring the fact that Ohlendorf was good in his very small sample and Vizcaino was phenomenal for a very, very long period of the season (until most likely getting tired), you could bring in Joba if they get in trouble. If you're willing to bring him in for 2 innings, you should be willing to bring him in for 1.2 innings. Maybe the relievers get lucky and make it through without giving up a run (like Joba eventually did). Maybe they don't. Either way, it would be worth the risk.
2007-10-08 13:50:25
43.   yankz
41 Venus is unfavorable for the Yankees today ;(
2007-10-08 13:52:38
44.   Yankee Fan In Boston
43 easy on the ladies, yankz.
2007-10-08 13:54:12
45.   yankz
44 Ha!

I guess it means, Arod has a monster day but then fights with Cynthia, which will cause him to have a miserable Game 5.

2007-10-08 13:54:29
46.   Yankee Fan In Boston
here are the lineups via mr. abraham:

Johnny Damon LF
Derek Jeter SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Hideki Matsui DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Melky Cabrera CF
Doug Mientkiewicz 1B
Chien-Ming Wang RHP

Grady Sizemore CF
Asdrubal Cabrera 2B
Travis Hafner DH
Victor Martinez 1B
Jhonny Peralta SS
Kenny Lofton LF
Franklin Gutierrez RF
Casey Blake 3B
Kelly Shoppach C
Paul Byrd RHP

2007-10-08 13:54:46
47.   JL25and3
I'm leaving soon to go to the game tonight. Man, they better win this one - or, at worst, lose a good game. I've been to lots of postseason games in my life, going back to the Chambliss game, but I've never seen a pack-up-and-go-home loss.

My nightmare is that Byrd suddenly goes all Chad Gaudin on them ( while Wang struggles again. Last night does make me feel a little more hopeful; now, if The Greatest Clutch Player Of Our Generation (TM) can get unstuck, it would sure be nice.

2007-10-08 13:56:33
48.   Jeb
[This is for Bama Yankee and fans Karma of Karma everywhere...Sorry for the repost from an earlier thread, but I'm as nervous as a damn housecat and am feeling superstitious]:

Today doesn't "feel" like game 4 last year. Today feels like a win.

It's all about TODAY. Win one game. Just one. Don't even think about Wednesday. Don't check the "*if necessary" times for that game. That game doesn't exist. It's apocraphyl. Just focus on today. Today only. Almost time to put on the "EVIL EMPIRE" T-shirt. Inning by inning. Brick by Brick. I know in my heart that three things are going to happen today:

1. Arod's going to do something to lead this team.

2. Wanger's sinker will be dancing more at home.

3. The Yankees will win today.

Who's with me?????

2007-10-08 13:58:01
49.   Jeb
As with last night, I believe that we need to STEAL STEAL STEAL STEAL all night long to put the pressure on the Tribe and not allow Double Plays. Melky, Cabrera, Jeter, Arod and Bobby need put their wheels on!
2007-10-08 13:59:49
50.   yankz
49 V-mart's not catching tonight...
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2007-10-08 14:01:19
51.   tommyl
49 Um, what are Byrd's go/ao ratios? He is even getting a lot of DPs?
2007-10-08 14:01:28
52.   Bama Yankee
48 I'm with ya, Jeb (BTW, that post could make a nice pregame speech. Coach Bryant would be proud. Roll Tide and Go Yankees)
2007-10-08 14:01:42
53.   NC Highlander
ESPN's stats on Byrd:

• Had second-worst hits-per-9 innings rate of MLB pitchers (minimum 162 IP): 11.18
• 1-0, 5.02 ERA in three career postseason starts (20.65 ERA in two career October regular-season starts)


2007-10-08 14:02:53
54.   NC Highlander
This one was Wang's:

10-4, 2.75 ERA at home in 2007

• Hasn't lost consecutive starts since April 24 and 29, his first two starts of the season

2007-10-08 14:04:39
55.   Bama Yankee
48 I'm nervous too, Jeb. But I'm doing my part to keep the line moving...

Once again, "We've got our backs against the driver's seat"

Hope you like peanuts, ol' buddy... ;-)

2007-10-08 14:05:12
56.   SF Yanks
35 Exactly what makes me uncomfortable about tonights game.

Did anyone have a hard time watching Joba last night after his 1st inning? For some reason it seemed almost painful to watch. You just knew he was tired and couldn't find the strike zone, and I felt like each pitch was just damaging his arm. It felt like he had already thrown 160 pitches and just kept throwing more and more. Ugh, I hope he doesn't have to pitch tonight.

2007-10-08 14:10:52
57.   yankz
56 Yes, I know exactly what you mean. With a tired Wang (hehe) and a mysterious Moose, we better hope they drop a 8-spot in the second something.
2007-10-08 14:11:46
58.   Mattpat11
42 Vizcaino has been pretty bad for the last two months, and last I heard Ross Ohlendorf was TOO YOUNG AND INEXPERIENCED AND TORRE IS AN AWFUL HUMAN BEING FOR MAKING HIM PITCH IN THE PLAYOFFS! HOW COULD HE DO THAT TO HIM?

And I'd rather not sit on our asses and wait until the tying run is on base to bring in the competent relievers.

2007-10-08 14:14:01
59.   Bob B
Flash.............Clemons is finished for the ALCS and probably WS.
2007-10-08 14:16:39
60.   yankz
58 You'd rather have last night happen. Joba throws 40 pitches (his ML career high, after throwing 2 long innings on Friday), gives up the run that Farnsworth or Veras might have given up, and will likely be exhausted today. OK.

In a 5-run game, the tying run cannot be on base. The lead was that big. They had a margin for error.

2007-10-08 14:17:20
61.   seamus
58 viz had a bad September, but he did NOT have a bad August. He had a 1.38 ERA in August, allowing only 2 runs in 14 appearances.
2007-10-08 14:18:24
62.   Mattpat11
60 Yes I would. I'd rather win the game than let the scrubs lose it.

If we lost the playoffs with Kyle Farnsworth on the mound, I'd have wanted Joe Torre and Brian Cashman fired before the lights went out.

2007-10-08 14:19:06
63.   ms october
56 Yes - a little bit.
The fact that Joba was on such a ridiculously high level for a while there also makes me nervous. Even though I know he has now given up a few runs now, I still get nervous when he gets in trouble because I don't want it to effect him - what I am trying to say and what may sound irrational is I think he was too good when he first came up - there is no way to sustain that level of excellence and every time he falters even just a bit I hope it does not mees with him. Though I think it makes me more nervous than it does him.
Also, he has not really been pitching for that long when you think about it. He did not have the whole Little League/high school "star" experience that most of the major leaguers from the US had. I keep wondering (and that weird SI article did not adddres it) - how much "professional" pitching coaching Joba has had. Probably not until he got to U Nebraska and he was probably 19 or 20 then and then went to Hawaii and had a rushed minor league development. All of which to say is the potential for him to get better is crazy.
2007-10-08 14:19:49
64.   yankz
62 I've said it a bunch of times before. You refuse to read the entirety of comments. So I'm not going to bother repeating myself.
2007-10-08 14:20:42
65.   yankz
63 I know what you mean, but every indication so far (including quotes from people around him) suggests that he has the mental makeup necessary. Keep the faith!
2007-10-08 14:22:38
66.   Jeb
52 55 Thanks Bama and a big "ROLL TIDE" to you from the Magic City.

Last summer when I was in Yankee Stadium I screamed "ROLLLLLL TIDE ROLLLL!" everytime Andy Phillips came to the plate and got some odd looks from around the plate.

Of course, everytime I try to start the "Roll Call" at Bryant-Denny Stadium I get even funnier looks.


2007-10-08 14:24:42
67.   Jeb
55 and I love peanuts...I'll have to go down to the Peanut Depot this week for some celebratory boiled peanuts...I'd love to introduce boiled peanuts to the new ballpark....Talk about the odd looks!
2007-10-08 14:28:44
68.   Mattpat11
64 I read your comments. I think you're wrong. I've watched the trash of the bullpen throw away too many games to trust them with anything in an elimination game. I watched Ohlendorf and Vizcaino piss away two games THIS SERIES. I've watched Kyle Farnsworth fail at everything for two years. Jose Veras can't get out minor leaguers.

Its a shame Chamberlain had to be used. But until the Yankees change their philosophy of "BUT LOOK HOW HARD HE THROWS!" this is the reality of our bullpen.

2007-10-08 14:30:52
69.   Bob B
60 How about Farnsworth starts, give's up a leadoff home run and then get's pulled. No chance for him to really screw up and 8 innings to catch up.
2007-10-08 14:38:02
70.   yankz
68 Yeah, your capital letters have totally convinced me that taxing Joba's already tiring arm was the right move. Because there's no chance Farns could duplicate his 4/19 scoreless inning vs. CLE, or Vizcaino like he did from 8/11 to 8/12, with Joba waiting in the wings the second they get into trouble. Farns sucks SO BAD HE CAN GIVE UP 5 R HOMERS!!!!!!!

Do you understand how pitching changes work? You don't have to leave a guy in for an entire inning.

Or yeah, 69 sounds about right.

2007-10-08 14:40:36
71.   yankz
Jeter is 11-27 vs. Byrd. He needs to step up today.
2007-10-08 14:46:17
72.   Bama Yankee
66 Way to represent, Jeb. That roll call idea at Bryant-Denny has potential.

67 Boiled peanuts at the Stadium, boy that would be something...

I check back in with you guys later on tonight after we even this thing up...

2007-10-08 14:53:38
73.   Mattpat11
70 I understand. Bring the goofs in, let them fail, then use Joba anyway just with less room for error.
2007-10-08 15:02:03
74.   nick
Bullpen wise, look at the big picture: who thinks we can win the world series with only Mo, Joba and our 4 remaining healthy starters getting innings? That's six guys!

For a possible next series, Moose and Hughes would both be in the rotation--Hughes would be in line to start game one at Fenway....

That said, we can get through today Wang-Moose-Mo if all goes well...

2007-10-08 15:03:10
75.   yankz
2007-10-08 15:05:49
76.   nick
If Moose were to have to face Boston, five days rest might give him enough of a fastball to be effective for six innings....
2007-10-08 15:08:29
77.   nick
68 well, but we HAVE to use Viz--the Clemens injury just removed our margin--Hughes and Moose are starting against Boston--these are not gonna be 8-9 inning outings, unless Hughes matures real fast....

Now, that said, today is the most important game in Yankee history, and I'd rather see Wang-Moose-Mo, nobody else...(but what if it's Bad Moose, aka Mid-80s-Moose?)

2007-10-08 15:17:55
78.   Mattpat11
75 Two walks, two singles and a HR.

ABSURD theory for men who have allowed a combined 70 walks, 126 Hits and 15 HR a combined 135 IP.

2007-10-08 15:23:48
79.   Alex Belth
Hey, I'm at the park working the game for Cashman just had a good line, talking to a hoard of reporters on the field as the Yankees took bp. When asked about Chamberlain he said, "The Rules here in October, the rules are to win."
2007-10-08 15:25:36
80.   monkeypants
78 Shit, I totally forgot that Torre would have to leave one of the bums in for five batters even if he got no one out. Yep, you nailed it--better to just pitch Joba until his arm falls off and/or he starts giving up runs.
2007-10-08 15:29:08
81.   monkeypants
78 Reviewing the stats you present--the relievers gave up a total of about 210 baserunners in 135 innings, and about 1 HR every 9 innings. So, the most likely outcome had they pitched the 8th would have been about two baserunners and zero HRs.
2007-10-08 15:31:03
82.   yankz
81 Nice. Thanks.

79 Money.

2007-10-08 15:32:42
83.   Mattpat11
80 Frankly, things fall apart so quickly with those goofs that I don't have faith in Torre pulling them quickly enough. And if Chamberlain finally comes in with second and third one out and the tying run at the plate, you're putting him in a really bad spot.
2007-10-08 15:44:22
84.   OldYanksFan
Joba was warmed up when we still had a 2 run lead, so he was coming in. Bringing him in in the 7th was fine. I'm don't think having him pitch the 8th was necessary. However, Torre mentioned that Mo had more pitches recently then Joba, and he didn't want to use Mo for 2.

Had Joba had a better 8th and not thrown as many pitches, I don't think people would be bitching... but it is scary to think of overusing him and damaging his arm.

I do believe that Contraras, Cashman and Guidry have all discussed to great lengths Joba's limitations, and that Torre was 'within his leash'.

My guess is the scrubs could have gotten by with a 5 run lead... but sometimes a game needs to be iced.

2007-10-08 15:55:24
85.   SF Yanks
83 If you don't take the chance with them, you're taking a bigger chance with Joba's arm. Pick your poison, but I want to savior his arm.
2007-10-08 16:02:58
86.   Sarasota
I Love that Torre confounded his critics and brought Hughes in instead of Mussina last night. He threw the dice with Phranchise and he rode Jaba to the limit. Tonight the rest of the staff needs to step up
2007-10-08 16:13:59
87.   Bob Timmermann
Shoppach starting at catcher for the Indians tonight with Martinez at first and Garko on the bench.

Mientkiewicz at first base for the Yankees and batting ninth.

2007-10-08 16:14:32
88.   monkeypants
84 You're right about the seventh. I will say, however, (and last night's thread should back this up), that Hughes should have started the seventh. And I definitely said last night that Joba should not have come out for the eighth, regardless of his pitch total.
2007-10-08 16:17:47
89.   monkeypants
88 What I mean, of course, is that I was calling for Hughes for the seventh and no Joba for the eighth before the fact, not from hindsight.

Oh well, maybe WangMoose can give eight strong and the offense provides a big lead.

2007-10-08 16:21:27
90.   Jeb
I gotta go get the papers...get the papers.
2007-10-08 16:30:06
91.   Jeb
I'm glad Frank Thomas likes the yanks. One of my former coworkers brothers pitches for the orioles and used to be on the chisox. He said that everyone called Thomas "the big hurt toe" behind his back
2007-10-08 16:32:15
92.   RIYank
I was disappointed that Joba had to pitch two, too. To. But OYF makes a good point (he was warming with a 2-run lead and once he warms he may as well pitch), and if he hadn't struggled in the eighth I think we'd all be happy with the performance. I didn't want Mo to come in at all with a 4-run lead, but he only threw ten pitches so it wasn't a costly decision.

If Andy can really give us a Throw Day inning tonight, we might be in pretty good shape. Shockingly.

2007-10-08 16:32:33
93.   williamnyy23
91 Chad Bradford?
2007-10-08 16:32:57
94.   ihrtstrayrod
we play today, we win today das it
2007-10-08 16:36:32
95.   williamnyy23
92 I have no problem with bringing in Joba for the 7th, but he shouldn't have been sent out in the 8th. Torre was simply enacting a pre-game formula and wasn't willing/able to adapt to the game situation. I think even Torre was second guessing himself in the dugout. After Cano didn't field the groundball by VMart to lead of the inning, the camera caught an uncharacteristically angry reaction from Torre (almost as if he was thinking, come on Robbie, we need to save pitches). After the DP, however, the camera caught Torre express disproportionate approval. After that point, all hell broke loose and it looked like Torre was in panic mode.

Hopefully, the Yankees score a lot of runs because they are going to be at a disadvantage in a late/close game

2007-10-08 16:36:58
96.   Jeb
Yep. But shhhh. Last year we caught the braves and mets at the Ted and me and my friend walked with him through a sea of fans. No one recognized him! Then I got to talk baseball with him. What a damn thrill. Nice guy.
2007-10-08 16:37:22
97.   williamnyy23
94 We win today, we play on Wednesday. Das it.
2007-10-08 16:39:16
98.   OldYanksFan
88 I think Torre is counting on Phil for an inning or 2 in game 5.

My stomach is in a knot.
Good luck buys. Let's keep the faith Banterers.

2007-10-08 16:39:21
99.   ny2ca2dc
oh no
2007-10-08 16:39:34
100.   randym77
Well, this is not promising.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-10-08 16:39:37
101.   dianagramr
Sizemore is one of my favorite players to watch, but maybe not tonight.
2007-10-08 16:39:39
102.   JoeInRI
well at least no one was on
2007-10-08 16:39:42
103.   OldYanksFan
Oh shit. Wang's ball is not sinking.
2007-10-08 16:39:50
104.   Jeb
Paging Mr.Mussina. Mr. Mussina to the Bullpen rubber
2007-10-08 16:40:26
105.   cult of basebaal
goddammit all to hell wang, throw sinkers, not thigh-high meat
2007-10-08 16:40:33
106.   JoeInRI
one gb out
2007-10-08 16:40:43
107.   bobtaco
Wait, this is some kind of mirror image of the opening game, I think it is a good omen. Wang takes a punch and then cruises.
2007-10-08 16:40:46
108.   fansince77
I think we all know we have to score 4 to win tonight anyway- so I am sort of glad we got that out of the way.
2007-10-08 16:41:44
109.   monkeypants
OK, second batter grounded out...let's see if Wang can weather the first inning. If he gives 5 inn, 3 runs, the team should have a chance.
2007-10-08 16:41:54
110.   fansince77
Chip Caray seems to relish in Yankee woes. I hate this guy.
2007-10-08 16:42:49
111.   Bob Timmermann
First leadoff homer by an Indian in the postseason since Al Smith led off Game 1 of the 1954 World Series with a homer off of Johnny Antonelli.
2007-10-08 16:42:55
112.   Yankees Brasil
Wang's pitches are not really sinking that much. He's left a lot of them up in the zone.
2007-10-08 16:43:11
113.   fansince77
we're still good. no problem. double play coming up.
2007-10-08 16:43:15
114.   monkeypants
Why are the announcers going on and on about Wang's velocity? I mean, he's throwing pretty much the same speed as normal, right? Don't they give these guys an info sheet at the start of the game?
2007-10-08 16:43:24
115.   Zack
Well, won't matter how bad Byrd is if we can't get out of the first
2007-10-08 16:44:10
116.   randym77
114 That's exactly what I was thinking. That's the speed Wang always throws. It is surprising for a sinkerballer, but that's why he's so good.
2007-10-08 16:44:19
117.   cult of basebaal
obviously, none of this broadcasting team has ever read a scouting report on wang ... they seem dumbfounded that he throws mid-90's sinkers ...
2007-10-08 16:44:28
118.   fansince77
Yankee Stadium will NOT allow the Yanks to lose! That place will come down.
2007-10-08 16:44:28
119.   JoeInRI
114 They have to talk about something . . .
2007-10-08 16:44:41
120.   SF Yanks
Where's the vintage Wanger hiding? I know you're in there.... show yourself. You are in there right?.....Wanger?
2007-10-08 16:45:19
121.   cult of basebaal
and to follow that up, gwynn seems convinced that mid-90's sinkers are counter-productive, it's like they never experienced game 2 and fausto carmona ...
2007-10-08 16:45:23
122.   dianagramr
Wang OPS by inning, career:

1ST .727
2ND .560
3RD .626
4TH .683
5TH .735
6TH .762
7TH .715
8TH .740

2007-10-08 16:45:35
123.   JoeInRI
ok - 2 down
2007-10-08 16:45:45
124.   fansince77
2 ous. no problem.
2007-10-08 16:46:05
125.   Bluebleeder87
fellow toasters, I have a question, are you guys as annoyed by the Bon Jovi song TBS is playing as I am? or is a NY/Jersey thing to "like" Bon Jovi?
2007-10-08 16:46:34
126.   ny2ca2dc
two weak grounders. he'll be fine
2007-10-08 16:47:04
127.   Yankees Brasil
I wanna know why is it impressive that Carmona throws a 95+MPH sinker but it is trouble when Wang is the one throwing that same pitch.
2007-10-08 16:47:18
128.   JoeInRI
125 Depends on your generation . . .
2007-10-08 16:47:23
129.   dianagramr

Bon Jovi ..... what is this Bon Jovi you speak of? :-O

2007-10-08 16:47:26
130.   fansince77
JEsus this guy (CARAY) is a fucking CLEVELAND FAN! He should be fined by MLB TBS and the National Broadcaters association! "They've been GGGGREEEAT!"
2007-10-08 16:47:33
131.   cult of basebaal
well ... chip caray has waxed orgasmic about "small ball" tactics for the 1st time tonite
2007-10-08 16:47:49
132.   ny2ca2dc
n0w its fucking sinking
2007-10-08 16:47:50
133.   SF Yanks
122 Very interesting. So he's generally on between the 2nd and 5th innings with the 6th being his worst.
2007-10-08 16:48:42
134.   JoeInRI
Be bad Jhonny . . .
2007-10-08 16:48:47
135.   rbj
125 I'm a Springsteen fan (Born to Run era). Part of the older generation.
2007-10-08 16:49:04
136.   monkeypants
131 That's fine by me--it's just empty baseball wisdoma and I just ignore that stuff at this point. It's the misinformation and downright ignorance about the teams that bugs me.
2007-10-08 16:49:14
137.   JoeInRI
Yankee Killer???
2007-10-08 16:49:19
138.   Mattpat11
107 Sabathia cruised?
2007-10-08 16:49:38
139.   cult of basebaal
2007-10-08 16:49:42
140.   JoeInRI
2007-10-08 16:49:50
141.   Jeb
110 chip carey is a bag of shit. And I'm damn tired of hearing about Yankee killer first ballot hall of famer Kenny lofton.
2007-10-08 16:49:53
142.   Zack
god fucking dammit, I am so sick of this crap. Oh well
2007-10-08 16:49:57
143.   fansince77
shit that hurt...remember need four anyway. That's bullshit lucky BULLSHIT!
2007-10-08 16:50:00
144.   ny2ca2dc
fucking nonsense...... at least gwynn realizes this is indian luck...
2007-10-08 16:50:03
145.   JoeInRI
135 Ditto . . .
2007-10-08 16:50:23
146.   thelarmis
"a blooper turns to gold"? really? fuck you, chip.

hitting mute already.

i get home in time for the 1st pitch and we're already down 2. crapola.

2007-10-08 16:50:39
147.   monkeypants
137 He has killed the Yankees this series, to be fair.
2007-10-08 16:50:44
148.   dianagramr
I knew I should have bet the "over"
2007-10-08 16:50:44
149.   bobtaco
138 Role reversal, the Yankees pound Byrd.

Shut up Chip!

2007-10-08 16:51:50
150.   thelarmis
is moose warming?

hey cult - i was saving my last like 4 texts for you for wednesday's game, while i'm teaching, for updates. at this point, let's just hope for a game wednesday...

here's hoping byrd shits the coop...

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-10-08 16:51:52
151.   Yankees Brasil
It's tough when you can't get out of the 1st inning with your best/second best pitcher on the mound.
2007-10-08 16:52:00
152.   JoeInRI
I still don't feel worried about this . . .
2007-10-08 16:52:01
153.   Zack
Freaking ridiculous. Listening to these announcers make me want the Yankees to win that much more, as if that was possible
2007-10-08 16:52:03
154.   fansince77
C'Mon - is there anyone out there that DOESN"T think AROD is getting a couple of Jacks tonight--PUH-LEEEZE! Let the route commence.
2007-10-08 16:52:10
155.   Jeb
So much for the great exalted Yankee killer. Now for some Frank TV commercials. That guy is a genius!
2007-10-08 16:52:29
156.   ny2ca2dc
ok, lets all chill, thats 3 groundouts, one solid hit by travis fucking hafner, a lucky piece of shit, and a solo homer by grady fucking sizemore. wang will settle in.
2007-10-08 16:52:38
157.   nick
11-22 2-out RSIP, hmmmmm? isn't that exactly what the fucking Angels do to us?

it's ok, Wang got a couple grounders. He'll settle in. We're gonna score a bunch.

2007-10-08 16:52:41
158.   monkeypants
Well, that could have been better, but it could have been worse. Now all he needs to do is control the damage until the fifth or sixth. In any case, it won't matter if the bats disappear against Byrd.

I hope Minky has some of the post-injury pixie dust left.

2007-10-08 16:52:43
159.   williamnyy23
Man, the life was sucked out of the Stadium. They have to jump on Byrd early otherwise the noose is going to tighten.
2007-10-08 16:52:56
160.   fansince77
150 Teacher too...whaddya teach?
2007-10-08 16:52:58
161.   Marcus
A Yankee Killer turns to mush. Is Chip Caray going to be doing the play by play of the ALCS or World Series?
2007-10-08 16:53:09
162.   rbj
No panic. we'll score lots of runs tonight. Time for the Old Speckled Hen.
2007-10-08 16:53:12
163.   Bluebleeder87
I don't know I'm getting the same vibe as John Mallencamps "this is our country"
2007-10-08 16:53:44
164.   trainwreck
Paul Byrd reminds me of the Undertaker.
2007-10-08 16:53:56
165.   cult of basebaal
161 no, fox has them both
2007-10-08 16:53:57
166.   thelarmis
125 bon jovi is actually good. i'm not an active fan or anything, but he's an excellent singer/songwriter...

Over Kill, however - now there's a NY/NJ thing! new album tomorrow!!! : )

2007-10-08 16:53:59
167.   JoeInRI
I don't know if this was said before . . . but do you think NoMaas is rooting for the Tribe tonight . . .
2007-10-08 16:54:08
168.   williamnyy23
162 There's a good chance, but this needs to be a blowout and not a closely contested slugfest.
2007-10-08 16:54:25
169.   dianagramr
.301 opponent batting average for Byrd .... wow
2007-10-08 16:54:32
170.   Bob Timmermann
Giving someone the nickname "(New York team) killer" is pretty old and tended to be based on very small sample sizes.

See Frank Lary for the Yankees
or go way back for Jack Pfiester for the Giants.

2007-10-08 16:54:49
171.   NC Highlander
No way that 2 runs is enough for Cleveland tonight.
2007-10-08 16:54:51
172.   thelarmis
paul byrd = "complete game pitcher". hmmm, thanks chip.

and yes, wang throws in the mid-90s regularly. jackasses. tbs needs to stick w/ everybody loves raymond.

2007-10-08 16:54:54
173.   Max
It's going to take at least six or seven runs for us to win today, it looks like. 24 pitches, 2 runs in just the first inning given up. Wang will likely give up 4, Moose another two probably.
2007-10-08 16:55:05
174.   Bluebleeder87

I agree, this dude use to be a Halo you guys should be able to score plenty of runs.

2007-10-08 16:55:27
175.   thelarmis
169 yeah, but he doesn't hurt himself!
2007-10-08 16:55:28
176.   Marcus
Nothing would please me more than having to listen to Chip Caray call the Yankees scoring 10 runs in the bottom of the 1st.
2007-10-08 16:55:53
177.   JoeInRI
C'mon Cap'n
2007-10-08 16:55:59
178.   fansince77
Here we go!
2007-10-08 16:56:10
179.   NC Highlander
Yeah baby.
2007-10-08 16:56:24
180.   Bluebleeder87
ah man, that was a beautiful shot by Jeter...
2007-10-08 16:56:31
181.   JoeInRI
Let's run on Shopach now . . .
2007-10-08 16:56:34
182.   Jeb
The captain!

They should get Frank TV to call the game with fat Albert.

2007-10-08 16:56:35
183.   Marcus
Derek Jeter: Byrd Hunter.
2007-10-08 16:56:38
184.   fansince77
Work it it.
2007-10-08 16:56:58
185.   fansince77
high and away...bullshit!
2007-10-08 16:57:00
186.   thelarmis
nice work, Cap. you need to go 4-4 tonite. how 'bout a stolen bag here. let's make something happen. put a little pressure...
2007-10-08 16:57:25
187.   monkeypants
175 Right, he doesn't give up walks (which count double), but makes them put it in play!
2007-10-08 16:57:31
188.   Zack
How the heck can Byrd pitch with that crouch?
2007-10-08 16:57:53
189.   JoeInRI
Yesssss Bobby!!!!
2007-10-08 16:58:07
190.   monkeypants
186 Let's not run out of any innings with a pitcher who has a .300+ BAA.
2007-10-08 16:58:08
191.   cult of basebaal
c'mon alex ... don't get jumpy, wait for it and drive it
2007-10-08 16:58:10
192.   rbj
Good start. Now time for an A-bomb.
2007-10-08 16:58:12
193.   thelarmis
160 i teach drums, classical percussion and basic music theory.

ooh, howzabout a double steal and a-rod ties the game? c'mon boyz!!!

2007-10-08 16:58:13
194.   Zack
2007-10-08 16:58:13
195.   NC Highlander
In the immortal words of Jim Carey:

"I like it. I like it a lawt."

2007-10-08 16:58:25
196.   fansince77
dhun dhun dhun dhun dhun
dhun dhun dhun dhun

dhun dhun dhun dhun dhun dhun.........

2007-10-08 16:58:36
197.   Marcus
Time to shine, Superman.
2007-10-08 16:58:55
198.   JoeInRI
lay off that inside crap
2007-10-08 16:59:10
199.   trainwreck
Anyone else get a sense they could get a hit off Paul Byrd?
2007-10-08 16:59:20
200.   Zack
Oh man that was A-Rod's pitch right there
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-10-08 16:59:22
201.   fansince77
OH SHIT! AROD almost screwed himself into the ground
2007-10-08 16:59:34
202.   thelarmis
man, it always seems that a-rod is 0-2 in the playoffs...
2007-10-08 16:59:48
203.   JoeInRI
"He got a cookie . . " My wife thinks Gwynn sounds like he's from Mississippi
2007-10-08 16:59:49
204.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I think I'd feel like I could pull Paul Byrd too.
2007-10-08 16:59:49
205.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I think I'd feel like I could pull Paul Byrd too.
2007-10-08 17:00:10
206.   Zack
Oh vey, pathetic
2007-10-08 17:00:14
207.   thelarmis
jesus fucking h. christ.
2007-10-08 17:00:14
208.   cult of basebaal
jesus, that's the 2nd meatball alex has missed since yesterday ... dammit! c'mon man, we NEED you tonite ... stop being SHIT!
2007-10-08 17:00:14
209.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I also feel like I could be a douchebag and doublepost.
2007-10-08 17:00:20
210.   Yankees Brasil
missed one
2007-10-08 17:00:28
211.   Jeb
I bet if tony gwynn got a cookie in the middle of the plate, he'd eat it...then he'd eat the plate.
2007-10-08 17:00:37
212.   fansince77
C'mon Jorgie---you are due.
2007-10-08 17:00:52
213.   OldYanksFan
ARod is simply missing pitches he killed during the season.
2007-10-08 17:01:04
214.   fansince77
211 HAH!
2007-10-08 17:01:06
215.   JoeInRI
Jorgie . . .
2007-10-08 17:01:07
216.   fansince77
211 HAH!
2007-10-08 17:01:10
217.   monkeypants
That was neat trick--showing the pitch sequence replay out of order to fit the narrative. Sorta like "false but accurate."
2007-10-08 17:01:12
218.   thelarmis
211 man, gwynn really got HUGE since he's retired. like can't be very healthy big...
2007-10-08 17:01:21
219.   Yankees Brasil
Pretty pathetic AB by A-Rod
2007-10-08 17:01:28
220.   rbj
2007-10-08 17:01:41
221.   cult of basebaal
that's what's discouraging, that's the 2nd hanging curveball that just sat in the middle of the plate and screamed "CRUSH ME" and alex didn't do shit with either ... sigh
2007-10-08 17:01:59
222.   dianagramr
after seeing shots of Wedge, I wonder what torre would look like with a full beard
2007-10-08 17:02:26
223.   fansince77
C'mon Jorge - pick up AROD!
2007-10-08 17:02:37
224.   Zack
Its like Bird is throwing 85 right down the middle and the Yankees can only foul it off..unreal
2007-10-08 17:02:48
225.   OldYanksFan
Jorge is ALSO missing easy pitches.
2007-10-08 17:02:53
226.   Bluebleeder87
Jorge Posada doesn't have good #'s against Byrd...
2007-10-08 17:03:00
227.   51cq24
this is gonna be a long night
2007-10-08 17:03:05
228.   JoeInRI
damnit Jorgie, sit on it
2007-10-08 17:03:06
229.   thelarmis
this shit is just sooooo stressful...
2007-10-08 17:03:10
230.   dianagramr

thinking the same thing ..... to think that Kirby Puckett isn't with us any more, while Gwynn is

2007-10-08 17:03:12
231.   Bluebleeder87
It's only the 1st inning...
2007-10-08 17:03:15
232.   Zack
This is going to piss me off so much
2007-10-08 17:03:32
233.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Chip Caray is an idiot and a frontrunner.

Damn, decent catch by Lofton.

2007-10-08 17:03:32
234.   Zack
Yup, superpissed
2007-10-08 17:03:34
235.   NC Highlander
God I hate Kenny Lofton
2007-10-08 17:03:35
236.   rbj
Fargin' frak!
2007-10-08 17:03:37
237.   nick
their bloop falls, our bloop hangs up....
2007-10-08 17:03:37
238.   JoeInRI
God damn it
2007-10-08 17:03:40
239.   thelarmis
i am really hating kenny lofton. a lot.
2007-10-08 17:03:40
240.   cult of basebaal
goddammit, i'm already starting to build rage here ...
2007-10-08 17:04:17
241.   Zack
In an elimination game, how do you not plate at least a run there against this bum? Sigh
2007-10-08 17:04:20
242.   fansince77
FUCK FUCK FUCK! Lofton asswhole didn't even know he caught it!

I am going to go put on my Bernie jersey. Haven't brought it out yet...

2007-10-08 17:04:23
243.   Orly Yarly NoWai
231 That changes nothing. Stop being logical.
2007-10-08 17:04:28
244.   Simone
This series is turning into "the Revenge of Kenny Lofton." Ugh.
2007-10-08 17:04:43
245.   OldYanksFan
Byrd looks like he has nothing.
The Yankees are playing very tight.
I think the 2 runs is getting to them.
They should have scored big that inning.
We are beating ourselves so far.
2007-10-08 17:04:56
246.   williamnyy23
You couldn't ask for a worse beginning...Wang gives up two and the Yankees squander a golden opportunity against Byrd.

As for Arod, that was a horrible AB. You simply can't strike out against Paul Byrd on those pitches. If they lose this game and he continues to struggle, I can't imagine he'll be back.

2007-10-08 17:05:09
247.   weeping for brunnhilde
How did we let them wriggle out of that?

So many fat, hittable pitches, nothing to show for it.

I guess the bright side is that this guy can't fool us forever.

Second time through the lineup he's toast.

Now it's on Chien.

2007-10-08 17:05:38
248.   thelarmis
230 yeah, you would think (semi-) well conditioned athletes with all the $ and connections in the world, would work somewhat hard at staying in decent shape post playing careers. esp for their children. gwynn is mega-huge...
2007-10-08 17:05:42
249.   Bob Timmermann
Kenny Lofton has a lot of teams to avenge.
2007-10-08 17:05:49
250.   Bluebleeder87
man, gwynn really got HUGE since he's retired. like can't be very healthy big...

He probably comes from a big family (know what I mean..) but he should still get a physical/check his cholesterol level he's entering Tommy Lasorda territory

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-10-08 17:05:51
251.   51cq24
1st inning or not, swinging through 85 mph batting practice fastballs down the middle and 80 mph hanging "changeups" is not a good sign
2007-10-08 17:06:10
252.   cult of basebaal
sorry about that everyone ... didn't have my Yankees hat on ... the same one that i put on when we were down 3-0 yesterday before our comeback ... big oops ... let's see what happens now!
2007-10-08 17:06:26
253.   thelarmis
guidry talking to wang 'bout nawlins gumbo. teehee ; )
2007-10-08 17:06:33
254.   Bob Timmermann
Gwynn was getting very heavy in his last years as an active player.
2007-10-08 17:06:56
255.   Jeb
211 tony gwynn is Kirby puckett huge. I'm not trying to beat up on poor kirby, God rest his soul, but Gwynn needs to push away from the table a little sooner.
2007-10-08 17:07:29
256.   cult of basebaal
jesus christ wang, could you please give us a decent fucking start ... maybe, just maybe???
2007-10-08 17:07:33
257.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Apparently, CM Wang generally throws an 82-MPH sinker.

Wait, what? He doesn't? Damn you, Chip Caray!

2007-10-08 17:07:34
258.   thelarmis
252 no worries, i'm wearing mine! i was freaking out 'coz i wasn't wearing my yankees shirt. but i have like 5 of them out and am wearing the hat. 5 wang cards out, too.
2007-10-08 17:07:36
259.   williamnyy23
Here we, I feel like the life (and hope) has been sucked out of me. This felt like a win coming in, but now, I am not sure.
2007-10-08 17:07:42
260.   bobtaco
246 Arod will be crucified if he doesn't get a big hit now this game.
2007-10-08 17:08:33
261.   Yankees Brasil
Wang is killing us.
2007-10-08 17:08:37
262.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Tony Gwynn = Black Santa
2007-10-08 17:08:49
263.   monkeypants
251 et al. I'm frustrated too, but let's not overreact yet. This is Byrd's gig, right? He has a league average ERA and he gives up tons of hits with few walks and ks. Somehow he does manage to get batters out, else his ERA would be 27.00. Now, if we're in the fourth inning still with no runs, then...
2007-10-08 17:08:53
264.   fansince77
255 I think my wife had the best line as she was passing by the den and only half interested in the game,

"Did Tony Gwynn's head shrink?"

2007-10-08 17:08:53
265.   Zack
Why can't baseball players be trusted to manage their own facial hair?
2007-10-08 17:09:21
266.   thelarmis
250 i don't remember his brother Chris being too very big and i can't picture TG, jr. on the brewers to compare there, either. tony was one of my all-time favorite players my whole life. i'd hate to see him have health problems due to his size. he's scary big right now...
2007-10-08 17:09:27
267.   Bob Timmermann
Gwynn from his last year in the majors:

1983 rookie Tony Gwynn:

Gwynn today:

2007-10-08 17:09:47
268.   Zack
Christ, this is ugly
2007-10-08 17:10:34
269.   Zack
How can Wang suddenly have 0 sink on his pitchers? How is that possible?
2007-10-08 17:10:34
270.   fansince77
Ok let's get out of this like we did all year Wanger!
2007-10-08 17:10:36
271.   nick
are they watching the same game? he tries to pull it and gets lucky, what I saw...
2007-10-08 17:10:37
272.   cult of basebaal
lovely, just lovely ... i say the words i didn't want to say tonite ... time to get mike mussina up ... pathetic
2007-10-08 17:10:38
273.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I'd say that was a nice try by Jeter but it wasn't.
2007-10-08 17:10:43
274.   fansince77
Ok let's get out of this like we did all year Wanger!
2007-10-08 17:10:49
275.   Bluebleeder87
262 also

Tony Gwynn = black humpty dumpty

2007-10-08 17:11:08
276.   fansince77
We call that strike one!
2007-10-08 17:11:12
277.   Zack
2007-10-08 17:11:24
278.   thelarmis
265 tribe and sawx are horrible in the facial hair area. it's like they're trying to be as fugly as possible. why would one do that?

ugh, so many hits... who's stirring in the pen, chip. is it moose? villone? WHO???
ahh, there it is, the moose.

hey, that's a strike! bullFUCKINGshit!

2007-10-08 17:11:33
279.   Bob Timmermann
Chris was a pretty chunky guy.

And he was terrible too.

2007-10-08 17:11:36
280.   Max
I was hoping Wang would give us a little more than Roger did yesterday...but he seems to have nothing.
2007-10-08 17:11:46
281.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Porque? That went off the bat- I could hear it. I mean, either that or his hands are made of maple.
2007-10-08 17:11:56
282.   Zack
Why are TBS' replays so useless?
2007-10-08 17:12:00
283.   fansince77
If that hit him and the ball bounced off - he's fucking dead not on first base!
2007-10-08 17:12:16
284.   dianagramr

Gwynn's one of my all-time faves too. I had him on one of my first Strat teams.

2007-10-08 17:12:16
285.   nick
I haven't seen a swing and miss at a good sinker from Wang yet...
2007-10-08 17:12:27
286.   monkeypants
Well, look at it this way. By saving Joba yesterday, Torre could go to him early for two innings...
2007-10-08 17:12:35
287.   Zack
They aren't going to overturn this, just another break not going our way
2007-10-08 17:12:45
288.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I don't see what there is to discuss; you could HEAR the ball hit the bat, so if it did hit him, then he's out, because he was hit with a foul ball.
2007-10-08 17:13:07
289.   Zack
That is so beyond a bullshit call. he would be lying on the ground!
2007-10-08 17:13:19
290.   bobtaco
Are you kidding me Brenly?
2007-10-08 17:13:23
291.   dianagramr
looks like it got the hand and then the bat ...
2007-10-08 17:13:25
292.   trainwreck
How is that clear Bob Brenly?
2007-10-08 17:13:34
293.   NC Highlander
Bob Brenly. It didn't clearly hit him you moron otherwise it wouldn't be a controversy.

You idiot.

2007-10-08 17:13:35
294.   nick
Man, I am just so perplexed--who would have thought Wang would be the goat of the series?
2007-10-08 17:13:35
295.   cult of basebaal
horrible, just fucking horrible ... good thing i'm already drinking
2007-10-08 17:13:49
296.   thelarmis
267 ah, i have that fleer rookie card! i really wish i had the 83 Topps rookie. for some reason that card eluded me. : /
2007-10-08 17:13:51
297.   Bluebleeder87

I thought Chris Gwynn had a sweet swing but it just didn't pan out, I remember he almost hit a home run in a crucial game at Candlestick once...

2007-10-08 17:13:52
298.   51cq24
2007-10-08 17:13:58
299.   Zack
In the replay, that CLEARLY hits the bat, how can the announcers even pretend its otherwise?
2007-10-08 17:13:58
300.   dzzrtRatt
My wife doesn't know from Tony Gwynn, but from hearing his voice, her image was of a Gabby Hayes/Pat Buttram kind of country cracker.

If you listen to Gwynn without the image of the player in your mind, you can kind of see it.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-10-08 17:13:59
301.   fansince77
2007-10-08 17:14:00
302.   Mattpat11
We're fucked.
2007-10-08 17:14:00
303.   Orly Yarly NoWai
291 Yeah, in the first non-shit TBS replay so far.
2007-10-08 17:14:13
304.   monkeypants
What in the name of sweet fuck is Brenley talking about? The ball hit the bat flush...
2007-10-08 17:14:20
305.   thelarmis
295 drink 1 for me, cult! no beer for moi for awhile... : /
2007-10-08 17:14:21
306.   JoeInRI
It hit the effing bat!!!!! What are they seeing???
2007-10-08 17:14:22
307.   rbj
288 still in the batter's box, so I believe that negates the hit by foul ball.

BS call.

2007-10-08 17:14:30
308.   cult of basebaal
294 well, this ought to end all the discussion about whether wang is a number 1 or not ...
2007-10-08 17:14:30
309.   Yankees Brasil
Well, we can't win a postseason series when we have 1 good starter.
2007-10-08 17:14:45
310.   51cq24
oh god i don't think i can watch anymore. what fucking bullshit
2007-10-08 17:14:47
311.   Zack
Well, I think we all know whats going to happen here...
2007-10-08 17:14:49
312.   nick
Wow...holy shit, he's out already!? Moose can go five max, we are FUCKED.
2007-10-08 17:14:51
313.   trainwreck
2007-10-08 17:14:52
314.   Mattpat11
Wang spit the bit.
2007-10-08 17:15:00
315.   Bluebleeder87
I had him on one of my first Strat teams.

what does that mean DianaGramr? (strat)

2007-10-08 17:15:11
316.   weeping for brunnhilde
How did we let them wriggle out of that?

So many fat, hittable pitches, nothing to show for it.

I guess the bright side is that this guy can't fool us forever.

Second time through the lineup he's toast.

Now it's on Chien.

2007-10-08 17:15:19
317.   OldYanksFan
No Way!!!!!!!!!!!
Not Moose!
There goes the year! SHIT!
2007-10-08 17:15:23
318.   bobtaco
Joe pushing the panic button hard.
2007-10-08 17:15:23
319.   Orly Yarly NoWai
306 307 It hit his back hand, then the barrel of the bat. Sucks, but it looks like he did get hit. I can't believe it either.
2007-10-08 17:15:39
320.   weeping for brunnhilde
Fuck, I'm feeling ill.

314 He did.

2007-10-08 17:15:48
321.   cult of basebaal
wow ... i can't believe this game, even if we win this, what good is wang going to be for us this year
2007-10-08 17:15:52
322.   Yankees Brasil
That's the problem when you don't strike people out.
2007-10-08 17:15:56
323.   Orly Yarly NoWai
315 Strat-O-Matic? ^_^
2007-10-08 17:15:58
324.   thelarmis
279 his name shoulda been "Franklin Stubbs"! ; )

good lord, i NEVER thought wang would be this bad tonite (or in game 1). : (

2007-10-08 17:16:01
325.   rbj
OK, new Wang rule: no coming back on three days rest.

Moose, come through here and all is forgiven. And we won't trade you to San Diego.

2007-10-08 17:16:06
326.   fansince77
OK - Y'all let's get rationale again. We all know we need four runs to win. So our goal this inning is to allow only one and let Mike call on all his ego and pride to pick us up the rest of the way. If we can't score four on Byrd- we don't deserve it anyway. MINIMIZE this inning. Keep it here. Keep it here.
2007-10-08 17:16:15
327.   cult of basebaal
317 who the fuck else is there???
2007-10-08 17:16:30
328.   bobtaco
Now in the roll of Javy Vazquez, ladies and gentlemen...

Mike Mussina.

2007-10-08 17:16:42
329.   Marcus
Can we guess what happens on the next pitch?

Game 7 2004 ALCS anyone?

2007-10-08 17:16:45
330.   51cq24
he definitely did not get hit. if there was any doubt from the replay they first showed, the one from the centerfield camera was definitive. it hit the bat, not his hand.
2007-10-08 17:16:46
331.   ny2ca2dc
uh fucking believable. all that work in the second half, and our ace folds, and the big bats go limp. christ. Moose is going to have to sack the fuck up
2007-10-08 17:16:56
332.   Yankee Fan In Boston
i run through the door and i'm greeted with moose warming.

...oh boy...

c'mon fellas, pull it together.

2007-10-08 17:17:12
333.   thelarmis
315 Fender Strat? ; )
2007-10-08 17:17:14
334.   JoeInRI
319 Maybe I'm pinstripe blind, but there's no way that his his hand. Did you see the shot of his hand at 1b?
2007-10-08 17:17:22
335.   BklynBmr
317 Jump!, jump!, jump!...
2007-10-08 17:17:22
336.   joejoejoe
No pressure here on Moose. If he comes through he's a legend.
2007-10-08 17:17:30
337.   vockins
I don't have much faith in this move. Moose is going to have to channel some early days type action right now.
2007-10-08 17:17:33
338.   Levy2020
Looked to me like the ball hit the bat.

And the rule is that if you're swinging, it's a strike. Should be 1-1 count to Kelly "Drama and not" Shoppach "Class" there.

2007-10-08 17:17:46
339.   dianagramr

oh come now ..... the Indians had ONE hard hit ball against Wang .... the Sizemore homer ...

the other hits were well-placed grounders or bloops ...

2007-10-08 17:17:48
340.   thelarmis
k, wang cards gone. 3 Moose cards up. c'mon Mikey Moose!!!
2007-10-08 17:17:49
341.   Yankee Fan In Boston
315 strat-o-matic
2007-10-08 17:17:55
342.   dzzrtRatt
The Yankees are reminding me of the Dodgers and the Mets. Most everyone's either too old or too young. Few in their prime.
2007-10-08 17:18:02
343.   williamnyy23
The season is over. In retrospect, it would have been better to miss the playoffs. That way, Arod wouldn't be on his way out of town and Wang wouldn't be saddled with two complete Post Season collapses. Not only are the Yankees pretty much done for this season, but I think this will place a cloud over next season as well.

Once again, you couldn't have imagined a worse start. Maybe this team as constructed simply can't win in the playoffs. Maybe a complete shakeup is necessary to change the stigma that has haunted this of a team that can't win big games?

2007-10-08 17:18:07
344.   NC Highlander
This is it. If Mussina is not on tonight, we're screwed. There is NO ONE else.
2007-10-08 17:18:13
345.   Zack
Once again, this is a situation you bring Joba in to get out of it, THEN bring in Moose...
2007-10-08 17:18:14
346.   nick
Wang had failed to pitch 5 2/3 only once before the postseason....
2007-10-08 17:18:19
347.   ny2ca2dc
a ground ball would score a run. retards
2007-10-08 17:18:33
348.   dianagramr
323 yes .... Strat-o-Matic
2007-10-08 17:18:43
349.   monkeypants
322 That's what happen when you throw a sinker in the mid-90s.
2007-10-08 17:18:46
350.   Yankee Fan In Boston
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-10-08 17:18:54
351.   claybeez
322 But, he can get K's. Where were the slider and change?
2007-10-08 17:18:59
352.   nick
"Mussina still gets it up there in the low 90s"--if only that's true today...
2007-10-08 17:19:02
353.   Orly Yarly NoWai
334 The close-up replay of his hands during the pitch made it pretty clear, I thought, that it deflected off the side of his hand.

Regardless, it's done now.

2007-10-08 17:19:14
354.   JoeInRI
C'mon Blud . . .
2007-10-08 17:19:18
355.   rbj
Is it just me or does this ump have a small strike zone?
2007-10-08 17:19:21
356.   Bluebleeder87

I just looked it up, it's some type of fantasy strategy team of some kind.

2007-10-08 17:19:28
357.   ny2ca2dc
351 where was even the sinker...
2007-10-08 17:19:28
358.   JoeInRI
uh . . Blue
2007-10-08 17:19:31
359.   NC Highlander
2007-10-08 17:19:35
360.   Zack
Nicely done Moose!
2007-10-08 17:19:42
361.   bobtaco
OK, best case scenario besides the triple play.
2007-10-08 17:20:07
362.   BklynBmr
I trade a run for 2 outs there every day...
2007-10-08 17:20:14
363.   ny2ca2dc
361 i'd have taken a K before a DP... but i'll deal
2007-10-08 17:20:17
364.   Mattpat11
345 Then who pitches after Mussina?
2007-10-08 17:20:20
365.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Well, at least he got a double play.
2007-10-08 17:20:32
366.   rbj
OK, two outs there.
2007-10-08 17:20:38
367.   Eirias
How did we bring up Ron Villone over Kennedy?
2007-10-08 17:20:40
368.   dianagramr
Asdrubal ..... must have gotten hell in the schoolyard with that name ...
2007-10-08 17:20:42
369.   cult of basebaal
well ... if moose gets out of this with only 1 run scoring, it'll be just like last night ... starter out early down 3-0 ... we can score off byrd ... we just gotta clamp down
2007-10-08 17:20:45
370.   fansince77
343 William - Noone is a bigger pessimist than me- but take that shit and get it out of here. THis is the second inning! The game is not over- the season is not over! Fuck that! Get that shit out of here!
2007-10-08 17:20:54
371.   NC Highlander
Moose looks pretty good so far. Knock on wood.
2007-10-08 17:20:57
372.   nick
Moose actually looks good, enough velocity--please, no fluke hit this inning-
2007-10-08 17:20:59
373.   thelarmis
343 feh! i never wanna miss the playoffs. and the season is not over. keep 'em at 3 right here and break out the lumber. a repeat of last nite. we WILL win tonite!!!
2007-10-08 17:21:01
374.   Yankee Fan In Boston
343 no shake up is needed. (hopefully.)

next year we could possibly have a one-two punch of hughes and joba... a la cc and fausto.

could be intimidating.

but this game is not over yet.

2007-10-08 17:21:03
375.   ny2ca2dc
thank you for that!
2007-10-08 17:21:05
376.   Zack
Kennedy is still hurt
2007-10-08 17:21:13
377.   Bluebleeder87
DianaGramr would Eric Davis do very good on a strat team??
2007-10-08 17:21:17
378.   Orly Yarly NoWai
364 I say Ohlendorf.
2007-10-08 17:21:28
379.   rbj
364 We bring back Guidry.
2007-10-08 17:21:29
380.   nick
370 preach it, brother...
2007-10-08 17:21:37
381.   thelarmis
368 Ass Dribble

strike 'em out, Mr. Moose!!!

2007-10-08 17:21:44
382.   Zack
364 You take it from there. Won't matter if you are down by a ton.
2007-10-08 17:22:00
383.   Orly Yarly NoWai
367 He's injured (back, I think).
2007-10-08 17:22:28
384.   monkeypants
367 PeteAbe claims that the YAnkees claim the IPK was not physically able. That's the story anyway...
2007-10-08 17:22:38
385.   ny2ca2dc
'juuuuuuuuuust missed the corner'... by 2 feet...
2007-10-08 17:22:39
386.   JoeInRI
343 You're an ass . .
2007-10-08 17:22:41
387.   Vandelay Industries
374 Still plenty of time in this game.

Still plenty of time for CMW to move out of his Daddy's house and grow into a fucking man! What a ridiculous headcase he is.

2007-10-08 17:22:52
388.   thelarmis
377 bernie does well on a strat! ; )
2007-10-08 17:22:56
389.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2007-10-08 17:22:58
390.   ny2ca2dc
what a surprise
2007-10-08 17:23:09
391.   Mattpat11
Its over.
2007-10-08 17:23:14
392.   Zack
Fuck this shit, now its over. And I swear Chip Carey was just clapping in the booth
2007-10-08 17:23:21
393.   monkeypants
Brenley: "just missed outside..."

Pitchtrax: ball six inches off plate.

2007-10-08 17:23:26
394.   rbj
Was that just clapping I heard int the TBS booth?
2007-10-08 17:23:29
395.   JeremyM
They're freaking lucky AND good.
2007-10-08 17:23:31
396.   fansince77
Did Caray just say "This is absolutely amazing...?" "FUCK THAT USELESS MUTHAFUCKA!"
2007-10-08 17:23:36
397.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Because clearly the Indians have magical hitting-with-two-out abilities.
2007-10-08 17:23:46
398.   cult of basebaal
jesus ... this is just fucking unbelievable ... the indians are fucking UNCONSCIOUS
2007-10-08 17:23:47
399.   Yankees Brasil
This team fucking sucks.
2007-10-08 17:23:48
400.   thelarmis
good grief. blooping us into a slow death. it's very sad :_(
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-10-08 17:23:53
401.   JoeInRI
Folks . . . this IS Paul Byrd we're talking here . . . relax!
2007-10-08 17:24:11
402.   ny2ca2dc
2 out, RISP: 12 for 24. how do you win against that?!
2007-10-08 17:24:12
403.   rbj
384 IPK did just get married on Saturday -- maybe he has a groin injury.
2007-10-08 17:24:16
404.   williamnyy23
370 Sometimes you just have to read the vibe of a game. I really hope they'll comeback today, but I just can't see it. From Arod's desperate hacks to the Indians clutch hitting, it just seems as if the writing is on the wall.
2007-10-08 17:24:32
405.   seamus
397 it is magical when their flairs fall in, and when ours are caught.
2007-10-08 17:24:33
406.   Yankee Fan In Boston
392 paul byrd is pitching for cleveland.

paul byrd.

he of the 4.50 ERA.

we can score 4 runs off of paul byrd.

2007-10-08 17:24:35
407.   thelarmis
391 it is NOT over. it's not looking good, mind you, but it certainly isn't over. yet...
2007-10-08 17:24:54
408.   williamnyy23
386 You are too.
2007-10-08 17:25:09
409.   Yankee Fan In Boston
401 yup.
2007-10-08 17:25:25
410.   NC Highlander
Where the heck is the strike zone at ump?
2007-10-08 17:25:27
411.   Mattpat11
He's calling NOTHING
2007-10-08 17:25:27
412.   cult of basebaal
can we please retire the "you need post-season experience" to win in the post-season canard now ... pretty please???
2007-10-08 17:25:32
413.   bartap74
404 We've got 24 outs to go and the best offense in the majors. Remember Cleveland?
2007-10-08 17:25:33
414.   seamus
404 Thought I'd log on to the banter. but this reminds me how illogical and irrational folks here are when we are losing. See y'all later.
2007-10-08 17:25:36
415.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Post-season experience is possibly the most USELESS thing ever. Holy shit. Travis Hafner is 28. Paul Byrd is nine thousand. Victor Martinez, I think, is 27. Trot and Kenny were born during the Harrison administration. How the fuck are they "kids?"
2007-10-08 17:25:44
416.   nick
the Indians are being introduced to America's TV viewers as a gustsy scrappy underdog--that's what this lovefest is about--fucking nauseating, but standard operating procedure...
2007-10-08 17:25:44
417.   Bluebleeder87
You peepz make it seem like it's a 10-0 lead, it's only 4-zip, & with Byrd pitching...
2007-10-08 17:25:45
418.   ny2ca2dc
403 yes!

ARod missing that cookie with 2 on last inning looms large...

2007-10-08 17:25:45
419.   51cq24
404 i completely agree with you
2007-10-08 17:25:48
420.   monkeypants
396 Chill out dude. He meant that it has been amazing how the Indians have hit with RISP and 2 outs, which has been echoed by more than a few Banterers (see 398 ).
2007-10-08 17:25:49
421.   Vandelay Industries
402 By your 2, 3, 4 batters not looking like they just stepped out of A Ball, that's how.
2007-10-08 17:25:49
422.   joejoejoe
We need a 4th OF. Make Jeter the Rover.
2007-10-08 17:25:57
423.   dianagramr
2007 AL team batting with 2 out and RISP (regular season)

Yankees (3rd in AL): .272
Indians (6th): .257

2007-10-08 17:26:14
424.   fansince77
Lotta ball game left. I am going to be ZEN tonight...and all you haters who have already proclaimed this over better not tune back in to my shockra when the Yankees win 9-7. Nowhere near done.
2007-10-08 17:26:37
425.   Yankee Fan In Boston
410 gameday has 2 "balls" in the zone.
2007-10-08 17:26:39
426.   claybeez
The hits have not been magical. They're playing loose and confidently. They are sitting back and keeping the line moving. Smart baseball. Not lucky.

Good pitching could put an end to it, but who will it come from?

2007-10-08 17:26:39
427.   Jeb
Tony gwynn = Rerun
Kenny lofton = Raj
Bartolo Colon = Duane
2007-10-08 17:26:42
428.   JoeInRI
408 What is the point of spouting that crap after two innings . . . before the 4th run . . . you want to be a provacateur fine . . but that's just frustrated bullshit.
2007-10-08 17:26:46
429.   thelarmis
dammit moose, c'mon man. get outta this friggin' inning...
2007-10-08 17:27:37
430.   JoeInRI
409 And I never said I wasn't . . .
2007-10-08 17:27:46
431.   monkeypants
404 I'm not sure how reading teh vibe of the game (ie, "we're gonna lose") leads to the conclusion that the team needs to be blown up and that the loss will somehow haunt the team the following year. I hope you don't own a handgun.
2007-10-08 17:27:50
432.   AbbyNormal821 of one...Nausea...your table is ready! UGH!
2007-10-08 17:27:58
433.   claybeez
416 I seem to remember a similar lovefest for us in '96.
2007-10-08 17:28:10
434.   nick
these assholes are right about one thing: our starters don't strike people out, and you will run into this kind of luck sometimes when you let them put the ball in play....
2007-10-08 17:28:11
435.   NC Highlander
427 Tony Gwynn = also Shirley
2007-10-08 17:28:25
436.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Paul Byrd may have a 4.5 ERA, but Moose has a 5.15 ERA.
2007-10-08 17:28:54
437.   cult of basebaal
432 i'm ready to start reading some Sarte right about now ...
2007-10-08 17:28:55
438.   williamnyy23
428 The point is it's how a feel and it's quite depressing. I didn't realize the only thoughts worth sharing was unbridled optimism and that more pessimistic thoughts were so threatening. Last time I checked, the Yankees win/loss isn't decided by my confidence level.
2007-10-08 17:29:28
439.   Orly Yarly NoWai
"That would have opened up a huge hole on the left side."

Playing Jeter at short opens up a huge hole on the left side.

Rant rant rant. I still think we have a chance.

2007-10-08 17:29:33
440.   NC Highlander
433 I never recall a love fest for us. It was the Braves then everyone loved.
2007-10-08 17:29:37
441.   bobtaco
It should be all hands around Chip's neck tonight.
2007-10-08 17:29:55
442.   Zack
I really wish they hadn't scored that 4th run. But, its ok, we need a run here!
2007-10-08 17:30:04
443.   AbbyNormal821
441 Right on, brother! LOL!
2007-10-08 17:30:06
444.   thelarmis
we can still totally win this game. no really, we can. and hopefully we will...
2007-10-08 17:30:14
445.   Yankee Fan In Boston
437 HA!


...but really... we can still do this. and when we do it will be the single most demoralizing moment in indians history.

2007-10-08 17:30:32
446.   williamnyy23
431 I am saying that if the Yankees lose and Arod doesn't hit, it could very well grease the skids. If that happens, it maybe time to bring in some new blood.
2007-10-08 17:30:36
447.   51cq24
ok everyone, this game looks bad and worse when you consider what our pitching options are going forward. but let's just fucking win it whatever way we can. it's just gonna be a long night.
2007-10-08 17:30:48
448.   thelarmis
441 can we use alfonseca's hands? he's got 6 fingers on each!!!
2007-10-08 17:31:03
449.   AbbyNormal821
I'll continue my chant from last night...
2007-10-08 17:31:12
450.   kellyc8383
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-10-08 17:31:24
451.   fansince77
Babe Ruth and John Wayne are on their way to the Pow wow in the sky to meet up with Geronimo, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull. They just picked up their pace.

Conversation in the near future.

JW: "Howdy Pilgrims."
BR: "Hey Kids!"

G: "What does paleface want now?"
BR: "Take a look at that logo on that team down there...I do believe they are mocking you!"

2007-10-08 17:31:31
452.   joejoejoe
4-0 isn't bad. We're facing Paul Byrd, not Bob Feller.
2007-10-08 17:31:34
453.   Vandelay Industries
431 Dude, come on. Its basic Investing 101. No return for the investment. George isn't a fool, there isn't any reason to bring anyone back who isn't under contract next season other than Mo and Posada. All everyday players will be on the trading block, and that is exactly how it should be. If young pitching can be had, no one is off limits, not Jeter, not Matsui, not anyone.
2007-10-08 17:31:35
454.   AbbyNormal821
448 are you Inigo Montoya???
2007-10-08 17:31:41
455.   Yankee Fan In Boston
448 bring me the hands of el pulpo!
2007-10-08 17:31:58
456.   thelarmis
440 i had just moved to atlanta before that WS. certainly no yankee love down here... : /
2007-10-08 17:32:00
457.   claybeez
440 I remember as we started coming back the love for these underdog Yankees and their scrappy bunch. Not the high-priced superstar version America loved to hate.

Doesn't matter. Memory is just too fallible to know for sure.

2007-10-08 17:32:03
458.   Jeb
I do think it would be hilarious to put gwynn in a beret and fat guy overalls and get him to dance like Rerun.
2007-10-08 17:32:13
459.   fansince77
2007-10-08 17:32:15
460.   monkeypants
"and when we do it will be the single most demoralizing moment in indians history."

Having lived in Ohio, dropping the 2007 ALDS would have a hard time competing with the WS in 1995.

2007-10-08 17:32:30
461.   JoeInRI
I'm sorry, I just can't think about next season until this one is officially over . . . and I don't think they instituted a 4-run mercy rule this year . .
2007-10-08 17:32:38
462.   BklynBmr
Oh, no. We only have EIGHT FU%KING INNINGS of swings left. 4 runs is insurmountable!
2007-10-08 17:32:38
463.   williamnyy23
A few runs here might lighten my mood...I guess I'm just in shock because I was expecting an early blowout...not a big deficit.
2007-10-08 17:32:42
464.   nick
ok, so Moose and then maybe Pettite to face their big lefties in the 6th or 7th?
2007-10-08 17:32:46
465.   51cq24
haha paul byrd just gets all the calls apparently
2007-10-08 17:33:01
466.   thelarmis
454 me don't know who that be. sowwy... : ~
2007-10-08 17:33:33
467.   Bluebleeder87
the ump is against the Yanks...
2007-10-08 17:33:37
468.   Zack
THese umps are freaking against us tonight
2007-10-08 17:33:38
469.   rbj
Clearly catcher's interference.
2007-10-08 17:33:42
470.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Ah, man, I thought the single best thing about the Rockies clinching in the 163rd game was that TBS had no time to tape any Dane Cook "analysis" of Colorado.

Now they've added one and it's the most generic, meaningless promo immediately -- and they STILL don't know any of the names of Colorado's players.

2007-10-08 17:33:46
471.   Yankee Fan In Boston
460 sorry, but i can't have you bringing "facts" into this right now.


2007-10-08 17:34:02
472.   Bob Timmermann
I was ready! I was READY!!!
2007-10-08 17:34:07
473.   Vandelay Industries
Six Umpires, two blown calls -- priceless. For everyhing else, ther's mastercard.
2007-10-08 17:34:07
474.   AbbyNormal821
466 From the movie "The Princess Bride"'s hysterical!
2007-10-08 17:34:14
475.   Mattpat11
incompetent umpire
2007-10-08 17:34:16
476.   bobtaco
Clearly it didn't hit Shoppach's hand, right Bob?
2007-10-08 17:34:18
477.   joejoejoe
458 At this point I'd like to put him in pinstripes and have him pinch hit.

Note: Kelly Shoppach has gone from a nobody to hated by millions in about 15 minutes.

2007-10-08 17:34:22
478.   JoeInRI
That's two blown calls . . .
2007-10-08 17:34:36
479.   monkeypants
453 "Dude, come on. Its basic Investing 101. No return for the investment. George isn't a fool, there isn't any reason to bring anyone back who isn't under contract next season other than Mo and Posada."

That's sound economic and baseball analysis.

2007-10-08 17:34:38
480.   BklynBmr
We're due for a fair call from the ump...
2007-10-08 17:34:38
481.   nick
463 yeah, we have to score before the 5th tonight--a big lead and their pen spells trouble...
2007-10-08 17:34:42
482.   cult of basebaal
awesome ... thanks blue, thanks again
2007-10-08 17:34:56
483.   Jeb
I just flipped the TV to Monday night football. Can you guys believe that that bag of shit Hank Jr. Is STILL singing that shitty song? Oh my God, what if we're watching Frank TV commercials in 20 years???
2007-10-08 17:34:57
484.   NC Highlander
451 LOL.

G: "Hey aren't you that guy that played for the Yankees?"
BR: "Nah, I'm John Goodman. I just look like him."

2007-10-08 17:35:04
485.   rbj
Between the umps and the gnats, I think the baseball gods are against the Yankees this year. Nothing you can do when the baseball gods are against you.
2007-10-08 17:35:10
486.   Yankee Fan In Boston

i think you'd love it.

2007-10-08 17:35:16
487.   Bob Timmermann
Wouldn't 1997 have been more depressing for Cleveland fans than 1995?
2007-10-08 17:35:39
488.   fansince77
Paul Byrd is a little bitch. I've decided.
2007-10-08 17:35:44
489.   BklynBmr
Get it started, 'Zilla...
2007-10-08 17:35:46
490.   AbbyNormal821!
2007-10-08 17:35:50
491.   thelarmis
474 ah! i just looked it up. yeah, i'm not a big movie guy...
2007-10-08 17:36:09
492.   Yankee Fan In Boston
488 hilarious.
2007-10-08 17:36:19
493.   JoeInRI
Yeah zilla
2007-10-08 17:36:22
494.   fansince77
Nice job "Little Bitch" Byrd.
2007-10-08 17:36:24
495.   nick
Hideki wins the battle of wits!
2007-10-08 17:36:30
496.   Vandelay Industries
There we go! Now for the love of God get more than one hit this inning!
2007-10-08 17:36:35
497.   thelarmis
i LOVE when we get our leadoff man on. love it! make it stand. let's rally folks.
2007-10-08 17:36:37
498.   Orly Yarly NoWai
How is his "double windup" not a balk? He brings his hands up, then drops them. They stop at his sides, then he brings them up again. It doesn't look like one continuous motion.
2007-10-08 17:36:57
499.   Vandelay Industries
How many runs down were we in '96 in game six against Atlanta?
2007-10-08 17:36:59
500.   rbj
Is Chris Sager a member of the Ugly Suit of the Month Club?
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-10-08 17:37:01
501.   Zack
Well, shoot, if Paul Byrd knew how to get guys out so well, why the heck hasn't he his whole career?
2007-10-08 17:37:02
502.   Yankee Fan In Boston
crooked numbers.
2007-10-08 17:37:07
503.   JoeInRI
Why isn't Paul Byrd ALREADY in the HOF??
2007-10-08 17:37:07
504.   AbbyNormal821
:::nibble:::nibble::: come on Yanks, small bites again!
2007-10-08 17:37:18
505.   Bob Timmermann
There hasn't been a catcher's interference called in the postseason since 1985.

There's never been one in the ALDS or ALCS.

2007-10-08 17:37:34
506.   Mattpat11
This homeplate umpire sucks. Two blown calls and the time call.
2007-10-08 17:37:39
507.   fansince77
Paul Byrd looks like William Macy ON CRACK!
2007-10-08 17:37:54
508.   thelarmis
486 i've always heard good things about that flick.

during the offseason (hopefully NOT after tonite), i'll buy and watch the 7dvd Yankees 1977 WS set...

NOBODY gets batters out like Paul Byrd. Nobody. riiiiiiight...

2007-10-08 17:37:58
509.   rbj
499 Were we out of it when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
2007-10-08 17:38:10
510.   monkeypants
471 : )

503 : )

2007-10-08 17:38:16
511.   AbbyNormal821
HP Umpire = Douchebag
2007-10-08 17:38:19
512.   cult of basebaal
500 he's not just a member, he's the president ...
2007-10-08 17:38:30
513.   claybeez
Gotta love this patient Cano.
2007-10-08 17:38:32
514.   Zack
It's amazing how they are trying to talk Paul Byrd up into some great pitcher
2007-10-08 17:38:38
515.   fansince77
Yankee ball- take some pitches...foul some we go!


2007-10-08 17:38:38
516.   Vandelay Industries
Thank God for the bottom of our order.
2007-10-08 17:38:43
517.   Mike Carminati
By the way from the Interference dfeintion in the MLB rulebook:

(b) Defensive interference is an act by a fielder which hinders or prevents a batter from hitting a pitch.

2007-10-08 17:38:45
518.   JoeInRI
Awright now!
2007-10-08 17:38:48
519.   thelarmis
500 he's not just a member, he's a co-founder, too! ; )

nice robbie. keep the hits coming...

2007-10-08 17:38:58
520.   Bob Timmermann
It's not a balk because he only does it with no one on base.
2007-10-08 17:39:02
521.   rbj
Princess Bride is a great flick.
2007-10-08 17:39:03
522.   51cq24
please score some runs
2007-10-08 17:39:07
523.   williamnyy23
515 Turn off your speakers then.
2007-10-08 17:39:08
524.   bobtaco
If the Red Sox were playing this game, they would be up 9-2 by now, and Byrd would have been knocked out.
2007-10-08 17:39:18
525.   fansince77
I wouldn't mind a bunt here.
2007-10-08 17:39:24
526.   nick
c'mon Leche!
2007-10-08 17:39:32
527.   Vandelay Industries
Come on Melky!
2007-10-08 17:39:37
528.   Jeb
Craig sager is a pimp.
2007-10-08 17:39:46
529.   thelarmis
512 great minds drink alike! but i can't drink right now, so hoist a few for me!!! thanks, bro : )
2007-10-08 17:39:59
530.   monkeypants
487 Probably--I just typed too fast. The locals were really crushed in 1995, though, because the team was such a beast.
2007-10-08 17:40:10
531.   fansince77
Bunt wudda been nice.
2007-10-08 17:40:13
532.   Vandelay Industries
Leche no bueno!
2007-10-08 17:40:14
533.   Zack
My God, I could see not to swing at that pitch!! AGGGGHHHH
2007-10-08 17:40:16
534.   Mattpat11
2007-10-08 17:40:20
535.   thelarmis
528 craig sager is a putz

thanx 4 nuthin', melkdud...

2007-10-08 17:40:26
536.   JoeInRI
It was a ball Tony
2007-10-08 17:40:27
537.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Is fisting the only thing Chip Caray thinks about?
2007-10-08 17:40:51
538.   claybeez
I'm looking for the return of September Minky
2007-10-08 17:40:52
539.   nick
why not Giambi here!?
2007-10-08 17:41:01
540.   monkeypants
Well, Melky pops up...but we have MINKY batting ninth! What other team can boast a lineup so deep that their 1B bats ninth??
2007-10-08 17:41:07
541.   AbbyNormal821
Minky Magic?
2007-10-08 17:41:08
542.   cult of basebaal
c'mon melky ... zone it and lose it
2007-10-08 17:41:10
543.   BklynBmr
Dougie goes deep here...
2007-10-08 17:41:15
544.   Bluebleeder87
that's the thing about Byrd YOU-GOTTA-BE-PATIENT against him & WAIT-FOR-YOUR-PITCH. Your playing to his game if you do other wise.
2007-10-08 17:41:18
545.   Yankees Brasil
We NEED a run here.
2007-10-08 17:41:26
546.   thelarmis
524 but who would caray be rooting for?
2007-10-08 17:41:29
547.   Vandelay Industries
Why is scrabble still in this game? Prove me wrong dougie! At least you don't need to check the camera light to get off the bench like your counterpart.
2007-10-08 17:41:34
548.   kellyc8383
ahhasod8rq0w9348 r-asd08fasd80a5 0okgv=W_)q3-4 5thbsdy
2007-10-08 17:41:36
549.   AbbyNormal821
537 OUCH! LOL!
2007-10-08 17:41:36
550.   Yankee Fan In Boston
536 he looks like he might need your help.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-10-08 17:41:38
551.   nick
Earl Weaver would give us Giambi!
2007-10-08 17:41:50
552.   cult of basebaal
c'mon melky, situational hitting goddammit ... hit YOUR pitch, dammit!
2007-10-08 17:42:02
553.   claybeez
Love the patience. That's what we need. Don't help this mediocrity.
2007-10-08 17:42:05
554.   Orly Yarly NoWai
450 Well, Seattle's 1B SHOULD have been batting ninth. Does that count?
2007-10-08 17:42:13
555.   Max
438 william, it isn't that "pessimistic thoughts" are "so threatening" -- this game thread is full of them. It's that your original post was extreme to the point of either representing a parody or psychological imbalance.

"The season is over" "It would have been better to miss the playoffs" "We're going to lose Arod" "Wang will be haunted next year" "Worst start ever" "Team can't win in the playoffs"

If the team loses this game and there's a complete team shakeup, yes, the gloom will sink in heavy, because that's what happens when the season is over. But the team is just batting in the second inning and is down by four runs against an average pitcher. People reacting strongly to your thoughts aren't consumed by "unbridled optimism". They just want some sort of sense of balance, even if the pessimism is kicking in strong given the do or die nature of the game.

2007-10-08 17:42:37
556.   thelarmis
wow, about 550 posts already in the 2nd inning. hope the toaster is up for us tonight. lord knows the umpires, broadcasters and baseball gods are against us...
2007-10-08 17:42:47
557.   Zack
For the love of God stop talking about the walk thing!
2007-10-08 17:42:55
558.   claybeez
Uh oh. Rain falleth.
2007-10-08 17:42:58
559.   bobtaco
Call the game.
2007-10-08 17:43:18
560.   Jeb
Guys I'm sorry but we need mojo- if Minky gets a hit I kiss waldman
2007-10-08 17:43:28
561.   Bob Timmermann
Craig Sager in 1974:

2007-10-08 17:43:31
562.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Of course, a rain delay knocks Moose out, and what do we do then?
2007-10-08 17:43:39
563.   monkeypants
554 Touché
2007-10-08 17:43:54
564.   AbbyNormal821
Random, Meaningless Observation Alert !- Eric Wedge has a HUGE fucking jawline!
2007-10-08 17:44:02
565.   JoeInRI
Wear him out MCI!!!
2007-10-08 17:44:05
566.   JoeInRI
Wear him out MCI!!!
2007-10-08 17:44:06
567.   Yankees Brasil
562 We cry
2007-10-08 17:44:19
568.   JoeInRI
sorry . .
2007-10-08 17:44:21
569.   Orly Yarly NoWai
559 If only it was snowing...
2007-10-08 17:44:24
570.   Vandelay Industries
What is the forecast?
2007-10-08 17:44:51
572.   NC Highlander
Make them play in the rain. If we have to play in the bugs, they can play in the rain.
2007-10-08 17:44:54
573.   bobtaco
562 Ron Villone baby.
2007-10-08 17:45:10
574.   AbbyNormal821
570 chance of a passing shower, nothing very severe
2007-10-08 17:45:10
575.   kellyc8383
i'm alrady crying 567
2007-10-08 17:45:16
576.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2007-10-08 17:45:28
577.   NC Highlander
Also Damon is the tying run
2007-10-08 17:45:30
578.   dianagramr

Cleveland DID have a whole series against the Mariners snowed out this Spring ...

2007-10-08 17:45:42
580.   fansince77
Now I think that Byrd looks like "The Evil" Frazier Crane.
2007-10-08 17:45:59
581.   Yankee Fan In Boston
571 welcome, herm. nice of you to stop by.

i like trolling, too. it's so much fun AND it makes me feel better about myself.

2007-10-08 17:45:59
582.   thelarmis
finally, a call. now take advantage, minky!
2007-10-08 17:46:01
583.   Bluebleeder87
man, Bruce Fremming has midget arms.
2007-10-08 17:46:08
584.   kellyc8383
i HATE THiS!!!!!
2007-10-08 17:46:09
585.   Yankees Brasil
575 So am I
2007-10-08 17:46:09
586.   AbbyNormal821
2007-10-08 17:46:11
587.   Orly Yarly NoWai
571 You stay classy, Dodger fans.
2007-10-08 17:46:12
588.   JoeInRI
Make UP!!!
2007-10-08 17:46:12
589.   JoeInRI
Make UP!!!
2007-10-08 17:46:15
590.   claybeez
Jonny Damon! I like it!
2007-10-08 17:46:15
591.   monkeypants
That shoulda been a K on Minky...maybe the fixed umpiring is making a turn? The League made the call?
2007-10-08 17:46:15
592.   nick
Big Mink!--I take it all back...
2007-10-08 17:46:16
593.   Eirias
Bruce Froemming helped us?
2007-10-08 17:46:18
594.   NC Highlander
Byrd almost never walks. Ha ha ha.
2007-10-08 17:46:22
595.   Jeb
A walk is as good as a hit. I kiss SUZYN!
2007-10-08 17:46:24
596.   randym77
Better lucky than good, Mink!
2007-10-08 17:46:29
597.   BklynBmr
Well, we got one call back. One more is due...
2007-10-08 17:46:29
598.   Vandelay Industries
Cone on Johnny!

Johnny, Johnny Johnny!

2007-10-08 17:46:35
599.   thelarmis
me likey bases loaded. c'mon damon, save our season again. do it, just do it! that would rule!!!
2007-10-08 17:46:36
600.   JoeInRI
Damn it!!! I'll stop posting now . .
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2007-10-08 17:46:43
601.   Zack
But wait, Byrd NEVER walks guys!
2007-10-08 17:46:47
602.   AbbyNormal821
Johnny Damon needs to revisit Game 7 of 2004 ALCS right now! (although I'd settle for a single up the middle!
2007-10-08 17:46:49
603.   Mattpat11
He went
2007-10-08 17:46:50
604.   dzzrtRatt
Profound announcer insight: "A grand slam here would tie the game in the second."

1, 2, 3... he's right!

2007-10-08 17:46:50
605.   fansince77
OH fuck everyone...this game is far from done! Best guy up here bar none. If the Stadium is a rockin' don't come a knockin'
2007-10-08 17:46:52
606.   Orly Yarly NoWai
578 I know: it was the Human Rain Delay's finest hour.
2007-10-08 17:46:55
607.   Bluebleeder87

I kind of think he looks like Servivorman, on the NationalGeographic channel...

2007-10-08 17:47:00
608.   kellyc8383
2007-10-08 17:47:01
609.   dianagramr
this could be a 5-hour 9-inning game ...
2007-10-08 17:47:08
611.   Yankee Fan In Boston
alright, the hottest bat on the team...
2007-10-08 17:47:17
612.   AbbyNormal821
Ah, crap!
2007-10-08 17:47:18
613.   Zack
God dammit. God hates us
2007-10-08 17:47:39
614.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Lost all sound on my cmoputer at work, relying on ESPN GameCast and now the Banter for my info..and waiting any minute for a phone call from the wife that she`s in labor..want us to win but nor sure can live through Red-Sox v Yanks plus baby delivery...
2007-10-08 17:47:42
615.   nick
omg, 2 out bases loaded Jeter--the ultimate you-know-what situation...
2007-10-08 17:47:49
616.   Yankees Brasil
610 You're not helping.
2007-10-08 17:47:54
617.   fansince77
Come on Cap-I-Tan!

How about 2 walks and then AROD!

2007-10-08 17:47:57
618.   BklynBmr
Pick 'em up, Cap...
2007-10-08 17:47:59
619.   thelarmis
571 must be friends with DZ from DT...

dammit damon.'s your time, buddy!

2007-10-08 17:48:06
620.   Jeb
Please Jeter. Just inside out one. Please!
2007-10-08 17:48:07
621.   ihrtstrayrod
oh captain my captain
2007-10-08 17:48:10
622.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Well, Jetes. You're Captain Clutch, and this is certainly clutch. Good luck, mate.
2007-10-08 17:48:14
623.   Yankee Fan In Boston
610 you're a regular nostradamus, herm
2007-10-08 17:48:17
624.   AbbyNormal821
One kingdom for one fucking run!
2007-10-08 17:48:54
625.   Zack
A break!
2007-10-08 17:48:57
626.   Orly Yarly NoWai
616 Of course he isn't helping; he's a troll.


2007-10-08 17:48:59
627.   AbbyNormal821
We'll take it! YEEEHAAAAW!
2007-10-08 17:49:08
628.   NC Highlander
That works. That works.
2007-10-08 17:49:12
629.   nick
almost a double--but HELL YES!
2007-10-08 17:49:12
630.   Eirias
Alright, Abreu and A-rod. It is go time.
2007-10-08 17:49:16
631.   cult of basebaal
c'mon derek ... this is your time, my man
2007-10-08 17:49:16
632.   Zack
Well, sort of a break, a real break would have been a double down the line
2007-10-08 17:49:23
633.   fansince77
ON base Bobby - anyway you can
2007-10-08 17:49:24
634.   Mattpat11
2007-10-08 17:49:24
635.   claybeez
There's a break - Blake at 3rd.
2007-10-08 17:49:32
636.   Bluebleeder87
I swear somebody up stairs must like him...(Jeter)
2007-10-08 17:49:35
637.   BklynBmr
That's a start! Now keep the line movin', Bobby...
2007-10-08 17:49:42
638.   Orly Yarly NoWai
624 Abby, a man named Derek is on line one... something about a "kingdom." Do you know what he's talking about?
2007-10-08 17:49:46
639.   ihrtstrayrod
candy man needs to come through
2007-10-08 17:49:47
640.   Eirias
624 So, how are you going to transfer ownership of your kingdom to me?
2007-10-08 17:49:55
641.   nick
Bobby walks, & then....
2007-10-08 17:49:57
642.   Vandelay Industries
Come on Bobby!
2007-10-08 17:49:59
643.   thelarmis
we're on the board! nice. keep it moving bobby, let A-rod do the damage...

610 man, i would NEVER and i mean - never - do something like that to another teams' fans during this time of year. just wrong. go away...

2007-10-08 17:50:04
644.   Yankee Fan In Boston
stick around, herm... you're our good luck charm.
2007-10-08 17:50:34
645.   cult of basebaal
2007-10-08 17:50:39
646.   claybeez
Fat pitch for strike 1.
2007-10-08 17:50:46
647.   Vandelay Industries
WOW! I don't know if Bobby is going to get a better pitch than that.
2007-10-08 17:51:16
648.   BklynBmr
A gapper would be nice here...
2007-10-08 17:51:21
649.   AbbyNormal821
638 I'll take that call...transfer him to extenstion 2007!!!
2007-10-08 17:51:28
650.   thelarmis
647 he might get 4 he doesn't need to swing at!
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2007-10-08 17:51:28
651.   monkeypants
610 Is there anything sadder than a Dodger troll? I remember when the Dodgers were one of the league's model franchises--smart, progressive. You know, not doing things like signing Juan Pierre...
2007-10-08 17:51:30
652.   Orly Yarly NoWai
636 By the way, my remark about Dodger fans was in no way intended for you and was not intended to represent actual Dodger fans. Sorry. ^^;
2007-10-08 17:51:41
653.   dzzrtRatt
626 You do have guests tonight. This is the only active thread following the game, but we're not all NYY fans.

You'll know us by our tendency to avoid using four-letter words.

2007-10-08 17:51:49
654.   Marcus
You know, I'm not one to recommend swinging at the first pitch usually, but Byrd is reliably throwing 88-mph fastballs for strikes on the first pitch. Why not give one a good whack?
2007-10-08 17:51:54
655.   thelarmis
crossing all digits...and eyes! : ~
2007-10-08 17:52:08
656.   cult of basebaal
2007-10-08 17:52:32
657.   Orly Yarly NoWai
651 But Juan Pierre is a gritty, gutty gamer. Bill Plaishke says so!
2007-10-08 17:52:36
658.   BklynBmr
653 F*ck you.
2007-10-08 17:52:46
659.   thelarmis
2007-10-08 17:52:54
660.   Bob Timmermann
75 minutes for 2 innings.
2007-10-08 17:53:00
661.   Zack
Dammit. Two innings in a row. Inexcusable. I am so sick of these weak popups already
2007-10-08 17:53:11
662.   AbbyNormal821 just keep 'em at 4 and get back in the game!
2007-10-08 17:53:12
663.   fansince77
Monkey is off the back...time to get going! I feel very very good about this one!
2007-10-08 17:53:12
664.   williamnyy23
:( (that's all I am going to say)
2007-10-08 17:53:47
665.   Mattpat11
fuck. Back to Mussina
2007-10-08 17:54:09
666.   monkeypants
Would of been nice to do more than get one run there. Oh well, we'll probably know the fate of this game in the next two innings: if Moose can keep it together until the fourth or fifth, and the bats can scratch out a couple more runs, we have a game. If Moose gets shelled, it probably won't matter...
2007-10-08 17:54:21
668.   Orly Yarly NoWai
653 Please don't let me stop you from finding another blog.
2007-10-08 17:54:35
670.   Yankees Brasil
That's what our pitchers can't do, limit the damage. It's painful to watch.
2007-10-08 17:54:39
671.   fansince77
Zen baby Zen. William you have already spoken. Until you say "sorry I ever doubted the Yankees," your symbols mean nothing.
2007-10-08 17:54:56
672.   cult of basebaal
658 well, that's being polite to our guests ... relaaaaaaaaax
2007-10-08 17:54:57
673.   Bluebleeder87

Dude, DzzrtRatt is a well respected DT poster, that ain't cool bro.

2007-10-08 17:55:02
674.   Max
660 At the rate this is going, the thread is going to surpass 2000 posts easily...unless the Tribe blows this game open the next two innings.
2007-10-08 17:55:04
675.   Bob Timmermann
The only Yankee to reach on catcher's interference in the postseason:

Yeah, THE Bud Matheny!

2007-10-08 17:55:12
676.   JoeInRI
653 We're all guests here, and a limited vocab doesn't necessarily connote intelligence . . .
2007-10-08 17:55:21
677.   Yankee Fan In Boston
deep, cleansing breaths. it is the 3rd inning. we were down by three at this point last night.

this isn't over.

2007-10-08 17:55:35
678.   thelarmis
653 the uninvited guest.
2007-10-08 17:55:44
679.   trainwreck
Hey, some of us on DT come in peace.
2007-10-08 17:56:01
680.   williamnyy23
671 At this point, they mean I'm very sad.
2007-10-08 17:56:32
682.   SF Yanks
I really feel like throwing up right now. With the exception of Robbie's hit yesterday, we are just lacking the big hit that the Indians are getting an awful lot of. I think I'm gonna throw up if things don't change in a few innings.
2007-10-08 17:56:53
683.   Bluebleeder87


2007-10-08 17:56:59
684.   cult of basebaal
679 and some of us aren't easily baited mouthbreathers. welcome.
2007-10-08 17:57:05
685.   Zack
Wow, where was that pitch?
2007-10-08 17:57:24
686.   Zack
Well, theres a great start
2007-10-08 17:57:28
687.   JoeInRI
681 Dude . . . seriously . . . you're buck naked in a glass house . .
2007-10-08 17:57:35
688.   Mattpat11
This sucks
2007-10-08 17:58:00
689.   trainwreck
I don't know if any of you are Bills fans, but they have just picked off Tony Romo twice.
2007-10-08 17:58:03
690.   Yankee Fan In Boston
681 they would be able to join the dodgers, right?

herm, i enjoy your company.

2007-10-08 17:58:10
691.   thelarmis
679 and we are glad to have you!

as far as 681 - not so much...

2007-10-08 17:58:10
692.   Vandelay Industries
Oh Jesus. Leadoff walk......time to cook some dinner. Thanks for nothing Moose.
2007-10-08 17:58:13
693.   Jeb
Gwynn's gray shirt is somehow slimming.
2007-10-08 17:58:18
694.   AbbyNormal821
One of the announcers called Lofton a 'Yankee Killer' earlier...are they kidding me? 3 games does not make a Yankee Killer. (that's my opinion & I'm stickin' to it!)
2007-10-08 17:58:18
695.   SF Yanks
681 Get the fuck out troll.
2007-10-08 17:58:23
696.   BklynBmr
673 Typed that as Abreu filed out. Forgot to add my usual " ;-) " My bad...
2007-10-08 17:58:27
697.   fansince77
C'mon Mike work the hit and run.
2007-10-08 17:58:39
698.   Orly Yarly NoWai
673 Then he can pretty please go back there.

Look, I don't see what's so hard about this. Dodger Thoughts is a great blog. Most of the posters over there are fabulous. But come on. How is coming to a Yankees blog during a game the Yankees are losing and actively rooting for the other team at all kosher?

2007-10-08 17:58:45
699.   thelarmis
damn, i HATE leadoff walks. aaarrrggghhh!!!
2007-10-08 17:58:49
700.   Yankees Brasil
The way things are going, we will need another pitcher soon. Who will it be?
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2007-10-08 17:59:19
701.   dzzrtRatt
Do you guys all agree your 1,2,3,4 pitchers are Wang, Pettitte, Clemens then back to Wang?

Pettitte I would agree with, and one start for Wang, but seems like Mussina and Hughes should've been in the mix. Hughes is drool-worthy.

2007-10-08 17:59:19
702.   Bob Timmermann
There is no comment 681 anymore.
2007-10-08 17:59:33
703.   dianagramr
Wang had a better start than Tony Romo. (2 passes, 2 INTs, 1 returned for TD)
2007-10-08 17:59:33
704.   Yankee Fan In Boston
695 hey, that's my buddy you're talking to.
2007-10-08 17:59:40
705.   underdog
Herm, no offense, but on DT you're a pest, but here you're a guest (hey, that rhymes) and thus a troll, I mean seriously.

Man, I knew they should've started Moose in this one over Wang (I know, I know, hindsight is 20-20, but I just had a bad feeling, home or no, given how he looked just a few days ago). At least they pulled him early. This one's still winnable.

2007-10-08 17:59:49
706.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Ack. Chip, please don't talk about a possible extra game; you're going to jinx us.
2007-10-08 17:59:52
707.   Vandelay Industries
Does the Indian team remind anyone of another team? One that played pretty well in the 1990's perhaps?
2007-10-08 18:00:08
708.   Bluebleeder87
but I have to admit, if I was an Elder I'd probably still be P.O'ed about '77 & '78....
2007-10-08 18:00:22
709.   monkeypants
667 I'll take my chances with Hughes, Joba, Kennedy, and washed up vets like Jeter, Cano, and Melky.

Enjoy the game.

2007-10-08 18:00:24
710.   bobtaco
DIAF Chip.
2007-10-08 18:00:31
711.   thelarmis
thank you, Ken - or whomever - for ridding of the troll. aaaah... : )
2007-10-08 18:00:53
712.   Yankee Fan In Boston
681 mentioned the yankees playing golf next week... (with the dodgers, i presume)... didn't it, herm?
2007-10-08 18:01:09
713.   JoeInRI
707 Atlanta?
2007-10-08 18:01:16
714.   fansince77
Caray is driving me he wearing a blue and red cheerleading outfit under his suit tonight.
2007-10-08 18:01:19
715.   underdog
The TBS announcer seems slightly less anti-Yankee biased today - is that just me?

Tony Gwynn, even for an ex-Padre, actually doesn't bother me at all - except for his nasal, 12-year-old boy voice.

2007-10-08 18:01:26
716.   SF Yanks
702 Thank you and I won't respond any more either and I apologize for my reaction.
2007-10-08 18:01:26
717.   cult of basebaal
707 the indians???
2007-10-08 18:01:27
718.   Orly Yarly NoWai
707 Not terribly, actually. ^^
2007-10-08 18:01:36
719.   dzzrtRatt
673 No worries. I think he was making fun of my "no four-letter words" comment. I took it as a friendly greeting! Hey, buddy, F*ck you too!
2007-10-08 18:02:16
720.   underdog
Oops. I guess 714 answers my 715 . Right after I posted he said something kinda bias.
2007-10-08 18:02:48
721.   Orly Yarly NoWai
A hearty +1 to Moose.
2007-10-08 18:02:59
722.   nick
ring 'em up!
2007-10-08 18:02:59
723.   AbbyNormal821
nice Moose...
2007-10-08 18:03:16
724.   bobtaco
Was that a shot of Carl Pavano in the stands?
2007-10-08 18:03:16
725.   fansince77
Even when something good happens..."that's the first Indian hitter struck out in this game.." duz anyone point this shit out to him afterwards- what a DICK!
2007-10-08 18:03:45
726.   claybeez
715 Maybe they're just happy on the inside.
2007-10-08 18:03:51
727.   Yankee Fan In Boston
715 i read an indians blog today and the comments mentioned a TBS bias towards the yankees. i thought that was funny. (the dia tribe i think?)
2007-10-08 18:05:24
728.   Orly Yarly NoWai
A hearty +1 to Moose (redux.)
2007-10-08 18:05:28
729.   fansince77
Even when something good happens..."that's the first Indian hitter struck out in this game.." duz anyone point this shit out to him afterwards- what a DICK!
2007-10-08 18:05:33
730.   Zack
2007-10-08 18:05:35
731.   thelarmis
719 well played.
2007-10-08 18:05:42
732.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2007-10-08 18:06:28
733.   williamnyy23
Small amount of hope returning...please score runs, please! And Arod, please get on base.
2007-10-08 18:07:12
734.   Mattpat11
We need to score now
2007-10-08 18:07:18
735.   cult of basebaal

alright ... we're down 4-1 ... we've seen byrd through the order ... i feel it ... this is our inning ... arod's gonna start it off with something big ... i'm gonna make dinner, burgundy lamb tips with a brandy shiitake cream sauce ... when it's done, i'm gonna come back and watch the pivotal inning of this game on the DVR ... i'm calling it, you guys make it happen!


2007-10-08 18:07:19
736.   williamnyy23
Small amount of hope returning...please score runs, please! And Arod, please get on base.
2007-10-08 18:07:42
737.   Jeb
Oh my god moose has 33 pitches. According to chip "bag of shit" carey he can't go any further.

I'm thinking he can get to 100 no problem. Who knew we'd recreate the sox 2004 ALCS and the yanks 2003 ALCS game 7 with the moose all in the same game.

By the way, anyone who wants to refer to skip carey should just write bag of shit. We'll know what you mean.

2007-10-08 18:07:44
738.   Zack
What are you swinging at Moose?
2007-10-08 18:07:48
739.   Orly Yarly NoWai
727 I say your ten-cent candy tax goes too far!

Well, I say your ten-cent candy tax doesn't go too far enough!

2007-10-08 18:07:48
740.   thelarmis
damn, the toaster is s l o w, at least on my end.

nice back-to-back k's for moose. c'mon alex!!!

2007-10-08 18:07:57
741.   Zack
What are you swinging at A-rod?
2007-10-08 18:07:57
742.   Bluebleeder87
Did the toaster just go hey wire on you guys also...
2007-10-08 18:08:05
743.   nick
damn, Alex misses ANOTHER hittable pitch
2007-10-08 18:08:35
744.   Mattpat11
oh boy
2007-10-08 18:08:41
745.   Vandelay Industries
705 I agree. He just needs to grow up. I know he's a nice guy and all. But maybe its time to move out of Mom's basement and be a man, or get some kind of psychological help. Otherwise, he'll be the best regular season pitcher we have, and that is all. His ERA last year in the PS notwithstanding. David Cone needs to take him away on George's dime and get him right in the head!
2007-10-08 18:08:51
746.   williamnyy23
Arod is killing me. It's obvious that he is right back where is was last season.
2007-10-08 18:08:51
747.   Yankee Fan In Boston
740 slow here, too. lots of action.
2007-10-08 18:08:52
748.   Yankees Brasil
Another ridiculous AB.
2007-10-08 18:08:57
749.   JoeInRI
742 Yes . . . I blame ARod
2007-10-08 18:09:06
750.   Orly Yarly NoWai
742 Yes.
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2007-10-08 18:09:06
751.   Zack
Yeah, banter brain fart

Terrible AB by Alex, he is looking awful today, just awful

2007-10-08 18:09:07
752.   Bob Timmermann
The Toaster is likely slow because there is only one game in baseball and it's being discussed on one of the two most heavily-visited blogs.

I'm betting that Bad Altitude gets fewer comments Thursday.

2007-10-08 18:09:08
753.   claybeez
742 Yes.
2007-10-08 18:09:30
754.   AbbyNormal821
740 742 Me too!
2007-10-08 18:09:31
755.   Eirias
It is only the third. I will be patient.
2007-10-08 18:09:39
756.   cult of basebaal
714 dude, that image is soooooooo creepy ... the only thing more disturbing would be chip wearing a clown outfit under his suit ... chip wayne gacy ...
2007-10-08 18:09:42
757.   monkeypants
715 I actually don't find the announcers to be "anti-Yankee", though many fellow Banterers do. Rather, in my opinion they do what all sports announcers do: they force the story line and the "facts" to fit together. If Byrd is pitching a nice game, he becomes Seaver reborn. If the Indians have a nice series hitting, they suddenly become the '27 Yankees (or '95 Indians, for that matter). But since the Yanks are on the short end of the series, the announcers sound like they are rooting for the opposing team.
2007-10-08 18:09:43
758.   Yankee Fan In Boston
749 ouch.
2007-10-08 18:09:47
759.   Vandelay Industries
743 Lose this game and I have a feeling his decision is made, and that's fine with me.
2007-10-08 18:09:47
760.   thelarmis
hip-hip! man, do i ever wish that left the yard...
2007-10-08 18:09:47
761.   BklynBmr
Jorgie! OK, here we go (again)...
2007-10-08 18:09:56
762.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Sign that man through 2110.
2007-10-08 18:10:23
763.   AbbyNormal821
There you go, Jo Po!!!
2007-10-08 18:10:41
764.   JoeInRI
damn it
2007-10-08 18:10:50
765.   Zack
That Posada pretty much HAD to go out for us, but it didn't, and now he won't score, sigh
2007-10-08 18:11:22
766.   BklynBmr
Gotta plate Jorgie right here...
2007-10-08 18:11:23
767.   nick
ok, now we need our first two-out clutch hit--just a bloop single will do, Robbie-
2007-10-08 18:11:34
768.   NC Highlander
Why are we swinging at every pitch?
2007-10-08 18:11:52
769.   thelarmis
groundzilla. we keep swinging at the 1st pitch. it's not working.
2007-10-08 18:11:52
770.   JoeInRI
2007-10-08 18:11:59
771.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2007-10-08 18:12:10
772.   williamnyy23
2007-10-08 18:12:12
773.   AbbyNormal821
crap on a cracker!
2007-10-08 18:12:26
774.   Zack
Yup, terrible...And now we have to keep hearing about how awesome paul byrd is. First kenny rogers, now paul fucking byrd
2007-10-08 18:12:42
775.   dzzrtRatt
755 Hang in there, Yankee fans. Your lineup makes the Rockies look like banjo hitters. A three run lead at this point in the game is a rounding error.

The fly balls off Byrd this inning will start clearing the fences in the next couple. He's a great four-inning pitcher.

2007-10-08 18:12:42
776.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2007-10-08 18:12:56
777.   Yankees Brasil
What a surprise, no runs. Cy Byrd is just too much for this offense.
2007-10-08 18:12:58
778.   monkeypants
Somebody has to get a friggin' hit with two outs...
2007-10-08 18:13:21
779.   Yankees Brasil
What a surprise, no runs. Cy Byrd is just too much for this offense.
2007-10-08 18:13:33
780.   underdog
It should be noted that the trollish comments were deleted, I'm assuming, by Bob T, Dodger fan and professional librarian.

I'm just glad it wasn't us who brought the site to a crawl a few minutes ago... er, or still...

2007-10-08 18:13:45
781.   thelarmis
it's such a shame a-rod has been cold in this series.

something tells me, if we don't win, lugo coco and midget will hit the hell outta these same pitchers. all of them... : /

2007-10-08 18:13:55
782.   Bluebleeder87
Why are we swinging at every pitch?

Everytime the Yanks do that, your playing into Byrds game.

2007-10-08 18:13:57
783.   Marcus
775 I like you. Takes an outsider to bring some perspective to this group.
2007-10-08 18:14:07
784.   Shaun P
OK, Moose has got to hold these guys here.

C'mon, Moose . . .

2007-10-08 18:14:13
785.   Jeb
Bag of shit is so happy the tribe is winning. He gets his homerism from his drunk grandpa.
2007-10-08 18:14:21
786.   williamnyy23
Why hasn't this team hit for three straight post season? It's not likely they've been set down by Schilling/Johnson or Koufax/Drysdale. For three straight post season, the offense has failed on its own merits. Why?
2007-10-08 18:14:29
787.   Yankee Fan In Boston
775 dzzrtRatt, you're a breath of fresh air.

thank you.

2007-10-08 18:14:41
788.   JoeInRI
778 If only we had Kenny Lofton . .
2007-10-08 18:14:55
789.   Mattpat11
Come on Hideki
2007-10-08 18:15:04
790.   Bob Timmermann
To prevent swamping the server, we are all going to take numbers and just comment when called on.

So, "Number 47"

"Number 47."

2007-10-08 18:15:12
791.   BklynBmr
767 Too early. They're gonna make us twist for the next couple of innings, because this is what they've done to us all year. The bloops (and favorable calls) will start in the 7th. A blast, too...
2007-10-08 18:15:13
792.   underdog
Byrd sorta reminds me of that Diamondbacks pitcher Doug Davis - you just assume your team is gonna hit him hard and instead he works some magic mojo and... nada. But he does tend to tire quickly so we'll see.
2007-10-08 18:15:33
793.   thelarmis
780 thanks, Bob! i read the griddle everyday! : )
2007-10-08 18:15:41
794.   dianagramr
780 I blame the Toaster blip on global warming ...
2007-10-08 18:15:47
795.   Zack
790 ooh, ooh, that's me!
2007-10-08 18:15:59
796.   JeremyM
I'm an A-Rod fan, but, umm, wow. Those were meatballs.
2007-10-08 18:16:07
797.   Zack
Oh crud, i missed my chance
2007-10-08 18:16:16
798.   Bob Timmermann
You're welcome, but were you #47?
2007-10-08 18:16:28
799.   JoeInRI
778 I appreciate that . . . but I'm starting to agree with William . . .
2007-10-08 18:16:44
800.   claybeez
775 thanks for that.

786 I've been asking myself the same question. They seem to press so much sometimes. It can be hard to watch.

Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2007-10-08 18:17:00
801.   Zack
I hate Kelly Shoppach, stupid former Red Sox
2007-10-08 18:17:09
802.   Bluebleeder87

LOL, that's why Bob ROcks!

2007-10-08 18:17:18
803.   Orly Yarly NoWai
798 "You are number six."

"I am not a number! I am a free man!"

2007-10-08 18:17:19
804.   Yankee Fan In Boston
780 bob t, i work in a library as well... we're not so different, all of us....
2007-10-08 18:17:25
805.   thelarmis
792 pete abraham, a yankees beat writer, has an essential blog, most of us here at the banter read daily. at the start of the year, he dubbed A-rod - "underdog"

kelly shoppach? really? christ.

2007-10-08 18:17:42
806.   underdog
Ron Guidry... can they bring him in?

Always liked him.

2007-10-08 18:17:59
807.   Vandelay Industries
We are getting beat by the 1996 Yankees. At least that's what this Indian's team reminds me of.
2007-10-08 18:18:11
808.   Mark T.R. Donohue
752 Oh, ye of little faith.
2007-10-08 18:18:17
809.   thelarmis
803 who are you? you are the new Number 2...
2007-10-08 18:18:19
810.   Orly Yarly NoWai
No, Tony, it is NOT a four-run lead.
2007-10-08 18:18:31
811.   Marty
Clemenza: Oh Herm? Won't see him no more...
2007-10-08 18:18:37
812.   Jeb
Bag of shit says that Wang got pulled because of his pitch count. Did he throw 130 or was it 120 pitches in that 1+ inning of work? Could bag of shit TRY to give some actual analysis?
2007-10-08 18:19:13
813.   williamnyy23
799 I am not trying to win converts...just trying to somehow make myself feel better by sharing my depression.

I am not sure why, but this one has been demoralizing. Something about the last two seasons I could accept...but this one feels as if it is more than just a playoff exit (if it happens). A lot more seems to be riding on it.

2007-10-08 18:19:30
814.   dianagramr
My Borg designation is Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other
2007-10-08 18:19:34
815.   thelarmis
804 i worked in a library way back in high school. still counts though...
2007-10-08 18:19:47
816.   Orly Yarly NoWai
809 It certainly feels like we're on the run, killing to eat.
2007-10-08 18:19:57
817.   underdog
805 Somehow I think anyone with his contract doesn't really qualify as an underdog. Someone with my salary and baseball skills could, though. ;-)

Oops, I had # 7098 so I went a bit ahead of my ticket.

2007-10-08 18:20:01
818.   thelarmis
804 i worked in a library way back in high school. still counts though...
2007-10-08 18:20:16
819.   monkeypants
812 I noticed that. Again, see 757 -- it's another case of forcing the facts to fit the narrative.
2007-10-08 18:20:28
820.   thelarmis
814 what if it's a bakers' dozen?! ; )
2007-10-08 18:20:38
821.   nick
after Alex smoked that first ball yesterday--yeah, only a single, but he hit it really hard--I thought maybe, just maybe.....but he looks dreadful today. just lost up there.
2007-10-08 18:20:44
822.   NC Highlander
We will be lucky if Moose makes it to the 6th. And even luckier if we are still in the game by then.
2007-10-08 18:20:46
823.   Mark T.R. Donohue
803 , 809 Questions are a burden to others, answers a prison to oneself.
2007-10-08 18:20:51
824.   Bluebleeder87
Mike Mussina's gameday pic looks like he needs to get out more often, (needs a little tan)
2007-10-08 18:20:54
825.   JoeInRI
809 Do they show The Prisoner anymore?
2007-10-08 18:21:02
826.   nick
meanwhile, Nibbly Moose has showed up--
2007-10-08 18:21:07
827.   dianagramr

I worked in a library for a semester in college ...

2007-10-08 18:21:13
828.   Shaun P
My little 3 and a half month old son has this to say about the game so far, and it captures my feelings perfectly, so I had to share it:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah PBBBT.

Come on Moose, its on you to hold this.

2007-10-08 18:21:14
829.   Orly Yarly NoWai
820 No! This cannot be!

/channels inner dragonball z

2007-10-08 18:21:24
830.   Zack
Crud, this isn't good
2007-10-08 18:21:28
831.   Yankee Fan In Boston
813 i agree that this season feels like the end or a beginning, but let's focus on the now. the holding of the opposition, the getting of hits and runs, the staying of alive...

(we'll have plenty of time to discuss the future.)

2007-10-08 18:21:33
832.   Yankees Brasil
822 we will be lucky to get out of this inning still in the game.
2007-10-08 18:21:39
833.   Vandelay Industries
813 And don't you think it should be? We aren't the Braves, doing it with fifty million. Winning the World Series is very very difficult, but losing in the first round, year after year, spending this kind of money, there damn well better be repurcussions. No one is off limits, no one.
2007-10-08 18:21:44
834.   underdog
803/809: "Whose side are you on?"

"That would be telling. We want information..."

2007-10-08 18:21:48
835.   Zack
Somehow the Indians "video work" is better than anyone elses...
2007-10-08 18:22:11
836.   El Lay Dave
798 "You know my name. Look up the number."
2007-10-08 18:22:12
837.   Wait Til Next Year
Objectively, I have to say we're done. But the Indians stink, and we have so much offensive firepower. I refuse to believe that we are going down in this game, even if Moose gives up a couple of runs this inning.
2007-10-08 18:22:19
838.   AbbyNormal821
Double play ball, for crikes sake! PLEASE MOOSE!
2007-10-08 18:22:32
839.   Yankee Fan In Boston
827 i'm working in the library and i'm in college now.

this is one big nerdy love-fest.

2007-10-08 18:22:33
840.   thelarmis
816 you're starving now, you're dead on your feet!

next number is up:

22 Acacia Avenue!

2007-10-08 18:22:40
841.   Orly Yarly NoWai
823 I think we are referencing different versions of The Prisoner.
2007-10-08 18:22:46
842.   dianagramr

except the Patriots ...

2007-10-08 18:22:48
843.   Jeb
Ok I just out my Ted Lilly 2002 gamer on. When I put it on last night, Johnny went yard.
2007-10-08 18:23:00
844.   Bob Timmermann
"The Prisoner" is on DVD now. And I think ITV or BBC is working on a new series.
2007-10-08 18:23:06
845.   Zack
This ump is ridiculous. And someone needs to get out there and tell Moose to stop freaking nibbling
2007-10-08 18:23:08
846.   monkeypants
813 Fair enough, William. I am actually feeling the opposite: this team was so poorly constructed and so flawed, and I was convinced that they would never make the post-season, let alone sniff the division. I was fully prepared for the team to miss the play offs, and fully prepared for them to go quietly once it began.

But the season ha brought some great moments, especially when the FO finally trusted some young and not-so-young players. This bodes well for the future, I think.

2007-10-08 18:23:12
847.   Bluebleeder87
The Moose is still keeping you in the game though 4-1 from what I see on gameday...
2007-10-08 18:23:19
848.   dzzrtRatt
825 Who is "they?"
2007-10-08 18:23:32
849.   Orly Yarly NoWai
840 I could certainly use a visit from Charlotte the harlot.
2007-10-08 18:23:38
850.   JoeInRI
813 833 I think I said the same thing each of the last 6 seasons . . .
Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2007-10-08 18:23:50
851.   dianagramr
I sense a IBB to Hafner
2007-10-08 18:24:06
852.   Bob Timmermann
I keep want to call Cleveland's catcher Shop-Vac.

Do you have to rent him out?

2007-10-08 18:24:09
853.   Orly Yarly NoWai
847 As well as can be expected, but I don't like the intentional walk.
2007-10-08 18:24:13
854.   xaphor
828 TBS could certainly use some of that in depth commentary.
2007-10-08 18:24:15
855.   williamnyy23
831 I don't know...I guess it's easier to discuss when there is still some hope because then maybe there is still time to wake up from the nightmare. I get your drift though...I am just hoping against hope now, but it's tough.
2007-10-08 18:24:20
856.   JoeInRI
848 Exactly . . .
2007-10-08 18:24:57
857.   Alex Belth
Is this game moving in slow motion or what? It is hotter n July out here tonight to boot.

Man, you guys know how much I root for A Rod, but he came up so small in those two at bats. Had dumb fat pitches to plow, 0-1 in both at bats. Yikes.

2007-10-08 18:25:43
858.   dzzrtRatt
837 But doesn't your pseudonym sort of bias you toward that conclusion?
2007-10-08 18:25:54
859.   thelarmis
823 hey mark, i read your column - every single post - during this past offseason. what instrument(s) do you play? do you play/tour for a living?

834 next # is up and it's the...

Number of the Beast!!!

2007-10-08 18:25:56
860.   NC Highlander
OMG enough with the 2 outs thing.


2007-10-08 18:26:22
861.   Bob Timmermann
Game 5 would start an hour later than this one.


2007-10-08 18:26:24
862.   underdog
837 I agree the Yankees aren't done yet (though getting out of this inning would help) but don't think the Indians "stink." They've been pretty impressive most of the season and have a lot of good hitters and pitchers. There's no shame in losing to this team, though, disappointed, yes.
2007-10-08 18:26:31
863.   El Lay Dave
Unfortunately V Martinez's stats are better as a LHB.
2007-10-08 18:26:40
864.   Yankees Brasil
This could be it, the end of our season.
2007-10-08 18:27:04
865.   Orly Yarly NoWai
859 Well, the time is certainly short...
2007-10-08 18:27:05
866.   JoeInRI
857 I think there's been a lot of taking fat pitches on Strike one
2007-10-08 18:27:43
867.   Vandelay Industries
857 It is a shame too. He and Wang are both pychological messes. For those who think sports psychology is hogwash, I give you Alex Rodriguez and Chien Ming Wang.
2007-10-08 18:27:43
868.   claybeez
Man, I really want Moose to do well. Looking at his face on the closeup I really felt for him in this quest for a ring.
2007-10-08 18:27:52
869.   JoeInRI
Shit . . nice piece of hitting
2007-10-08 18:27:55
870.   Zack
Well, there goes the season folks.
2007-10-08 18:27:59
871.   underdog
2007-10-08 18:28:00
872.   Alex Belth
Paul Byrd: Stopper.
2007-10-08 18:28:09
873.   williamnyy23
That swing by Vmart is what so many Yankees could have done, but didn't.
2007-10-08 18:28:38
874.   Zack
It sure will be excruciating watching the Indians get swept by the Sox
2007-10-08 18:28:40
875.   trainwreck
The way the Indians ran on Damon was very similar to how teams run on Pierre.
2007-10-08 18:28:46
876.   NC Highlander
Where was Jeter?
2007-10-08 18:28:54
877.   fansince77
Not that he had a chance...but I found it interesting that AROD froze on that. His first step was back to the bag.
2007-10-08 18:28:56
878.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Well. I'm not going to pick on my favorite whipping boy for that one.
2007-10-08 18:29:13
879.   Wait Til Next Year
5 run deficit. This team can make that up.
2007-10-08 18:29:15
880.   monkeypants
Here is where a ballsy manager would perhaps go to the back of his bull pen and use Mo or Joba to get through the fourth and fifth, rather than watching the middle relief piss away the game while it is still sort of in the balance.

Oh well, as I type Martinez knocks in two.

2007-10-08 18:29:18
881.   thelarmis
847 not so much. : (

oh, and FUCK chip caray.

2007-10-08 18:29:25
882.   AbbyNormal821
I really feel sick right now. I'm not giving up hope yet, but damn! And what's worse is, if they don't win, I've got to deal with 2 Sox fans at my office tomorrow and I just don't want to fucking hear it! GO YANKEES!!! I BELIEVE!
2007-10-08 18:29:28
883.   underdog
This ump really hates that inside pitch. Man.
2007-10-08 18:29:42
884.   Vandelay Industries
Well that's that. Thanks for the championships Joe. Thanks for all the moments, but I won't miss the drama Mr. Rodriguez. Go off to Wrigley where they expect you to shit the bed.
2007-10-08 18:29:44
885.   nick
wow, that curve was pretty low and 4 inches off the plate--hard even to blame Moose--they have "team of destiny" written all over them right now....
2007-10-08 18:29:48
886.   Simone
No matter what happens, it is good that Hughes got to experience the postseason and have a small success. The next season's starting rotation has such a bright future that we will all have to wear shades.
2007-10-08 18:29:56
887.   El Lay Dave
Yanks have 5 hits and 2 BB in 3 IP for Byrd. They will make him pay.

But the pitching has to keep them in it....

2007-10-08 18:29:58
888.   NC Highlander
It's not over. This is going to be a barn burner.
2007-10-08 18:30:22
889.   fansince77
2007-10-08 18:30:44
890.   JoeInRI
I wonder if this team just feels so much pressure now . . . that they can't pull the trigger when they need to.
2007-10-08 18:30:47
891.   Wait Til Next Year
I vote that we make Monkeypants the Yankee manager for next year.
2007-10-08 18:30:53
892.   Yankees Brasil
Cashman should start calling Boras right now. We absolutely need to keep A-Rod.
2007-10-08 18:30:54
893.   pistolpete
882 Sick enough to call in?
2007-10-08 18:30:59
894.   williamnyy23
867 That's why I'd have rather not made the playoffs than have them go out this way (if they do). There could be scars on Wang and I fear this will push Arod out the door (and to post season success elsewhere).
2007-10-08 18:31:11
895.   Orly Yarly NoWai
875 Damon's arm is pretty comparable to Pierre's; maybe a bit worse. In 2005, Sox fans made shirts that read:

Looks like Jesus
Acts like Judas
Throws like Mary

2007-10-08 18:31:16
896.   Bluebleeder87
man, MLB is getting pretty good with there Gamday stuff/"in game high lights" they had real time high lights right away, pretty impressive.
2007-10-08 18:31:33
897.   3rd gen yankee fan
Allright boys WTF! LET'S GO LET'S GO LET'S GO YANKEES!!!!!!
2007-10-08 18:31:41
898.   dzzrtRatt
So...this Steinbrenner guy. Did his open threat to fire Torre if the Yanks lose this series help or hurt?

I thought it helped yesterday, put a little chip on the players' shoulders, but it has them playing tight today now that it's sinking in.

2007-10-08 18:31:44
899.   thelarmis
861 that would bode well for me. the later the better, always. doesn't look like it's a-gonna matter though... : (

874 don't watch. if we lose tonight, i'm unplugging my tv until next april when the season starts anew. (i always do that...)

2007-10-08 18:32:05
900.   JeremyM
877 I noticed that too, I thought he might've had a chance on a dive.
Show/Hide Comments 901-950
2007-10-08 18:32:16
901.   Mark T.R. Donohue
859 I make about one-third of my living as a musician, one-third as a freelance writer, and one-third doing editing work for U-Wire.

I played guitar for years and years and after planning to retire from the "biz" after a tour in January (where I was some seven years older than any of the other members of the band) I was pulled back in when a friend of a friend turned me on to a pair of guitarists from Boulder who had a great record almost done but needed a bass player. I joined them basically because I was a fan of their music and I wanted to see them play live, and they needed a bass player to do that.

We're called The Daily Afflictions; our MySpace page is here:

On one of the tracks on the website right now you can even hear me "sing," such as it is, it's called "Progressive Rock Me."

2007-10-08 18:32:50
902.   claybeez
886 Next season's rotation with Joba and IPK and Hughes will be young too. And young SP tend to take their lumps. We have a bright future. I'm not convinced it will be on full display next season.
2007-10-08 18:32:56
903.   JoeInRI
898 My first thought was, did that really come from Steinbrenner? My 2nd thought was, this is Joe's last year, regardless.
2007-10-08 18:32:57
904.   Wait Til Next Year
Byrd is a garbage pitcher. How in the world is he holding us to 1 run?
2007-10-08 18:32:59
905.   Orly Yarly NoWai
899 If we lose, I'm rooting for the Indians.
2007-10-08 18:33:07
906.   Zack
This strike zone is all over the place...

Now Paul Byrd is a "big time player"

2007-10-08 18:33:49
907.   Mattpat11
What a tease
2007-10-08 18:33:52
908.   thelarmis
so, midges and paul byrd. wow. fucking great. and the high power offense sputtering. wang spits the bit twice. brutal. let's tack on a couple here. please. it's still only the 4th...
2007-10-08 18:34:05
909.   monkeypants
OK, Melky!

Now, they some some friggin' basehits. Someone has got to come through with a big hig with some men on base.

2007-10-08 18:34:14
910.   Bob Timmermann
But if you unplug your TV, you will miss the chance to the Yankeeography of Horace Clarke.

Or possibly one about Bud Metheny.

2007-10-08 18:34:29
911.   3rd gen yankee fan
YEAH LECHE!!!!!!!!
2007-10-08 18:34:42
912.   Orly Yarly NoWai
There he goes with the fisting again.
2007-10-08 18:34:44
913.   El Lay Dave
The GIDP was one batter late, but 5 runs is not insurmountable against Byrd - but it would be best to get to him very soon, otherwise the good part of the Indians' pen awaits.
2007-10-08 18:34:47
914.   thelarmis
next number up:

postively FOURTH (4th) street

am i the only 1 still liking this game?

there's goes ol' chip "fisting" again. oy.

2007-10-08 18:34:47
915.   claybeez
898 They seem to play tight or super loose. I'm not sure there's an in between. You know - steady, consistent. It's time for the free, explosive version to show up.
2007-10-08 18:34:52
916.   Zack
None of our 23423423 pop ups have fallen in, and all 12 of theirs have
2007-10-08 18:35:08
917.   Jeb
881 you mean bag of shit
2007-10-08 18:35:09
918.   Mattpat11
Caray is insufferable
2007-10-08 18:35:16
919.   JoeInRI
912 It's a family thing . . .
2007-10-08 18:35:40
920.   3rd gen yankee fan
906 Yeah on that fourth pitch to Melky I was like, "woo hoo Melky waaaallks wtf that was a strike?"
2007-10-08 18:36:00
921.   Wait Til Next Year
I have no respect for this Cleveland team. We are just unlucky. Both Wang and Arod are choking in the same game.
2007-10-08 18:36:26
922.   monkeypants
902 Wang, maybe Pettitte and the three kids is not really any worse than Wang, Pettitte and the magic merry-go-round from this season.
2007-10-08 18:36:42
923.   thelarmis
910 ha! but i'm in Atlanta, so i don't get the YES network. i bought the 4 volumes of 3-dvd sets of Yankeeography. they're all amazing! unfortunately, they seem to have stopped releasing them. i wish they would continue making that series available in that format...
2007-10-08 18:36:45
924.   pistolpete
If we lose, can tomorrow's headline be "Jam Sandwich"..?
2007-10-08 18:37:08
925.   Mattpat11
This team rolled over.
2007-10-08 18:37:08
926.   nick
Paul Byrd is not Greg Fucking Maddux.
Guys are missing pitches.
Damon puts that pitch in the seats the other night.
2007-10-08 18:37:09
927.   Zack
And another pop up. ANyone who can possibly give credit to this pitching staff is simply ignoring how bad the hitting has been. These are pitches right over the plate and they are lazy pop ups. Just terrible...
2007-10-08 18:37:33
928.   claybeez
922 I know. I'm just tempering my hopes with a dose of reality.
2007-10-08 18:37:34
929.   dianagramr

nice ....

2007-10-08 18:37:48
930.   thelarmis
paul byrd will get his ass handed to him by the shit sox...
2007-10-08 18:37:57
931.   Zack
Paul Byrd would probably have given up 10 runs if this game was in Fenway
2007-10-08 18:38:15
932.   JoeInRI
At least Jetes is putting up a fight . . .
2007-10-08 18:38:56
933.   Mike T
No two ways about it: our team fuckin' sucks tonight. The way they're playing, they deserve to lose.
2007-10-08 18:38:56
934.   Bluebleeder87

I just checked it out (really cool) I pictured you totally different Mark T.R. Donohue.

2007-10-08 18:39:30
935.   monkeypants
925 Ah, it was just a matter of time--the first moral condemnation of the evening!
2007-10-08 18:39:37
936.   Wait Til Next Year
I really think that the Indians are so lame that this game isn't over even with no one on in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and two strikes. There is no way that this entire Yankee team is going to collectively tank this game. That is absurd simply not plausible.
2007-10-08 18:39:57
937.   Bob Timmermann
Byrd, along with Sabathia and Livan Hernandez, all won two games this year despite giving up 10 or more hits.

Felix Hernandez won four games giving up 10+ hits.

2007-10-08 18:40:03
938.   Zack
Sucks that A-Rod is going out on this note, the media and fans will never let him live it down and run him out of town, mvp be damned.
2007-10-08 18:40:04
939.   dzzrtRatt
Caray is turning this game's story into "Joe Torre, Dead Man Walking."

Ugh. I can't believe I said I liked TBS coverage more than Fox's.

Why is there so much nepotism in broadcasting? Harry and Jack were entertaining, but their spawn are evil. Vin Scully would never foist his kids on us.

2007-10-08 18:40:10
940.   SF Yanks
Can I get a silver lining at least? Something to take home? Fucking anything at all? Seriously, is there anything?
2007-10-08 18:40:18
941.   vockins
Who else is excited to catch up on their reading and Netfilx queue? Got some Cormac McCarthy lined up and Death Race 2000. Looking forward to that!
2007-10-08 18:40:21
942.   Mark T.R. Donohue
933 The Dodger Thoughts puritans may disagree, but in this case I think the oath is more or less required.
2007-10-08 18:40:39
943.   cult of basebaal
wow ... this is horrible. i can't believe i'm watching the end of an era go down like this. awful, just awful ... and sad ... i'm going for a walk ... maybe something good will happen while i'm out ...
2007-10-08 18:40:49
944.   JCP22
Holy mother of god, the leadoff man made out.
2007-10-08 18:40:58
945.   thelarmis
901 oh, cool! i know a couple of musicians in boulder/denver. i've played the Fox and Bluebird a few times in the mid-late 90's. i love the Fox in Boulder - great venue. i'm glad you're still playing! :)

i'll definitely check out your page at some point. right now, i'm about to set myself on fire. and then cry. but not b/c of the burning, but b/c my pinstriped heroes are killing me. killing me... : (

2007-10-08 18:41:22
946.   Bluebleeder87
it's probably more frustrating for you guys knowking Paul Byrd is doing this, wow.
2007-10-08 18:41:24
947.   Wait Til Next Year
Tonight will be the greatest Yankee comeback ever. There is no way this lead will hold.
2007-10-08 18:41:42
948.   Jeb
918 who is carey? There's a bag of shit but no carey.
2007-10-08 18:41:47
949.   3rd gen yankee fan
Jesus guys it's the fifth inning! Cmon hang in there!
2007-10-08 18:41:57
950.   JeremyM
923 Me too, I love those DVD sets. Too bad they quit churning them out.

940 Phil Hughes performance is about it.

Show/Hide Comments 951-1000
2007-10-08 18:42:13
951.   cult of basebaal
941 deathrace is amusing ... 70's cheese reigns supreme! long live Frankenstein!
2007-10-08 18:42:38
952.   williamnyy23
This could be good bye to Arod, Torre and Clemens (and even Jorge and Mo)...maybe that's why this game seems so much more solemn than others. I wonder whose name, if any, the crowd will chant tonight?
2007-10-08 18:42:39
953.   Yankees Brasil
940 Phil Hughes
2007-10-08 18:43:09
954.   Bluebleeder87
Paul Byrd dude....
2007-10-08 18:43:13
955.   thelarmis
937 i am a King Felix fan. bought his 2004 traded rookie card...

943 i was about to call you. tell you not to bother w/ the dvr - just enjoy your dinner... : (

2007-10-08 18:43:22
956.   pistolpete
Everyone who I've heard defend Torre this week loves to go on and on about his calm demeanor, about how his calm influence 'doesn't let this team panic'.

After watching this garbage for 4 straight years, I have to say I believe in a different type of 'panic'. The bats look absolutely panicked, folks...

2007-10-08 18:43:27
957.   Bob Timmermann
The Sonic question is rather ambiguous.
2007-10-08 18:43:31
958.   SF Yanks
So if ARod leaves, what do we do with the money? Save it? Say Betemit takes over 3rd, can we at least get an ace for one of the best players ever? (For what its worth, I really, really hope he stays)
2007-10-08 18:43:58
959.   thelarmis
949 hanging on by dental floss...
2007-10-08 18:44:00
960.   williamnyy23
940 It's better to lose now than get thumped by the Red Sox?
2007-10-08 18:44:02
961.   cult of basebaal
949 yeah, but who has any confidence that moose isn't going to cough a couple more up ... and that the good pitchers in the cleveland pen are going to give up anything close to that ...
2007-10-08 18:44:09
962.   JoeInRI
2007-10-08 18:44:27
963.   dianagramr
957 its a perfect question
2007-10-08 18:44:38
964.   monkeypants
Hey! Moose with the 1-2-3...he's finally warmed up after three innings!!
2007-10-08 18:44:42
965.   El Lay Dave
942 On the other hand, the DT barbarians agree that that wording is necessary.

I still think the Yanks can blast Byrd in the fifth.

2007-10-08 18:45:06
966.   thelarmis
i guess we feasibly could make it 6-4 coming up here this again. but, wait...we're facing Cy Fuking Byrd, goddamnit!
2007-10-08 18:45:18
967.   pistolpete
960 IMO it seems like this team can only get up for those Red Sox. We would have thumped them, but alas....
2007-10-08 18:45:37
968.   cult of basebaal
958 ace? you mean kyle lohse??? cause that's all that's out there this year ... unless we break the bank for santana
2007-10-08 18:45:37
969.   williamnyy23
956 I think this team has played tight since game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. Maybe a change is necessary simply to dismiss the post season pall that seems to be over this team?
2007-10-08 18:45:37
970.   Bluebleeder87
but if your an optimist it's only a 5 run lead, & you ARE THE YANKS....
2007-10-08 18:45:38
971.   Yankees Brasil
We need 2 runs now and we are back in it.
2007-10-08 18:45:43
972.   OldYanksFan
Well boys and girls, it's been fun.
The pressure of the PS seems too much for these guys.
We get one great game pitched, but get outpitched.
Our 'Ace' loses 2 of 3 games.
Our MVP continues to struggle under the limelight.
Our young stud get attacked by insects.

However, when you consider this year in it's entirity.... it's been pretty special.
Next years team will have 10 or more homegrown boys.
We will no longer be an old team.
We will have excellent pitching and maybe more coming.

We are not the best team this year.
But we will have a better team next year (if ARod stays) and better again in 2009.
It's really the first time in a long time that our future is so bright.

So tip one to the next dynasty.

2007-10-08 18:45:49
973.   Bob Timmermann
For example, there has never a postseason makeup of a game between two teams after the regular season ended when both teams were tied for first. That happened today in 1908.

But I suppose they want the Larsen answer.

2007-10-08 18:46:15
974.   Jeb
I've defended Arod all year and I'm just tired of it. Let him go to fucking Boston and he can win his 5 titles there. I give up. I'm tired of the drama, I'm tired of will he or won't he opt out. I'm tired of it all.

I'm a stat head, I bow to the stats and I don't think the Yanks were better with brosius at third. But dammit I'm tired of hearing about his postseason woes while we lose every fucking year. Fuck the all star team and get me some damn starting and relief pitching.

And fucking fire torre too. I'm sick of it all.

2007-10-08 18:46:33
975.   dianagramr
Romo is definitely having a worse night than Wang. 3 INTs, 2 returned for TDs.
2007-10-08 18:46:53
976.   monkeypants
958 What should be done? Or what will be done? If he leaves, they should save the money and use next season to develop the young players. What bat on the market comes even close to reproducing his offensive numbers? Other than signing Bonds as the DH (how many DHs can one team have?).
2007-10-08 18:46:56
977.   SF Yanks
949 I'm trying. I really am, its just...well... we're running out of time.

950 953 I guess that's about it.

2007-10-08 18:47:13
978.   pistolpete
969 I almost get convinced every day listening to the media that Torre should stay, but then they actually play the games.
2007-10-08 18:47:15
979.   thelarmis
960 for some reason, i don't think we would get thumped by the shit sox. i think we'd hold our own better.

boBBy baseball. c'mon Candyman!!!

2007-10-08 18:47:33
980.   JoeInRI
972 Are you kidding me? Next dynasty????
2007-10-08 18:47:38
981.   thelarmis
2007-10-08 18:48:43
982.   thelarmis
he's got to steal 2nd. we need to make something happen. need to...
2007-10-08 18:49:48
983.   williamnyy23
I can't even think about next season...if they's going to take me a while to get back into it...and this year, that period is going to be longer. Wake me up when Arod opts out.
2007-10-08 18:50:07
984.   thelarmis
or not. good thing i ain't runnin' the team! i would've run us into an ez dp right there. (cowers into the corner covering my face a la the Mortal Sin Face of Despair cover...)

again with the 1st pitch. great. nice. what a buncha bullshit here. it's getting late early...

2007-10-08 18:50:12
985.   trainwreck
I am liking the music. Nice and chill.

I like "Live Going Stag To..." the best.

2007-10-08 18:50:59
986.   Bob Timmermann
If I were Eric Wedge, I'd pat Byrd on the back and get him out of there now.

To be sure he wouldn't come back in, I'd steal his glove.

2007-10-08 18:51:03
987.   monkeypants
Well, with that, I have officially stopped watching this as if it were a real game. This is now exhibition baseball for a couple of innings, then off for a walk. Maybe Torre will let some of the benchers get in, or are they playing in the B squad game?
2007-10-08 18:51:06
988.   JoeInRI
My brain hurts . . . good night people . . .
2007-10-08 18:51:15
989.   Mark T.R. Donohue
985 The song's full title is "Going Stag to the Alternative Lifestyles Prom," and thanks, I wrote that one.
2007-10-08 18:51:19
990.   dianagramr
Tony Romo has been INTed 4 times in first half.

Bills up 17-7.

2007-10-08 18:51:22
991.   cult of basebaal
dead man walking ... way to win one for the skipper, guys ... way to go
2007-10-08 18:51:50
992.   Mattpat11
What a fucking mess.
2007-10-08 18:52:05
993.   Yankees Brasil
I wouldn't mind if Hideki got his ass send back to Japan.
2007-10-08 18:52:27
994.   cult of basebaal
983 at least we've got more time to resign him now ... sigh
2007-10-08 18:53:30
995.   51cq24
good job adjusting to the game and not swinging at every pitch
2007-10-08 18:53:46
996.   monkeypants
983 And my last (only?) optimistic note:I've avoided commenting on this for weeks now, but A-Rod is not going to opt out.
2007-10-08 18:53:51
997.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Jose Veras. Woo. This dog won't hunt, Montsegur.
2007-10-08 18:53:54
998.   fansince77
Hey - still lot of ball game left. We load the bases once or twice and get a couple of key hits - we are back. Every one of you has seen it happen before...Why not now? Why not tonight? Don't lose faith. It is all we got right now. Keep it until the very end.
2007-10-08 18:54:05
999.   Yankees Brasil
994 I bet Cashman is already calling
2007-10-08 18:54:39
1000.   El Lay Dave
Before Mussina started pitching in the sixth, he and Byrd had each thrown 74 pitches. Byrd in one less inning, obviously.
Show/Hide Comments 1001-1050
2007-10-08 18:55:27
1001.   Zack
It's really amazing how we have watched this same lineup two years in a row just totally fold to clearly, clearly inferior pitchers. I;m sorry, there is no way, no way, you can make a case that Byrd just "pitched the game of his life" or even just "out pitched" the Yankees. This is a complete and total lack of execution, mentally and physically, by the batters. The pitching hasn't been great, but the hitters have been so bad that it hasn't mattered. 1 run in 5 innings against Paul Byrd? Seriously guys, is that all you've got? It's really amazing, really really amazing. I don't really know what the reason is, there has to be one. It's like all of a sudden just because its the postseason they completely lose control of their approach
2007-10-08 18:55:38
1002.   Zack
Another fucking terrible call
2007-10-08 18:55:38
1003.   thelarmis
he was soooooo fucking OUT!!! c'mon blue!!!
2007-10-08 18:56:09
1004.   Bob Timmermann
Salt, this is wound.
Wound, meet salt.
2007-10-08 18:56:24
1005.   williamnyy23
Another bad seems as if all good karma from the dynasty is being settled up over the past few seasons. We had so many breaks go our way for so long, I guess the tide was due to turn.
2007-10-08 18:56:46
1006.   claybeez
1001 Echoed.
2007-10-08 18:56:47
1007.   AbbyNormal821
What happens when the 'new guard' starts filtering in? Will it make things better? How many more years will we have to wait then before another dynasty begins? I just feel like we've become so spoiled and Steinbrenner has been so rigid with the whole 'win or you're a failure' way of thinking that how much more pressure can a franchise take? I want to see Mo & Po back, I want to see Torre back. Teams go through droughts, it happens...I dunno...

It might be a naive way of thinking, but it's just so frustrating to me.

2007-10-08 18:56:49
1008.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-10-08 18:56:53
1009.   SF Yanks
Well, I guess its safe to say this will be one of the most interesting off-seasons ever. Area/players to deal with:

Mr. Joe Torre
starting rotation?

Nice call blue! Keep up the good work that you guys have been doing all season!! Fuckin hacks.

2007-10-08 18:56:53
1010.   Mattpat11
That wasn't even close.
2007-10-08 18:57:00
1011.   dianagramr
Torre should have thrown the red flag on that one ...
2007-10-08 18:57:54
1012.   ny2ca2dc
how has joe torre not gotten himself thrown out of this game. third bullshit call.

might as well get yourself tossed joe, you're not going to be back. I don't think joe fits the team anymore, but i love him, what a way to go out. what a mess...

karmic payback for all the good breaks '96-00 or so....

2007-10-08 18:57:56
1013.   williamnyy23
1001 Maybe there is something to having fewer superstars and more grunts?
2007-10-08 18:58:02
1014.   thelarmis
is this all stemming from Boss George not handing out WS rings to a lot of the employees from the 2000 Series. or something like that???

901 cool stuff, Mark!

2007-10-08 18:58:14
1015.   Mattpat11
Moose did a nice job
2007-10-08 18:58:52
1016.   Mark T.R. Donohue
What would the Yanks potentially have to dangle in a Santana deal? It seems to me that their resurgence in the second half was thanks to letting more young guys play (not that they had much choice). How many could they trade and still have a working core?
2007-10-08 18:58:56
1017.   AbbyNormal821
1015 Agreed...
2007-10-08 18:58:58
1018.   Bluebleeder87
are you guys going after Girardi or is it gonna be Mattingly?
2007-10-08 18:59:52
1019.   nyy jim
Does anybody remember as many bad calls as there have been this year. I don't mean just with the Yankees. It seems like it is throughout all of baseball. It's got to the point when we have to seriously consider instant replay in some form.
2007-10-08 19:00:06
1020.   Saburo
CBS Sportsline says:
Unknown relieved Mike Mussina.


2007-10-08 19:00:17
1021.   OldYanksFan
And for a little weird:
Moose goes 4.2 innings of 2 ER ball.
Pretty good.
He pitches better then either of Wangs games.
Who'd have thought.
2007-10-08 19:00:25
1022.   51cq24
1005 i'm sorry but that isn't true. plenty of calls went against us all through the dynasty years. but we had much better pitching, especially in the bullpen.
2007-10-08 19:00:40
1023.   Max
173 Man, I never get a prediction right in my life, and I seem to be spot on tonight. How I wish I had been wrong, though.

There's a still a lot of game left, but it seems like everyone has conceded this game. Sterling, Waldman and Feinsand sounded like they were at a wake during the 5th inning talking about Torre and ARod in the past tense.

2007-10-08 19:00:44
1024.   pistolpete
Mattingly seems like he's cut from the same cloth as Guidry - they're good teachers of the basics but don't seem like particularly good motivators.
2007-10-08 19:00:49
1025.   monkeypants
1009 Does Mussina have a player option, or is it a team option?

It all hinges on A-Rod. I have a feeling if A-Rod opts out, that they go with Abreu for another year. If A-Rod stays, the Abreu question is interesting.

Mo and especially Posada depend on the number of years they want.

2007-10-08 19:00:52
1026.   thelarmis
1009 moose is signed for next season. and pettitte will most likely exercise his player option. that'll leave for our rotation:


so, ron villone is pitching in our elimination game. this is freaking brutal.

2007-10-08 19:01:08
1027.   ny2ca2dc
1001 We'll all agree that ARod is far from the only problem, we should be so lucky if he were, but his strikeout on 3 pitches (in his second at bat i think) , the latter two 85-88 mph Paul Byrd 'fast'balls Right Down The Middle, exemplifies this mess.
2007-10-08 19:01:22
1028.   williamnyy23
1022 I don't know about that...can you name one that did? I can probably list 10 that went our way.
2007-10-08 19:01:28
1029.   Bluebleeder87

I just can't agree with that assessment, my purist leanings just can't agree with that, I see your point though.

2007-10-08 19:01:39
1030.   Bob Timmermann
Ned Colletti would trade Matt Kemp to the Yankees for Ron Villone AND Jose Molina.

It would have to be both guys.

2007-10-08 19:02:00
1031.   AbbyNormal821
holy shit, they're chanting "Paul O'Neill"
2007-10-08 19:02:04
1032.   51cq24
paul o'neill chant!!! nice!
2007-10-08 19:02:28
1033.   dzzrtRatt
Oooh, Carey is now notifying us that the Red Sox are paying close attention to this game. Do tell. I was certain they were watching Katie Couric, but maybe he's got some "inside information."
2007-10-08 19:02:35
1034.   dianagramr
I could swear I just heard a "Paul O'Neill" chant ...
2007-10-08 19:02:44
1035.   thelarmis
are they chanting "Paul O Neill"??? i guess he's there for YES???

1018 i'd rather keep torre. or try Bowa.

1025 i thought it's just a contract. we signed him to a 2-year deal.

2007-10-08 19:02:59
1036.   monkeypants
1024 Do professional baseball teams really need motivators? Just give someone who knows how to manage a BP and can tell that Girardi is not a better catching option than Posada.
2007-10-08 19:03:24
1037.   OldYanksFan
1013 Grunts like Wang, Cano, Hughes, Joba, IPK and Melky?
2007-10-08 19:03:46
1038.   51cq24
1036 yes
2007-10-08 19:03:54
1039.   williamnyy23
1027 Unfortunately for Arod, he needed to have situation wherein his teammates would compensate and put him in a position where every AB wasn't critical. Even Reggie struggled in the ALCS, but his teams won anyway, allowing Mr. October to be born in the WS. What makes Arod standout is he has been bad and the entire team has followed along with him. What a shame.
2007-10-08 19:04:30
1040.   El Lay Dave
1028 Reggie Jackson's fucking hip!
2007-10-08 19:04:45
1041.   Mattpat11
Shoot for three runs here.
2007-10-08 19:04:49
1042.   51cq24
1038 sorry, i meant i agree with you, not "yes" to your initial question
2007-10-08 19:05:35
1043.   Jeb
Please fire torre!
2007-10-08 19:05:40
1044.   pistolpete
1036 To me that's the biggest fallacy - that multi-millionaires are always capable of motivating themselves. Everyone's got an ego that needs to be stroked, and everyone needs that little extra push sometimes...

Even millionaire ballplayers.

2007-10-08 19:06:43
1045.   Mark T.R. Donohue
Wow, that is so weird, I was thinking about saying in jest "Of course, the guy the Yankees really miss is Paul O'Neill," since he's just about my least favorite player ever, and there go the fans. Let no one say Yankees fans don't have good memories.
2007-10-08 19:06:53
1046.   monkeypants
1042 That's cool--I was right either way! ; )
2007-10-08 19:06:57
1047.   Vandelay Industries
It is all psychological.

What you are seeing is the difference between a team that fans and the local media want to win, and a team that the former EXPECT to win.

2007-10-08 19:07:00
1048.   williamnyy23
1037 Grunst like Brosius, Curtis, Knoblauch as well as warrior types like O'neill and Tino. I know, it makes no sense, but neither does this team failing to hit in the post season for three straight seasons.
2007-10-08 19:07:12
1049.   Max
1027 Yup. Though to me, the story of this series is Wang and the bats. Both came up incredibly small this series.
2007-10-08 19:07:29
1050.   Bob Timmermann
The umpires were kind to the Yankees in the 1999 ALCS against the Red Sox.
Show/Hide Comments 1051-1100
2007-10-08 19:07:43
1051.   claybeez
Robbie has impressed me. Big time. He is legit.
2007-10-08 19:07:47
1052.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Thank you, Robbie.
2007-10-08 19:07:47
1053.   fansince77
ONly problem with that is it means Byrds out.
2007-10-08 19:07:49
1054.   pistolpete
Ok, Robby, good job.

Keep our hopes up why doncha.

2007-10-08 19:07:52
1055.   thelarmis
what a tremendously terrible, awful, no good, very bad feeling joe torre must have in his stomach right now. i wish that upon nobody. i've been on stage on the drum throne either getting vibed or seeing it happen to others and knowing you're losing your gig. it's horrific. i wonder if JT ends up in St. Louis (Bob T's favorite city!)


2007-10-08 19:08:23
1056.   SF Yanks
If things hold up, in about 45 minutes I will be one really depressed person, knowing that the Yanks will not touch a bat or ball until March....MARCH!!! Oh my god, I'm getting depressed already.... please come back and win this thing... The worst part is the empty hole on weeknights that used to be occupied by baseball. I guess I'll fill it with movies or something.... fu*k

Well, theres one run. At least 4 more to go...

2007-10-08 19:08:24
1057.   AbbyNormal821
YAY! wasn't it the 6th where all them runs were scored last night?
2007-10-08 19:08:29
1058.   pistolpete
Oh Wedge is a p*ssy. One measly HR and Byrd's coming out?
2007-10-08 19:08:30
1059.   fansince77
2007-10-08 19:08:35
1060.   vockins
1016 I can't remember where I read it, but some writer suggested Beltran for Santana. That one makes a lot more sense to me than anything the Yanks could do.
2007-10-08 19:08:42
1061.   Bluebleeder87
man, Cano hit that dinger almost off THE DIRT.
2007-10-08 19:08:43
1062.   monkeypants
Unfortunately, perhaps too little, too late--now they have to make up 4 runs against the full BP arsenal. Still, it aint never...
2007-10-08 19:08:43
1063.   51cq24
1044 fallacy? maybe wrong, but not a fallacy. i don't think the money has anything to do with it. these are professional ballplayers. they should not need motivation, they need a manager who will enable the team to win.
2007-10-08 19:08:45
1064.   ny2ca2dc
Robinson seems to have shaken off his post season jitters.
2007-10-08 19:08:45
1065.   thelarmis
poor chip caray. can't find his voice. they should've allowed us to start that inning with the bases loaded...
2007-10-08 19:08:50
1066.   bhsportsguy
1045 You realize that it is pretty likely that pundits may pick you guys to beat the D-Backs.
2007-10-08 19:09:01
1067.   OldYanksFan
Wow... Cano hit that off his ankles.
If you look at the numbers, Robbie has had the best series for the Yankees.
2007-10-08 19:09:22
1068.   thelarmis
well, we're now in "slam range" if we can "clog the bases"...
2007-10-08 19:09:32
1069.   Mark T.R. Donohue
1056 I got two words for you: Rockies bandwagon.
2007-10-08 19:09:43
1070.   williamnyy23
1056 Exactly...and it sucks.
2007-10-08 19:10:00
1071.   ny2ca2dc
1056 oh god, you've just crushed me. Hadn't been thinking about that...
2007-10-08 19:10:42
1072.   trainwreck
Don't care about Bon Jovi.

Don't care.

2007-10-08 19:10:43
1073.   nick
1001 I've defended the bats in the past but no more....I'm with ya--ROBBIE! is the only guy who's been solid (OK, Damon)
2007-10-08 19:10:55
1074.   AbbyNormal821
You dickhead - who CARES when Bon Jovi is touring!??? Get back to the fucking game!
2007-10-08 19:10:56
1075.   vockins
Does the Bluebird in Denver have that weird dinner theater type tiered floor? Lots of guardrails?
2007-10-08 19:11:02
1076.   Bob Timmermann
I think if La Russa leaves St. Louis, Terry Pendleton is the favorite to take over there.
2007-10-08 19:11:11
1077.   51cq24
1048 of course, there were plenty of times in the 90s when the team failed to hit, yet they won because of grunts like cone, wells, el duque, stanton, nelson, lloyd etc
2007-10-08 19:11:24
1078.   Mark T.R. Donohue
1066 Seems like it. Just about the only thing the D-Backs have over the Rockies, if you go position-by-position, is Brandon Webb at #1 starter. And given Webb's stats against the Rockies this season (5+ ERA, 4 homers, Helton and Hawpe murder him) and Jeff Francis's command lately, maybe not even there.
2007-10-08 19:11:41
1079.   fansince77
Load the bases. I like our chances.
2007-10-08 19:11:56
1080.   El Lay Dave
986 Instead Wedge used the Grady Little strategy, "well, I'll send him back out there until someone gets on."

I hate that "strategy".

2007-10-08 19:12:26
1081.   pistolpete
1063 It's a long season, they sure do need motivation sometimes.

They're still all human beings, not characters in a video game...

2007-10-08 19:12:38
1082.   Mark T.R. Donohue
1075 Yeah. That's a nice place, I haven't played it yet but I'd like to. The live stuff we have up was recorded at the Walnut Room in Denver.
2007-10-08 19:12:42
1083.   monkeypants
1047 Grunts v. superstars is a false dichotomy. Some of teh Grunts that you name (Knoblauch, Martinez) were big name FAs and/or trade acquisitions. It's not like Cone and Clemens (or Wettlend, for that matter) were unheralded youngsters, either.
2007-10-08 19:12:53
1084.   ny2ca2dc
Rockies, especially Holliday, are a likeable team. We all knew they were legit when they swept our asses...
2007-10-08 19:13:03
1085.   thelarmis
1056 april for me. i don't care much for spring training. i just pray for no injured yankees.

well, at least melky didn't dive into 1st...

2007-10-08 19:13:34
1086.   Jeb
I hate that motherfucker Rafael Perez. FUCK.
2007-10-08 19:14:18
1087.   pistolpete
Ok, patience guys - Cleveland is counting on the fact that you're all going to start swinging for the fences now.
2007-10-08 19:14:23
1088.   Vandelay Industries
1077 That's why I say every bat plus cash are on the trading block for young pitching. I don't want to see this group of regular season wonder bats together next year.
2007-10-08 19:14:33
1089.   ny2ca2dc
Sweet, Shelly. MiLB nobody non-prospect to pinch hitting down in a post season elimination game.

What i love about him, and i'm SO shocked it's so, is that he doesn't come up hacking. Big fella is something of a complete hitter

2007-10-08 19:14:48
1090.   AbbyNormal821
what a boon (Boone???) it would be if we rocked Perez!
2007-10-08 19:14:51
1091.   claybeez
Yeah, Shelley!
2007-10-08 19:14:57
1092.   nick
Goethe wouldn't have hit that, Bob!
2007-10-08 19:15:07
1093.   bobtaco
Shelley is too legit to quit, too.
2007-10-08 19:15:32
1094.   Jeb
I like Shelley but I'd use sardina to run for him and then put Giambino at first.
2007-10-08 19:15:48
1095.   thelarmis
1075 i don't remember, it's been awhile. but i do remember it was pretty much a dump. dirty, broken down, crappy backstage, shitty part of town, etc. etc. it's the anti-fox theater in boulder. that place was beautiful...
2007-10-08 19:15:53
1096.   nick
1089 I agree completely--everybody keeps saying he is, but whenever I see him, big swing sometimes but the approach looks solid--I think he could be a platoon starter on a championship club-
2007-10-08 19:15:56
1097.   Mark T.R. Donohue
1084 One of the best things about this playoff run is that Colorado ownership now has no excuse -- none -- not to re-sign Holliday and keep him, with all due respect, the hell away from you guys.
2007-10-08 19:16:17
1098.   monkeypants
1081 Probably true, but I suspect that not burning out your BP, starting the best players most of the time, not making goofy defensive/PR moves in the sixth inning, not relying on an inner circle of veterans while ignoring (most) youngsters, etc...all have more to do with winning than rah-rah and attaboy.
2007-10-08 19:16:22
1099.   pistolpete
Duncan has no neck when he runs.
2007-10-08 19:16:30
1100.   51cq24
1088 let's get back to this discussion later
Show/Hide Comments 1101-1150
2007-10-08 19:16:34
1101.   dzzrtRatt
"...and this crowd up for grabs!"

What the hell does Caray even mean by that?

2007-10-08 19:16:43
1102.   thelarmis
shelley! damon!

c'mon captain, save your father figure manager. do it!!!


2007-10-08 19:16:43
1103.   claybeez
OK. Nice job JD! Keep the line moving.
2007-10-08 19:16:46
1104.   ny2ca2dc
we are still in this. we really are. ever so barely.

1089 way to make me look good shelly.

would like to see some change in the lineup, even if it's sideways (but nothing backwards, obviously) just for the sake of change.

Remember working over Okijima & Papplebon? Here it comes again.

2007-10-08 19:16:47
1105.   OldYanksFan
1048 Those Yankee teams won on very good SP, very effective guys like Stanton, Nelson Mendoza and Mo in the BP, and very timely hitting.

Our hitting has been poor, but 2 terrible starts by our ace? Roger going down in the 3rd? Our SP pitching, aside from Pettitte, has been very poor.

2007-10-08 19:16:59
1106.   Vandelay Industries
1094 Giambi? You mean the sole fat ass still sitting on the pine last night during our rally? The guy who needed to see that the camera light was on to get up and root for his teammates? No thank you.
2007-10-08 19:17:06
1107.   nyy jim
That's it crowd, go crazy and make noise. These are situations made for the Captain.
2007-10-08 19:17:11
1108.   Bob Timmermann
I was equally baffled.
2007-10-08 19:17:14
1109.   AbbyNormal821
1101 he stole Michael Kay's line! What a dope!
2007-10-08 19:17:31
1110.   bartap74
Caray keeps saying "this crowd is up for grabs" which seems to imply that the Yankee Stadium fans might root for either team. I don't think he knows what the phrase means.
2007-10-08 19:17:36
1111.   Mark T.R. Donohue
1075 It's still in a crappy part of East Denver but they've renovated it at least a little since I've been living out here. I live within walking distance of the Fox and I've been to some of the best shows of my life there -- a couple of nights with Ween in December of '05 and Built to Spill last month in particular.
2007-10-08 19:17:40
1112.   51cq24
if jeter doesn't come through here, does that mean the dynasty is REALLY over this time???
2007-10-08 19:17:46
1113.   pistolpete
1101 Didn't you know? They were all going to start rooting for the Indians eventually.
2007-10-08 19:17:54
1114.   thelarmis
i'm getting a different jeter card to rub...
2007-10-08 19:18:15
1115.   Jeb
Ok I was wrong as shellster went from 1st to 3rd like a champ. Any chance Damon steals second here?
2007-10-08 19:18:53
1116.   nick
hang on tight, boys & girls!
2007-10-08 19:18:53
1117.   bhsportsguy
1111 No thought of selling your tickets for Games 3, 4 and maybe 5?
2007-10-08 19:19:08
1118.   fansince77
send damon
2007-10-08 19:19:11
1119.   pistolpete
Damon should be running - this guy keeps throwing them in the dirt!
2007-10-08 19:19:15
1120.   dianagramr
Jeter opp. field HR perhaps?
2007-10-08 19:19:20
1121.   bobtaco
Mom and Dad, and Arod.
2007-10-08 19:19:36
1122.   51cq24
this is the most nervous i've been since yesterday
2007-10-08 19:19:51
1123.   bhsportsguy
1108 A quick OT question, is the girlfriend on the Mark Sanchez bandwagon?
2007-10-08 19:20:17
1124.   Mark T.R. Donohue
1117 Absolutely not. I even have an extra pair for each game of the NLCS (I bought them for my dad and I in case the Cubs made it, that was pretty dumb) and I am selling them to trusted, confirmed Rockies fan friends at cost. To profit on this magical run would be just screaming out for the whammy.
2007-10-08 19:20:21
1125.   pistolpete
2007-10-08 19:20:25
1126.   ny2ca2dc
god. captain fucking clutch.
2007-10-08 19:20:41
1127.   Zack
Just when you want to get your hopes up, they stab you in the heart
2007-10-08 19:20:46
1128.   fansince77
thats why you gotta send damon.
2007-10-08 19:20:46
1129.   AbbyNormal821
"what a pitch by Perez!?!"
Fuck you, Caray!I hate them all!
2007-10-08 19:20:47
1130.   bobtaco
2007-10-08 19:20:51
1131.   williamnyy23
a kick in the teeth.
2007-10-08 19:21:00
1132.   claybeez
Wow. Despite all the DP's this year and this post-season I'm still stunned.
2007-10-08 19:21:11
1133.   nick
why are we seemingly NEVER running this series?
why!? why!? why!?
2007-10-08 19:21:12
1134.   pistolpete
I honestly thought that was going up the middle. He couldn't have hit it harder.
2007-10-08 19:21:21
1135.   Simone
Ugh. The magic is gone.
2007-10-08 19:21:54
1136.   monkeypants
A-Rod will take the heat, but Jeter has been shit awful this series, and for much of the end of the season. He's been banged up this year and was given no rest down the stretch. Not making excuses, just observing...
2007-10-08 19:21:54
1137.   thelarmis
quick, someone please tell Derek that the calendar flipped to October...
2007-10-08 19:22:00
1138.   Bob Timmermann
She has not said. All she said was that she was glad Notre Dame won Saturday.

Relations have been frosty the past couple of days.

2007-10-08 19:22:13
1139.   williamnyy23
1132 Torre apparently is too...that situation cried for Damon to be on the move.
2007-10-08 19:22:25
1140.   Jeb
Why not steal Damon? Why not try to suicide. Squeeze? Do something! FUCK.
2007-10-08 19:22:36
1141.   ny2ca2dc
i thought this was a hitting & runnin team... right when shit like that might contribute to a meltdown, cap delivers his third GIDP in consecutive elimination games...
2007-10-08 19:22:36
1142.   trainwreck
There are some pretty good reasons why no woman should ever be on the Mark Sanchez bandwagon.
2007-10-08 19:22:42
1143.   Yankees Brasil
Jeter should take some heat for this PS failure.
2007-10-08 19:22:42
1144.   Zack
Torre has never done much managing in the postseason, of the hit and run, pinch runner/hitter variety. He is of the "stick to what worked all season" style, which makes a lot of sense except that it isn't working...
2007-10-08 19:22:59
1145.   Mattpat11
2007-10-08 19:23:09
1146.   OldYanksFan
Jeter's post game interview should be interesting.
I love the guy, but he has killed up this series.
Absoulutely KILLED us!
2007-10-08 19:23:31
1147.   ny2ca2dc
It appears we've thrown in the towel
2007-10-08 19:23:54
1148.   fansince77
I needed Joe to manage there. Not just sit there. I needed him to ball up and send Damon who would have been 90% safe at second anyway. I needed Joe to manage his team and not freeze.

Ok, Ok, Ok...if we put that pressure on EVERY INNING that's left...we win 9-7. Don't lose faith folks. You can see what two more hits would have done there. Stay with us everyone. This is not over!

2007-10-08 19:24:00
1149.   Vandelay Industries
No Joba or Mo? Don't let the door hit you in the ass Joe.
2007-10-08 19:24:12
1150.   fansince77
I needed Joe to manage there. Not just sit there. I needed him to ball up and send Damon who would have been 90% safe at second anyway. I needed Joe to manage his team and not freeze.

Ok, Ok, Ok...if we put that pressure on EVERY INNING that's left...we win 9-7. Don't lose faith folks. You can see what two more hits would have done there. Stay with us everyone. This is not over!

Show/Hide Comments 1151-1200
2007-10-08 19:24:18
1151.   Mattpat11
2007-10-08 19:24:32
1152.   nyy jim
That really sucked and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse in comes Farnsworth.
2007-10-08 19:24:42
1153.   dianagramr

I'm late to this Mark Sanchez reference ....

2007-10-08 19:24:42
1154.   thelarmis
1128 i wish we were running a lot more this series. esp against martinez catching...
2007-10-08 19:24:42
1155.   AbbyNormal821
Maybe they can get Charles Jeter an at-bat? Even his mom could probably hit better than her son.
2007-10-08 19:25:37
1156.   OldYanksFan
1140 Why run into an out with Jeter-Booby-ARod up?
2007-10-08 19:25:42
1157.   claybeez
I hate this feeling.
2007-10-08 19:25:42
1158.   El Lay Dave
This pitching change will not make the Yankee fans happy.
2007-10-08 19:25:43
1159.   AbbyNormal821
Farnsworth needs to strike out all 3 batters!...on one pitch!
2007-10-08 19:25:49
1160.   underdog
There's at least one hopeful sign here - it appears Chip Carey is starting to lose his voice. Maybe he'll get laryngitis before the next inning.
2007-10-08 19:25:55
1161.   thelarmis
krazy kyle. game conceded.
2007-10-08 19:26:30
1162.   dzzrtRatt
Ah, feeling for you guys. But you've got six great hitters lined up for the 7th. To you, they might look like disappointing millionaires, but to the Indians, they are scary dudes.
2007-10-08 19:26:33
1163.   Max
These are dark times, but I love your optimism. If our bullpen doesn't implode, I don't think 4 runs in 3 innings is unmanageable...but man, this team has played so tight the whole ballgame.
2007-10-08 19:26:52
1164.   Max
These are dark times, but I love your optimism. If our bullpen doesn't implode, I don't think 4 runs in 3 innings is unmanageable...but man, this team has played so tight the whole ballgame.
2007-10-08 19:27:26
1165.   Mattpat11
I hate him.
2007-10-08 19:27:36
1166.   williamnyy23
1156 Because Jeter has been hitting ground balls in almost every AB. When your offense can't force the action, you need to try something.
2007-10-08 19:27:40
1167.   El Lay Dave
1160 Maybe a few bugs flew in there.
2007-10-08 19:27:47
1168.   trainwreck
He was accused of sexual assault.
2007-10-08 19:27:47
1169.   nick
and now I have to watch Farnsworth!?
this is how Job must have felt...
2007-10-08 19:28:36
1170.   Mark T.R. Donohue
1144 Perhaps Torre is too distracted pining for Scott Proctor.
2007-10-08 19:28:49
1171.   Eric Stephen
1153 He was alluding to the sexual assault / rape charges that were eventually dropped (legitimately or not) against Sanchez before last season.
2007-10-08 19:28:55
1172.   thelarmis
1160 maybe gwynn will lose his balance and fall on caray. did caray just call kyle "little"? sure...
2007-10-08 19:29:12
1173.   underdog
You know I really like Shelly Duncan but it really does look like having a lost member of the Munster family over there at first.


man, I wish the Dodgers had just resigned Lofton for a year instead of the Juan Pierre Nightmare.

2007-10-08 19:29:14
1174.   SF Yanks
My dog just got back from the vet where he had a tumor taken out and he's all stitched up and crying. That DP was like making my dog feel better then all the sudden the pain from the stitches comes roaring back and on top of it receives a kick to the stomach while I step on his face. Thanks Derek, you're really helping us out.
2007-10-08 19:29:46
1175.   monkeypants
1149 Right. You see, Farnsworth can't be trusted with a five run lead where giving up a run or even three is not the worst thing; but he can be trusted in a closer game---down 4---where an additional run is exponentially worse.
2007-10-08 19:29:52
1176.   Vandelay Industries
Joe has managed every game like he is running the Blue Jays, and for that alone he should be shit canned. We may have lost anyway, but we would have only had two outs last inning, and two more runs by bunting and sending the runners in game one. I don't want a tight manager, win or lose, I don't want it.
2007-10-08 19:30:09
1177.   underdog
1174 - Aw man, I'm sorry Yanks. Hope your pooch is recovering at least. I'm obviously sympathetic. Woof.
2007-10-08 19:31:03
1178.   Max
Sorry for the double post 1163 1164 were supposed to refer to 1150
2007-10-08 19:31:49
1179.   Sarasota
What is all this fuckery about Jeter. All he's done for the last 2 months is play his heart out on a bum knee.
Stop your whining.
2007-10-08 19:32:05
1180.   Vandelay Industries
1175 And maybe, just maybe, the players would respond if Joe actually brought Joba or Mo in here right now! Maybe they players are playing knowing Joe is as tight as a mormon's ass.

There is no excuse to have Farnsworth in there, none!

2007-10-08 19:32:55
1181.   51cq24
1180 i'm sorry, but i don't think now is the time to put joba or mo in
2007-10-08 19:33:17
1182.   vockins
I recall there being very awesome indoor go karts near the Bluebird. I think I played there on a weekday, so when we went over to the indoor karts there was no one there. They let us drive until we got sick of it.

It was a signifcantly better time than watching this horror show.

2007-10-08 19:33:21
1183.   Vandelay Industries
1179 I do believe he has also tied the ALDS record for HIDP. So there, thats something.
2007-10-08 19:33:29
1184.   OldYanksFan
1166 4 runs behind with 2 men on and the heart of your order up... and you will risk having JD throw out? Great managing.
2007-10-08 19:34:02
1185.   monkeypants
1179 He may have played his heart out, but he was not very good. Unfortunately, the team could not afford to rest him for any length, and the manager never saw it fit to give him days off even here and there.

No one doubts his heart.

2007-10-08 19:34:13
1186.   nick
1166 and besides this team runs all year--4th in AL in steals...
2007-10-08 19:34:51
1187.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Apparently, when the best team in the majors by record wins, it's an upset.
2007-10-08 19:34:56
1188.   51cq24
1184 with a guy throwing balls in the dirt and obviously rattled, a guy at bat who had grounded into a million double plays, and a catcher who, despite his percentage this year, has an awful arm, you absolutely send him to stay out of the double play
2007-10-08 19:35:09
1189.   AbbyNormal821
these play-by-play tools are completely and totally fucking obvious. I hate them all!
2007-10-08 19:35:35
1190.   Vandelay Industries
1181 Have you lost your marbles? Its the last game of the season! If not now, when? Tomorrow? Friday? Believe me, now is the only time.
2007-10-08 19:35:46
1191.   Bob Timmermann
Bernie Williams hit into 4 DPs in 2004, that was the record.
2007-10-08 19:35:52
1192.   fansince77
1172 I was kind of hoping Gwynn would drop some mustard on Caray and then give him that lip licking, salivating, eye brow raised look...
2007-10-08 19:35:59
1193.   Zack
Oh man, Shrek again
2007-10-08 19:36:04
1194.   bobtaco
Score 5, then Joba for one and then Mo. It's right there.
2007-10-08 19:36:22
1195.   Vandelay Industries
1181 Have you lost your marbles? Its the last game of the season! If not now, when? Tomorrow? Friday? Believe me, now is the only time.

I do suppose its better to lose not using your best weapons, yea, that makes sense.

2007-10-08 19:36:23
1196.   nick
1185 I was hoping we got Betemit for that reason, and then Joe gave him a game at short, he did OK--but he stopped hitting, before becoming one of Joe's guys....
2007-10-08 19:36:32
1197.   williamnyy23
1184 At that point, the risk of Jeter hitting into a DP was greater than JD being thrown out (esp. when you consider his silly high success rate). I guess you can just sit back and wait for the bomb...but you'll probably also be going home early again.
2007-10-08 19:37:15
1198.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1179 He has the range of a stump, for starters.
2007-10-08 19:37:22
1199.   Jeb
Take your time ronan....s l o w l y ....
2007-10-08 19:37:24
1200.   51cq24
1190 if we're going to come back, i have a feeling we'll need them later in the game. farnsworth is scary, but he got through it. let's see if it turns out to be the right move.

i wish jeter at the very least wouldn't look indifferent right now.

Show/Hide Comments 1201-1250
2007-10-08 19:37:37
1201.   monkeypants
1181 The time to put in Joba (or Mo) was the second, when Moose came in. But no manager in today's game would do that, so I can't complain about Torre too in that regard.

Meanwhile, Farnsworth pitched an inning and the stadium did not explode, suggesting that he could have been used last night--thus saving Joba for an inning so he could have been used more aggressively tonight.

2007-10-08 19:37:43
1202.   El Lay Dave
Farnsworth pitching one inning better than Wang did. Who woulda thunk it?
2007-10-08 19:38:04
1203.   Eric Stephen
1189 If they are pro-Tribe, why would they call a 96-win team beating a 94-win team an upset?
2007-10-08 19:38:18
1204.   Sarasota
1185 not very good?? was he ever bad? When has Jeter ever been a liability to the NY Yankees?
2007-10-08 19:38:20
1205.   Sarasota
1185 not very good?? was he ever bad? When has Jeter ever been a liability to the NY Yankees?
2007-10-08 19:38:35
1206.   Shaun P
Let's go Yankees! (clap-clap-clap-clap-clap)

Let's go Yankees! (clap-clap-clap-clap-clap)

Hey, if Krazy Kyle kan kome in and keep the Indians from kontributing to their lead - anything can happen!

PS - How did I know Shelley would be a "mouthing the words to the National Anthem" guy. I really like that guy.

2007-10-08 19:39:01
1207.   Vandelay Industries
Great, not only are we getting schooled, but I still have to sit through this hyper-patriotic shit. It isn't a coincidence we havent won since George ordered them to put his politics on the field.
2007-10-08 19:39:37
1208.   williamnyy23
1205 In this series.
2007-10-08 19:39:44
1209.   Eric Stephen
1203 That said, I do think the Yanks were the better team. Pythag records are NY 97-65, Cle 91-71.
2007-10-08 19:40:03
1210.   claybeez
Jeter's been a DP machine and Alex has been tight again, but you need your SP to keep you in the game. There's fault to go aroud, but I'm really disappointed in Wang. With my ticket plan I mainly saw his starts. I know he is capable of so much more.
2007-10-08 19:40:42
1211.   3rd gen yankee fan
Let's go Yankees! (clap-clap-clap-clap-clap)

Let's go Yankees! (clap-clap-clap-clap-clap)

I have GOT to believe, until the last damned out!

2007-10-08 19:40:49
1212.   51cq24
1201 i agree about yesterday, but not about putting him in in the 2nd. it's not like he could have pitched 6 innings.

i know this is really tough and we're all frustrated, but isn't that enough about gwynn being so fat? he's fat. it isn't good for him. let's not be cruel though.

2007-10-08 19:41:03
1213.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1204 Any time he picks up a glove, Derek Jeter is hurting the Yankees.

He's a great shortstop, but he is NOT a great fielding shortstop. Nor is he a good fielding shortstop, not average.

1201 Didn't all of us want Joba out after the first inning?

2007-10-08 19:41:07
1214.   Sarasota
1208 oh ok right. we should have traded/signed for Julio Lugo
2007-10-08 19:41:16
1215.   fansince77
2007-10-08 19:41:54
1216.   Vandelay Industries
1212 Especially considering he's got more class than anyone on our squad.
2007-10-08 19:42:12
1217.   williamnyy23
1214 Exactly.
2007-10-08 19:42:30
1218.   51cq24
1207 i agree that we've had enough of the god and america is better than everyone else bullshit. but how is it not a coincidence?
2007-10-08 19:42:37
1219.   ny2ca2dc
1204 in this fucking series. hello?!
2007-10-08 19:42:42
1220.   williamnyy23
Arod's last AB as a Yankee?
2007-10-08 19:42:52
1221.   Sarasota
1213 i've gotten my moneys worth. Thanks for the gum balls.
2007-10-08 19:43:11
1222.   monkeypants
1204 Just look up the stats yourself. His OPS+ in July and August was 110 and 100. He was hurt and his bat was tired. I'm saying he's not a great player, but he started the season on pace for one of his finest season and he really dropped off in the second half. I'm sorry if that offends you.
2007-10-08 19:43:49
1223.   51cq24
1214 no one is saying that we'd prefer anyone else. but the fact is that he's had a dreadful series, and it has definitely hurt us.
2007-10-08 19:43:55
1224.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1212 If he hadn't gone two last night, why wouldn't you put him in with the bases loaded, down three, with no outs? Joba for the 2nd then to Moose is the best course of action.
2007-10-08 19:44:09
1225.   bobtaco
Solo shot, it's the perfect time, c'mon.
2007-10-08 19:44:14
1226.   Jeb
8 outs left in the season and then almost 5 months before we can get excited. Oh well, I'm excited that Joe Torre is getting a pick slip tomorrow. I love him, he's a HOF'er, retire his number but he's blinked a wee bit too often.
2007-10-08 19:44:28
1227.   fansince77
NOne of us real fans will villfy AROD. It's just stupid tabloid talk. I wish these idiots would stop already. Regardless of what happens.
2007-10-08 19:44:51
1228.   El Lay Dave
I thought it would be Betancourt for 1 2/3, starting with ARod. Guess not.
2007-10-08 19:44:52
1229.   Sarasota
1222. It doesn't. Not his greatest season by far but he is not the problem.
2007-10-08 19:45:13
1230.   monkeypants
1212 You don't need him to pitch six innings. You want your best pitcher in teh highest leverage situation. With men on base, I want Joba or Mo. to close teh door and maybe pitch one more inning. Then go to Moose to start the following inning. While Moose was pretty effective, he also allowed the inherited runners to score. Joba may have doen teh same, but I think the chances were better to keep the score at 2-0.
2007-10-08 19:45:57
1231.   cult of basebaal
jesus ... FINALLY.
2007-10-08 19:46:08
1232.   Mark T.R. Donohue
1225 Uncanny.
2007-10-08 19:46:14
1233.   AbbyNormal821
well i'll be damned!
2007-10-08 19:46:23
1234.   dzzrtRatt
A-Rod hits what we in Los Angeles call a "rally -killer."
2007-10-08 19:46:26
1235.   Orly Yarly NoWai
There we go.
2007-10-08 19:46:44
1236.   KG16
Any bets that those ragging on A-Rod will dismiss that home run because it was a solo shot with his team down 4?
2007-10-08 19:46:51
1237.   Shaun P
IT AIN'T OVER YET!!!!!!!!!!
2007-10-08 19:46:51
1238.   ny2ca2dc
now we NEED to win it. If we lose this game the story will be 'arod hits garbage HR'. we ARE still in this. remember smoking okajima & papplebon, just a couple weeks ago... we're in this!

Joba & Mo time, fo sho

2007-10-08 19:46:55
1239.   AbbyNormal821
has the worm turned? Can it be?
2007-10-08 19:47:00
1240.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-10-08 19:47:01
1241.   williamnyy23
If it's his last AB, at least it was a good one. What a shame it didn't come sooner. I don't think it buys much leeway with his doubters.
2007-10-08 19:47:08
1242.   nick
Alex!!! that took some muscle....
2007-10-08 19:47:25
1243.   El Lay Dave
And that's why I thought 1228 .
2007-10-08 19:47:31
1244.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1234 Murray Chass doesn't live in L.A.
2007-10-08 19:47:31
1245.   Vandelay Industries
One more run this inning. Please!
2007-10-08 19:47:31
1246.   AbbyNormal821
The worm may be turning, and he's packin' an oozie!
2007-10-08 19:47:31
1247.   51cq24
1230 in general i'd agree with you, and you've almost convinced me. but it's very difficult to say that it was the highest leverage situation when there are 7 more innings to go and paul byrd pitching.
2007-10-08 19:47:31
1248.   Jeb
Arod with a clutch hit. Gotta give him that.
2007-10-08 19:47:46
1249.   bhsportsguy
Dusty Baker is now adding this brillant analysis, dangerous territory here, you don't want be a three run homer away from tying up the game.
2007-10-08 19:47:51
1250.   monkeypants
1230 I wish I could type and not invert letters when I try to post to quickly...
Show/Hide Comments 1251-1300
2007-10-08 19:48:24
1251.   nick
we need one more run this inning--Hideki?
2007-10-08 19:48:33
1252.   fansince77
C'mon guys one more this inning at least!

I want to make these crappy-ass announcers eat their words so bad!

Let's Go Yankees! Let's Go Yankees! Let's Go Yankees!

2007-10-08 19:48:46
1253.   Alex Belth
That DJ double play is looming LARGE right now...
2007-10-08 19:48:48
1254.   cult of basebaal
meanwhile, jorge continues to remind us how hard it is to hit with your hands wrapped around your own throat ... shit
2007-10-08 19:49:02
1255.   Vandelay Industries
1247 I actually think Joe should have just pulled Wang in the first. He clearly didn;t have it. No stuff and clearly he would have rather been back home with his mommy and daddy in Taiwan.
2007-10-08 19:49:15
1256.   ny2ca2dc
that was your pitch ziller...
2007-10-08 19:49:47
1257.   Vandelay Industries
1253 Along with the other three he has hit into this series.
2007-10-08 19:50:08
1258.   AbbyNormal821
1252 crow certainly does taste better when it's warm (no disrespect to my vegetarian Banterers!)
2007-10-08 19:50:11
1259.   ny2ca2dc
1255 "and clearly he would have rather been back home with his mommy and daddy in Taiwan."

Cute. oh, wait, no, total asshole.

2007-10-08 19:50:27
1260.   rufuswashere
Just thinking ... has Jeter ground into more DPs this year than all the rest of his seasons combined? I doubt it, but I bet it's close.
2007-10-08 19:50:33
1261.   fansince77
Matsui Bomb! - called it.
2007-10-08 19:50:37
1262.   bartap74
1246 Best spelling of Uzi ever.
2007-10-08 19:51:13
1263.   Jeb
I gotta say I would love a shelly homer. That kid is great.
2007-10-08 19:51:48
1264.   AbbyNormal821
1262 LOL! I just realized I spelled it wrong...fuck it - it was worth a shot!
2007-10-08 19:51:51
1265.   fansince77
We all know that it is either going to be a bomb or pop-up. Either way Robbie is going to swinging for the porch
2007-10-08 19:51:52
1266.   ny2ca2dc
How about another bomb Mr. Robinson?

How is this guy still pitching... this guy has GOT to be gassed... fine with me though

2007-10-08 19:52:31
1267.   Shaun P
1253 If the Yanks lose, we'll see if Teflon Jeter gets any bad play in the press tomorrow because of it - or if the blame will go to Torre not sending Damon.

I hope we don't find out, 'cuz I want the Yanks to win so bad - but I am very curious.

2007-10-08 19:52:37
1268.   El Lay Dave
ARod now guaranteed at least one more Yankee plate appearance - unless they don't need a bottom of the ninth.
2007-10-08 19:52:49
1269.   Bob Timmermann
It's not even close. Jeter grounded into 21 DPs in the regular season.

13 last year.
15 in 2005.
19 in 2004.

He's 24th among active players in GIDPs.

2007-10-08 19:52:49
1270.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1247 Well, Paul Bird is expected (if you believe ERA) to give up 4.5 runs. The Indians had already scored three runs, and loading the bases with no outs is a RunEx of almost 2.5. Given the state of the bats through the series, knowing you still have Mo and given that Moose is normally a starter, it just seems that you do your best to get out of that inning unscathed, even if you burn your best weapon. If the Yankees had one more acceptable pitcher in the pen (Britton?), would there be any question about that move?
2007-10-08 19:53:00
1271.   dzzrtRatt
1244 This is something Steve Lyons, one of LA's announcers is fixated on. Home runs end rallies. He likes guys on base. He'd rather they scored...later.

Lyons also says most players would prefer to hit doubles and avoid triples. Doubles are worth more in salary negotiations. Triples subtract from the total number of doubles.

2007-10-08 19:53:15
1272.   Vandelay Industries
1259 Look man. Call me what you like, but its true. He's a nice guy and I dont expect him to be perfect, but he's a very childish guy. He lives with his parents, he doesn't leave the hotel on the road. He's just immature and afraid, and that has no place in Yankee Stadium in the playoffs. It may be cruel, but its true. Some people can hang, and some cant, its just that simple.
2007-10-08 19:53:28
1273.   thelarmis
a little life. keep it going...
2007-10-08 19:53:36
1274.   monkeypants
Cano at least needs to try to walk, so they can maybe turn the lineup over one more time.
2007-10-08 19:53:51
1275.   Jeb
I love the shot of Arod advising shelly.
2007-10-08 19:54:33
1276.   ny2ca2dc
1272 That is total douche bag horse shit nonsense.
2007-10-08 19:55:10
1277.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1271 I didn't realize that; I thought you were talking about Uncle Bill (or Cousin Ned).
2007-10-08 19:55:17
1278.   williamnyy23
This team just can't get a rally going.
2007-10-08 19:55:23
1279.   claybeez
Cano - the other way - remember? Damn!
2007-10-08 19:55:37
1280.   fansince77
Eric Wedge needs a parrot on his shoulder
2007-10-08 19:56:41
1281.   El Lay Dave
1271 Steve Lyons also dropped his pants at first base to get the infield dirt out. I really detest the fact that he is part of the Dodger broadcast team. Can we hire Don Sutton? Or is that a never-to-be as long as Garvey is on the promotion department payroll?
2007-10-08 19:57:25
1282.   Jeb
Well, we have a puncher's chance now. For gods sake get Mo in the game.

On another note, I want Frank TV's head on a stick outside the new ballpark. His and chip "bag of shit" carey's

2007-10-08 19:57:29
1283.   ny2ca2dc
what is that, 6 home runs, 5 of them solo? christ.
2007-10-08 19:57:33
1284.   monkeypants
1272 So, when he pitched 6.2 INN of 1 run ball in the post season in 2005 and got the win in 6.2 INN, 3 R (at YAnkee Stadium) last year--those don't count?

Brilliant analysis. You should go on FOX and shout a lot of terms like "sack up".

2007-10-08 19:57:39
1285.   51cq24
veras. very interesting.
2007-10-08 19:57:48
1286.   rufuswashere
1269 Thanks for the reality check.


2007-10-08 19:57:58
1287.   thelarmis
1272 vlad the impaler lives with his mom, too. big whoop...
2007-10-08 19:58:03
1288.   bobtaco
Veras? Fuck the heck? What?!!!
2007-10-08 19:58:05
1289.   Shaun P
1260 This was the first season Jeter grounded into more than 20 DPs, with 21 total.
2007-10-08 19:58:14
1290.   ny2ca2dc
Holy shit, how is Veras in.... Joba or Viz or something better be ready for when the lineup turns over...
2007-10-08 19:58:21
1291.   nick
wow, Joba can't go, and Viz is in the
2007-10-08 19:58:36
1292.   Jeb
Fucking veras!!!!!!????? Fire Joe before the damn game ends! Oye
2007-10-08 19:58:52
1293.   williamnyy23
Veras here blows my mind...completely.
2007-10-08 19:59:00
1294.   monkeypants
1182 Sorry, no Mo--it's not a save situation.
2007-10-08 19:59:13
1295.   fansince77
2007-10-08 19:59:13
1296.   fansince77
2007-10-08 19:59:14
1297.   claybeez
Ass backward managing. Joba for 2 with a 5-run lead. Veras the next day while trying to claw back.

Let's go Veras!

2007-10-08 19:59:59
1298.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Fangraphs gives us something like a 7% chance to win.
2007-10-08 20:00:18
1299.   randym77
Good grief. I can't believe you're getting on Wang for living with his parents. It's a cultural thing. Most people live in extended family groups. We Americans are the weird ones, with our nuclear families.

He's married, and he left home for a strange country where he didn't speak the language. And he's been more successful than most of us can dream of. That's hardly "childish."

2007-10-08 20:00:30
1300.   williamnyy23
1287 So does Cano, at least as of last season.
Show/Hide Comments 1301-1350
2007-10-08 20:00:33
1301.   dianagramr
gwynn needs gastric bypass :-(
2007-10-08 20:00:49
1302.   rufuswashere
How far behind is the radio feed off MLB compared with the broadcast? Before the first pitch on the radio, Veras already struck out Blake.
2007-10-08 20:01:20
1303.   Jeb
Tony gwynn = black michelin man
2007-10-08 20:01:25
1304.   Shaun P
Hey, if Krazy Kyle can get through an inning unscathed, why not Veras?

Maybe I typed too soon.

2007-10-08 20:01:30
1305.   thelarmis
Cy Bryd and Ty Shoppach. the battery that has us on the brink of elimination. perfect.
2007-10-08 20:01:42
1306.   Vandelay Industries
1299 Ok ok. I'll stop.

But Veras here? Ummm, ahhh, ummm, ahhh.

2007-10-08 20:01:54
1307.   bobtaco
I hope Cashman has the power and Girardi is on deck.
2007-10-08 20:02:11
1308.   fansince77
Joe is never predictable always.
2007-10-08 20:02:20
1309.   williamnyy23
What is Torre doing? Does he think Veras makes sense here? Really? If there is a Torre supporter after this game, then they must be related. It's time for Joe to go.
2007-10-08 20:02:35
1310.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Also, if I'm reading it correctly, the LI when Moose came in was a shade over 2.
2007-10-08 20:02:49
1311.   51cq24
talk about childish, how about mike mussina? complains about everything, including the chance to visit japan, saying that he will stay in his hotel and eat mcdonalds the whole time. there's a child. living at home with your parents in taiwan? who cares?
2007-10-08 20:03:19
1312.   ny2ca2dc
Phew, Mo time..... err, oh shit.... well, maybe soon.... please don't hit another homer....

err, OK, walk him with veras, fine whatver, then Mo time. or ur fired!

2007-10-08 20:03:38
1313.   cult of basebaal
awesome ... sure glad we couldn't go to Joba for 2 innings today ... sure glad we couldn't use veras with a 5 run lead yesterday ...
2007-10-08 20:04:05
1314.   Orly Yarly NoWai

No, Joe can't bring Mo in to start the 8th, but he CAN bring Mo in with 1 out in the 8th and a man on second. Fuck the heck?

2007-10-08 20:04:38
1315.   fansince77
Grady Sizemore is a superstar?
2007-10-08 20:04:50
1316.   ny2ca2dc
OK, clearly stalling. phew.
2007-10-08 20:05:09
1317.   fansince77
Grady Sizemore is a superstar?
2007-10-08 20:05:57
1318.   claybeez
Insulting a person's physical makeup on a Yankees' blog is moronic and beyond the irrelevant. Please all of you who like to talk about others' ugliness post pics of your beautiful faces and bodies for all to see.
2007-10-08 20:06:02
1319.   bobtaco
If Mo was available for two, as Joe had previously said, why the fuck was Veras even in?
2007-10-08 20:06:03
1320.   51cq24
1315 yes.

1314 remember game 5 in 2004? mo can't pitch the 8th and 9th. until gordon gets the tying run to 3rd with no outs.

2007-10-08 20:06:27
1321.   williamnyy23
Joe was at the helm for a lot of great memories...I look forward to a new manager so I can remember the good years with Joe instead of the many blunders at the end.
2007-10-08 20:06:35
1322.   nick
1272 all that may be true, dude, but it doesn't begin to excuse your being an asshole, and frankly, a borderline racist asshole...
2007-10-08 20:06:55
1323.   monkeypants
A microcosm of Torre's BP management the last two nights. And the supposedly critical press (read: Pete Abe) just kiss his ass.

BTW, why intentionally walk a batter for Rivera?

2007-10-08 20:07:18
1324.   monkeypants
A microcosm of Torre's BP management the last two nights. And the supposedly critical press (read: Pete Abe) just kiss his ass.

BTW, why intentionally walk a batter for Rivera?

2007-10-08 20:07:46
1325.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1317 With his skillset, he probably should be. Imagine if he played in New York (or Boston, with the suck-fest that is ESPN...).
2007-10-08 20:07:52
1326.   thelarmis
it ain't lookin' good, but we still can win. it's true. and how freaking wonderful would that be?!?!

c'mon Ass Dribble, ground into a DP...

mmmm, alyssa milano : )

2007-10-08 20:08:09
1327.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1317 With his skillset, he probably should be. Imagine if he played in New York (or Boston, with the suck-fest that is ESPN...).
2007-10-08 20:08:32
1328.   dianagramr

Yes .... he didn't have a SUPER year in 2007, but he WILL win an MVP or two in the next 5 years.

2007-10-08 20:08:56
1329.   Shaun P
I think Torre is panicking a little bit, bringing Mo in so early. But I applaud the move. There is no save situation in this game.

I won't make the obvious statement, because it won't change 4 years ago - so let's go Mo! One more!

2007-10-08 20:10:22
1330.   Jeb
Grady is a very good player but not a superstar. In chief sack of shits world 'all thing injun is all thing good. Ugh.'
2007-10-08 20:11:04
1331.   ny2ca2dc
nice chip, 'and that one just missed being in the right field corner' - it was a HARD cutter in hafner was lucky to get a splinter on. fucking tool.
2007-10-08 20:11:27
1332.   51cq24
mr. october???
2007-10-08 20:11:36
1333.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Credit where credit is due. Good throw by Jeter.
2007-10-08 20:11:51
1334.   trainwreck
I think Sizemore is a superstar.
2007-10-08 20:11:55
1335.   bobtaco
Damn, Shelley has been clutch.
2007-10-08 20:12:05
1336.   fansince77
what was shrek haffner complaining about?- the replay showed nothing!
2007-10-08 20:12:05
1337.   underdog
Bob, CI alert.

Except it wasn't. Maybe Hafner thought his bat sniffed the leather a bit and that ruined everything.

2007-10-08 20:12:13
1338.   Shaun P
And Mo said:

You will sit down on the bench now, Travis, for I am Mo. And for a moment, all was right in the world.

Not to be that guy, but if the Yanks come back and win, that play by Jeter is going to get all the play in the press tomorrow, and the GIDP in the 6th will be forgotten. It was a good play.

2007-10-08 20:12:30
1339.   Bob Timmermann
Interestingly, both Hafner AND Matsui reached on catcher's interference this year.

At least it's interesting to me.

2007-10-08 20:12:54
1340.   SF Yanks
Mark it down. It will come down to Arod in the 9th.
2007-10-08 20:13:21
1341.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1330 I firmly maintain that Grady is only not considered a superstar because no one knows anything about the Cleveland Indians.
2007-10-08 20:13:34
1342.   thelarmis
what a play, jeter!

i will always love Mo!

what in the hell are they arguing over??? he was waaaay out and they've gotten a bunch of calls. not even close on the CI. sit down you dumb fuck!

2007-10-08 20:13:57
1343.   bartap74
During the Padres series, the commentators couldn't go three sentences without calling Hoffman the greatest closer ever. When the actual best closer ever pitches, not a word.
2007-10-08 20:14:00
1344.   Max
Anyone still under the illusion that Chip Caray is somehow "impartial", check the call at the end of the top of the 8th -- "AW MANNNNN...THAT COULD HAVE BEEN HUGE FOR THE INDIANS!!!!...." I am seriously embarrassed for TBS and all of baseball to have this type of coverage.
2007-10-08 20:14:28
1345.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1340 I really hope not, because if he's the last hitter in the 9th, that means that no one else has scored.
2007-10-08 20:14:39
1346.   dianagramr
Its a new series on CBS and TBS:

CI: New York

2007-10-08 20:14:40
1347.   ny2ca2dc
1338 And I'd be fine by that. Hell of a play!
2007-10-08 20:14:49
1348.   Vandelay Industries
1322 Racist? You might want to check the statistics of twenty-seven year olds living at home in the USA, which is nearly as high as many "traditionsl" nations. It has nothing to do with his being Taiwanese but rather all the anecdotal eveidence, some on the record from Mike Myers, that since being expected to be our ace he has struggled psychologically due to his sheltered existence and a general fear of being out in the world. The same happens to spoiled little rich white kids in the States. Call me an ass hole if you like, you won't be the first, but do not call me a racist.

I'll drop my argument because clearly you are in the camp that believes that nothing psychological impacts the game and every batter has the same percentage of getting a hit, and every pitcher the same effectiveness likelyhood, be it May or October, game one, or game seven.

2007-10-08 20:14:49
1349.   Shaun P
1340 I was just thinking - as long as its a save situation, Wedge is going to go to Borowski in the 9th. Have faith, friends - this game is far from over.

And, should the game go extra innings, Cleveland has burned their best relievers - while Joba lurks in the bullpen.

2007-10-08 20:14:59
1350.   thelarmis
damn, this toaster is burning. saaaalow...

could be my laptop too! : )

Show/Hide Comments 1351-1400
2007-10-08 20:15:16
1351.   51cq24
1336 he looks more like a "papa hafner" to me. like papa smirf. he probably made very slight contact, otherwise i doubt he'd say anything.
2007-10-08 20:16:07
1352.   fansince77
Goooddannng these Indians have gotten a little lucky...everything right at them!
2007-10-08 20:16:19
1353.   bobtaco
2007-10-08 20:16:20
1354.   dianagramr
Romo now has 4 INTs (2 returned for TDs) and a fumble.
2007-10-08 20:16:24
1355.   Shaun P
Why does TBS seem to only show replays of Yankees making outs?

Or is it just me?

OK Giambi, do your thing and get on base.

2007-10-08 20:16:28
1356.   monkeypants
1318 Thank you.
2007-10-08 20:17:01
1357.   ny2ca2dc
1348 No, he, like the rest of us, are in the camp that you're full of shit.
2007-10-08 20:17:04
1358.   Vandelay Industries
1354 Can he bat for us in the ninth?
2007-10-08 20:18:12
1359.   nick
Oh man, Giambi more than rusty....that was dreadful...we're gonna go quietly now aren't we?
2007-10-08 20:18:18
1360.   thelarmis
1344 yeah, i was gonna post about that, but i forgot in the slowness of the toaster. nary a mention of the nice play jeter made or the yanks getting out of the jam. it was all about a missed opportunity to pad the lead for the tribe. what a jerkoff. DIAF, chip caray...
2007-10-08 20:18:50
1361.   Vandelay Industries
1357 Nope. The others with a reasonable theory are afraid to posit it for fear they will be attacked as you have attacked me.
2007-10-08 20:18:54
1362.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think I've ever seen an argument over someone NOT being called for catcher's interference and tonight it's happened twice.

I've seen arguments after it's been called, but never on a non-call of CI.

Freakin' weird.

2007-10-08 20:19:35
1363.   Shaun P
1359 Borowski in the 9th = not over yet.
2007-10-08 20:19:51
1364.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1357 1361 I suspect that the truth is somewhere in the middle.
2007-10-08 20:20:17
1365.   nick
1348 I'll withdraw racist--but I remain contemptuous of your glib little psychological theories...
2007-10-08 20:20:28
1366.   AbbyNormal821
2007-10-08 20:20:43
1367.   thelarmis
1359 no. jeter, boBBy, a-god. we will not go quietly into the abyss of the offseason.

ah, okay, maybe we will... : (

2007-10-08 20:20:48
1368.   Jeb
Good season guys. See you next year.
2007-10-08 20:21:05
1369.   claybeez
Ugly 8th. If Wedge has any sense he leaves Betancourt in. Rafael has been extraordinary this season.
2007-10-08 20:21:05
1370.   bobtaco
If Arod makes the last out, that is going to hurt.
2007-10-08 20:21:16
1371.   williamnyy23
8 months...166 games...and it all comes down to three outs. Man, I wish I was a football fan.

At this point, I'm just hoping that Arod doesn't make the last out.

2007-10-08 20:21:46
1372.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1368 4% of me thinks you're going to miss something epic.
2007-10-08 20:23:03
1373.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Well that's not encouraging.
2007-10-08 20:23:15
1374.   ny2ca2dc
that was 'A SHOT to center field'????????
2007-10-08 20:23:33
1375.   thelarmis
ooh, calm down Chip. it's just a base hit you fucking sac of shit.
2007-10-08 20:23:50
1376.   Shaun P
1362 Weirder than those damn bugs in Game 2?

1361 'Reasonable theory'? Give me a break. Your theory doesn't pass the smell test, much less any other objective measure of a theory. Because you can't measure or know how Wang felt or reacted. You can just make a judgment based off his crappy results, and some stuff you read, to assign traits about his character and makeup to a poor performance and call it a "reasonable theory". Personally, I call it a crock of shit.

2007-10-08 20:25:10
1377.   bobtaco
Oh Mo, not now.
2007-10-08 20:25:30
1378.   51cq24
indians' timeline!!!!
2007-10-08 20:25:30
1379.   monkeypants
If this series ends as it looks, it was lost in game two, which could have gone either way. Sabathia beat Wang, and the Indians beat Wang on short rest. But dropping game two when you send Joba-Mo out for the 7th-8th-9th...what can you do?
2007-10-08 20:25:49
1380.   underdog
"To the Victor goes the spoils" - get it?

1362 It's because players have been reading the Griddle this season and know more about that trump card.

2007-10-08 20:26:04
1381.   Vandelay Industries
If it makes anyone feel any better, Eric Wedge is a stand up guy and a very hard worker. He was dating my girlfriend's sister when he was lugging bags from city to town on the bus while catching for Pawtuckett and I went to several games and spent a lot of time with him. He has a good team and is a good man. So, better him than someone else. If we blow this game, I for one will be pulling for the Tribe until the end.
2007-10-08 20:26:50
1382.   51cq24
1379 tell the umpire that he must stop play until there are less than a million bugs swarming the mound?
2007-10-08 20:27:17
1383.   thelarmis
we're getting blooped to death. seriously, who is caray gonna root for next series??? i bet he talks more about the yankees' loss than the games at hand. i, for one, won't be watching/listening...
2007-10-08 20:27:20
1384.   Jeb
I like how they're playing the theme from "major league" which I guess is appropriate since they play that movie every other day on TBS. I bet wild thing will close the 9th. Hopefully torre will pull Mo and put in the Duke
2007-10-08 20:27:35
1385.   williamnyy23
Jeter has to go to 3rd on that play!!
2007-10-08 20:27:48
1386.   monkeypants
1382 True...
2007-10-08 20:27:53
1387.   51cq24
take your time, derek
2007-10-08 20:27:54
1388.   Orly Yarly NoWai
"The Indians have undergone every possible travel hazard..."

The 1992 Angels called, and they seem quite angry.

2007-10-08 20:27:57
1389.   Shaun P
Time for a K, Mo.
2007-10-08 20:29:40
1390.   Bob Timmermann
The race is on. 4 hours and 13 minutes is the longest 9-inning postseason game by time.
2007-10-08 20:29:45
1391.   Shaun P
That a way, Mo! That was a huge K. Just one more out, please.
2007-10-08 20:29:54
1392.   monkeypants
Wow...I just looked at the NLCS matchup. I simply cannot get excited about that series.
2007-10-08 20:30:05
1393.   Vandelay Industries
I think all those empty seats tells the story.
2007-10-08 20:30:36
1394.   ny2ca2dc
nice. fucking. catch. gotta win now!
2007-10-08 20:30:42
1395.   AbbyNormal821
2007-10-08 20:30:44
1396.   dzzrtRatt
Great catch.
2007-10-08 20:30:51
1397.   Orly Yarly NoWai
The votes are in and Johnny Damon is Jesus.

Joba better come in for the 10th.

2007-10-08 20:31:04
1398.   monkeypants
Slightly tired Mo still better than most...and nice catch by Damon!
2007-10-08 20:31:08
1399.   bobtaco
Johnny stays.
2007-10-08 20:31:18
1400.   fansince77
The Native American ghosts have just been informed of Cleveland's pathetic insulting logo...just in time for the bottom of the ninth. Turns out Babe Ruth stopped for a romp and a drink on his way to the powwow.
Show/Hide Comments 1401-1450
2007-10-08 20:31:21
1401.   thelarmis
nice fuking catch, johnny!

they're playing for their lives. you can see it in their faces...

2007-10-08 20:31:26
1402.   Bob Timmermann
You'll be missing out on the chance to see lots of pitchers named Brandon.
2007-10-08 20:31:43
1403.   monkeypants
1397 "Joba better come in for the 10th."

I like your style!

2007-10-08 20:31:44
1404.   underdog
1392 Those of us West of the Mississippi can still dig it. (And those like me who were telling people all season how good and deep the NL West is this season...)

Wow, Caray actually got excited by Damon's catch there!

2007-10-08 20:32:03
1405.   randym77
I'm hoping the Rockies lose. If only because I don't want to hear over and over again about how it's all 'cause of Jesus.
2007-10-08 20:32:17
1406.   nick
well, either it was a slightly above average catch, or it was the second fucking coming of Willie Mays. Caray reports, you decide.
2007-10-08 20:32:23
1407.   williamnyy23
Arod's post season numbers right now are .281/.375/.500. If he gets another hit, statistically, he will have had a good post season. Damn, I wish I could have said the same thing in a series that the Yankees win. A 3-run HR would go along way toward making that happen.
2007-10-08 20:32:28
1408.   AbbyNormal821
To all of you, I'm so glad I have people here to post with & vent with. I don't think I could've gone through dealing with this game alone...

Group hug!!!

2007-10-08 20:32:36
1409.   SF Yanks
I have to admit, Chip doesn't seem nearly as bad as he was at Cleveland. He seems to almost favor the team at home. Not that he's biased towards the Yanks, but that he's cooled off a ton on rooting for the Indians since its been in Yankee stadium.
2007-10-08 20:32:58
1410.   ny2ca2dc
1403 1397 He won't be needed. walkoff time.
2007-10-08 20:32:59
1411.   Shaun P
1392 Webb vs Francis should be a heck of a first game. Two reasonably young teams, good offenses (maybe just on paper for the D-backs),and both with great bullpens. One ridiculously poor manager with a lucky streak Vegas high rollers would envy, and one manager who (IIRC) couldn't manage his way out of a paper bag in Seattle. And more postseason ball in Coors - which could be a huge advantage for the Rockies' pitchers.

What's not interesting?

2007-10-08 20:33:09
1412.   fansince77
Here we's all about baserunners now! I just have a feeling.
2007-10-08 20:33:17
1413.   nick
rally caps all--it's been good, whatever happens...
2007-10-08 20:33:26
1414.   monkeypants
1393 The tale of spoiled fans who have grown unappreciative of a post season game?
2007-10-08 20:33:49
1415.   thelarmis
so, if the indians win a division series, they'll be beginning an "era". you're a fucking tool, chip caray...
2007-10-08 20:34:05
1416.   underdog
Okay, good luck guys! Ain't over 'til it's over, 'til fat lady (or fat Tony Gwynn) sings, etc.
2007-10-08 20:34:10
1417.   trainwreck
Still can't believe they waste their time with Borowski.

So dumb.

2007-10-08 20:34:38
1418.   bobtaco
I think I heard boos for Jeter.
2007-10-08 20:34:39
1419.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Welp. That's no good.
2007-10-08 20:34:45
1420.   Zack
Well, how appropriate that DJ should lead off the 9th with a weak pop up against a crappy pitcher
2007-10-08 20:34:54
1421.   thelarmis
hey tbs, game's not over yet. fucking assholes.

dammit derek...

2007-10-08 20:34:54
1422.   Shaun P
Jeter, that was NOT what the Yanks needed here. Dammit.

C'mon, Borowski, don't fail us now.

PS - Don't give out the Player of the Game until the game ends, douchebag.

2007-10-08 20:35:10
1423.   ny2ca2dc
'5 scintillating innings'? does this guy blush?
2007-10-08 20:35:28
1424.   monkeypants
1411 I'm a snobby traditionalist and I like to have at least one "old team" in a series. Also, the D-Backs offend my statistical sense (look at that record v. run differential). I must confess that I just don't know much about the Rockies.
2007-10-08 20:35:33
1425.   randym77
1414 More like the tale of a game that's gone on awfully long on a school/work night. It's what, 4 hours now?
2007-10-08 20:35:33
1426.   Jeb
Paul Byrd and his 2.00 WHIP is the player of the game? Dear lord help me.
2007-10-08 20:35:35
1427.   Zack
And of course its all set up for A-Rod to make the last out. Of course, why not...

Paul Byrd player of the game, that's all you need to know about this game

2007-10-08 20:36:03
1428.   underdog
They often do that player of the game thing before the game's over, Fox does that, too.

I'm always annoyed by it, too.

2007-10-08 20:36:30
1429.   ny2ca2dc

Time for an A Bomb!!!!!!

2007-10-08 20:36:40
1430.   thelarmis
that was fucking gorgeous!

boBBy baseball!!!!!!!

2007-10-08 20:36:44
1431.   nick
BOBBY BABY! o yeah....
2007-10-08 20:36:50
1432.   Orly Yarly NoWai
If only DJ had singled...!

Damn, Bobby Abreu!

2007-10-08 20:36:50
1433.   Shaun P

That's what I'm talking about! C'mon Yanks!!!

2007-10-08 20:37:04
1434.   AbbyNormal821
Uh....holy crap????
2007-10-08 20:37:06
1435.   OldYanksFan
To bad Jeter wasn't on base for that.
2007-10-08 20:37:23
1436.   ny2ca2dc
isn't that now SEVEN homers, of which all but one were solo?!?!
2007-10-08 20:37:27
1437.   Vandelay Industries
1414 I suppose. But it is one thing to just give up a ton of runs and lose a series because of pitching, but we played three winnable games and lost them all because we didn't hit as well as we could have, or should have. Six runs against Paul Byrd et. al was certainly doable.
2007-10-08 20:37:27
1438.   underdog
There's one!

C'mon Borowski, serve up a couple more.

2007-10-08 20:37:33
1439.   SF Yanks
Is it bad that I'm not jumping up and down, and to tell you the truth didn't really have a reaction at all?
2007-10-08 20:37:36
1440.   AbbyNormal821
Don't press, Alex...
2007-10-08 20:37:38
1441.   nyy jim
another fucking solo homer. If we could have only had some timely hits before those bombs.
2007-10-08 20:37:43
1442.   thelarmis
well, at least alex can't make the last out at-bat...
2007-10-08 20:37:44
1443.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Come on Alex. You're the best fuckin' player in the world. Joe Borowski is... not.
2007-10-08 20:38:04
1444.   thelarmis
show the hot girl again!!! : )
2007-10-08 20:38:12
1445.   nick
ok alex, just get on...
2007-10-08 20:38:29
1446.   Knuckles
Um, how fun would it be to homer in front of 55,000 people and hear the theme from "The Natural" playing as you circle the bases...


2007-10-08 20:39:07
1447.   thelarmis
1439 i had the same (non) reaction. i'm standing now though...
2007-10-08 20:39:46
1448.   Zack
Another freaking pop up. Have we set some kind of record for weak pop ups in a series?
2007-10-08 20:39:50
1449.   thelarmis
from "shallow" to "short of the track"...
2007-10-08 20:39:56
1450.   fansince77
Show/Hide Comments 1451-1500
2007-10-08 20:39:56
1451.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1986: Red Sox 6 Mets 4 with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th...
2007-10-08 20:40:09
1452.   bobtaco
Here come Po, so long Joe.
2007-10-08 20:40:21
1453.   Zack
And I should add, weak popups on hittable pitches in a series
2007-10-08 20:40:30
1454.   Shaun P
A-Rod, if that was your last at bat as a Yankee, I just want you to know how much I appreciated every second of you in pinstripes.

I hope like hell that was not your last at bat as a Yankee.

2007-10-08 20:40:45
1455.   SF Yanks
1447 I'll stand when the tying runner is on base.
2007-10-08 20:40:47
1456.   AbbyNormal821
i can't bear to watch the postgame. I can't bear it - it would break my heart to listen to Torre.
2007-10-08 20:40:54
1457.   thelarmis
i HATE watching teams celebrate on our turf. c'mon jorgie!!!
2007-10-08 20:41:08
1458.   AbbyNormal821
i can't bear to watch the postgame if they don't win. I can't bear it - it would break my heart to listen to Torre.
2007-10-08 20:41:15
1459.   trainwreck
Wow, thought that was for sure fair.
2007-10-08 20:41:17
1460.   nick
damn damn damn damn damn.......could we get the tying run to the plate? am I asking so much?
2007-10-08 20:41:20
1461.   ny2ca2dc
ARod will be back. book it.

man that was close... ouch...

2007-10-08 20:41:52
1462.   Zack
How appropriate...Well, sure will be great watching the Indians get demolished in Fenway, eh?
2007-10-08 20:42:04
1463.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Well. I'm really not sure what to say.
2007-10-08 20:42:16
1464.   bobtaco
fucking bugs.
2007-10-08 20:42:24
1465.   williamnyy23
There's really nothing worth saying...good night.
2007-10-08 20:42:45
1466.   yankz
2007-10-08 20:42:47
1467.   AbbyNormal821
1462 Fuckin' A! I would love that.
2007-10-08 20:42:50
1468.   thelarmis
holy christ, that shot was close.

well, i sure hope the tribe kick the living shit outta boston. of course, they'll get swept, but wishful thinking...

2007-10-08 20:43:23
1469.   underdog
Sorry guys. :-(

Somewhat cruelly, TMC has Pride of the Yankees on right now - been on for awhile, so you'd only get to see the last half hour and have a cry.

We'll meet you in the World Series next year!

2007-10-08 20:43:37
1470.   vockins
Ah, two tears in a bucket.

Go, uh, Rockies. I guess.

2007-10-08 20:43:44
1471.   yankz
Well, still a fun and inspirational year. Cleveland was clearly the better team, IMO.

Go Indians.

2007-10-08 20:43:44
1472.   nyy jim
Anybody now but the shit sox
2007-10-08 20:43:47
1473.   ny2ca2dc
best wishes all. good night.
2007-10-08 20:43:58
1474.   nick
Jorge striking out on the kind of ball he used to strike out on........a weird way to end it.........
2007-10-08 20:44:02
1475.   Zack
Don't worry Chip, I'm sure the Indians will look mighty scared once they get to Fenway and crap the bed as always. I can just see visions of Borowski on the mound in the 9th trying to hold down a one run lead, oh vomit...

I think Duncan might be crying...

2007-10-08 20:44:07
1476.   3rd gen yankee fan
Well guys, it's been a great season with all of you. Thanks Alex & Cliff! See yas later.
2007-10-08 20:44:24
1477.   cult of basebaal
well ... that was a lame ending to a year i thought had promise to be really special ... what is there to say except thank you all for contributing to the very best yankee fan site on the web ... thank you so much alex and cliff and emma and wil and everyone for making this feel like home ...

see you all (hopefully) next year

peace ...

2007-10-08 20:44:24
1478.   monkeypants
Well folks, I can't bear to watch the NLCS, and I certainly cannot endure listening to the FOX announcers stroke the Sox in the ALCS (or WS). If the Indians win next series, I'll be back rooting for them in the Series. Otherwise, I'm out for until the spring--following the A-Rod drama and looking for pictures of the New Stadium construction on the internet.
2007-10-08 20:44:38
1479.   thelarmis
would it have mattered if it was a best of 7? not sure, but i'd rather have that extra set of games...

in game WHIP of 2 = fantastic. fuck you, tbs.

2007-10-08 20:44:39
1480.   SF Yanks
That Posada at-bat was exactly how the season went. So close....getting our hopes up....but just missing, thus stepping on our fu*king throats. Good night. I'll see yall when I fu*kin cool off....
2007-10-08 20:44:56
1481.   underdog
I don't think the Indians will get swept by Boston. They'll lose, but I bet the win at least one or perhaps two.
2007-10-08 20:45:32
1482.   AbbyNormal821
I hate when opposing teams praise the team they just whooped. Fuck you, Byrd.
2007-10-08 20:45:44
1483.   yankz
I turned off the TV the second Jorgie struck out. Only people I'm listening to are you all.
2007-10-08 20:46:27
1484.   dzzrtRatt
Can't really call your season unsuccessful, much as this sucks. At mid-season, playing in this game seemed like a distant possibility. You've seen great young players emerge from your system this season, and they took you to the playoffs. And much as I'd like the Dodgers to get a shot at A-Rod, I don't see him leaving NY.

Thanks for letting me hang out. Sorry it didn't turn out better.

2007-10-08 20:46:39
1485.   bobtaco
Wait 'til next year. They are going to be good.
2007-10-08 20:47:16
1486.   thelarmis
1477 word. but i'll be around these parts everyday of the offseason, pretty much. i always check in to see what alex, cliff and the rest of the gang write...

cult, you get my email about tomorrow nights' show at the baked potato?

2007-10-08 20:47:29
1487.   ny2ca2dc
1484 Classy thing to say, come back again.
2007-10-08 20:47:46
1488.   yankz
Wait, what? Are you all leaving the Banter till April?!
2007-10-08 20:48:17
1489.   Mattpat11
What can you say. The team just wasn't very good. Another six months down the drain.
2007-10-08 20:48:28
1490.   underdog
Yeah, thanks for letting us interlopers into the chat here. Sorry about the end result, but, hey, at least there was some excitement in the post-season. More than we DTers can say.

Buena suerte next season.

2007-10-08 20:48:28
1491.   monkeypants
1485 Good or not so good, I really think that they will be FUN. I'm not rationalizing either--I really look forward to seeing a few more young players worked into the mix. Hopefully the send the old yard out in style next year.
2007-10-08 20:48:41
1492.   Zack
YOu can damn well bet the Fox announcers will be hardcore rooting for the Sox, b/c the thought of a Rockies/D-backs vs. Indians WS must send shivers down their spine
2007-10-08 20:48:42
1493.   SF Yanks
1483 I had it changed right as the ball hit the mit, never to look back.
2007-10-08 20:49:19
1494.   thelarmis
1484 thanks for hangin' out d-Ratt! and underdog - that sounds great about the World Serious next year. let's book it!

1483 hey! there ya are, kid! i figured you were at the game or something. brutal, just brutal. and to add insult to injury, i didn't get the drum solo recorded today. crap all around...

2007-10-08 20:49:38
1495.   bhsportsguy
1487 I agree, I saw the team at the lowest of lows during the A's series back at the end of June and then I saw Clemens pitch his best game of the season against the Twins. I still thought you guys had no shot but playing great ball for four months got you here.

I hope your off-season goes well, I guess we will know the fates of Joe, A-Rod and the rest soon enough.

Toss back a few for me.

2007-10-08 20:49:41
1496.   fansince77
Trying to think rationally with so much sadness flowing down my body- it's literally oozing to my feet. So sad. So sad. I would really love to see most of these guys back next year. I am sold on Johnny Damon as a left fielder and lead-off man despite the off year. We have to go to a young staff next year. ARoD deserves nothing but love from us as does Jeter. Mo is still the in the top three releivers in the game. The Yankees gave us a great second half to enjoy. It is sad and unfortunate that our hard-hit balls found no holes tonight- but it is even more of a shame that we once again put ourselves in such a hole. And I will always have a great feeling of the Torre era but it's time for it to be over...for Joe's sake as well as ours. Joe has given us alot and I doubt this team would have made the playoffs without him this year but this new pitching staff needs a different manager. I enjoyed the Banter tremendously and thank you all for being the smartest and most passionate fans in the game.
2007-10-08 20:50:05
1497.   Max
Congratulations to the Indians, and I hope they give the Red Sox all they can handle. Right now, I'm the biggest Rockies fan and Indians fan possible, but I'm going to take a break from baseball for a week if not longer.

Thanks to everyone on the Banter for making such a grueling and frequently cruel season worth following once again. The future looks bright, but there are some real dark clouds to get through in the short term. Whatever happens, here's to always being a Yankee fan and looking forward to next season.

2007-10-08 20:50:24
1498.   murphy
1484 i agree. it's been a thrill to watch the kids get a shot this year. i just hope that george and co. appreciate that as much as we do and don't yank the rug out from under cashman.

thanks to cliff and alex for creating a sane place in an otherwise insane world.

wish i coulda been 'round more this year. thanks to all the regulars for keeping it interesting.

2007-10-08 20:50:27
1499.   Jeb
Goodbye Joe.
2007-10-08 20:50:35
1500.   seamus
tough season. It was great seeing the Yankees really from 14.5 down, and it completely sucked losing the season. As I always do, starting thinking post-season. I hope to god that a-rod stays.
Show/Hide Comments 1501-1550
2007-10-08 20:50:49
1501.   Jeb
Goodbye Joe.
2007-10-08 20:50:49
1502.   Shaun P
This sucks.

But - that the Yanks even got to the postseason still seems so miraculous after all the crap of this year. Getting in was an accomplishment to be proud of, and I'd rather not trivialize it.

Especially over a cloud of bugs.

Fuckin' bugs.

See you all tomorrow. No other group of Yankee fans I'd rather commiserate with.

2007-10-08 20:50:57
1503.   thelarmis
1488 hell no! see 1486 , bro!!!

1490 rock on, underdog! perhaps we'll see ya at the griddle...

2007-10-08 20:51:05
1504.   underdog
I'll drop by once in awhile, just to plan our world series meeting for '08. ;-)

And we can talk about FrankTV. Not.

2007-10-08 20:51:19
1505.   Mattpat11
I really hope the organization doesn't embarrass us by celebrating the Wild Card win.

1484 I can. Season's a failure. We failed to accomplish our goal because no one could hit PAUL FUCKING BYRD. Another disaster that follows a trend that's all too familiar

2007-10-08 20:52:03
1506.   thelarmis
1502 right back atchya, Shuan. and you have a brand new baby girl, right? that'll make ya smile right quick! : )

here's joe...

2007-10-08 20:52:23
1507.   trainwreck
I am sure we will all be talking about A-Rod a lot this off-season.
2007-10-08 20:52:33
1508.   yankz
thelarmis, were you referring to the hot girl next to Jeter's parents? Because she was very, very fine.
2007-10-08 20:53:14
1509.   nick
Wang, Jeter, Posada and A-Rod--what do they have in common. They're our best guys; and they played the worst this series.

What can you do?

Waiting for pitchers and catchers....

'night all...

2007-10-08 20:53:27
1510.   cult of basebaal
frankly ... the red sox could play a team of rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists ... and i'd root for them as if they were choirboys, so paint me up in war paint and call me culturally insensitive ... go get 'em tribe
2007-10-08 20:53:43
1511.   trainwreck
I fully back what underdog said. Had fun talking with you guys and I will make sure to visit.
2007-10-08 20:53:46
1512.   51cq24
well guys, the world hates america and much of it distrusts democracy. nuclear weapons may soon be in the hands of terrorists. people are dying every day because of bullshit. bees are buzzing around elementary school classrooms because there are no screens on the windows. disappointed? yes. devastated? it takes more than that.

just kidding. this fucking blows. just not as much as real stuff.

2007-10-08 20:53:46
1513.   Zack
Well, I'll be around these parts all lonely winter. ITs sure to be an interesting one.
This series was oh so typical of the Yanks this year, and really the last three years--utterly streaky. Totally hot and then totally cold, with no real warning and no real reason. I think Joba and Phil will help a lot with the pitching side of it, but the offense can really only regress...
2007-10-08 20:54:06
1514.   SF Yanks
I must admit, unfortunately each year gets a bit easier to swallow. It's a shame.

Anyway, I just want to say thanks to Alex and Cliff for giving me a place to chill with some great peeps. I'd say I'd see ya guys next year, but truth is, I'll be here tomorrow and the next day, and the one after that. Just like I am every year.

I look forward to an interesting off-season and hopefully the most of yous will be here with me. Thanks again and I'll see ya next year (or tomorrow). G'nite.

2007-10-08 20:54:14
1515.   yankz
1494 Nah, I just wanted to watch a miracle without any distractions...ah well.

Your "insult to injury" is pretty bad, sorry to hear about that. I think we all shared something much, much worse though: "This is our country" followed by "Frank TV" followed by "Lofton to Japan?"

2007-10-08 20:55:17
1516.   yankz
1511 Thanks man. You guys coming over has definitely encouraged me to check out DT and Bad Altitude as well.
2007-10-08 20:55:18
1517.   nyy jim
Going into the season we knew pitching was going to be the big question and it ended up being something we battled all year. All in all it was a painful season.
2007-10-08 20:55:40
1518.   bhsportsguy
1507 You see the latest on Olson?
2007-10-08 20:56:22
1519.   Shaun P
1507 Hopefully not too much. Enough dead horses have been beaten into zombie status around these parts this year. =)

I gotta say, you DT folks bring some nice commentary along. Hope you all check back in during the offseason.

And yet another 'thank you' to Alex and Cliff, and Emma and Will and Bruce. "Is this heaven?" "No, its Bronx Banter."

Good night all.

2007-10-08 20:56:29
1520.   Mattpat11
I think I broke my hand. God I hate them.
2007-10-08 20:56:38
1521.   Saburo
Thanks one and all for the lively chat during tonight's game. Being stuck at work with but the basic play-by-play, I appreciate being amongst fans to fill in the gaps.
2007-10-08 20:57:11
1522.   51cq24
1 thing. this postseason has reaffirmed my belief that we'd have won 2 more championships had we kept our best pitcher. thank god for andy pettitte.
2007-10-08 20:57:25
1523.   yankz
1512 Yeah, the world sucks. When your escape, the one thing that brings you unconditional joy, sucks as well...
2007-10-08 20:58:30
1524.   trainwreck
2007-10-08 20:58:45
1525.   yankz
1522 Imagine him taking the mound game 7 instead of Kevin fucking Brown...

actually, don't.

2007-10-08 20:59:06
1526.   seamus
so, how do we work Joba and Phil into the rotation and work around the 150 inning limit? Or, more accurately, how do the Yankees do it? Are we willing to be creative? I think we need them.
2007-10-08 21:00:02
1527.   thelarmis
yankz - i'm not sure if she was by jeters folks. it was the hottie w/ long blonde hair, long nails, big brown eyes. smokin'! : ) ...i'll get a crack at the drum solo thursday afternoon. hopefully i'll get it recorded then...

1510 well put, cult. go tribe. much as i hate to say it...

1511 thanks, trainwreck. and cool baseball toaster handle!

thanks to all of you here for sharing the yankees' season! many thanks to cliff and alex! guest writers - emma, will, bruce, etc. thanks to ken & bob for the toaster. hopefully many of you will hang out during the offseason.

i'll still proudly be sporting a yankees t-shirt tomorrow...

2007-10-08 21:00:52
1528.   randym77
End of the Cowboys-Bills game was unreal.

Not a good day for NY sports, I guess.

2007-10-08 21:00:53
1529.   Mattpat11
1525 Someone would have still had to hit Derek Lowe. Or Ervin Santana. Or Kenny Rogers. Or PAUL FUCKING BYRD.
2007-10-08 21:01:02
1530.   51cq24
1523 exactly. but at least we have it. and at least we've seen our team win more world series than any other fans.

it's time for joe to go. i hope he knows how much we appreciate everything he has done for us and all the hard work he puts in.

2007-10-08 21:01:11
1531.   Bob Timmermann
10 minutes short of the record longest postseason game.

2 minutes short of the longest postseason game this YEAR!

2007-10-08 21:01:28
1532.   yankz
Anybody have an inkling of an idea what to do if Arod walks? Or is that for tomorrow?

Betemit would probably be a 10 win downgrade.

2007-10-08 21:02:57
1533.   seamus
1532 cry. When does he have to decide by? I know he has some sort of early deadline, or at least I think I remember it that way.
2007-10-08 21:03:02
1534.   fansince77
One last thing- to the ever "salty" Jim Dean - thanks for your bantering and do all you can to help us keep AROD.
2007-10-08 21:03:54
1535.   Mattpat11
1526 No we're not. Our version of creative is getting the big bust free agent from Japan instead of America per usual.
2007-10-08 21:04:24
1536.   51cq24
1532 arod is an amazing player and this year (not to mention 2005) was incredible. but let's not forget that we won 4 world series without him or anyone close to the offensive force that he is. let's focus on shoring up the rotation and building a deep bullpen. we don't need arod, as much as it helps having him.
2007-10-08 21:05:18
1537.   bobtaco
Good night Jim Dean, wherever you are...
2007-10-08 21:05:28
1538.   fansince77
One last thing- to the ever "salty" Jim Dean - thanks for your bantering and do all you can to help us keep AROD.
2007-10-08 21:05:38
1539.   pistolpete
1528 You count the BIlls in with 'New York sports'? Meh.
2007-10-08 21:06:04
1540.   51cq24
1532 arod is an amazing player and this year (not to mention 2005) was incredible. but let's not forget that we won 4 world series without him or anyone close to the offensive force that he is. let's focus on shoring up the rotation and building a deep bullpen. we don't need arod, as much as it helps having him.
2007-10-08 21:06:11
1541.   fansince77
One last thing- to the ever "salty" Jim Dean - thanks for your bantering and do all you can to help us keep AROD.
2007-10-08 21:06:15
1542.   Zack
I think anyone would be about a 10 win downgrade from A-Rod this year
2007-10-08 21:06:16
1543.   yankz
We're doing much better than last year's elimination game thread:

To quote myself..."Seeing that dumb baby in the Tiger outfit crying is the highlight of my day. "

2007-10-08 21:06:22
1544.   thelarmis
1516 yankz - both mark and jon are excellent writers. i read mark all the time during the offseason, but there's barely ever any comments there. jon, i generally read always, i just don't filter thru the comments. i might sometimes now. though the DZ guy really REALLY REALLY pissed me off. he was waaaaaay out of order the order day...
2007-10-08 21:06:25
1545.   fansince77
One last thing- to the ever "salty" Jim Dean - thanks for your bantering and do all you can to help us keep AROD.
2007-10-08 21:06:25
1546.   51cq24
1532 arod is an amazing player and this year (not to mention 2005) was incredible. but let's not forget that we won 4 world series without him or anyone close to the offensive force that he is. let's focus on shoring up the rotation and building a deep bullpen. we don't need arod, as much as it helps having him.
2007-10-08 21:07:36
1547.   Mattpat11
1532 Who's the nearest career mediocrity that is having a career year?


2007-10-08 21:07:43
1548.   51cq24
wow sorry
2007-10-08 21:07:53
1549.   thelarmis
1525 wasn't pettitte hurt that year w/ houston?
2007-10-08 21:08:26
1550.   fansince77
Sorry about the multiple posts- Computer doesn't know how to handle the loss either.
Show/Hide Comments 1551-1600
2007-10-08 21:09:43
1551.   51cq24
1549 yes, but not last year and the year before
2007-10-08 21:09:46
1552.   Bob Timmermann
Dodger Thoughts comments tend to focus a lot on which prospects should be playing or be called up.

And hating Juan Pierre.

2007-10-08 21:12:04
1553.   thelarmis
1552 but, but, but he rolls balls down the lines of all the stadiums he plays to check for bunting! he hits .300! he's a catalyst! ooh, i could join in on the juan pierre hating : )

joe torre postgame on the 4-letter network...

2007-10-08 21:13:52
1554.   yankz
1553 Is he crying? I sure hope not ;(
2007-10-08 21:14:16
1555.   51cq24
ok i guess i should do some reading. congratulations to everyone for usually being as civil as possible considering this stressful year. let's stay positive because next year we'll have 3 young studs anchoring our rotation, along with the veteran pettitte and the still-great wang. and maybe a younger and more dynamic manager. i'll miss joe, and i'll probably even miss arod, but i'm excited about what next year could be. i just wish i could skip the next couple weeks.
2007-10-08 21:14:40
1556.   thelarmis
as always, joe is classy as ever. i'll truly miss him if he goes. i think the bulk of the players on the team will, too. i'm not a big fan of change... : /

i'll tell ya what though, it's gotta be a hella lot easier to lose a job after making millions and MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars...

2007-10-08 21:14:50
1557.   randym77
Torre looks like he's crying.

He's talking like he's not coming back.

2007-10-08 21:15:10
1558.   yankz
We're replacing Clemens and Pavano/Igawa/random riffraff with Hughes, Joba, and Kennedy. That's a fantastic start.
2007-10-08 21:16:25
1559.   nemecizer
Please God, let A-Rod stay in New York. I will rob liquor stores and old ladies if King George needs extra money. We can build a dynasty around a guy like A-Rod, with all the young pitching we have now.

And think about the start of next year and how different it will be from the start of this year.

2007-10-08 21:16:54
1560.   Max
1554 Joe was very calm and reflective, but he had a tone in his voice that he knows it's over. Suzyn was blubbering from the clubhouse talking about the other coaches crying as they watched Joe speaking about his 12 years with the team. Sounds like everyone on the team is saying goodbye to each other with the expectation that many won't be sad.
2007-10-08 21:17:04
1561.   thelarmis
1554 not even close. i think he cries more when we win. hell, i think nowadays i do, too! i was an emotional wreck when we secured a playoff berth and again last nite. now, i'm dry-eyed.

ah, there it is! as he talked about the players, he mentioned hugging them. then he got choked up. i think this transcends baseball to joe. he treats these kids as if they were his own. he truly loves (most of) these guys.

this is all soooooo sad. i don't care about all the yankee haters out there. we are a proud and classy organization and our fans are truly die-hard.

2007-10-08 21:17:08
1562.   Ali Nagib
"You understand a five game series is a crapshoot, basically." -Joe Torre

That sounds like some of that Billy Beane heresy. Joe Morgan will be coming for you soon, Joe.

2007-10-08 21:17:14
1563.   Vandelay Industries
All hatchets buried. I hope my adversaries do the same.

Here is to ext year!

2007-10-08 21:17:38
1564.   Mattpat11
1555 I try to be positive. Every year I pour my heart and soul into this team, hope against hope (and most of the time, reason)and I keep getting rewarded with THIS.

Next year looks good. I always say that. And without fail, they always do something stupid to ruin it. I'm not ready to be positive.

2007-10-08 21:19:03
1565.   Mattpat11
1560 Probably should have hit Paul Byrd then.
2007-10-08 21:20:04
1566.   SpoonG91
There's always next year. We got a great team lined up- and a whole offseason ahead of us.

Lets go Yan-kees.

2007-10-08 21:20:26
1567.   thelarmis
yeah, he really is talking like he knows it's over and he's distancing himself from the organization. he hinted at certainly managing again. i still think it'll be the Cards.

heartstring-wise, i want him back. man, i don't think it's every team where the coaches, most of whom are ex-managers, cry when their leader is about to get the axe. 'specially after steering the ship right and into the postseason...

2007-10-08 21:21:45
1568.   yankz
Doesn't it seem like Yankee fans really play the blame game a lot lately?

Yeah, Jeter sucked, but they wouldn't have been there without him. Why will people defend Arod's 60 shitty postseason AB to the death but jump all over Jeter for his last few? I'm not saying we should blame Arod. I'm not saying that both should get free passes. But a lot of people forget that they're both hugely responsible for the team playing into October and that a couple of AB is a shitty way to judge a hitter, and that demanding hits, especially against pitchers this good, is absurd. Jeez, just be happy with what we have.

Is Jeter all of a sudden a choker? No. Is Wang? I don't think so. I'm glad we have both of them.

Also, I'm mostly thinking "aloud," and not speaking directly to anyone here.

2007-10-08 21:21:47
1569.   Shaun P
1564 But you'll be back here Opening Day 2008, just like the rest of us will.

If this is Torre's end - God Bless You, Joe Torre. Thank you for making possible some of the greatest moments of my life.

1522 Maybe so, but not re-signing Pettitte (whatever the circumstances were) gave the Yanks the draft pick with whom they selected - Phil Hughes.

I don't mind that trade-off at all.

And now, good night.

2007-10-08 21:22:24
1570.   weeping for brunnhilde
That was horse shit.

What a horrible end the season.


2007-10-08 21:22:38
1571.   monkeypants
I have my problms with Torre as a manager, but not as an individual of course. And he really does have strengths as a manager, some of which he exploited very well during the great run from 1996 to 2001. But he is not the manager for next season, when the team will need to creatively integrate young pitchers into the mix. Unfortunately, what manager would be good for this?
2007-10-08 21:23:33
1572.   thelarmis
not to be lost in the whole shuffle of big names, but i hope we're somehow able to retain jose molina...
2007-10-08 21:24:18
1573.   yankz
1560 Dude, that's making ME want to cry.
2007-10-08 21:24:24
1574.   randym77
ESPN thinks if Torre is fired, Pettitte, Posada, and Mo may not be back, either.
2007-10-08 21:24:29
1575.   thelarmis
alyssa milano on tbs. gorgeous! and i essentially like blondes, exclusively...
2007-10-08 21:25:11
1576.   weeping for brunnhilde
It made me sick to watch Cleveland slap the ball around all series, fight off pitches to dunk 'em in, while we popped the ball up over and over and over again.

Too many homeruns, not enough singles.

2007-10-08 21:25:35
1577.   Mattpat11
1574 Oh, good.
2007-10-08 21:26:45
1578.   thelarmis
1574 i can somewhat see that w/ pettitte and po, but i think Mo will be back no matter what. jeter will most likely talk jorgie into staying. sure would be nice to have andy back to hang w/ the kidz but Moose might end up in that role for a year. the next few days will be brutal...
2007-10-08 21:26:52
1579.   51cq24
1571 john flaherty. seriously.

one last thing before i really go. all i want in the next couple years is to see mariano standing on the mound when the last out of the season is made, avenging 2001 and finally letting us get over that awful moment. that's all. the clock is really ticking.

2007-10-08 21:26:54
1580.   weeping for brunnhilde
1577 Dandy, huh?
2007-10-08 21:27:27
1581.   Mattpat11
1568 I really don't think "just making it" and bowing out in humiliating fashion is particularly impressive, to be honest.
2007-10-08 21:27:30
1582.   monkeypants
1574 If that's the case, then maybe so be it. I know this will get me flamed, but a team of professional athletes cannot be held hostage by some players' loyalty to the coach. Houston went this route with the B's, and it didn't really pay off.
2007-10-08 21:27:36
1583.   yankz
NYT calls out the dimwits at TBS:

2007-10-08 21:27:55
1584.   Max
1571 I struggle with this too. I can't imagine another manager for the final year of Yankee Stadium, and I'm really not sure there's someone else who could do a better job in managing this group in the regular season. But the results haven't been there in the playoffs, and it seems to get worse every year.

I don't really want to dwell on this will be discussed endlessly in the weeks to come, and it will undoubtedly affect the decision-making of several players in negotiating with the team.

2007-10-08 21:28:45
1585.   thelarmis
1576 it made me sick to listen to chip caray...
2007-10-08 21:28:49
1586.   yankz
1581 When did I say the season was impressive?

Also, that's your opinion. I, and it appears like most here, disagree.

2007-10-08 21:28:56
1587.   SF Yanks
Alright I'm back. I just can't stay away.
What if Jete, Mo, Po, and Pettitte all say they'll leave if Joe leaves. Think they'll keep Joe then? They should do it.
2007-10-08 21:29:05
1588.   monkeypants
1576 Right--maybe with a few less HRs they could have scored even fewer runs.
2007-10-08 21:30:13
1589.   yankz
Everyone read 1583 , it's awesome.
2007-10-08 21:31:46
1590.   yankz
1587 Jeter's going to tear up his $19 mil/year contract?
2007-10-08 21:32:33
1591.   weeping for brunnhilde
1588 I'm just saying, their slap approach seems to have served them well. I'm tired of watching other teams single us to death.

I'm tired of seeing our guys strike out and pop up in big spots.

We had plenty of pitches to hit.

This game could have been won.

I'm extremely frustrated right now, is all I'm saying.

2007-10-08 21:32:55
1592.   Mattpat11
1586 The Yankees "Just made it" and were outclassed in every category. They were shut down on national TV by a bad pitcher. It was embarassing. And the end result is no different than the 26 other losers.

But at least they made it and were given the chance to be embarrassed by Paul Byrd. I'm sure any number of teams want THAT honor.

2007-10-08 21:33:36
1593.   monkeypants
1587 Jeter can't leave--he's under contract. Pettitte is there for only one more year, and he may not come back regardless of Torre's status; Mo and Posada are on the wrong side of 35. And, if they leave the team, they would be playing for another manager anyway. I would likt to think that professional athletes would not sign based soley on the manager. If not, then I would rather sacrifice even some of these great players if it means not watching Torre do his thing with that young pitching staff next year.

The team simply can't be held hostage by Mo and Posada, as great as they still are.

2007-10-08 21:34:09
1594.   yankz
1592 In no way do I see how your comment is responsive to mine. Did I ask you to try to convince me that making the playoffs sucks? No. Please don't try. Let's leave it at that.
2007-10-08 21:34:12
1595.   nemecizer
I hope A-Rod, Posada and Mo will stay. I hope the core of this team will remain. I hope our young stallions (Hughes, Joba and Kennedy) will be all they are cracked up to be. I hope we have Girardi managing next year. I hope.

Nemecizer off to bed to sleep like a baby (i.e. wake up every two hours and cry).

G'night Banter. I look forward to the company and Alex and Cliff's analysis during the long doldrums of winter.

130 days until pitchers and catchers.

2007-10-08 21:34:42
1596.   monkeypants
1592 For fans of other teams that missed the post season, and do most every year--yes, many of them would want the honor of playing in the post season.
2007-10-08 21:34:52
1597.   thelarmis
1589 just finished. thanks for the link, man! i'm glad it's a major paper calling out caray, too. i just wish there was more about caray blatantly rooting for the tribe and against the jankees. still, glad he's getting ripped.
2007-10-08 21:35:05
1598.   yankz
1593 Agreed, but that is a LOT of production you have to magically replace. Posada leaving would cripple the team nearly as much as Arod leaving. At least they have a guy with ML experience ready to play 3B.
2007-10-08 21:35:09
1599.   pistolpete
1589 OMG it's like he was in my living room. It's everything I remember him screwing up on for 4 games.
2007-10-08 21:35:58
1600.   yankz
1596 Seriously. Dodger fans, please note that many of us are very happy that our team was one of the final 8 remaining, even if it did lose to a superior team.
Show/Hide Comments 1601-1650
2007-10-08 21:37:11
1601.   Mattpat11
1594 I'm asking you to explain to me what the hell what is so great about "just making it"
2007-10-08 21:37:23
1602.   51cq24
ok i'm obviously not doing any work right now. you guys can belittle weeping all you want, and saying that less hrs and more singles is what we needed does sound absurd. but maybe instead of less home runs and more singles, the APPROACH should be to hit singles and when the home runs come they come. that was the approach in the 90s, and it worked. more often than not, our best hitters now (arod, matsui, posada, giambi) seem to be trying to hit home runs, only to pop up or ground out weakly. a team that makes more contact and doesn't swing for the fences every time is more dangerous in the postseason, especially since you're facing such good pitching. as silly as it seems, it's a valid point. and yankee fans should be the first to acknowledge it, less than 10 years removed from the best team any of us have ever seen.
2007-10-08 21:38:16
1603.   thelarmis
1600 count me in the camp that is very glad we made it to the postseason. as crestfallen as i am, i was well more upset at last years premature exit...
2007-10-08 21:41:04
1604.   yankz
1601 First, I never used the words "just making it." Second, I never said this season was "so great." Thus, I have no fucking clue what you are talking about or why you are calling me out.

More importantly, you are exactly the kind of spoiled, demanding Yankee fan that gives the rest of us a bad name. Were the Indians, clearly the better team, just supposed to lay down for them? No. Yeah, it's annoying that they sucked vs. Paul Byrd, we get it. You saying it a dozen times doesn't make it any better.

Now quit violating DT Rule 32843 by baiting me.

2007-10-08 21:41:42
1605.   Mattpat11
1596 I still maintain some hope that most baseball fans have one end result they find acceptable. Especially in the modern days of medi- er, parity, where teams make the playoffs by default.
2007-10-08 21:41:57
1606.   thelarmis
1601 simply put, it's better than not being good enough to make it at all. it was very heartwarming to see them celebrate the wild card berth and to relish in that as fans. it was wonderful to get excited for the playoffs and the possibility of winning #27. it was really nice to watch baseball in october and share it w/ the banter community. it's better to send torre off w/out 1 red mark of not making the postseason. he has nothing to hang his head about. overall, he's been fabulous.

you have to get to the playoffs to win a championship. at least we accomplished the 1st step in that. i'm never one of those to say 'i just wanna make it to the WS', i always want to win it, but you have to start somewhere. at least we gave ourselves a chance. thazzall...

2007-10-08 21:42:14
1607.   51cq24
count me in the camp that thinks this is bullshit, that steinbrenner sucks but that he is right to think that anything less than a championship is a failure. i take no solace in a postseason berth. we have some of the best players in baseball, as we have the last 8 years. we should be winning in october, not just playing in october.
2007-10-08 21:42:59
1608.   Bob B
Torre will definitely be gone. I just hope that Steinbrenner has enough brains cells left not to make Mattingly the next Manager. That will be a disaster. The clearly better choice is Joe Girardi. He proved he can handle young kids when he was in Florida and all the older guys played with him. He is not only savvy about the game but option year guys like Pettite, Mo, Posada would probably stick around just for him.
2007-10-08 21:43:24
1609.   pistolpete
1604 Ok, we're obviously all a little on edge here. How about everyone just simultaneously log out, head to bed, and salvage at least 5-6 hours of sleep?
2007-10-08 21:44:10
1610.   Mattpat11
1604 You're right. I am demanding. I demand results from the team that I pour money, energy and passion into every single year. I'm not getting any when the same stupid ass mistakes show up every single year.
2007-10-08 21:44:54
1611.   Max
1601 matt, the strident negative shtick is really not cutting it right now. 1604 calls it perfectly -- when did Yankees fans become such spoiled, Steinbrenner-ish mini-mes?

No one feels good about the way the team played the last week, or the fact that the early part of the season was such a disaster. But making the playoffs with the flaws this team had is something worth acknowledging -- I'll never feel so entitled as to brush off making the postseason, even if the end result wasn't good.

As painful as this feels now, it's far superior to ending the season the way the Mets did. Or the Padres or even Phillies. And it's certainly superior to the way the Sox ended their season last year.

2007-10-08 21:44:57
1612.   yankz
1609 Way too early for me, man.
2007-10-08 21:45:32
1613.   thelarmis
1608 i kinda like the john flaherty idea better than girardi. i do agree that mattingly as manager would be a disaster. i don't see a good ending in sight for that one. if he really wants to manage, maybe a team closer to his indiana home, or something, in a few years...
2007-10-08 21:45:34
1614.   Mike T
1581 Me either.
2007-10-08 21:45:36
1615.   monkeypants
1598 The drop off from A-Rod to Betemit (if that's whom you mean) is huge. Posada was massively awesome this year, but he is old and unless he is channeling his inner Carlton Fisk, we just can't expect him to produce at that same level again. Should the team be hamstrung at the managerial level for the sake of resigning one aging veteran? Next year may be a tough one anyway--perhaps a clean break is better?
2007-10-08 21:45:39
1616.   Mattpat11
1606 We gave ourselves a chance. And pissed all over it.

Paul Byrd.

2007-10-08 21:46:32
1617.   pistolpete
1612 Well go watch a good movie or something. Not worth it to stay up and be aggravated...

Nite all. See ya tomorrow.

2008 begins now.

2007-10-08 21:46:53
1618.   51cq24
come on let's be honest. this really sucks. of course it's better to make the postseason than to not. but it is not all we expect and all we want from our team. we've been here every year. that is an accomplishment, yes. but it is NOT what we strive for. we're yankee fans. and if all other fans hate us because we seem arrogant, so be it. we're yankee fans, and we want to win it all every year. there's nothing wrong with that. this is baseball. you're allowed to want to beat everyone all the time.
2007-10-08 21:47:24
1619.   thelarmis
1612 me too, man. and tomorrow is the day i have to get up super early (like a 'real' person!) -- gotta teach my high school class. ugh. me and the AM do not get along. at all...
2007-10-08 21:47:44
1620.   yankz
1615 No, I'm agreeing with you. They shouldn't be hamstrung. Just saying those are two huge, huge holes to fill, bigger than the hole if Mo walks (forgive me). I guess if Jorgie walks, Cashman has a tough job to do.
2007-10-08 21:49:10
1621.   thelarmis
1616 "We gave ourselves a chance. And pissed all over it."

now, that i agree with. whole-heartedly!

2007-10-08 21:50:25
1622.   yankz
1618 Of course I wanted the Yankees to win, more than almost anything probably. I miss that strut I had after 96, 98-00. But I am proud of the fact that I can step back and realize that they were the underdogs. And I can also appreciate a team that was below .500 at the break making the playoffs. That was pretty miraculous.

Do I want them to be world champs? Of course, I think everyone who reads my posts would agree. Am I going to break things and chuck babies against walls because they didn't win this year? Probably not.

2007-10-08 21:52:39
1623.   monkeypants
1608 1613 Why would Mattingly be a disaster? I'm not arguing, I just don't know enough one way or another. A lot of people are high on Girardi, but I really don't get it--he did work with a young team in Florida (finishing below .500), but he also spouts a lot of "baseball wisdom" about bunting and such that worries the stat head in me. He would probably be a solid choice, however.
2007-10-08 21:54:12
1624.   weeping for brunnhilde
1602 Cheers. I really don't want to start up this debate again, but it's literally impossible for me not to envy Cleveland's success and wonder whether all those two-out hits have some explanation other than dumb luck.

They just seemed to do a very good job of hitting it where it was pitched. They had a bunch of hits off of tough pitches, not just spoiling them, but actually putting them into play for hits.

Seems to me to have been the secret of their success.

2007-10-08 21:54:48
1625.   monkeypants
1620 No doubt! I agree about Mo too (which usually gets one skewered around here).
2007-10-08 21:55:43
1626.   Mattpat11
1611 I never understood why people thought George Steinbrenner was in the wrong. Who the hell wants an owner that settles for fifth best?
2007-10-08 21:56:28
1627.   seamus
I agree that it sucks to lose, but I really don't get the wallowing in the fact that we lost thing. I'm going to be bummed for a while, so why not simply turn to 2008 and focus on the positives and hope for the best? That is how I cope.

That said, if A-rod stays we remain in good shape. I'm assuming we'll take Abreu's option. He is a huge cog in our lineup. Damon and Matsui are kind of battling for the same spot in the lineup. Not sure how that shakes up, but I'm glad 2008 is Giambi's last year (no way we take 2009 option). Really, if A-Rod and Posada stay we are golden no matter who mans 1B. Ideally though we'll keep them and upgrade 1B offensively and I hope we keep Molina as the BUC.

2007-10-08 21:56:57
1628.   weeping for brunnhilde
This all fucking sucks.

I can't believe this is happening...oh, here's Andy...

2007-10-08 21:57:50
1629.   seamus
1624 yes, they did a good job of hitting. But the Yanks also had similar balls that simply didn't find holes or the gaps in the outfield. And maybe they are better fielders or something, but there was a huge amount of luck out there tonight that simply broke their way.
2007-10-08 21:59:06
1630.   yankz
1628 Please let us know what he says.
2007-10-08 21:59:31
1631.   JeremyM
I'm going to start by saying that the reason I am a Yankee fan is because of Don Mattingly, and purely because in the first pack of baseball cards I ever opened, I had an All-Star card of his in it. I figured if he was an All-Star, that was the guy and the team to root for. I consider it a damn lucky break.

I've been a little scared about Mattingly being manager, because we all know you get hired to get fired. But why are we so certain he is going to be a failure? By all accounts, his preparation as hitting coach was beyond thorough. He has the respect of the team and then some. He is a man of character, he knows what it's like to be a superstar and a Yankee, and while he was a star, it was something he worked his tail off to accomplish (not that most MLBers don't). We don't know his take on sabermetrics and so forth, but I don't necessarily see that he is a worse choice than Girardi.

Of course, this is all for another day.

2007-10-08 22:00:02
1632.   weeping for brunnhilde
1629 That's absolutely true. We did hit a bunch of balls did not fall in and were hit at people.

Lofton made that nice play on Jorgie, for instance.

Point taken.

2007-10-08 22:01:00
1633.   Marcus
I blame the bugs.

In fact, I would love to see Torre blame the entire series loss on the bugs. Only something that bizarre would help me cope with this loss.

I can't believe the Yankees only scored one run off of Borowski. That's almost--almost-- as bad as only scoring 2 off of Byrd.

2007-10-08 22:02:42
1634.   monkeypants
1629 Wang and Mussina both pitch to a lot of contact (especially this year for Moose)--that can give and that can also take away.
2007-10-08 22:03:09
1635.   weeping for brunnhilde
Not much, yankz. He'll talk to his family, he doesn't know what the future holds, Cleveland played well, kept them on the defensive, they accomplished so much throughout the season so of course it's disappointing, he came here to play with the guys he's extremely comfortable with to take another shot at winning.

God, I can't believe he could walk.

I can't bear to lose him for the second time.

2007-10-08 22:03:44
1636.   yankz
I was so ready for one of my "REMEMBER CLEVELAND!" moments.

Guess we'll all remember Cleveland for a longass time.

2007-10-08 22:04:14
1637.   seamus
1634 Very true. I was annoyed with the announcers tonight who were acting like Wang messed up when Cleveland hit a groundball between short and third. Simply because - that is what Wang wants people to do. But sometimes they find holes.
2007-10-08 22:04:14
1638.   51cq24
1629 luck, yes. but i think there is a difference between swinging for the fences and popping a ball up or grounding out, and reaching out and dunking one over the infielders. making contact on tough pitches is hard. if you are trying to hit a home run, it will not work. if you are trying to just hit a single, it's a lot more likely.

1623 i agree about girardi. a lot of what he says worries me. that's why i propose flaherty, who is almost always on top of things.

2007-10-08 22:04:30
1639.   weeping for brunnhilde
And btw, I'm so happy that Mike had a nice outing.

Thanks for the effort, Mike, that was sweet.

2007-10-08 22:05:01
1640.   Ken Arneson
1634 ...and monkeypants makes this the longest Toaster thread to date.
2007-10-08 22:05:23
1641.   monkeypants
1633 So, Borowski's ERA for the game was 9.00. The problem was not that they scored only one run, but that they had to score more off of him. It also shows, by the way, that even stinky relief pitchers can usually hold sizeable leads.
2007-10-08 22:05:42
1642.   Max
1631 I don't think there's a single name among all the candidates being floated around so far -- Trey Hillman, Mattingly, Girardi, Tony LaRussa, Bobby Valentine -- who will come close to managing the media as well as Joe. There may be people who are considerably better at working with young players, better tacticians, but the importance of the media management aspect of the Yankees will only become apparent once Joe is gone.
2007-10-08 22:06:02
1643.   yankz
1635 Thanks.

There's no way he walks. It's NYY or retirement.

I'd like to echo all the thanks to the Bronx Banter writers, you guys are clearly the best.

And, I know our comments section has been getting some attention from higher-ups, so I'd like to thank the Yankees, my favorite thing in the world, for everything they provide me, from the heart attacks to the ulcers to the leaps of joy to the Jeter fist pumps (TM). I'd like to thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee.

2007-10-08 22:06:43
1644.   Mattpat11
1622 I don't think their shitty play in the beginning of the year makes this any better. They had a nice second half. They had to have a nice second half because they didn't show up in the first. And all that for a listless loss to Paul Byrd.
2007-10-08 22:06:57
1645.   yankz
1640 Woohoo! Some consolation, I guess. Congrats, monkeypants! (Though I guess I just set the new record...)
2007-10-08 22:07:31
1646.   monkeypants
1640 I'm honored, or just really lame.

1641 And I just keep on going...

2007-10-08 22:07:39
1647.   weeping for brunnhilde
Here's Mo:

"We tried our best wasn't enough. What can you do? You can do nothing, it's over."

"I definitely wasn't expecting this...the team that we to the Cleveland Indians..."

Was this your last outing, Mo?: "I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know what the Yankees want. I'm just going to go home and relax and think what's going to happen."

2007-10-08 22:08:03
1648.   yankz
1644 DT Rule 32843
2007-10-08 22:08:40
1649.   seamus
I feel pretty good about our rotation for 2008, unless Pettitte opts out. That would suck. I just really like this rotation:


With Moose as spot starter and long reliever. Moose cannot throw all of those innings anymore, but as we've seen, when rested he can still be effective.

But the bullpen scares me to death. We have noone. Absolutely noone signed right now that we can trust, though I am unclear about Vizcaino's status. Obviously we must retain Rivera, but we need young relievers who are ready so I expect at least 1 of the 3 young guys I want in the rotation in the pen.

2007-10-08 22:08:42
1650.   51cq24
1636 also remember what happened the last time we lost to cleveland as the wild card in the first round. expect big things next year.

by the way, is this the first time our season has ended with a strikeout (by us)? unless that's how it ended last year (the game was too far out of reach for me to remember), it's the first time in this current postseason run. in 95 it ended in seattle's half. in 97 a fly ball by bernie. 01 we all remember too well. 02 was a pop up by nick johnson. 03 a groundout by jorge. 04 a groundout by sierra. 05 a groundout by matsui, i think.

Show/Hide Comments 1651-1700
2007-10-08 22:10:26
1651.   nick
you know, post season success is based on such a crazy small sample size--we could SO EASILY be 2-2 now--just a couple at bats: one of our two out bloops falls, one of theirs is not hitting with RISP our bad approach, or just luck? some of you guys will say the former--maybe, but you know, those three solo home runs put three runs on the board--a guy on here or there, and it's a different ball game..
2007-10-08 22:10:31
1652.   tommyl
Hi guys, I just got back in from the game (thanks btw to one of the worst run mass transits to a game I have ever seen. Lets only send one 4 train every 10 minutes before the game, lets make the train back run local halfway, and then, randomly switch it back to express).

That was beyond disheartening. Wang throws strike 1 and the crowd is jumping. Ball 1 and they groan a bit, then I look up to see Sizemore's drive and my heart just sinks. The crowd kept trying to get into the game and then something like Jeter hitting into a DP, or Moose giving up a two out hit would just take the wind out of the sails. Alex looked pretty good, except for his first AB I thought they were good ABs. Cano looked awesome.

The only really questionable moves Joe made all night to me were the Villone one (which thankfully worked out) and the Giambi PH. Giambi has been anemic of late, Duncan was hitting and he has a minimal platoon split (actually I think its a reverse one). I saw Giambi, turned to my friend and said, "I hope I'm wrong, but he's going to strike out here."

In some ways it was a great game to be there for. There were a lot of really amazing swings and tense moments. At the end, I stood in the stands for a long time and just looked at an empty stadium. Saddest thing I've seen in awhile.

I had a great time with all of you guys here this season. Can't wait to start discussing the offseason moves with you.

2007-10-08 22:11:52
1653.   thelarmis
1642 i'm not saying he'd be good or i want him, but i wonder why larry bowa isn't ever mentioned. or perhaps even tony pena...
2007-10-08 22:11:55
1654.   Mattpat11
1649 I fully expect us to find some guy that throws 95 but walks the whole ballpark. And several career minor leaguers that throw 88 and walk the ballpark. And some middle of the road guys that walk the ballpark.
2007-10-08 22:11:56
1655.   yankz
1650 And last was Robbie grounding out, right?

I remember he had a tough series, but he was a fucking stud this week. Hopefully he gets off to a good start next year.

2007-10-08 22:13:34
1656.   seamus
1654 Actually, do we have some minor leaguers who don't walk the ballpark?
2007-10-08 22:13:59
1657.   Marcus
1641 Oh I'm just trying to make light of the situation. I didn't actually expect Borowski to blow it.

1638 I think Flaherty is actually a great idea. I think Girardi and Mattingly will have expectations that can't be met. Plug someone in that no one expects and you have a lot more flexibility.

2007-10-08 22:14:08
1658.   thelarmis
1652 i think joe did the villone thing 'coz hafner was 0-5 against him (0-6 now). and the giambi thing had to just be about handedness, i would guess...

the outcome and transportation must've been brutal, but at least you got to go to the Stadium for a yankee playoff game...

2007-10-08 22:14:55
1659.   seamus
btw, props to whoever said last week that Clemens would leave early after a hamstring injury. That sucked but I remembered that someone here called it.
2007-10-08 22:16:19
1660.   51cq24
ok i'm actually falling asleep now and need to do some dishes. this really sucks, and what bothers me most is that it really is getting easier with each year. still no championships in the 21st century.

let's hope the stadium has one more left in it. yankees in 08.

goodnight everyone.

2007-10-08 22:16:21
1661.   nick
and if Wang gives us one decent start--I hate that, I hate it--so steady all season, and then these last two starts............ok, enough--hot stove time.....
2007-10-08 22:16:44
1662.   Mattpat11
1659 I called that with my father a week ago.

BTW, Roger Clemens has now walked off the field in the playoffs more than the much maligned David Wells.

2007-10-08 22:17:03
1663.   weeping for brunnhilde
1650 Wow, nice memory!

Nick Johnson's popup was a lot like Bernie's, was it not? Both to shallow left center?

And 05 was Matsui? So Alex' dp came with no out?

Oh, Team. How sad this all is.

But thanks to all of you for making such a great community. That's something.

2007-10-08 22:18:32
1664.   51cq24
1663 bernie's was a little deeper, but same general area.
2007-10-08 22:19:15
1665.   seamus
1662 not the way a legend like Clemens ought to have ended his Yankee career. A real bummer. But it was in a sense an interesting toss of the baton from one generation to the next. Clemens giving up the ball to Hughes and Hughes shutting them down.
2007-10-08 22:19:54
1666.   Mattpat11
The Posada and Sierra outs are burned into my memory.
2007-10-08 22:20:14
1667.   yankz
1665 And I still don't think Hughes was as good yesterday as he was vs. Texas. Pretty exciting, IMO.
2007-10-08 22:21:53
1668.   tommyl
1658 Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful I got to go and like I said, it was a great experience. However, with the parking and construction around the stadium, and the encouragement to take mass transit, the MTA really dropped the ball tonight. My uncle was coming to the game from farther uptown and had to let three 4 trains go by at 42nd street before he could get on one. I got on at 14th street and had to wait 15 minutes for one to come. In that time I saw three 6 trains and two 5s (and this is rush hour and a Yankee playoff game). That's retarded planning.
2007-10-08 22:21:54
1669.   monkeypants
1665 Fortunately or not, there was probably no other way for his career to have ended. Clemens would only hang them up when they pried the ball from his cold dead hands. If he wanted to pull a Jordan and go out on top (sort of), he would have stuck with his first retirement. Instead, he pitched until his body broke down--I can't fault him for that.
2007-10-08 22:28:52
1670.   JL25and3
Mattpat, is there anything about baseball that you actually enjoy?

I agree with those who feel that the arrogant Yankee fan is missing the point. No, a five-game series doesn't define whether a season has been successful or not. It's not that we should "settle for fifth-best," any more than any other team should "settle." But there is no way to design or manage a team such that it will win. They just didn't play as well as the Indians did over these few games.

I think it's too bad. I think you rob yourself of a lot of the pleasure of the baseball season. This team made an astonishing run, and I appreciated that enormously. From 14 back, they made the freaking playoffs! That's not using the first half as an excuse; maybe they shouldn't have been 14 back. But they were, and that's a hell of a hole to come back from. They did, and that was a lot of fun to watch.

The '67 and '91 teams were failures. This one wasn't. If your only options are a championship an failure, I think that's really too bad. Baseball's a lot more fun than that.

2007-10-08 22:31:39
1671.   thelarmis
1668 oh, yeah man! i guess i was a bit esoteric about that. i totally, 100%, knew you weren't complaining or ungrateful about going to the game or anything like that. i'd be pissed too, with such poor planning on the mass transit, esp. after the heartbreaking loss.

i haven't been to a game in da bronx in like a freaking decade. waaaay too long. i must make a trip home next year that coincides with a game and get my ass there before the shrine is gone...

2007-10-08 22:34:47
1672.   seamus
Time to sleep on it. And look to 2008 where we have to rebuld our bullpen one more time...
2007-10-08 22:34:53
1673.   Mattpat11
1670 If I set standards for this team, when they finally meet them, it will mean much more than if I celebrated every moral victory we had.
2007-10-08 22:35:10
1674.   weeping for brunnhilde
Goodnight, all.

We'll get 'em next year, eh?

2007-10-08 22:35:51
1675.   JeremyM
1670 I agree. I tend to overreact during the season, but I love the Yankees and baseball, and this season has given me more good than bad. The ending sucks, pretty badly. I hate losing. But, in Nebraska, on the side of the stadium that now houses a pretty crapppy football team, there's a saying that the old coach Tom Osborne used to exemplify:

"Not the victory but the action; Not the goal but the game; In the deed the glory."

2007-10-08 22:36:42
1676.   yankz
1670 I agree. It would be different if I actually played the games, as I can understand Jeter's win-or-fail motto. But I really have no control over these games (all of us could stop watching, and the Yankees would not feel the slightest financial hit), so I might as well enjoy what I can, and personally I think there have been several special moments.
2007-10-08 22:39:01
1677.   weeping for brunnhilde
1676 Like welcoming Andy back into the fold.

God, I'll miss him. Please Jesus don't let him walk again.

Ok, goodnight for real this time.

2007-10-08 22:40:35
1678.   yankz
1677 Again, friend, we won't have to see him in another uniform. He's said that it's NYY or retirement. I'd love for him to come back, but I can live with him going home. Just as long as he never puts on another uniform again.
2007-10-08 22:41:27
1679.   JeremyM
1678 Yeah, but what's the harm in one more year as a Yankee? Come on back, Andy.
2007-10-08 22:41:34
1680.   yankz
1673 Trust me, it's not like you'll enjoy it more than the rest of us.
2007-10-08 22:41:43
1681.   Shawn Clap
Finally the story isn't about A-Rod.

Wang's 5 2/3 innings represent the worst performance by a starter in the history of Division Series play. (Both ALDS & NLDS).

There's only been a handful of starters who managed to lose 2 games in a Division Series, and boy don't some of these names sound familiar:

Roger Clemens
Andy Pettite
Randy Johnson (twice, if you can believe it!)
Jaret Wright

But no one managed to pitch quite as poorly as C.M. Wang. But for some reason I think the press is going to let him off easy.

2007-10-08 22:42:50
1682.   thelarmis
1678 but what about in a year or two when roger feels better and wants to pitch for the astros when koby is catching and brings andy along? who knows, could happen...

i dunno, it's quite possible andy stays with us next season...

2007-10-08 22:43:13
1683.   51cq24
ok i did my dishes and i'm back just for a couple minutes because i had a couple thoughts about the offseason. aside from the obvious things that need to be addressed (or perhaps as a solution to those things), i think cashman has to really consider all his options. maybe it's time to trade melky. it could come back to bite us, but i really don't see him being much more than he is now. maybe teams would be interested in tyler clippard, alan horne, or jose veras. maybe someone would even take damon or giambi if we give up some cash as well. we really need to be thoughtful and flexible.
2007-10-08 22:46:35
1684.   yankz
1683 Who do you trade those guys for? Are you assuming some of the FA's will leave?

Frankly I don't want to trade for relief pitching. It's impossible to predict. And stay away from starters not named Johan, we don't need any.

And I wouldn't trade Phil or Joba in a deal for Santana.

2007-10-08 22:48:57
1685.   thelarmis
pete abe just put up a post. it seems certain torre is gone...

"Based on the grim look on Brian Cashman's face and the way the players and staff lined up to hug him on the way out, Torre is done. It was like a wake in the clubhouse. I would expect him to hold a press conference in the next few days and say good-bye."

2007-10-08 22:49:01
1686.   monkeypants
1683 Who in their right mind would take Giambi, unless the Yankees paid basically his whole salary? And if that's the case, then they might as well just release him. No--they are stuck with a 20+ million aging DH. The real question is if they can get any utility out of him next year.

They might be able to get something for Damon, but that means Matsui as the full time LF.

2007-10-08 22:55:02
1687.   51cq24
1684 1686 i wouldn't trade phil or joba for anyone. i also would tend not to trade for relief pitching because i agree about the unpredictability. but that doesn't mean you don't explore what is available. maybe it's other prospects (a catcher??). maybe it's a young third baseman. i don't know. i'm just thinking about what cashman should consider. i also doubt that anyone would take giambi, even just for 1 year. but i would definitely look into it. i was shocked anyone would trade for randy last year.
2007-10-08 22:56:08
1688.   Mattpat11
1683 I don't know who would be interested in Jose Veras. I don't know why we're interested in Jose Veras.
2007-10-08 22:56:31
1689.   51cq24
and i don't know if that means matsui as full time lf. it's possible we can get one in a trade. i haven't thought this through, obviously. i don't know who makes sense and who would be available. but those are the names i was thinking would make sense to trade. is austin jackson ready for the majors yet?
2007-10-08 23:07:12
1690.   OldYanksFan
I am grieved that Torre is really fired.
He took a team that was a joke, run by a crazed, criminal, banned owner, and brought respect and dignity back to NY after many, many years.

He is as much, if not more to this team then any player. The loyalty he has engendered is unreal. Just think that Mo and Po, both lifetime Yankees, would consider not coming back if Joe doesn't.

What does that tell you about what he means to the Yankees?

Since George is old and sick, the team will never degenerate back to the 'bad ole days' of the Bronx Zoo, when national telecasts were dominated with the childish escapades of George, Billy and the rest. No one cared what we did on the field because we were so entertaining off the field.

Torre turned this team around. This is not about winning but about the face of the Yankees. I am terribly saddened to see him go under these terms.

2007-10-08 23:13:10
1691.   yankz
1690 I know this is crazy, but it really feels like I'm losing a father figure or something. I can only imagine what the players are going through.
2007-10-08 23:13:25
1692.   monkeypants
I would bring back the ol' Bronx Zoo days if it it meant 4 WS in six years, and 2 championships. It's the bad ol' late 80s and early 90s I can live without.
2007-10-08 23:14:16
1693.   Mattpat11
Paul Byrd.
2007-10-08 23:15:57
1694.   SF Yanks
1690 Agreed. I'm a huge Torre fan and I don't want to see him go.
2007-10-08 23:17:03
1695.   Max
2 for 34 with men on base this series. Unreal.
2007-10-08 23:17:28
1696.   yankz
1693 I've never met someone older than 12 who tries to be annoying.

(You are older than 12, right?)

2007-10-08 23:18:22
1697.   Max
1695 Sorry, that 2 for 34 number was in the games that were lost by the Yankees. Still unbelievable.
2007-10-08 23:19:48
1698.   yankz
1690 1694 I was on the "Fire Torre" bandwagon around the AS break, but you two and a couple others talked me off of it. Thanks.
2007-10-08 23:23:57
1699.   monkeypants
1698 I'm still on that bandwagon, and as much as I respect Torre's history with the Yanks and recognize his strengths (which OYF enumerates), game three confirmed it for me.
2007-10-08 23:27:29
1700.   yankz
1699 He most definitely has flaws. I just don't know that the next guy won't manage the bullpen the same way. I mean, look at Wedge, he doesn't manage his talented pen too well either. I get the feeling not too many old baseball guys get it.

I also get the feeling that the next guy would not possess nearly the same skill at managing the media and handling his players as well as Torre does.

Show/Hide Comments 1701-1750
2007-10-08 23:31:55
1701.   yankz
All right, I guess I'll go to sleep. Thanks everyone and I'll see you in the offseason.
2007-10-08 23:32:16
1702.   Max
1698 1699 I will always be appreciative of what Torre has done for the Yankees, but I'm not opposed to a change. The alternatives, however, really don't look very good at first blush. I tend to agree with those that feel Mattingly doesn't seem ready (even though he's considered the early frontrunner), and being the one that succeeds Joe would be thankless for anyone.
2007-10-08 23:36:57
1703.   yankz
One last thought. Why do so many Dodger fans think they're better people because they don't drop F-bombs?
2007-10-08 23:45:57
1704.   OldYanksFan
I think there are very few managers who could have stood working for George, no less handle the media, players and other issues the way Torre did.

While I love George's desire to win, just the fact that he would make his 'announcement' yesterday and fire Torre in this manner, shows his lack of couth and insensitivity to not just a great manager and man, but to all the players as well. I guess they are all just hired help.

Torre simply made it look easy.
George should be thanking Joe, not the other way around.

Amazing that George is 'healthy' enough to still be an asshole and pull just one more childish, selfish, insensitive move.

He could have let Joe 'retire', and have him go out with just a small portion of the honor that he has brought to this franchise.

2007-10-08 23:52:14
1705.   monkeypants
1704 Torre knew the gig when he came to work for Steinbrenner. And Torre has not been without his own public uncalled for acts, like his little public protest over the Joba rules.
2007-10-08 23:55:50
1706.   monkeypants
1704 1702 We'll have plenty of time to rehash all of these arguments in the post season, but let's not allow the immediate emotion and sadness and nostalgia make us forget the same manager who burned literally hundreds of ABs on aging Bernie and Cairo et al.
2007-10-09 00:05:04
1707.   underdog
1703 Who the fuck said that about us? Fuck them. ;-) Sheesh, go to bed already. Wake up in March.
2007-10-09 00:12:48
1708.   Mattpat11
1696 What? The Yankees faced career mediocrity Paul Byrd, in an elimination game at home, and rolled over and died. I'm just reminding people who may have forgotten.
2007-10-09 00:21:44
1709.   jesrp
It sucks to lose, and it gets overglaring when the Yankees lose. As fans, old or new, it's heartbreaking just the same, but I agree with some of you here that even if we didn't get it, yet again, this year, the team had a great battle this season. It was a crazy ride that the fans enjoyed. Their line-up was the most exciting I have seen it since I became a fan (only 7 years ago - I am the unluckiest Yankee fan ever)

It's just sad how after the many lows & amazing highs of the season, the team ended up with another 1st round exit.

The offseason is going to be pretty interesting & I hope the Yankees make the right moves.

After coming back from his injury, I thought Phil Hughes never really regained the kind of form you guys here got me all excited over about when he first came up, especially like the one he pitched in Texas, but his relief on Game3 was remarkable. Yankee-esque. Now, he's got some great postseason experience when he gets back on the mound for his first World Series start next year :)

I know Arod is not all to blame, but it's so crazy how one is the best player of the league & not show it on the postseason. MVP of the team & of the league, & it's just unbelievable how this keeps happening to him. Disappointing yet again but still, Im all for Alex staying. Please stay.

This is the first time that Derek Jeter disappointed in the postseason, correct me if I'm wrong. Age and injuries starting to caught up with him but I know he'll be back next year right?

I dunno Andy Pettite's chances of staying but he's a true Yankee at heart. The team owes him alot for not coming through with him in on so many games this year, not to mention the one that got away > Game 2. He was AMAZING that day, for all it's worth. I watched my recording of that game 3x after it ended, & I'm still not over it.

I agree, definitely one of the best Yankee moments this year >>
"Like welcoming Andy back into the fold.
God, I'll miss him. Please Jesus don't let him walk again."

I second that. And when Joe Torre patted Roger's cheek Gm3. Touching Yankee moment right there. Sorry for being girly & mushy here guys. I love this forum because I realize that Yankee fans are not only about numbers & overanalysis of the game, but they really love the game & appreciate every effort the team does. I especially admire their knowledge of Yankee history & their respect for its legacy. Except for a few times that it became messy here, I think the Yankee fans here are fun, great & classy. I learned so much about baseball & the Yankees by coming here. Big thanks also to Alex, Cliff & the rest. Keep it up!

2007-10-09 00:31:05
1710.   Ken Arneson
All right, we're starting to get too close to crossing the line and saying the wrong magic words.

Please, everybody, just go to bed and get some sleep.

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