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2007-10-07 07:59
by Cliff Corcoran
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Hey folks, I'll have a full Game 3 preview up a bit later, but I wanted to put up a little reminder for you all to check out Alex's coverage of the series over on Fungoes. Alex will be in the press box tonight, covering the game for, so look for something from him over there a few hours after the last pitch. Oh, and for those who missed it, I did the same for the just-completed Rockies-Phillies NLDS. If anyone cares to check it out, my Fungoes coverage is here (a new post should be up shortly), and my two game stories can be found here and here.

Oh, and two quick notes on the Steinbrenner interview:

1) Remember that Torre is not in danger of being fired. His contract is up. Rather, he's in danger of not being rehired, and Torre hasn't even said for sure whether or not he wants to continue managing (though given his affection for his players, you assume he does).

2) In expressing his outrage over the fact that Game Two wasn't halted due to the bug infestation, Steinbrenner says that crew chief Bruce Froemming, "won't umpire our games anymore." Which is partially true, because Froemming is retiring, but also untrue because he'll be umpiring in the Bronx tonight, which could hint at the effectiveness of Steinbrenner's words in general now a days. Note that George says of Torre "I don't think we'd take him back." Though Steinbrenner says he's in full control, it could be it's not his decision to make anymore.

2007-10-07 09:05:38
1.   Jersey
Oh fer cryin out loud. Just shut up, George.

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