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2007-10-07 09:00
by Cliff Corcoran
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It's been a curious postseason thus far. Not one of the trailing teams in any of the four division series has won a game, while both NLDS ended in sweeps. In each series, the story has been the same, the losing team just isn't hitting. Check these numbers:

Phillies: 2.67 runs per game, .172/.274/.366
Cubs: 2.00 runs per game, .194/.307/.255
Yankees: 2.00 runs per game, .121/.216/.273
Angels: 1.50 runs per game, .167/.236/.212

In the top three cases, the losing team was favored coming into the series, in part because of its explosive offense (the Yankees and Phillies were the top two offenses in the majors during the regular season, the Angels were sixth, curiously the Cubs were the third worst offense in baseball on the road).

By the time former Yankee Jake Westbrook uncorks his first pitch at Yankee Stadium tonight, the Yankees could be the last of those four teams standing, as Curt Schilling and the Red Sox take on Jered Weaver and the Angels at 3:00 EST. This is a particularly odd spot for the Yankees to be in, but here's a curious fact: This is the Yankees' 25th postseason series under Joe Torre. In the previous 24, they've only fallen behind 0-2 three times. In two of those series, they lost the first two at home then rallied to win the series (the 1996 World Series and the 2001 ALDS against the A's--the latter remains the only time in major league history that a home team lost the first two games of a best-of-five series and came back to win the series). The third was the 2001 World Series, in which they lost the first two in Arizona, then won three straight at home, and later held a lead in the ninth inning of Game Seven.

The point is, this ain't over. I still believe the Yankees can win this series, but they have to do to the Indians what the Red Sox did to them in 2004: Take the field each day with the goal of winning only that day's game.

Roger Clemens isn't a bad guy to have on the mound when you have a big game to win, and though the fact that he's only made one start since September 3 due to a series of nagging injuries to his 45-year-old body and is pitching on 20-days' rest could and should be a concern, I suspect that all that rest will actually benefit the old codger. Clemens has made three starts on ten or more days of rest this year (including his first, which was delayed by a "fatigued groin") and has posted the following line in those starts:

18 IP, 17 H, 1 HR, 5 BB, 19 K, 1.22 WHIP, 2.50 ERA, 2-0

Included among those three starts was his last, which came in Boston on September 16 as the Yankees were fighting for the division. Clemens allowed just one unearned run on two hits and three walks in six innings in the Yankees' 4-3 win. With Joba Chamberlain rested and debugged this evening, a similar performance should get the Yankees to Game Four tomorrow.

As for Westbrook, he'll be making his postseason debut tonight, just as Fausto Carmona did in Game Two. Westbrook is a sinkerballer like Carmona, though he's not as nasty. Still, he tends to throw strikes and get ground balls. He got ten of them against the Yankees on August 12, but also allowed four runs on nine hits and a pair of walks over seven innings while taking the loss. In his nine starts since then, he's posted a 3.22 ERA, allowed just three home runs, and struck out 6.44 men per nine innings, an excellent rate for a ground-ball pitcher. That ERA is a bit skewed by a pair of gems in late August, however. Over his last seven starts, Westbrook's ERA was a more pedestrian 4.12. Still, the lack of homers and solid K-rate persist.

Collectively, the ten Yankees most likely to start tonight (adding Jason Giambi to the nine who have started the first two games of this series) have hit .326 and slugged .553 in their careers against Westbrook, with Giambi, Posada, and Matsui leading the way, each with OPS figures over 1.200. Melky Cabrera has been the worst of the lot, going 1 for 11 against Westbrook in his career. It seems unlikely that Hideki Matsui's knee would allow him to play the outfield, however, which makes Giambi at first-base the most likely change in the Yankee lineup tonight. Besides, Melky's one hit off Westbrook was a home run.

If the Yankees win tonight, they'll get to face Paul Byrd tomorrow, as Eric Wedge has already said he won't bring back Sabathia on short rest. That's tomorrow, though. The Yankees need only concern themselves with today.

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2007-10-07 11:02:03
1.   Shaun P
"We play today. We win today. Das it."
2007-10-07 11:06:58
2.   Shaun P
0 Hey Cliff, great preview as always (and glad to see you). Just FYI, Sabathia made one start in the postseason before this series. He pitched against the Mariners in the '01 ALDS (and beat them too IIRC). Hard to believe he's been in the bigs that long, he's still so young. If he stays healthy and keeps winning, I have to believe he has a good shot at 250+ wins.

Is it 6:30 yet?

2007-10-07 11:08:18
3.   Mattpat11
Just win
2007-10-07 11:14:06
4.   Cliff Corcoran
2 As a 20-year-old rookie. Good catch!
2007-10-07 11:17:59
5.   Mattpat11
I am mildly interested to see if Scioscia does something stupid to blow the playoffs again.
2007-10-07 11:21:33
6.   Jeb
Today doesn't "feel" like game 4 last year. Today feels like a win.

It's all about TODAY. Win one game. Just one. Don't even think about Monday or Wednesday. Don't check the "*if necessary" times for those games. They don't exist. They're apocraphyl. Just focus on today. Today only. Almost time to put on the "Got Rocket Fuel" T-shirt. Inning by inning. Brick by Brick. I know in my heart that three things are going to happen today:

1. Arod's going to do something to lead this team.

2. The Rocket is going to remind us why we were all glad that he stepped out of the owner's box on that sunny Sunday in May.

3. The Yankees will win today.

Who's with me?????

2007-10-07 11:27:34
7.   BklynBmr
6 Count me in. I'm thinkin' an A-Bomb in his first AB, then everyone else will stop pressing, too, and we'll have the Bronx Bombers we know and love back...
2007-10-07 11:32:31
8.   Mattpat11
6 Game 4 in 2002 felt like a win too.

But I have the same feeling, so hopefully it holds out.

2007-10-07 12:00:24
9.   pistolpete
Hoping for a slaughter myself - if all the bats get going, there's no stopping us.

To go from 0 to 60 in one day might be asking too much, but then again it's happened more than a few times in this wacky season.

It just can't end with 3 and out. Hopefully Roger & the boys won't let it.

2007-10-07 12:25:47
10.   weeping for brunnhilde
Speaking of bullpens and games 5, remember when we came out and scored like 8 runs against Oakland in the first inning of game 5 (2000, must have been?) but then Andy let the lead slip away so we had to go to Stanton in like the fifth? Well, we hung on to win that game, by the skin of our teeth.

Just a stray memory. Ah, the good old days.

2007-10-07 12:26:54
11.   weeping for brunnhilde
6 Hear, hear!
2007-10-07 12:28:13
12.   yankster
I'm feeling like a win tonight too, but I sure do wish Melky would take a break. He's looked so off at the plate that it's been heartbreaking. And 1 for 11 doesn't make me hopeful. If only Mats could handle the outfield and Giambi could DH. Giambi at first doesn't worry me, just having to have melk in the lineup.

I'm off to watch everything at a bar - no tv at home. Good luck on the Banter - may the force be with us.

2007-10-07 12:29:43
13.   RZG
0 "It's been a curious postseason thus far. Not one of the trailing teams in any of the four division series has won a game, "

Huh? The Yanks have had the lead in each of the 2 games, Cleveland's come back to win both of them.

2007-10-07 12:59:53
14.   ms october
6 I'm with you.

Lineups out per LoHud.
Giambi in Mienk out.
Posada after ARod; otherwise pretty much the usual.

And our buddy Trot Nixon in as apparently he hits Clemens well. Am not asking for walks or hits batsmen but wouldn't mind seeing Roger come out setting the tone as only the Rocket can.

2007-10-07 13:12:23
15.   Mattpat11
Dustin Pedroia's failed attempt at facial hair makes him look smaller.
2007-10-07 13:14:22
16.   Vandelay Industries
15 Yep. But David Ortiz is everything our lineup is not.
2007-10-07 13:15:48
17.   underdog
{in Leslie Nielsen voice} "I just want to tell you good luck, we're all counting on you!"
2007-10-07 13:16:25
18.   Vandelay Industries
17 "Don't screw this up."
2007-10-07 13:16:39
19.   underdog
13 I thought that meant "trailing" in the sense of wins and losses, meaning none of them have won a game? Maybe not.
2007-10-07 13:18:00
20.   underdog
18 You've got to concentrate... concentrate... concentrate... You've got to concentrate... concentrate... concentrate... Hello?... hello... hello... Echo... echo... echo... Pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon... Manny Mota... Mota... Mota...
2007-10-07 13:23:19
21.   Vandelay Industries

"Well, I don't have anything to say, you've done the best you could. You really have, the best you could. You can't expect to win em all. But, I want to tell you something I've kept to myself through these years. I was in the war myself, medical corps. I was on late duty one night when they brought in a badly wounded pilot from one of the raids. He could barely talk. He looked at me and said, "The odds were against us up there, but we went in anyway, I'm glad Captain made the right decision. The pilot's name was George Zip.

George Zip said that?

The last thing he said to me, doc, he said, "Sometime when the crew is up against it, the breaks are beating the boys, tell them to get out there and give it all they got and win just one for the Zipper. I don't know where I'll be then doc, he said, but I won't smell too good, that's for sure.

Excuse me doc, I got a plane to land."

Go get them Yankees!

2007-10-07 13:28:24
22.   Vandelay Industries
Can I just say that Manny Ramirez is the most prepared and best hitting piece of human garbage on the planet?
2007-10-07 13:30:56
23.   Jeb
21 Was it over when the Germans bombed pearl harbor? It wasn't over then and its not over now!
2007-10-07 13:31:02
24.   Jeb
21 Was it over when the Germans bombed pearl harbor? It wasn't over then and its not over now!
2007-10-07 13:33:16
25.   Jeb
23 24 Sorry for the double-post. Just call me Jimmy two times
2007-10-07 13:33:37
26.   rbj
6 I'm on board that wagon.
2007-10-07 13:34:31
27.   Jeb
I gotta go get the papers, get the papers.
2007-10-07 13:40:58
28.   Jeb
6 I'm wearing my rocket shirt and walking around the mcwane center in Birmingham. Not much threat of Sux fans to rib me. But yesterday I saw some at the waffle house. They saw the hat and just had to say, "you guys are in trouble.". Oye. Don't those guys remember '04? Don't they remember Damon?

The key is the first. Roger will be amped. We need a couple quick outs. - a pop out and a grounder or two. Get him to the dugout fast.

2007-10-07 13:43:49
29.   NC Highlander
Angels suck.


2007-10-07 13:50:26
30.   Vandelay Industries
Anyone else lose the TBS feed?
2007-10-07 13:52:30
31.   cult of basebaal
oh wonderful, i just lost TBS ... i'm getting a "no signal" message on that and ONLY that channel ... seriously ... WTF???
2007-10-07 13:52:50
32.   cult of basebaal
30 so, yes, i guess i did ... you're in LA too, right?
2007-10-07 13:53:57
33.   Vandelay Industries
32 I am indeed. The black hole of cable services.
2007-10-07 13:55:26
34.   cult of basebaal
33 you have charter? has your reception been tweaked all weekend?
2007-10-07 13:56:19
35.   nick
31 & in Vegas, same shit happened to me....I like this Yankee lineup--the Big Mink has rejoined the mortals, so let him sit: he can come in to protect the lead in the 8th, by which point Giambi will have hit a couple of bombs.....
2007-10-07 14:03:17
36.   nick
man, for just one playoff day of Alex getting semi-intentional walks and hitting shots, while Papi whiffs on balls out of the strike zone...a man can dream, can't he?
2007-10-07 14:11:05
37.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I'm really nervous about this one...
2007-10-07 14:18:27
38.   Bama Yankee
6 I'm with ya, Jeb (BTW, that post could make a nice pregame speech. Coach Bryant would be proud. Roll Tide and Go Yankees)
2007-10-07 14:31:23
39.   rbj
If the Angels lose, then that bodes well for the Yankees, 'cause you're not going to have four 3 game sweeps in the LDSs. Right?


Someone tell me I'm right.

2007-10-07 14:31:57
40.   Bama Yankee
24 Was it over when the Canadian Soldiers bombed Joba's neck? Well... maybe that game was... but we still got a little fight left in us (Clemens might just bite clean through Kenny Lofton's bat)...
Remember: We got 'em right where we want 'em...
"We've got our backs against the driver's seat"
2007-10-07 14:36:48
41.   Jeb
I'm counting on a miracle, just like the boss sez
2007-10-07 14:39:06
42.   williamnyy23
The only good thing about 3 sweeps (I am hoping only 3) is it probably means TBS will lose money.
2007-10-07 14:41:20
43.   standuptriple
The Angel lineup is so piecemeal right now. They're making Sr. Bloody Sock look good.
2007-10-07 14:41:30
44.   williamnyy23
42 Getting Arizona v. Colorado in the NLCS can't help TBS' bottom line either.
2007-10-07 14:42:00
45.   standuptriple
42 Don't forget, they're getting what promises to be the lowest rated NLCS in history.
2007-10-07 14:42:00
46.   williamnyy23
43 Man, I wish they would have won the division and faced Anaheim now.
2007-10-07 14:44:15
47.   standuptriple
Angels should have put one in Manny's ear for his "trot". Hope they get another chance in game 4.
2007-10-07 14:45:33
48.   Jeb
38 thanks Bama. Roll tide from the magic city.

By the way, lately I've been comparing auburn fans to Sux fans. Do you see that?

2007-10-07 14:46:41
49.   nick
after 7 frustrating innings of watching Schilling, Papi and Manny, I am compelled to say: it is time, it is the day, for some of our big guys to come up big.

I want performances that could be described with one of the following adjectives:

burly, capacious, colossal, commodious, gigantic, immense, jumbo, king sized, mammoth, massive, mungo, prodigious, strapping, thundering, vast, voluminous, walloping

any questions?

2007-10-07 14:50:51
50.   rbj
49 Mega-ginormous
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2007-10-07 14:52:54
51.   Jeb
49 I want to hear ALL of sterling's Homerun calls: Johnny damonic, El Capitano, bobby aberu as sweet as candy, an a-bomb for Arod, jorgie juiced one, the giambino, a thrilla by Godzilla, Ronnie cano don't ya know and the melkman delivers.

Yanks win and I will french kiss suzyn waldman.

2007-10-07 14:52:55
52.   Mattpat11
47 Angels shouldn't have thrown a pitch that Manny could hit that far.
2007-10-07 14:55:13
53.   williamnyy23
52 Add Krod to the list of "elite" closers who don't even deserve to mentioned in the same breath as Mo.
2007-10-07 14:58:28
54.   3rd gen yankee fan
Anyone else walking around their house cursing out the Angels?
2007-10-07 15:04:07
55.   Bama Yankee
48 I hear you about those Red Sox/Auburn comparisons. At least Auburn didn't win it all back in 2004 (they came a little too close for comfort). I don't think I could have handled them both winning it all in the same year.
2007-10-07 15:06:11
56.   Bama Yankee
51 "Yanks win and I will french kiss suzyn waldman."

ROFL. Man, that's above and beyond the call of duty.

2007-10-07 15:11:07
57.   Mattpat11
Yeah, that Mike Scioscia sure is a crack manager.
2007-10-07 15:11:10
58.   Zack
I had no idea the Angeles sucked so bad, but man, they really do! Say what you want about Boston's "Amazing pitching," but I think we've seen enough of it to know that that Angels offense as it is now couldn't hit ANY pitching...
2007-10-07 15:14:31
59.   randym77
If the Yanks lose today, there's no baseball until Thursday.

Assuming the Sox 9-0 lead holds up, which seems likely.

2007-10-07 15:14:56
60.   bartap74
The teams I was rooting for in the various Division Series are (assuming the Angels lose) a combined 0-11. Something's gotta give.
2007-10-07 15:15:43
61.   pistolpete
2007-10-07 15:15:57
62.   nick
60 yeah, me too--though I can get behind the Rockies in round #2...
2007-10-07 15:16:56
63.   nemecizer
I have a good feeling about this game. My brother is there, wearing his lucky shirt. I go tomorrow if we win.

I'm with Jimmy Two Times on this one. We win today!!!

2007-10-07 15:17:07
64.   Ravenscar
It is up to the Yankees to keep baseball alive.

And before anyone starts giving me a hard time, I have picked the Yankees to win this series and the title. I hate Cleveland and I have friends with tickets to game 4.

2007-10-07 15:19:49
65.   Mattpat11
60 6-5 for me. Don't want it evening up.
2007-10-07 15:32:28
66.   Eirias
That Lou Pinella Aquafina commerical is actually rather funny. I don't think he is in quite such a good mood now, though.
2007-10-07 15:33:00
67.   JimCobain
Um, where is the Yankee game? TNT has save the last dance... TBS has the "other" game.
2007-10-07 15:34:26
68.   Zack
67 Wow, TNT for us has "I am Sam." I am not sure which is more heinous...
2007-10-07 15:35:02
69.   randym77
Game doesn't start until 6:37, so maybe we just have to wait a few minutes.
2007-10-07 15:35:23
70.   cult of basebaal
67 seriously, thanks TBS, only you can make me pine for the days of FOX ... what garbage
2007-10-07 15:35:33
71.   JimCobain
There we go... it's on. Can't wait to listen to Chip, etc. al. UGH.
2007-10-07 15:35:50
72.   Zack
TBS is so bad that they make Fox look good, which is scary. Can they have their contract revoked?
2007-10-07 15:36:06
73.   Mattpat11
"the fans of the Angels have a whole lot to be proud of."


Like what?

2007-10-07 15:36:53
74.   Mattpat11
Tony Gywnn really doesn't need to be wearing blue.
2007-10-07 15:37:08
75.   Jeb
Dammit! They cut into save the last dance right when Julia stiles was about to spread her legs like suzyn waldman. Oh well, go yanks!
2007-10-07 15:37:10
76.   cult of basebaal
from petey ... pretty priceless

UPDATE, 6:16 p.m.: A thunderous ovation from the fans here at the Stadium for Joe Torre. Joba Chamberlain got a loud cheer as did Don Mattingly, Ron Guidry and all of the starters. Yes, even A-Rod.

People booed Farnsworth. Hilarious.

2007-10-07 15:37:52
77.   Mattpat11
Come on you old fuck.
2007-10-07 15:38:02
78.   Zack
Wow, great lead in for TBS, who then basically misses the first pitch. They seriously can't get it right
2007-10-07 15:38:02
79.   cult of basebaal
here we go ... let's go yankees!
2007-10-07 15:38:39
80.   Zack
Has Posada sort of forgotten how to catch this year? He has had a ton of dropped balls all year
2007-10-07 15:39:13
81.   Ravenscar
In fairness to TBS, a good portion of the posters at BBTF have been unanimous in their enjoyment of the laid-back telecasts in relation to FOX. Also, the lack of Buck & McCarver and horrendous graphics. I agree, truthfully. The problem is, you guys got absolutely the WORST team of all four with Caray, Gwynn, and Brenly. Pitiable, and I'm sorry for the Yankees fans who've had to deal with it.
2007-10-07 15:39:39
82.   Mattpat11
Here we go.
2007-10-07 15:39:49
83.   Eirias
Any Banterers at the game?
2007-10-07 15:39:49
84.   rbj
Jeez, Derek.
2007-10-07 15:39:50
85.   Zack
Ugh. Bad bad play there cap
2007-10-07 15:40:13
86.   Mattpat11
81 I thank Christ for no Scooter the talking baseball.
2007-10-07 15:40:40
87.   cult of basebaal
lovely jetes, thanks, course captain clutch doesn't get the error on that one ...
2007-10-07 15:41:05
88.   Jeb
Clutch throw by the captain.
2007-10-07 15:41:49
89.   rbj
I'll take a talking baseball over Chip Caray any day. Twice on Sunday.
2007-10-07 15:42:40
90.   Mattpat11
89 Talking baseball comes with talking jackass Joe Buck.
2007-10-07 15:43:36
91.   fansince77
Good afternoon everyone. I am thinking a big day today could get momentum our way. If we go back to Cleveland...I like our chances. C'mon Rocket!
2007-10-07 15:43:48
92.   cult of basebaal
actually, i'll say that i much prefer the TBS experience overall, but the broadcast team for this series has been simply awful
2007-10-07 15:44:02
93.   Zack
Is A. cabrera wearing pearls?
2007-10-07 15:44:23
94.   Mattpat11
92 I do to. I like the TBS coverage. Chip Caray is just horrendous.
2007-10-07 15:44:46
95.   SF Yanks
90 I'd take 12 talking Joe Bucks do play-by-play with 12 talking baseballs 365 days a year than listen to Chip utter the word "the".
2007-10-07 15:44:51
96.   Mattpat11
Throw fucking strikes you old bastard.
2007-10-07 15:45:07
97.   Zack
Well, this isn't the start we were looking for. That Jeter error was bad bad bad
2007-10-07 15:45:13
98.   rbj
Is that Bob Shepard I hear?
2007-10-07 15:45:14
99.   nick
if Roger labors and throws 30 pitches in the first, who's next in line? Hughes?
2007-10-07 15:45:51
100.   williamnyy23
96 Who? Jeter?
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2007-10-07 15:46:28
101.   Ravenscar
I understood that Hughes is the long guy, yeah.
2007-10-07 15:47:14
102.   randym77
What about Moose?
2007-10-07 15:47:48
103.   SF Yanks
Wow Roger.... already? Well, I guess if you're going to blow it, blow it early to save us from hanging on....


You can get out of this EARLY jam and get back on the right track...

Lets go Roger!!

2007-10-07 15:48:19
104.   Ravenscar
Clemens, step into your wayback machine here. Or get help from Hiro. Something.
2007-10-07 15:48:38
105.   Mattpat11
Sager wearing a somewhat normal blazer.
2007-10-07 15:49:07
106.   Ravenscar
The addition of Sager to this team of asshats is like the perfect storm of suckitude.
2007-10-07 15:49:18
107.   Bob Timmermann
When Sheppard is out, the guy replacing him (Jim Hall) just tries to do a Sheppard impression.
2007-10-07 15:49:23
108.   rbj
98 I guess not.
2007-10-07 15:50:15
109.   Zack
Crap. thanks a lot Derek
2007-10-07 15:50:32
110.   SF Yanks
Well, at least you didn't wait long Rog...
2007-10-07 15:51:30
111.   SF Yanks
Will he get 1 more out, or is this thing over before it even begins?
2007-10-07 15:51:39
112.   Ravenscar
2007-10-07 15:52:12
113.   rbj
One run doesn't mean anything. We'll get it back in the bottom of the inning.
2007-10-07 15:52:28
114.   Jeb
Paging Mr. Hughes. Mr. Hughes please report to the Bullpen rubber.
2007-10-07 15:53:02
115.   Ravenscar
"Will he get 1 more out, or is this thing over before it even begins?"

I'd answer that, but I'm too busy having a Glavine game 162 flashback.


2007-10-07 15:53:06
116.   cult of basebaal
2007-10-07 15:54:31
117.   williamnyy23
103 Roger? That inning was all on Jeter.
2007-10-07 15:54:44
118.   yankeemonkey
I hope Hughes is on high alert and not too drunk from IPK's wedding.
2007-10-07 15:54:48
119.   randym77
93 I wondered that, and searched on it. Yahoo has this "popular searches" feature, and Asdrubal Cabrera pearls was the suggested popular search.

Anyway, here's the answer:

"They are called Phiten necklaces. They are made of titanium magnets to help relax the muscles."

2007-10-07 15:55:35
120.   williamnyy23
Good omen alert:

The Yankees scored first in games 1 and 2 and wound up losing.

2007-10-07 15:56:19
121.   Zack
119 Ahh, thanks! Of course, perhaps they could, I don't know, be black or something so as not to look like Lisa Simpson?
2007-10-07 15:56:41
122.   yankeemonkey
Interesting that they single out ARod for being hitless, but completely gloss over Posada and Matsui. Unsurprising, I guess.
2007-10-07 15:56:44
123.   Zack
A Hit! Holy crap! Forgot what those looked like
2007-10-07 15:56:53
124.   Jeb
Johnny! Now steal a base and let's put pressure on.
2007-10-07 15:58:01
125.   Zack
Wow, Chip, that was only a bunt there, relax
2007-10-07 15:58:42
126.   rbj
Chippy now has to excuse himself and go clean up.
2007-10-07 15:58:49
127.   Ravenscar
2007-10-07 15:58:51
128.   Zack
Wow, awesome start in this game for DJ
2007-10-07 15:58:55
129.   fansince77
Killing us Cap...killing us cap!
2007-10-07 15:58:57
130.   williamnyy23
Thanks Derek...great first inning.
2007-10-07 15:58:58
131.   yankeemonkey
Shoulda bunted.
2007-10-07 15:59:17
132.   nick
if I believed in omens that Jeter AB wd have me slitting my wrists...
2007-10-07 15:59:22
133.   tommyl
Wow, I'm really glad Derek is using his postseason super powers, not like that choking choker A-Rod.
2007-10-07 15:59:29
134.   Zack
Derek Jeter has single handedly sucked the life out of this game early on
2007-10-07 16:00:14
135.   williamnyy23
If Jeter wants Torre to hand around, he'd better wake up.
2007-10-07 16:01:12
136.   williamnyy23
Not exactly an inspiring effort.
2007-10-07 16:01:17
137.   fansince77
Abreu is doing a nice job all series. Good at bats. If the rest of the guys follow his lead...good things...good things.
2007-10-07 16:01:30
138.   nick
hmmm--we hit it harder, they score the run--luck has not yet turned....
2007-10-07 16:03:18
139.   Jeb
I hate to panic after that double play but karma isn't smiling on us!

Every year we get screwed by some serious BS:

1. '01 Mo's throw to 2nd
2. '03 wells's back
3. '04 bloody sock and blowing the 3-0 lead.
4. '05 Wang blows Lead in game 2. The big useless blows up in game 3. Colon's bad back save Halos in game 5.
5. '06 rainout + pine tar and Joe misses it.
6. '07 gnats!?? Are you F'ing kidding me!!?

Are we becoming the damn cubs? I'm about to puke.

2007-10-07 16:05:22
140.   Ravenscar
"And if a foul ball hits Rudy Giuliani, or any friends or relatives of Mr. Giulilani, that player is taken under the bleachers and killed."
2007-10-07 16:06:13
141.   ny2ca2dc
Roger is going to have to get some pitches down for strikes... most of the strikes are up
2007-10-07 16:06:30
142.   Raf
139 The big useless may have blown up, but the Yanks had the lead in game 3. Unit saved the Yanks in game 5, or at least he held them scoreless
2007-10-07 16:06:49
143.   yankeemonkey
Has Clemens gone to 3-2 on every single hitter, or does it just seem that way?
2007-10-07 16:06:56
144.   Zack
Wow, good old Trot Nixon
2007-10-07 16:07:03
145.   williamnyy23
Wow...this team is really going to get swept.
2007-10-07 16:07:20
146.   rbj
Double muggerfluffer!!!
2007-10-07 16:07:26
147.   nick
what a crappy pitch...
2007-10-07 16:07:27
148.   Ravenscar
I talk shit about a Republican Party member, and we're smacked by Nixon. Ouch.
2007-10-07 16:07:43
149.   3rd gen yankee fan
fan fucking tastic
2007-10-07 16:07:47
150.   cult of basebaal
lovely, just lovely
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-10-07 16:08:22
151.   nick
the splitter isn't working; they just take it--no swings and misses--I bring out Hughes to start the 3rd, I think...
2007-10-07 16:08:24
152.   williamnyy23
Eric Wedge played the numbers and it paid off. Hopefully it's not too late for Joe to take notice.
2007-10-07 16:08:25
153.   williamnyy23
Eric Wedge played the numbers and it paid off. Hopefully it's not too late for Joe to take notice.
2007-10-07 16:08:26
154.   Zack
Once again the Yankees are making an opposing manger look like a freaking genius. How nice of us.
2007-10-07 16:08:57
155.   nemecizer
This game is way from over dudes. I won't panic until we are down by 4-5 runs.
2007-10-07 16:09:02
156.   randym77
Trot has seen too much of the Rocket.
2007-10-07 16:09:37
157.   bobtaco
148 Actually, the Yankees hardly win world series under Republican administrations. It's about a 3:1 ratio for Democrats. You can look it up.
2007-10-07 16:10:23
158.   tommyl
155 You're right, the Indians can score way more runs before its over.

I can't believe my tickets to game 4 will be useless. useless.

2007-10-07 16:10:24
159.   cult of basebaal
get hughes up now
2007-10-07 16:10:49
160.   fansince77
Rocket is throwing meatballs.
2007-10-07 16:10:51
161.   trainwreck
Yankee stadium is scary quiet right now.
2007-10-07 16:11:05
162.   tommyl
159 I seriously doubt that is going to happen. Clemens has way to much "veteranness"
2007-10-07 16:11:30
163.   Wait Til Next Year
Yikes. Maybe this is what you get when you trot out a 45-year old pitcher.
2007-10-07 16:11:49
164.   Orly Yarly NoWai
"How long do you ride Roger Clemens?"

You don't.

2007-10-07 16:12:03
165.   nemecizer
158 Do we get our money back if the games aren't played? I also have 2 tickets to the ALCS and WS.
2007-10-07 16:12:19
166.   Jeb
Well, after tonight torre will be fired and we'll see what like is like under Mr. Girardi.

139 umm. Who exactly did the big useless hold scoreless? Game 5 was over by the time he arrived. It was his fault that they got killed in game 3.

2007-10-07 16:12:22
167.   williamnyy23
Jeter missed the tag...that's three bad plays by the Captain.
2007-10-07 16:12:29
168.   trainwreck
Jeter totally whiffed.
2007-10-07 16:12:33
169.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Jeter, could you please BEND?
2007-10-07 16:12:55
170.   Zack
More useless angles for the replay. Its amazing that they haven't been able to give us any conclusive replays all series
2007-10-07 16:13:11
171.   Bluebleeder87

You'd imagine they give you you're money back.

2007-10-07 16:13:35
172.   williamnyy23
Everyone is going to have a field day with Arod, but Jeter is emerging as a candidate for the goats horns.
2007-10-07 16:13:45
173.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2007-10-07 16:13:55
174.   Ravenscar
ooook time to actually score some runs.
2007-10-07 16:14:03
175.   Zack
Apparently it is now the indians hitters that make pitchers work. First I've heard of that
2007-10-07 16:14:18
176.   Wait Til Next Year
Let's throw Joba in there right now. We don't have any gnats in Yankee Stadium.
2007-10-07 16:14:23
177.   Bluebleeder87
is that little guy (Cabrera?) your regular CF'er? he doesn't look like a center fielder to me, he must have major pop...
2007-10-07 16:14:29
178.   Orly Yarly NoWai
"Everyone is going to have a field day with Arod, but Jeter is emerging as a candidate for the goats horns. "

But... but he's going to win the Gold Glove!!!

/fark BWAA

2007-10-07 16:14:32
179.   rbj
166 Who'll it be, Girardi or Mattingly.

Now all A-Rod has to do is hit a lead-off two run homerun.

2007-10-07 16:16:17
180.   JeremyM
Man, this sucks. Clemens has nothing. Hopefully A-Rod can get something going.
2007-10-07 16:16:35
181.   nemecizer
179 For a moment there I was wondering how that could happen. Got me :)

But an A-Rod HR would wake things up.

2007-10-07 16:16:45
182.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Dane Cook: big douchebag or the biggest douchebag?
2007-10-07 16:16:48
183.   williamnyy23
The Yankee bats have to wake early...if they let this game get to the 4th inning without scoring, they wont have much of a chance.
2007-10-07 16:16:48
184.   Bluebleeder87
no disrespect NY but I'm hoping A-Rod has a poor playoff performance so he can leave the Yankees & we (L.A.) can sign 'em.
2007-10-07 16:17:01
185.   Ravenscar
Nice music from Moulin Rouge there at Yankee Stadium.
2007-10-07 16:17:05
186.   Wait Til Next Year
Nice swing A-Rod. Straighten it out buddy!
2007-10-07 16:17:16
187.   Bob Timmermann
Clemens has now caught George Mullins on the "Postseason Stolen Bases Allowed" list with 17.

Greg Maddux is the leader with 20.

2007-10-07 16:18:32
188.   3rd gen yankee fan
here we YANKees here we go
2007-10-07 16:18:37
189.   randym77
177 Melky Cabrera does not have major pop. He does have a good glove and a cannon for an arm.

He wasn't the starting CFer, but ended up taking over when old age and injury caught up with Damon.

2007-10-07 16:18:37
190.   Zack
So can we shut up about Arod now?
2007-10-07 16:18:38
191.   Wait Til Next Year
2007-10-07 16:18:41
192.   williamnyy23
There you go.
2007-10-07 16:18:42
193.   Jeb
2007-10-07 16:18:47
194.   Bob Timmermann
That's actually George Mullin, not Mullins.
2007-10-07 16:18:49
195.   cult of basebaal
nice, nice, nice ... let's get this damn thing started
2007-10-07 16:18:50
196.   JeremyM
Whew, thank God! Now let's get him home.
2007-10-07 16:18:55
197.   Bluebleeder87
"& hear come the Yankees says Chip Carey"
2007-10-07 16:18:56
198.   nick
attaboy Alex!
2007-10-07 16:19:06
199.   nemecizer
A-Rod got a post-season hit!
2007-10-07 16:19:08
200.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Good stuff. More of that plzkthx.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-10-07 16:19:24
201.   BklynBmr
Memo to rest of team:


2007-10-07 16:19:34
202.   nyy jim
Ok if ARod can do it the rest of the team can too. Keep it going now.
2007-10-07 16:19:39
203.   OldYanksFan
This may sound nuts.. but I think I am more conerned about ARod having an impact game then I am about winning the game.
2007-10-07 16:19:47
204.   Zack
197 Of course A-rod didn't have anything to do with it, it was "the Yankees" :)
2007-10-07 16:20:07
205.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Someone smack Jorge. That sucked.
2007-10-07 16:20:07
206.   Wait Til Next Year
Why did we trade Westbrook?
2007-10-07 16:20:08
207.   JeremyM
God dammit, why didn't they send A-Rod?
2007-10-07 16:20:08
208.   Zack
So can we start talking about how horrendous Posada has been? Course not
2007-10-07 16:20:09
209.   Ravenscar
Oh my god wtf people?
2007-10-07 16:20:11
210.   tommyl
So now, A-Rod is the only non-crappy Yankee in the postseason?
2007-10-07 16:20:19
211.   cult of basebaal
aw fucking c'mon jorge
2007-10-07 16:20:21
212.   williamnyy23
That's have to be more patient!!! That's not good pitching...that's afwul hitting.
2007-10-07 16:20:25
213.   3rd gen yankee fan
here we YANKees here we go
2007-10-07 16:20:30
214.   NC Highlander
omg another dp.
2007-10-07 16:20:33
215.   Bluebleeder87
I'm sure the NY writers will dream up an excuse to bash A-Rod, I'm counting on it.
2007-10-07 16:20:36
216.   nick
177 he's a little raw, but fast, and has a cannon for an arm--besides, bluebleeder, I know you: your team employs Jean Pedro!
2007-10-07 16:20:38
217.   bobtaco
I think Posada has the horns over Jeter for the series. He has sucked hard.
2007-10-07 16:20:54
218.   Jeb
Please dear God could we steal some bases to avoid the DP?
2007-10-07 16:20:58
219.   Zack
fucking terrible.
2007-10-07 16:21:04
220.   Orly Yarly NoWai
203 I understand it, actually.
2007-10-07 16:21:14
221.   NC Highlander
awful. I have seen no signs yet that things are turning in our favor. Jeter error, 2 dp's.


2007-10-07 16:21:25
222.   JeremyM
Well, here we go again, A-Rod has a good, patient at bat and the rest of the team is hacking.
2007-10-07 16:21:25
223.   williamnyy23
So much for the steady hand of the old guard. Jeter and Posada have been awful in this series...both at the plate and in the field.
2007-10-07 16:21:51
224.   Wait Til Next Year
Joe, please, please, please take out the Rocket!! He's going to give up another run!!!
2007-10-07 16:21:53
225.   cult of basebaal
good thing i'm already drinking ... this game could produce paroxysms of rage
2007-10-07 16:22:00
226.   nick
wow: on the one hand, we can hit this guy;
on the other hand, we seem abso-fucking-lutely jinxed right now...
2007-10-07 16:22:52
227.   randym77
Steve at WasWatching looked at Yankees October elimination games over the past five years. It wasn't pretty. The Yanks have lost 5 out of 7 times. And it would have been 6 out of 7, if not for Grady Little.
2007-10-07 16:23:35
228.   williamnyy23
226 I don't think it's a jinx. It's bad ABs by Jeter and Posada and a complete botch job by Jeter in the field.
2007-10-07 16:24:09
229.   Wait Til Next Year
Oh my God. That first pitch was so slow I could have hit it.
2007-10-07 16:24:26
230.   williamnyy23
227 Hmmm....I wonder if that has anything to do with the manager?
2007-10-07 16:24:31
231.   nick
Phil is up, good-
2007-10-07 16:24:47
232.   Wait Til Next Year
Joe, take him out, please!
2007-10-07 16:25:09
233.   Ravenscar
Hughes warming in bullpen.
2007-10-07 16:26:04
234.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Jeter to 1B. Sign John MacDonald.


2007-10-07 16:26:46
235.   nick
is he tipping the split? nobody swings, those fucks are right about that one-
2007-10-07 16:26:56
236.   Zack
234 yeah, there is 0 chance of that happening
2007-10-07 16:26:57
237.   cult of basebaal
man ... roger just can't put guys down today
2007-10-07 16:26:59
238.   Wait Til Next Year
Get him out!
2007-10-07 16:27:13
239.   williamnyy23
Could the end of this season get any more depressing?
2007-10-07 16:27:33
240.   Jeb
Fight club is on cinemax.
2007-10-07 16:27:41
241.   SF Yanks
230 Please, at least save it until after the game.
2007-10-07 16:28:06
242.   williamnyy23
I'm the biggest Clemens fan there is, but I think it's evident that he doesn't have much. If Torre allows loyalty to a vet to sink another season, he is digging his own grave.
2007-10-07 16:28:26
243.   Bluebleeder87
well at least your guy has a good enough arm, our CF'er has a noodle
2007-10-07 16:28:39
244.   OldYanksFan
Roger doesn't have it, but what a high pressure spot to put Hughes in. Wow.
2007-10-07 16:28:57
245.   Wait Til Next Year
This game shows how bad Cleveland really is. Rocket is terrible and they only have 2 runs against him so far.
2007-10-07 16:29:26
246.   Zack
What a wimpy way for the Rog to go out...
2007-10-07 16:29:47
247.   williamnyy23
244 Think how much more pressure there will be if he waits too long.
2007-10-07 16:30:07
248.   Zack
Yeah, this lineup is exactly the type to get owned by Beckett and dice k
2007-10-07 16:30:15
249.   OldYanksFan
I think Roger will definitely retire after this season.
2007-10-07 16:30:25
250.   Orly Yarly NoWai
236 "yeah, there is 0 chance of that happening "

Which hurts me, right in the soul.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-10-07 16:30:30
251.   williamnyy23
246 Wimpy? The man very well could be pitching with an injured elbow and hamstring. If only the rest of the team could be as wimpy.
2007-10-07 16:30:31
252.   Wait Til Next Year
He's gonna walk him. I know it.
2007-10-07 16:31:04
253.   Wait Til Next Year
2007-10-07 16:31:10
254.   NC Highlander
Is Roger limping?
2007-10-07 16:31:39
255.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Stop slapping him and take the ball.

Ok good.

2007-10-07 16:31:55
256.   nick
holy shit, he's out-
2007-10-07 16:31:56
257.   cult of basebaal
2007-10-07 16:32:02
258.   Knuckles
There goes $18M...
2007-10-07 16:32:06
259.   Zack
I dunno, what would actually really make sense here is to bring in a reliever for this spot, then go to Hughes. But we don't have any relievers to bring in...
2007-10-07 16:32:12
260.   NC Highlander
I think something was wrong with him obviously.
2007-10-07 16:32:20
261.   trainwreck
Can't believe some people are booing Clemens on his last possible appearance ever.
2007-10-07 16:32:20
262.   tommyl
Oh this should work out pressure here kid.
2007-10-07 16:32:26
263.   Wait Til Next Year
Ok, so we spotted an over-rated team 2 runs. Big deal. Now let's go out and get them!
2007-10-07 16:32:30
264.   williamnyy23
Sad...the King is dead.
2007-10-07 16:32:39
265.   cult of basebaal
wow ... there are actually classless scum booing clemens right now ... just pathetic
2007-10-07 16:32:49
266.   rbj
Good bye Roger, and thanks for all the memories and wins in pinstripes.
2007-10-07 16:33:12
267.   Bluebleeder87
Pretty cool way for Torre to take out Clemens.
2007-10-07 16:33:18
268.   williamnyy23
261 I didn't pick up sounded like shock followed by confused applause.
2007-10-07 16:33:30
269.   Zack
251 yeah, wimpy. He looks like crap, is injured, and put the team in a whole. If he didn't feel good enough to pitch well, its more detrimental to the team.

So yeah, wimpy, cause 2.1 IP and 2 R and a bunch of BBs is a last gasp

2007-10-07 16:33:35
270.   yankeemonkey
Did Clemens just strike out his last hitter ever? Sure seems that way...
2007-10-07 16:34:15
271.   tommyl
251 I have nothing but respect and admiration for Roger. He's clearly hurt, his elbow might be so bad as to need surgery if he ever wants to pitch again. He's got a strained hamstring. He gave it all he possibly could. Anyone that boos him right now should have his season tickets revoked for not being a "true baseball fan." They can go watch the D-Rays play the Orioles.
2007-10-07 16:34:34
272.   Zack
269 That doesn't take away from him, but it isn't what he seemed on line for just a month ago
2007-10-07 16:34:36
273.   OldYanksFan
Man... Tony Gwynn is huge!
2007-10-07 16:34:46
274.   bbfan1
2.1 innings. What a warrior!
2007-10-07 16:34:54
275.   nick
you, whenever we've employed Clemens, we've never gotten the HOF version--put a Red Sox cap on the sucka and bronze him, he's done....
2007-10-07 16:34:54
276.   Bob Timmermann
I definitely heard a few boos, but eventually the applause drowned them out.
2007-10-07 16:34:56
277.   SF Yanks
Let it be known that everyone wanted Hughes to come in immediately for Roger. Joe did what you asked, now if I hear any "Joe should have let Roger throw at least 3 innings" I'm gonna scream.
2007-10-07 16:35:03
278.   cult of basebaal
thanks roger, thanks for giving it all you could ...
2007-10-07 16:35:07
279.   Orly Yarly NoWai
"Ok, so we spotted an over-rated team 2 runs. Big deal. Now let's go out and get them!"

Overrated? I think you've got it backwards.

2007-10-07 16:35:10
280.   williamnyy23
269 We just saw a warrior walk off the mound. Clemens will go down as one of the greatest pitchers ever and he tried his best to be there for the Yankees. If you think that's a wimp, well, that's your problem.
2007-10-07 16:35:16
281.   Ravenscar
That walk back to the dugout was very Babe-Ruth-leaning-on-his-bat-like.
2007-10-07 16:35:54
282.   Bluebleeder87

striking out Victor Martinez is not a bad way to go if you ask me.

2007-10-07 16:36:04
283.   pistolpete
Heh, Sager knows if he goes into the stands with his awful blazers he's a dead man.
2007-10-07 16:36:21
284.   bbfan1
"Anyone that boos him right now should have his season tickets revoked for not being a "true baseball fan."

Yes, you are the ultimate decider on what a true baseball fan is.

2007-10-07 16:36:27
285.   Orly Yarly NoWai
277 Not necessarily Hughes for me, but I think Roger should have come out. Hopefully I won't forget that, but if I do, then please throw it in my face.
2007-10-07 16:36:33
286.   51cq24
this is the turning point of our postseason
2007-10-07 16:36:43
287.   cult of basebaal
and Hughes is throwing to the strain of Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" ... NICE!

time to earn your pinstripes, kid ... GIT 'ER DONE!

2007-10-07 16:36:55
288.   nick
yeah, he's a warrior and all but...why was he starting, if he's still hurt? I

--rainbow curve from strike one!

2007-10-07 16:36:56
289.   Zack
280 I don't think he "is" a wimp, I said it was a wimpy way to go out. A guy like clemens you see going out Kofax like, but he hung around for too long. Power to him, but I don't consider today "warrior" like
2007-10-07 16:37:01
290.   pistolpete
280 I just hope he doesn't decide to turn around & go somewhere else next year. Then I spit on his legacy.

Oh, super job Hughes.

2007-10-07 16:37:16
291.   Jeb
Hughes takes the baton. Still close. Let's go Yankees! I still believe. 6

Tony gwynn looks fat by the way. HEY HEY HEY!

2007-10-07 16:37:26
292.   williamnyy23
Posada needs to move his body over and not backhand those.
2007-10-07 16:37:43
293.   Orly Yarly NoWai
"and Hughes is throwing"


"to the strain of Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls""


2007-10-07 16:37:46
294.   rbj
Ugh. Second rookie pitcher wild pitch this series.
Er, third wild pitch, second pitcher.
2007-10-07 16:38:18
295.   Zack
It is, however, appropriate that Hughes replaces Roger. The old guard givin way to the new
2007-10-07 16:38:30
296.   NC Highlander
281 I was thinking exactly the same thing.
2007-10-07 16:38:34
297.   OldYanksFan
We have literally just seen the changing of the Guard.
2007-10-07 16:38:36
298.   dianagramr
1) Clemens is a gamer, but perhaps too much so. If he wasn't fit, I would HOPE he would have told Torre before the start.
2) Cleveland is a VERY good team, except for their team defense. They DID tie for the most wins in baseball this season.
3) The Yankees clearly do not have 2 shut-down pitchers like Sabathia and Carmona.
2007-10-07 16:38:55
299.   williamnyy23
289 I understand what you said...I just don't think a man giving every last drop is wimpy. Results don't define courage.
2007-10-07 16:39:02
300.   NC Highlander
Why does God hate me?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-10-07 16:39:04
301.   bobtaco
Panic yet?
2007-10-07 16:39:07
302.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Shit hit to give up.
2007-10-07 16:39:29
303.   bbfan1
williamnyy23, you are the ultimate clemens apologist, and that's saying a lot. You said before that he was worth the 18 million just for showing up, so why wouldn't you accept anything he does as amazing. Just remember to take those clemens posters with you when its time to go off to college.
2007-10-07 16:39:43
304.   Orly Yarly NoWai
301 Oh I am.
2007-10-07 16:39:55
305.   NC Highlander
3 runs is almost insurmountable with this offense. Geez
2007-10-07 16:39:58
306.   OldYanksFan
Man... this is painful. Lets hope the Yankees bats explode. It's gonna be a long night for me.
2007-10-07 16:39:58
307.   pistolpete
298 Blah blah blah...then they go to the ALCS and Boston sweeps them. Can't wait.
2007-10-07 16:39:59
308.   rbj
And that closes the book on Roger Clemens' career.
2007-10-07 16:40:10
309.   nick
and a cheap 2-out hit......I feel like I'm walking around with "IT'S NOT YOUR YEAR" on my back in giant neon letters...
2007-10-07 16:40:14
310.   williamnyy23
297 There could be a lot of guards changing this off season.
2007-10-07 16:40:23
311.   Orly Yarly NoWai
303 Who let you out of the basement?
2007-10-07 16:40:29
312.   Ravenscar
I hate to be THAT fan, but geez, couldn't Abreu have run a little harder for that one?
2007-10-07 16:40:39
313.   Wait Til Next Year
I don't get it. Last year our pitching was pathetic. This year, it's so much better. What in God's name happened?
2007-10-07 16:40:51
314.   Zack
298 Point 3 being reason #34134134 that Joba MUST be a starter next year

299 Perhaps wimpy was the wrong word, though to me, its a whisper rather than a bang that he goes out on. I wasn't referring to the man himself, but the result

2007-10-07 16:40:54
315.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-10-07 16:41:03
316.   williamnyy23
303 You are a what's your point?
2007-10-07 16:41:23
317.   tommyl
301 Strangely, I just feel resigned.
2007-10-07 16:41:43
318.   pistolpete
C'mon Hughes, at least give us a reason to look forward to next year.

Boy, Caray is REALLY enjoying this, isn't he?

I think I have found someone to hate more than Joe Buck.

2007-10-07 16:42:01
319.   Zack
Hughes pitching in garbage time on Thurs does now loom larger
2007-10-07 16:42:06
320.   Wait Til Next Year
OK. Let's go get these dirtbags now!
2007-10-07 16:42:21
321.   NC Highlander
Johnny Damon's arm is so weak he can't even throw it into the stands.
2007-10-07 16:42:25
322.   trainwreck
Damon's arm is so bad he can't even throw it to the stands.
2007-10-07 16:42:27
323.   rbj
OK, the Yankees have at least one big inning left in them this season. Now is the time to break that out.
2007-10-07 16:42:29
324.   williamnyy23
The offense has to be patient now...Torre has to make sure they don't start hacking.
2007-10-07 16:42:31
325.   nyy jim
We all know it is not unusual for Hughes to struggle when he first enters a game. We will just have to get through it and depend on the bats to pull it out. I refuse to give up on our hitters in only the third inning.
2007-10-07 16:42:43
326.   trainwreck
2007-10-07 16:42:49
327.   bobtaco
Think they can get Aaron Boone to pinch hit in this game?
2007-10-07 16:43:53
328.   51cq24
318 "we're here with tony gwynn, bob brenley, and i'm chiyyyyyyip caray!"
2007-10-07 16:44:34
329.   Bluebleeder87
I guess Johnny Damon throws like a girl...
2007-10-07 16:45:56
330.   ny2ca2dc
Big, good move bringing in Phil Franchise there. Presumably Roger was honest with his condition with the coaches, and they were keeping an eye on him. They saw what we saw, he ain't got nuttin. Cheap hit for Hughes, There's still time for this game for sure. Don't forget this lineup can drop a 5 spot on ya in a heartbeat. Phil just needs to keep the lid on for 4 or 5 innings... and the bats need to stop GDIPing!!!
2007-10-07 16:46:47
331.   Bluebleeder87
is the Moose a starter these days or did you guys ship him out to the pen?
2007-10-07 16:46:59
332.   rbj
Finally, Hideki!
2007-10-07 16:47:03
333.   51cq24
i can't believe he almost didn't get there
2007-10-07 16:47:07
334.   Zack
that might have been our first break all series. Sad that its on a dinky infield hit
2007-10-07 16:47:12
335.   Wait Til Next Year
There's a guy with heart! One good leg and he gets an infield hit!
2007-10-07 16:47:26
336.   SF Yanks it they ground into the 3rd dp in a row.... I don't even know.....
2007-10-07 16:47:32
337.   nick
pinch run? crazy but I fear the DP-
2007-10-07 16:47:34
338.   ny2ca2dc
Sweet, another leadoff man on, third in a row - this will be one of those games that is frustrating early, but then they erupt. Man Hideki got old fast...
2007-10-07 16:47:35
339.   Orly Yarly NoWai
313 This year our starters put up an xFIP between 4.3 and 4.9. Last year, it was between 3.95 and 5.4. Pretty much the whole difference between the two years has been Mussina regressing and Jaret Wright being dumped.
2007-10-07 16:47:36
340.   Jeb
For god sakes bunt matsui over so we don't get the DP
2007-10-07 16:47:54
341.   Ravenscar
2007-10-07 16:48:21
342.   ny2ca2dc
Robinson is NOT hacking! it turns here
2007-10-07 16:48:22
343.   nick
331 hard to say; he was originally lined up for game 4 but now I think we'd go back to Wang since he's so good at home-
2007-10-07 16:48:29
344.   dianagramr
I wonder if Cano could handle 3rd base next year if A-Rod opts out?
2007-10-07 16:48:39
345.   Bluebleeder87

His body language kind of said he was favoring his right arm, at least that's what I saw, I'm sure Torre has more inside info though.

2007-10-07 16:49:05
346.   NC Highlander
We don't just need one run...we need 10. A HUGE inning.
2007-10-07 16:49:22
347.   Orly Yarly NoWai
340 God no.

344 God no. Why would you move a +15 2B to 3B?

2007-10-07 16:49:40
348.   Bluebleeder87

Hahaha, uh man, LOL...

2007-10-07 16:49:46
349.   Jeb
Take the damn BB robby
2007-10-07 16:49:54
350.   NC Highlander
341 lol. Sounds like a Pop Fisher quote.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-10-07 16:49:58
351.   SF Yanks
341 oooook...
2007-10-07 16:50:22
352.   ny2ca2dc
344 He could, but it would be a really bad idea. He's a quality defensive 2b, why the hell would you move him down the D spectrum?!
2007-10-07 16:50:43
353.   Zack
Robbie really tried to hit into a DP play there
2007-10-07 16:50:51
354.   bobtaco
341 snort ;-)
2007-10-07 16:50:54
355.   nemecizer
At least it wasn't a GIDP!
2007-10-07 16:51:07
356.   Orly Yarly NoWai
352 Not just quality: UZR has him as behind only Utley and Ellis.
2007-10-07 16:51:09
357.   rbj
Hey, not a doubleplay!
Pathetic what counts for excitement these days.
2007-10-07 16:51:12
358.   Wait Til Next Year
Ravenscar, you are a racist and you should get off Banter.
2007-10-07 16:51:26
359.   Zack
The Yanks' GB-FB ratio must be atrocious this series
2007-10-07 16:52:31
360.   51cq24
there's the break
2007-10-07 16:52:32
361.   Orly Yarly NoWai
358 Did someone forget to close a sarcasm tag?

Thank god for the moment of confusion.

2007-10-07 16:52:33
362.   SF Yanks
There our break boys!
2007-10-07 16:52:35
363.   bobtaco
There's a huge break
2007-10-07 16:52:38
364.   rbj
Big break there.
2007-10-07 16:52:39
365.   nick
ok, there's our break boys, GOTTA cash this one in!
2007-10-07 16:52:41
366.   Jeb
2007-10-07 16:52:59
367.   dianagramr
352 I'm just thinking that if A-Rod opts out, it might be easier to find a decent 2B than 3B?

I mean who are the available 3Bs out there this off-season? Would the Mariners trade Beltre?

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

2007-10-07 16:53:02
368.   Wait Til Next Year
Great slide Matsui. You are a lion.
2007-10-07 16:53:20
369.   OldYanksFan
Wow... what a dumb play by Martinez. Up by 3 and he gives it away. It's do or die for us now....
2007-10-07 16:53:28
370.   Bluebleeder87
That's how you get dislocations Matsui, not a good way to slide....
2007-10-07 16:53:45
371.   bobtaco
367 I think that was the point of the Betemit trade.
2007-10-07 16:53:57
372.   51cq24
why do all the announcers forget that sabathia actually wasn't good?
2007-10-07 16:54:15
373.   ny2ca2dc
367 Thats just wrong.

and Betemit could play third.

2007-10-07 16:54:34
374.   SF Yanks
A DP here would crush me, you, all of us, the Yankees, Yankee management and the rest of the fans. No DP.
2007-10-07 16:54:40
375.   bobtaco
2007-10-07 16:55:01
376.   Jeb
What's wrong with being addicted to porn?
2007-10-07 16:55:28
377.   51cq24
just get on base
2007-10-07 16:55:43
378.   Orly Yarly NoWai
367 These are the FA 3Bs:

Tony Batista WAS
Aaron Boone FLA
Russell Branyan STL
Jeff Cirillo ARZ
Pedro Feliz SF
Corey Koskie * MIL
Mike Lamb HOU
Mike Lowell BOS
Greg Norton * TB
Abraham O. Nunez PHI

The 2Bs are little better, but Cano is perfect at 2B. He's a plus defensively and his bat is above-average too. Moving him to 3B would detract from the value he brings with the wood. Much as I hate to harp on this, Jeter would be a better candidate to move than Cano.

Who knows- the Ms might trade Beltre. If so, I'd love to take him, as long as we stay away from Sexon.

2007-10-07 16:56:44
379.   bobtaco
2007-10-07 16:56:48
380.   Zack
Nice! Damon showed up today!
2007-10-07 16:56:51
381.   rbj
Yes! a hit!!
2007-10-07 16:56:52
382.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Seeing eye singles for the win.
2007-10-07 16:56:52
383.   51cq24
2007-10-07 16:57:10
384.   SF Yanks
There's one! Plenty more to go.

(I thought for sure that was a DP)

2007-10-07 16:57:17
385.   OldYanksFan
maybe... maybe... maybe... maybe... maybe... maybe... maybe... maybe... maybe... maybe... maybe... maybe...
2007-10-07 16:57:19
386.   Jeb

Get it wet for me suzyn I'm coming home!

2007-10-07 16:57:33
387.   Orly Yarly NoWai
By the way, in my list above, Norton and Koskie have options for 2008.
2007-10-07 16:57:37
388.   randym77
Sit Damon? Sit Matsui? Hah!
2007-10-07 16:57:49
389.   SF Yanks
Redemption time Jete.
2007-10-07 16:57:53
390.   Jeb
Double steal please Joe!
2007-10-07 16:57:53
391.   ny2ca2dc
first consecutive 'hits' of the post season. was Melky's a fielders choice or a hit? how do you score that?
2007-10-07 16:58:08
392.   bobtaco
Mystique? Aura? Please?
2007-10-07 16:58:31
393.   3rd gen yankee fan
Stadium sounds like it's rockin.
2007-10-07 16:58:37
394.   Orly Yarly NoWai
391 Hit, I think, since no outs were made.
2007-10-07 16:58:44
395.   randym77
Melky's was a fielder's choice.
2007-10-07 16:58:58
396.   NC Highlander
omg Jeter.


2007-10-07 16:59:03
397.   Saburo
2007-10-07 16:59:04
398.   Zack
Wow, Derek Jeter is really singlehandedly killing this team
2007-10-07 16:59:20
399.   rbj
Derek, derek, derek.

{shakes head sadly}

2007-10-07 16:59:21
400.   ny2ca2dc
jeter has two rally killing GIDPs, and a runn producing error. thanks cap.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-10-07 16:59:23
401.   pistolpete
392 Aura's got the flu tonight I think.
2007-10-07 16:59:23
402.   williamnyy23
Jeter deserves the Arod treatment. He has been horrible.
2007-10-07 16:59:38
403.   bobtaco
Who is this Jeter imposter?
2007-10-07 16:59:43
404.   SF Yanks
Thanks Jeter. Glad you're our Captain today.
Fuck! Way to screw it up.... AGAIN....AND AGAIN
2007-10-07 16:59:47
405.   OldYanksFan
I am fucking sick to my stomach!!!!!!!!!
2007-10-07 16:59:48
406.   3rd gen yankee fan
Bench Jeter.
2007-10-07 16:59:55
407.   yankz
I hope Jeter has a supermodel lined up to bang tonight, because that's about the only scoring he'll do.

For the first time ever, I expected Jeter to fail, and he did.

2007-10-07 17:00:13
408.   Orly Yarly NoWai
402 But he's the captain!!1!
2007-10-07 17:00:17
409.   ny2ca2dc
is this payback from the gods for all of jeter's clutchitudiness or what
2007-10-07 17:00:28
410.   NC Highlander
Who is our backup SS? Alvaro Espinoza?
2007-10-07 17:00:45
411.   Ravenscar
Is Jeter working for Arnold Rothstein? Holy crap.
2007-10-07 17:00:55
412.   Orly Yarly NoWai
410 Betemit.
2007-10-07 17:01:35
413.   51cq24
i'm sorry it sucks that he isn't having his best season, but it is BULLSHIT to get on derek jeter. you guys have to be kidding
2007-10-07 17:01:39
414.   SF Yanks
I hate to say this and usually I'm the last to say something like this... but I don't have a good feeling. 3 opportunities pretty much wasted.
2007-10-07 17:01:48
415.   williamnyy23
Why he wasn't trying to go the other way is beyond me. That was a brutal AB. If the Yankees lose, I hope Jeter stands by his locker and takes full blame like Arod did two years ago. He is has been an anchor in this game.
2007-10-07 17:01:49
416.   Jeb

Their pitcher is slow. Their catcher is below average defensively. If Melky and Johnny had stolen 2nd and 3rd the dereks ground ball out wouldve scored 1 run and moved Damon to third and wed be watching aberu work the count.


2007-10-07 17:01:51
417.   yankz
Also, Phil Hughes, if you do this, you cement yourself in Yankee lore forever. Jim Leyritz, Aaron Boone, Bucky Dent style. Let's see what you've got.
2007-10-07 17:02:09
418.   Bluebleeder87

you guys wouldn't be disappointed with Beltres glove he's got a good one, Beltre will give you 25 to 30 dingers 80 to 100 RBI his OBP ain't all that good (remember from his Dodger days) but overall I think you guys would like him very much.

ps bunts to 3rd be damned with him playing 3rd also.

2007-10-07 17:02:12
419.   dianagramr
FrankTV isn't premiering for another 6 weeks? Good gosh I may not watch TBS after this playoff series!
2007-10-07 17:02:18
420.   fansince77
You'd think you would make an adjustment at some point. Cap? How about...maybe "Ok whatever I do I gotta not hit a worthless chopper again."
2007-10-07 17:02:49
421.   Bluebleeder87

one would think A-Rod.

2007-10-07 17:02:56
422.   rbj
Still, we got a run. Only need a bloop & a blast to tie it.
2007-10-07 17:03:08
423.   ny2ca2dc
413 are you watching this game? we still love him, but he is blowing this game
2007-10-07 17:03:41
424.   Orly Yarly NoWai
413 Oh please.

Derek Jeter's faults are pretty well-known. He's a spectacular hitter and Manny-esque fielder at SS.

This game, he has been pretty spectacularly failing, and in the first two games, he failed much more subtly.

2007-10-07 17:03:49
425.   williamnyy23
Hughes is looping the curve...doesn't seem to have much command. The fastball may be his only chance in this game.
2007-10-07 17:04:36
426.   fansince77
413 why is captain untouchable? He's still our guy but we expect more from him...I don't think being the competitor that he is he'd want anything less.
2007-10-07 17:04:36
427.   dianagramr

I like Beltre too, though I KNOW he's not the .335, 48HR aberration of a couple years ago. He's GG-quality defensively, and has a good enough bat to hit 6th.

I don't trust Betemit (yet).

2007-10-07 17:04:49
428.   NC Highlander
I'm not jumping on Jeter. Espinoza is just an 80's reminder of what it was like not having a clutch SS.
2007-10-07 17:04:55
429.   SF Yanks
413 You need to cut us some slack right now. Things are being tossed around that aren't actually meant with 100% emotion, so take our words with a grain of salt. I don't know if you noticed but we are a bit strung out right now.
2007-10-07 17:05:12
430.   Start Spreading the News
if that was arod who blew the throw to 1st and then hit two double plays, then I guarantee people would be running him out of town.

It's only because it's jeter that the hue and cry isn't louder.

But can we at least now rest the myth that there is such thing as a clutch hitter.

2007-10-07 17:05:19
431.   joejoejoe
The best team always wins. If the Yankees get decent pitching from Hughes and average offense they'll win. If they don't then they ain't the best team. I feel good about this game.
2007-10-07 17:05:20
432.   Orly Yarly NoWai
421 A-Rod hasn't played there in a couple years and Betemit started for Jeter during the last few days of the season.

418 I love Beltre and would absolutely try to deal for him.

2007-10-07 17:05:29
433.   Bluebleeder87

I always thought he was an above average SS, but I guess I was wrong...

2007-10-07 17:05:49
434.   NC Highlander
424 Manny-esque??? Please tell me you're joking.
2007-10-07 17:06:19
435.   51cq24
423 yeah i'm watching and i'm as pissed as any of you. but come on. he deserves to be booed now because he's having a bad series after all the times he's had great series? no question he is hurting us now. but also no question that everyone hurts us sometimes, and it's not like he isn't thinking "i just don't want to hit into a dp now"
2007-10-07 17:06:23
436.   Orly Yarly NoWai
431 Better hope that isn't true, since Cleveland is the better team.
2007-10-07 17:06:29
437.   cult of basebaal
seriously, i feel like kneecapping the next yankee that tries to pull an outside sinker ... even damon's hit was a ball he should have gone the other way on, just like he did in the 1st
2007-10-07 17:06:33
438.   fansince77
434 why do you think that is too hard on Manny?
2007-10-07 17:06:34
439.   randym77
I hope A-Rod stays. The last thing we need is for him to become an Angel or a Red Sox or whatever, and go Kenny Lofton on us every year.
2007-10-07 17:07:03
440.   dianagramr
The move of Melky to full-time CF starter keyed the Yankees run.
2007-10-07 17:07:27
441.   NC Highlander
Manny is a joke. Even with Jeter's shortcomings there's no way he is like Manny.


2007-10-07 17:07:50
442.   williamnyy23
Maybe Jeter and Posada are pressing? Both have played uncharacteristically poorly.
2007-10-07 17:08:19
443.   joejoejoe
436 I always think the better team wins. If Cleveland wins I'll tip my cap to them.
2007-10-07 17:08:20
444.   Bluebleeder87

did you stick with Cable DianaGramr, do you still have the blog at MLBlogs?? I looked for it the other day but I couldn't find it, how are you doing?

2007-10-07 17:08:39
445.   nick
435 but that's the thing: DJ has been a perfectly sound playoff performer, and he's the Captain™.....but he's not Reggie Jackson. Clutch is not actually his middle name. There have been crucial postseason ABS, before this year, in which he did not succeed.
2007-10-07 17:09:18
446.   SF Yanks
438 LOL!
2007-10-07 17:09:35
447.   nick
The crowd is so behind Phil here--let's get the K!
2007-10-07 17:10:03
448.   williamnyy23
That Jeter DP is still bothering me!
2007-10-07 17:10:31
449.   fansince77
441 Jeter is my guy until I die and it has taken me over five years to admit this...but my honest assesment as a shortstop is that he has the slowest first step that I have ever seen. I see guys get to balls up the middle that I don't even see DJ in the picture on TV.

That being said...It wouldn't suprise me if he shrugged off all this shitty first half of the game performance and hit one into the short porch late in the game. That's how cool and collected he has been. That's why he is our guy.

2007-10-07 17:10:36
450.   51cq24
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-10-07 17:10:45
451.   SF Yanks
I love Hughes.
2007-10-07 17:10:46
452.   bobtaco
2007-10-07 17:10:46
453.   Zack
I like me some Prince Phil
2007-10-07 17:10:53
454.   NC Highlander
We come back here, we win the series.

Book it.

2007-10-07 17:11:00
455.   cult of basebaal
NICE PHIL ... alright ... let's get the kid some help
2007-10-07 17:11:26
456.   dianagramr

I did stay with cable. My blog is still there (in stasis as it were).

I'm part of the "Humbug Journal" bloggers now.

2007-10-07 17:11:31
457.   Orly Yarly NoWai
433 434 UZR has him at -27. THT has him at .777 in RZR, better than only Hanley Ramirez, and last in OOZ, despite playing in 1300+ innings. That's absolutely brutal.
2007-10-07 17:11:41
458.   tommyl
Hey, look this Hughes kid can pitch.
2007-10-07 17:12:47
459.   cult of basebaal
448 you should watch some Frank TV ... i hear it's going to change the face of television!
2007-10-07 17:13:41
460.   bobtaco
I'm changing my seating location and turning on the light... here comes the runs!
2007-10-07 17:15:22
461.   Bluebleeder87
I have to admit, it's pretty weird watching the yanks get little singles...
2007-10-07 17:15:39
462.   SF Yanks
Time is against us right now... and its ticking.

Need to start scoring....NOW.

2007-10-07 17:15:42
463.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2007-10-07 17:15:44
464.   fansince77
Way to be patient and work the count Arod.
2007-10-07 17:15:54
465.   Zack
Wow, what a way to come out and get another run Yankees...
2007-10-07 17:17:00
466.   dianagramr

Is our hitting coach .....

2007-10-07 17:17:08
467.   cult of basebaal
fuck ... just missed it ... sigh ... that's our post-season in a fucking nutshell
2007-10-07 17:17:09
468.   51cq24
wild swing
2007-10-07 17:17:54
469.   NC Highlander
I do not want to be down by a run going into the bottom of the 9th. That is too much for my nerves.
2007-10-07 17:17:59
470.   51cq24
swinging at ball 4
2007-10-07 17:18:03
471.   Yankees Brasil
If our lefties know the pitches is gonna pitch them away, why not go the other way?? Why try to pull it??
2007-10-07 17:18:03
472.   williamnyy23
Posada swung at ball four.
2007-10-07 17:18:48
473.   51cq24
this is bullshit they blow
2007-10-07 17:18:48
474.   williamnyy23
Awful AB by Posada...again, it's not good's pitiful hitting.
2007-10-07 17:18:53
475.   NC Highlander
Posada had such a lazy swing. Do any of them care?
2007-10-07 17:19:02
476.   nick
15 outs left, guys-
2007-10-07 17:19:29
477.   Bluebleeder87

Cool. Are you still a scrabble stud??

2007-10-07 17:20:06
478.   tommyl
A-Rod just missed it. I would like to point out that three balls have been hit out of the infield: Damon's grounder through the hole and A-Rod's two ABs. Everyone else has either a groundout, strikeout or lucky ass infield single.
2007-10-07 17:20:18
479.   cult of basebaal
wow ... that was just plain depressingly pathetic
2007-10-07 17:20:31
480.   fansince77
Wow...someone rolled over on a 3-2 fastball and hit a weak ground ball to second base. I haven't seen alot of that lately. I can't fucking stand it anymore. This sarcastic sonofabitch is signing off with the hope that some good old fashioned dog kicking will help. JK...I'm no MVICK.
2007-10-07 17:20:48
481.   OldYanksFan
Their ABs are showing that they are pressing. The pressure has them off their game. We have to hope Phil can shut them down, as we will have trouble scoring off the Cleveland BP.
2007-10-07 17:21:38
482.   joe in boston
Hi all -

Long time lurker, sometime poster....down in Florida watching with my 3 yr old son and my mom (dad, longtime Yankee fan, passed away this spring.....) so I can't swear, go crazy, throw anything, etc. But this hurts......this game, this team is really bumming me out now. Thanks for the Banter though - just scanning it every 6 hrs has helped .....

2007-10-07 17:22:10
483.   Raf
481 I don't believe it. The whole season was pressure. Making the playoffs after being written off for the season is pressure.
2007-10-07 17:22:24
484.   Raf
er, was pressure...
2007-10-07 17:22:45
485.   dianagramr

Yup ..... haven't been playing many tournaments this year (was in the midst of moving from Brooklyn to Queens), but still playing in the local club and with friends.

2007-10-07 17:22:50
486.   Orly Yarly NoWai
I love how it's a two-run lead and we're all depressed. That tells me something about how this year has gone. -.-
2007-10-07 17:23:25
487.   nick
ok, gotta go run a couple miles, this is too much right now-
2007-10-07 17:23:41
488.   williamnyy23
Awful play by, this team is really playing like shit.
2007-10-07 17:23:51
489.   bobtaco
Put your body on that Robbie, damn it.
2007-10-07 17:23:57
490.   NC Highlander
Curse of Damon? Did the curse get transferred back when we got Damon?

This is painful.

2007-10-07 17:24:18
491.   SF Yanks
Phil needs to throw each first pitch right over the middle. Hitters hardly EVER swing at the first pitch with him and all too often he misses trying to hit the corner getting him behind early on. Just my observation though.
2007-10-07 17:24:23
492.   OldYanksFan
Wow... don't get in front of that Robbie, you might get hit.
2007-10-07 17:24:32
493.   dianagramr

oh come on .... that ball had so much topspin and speed ... that was a tough chance .... no error should be charged.

2007-10-07 17:25:05
494.   51cq24
i notice that melky is finally really waving the other fielders off now. that's good at least.
2007-10-07 17:25:28
495.   williamnyy23
493 This is the major leagues. Fielders are supposed to catch balls hit right at them...even hard ones.
2007-10-07 17:25:31
496.   Orly Yarly NoWai
493 The error was based on the way he tried to play it, I think. The whole getting out of the way thing, you know.
2007-10-07 17:25:35
497.   dianagramr
Brett Favre warming up in the Yankees pen ...
2007-10-07 17:25:35
498.   tommyl
488 No, Hughes is playing well. Damon and A-Rod are playing sorta ok. Melky is ok too.

DJ, Posada and the rest are awful though.

You know what A-Rod said about passing the baton? Well it helps when the guy you're handing it to doesn't drop it, trip over it and break his nose on the pavement.

2007-10-07 17:26:01
499.   Bluebleeder87
I was just lucking at Jorge Posadas #'s they look pretty darn good, he also has a SICK OBP & an OPS+ OF 160.
2007-10-07 17:26:30
500.   bobtaco
490 Try 9/11
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-10-07 17:26:30
501.   SF Yanks
Nice pitch Phil.
2007-10-07 17:26:31
502.   tommyl
Well if that Cano thing is an error, then Jeter's piece of crap in the first should definitely be.
2007-10-07 17:27:00
503.   51cq24
2007-10-07 17:27:19
504.   Orly Yarly NoWai
500 One of the guys at THT made an MVP case for him the other day.
2007-10-07 17:27:31
505.   tommyl
500 Dude, that is not cool. To equate a horrific event for our nation with something as real life meaningless as baseball, I dunno.
2007-10-07 17:27:40
506.   Bob Timmermann
So the terrorists have won every World Series since then?

Should the Florida Marlins be put on the "no fly" list?

2007-10-07 17:27:41
507.   williamnyy23
498 Arod has the only well struck ball. Melky's, Matsui's and Damon's hits were all pretty weak. Heck...I don't think a Yankee has a hard out.
2007-10-07 17:27:57
508.   NC Highlander
Hughes giving us a chance at least. I can't believe we are making Westbrook look so good.
2007-10-07 17:28:34
509.   Yankees Brasil
Well at least we know Hughes can perform under pressure. Next season should be nice having him and Joba in our rotation.
2007-10-07 17:28:55
510.   cult of basebaal
502 that's the main thing ... if that was hit to jeter, it would have been ruled a hit ... just another datapoint in the argument for independent scorers ...
2007-10-07 17:29:14
511.   Jeb
Hughes does look good. I hope we win and I'm not giving up but with Hughes, joba and IPK we've got a lot to look forward to. At this point I could care less who else comes back
2007-10-07 17:29:27
512.   Orly Yarly NoWai
509 Hopefully Hughes from the beginning of the year with IPK and Joba joining him in the summer.
2007-10-07 17:30:25
513.   cult of basebaal
we got another inning ... maybe 2 ... before the legion of doom starts tromping in from the bullpen
2007-10-07 17:30:27
514.   bobtaco
Push it to 3B, they are giving it to you, please.
2007-10-07 17:30:51
515.   dianagramr
7-0 Packers ..... marched right down the field on the Bears in the first 4 minutes.
2007-10-07 17:31:49
516.   Jeb
I feel like I'm watching Derek Lowe in 2004
2007-10-07 17:31:55
517.   KG16
515 - almost all on the ground too, 50 yd run by whoever the GB running back is.
2007-10-07 17:32:02
518.   51cq24
511 andy pettitte??
2007-10-07 17:32:20
519.   ny2ca2dc
zilla! now lets go boys
2007-10-07 17:32:48
520.   KG16
516 - shit, that means this guy is going to be a middle of the road pitcher for the Dodgers in a couple of years... that's depressing
2007-10-07 17:32:51
521.   Bluebleeder87
our Russell Martin is still very young I'm hoping he improves every year, so far so good.
2007-10-07 17:32:51
522.   Jeb
I don't care if matsui is slow


2007-10-07 17:32:57
523.   Zack
2007-10-07 17:33:03
524.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Way to make up for the error, Robbie.
2007-10-07 17:33:05
525.   ny2ca2dc
other way! attaboy
2007-10-07 17:33:07
526.   nemecizer
Wow, 5 whole hits for the Yankees!
2007-10-07 17:33:14
527.   SF Yanks
Please let this be it. Please. Please. Please....... Please...
2007-10-07 17:33:16
528.   NC Highlander
woot. and most importantly we're out of the dp.
2007-10-07 17:33:25
529.   nemecizer
Uh, make that six. Bats waking up?
2007-10-07 17:33:26
530.   Jeb
Robbie cano don't you know!
2007-10-07 17:33:33
531.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-10-07 17:33:50
532.   AbbyNormal821
2007-10-07 17:34:00
533.   Bob Timmermann
Tony Gwynn uses the phrase "Ducks on the pond."

I approve.

2007-10-07 17:34:22
534.   3rd gen yankee fan


2007-10-07 17:34:23
535.   pistolpete
511 Well we can't very well lose Posada and Mo in the process too - we wouldn't be very good without those guys.
2007-10-07 17:34:42
536.   ny2ca2dc
2007-10-07 17:34:50
537.   dianagramr

Are they Oregon ducks?

2007-10-07 17:35:16
538.   Zack
2007-10-07 17:35:21
539.   AbbyNormal821
I BELIEVE!!!!!!! I BELIEVE!!!!!!!I BELIEVE!!!!!!!I BELIEVE!!!!!!!I BELIEVE!!!!!!!I BELIEVE!!!!!!!I BELIEVE!!!!!!!I BELIEVE!!!!!!!I BELIEVE!!!!!!!
2007-10-07 17:35:23
540.   Orly Yarly NoWai
One in, and thank the FSM for that.
2007-10-07 17:35:31
541.   pistolpete
Nice, but look at we're in again - another DP situation.

Steal, Leche, steal.

2007-10-07 17:35:33
542.   Jeb
The melk man delivers!

Steal second Joe. Don't wait for the DP!

2007-10-07 17:35:39
543.   rbj

C & C Hit Factory this inning.

2007-10-07 17:35:43
544.   Bluebleeder87
the Yanks are chipping away, 1 run at a time.
2007-10-07 17:35:44
545.   monkeypants
OK--THIS is more like it. Now, avoid the friggin' DP...
2007-10-07 17:35:50
546.   nemecizer
2007-10-07 17:35:56
547.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-10-07 17:36:02
548.   SF Yanks
Just keep it going for another 45 minutes....
2007-10-07 17:36:13
549.   AbbyNormal821
Think '96...small bites!
2007-10-07 17:36:26
550.   ny2ca2dc
so whoever was railing on the boys not going away becasue everything is away away away, good on ya. was it weeping?
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-10-07 17:36:36
551.   pistolpete
I feel like I'm holding hands with everyone here, praying for more offensive goodness. lol....
2007-10-07 17:36:56
552.   AbbyNormal821
put some pressure on and flip the momentum boys!
2007-10-07 17:36:58
553.   Jeb
2007-10-07 17:37:16
554.   SF Yanks
A DP right now would be crushing....
2007-10-07 17:37:19
555.   Bluebleeder87
the stadium will erupt if Damon hits a whopper.
2007-10-07 17:37:24
556.   51cq24
run melky
2007-10-07 17:37:43
557.   AbbyNormal821
551 I can feel all the sweaty palms too! HAHA!
(by they way, did I mention...I BELIEVE!!!!!!!I BELIEVE!!!!!!!I BELIEVE!!!!!!!)
2007-10-07 17:38:23
558.   ny2ca2dc
554 no more of that, here it comes. even a sac fly would bring up derek for redemption
2007-10-07 17:38:40
559.   KG16
2007-10-07 17:38:45
560.   Orly Yarly NoWai



2007-10-07 17:38:47
561.   Zack
2007-10-07 17:38:50
562.   Bluebleeder87

I called it!!

2007-10-07 17:38:50
563.   pistolpete
555 You were saying? ;)
2007-10-07 17:38:57
564.   AbbyNormal821
2007-10-07 17:38:59
565.   51cq24
2007-10-07 17:38:59
566.   SF Yanks
2007-10-07 17:39:02
567.   NC Highlander
2007-10-07 17:39:05
568.   Zack
Damon is HUGE tonight!
2007-10-07 17:39:05
569.   ny2ca2dc
boo ya!!!!
2007-10-07 17:39:06
570.   rbj
Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!
2007-10-07 17:39:14
571.   3rd gen yankee fan
Quick, score some more runs before Jetes gets up!
2007-10-07 17:39:19
572.   pistolpete
COWBOY UP! (heh)
2007-10-07 17:39:26
573.   bobtaco
Damon is a clutch mutherfucker
2007-10-07 17:39:32
574.   monkeypants
Win or lose, at least they are putting up a fight, especially here in the old ball yard.
2007-10-07 17:39:36
575.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-10-07 17:39:49
576.   NC Highlander
I think I broke my couch.
2007-10-07 17:39:55
577.   Zack
IS there anything better than watching the HP replay and watching fans start to erupt in slow mo?
2007-10-07 17:40:00
578.   vockins
Mr. Damon-

You are forgiven.


2007-10-07 17:40:08
579.   ny2ca2dc
I think Damon can stay for next year!
2007-10-07 17:40:13
580.   Yankees Brasil
Atta Boy!!
2007-10-07 17:40:32
581.   dianagramr
I think the Martinez throw to third last inning turned the momentum around ...
2007-10-07 17:40:45
582.   rbj
Score more runs. Don't let up.
2007-10-07 17:40:45
583.   cult of basebaal


2007-10-07 17:40:46
584.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Westbrook: ORLY?

Damon: YARLY!

Cleveland: No wai.... -_-,

2007-10-07 17:40:51
585.   Jeb
Hey Cleveland, you can take those gnats and shove them up your collective smiling asses!
2007-10-07 17:41:47
586.   pistolpete
577 I love the shot of the fans down the first base line as the batter jogs out of the box, slllllowwwly rising, watching the ball sllloooowlllly disappear over fence and then exploding with excitement.
2007-10-07 17:42:06
587.   ny2ca2dc
hard hit ball!!!!!!
2007-10-07 17:42:39
588.   SF Yanks
Now its in Phil's hands.

Hughes... be Huge.

2007-10-07 17:42:46
589.   ny2ca2dc
now bobby do your thing. make him completly unravel
2007-10-07 17:42:58
590.   NC Highlander
577 Nothing better. I always watch the crowd in replays. Next best thing to being there.
2007-10-07 17:43:19
591.   ny2ca2dc
fak... well, hughes for 2 more, then we win. das it
2007-10-07 17:43:26
592.   AbbyNormal821
586 me too, petey! always love seeing that!
Now let's keep it going!
2007-10-07 17:43:38
593.   Bluebleeder87
Damon still has a noodle arm...
2007-10-07 17:43:45
594.   51cq24
574 are you kidding monkeypants? they better fucking win
2007-10-07 17:43:57
595.   monkeypants
588 Yep--It's sorta like Game 2 again. The starter needs to get to the 7th or 8th, when we'll see Joba (chance for redemption) and Mo. The blue print is there, but can they follow it?
2007-10-07 17:43:57
596.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Hey Farnsworth, there are doughnuts and gasoline in someplace far away. Why don't you go check that out?
2007-10-07 17:44:27
597.   pistolpete
I think Hughes has already done his share - tough situation to follow Clemens in an early exit, especially in a playoff elimination game.

And he's a starter.

2007-10-07 17:44:35
598.   AbbyNormal821
591 ...again, shades of '96. Say it again! We play today, we win today...das it!
2007-10-07 17:44:56
599.   monkeypants
594 Better or what? You;ll ground them or take away the gameboy? Trust me, I'm pulling for a win.
2007-10-07 17:45:21
600.   ChrisS
Well, however this postseason shakes out, I'm feeling pretty optimistic about the young hurlers the Yanks' have.

Next year's team could be significantly different than this one.

Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2007-10-07 17:45:26
601.   Bluebleeder87
man, Hughes is the appitomy of a white boy....(watching 'em with out a hat)
2007-10-07 17:45:43
602.   Zack
I'd say Hughes for one more than the Joba. Gotta go game by game
2007-10-07 17:45:47
603.   51cq24
599 i mean, if they lose now, are you still going to be saying at least they put up a fight? maybe "at least hughes looked good"
2007-10-07 17:45:58
604.   pistolpete
I will never watch Frank TV.
2007-10-07 17:46:13
605.   nick
yessss! the lucky run comes through!
2007-10-07 17:46:17
606.   ny2ca2dc
Ya, Hughes has come up big so far, but I want at least another inning. Will be funny if Joba locks it down & gets all the credit with Hughes doing the heavy lifting... make it happen.

shit that was a nice curve!

2007-10-07 17:46:26
607.   51cq24
1st changeup of the day i think
2007-10-07 17:46:42
608.   rbj
I'd consider this game a Hughes start, and since he came in in the 3rd he can go deep. 7th at least.
2007-10-07 17:46:45
609.   Bob Timmermann
This is the Yankees' dream season?

Chip Caray's idiocy knows no bounds.

2007-10-07 17:46:58
610.   tommyl
Pasta Diving Jeter
2007-10-07 17:47:04
611.   Zack
That ball was so softly hit and Jeter STILL couldn't get to it
2007-10-07 17:47:19
612.   pistolpete
Caray is OBSESSED with the tying run and where it is at all times.
2007-10-07 17:47:33
613.   tommyl
Let's go guys, you can do this. I believe.
2007-10-07 17:47:39
614.   ny2ca2dc
joba up
2007-10-07 17:47:56
615.   Zack
Joba so soon?
2007-10-07 17:48:06
616.   51cq24
there are very few ss's who could have gotten to that, it was very far from where he was standing
2007-10-07 17:48:12
617.   pistolpete
614 Annnnnd the first insect joke by Caray.
2007-10-07 17:48:18
618.   monkeypants
603 Yes, I will. I will derive some meagre satisfaction from a contested game, unlike, say, game 7 in 2004.
2007-10-07 17:48:18
619.   Zack
6-4-3 come on
2007-10-07 17:48:24
620.   ny2ca2dc
if it gets threatening, joba for 2, mo for 2. step.on.neck
2007-10-07 17:48:27
621.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Pasta Running Jeter.
2007-10-07 17:48:45
622.   bobtaco
Come on young Jedi
2007-10-07 17:48:59
623.   tommyl
I love our kids, just love them.
2007-10-07 17:49:23
624.   tommyl
621 hahahahahaha
2007-10-07 17:49:25
625.   51cq24
618 i disagree. those kinds of games are easier to get over than, say, 2001.
2007-10-07 17:49:37
626.   pistolpete
C'mon kid, drop the curve.
2007-10-07 17:49:41
627.   Bluebleeder87
I wonder if Lofton still plays pick up Hoop games during the offseason
2007-10-07 17:49:56
628.   Zack
Nice Phil!
2007-10-07 17:49:57
629.   pistolpete
626 k, that works too.
2007-10-07 17:50:06
630.   Jeb
Sit down lofton. Return to the muthafuckin' mean!
2007-10-07 17:50:07
631.   51cq24
let's get a dp please
2007-10-07 17:50:11
632.   monkeypants
Hughes is looking n-i-c-e.
2007-10-07 17:50:16
633.   nick
Phillip Hughes, selected adjective: HUGE
2007-10-07 17:50:23
634.   Shaun P
Just got the kids to bed, and so here I am.

Have I missed anything exciting? ;)

623 Me too. We've going to have a lot of fun over the next 15 years.

2007-10-07 17:50:37
635.   NC Highlander
I still think Giambi was possibly safe on the flip play.
2007-10-07 17:50:51
636.   tommyl
Oh man, I care again. This team has me on an emotional rollercoaster.

Whatever happens, Hughes deserves some serious accolades. Coming in in relief in an elimination game as a rookie, wow. 2 more outs kid.

2007-10-07 17:50:52
637.   nick
see 49
2007-10-07 17:50:58
638.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Why are they comparing a fairly routine 3-run homer to a freakin' once-in-a-lifetime defensive stop in the 8th inning?
2007-10-07 17:51:01
639.   dianagramr
Jhonny Peralta, the slowest-running SS in MLB today (5 SB, 11 CS in his career)
2007-10-07 17:51:11
640.   SF Yanks
623 Seconded.
2007-10-07 17:51:26
641.   pistolpete
634 A-Rod's 0 fer 2. ;)
2007-10-07 17:52:18
642.   pistolpete
Don't forget, Nixon is the tying run.
2007-10-07 17:52:22
643.   Mark T.R. Donohue
After seeing the Phillies, Angels and ESPECIALLY the Cubs roll over, got to give huge props to the Yankees for fighting. Can't believe I'm writing it, but go Yanks! Bring some self-respect back to the Division Series!
2007-10-07 17:52:37
644.   51cq24
641 he had a single
2007-10-07 17:52:47
645.   tommyl
641 1 for 2
2007-10-07 17:52:58
646.   pistolpete
644 Kidding. :)
2007-10-07 17:53:10
647.   Shaun P
638 Because these announcers are very anti-Yankee. (I'd swear, but I promised my wife I wouldn't tonight. =)

641 Thanks. Why am I not surprised? Choker. =)

2007-10-07 17:53:18
648.   SF Yanks
I one thing that worries me about Phil is that he's capable of putting one right over the dish to be knocked out of the park.
2007-10-07 17:54:13
649.   ny2ca2dc
648 fuck that. K
2007-10-07 17:54:15
650.   monkeypants
Nice to show the Steinbrenner quote on Torre. By the way, "a lot" is two words.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2007-10-07 17:54:16
651.   51cq24
648 why would you say that right now?
2007-10-07 17:54:21
652.   pistolpete
Caray's a jackass - he started the broadcast by misquoting George, saying Torre 'would be fired' if the Yankees lost the DS.
2007-10-07 17:54:49
653.   51cq24
that's huge to fight back after those fouls
2007-10-07 17:54:51
654.   Jeb
Skip Caray says the Phil hughes's first win was against Cleveland. What about the 6 and 2/3 no hitter where he got hurt against Texas. Can skip even open his fucking media guide??????
2007-10-07 17:55:35
655.   SF Yanks
651 Because that's what worries me. Why are you on everyone's ass tonight?
2007-10-07 17:55:51
656.   dianagramr
could you imagine Chip teamed up with Joe Morgan??? (shudder)
2007-10-07 17:55:52
657.   AbbyNormal821
Phil is the Yanks Phuture!

Go get 'em, Hughes!

2007-10-07 17:56:11
658.   NC Highlander
TBS is slowly praising the yankees. Maybe they think it will be good ratings for a comeback.
2007-10-07 17:56:14
659.   nick
Tio Carlos!
2007-10-07 17:56:14
660.   Bluebleeder87
I really feel we saw the end of a great career with Roger Clemens today, he's been battling injuries for the last few years & SPECIALLY NOW with his ELBOW barking at 'em, it's sad but he went out with a K, not to shabby if you ask me.
2007-10-07 17:56:16
661.   SF Yanks
Nice Phil!!!
2007-10-07 17:56:17
662.   Zack
Hughes=the man
2007-10-07 17:56:21
663.   rbj
Man, that curve reminds me of David Wells'. But Phil is in much better shape.
2007-10-07 17:56:32
664.   pistolpete
655 Because Mattpat's not here tonight? ;)

The longer this goes, the more giddy I am about Hughes. I can't wait to see this kid for a full season.

2007-10-07 17:56:32
665.   Shaun P
It is so, so, SO nice to see Hughes consistently getting the curve over for strikes (and throwing the fastball at 92-93).

Way to go, Franchise!

2007-10-07 17:56:43
666.   tommyl
Philip Hughes, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Way to go kid.
2007-10-07 17:56:46
667.   nick
that was for Bluebleeder's 601
2007-10-07 17:56:53
668.   Zack
658 They know they need to have at least ONE series that isn't a sweep
2007-10-07 17:56:54
669.   51cq24
655 i was just kidding with you
2007-10-07 17:57:02
670.   3rd gen yankee fan
AWESOME. Love Phil.
2007-10-07 17:57:08
671.   ny2ca2dc
and so begins the Phil Hughes legend
2007-10-07 17:57:23
672.   AbbyNormal821
Question - who were the fucking brainiacs that chose to have these games on TBS? Good God, they're just awful (sans Tony Gwynn...I just can't say anything bad about him!)
2007-10-07 17:57:39
673.   AbbyNormal821
671 Amen, brother!
2007-10-07 17:57:44
674.   rbj
656 There are some things one does not talk about in polite company. Or on the intertubes. That is a thoroughly disgusting idea.
2007-10-07 17:58:07
675.   cult of basebaal
2007-10-07 17:58:21
676.   pistolpete
672 Don't the networks bid on these games?
2007-10-07 17:58:33
677.   3rd gen yankee fan
650 What a bunch of assholes. Now I'm actually happy that I'm on the radio tonight.
2007-10-07 17:58:42
678.   OldYanksFan
I (am beginning to) BELIEVE!
I (am beginning to) BELIEVE!
I (am beginning to) BELIEVE!
Go Prince Phillip!
2007-10-07 17:58:47
679.   Yankees Brasil
Let's put this shit away now! Score 3 more runs and we are good.
2007-10-07 17:59:06
680.   tommyl
660 I think Joe let him. I think the first trip to the mound Clemens said he was hurt and was done, but said he wanted one more batter. His fastball had an extra 2-3mph on it that AB. Did anyone else notice him tearing up as he entered the dugout? He knows its over. I'll miss you Rocket and thanks for some amazing memories.

Also, whoever said we never got Rocket in vintage form is on crack. Remember his Cy Young? Remember Game 7 in 2001?

2007-10-07 17:59:18
681.   Sarasota
........ more like the demise of Roger and the rise of Phranchise!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-10-07 17:59:53
682.   SF Yanks
669 Oh sorry. I'm a little tense right now, please excuse me.
2007-10-07 18:00:01
683.   randym77
I'm surprised Westbrook's back.
2007-10-07 18:00:25
684.   51cq24
can't say enough about hughes tonight. and i agree it's nice to see him throwing the curve for a strike. but as good as he was today, this is not the same curveball we saw before he got hurt. that one was much sharper, and i can't wait to see it again when he's fully healthy and not scared of pulling the hamstring again.
2007-10-07 18:00:45
685.   AbbyNormal821
678 Spread the word!
2007-10-07 18:00:53
686.   rbj
More runs, please.
2007-10-07 18:00:53
687.   NC Highlander
Do any of the Indians players own a razor?
2007-10-07 18:01:01
688.   pistolpete
Hey guys, don't forget - Asdrubal Cabrera's the tying run.
2007-10-07 18:01:31
689.   ChrisS
Ya know, I was talking to a friend during the early part of the game and I was pissed at Rocket and said the Yankees were making a mistake of starting Rocket, who is probably the 4th or 5th best pitcher on the staff. And he said who else could they start and I said Phil Hughes, but no manager in his right mind would start a 21 year old rookie in the place of a certain HOFer in a win-or-go-home-game. Regardless of which one was the better pitcher down the stretch.

If nothing else, Hughes has come into his own this Sept/Oct and made the adjustment from dominant AAA pitcher to excellent ML pitcher. He can only get better over the next few years. Next year's staff is going to be very good and very young.

2007-10-07 18:01:46
690.   NC Highlander
There ya go Arod.

Please stay in NY.

2007-10-07 18:01:46
691.   AbbyNormal821
Think they'll bring Joba in? I think he'll be much better pitching at home! GO A-ROD!!! We'll take it!
2007-10-07 18:01:46
692.   rbj
That's a hit!
2007-10-07 18:01:49
693.   nick
what's the Hughes pitch count?
Jonny P lazy again!
2007-10-07 18:01:59
694.   tommyl
2 for 3 for the choking choker.
2007-10-07 18:02:00
695.   bobtaco
Now steal Arod, stay out of the god damn DP.
2007-10-07 18:02:00
696.   cult of basebaal
so ... joba for 2 and then mo?
2007-10-07 18:02:05
697.   51cq24
682 tense? why are you tense???

680 how about the game against seattle in 2000? that was one of the best pitching performances i've seen.

2007-10-07 18:02:05
698.   Shaun P
680 Remember Game 4 of the ALCS in '00? The 15-K one hitter? My God, if that wasn't vintage Clemens, nothing was.

Way to go, A-Rod! 2 for 3!!!! =)

2007-10-07 18:02:19
699.   pistolpete
680 But what happens if we keep going? Kennedy?
2007-10-07 18:02:40
700.   cult of basebaal
way to bust it alex!
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2007-10-07 18:03:03
701.   rbj
689 Next year should be real good. We could even think about sending the Moose out to pasture, say in San Diego.
2007-10-07 18:03:43
702.   pistolpete
BTW, anyone see the ESPN front page?

Big pic of Clemens with the headline, "Going...going.."

F*ck you, ESPN.

2007-10-07 18:03:57
703.   nick
680 I'm on crack--ok, I'll give you that one great complete game start, but look at the career in seasonal notation: Roger comes to NYC, Roger becomes less effective: rinse and repeat....
2007-10-07 18:04:01
704.   cult of basebaal
697 yeah i brought that game up in the BP chat when some boston homer called beckett's game 1 "one of the 3 best post-season starts ever" ... 9 innings, 1 hit, 15ks ... pure dominance
2007-10-07 18:04:03
705.   AbbyNormal821
I really hope they keep Phil in at least to start the next inning! He's dealin'
2007-10-07 18:04:14
706.   ChrisS
Hughes is at 63, I think he can run it to Mo, unless he lets the tying run get to the plate, then we see Joba.
2007-10-07 18:04:18
707.   Shaun P
697 Wow - how did we both post that at exactly the same time? Cool.

696 I say let Hughes do a bit. He's only done 63 pitches - 43 for strikes. Hot damn.

2007-10-07 18:04:35
708.   monkeypants
672 Didn't Brenely and Caray announce for Fox? I'm not sure it matters which network gets the games, they seem to choose from teh same set of shitty announcers; and they all insist on following the the same über-annoying broadcast pattern that Fox has mastered.
2007-10-07 18:04:48
709.   EricSanSan
If the Yanks get any more runs in this inning, I think Hughes should go back out there. I can't fault putting Joba in either, but we have to remember, we need to win tomorrow too.

Again, if Joba comes in, its great. Hopefully, we can score and few more and not have to use him. That was he can be ready to go after Wang.


2007-10-07 18:04:49
710.   cult of basebaal
705 phil is done i think ... joba gets up, joba comes in
2007-10-07 18:04:50
711.   nemecizer
702 Why hold back?


Red Sox loving assholes...

2007-10-07 18:05:07
712.   pistolpete
Hey Craig, why aren't you interviewing 'Freddy Sez' in the stands?
2007-10-07 18:05:26
713.   51cq24
707 yeah good job. because it was so fucking amazingly good, i guess. the same time thing is a little freaky.
2007-10-07 18:05:41
714.   Zack
finally Jorge!
2007-10-07 18:05:44
715.   AbbyNormal821
Go Jorgie!!!! Start the merry-go-round!
2007-10-07 18:05:44
716.   Shaun P
Aaron Fultz. Not exactly a shut down reliever. I am not scared. (No offense Mike C, das411, and any other Philly Phans out there.)

OK Posada - time to make up for Games 1 and 2!

2007-10-07 18:05:46
717.   nemecizer
710 That would be crazy, he's on a roll. Bring him in until he hits 90 pitches or makes a mistake. Then bring in Joba.
2007-10-07 18:05:48
718.   NC Highlander
I can feel it..Can you feel it???
2007-10-07 18:05:55
719.   nick
o christ, now we have to bunt, right? I don't know whether to approve or dread it-
2007-10-07 18:05:59
720.   ChrisS
706 unless of course we bust it open and then it's all farns, all the time.
2007-10-07 18:06:03
721.   Shaun P
2007-10-07 18:06:09
722.   nemecizer
Jorge's first hit of the series!
2007-10-07 18:06:21
723.   nick
but with Jason, gotta let him hit, no?
2007-10-07 18:06:27
724.   bobtaco
Bunt Dougie, get it down...
2007-10-07 18:06:30
725.   EricSanSan
Here comes the bunt!
2007-10-07 18:06:39
726.   rbj
"The cynics said the Yankees were paying Roger Clemens $1 million a start. By that math, postseason gigs are free. Good thing. Needing his best, New York didn't even get three innings."

What F'ing tools at ESPN.

2007-10-07 18:06:46
727.   cult of basebaal
nice jorge!
2007-10-07 18:06:52
728.   Orly Yarly NoWai
...I actually wouldn't mind a bunt.

Strange, isn't it?

2007-10-07 18:07:08
729.   monkeypants
696 706 Agreed, ChrisS--with the lead and 63 pitches, you try to milk Hughes through the 7th, then go to Joba for one and Mo for one. Hell, if Hughes rolls, maybe steal an out or threein teh eighth.

PS--Bunting Posada to second is bad, bad strategy.

2007-10-07 18:07:26
730.   OldYanksFan
Bizarro World is here.
Stink PHing for Giambi.
2007-10-07 18:07:30
731.   AbbyNormal821
sweet, Dougie!
2007-10-07 18:07:30
732.   cult of basebaal
MUST be a bunt, right?
2007-10-07 18:07:30
733.   bobtaco
2007-10-07 18:07:35
734.   NC Highlander
Way to go Menky.
2007-10-07 18:07:38
735.   rufuswashere
Well it worked. Now let's see if it was worth giving up that out.
2007-10-07 18:07:47
736.   monkeypants
696 706 Agreed, ChrisS--with the lead and 63 pitches, you try to milk Hughes through the 7th, then go to Joba for one and Mo for one. Hell, if Hughes rolls, maybe steal an out or threein the eighth.

What does it say that you have to PH for Giambi to bunt?

2007-10-07 18:07:58
737.   Shaun P
Let's not forget, Minky managed to crush the ball in September. I say let him swing away. Screw the bunt.
2007-10-07 18:08:09
738.   Zack
Wow, pinch hitting Giambi with the Stink, has the world ended?
2007-10-07 18:08:21
739.   NC Highlander
Walking Matsuii does us a favor. Thanks Clev.
2007-10-07 18:08:27
740.   51cq24
2007-10-07 18:08:44
741.   AbbyNormal821
Are they kidding me w/this walk? Phil is forging his legend...LET'S GO ROBBIE!
2007-10-07 18:08:45
742.   pistolpete
654 Your comment stuck with me, and I looked up Hughes' game log this year.

Get this - he actually had a win against KC after the game in Texas before beating Cleveland.

So the Indians was actually his third ML victory.

Nice job, Caray. Very professional.

2007-10-07 18:08:47
743.   randym77
I never thought I'd see Minky pinch-hitting for Giambi.
2007-10-07 18:08:56
744.   bobtaco
Robbie always sucks with the bases loaded, I hope we are in bizzaro world.
2007-10-07 18:09:16
745.   nick
I like Robbie here!
2007-10-07 18:09:17
746.   NC Highlander
Grand slam here, then let there be no doubt that we mean business.

And so shall it be.

2007-10-07 18:09:21
747.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Run Expectancy of 1.65.
2007-10-07 18:09:29
748.   monkeypants
729 Ignore that--I forgot that there were two on base. See 736 .

I'm an idiot.

2007-10-07 18:09:33
749.   dianagramr
wow .... surprised at the IBB ...
2007-10-07 18:09:42
750.   AbbyNormal821
Fuck it, we'll take a single...whatever! Just get another run across!

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2007-10-07 18:09:49
751.   Zack
Robbie! YES, TROT BLEW IT!!!!
2007-10-07 18:09:49
752.   cult of basebaal
2007-10-07 18:09:53
753.   pistolpete


2007-10-07 18:09:56
754.   rbj

Nixon's got the trots!!

2007-10-07 18:09:58
755.   NC Highlander
That also works.
2007-10-07 18:10:07
756.   Orly Yarly NoWai
738 He's a better bunter and a better defender.
2007-10-07 18:10:14
757.   cult of basebaal
2007-10-07 18:10:27
758.   OldYanksFan
I got it... I got it...
2007-10-07 18:10:27
759.   bobtaco
Holy Shit!!!!!!! Thank you Trot. Praise Christ.
2007-10-07 18:10:31
760.   SF Yanks
Ohhhh... what a beautiful thing!!!!
2007-10-07 18:10:37
761.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-10-07 18:10:37
762.   randym77
Trot giveth, Trot taketh away.
2007-10-07 18:10:53
763.   nemecizer
2007-10-07 18:10:54
764.   ny2ca2dc
oh fuck yes. thank you trot nixon!
2007-10-07 18:11:01
765.   cult of basebaal
NOW you leave phil in ... have joba ice the arm for tomorrow
2007-10-07 18:11:05
766.   Zack
I'd throw Phil back out there so Joba can go tomorrow as well
2007-10-07 18:11:08
767.   nick
i LUUUUUUVVVVE Robbie right there!
2007-10-07 18:11:19
768.   pistolpete
Is Joba still coming in? Do we need him anymore?
2007-10-07 18:11:20
769.   JimCobain
Nixon lost a game for the Sox like that... I think it was a Moose, Pedro match up... fucking love it!
2007-10-07 18:11:23
770.   Jeff P
Wow, were was Grady Sizemore backing up on that play? That cost an additional run for the Indians.
2007-10-07 18:11:34
771.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Now the RunEx is only .387. Oh well.
2007-10-07 18:11:43
772.   dianagramr
Hmmm ..... 298 point 2 seems to be in play here.
2007-10-07 18:11:51
773.   monkeypants
Now, with the five run lead, Torre must try to get as much as he can out of Hughes.It would be huge to have a rested Joba for two innings tomorrow, especially with short-leash Moose on the mound.
2007-10-07 18:11:57
774.   AbbyNormal821
754 LOL!!!! That was fucking beautiful! I hope Cleveland is crappin' itself tonight!
2007-10-07 18:12:06
775.   NC Highlander
Trot...once a Red sux, always.
2007-10-07 18:12:28
776.   Jeb
2004? Damon homers, Minky lays a good bunt and Nixon overruns a ball...down 2 games to 0 and the comeback kids from Boston are all involved! Is this OUR 2004?
2007-10-07 18:12:29
777.   Jeb
2004? Damon homers, Minky lays a good bunt and Nixon overruns a ball...down 2 games to 0 and the comeback kids from Boston are all involved! Is this OUR 2004?
2007-10-07 18:12:31
778.   pistolpete
773 Agreed, but isn't one of the 'rules' that if Joba warms up he's coming in?
2007-10-07 18:12:36
779.   ChrisS
That's it, Phil goes and turns it over to Ohlendorf and Farnsworth. 5 runs isn't impregnable, and there's no tomorrow without today, but there's no reason to hamstring the bullpen in essentially garbage time.
2007-10-07 18:12:50
780.   Shaun P
2007-10-07 18:13:04
781.   AbbyNormal821
776 Let's hope so, Jeb!
2007-10-07 18:13:10
782.   Orly Yarly NoWai
Joba down in the pen, please. Hughes for an inning (maybe) then Farnsworth or Ohlendorf.
2007-10-07 18:14:20
783.   pistolpete
Hey guys, don't forget - Ryan Garko's now the tying run.
2007-10-07 18:14:26
784.   ny2ca2dc
this is the first real momentum changer, if you believe in that sort of thing, since 2004. Big ass performances, thank you hughes!
2007-10-07 18:14:32
785.   Shaun P
779 I'd like to see another 5 runs or so before Krazy Kyle starts warming up.

Otherwise, yeah, I say let's run the back end of the pen out there. Joba and Mo will be ready if need be.

2007-10-07 18:14:39
786.   NC Highlander
Tribe be afraid. Be very afraid.
2007-10-07 18:14:58
787.   tommyl
Good point about the Rocket Seattle game, that was amazing.

Alright boys, a rally started by, dare I say it, Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez? in the postseason? While Jeter is still 0fer?

Love the kids.

2007-10-07 18:15:12
788.   AbbyNormal821
785 I'd like to see no stomach can't handle it.
2007-10-07 18:15:39
789.   51cq24
i don't think there are anymore joba rules
2007-10-07 18:16:03
790.   tommyl
Guys Joba is coming in at some point. No dry humps for the kids.
2007-10-07 18:16:13
791.   3rd gen yankee fan
783 You're killing me with that! LOL
2007-10-07 18:16:46
792.   ChrisS
788 C'mon, where's your sense of adventure?
2007-10-07 18:17:06
793.   NC Highlander
Dane Cook, Chip Caray, Bob Brenly and Frank Caliendo in an elevator.

Who do u kill first?

2007-10-07 18:17:12
794.   Zack
Well, I would have stuck with Hughes, but I guess you have to go game by game. However, Joba should perhaps only go one inning?
2007-10-07 18:17:13
795.   rbj
What there is, is Joba Rules!

I can't decide which one I want to hit with a cast iron skillet first, Dane Cook or Chip Caray.

2007-10-07 18:17:32
796.   ChrisS
Joe is apparently taking no chances.
2007-10-07 18:17:41
797.   monkeypants
Fucking waste of Joba here. Maybe they pitch hime for only one or two batters, and he's available tomorrow.
2007-10-07 18:17:49
798.   Shaun P
2007-10-07 18:18:13
799.   nick
please don't make Joba pitch two today, Joe--we need somebody tomorrow-
2007-10-07 18:18:14
800.   ChrisS
793 If there's only one bullet, I believe I would choose myself.
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2007-10-07 18:18:19
801.   JimCobain
793 Myself.
2007-10-07 18:18:25
802.   pistolpete
793 With one bullet? Myself.
2007-10-07 18:18:35
803.   AbbyNormal821
792 I'm not a big risk taker! ;-P
2007-10-07 18:18:40
804.   Eirias
Doesn't Phil Huge have four strikeouts?
2007-10-07 18:18:44
805.   NC Highlander
Why Joba?? Is this psychological? A bug free performance for confidence sake?
2007-10-07 18:19:02
806.   Jeb
742 thanks pistol. That damn carey didn't even bother to look because he's a lazy piece of shit looking for half-ass connections. He could have just as easily have said, "Hughes is no stranger to the tribe having gotten a big win over them this year."

Stupid piece of shit. He's nothing like his alcoholic grabdaddy.

2007-10-07 18:19:04
807.   51cq24
793 just cut the cord?
2007-10-07 18:19:22
808.   SF Yanks
793 That's easy. Chip.
2007-10-07 18:19:29
809.   cult of basebaal
joba gets up, joba comes in ... at least if he only goes one here, he's available for 1 tomorrow night
2007-10-07 18:20:28
810.   Eirias
793 Only one bullet? You could probably do irrepairable damage to the control system of the elevator with a bullet.
2007-10-07 18:20:37
811.   tommyl
Slider of death! Guess the kid isn't fazed.
2007-10-07 18:20:48
812.   rmd0311
i dont get it... Why not leave Hughes in, he was doing great.
2007-10-07 18:20:55
813.   pistolpete
See? No bugs = good Joba.

I'd definitely pull my team off the field if that sh*t happens again in game 5.

2007-10-07 18:21:03
814.   AbbyNormal821
Now comes the part of the game where I can't watch the opposing team when they're at bat...even with a 5 run lead. Too nerve-racking!
2007-10-07 18:21:10
815.   OldYanksFan
797 Once Joba warms up, he's in. He was warming before the 3 run rally... so he's in. Hopefully for 1 inning only, and we squeeze by the 8th and 9th with VizDorfVeras.
2007-10-07 18:21:17
816.   JimCobain
Guys the rules are thrown out it's post season time. Joba will pitch as much as is needed as long as he is effecive.
2007-10-07 18:21:34
817.   rbj
I'd have run Phil out for another inning, then Joba for the 8th & Mo the 9th. If Yankees don't win tonight, doesn't matter who's rested for tomorrow.
2007-10-07 18:21:42
818.   pistolpete
2007-10-07 18:21:42
819.   Eirias
Not to look ahead, but next year's staff is going to be awesome.
2007-10-07 18:21:46
820.   Orly Yarly NoWai
782 Or Joba could dominate.
2007-10-07 18:21:53
821.   cult of basebaal
DAMN ... i would not like to meet joba in an alley with that look in his eyes ... he is sooooo pissed about game 2
2007-10-07 18:22:34
822.   ChrisS
Ya know, with the arguments for and against Joba in the 'pen and Joba starting, I say we just let him throw whenever the hell he feels like throwing and we thank him for the opportunity to watch.

That slider is downright illegal.

2007-10-07 18:22:38
823.   Jeb
6 I am amending my rules. We are up 5 in the 7th and now NEED to start thinking about tomorrow when we might need joba and mo for 2 innings each. Joba should only pitch this one inning because he warmed up and then turn it over to Ross and the viz.
2007-10-07 18:22:56
824.   nick
filthy, nasty pitches, yessss....
2007-10-07 18:22:58
825.   rbj
A front is coming through Ohio on Tuesday, Wednesday is going to be October weather. There will be no bugs then.
2007-10-07 18:23:01
826.   Shaun P
815 Great point, OYF. BTW - my wife, watching a game with me for the first time all year, wants to know when we can collect on that NH dinner you promised me. =)

I love this kid. JOBA!

2007-10-07 18:23:07
827.   NC Highlander
818 Yeah you're right. Maybe this is Torre's way of saying "F you Cleveland. We know it was the bugs that beat us. Not our Joba."
2007-10-07 18:23:11
828.   Orly Yarly NoWai
2007-10-07 18:23:17
829.   Eirias
818 Exactly. Joba means business today.
2007-10-07 18:23:17
830.   51cq24
it would be nice if posada could catch fastballs
2007-10-07 18:23:25
831.   monkeypants
815 I understand the 'rule,' but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If you warm a player and don't use him, clearly that is less wear and tear than warmimg him and using him. Moreover, they have already done away with the 'rules' in late and post season. No, I think this is a classics case of Torre panicking, not any adherence to the 'rules.'
2007-10-07 18:23:53
832.   pistolpete
It's times like RIGHT NOW that I wish I was sitting in a seat at the Stadium.
2007-10-07 18:24:19
833.   Orly Yarly NoWai
831 The verdict will come in the next inning.
2007-10-07 18:24:40
834.   3rd gen yankee fan
825 Perfect. Yankees fire on all cylinders in October weather.
2007-10-07 18:25:21
835.   pistolpete
Whew. Thought that went yard.
2007-10-07 18:25:27
836.   weeping for brunnhilde
Thank God, Team, thank God.

Nice to see the guys take the baseball the other way. Melky's hit was sweet.

Nice to see Damon do some damage for us in October, too.

And speaking of which, how fucking sweet to watch that ball roll under Trot's glove!

And all hail Phil Hughes.

2007-10-07 18:26:01
837.   nemecizer
3 up, 3 down. The Tribe has exactly 2 hits since Clemens left the game.

Welcome to our Yankee future, baseball. Be very, very afraid!!!

2007-10-07 18:26:03
838.   pistolpete
2007-10-07 18:26:12
839.   51cq24
831 i agree. but it should be fine.
2007-10-07 18:26:13
840.   AbbyNormal821
I think this team is definitely fighting now to win, for themselves, for the fans and for Torre (in spite of what many think of him)
2007-10-07 18:26:17
841.   Eirias
I miss Bob Sheppard.
2007-10-07 18:26:30
842.   cult of basebaal
now, just to make mattpat's head explode ... i predict The Farnswacker is coming in for the 8th
2007-10-07 18:26:33
843.   NC Highlander
Joba as a starter = future no hitters
2007-10-07 18:26:38
844.   bobtaco
Is the good luck eagle in the house tonight?
2007-10-07 18:26:38
845.   weeping for brunnhilde
Nice pitching, Joba.

Fucking goddamned fucking locusts.

2007-10-07 18:26:51
846.   Zack
I see Ronan Tynan still looks like Shrek
2007-10-07 18:27:11
847.   Yankees Brasil
Now the only thing missing is an A-Rod homer.
2007-10-07 18:27:40
848.   Eirias
Jensen Lewis is coming in? URP alert.
2007-10-07 18:27:55
849.   pistolpete
Well, we're not winning it all this year. Curse of Ronan Tynan and all. ;-)
2007-10-07 18:27:59
850.   51cq24
why are we getting the long version of god bless america here? isn't that saved for when we're down?
Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2007-10-07 18:28:07
851.   tommyl
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think you go to Farnsworth for the 8th. Mo is ready and then you don't burn Joba for tomorrow night.
2007-10-07 18:28:18
852.   rbj
844 Anyone seen the squirrel?
2007-10-07 18:28:24
853.   NC Highlander
I'm proud that the Yankees still do God Bless America.

Only team in baseball to my knowledge that still does it.

2007-10-07 18:28:24
854.   nemecizer
848 "URP"?
2007-10-07 18:28:27
855.   AbbyNormal821
845 This is why I love the Banter - no fear of the "F-bombs"!!! Fuckin'-A!!!
2007-10-07 18:28:35
856.   Eirias
847 But that would be derided as a meaningless homer.
2007-10-07 18:29:07
857.   bartap74
I just got home after a birthday celebration and turned on the TV with bated breath. The first thing I heard was Caray(?) saying Clemens only lasted 2+ and I thought we were screwed. Nice to see my despair was for naught.
2007-10-07 18:29:08
858.   AbbyNormal821
847 That would be the bomb (literally!)
2007-10-07 18:29:22
859.   williamnyy23
More runs would make this decision easier, but I think you need to pull Joba here, which presumably would allow him to go two tomorrow. Worst case scenario, you bring Mo into the 8th if Kyle/Viz can't get three outs. Under no circumstances should Ohlendorf/Veras see the light of day.

It is crucial that Joe be able to get 3 innings from Joba/Mo tomorrow, regardless of the combination. He needs to manage this game with that objective in mind.

2007-10-07 18:29:31
860.   Eirias
854 Unfamiliar Rookie Pitcher.
2007-10-07 18:29:57
861.   51cq24
853 why not 'this land is your land'?
2007-10-07 18:30:09
862.   Yankees Brasil
856 Can't please everybody.

858 LOL!!

2007-10-07 18:31:40
863.   bobtaco
Jeter, get that kryptonite out of your pocket.
2007-10-07 18:32:13
864.   pistolpete
Why put Gwynn in the middle of the team? Caray and Brenly are probably sitting 3 feet further out than if they had Ripken sitting there...
2007-10-07 18:33:28
865.   nemecizer
860 Let's hope it turns out to be "Useless Replacement Player"!
2007-10-07 18:34:09
866.   Jeb
I'd still like to see the relaxed Arod punctuate things with a fuck you Homerun. Was it just me or were the Indians and their fans just a WEE bit too happy back in C-town the other night? I'd like to wipe those smiles off their faces.
2007-10-07 18:34:16
867.   tommyl
On a slightly down note, Cap continues to be awful, just plain awful.
2007-10-07 18:34:33
868.   cult of basebaal
good to see jeter's getting on track ...
2007-10-07 18:34:37
869.   joejoejoe
864 Tony Gwynn is like one of those Russian nesting dolls, with smaller Tonys inside. About 4 or 5 dolls in you get to the Tony that is the same size as his playing days.
2007-10-07 18:34:54
870.   51cq24
867 he'll snap out of it tomorrow, i promise
2007-10-07 18:36:05
871.   51cq24
hey be nice to tony gwynn
2007-10-07 18:36:11
872.   pistolpete
869 ROFL!!
2007-10-07 18:36:22
873.   Eirias
Hughes really impressed me tonight, maybe even more than the Texas game.
2007-10-07 18:36:22
874.   AbbyNormal821
870 Agreed. Let them win tonight, and hopefully they all crank it up to 11 tomorrow!!!
2007-10-07 18:36:43
875.   ChrisS
Jaysus, Jensen Lewis = Joba?
2007-10-07 18:37:12
876.   cult of basebaal
alex is starting to lock in, methinks
2007-10-07 18:37:35
877.   AbbyNormal821
damn, that was a crap swing, Alex!
2007-10-07 18:37:52
878.   pistolpete
Oh Jesus, Alex.
2007-10-07 18:38:02
879.   ny2ca2dc
873 you may be right - there could not have been more pressure, and he handled it perfectly. what did he give up, one double & one single, that it?
2007-10-07 18:38:27
880.   Eirias
865 See? If we haven't seen him at least 5 times, we cannot beat him.
2007-10-07 18:38:28
881.   AbbyNormal821
double crap!
2007-10-07 18:39:04
882.   randym77
Cy Lewis mows 'em down.
2007-10-07 18:39:14
883.   Eirias
880 They should have started Lewis tonight. Lord knows that is how the Rays ever beat us.
2007-10-07 18:39:22
884.   cult of basebaal
damn ... it must be nice to have the 5th guy in your bullpen come in and strike out the side ... well, at least we've got Krazy Kyle
2007-10-07 18:40:02
885.   Jeb
866 fuck you strikeout by Arod. Oh well, he still played an 6 important role with his 2 hits. Perhaps the A-bomb comes tomorrow night.

By the way, if Arod opts out and hits a homer in Yankee stadium next year, will sterling still call it an A-bomb?

2007-10-07 18:40:07
886.   nemecizer
879 Hughes' line:

3.2IP, 2H, 0R, 0ER, 4K, 1.59ERA

2007-10-07 18:40:53
887.   pistolpete
Hey guys, just a heads up - Trot Nixon's the tying run.
2007-10-07 18:41:29
888.   Yankees Brasil
887 LOL!
2007-10-07 18:41:38
889.   pistolpete
Um, Joba...


2007-10-07 18:41:41
890.   51cq24
886 and that double was a pop up

what the fuck is joba doing here?

2007-10-07 18:41:48
891.   3rd gen yankee fan
887 hahahahahahahaha! :-D
2007-10-07 18:41:57
892.   monkeypants
Second inning for Joba. Torre is completely insane. See 833 .
2007-10-07 18:41:57
893.   Jeb
Why the fuck is joba in???? This isn't game 4!
2007-10-07 18:42:19
894.   nick
man, I understand this but I REALLY don't like it....maybe we're gonna save Mo and get two from him tomorrow? yeah, fat chance we are.....I do not like this....
2007-10-07 18:42:32
895.   tommyl
This is a mistake, now Joba can't pitch tomorrow.
2007-10-07 18:42:33
896.   bobtaco
Joba two innings tonight, how many you think he is good for tomorrow?
2007-10-07 18:42:39
897.   51cq24
i actually thought he'd been having a pretty decent series so far. here we go again. fire joe.
2007-10-07 18:42:59
898.   ChrisS
And Joe wonders why there's such a thing as Joba Rules. Christ the kid would have 30 two inning appearances in September if Joe had his way.
2007-10-07 18:43:22
899.   Eirias
895 There is no way that rule is not being broken, if necessary.
2007-10-07 18:43:27
900.   monkeypants
892 Now, the only way Torre could top this is by using Mo in the 9th if the lead is still four or five runs.
Show/Hide Comments 901-950
2007-10-07 18:43:28
901.   tommyl
Just remember this when in the 8th inning tomorrow night we see Kyle or Viz.
2007-10-07 18:44:14
902.   tommyl
899 That isn't from the Joba rules, his PC is up to 22 already. How is he going to pitch tomorrow?
2007-10-07 18:44:18
903.   Zack
Wow, that was like the slowest DP ever
2007-10-07 18:44:22
904.   SF Yanks
897 Can I fire you?
2007-10-07 18:44:24
905.   NC Highlander
There's the good signs we are looking for.


2007-10-07 18:44:59
906.   Woden325
853 Rockies still do it on Sundays and special occasions. They had an Air Force Academy band trumpeter play it last night.
2007-10-07 18:45:02
907.   pistolpete
900 You say that like it won't happen. I have some news for you....
2007-10-07 18:45:11
908.   Eirias
899 If necessary, the rules will be broken. On the field, Torre is the boss, and this is his job we are talking about.
2007-10-07 18:45:12
909.   51cq24
904 are you still tense?
2007-10-07 18:45:47
910.   cult of basebaal
lovely, just lovely ... joe had better hope the game isn't close tomorrow night or he's gonna regret having joba go 2 ... sigh
2007-10-07 18:46:18
911.   Eirias
902 Touché. Hadn't thought of that.
2007-10-07 18:46:37
912.   rbj
853 Tigers do it on Sundays. Mudhens don't do it at all.
2007-10-07 18:46:40
913.   OldYanksFan
826 Just give me enough notice to thaw it.
2007-10-07 18:46:44
914.   AbbyNormal821
bring it, Joba - bring the nasty!
2007-10-07 18:47:12
915.   ny2ca2dc
really. pull joba. get the fucker some rest. oh christ, veras up
2007-10-07 18:47:25
916.   monkeypants
Walk, and the pitch count grows. Shit, at this point they might as well let him finish the game and shut him down until (hoped for) game five.
2007-10-07 18:47:53
917.   tommyl
897 Woh, did I say fire Joe!!!!? I think this is a bad move, yes it nails down the game, but it leaves you potentially short tomorrow, a day where Moose is possibly starting and Hughes is unavailable. That leaves a pen of Veras, Ohlendorf, Vizcaino, Farnsworth and Rivera (and I guess possibly Pettite with all hands on deck). That's a lot weaker in the 6,7 and 8th innings now.
2007-10-07 18:47:53
918.   cult of basebaal
seriously ... VERAS??? is getting warm?
2007-10-07 18:47:55
919.   NC Highlander
So with Veras we win 9-8 in 10 innings right?
2007-10-07 18:48:08
920.   OldYanksFan
831 Yes... Look at Torre. He is the picture of panic. Good call.
2007-10-07 18:48:16
921.   fansince77
If we've got to go to our best reliever with a five run lead...I just don't like it. This is supposed to be like "other guy time..." Is Joe going to use Mo in the 9th also?
2007-10-07 18:48:36
922.   rbj
Ah yes, try and sell the Rockies - Diamondbacks series.
2007-10-07 18:48:56
923.   cult of basebaal
fuck you lofton
2007-10-07 18:49:17
924.   Zack
So why is Joba in again? Who do you turn to now Joe?
2007-10-07 18:49:22
925.   fansince77
You better let Chamberlain finish this now!
2007-10-07 18:49:28
926.   bobtaco
32? Fuck you, Joe. Go Quantril and Sturtze someone else.
2007-10-07 18:49:42
927.   AbbyNormal821
923 yeah...what you said!
2007-10-07 18:49:50
928.   Eirias
Big night for Peralta? How unfortunate that he cannot spell Johnny.
2007-10-07 18:49:54
929.   Zack
Jesus, do NOT bring in Veras now Joe. WTF!
2007-10-07 18:49:55
930.   rmd0311
Seriously.... TORRE has to be an IDIOT....JUST AN IDIOT....
2007-10-07 18:50:13
931.   cult of basebaal
and seriously joe, this is some terrible bullpen management ... 30+ pitches for joba with a 5 run lead and a must win game tomorrow
2007-10-07 18:50:27
932.   randym77
Kenny Lofton is 40 years old. Most 40-year-old outfielders are retired. Or DHing.
2007-10-07 18:50:31
933.   Bob Timmermann
I'll be watching the NLCS with great interest.
2007-10-07 18:50:41
934.   SF Yanks
What is happening right now?
2007-10-07 18:50:47
935.   rbj
Mo. Now.
2007-10-07 18:50:47
936.   51cq24
ok great now what
2007-10-07 18:51:02
937.   Zack
Unbelievable. Now Joe HAS to bring in the BP, and the game will start to slip away
2007-10-07 18:51:05
938.   Jeb
Mr. Torre, FUCK YOU!
2007-10-07 18:51:07
939.   NC Highlander
So much for giving Joba a boost of confidence Joe.

That was handled well...good job Joe.


2007-10-07 18:51:09
940.   monkeypants
920 You know what I mean. Torre consistently overreacts with his BP use. Instead of trusting his slop to go one or two innings with a five run lead, he throws his best reliever for not one but two innings. After two innings the other night. Oh, and looky-here: Joba is running out of gas. And he's probably shot for tomorrow.
2007-10-07 18:51:13
941.   pistolpete
Not only is he not available tomorrow but now he's putting men on because he's tired, and the next guy will undoubtedly let all those guys in.
2007-10-07 18:51:21
942.   ny2ca2dc
this better not get out of hand
2007-10-07 18:51:21
943.   nick
Joba's stuff has just vanished. Wow. The stuff just fucking vanished.


2007-10-07 18:51:30
944.   williamnyy23
Wow...did Torre screw this inning up or what. He forces Joba to throw 35+ pitches and now he doesn't have Rivera ready. Just great Joe.
2007-10-07 18:51:37
945.   cult of basebaal
and now you have to get rivera stirring in case veras spits the bit ... GREAT JOB, just GREAT
2007-10-07 18:51:37
946.   rmd0311
The power of Torre managing... Joba STILL in.
2007-10-07 18:51:38
947.   bobtaco
935 No doubt we will see him tonight.
2007-10-07 18:51:55
948.   Gagne55
This is what happens when you break the Joba rules. Chamberlain didn't get 1 2/3 days off an look what happens.
2007-10-07 18:51:58
949.   tommyl
This is horrible, horrible BP management. I mean g-dawful atrocious.
2007-10-07 18:52:23
950.   nick
Mo is about to face the tying run with a single here...
Show/Hide Comments 951-1000
2007-10-07 18:52:34
951.   randym77
I think Torre doesn't trust Veras. He's leaving Joba in until Mo is ready.
2007-10-07 18:52:40
952.   rbj
933 Bob, do you live west of the Mississippi? I'm just thinking that a lot of the east coast will bypass that series, as well as a R/D vs. Angels series. Unfortunate, but those teams just don't have a nationwide fan base.
2007-10-07 18:52:42
953.   ny2ca2dc
christ....... joba should've been out after the walk, if in the inning at all. fuck me
2007-10-07 18:52:44
954.   bobtaco
2007-10-07 18:53:04
955.   Bob Timmermann
Did starting Nixon really pay off? He drove in two runs, but he also gave up two with his glove.
2007-10-07 18:53:28
956.   SF Yanks
OMG Joba's arm is probably screaming right now. I'm wincing with each pitch. Get him out
2007-10-07 18:53:53
957.   Zack
Jeebus that was close! Now Joba can, at most, go one tomorrow, which will be questionable at best. But, I still love ya Joba!
2007-10-07 18:54:10
958.   3rd gen yankee fan
phew did we luck out.
2007-10-07 18:54:14
959.   rmd0311
Seriously... Why have a bullpen at all. If it was not for the Joba Rules... Joba would not have an ARM by now.
2007-10-07 18:54:17
960.   randym77
That was close.
2007-10-07 18:54:21
961.   nemecizer
Thank God we got out of that with only one run.
2007-10-07 18:54:34
962.   pistolpete
955 Well, the Nixon start was predicated upon Clemens pitching. No sense burning another guy from the bench so soon even if Clemens leaves early.
2007-10-07 18:54:38
963.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, I'm an NL West snob!
2007-10-07 18:54:40
964.   weeping for brunnhilde
What the hell was Veras doing warming up?

I'm so confused.

If you think you might need someone to come in for Joba, why wouldn't you just go right to Mo?

Good job getting out of it though, Joba.

2007-10-07 18:55:04
965.   51cq24
i'm really just shocked right now. i don't think there's any way joba will pitch tomorrow. and if it costs us the series, joe should be fired. this is as stupid as it gets.
2007-10-07 18:55:16
966.   cult of basebaal
wow ... good ol' petey once again licks joe's hairy rambutans:

UPDATE, 9:52 p.m.: Joba is probably burned out out for tomorrow now. But Torre almost had no choice. Bringing in Farnsworth or Veras or Vizcaino is inviting disaster.

Now it's Mo for the 9th and see you tomorrow.

2007-10-07 18:55:32
967.   NC Highlander
Why take out Hughes? Is he possibly thinking of using him in one of the next 2 games?

Now what about Joba?

I don't like it...

2007-10-07 18:55:49
968.   rconn23
Folks, if Joba's arm is fucked up next year, it won't matter if Torre is gone. The damage will have been done. Torre the bullpen abuser strikes again.

Damn him. Seriously, damn him.

2007-10-07 18:55:56
969.   Gagne55
957 Joba rules says two days off. Is there an off day between games four and five?
2007-10-07 18:56:01
970.   williamnyy23
Can anyone offer a defense for Torre's bullpen mismanagement. This inning was exhibit A on why the Joba rules were invented. Not only did he leave Joba in to almost put the game back in play, but now he has created a scenario whereby Joba will not be available tomorrow. What's more, he foolishly had Veras warming and Mo watching when there was no way he was going to use the former.

If the Yankees lose a close game tomorrow and can't use Joba (or Joba is ineffective), then I think it can be squarely placed on Torre's poor use of the bullpen.

2007-10-07 18:56:22
971.   cult of basebaal
If you can't bring in veras or farnsworth or vizcaino WITH A 5 RUN LEAD AND ONLY 6 OUTS LEFT TO GET, WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY EVEN HERE???
2007-10-07 18:56:46
972.   randym77
Torre was going to put Veras in, but chickened out when Joba got in trouble. He didn't think Veras could get out of the jam. So he sat Veras and got Mo up.
2007-10-07 18:56:52
973.   tommyl
From PeteAbe:

Joba is probably burned out out for tomorrow now. But Torre almost had no choice. Bringing in Farnsworth or Veras or Vizcaino is inviting disaster.

Now it's Mo for the 9th and see you tomorrow.

end quote*

Is this what people seriously believe? That Farnsworth, Vizcaino and Veras can't pitch one or two innings with a 5 run lead? If that's the case, why are they even on the roster? Why not go with like 3 extra pinch hitters or runners or something?

2007-10-07 18:57:11
974.   Bluebleeder87
the NY PA announcer reminds me of LAX.
2007-10-07 18:57:14
975.   AbbyNormal821
ooh, yay Borowski's in. Let's score like 6 more runs on him again!
2007-10-07 18:57:42
976.   pistolpete
971 For the 12-3 blowouts of course.
2007-10-07 18:57:44
977.   cult of basebaal
973 beat ya ;)
2007-10-07 18:57:53
978.   ny2ca2dc
970 yes, sir, yes.
2007-10-07 18:58:03
979.   pistolpete
Please score 9 runs off Borowski so we don't have to use Mo.


2007-10-07 18:58:15
980.   Bluebleeder87

you guys gotta save some runs for tomorrow, or when ever the Yanks play again.

2007-10-07 18:58:17
981.   cult of basebaal
976 or lose games in extra innings ...
2007-10-07 18:58:27
982.   monkeypants
964 Well, if I understand correctly, since Veras warmed up he HAS to come in for two innings. Or does that only apply to Joba?
2007-10-07 18:58:33
983.   rbj
963 LOL Bob!
2007-10-07 18:58:47
984.   OldYanksFan
Joba is done until Game 5. Lets hope Joe starts with Veras/Dorf/Viz and only uses Mo if necessasy. If we can save Mo for Tomorrow, then we have Mo and Joba for game 5.

Although I think Joe goes with Mo.
I love you guys when our scrubs blow a game and you blame Joe, then when he doesn't use the scrubs, you blame Joe.

No offense guys, but between Joe, Ron and Kerrigan, I trust their judgement better then yours.

2007-10-07 18:58:51
985.   Bob Timmermann
Game 4 (if necessary) would be Monday
Game 5 (if necessary) would be Wednesday

The ALCS starts on Friday in Boston.

2007-10-07 18:59:08
986.   tommyl
970 I completely agree and in that case it is a situation of the manager losing the series for them. Yes, the hitters should have done more in the first two games, and you can't blame Joe for Wang's outing, but his job (like any of his players) is to make the most of the opportunities presented him. He has woefully failed.
2007-10-07 18:59:25
987.   randym77
982 Only applies to Joba. It's part of the Joba rules, according to Pete Abe.
2007-10-07 18:59:31
988.   Gagne55
975 And it still won't be good enough to get Mo a rest!!
2007-10-07 18:59:51
989.   Bob Timmermann
West Coast bias! Or in this case, Mountain Time Zone bias.

Not that I live in the Mountain Time Zone.

2007-10-07 18:59:54
990.   AbbyNormal821
980 ...I'm greedy. Let 'em score more runs off of him and THEN do it again tomorrow.
2007-10-07 19:00:03
991.   weeping for brunnhilde
967 That's the question, I think.

Why take out Hughes? The guy's a starter, he was pitching great.

Why not wait for him to get into trouble before bringing in Joba?

I don't get it.

2007-10-07 19:00:14
992.   rbj
982 Joba has a good chance to be a great starter for many years for the Yankees. Veras is a dime a dozen middle reliever. Those types are around to be abused. cf. Proctor, Scott.
2007-10-07 19:00:17
993.   monkeypants
972 That creates a conumdrum--since both warmed, both HAVE to come in the game. But there is only one inning left. What to do? So mnay decisions...
2007-10-07 19:00:27
994.   nick
OK, how many runs to we need to keep Mo out? if we're bunting, does that mean one will do it??
2007-10-07 19:01:06
995.   joejoejoe
It will be Rivera in the 9th. Pulling Hughes early was the big mistake. It can't be fixed now.
2007-10-07 19:01:09
996.   pistolpete
This can actually be traced back to Thursday's loss - Hughes for 2 innings down by 8 runs?

If he doesn't go then, would he go straight through to the 9th tonight?

2007-10-07 19:01:15
997.   bobtaco
The only thing that will save Torre's bacon is if Wang pitches a 2 hit complete game shutout. Otherwise, he is back to being a clueless a-hole.
2007-10-07 19:02:35
998.   51cq24
984 in the same post, you say that joe shouldn't go with mo in the 9th but will, then say that you think joe's judgment is better than ours.
2007-10-07 19:02:55
999.   ny2ca2dc
Wang needs to go tomorrow. He'll have his war face on, and kills at home.

holy shit, zilla has 2 singles & a BB... wow.

2007-10-07 19:02:58
1000.   Gagne55
985 So Joba is definately good to go for game 5. The real question is Moose for game 4 or go with Wang on short rest.
Show/Hide Comments 1001-1050
2007-10-07 19:03:25
1001.   rbj
989 The west (sans California) is great, IMO. I loved living in Oregon & Seattle. Just that teams west of the Mississippi & not in California get overlooked too often.
2007-10-07 19:03:38
1002.   nick
973 it's about the logic of media second-guessing.

suppose the #s show a 5-run lead in the 8th is held by a Viz/Farns type 99% of the time. so we blow one ALDS in 100 with V/F. does having a fresh Joba make the difference in at least two of the remaining 99? seems like an easy decision for me, but the media's not on my ass 24/7...

2007-10-07 19:03:49
1003.   ChrisS
984 Bullshit.

Sure, there's been instances, I'm sure, where Joe has gone with a Non-Mo, Non-Joba reliever only to get burned, and that's because it was probably in a high leverage situation. Not one where they're up 5-runs with 6 outs to go and a must win game the next day.

Context makes a world of difference when throwing stones at your fellow Banterites with specific examples.

2007-10-07 19:04:09
1004.   AbbyNormal821
Nice AB, 'Zilla!
2007-10-07 19:04:53
1005.   rbj
Dang, missed being post 1000 by 27 seconds. Must. type. faster.
2007-10-07 19:04:57
1006.   ny2ca2dc
999 err, 2 singles and TWO BB. bust out of it buddy
2007-10-07 19:05:09
1007.   monkeypants
984 Fair enough, but let's assume their judgement is 100% perfect, let's analyze the ramifications. In their judgement, with a five run lead, the team could not trust anyone in the BP except Koba for two innings (violating the formely enforced Joba rules). If that is the case, why even carry a BP? Just have four starters plus Hughes plus Joba and Mo. Then, carry an additional four bench players--maybe some more defensive firstbasemen.
2007-10-07 19:05:26
1008.   bobtaco
999 If Wang goes on short rest, maybe the sinker will actually sink. He could be great. Sorry, me no trusty Moose with the season on the line. See Game 2 last year, or the recent stretch of games where he was awful.
2007-10-07 19:05:38
1009.   AbbyNormal821
Bring on the Robbie-Love
2007-10-07 19:06:49
1010.   nick
have Moose shadowing Wang, 5/3 or 4/4: aside from Mo, they're the two guys I trust most who will be available...
2007-10-07 19:06:50
1011.   AbbyNormal821
:::sniffle::: No love for Robbie. Dang you, Grady!
2007-10-07 19:06:51
1012.   Zack
You HAVE to go with Wang at home tomorrow if they win. Then you have Pettitte in a potential game 5...No question
2007-10-07 19:06:59
1013.   tommyl
996 If you want to argue that Joe used Phil to give him a taste of postseason in a lower pressure situation, I can buy that.

Tonight is unforgivable. I know everyone says Joe is unflappable and super calm and stuff, but sometimes on the inside I think he's more panicky than we are. Tonight screams of it.

2007-10-07 19:07:44
1014.   pistolpete
I say this while knocking on wood, but Victor Martinez is the tying run.
2007-10-07 19:07:58
1015.   bobtaco
I saw Farns warming there too. Ummm...
2007-10-07 19:08:16
1016.   ny2ca2dc
1008 exactly-the problem this year,so they've been saying, is when he's too strong.
2007-10-07 19:08:16
1017.   rbj
1011 I'll give Robbie some love. Er, make that some dap.
2007-10-07 19:08:24
1018.   WeMissPaulie
Please Mo, make this painless. I want to sleep well for a change.
2007-10-07 19:08:42
1019.   cult of basebaal
996 no ... it wasn't the pitches, it was the fact that joe trust 2 and only 2 people in our pen ... joe felt like he needed someone up in case phil ran into trouble in the 6th ... since it couldn't be mo, it had to be joba ... once joba got up, joe had to bring him in, even though we had the 5 run lead ... i can live with that, but running joba out there for the 2nd inning, knowing that that meant he would be unavailable tomorrow, could prove to be a decisive factor in tomorrow's game and this series ... we are NOT going to win a world series with only 2 relievers contributing in a positive way ... someone other than mo and joba MUST contribute something ...
2007-10-07 19:08:50
1020.   Gagne55
1008 Agreed. Especially since Pettite will be on full rest for game 5. Wang should be used at home when possible.
2007-10-07 19:09:26
1021.   randym77
1007 I think they were willing to trust Veras with a 5-run lead...until Lofton got on.
2007-10-07 19:09:39
1022.   williamnyy23
980 OYF...would you agree that Torre's use of the bullpen qualifies for #8 on that list we talked about earlier today?
2007-10-07 19:10:19
1023.   NC Highlander
One thing that will get heat off of Arod is Farnsworth
2007-10-07 19:10:47
1024.   monkeypants
2007-10-07 19:10:59
1025.   ny2ca2dc
honestly folks, i wang goes short-ish tomorrow, and there's no joba or mo availible to go long, i say pettitte is your reliever. Moose could pitch game 5 & roll the dice. hell, i duno....
2007-10-07 19:11:00
1026.   WeMissPaulie
1013 Dont you think Joe has the right to panic just a bit?
2007-10-07 19:11:07
1027.   NC Highlander
Pettite is warming up? WTF?
2007-10-07 19:11:25
1028.   Zack
However, I have no problem with Mo here
2007-10-07 19:11:42
1029.   tommyl
Bob Brenly, "Knowing this was important for Joe Torre's future, Rivera probably volunteered to come into this ballgame."

Yes, because I'm sure in other games, Rivera says, "Nah, I don't really feel like playing today, thanks for asking though."

2007-10-07 19:11:49
1030.   rbj
The only two in the bullpen I trust are Joba and Mo. And lately, I'm a bit wobbly on Mo.

Yikes! Did I just write that about The Hammer of God?

2007-10-07 19:11:51
1031.   monkeypants
And Andy Pettitte is warming? How many pitchers are on the post-season roster? Time for more ouzo and laughter for me...
2007-10-07 19:11:59
1032.   tommyl
1027 Throw day.
2007-10-07 19:12:11
1033.   Zack
2 more Mo baby
2007-10-07 19:12:36
1034.   rbj
1029 ROFL!!
2007-10-07 19:12:45
1035.   WeMissPaulie
Mo has to be in here, of course. Who else? Farns? C'mon.
2007-10-07 19:12:52
1036.   AbbyNormal821
I can't watch this! Someone tell me when they get out #2, then I'll watch.
My heart is pounding right now!
2007-10-07 19:13:09
1037.   Gagne55
1031 Isn't it Pettite's throw day?
2007-10-07 19:13:18
1038.   monkeypants
1029 So, according to former manager Brenley, Torre is managing soley to keep his job and not to give his team teh best chances to win the series. That's comforting.
2007-10-07 19:13:30
1039.   AbbyNormal821
Time to give Asdrubal an ass-drubbing!
2007-10-07 19:13:46
1040.   Zack
1 more Mo baby
2007-10-07 19:13:47
1041.   NC Highlander
FYI, Garko is the tying run.
2007-10-07 19:13:48
1042.   WeMissPaulie
2007-10-07 19:14:03
1043.   Gagne55
Johnny Damon is the player of the game.
2007-10-07 19:14:03
1044.   cult of basebaal
1019 and the reality is that barring a blowout miracle tomorrow, with joba out and mo having to pitch an inning, joe is going to HAVE to trust the same relievers he wasn't willing to go to tonite, even though it's very likely that the game state tomorrow will NOT be as favorable as it was tonite ... if joe HAS to go to veras or farnsworth or vizcaino tomorrow in a close game, i'm gonna look back to tonite and be pissed
2007-10-07 19:14:18
1045.   joejoejoe
Is Guidry warming up yet? WTF.
2007-10-07 19:14:30
1046.   pistolpete
The good news? Mo doesn't feel compelled to load the bases anymore.

Maybe he was doing that in the last few appearances in September just so he could get that playoff-type pressure to prepare for now?

2007-10-07 19:14:31
1047.   nick
that's it, Mo, save those pitches!
2007-10-07 19:14:45
1048.   bobtaco
All I know is Jeter, Posada and Arod better have a great game 4.
2007-10-07 19:14:55
1049.   AbbyNormal821
fucking beautiful, Mo! I LOVE YOU!
2007-10-07 19:14:56
1050.   monkeypants
1035 With four run lead, I would start the inning with ANYONE else, knowing that Rivera is warmed and could come in if needed. Give some piece of shit like Farnsworth a batter or two--if he's on, great. If not, you're no worse off.
Show/Hide Comments 1051-1100
2007-10-07 19:15:04
1051.   ny2ca2dc
1043 tie with Hughes. or maybe just hughes...
2007-10-07 19:15:10
1052.   pistolpete
2007-10-07 19:15:17
1053.   Zack
2007-10-07 19:15:33
1054.   NC Highlander
No sweep here. Move along peoples. Nothing to see.
2007-10-07 19:15:37
1055.   rbj
Yessss! Waaa hooooo!

Good night all!!

2007-10-07 19:15:52
1056.   ny2ca2dc
fuck that was comforting. christ. if you b eliever in momentum, that'll hold it!
2007-10-07 19:15:59
1057.   monkeypants
Now, despite my consistent bitching--you can't have game four without game three! See y'all tomorrow night.
2007-10-07 19:16:04
1058.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-10-07 19:16:07
1059.   Shaun P
One MO out, baby.

No worries here over the pitching. They played today, they won today, das it. Tomorrow, they'll play again, they'll win again. Das it.

2007-10-07 19:16:20
1060.   Yankees Brasil
Beautiful pitch!
2007-10-07 19:16:21
1061.   SF Yanks
Wow, Mo was ON right there.
2007-10-07 19:16:35
1062.   pistolpete
A Freddy cameo - nice sign!
2007-10-07 19:16:55
1063.   WeMissPaulie
Tomorrows another day!!!!!!
2007-10-07 19:17:34
1064.   NC Highlander
At least Torre didn't try and push Clemens. That was key. He did take him out at the right time.
2007-10-07 19:17:35
1065.   3rd gen yankee fan
but yeah the bullpen management is still very much a concern.
2007-10-07 19:17:51
1066.   ny2ca2dc
props to damon for giving props to phil
2007-10-07 19:18:01
1067.   pistolpete
Did Craig Sager step out of 1972 with that haircut and his fluorescent blazer??

Guy looks like he should be telling us that the Israeli Olympic team is being held hostage...

2007-10-07 19:18:46
1068.   ny2ca2dc
man... immagine if just hughes had come right in in game 1..... or no fucking gnatts.... this shit would've been over in a sweep....

whatever. play today, win today

2007-10-07 19:18:50
1069.   Gagne55
1044 But what if Mr. Byrd gets shellacked and there is an even bigger lead in tomorrow's game than there was in tonights?
2007-10-07 19:19:22
1070.   yankz
oh HELL yes!!
2007-10-07 19:19:53
1071.   monkeypants
1067 Craig Sager and Monty Hall--separated at birth?
2007-10-07 19:20:13
1072.   williamnyy23
Two concluding thoughts:

1) I am very happy that Clemens career didn't end with a loss in an elimination game.

2) I love Joba Chamberlain. He is great and has a bright career ahead of him. But as of today, Mr. Chamberlain, you are no Mariano Rivera. There have been a lot of Mo doubters of late, but come rain, snow or bug infestation, I'd still put my money on Mo.

2007-10-07 19:20:29
1073.   pistolpete
Next year's rotation: Hughes, Wang, Pettite, Joba, Moose/Kennedy.

Just stop & absorb that for a minute.

2007-10-07 19:21:21
1074.   AbbyNormal821
1073 That is true sickness...and I mean that in the best possible way! Bring on the next wave!
2007-10-07 19:22:10
1075.   williamnyy23
1073 Hopefully, we can start thinking about that in November.
2007-10-07 19:22:19
1076.   yankz
Couple of things...

1) First and foremost, the story for me tonight is all Phil Hughes. If the Yankees go on to win the next two, he will be catapulted into legend like I said a few hundred posts ago. What a fucking unbelievable performance from our future. Fuck, I'm excited.
2) Jeter owes Johnny and Phil dinner.
3) Only scanned the previous 1100 most people agree that Phil should have come out for the 7th? Or anyone but Joba?
4) I thought Mo was finished?

2007-10-07 19:22:28
1077.   pistolpete
1072 Be fair - Joba was out of gas. He looked incredible his first inning of work.
2007-10-07 19:22:45
1078.   cult of basebaal
1072 especially since badass mofo-mo seems to have made the postseason trip once again ...
2007-10-07 19:22:48
1079.   yankz
1082 A-fucking-men on both accounts.
2007-10-07 19:23:14
1080.   nick
the philosophical question is, do you prefer your Wang on short rest or in long relief?
2007-10-07 19:23:27
1081.   yankz
1069 There was a big lead today. You don't know there will be one tomorrow.

Tomorrow it may rain, as the saying goes.

2007-10-07 19:23:34
1082.   williamnyy23
If Clemens is out of the picture for the ALCS, would it not make sense to designate him as an injured played and have Ian Kennedy take his spot? I know I'd trust Ian more than Veras/Dorf/Farns in any situation.
2007-10-07 19:23:37
1083.   nick
and th-th-that's all folks--see ya tomorrow--
2007-10-07 19:23:42
1084.   yankz
1080 Short rest.
2007-10-07 19:24:02
1085.   AbbyNormal821
1076 Fuck that, Jeter owes them each a Mercedes...
2007-10-07 19:25:06
1086.   monkeypants
1082 It would make sense, but then the team would have to add another pitcher that Torre won't use, so why bother?
2007-10-07 19:25:19
1087.   cult of basebaal
1076 joba rules ... the biggest issue is that joe doesn't trust anyone other than joba and mo ... it's why joba got up behind phil in the 6th and why he left joba in with a 5 run lead in the 8th ... i know it seem unpalatable, but someone other than jobamo is going to have to pitch some meaningful games out of the pen this october ... 5 run leads are good times for finding out who that might be
2007-10-07 19:26:11
1088.   williamnyy23
1077 He was incredible, but he also did run out of gas. How many times has Mo gone two innings in a big spot? My only point was to point out that Joba has A LOT to prove before we put him on Mo's level. It just seemed to me as if everyone was already willing to pass the mantle.
2007-10-07 19:26:26
1089.   ms october
Well the caption is the same "going, going" but at least it is a picture of johnny damon instead of the rocket

1072 Point 2 - Yes, I love Joba a lot - as much as the next - and am very excited to see the development of his career; but I felt so much more comfortable with Mo out there. Mo still has it - he might have lost a little from what he was at his peak, but he is still magnificent.

Let's hope Wang/Moose can give us a solid performance and the bats stay active so we don't need Joba.

2007-10-07 19:26:30
1090.   Orly Yarly NoWai
1080 On short rest with a Moose already warmed up, I think.
2007-10-07 19:27:06
1091.   AbbyNormal821
so? do we keep the same lineup for tomorrow?
2007-10-07 19:27:16
1092.   yankz
1087 I agree. I understand leaving Joba in, and even bringing him in after he's warm, but why bring him in in the seventh?

I'd say the chances of Phil throwing a scoreless 7th = chances of Joba doing the same. He was on cruise control.

Also, if you'd bring in Veras after Joba, why not bring in Veras before Joba (with a 5-run lead)?

2007-10-07 19:28:32
1093.   pistolpete
1088 I'm all for giving Mo another 3 years, but if he were to walk as soon as the season was over, I'd be pretty comfortable passing the baton to Joba.

That said, he'd still need to prove quite a bit.

2007-10-07 19:28:49
1094.   RIYank

Sorry I couldn't join youse tonight. I was starting to feel close to hopeless, but Prince Phil restored my confidence.

I'm very disappointed about the bullpen management, I don't mind saying. Dammit. How good would it feel to have both of our studs available tomorrow?

I figure Wang plus Moose tomorrow? Or if we score a bunch, Wang plus a mediocre reliever?

2007-10-07 19:29:29
1095.   Bob Timmermann
Clemens could be removed from the roster for Game 4, but he would then be ineligible for the rest of the postseason, including a possible World Series.
2007-10-07 19:30:09
1096.   RIYank
1092 I thought the same.

But here what I think is going on: Hughes is now 'long relief'. Joe will use him again Tuesday if necessary. So he has to be used as a long reliever, not a second starter.

2007-10-07 19:30:18
1097.   yankz
Also, I think it is HILARIOUS that that douchebag Sox fan came here after the Sox win their series. No doubt he was too busy wiping the tears from his eyes and the shit from his pants during September.

Gotta love Red Sox fans. Cruising through the playoffs, and they still care more about what Yankee fans are saying.

2007-10-07 19:30:46
1098.   williamnyy23
Listening to Torre explain is bullpen usage hurts. I am sure many think otherwise, but I don't want Joe to fail. I wish he'd make the right moves, but it really seems like he doesn't have a plan going in.
2007-10-07 19:31:10
1099.   monkeypants
1088 Who is talking about passing the mantle? No one replaces a HOF player that easily. But after Joba as called up, there is no one I would rather see for just one inning, even Mo.

It would be interesting to compare Joba's half season (projected) to Mo's in 1996. Torre rode Mo pretty hard that year, and his effectiveness did drop dramatically (as I recall) when he was used for multiple innings on back-to-back days. And that season, Mo was better than Wettland.

2007-10-07 19:31:11
1100.   RIYank
1093 Joba will be a starter. So, we have to re-sign Mo. Otherwise, ugh, too awful to contemplate.
Show/Hide Comments 1101-1150
2007-10-07 19:32:05
1101.   williamnyy23
1093 He's only walking if the Yankees make him. Letting Mo go and having to take Joba out of the rotation plans would be a big mistake.
2007-10-07 19:32:10
1102.   yankz
1098 William, I agree with what you said about Clemens when he was yanked. Great career, and he pitched in clear pain because he knew the Yankees needed a starter. I'm definitely not calling him a wimp or booing him or anything.

Damn- that's thrice I've agreed with you in just a few minutes. What the hell is going on!

2007-10-07 19:32:42
1103.   williamnyy23
Wang is starting.
2007-10-07 19:32:45
1104.   pistolpete
1100 Purely hypothetical, but what if Torre gets canned and Mo doesn't want to come back?
2007-10-07 19:33:30
1105.   RIYank
1104 Yeah, that's a possibility. Ugh.
2007-10-07 19:33:51
1106.   ms october
1098 Did I hear Torre right - that Joba is avalailable tomorrow?
And I think he does have a plan, it just doesn't always turn out to be a good plan - the whole pitch count from the other game part of the explanation.
2007-10-07 19:33:58
1107.   RIYank
Oh, how awesome was that Damon dinger? I had tears in my eyes.
2007-10-07 19:34:02
1108.   monkeypants
1093 Closers are overrated. Mo is a freak exception, and he won't ever be replaced. Whether he stays or not, that should not determine how Joba is used next year and beyond. If Joba can start and in a year or two give 200 innings, make him a starter and worry about 'replacing' Mo in some other fashion.
2007-10-07 19:34:48
1109.   cult of basebaal
1103 is that from Torre???
2007-10-07 19:34:49
1110.   yankz
From Pete, totally fucking awesome:

"I heard from some of you that TBS is not doing a good job with the crowd noise. I have to tell you, I haven't heard the crowd like this in years. The press box was shaking when Cano got that hit."

2007-10-07 19:35:24
1111.   williamnyy23
1102 Momentary lapse in judgment?
2007-10-07 19:35:43
1112.   yankz
Isn't Joba capped around 150 innings next year? I still think he should be a starter, but he won't be 200-innings valuable.
2007-10-07 19:35:57
1113.   3rd gen yankee fan
So who's going to the game tomorrow? Post from the Stadium if you can.
2007-10-07 19:36:15
1114.   yankz
1111 Haha. Must be.
2007-10-07 19:36:58
1115.   RIYank
1112 Hm, I didn't know that. Interesting. I wonder how they'll handle that.
2007-10-07 19:37:35
1116.   A Dodger expatriate in Pennsylvania
1109 Torre says he's going with "Wanger" tomorrow -- Moose will be backup.
2007-10-07 19:37:45
1117.   williamnyy23
1104 I love Mo so much that if Torre is what it takes to bring him back, then I could live with it. Except for Mattingly, I don't think there is another player whose appearance in another uniform would hurt me more.
2007-10-07 19:38:13
1118.   JimCobain
1113 Going to the Stadium tomorrow. I will post, if possible... hopefully I am too busy cheering to type ;)
2007-10-07 19:38:40
1119.   monkeypants
1112 True, which means he'll still pitch two times as much as most relief pitchers (unless he gets the Proctor treatment). If Torre could be trusted to use hime the way Minnesota used Santana early in his career, I would suggest leaving him in the pen. But, would you trust that situation??
2007-10-07 19:38:58
1120.   pistolpete
1108 Closers overrated? Hmm, don't know if I can agree with that one. Maybe for San Diego, but not for this team. :)
2007-10-07 19:39:19
1121.   OldYanksFan
Wang tomorrow!
2007-10-07 19:39:49
1122.   3rd gen yankee fan
1118 Have a great time! Yeah don't post if we're losing though ;-)
2007-10-07 19:40:33
1123.   williamnyy23
1112 That's where Moose comes in handy next season...if you have Wang/Andy/Ian/Phil/Joba, you could use Moose as a wingman would would make about 20 starts in place of the youngsters. That would limit their innings as well as Moose's, which I think would help them all.
2007-10-07 19:42:29
1124.   pistolpete
1123 6-man rotation? All for it.
2007-10-07 19:42:57
1125.   williamnyy23
1124 Really Andy and Wang and then four for three spots.
2007-10-07 19:44:29
1126.   RIYank
1123 Yeah, I like that idea. Some starts plus some long relief if necessary.
Hey, we're gonna pay him either way, may as well get good use out of him.
2007-10-07 19:44:51
1127.   monkeypants
1123 That's a great idea! Isn't that the way Stengel used to get more mileage out of Ford, by resting him throughout the year and 'saving' him for tough teams?
2007-10-07 19:45:56
1128.   RIYank
1125 Well, maybe even just a six man rotation. So that in September (and October) Andy and C-M are in mid-August form?
2007-10-07 19:46:36
1129.   williamnyy23
I really hope Paul Byrd is going to pitch tomorrow. Do you think Wedge might change his mind?
2007-10-07 19:47:24
1130.   williamnyy23
1127 And Whitey HATED him for it!
2007-10-07 19:47:25
1131.   yankz
Any religious people out there, if you could toss up a few "Wang for 8 prayers"...
2007-10-07 19:47:29
1132.   AbbyNormal821
Signing off kids! GREAT NIGHT! CHEERS & here's to the Yanks keepin' it rolling!
2007-10-07 19:48:54
1133.   pistolpete
Kay saying what we're all thinking. He's good like that sometimes.


2007-10-07 19:50:09
1134.   monkeypants
1130 Interesting! It's sort of like the debate about Guidry (or even Rags)--was their careers as good as they were because of or in spite of the manager (Martin)? Could they have been better with different usage (less abuse of Guidry in his good years, leaving Rags a starter)?
2007-10-07 19:50:40
1135.   Mike T
Watched today's games with a good friend of mine who is an Angels fan. I was happy, he wasn't. He was rooting for the Yankees today though, as he wants to see the Yanks go through, and then beat the Red Sox.
2007-10-07 19:51:00
1136.   Jeb
6 It's all about TOMORROW. Win one game. Just one. Don't even think about0 Wednesday. Don't check the "*if necessary" time for that games. It don't exist. It's apocraphyl. Just focus on TOMORROW. TOMORROW only. Almost time to put on the "EVIL EMPIRE" T-shirt. Inning by inning. Brick by Brick. I know in my heart that three things are going to happen TOMORROW:

1. Arod's going to do something to lead this team. He got 2 hits tonight and will get a big one tomorrow.

2. The Real Worm Killer Wang is going to return. I have a theory that he'll pitch better when his arm is a little tired. He'll get us 7 innings tomorrow. And then Mo will do the rest.

3. The Yankees will win TOMORROW.

Who's with me?????

2007-10-07 19:51:34
1137.   RIYank
1131 On short rest? I doubt it. Sorry.
But, Moose for two or three?
2007-10-07 19:53:17
1138.   Shaun P
1119 No.

1123 Joba starts in the minors, goes 5 IP/game max at SWB until late May/early June.

Hughes is 5th starter (he's capped at ~150 too) and probably skipped often.

Kennedy is capped at ~180, so no worries there.

But - the innings cap is regular season AND postseason. If everything goes right, Hughes and Joba need to be in the 120-130 range come 10/1/08.

I bet we see a 6 man rotation at times (if everyone is healthy), and the occasional spot start by the long man out of the pen (Rasner?). They might also try to mix in some of the 'next wave' (Horne, Marquez, etc) in Sept if they have a playoff spot sewn up early.

Good night all - see you tomorrow!

2007-10-07 19:54:35
1139.   yankz
Wang has only pitched on 3 days rest once in his life. 4.2 IP, 2 ER.
2007-10-07 19:55:14
1140.   yankz
He actually has done best with 5+ days of rest.
2007-10-07 19:55:48
1141.   RIYank
I can't think about next year anymore. Let's do that when we're all done playing. (Veterans Day.)
2007-10-07 19:56:19
1142.   Shaun P
1130 Yep, because it kept his all-important win totals down, which made it harder for Whitey to win awards - and get a bigger salary for the next year.

Casey was a shrewd guy. Still, it might have saved Whitey's arm from overwork when he was younger, and there's nothing wrong with that.

And now - I really am off to bed.

2007-10-07 19:57:10
1143.   williamnyy23
1134 Until Stengel was fired, Whitey rarely threw much more than 200 IP. As soon as Houk took over, however, he jumped up to 250+ and had a 25 and 24 win season. Ford always resented Stengel's use of him and thought he could have approached 300 wins had he pitched more.

Another famous Whitey/Stengel incident was in the 1960 World Series. Instead of going with Whitey in game 1, Stengel went with Al Ditmar. That meant Whitey could only pitch twice (he threw two CG shutouts) and Bob Turley had to pitch game 7.

2007-10-07 20:02:38
1144.   yankz
Reading the last thread was hilarious, BTW.

Hey Arod, still waitin' on that Reggie moment! We can get 35 HR and 120 RBI from anywhere. Who needs this chump.

2007-10-07 20:02:40
1145.   SF Yanks
Wait, are you guys sure Wang is pitching tomorrow? I can't find it anywhere.
2007-10-07 20:03:12
1146.   williamnyy23
1145 Torre said it at the press conference. Also, Wedge reiterated that Byrd is pitching as well.
2007-10-07 20:03:51
1147.   RIYank
1145 Torre said so in the post-game, and ESPN radio just said it on 'sports break' or whatever that thing is called.
2007-10-07 20:04:06
1148.   Jeb
Yanks versus Paul Byrd

Damon LF .158 .200 .211
Jeter SS .407 .429 .593
Abreu RF .400 .571 .400 (2 for 5)
Rodriguez 3B .267 .353 .467 (1 HR)
Posada C .167 .250 .278
Giambi 1B/PH .214 .313 .429
Matsui DH .200 .333 .200 (1 for 5, 1 HR)
Cano 2B .250 .250 .750 (2 for 8, 1 HR)
Cabrera CF .600 .571 1.200 (3 for 5)
Minky 1B/PH .316 .381 .579 1 HR

TEAM: .278 .345 .457 4 HRS

somehow I thought the Yanks would be better against him than this.

2007-10-07 20:07:17
1149.   RIYank
Hey, I can't read this whole thread, but I went and found the Damon Homer moment, cool.

And I'm glad our Dodger visitors enjoyed that moment. And Bob Timmerman, and even Mark Donohue! Mark got over that bad altitude of his and spit out a "go yankees" for us. How touching!

2007-10-07 20:09:18
1150.   cult of basebaal
hmmm ... if wanger is going tomorrow, that means minky is back at 1st with leatherface DHing ... giambi back on the bench i'd bet

what time is the game tomorrow ... sidebar says 6pm EST, i thought i saw something on the TBS broadcast about 7:30?

Show/Hide Comments 1151-1200
2007-10-07 20:10:54
1151.   Zack
Somehow the ESPN article still manages:
"With former New York City mayor and current presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani leading the cheering from his front-row seats, Alex Rodriguez stopped his postseason hitless streak at 18 at-bats with a second-inning single and also beat out an infield single. But he remained in a 6-for-54 (.111) playoff funk with no RBIs dating to his Game 4 home run against Boston three years ago."


2007-10-07 20:12:23
1152.   yankz
1149 The Yankees and Bronx Banter: Winning people over every day!

(Except that Dan fellow.)

2007-10-07 20:13:05
1153.   yankz
1151 Why do you do that to yourself?
2007-10-07 20:14:47
1154.   williamnyy23
1151 Does ESPN ever discuss Vlad's post season record? His career numbers are: 193 .258 .246
2007-10-07 20:17:07
1155.   SF Yanks
1146 1147 Thanks guys.

Hughes press conference on ESPN News right now.

2007-10-07 20:17:22
1156.   RIYank
Plaschke (LA Times) said it. He's enough of an idiot to be an ESPN guy, though technically he isn't one.
2007-10-07 20:17:55
1157.   RIYank
1156 was about 1154 , sorry.
2007-10-07 20:25:54
1158.   yankz
I just don't understand how there are Yankee fans who don't appreciate Arod yet. Sure, he's sucked lately in the playoffs, and big time. But who the fuck else should be playing 3B? You'd honestly rather bat Betemit or the 45 year old body of Scott Brosius in the bottom of the 9th in a playoff game?

I hope Cano and Melky sit him down and ask him how he could leave them for money. If he turns down an extension, make him feel as miserable as possible.

2007-10-07 20:26:29
1159.   yankz
Eh, Brosius is only 41. Bring him back!
2007-10-07 20:26:56
1160.   SF Yanks
I'm happy to announce that I finally have a new favorite player. I haven't had one since I was a kid, and although I love Jete, Mo, Bern, Po, and Arod, P. Hughes now tops my favorite player list. I must admit, he has been my fav player since his debut, but now its solidified. Joba goes right in the mix of Jete and the gang of Yanks I love, but Hughes is the man right now. Anyone share this same sentiment?
2007-10-07 20:32:17
1161.   yankz
1160 Mine (current): Jeter, Arod, Mo, and Phil, probably in that order. Jorgie and Robbie too. I always thought Robbie would be my favorite when Jeter's gone, but I don't know now. Damn, I just love them all.

I mostly love Phil because I went to his debut. But he's a fucking badass.

2007-10-07 20:39:50
1162.   SF Yanks
1161 It's weird, its not like I like Phil more than Jete or Mo. If anything Jete and Mo are really my guys but Phil gets the title of "favorite player". It's all really complicated in my head and to tell you the truth its complicated because it doesn't make much sense. I think part of it is, although I was there when Jeter came up I didn't follow him through the minors. For Phil, I tracked his every step since double A so it's like I've been there since the beginning. I don't know, I think I'm making it worse. I love em all... I'll just leave it at that. Sorry for the mind bender.
2007-10-07 20:45:46
1163.   monkeypants
From LoHud:

'The Yankees can replace Roger Clemens on the roster tomorrow. It's a new rule. The catch is he would not be available for the ALCS. They have four choices: Kennedy, Ramirez, Britton or Villone.'

I would go with Kennedy, if he isn't hurt.

2007-10-07 20:49:34
1164.   Schteeve
The hero of this game was definitely Phil Hughes. But the reason the Yankees won this game was that they scored some damn runs.

I've said this before and I'll say it again I'm sure, when they score 5+ runs, they win. When they don't they lose. This team was not built to win pitchers duels.

Win tomorrow.

2007-10-07 20:50:06
1165.   Bob Timmermann
I had read in another source if you're removed from a postseason roster midseries, you're ineligible for ALL subsequent series.
2007-10-07 20:52:03
1166.   fansince77
Hopefully Wang was watching how PHIL HUGHES just went after people tonight. Getting ahead and being aggressive. Hughes was awesome and really has been in his last three + starts- I love his "here it is...hit it if you can" badass mentality. I really hope Wang does play footsy around the plate tomorrow but GETS AHEAD all night long. Get me to Clevelend Wanger...I want to see Phil Hughes pitch again!
2007-10-07 20:53:03
1167.   Schteeve
1158 I think fans who expect some sort of big time post season production from A-Rod are kinda ignorant about baseball. Opposing pitchers simply aren't going to give him much to hit.

He should just go up there expecting to walk and not swing the bat unless they dare him too.

That's why hitting by guys like Matsui and Damon and Cano is so important in the post season, they are the guys who will see strikes, they need to do something with them.

2007-10-07 20:53:28
1168.   monkeypants
1165 In either case, if he is hurt, then you have to remove him, no? And if so, I would go with Kennedy, though I suspect they would put a LHP on the roster (espcially to face Ortiz).
2007-10-07 21:03:28
1169.   nick
1151, if he'd had 3 more hits today, they'd say "A-Rod a mere 9 for 54, or .167".........great to see Hideki getting on base: if he could get hot he could carry us-
2007-10-07 21:22:55
1170.   yankz
I just got hit with a blast of hope. The Yankees are about to add a whole new dimension to my "REMEMBER CLEVELAND!" chant.

Also, can you imagine if the Yankees get off to a really terrible start sometime in the future? "40-57? Whatever, they'll come back!"

2007-10-07 21:31:47
1171.   thelarmis
whew, thank goodness we won! i was in a loooong recording session all day/night. i taped the game and am watching now.

beautiful quotes from damon and moose, too. there really are so many variable aside of in-game strategy and bullpen usage. i don't want joe to go. neither do his players.

wang should be good at home tomorrow. probably no joba tomorrow though. definitely no hughes. would moose be first outta the pen if wang falters? mo should be fine for an inning tomorrow, late.

we really, really can and should send this back to cleveland...

oh, ps/btw - chip caray is still a fucking tool.

2007-10-07 21:34:16
1172.   yankz
1171 I loved the way Chip shuts the fuck up whenever the Yankees score. It's seriously dead silent until Brenly or Gwynn steps in.

Just another reason the Yankees need to score and score often.

It'd just be a terrible way to end this season by losing at home. Anything but that. (Well, ok, no repeats of 04 either.)

How'd the recording go?

2007-10-07 21:39:01
1173.   thelarmis
i'm only in the top of the 3rd, yanks haven't scored yet! i did see a basehit by cleveland that was "lofted," though caray called it "roped." un-fucking-believeable.

nice to see mats hustle on the infield single and have a productive day. i would love nothing more than to blow out the tribe tomorrow - early and often.

recording went really well man, thanks for asking! i finish up tomorrow. ending with a difficult 'drum feature' that i have to nail and make perfect. if i can get a perfect performance on that and a yankee win, i'll be the happiest guy in america! : )

2007-10-07 21:40:13
1174.   thelarmis
i just quickly scoured the 1st 200 comments. hey cult - i don't think you posted the George Carlin rant. if that's the case, don't post it tomorrow!

is there a more superstitious lot than a combo of drummer/baseball fanatic?! oy...

2007-10-07 21:41:53
1175.   yankz
1173 Great to hear, good luck.

Poster "Dr. Acula" (Scrubs rules!) over at LoHud has posted some video:

Doc, if you read these comments, thanks and stay away from headless physicians!

2007-10-07 21:42:12
1176.   thelarmis
if kennedy is healthy, i vote to put him on the roster in place of Rocket. hughes did great today; IPK could be in position to do similar - say tomorrow. my guess is moose will be the long guy/savior if needed. hughes/joba would be around for wednesday. god, i hope there's a wednesday. if so, i'll miss the whole game due to a heavy teaching schedule...
2007-10-07 21:44:40
1177.   thelarmis
1175 thanks, man! i'm ultra prepared and am working with a good engineer, so i should get it down. doesn't mean it'll be easy or quick, but we'll see. i am like the definition of 'perfectionist' so it'll be a process, but i'll make sure i get it...
2007-10-07 21:44:56
1178.   yankz
Oh and seriously, fuck those bugs.
2007-10-07 21:48:39
1179.   thelarmis
pete abe is doing a good job reporting (save his a-rod bashing). man, i love the idea of having Bernabe throw out the 1st pitch tomorrow...

ah, there it is! our 1st run. caray's voice raises for 2 seconds. then silence. then a crack about our futility w/ RISP. then more silence. finally gwynn/brenly chime in. how does caray even have a gig? oh yeah, that's right - nepotism...

2007-10-07 21:50:27
1180.   thelarmis
damn, sorry to be game commenting well after the fact -- but seriously, could caray be any more excited about jeter hitting into a DP?

fuck, i wish i could watch this on mute, but w/out a live radio feed, it's kinda useless to do it that way...

2007-10-07 21:53:33
1181.   thelarmis
cool that Phil Franchise is the youngest Yankee pitcher to win a postseason game. i see many more of those in his future! : )
2007-10-07 22:11:07
1182.   Mike T
1154 No, but the LA Times does, and they are not kind.
2007-10-07 22:31:13
1183.   yankz
JeremyM, I can't comment over at WasWatching, but I am seriously disappointed in your Angels in the Outfield comment. Mel Clark didn't walk off the field after winning the World Series. It was a division-winning game vs. the White Sox.

I thought we had something special, man.

2007-10-07 22:32:05
1184.   weeping for brunnhilde
1076 No kidding about Hughes, yankz. And yes, I was perplexed that he didn't come out for the seventh. Why not see what he's got first, and just have Joba at the ready?
2007-10-07 22:35:50
1185.   weeping for brunnhilde
1098 Agreed, william. I didn't find his explanation very convincing, either. Didn't seem very sophisticated.

All the same, I do love Joe and will be happy to see him return if it's in the cards.

2007-10-07 22:39:45
1186.   weeping for brunnhilde
1107 It was awesome, RI, but it was also bittersweet, since it immediately conjured up Game 7. So even as I was jumping around in celebration, I was revisiting one of the most traumatic moments of my baseball-watching life.
2007-10-07 22:49:16
1187.   weeping for brunnhilde
1173 Yes, Matsui hustling was HUGE. Alex, too, and Abreu before that.

Our guys really do tend to bust it, which is nice to see.

Justice actually remarked something like, "I have no idea why this shortstop continues to take his sweet time getting the ball to first base."

2007-10-07 22:50:14
1188.   weeping for brunnhilde
1178 Seriously.
2007-10-07 22:52:35
1189.   thelarmis
i wonder if there'll be any "Keep Joe Torre" signs and/or chants at The Stadium tomorrow. that coupled with a win could save his gig...

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