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Cold Crush (ed)
2007-10-05 06:03
by Alex Belth

The Yankees took it on the chin last night in Game One of the ALDS, getting smacked around by the Indians to the tune of 12-3. Chien-Ming Wang was absolutely awful and was duly pounded. The Yankee offense made C.C. Sabathia throw a lot of pitches early, and had him right where they wanted him, but Sabathia worked out of a bases loaded jam in the top of the fifth inning, the Indians scored five in the bottom of the inning, and the game was essentially over.

Yanks will look to old reliable Andy Pettitte late this afternoon in Game Two.
Good thing too, as Pettitte is 70-33 following a loss in his Yankee career, and 6-3 in Game 2 starts. Since 1995, the Yankees are 5-0 in the ALDS after dropping the first game. Let's hope the trend continues...

Here is a play-by-play...

Top 1

Falls behind Johnny, 2-1. Then outside, 3-1. Controversy. Damon goes yard, they call it foul. Torre goes out. Immediate huddle of the umps. They break. Homer! Bruce Froemming makes the signal, twirling his finger in a circle over his head.

Jetes. Outside, ball one. Inside, strike. Off speed, fouled off. Up and in, 2-2. Now, down and away? Back inside? Inside, fouled off. Pitch was over the plate, Jeter couldn't get around. Got away with one there. Popped up to second.

Bobby. Low outside. Missed his spot didn't get the call. Fastball, strike. Low. Nice. Fastball, high outside strike, 1-2. Change, pulls off, fouled off. Breaking ball, low and away. Bobby doesn't bite, 2-2. Another breaking ball, Sabathia falling way off the mound to third, bobby checks, doesn't get the ball. Just outside, but close. 3-2. Fastball up and away, misses. Walk.

Alex. Fastball, inside, strike. Inside again, almost hits him in the hip. 20th pitch of the inning. Breaking ball, and a beauty, floats across the plate for a strike. Hard breaking ball, up and in, 2-2. Fastball up and in, 3-2. Fastball inside, ball four. Okay…nice at bat, bubby. "Have clear at bats. Unclutter your mind. Don't think about the past," Reggie according to Graig Sager.

Visit from the pitching coach. They play that famous Pearl Jam song on the pa system.

Jorgie. Fastball, low and just in, ball one. Sabathia turns and Bobby moves back to first. Slow movements. Fastball, just up and away, ball two. He's not far off, but he's Just far off enough not to be getting these calls. Fastball, same spot but better, strike one. Same pitch, Jorgie swinging, late, 2-2. First swinging strike of the inning. Jake making noise. Strikes him out, fastball over the plate. Blows him away. Pitch was a little up but tough to resist.

Matsui. Fastball, paints the outside corner, strike one. Breaking ball, slider, paints the outside corner, 0-2. Fastball, late, but enough to foul it off. Breaking ball, rolls over, pussy ass grounder to second. Inning.

33 pitches for Sabathia.

Bottom 1

Grady. Hits him in the back foot. Only hit 8 all year. Hits him. Great.

Cabrera. Strike. Throw to first. Double play. Two hopper to Jeter. Up the middle. Steps on bag and boom. 2 out.

Pronk. Ball in and low. Fastball, strike. Change of Slider, off speed, fading away, swing and a miss. Beauty. Announcers say Pronk wore a shirt all season that read, "I may not be smart but I can lift heavy things." Sinker but cuts back in, just low, 2-2. Change, foul, barely. Fastball, up, tailing away, 3-2. Inside, smacked over the Yankees dugout, foul. Fastball, low. Ball four.

Victor. Fastball, big swing, fouled back, 0-1. Fastball, outside strike, taken. Breaking ball, not bad, but low, 1-2. Sharp single to right, to Bobby on a hop. Sinker was up a bit. Good hitting.

Garko. Sinker, low, check, no, didn't go, ball one. Called strike, Posada throws to second and almost throws it away. Melky backing up, streaking. Single up the middle. Tied game. Hafner scores. Shit.

Jhonny. Sinker, low. Low again. Change, strike. Fastball, fouled. 2-2. Slider, doesn't get the call! Slider, fouled off. Fouled off. 25 pitches. Sinker, a good one, fouled off his foot. Fastball, up and in ball four. Posada out, Jeter in, A Rod and Cano now.

Lofton. Fastball, late, foul. Fastball, up, base hit. 2 runs. Garko gets caught off second. Third out.

Top 2

Robbie. Fastball up, ball. Slider, low, 2-0. Fastball away, misses. Fastball up ball four. Audio from Froemming to Wedge. "He [the first base ump] lost sight of it me an ____saw it and it was a fair ball, no doubt about it." Terse, clear. Gotta love Brucie.

Melky. Fastball strike. Fastball in on the hands, tough, swinging, 0-2. Slider in the dirt. Fastball, busting in, popped up foul to first.

Minky. Say he got hurt running into a camera man before the game and questionable to start. Fastball strike. Double play, watch…Fastball, away, 1-1. Fastball away, moaning from the crowd, but Bruce doesn't budge, ball two. Fastball popped up to short. You suck.

CC only walked 3 in a game twice all year. Already done it tonight.

Johnnycakes. Fastball away, this one a strike. Down. Slow breaking ball, swing and a miss, 0-2. The crowd is really into it now. Breaking ball, check, no. Martinez snuffs it in the dirt. Breaking ball up, Cano goes, out by a mile. Terrible, Robbie, you have one large ass, kid. Victor continues his season of throwing runners out. I'd say go figure if he threw out Jeter, Abreu, Alex or Johnny, but he threw Cano out and that's a different ball of wax, isn't it?

49 pitches.

Bottom 2

Guiterrez. Ball. Sky high pop out to Alex. Easy out.

Blake. Called strike. Good slider, swing and miss. Yankees suck chant. Another slider, holds off, just outside. Fastball, low and away, swings through it. Two out.

Grady. Ball one. Fastball, fouled back. On it. Two seamer, high and away. Wild, 2-1. Fastball, fouled back again. Still on it, 2-2. Sinker, in, sharp single past Cano. Not too terrible a pitch. Nice hit.

Cabrera. Grady doesn't take a huge lead but runs on the first pitch. Jorgie pops up, makes a great throw and they nail him by plenty. Hey Now! "Tit of tit," as Dwight Schruete would say.

Top 3

Johnny Redux. Fastball, outside, strike. Slider outside, 2-0. Fastball outside, swing and a miss, late. Breaking ball, Damon stabs at it, fouls it off. Fastball inside, blows it by him, swing and miss. Strikeout.

DJ. Fastball strike. Breaking ball away, swing and a miss. Cheering and standing and waving white flags. Fastball up and away, fouled off. Jeter pursing his lips and frowning in that way of his… Fastball inside, trade mark Jack-Knife move by Jetes, 1-2. Fastball, way in, 2-2. Fastball inside, swing and miss, Jeter almost loses his balance. Completely buried the ball in on his hands. Tough.

Bobby. Fastball strike. CC is locking in now…Breaking ball, away, 1-1. Fastball, late swing, foul, 1-2. Fastball at his dome. Hello. That'll put the fear of a higher power into ya, yikes. Fastball, outside, 3-2. Breaking ball, Abreu off-stride, ass falling away, knicks it but Victor can't hold it. Breaking ball, low and away, Bobby sees it and lays off, ball four.

Alex. Pops first pitch up to short. In on the fists.

That was fast.

Bottom 3

Asdrubal. Slider, away, strike. Another one and another called strike. Bruce looking good on the calls here. Froemming looks like a wall with arms. Ball. Pitch up, pops it out to right. You have got to be kidding me. The place is going nuts. Sinker right down the cock. "He swung so hard he turned nearly completely around," says the announcer.

Pronk. Fastball, strike. Sinker, low. Fastball, low and in, strike two. Fastball up and in, weak ground out to second. Lebron is in the stands being interviewed Sager. He's rockin a Yankee cap and says he's always been a Yankee fan.

Victor. Fastball, ball. Ball two. Called strike. Fly ball right at Cabrera, two out.

Garko. Bloop to right, cheap hit but a hit anyway.

Jhonny. Ball one, inside. Fly out to right.

Top 4

Jorgie. Fastball strike. Jorgie doesn't like the call, thinks it was high and away. Slider, pokes at it and slices it right, but it hangs up for an easy out.

Godziller. Strike. Fastball outside, called strike. Breaking ball, gets him.

Robbie. C'mon, dude, let's get it going now. Fastball, pee at the knees, strike. Breaking ball, low and away. Breaking ball, away, 2-1. Cano hasn't swung yet tonight, go figure that. Fastball blows it by him, swing and a miss. Breaking ball, line drive homer. Right off the black on the top of the right field wall. Lined it, a frozen rope, as it were. Camera man with a blue shirt follows him around third and past the plate. Get the hell out of the shot. I hate seeing the camera men during a game. That's so intrusive.

Melky. Fastball strike. Pop up to second.

Bottom 4

K. Lofton. Sinker, low and away, Kenny goes to bunt, called strike. Kenny is not pleased with the call, shakes his head. Sinker, a 45 footer, ball one. Bunt, foul, 1-2. Fastball, way outside, 2-2. Good sinker, moving, fouled off. Pop out to Robbie.

Franklin. Sinker, low. Low again, ball two. Fastball floats up and away, 3-0. Fastball, strike. Low, ball three. Third walk.

Casey Blake. Throw to first. Foul. Hard grounder to A Rod's back hand. Goes to second. Throw on a bounce. Robbie scoops it, two out. Wouldn't have turned two anyhow. Nice play by A Rod, low throw ("one of the best sinkers we've seen in the ballgame"), but nice scoop.

Grady. Foul. Called strike, outside corner. Announcers talking about A Rod and his great season. Alex smiles at third and spits. Looks relaxed. Sinker low. Now they are talking about Grady as the next superstar…Fastball inside, 2-2. Crowd getting louder now. Throw to first. Boos. Fastball lined foul over third. Fastball moving back, called strike three. Good movement on the pitch, Grady leaning forward, Bruce with the firm punch out.

Top 5

Minky Dinky Dog. No, it's SHELLEY. Wow. Joe being bold. Fastball strike. Another fastball, Conan swing, 0-2. Minky must be hurt. Slider, low. Fastball, fouled back. Chip Carey just said "Duh-fense" not "D-fence." Somewhere my father is smiling. Breaking ball, slower, but lower, Shell lays off. Fastball, in, lays off. Way to go, Shelley! Hang tough…Fastball, gets a good rip, but foul, past third. Dag. That pitch got too much plate. Fastball, outside, line drive to right. Drops in for a single. Way to go, Shell!

Johnnycakes. Fastball, strike. Fastball, away, just misses. Another one, away again, the crowd groans. Another one, Johnny checks but doesn't offer. The crowd moans. Way outside, ball four. Two pitches were close, that one wasn't. 5th walk. He did that in his only other playoff start too.

Jetes. Not bunting…fastball, away, ball one. 94th pitch of the night for CC. Pitching coach comes out. Fastball, in on the hands, fouled off. Late. Fastball, way away, almost threw it past Victor, 2-1. Still no sign of the bunt. Fastball, missed it again, 2-2. Dag. Okay, hang in there, DJ. Breaking ball, Jeter leans over, but doesn't offer, full count. Line drive right at Guiterrez in right. One out, no advance.

Bobby. 100th pitch of the night…Line drive down the third base line. Shelley scores. Second and third. Fastball outside, right on it, "How beautiful is that?" says Tony Gwynn.

Alex. Intentional walk.

Jorgie. Fastball, away, ball one. Fastball, up and away again, 2-0. Ball three, fastball. Just missing, but missing enough. Swinging. Jesus. Foul. Oh my. My heart jumped right there. Swing and a miss. Pitch could have been a ball. Fans making much noise now. Fastball in, fouled off. Fastball by him. Damn. Two out.

Matsui. Breaking ball away, nice block by Victor. Fastball, low and away, Matsui just holds up. Another close one. The Jake crowd is getting killed by Bruce. Pops him up to short. Matsui has looked horrible tonight. Yanks back in it, but that was a big jam for CC to escape. But at 115 pitches, that'll be all for him, you'd think.

Bottom 5

Asdrubal. Sinker, away, ball one. Another one low, ball two. Fastall, away, 3-0. Strike. Fastball, nowhere near, ball four. C'mon Wang, for Pete's sake.

Pronk. Outside, ball one. Fastball, strike. Throw to first. Low, ball two. Broken bat fly out to Melky.

Victor. Strokes the first pitch deep into right center. 6-3. Wang. Awful outing. Sinker, right down the cock. Awww, man. Sweet swing. Dag. Crowd going nuts.

Garko. Strike. Swing and a miss, 0-2. 5-3, two out.

Jhonny. Strike. Ball, low and away. Yankee suck chant. Broken bat bloop to right. "And all of a sudden, everything's going Cleveland's way," says Chip Carrey.

Lofton. Foul. Ross is up in the bullpen. Posada goes out for a quick word with Wang. Hard base hit up the middle. Run scores. Agony. Lofton kills Yanks with 3 RBI. Couldn't have scripted it any worse. 7-3. Wang is done. Only 5 ground ball outs. The crowd is going nuts.

Franklin. Ross Ohlendorf pitching. Fastball, away, ball one. Lofton runs, great jump, curve ball strike, Jorgie doesn't even bother to throw. Slider or a splitter in the dirt, swing and a miss. Another one, breaking hard and fast, this one is too low, 2-2. Jorgie struggling to catch the last couple of pitches. Drum pounding, another slider low, 3-2. Good block by Jorgie. Crowd making noise. Another one, low, ball four. He lost all confidence in throwing a fastball. Shoot. Gator out.

Casey Blake. First pitch fastball, line drive to right. Two runs score. 9-3. Oh, brother. This is awful.

Grady. Swing and a miss. Called strike two. Slider, low, check swing, doesn't go. The announcers are questioning whether Jeter should have bunted in the top of the inning. Pop up to center. Third out. 5 runs in.

Top 6

Robbie. Rafael Perez pitching. Uh oh. Fastball strike. Slider, away. Fastball, late, 1-2. Breaking ball, doesn't chase, 2-2. Fastball in, foul, good swing. Fastball in, another foul, good swing. Liner over Perez but Johnny moves two steps to his left, fields the ball and fires to first for the out.

Leche. Fastball, up. Strike. Fastball away, 2-1. Breaking ball, ground ball foul. Good slider, Melky waits and pulls it foul. Nice cut there. Way to stay on it, Melk. Fastball away, out of the zone, chasing, whiff.

Duncanstein. Slider, low, 1-0. Fastball in, swing and a miss. Fouled at the plate, 1-2. Crowd gets noisy. Slider, fouls it off. Slider in the dirt, check swing, ball, 2-2. Another slider, low, Shelley holds up, full count. Slider, low and away, Shelley waves at it. Three out.

Bottom 6

Asdrubal. Fastball, strike. Called strike two. Ball, low. Fastball, fouled back. Breaking ball almost hits him, 2-2. Foul. Fastball, low 3-2. Ground out to Cano.

Pronk Hafner. Line drive homer to right center. What a rip.

Victor. Doubles to left on the first pitch. He's 3-4. Gator out to chat.

Garko. Fastball, in on the hands, fouled off. Fastball, hits him.

Jhonny. Fastball, inside, ball one. Soft grounder to Jeter, who flips to A Rod for the force.

Kenny. Gets a big hand. RBI double to right center. Good night Ross. And Happy Birthday, Kenny.

Frank. Jose Veras. Slider, low, ball one. Fastball, up, ball two. Fastball, swing and a miss. Pop out to Shelley.

Top 7

Damon. Perez still in there. Strike. Slider in the dirt, 1-1. Fastball away. Foul, 2-2. Slider, check swing, but he goes too far, strike three. Bruce makes the call himself.

Jetah. Fastball, low and in. Foul ball off Jeter's foot. Ouch. Line drive to right, Gut gets a great jump and makes a nice sliding catch. Two out.

Bobby. Fastball, strike at the knees. Slider, swing and a miss, 0-2. Slider, got him looking. Bobby pulls off, and wow, what a gorgeous pitch. Somamabitch.

Bottom 7

Casey Blake. Phil Hughes in now. Strike one. Strike two. Both fastballs. Foul. Curve, swings and misses.

Grady. Curve ball, strike one. Ball. Fastball, called strike, 1-2. Pop up to Jeter in short left.

Asdrubal. Fastball, just low, ball one. Fastball, outside, 2-0. Fastball, right down the plate, swing and a miss. Fastball, in, fouled back, 2-2. Fastball, low, 3-2. Fastball, fouled back. Another heater, fouled back. Cabrera steps out. Fastball, outside corner, Bruce punches him out.

Top 8

Alex. Jensen Lewis, a righty, pitching. Fastball, strike. Fastball, up and out of the zone, swing and a miss. First pitch was good, this one was too high. Fastball, inside, 1-2. Another heater, in, broken bat pop up to second.

Jorgie. Fastball, line drive to left.

Matsui. Fastball, strike. Fastball, outside corner, 0-2. Again, and Bruce does the honors. Three out.

Bottom 8

Pronk. Curve, low, ball one. Fastball, strike. Fastball, line out to center.

Victor. Curve, strike. Fastball, outside corner, strike two. Fastball popped to left, two out.

Garko. Fastball, strike. Fastball, taken for strike two. Fastball, low and away, punched foul. Another fastball, this one punched over the right field wall for a solo homer. 12-3. Wow, nice pop there.

Jhonny. Fastball on the outside corner, strike. Curve, low. Fastball, knocked deep to right. Abreu catches the ball on the warning track.

Top 9

Raffy Betancourt. Wow. I guess he's okay on back to back nights.

Cano. Fastball, right on it, fouls it back. Fastball, blows it by him, 0-2. Fastball outside corner, good morning, good afternoon and good night.

Leche. First pitch hacking. Foul. Fastball, away, 1-1. Fastball, late, fouled off. Fastball, just misses outside. Crowd groans, but Bruce don't budge. Fastball, fouls it back, late. Another heater, Melky spoils it. Fastball up, Melky checks, fouls it off. Fastball, fouled back, good swing this time. Missed one there. Fastball, down, maybe it was a breaking pitch, Bruce almost rings up the arm, but doesn't. Full count. Fastball, late, fly out to Lofton in left, moving into foul territory.

Giambo pinch hits for Shelley. Takes a fastball low for a ball. Crowd standing, clapping, loud. Fastball, outside corner, strike one. Fastball, inside, ripped right at Cabrera, playing short right field. It came at him on a hop and bounced past him for a single.

Damon. Fastball, fouled back. Fastball on the outside corner, 0-2. Now, a lot of noise, towels waving. Fastball, high. Fastball, low and away. Fastball, high and outside, full count. Line drive, broken bat, right at Sizemore. 22 pitches for Betancourt at least...

An ass-whipping for the Yanks. Andy will pitch the biggest game of the year tomorrow.

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2007-10-05 06:26:29
1.   RIYank
Wow, every pitch! Impressive. And painful.

The game started so well! Damon lead-off dinger, then working two walks against the hardest starter to walk against, then Wang got the first two outs in three pitches... then the downhill slide began. And the hill turned out to be long, and steep, too.

2007-10-05 06:27:03
2.   spufi2007
Hey, maybe the Yanks will end up winning the same number of playoff games as the Mets this year!
2007-10-05 06:34:20
3.   RIYank
2 Maybe.
But I wouldn't bet on it.
2007-10-05 06:34:59
4.   Yankee Fan In Boston
0 that appears to be as in depth a recap possible. impressive.

(i admit that i couldn't handle reliving that game at the moment, but hopefully we can come back to this in a few weeks and reflect on our humble beginnings.)


2007-10-05 06:44:01
5.   Murray
Remind me why both Princeton and Veras are on the playoff roster? Is this an F-Rod rule maneuver?
2007-10-05 06:48:21
6.   mehmattski
Here's my theory about Veras, at least: the Yankees want to keep IPK as a viable option should they advance to the ALCS. However, IPK was not on the 25-man roster on August 31, and so would need to take the spot of an injured pitcher in order to be on the playoff roster. Veras wasn't in the big leagues on August 31 either, so he was slotted in to "take the place" of, say, Darrel Rasner. Then if the Yanks advance to the next round, Veras can be replaced with Kennedy. They would probably have a tough time convincing the commissioner's office to let them replace someone like Villone, who was on the 25 man all year and wasn't injured.
2007-10-05 06:51:59
7.   RIYank
Has anyone mentioned the Joba Chamberlain article in the current SI? Did I miss a discussion of it?

I found it excruciating. That story should practically write itself, and yet Gary Smith butchered it. The article reads like it was written by a pretentious eighth grader (it's written almost entirely in the imperative mood, like a recipe). Embarrassing.

2007-10-05 07:18:53
8.   vockins
Using Perez after that five run fifth seemed pretty weird, but using Betancourt in the ninth was really weird. Did Wedge get asked why he used those two?
2007-10-05 07:22:55
9.   pistolpete
7 >>I found it excruciating. >>

Funny, that was my opinion about the game last night.

I know it's only 1 game, but this ALDS stuff is beginning to resemble a broken record. What is it about this first series that has us crapping ourselves every year? Even the Twins series in '04 could have been a disaster if not for a couple key hits...

2007-10-05 07:32:39
10.   Shaun P
Is there any value to me reading through the 1245 comments from last night, or I am just going to get angry all over again?

Someone PLEASE tell me lots of blame was/is being heaped on Posada and Matsui last night/this morning, and none on A-Rod. Please?

Dandy Andy does have a way of coming up big in Game 2s. Hope remains!

2007-10-05 07:37:13
11.   Zack
10 I think you will find more anger at the announcers than the Yankees
2007-10-05 07:38:04
12.   Sarasota
Matsui's continued failure at the plate is what's excruciating. Time to sit the old fella down for a spell. He's had terrible at bats in September and continues to disappoint in October.
2007-10-05 07:41:35
13.   Peter
I haven't read the game thread either so I don't know if this was already mentioned, but why is Matsui continuing to DH while Giambi sits?
2007-10-05 07:44:39
14.   weeping for brunnhilde
"Bobby. 100th pitch of the night…Line drive down the third base line. Shelley scores. Second and third. Fastball outside, right on it, "How beautiful is that?" says Tony Gwynn."

Good God, but that was sweet. That swing had me in ecstasy.

2007-10-05 07:45:05
15.   Sliced Bread
Not much to say about the Yanks.
They'll either hit back and win, or not.

Here's a classic photo of Rocky Marciano KO'ing Jersey Joe Walcott in 1952.

Walcott knocked down Marciano in Round 1, and was winning the fight in the 13th, when the Rock floored him with a brick to the jaw.

Yeah, I know the boxing-baseball analogy is worn out, but so is losing the Division Series.

2007-10-05 07:48:15
16.   Alex Belth
Hey RI, I agree with you about Smith's piece. He's an outstading reporter, famous for his thoroughness. But personally, I just can't get past his style. I find that it completely distracts from the story and calls attention to itself. In general, I think Smith polarizes readers. You either dig his approach, or it completely turns you off. I wasn't able to finish more than two pages of the story before I put it down. Smith's style, which I think is obtrusive, just got it the way too much for me.
2007-10-05 07:48:30
17.   weeping for brunnhilde
10 I didn't see where Jorgie did anything wrong. His ab were solid, he just got beat by a good pitcher.
2007-10-05 07:49:02
18.   domvjr
Great recap Alex. I thought that I couldn't put up with the worldwide network and Fox doing these games, but the TBS crew made me shut the sound off during the game! Alex already brought up the cameraman running alongside the players as they scored. The obvious glee that Chip Carey showed during the Yankee pratfalls. The poor camera work, lousy angles, re: the home run ball, no bullpen shots, when Wang was in trouble in the 5th. All in all a very poor performance.
Actually, while watching the Phils game, I thought Orsillo and Simpson were not that bad.
2007-10-05 07:51:51
19.   pistolpete
10 I haven't read much today on the subject, but I didn't see one of the local papers' headlines (paraphrasing):

"No October Surprise: A-Rod comes up short again"

...or something like that.

Hack writing, just disgusting. If he gets run out of town because the whole team spit the bit, I might have to take a break from baseball for a while.

Anyway, Posada & Matsui looked dreadful - at least Alex was on base a few times...

2007-10-05 07:52:30
20.   pistolpete
19 Should be "but I did see..."
2007-10-05 07:55:08
21.   weeping for brunnhilde
19 How strange. I really didn't think Jorgie looked dreadful at all.

His first ab, for instance, he took a really tough pitch just off the plate for a ball. I thought it showed he was quite locked in.

And then when he swung 3-0 in that big spot, he had a great pitch to hit, but just missed it. I don't know, he didn't have success, but by no means did I think he looked dreadful or helpless, the way, e.g., David Justice did in 2001.

Maybe I'm missing something.

2007-10-05 08:05:29
22.   Shaun P
21 He swung through ball 4 three times, and was also fooled by the high heat in his first AB. I thought he looked awful when the count got in his favor. But I am also sleep-deprived this morning, so my memory and judgment may be cloudy. =)

Why Duncan didn't DH over Matsui is beyond me. Godzilla hasn't looked right in at least a month. And I won't even get started on Hughes pitching in garbage time. WTF are Veras and Kyle Farnsworth on the roster for, if not for pitching in garbage time?

I'm cranky, but I'm still hopeful!

2007-10-05 08:20:30
23.   OldYanksFan
"0 that appears to be as in depth a recap possible. impressive."

PLEASE Alex....
Save the details for games we WIN.
Going through last night ONCE was more then enough.

(I mean... great job and all, but OUCH)

2007-10-05 08:25:28
24.   yankz
23 He didn't MAKE you read it...

Yanks win tonight, 5-1.

2007-10-05 08:25:32
25.   rbj
I was listening to the Jorge 5th inning AB on the radio, and I was sure he was going to take the next two pitches. Dunno if either was a ball, but why not take one or two there and put pressure on Sabathia to not walk in the tying run?
2007-10-05 08:29:55
26.   RIYank
25 Well, they were strikes, I think. Maybe the fifth pitch, the 3-1, was a little high. If they're in the zone, it makes more sense to go after them than to just sit and wait for a full count, when you'll have to swing at close ones.


2007-10-05 08:33:11
27.   OldYanksFan
6 The Yankees FO is smarter then we think.
The Yankees FO is smarter then we think.
The Yankees FO is smarter then we think.
The Yankees FO is smarter then we think.

10 ARod did NOT look good, but he got on base (walks) twice. He will have a tough road, as I don't think he will see many pitches worth hitting.

13 I hope Torre is smarter then I think.
I hope Torre is smarter then I think.
I hope Torre is smarter then I think.
I hope Torre is smarter then I think.

21 Jorge took 4 swings in that AB, and managed one foul. It's hard to tell on TV, but the third strike looked high and/or outside. Certainly, in that situation, NOT taking on the second (very questionable) strike was bad judgement. We love Jorge and he had a great year, but that was a poor AB, and basically turned the game... in the wrong direction.

I'll say it again. The way Torre used Giambi in the last month was crazy, and now Joe has more faith in an injured, slumping Matsui then in Giambi.

I simply can't see how our (offensive) lineup is better without Giambi in it.

2007-10-05 08:36:32
28.   AbbyNormal821
One of the announcers last night made mention of the fact (and my apologies, I can't remember the # of times/teams/percentage) that the team that has lost the 1st game of an ALDS has gone on to win the dang thing. Someone help me out here...where's my 'stat boys'?
And now...a little poem from 'lil ole me...
The Tribe got us good last night, but our man Andy Pettitte will set it right!!!
2007-10-05 08:38:29
29.   Yankee Fan In Boston
28 under joe torre, the yankees are 5-0 in series in which they drop game one.

this is now my mantra.

2007-10-05 08:40:12
30.   ChrisS
A-Rod gets two walks against a guy that doesn't walk anybody, Jeter, Matsui, and Posada go O-fer-12 around him and it better not be construed as A-Rod's fault. Based on the last night's game, there's no reason to throw a pitch anywhere near the plate when A-Rod's up, especially with Groundzilla so close behind him.

Matsui needs to sit, those weak groundballs are shortening my life span.

2007-10-05 08:42:46
31.   Rob Middletown CT
I just wanted to chime in and agree with brunnhilde...

Jorge had good ABs. He just didn't come through.

That doesn't make it any less painful or frustrating. But it gives me hope for game 2 - the man is still seeing the ball well, and for the most part swinging at the right pitches (the huge K in the 4th was probably ball 4, but not by much. It was up, but that's almost impossible to take). He fouled the 3-0 straight back (just missed it). He fouled off another pitch (the 3-1?) that I thought he was right on. Failure to get a hit =! bad at-bat.

Matsui's ABs, on the other hand, were painful. No chance. Melky too.

Two thumbs up for Duncan - not only did he have a good AB in the 4th, he got a hit that started a rally. Abreu's double was a beautiful thing. As was Cano's HR.

Can anyone explain to me why Torre brought in Phil Hughes as the blowout mop up man? WTF?

2007-10-05 08:43:59
32.   Sarasota
28 Yanks 5-0 when they lose game 1 under Torre, and 2-5 when they win first game under Torre in last 12 years.

Bench Matsui. Play Giambi. Write to TBS complaining about the lousy biased announcers:

2007-10-05 08:47:11
33.   Yankee Fan In Boston
31 i was wondering about the use of hughes myself. the best i could come up with was giving a guy who had only 1 relief appearance in his career a crash course in warming up and walking into a game.

gameday had him looking pretty good. i didn't see the game and have been avoiding "highlights."

2007-10-05 08:48:03
34.   RIYank
31 Here's why (I think) Hughes pitched last night. The plan is for him to be ready to go very long relief in game four or game five -- maybe because Wang will pitch game four on short rest? -- and this was in effect his throw day. Kind of dipping his toes in the play-off waters.
2007-10-05 08:52:22
35.   AbbyNormal821
32 The play-by-play dudes are annoying the crap out of me as well (minus Tony Gwynn, that guy is a true mensch!) and of course, Mr. Ripken Jr. :::swoon!:::
2007-10-05 09:00:13
36.   Rob Middletown CT
My problems with the move are these:

FIRST: I really wanted Hughes shadowing Clemens in game 3. There is no guarantee of game 4. Further, if we have to go to "very long relief" in game 4/5 we may well be screwed anyway. Clemens is gimpy. Can Hughes do this now, having thrown 2 innings last night?

SECOND: I think Phil Hughes may be the 3rd best reliever on the team. Yes, I know he's actually a starter. This is all about his overall abilities as a pitcher, though. Hughes > Ohlendorf. Hughes > Veras. Hughes > Farnsworth. Anyone want to argue otherwise?

Having said that, I see some logic to "getting his feet wet" as a reliever. But MEIN GOTT, shouldn't this have been done during the regular season? This is the playoffs. You don't friggin' experiment in the playoffs. You execute a plan you've thought through.

He did pitch pretty damned well, btw. 2 IP, 2ks, 0BB with 1 solo HR. Seems to me he was the best Yankee pitcher of the night by a longshot.

2007-10-05 09:06:55
37.   RIYank
36 Yeah. Well, I think he could throw a couple of innings in Game Three, but I agree it would be good to have a 'second starter' available to enter in the third inning if nec. and go through the eighth, or something like that, and Hughes is probably now not in position to do that. But, he might be in position to 'shadow' Wang on Monday, or Moose.

He did pitch well, though not to the last two batters. (Homer, long fly.) The strike outs were gratifying. Being the best of the night was not much of an achievement, though!

2007-10-05 09:12:48
38.   Rob Middletown CT
Agreed. Best of a very bad lot. And I had forgotten about the warning track fly out to end his final inning. HR, near HR. So yeah.

Andy Pettitte, an Empire turns its lonely eyes to you...

2007-10-05 09:30:34
39.   Shaun P
34 I could see Wang on short rest in Game 4. It would be at home, and perhaps a more tired Wang would have his sinker down in the zone, instead of up.

30 I couldn't agree more.

Is this crazy? Sit Matsui tonight. Giambi DHs. Cano hits 5th. Posada 6th. Giambi 7th. Then the lineup (1-7 at least) is LRLRLSL. And have Betemit and Duncan both ready to go when a lefty reliever comes in.

2007-10-05 09:48:28
40.   mehmattski
14 I don't remember the call going anything like that. In fact, I remember a whole lot of silence from Caray. Nothing like for the Cabrera homer the inning before, maybe Caray was out changing his pants after the call of that homer. It was pretty despicable, the biased announcing. Not even when Joe Buck is most on his knees in front of Derek Jeter does he ever get that bad.

39 Giambi batting seventh!?!?! It's a vote of no-confidence from Torre!!!! Put it on the back pages for a month!!!!

2007-10-05 10:03:52
41.   cult of basebaal
39 except betemit doesn't hit lefties well at all ... giambi DH'ing is fine ... he smoked that single last night ... be ready to use Duncan for him or dougie alphabet in a tight spot, then duncan can either stay in or betemit can man 1st ...
2007-10-05 10:32:55
42.   Max
I've been really impressed with Mientkiewicz's demeanor recently -- maybe he's just happy to be playing, but the things he said during the playoff celebration about Andy Philips, and the empathy he demonstrated for the cameraman who got fired, make him seem like a pretty good guy in my book.
2007-10-05 10:34:54
43.   Yankee Fan In Boston
which 2005 yankee would you expect to use the alias "turd ferguson" when checking into a hotel? how about "harry pelotas"?

find out here:

i needed a laugh today.

2007-10-05 10:35:35
44.   Bama Yankee
40 I guess Chip Caray hates the Yankees after those two Serious spankings we put on his Braves.

Couldn't we have gotten one of the other guys:
I really like Dick Stockton. His call of the Fisk homer in '75 is a classic "There it goes, a long drive, If it stays fair ... Home run!" Not to mention he was the voice of the NBA back in the 80's (when it was still watchable).

I wouldn't even mind Orsillo (he even tries to sound somewhat impartial on the NESN broadcasts).

What about Ted Robinson? He was (according to Wikipedia) in one of my favorite movies of all time: "Robinson's voice is featured in the movie 'A Few Good Men' as he announces a baseball game being watched by Tom Cruise's character." So, he's got that going for him...

2007-10-05 10:56:40
45.   Sliced Bread
The Deadspin comments section should be called Dickspin. What a bunch of jerk-offs.

You hate the Yankees, AND you're going for your Ph.D in Misanthropy?! Wow! Me too!
Hey, let's say something snarky about A-Rod! Weeee!

2007-10-05 11:00:08
46.   Shaun P
41 Yes, you're right of course, Betemit doesn't hit lefties well. I meant more along the lines of have Betemit ready if Duncan PHs vs a LHP, and Wedge counters with a righty. I'd rather see Betemit in that spot that Matsui.

43 Neil deMause is awesome. Johnny Drama! I wonder if the Captain will hear the Bleecher Creatures chant that before Game 3.

2007-10-05 11:02:36
47.   Shaun P
45 I believe, having seen what those folks did to Bill Simmons when ESPN experimented with commenting on his posts, they proudly cultivate the image of being a bunch of jerk-offs.

Don't let 'em get you down, Sliced!

2007-10-05 11:09:20
48.   Bama Yankee
45 I hope our visitors that got offended by last night's game thread don't ever stumble onto that site (or any of the YouTube comment sections for that matter)...
2007-10-05 11:30:59
49.   mehmattski
45 I stopped reading the comments section months ago, as they are unreadable whenever talking about my two favorite sports teams. Jealousy and small-brains don't often mix well.
2007-10-05 11:33:38
50.   yankz
48 I pointed them towards LoHud.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2007-10-05 11:39:28
51.   Bob B
I only got to see the first inning since it was back to school night and my wife was out of town. I left with the Yankees up 1-0 and returned with the score 11-3. I thought Jorge swung at at terrible pitch for strike three on that at bat. A friend of mine at work says that his later AB with the bases loaded was worse because he swung at strike 2 and three on pitches that were out of the zone. He had no problem with the 3-0 count swing and says if he'd connected it would have been gone.
2007-10-05 11:42:45
52.   Sliced Bread
[47-49] I have no problem with wisecracks about the Yanks if they're funny (see soxaholix) but when the jokes don't work (see dickspin) it's like finding a dead animal in your sock drawer. Eesh, how'd THAT get in there?
2007-10-05 11:49:22
53.   RIYank
51 But many of us thought those pitches were in the strike zone.

Check out what Gameday shows:

(The fifth inning.)

2007-10-05 11:54:12
54.   cult of basebaal
IIRC from the TBS broadcast last night, their strike zone tracker showed that strikes 2 and 3 were balls, but not egregiously out of the zone ... certainly within the realm of being called strikes
2007-10-05 11:56:11
55.   Bama Yankee
52 Agreed. Although the one about Lebron James probably rooting for the Harlem Globetrotters was pretty good. I wonder if Labron will still be "King" in Cleveland after wearing that Yankee cap to the game last night?
2007-10-05 12:13:56
56.   SF Yanks
Isn't it weird....right now nobody is feeling good about this series, but with a win tonight, the advantage swings our way even if its 1-1. Tonight is a MONSTROUS game. I wonder what the odds are of coming back from 0-2. We did it against Oakland right? Anyways, nuff talk about 0-2 as hopefully that won't be necessary.
2007-10-05 12:26:31
57.   Shaun P
48 Visitors? Offended? Do tell, Bama!

(Please don't make me comb through all 1245 posts. Please?) =)

53 I wish someone would do a study to tell us how accurate Gameday is. When I saw the three pitches live, I thought they were high, and at least one was outside. But yeah, the TBS thing 54 did show them all as out of the strike zone, only one egregiously so. That might have been the foul ball.

56 You're right. Carmona doesn't scare me, and Wedge foolishly burned his best 2 relievers last night. That plus Pettitte plus the Yanks' bats seeking revenge = lots of hope.

2007-10-05 12:29:22
58.   weeping for brunnhilde
31 That's how I saw it too. The pitch he struck out on was the only clear ball, and that not by much, and as you say, high heat like that is nearly impossible to lay off.
2007-10-05 12:30:11
59.   cult of basebaal
57 ummm, no, the 3-0 count was very clearly in the zone, comfortably (again, according to TBS's thingy) the 3-2 pitch that Cletus fouled off was also a strike ...

meanwhile joey joe joe continues with the matsui experience ...

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Cabrera CF
Mientkiewicz 1B
Pettitte LHP

2007-10-05 12:30:37
60.   Sliced Bread
Giambi waits.

From Pete Abe:

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Cabrera CF
Mientkiewicz 1B

2007-10-05 12:31:42
61.   cult of basebaal
60 HA!


[/] jimbo

2007-10-05 12:34:40
62.   Sliced Bread
61 I was 26 seconds late. Or about as half as late as Matsui on a fastball.
2007-10-05 12:35:41
63.   cult of basebaal
from petey ...

So much for the idea of using Giambi. Torre said he gave no thought to taking Matsui out of the lineup. "It's a different pitcher," he said. "These are the guys who have done it for us."

lovely ... joey joe joe can play Rookie Roulette with all the relievers in the world, but can't figure out Leatherface can't hit water falling out of a boat right now ... let's hope this isn't the difference tonite

2007-10-05 12:47:20
64.   Mike T
If anyone has an explanation as to why Giambi is not in the lineup today in place of Matsui, I would love to hear it.
2007-10-05 12:55:40
65.   underdog
So why is Mintkeiwcecaexz playing at first again instead of Giambi, if Torre really wants Matsui in there as DH again? I know his defense is superior but seems like they'd want as much potential offense in there as possible today.
2007-10-05 12:56:46
66.   Bama Yankee
57 Some of the posters from other Toaster sites (Dodger Thoughts?) joined in on the game thread last night. While most of them seemed to enjoy the fun, some where not so pleased with our "Bronx Banter" (here are a few comments posted on other Toaster sites):

"...Bronx Banter scares me."

"I just navigated here to say that Bronx Banter is a scary place. They use words that rhyme with 'sum', but that start with 'c'."

"Bronx Banter is an embarrassment to the Toaster. The bloggers are awesome, but the commenters are about the worst you could imagine."

"Bronx Banter needs to clean up its act. Yankee fans get so out of hand, it gives the Toaster a bad name compared to most other blogs here."

Those comments seem a little over the top if you ask me.

2007-10-05 13:07:19
67.   Shaun P
66 Agreed. Though I know some of us (myself included) do get angry during games the Yanks are losing. Still, if you don't like it, you don't have to read it (much less respond).

Thanks for the clue-in Bama. I've got to try to get on the computer tonight during the game - hard, as my mother-in-law is in town.

2007-10-05 13:09:44
68.   Yankee Fan In Boston
66 you people make me sick.

seriously though, the fact that someone thinks this group of people is "scary" scares me.

have these [gosh darned] people never cursed when their team [excrements] the bed in the mother[father] playoffs? really? am i the [oriface] on this one?

2007-10-05 13:10:56
69.   RIYank
I think it's kind of cute that the word 'cum' scares them, honestly.
2007-10-05 13:11:36
70.   AbbyNormal821
62 Niiice! ba-da-bum-tsch!
2007-10-05 13:12:22
71.   RIYank
68 Dodger Thoughts has a no-swearing rule.
2007-10-05 13:14:03
72.   Bama Yankee
68 Heck is a place for people who don't believe in gosh... ;-)
2007-10-05 13:14:48
73.   Mike T
71 What is it, sixth grade over there? The Yankees deserved to be cursed out after their performance last night.
2007-10-05 13:14:49
74.   AbbyNormal821
68 those people can go to H-E-double hockey sticks!
2007-10-05 13:20:30
75.   Yankee Fan In Boston
71 that must be nice for the patrons there. that's cool. i don't really get the reaction to the people here, though. i don't know what they were reacting to specifically, but a few scattered vulgarities aside, the comments here aren't usually anything to cause one to take offense. (in my opinion.)

my guess is that they must have chosen the worst time in the world to stop by for the first time. i see some regulars defended the banter. i hope people will visit on better days to see that we aren't a bunch of drunken sailors with tourette's. (well... you guys and gals aren't.) there are some really bright and thoughtful people here. "scary" is funny to me.

2007-10-05 13:21:30
76.   El Lay Dave
68 Funny.

I don't know a curse word for [father], though. How about " the [incestuous-activity] playoffs?"

71 It's the blog owners house, we just comment there, as guests. His way or the information highway.

2007-10-05 13:21:53
77.   Bama Yankee
75 Well said.
2007-10-05 13:21:57
78.   sporky
73 - So do the Dodgers most of the time (sigh). Any swearing is just purged before the typing commences.

I'd say things like Ned Coletti is a fucking incompetent dunce of a GM, but that would get me banned.

2007-10-05 13:23:44
79.   El Lay Dave
78 But you would be correct.
2007-10-05 13:24:32
80.   El Lay Dave
78 And it would only get your post deleted.
2007-10-05 13:25:12
81.   Yankee Fan In Boston
78 i feel exactly as i did the time i gave my little brother his first cigarette.
2007-10-05 13:26:53
82.   Yankee Fan In Boston
76 here's a mother[father] clip for you.

goodfellas (as edited for broadcast tv) (from mr. show with bob & david)


2007-10-05 13:27:25
83.   sporky
80 - I must say, though, commenting on DT has helped with my new year's resolution to cut down on the profanity.

Thanks to the DT-ers, I'm getting more creative with my insults.

2007-10-05 13:29:08
84.   AbbyNormal821
75 I don't have tourette's - I'm a native NY'er...cussin' is encoded in my DNA
2007-10-05 13:32:14
85.   RIYank
Oh, hi, blues.
I was just over at your place.
2007-10-05 13:33:16
86.   RIYank
Uh, I guess 'blues' are umpires.

Angelinos. Or vicarious Angelinos. Or does that sound like you're supporters of the Anaheim guys? This is so delicate.

2007-10-05 13:34:08
87.   AbbyNormal821
82 ...and one of my favorites!

2007-10-05 13:34:30
88.   El Lay Dave
82 LMAO - there is absoulutely no point in watching a "Goodfellas" that is edited for broadcast!

I remember a one-shot comic, long ago, involving a hero called "Politeness Man", who succeeded in having two sailors in peril alter their dialogue to:

Sailor 1: "We're up doody creek without an intercoursing paddle!"
Sailor 2: "You incestuous fellow!"

2007-10-05 13:34:42
89.   sporky
86 - Masochists? Too inclusive?
2007-10-05 13:35:40
90.   El Lay Dave
86 Perhaps just "dudes"?
2007-10-05 13:41:05
91.   Yankee Fan In Boston
87 touche.

88 very nice.

2007-10-05 13:41:48
92.   RIYank
'Masochists', hm. In context I think it's clear enough. Not 'dudes', though, since I wanted to make it clear I was addressing the DT people.

A lot of the Banterers will just kind of hock and spit, as a form of greeting. But living in New England as I do, I am more genteel. Classy.

2007-10-05 13:49:15
93.   Yankee Fan In Boston
92 classy. yes. this is what i'm talking about.

take me, for example. i'm a self-proclaimed gentleman. i don't associate with just any riff-raff. you people are alright. don't change a thing.

an aside: i've never hung out on the fringes of a "tough guys" group before. it is like this is the toaster's detention hall.

look at the banter kids wearing leather jackets and smoking cigarettes out behind the school...

it's like a bunch of fonzies typing furiously about statistical probabilities and karim garcia.

2007-10-05 13:59:00
94.   RIYank
93 Geek thugs.

"Sarge, look. This DT corpse. It has shards of slide rule sticking out of its ear."

"Classy. Real classy."

Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.