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ALDS Game One: Can I Start This?
2007-10-04 12:41
by Alex Belth
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Well, here we are again. One year later and the Yanks are in the post-season once more. Before the game starts, I just want to express how grateful I am that our team is back in the playoffs. It's something that's simply not to be taken for granted, cause it ain't going to last forever. Moreover, I want to let you guys know how much Cliff and I appreciate the fact that you keep coming back to chill at the Banter. You make blogging a true pleasure.

As per usual, Cliff did a bang-up job of previewing the series this morning. Here is what Jay Jaffe thinks (Oh, and while you are at it,dig this piece on Alex Rodriguez by Steven Goldman).

I think that Sabathia is going to overwhelm the Yanks tonight. I hope I'm wrong, of course. It's on our boy Chien-Ming to match Cleveland's big fella. I know he can, but will he? Will the Yanks' left-handed hitters be able to do anything against CC? Will the Yankees' fielding hold-up for Wang?

I'll feel good about the Bombers' chances so long as they can take one of two games in Cleveland, won't you?

Yo, I'm amped for the game. I'll be blogging the entire series over at (just as Cliff is blogging the Phillies-Rockies series). While you are making the rounds, sure to check for Emma's blog over at Newsday.

Now, damn the torpedos, full speed ahead.

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

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2007-10-04 13:22:11
1.   Shaun P
Thank you, Alex and Cliff (and Emma and Will W. and Bruce M. and - wait, that's everyone, right?), for making this the best Yanks blog, bar none.

Now, down to business - is it 6:30 yet?

2007-10-04 13:34:14
2.   pwicked
I predict a sweep for Cleveland... There, that ought to put the whammy on 'dem Injuns. GO YANKEES !!!! WHOO HOOOOOO !!!
2007-10-04 13:36:53
3.   Marcus
Yo Alex! You forgot to plug your own blog at the bottom of your SI Blog! All those newbs coming from the mainstream sports sites need to know the best place to go for all things Yankee, don't they?

Keep up the great work Alex and Cliff! And thank YOU for putting this whole shindig on for us nearly every day.

2007-10-04 13:52:31
4.   Alex Belth
Yo Marcus, Yeah, I caught that at the last second. But I dunno, it would have been more than fine to plug BB on SI, but man, there is just something about me that feels uncomfortable with self-promotion. Not only that, but I wanted to try and plug as many Yankee blogs as I could. As it is, there are at least three or four more, including Canyon of Heroes, that I would have liked to plug. Didn't seem right to plug BB over another one. Regardless, thanks for the props.
2007-10-04 13:56:45
5.   Chyll Will
4 Don't worry B, I got'ya back at over at my spot >;)
2007-10-04 13:57:06
6.   rbj
Dang, and I'm going to miss this game due to Aikido practice. Ah well, it's only the first game.

11 more wins for the Yankees this year!

2007-10-04 14:01:00
7.   Rob Middletown CT
ManCaveItch injured by cameraman, but apparently is going to play anyway, per LoHud.
2007-10-04 14:05:44
8.   Bookworm
6:30 -- early start -- but considering how long the playoff games can go (with all the commercials) -- I'm kind of glad. :-)
2007-10-04 14:07:38
9.   Bob B
Met fans must be cursing the baseball gods when they see Kaz Matsui hit a Grand Slam in the playoffs.
2007-10-04 14:10:20
10.   NC Highlander
Haven't even watched much of the Phils/Rocks game and I'm already tired of FrankTV.

Or am I just nervous about the Yankees?

2007-10-04 14:10:38
11.   RIYank
BP gives the Yankees a 44% chance of winning this series. That's based on home field adv., team performance over the regular season, and pitching match-ups.

I'm surprised, I would have expected at least even odds. (The Red Sox were also underdogs, but of couse with a game in hand they're now favorites.)

2007-10-04 14:10:56
12.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ok, I'm starting to get nervous...

Show time is nigh...

2007-10-04 14:12:26
13.   RIYank
10 I'm definitely nervous. I expected to have Alex's "Very Glad to Be Here" attitude, but now I really don't want the Bombers to fail. And that's how I'm feeling, too -- it's not even the thirst for a championship but a desire that they not fail.

I'll snap out of it with the first pitch, I bet.

2007-10-04 14:21:37
14.   weeping for brunnhilde
13 I think I know exactly the feeling you describe, RI. The fear of failure rather than the thirst for the gold.

Is it because our fortunes have been so poor of late, with one heartbreaking exit after another dating back to Arizona?

It's hard to be "very glad to be here," though on some level I am.

I think I still take the division series for granted after years of beating up Texas and Minnesota. I used to see the series as a sort of transitional buffer to "real" October baseball, but seeing as how we've found nemeses in California and Detroit, the division series now has me as nervous as the world series.

Whatever, let's just win this fucking thing.

It's high time.

2007-10-04 14:24:26
15.   Shaun P
3 4 Anyone who clicks through to any of those fine blogs is likely to stumble on the Banter soon enough. That's how I got here in the first place, years ago, from the RLYW.

I totally understand you on the self-promotion thing Alex. IMHO, you and Cliff don't need to do it - the quality of your writing is promotion in itself.

13 I think I'm more giddy now than nervous. My little boy's first playoff game - sure he's only 3 and a half months old, and we're watching it on TV, but its the first one all the same.

2007-10-04 14:31:00
16.   OldYanksFan
Jaffe's piece was quite thorough although at this point, held few surprises. One stat that was interesting was: "in an admittedly limited sample size, the (FRAA) Rate stat says Damon is 13 runs per 100 games better than Matsui in left."

It was certainly my perception that JD was better then Mats in LF, but I have learned here about 'perception'. I also think JD will get a little better next year... not physically, but in terms of judgement and route.

The Rockies have all but sealed their 2nd win, now heading back to Colorado. Their confidence and desire is obvious. I think they will win the NLCS.

I am nervous as hell bout this Yankee series. I can't ever remember being an underdog by this much. I want to win, but whatever happens, I hope we fight the good fight.

I think ARod will need 12 RBIs in this series for us to win.

2007-10-04 14:35:12
17.   bhsportsguy
Good luck from a Dodger fan whose first favorite all-time player was Lou Gehrig (now Jackie Robinson, but hey cut me some slack).
2007-10-04 14:37:40
18.   RIYank
Yes, Weeping, I think that's it. So many postseasons, so many failures, it just feels like this could be the same old story.

Shaun, that is probably the best antidote. I'll get home and watch with my son (14 yrs) and have a whole different perspective.

By the way, expect some Toaster visitors, especially some Dodger Thoughts regulars tonight here at BB.

2007-10-04 14:38:06
19.   BklynBmr
What Shaun P said 1 .

14 "It's high time."

You're not kidding. I won't have to listen to one bud in particular who absolutely loves to remind me the Yanks haven't won since 2000. Never mind his Tigers haven't won since 1980F'n4, that does not seem to bother him. He's one of those who find more joy in Yankees' failures than in the success of his own team.

It's time, as Tom Petty once sang, to "tell the whole wide world to shove it!"

Will 3:30 (PT) ever get here? I'm bouncing off the walls...

2007-10-04 14:39:04
20.   cult of basebaal
11 well, the red sox being underdogs in their series ought to tell you all you need to know about BP's methodology
2007-10-04 14:39:23
21.   RIYank
Oh, there's one now 18 17 .
2007-10-04 14:40:22
22.   RIYank
Wow, I just clicked some links in the main posting and now I know what Emma Span looks like!
2007-10-04 14:45:06
23.   cult of basebaal
4 and hell, not that i begrudge you mass levels of readership, but i'm fine with the blog just being old-timers during the playoffs (fine folks from the other Toaster blogs being the exception) ... we few, we proud, we band of banterers, we suffered through the highs and lows of this season; whatever the outcome of the next month maybe, we've earned the right to experience it together, here at the Banter
2007-10-04 14:47:18
24.   tommyl
I can't tell if I'm excited, nervous or terrified.
2007-10-04 14:47:34
25.   weeping for brunnhilde
23 :)

Hear, hear.

2007-10-04 14:48:18
26.   cult of basebaal
this tidbit from Petey:

In talking to the Yankee minor-league people and his coach at Nebraska, Joba is very dedicated to his conditioning program. He's dropped 75 pounds since high school and knows that is one of the reasons he got to the big leagues at the age of 21.

JEBUS! 75 pounds??? Joba was a BIG boy in high school.

2007-10-04 14:54:44
27.   BklynBmr
23 Well stated!
2007-10-04 14:55:18
28.   OldYanksFan
More from PeteAbe:
"Sabathia is literally a tall order in Game 1. If he gets knocked around, the Yankees could sweep. My call in the paper sticks, Yankees in four games."

Geez... I hope he knows something we don't!

2007-10-04 14:57:44
29.   RIYank
Like Alex, I'm pretty worried about hitting C.C.
But, hey, it's a crap shoot. Let's roll those dice and get us a game one victory.
2007-10-04 15:17:33
30.   vockins
29 Left handed hitters will have it tough, but have you checked the righties?

Posada v. Sabathia
13AB 3H 2HR 5BB 1K .231/.444/.769

Jeter v. Sabathia
22AB 12H 2BB 3K .545/.583/.636

ARod v. Sabathia
17AB 7H 2BB 4K .412/.474/.588

2007-10-04 15:22:55
31.   bob34957 is pushing Carmona-Sabathia = Schilling-Johnson. Also, pushing Carmona-Sabathia as 9-0, versus K.C.,Minn, ChiSox, and Angels, in September. Should the Yanks be bothered by that info?
2007-10-04 15:28:38
32.   BklynBmr
Yanks will start on TNT if Rockies-Phils go past 3:30 PT/6:30 EST...
2007-10-04 15:28:39
33.   OldYanksFan
Does anybody know what time it is? (Cue horn section)
2007-10-04 15:29:09
34.   NC Highlander
31. No. lol.

I don't care what anyone says, Sabathia is not unhittable.

He's burned me plenty in fantasy baseball :)

Analysts are like can draw your own conclusions from that.

2007-10-04 15:29:22
35.   Emma Span
22 Oh man, it's a terrible photo. Alex, please tell everyone my hair doesn't normally look like that?

25 And Weeping, thanks so much for your comment over there, but they made me delete it because of the cursing! Sigh.

2007-10-04 15:29:38
36.   OldYanksFan
32 THANKS! I was just about to start bitching and demand the Phillies forfeit.
2007-10-04 15:30:25
37.   Eirias
Alright, it is time to cry havok!
2007-10-04 15:31:46
38.   BklynBmr
36 You're welcome. Can't miss a second of this! It will flip back to TBS at the conclusion of Rockies-Phils...
2007-10-04 15:33:06
39.   weeping for brunnhilde
25 What fucking bullshit! :)

Tell them I grew up in Yonkers and that's simply how we speak there.

What's that old saying?--you can take the boy out of Yonkers, but you can't take the Yonkers out of the boy.

2007-10-04 15:34:52
40.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yo guys! Joining the Banter from my neighborhood bar with the two huge widescreen teevees. GO YANKEES!
2007-10-04 15:35:14
41.   mehmattski
Poor Law and Order addicts, losing the second half of an episode in the nightly marathon. People like my mom are going to be wandering around muttering to themselves until the Rockies/Phillies game ends.
2007-10-04 15:36:11
42.   vockins
I want to go on the record and declare there is no goddamn way I'm going to buy a Sharp High Definition television after watching that ad for the 900th time.
2007-10-04 15:36:31
43.   Mattpat11
Here we go. Knock CC around
2007-10-04 15:37:08
44.   NC Highlander
So we're going with him have a career game.
2007-10-04 15:37:21
45.   BklynBmr
40 There is a heaven!
2007-10-04 15:37:33
46.   OldYanksFan
I think it's 'you can't take the bonkers out of the oy'. (ba dump bump)
2007-10-04 15:37:34
47.   Eirias
42 I am sure as hell not going to watch Frank Tv.
2007-10-04 15:38:55
48.   OldYanksFan
I just wanna say it now....
(sorry... serious anxiety attack)


2007-10-04 15:39:02
49.   NC Highlander

Especially with Ortiz in the ad. :)

2007-10-04 15:39:49
50.   Flip Play
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2007-10-04 15:39:59
51.   mehmattski
Replay, maybe? Guys?
2007-10-04 15:40:20
52.   mehmattski
YES! Take that, lefty-on-lefty doubters!
2007-10-04 15:40:21
53.   OldYanksFan
2007-10-04 15:40:27
54.   vockins
2007-10-04 15:40:27
55.   Zack
2007-10-04 15:40:32
56.   BklynBmr
YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Johnny!!!!!!
2007-10-04 15:40:37
57.   NC Highlander
Woot! First inning controversy.

Off to a good start.

2007-10-04 15:40:56
58.   tommyl
2007-10-04 15:41:03
59.   Zack
Nice reversal, but b/c of the useless coverage, i still have no idea if it was actually a HR
2007-10-04 15:41:20
60.   mehmattski
Yeah, all the instant replay in the world wouldn't matter if the TV crew can't get a good camera angle of a fly ball down the line. That's completely despicable.
2007-10-04 15:41:22
61.   Eirias
Time to switch channels.
2007-10-04 15:42:30
62.   Zack
Thats the second time already that TBS has 100% blown the coverage, first with the rockies/pads, and now this. One replay, thats all we get??
2007-10-04 15:42:32
63.   thelarmis
i missed it! they were still showing phils-rox. grrrrr... go johnny! let's go jetes!


2007-10-04 15:42:33
64.   trainwreck
I finally visit the famous Bronx Banter.
2007-10-04 15:43:07
65.   BklynBmr
64 Welcome!
2007-10-04 15:43:26
66.   OldYanksFan
Trade 'em.
2007-10-04 15:43:39
67.   bob34957
Simply Demonicccccccccccc!!!!!!
2007-10-04 15:44:01
68.   3rd gen yankee fan
wow TBS' camera angels are terrible. Let YES broadcast the playoffs!
2007-10-04 15:44:27
69.   thelarmis
64 you're a good luck charm! stay, please stay : )
2007-10-04 15:44:34
70.   fansince77
Hey y'all - how ya doin'?
2007-10-04 15:45:15
71.   Flip Play
68 My friend the Red Sox fan was bitching about TBS's coverage yesterday. It does suck.



2007-10-04 15:45:52
72.   standuptriple
Being long-time friends with CC, I hate to see him get touched up. But today, I want the Yanks to have their way with him.
2007-10-04 15:46:10
73.   OldYanksFan
I'm OK if ARod swings from the heels on every AB!
2007-10-04 15:46:14
74.   mehmattski
2007-10-04 15:46:19
75.   3rd gen yankee fan
Wow Abreu took a walk on a lefty! Cool!
2007-10-04 15:46:20
76.   thelarmis
boBBy baseball!

bring it, MVP!!!

2007-10-04 15:46:47
77.   bhsportsguy
64 Hey, how can you be a good luck charm here and then on DT????
2007-10-04 15:46:49
78.   fansince77
How duz this idiot announcer say "a hair outside...when their K zone thing shows it at least 6 inches? Yankee hatred continues. BRING IT ON MOTHERFUCKAS!
2007-10-04 15:47:03
79.   Xeifrank
Pre-Game win probabilities for NYY. vr, Xei

LV Hilton: 52.38%
DodgerSims: 52.50%

2007-10-04 15:47:05
80.   Mark T.R. Donohue
A-Rod requires no chant.
2007-10-04 15:47:19
81.   BklynBmr
High and tight zone it seems...
2007-10-04 15:47:21
82.   trainwreck
Lofton in left field?

Maybe Mark Shapiro is not as great as everyone says.

2007-10-04 15:47:45
83.   Maniakes
Can we put more lefties in our lineup? They seem to be doing okay so far.
2007-10-04 15:48:08
84.   bhsportsguy
79 Before you ask, "vr" means very respectfully I do believe.
2007-10-04 15:48:29
85.   trainwreck
Sadly, we do not have to worry about anything with luck at DT at the moment.
2007-10-04 15:48:31
86.   OldYanksFan
Very good ABs so far...
2007-10-04 15:48:33
87.   bartap74
It's safe to switch to TBS, btw.
2007-10-04 15:49:34
88.   KG16
84 - in two seasons at DT, I was wondering what that meant
2007-10-04 15:50:11
89.   bhsportsguy
This is not a kid-friendly toaster site.
Not complaining, just observing.
2007-10-04 15:50:15
90.   fansince77
HEY CC...throw it harder!

tired yet? welcome to the 30 pitches an inning Yankees!

2007-10-04 15:50:18
91.   OldYanksFan
Make this guy throw 25 pitches an inning!
2007-10-04 15:50:28
92.   fansince77
HEY CC...throw it harder!

tired yet? welcome to the 30 pitches an inning Yankees!

2007-10-04 15:50:41
93.   BklynBmr
That's all Alex has to do. Just let everything come to him. Good AB...
2007-10-04 15:50:42
94.   bhsportsguy
This is not a kid-friendly toaster site.
Not complaining, just observing.
2007-10-04 15:50:44
95.   NC Highlander
I like what I see so far, even if we don't score again this inning.
2007-10-04 15:50:44
96.   tommyl
Good sign from A-Rod there. Patience, not trying to do too much, just move it along.

Let's go Jorge.

2007-10-04 15:51:05
97.   thelarmis
double steal! victor can't throw, cc is rattled, speed on the basepaths, jorgie batting right-handed. do it!
2007-10-04 15:51:24
98.   mehmattski
89 Just wait until Kyle Farnsworth comes in.
2007-10-04 15:51:43
99.   underdog
The Indians are sending a scout to find the strike zone. CC seems to have lost sight of it.
2007-10-04 15:51:45
100.   standuptriple
I loved the dynasty days when pitch count ruled the Yanks lineup, and thus dictated the entire game.
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2007-10-04 15:52:12
101.   3rd gen yankee fan
They are playing the jammingest music at this bar. When I came in they played Long Time by Boston. They just played Out on the Tiles, now Born Under a Bad Sign by Cream. woot
2007-10-04 15:52:31
102.   bhsportsguy
Sorry about the repeats
2007-10-04 15:52:34
103.   fansince77
94 oh we go. like all those suits who show up at the stadium for playoff games...

Let me rephrase.


2007-10-04 15:52:43
104.   weeping for brunnhilde
That 1-0 was a great take by Jorgie.
2007-10-04 15:53:14
105.   joejoejoe
Who's producing this broadcast -- the A/V dept. at Idiot State U.?
2007-10-04 15:53:25
106.   BklynBmr
Pick Jorgie up, 'Zilla!
2007-10-04 15:53:38
107.   3rd gen yankee fan
Damn you think we got enough replays of Po striking out????
2007-10-04 15:54:13
108.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Have to go out to a meeting...NO! Yanks will take this one, great start so far with CC`s pitch count. Let`s GO Yankees!
2007-10-04 15:54:14
109.   underdog
Oops, and I'm a bad luck charm. I'll leave the "room" for a few minutes to get a drink. Back in a bit.
2007-10-04 15:54:30
110.   fansince77
Seems like the strikezone just gained a few inches on the outside corner.
2007-10-04 15:54:47
111.   NC Highlander
Dare I say I miss Tim McCarver?


2007-10-04 15:54:57
112.   51cq24
how can jorge concentrate on hitting when they're switching channels on him?
2007-10-04 15:55:04
113.   fansince77
Great inning!
2007-10-04 15:55:10
114.   thelarmis
2007-10-04 15:55:36
115.   Mattpat11
Nice start
2007-10-04 15:55:51
116.   3rd gen yankee fan
I'm 18 by Alice Cooper
2007-10-04 15:56:33
117.   BklynBmr
These FrankTV promos has me missin' Giuseppe Franco already...
2007-10-04 15:56:51
118.   Mattpat11
Come on Wang.
2007-10-04 15:57:11
119.   BklynBmr
114 He's back, huh? This isn't the time or place...
2007-10-04 15:57:17
120.   Emma Span
You know what would be awesome? If they could score those "frank TV" ads to "This is Our Country."
2007-10-04 15:57:28
121.   ny2ca2dc
frikin tbs/tnt switching channels in the middle of an inning?!?!!? christ...
2007-10-04 15:58:12
122.   tommyl
114 Yeah, I think they should have started Shelly, but lots of game left to play.

Ok Tiger, quick inning and lets get back out there.

2007-10-04 15:58:17
123.   3rd gen yankee fan
Um.... hm.
2007-10-04 15:58:18
124.   Mattpat11
2007-10-04 15:58:28
125.   mehmattski
Little too much sink there...
2007-10-04 15:58:43
126.   BklynBmr
Probably saw a worm on his ankle...
2007-10-04 15:58:46
127.   3rd gen yankee fan
She's the One by the Boss!!!
2007-10-04 15:58:47
128.   tommyl
Um, not what I had in mind
2007-10-04 15:58:51
129.   thelarmis
i still would've sent bobby & alex at 2-0 w/ jorgie at the plate. put 'em on the ropes.

as you all know... i HATE when the leadoff runner gets on. aaarrrggghhh!!!

2007-10-04 15:59:17
130.   thelarmis
126 : )
2007-10-04 15:59:19
131.   mehmattski
Please bunt.
2007-10-04 15:59:43
132.   thelarmis
beau-tee-ful!!! : )
2007-10-04 15:59:44
133.   Mattpat11
No harm no foul.
2007-10-04 15:59:44
134.   joejoejoe
Asdrouble play!
2007-10-04 15:59:50
135.   fansince77
Am i the only one who noticed that that ball didn't hit the batter...Never mind. Yes it did.
2007-10-04 15:59:50
136.   tommyl
Yay, that's more like it. I am literally bouncing around my apartment right now....
2007-10-04 15:59:56
137.   seamus
nice DP!
2007-10-04 15:59:58
138.   ny2ca2dc
129 doubling him off is a good way to make up though!
2007-10-04 15:59:59
139.   mehmattski
That's good too.

Maybe that's Wang's plan... hit the first guy, then get a DP... 3 pitch innings!

2007-10-04 16:00:14
140.   3rd gen yankee fan
wormburner #1
2007-10-04 16:00:43
141.   thelarmis
i have FIVE different wang baseball cards on display here at the pad : )
2007-10-04 16:01:38
142.   bob34957
71 TBS is great , Fox , Buck/McCarver stink and are biased.
2007-10-04 16:02:25
143.   underdog
Is Asdrubal a real name, or just something from a Terry Pratchett book?
2007-10-04 16:02:39
144.   3rd gen yankee fan
141 hee hee, the Yankes shrine :-)
2007-10-04 16:03:23
145.   3rd gen yankee fan
I got a line on you baby
2007-10-04 16:03:25
146.   Flip Play
142 I meant the camera coverage.
2007-10-04 16:03:28
147.   Mattpat11
2007-10-04 16:03:50
148.   trainwreck
2007-10-04 16:04:36
149.   seamus
That was an impressive at bat by Hafner.
2007-10-04 16:04:37
150.   seamus
That was an impressive at bat by Hafner.
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2007-10-04 16:04:43
151.   bartap74
116 127 That bar clearly stole my iPod. Could you re-acquire it for me?
2007-10-04 16:04:44
152.   thelarmis
144 aaaaaaaw, yeah! : )

i've got shirts lined up along the futon, as well...

2007-10-04 16:04:45
153.   seamus
sorry for the double post...
2007-10-04 16:05:56
154.   Mattpat11
I'm in my playoff constant state of panic.
2007-10-04 16:05:58
155.   tommyl
No no no no no, this is not how its supposed to go at all.
2007-10-04 16:06:00
156.   thelarmis
148 hey trainwreck, to underline the post # you're referencing, put it in brackets, like this [#]...
2007-10-04 16:06:17
157.   BklynBmr
That one didn't sink...
2007-10-04 16:07:12
158.   thelarmis
nice save, robbie.
2007-10-04 16:07:26
159.   3rd gen yankee fan
151 If you come out to get it yourself, I'll buy you a beer & you can share my pizza!
2007-10-04 16:07:52
160.   tommyl
154 My gf just called me, I told her that while we were speaking I was doing jumping jacks I was so nervous.


2007-10-04 16:07:53
161.   Mattpat11

Wang looks bad.

2007-10-04 16:08:03
162.   SF Yanks
Robbbbbbbieeeee.... is it fair to blame him?
2007-10-04 16:08:04
163.   thelarmis
fuck that noize.

i need to cook dinner, but now my stomach is a wreck.

fuck. and. shit.

2007-10-04 16:08:30
164.   bartap74
Urgh (more family friendly than what I wanted to type).
2007-10-04 16:08:35
165.   3rd gen yankee fan
C'mon where's my wormburners????
2007-10-04 16:08:52
166.   BklynBmr
Wanger is up, up, up in the zone. Better get that fixed right now...
2007-10-04 16:08:56
167.   ny2ca2dc
good god I'm shitting myself... might start jumping jacks, that sounds like a good idea...
2007-10-04 16:09:14
168.   thelarmis
just get out of it now. keep it tied.
2007-10-04 16:09:25
169.   Eirias
158 That could have been an amazing play. Does Cano not want Webgems?
2007-10-04 16:09:48
170.   Mike T
Wang looks like shit so far.
2007-10-04 16:09:50
171.   tommyl
Oh dear lord, please do not implode.
2007-10-04 16:09:54
172.   Mattpat11
2007-10-04 16:10:20
173.   randym77
C'mon, Wanger. Chin up. It's only one run. Get back into your game.
2007-10-04 16:10:38
174.   ny2ca2dc
first 2 balls were awesome movement, maybe too much - dropped way down... next 2 pitches, up up up... shite
2007-10-04 16:10:49
175.   OldYanksFan
I would rather have Giambi in then Mats.
2007-10-04 16:10:51
176.   El Lay Dave
165 Without one, the GIDP, this inning would be much worse.
2007-10-04 16:11:06
177.   SF Yanks
Damn, the stadium is LOUD. Fans are in it. Not good... must deflate crowd...
2007-10-04 16:11:17
178.   thelarmis
oh, please. that was strike 3!!! bollocks.
2007-10-04 16:11:20
179.   OldYanksFan
Getting crappy fast. BIG pitch coming...
2007-10-04 16:11:55
180.   Ken Arneson
This is going to be a high-scoring game if the ump keeps squeezing the pitchers like this.
2007-10-04 16:11:56
181.   Flip Play
All day I wait... just to be so damn tense.
2007-10-04 16:12:29
182.   tommyl
I forgot how excruciating playoff baseball can be when your team is pitching.
2007-10-04 16:12:32
183.   thelarmis
25 pitches, so far...
2007-10-04 16:12:43
184.   El Lay Dave
180 Bruce Froemming is trying to draw out the last games of his career.
2007-10-04 16:12:52
185.   Bob Timmermann
So this game is going to take six hours to play isn't it?
2007-10-04 16:12:54
186.   ny2ca2dc
182 or batting...
2007-10-04 16:13:01
187.   Flip Play
All day I wait... just to be so damn tense.
2007-10-04 16:13:20
188.   SF Yanks
181 And why do we put ourselves through this again?
2007-10-04 16:13:37
189.   tommyl

Great, I'm having a meltdown in the first inning. This bodes well.

2007-10-04 16:13:55
190.   thelarmis
2 singles. 2 walks. hit batsmen. how does it always come back to kenny lofton? it doesn't, just sayin...
2007-10-04 16:13:58
191.   3rd gen yankee fan



2007-10-04 16:13:59
192.   Mattpat11
He is AWFUL tonight
2007-10-04 16:14:02
193.   tommyl
I swear, if Kenny Lofton plates runs here, I am going to scream.
2007-10-04 16:14:23
194.   trainwreck
How many times did they mention playoff experience in regards to Kenny Lofton?
2007-10-04 16:14:40
195.   BklynBmr
Two of Wangs sinkers in the last AB where 96 and 98mph? That gun can't be right...
2007-10-04 16:14:43
196.   fansince77
158 169 I think that's a nonchalant effort by Robbie...there I said it. Will he make six or seven sick plays to make up for it- yeah- but that ball or he should have been knocked down...I'm not saying out- I am saying he could've kept the run from scoring.
2007-10-04 16:14:51
197.   underdog
A combined 50 pitches in this inning so far. Maybe they'll both settle down though. Nerves... they need a shot of whiskey between innings.
2007-10-04 16:15:04
198.   randym77
You just knew Kenny Lofton was going to do that.
2007-10-04 16:15:09
199.   thelarmis
2007-10-04 16:15:13
200.   3rd gen yankee fan
All right not so bad. Don't worry guys!
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-10-04 16:15:17
201.   bartap74
2007-10-04 16:15:31
202.   fansince77
That inning sucked from Wang...that's bullshit with two outs.
2007-10-04 16:15:41
203.   williamnyy23 it too late to play the Angels?
2007-10-04 16:15:41
204.   Emma Span
Guess that long layoff wasn't good for the sinker... but did it have to be Lofton?
2007-10-04 16:15:42
205.   Mattpat11
Great job "ace"
2007-10-04 16:15:49
206.   BklynBmr
197 I need one right now...
2007-10-04 16:15:49
207.   weeping for brunnhilde

I guess all things considered, it could have been worse.

I knew Kenny spelled trouble.

2007-10-04 16:16:12
208.   thelarmis
193 scream for me too, i have a sore throat. : (
2007-10-04 16:16:15
209.   MC Safety
Ouch. Wang is shook.
2007-10-04 16:16:31
210.   nemecizer
Not a great start by the Wanger.
2007-10-04 16:16:38
211.   bartap74
Remember all that stuff about how Wang is much better at home? Maybe someone should have listend.
2007-10-04 16:16:59
212.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ok, Team, Patience is the keynote.

Get this guy out of the game by the sixth and take our chances.

And Chien's gotta stud up.

2007-10-04 16:17:00
213.   Mattpat11
207 How?
2007-10-04 16:17:07
214.   tommyl
208 I think my neighbors are starting to wonder when a madman moved next door.
2007-10-04 16:17:27
215.   bobtaco
Still way early.
2007-10-04 16:17:42
216.   randym77
Yes, it had to be Lofton. Karma, y'know. :-P
2007-10-04 16:17:45
217.   williamnyy23
I really hope Sabathia doesn't settle down with a 3-run lead. It might not matter because Wang's stuff was absolutley awful.
2007-10-04 16:17:49
218.   tommyl
213 They don't get the rundown there
2007-10-04 16:17:51
219.   thelarmis
robbie needs to get on base to start this inning...
2007-10-04 16:17:53
220.   OldYanksFan
201 Exactly. All with 2 outs. CRAP! This is just the shit we didn't need. Now CC is off the ropes and will relax. That Lofton singles changes the entire dynamic of the game.

We need to score in the next 2 innings of we are done.

2007-10-04 16:17:59
221.   Alex Belth
Still way early, very true, but Kenny fuggin Lofton?

Brutal, Juice, brutal.

2007-10-04 16:18:00
222.   Alex Belth
Still way early, very true, but Kenny fuggin Lofton?

Brutal, Juice, brutal.

2007-10-04 16:18:17
223.   BklynBmr
Cliff touched on Wang's road woes in the previous thread. Let's get busy, bats! It's gonna be long night...
2007-10-04 16:19:31
224.   Mattpat11
Nice start
2007-10-04 16:19:31
225.   williamnyy23
By the way...this is a very pro-Indians announcing team.
2007-10-04 16:19:45
226.   OldYanksFan
WARNING: Children should not be on this site until we are leading by at least 3.
2007-10-04 16:19:49
227.   BklynBmr
Robbie walks? This is good...
2007-10-04 16:19:58
228.   3rd gen yankee fan
See? A miracle. Robbie takes a walk.

Wheel in the Sky by Journey.

It's MELKY!!!!

2007-10-04 16:20:12
229.   rsmith51
So much for a pitcher's duel. C'mon offense, let's outslug them!
2007-10-04 16:20:14
230.   thelarmis
CMW's parents flew in from tokyo for this?!

well, that is a nice start. 4 pitch walk for robbie. me likey.

hope the long frame didn't do cc any good...

c'mon leche!

2007-10-04 16:20:19
231.   El Lay Dave
C. C. is not thanking his team for the support by starting the inning that way.
2007-10-04 16:20:24
232.   williamnyy23
Melky and Minky...they hope they can give us something.
2007-10-04 16:20:42
233.   OldYanksFan
Does Melky have to swing for a HR?
2007-10-04 16:20:45
234.   SF Yanks
Why do I have ZERO confidence in Melky?
2007-10-04 16:20:47
235.   BklynBmr
225 Oh yeah. The play by play mook got a little toooooo excited when the Indians tied it up....
2007-10-04 16:21:15
236.   Mattpat11
2007-10-04 16:21:24
237.   Yankee Fan In Boston
on espn radio, dusty baker was gushing about kenny lofton... talking about how he called him earlier, etc.

when he hits the ball and peralta gets caught off the bag, the first sound i heard was dusty letting out a disappointed "aww..."


c'mon dougie.

2007-10-04 16:21:33
238.   El Lay Dave
So if Cabrera reaches also, do you hit for Wang this early? Oh, wait.
2007-10-04 16:21:34
239.   rsmith51
235 I have it muted...
2007-10-04 16:21:38
240.   OldYanksFan
Jorge and Mats let CC off the hook. We can't give up scoring opportunities like that one.
2007-10-04 16:21:42
241.   williamnyy23
234 Because he's been awful for close to 2 months. I am the point where I'd rather suck it up on defense and go with Damon in CF.
2007-10-04 16:21:48
242.   BklynBmr
What, is Melky watching video of Cano's ABs from April?
2007-10-04 16:22:07
243.   thelarmis
leche looked completely overmatched.

i bet dougie does sumpin' good tonite! : )

2007-10-04 16:22:22
244.   Mattpat11
He fell down running into a cameraman?
2007-10-04 16:22:41
245.   rsmith51
With the way that CC is pitching, putting Giambi at DH might be the way to go
2007-10-04 16:22:42
246.   randym77
Melky ain't on this team for his bat.

Sabathia is struggling, too. Takes real effort to walk Robbie.

C'mon, Minky. Hit, or you'll be benched for Giambi.

2007-10-04 16:22:44
247.   BklynBmr
239 Jobn Miller and Dusty Baker on ESPN Radio. Nowhere to turn...
2007-10-04 16:23:05
248.   Eirias
A CG leadoff meter? Awesome. Useless, but awesome.
2007-10-04 16:23:09
249.   Mattpat11
Gwynn wants Cano to steal
2007-10-04 16:23:42
250.   bartap74
230 Tokyo is in Japan. Wang is not Japanese. Just saying.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-10-04 16:23:42
251.   3rd gen yankee fan
Ok guys, this is BS... let's go let's go!
2007-10-04 16:23:44
252.   rsmith51
Hopefully Doug Out is not back. I liked Doug Hit much better.
2007-10-04 16:24:05
253.   BklynBmr
Tie it up, Johnny!
2007-10-04 16:24:07
254.   williamnyy23
It's tough to stomach Melky and Minky at the bottom of the lineup when you are down 3-1. That duo pretty much turned this inning into a give away.
2007-10-04 16:25:32
255.   tommyl
We're playing smallball?! Why oh why?
2007-10-04 16:25:33
256.   rsmith51
Down by 2, brilliant. Cano is not fast!
2007-10-04 16:25:35
257.   Mike T
pathetic; Cano wasn't even close.
2007-10-04 16:25:40
258.   williamnyy23
Whose idea was that? looks like the Yankees are in early season form.
2007-10-04 16:25:40
259.   thelarmis
not a good sign when victor martinez is throwing out runners. ugh.
2007-10-04 16:25:46
260.   Mattpat11
Jesus Christ. What the fuck?
2007-10-04 16:25:51
261.   MC Safety
2007-10-04 16:26:44
262.   williamnyy23
It's Arod' fault. He should have hit a HR instead of walk.
2007-10-04 16:26:48
263.   SF Yanks
You know what sucks? I was nervous all day and I felt really good for the first 10 min of the game and now that feeling is gone. I was so excited every day all day for what exactly? Don't get me wrong, I'm still stoked as all hell to be watching this, it's just so damn deflating when they aren't winning.
2007-10-04 16:27:02
264.   thelarmis
250 doh! just a typo. i'm on all kinds of cold medicine and i'm cooking dinner and the yanks are losing and...i'm all outta excuses. taiwan. taiwan. tie the game. take the lead. go yankees, go!!!
2007-10-04 16:27:05
265.   El Lay Dave
Yankees trying to steal? Fuck the heck?
2007-10-04 16:27:25
266.   randym77
Why send Cano? He's a terrible baserunner.
2007-10-04 16:27:25
267.   rsmith51
Maybe it was a botched hit and run like in 2005.
2007-10-04 16:27:33
268.   BklynBmr
225 At least call that when you have a basestealer on base...
2007-10-04 16:27:43
269.   williamnyy23
263 My heart was beating like mad during the Arod AB and then later with Lofton up. Now, I am relaxed as can be. That really sucks.
2007-10-04 16:27:46
270.   Yankee Fan In Boston
261 hilarious.

they need to take a deep breath.

wang will settle in now.

he has to.

he's wang.


2007-10-04 16:27:52
271.   JeremyM
I don't like it when the team does things it wouldn't normally do, like send Cano there.

Man, this started so promising. Hopefully Wang can settle down, he seems to often have a bad inning and can pitch around it.

2007-10-04 16:28:49
272.   rsmith51
1-2-3, Mr. Wang.
2007-10-04 16:28:49
273.   Mattpat11
Give up less than 3.
2007-10-04 16:29:29
274.   randym77
267 That botched hit and run cost us the game and the series, IMO. Why call a hit and run when you never do it in the regular season? It's almost guaranteed to be screwed up.
2007-10-04 16:29:36
275.   williamnyy23
Somewhere in September, Wang lost the ability to throw strikes when he needed to. His location has been so poor in the early going.
2007-10-04 16:29:45
276.   3rd gen yankee fan
(now playing) Slow Ride

take it easy (Wang)
2007-10-04 16:29:48
277.   Bookworm
D'ya ever get so nervous watching the TV that you go in the other room and check Bronx Banter comment thread? I'm not a superstitious person, except between October 1st and November 1st.
2007-10-04 16:30:05
278.   bartap74
Down 2 to the presumptive Cy Young award winner on the road? It's time to get Mystique and Aura up in the pen.
2007-10-04 16:30:38
279.   Yankee Fan In Boston
adn they're chanting "yankees suck" in cleveland...


2007-10-04 16:30:43
280.   JeremyM
277 That's what I'm doing!

I'm sorry, but the Yankee sucks chants are so played, and lame.

2007-10-04 16:31:14
281.   bartap74
274 Giving up on the series is a bit exteme, no? It's the second inning of the 1st game.
2007-10-04 16:31:20
282.   SF Yanks
277 Bronx Banter is on my lap while the tv is in front of me. :)
2007-10-04 16:31:28
283.   Mattpat11
Hopefully the Cubs will lose at least.
2007-10-04 16:31:29
284.   Yankee Fan In Boston
277 whatever works, compadre.
2007-10-04 16:32:11
285.   3rd gen yankee fan
279 Cleveland isn't even good enough to make our "despise" list. So screw 'em.
2007-10-04 16:32:16
286.   NC Highlander
280 Yeah but Tribe fans aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer.
2007-10-04 16:32:19
287.   trainwreck
At least you do not have to hear "Beat LA" in every sport.
2007-10-04 16:32:23
288.   Yankee Fan In Boston
280 not to mention inaccurate...
2007-10-04 16:32:39
289.   fansince77
Wang is up in the zone. I don't like it at all.
2007-10-04 16:33:14
290.   tommyl
Ok, can someone remind Wang that there are three outs per inning?
2007-10-04 16:33:28
291.   Yankee Fan In Boston
john miller just said that albert bell had "a lot of years similar to a-rod's this year."

f@#% the heck is he smoking?

2007-10-04 16:33:39
292.   NC Highlander
wtf is it with 2 outs that's hard for Wang?
2007-10-04 16:33:46
293.   Mike T
Is there any way we can have Wang get the first two outs of each inning, and then send someone else in for the third out?
2007-10-04 16:33:55
294.   randym77
281 LOL. I'm not giving up. Click the number link. I was responding to rsmith's comment about 2005. The botched hit and run cost us that game and that series.

We don't even know if it was a hit and run tonight.

2007-10-04 16:33:57
295.   Yankee Fan In Boston
291 *belle
2007-10-04 16:34:05
296.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-10-04 16:34:07
297.   tommyl
Thanks Eric Wedge.
2007-10-04 16:34:24
298.   SF Yanks
Nice Jorgie, now lets score some runs!!
2007-10-04 16:34:40
299.   williamnyy23
291 Believe it or not, he did, particularly in 94, 95 and 98.
2007-10-04 16:34:41
300.   Yankee Fan In Boston
if there was a "sidecar" to the MVP award, jorge posada would look good riding in that thang.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-10-04 16:34:52
301.   rsmith51
At least Cleveland is playing "I don't want to play like I did all year".
2007-10-04 16:34:54
302.   bartap74
294 Ah, my bad. Trying to watch the game, play a poker tournament and keep up with the Banter all at once.
2007-10-04 16:34:55
303.   JeremyM
I think the Yanks are going to hit Sabbathia, but I wish Torre would've went ahead and started Duncan. Matsui looks lost up there, sad to say.
2007-10-04 16:34:57
304.   Flip Play
2007-10-04 16:35:04
305.   Mattpat11
291 94-95
2007-10-04 16:35:20
306.   weeping for brunnhilde
And we end the inning with a CS. What a strange symmetry this game is assuming.

Meanwhile, what the fuck's with that ungodly 9' marker at 1B?

I tuned in to watch baseball, not gimmicks.

There ought to be a law.

2007-10-04 16:35:35
307.   NC Highlander
291 Ha ha. Is there a "fair and balanced" sports station? Haven't seen one yet.

Maybe YES but I'm kinda biased. lol.

2007-10-04 16:36:20
308.   Yankee Fan In Boston
299 i choose NOT to believe that, sir.


he'll always be superball joey to me.

2007-10-04 16:37:09
309.   3rd gen yankee fan
306 It looks like some kind of football thingy.
2007-10-04 16:37:44
310.   bartap74
307 Kay's call of Boston winning the pennant was remarkably boisterous for an out-of-town announcer. And no, that's not a good thing.
2007-10-04 16:38:07
311.   3rd gen yankee fan
306 I wish TV would get to the point where we could block the stuff we don't want to see, like we can on the web.
2007-10-04 16:38:42
312.   williamnyy23
Feeble AB...that's not a good sign.
2007-10-04 16:39:02
313.   Mattpat11
Sabathia is settling in.
2007-10-04 16:39:26
314.   3rd gen yankee fan
Kick It Out by Heart
2007-10-04 16:39:44
315.   3rd gen yankee fan
oh sorry, actually that's EVEN IT UP!!! LOL
2007-10-04 16:40:22
316.   rsmith51
299 Except for playing 3b and stealing a bunch of bases at a high success rate, I will agree with you.
2007-10-04 16:41:03
317.   RIYank
Hey, when I went to get dinner we were up 1-0 with two outs and nobody on in the first. I better not leave again.
2007-10-04 16:41:22
318.   Mattpat11
Not good.
2007-10-04 16:41:26
319.   williamnyy23
Jeter ... overmatched.
2007-10-04 16:42:14
320.   williamnyy23
316 I assume Miller was referring to offense.
2007-10-04 16:43:21
321.   rsmith51
320 I figured, Albert could rake.
2007-10-04 16:44:53
322.   JeremyM
Great at bat by Abreu.
2007-10-04 16:45:01
323.   Mattpat11
Come on A-Rod.
2007-10-04 16:45:09
324.   mehmattski
Now would be a good time, Alex.
2007-10-04 16:45:10
325.   NC Highlander
Nice AB Bobby.
2007-10-04 16:45:19
326.   Yankee Fan In Boston
320 a few years? yes.

"a lot"?


i concede that i'm splitting hairs, but if he had a "lot" of years like rodriguez's 2007 assault, belle would be headed to cooperstown.

2007-10-04 16:45:32
327.   bartap74
Quick baseball rules question - I thought a batter who swung at strike 3 on a wild pitch could run to 1st but having watched the Cubs game last night, I'm starting to think that it only applies with two outs. Which is it?
2007-10-04 16:45:35
328.   Mattpat11
Oh no.
2007-10-04 16:45:47
329.   JeremyM
Terrible at bat by A-Rod, God dammit.
2007-10-04 16:45:51
330.   Mike T
Swinging at the first pitch against CC. Nice job Alex.
2007-10-04 16:46:00
331.   tommyl
327 It depends if a runner is on first or not
2007-10-04 16:46:06
332.   weeping for brunnhilde
These popouts are excruciating.
2007-10-04 16:46:07
333.   fansince77
AAARGHHH! Very good pitch to hit.
2007-10-04 16:46:18
334.   Yankee Fan In Boston
327 there can't be a runner on 1st.
2007-10-04 16:46:21
335.   bartap74
326 If Belle had been a nicer person, he'd have a plaque in his future. (see Puckett, Kirby). He was a sick hitter for a while.
2007-10-04 16:46:21
336.   rsmith51
Did he just miss that or was that a bad swing?
2007-10-04 16:46:29
337.   Bookworm
One on, presumptive AL MVP at the plate . . . pop-up out on the first pitch. Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh (And Jeter is my man, but CC fooled him pretty good. Ouch)
2007-10-04 16:46:32
338.   williamnyy23
327 As long as there aremn't men on base in a configuration that would yield a force play.
2007-10-04 16:46:32
339.   JeremyM
327 First base has to be empty, I believe.
2007-10-04 16:47:04
340.   bartap74
331 327 But if there is a runner on 1st, it doesn't matter how many outs there are, right?
2007-10-04 16:47:06
341.   williamnyy23
Arod pop up...early insult to injury.
2007-10-04 16:47:17
342.   fansince77
327 only with two outs can a runner try to advance to an occupied first base.
2007-10-04 16:47:23
343.   tommyl
340 Yes, sorry I meant to imply that.
2007-10-04 16:47:36
344.   bob34957
330 329 What is wrong with you guys? Get off Alex's butt. It is just one at bat. calm down.
2007-10-04 16:47:49
345.   williamnyy23
340 With two outs, you can always run.
2007-10-04 16:47:50
346.   fansince77
340 see 342
2007-10-04 16:48:03
347.   Yankee Fan In Boston
335 i will look at belle's numbers after the game. i guess i've overlooked the guy.
2007-10-04 16:48:16
348.   Mattpat11
68 through three for Sabathia.
2007-10-04 16:48:52
349.   williamnyy23
This is a big inning for Wang. He needs to settle down now too.
2007-10-04 16:48:56
350.   mehmattski
326 Since the game is making me depressed, here's some research.

Albert Belle
Year OPS+
1991 134
1992 123
1993 145
1994 192
1995 178
1996 157
1997 116
1998 171

A-Rod's great, but he's only had one season above 170 OPS+: 2007.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-10-04 16:48:57
351.   fansince77
344 We are on eveyone's ass all year every at bat. Alex duzn't get pref. treatment and neither would Captain or Jorge there. Get used to it.
2007-10-04 16:48:59
352.   tommyl
Please have a quick 1-2-3 inning
2007-10-04 16:49:02
353.   El Lay Dave
340 Yes. It's really a lot like the IF fly rule, otherwise you could get a lot of easy DPs by dropping third strikes with runners on first.
2007-10-04 16:49:46
354.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2007-10-04 16:49:51
355.   williamnyy23
350 One caveat is Belle's 1994-1995 were both abbreviated seasons, so he could have either been better or worse.
2007-10-04 16:49:54
356.   JeremyM
344 I just want him to do well, I wasn't saying God dammit to him. I'm so sick of the press hammering the guy.

Wang's spitting the bit.

2007-10-04 16:50:04
357.   fansince77
2007-10-04 16:50:05
358.   thelarmis
not killing many worms like that... : (
2007-10-04 16:50:08
359.   williamnyy23
On to game 2?
2007-10-04 16:50:10
360.   tommyl
or that...sigh.
2007-10-04 16:50:23
361.   Mattpat11
Chien Ming Wang spit the bit
2007-10-04 16:50:31
362.   Yankee Fan In Boston
is hughes up in the pen yet?
2007-10-04 16:50:46
363.   bob34957
wanger, wtf?
2007-10-04 16:51:04
364.   pistolpete
359 Or next season? :P
2007-10-04 16:51:07
365.   williamnyy23
OK...well, it looks like the Game 5 starter (if they get that far) will be Pettitte.
2007-10-04 16:51:39
366.   RIYank
No, Wang will be okay.
And we'll get into the pen early and have a shot.

I mean, we're serious underdogs now, but it's far from over.

2007-10-04 16:51:52
367.   fansince77
Now we HAVE to work on wearing down "Crispy Creme" Sabathia.
2007-10-04 16:52:02
368.   williamnyy23
362 Hope not...I hope he is ready for game 4. I think we are going to get a Jose Veras sighting way too early in this series.
2007-10-04 16:52:17
369.   bartap74
Maybe it's time to get Hughes in and save Wang for game 4 in the Bronx.
2007-10-04 16:52:31
370.   Mattpat11
Look at that jacket
2007-10-04 16:52:38
371.   seamus
366 agreed. Lots of time. We need to keep driving up sabathia's pitch count. ANd obviously Wang needs to settle down.
2007-10-04 16:52:49
372.   RIYank
369 Hm, good call.
2007-10-04 16:52:50
373.   tommyl
359 Its only 3 runs, CC is way up in pitches. I wouldn't panic just yet (of course I have been since Wang hit Sizemore).
2007-10-04 16:52:55
374.   trainwreck
LeBron James...

Bandwagon fan.

2007-10-04 16:52:57
375.   BklynBmr
Plenty of time. Just keep it here. And make CC work. Good things will happen.
2007-10-04 16:52:59
376.   bartap74
BTW, does anyone else thing Sabathia looks quite a bit like Forrest Whitaker?
2007-10-04 16:53:02
377.   randym77
Yeesh. Wang almost never gives up home runs. C'mon, Tiger. Get a grip!
2007-10-04 16:53:05
378.   Yankee Fan In Boston
368 i was (mostly) kidding.
2007-10-04 16:53:22
379.   Eirias
Bulls, Cowboys and Yankees? Wow. Even I think that is a little suspect.
2007-10-04 16:53:36
380.   tommyl
369 Works for me, I have tickets to that game and I've seen way too much Moose this season.
2007-10-04 16:53:44
381.   williamnyy23
It's a pure second guess, but why not schedule Andy for Game 1 and 5 and have Wang go in Game 3 at home? It really does seem to make so much sense.
2007-10-04 16:53:48
382.   rsmith51
Does LeBron like the Montreal Canadiens and Duke?
2007-10-04 16:54:03
383.   Bob Timmermann
There is a new leader now in the category of "Most postseason home runs hit by a player named Asdrubal."
2007-10-04 16:54:28
384.   Mattpat11
Where do you buy a pumpkin orange blazer?
2007-10-04 16:54:37
385.   Bookworm
366 Thanks for the perspective. Taking a deep breath. . .
2007-10-04 16:54:57
386.   pistolpete
379 All depends on when you grow up and start taking an interest in sports I suppose.

Who's the hockey team? Anyone venture a guess?

2007-10-04 16:55:06
387.   williamnyy23
371 Only problem with that is Cleveland has an excellent set up corp...maybe the best in the game.
2007-10-04 16:55:31
388.   BklynBmr
381 Was just thinking that. I'd hate to have to 'hide' Wang (our ACE!) on the road, but how could it possibly hurt to have Andy start?
2007-10-04 16:55:36
389.   mehmattski
379 Well, he's 23 years old, just like me... and people I grew up with liked the Bulls, Cowboys, and Yankees. He may have been a frontrunner as a teenager, but he's clearly staying loyal to the teams he rooted for as a kid.. I think that makes him a solid fan.
2007-10-04 16:55:36
390.   Yankee Fan In Boston
386 montreal, of course.
2007-10-04 16:55:37
391.   Zack
381 Joe would never do that. Its so outside his range of managing. But that being said, Wang is supposedly the Yanks ace, he should be able to handle pitching on the road.

The Yanks should be able to put up 4 runs in this game if they play their game, but if Wang gives up anymore it might be pretty tough

2007-10-04 16:56:00
392.   thelarmis
lotsa fly balls there. keep it down, wang, keep it down.
2007-10-04 16:56:04
393.   tommyl
381 He only pitches once in the series. Who goes for game 2? Moose? Clemens?

I know Wang is much better at home, but I can't fault Joe for going with his best pitcher on full rest in game 1.

2007-10-04 16:56:23
394.   RIYank
385 I don't think I've seen you here this year, Bookworm. Is that right?
2007-10-04 16:57:06
395.   joe in boston
Hi everyone -

Yeesh, anyone else worried ? I've been sneaking peeks at the TV while I get the kids ready for bed - (both wearing Jeter Tshirts...) How about some hits now offense ????!!!

2007-10-04 16:57:10
396.   tommyl
387 Yes, but can't go to them if CC only gives them 5 innings.
2007-10-04 16:57:13
397.   JeremyM
I can't fault Torre for going to Wang either, it would be one thing if Mussina/Clemens/Hughes weren't such question marks.
2007-10-04 16:57:32
398.   williamnyy23
391 He should...but hasn't for an entire season. Based on that sample, why should he?
2007-10-04 16:57:43
399.   rsmith51
381 If Roger was pitching like he did last year, sure. I don't see how you could not pitch Wang in the first 2 games. The Yanks could pitch Wang on short rest in game 4 in the Stadium.
2007-10-04 16:58:10
400.   williamnyy23
293 Clemens...whom you assume would not be rattled in Cleveland.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-10-04 16:58:30
401.   Mattpat11
396 I doubt he's coming out after 100 pitches.
2007-10-04 16:58:48
402.   williamnyy23
396 There are three of them...Lewis, Betancourt and, he actually can.
2007-10-04 16:58:52
403.   RIYank
I dunno, I would have saved Wang for game three, myself. He's much better at home. Pettitte and Clemens are both fine on the road. It's true that this way Wang could pitch twice, but I don't think it's worth the trade-off.

On the other hand, I don't think it's obvious -- I'm not blaming Torre or anything.

2007-10-04 16:59:05
404.   BklynBmr
Get it started, Jorgie!
2007-10-04 16:59:52
405.   JeremyM
They need to make him work some more this inning, although that wasn't a bad job by Posada, the right fielder played it pretty well.
2007-10-04 17:00:09
406.   pistolpete
Numbers? Torre? You're insane.
2007-10-04 17:00:48
407.   thelarmis
should've tried duncan as dh...
2007-10-04 17:00:50
408.   Mattpat11
They're fucked.
2007-10-04 17:00:54
409.   Zack
Of course, if our offense continues to look like the Angels, it wont matter
2007-10-04 17:00:55
410.   fansince77
It's gonna be real tough with that strike zone expanding every time the Yanks come up. Posada and Matsui got screwed early.
2007-10-04 17:01:01
411.   Eirias
Sabathia is running downhill and gaining speed.
2007-10-04 17:01:04
412.   JeremyM
Don't want to harp on it, but Matsui should not be playing tonight. Dude is lost.
2007-10-04 17:01:10
413.   pistolpete
I can't take playing on the road during the playoffs - every friggin' pitch gets a crowd reaction like they've just won the World Series.
2007-10-04 17:01:14
414.   williamnyy23
I think it's time to fall back on the following:

Yankees in ALDS after winning Game 1: 2-5
Yankees in ALDS after losing Game 1: 5-0

2007-10-04 17:01:15
415.   mehmattski
So, Shelley Duncan could do what Matsui is doing, with the added probability that he'd actually do something productive....
2007-10-04 17:01:25
416.   MC Safety
Matsui in the lineup could turn out to be a colossal blunder.
2007-10-04 17:01:34
417.   rsmith51
Get to the bullpen, Yanks!
2007-10-04 17:01:41
418.   Eirias
411 And that is a lot of mass being accelerated.
2007-10-04 17:02:18
419.   Eirias
417 Get ye to the bullpen?
2007-10-04 17:02:22
420.   Yankee Fan In Boston
414 thank you.
2007-10-04 17:02:30
421.   williamnyy23
399 If you are pitching Wang and Clemens only one time anyway, what's the difference?
2007-10-04 17:03:02
422.   Zack
Wow, cano smoked that, we needed that!
2007-10-04 17:03:03
423.   JeremyM
NICE! Great hitting, what a laser.
2007-10-04 17:03:05
424.   RIYank
Now let's do it again with some guys on base.
2007-10-04 17:03:07
425.   mehmattski
Robinson Cano! Donchaknow!
2007-10-04 17:03:07
426.   Yankee Fan In Boston
hell yes. take that, you rally towel swinging futher muckers.
2007-10-04 17:03:08
427.   BklynBmr
2007-10-04 17:03:08
428.   tommyl
There's one
2007-10-04 17:03:10
429.   fansince77
Holy shit Robbie! We're back in this Motherofpearls!
2007-10-04 17:03:11
430.   thelarmis
that was a taser shot! sweet. cut the lead in half. keep it up, fellas...
2007-10-04 17:03:16
431.   pistolpete
Ok, thank you Robbie.

Do like that, rest of the lineup.

2007-10-04 17:03:16
432.   Eirias
Thankfully, Speedbump can hit homeruns.
2007-10-04 17:03:19
433.   Eirias
Thankfully, Speedbump can hit homeruns.
2007-10-04 17:03:26
434.   williamnyy23
That's a big one Robbie...honestly, how can Chip Caray show so much more excitement when an Indian goes deep.
2007-10-04 17:03:39
435.   BklynBmr
Announcers disappointed...
2007-10-04 17:03:40
436.   rsmith51
So much for Sabathia killing lefties...

I can't believe that got out of the park!

2007-10-04 17:03:41
437.   Mike T
Well, at least someone in our lineup can handle Sabathia at the plate. A walk and a home run for Cano.
2007-10-04 17:03:43
438.   MC Safety
Wow. Both by lefty's.
2007-10-04 17:03:47
439.   fansince77
FUCK with that outside pitch call!
2007-10-04 17:04:34
440.   3rd gen yankee fan
That didn't even look like it was going to be a homerun.
2007-10-04 17:05:05
441.   JeremyM
The reaction to that home run and the one from Cabrera was so ridiculously different. But oh well.
2007-10-04 17:05:06
442.   fansince77
Three batters this inning were screwed with BAD strike one calls. The Yanks thrive on their knowledge of the zone and STUMPY MCSTUMPY keeps giving Crispy Creme extra inches on the corner? WTF!
2007-10-04 17:05:25
443.   rsmith51
If the Yankees continue to work him, there is no way CC is pitching the 7th.
2007-10-04 17:05:27
444.   RIYank
430 I don't think that technically cut the lead in half.
But, a good start, and a fine sentiment.
2007-10-04 17:05:48
445.   williamnyy23
Would anyone else PH for Melky if he has men on base next time up? You could move Damon to CF and put Shelley/Sardinha in left.
2007-10-04 17:05:54
446.   3rd gen yankee fan
426 *snot-rag waving
2007-10-04 17:06:41
447.   Zack
The announcers do seem to be irrationally excited and amazed by CC, but I suppose that is their job..
2007-10-04 17:07:13
448.   randym77
I don't think I can remember a stadium as quiet as that one was when Robbie hit that homer.
2007-10-04 17:07:16
449.   RIYank
445 I dunno, that gives away a lot of defense. I'd say no. Maybe if it's a very big AB.
2007-10-04 17:07:19
450.   JeremyM
445 I would. He looks really bad. Him and Matsui have got nothing right now.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-10-04 17:07:26
451.   williamnyy23
443 I hate to keep saying it, but I actually think the Rafaels are better than C.C. What the Yankees need to do is make sure they keep the score within a save situation so they get a crack at Borrowski.
2007-10-04 17:07:38
452.   ny2ca2dc
445 was thinking the same thing... but probably not, unless it's late. that's a helluva defensive hit...
2007-10-04 17:07:49
453.   Yankee Fan In Boston
dusty baker is all OVER lofton's jock.

it is unnerving.

2007-10-04 17:07:49
454.   mehmattski
445 If it's past the sixth inning and the Yankees are still trailing, yes. With Duncan (if Sabbathia's still pitching) or Giambi if there's a righty.
2007-10-04 17:07:53
455.   Zack
Wow, wang just cannot get comfortable on that mound
2007-10-04 17:08:37
456.   Mike T
443 He's already up to 80 pitches.
2007-10-04 17:08:52
457.   NC Highlander
So help me if I hear "Sabathia is settling in" one more time!
2007-10-04 17:09:20
458.   3rd gen yankee fan
Sharp-Dressed Man -- ZZ Top -- who rocked my neighborhood just two weeks ago, outdoor concert, what a blast.
2007-10-04 17:09:24
459.   williamnyy23
456 I think the Indians would sign up for 6 innings/2 runs.
2007-10-04 17:09:53
460.   BklynBmr
Lofton's time in NY didn't go or end well for the most part, but I'll never forget him and Godzilla going back to back in bottom of the 9th off Trevor Hoffman, while trailing 1-0...
2007-10-04 17:10:29
461.   Yankee Fan In Boston
457 if it makes you feel any better, i keep hearing baker say that both times lofton played for him, they made it to the postseason.
2007-10-04 17:10:32
462.   JeremyM
458 Was that in Council Bluffs? I almost went to that.
2007-10-04 17:10:59
463.   Mattpat11
Throw a fucking strike.
2007-10-04 17:11:35
464.   BklynBmr
445 I wouldn't take that arm or defense out of CF. We can make up for his bat...
2007-10-04 17:11:37
465.   fansince77
God Walks are killing us tonight!
2007-10-04 17:13:32
466.   williamnyy23
460 That was a great game...although the score was actually 2-0 and the two home runs sent the game to extra innings.
2007-10-04 17:13:39
467.   fansince77
As said earlier- sometimes Robbie's cockiness comes in handy.
2007-10-04 17:13:45
468.   williamnyy23
Cano just saved Arod a headline.
2007-10-04 17:15:14
469.   Mattpat11
468 I really think he needs an RBI tonight to keep it out of his head.
2007-10-04 17:15:28
470.   pistolpete
If 4 winds up the final tally for Cleveland, it's on the offense. Or lack thereof, that is.
2007-10-04 17:15:43
471.   BklynBmr
466 Excellent memory! Was wondering why I was having trouble recalling the celebration at home ;-) Thanks...
2007-10-04 17:15:53
472.   williamnyy23
466 I remembered they won that game, but wasn't sure how. I looked it up and they actualyl gave up 3 runs in the top of 12th, only to score 4 runs in the bottom half. Giambi, of all people, scored the winning run on a sac fly.
2007-10-04 17:16:37
473.   Eirias
Are they kidding? Sizemore has been on the cover of a multitude of magazines. EVERYONE knows about Sizemore.
2007-10-04 17:17:35
474.   williamnyy23
471 I remember it because it was a Sunday and I was on my way out the door. Like a dutiful Yankee fan, I was waiting for Hoffman to record the final out when Bam! Of course, I then had to hand around for the three extra innings, which led to an argument later that day.
2007-10-04 17:17:39
475.   trainwreck
They probably pay less attention to baseball than most fans do.
2007-10-04 17:17:57
476.   Eirias
465 Given the theoretically infinite size of his footprints, I'd say God Walks could kill us any night.
2007-10-04 17:17:58
477.   williamnyy23
473 So much so, that he is now overrated.
2007-10-04 17:18:01
478.   Yankee Fan In Boston
473 who?
2007-10-04 17:18:03
479.   thelarmis
nice pitch! let's score some damn runs. NOW!!!
2007-10-04 17:18:13
480.   Mike T
A strikeout! I am writing down the date and time.
2007-10-04 17:18:22
481.   Chyll Will
We all should loosen up just a smidgen, we're winning this game, the series and facing LAA next (.)
2007-10-04 17:18:42
482.   BklynBmr
472 Holy sh*t! I just looked it up, too. I forgot just how great that game was! Thanks, again...

OK, Tiger is settling down but more ground balls please!

2007-10-04 17:19:32
483.   BklynBmr
481 Thanks, Mr. Buzzkill ;-p
2007-10-04 17:19:37
484.   Eirias
478 You should look into him. He is batting 0.500 this postseason.
2007-10-04 17:19:44
485.   3rd gen yankee fan
Rock Steady -- Bad Co. damn I love Paul Rodgers.
2007-10-04 17:20:12
486.   williamnyy23
op·ti·mism - Pronunciation[op-tuh-miz-uhm] – noun: 481
2007-10-04 17:20:38
487.   3rd gen yankee fan
481 Think so? I'd really rather face Boston, for poetic justice.
2007-10-04 17:20:55
488.   trainwreck
I wish death upon the TBS marketing department.
2007-10-04 17:21:02
489.   williamnyy23
482 Another clutch Hoffman save.
2007-10-04 17:21:08
490.   RIYank
Ah. There's Shelley. Now this move I can buy into.
2007-10-04 17:21:22
491.   williamnyy23
Wow...Duncan for Minky??
2007-10-04 17:21:26
492.   Mattpat11
2007-10-04 17:21:37
493.   3rd gen yankee fan
Sweet! It's Duncanstein!

Now this man needs a cult following.

2007-10-04 17:21:51
494.   bartap74
2 pitches into the at bat and then they bother to mention the pinch hitter.
2007-10-04 17:22:00
495.   RIYank
482 In that bad first inning, he did get a bunch of grounders. Two of the three singles and the DP.
2007-10-04 17:22:07
496.   williamnyy23
Looks like it's injury related.
2007-10-04 17:22:49
497.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2007-10-04 17:22:53
498.   RIYank
494 Baseball is the last thing on their minds, I think. (As trainwreck pointed out.)
2007-10-04 17:23:42
499.   Mattpat11
493 Seeing him everyday, I'm used to his ugly now.
2007-10-04 17:23:53
500.   RIYank
There ya go.
What a good at-bat.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-10-04 17:23:58
501.   fansince77
2007-10-04 17:23:58
502.   BklynBmr
Great AB for Duncanstein...
2007-10-04 17:24:00
503.   thelarmis
nice work, shelley!
2007-10-04 17:24:02
504.   bartap74
498 Maybe if Torre inserted that Frank guy into the game...
2007-10-04 17:24:05
505.   Yankee Fan In Boston
fear the forearm.
2007-10-04 17:24:07
506.   Mike T
Nice Shelley.
2007-10-04 17:24:12
507.   williamnyy23
Excellent AB by sweet would that have been in the first inning?
2007-10-04 17:24:12
508.   Mattpat11
Good job.
2007-10-04 17:24:18
509.   tommyl
I heart Shelly
2007-10-04 17:24:31
510.   BklynBmr
Duncan singles. Carey sounds like his dog just died...
2007-10-04 17:24:44
511.   fansince77
I like this inning...shaping up nice. Need a HBP to get us going
2007-10-04 17:24:45
512.   thelarmis
next pitch will be #90...
2007-10-04 17:24:49
513.   Yankee Fan In Boston
507 ha!
2007-10-04 17:24:50
514.   underdog
Man, Shelly Duncan's a good hitter, but he's an ugly mofo isn't he? Good PH swap there, though.
2007-10-04 17:25:09
515.   tommyl
504 Does that not look like the worst show ever? It looks like some annoying guy at a bar who says, "Hey, look at my George Bush impression. I can do De Niro too!"
2007-10-04 17:25:10
516.   Eirias
Damon could really win some points with me, here.
2007-10-04 17:25:14
517.   mehmattski
That cameraman that ran into Minky may end up being the MVP of this series...
2007-10-04 17:25:28
518.   thelarmis
505 awesome slogan! : )
2007-10-04 17:25:51
519.   tommyl
Ok, even I thought that was a strike.
2007-10-04 17:25:55
520.   Mattpat11
Doug Mientkiewicz tripped over a photog?
2007-10-04 17:25:58
521.   fansince77
2007-10-04 17:26:09
522.   RIYank
Sabathia is not settling down.
2007-10-04 17:26:10
523.   Eirias
I award him +1.
2007-10-04 17:26:25
524.   3rd gen yankee fan
OH yeah, here we go!

Love The One Yer With!

2007-10-04 17:26:26
525.   NC Highlander
Hmm..2 baserunners. I guess Sabathia really is settling in. lol
2007-10-04 17:26:28
526.   thelarmis
very nice. let's do it cap'n, c'mon buddy!!!
2007-10-04 17:26:40
527.   SF Yanks
Nows the time fellas. Get it done! You can't let 5 walks go without one of them scoring.
2007-10-04 17:26:53
528.   tommyl
520 No, the cameraman tripped over him. He was walking backwards (the camera guy) and fell over, hitting Doug. Its not his fault.
2007-10-04 17:27:24
529.   RIYank
520 Vice versa.
2007-10-04 17:27:31
530.   fansince77
No way do you bail out Cripy Creme here. NO bunt!
2007-10-04 17:27:43
531.   randym77
Sabathia's struggling. He's almost at 100 pitches. C'mon, Yanks!
2007-10-04 17:27:52
532.   3rd gen yankee fan
Doesn't matter what you say Eric, we're gonna kick yer BUTTS!!!
2007-10-04 17:27:58
533.   Eirias
So wait, when Sabathia cannot find the zone for his LIFE, the announcers recommend that Jeter sac-bunt?
2007-10-04 17:28:23
534.   OldYanksFan
Jeter might take it on himself to bunt... and it might not be a terrible idea. A DP here will kill me...
2007-10-04 17:28:30
535.   RIYank
God, no strategy, PLEASE.


2007-10-04 17:28:40
536.   Mattpat11
528 I never thought it was his fault. I just hadn't heard that
2007-10-04 17:28:47
537.   thelarmis
DJ is so calm. let's make it 13 for 25!
2007-10-04 17:28:48
538.   mehmattski
Come on Jete.
2007-10-04 17:29:04
539.   bhsportsguy
535 Ah come on, maybe a nice bunt and run play.
2007-10-04 17:29:08
540.   randym77
They said he won't bunt. He's 12 for 24 against Sabathia.
2007-10-04 17:29:12
541.   RIYank
He'll either walk or single a grounder on the left side.
2007-10-04 17:29:22
542.   BklynBmr
Carey: "Jeter has had good luck against Sabathia"... Luck? 12-24 is luck? What a tool...
2007-10-04 17:29:35
543.   bhsportsguy
2-1, a manager's count.
2007-10-04 17:29:57
544.   fansince77
C'mon Cap I Tan! There comin inside be ready.
2007-10-04 17:30:16
545.   RIYank
539 We don't go for that stuff around here, pardner. Save that for your coast.
2007-10-04 17:30:20
546.   SF Yanks
At the very least make him throw enough pitches so he doesn't come out for the 6th.
2007-10-04 17:30:23
547.   BklynBmr
Work it, Cap...
2007-10-04 17:30:45
548.   bhsportsguy
545 I figure the runners will not be going.
2007-10-04 17:30:47
549.   RIYank
Nice stroke, too.
2007-10-04 17:30:51
550.   fansince77
herewegoherewegoherewegoherewegoherewegoherewego- shit.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-10-04 17:31:14
551.   SF Yanks
Shoulda bunted...
2007-10-04 17:31:27
552.   williamnyy23
Damn it Jeter! Next time don't hit the ball so hard. That was a huge out.
2007-10-04 17:31:30
553.   RIYank
548 Not with Abreu and A-Rod still to come, no.
2007-10-04 17:31:31
554.   thelarmis

let's go boBBy!!!

2007-10-04 17:31:53
555.   RIYank
Oh, sweet as candy!
2007-10-04 17:31:59
556.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-10-04 17:32:08
557.   NC Highlander
Oh yeah. Here we come..
2007-10-04 17:32:11
558.   thelarmis
boBBy baseball!!!


2007-10-04 17:32:15
559.   BklynBmr
Bobby! Here we come....
2007-10-04 17:32:24
560.   OldYanksFan
Bunt would have had the game tied.
2007-10-04 17:32:28
561.   williamnyy23
OK Arod...deep breath...let's make Chip Caray weep openly on the air.
2007-10-04 17:32:30
562.   fansince77
SO FREKIN'SWEET- Howyalikethattonygwynn? TEXTBOOK!
2007-10-04 17:32:40
563.   thelarmis
c'mon Alex, now's the time!!!
2007-10-04 17:32:45
564.   bhsportsguy
Here we go Yankees, here we go.
2007-10-04 17:32:52
565.   tommyl
Guess the Indians don't believe that A-Rod is a choker.
2007-10-04 17:32:58
566.   RIYank
Oh, perfect! Freaking genius!

Your pitcher is having serious control problems, so you walk the bases loaded to face Posada. Just brilliant!

2007-10-04 17:33:02
567.   SF Yanks
Nice!! Wow can these announcers sound any more glum? We are in 2007 and they can't find unbiased announcers? Pathetic.
2007-10-04 17:33:09
568.   thelarmis
uh, make that jorgie! tie game, at the very least...
2007-10-04 17:33:12
569.   3rd gen yankee fan

Go get 'em Jorgie!!!!

2007-10-04 17:33:16
570.   BklynBmr
I was hopin' for a 16 pitch AB for Abreu, but I'll take that...

Now make them pay, Jorgie!

2007-10-04 17:34:00
571.   mehmattski
Let this intentional walk be a lesson to anyone who later decide that A-Rod choked... if he were really a choker, they'd have pitched to him here.

Make them pay, Jorge. Make them pay.

2007-10-04 17:34:11
572.   OldYanksFan
The entire series might hinge on this AB.
Not be be overly dramatic... but really...
2007-10-04 17:34:14
573.   fansince77
Hip Hip...
2007-10-04 17:34:14
574.   RIYank
Come on, Jorge, make him pay. Let's get him to a hitter's count and punish Wedge.
2007-10-04 17:34:15
575.   tommyl
Mattpatt, the cameraman who ran him over was fired by YES.

Yikes, I don't know the particulars, but if the guys tripped and fell I mean that's a bit harsh.

2007-10-04 17:34:20
576.   fansince77
Hip Hip...
2007-10-04 17:34:23
577.   El Lay Dave
Better day for ex-Phils than for the current ones.
2007-10-04 17:34:29
578.   williamnyy23
I guess Wedge doesn't buy into Arod not being able to hit in the post season.

No grounders Jorgie!!!

2007-10-04 17:34:34
579.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-10-04 17:34:39
580.   fansince77
Hip Hip...
2007-10-04 17:34:48
581.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-10-04 17:34:52
582.   Eirias
I feel like going for a WALK.
2007-10-04 17:35:10
583.   RIYank
Oh, man. 3-0. Here we go.
Turn him loose???
(No, I don't think so.)
2007-10-04 17:35:13
584.   fansince77
Hip hip...
2007-10-04 17:35:20
585.   3rd gen yankee fan
oh my god i love how the indians fans are already starting to chew on their hats. It's only the 5th inning for crissakes!
2007-10-04 17:35:40
586.   williamnyy23
green light!! wow.
2007-10-04 17:35:49
587.   El Lay Dave
2007-10-04 17:35:59
588.   RIYank
Joe did turn him loose! I like it (even though it failed).

Oooooh. Another miss.

Let's go, Jorge!

2007-10-04 17:36:01
589.   williamnyy23
He swung at ball four!!!
2007-10-04 17:36:07
590.   fansince77
Hip hip
2007-10-04 17:36:16
591.   OldYanksFan
2007-10-04 17:36:31
592.   randym77
575 Yikes. That does seem a bit harsh.
2007-10-04 17:36:34
593.   Eirias
30 pitches.
2007-10-04 17:36:45
594.   Mattpat11
Just in the air
2007-10-04 17:37:03
595.   williamnyy23
Baseball sucks.
2007-10-04 17:37:08
596.   RIYank

Okay, good move walking Alex. Damn.

2007-10-04 17:37:11
597.   OldYanksFan
2007-10-04 17:37:13
598.   thelarmis
that fucking SUCKS!!!
2007-10-04 17:37:14
599.   tommyl
Damnit! and now Groundzilla time.
2007-10-04 17:37:18
600.   NC Highlander
Posada cannot hit Sabathia tonight.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2007-10-04 17:37:18
601.   Eirias
I do like that phrase, "relentless patience." It sounds so evil.
2007-10-04 17:37:22
602.   Yankee Fan In Boston
518 get yer "fear the forearm" t-shirts here!

2007-10-04 17:37:24
603.   Mattpat11

Come on Mats

2007-10-04 17:37:26
604.   SF Yanks
Why...why...why...why...why why?
2007-10-04 17:37:26
605.   Marcus
Damn, that was the last think I suspected.
2007-10-04 17:37:43
606.   thelarmis
we MUST leave this frame with at least a tie...
2007-10-04 17:37:50
607.   williamnyy23
Matsui...this AB really puts Joe's butt on the line.
2007-10-04 17:37:57
608.   RIYank
Tokyo take cover...
2007-10-04 17:37:57
609.   Mike T
Posada swung at ball four twice it looked like.
2007-10-04 17:38:05
610.   BklynBmr
'Zilla goes to left here...
2007-10-04 17:38:06
611.   OldYanksFan
I'd give Matsui the take sign this entire AB.
2007-10-04 17:38:27
612.   SF Yanks
Posada has looked really bad swinging tonight.
2007-10-04 17:38:32
613.   thelarmis
602 nice!
2007-10-04 17:38:57
614.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2007-10-04 17:38:57
615.   Eirias
No ground balls for Matsui!
2007-10-04 17:39:03
616.   NC Highlander
Dammit to hell.
2007-10-04 17:39:08
617.   RIYank
Crud. I can't believe it.


We'll see their bullpen next inning, huh?

2007-10-04 17:39:14
618.   williamnyy23
That's fucking awful...Matsui should not be playing. That could very well be the game right there.
2007-10-04 17:39:24
619.   thelarmis
goddammit caray, can you be any more excited?

that's gotta be the last of sabathia for the nite...

2007-10-04 17:39:26
620.   Mike T
That was two absolutely pathetic at-bats in a row right there.
2007-10-04 17:39:29
621.   mehmattski
See, Dodgers fans (if we haven't scared you away)... we crap on anyone who pops up with runners on...
2007-10-04 17:39:39
622.   Zack
Terrible, terrible. Hideki is just awful
2007-10-04 17:39:40
623.   Mattpat11
Lousy showings by Posada and Matsui
2007-10-04 17:39:45
624.   NC Highlander
Well he hit it in the air at least.
2007-10-04 17:40:11
625.   JCP22
Well, that could have gone better.
2007-10-04 17:40:17
626.   williamnyy23
619 All kidding aside, Caray can't get any more unprofessional. Who'd have thought I'd be longing for FOX.
2007-10-04 17:40:18
627.   OldYanksFan
Posada and Matsui have killed us twice. Shit. Bases loaded, 1 out, 3-0 count. FIck!
Did Jorge swing at ball four? High? Outside?
2007-10-04 17:40:35
628.   SF Yanks
I'm getting fucking pissed... if only at these STUPID FUCKING announcers that get mad when the Yanks do good and blow a load when the Indians do good.
2007-10-04 17:40:45
629.   thelarmis
i'd rather have seen giambi...

note to CMW:

easy and quick inning. thank you, please!

2007-10-04 17:40:49
630.   JeremyM
2-0 count, take a pitch. Posada gets a pass, but I'm sick of Matsui.
2007-10-04 17:40:51
631.   williamnyy23
I wonder why Torre would give out green lights when C.C. was clearly struggling to throw strikes.
2007-10-04 17:41:05
632.   Emma Span
They've wasted some opportunities for sure, but overall, good job by the Yanks against a really tough lefty: 114 pitches in 5 innings. They stayed really, really patient, something they mostly couldn't do in the postseason the last few years.
2007-10-04 17:41:07
633.   underdog
Darn, they needed to get more than just that one, given how much sweat that inning induced outta CC and the # of runners. He's definitely done, though.
2007-10-04 17:41:22
634.   williamnyy23
627 The 3-1 pitch was ball four.
2007-10-04 17:41:26
635.   RIYank
627 I don't think he swung at anything outside the zone, frankly. But others seem to disagree with me.
2007-10-04 17:41:28
636.   Sarasota
626 my sentiments exactly. These announcers suck!!
2007-10-04 17:41:46
637.   bhsportsguy
621 Hey that's fair when Posada has CC 3-0, he cannot strke out and Matsui, well enough has been said.
2007-10-04 17:41:50
638.   thelarmis
626 caray is worse tonite than he ever is for the braves here in atlanta during the regular season. and that's hard to do. i loathe him.
2007-10-04 17:41:59
639.   williamnyy23
632 I don't know if you can say good job...they received 5 walks and not one scored. That seems like a failure to me.
2007-10-04 17:42:14
640.   Mattpat11
Keep it here Wang
2007-10-04 17:42:28
641.   Zack
I expect more from Jorge, he is usually masterful at taking the bases loaded walk. Hideki is obviously suffering from one of his bad streaks combined with bad knees and a bad matchup, which makes him exceptionally useless.

But still, the Yanks HAD to tie it up there, you don't get better shots than that, and the Indians BP probably wont make it that easy...

Wanger needs a 1-2-3 here

2007-10-04 17:42:37
642.   SF Yanks
When's the last time Matsui looked like a capable major leaguer? Sure seems a long time ago.
2007-10-04 17:42:41
643.   rconn23
1) Matsui just has no value right now.

2.) I think Chip Caray just had an accident announcing that popup he got so excited.

2007-10-04 17:42:48
644.   underdog
621 Yeah, I gathered ;-) we don't like that either. We also don't like feeble-armed centerfielders and veterans who can't hit in the clutch or baserunning gaffes, but it's up there!
2007-10-04 17:42:48
645.   bhsportsguy
632 I am sure you are 100 times lovelier than your picture.

Okay, back to the game.

2007-10-04 17:42:51
646.   JeremyM
635 I think Posada swung at strikes too.
2007-10-04 17:42:52
647.   RIYank
634 That might have been high, yeah.
2007-10-04 17:43:00
648.   OldYanksFan
It's not fair to blame any one player, but if we lose thies series 3-2, it will be Jorge's AB there, and to a lesser extents Matsui's that lost it.

Matsui swung at 2-0 with the bags loaded. Was it a phat pitch?

2007-10-04 17:43:01
649.   Zack
And so what does Wang do? goes 3-0
2007-10-04 17:43:02
650.   williamnyy23
And Wangs comes out with a 3-0 count...this team is maddening.
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2007-10-04 17:43:25
651.   3rd gen yankee fan
hee hee: Wild Thing, LOL (not you Wang!)
2007-10-04 17:43:51
652.   thelarmis
635 i don't disagree with you. i thought they were a little high, but not terrible to swing at.

once again...


i am getting really, really mad... : /

2007-10-04 17:43:53
653.   Mattpat11
Wang doing all he can to lose.
2007-10-04 17:44:03
654.   williamnyy23
648 It might have been Ball three off the plate.
2007-10-04 17:44:13
655.   Eirias
Wait? What just happened? Did Wang just blink two people on base?
2007-10-04 17:44:27
656.   claybeez
Not a good start, Wang. DP here.
2007-10-04 17:44:34
657.   BklynBmr
639 Miller and Baker are doing the same on ESPN radio. Superstition and craving a cigarette had me outside listening on the radio. With each pitch, they're saying what CC has to do to get out of trouble...
2007-10-04 17:44:43
658.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-10-04 17:44:47
659.   Eirias
Alright. Unassisted Triple Play time. I'm calling it.
2007-10-04 17:44:47
660.   thelarmis
648 not only is there a lot of series left, there's lotsa game left tonite. if wang gets out of this inning, i think we'll come back and win...
2007-10-04 17:45:11
661.   williamnyy23
Wang hasn't been able to throw strikes since mid-August. I really hope this isn't a continuing trend, perhaps the result of his trying to work more pitches into his arsenal.
2007-10-04 17:45:16
662.   NC Highlander
655 Saw that too. TBS is wonderful. Stick to Friends and Seinfeld. Let someone else do baseball.


2007-10-04 17:45:29
663.   underdog
See, the AL needs to get rid of the DH, then they would've had to hit for Wang and he would've been out of there already. Um, or something like that. {cough}
2007-10-04 17:45:49
664.   OldYanksFan
I'm a big Torre supporter, but by not playing Jason the last month, and not letting him find his stroke, he has really hurt us. This team is soooooooooo much better with a healthy Giambi.

No one is afraid of Matsui, even when he's hot. Everyone is careful when pitching to Giambi, and he doesn't give up ABs.

2007-10-04 17:46:31
665.   Emma Span
By the way, if Froemming is behind the plate for game four, there is NO WAY the Yankees can start Mike Mussina, right?

He seems fair enough to both teams, but that strike zone will give Moose a nervous breakdown.

2007-10-04 17:46:36
666.   williamnyy23
This honestly feels like watching FSN Ohio.
2007-10-04 17:46:54
667.   underdog
In fairness, the other TBS team wasn't as bad as these guys, though again they weren't announcing a Yankees series.
2007-10-04 17:47:00
668.   RIYank

Crummy game for Wanger. I wonder what's up?

2007-10-04 17:47:00
669.   claybeez
Wang is sucking and Caray is a tool.
2007-10-04 17:47:01
670.   Eirias
Fuck. Pardon the language.
2007-10-04 17:47:07
671.   Yankee Fan In Boston
i just died a little.
2007-10-04 17:47:12
672.   Zack
Jesus, this one is over. That last innings REALLY hurts now
2007-10-04 17:47:17
673.   BklynBmr
DIAF, Carey.
2007-10-04 17:47:17
674.   NC Highlander
Ok I am muting my TV now. I freakin hate these announcers.
2007-10-04 17:47:23
675.   Mike T
That's the ballgame ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming, and drive home safely.
2007-10-04 17:47:30
676.   williamnyy23
Wang really spit the bit tonight...this is a goat like performance.

TBS needs to seriously address the notion of objectivity in their broadcast.

2007-10-04 17:47:40
677.   JCP22
What a meatball...give me a break.
2007-10-04 17:47:41
678.   underdog
Aw. Crud.

I'm sorry, guys. :-(

2007-10-04 17:47:52
679.   Zack
Did the announcer just orgasm on air?
2007-10-04 17:47:52
680.   SF Yanks
Why didn't the announcers cum like that when the Yanks hit two bombs????


I'm just fucking wondering.

2007-10-04 17:47:54
681.   3rd gen yankee fan
UGH!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!
2007-10-04 17:47:59
682.   OldYanksFan
CC makes the pitch when he has to. Wang does not.
2007-10-04 17:48:17
683.   thelarmis
fuck. has hughes been warming up?

okay, OYF, you wuz right - blame jorgie and mats from last inning. truth be told, 1 run was inexcuseable...

it was the drummers fault. why can't i have good luck like that? quick, someone interview me and we'll get a grand slam next frame!!!

2007-10-04 17:48:32
684.   Mattpat11
Wang just buried us. Awful, awful showing
2007-10-04 17:48:56
685.   RIYank
It's a shame, because we're actually doing reasonably well against Sabathia -- not quite punching him out, but pretty good -- and we're getting whipped with our supposed ace on the mound.
2007-10-04 17:48:58
686.   williamnyy23
682 Actually...the Yankees bailed C.C. out, the Indians haven't been as generous to Wang.
2007-10-04 17:49:03
687.   Zack
Ah, I see, they put two commentators who have played against the Yankees in the WS before. At least try to get guys that might be slightly objective
2007-10-04 17:49:06
688.   NC Highlander
Think about it. TBS are Braves supporters. Always hated the yankees plus their team sux.
2007-10-04 17:49:10
689.   bhsportsguy
What was that stat when the Yankees lose Game 1?

Isn't Pettite almost a guarantee when he pitches Game 2 in these situations?

2007-10-04 17:49:41
690.   Zack
Ahh, now back to the interview with the drummer, great
2007-10-04 17:49:53
691.   williamnyy23
Again, it's a second guess, but Torre's two big decisions (starting Wang on the road and playing Matsui) have both failed miserably.
2007-10-04 17:49:55
692.   thelarmis
i had to mute it as well.

it probably shouldn't, but it really bothers me that everyone - and i mean, everyone - shits on the yankees and openly roots against them...

2007-10-04 17:49:58
693.   Yankee Fan In Boston
people, let's just remember that hearing the muffled sobs of the announcers will be sweeter when we stomp all over cleveland in the next 3 games.
2007-10-04 17:50:06
694.   Zack
They are actually split screening the game so they can show the drummer, omg
2007-10-04 17:50:21
695.   RIYank
So, Dodger fans, now you see what a real baseball game is like. If it doesn't last at least 3 1/2 hours, it's not baseball.
2007-10-04 17:50:35
696.   trainwreck
Bob Brenly openly criticizing the Yankees organization for some reason.
2007-10-04 17:50:35
697.   williamnyy23
Ridiculous! This is so bad, that if I wasn't lazy, I'd call TBS.
2007-10-04 17:50:37
698.   thelarmis
690 damn drummers. ; )
2007-10-04 17:51:05
699.   Mike T
Is there anyone up in the Yanks' pen?
2007-10-04 17:51:06
700.   NC Highlander
I'm not giving up yet. I'm looking forward to their bullpen.

OMG a flair to right field sounds like they won the WS. wtf??

Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2007-10-04 17:51:23
701.   williamnyy23
The drummer works at AT&T in computer systems, in case anyone was wondering.
2007-10-04 17:51:35
702.   RIYank
Funny, the biased announcing doesn't bother me in the slightest. Maybe it's because I live in the heart of Enemy Country...
2007-10-04 17:51:38
703.   Mike T
2007-10-04 17:51:38
704.   yankz
WTF? I left for a minute and Wang decides he sucks again?
2007-10-04 17:52:04
705.   Yankee Fan In Boston
what did the drummer get on his SATs?


2007-10-04 17:52:06
706.   Marcus
Guys, don't give up. The key is to keep the lead at 3 or less. Borowski will come through with a Mark Wohlers-like performance, Duncanstein will be the hero, and Chip Caray will have to cry into the mic.

I'm really irked at Jorgie right about now.

2007-10-04 17:52:12
707.   NC Highlander
701 lmao. I was wondering. He looks like a homeless guy.
2007-10-04 17:52:27
708.   SF Yanks
I really do hope the Yanks lose 21-3 now. It can only open their eyes more to potentially going home early.
2007-10-04 17:52:30
709.   RIYank
Hmmm, now I think we're in trouble. I felt three runs was doable, but four is going to be very tough.
2007-10-04 17:52:31
710.   vockins
frickin lofton's revenge

stupid drummer

2007-10-04 17:52:37
711.   williamnyy23
700 You aren't going to like what you see.

It wont matter anyway...Wang is imploding and Joe is fiddling while Rome burns.

2007-10-04 17:52:41
712.   tommyl
Oh man, this game went from hopeful to sheer agony in about 20 minutes.
2007-10-04 17:52:46
713.   Zack
And there is the classic Jeter range at SS, killing us again.

Put this one in the bag and hope for Pettitte tomorrow

2007-10-04 17:52:53
714.   claybeez
Brenly and Carey is just a big FU to Yanks fans.

Wang still with the pressure issues. I'd hoped he would have settled down after 3 seasons.

2007-10-04 17:52:56
715.   thelarmis
thazzit. gonna be tough to pull it out now...
2007-10-04 17:53:07
716.   Sarasota
The biased announcing sucks!!

to complain use this address:

2007-10-04 17:53:23
717.   williamnyy23
Like it or not, but this game adds fuel to those who want to see Joe put out to pasture after this season.
2007-10-04 17:53:35
718.   Mattpat11
Go away Wang. Absolutely disgusting.
2007-10-04 17:54:02
719.   thelarmis
"it's tribe time now"? really? what a shitty slogan. better than monkey and thunderstix though... : ~
2007-10-04 17:54:06
720.   OldYanksFan
692 It's natural to root for the underdog, and even when the Yankees are the underdog, the other team is ALWAYS the underdog. It's annoying, but the price you pay for having a rich, powerful team.

I said we win only in 2 conditions. Outstanding pitching from Wang or 12 RBIs from ARod. 0 for 2 so far.

2007-10-04 17:54:12
721.   tommyl
Here's hoping this series is the opposite of last year. Drop the first game then annihilate them.
2007-10-04 17:54:15
722.   Zack
I like when fans of other teams pretend to be really really into their team all of a sudden and do things like wave towels or clap together noise sticks and the commentators get all amazed at how loud it is. Its funny
2007-10-04 17:54:21
723.   yankz
Predictable. Wang is abysmal on the road.
2007-10-04 17:54:40
724.   Yankee Fan In Boston
705 drool.

get it?

('cause drummers are stupid.)

2007-10-04 17:54:40
725.   JCP22
That performance was Randy Johnson-like in its ineptness.
2007-10-04 17:54:49
726.   mehmattski
Hey, why don't they show where the last Indians' World Series team is now? Oh wait, they're all dead, cause it was 1951...
2007-10-04 17:54:50
727.   thelarmis
nettles in knoxville, huh? i'm playing there next weekend...
2007-10-04 17:55:01
728.   rsmith51
Wang in game 4 AT HOME...
2007-10-04 17:55:10
729.   RIYank
714 You think it's pressure? I think it's something else. Wang doesn't seem to me to be in any way susceptible to pressure.

Hey, Ross! Speaking of SATs.

2007-10-04 17:55:21
730.   El Lay Dave
Even Clint Hurdle and Charlie Manuel would have pulled Wang out before now.
2007-10-04 17:55:41
731.   SF Yanks
Well, just that much closer to having a disgusting winter. (BTW, in no way am I throwing in the towel, but just sayin.)
2007-10-04 17:55:46
732.   Ravenscar
Well, let me give the bright side here: You guys have 4 innings to get 4 runs. That's a long time.
2007-10-04 17:55:56
733.   Sarasota
Yanks 5-0 when they lose the first game of series.

Yanks 2-5 when they win first game under Torre

Source: Mike and the Mad Dog.

2007-10-04 17:55:57
734.   williamnyy23
Nothing like throwing in the towel in the playoffs.
2007-10-04 17:55:57
735.   trainwreck
At least you guys are hated, which means you are very relevant.
2007-10-04 17:56:04
736.   BklynBmr
Just turned off the tube. It's John and Suze until Mo closes it out in the 10th...
2007-10-04 17:56:12
737.   Zack
I do give Torre credit for Duncan, but I suspect that was b./c Minky pulled himself
2007-10-04 17:56:14
738.   vockins
719 I guess if there's one thing to positive about this is that this garbage isn't happening to the sound of Thunderstix. I'll take one stupid drummer over 50,000 stupid drummers any day of the week.
2007-10-04 17:56:19
739.   yankster
There's a lot of game left, and CC is gone. Let's not lose our minds quite yet. four runs is a lot, but we've had a lot of men on base so far against an amazing pitcher. Also, their pen is going to work tonight - long and hard, which is great for tomorrow.
2007-10-04 17:56:20
740.   Bluebleeder87
look at old Dodger friend Kenny Lofton having a good day.
2007-10-04 17:56:23
741.   Bookworm
705 800 Math 500 Verbal
2007-10-04 17:56:25
742.   thelarmis
724 hey now, watch it! ; ) j/k

how do you know when the stage is even?

(btw, i did okay on the SAT's. score in the 4-digits!)

2007-10-04 17:56:35
743.   RIYank
728 There ya go. I'm looking forward to it.
2007-10-04 17:56:45
744.   JeremyM
Partying like it's the mid-90s? When they won, oh, nothing?
2007-10-04 17:56:47
745.   tommyl
So far this game is Kenny Lofton showing Joe Torre what 2004 could have been.
2007-10-04 17:57:02
746.   yankz
Let's not freak out. We knew a couple things:

1) Wang sucks on the road. They probably should have saved him for game 3.
2) Sabathia, a strike-throwing lefty-killer, is exactly the kind of pitcher who can shut the Yanks down. At least they've made him work a lot.
3) They'd pitch around Arod, and it'd be up to the others to pick him up.
4) Matsui would probably suck, and he's left 5 guys on so far.

Remember that they were the heavy, heavy underdogs in this one, and that it's still not over.

Also remember that Game 1 doesn't mean much.

2007-10-04 17:57:05
747.   Max
Wang had nothing, and he should have been lifted after the homer. A three run deficit is manageable, four runs much tougher. That said, this game isn't over as long as our BP doesn't implode.
2007-10-04 17:57:17
748.   Mattpat11
Good job there Ross. Don't worry about Lofton. Five runs shmive runs
2007-10-04 17:57:29
749.   thelarmis
741 nice! i do love numbers : )
2007-10-04 17:57:43
750.   rsmith51
Seeing Lofton just reminds me of another Torre error in 2004.
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2007-10-04 17:57:50
751.   yankz
730 Even Grady Little?
2007-10-04 17:58:18
752.   thelarmis
wow, how times have changed. an untested rook as the 1st arm out of the pen in Game 1 of the postseason. get him out, kid...
2007-10-04 17:58:19
753.   RIYank
735 Exactly. I enjoy being hated.
2007-10-04 17:58:42
754.   yankz
And as I always say,


2007-10-04 17:58:47
755.   bhsportsguy
735 We're hated but only in San Francisco and San Diego.
2007-10-04 17:58:56
756.   weeping for brunnhilde
This is hard to take.
2007-10-04 17:59:09
757.   RIYank
Now I can believe that Ross is feeling pressure.
2007-10-04 17:59:17
758.   underdog
Yep, even Grady would've pulled him.

Ah, they'll come back strong tomorrow I bet.

2007-10-04 17:59:28
759.   tommyl
756 Fortunately we have about 4 hours of it left.
2007-10-04 17:59:38
760.   rsmith51
You know what helps, Ross?


2007-10-04 17:59:42
761.   OldYanksFan
Wow.... how nervous must Dorf be? Torre saving Viz and Joba for tomorrow with a lead.
2007-10-04 17:59:47
762.   Bluebleeder87
It's a five game series you guys have plenty of time to win it....
2007-10-04 18:00:04
763.   RIYank
755 Hey, I'll hate you if you want.

Goddam Dodgers.

Uh oh. Oh no, Ross. Hoooo boy.

2007-10-04 18:00:04
764.   yankz

God, at this point, I'd rather listen to McCarver.

2007-10-04 18:00:13
765.   trainwreck
Yeah, we have no national hate, because we have not been a big threat.
2007-10-04 18:00:16
766.   Zack
Time to change the channel
2007-10-04 18:00:16
767.   tommyl
Ok, now this game is over.
2007-10-04 18:00:17
768.   JCP22
Buh bye game 1.
2007-10-04 18:00:19
769.   Magoo1000
Yankee Fan in Boston...just left Dr. Z 6 rum & cokes deep at papa razi...not sure he even knows the yanks are playing
2007-10-04 18:00:26
770.   williamnyy23
Cleveland rocks? Are you serious?
2007-10-04 18:00:30
771.   rsmith51
760 One pitch too late.
2007-10-04 18:00:31
772.   trainwreck
I bet Chip Caray is dancing a little.
2007-10-04 18:00:36
773.   Bluebleeder87
wow, this game is just a disaster for you guys...
2007-10-04 18:00:43
774.   Bookworm
"Cleveland rocks!" Yeah, that's award-winning commentary there. B-P
2007-10-04 18:00:52
775.   yankz
Also, Tony Gwynn has the most annoying voice I have ever heard.
2007-10-04 18:00:58
776.   Mike T
Fuck this, our guys are getting their asses handed to them.
2007-10-04 18:01:04
777.   NC Highlander
We win 10-9. You heard it here first.
2007-10-04 18:01:22
778.   yankz
Oh my god, I have to mute this piece of shit game.
2007-10-04 18:01:22
779.   vockins
749 How many guitarists does it take to change a lightbulb?

Three. One to change it, one to whine about how he has some NOS 1973 GE SoftWhites that would be much better in the room, and another to rewire the house so half the fuses blow every thirty minutes.

2007-10-04 18:01:43
780.   williamnyy23
Very nice of Joe to hand the game's one more bright side...if the series keeps to form, Torre's days of managing are coming to an end.
2007-10-04 18:01:46
781.   Mattpat11
This is embarassing
2007-10-04 18:02:02
782.   thelarmis
well, i guess i'm wearing my Joba Rules shirt for nothing. i'll keep it clean, hopefully need it for tomorrow... : ~
2007-10-04 18:02:25
783.   rsmith51
777 Please, it is going to be 14-12 Yanks on top...
2007-10-04 18:02:26
784.   Zack
Are they seriously arguing that if Jeter had bunted, all would have been different?
2007-10-04 18:02:26
785.   yankz
773 Thanks for the reminder.
2007-10-04 18:02:32
786.   bhsportsguy
765 The Lakers are pretty much hated when they are doing well. I tend not to notice because I am enjoying the ride.

I wonder if anyone hates USC as much as we do.

2007-10-04 18:02:33
787.   SF Yanks
764 I'll take McCarver ANY day over these scrubs.
2007-10-04 18:02:34
788.   vockins
There's always Borowski.
2007-10-04 18:03:38
789.   Bluebleeder87
Hey trainwreck who do you think will win in this best of 5? how about you El Lay Dave & BHSportsguy I think the Yanks have to many bullets for Cleveland but to be honest I don't really fallow AL ball...
2007-10-04 18:03:42
790.   Mike T
Ownership must be thrilled they're getting their $200 million worth.
2007-10-04 18:04:24
791.   Raf
726 You mean 1948?
2007-10-04 18:04:25
792.   trainwreck
Lakers will always be hated even when they are bad.

I do not think people do, but I wish they would USC as much as we do.

2007-10-04 18:04:26
793.   claybeez
774 Yeah, caught that. I actually wrote TBS. This coverage is as poor as Wang's outing.
2007-10-04 18:04:31
794.   Mattpat11
Well, tomorrow's another day.
2007-10-04 18:04:34
795.   Robert the Robot
777 Thank you.
2007-10-04 18:04:34
796.   tommyl
775 He does, but he is also the most unbiased guy there. He just gets excited when he sees good hitting. Besides its Tony Gwynn, how can you hate him?
2007-10-04 18:04:37
797.   yankz

I very, very rarely wish death upon anybody, but if he were to break both his legs or something, I wouldn't exactly send him a get well soon card.

2007-10-04 18:04:40
798.   Emma Span
784 Yes. Unbelievable. Why on earth would you bunt one of your best hitters there, against a pitcher he's had a ton of success off of in the past? Gah.
2007-10-04 18:04:43
799.   El Lay Dave
788 But you'll have to cut the lead first to see him.
2007-10-04 18:04:54
800.   trainwreck
*they would hate USC...
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2007-10-04 18:05:05
801.   ny2ca2dc
My Red Sox-fan wife is embarrassed at how Indians-fanboy the announcers are. not that I'd care if our ace hadn't just gotten shelled. fuck the hell!
2007-10-04 18:05:05
802.   RIYank
Oh, great, now we're being patronized by Dodger Thoughts!
2007-10-04 18:05:11
803.   Alex Belth
As I said earlier, brutal, Juice, brutal.
2007-10-04 18:05:23
804.   underdog
You guys are making me glad I'm following most of this on Gameday.

I actually like Tim McCarver, even if he sometimes completely pulls stuff out of his... mccarver.

2007-10-04 18:05:32
805.   seamus
I'm not giving up on this game yet.
2007-10-04 18:05:36
806.   Bluebleeder87

Smell the Roses boys, better days are coming.

2007-10-04 18:05:48
807.   Raf
774 Could be a fan of the Drew Carey Show
2007-10-04 18:05:56
808.   Zack
ok, 2 runs this inning, lets go!
2007-10-04 18:06:07
809.   yankz
796 I don't hate him, I like him. I just wish he whispered in someone's - anyone's- ear and they repeated his comments.
2007-10-04 18:06:34
810.   williamnyy23
805 I wish Torre felt the same way. I still can't understand how you bring in Ohlendorf in that spot.
2007-10-04 18:06:37
811.   Bookworm
787 -- Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the Fox broadcast team, but I'm with you.
2007-10-04 18:07:08
812.   williamnyy23's the bullpen...I don't think many of you guys are going to be happy about what you see.
2007-10-04 18:07:38
813.   yankz
802 Hey, I'd rather get destroyed in October than not play at all.
2007-10-04 18:07:54
814.   williamnyy23
Does Arod get more heat if he hits a "meaningless" HR?
2007-10-04 18:08:06
815.   El Lay Dave
807 I was thinking there was a Chip Caray / Drew Carey joke in there somewhere.
2007-10-04 18:08:27
816.   Zack
When did 5 innings become a long start?
2007-10-04 18:08:33
817.   thelarmis
813 word, yankz.
2007-10-04 18:08:57
818.   Zack
Their SS got to that ball
2007-10-04 18:08:59
819.   yankz

This team once scored 6 runs with 2 outs and the bases empty in the bottom of the 9th against this exact same bullpen. Absolutely no reason they can't do it again.

2007-10-04 18:09:51
820.   williamnyy23
813 Since 1988, the Yankees have lost more post season series in which they held a 3-0 lead than the Dodgers have won post season games.

Think about that one.

2007-10-04 18:10:51
821.   Mattpat11
I wrote to TBS. And I usually don't. I draw the line at openly cheering for a team.
2007-10-04 18:11:16
822.   RIYank
Whoa, dudes, no need to beat up on the Angelinos! They are our guests.
2007-10-04 18:11:16
823.   underdog
813 Agreed. Totally.

(Although for the Dodgers it's been one of those options and no other for 20 years.)

2007-10-04 18:11:22
824.   Bluebleeder87
I wanna see Joba Chamberlin (sp) pitch...
2007-10-04 18:11:51
825.   underdog
2007-10-04 18:12:26
826.   underdog
Yeah, we'll beat up on ourselves quite readily, mind!
2007-10-04 18:12:30
827.   Zack
Cabrera, Posada, and Matsui have looked awful tonight
2007-10-04 18:12:31
828.   thelarmis
melky looks awful. giambi should've been in the lineup...somewhere.
2007-10-04 18:12:35
829.   williamnyy23
Wow...Melky is an automatic out now.
2007-10-04 18:12:38
830.   SF Yanks
What really sucks is, now tomorrow is a MUST win. If we don't win tomorrow..... I'd rather not think about it.
2007-10-04 18:13:02
831.   Zack
Man does these announcers love this guy I;ve never heard of on the mound
2007-10-04 18:13:16
832.   El Lay Dave
820 Fortunately for you, you've only had one owner in that time. We had to endure ownership by Fox, who thought trading Mike Piazza was a good idea and considered Kevin "The New Sheriff" Malone GM material.
2007-10-04 18:13:51
833.   trainwreck
Do not worry, we probably agree with most insults aimed at our team.
2007-10-04 18:14:10
834.   thelarmis
821 thank you, matt!

824 me too! hopefully tomorrow evening...

2007-10-04 18:14:32
835.   claybeez
833 Way to handle it!
2007-10-04 18:14:36
836.   El Lay Dave
822 We know how to take a beating. Our manager is Grady Little.
2007-10-04 18:14:41
837.   yankz
821 Can someone post the email address again?

Also, anyone want to help me with a list of idiotic statements? So far I've got "Cleveland rocks!" and "That (Arod's throw to 2nd) was the only ball that sunk tonight!"

2007-10-04 18:15:04
838.   D4P
Fortunately for you, you've only had one owner in that time

It doesn't get talked about much, but the main thing the Yankees seem to have going for them is a big payroll.

2007-10-04 18:15:09
839.   williamnyy23
831 With good reason...he is excellent...just wait until we see Rafael Betancourt and Jensen Lewis.
2007-10-04 18:15:14
840.   thelarmis
831 mr. gammons' favorite (non shit sox) player of the last 2 years...
2007-10-04 18:15:16
841.   A Dodger expatriate in Pennsylvania
823 19 years!
2007-10-04 18:15:24
842.   RIYank
824 Chamberlain.
You'll have to come back tomorrow, I'm afraid.
2007-10-04 18:15:51
843.   underdog
Okay, Dave, you can stop now. ;-)

So are ALL these divisional games on TBS? Sheez.

2007-10-04 18:16:06
844.   Zack
Oh god, now its the assclown in the studio time
2007-10-04 18:16:23
845.   williamnyy23
837 All they need to do is compare the decibel levels when the Indians and Yankees are batting.
2007-10-04 18:16:38
846.   yankz
Dodgers guests, we are just messing around. We are a bit testy when reminded that our ace got destroyed. :(
2007-10-04 18:16:39
847.   RIYank
836 But we love Grady Little.
2007-10-04 18:16:55
848.   Mattpat11
I don't understand. Aren't bullpen's supposed to walk everyone? That's what the Yankees have trained me to expect
2007-10-04 18:17:17
849.   trainwreck
All this apologizing is ruining your guys reputation.
2007-10-04 18:17:45
850.   Max
830 I actually thought this would be a very winnable game...Carmona scares me more than CC does. We could be looking at a sweep if Andy isn't bringing it for Game 2.
Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2007-10-04 18:17:52
851.   yankz
Reason number #83294839843: Buck and McCarver will be a welcome change.
2007-10-04 18:17:54
852.   Mattpat11
2007-10-04 18:18:01
853.   Zack
This is some real in depth analysis we're getting here
2007-10-04 18:18:04
854.   Alex Belth
Anyone else actually happy they used Perez here? Make him maybe less effective if they need him tomorrow.
2007-10-04 18:18:08
855.   thelarmis
841 what part of Pa?
2007-10-04 18:18:14
856.   RIYank
849 Shut up, loser.
2007-10-04 18:18:19
857.   SF Yanks
I'd rather watch the Sox commentators do this game, or ESPN, or... anyone for that matter. This is absurd.
2007-10-04 18:18:19
858.   A Dodger expatriate in Pennsylvania
846 Don't worry. As long as Red Sox fans are insufferable, a Dodgers fan (mildly) rooting for the Yankees is no longer out of the question.
2007-10-04 18:18:29
859.   randym77
Poor Ohlendorf. The kid has hardly played at all on the big league level, and Torre throws him in tonight, in that situation.
2007-10-04 18:18:40
860.   williamnyy23
854 I am not happy about anything in today's game.
2007-10-04 18:18:41
861.   yankz
831 I meant reason number X why I want the Yanks to make it to the ALCS.
2007-10-04 18:19:03
862.   nyy jim
4 lousy hits ain't getting the job done. If the pitching is going to abandon us the bats better wake up.
2007-10-04 18:19:16
863.   Zack
Oh, wait, there's another one: "A coming out party if there ever was one for this Cleveland team. I don't think anyone thought they could out slug the Yankees in this series, but they have"

Apparanetly, the series is already over.

2007-10-04 18:19:22
864.   RIYank
854 Yes. And although nobody got on, they did make him throw quite a few pitches. So maybe tomorrow we see Borowski?
2007-10-04 18:19:48
865.   underdog
Sigh, I like Grady Little, too, even if he's foolish with his pitching and his lineups -- but he's our fool! And he's better than Charlie Manuel.

If the Yanks take game two, then it's obviously anyone's series, still, and they go back home. Should be a good game. I'll watch it with the mute on.

2007-10-04 18:19:52
866.   yankz
Can someone please help with 837 ? Thanks.
2007-10-04 18:20:07
867.   A Dodger expatriate in Pennsylvania
855 Lancaster
2007-10-04 18:20:36
868.   RIYank
858 "As long as Red Sox fans are insufferable..."
Is that your way of saying, "Until the end of time"?
2007-10-04 18:20:53
869.   williamnyy23
2007-10-04 18:21:06
870.   Mattpat11
2007-10-04 18:21:09
871.   El Lay Dave
I believe that is the first 1/2 inning in this game without a baserunner.
2007-10-04 18:21:29
872.   thelarmis
867 is the Chameleon club still in York?

i'm a Penn State alum...

2007-10-04 18:21:30
873.   yankz
Thank you guys.
2007-10-04 18:21:41
874.   RIYank
865 I meant, we love him because he left Pedro in too long. :)

867 Whoa, an Amish Dodger fan.

2007-10-04 18:21:43
875.   Bluebleeder87
Tony Gwynn looks like Humpty Dumpy these days... good guy though...
2007-10-04 18:22:15
876.   Bluebleeder87
Woah, Hefner has SICK POP! WOWZERS!
2007-10-04 18:22:16
877.   trainwreck
The best thing about Grady Little is that he is not Dusty Baker.
2007-10-04 18:22:24
878.   thelarmis
quick, show that blonde again! ; )
2007-10-04 18:22:26
879.   underdog
866 or
2007-10-04 18:22:30
880.   Zack
Love that shot of the fat camera man running next to hafner..

This game is horrifying

2007-10-04 18:22:39
881.   mehmattski
Welp, time to clean the bathroom...
2007-10-04 18:22:40
882.   RIYank
Get your last good look at Ross Ohlendorf.
2007-10-04 18:22:50
883.   A Dodger expatriate in Pennsylvania
872 Chameleon is in Lancaster. Nothing is in York.
2007-10-04 18:22:53
884.   williamnyy23
What's Joe's goal here? To have the Yankees completely destroyed, or give Cleveland a false sense of security?
2007-10-04 18:23:05
885.   El Lay Dave
868 Isn't that part of an old song?

I'll be yours as long as Red Sox fans are insufferable...
Until the twelfth of never...

2007-10-04 18:23:14
886.   underdog
Crap, my server is slow. ;-)

I see someone's already started a "these guys are a joke!" thread on the TBS baseball forum.

2007-10-04 18:23:17
887.   Mike T
I turned it off. No reason to keep watching this pathetic excuse for a postseason performance.
2007-10-04 18:23:19
888.   Mattpat11
I think I know why Ohlendorf had a 5+ ERA in Scranton.
2007-10-04 18:23:46
889.   RIYank
I'm staying.
I am strangely fascinated.
2007-10-04 18:23:54
890.   williamnyy23
882 I wonder what Chris Britton is thinking? Any chance Ohlendorf can come down with an injury?
2007-10-04 18:23:54
891.   A Dodger expatriate in Pennsylvania
867 not everybody in Lancaster is Amish, dude.
2007-10-04 18:24:06
892.   D4P
I bet the Yanks really miss Scott Proctor.
2007-10-04 18:24:06
893.   yankz
fireworks? Are you fucking kidding me?

Did someone die? Or do Cleveland people enjoy the sound of sirens?

2007-10-04 18:24:20
894.   Mattpat11
884 Wang lost this game. No need to waste people on it.
2007-10-04 18:24:43
895.   williamnyy23
889 At least there is still Arod ABs to look forward to, although I am not sure if it's in his best interest to do anything.
2007-10-04 18:24:47
896.   BklynBmr
Sterling: "Lined to right, it's gonna be in the gap... it's gone!"
2007-10-04 18:24:48
897.   thelarmis
883 ah, that's right, it's been awhile...

ollie needs to eat up some outs here. we'll be seeing veras before too long...

2007-10-04 18:24:54
898.   yankz
879 Thank you.
2007-10-04 18:25:04
899.   Zack
Clearly Torre's plan is to 1) destroy Ohlie's confidence so that he doesn't have to pitch him again and 2) wake the yankees offense the hell up since they have basically slept through the last 4 playoff series...
2007-10-04 18:25:23
900.   claybeez
Looks like we could have used a belly full of guts tonight.
Show/Hide Comments 901-950
2007-10-04 18:25:28
901.   A Dodger expatriate in Pennsylvania
885 I'm about to take it all back. Red Sox fans don't call me Amish.
2007-10-04 18:25:49
902.   thelarmis
good night, cleveland. there will be no encore.

well, let's get it on...and get it over with.

end this debacle...

2007-10-04 18:25:51
903.   williamnyy23
894 At 7-3, the game wasn't over. It is now, but I'd have liked to actually still try to win the game at that point.
2007-10-04 18:25:52
904.   RIYank
891 I'm crushed. My world is shattered.
2007-10-04 18:26:11
905.   seamus
leaving Ohlendorg in there to suffer cements the outcome most likely. Too bad.
2007-10-04 18:26:14
906.   MC Safety
The pride of Long Beach Poly!
2007-10-04 18:26:56
907.   Max
892 Bad trade. How much is Betemit helping us now?
2007-10-04 18:27:23
908.   RIYank
901 Uh oh.
Penn Dutch?
You do have one of those hex things on your barn, though, right?
2007-10-04 18:27:24
909.   Zack
I guess Lofton's season long crapatude has been forgiven
2007-10-04 18:28:05
910.   williamnyy23 more Arod AB and then I can't take Caray any more.
2007-10-04 18:28:18
911.   tommyl
See Joe, Kenny could have been doing this for us against the Red Sox in 2004!
2007-10-04 18:28:27
912.   williamnyy23 more Arod AB and then I can't take Caray any more.
2007-10-04 18:28:28
913.   RIYank
Oh, yeah, Proctor would help a lot in this situation. Damn.
2007-10-04 18:28:32
914.   trainwreck
Couldn't have done this last year for us, Kenny?
2007-10-04 18:28:39
915.   MC Safety
Chip Caray's yelling is really embarrasing.
2007-10-04 18:28:42
916.   thelarmis
lofton is killing us. i bet sheffield is smiling even after his shoulder surgery...
2007-10-04 18:29:04
917.   williamnyy23
I have this funny feeling that this game turned on Joe's green light.
2007-10-04 18:29:09
918.   nyy jim
What is it with Lofton. Did we do something to piss him off. He has pretty much kicked out ass all by himself tonight.
2007-10-04 18:29:16
919.   Simone
903 The game was over at 7-3. There was no way the Yankees were going to pound out 5 more runs against Cleveland. This game is typical of the bad Yankee team that appeared early in the season.
2007-10-04 18:29:22
920.   claybeez
Wow! Embarrassing. Straight up ass-kicked. Pathetic... OK. Got that out. Now, maybe I can be cheerful win the wife gets home on our anniversary night.
2007-10-04 18:29:32
921.   Zack
Well, time for me to make some dinner. Wish I hadn't spent all day looking forward to this piss poor excuse for a game and coverage...
2007-10-04 18:29:44
922.   3rd gen yankee fan
wow this sucks!
2007-10-04 18:30:04
923.   Max
Dorf will get thrown to the dogs, but really, this is all on Wang. Absolutely pathetic performance.
2007-10-04 18:30:26
924.   RIYank
708 SF Yanks, if you're still around, you are starting to look like a prophet.
2007-10-04 18:30:30
925.   A Dodger expatriate in Pennsylvania
895 Anything A-Rod does when the Yanks are behind doesn't count. Let Jeter do it.
2007-10-04 18:30:42
926.   williamnyy23
919 Are you aware of who closes for Cleveland?
2007-10-04 18:30:51
927.   MC Safety
906- was referring to tony gwynn and post 875.
2007-10-04 18:30:53
928.   ny2ca2dc
I'm looking for a tall bridge...
2007-10-04 18:31:05
929.   thelarmis
918 yeah, he along with sheff, pretty much accused torre of being a racist...
2007-10-04 18:31:40
930.   RIYank
919 Exactly, Simone.
920 Happy Anniversary!
2007-10-04 18:32:53
931.   williamnyy23
Ohlendorf and Veras in game 1...WOW.
2007-10-04 18:33:38
932.   Mattpat11
923 Wang killed the team. Ohlendorf buried it
2007-10-04 18:34:10
933.   thelarmis
them: 11 runs, 13 hits, 5 walks, 2 hbp.

us: 3 runs, 4 hits, 6 walks. and our asses in our hands.

2007-10-04 18:34:11
934.   randym77
Ohlendorf took one for the team tonight. I really don't like putting him in there, and leaving him in like that. He's a rookie who's hardly played at all, and you throw him out there in the first game of the postseason? With runners already on? And leave him in there when he gets hit around?

I'd rather have seen Igawa there. At least he won't be traumatized if he's smacked around.

2007-10-04 18:34:28
935.   RIYank
Jose Veras now has an incredible post-season ERA+.
2007-10-04 18:34:46
936.   yankz
I just sent TBS the most badass email.
2007-10-04 18:34:49
937.   Bluebleeder87
Are you guys aware if Ca$hman will re-sign A-Rod?
2007-10-04 18:35:36
938.   williamnyy23
934 Makes you really wonder why he is on the's not like you'd ever use him in a close game. Why use a rookie to take one for the team. That's kind of cruel.
2007-10-04 18:35:36
939.   Bluebleeder87
Wangs sinker wasn't sinking today, would would imagine.
2007-10-04 18:35:46
940.   RIYank
Guys, Ross Ohlendorf won't be affected long-term. He's too smart. It's bothering him right now, and he felt the pressure, but he'll think it off and it won't matter.
2007-10-04 18:36:10
941.   Mattpat11
934 I'd rather waste the scrubs than use someone valuable.
2007-10-04 18:36:27
942.   williamnyy23
I really hope Arod gets up this inning so I don't have to watch another.
2007-10-04 18:36:46
943.   Raf
918 Yeah, 2004
2007-10-04 18:36:48
944.   yankz
937 He'll do everything he can to extend him.
2007-10-04 18:37:08
945.   RIYank
937 If he's signable, Cashmoney will sign him, yes. No doubt.
939 No, it really wasn't. And it usually/often improves through the course of the game -- today it got worse.
2007-10-04 18:37:28
946.   Mattpat11
938 I think the hope was he wouldn't be atrocious.
2007-10-04 18:37:35
947.   El Lay Dave
934 Are you agreeing or disagreeing with him?
2007-10-04 18:38:39
948.   El Lay Dave
947 is supposed to ref. 941
2007-10-04 18:38:48
949.   thelarmis
936 care to share? or is it too long?!
2007-10-04 18:39:08
950.   williamnyy23
946 Based on? Last week, I kind of joked that I hoped Torre wasn't really going to let a few games at the end of the season determine the post season roster. It sure looks like that's exactly what he did.
Show/Hide Comments 951-1000
2007-10-04 18:39:23
951.   Simone
934 Yeah, it wasn't fun to see what Ohlendorf had to endure, but someone had to take one for the team. Unfortunately, it was him.
2007-10-04 18:39:42
952.   RIYank
Wow, Perez still out there.
He's burned for tomorrow, then, huh?
2007-10-04 18:40:22
953.   thelarmis
just one of those nights. i'm sure the call would've been somber if abreu made that catch. sigh. (i made the mistake of unmuting for jeter's at-bat, since he's my fave player...)
2007-10-04 18:40:24
954.   SF Yanks
924 Ehhh, I'm in and out. Hopefully the 2nd part of what I said comes true as well, and it wakes them up.
2007-10-04 18:40:33
955.   joejoejoe
The Indians RF is playing a nice game tonight.
2007-10-04 18:40:37
956.   williamnyy23
952 The scary things is Lewis and Betancourt might be better anyway.
2007-10-04 18:40:50
957.   tommyl
If A-Rod doesn't somehow hit an 8 run HR in his next AB, he's a choker. Even a 7 run HR is pathetic.
2007-10-04 18:40:56
958.   Simone
926 Are you aware that no matter how the players perform you blame Joe?
2007-10-04 18:41:35
959.   thelarmis
952 that's what i was thinkin'. 30 pitches for him, so it's probably either way.

hopefully we'll slug often and early tomorrow and it'll be a moot point...

2007-10-04 18:42:01
960.   yankz

Dear TBS,

I was very excited to hear that TBS would be covering the first round of the MLB playoffs. Not that I ever listen to you people, but I didn't think anything could be worse than the clowns at FOX and ESPN.

I was wrong. This is without a doubt the worst and least professional commentary I have ever seen in a baseball game. (This side of Hawk Harrelson, at least.) And it's not just me, and it's not just Yankee fans.

Here are some quotes from your own forum:

---"I just put my TV on mute and wouldn't you know the game sounds better. LOL.. I feel bad for Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken. They are truly good baseball players. Let's leave it at that. "

Referring to Chip Caray:

---"Where did they find this guy? The announcers for the entire playoffs are awful. Stick to basketball TBS! And someone please dress Craig Sager because he sure as heck cannot dress himself. At least put a mirror in the guy's dressing room or get him a pair of glasses so he can see himself and how riddiculous he looks.

I am now watching the game on MUTE. Thanks TBS! "

---" Could he be any more biased? Guy needs kneepads to cushion his Indian-Love.

What a loser.

P.S. Fix your audio, morons. "

Two of my personal favorite quotes from your A+ broadcast team:

"CLEVELAND ROCKS!!!" -exclaimed after a big Cleveland inning.

After Alex Rodriguez threw a ball low to second base: "That was the only ball that sunk all night! Wang's didn't!" (They openly mocked a pitcher. Classy all around, aren't you guys?)

"Yeah, they may be the Bronx Bombers, but how about them Cleveland Crushers!" (Excellent nickname, Chippy. Perhaps you should submit it to Cleveland.)

I won't even get into Brenly openly criticizing the Yankees organization.

If you tell your "experts" to let their jealousy and hatred for the Yankees shine, admit it. But this pretense of being objective is a joke and an insult to baseball fans who want to listen to a well-called game.

Do the baseball world a favor. Give baseball to another station- any station. For the good of the sport (and our sanity). UPN or Nick at Nite could do a better job.

2007-10-04 18:42:28
961.   El Lay Dave
945 I can't imagine Cashman not coming up with an extension that will satisfy Boras, that is, blow away what he expects to get on the open market; maybe something like 5 yrs/$165 million.
2007-10-04 18:42:34
962.   yankz
Damn, sorry that was so long.

In other news, I knew I should have watched The Office today.

2007-10-04 18:42:35
963.   williamnyy23
Here's the good thing about the post only have to win three games, regardless of the order. In the regular season, there's always the fear that one game will wind up costing you in the end.
2007-10-04 18:43:30
964.   trainwreck
TBS will send you some packet in the mail about Frank TV.
2007-10-04 18:44:03
965.   Max
960 The highlight of a sad evening. Thanks for writing that.
2007-10-04 18:44:12
966.   Bluebleeder87

You guys are probably gonna out bid us, Flanders (Ned Colletti) needs to grow a pair this winter & sign him IMHO. If every thing pans out RIGHT with him the rewards are FAR TO GREAT to ignore how much he'll bring to the table in a Dodger Uni.

2007-10-04 18:44:16
967.   yankz
964 Damn, really? I was hoping some intern who hates his job and I could share a laugh.

OTOH, Frank TV is the best impersonator I've ever seen.

2007-10-04 18:44:44
968.   yankz
965 Writing it was the highlight of my evening. Thanks :)
2007-10-04 18:44:51
969.   RIYank
961 Right. Actually, that sounds like a good price -- $30/year, plus he'd hand over the money Texas pays us as a bonus.

The question will be whether Alex wants to keep playing in New York.

2007-10-04 18:44:58
970.   randym77
940 I hope you're right. But it does seem kind of mean to do that to the kid.

When I first saw the roster, I was surprised and pleased. Younger than I expected. But then I thought it was maybe too young. I know, that sounds ridiculous for the Yankees, but the pen is really a bunch of kids. I thought either Villone or Igawa would be on the roster, to go long and/or take one for the team if necessary. It's less necessary in the post-season, but I'd still rather have seen one of them in there instead of Ohlendorf. As it was, there really wasn't anyone else.

2007-10-04 18:45:01
971.   SF Yanks
OK, part of me wants to get excited about tomorrow's game... but the other part of me is saying, "That's what you did all week and look how that ended up."

Ugh, I'm a mixed bag of emotions. If they can't win tomorrow, this planet has just added one more depressed person to it's overwhelming depressed list.

Hey! Hughes is pitching! There's at least something I can get excited about.

2007-10-04 18:45:11
972.   tommyl
Hughes? Now? Joe, stop smoking crack.
2007-10-04 18:45:27
973.   thelarmis
960 nice job, yankz! wanna pitch the 9th? ; )

hopefully hughes will have it easy and pitch well. that's a nice start. (then again, so was johnny at the beginning of the ball game...)

2007-10-04 18:45:38
974.   yankz
Why is Hughes in?
2007-10-04 18:46:01
975.   yankz
973 Thanks man. Hey, I've got a jersey on...
2007-10-04 18:46:30
976.   yankz
Imagine if this was actually a game. With the LAD fans, we would've topped 2000 comments.
2007-10-04 18:46:40
977.   bobtaco
972 Beat me to it. Is 'Dorf higher on the depth chart than Hughes?

I don't get Torre.

IF they bring him back I hope it is with the understanding someone else makes all the pen decisions.

2007-10-04 18:46:43
978.   RIYank
974 He... needs... the... work.
2007-10-04 18:46:58
979.   Vandelay Industries
Late to the party! Not a fun one to watch.
2007-10-04 18:47:49
980.   Mattpat11
I don't entirely understand the people talking about what "Ohlendorf had to endure" as if its any doing but his own.
2007-10-04 18:47:51
981.   yankz
It's practice. If he sucks coming in relief, it doesn't matter, the game's already over. But he needs to be ready to do this for the rest of the month.
2007-10-04 18:48:00
982.   Bluebleeder87
If he's signable, Cashmoney will sign him, yes. No doubt.

the Dodger philosophy (one hopes) is to breed 'em & keep 'em, although one does get a little jealous knowing you guys can just throw money around like theres no tomorrow.

2007-10-04 18:48:10
983.   Simone
Why is Hughes in this game? Joe doesn't realize that Hughes should be a long man in the next crucial game? Knucklehead.
2007-10-04 18:48:32
984.   Vandelay Industries
977 Pen decisions? How about starting a slumping hurt Matsui, another lefty against Sabathia? How about not bunting in the fifth? How agout bringing in Ohlendorf, a guy with six appearances all but conceding the game when we were only down by three?
2007-10-04 18:48:48
985.   thelarmis
981 i hope it's the "rest of the month" and not the..."rest of the weekend"... : ~
2007-10-04 18:49:15
986.   yankz
I hate when people say things like, "It couldn't have been scripted any better for Cleveland tonight." WTF? I think I could craft a script where Sabathia throws a 60 pitch perfect game. That would be better for Cleveland, asshole.
2007-10-04 18:49:30
987.   Simone
980 Good point.
2007-10-04 18:49:45
988.   RIYank
983 Either he's going to pitch the last three innings -- well, no, he won't pitch the ninth I guess, nobody will. Or else the idea is he pitches an inning today, and then he goes long if needed on Sat or Sun.
How's that for a theory?
2007-10-04 18:49:48
989.   SF Yanks
960 Nice one! I sent in a long one of my own. Yours is more mature and with better presentation. I just let em have it.
2007-10-04 18:49:57
990.   Vandelay Industries
At least we al now know the difference between Beckett, Webb, Sabathia, and everyone that we have.
2007-10-04 18:50:00
991.   tommyl
I don't understand this. Hughes is the long man, potential Game 3/4 starter depending on Clemens and Moose. Even if they start that game you want Hughes up and ready to pitch like a starter if they falter. So you wait till you are down 8 runs to bring him in? To burn him? Why? because he's under "long man" on the depth chart?

I can't wait till Game 3 when Rocket starts to tire in the 4th and we have to go batter to batter instead of just being able to have Hughes pitch 4 innings because of this.

2007-10-04 18:50:36
992.   El Lay Dave
982 The Dodgers could too, or close to it. 3.8+ million tickets sold. And $40 million wasted on Nomar, Pierre, Tomko, Hendrickson, and Schmidt.
2007-10-04 18:50:56
993.   randym77
Hughes??? I really don't get it.
2007-10-04 18:51:23
994.   yankz
989 Thanks. I tried to be as insulting as possible while pro enough to be taken seriously. Wanna share yours?

Phil owns Cleveland.

2007-10-04 18:51:23
995.   RIYank
982 That ('breed em and keep em') should be everyone's philosophy. Hughes, Chamberlain, Cano, Cabrera, maybe Ian Kennedy -- we're hoping this will be the new core.
2007-10-04 18:51:34
996.   thelarmis
wow, an easy 1-2-3 inning. nice work, kid! hopefully, there'll be a game 4. if moose gets in any kinda trouble, Huge will be rip roarin' ready ta go...

i just hope TBS reads the emails and realizes how terrible of a job they are their announcers are doing. pathetic.

2007-10-04 18:51:47
997.   trainwreck
It is probably better to take the money out of our GM's hands.
2007-10-04 18:52:01
998.   SF Yanks
I trust Hughes starting a game more than any single Yankee pitcher and that includes Wang, Pettitte, and Clemens.
2007-10-04 18:52:03
999.   joejoejoe
984 I don't mind Jeter hitting in the 5th. Sabathia was wild and Jeter had great numbers (12-24?) against him. Jeter had a good AB, a few good rips and struck out. It happens.
2007-10-04 18:52:05
1000.   tommyl
990 BS, Wang had a bad game. It happens, its magnified because its the postseason. I seem to recall people like Roger Clemens and David Cone pitching like crap in the postseason.
Show/Hide Comments 1001-1050
2007-10-04 18:52:06
1001.   Alex Belth
I think they'll use Moose if Rocket falters and Hughes on Monday, or Joe might already be thinking Chien on Mondaya...
2007-10-04 18:52:10
1002.   Mattpat11
990 Sabathias performance reminded me of several games Hughes had.
2007-10-04 18:52:38
1003.   Vandelay Industries
993 Dude! Come on, if there is any other way that Joe could have screwed this game up, please let me know. I know the offense floundered, but to concede the game only down three is right up there with the worst moves Ive seen all season.
2007-10-04 18:53:07
1004.   El Lay Dave
990 Even Lackey's start keeps you in this game.
2007-10-04 18:55:17
1005.   Mattpat11
I'm not sure who Torre was going to bring in in the fifth
2007-10-04 18:55:28
1006.   thelarmis
1000 i can't ever forget Andy's debacle vs. the Snakes in game 6 at the BOB. what was the final 15-2? ugh. it's been haunting me all night. esp. w/ bob brenly in the freaking booth. Andy best be on his horse tomorrow.

that's what? 2 pop ups for Alex tonight? god, i hope that doesn't get overblown in the press...

2007-10-04 18:55:35
1007.   RIYank
Yeah, I think C-M again on Monday, with Hughes. It makes good sense -- you don't need any other pitchers that day, so even if Joba and Mo have thrown a lot of pitches over the weekend you have no bullpen problems.
2007-10-04 18:55:42
1008.   yankz
Arod sucks!
2007-10-04 18:56:04
1009.   Vandelay Industries
1001 Alex. I've been screaming from the rooftops all week that it was a mistake to start Wang over Pettitte in game one, and then game five if nec., but I guess his being a mental case didn't weigh on Joe's decision.
2007-10-04 18:56:06
1010.   Mattpat11
Other than Carray, I do like most of the coverage
2007-10-04 18:58:25
1011.   nyy jim
As bad as the pitching has been tonight (prior to Hughes)I am disgusted with the lack of hitting. We all know pitching is our weak point but there is no excuse for the lack of hitting. We've seen these team hitting funks before with the Yankees and I hope this isn't the start of another one. Matsui needs to be out of the line up and Cano should be moved behind Posada. Giambi should be DHing behind Cano. But I'm afraid Joe thinks everything is just fine.
2007-10-04 18:59:23
1012.   Alex Belth
Gosh, what a wash out. DJ, Alex, Matsui, Jorgie all awful at the dish.
2007-10-04 18:59:31
1013.   yankz
Wang is a mental case now? The dude who averaged 6.2 IP, 2.70 ERA in his two previous postseason starts?
2007-10-04 19:00:21
1014.   SF Yanks
994 Sure. Keep in mind I wasn't trying to be professional and actually was acting very immature at the time.

"Hello TBS. BTW, does TBS stand for Thinking Bout Sucking? Could your
"professional" television station please stop having orgasms for every Indians
base hit? It is really obvious that your wonderful commentators are routing for
the Indians, but a little, just a little, objectivity would be nice. If they
creamed in their pants when the Yanks homered, like they do with the Indians, it
wouldn't be a problem as long as it's the same for both teams, but this is
absurd and out of control. This is the worst baseball coverage I have ever
seen. I can't stand the FOX and ESPN announcers due to their lack of
objectivity and baseball knowledge but I would love nothing more than to hear
them right now over the garbage you have on the air at this moment. I know
plenty of people who agree with me on this who are Indians fans too. Just some
friendly advice from me to you: pull your heads out of your asses and act
professional. If you can't get these scrubs on the air to do it, then
find someone else. Good job at blowing your first and hopefully last baseball post season TBS.

Yeah, I know I did a bad job, but I got the point across. I figured some intern would read and delete it anyway.

2007-10-04 19:00:44
1015.   weeping for brunnhilde
Andy's a golden god.

He'll bail us out tomorrow.

2007-10-04 19:01:19
1016.   thelarmis
i really think giambi should've at least taken that last AB from matsui...
2007-10-04 19:02:09
1017.   Zack
I have no idea why Joe goes to Hughes when he did instead of when he pulled Wang. If you are going to burn Hughes tonight, then bring him in when the game is still doable. Instead, he brings him into a blow out AND wastes him for games 3/4. I like him getting pressure free innings, but they very much might need him on Sunday...
2007-10-04 19:02:16
1018.   Alex Belth
Yeah, but Andy's the Game Two man, and generally reliable after a loss.
2007-10-04 19:02:32
1019.   yankz
1014 I like yours better.
2007-10-04 19:02:45
1020.   RIYank
1012 A-Rod did manage two walks.

Hey, we got six walks and two dingers. That should be enough to win on Good Wang day. But they didn't line up right, and anyway it was hardly a ... oh. Well, you see what I mean.

2007-10-04 19:02:55
1021.   yankz
1017 Probably didn't want him in the middle of an inning.
2007-10-04 19:04:17
1022.   RIYank
1017 No, he's not wasted for Game Four. That's Monday. He'll pitch on Monday.
2007-10-04 19:04:24
1023.   Zack
On the plus side, Hughes looks really good
2007-10-04 19:04:29
1024.   tommyl
Good thing we're using our best pitcher of the game down by 8 runs.
2007-10-04 19:04:30
1025.   Mattpat11
I have a good feeling about the next three games.
2007-10-04 19:04:43
1026.   thelarmis
1017 i agree. i wanted hughes waaaay earlier in the game. he should've been warming up...
2007-10-04 19:04:50
1027.   Zack
Yeah, why did I just type that??
2007-10-04 19:04:55
1028.   tommyl
Spoke too soon.
2007-10-04 19:05:25
1029.   RIYank
I was just about to say, with Zack, that Hughes is looking really good. Not so much anymore.
2007-10-04 19:05:28
1030.   Zack
1022 But on three days rest. Not ideal, but ok i guess
2007-10-04 19:05:33
1031.   thelarmis
fine. let them get all their runs out of their collective system tonight. we'll silence their bats starting tomorrow...
2007-10-04 19:05:55
1032.   yankz
God damn what the fuck is up with these sirens?
2007-10-04 19:06:00
1033.   vockins
1024 Exactly. This is stupid.
2007-10-04 19:06:06
1034.   SF Yanks
1019 Naaa, at least yours has a chance of being read by someone of importance. They must have received a ton of emails tonight. I just hope they do something about it.
2007-10-04 19:06:07
1035.   RIYank
1030 Three days rest, but after throwing just two innings. Think of the Joba Rules.
2007-10-04 19:06:37
1036.   Simone
1009 It was not a mistake for Wang to pitch game 1. Andy gives the Yankees the best chance to not go down 2 games in the series. In the end, it may not matter what order these guys pitch in because they are erratic and are not a strong starting rotation. Pitching has been the Yankees' Achilles heel for the season and it shows up even more in the play offs.
2007-10-04 19:06:58
1037.   thelarmis
30 pitches for phil. hughes doing his best jeff karstens 'scary fly ball guy' impression.

did caray blow a load for the garko homer?

2007-10-04 19:07:03
1038.   randym77
Maybe he didn't want to put Hughes in with runners on. He probably rarely pitched with runners on in the minors.
2007-10-04 19:07:03
1039.   El Lay Dave
When does the mercy rule kick in? Soon, I hope, then we can close up shop earlier.
2007-10-04 19:07:20
1040.   El Lay Dave
When does the mercy rule kick in? Soon, I hope, then we can close up shop earlier.
2007-10-04 19:07:44
1041.   RIYank
Nine run rally?
Or, can we drag this out to four hours? Make it a Real Yankee Game(tm)?
2007-10-04 19:07:51
1042.   yankz
1036 But he's a mental case???
2007-10-04 19:08:18
1043.   yankz
1037 He's all out.
2007-10-04 19:08:54
1044.   Marcus
I can't watch this. But my hope is the 1996 World Series. All these runs don't count for tomorrow's game.
2007-10-04 19:08:54
1045.   OldYanksFan
1011 Correct. However Torre sat Giambi so much over the last month, Jason is rusty. With all Jason's faults, he is still a very dangerous hitter. But he has never sat so much in his career. To play the current version of Matsui over Giambi is a mistake. Lets see who plays tomorrow.
2007-10-04 19:09:18
1046.   RIYank
1036 I think it was a mistake. He pitches much better in the Bronx. You can still have Andy pitch Game Two if you like that -- Roger could have pitched today.

But I don't think it's a huge deal, either. Either way is reasonable.

2007-10-04 19:09:35
1047.   SF Yanks
Are they seriously using their 2nd best reliever now? Wow, thanks?
2007-10-04 19:10:50
1048.   RIYank
Wait, isn't this the other good relief pitcher? This is a much stranger move than any of Torre's.
2007-10-04 19:10:53
1049.   Mattpat11
80/9 K/BB ratio

Where do other teams find these people?

2007-10-04 19:11:01
1050.   Alex Belth
Good that they are burning Betancourt too.
Show/Hide Comments 1051-1100
2007-10-04 19:11:33
1051.   RIYank
That called strike wasn't in the zone.
But actually, I'm not complaining.
2007-10-04 19:11:51
1052.   yankz
I think Wang should have started at home too, but not because he's a "mental case."
2007-10-04 19:12:28
1053.   El Lay Dave
1047 That is bizarre. Wedge didn't want Torre to hog all the manager criticism, I guess.
2007-10-04 19:12:30
1054.   yankz
Game 1 means nothing. Earlier this year, they lost 16-0 and won the next day.
2007-10-04 19:12:39
1055.   Zack
It will be great to win tomorrow and shut these announcers up, who have clearly already determined that the Yankees have no chance
2007-10-04 19:13:31
1056.   El Lay Dave
The Lewis kid threw 8 pitches. Surely he could have stayed in.
2007-10-04 19:13:55
1057.   RIYank
Yeah, I do love this innovation of dividing all of the play-off baseball into these so-called "games". That way the huge lead the Indians have doesn't carry over.

Although in a way it doesn't seem fair.

2007-10-04 19:14:00
1058.   3rd gen yankee fan
1055 just like everyone else at the beginning of this season.

I know we can beat this team.

2007-10-04 19:14:07
1059.   thelarmis
have the tbs guys mentioned that betancourt was suspended for 'roids? if he were a yankee, it'd be all they talk about...
2007-10-04 19:14:11
1060.   Daniel Zappala
You think the announcers are biased toward Cleveland? Consider it a drop in the bucket compared to how the rest of America feels when all ESPN does is broadcast Red Sox and Yankee games all year, ignoring pretty much everything else.
2007-10-04 19:14:13
1061.   Mattpat11
1054 Ditto
2007-10-04 19:14:46
1062.   yankz
1057 Remember Game 3 of the 04 ALCS? Yanks win 19-8...
2007-10-04 19:16:02
1063.   yankz
1060 If you ran ESPN, isn't that what you would do? Yanks/Red Sox gets far, far more views than LAD/SD or whatever. I'm not saying that it's right or fair. I'm all for fair coverage. But from a business standpoint, it's a no-brainer.
2007-10-04 19:16:20
1064.   RIYank
Love that Melky.
Keep fighting, kid!
2007-10-04 19:16:33
1065.   thelarmis
1060 but when they broadcast boston games, they openly root for them. conversely, when they air yankees games, they openly root against them. it's total bollocks.
2007-10-04 19:16:37
1066.   JimCobain
1055 Yeah, but they also keep playing up that Cleveland is the underdog to the big bad yankees. It's so bizarre.
2007-10-04 19:17:22
1067.   yankz
I am really not taking this loss very badly. A year ago I would have at least destroyed a pillow, if not the nearest human being. Changed expectations, I guess.
2007-10-04 19:17:30
1068.   thelarmis
now jason gets to the plate. watch him crush one...
2007-10-04 19:18:15
1069.   Mattpat11
Kaz Matsui
2007-10-04 19:18:36
1070.   yankz
How many of us reasonably expected to win tonight anyway?
2007-10-04 19:18:46
1071.   3rd gen yankee fan
So I guess Giambi is supposed to hit the 10-run homer???
2007-10-04 19:18:54
1072.   bobtaco
"You can't blame this one all on Arod"


2007-10-04 19:19:25
1073.   thelarmis
well, he did lace it. he should get the nod tomorrow at DH. then again, if scrabble's ankle is bothering him at all, i think we'll see giambi at 1B and Mats still at DH.
2007-10-04 19:19:25
1074.   RIYank
1067 I thought I would take a loss very badly, but I'm cool.
(The irrational reaction here at BB actually helped me keep some perspective!)
2007-10-04 19:19:32
1075.   JimCobain
1067 Me either. For some reason I am very relaxed and I think the Yankees will bounce back. The players seem different in attitude this year than last even though the results are the same.
2007-10-04 19:19:39
1076.   El Lay Dave
1070 Not me. Of course, my team isn't playing this month.
2007-10-04 19:19:56
1077.   yankz
1072 Oh yes you can!

Arod hocked a loogie in Wang's eye in the clubhouse. Then he put Matsui's underwear in the dryer for too long, making it shrink.

2007-10-04 19:20:29
1078.   JimCobain
Can't wait to see the ICB's that they launch when Cleveland gets the 3rd out.
2007-10-04 19:20:41
1079.   RIYank
1073 Fo shizzle. Scrabble sits tomorrow.

Andy Phillips, where are you?

2007-10-04 19:20:56
1080.   thelarmis
1067 i'm right there w/ ya, yankz...

now, if we lose tomorrow, i might go ape shit. depends how bad my cold is... : ~

2007-10-04 19:21:09
1081.   Mattpat11
1070 I did.
2007-10-04 19:21:18
1082.   El Lay Dave
Tim McCarver would claim that Giambi's single is a better rally starter than a solo HR from him.
2007-10-04 19:21:21
1083.   SF Yanks
1067 To sort of go off what you said: If they lose this series, no doubt, I will be heated, but each year that goes by without a win sort of becomes easier to take. Whereas before, during their run I couldn't imagine them going home early and any loss was devastating. Expectations as you said.
2007-10-04 19:21:37
1084.   JimCobain
"The Yankees will not go quietly into this GOOD night" WTF?!?!?!?!
2007-10-04 19:22:07
1085.   Mattpat11
Tony Gwynn is good.
2007-10-04 19:22:41
1086.   RIYank
1082 Not anymore. He was shocked to discover that the HR is better, but he admitted it.

He asked his stat guys. No, he asked Stats Inc.

2007-10-04 19:22:44
1087.   El Lay Dave
1077 ARod flashed his oiled chest at the YES cameraman, causing him to trip and roll over Mankev-alphabet.
2007-10-04 19:23:00
1088.   weeping for brunnhilde
It's on you, Andy!
2007-10-04 19:23:02
1089.   thelarmis
1081 i did, too...
2007-10-04 19:23:03
1090.   3rd gen yankee fan
1073 Shoulda brought him in when it was still winnable.
2007-10-04 19:23:12
1091.   RIYank
1084 Frost.
2007-10-04 19:23:20
1092.   yankz
1083 Plus, I don't really think this is a team built for the playoffs. There's a good chance Rocket can only go 3. Moose is a box of chocolates. Andy too, to some extent.

I'm overwhelmingly happy that they got here, it's inspiring. And if they pull it off, even happier.

A sign just read "NOT IN MY TEEPEE!" Yeah, because every "Indian" lived in a fucking teepee, you piece of shit.

2007-10-04 19:23:49
1093.   Mattpat11
1084 Poetry. I think its Frost
2007-10-04 19:23:53
1094.   Daniel Zappala
I fully expected the Yankees to win this series easily. Actually, I predicted them to win it all. Reading Jay Jaffe's article on BP made me think twice, and this game the same. Still, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the Yankees swept the next three. They seem like a schizophrenic team these days -- capable of killing any team, yet also capable of falling flat and out of the playoffs.
2007-10-04 19:23:55
1095.   yankz
1087 HA!

(That's what we say around here.)

2007-10-04 19:24:09
1096.   RIYank
Okay, dudes, chill. See youse tomorrow.

And Sleep Well, Andy Pettitte! Tomorrow's your day to be a hero.

2007-10-04 19:24:16
1097.   Bookworm
1084 I've given up on the tv and am just reading BB -- A little Dylan Thomas reference in the booth? "Rage, rage at the dying of the light!"
2007-10-04 19:24:43
1098.   El Lay Dave
1086 Yes, he did. Hilarious.

1083 Keep going down that road and you will be like us Dodger fans. '88 was sooooo long ago.

2007-10-04 19:24:50
1099.   yankz
One fish, two fish, red fish...that's the extent of my poetry knowledge.
2007-10-04 19:24:55
1100.   JimCobain
1091 Ah fuck. I read too many Yankee blogs and not enough poetry ;)
Show/Hide Comments 1101-1150
2007-10-04 19:25:18
1101.   weeping for brunnhilde
1070 I wasn't optimistic. Still, of course, I'm disappointed not to have won, especially after pulling to within 4-3. That showed me something.

No worries, though, we'll get 'em tomorrow.

2007-10-04 19:26:38
1102.   3rd gen yankee fan
1092 re: teepees: harsh but funny.
2007-10-04 19:26:43
1103.   Mattpat11
If the Yankees fail to win the World Series, the year is a failure.

But they're gonna win

2007-10-04 19:26:48
1104.   SF Yanks
1092 Yeah, weird but I'd actually feel more confident with Joba in game one, Hughes in game 2, and IPK in game 3... well, not really, but sorta. Actually, yeah, I'd be pretty confident. Guess that means we can look forward to next year.
2007-10-04 19:27:10
1105.   weeping for brunnhilde
1092 Yeah, I caught that.
2007-10-04 19:27:51
1106.   Bookworm
To the extent that anyone is interested: It's Dylan Thomas (
"Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."
2007-10-04 19:29:04
1107.   yankz
And the expensive Jeter jersey gets hung up, to be pulled out if we shall make it to the World Series...
2007-10-04 19:29:10
1108.   RIYank
Dylan Thomas, of course.
2007-10-04 19:29:51
1109.   weeping for brunnhilde
I don't think it's Frost.

I think it's Dylan Thomas.

2007-10-04 19:30:16
1110.   El Lay Dave
1106 I think that's Jeff Kent's motto.
2007-10-04 19:30:49
1111.   RIYank
1109 Ya think?
2007-10-04 19:32:49
1112.   RIYank
Hey, I scored the quadruple one!
And on a crummy night of baseball.
That's post-season Bantering.

Now I will log out. Ciao.

2007-10-04 19:33:44
1113.   weeping for brunnhilde
1111 :)
2007-10-04 19:36:20
1114.   AbbyNormal821
UGH...I couldn't even post because I was so tense watching this game.

Sucky game...bummed city! Can't wait to read all the 'obituaries' in the NY papers tomorrow in the rags! I'd like to throw in a preemptive "F.U" to Mike Lupica...I'm sure he'll have something obnoxious to say.

Fear not...Pettitte will set get it right.

2007-10-04 19:43:13
1115.   3rd gen yankee fan
1114 I was wondering where you got yourself to...
2007-10-04 19:47:09
1116.   AbbyNormal821
1115 yeah...I'm here...just in 'lurk-mode'(oooh, that's so "AOL-a-la-1997")
2007-10-04 19:52:04
1117.   cult of basebaal
1117th sweeeeet!

as for the game ... bleh, i was surrounded by indians fans ... in LA ... who knew???

2007-10-04 19:53:03
1118.   JeremyM
For some reason, I'm not sweating this loss too much like some have mentioned above--either we're getting used to it, or we know this team isn't done. I thought the body language of the team looked good, unlike say last year.

I do wish this was a 7-game series though.

2007-10-04 19:55:29
1119.   thelarmis
1117 you sure they weren't just yankee haters?

1118 well put.

2007-10-04 19:55:55
1120.   yankz
1117 Let me guess, they have an aunt who used to live there, which justifies them rooting for the Indians.
2007-10-04 19:56:59
1121.   SF Yanks
1117 I think its not that you are surrounded by Indian fans but rather fans of the team that are playing the Yankees. I have a few buddies who just so happen to be a fan of the team that's playing the Yanks every post season with the hats on their heads to show for it.
2007-10-04 20:01:24
1122.   thelarmis
the tbs lineup for the cubs-snakes game is certainly more tolerable. then again, if they were calling the yanks game, they too, might bust a nut everytime the indians scored...
2007-10-04 20:02:31
1123.   thelarmis
1120 probably more that they like rock n' roll and that's where the RnR hall of fame is...
2007-10-04 20:03:58
1124.   cult of basebaal
nah, they were actual indians fans ... and actually fairly knowledgable and intelligent ... they weren't really that bad, there just wasn't the yankees fans turn out i was expecting

i'm not sure who the 90 year old guy sitting at the table next to me who threw up his beer and spaghetti without leaving his seat was rooting for though ... maybe he was just expressing his disgust at wang's performance ...

2007-10-04 20:04:33
1125.   MC Safety
1117- Everybody roots for the underdog. That payroll and having Alex Rodriguez, the best player in baseball, on your team. Not to mention Roger " I wanna play close to my family (when we're winning) " Clemens.
2007-10-04 20:05:26
1126.   cult of basebaal
1124 come to think of it ... that did happen in the 5th inning or so ... probably a sign i should have left at that point
2007-10-04 20:05:59
1127.   MC Safety
2007-10-04 20:06:23
1128.   weeping for brunnhilde
They're getting on Jorgie on WFAN for swinging 3-0. I had no problem with that. The pitch was a hittable, nay, drivable strike and he gave it a shot.

He had a great ab, he just got beat, that's all.

2007-10-04 20:06:40
1129.   cult of basebaal
puts a different spin on the old saying ... "Baseball Fever. Catch it!"
2007-10-04 20:08:23
1130.   cult of basebaal
1128 really? what fucktards. that was strike 1 pretty clearly on the TBS version of k-zone ... mouthbreathers ...
2007-10-04 20:09:21
1131.   3rd gen yankee fan
1129 most disgusting-funny story I've heard in a while...
2007-10-04 20:10:43
1132.   3rd gen yankee fan
bummer. Cubbies are down 4-2, end of 2nd...
2007-10-04 20:11:18
1133.   weeping for brunnhilde
1130 I know. If he'd chased or taken a weak hack, I'd agree, but he didn't. He put a great swing on a drivable pitch and just swung through it. That happens.

I was very impressed with his ab, despite the outcome; Sabbathia just demonstrated why he's a big-time pitcher. 3-0 he challenges Jorgie on what, 4 straight hittable fastballs and just blew them by him. Not much you can do about that.

2007-10-04 20:14:05
1134.   thelarmis
1132 i know, every team i want to win has lost - yanks, phils, cubs, halos. blech!

1128 ridiculous. jorgie was fine swingin' at the 3-0.

2007-10-04 20:15:41
1135.   cult of basebaal
1131 the funny thing was that earlier the old guy (and he looked old, like Bob Sheppard in the picture at River Ave Blues looks OLD) was sitting there at the next table with his son ... and the waitress brought them a pitcher of hefeweisen ... and i kinda thought to my self ... no way the old guy's gonna get to enjoy much of that ... and then i kinda felt bad, and found myself hoping that i never get to the point where i can't enjoy the hell out of a beer or three ...

then i look over like 2 minutes later, and the old guy's finished off like half his glass (like a 22 ounce "tall" glass too) and i start thinking ... DAMN, THAT'S the style, ROCK ON old dude!

guess i spoke to soon ...

2007-10-04 20:19:22
1136.   thelarmis
1135 i was just up in NY visiting my family and spent a lot of time w/ my grandpa who is 95 and has been my hero my whole life. he enjoys a drink or two each and every day! : )
2007-10-04 20:19:24
1137.   yankz
3rd gen, thanks for sticking up for us over at Bad Altitude. I didn't realize "Daniel Zappalla" was the moral authority on the Toaster.
2007-10-04 20:23:15
1138.   cult of basebaal
1137 eh? what happened?
2007-10-04 20:24:17
1139.   thelarmis
yeah, wha happened, yankz???
2007-10-04 20:24:58
1140.   yankz
See for yourself:

2007-10-04 20:25:22
1141.   cult of basebaal
1137 the short version ... did mattpat and bill get cranky again???
2007-10-04 20:26:28
1142.   yankz
1141 I don't even know what comments he was referring to. Personally, I don't understand why it's his call, or even his business.
2007-10-04 20:32:04
1143.   3rd gen yankee fan
represent Banter, yo.

I think we are more excitable than the other blogs... but maybe that's because we have the best team. :-D A lot of us ARE from the NY area and living in the Midwest I'm constantly reminded how we have this outer gruffness. But, whatever.

2007-10-04 20:35:16
1144.   yankz
Sure, we have our internal wars, but I think they get resolved pretty well. I mean, william and I haven't swapped insults for weeks now! Besides, Ken has always stepped in when a problem has arisen. And we have no tolerance for ignorance, racism, Dane Cook, etc.

Dodger fans, you hung out with us on our biggest night. Are we really that bad?

2007-10-04 20:37:50
1145.   weeping for brunnhilde
1143 Oh, tell me about it! I went to college in Iowa, fresh of the boat from Yonkers, and I soon developed a reputation as being loud and cursing a lot (only they call it "swearing").

It was so strange to suddenly be in a place not only where people didn't say "fuck" every other word, but where they actually looked askance at those of us who did!

I've mellowed considerably since then, but get me riled up...

2007-10-04 20:38:38
1146.   yankz
It could be worse: A poster over at River Ave. Blues is claiming Cashman sucks because the offense he put together "just stood there and got strike out" today.
2007-10-04 20:39:21
1147.   yankz
1145 Matsui tried pulling an outside pitch! Melky went up there without a game plan! Cano's a loafer in the field!
2007-10-04 20:41:41
1148.   weeping for brunnhilde
1147 ha ha ha hah ah ah aha !!!


2007-10-04 20:45:35
1149.   cult of basebaal
1146 well, to be fair ... if jim dean was still here, he would gone out of his skull-bone when Ollie crapped the bed ... stupid cashman, can't judge pitching ...
2007-10-04 20:47:17
1150.   thelarmis
1145 tell me about it - in Pa. they called it "swearing"; down here in Ga., they call it "cussing," which i can't stand. it's muthafukin' cursing people!

man, i read that totally bullshit comment at bad altitude. sucks that dude has a cool last name. he was totally out of order and i just hope he stays away from here. bollocks.

lookin' like an NL West NLCS...

Show/Hide Comments 1151-1200
2007-10-04 20:48:18
1151.   Mattpat11
1141 I thought I was one of the calmer ones.

All in all, aside from Carray, I like TBS coverage.

2007-10-04 20:49:46
1152.   yankz
1150 I definitely thought of you when I read his name. Sounds like a drummer's, am I right?
2007-10-04 20:58:34
1153.   cult of basebaal
wait! we're talking 'bout cursing? somebody got their panties in a bunch about us cursing???
2007-10-04 20:59:24
1154.   thelarmis
1152 neh, it sounds like Zappa! frank zappa is one of my biggest influences. whoa, wait a sec, FZ started out as a drummer growing up in Maryland. we nailed it, yankz!

man, once again, that dudes' comment was out of order.

sori held to a wall bashing single in the desert. if he were ryan garko, chip caray would've had a heart attack...

2007-10-04 20:59:57
1155.   yankz
Maybe he knows Chip Caray?
2007-10-04 21:00:51
1156.   cult of basebaal
everyone should check in on LoHud at some point, petey's calling out the mouthbreathers who are heading for the nearest bridge ... and offers this note of perspective:

Since 1995, the Yanks are 5-0 in the ALDS when they lose the first game, and 2-5 when they win the first game.

So get off the roof.

2007-10-04 21:01:12
1157.   thelarmis
1153 ooh, maybe something was esoteric, but i think when weeping was talking about cursing, it was unrelated to the zappala comment at bad altitude.

hey cult, there's a new Over Kill cd! it's called Immortalis. i don't have it yet, though i have 1-track. you can hear snippets at The End Records. i'll get it soon...

be on the lookout for a King Diamond/Kreator US tour next spring! : )

2007-10-04 21:02:36
1158.   JeremyM
What was that guy talking about? I don't see anyone or anything out of line here. Do we take up too much bandwidth or something?
2007-10-04 21:03:19
1159.   thelarmis
1156 yeah, he also said Damon was chalking it up to only being 1 game. hopefully we'll be fine, starting tomorrow.

is it me, or is ron darling pretty good in the booth?! i heard him some w/ the muts this past weekend up in NY and now again in the playoffs...

2007-10-04 21:04:39
1160.   Mattpat11
1156 I think this might be an example of losing the battle to win the war.
2007-10-04 21:05:41
1161.   yankz
Well, he posted his comment at BA at the same time we were around comment 650 here. I guess that's when the Caray-bashing started?
2007-10-04 21:05:47
1162.   thelarmis
1158 i know, i know! i followed mostly all of the comments tonight and didn't see anything out of line.

mattpat and william were fine. no rob gee. no jim dean (for horribly unfortunate reasons), no stormer sports, no monkey-something-or-other (canada monkey monicker), no ric, no situation that warranted the low blow dude wrote at bad altitude...

2007-10-04 21:05:59
1163.   Mattpat11
1153 The fuck?
2007-10-04 21:06:06
1164.   cult of basebaal
1157 funny, i just grabbed some Kreator albums from the mid 80's ... i've been thinking about a small event for next year's burning man, that would involve a pancake breakfast with a soundtrack of mid-80's thrash ... there's a bunch of stuff i haven't listened to since then that i've got to go back and hear again ... voivod, metal church, exodus, kreator, celtic frost, death angel, sepultura, nuke assault, etc, etc ...
2007-10-04 21:06:27
1165.   Mike T
1156 Tonight's performance did not engender much in the way of confidence. The series isn't over of course, but our guys looked pretty bad tonight.
2007-10-04 21:06:59
1166.   thelarmis
1161 how can anybody defend caray? his own father should be disappointed in chip's broadcasting...
2007-10-04 21:07:39
1167.   3rd gen yankee fan
I really don't want to make a big big deal out of the "Toaster crumbs" issue but I wanted to direct you to the Dodger Thoughts blog, the comments there are truly fun-nee:

Wow we are bad. I had no idea.

thelarmis, before I have to run off to bed I wanted to ask you if you ever got into hand-drumming? I am getting together with some folks every week and we're starting to sound pretty good, tribal stuff, and before we get too dangerous I wanted to see if I could write to you for advice?

2007-10-04 21:08:06
1168.   thelarmis
1163 fuck the heck!
2007-10-04 21:08:51
1169.   yankz
1165 Neither did the 16-0 game vs. Detroit, but they won 4 of their next 5, including a sweep of Boston.

1162 Whatever happened to Stormer Sports anyway? Remember in what, 05, when he used to write page-long comments?

2007-10-04 21:10:09
1170.   cult of basebaal
1162 well, that's good ... we get a little excitable at times, but mostly our animus is directed at each other after one of us pushes the same button for the 30th time ... i'm glad we didn't go "red sox fan nuts" or anything and start wishing cancer on our own players and shit like that ...
2007-10-04 21:10:21
1171.   3rd gen yankee fan
1166 Agreed. Harry was an outstanding broadcaster. Chip couldn't carry his jock.
2007-10-04 21:11:18
1172.   thelarmis
1158 remember when ken had to step in and change something with the site so we could get to 1,000 comments? that was pretty cool! i think it was probably a shit sox game. coulda been during the Boston Massacre II 5-game sweep last year. or, it could've been a game where there wasn't a new post. i don't recall, yankz probably knows!
2007-10-04 21:12:34
1173.   Mattpat11
1166 His lush of a grandfather would be
2007-10-04 21:14:06
1174.   thelarmis
1169 who knows about stormer? he was some kind of lawyer, wasn't he?
2007-10-04 21:14:42
1175.   yankz
I stuck up for us a bit over at Dodger Thoughts.

I think we just have thicker skins than they do, and as such can take attacks/insults much better.

2007-10-04 21:15:32
1176.   yankz
1172 I think that was one of the doubleheaders during the massacre.
2007-10-04 21:16:47
1177.   yankz
Seriously though, if they couldn't handle this thread, I'm very glad they didn't come during one of those "focus" wars.
2007-10-04 21:18:47
1178.   thelarmis
1167 hey jen! ooh, i am not a hand drummer at all, unfortunately. that said, i have recorded some conga stuff and own an Udu drum and can play a little. i definitely just think like a snare drummer or drumset player and don't play with proper technique.

besides snare and drumkit, i am a Classical Percussionist - so it's what you would see/hear in a Symphony: mallets, timpani, auxillary percussion.

one day, i would like to learn some Tabla, but it's one of the most difficult instruments in the world. i might go the route of Steel Drums instead and then switch gears to the Cello - my favorite non-percussion instrument.

so, as far as hand drumming goes - like drum circles w/ congas, bongos, djembes, doumbeks, bohrans, frame drums, etc - i am not the guy. sorry!

there is an excellent percussionist here in atlanta, also named Jen, who is super nice and might be able to help you out. i can try and find a way to get in touch with her via the internet if you want...

hope this got to you before bed...

2007-10-04 21:19:33
1179.   yankz
OK, I think it's gotta be everyone turning on Matsui at the same time.

Dodger Fans: We don't hate Matsui. We love Matsui. He just sucks right now, and we're not afraid to admit it.

2007-10-04 21:21:42
1180.   cult of basebaal
1167 oooh, i did ... amusing ... apparently someone shocked them by using naughty words ...
2007-10-04 21:22:38
1181.   3rd gen yankee fan
1178 Aw too bad. Nah that's okay, about setting me up with Jen, if I can't talk to a drummin Yankee fan I'll find someone locally.

Funny I never could get the hang of a drumkit.

2007-10-04 21:23:45
1182.   3rd gen yankee fan
all right guys we'll get 'em tomorrow! gnite!
2007-10-04 21:25:49
1183.   yankz
For the record, Bluebleeder, trainwreck, El Lay Dave, underdog, and any other Dodgers who I forgot...I enjoyed your presence here tonight, even if you did not. We're like a family at Thanksgiving. Always angry, usually drunk, but still in love.
2007-10-04 21:26:16
1184.   JeremyM
You drummers here tick me off. When I was 11, I really really really wanted a drum kit because we had to either sing or play an instrument in middle school, and I ended up with a saxophone instead:(
2007-10-04 21:26:48
1185.   thelarmis
1175 thanks, yankz! i made the mistake of checking over there just now for a quick sec. wow. total bollocks out of nowhere. at least our team is playing.

we were nice to trainwreck when s/he stopped over here. looked like i was pointed out twice over there. i say "per usual," a lot. got it from a Doctor. when i asked her if it was grammatically correct, she confirmed, i liked it and use it. i don't remember saying "as per usual" though.

and the SAT thing was a joke here from someone. it's been many, many, many years since i had the SATs.

they really need to lighten up out there in La-La land...

2007-10-04 21:29:06
1186.   cult of basebaal
Now THIS is funny ... the Prime Directives over at Dodger Thoughts:

Please Refrain From:
1) using profanity or any euphemisms for profanity
2) personally attacking other commenters
3) baiting other commenters
4) arguing for the sake of arguing
5) discussing politics
6) using hyperbole when something less will suffice
7) using sarcasm in a way that can be misinterpreted negatively
8) making the same point over and over again
9) typing "no-hitter" to describe any no-hitter in progress
10) being annoyed by the existence of this list
11) commenting under the obvious influence
12) claiming your opinion isn't allowed when it's just being disagreed with

hmmm, well, i think the only ones we don't repeatedly violate are 5, 10 and 12 ... interesting ... no wonder they ran

2007-10-04 21:29:52
1187.   yankz
1185 He/she was ragging on Alex (in this post). Which is deserving of a beatdown.
2007-10-04 21:30:29
1188.   Mattpat11
1180 Thats a damn shame
2007-10-04 21:30:57
1189.   thelarmis
1164 cult, you still out there? are you buying these old albums or do you own them? i pretty much LOVE all those bands and have FULL catalogs of each (save sepultura and celtic frost - don't like either one...). i can burn you cds. all the other groups are actually still around and putting out cds/dvds. if you want, shoot me an email and i can burn you stuff if you'd like...

voivod, metal church, exodus, kreator, celtic frost, death angel, sepultura, nuke assault, etc, etc ...

2007-10-04 21:32:15
1190.   Mattpat11
1186 No drunken posting?
2007-10-04 21:32:45
1191.   yankz
1186 WOW! People got that worked up over some internet comments that they had to draft a constitution?

cult, you fucking suck, you dirty conservative. I bet you can't insult me back. And don't ever post again, nobody cares about what you have to say.*

*sarcasm...or was it? (See rule 7!)

2007-10-04 21:34:30
1192.   thelarmis
1186 well, dayum! no wonder, they wanted to come over here and bitch. rules, rules. sounds like MLB is running that blog.

and one more thing...

2007-10-04 21:34:50
1193.   cult of basebaal
1190 yeah, i loved that one too ...
2007-10-04 21:36:26
1194.   thelarmis
1186 i am violating rule #11. i am under the influence of cold medicine along with other assorted vitamins, anti-inflammatory pills, etc. oh, and chloraseptic... : ~
2007-10-04 21:37:00
1195.   thelarmis
1190 since when does baseball and beer mix?! ; )
2007-10-04 21:37:32
1196.   Mattpat11
1993 What do they do when the Dodger Farnsworth pitches?
2007-10-04 21:38:09
1197.   yankz
1195 It might make you argue with somebody. Or worse, use a word that rhymes with "am" but starts with a "D."
2007-10-04 21:38:23
1198.   thelarmis
1196 do you mean Proctor?! ; )
2007-10-04 21:38:36
1199.   Mattpat11
1196 Thats 1193
2007-10-04 21:39:02
1200.   yankz
1196 Guess we'll have to wait about 800 comments to find out.

Remember when we had that thread about our favorite baseball curse words? I think Alex's was horseshit. Or did I read that somewhere else?

Baseball and cursing just go hand in hand.

Show/Hide Comments 1201-1250
2007-10-04 21:40:09
1201.   thelarmis
1197 like dam that river? or the old UK Thrash band D.A.M.? or damn nation! (as my grandpa says...)
2007-10-04 21:41:11
1202.   BklynBmr
Dodger "Thoughts". How Californian.

In the immortal words of George Carlin: "California is like a small woman that says "f*ck me". New York is like a large man that says "F*CK YOU!"

Here's a Dodger 'Thought' for ya from tonight:


457. Daniel Zappala
Bronx Banter is an embarrassment to the Toaster. The bloggers are awesome, but the commenters are about the worst you could imagine.


That's what heat and smog does to the noodle, my friends...

2007-10-04 21:41:20
1203.   thelarmis
1200 cursing? is that like swearing and cussing, only worse?! ; )
2007-10-04 21:43:24
1204.   cult of basebaal
1200 sorry i missed that one ... my favorite rally chant is taken from george carlin ...

"rat shit, bat shit, dirty old twat ...
69 assholes tied in a knot ...
yaaaaaaaay! lizardshit ... FUCK!!!!"

2007-10-04 21:44:37
1205.   thelarmis
1204 hilarious!
2007-10-04 21:44:49
1206.   yankz
More hope via Pete: "Don't give up on your squad yet. I detected not an ounce of panic in the clubhouse. This is why you want Andy Pettitte in pinstripes."

Also, Dodger fans, if you want a more civil place to hang out during Yankee games, I strongly recommend The LoHud Yankees blog comment sections. It's over on the sidebar under "Beat Bloggers."

2007-10-04 21:45:27
1207.   cult of basebaal
1202 i dunno ... i seem to manage just fine ... anyways, if we're the worst dan can imagine, he should hang out on SoSH or the BBTF game threads when the red sox are losing ...
2007-10-04 21:46:03
1208.   thelarmis
quick posts up at both pete abe and no maas...
2007-10-04 21:46:47
1209.   yankz
1202 We've been over it, man. Mr. Z. is the moral authority on this website, and he gets to pass judgment from his throne.
2007-10-04 21:47:08
1210.   Mattpat11
Does Doug Davis think that looks good?
2007-10-04 21:47:52
1211.   thelarmis
i generally read everything Tim posts at MLBtraderumors, but i just can't get myself to read the latest installment of his excellent 'needs and luxuries' column: it's on the Dodgers...
2007-10-04 21:48:03
1212.   yankz
Stolen from Jonathan over at RLYW:

""Shit the bed" is almost being to kind.
4.2 IP 9 H 8 ER 4 BB 2 K 2 HR 15.43 ERA

That's more like shitting the bed and then flinging the sheets around, a la Trainspotting. "

It was too hilarious and inappropriate not to share.

2007-10-04 21:49:03
1213.   yankz
Bklyn, you live in CA, right? Do people not curse or yell angry things at games? Is alcohol not served? Does everybody hold hands during rallies?
2007-10-04 21:50:48
1214.   thelarmis
cult is in LA - maybe he can go set them straight! : )
2007-10-04 21:50:55
1215.   cult of basebaal
wow ... a juan cruz sighting ... it would be interesting to put cruz and edwar in a wind tunnel and see whether either could stand up to a strong breeze
2007-10-04 21:51:11
1216.   yankz
Big D would definitely flip out if he heard the song I'm listening to right now.
2007-10-04 21:52:17
1217.   BklynBmr
1209 Ah, sorry. Just got back from a parent-teacher night goatf*ck, didn't scan the thread. It's amateur hour over there anyway...
2007-10-04 21:53:02
1218.   underdog
Guys, guys... I'm reposting this from the DT thread, 'cause, you know, there's a real danger here of making assumptions about everyone based on how some people have different comfort levels. Read it my bruthas:

501 I love Bronx Banter myself. I think everyone's different in their tastes, and tolerances (foul language doesn't bother me {I have a thick skin my BB friends}, but I'm still glad for the DT rules), and senses of humor, and so on. I root for the Yanks when the Dodgers aren't in it 'cause my Dad's a Yankees fan and, well, I love my dad and hate to see him bummed out. And everyone else seems to hate them so much it actually makes me kind of support them. So I take it all with a grain of salt, and think of Baseball Toaster as this huge brotherhood (and sisterhood) of disparate baseball fans who come together in their love of the game. (And in many cases, in having a pretty sharp wit.) But I respect people who don't feel comfortable in that space. (And I think Yankees fans are probably used to being enemy #1, it's just because they have such a history of success and a huge payroll, but they win. Alas, certainly more in recent years than our fair team has.)

Anyway, whatever works for ya!

Now back to The Office!

So a) I'm sorry about the game tonight; I do think they'll come back strong for the next one (they have to)
b) please don't make generalities about fans of other teams, just as I hope people don't about you guys, based on a few comments - not that I don't support the other posters rights to post what they want, or even mind some good natured back and forth ribbing and teasing
and c) I don't remember what c is but I think it means I need to finish my beer and go to sleep.

2007-10-04 21:53:15
1219.   cult of basebaal
1213 heh ... any dodger fan who thinks LA crowds are civilized ought to be forced to wear Giants gear to a game at dodger stadium ... preferably to the bleachers ... which are actually kept quarantined from the rest of the stadium
2007-10-04 21:54:20
1220.   underdog
Btw, I'd hope that Cleveland is your public enemy #1 right now, not the Dodgers. We have our own long depressing off-season, which started way too early, to deal with. ;-)
2007-10-04 21:55:31
1221.   yankz
Bklyn, thanks for the support over on DT. You da man.
2007-10-04 21:56:03
1222.   Mattpat11
1213 We're dealing with a fanbase that is proud to show up in the 3rd and leave in the 7th

They dont care enough to yell

2007-10-04 21:58:23
1223.   yankz
1218 I responded over at DT. We all just think it's funny that you guys have that many rules over there. To each their own, I guess.

Sorry if it seems like we're generalizing. I know personally I just find it annoying that some people think they have the right to pass judgment on comments and decide what is acceptable for the Toaster, when Alex, Cliff, Ken, and Co. pretty much let us do our thing.

If you read the last, oh, 200 comments, I don't think most of us are sweating the game too much.

Thanks, and come again.

2007-10-04 21:59:59
1224.   cult of basebaal
1222 well, true, but then again, you've never had to try and deal with traffic around chavez ravine ... when my buddy and i had season tickets a couple of years ago, we'd actually park 15 minutes away and walk to and from the games ... what's even worse is that the backup from game traffic snarls the hell out of 3 major freeways that pass through or around the downtown area ... shrugs
2007-10-04 22:00:33
1225.   thelarmis
way to represent, yankz - you rock!
2007-10-04 22:00:56
1226.   underdog
1222 Argh. I was just waiting for someone to drag out that old chestnut. I've now been to seven other stadiums (including here in SF where Giants fans love to mock the Dodgers for just that habit, and then leave early themselves, as soon as Barry Bonds has his last at bat). Some Dodger fans do leave early, yeah, in major part because of the terrible design around the park where there's no public transportation, you have to sit in traffic for an hour afterwards and drive forever to get anywhere. It's a beautiful park but about as bad as it gets when it comes to coming and going. And many, many of us are very loyal fans who will stay even despite that, deep into extra innings and, gosh, yell ourselves hoarse.
2007-10-04 22:01:23
1227.   yankz
1225 Thanks, though I'm sure people here could do better jobs.
2007-10-04 22:02:05
1228.   BklynBmr
1221 Anytime, brah. Well said over there, too. Way to represent!
2007-10-04 22:02:06
1229.   yankz
1226 Underdog, if you want to stay, you must pass a test that is much easier than the SAT. One question: Chip Caray, yay or nay?
2007-10-04 22:02:26
1230.   underdog
Or what cult said, more succinctly.


No worries and thanks yankz.
(That last post is funnier if you read it as Apu, though.)

Anyway, love this place. Godspeed to ya all! Keep on being who you are.

2007-10-04 22:03:32
1231.   underdog
1229 Chip Caray needs to go into the woodchipper where Steve Buscemi meets his fate at the end of Fargo.



2007-10-04 22:05:31
1232.   thelarmis
underdog - i was gonna write it as APU when i did the ha, we bit!!! nice.
2007-10-04 22:05:44
1233.   yankz
1231 Bullseye!

SHIT, it's late here!

2007-10-04 22:07:41
1234.   yankz
Whoa- in Alex's SI blog, he shouts out to a bunch of Yankee blogs but not his own. Not allowed, or is he that modest?
2007-10-04 22:08:10
1235.   thelarmis
1233 it is? neh... (yawn)
2007-10-04 22:08:44
1236.   thelarmis
1234 he's that modest. gotta love him!
2007-10-04 22:13:00
1237.   cult of basebaal
alrighty, i'm outta here til tomorrow ... everybody play nice while i'm gone ... don't go baiting the DT folks, we've should be thinking about scalping some injuns tomorrow ...

hmmm, wonder which directive that just broke ...

i keed, i keed!


2007-10-04 22:19:51
1238.   yankz
1237 #7, because that sarcasm might be taken negatively.
2007-10-04 22:22:26
1239.   thelarmis
1238 well, at least we've been able to smile, laugh and have a little fun tonight.

let's go yan-kees!! !!!

2007-10-04 22:30:43
1240.   BklynBmr
1213 Big difference between stadium crowds out here. I went from NY to LA first. Dodger Stadium crowds were everything advertised. Outside of maybe 10% diehard (at least by NY standards) in attendance, everyone was either there for "the experience" or an ex-pat rooting for their hometown team. Worked for a company that had season tickets over the visiting club dugout, and nobody ever went, so I glommed as many as possible. Only Mutts and Cubs tickets were the hard ones to get.

The Big A was a joke in those days. No matter who came into town (Yanks, Red Sox, Tigers, especially) the joint was easily 80%-20% for the road team. That's changed now obvioulsy.

Moving north to SF, I couldn't wait to see Candlestick. It was everything advertised. Horrible weather and Dodger-Giants games were the next best thing to Yanks-Red Sawx. Drunken brawls, Dodger players harassed in ways that would gain instant respect from any Bleacher Creature.

PacBell Park, AT&T or whatever they're calling it now up here in San Fran? The difference between Candlestick and this place is like Times Square in the 70s/80s and how it is now. Sin City to Disneyland.

Beautiful park, but a 'tourist' attraction at the same time. We'll see what the attendance is next year after "their Barry" is gone. But I'd still take this town over L.A. in any sport, any day of the week in terms of a knowledgeable, passionate fan base.

2007-10-04 22:54:27
1241.   BklynBmr
Two more things (via Pete Abe)...

"It's only one game"

"We just can't panic. We need to come in here and be the same team we've been for the past four months. It's only one game. They need to beat us two more times and the last I saw, we're a pretty good team."

— Johnny Damon. A man who knows.

And from Pete:

"Don't give up on your squad yet. I detected not an ounce of panic in the clubhouse. This is why you want Andy Pettitte in pinstripes."

Another man with perspective. 'Night, lads and lasses. Go Big Game Andy. Go Yanks. The tide turns tomorrow...

2007-10-04 23:03:19
1242.   underdog
Dodger Stadium is a different experience now than it was then - not all for the better mind you, but there are more ruckuses and brawls and all that, especially when the Giants are in town. Again, not that that is all a good thing, but there are spirited crowds to be found there. As an SF resident myself, I agree with you about difference between Candlestick and PhoneCo Park! Though as a Dodger fan, a) I like that I don't feel like I might die there, and b) still get harassed plenty ;-) Also keep in mind we haven't had a championship team since '88 and scarcely a playoff presence made since then, which in a huge market town (or really any town) is unacceptable, so sometimes it's hard to maintain a sense of loyalty and vigor when mismanagement keeps taking it away from you. Again, stereotypes always come from a grain of truth, but they remain stereotypes nonetheless. A lot of us are actually pretty knowledgeable, even if we chose a frustrating team to root for. ;-)

Good luck tomorrow!

2007-10-05 00:17:42
1243.   El Lay Dave
As a Dodger fan, minor DT commenter and LA native, I enjoyed my visit into Bronx Banter tonight. Heck, I didn't even get attacked for a mercy rule crack, which I figured Yankee fans were tough enough to take anyway (stereotype too, I know). I hung here until the end of the game, because I know you all love baseball, even if you are Yankee fans (that's a joke son).

As for DT rules, as I understand it, each Toaster blog owner gets to run his blog the way he wants. If Cliff or whoever set up specific rules he wanted, you'd follow them too. It's not like some committee formed them; it's just what the owner wants.

And believe you me, we find plenty of way to voice our displeasure when Roberto Hernandez hits the mound, or Ned Colletti signs a noodle-armed, weak-hitting CF to a 5-year $44 million deal, or Grady Little makes yet another tactical blunder.

As for Chip Caray, he sucks. A lot.

2007-10-05 00:46:42
1244.   Ken Arneson
For the record, although I'd prefer it if people didn't use foul language at all, each blog is free to set whatever rules they want. So my pan-Toaster rules are fairly loose. I use the same guideline about cursing that umpires do in arguments: the only truly forbidden word is "you".

In other words, there's a difference between shouting "f^©#!" and shouting "f^©# you!" That extra magic word is what will get you ejected.

2007-10-05 04:03:34
1245.   RIYank
Thanks, Ken. I think we all understand that.

And I guess we already knew that LA isn't the Bronx. Jeez, next thing they'll be complaining about the weather over here.

2007-10-05 07:20:14
1246.   weeping for brunnhilde
1200 Yeah, that was great.
2007-10-05 07:21:51
1247.   weeping for brunnhilde
1204 ha ha ah ahah ah a ha ha!!!

Ah, dear George Carlin.

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