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The Streak Is Over, Long Live The Streak (a.k.a. Squeeze Bunts Win Games)
2007-09-28 19:26
by Cliff Corcoran
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When playing out the string on the way to the playoffs, the last thing you want is to have a hapless team rally from a multi-run deficit against your closer to force extra innings, then go on to win. You want to coast in. Lose a low scoring game because you're resting your big bats. Lose a high scoring game because you gave a spot start to a rookie or a retread. Lose a blowout for both reasons, but you don't want to go extra innings, and you never want to see your closer melt down against a 90-loss team.

The game was never pretty last night. Neither starter pitched well and the Yankees, who had leads of 4-1 and 7-2, were clinging to a slim 7-6 lead after five, all of those runs being charged to Jon Leicester and Mike Mussina, respectively. The Yanks padded their lead to 9-6 against Victor Zambrano and Rob Bell while getting a scoreless inning of relief each from Ross Ohlendorf, Kyle Farnsworth, and Luis Vizcaino.

Then came the bottom of the ninth. With the crowd at Fenway Park, where the Red Sox had defeated the Twins 5-2 behind an outstanding outing by Daisuke Matsuzaka, watching on the scoreboard, Mariano Rivera took the mound with a three-run lead. Working the outside corner, Rivera fell behind 2-1 on Nick Markakis, then came inside, and Markakis fisted a looper into center for a lead-off single, bringing up a parade of right-handed hitters. Miguel Tejada followed by ripping a 1-0 pitch on the inside corner right to Alex Rodriguez, who was guarding the line at third, for the first out. Mo's 0-1 pitch to Kevin Millar sailed up and in and hit Millar on the hand to bring the tying run to the plate. Rivera and Jose Molina argued that the ball hit the knob of the bat and was therefore foul, but it made a dull thud when making contact, not a sharp crack, suggesting it caught Millar's bottom hand. Mo then got ahead 0-2 on Melvin Mora, who then fouled off the next two pitches.

Mo had been right around Molina's glove to that point in the inning, but his next pitch was in the dirt and the one after that was up around Mora's head. Mora flied out to right on Rivera's 15th pitch of the inning, and Ramon Hernandez took his 16th--which was supposed to be on the inside corner, but drifted back over the plate--for a strike, but Rivera's 17th pitch, which was supposed to be inside, drifted to the outside and Hernandez sliced it into right for a bases-loading single. Rivera's first pitch to Jay Payton sailed high. His second was on target on the outside corner and Payton fouled it off. His third sailed high again. As Jose Molina set up for the 2-1, he opened his glove right over the plate before shifting to the outside corner. Rivera, who looks down as he begins his wind up, first saw Molina's glove in it's original location and his pitch was not only right over the plate, but it drifted up and Payton, who had tripled off Mike Mussina in the second inning to set up the first Oriole run of the game, ripped the letter-high fastball down the middle past Bobby Abreu in right for a bases-clearing, game-tying triple. Rivera then got rookie Scott Moore, a lefty, to hit a broken bat grounder to first to end the inning.

Whenever Rivera's struggled this year, or really any year, it's been because he loses his location and his pitches start to float up over the plate. That's exactly what happened all the way back on April 15 when he blew his first save opportunity of the year against the A's and Marco Scutaro. From the way-back machine:

. . . then Rivera's location deserted him. The 1-1 pitch to Kendall was supposed to be low, but instead was up and inside for a ball. The 2-1 pitch was also supposed to be low, but floated up high for ball three. The same thing happened on the next pitch, but Rivera got a generous high-strike call to run the count full, much to the consternation of the Oakland bench. Rivera's next pitch also missed a couple feet high of Jorge Posada's target, but Jason Kendall fouled it off. Mo seemed to find his slot on his next to pitches, both down in the zone, but Kendall spoiled both by fouling them off. On the fourth 3-2 offering, Posada again called for a pitch down and in, but once again Rivera's delivery floated up high for a ball, putting the tying run on base and bringing Marco Scutaro to the plate as the winning run.

Scutaro had faced Rivera just twice before, walking once and striking out once. On this occasion, Rivera's first pitch to Scutaro is a low called strike. The next runs inside and Scutaro fouls it off to the third-base side, breaking his bat in the process. That puts the count at 0-2. Once again, Jorge Posada calls for a pitch down in the zone. Rivera kicks and delivers but the pitch that leaves his hand is a meatball right down the middle. It's as if he set it on a tee, and Scutaro doesn't miss it. What he does do is almost jump out of his shoes and thus swings a hair early, sending the ball soaring down the left field foul line. Rivera spins and leans back, willing the ball to go foul. Instead it clangs off the foul pole, giving the A's a 5-4 victory.

Derek Jeter led off the top of the tenth with a double against Chad Bradford, and moved to third on a grounder to first, but O's manager Dave Trembley met with Bradford on the mound and decided to intentionally walk Alex Rodriguez and Hideki Matsui to load the bases and set up the force at home. Bradford then got ahead of both Jose Molina and Jason Giambi 0-2, getting Molina hit a foul pop to first, and getting Giambi, who battled for four more pitches, to fly out to left.

With that, Joe Torre--who had pinch-run for Jeter in the top of the inning, and earlier subbed out Jorge Posada and Johnny Damon--pulled Abreu and Alex Rodriguez (who was 3 for 5 with a double, his 54th home run, and four RBIs, pushing his season total to 155), refusing to overextend his best hitters (or worse, risk an injury) for an meaningless extra-inning game.

Not that it mattered much. Edwar Ramirez gave up a one-out double to Tyke Redman on a slicing flare to shallow left (Redman, thinking it was a foul ball, almost didn't run). Edwar's first pitch to Nick Markakis, a good changeup in the zone with late movement, clanged off the thumb of Molina's glove and skipped between his legs to move Redman to third. In the confusion, the pitch was ruled a ball. Two more changeups sunk out of the zone for balls two and three, at which point, the Yankees put Markakis on intentionally. Torre then followed Trembley's lead by coming to the mound and deciding to intentionally walk Tejada to load the bases. Ramirez then struck out Kevin Millar on four pitches (fastball looking, fastball outside swinging, changeup in the dirt, fastball at the knee on the outside corner looking), but with two outs and the infield having moved back to regular depth, Melvin Mora laid down a perfect squeeze bunt that Wilson Betemit had to eat at third as Redman scampered home to give the Orioles a 10-9 victory.

And so the Yankees' nine-year run of AL East titles has come to an end, but their 13-year streak of postseason berths is alive and well. If nothing else, perhaps Joe Torre has been turned on to the merits of the squeeze bunt (even if Mora's bunt, like current teammate Ramon Hernandez's in Game One of the 2003 ALCS, wasn't technically a squeeze as both came with two outs and were therefore hits, not sacrifices). Now that they're locked in to the Wild Card, the Yankees are assured of an ALDS matchup with the Indians, who have clinched an overall record tie with the Angels and split the seasons series with the Angles (5-5), but win the secondary tie-breaker of having the better intra-division record (the Indians actually smoked all four of their AL Central foes, doing "worst" against the Royals at 9-6). From what I've heard, the Indians would prefer the series with the extra day off, while the Red Sox would prefer the series with fewer days off. So it looks like it'll be Chien-Ming Wang vs. C.C. Sabathia at Jacobs Field on Wednesday, but don't make any plans around that assumption just yet.

Hey, it could be worse, a lot worse. The Mets lost 7-4 to the Marlins, two of those Florida runs scoring in the third after David Wright, while straddling third base on a would-be 5-2-5 double play with one out and the bases loaded, both failed to step on the bag and missed the tag on the runner, allowing the inning to continue at which point Oliver Perez hit two batters to force in two runs. Meanwhile in Philadelphia, Cole Hamels struck out 13 as the Phillies beat the Nats to take a one-game lead in the NL East with just two to play. If the Mets lose and the Phils win again tomorrow, the Phillies will clinch the division. A division, incidentally, which had the Mets in first place for 135 days prior to last night's game.

Elsewhere, the Cubs clinched the Central, and the Diamondbacks clinched a playoff berth by eliminating the Rockies from the division race head-to-head. Today, the Padres can clinch a playoff berth with a win today or losses by both the Mets and Rockies, both of whom are two games back in the NL Wild Card race. The Rockies are the only surviving team that could win today and still be eliminated from the postseason.

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2007-09-28 21:45:45
1.   Mattpat11
Oh well
2007-09-28 21:48:31
2.   yankz
Moose, Mo, and Viz didn't pitch well today, and all three will most likely pitch in big spots next week. Not too encouraging.

Reason #238 seeing Mo suck sucks: The "Joba for closer" chants get louder.

2007-09-28 22:20:06
3.   nemecizer
At the end of the day we are in the playoffs again, and I like this team. It's ours to win. Let's just go win it. Moose, Mo and Viz will make adjustments, get rest, and it's better they have one bad day before the playoffs then after.

Also, taking a look at the pictures of the Sox party after winning the division, what the fuck is it with all the swimming goggles? What, those pussies don't want to get some Champagne in their eyes?

Red Sox = PUSSIES!!!!

Bring the Post-season. Bring it. BRING IT!!!!


2007-09-28 23:15:03
4.   BklynBmr
0 Well done as always from top to bottom, Cliff. Yeah, tonight was a setback on a few levels for sure. I'm just hoping it will serve as a wake up call that this team is not walkin' on air, and there is much work to be done. Monday's mail-in versus the Jays is still on my mind.

Ahhh, I remember that Oakland game well, too. Hate to see any reason for it to be recalled at this late date, but you're spot on with the pitch comparison. I'm trusting Mo to rebound in similar fashion.

OK, so nobody gets hoirt over the weekend, the rosters get set, and Godspeed to the Bombers from there on out...

2007-09-28 23:17:28
5.   ric

what pussies- victory really burns the eyes more than wildcard. ;)

2007-09-28 23:44:20
6.   BklynBmr
Notes and quotes (via Pete Abe) from the aftermath:

In terms of the Yankees tonight, not much to report. "I went in there to get some work and it wasn't good at all," Mariano Rivera said. "I missed a lot of pitches."

None of the Yankees seemed remotely distressed that they didn't win the division.

"Honestly we haven't thought much about it any more," Mike Mussina said. "We climbed back from obscurity. We were written off; we were firing everybody; we were releasing everybody; we were finished according to everybody and we're in the playoffs. The wild card team makes it to the World Series a lot it seems like. Everybody's even, everybody's 0-0 when we start up again next week."

2007-09-29 01:00:18
7.   dougj1
If this club wins the WS with this pitching staff, it will be one of the great achievements I've ever seen. Now that I think about it, if they win the AL pennant that will be close.
2007-09-29 03:37:09
8.   rufuswashere
7 I couldn't agree more. That they are in the playoffs at all is one of the great miracles of my Yankee fan-dom life (which started in 1966, ugh, what a year to start being a Yankee fan).

This team has a 1995 feel to it, doesn't it? The great second half. Grabbing the wildcard against all odds. The shallow and inconsistent bullpen/pitching staff. Let's hope they get luckier in the playoffs than that 1995 team, I had trouble sleeping for a week after they lost to Seattle.

2007-09-29 06:26:08
9.   Alex Belth
Amazing, but 155 RBI is only good for a tie of 10th place on the single season Yankee list.

Man, it's just hard to believe--not to mention hard to watch--what is happening to the Mets over at Shea...

2007-09-29 07:27:24
10.   markp
in re 155 being only 10th: thw Ruth/Gehrig Yankees played in baseball's biggest (by far) offensive eras. In 1931 they scored 1,067 runs and were well over 900 runs almost routinely for about 20 years (1920-39). There are quite a few huge RBI totals in MLB in that era (Greenberg had seasons of 183 and 170, Foxx had 175, 169, and 163 RBI years.
Gehrig had 5 of those ten, but he was a top five all-time player hitting behind Babe Ruth. Abreu's a pretty good hitter, but Ruth got on base .474% of the time in his career.
2007-09-29 09:27:16
11.   nemecizer
9 Oh, I don't know. I have been badly beaten up by some friends who are Mets fans over the last couple of years. They beat me up about 2004 choke, and every season (when the Yankees start badly) they beat me up about our "third-place team". Feels kinda good to watch them fall apart. I wish it were the Red Sox, though, but Mets is second best.


2007-09-29 10:00:05
12.   Mattpat11
So anyone watching the trainwreck at Shea? Its starting now.
2007-09-29 10:08:17
13.   Mattpat11
Tom Glavine is wearing a hardhat and yelling at the viewing audience.
2007-09-29 10:23:00
14.   Mattpat11
Chris Seddon made an ill advised choice with his hair. Either keep it short or grow it out all the way. He looks like a soccer mom with long hair cut at ear level.
2007-09-29 10:25:58
15.   Mattpat11
2-0 Mets so far
2007-09-29 10:27:11
16.   OldYanksFan
I don't know why, but Fox is NOT televising the Mets game. You would think just about every Mets fan and every Phillies fan would be watching.

I always knew Fox sucked, but it seems like they are pretty stupid too.

2007-09-29 10:37:59
17.   williamnyy23
As most can atest, I am not the most optimistic fella here, but I can't find anything worrisome to take way from last night's game. Once they clinched, it became obvious that the Yankees no longer cared about the outcome of the final four games. Something tells me Mo entered the game last night with far less intensity than normal, so I wouldn't consider the outcome a cause for concern.
2007-09-29 10:42:25
18.   Mattpat11
What in the name of all that is good and holy is "The President of the Red Sox Nation?"
2007-09-29 11:00:10
19.   Gagne55
12 Trainwreck at Shea? the Mets are leading 5-0.
2007-09-29 11:02:50
20.   Chyll Will
18 Isiah Thomas's next job or James Dolan's birthright...
2007-09-29 11:03:36
21.   Chyll Will
19 Unfortunately, it's still early...
2007-09-29 11:11:33
22.   Chyll Will
Okay, who still thinks Reyes is better than Jeter?
2007-09-29 11:20:17
23.   Chyll Will
I dunno, if Willie wants to make a statement about how serious their situation is, he'd sit Reyes ASAP.

You're a huge star in your franchise and the team is trying to survive a massive collapse, your team strings together some great at bats and builds a big lead knowing that you've blown big leads recently... and you don't even run after batting a ball into play, in which you would have been safe if you did run???

Sitcherass down, you're part of the problem, kid. Let the winners play.

2007-09-29 11:23:57
24.   Chyll Will
Right. I'm talking to myself. Okay, but I hope someone understands what I'm talking about. Makes you appreciate Derek a little more if you ask me. None of that needs to happen here.
2007-09-29 11:29:00
25.   Chyll Will
One more thing: C.B. Bucknor is a clown. No PS for you!
2007-09-29 11:31:00
26.   Chyll Will
(I hope you haven't gone blind at this point)
2007-09-29 11:32:01
27.   NJYankee41
24 I agree with you. I would include A-Rod as well. He makes a kagillion dollars but he runs everything out and plays hard everyday. Reyes has always struck me as the ultimate primadonna. That whole attitude of "its cool as long as I look good."
2007-09-29 11:48:16
28.   yankz
27 After reading about Arod's offseason, he quickly became one of my heroes. The dude could loaf around and still hit .290/35/100 and collect that fat paycheck, but he worked his ass off because he wanted to be the best. Amazing.

Also, Jose Reyes since May 1: .270/.342/.395 (.737 OPS). Season OPS+ = 107.

Derek Jeter at age 24: .324/.384/.481; OPS+ = 126.

Derek Jeter this year, age 33: .322/.387/.448; OPS+ = 125.

Offensively, it's not even close, and I'm beginning to wonder if it ever will be.

2007-09-29 11:56:04
29.   Chyll Will
Uh-oh!!! Mets Gone Wild!!! ('sbout time...)
2007-09-29 12:00:22
30.   Chyll Will
I was just saying right before it happened, "Reyes' head is not in the game". He owes Sandy Alomar big time...
2007-09-29 12:10:25
31.   Mattpat11
Jose Reyes is a punk. He instigates a fight and then hides behind 63 year old Sandy Alomar
2007-09-29 12:56:54
32.   Chyll Will
John Maine: 1 H, 2BB, 14 K in 7-2/3. Left after 35' infield hit by backup catcher with two out in the eighth. Met's going at it for a change. If the Phillies lose tonight, tomorrow's a can't-miss game either way you root.
2007-09-29 14:36:46
33.   JL25and3
32 Heck, it's a can't-miss game even if you have no rooting interest. It's about as good as baseball gets.
2007-09-29 15:16:29
34.   Eirias
McCarver is stunned that leadoff homers lead to more multi-run innings than leadoff walks. Wow. Who would have thought that a guaranteed run would make it easily to score more than one run in an inning?
2007-09-29 16:02:08
35.   rbj
Aw crud. It's the MASN feed.
2007-09-29 16:14:41
36.   rbj
Man. Jason. Cannot. Run.
2007-09-29 16:17:07
37.   RIYank
36 But... but... he's been taking lessons from Posada! I think it's paying off.
2007-09-29 16:17:47
38.   randym77
Someone please tell Giambi he can't run.
2007-09-29 16:18:59
39.   RIYank
34 Well, it doesn't, does it?

The difference between the lead-off walk and the lead-off homer is (a) the former could lead to a DP, and (b) a lead-off homer is evidence that the pitcher is hurting.

2007-09-29 16:24:00
40.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
38 Giambi is just not a very good baseball player. Can`t run, field or throw...his OBP alone worth 20 million??
2007-09-29 16:30:24
41.   rbj
40 I could defend the original Moose signing, even though that's about when the grumbling about the Yankees "buying a title" started. I couldn't really argue too much about signing Jason. He's a very good OBP guy, but that's when the Yankees got away from the 1998 type teams.
2007-09-29 16:31:00
42.   Mattpat11
San Diego loses.
2007-09-29 16:31:32
43.   Mattpat11
41 98 type teams?
2007-09-29 16:32:53
44.   randym77
I wouldn't mind that Giambi is slower than molasses...if he KNEW he was slower than molasses. He seems to think he's Brian Roberts or something. He keeps trying, and keeps getting thrown out.
2007-09-29 17:01:23
45.   OldYanksFan
Look... after Giambi hit that shot, he thought..'double... double... double'.
Problem was, he forget it was HIM that was running.

In any event, this is getting ugly fast.
I actually wish ARod was playing just to see him pile on some RBIs and maybe another HR.

2007-09-29 17:01:26
46.   yankz
We shouldn't care about the SP sucking, right?
2007-09-29 17:06:06
47.   randym77
It's not exactly encouraging, that Mo struggled so much yesterday and Andy's doing the same today.

But they're probably in "last day of school" mode. Hopefully it will be different in the postseason.

2007-09-29 17:19:45
48.   OldYanksFan
Wow... pretty good comeback, eh?
2007-09-29 17:23:24
49.   randym77
Nice, but I think it was more that Cabrera really sucks than that the Yankees were that good.

Makes the game more fun to watch for sure, but doesn't make me more confident about the post-season.

2007-09-29 17:26:12
50.   BklynBmr
Wow. Just ran out to the store at 6-1. This is a pleasant surprise...
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2007-09-29 17:28:19
51.   OldYanksFan
According to Pete, visavi the PS SP:
That leaves four players for two spots:
"Ross Ohlendorf, Ron Villone, Edwar Ramirez and Jose Veras."

I can't see Edwar making it. He can be dominating, but too volitile. I think Ross makes it. Veras has better stuff the nVillone, but he is a bit wild and Villone is the Vet. My guess is: Ohlendorf and Ron Villone. However, Torre using Veras more lately wonders if stuff will beat BFOG.

And an 8 run inning.

2007-09-29 17:29:30
52.   randym77
Victor Santos is an Oriole now?
2007-09-29 17:33:03
53.   OldYanksFan
No way that last pitch to Shelly is a strike.
2007-09-29 17:33:29
54.   OldYanksFan
2007-09-29 17:33:56
55.   BklynBmr
7 HRs in 71 ABs for Duncan? That's Ruthian!
2007-09-29 17:35:09
56.   Chyll Will
Duncanstein does the cakewalk! Watch those arms, guys...

Jeter is instructing him on something and seems very intent on him understanding.

2007-09-29 17:37:09
57.   Chyll Will
A-Rod cheerleading? Schweeet. Sounding board for Shelly? Priceless...
2007-09-29 17:38:37
58.   Chyll Will
(where the heck is everybody?)
2007-09-29 17:39:59
59.   randym77
I guess everyone else has better things to do on a Saturday night.

Kinda surprised they're leaving Andy in there.

2007-09-29 17:44:46
60.   RIYank
Just checking in.

Whoa. Double digit inning, without A-Rod.

My brother is at the game tonight. I was feeling sorry for him, but now I'm confident he's enjoying things.

2007-09-29 17:44:47
61.   yankz

Giambi only has 8 doubles on the year.

2007-09-29 17:44:52
62.   rbj
I'm back. Had to do some things when the score was 4-1. Wow. Ten run inning. Think Leo Mazzone wants out of Bal'more?
2007-09-29 17:45:43
63.   BklynBmr
58 Yeah, what are we the scrubs tonight? Just warm bodies holdin' down the Banter for the really important games?

59 The things in life better than New York Yankees baseball can be counted on one hand...

2007-09-29 17:47:49
64.   Chyll Will
59 Naw, it couldn't be that...

Yikes, 11-6? I'm watching toons, bredren. >;)

2007-09-29 17:49:26
65.   randym77
The Orioles' pen is really, really awful. Victor Santos was sent down from the Reds, and they have a truly awful pen. Picking up Reds relief pitching rejects is a sign of desperation.
2007-09-29 17:57:24
66.   BklynBmr
This is going to end up outscoring the next Jints-Ravens game...
2007-09-29 18:00:28
67.   rbj
Wow. Um, I better go away again, Yankees seem to be doing better when I'm not watching.
2007-09-29 18:04:35
68.   yankz
7 years ago today, Andy gave up 9 ER in 1.1 IP.

Then he went 2-0, 3.97 in the ALDS, 1-0, 2.70 in the ALCS, 2-0, 1.98 in the WS.

2007-09-29 18:11:11
69.   alterity
68 your ideas intrigue me and i wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
2007-09-29 18:18:55
70.   OldYanksFan
55 Speaking of Ruthian, who knows who has the BEST AB/HR ratio (no looking it up)?
2007-09-29 18:21:51
71.   RIYank
2007-09-29 18:22:20
72.   yankz
70 McGwire?

69 Yeah yeah, give me a little space, I'm on it, yeesh.

63 Do booze and women count? See ya!

2007-09-29 18:22:39
73.   RIYank
Bizarro Pettitte, meet Bizarro Edwar.
2007-09-29 18:23:15
74.   alterity
70 kevin maas?
2007-09-29 18:23:38
75.   alterity
70 karim garcia!
2007-09-29 18:25:34
76.   OldYanksFan
70 No one thinks it's Ruth?
2007-09-29 18:27:41
77.   RIYank
76 Too obvious?
2007-09-29 18:27:56
78.   docthomp
Long Live The Streak! Keep in mind where we were at All Star break. Give me Joba as a set up man for Mo and I think we can go all the way. I'll be at the first home game in the post season with my new In Joba We Trust tee I got at Modell's today, drinking beers and watching the Indian's crumble.

Makin' it 27!

2007-09-29 18:36:58
79.   OldYanksFan
70 The envelope please.
(puts envelope to forehead)
And the answer is:
Only if you includes players that did steroids.
The question is: Did McGwire really have the best AB/HR ratio
2007-09-29 18:46:06
80.   randym77
Indians have tied it up.
2007-09-29 18:47:00
81.   OldYanksFan
No feedback at all on 51 ?
I don't know why Pete even writes this shit.
2007-09-29 18:51:56
82.   RIYank
Very efficient.
One pitch pop-out. One pitch homer.
2007-09-29 18:52:14
83.   randym77
Villone not helping his cause.
2007-09-29 18:58:48
84.   docthomp
BTW indians leave the bases loaded still 3-3
2007-09-29 19:03:47
85.   RIYank
If Veras gets them 1-2-3, he makes the ps roster.
2007-09-29 19:04:54
86.   RIYank
If he walks Roberts, he should be strangled.
2007-09-29 19:05:17
87.   OldYanksFan
Where did Veras come from? Not from our farm, was he?
2007-09-29 19:05:25
88.   Chyll Will
81 What, Giambi in at second? It happens.

I'm banking on Ross and Veras. Of the Triple Threats, of which Ross is not a member, Veras has the most upside... well, technically it does qualify as upside...

2007-09-29 19:05:50
89.   RIYank
2007-09-29 19:06:06
90.   Bob B
Off topic, Does anyone know what happens if the Phillies, Mets and Rockies win tomorrow and San Diego loses? They would all have the same record.
2007-09-29 19:06:41
91.   BklynBmr
86 You are too kind...
2007-09-29 19:07:02
92.   Schteeve
88 Veras from what I've seen is awful.
2007-09-29 19:09:20
93.   BklynBmr
90 I do know that the Phils and Mutts would have a one game playoff for the NL East crown on Monday (in Philly). Not sure about wild card ramifications after that..
2007-09-29 19:09:32
94.   OldYanksFan
85 Or... he can assure himself he'll be watching the PS on TV.
2007-09-29 19:11:28
95.   Schteeve
if they tie it up, we should give them a run. Going to extras tonight is all good for nobody.
2007-09-29 19:14:29
96.   RIYank
95 Torre could call the outfield in to 160 feet. Cut off the run, or if the ball goes over their heads, just head for the dugout.
2007-09-29 19:16:06
97.   RIYank
Veras shows some stones. (Good call by Molina, too.)
2007-09-29 19:16:31
98.   Chyll Will
92 That last pitch wasn't bad. Still, I did say he has the best upside of the three, even if that means they're all crappy >;)
2007-09-29 19:17:08
99.   Schteeve
96 Then again, Veras could get out of it.
2007-09-29 19:19:41
100.   OldYanksFan
Veras walked the leadoff guy. Torre can forgive a HR, but not a walk. And I don't blame him. I rather THEY beat us then we beat ourselves.

There is no greater sin to Torre then walking the leadoff guy.

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2007-09-29 19:20:09
101.   Chyll Will
Why does this have to be so difficult? Somebody needs to be smacked when you score 11 runs and you're on the edge at the last at-bat.
2007-09-29 19:21:52
102.   OldYanksFan
Henn starts tomorrow. We will probably see Villone, Veras and maybe Edwar again. Maybe even Bruney... but I think he's out of the running.

And what about Britton? Not even under consideration?

2007-09-29 19:22:20
103.   ihrtstrayrod
Did Michael Kay just suggest that Andy Pettite is player of the game?
2007-09-29 19:23:25
104.   RIYank
100 That's true, good Torreology.

But, don't forget, Joe likes guys to be able to pitch their way out of trouble, too. It ups your BFOG+.

2007-09-29 19:24:31
105.   RIYank
102 Britton pitches tomorrow for sure.
2007-09-29 19:28:04
106.   RIYank
At the risk of the dreaded three-in-a-row, I'll hazard another:
Three rbi for Cano tomorrow and one for Abreu?
2007-09-29 19:39:43
107.   rbj
An ugly win, but a win.
2007-09-29 19:42:59
108.   BklynBmr
106 A 3-run dinger would look nice on Robby's baseball card next year: 20 HRs / 100 RBI

I would also expect a pinch hit appearance by Abreu, just because...

105 Hell, Sardinha could be on the mound tomorrow at some point, and hopefully we are 16 runs up, not down, at that point ;-)

2007-09-29 19:48:15
109.   RIYank
Rob's not playing tomorrow, just announced. So no round numbers for him.

Posada will manage; Moose will be the pitching coach.

2007-09-29 20:13:37
110.   BklynBmr
109 Ahh, forgot about the annual Game 162 hijinks. Oh, well. Duncan should be the 'hitting' coach, too...
2007-09-29 20:16:41
111.   BklynBmr
From PeteA:

The Red Sox chose the eight-day series, meaning the Yankees will open their series against Cleveland on Thursday at Jacobs Field.

The schedule (times TBA)

Thursday, Oct. 4: Game One at Cleveland
Friday, Oct. 5: Game Two at Cleveland
Sunday Oct. 7: Game Three at New York
Monday Oct. 8: Game Four at New York (if necessary)
Wednesday Oct. 10: Game Five at Cleveland (if necessary)

This means that Mike Mussina or Phil Hughes would start Game 4 if needed and Chien-Ming Wang could come back for Game 5.

2007-09-29 20:50:03
112.   OldYanksFan
I would say, all things considered, we have gotten as good a PS deal as was possible.
If the Sox series goes 5, they will start the ALDS with their #1 and #2 last in line.
Meanwhile, our #4, Hughes, matches up with Clevelands #4 better then having our #2s go again... yes?
2007-09-29 21:03:57
113.   BklynBmr
112 Let's say we're either up 2-1 or down 1-2 coming into Game 4. Do you start Hughes or go to Wanger on three days rest?
2007-09-29 21:08:15
114.   OldYanksFan
If we are up, definitely Hughes. It's their #4 also. I think we go with Hughes in either case, because we see C.C. in #5, and we will need our best to keep it close. Plus, if we go with Wang, then in #5, Pettitte has less then optimal rest.

I think it also depends on if Joba and Mo are available, and for how many innings.

2007-09-29 21:56:18
115.   BklynBmr
114 Makes sense. And damn, it's all about pitching now. All four teams left standing in the AL can flat out rake. Who can stop them is the question.

Thursday is an eternity from now. I'm already bouncing off the walls. Spoke to a friend tonight about the schedule, who said, "Forget it. Read a book, watch some films, take a break from baseball."

The only response I could think of was "F---------ck you"...

2007-09-30 06:43:08
116.   OldYanksFan
MLB is fu*ked! They give us this crappy best 3 of 5 series because making it 4 of 7 would make the season too long. Meanwhile, they add a NOT needed extra day off and have 2 off days before the PS starts.

If team 'A' has 5 -#2 starters, they have a much better team then team'B', with 2 aces and 3 -#5 types. Yet now team 'B' has a distinct advantage. Not only is the PS about having 4 starters (instead of 5), but the Boston/Angels series is now about having 3 starters.

Lets say Boston and NY make it to the ALCS.
Does Boston have the option of the 'extra' day off in this series also? If so, in a 7 game series, is it 1 extra day, or 2?
I have seen very little written about this 'extra day' and how it works. Anyone have a link?

2007-09-30 09:28:04
117.   Chyll Will
116 "Seventeen!" (scribbling furiously on a piece of paper...)

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