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Yankee Panky # 25: And Then There Were Two
2007-09-27 09:08
by Will Weiss
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Some quick hits as we prep for the home stretch and hope like hell the Yankees don’t have to deal with Vlad Guerrero, Chone Figgins, Garret Anderson, Howie Kendrick and Orlando Cabrera, at least not yet:

  • The Yankees will be making their 13th straight October appearance. Never mind that they’d have clinched earlier had Joe Torre not mismanaged the bullpen Tuesday night at the Trop (more on that below.)

(It’d be 14 straight had it not been for the ’94 Strike, and Donnie Baseball would have a World Series ring following a five-game dispatch of the Expos. Tony Gwynn would have hit .400, too, but now I’m in Tangentville.)

For all the Yankee haters who relished at the thought of a regular-season failure, and Met fans who currently have no comeback for the line, “Well, at least we know we’re playing in October,” let’s reminisce, shall we? July 2007: 1050 ESPN Radio jock Don LaGreca’s sardonic soliloquy to fans on the last weekend of play before the All-Star break, where he said the Yankees would be interesting and would win games but it wouldn’t be enough. They had too many games to make up. Too many teams to hurdle. I’ll admit, the rant was pretty funny. Anyone else want to join me in submitting recipes for crow?

If any of you reading this happened to tune in to that particular segment of the Saturday show, what made LaGreca’s bit even funnier were the “Ta-dow, how you like me now?” calls from Met fans thinking their team had finally assumed the spotlight. Nope. This is still a Yankees town.

That fact is evident in the way the breadth of coverage the teams have shared lately (except in Newsday, where Mets stories have outnumbered Yankees stories due to a heavy Mets fan base on Long Island). The presentation has been mostly doom-and-gloom for the Queens franchise that borrowed elements from the three previously existing New York baseball teams so it’ll forever have an identity crisis. (It’s never good when the New York Times dedicates includes the Mets’ current nosedive in a special Metro Section bulletin featuring “Greatest New York Collapses.”) Yankees depictions have been mixed, depending on game results. I’ve found for the most part that the articles have reflected the mood of the players who made the news.

As far as how the Mets’ and Yankees’ playoff standings were portrayed, the point was accurately made that the Yankees have a failsafe. It’s a longshot, but the possibility remains that the Yankees can win the division. They’d try to win their remaining four games regardless, but if they don’t tie or pass the Sox it’s not the end of the world because they already have the wild-card locked up. The Mets, meanwhile, have continued to stumble like Maggie Simpson, and are approaching a certain creek and losing paddle supplies. In a week’s time, Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins’ “we’re the team to beat quote” from spring training has gone from “are you kidding?” to “he might be right” status. 

  • Comparisons to the 1978 and 2005 Yankee seasons have been made both in this space and throughout the “traditional” media outlets for much of the past 12 weeks. Clearly, there are parallels. The parallel will truly come to fruition if the Yankees and Red Sox end up tied following Sunday’s action.
  • Did anyone else catch Michael Kay go Moose hunting Tuesday on his radio show?

    The short version: Mike Mussina’s comments that the Joba Rules should be done away with (there’s a case for it, sure), and that he deserves a postseason start based on his last three starts and his experience level set Kay into a frenzy. Mussina’s quote on the topic was that it would be “ridiculous” for him not to start. Kay railed back on the air saying it would be ridiculous for Torre to slot him in at all.

    Here’s the catch: If William R. Clemens and his pro-rated $28 million hamstrings aren’t healthy, Torre’s alternatives will be slim.

    To me, the rant sounds like it had personal overtones. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. Even if Kay is right -- that Mussina’s experience does not entitle him to a postseason start -- is that a reason to let whatever hostilities may exist between the two of them spill into his diatribe? Such incidents lead to “I wonder if they hate each other” banter on discussion boards like this.

    So my question to you, the reader, is this: If you were a commentator and were forced to cover and discuss a player you may dislike – for whatever reason -- how would you present your opinion in a situation where said player issues a comment that touches a nerve with you? Me, I wouldn’t avoid the issue, but I would try to argue for or against it using hard data and try to maintain an even temper. At the very least, I’d invite the player on my show to interview him and get his side. If the situation escalates from there, so be it.
  • To my first bullet point…I’ve posed the question at various times throughout the season – most recently with the Joba Rules – about Joe Torre plugging certain relievers into situations to either hold big leads or keep the Yankees in a game, and pulling the wrong string. Tuesday night’s mess was a perfect example. Blowing a five-run lead in one inning and allowing the Devil Rays to score five runs with two outs is unacceptable, especially when you want to clinch a playoff spot and keep the division title within reach.

    I turned on the game in the bottom of the 6th (had to watch House first), when the Rays had runners on first and third and Edwar Ramirez on the mound protecting a 5-1 lead. When Torre called on Brian Bruney to replace Ramirez, I said to my wife, “This game will be 5-5 in about five minutes.” I flipped channels and when I returned to YES, it was 6-5 Rays.

    The move that really irked me, though, was summoning Jeff Karstens to pitch the 10th inning. I understand the philosophy of calling on a guy who can potentially eat innings at that stage of the game. But you need to bring in someone who has shown he can get batters out. Karstens hasn’t done that at all, at least, not since his return from a broken leg. Karstens’ H/IP ratio at the time of his Tampa appearance was almost 2-to-1, and his ERA was 10.43. Moreover, pitching in a similar situation Saturday, had it not been for Melky Cabrera, Robinson Cano, and an assist from the pitcher’s mound, Karstens may have cost the Yankees a victory. All Kay and Al Leiter could say of the move when reciting Karstens’ stats was, ‘The numbers aren’t good, but he’s had a long run of bad luck.” That may be true, but at this point, as a fan, I don’t want to hear a “sprinkles on poop” rationalization of a bad move.

    Johnny Damon told reporters following Tuesday’s loss that Torre is “trying to find the guys he’s going to use” in pressure middle relief spots in the postseason. I was surprised at the lack of commentary on that point. Winning games trumps second chances. Play the people who give you the best chance to win. Period.

Torre didn’t have to massage anyone’s ego last night, as the Yankees broke the game open in the middle innings and Chien-Ming Wang was on the mound. His only real decision, predictably, was to give Mariano Rivera some work. He pitched the ninth to nail down the eight-run, berth-clinching win.

Aside from Rivera, Joba, and maybe Vizcaino and “I’m good if I can pitch from the windup” Farnsworth, there simply isn’t anyone who can consistently get outs. If Torre doesn’t know how he’s going to use his guys by now, the Yankees will not win.

Next week … awards and a playoff coverage survey.

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2007-09-27 09:20:52
1.   rilkefan
"Play the people who give you the best chance to win. Period."

Posada should start every game. If we don't win the division we should refuse to take the WC.

2007-09-27 09:22:06
2.   rbj
"Johnny Damon told reporters following Tuesday's loss that Torre is "trying to find the guys he's going to use" in pressure middle relief spots in the postseason. I was surprised at the lack of commentary on that point. Winning games trumps second chances. Play the people who give you the best chance to win. Period."

Unless Torre plans on using just Mo & Joba he does need to see how relievers work in certain situations. Yankees were all but guaranteed the WC at that spot anyhow, as the magic number was 1.

AS for crow, it goes well with a nice chianti and fava beans.

2007-09-27 09:30:19
3.   Bob Timmermann
If Cleveland wins in Seattle tonight, the Yankees will almost assuredly miss the Angels in ALDS. Cleveland holds the tiebreaker edge over the Angels and would be no worse than #2 in the league.

Unless the Yankees won the division, then it gets a little more complicated.

2007-09-27 09:44:11
4.   NJYankee41
Michael Kay hates Mussina. He admits that they have their differences, but its obvious he hates him. After last season Kay's irrational disdain for Mussina was at its peak when he faught hard with arguments that Randy Johnson had a better year simply because he had more wins than Mussina. He was unable to come up with anything other than wins are important and Randy pitched to the score better. It was pathetic and thats when Kay cemented my view of him as a two-faced shmuck.

Does anyone even know the reason for Kay's hatred of Moose?

2007-09-27 09:52:25
5.   bp1
I heard Kay's rant toward Moose. I actually agreed w/ Moose's comments re: Joba (paraphrasing) "we need him" and "when you're in the playoffs, you are ready to play every day". Those are sentiments I would expect from players on the team. Joba is a guy who has proven he can get outs, and be the bridge to Mo. What Moose said is what we all said.

I believe Kay uses things like that just to drive conversation on his show and to get callers excited. I understand that, so I don't blame him. I'm sure half the guys on radio say things they don't actually believe just to generate discussion. Yeah - MK has a beef w/ Moose, but I don't think that was the reason he went off as much as that Joba is news and talking about "the rules" will generate phone calls.

Go Moose.

2007-09-27 09:52:46
6.   RichB
0 Hey, on any other day, I'd be first in line to criticize Torre about bullpen management. But, in this situation, I think we have to give him a break. With a magic number of 1 and 5 games left after Tuesday's game, it makes sense to start auditions for the post-season. The question that should be on Torre's mind now is not "how do I use these guys" but "who do I take for my 10th & 11th pitcher in case I am forced to use them"? The answer he should have gotten on Tuesday was "not Karstens" and "maybe not Edwar or Bruney". All of those guys can reasonably be put in the question mark category. Karstens is still not right after coming back from the injury, but one assumes they've been working with him to get him straight. Edwar is young and Bruney has been so inconsistent and one assumes that they're trying to straighten out both of those guys too.
2007-09-27 10:03:50
7.   Shaun P
6 Auditioning is fine, but why not audition Britton - the guy who has sustained ML success in pressure situations, having pitched the 8th inning for Baltimore last year - instead of Bruney, who's control is awful. And instead of Karstens, who's waaayyyyy down the list on "possible middle relievers", why not throw Ohlendorf out there?

Trying to get Edwar going is fine with me, as the kid is (outside of Mo and Joba) more likely to strike batters out than anyone else in the pen. Unless Hughes goes into the pen.

2007-09-27 10:14:02
8.   RichB
7 Britton got the last out of the 7th in that game, so he was put out there. And Ohlendorf pitched the night before (and pitched a perfect inning).
2007-09-27 10:23:32
9.   Shaun P
8 That's what I get for not paying much attention. Sounds like Torre did the best he could, without using VizJoMo - except he went to Britton too late. I humbly withdraw my criticism.

Will, the trick IMHO to covering a guy you personally dislike who says something that strikes a nerve is to take a big deep breath, and remind yourself that even a semi-public confrontation is NOT a good thing (whatever ratings might say about shock stuff). It destroys your credibility in terms of being able to at least claim to be objective.

2007-09-27 10:23:50
10.   Kered Retej
0 I m assuming that "Mo" should be substituted for "Torre" in the first sentence of the last paragraph.
2007-09-27 10:24:41
11.   ChrisS
The bullpen frightens me to no end. I like Edwar and his lack of success makes me wonder how someone can be so dominant at AAA and be so hittable at the ML level. His fastball must have zero movement on it.
2007-09-27 10:31:07
12.   ChrisS
It seems kind of weird that no team will reach 100 wins this year.

But then I looked at the seasonal win totals for each league and found out that it's not all that uncommon.

2007-09-27 10:42:25
13.   Mattpat11
Will, you idiot.

"Innings eaters" don't have to actually be capable of getting anyone out.

They just need to be the worst pitchers on the team who can "give breaks to" the good relievers while creating situations that necessitate the use of the good relievers.

Or so I'm told.

2007-09-27 10:50:28
14.   weeping for brunnhilde
And btw, Shaun (non-sequitur alert), perhaps Sloth says "Hey you guys" in Goonies, but I swear to God, that battle cry "Heyyyyy yoooouuuuuuu guuuuuuuyyyyyyyyssssss!" comes from PBS, I'm nearly certain from the beginning of the Electric Company.

Surely someone can confirm that this is correct and that I'm not on drugs.


2007-09-27 11:07:51
15.   Chyll Will
14 I couldn't resist, especially since I might be a set PA on a pilot episode of the new version of this show very soon XD

The call originated from Rita Moreno as the introduction to "The Electric Company" in the early seventies; in fact she began doing that the second season. From what I understand, it kinda started as a running joke during the first season as all the actors were kinda crazy. Lots and lots of people have imitated it since, including The Goonies. The DVD of the original series has lots of insights, but you'll get much the same from Wikipedia... hey, I remember we talked about this at length before! If anyone remembers that particular thread, you're a genius... >;)

2007-09-27 11:09:48
16.   Will Weiss
14 You and Shaun P are both correct. The "Hey you guys ..." is from The Electric Company, which Sloth used as the battle cry to get One-Eyed Willie's loot in "The Goonies." Long live Chester Copperpot.
2007-09-27 11:12:43
17.   JeremyM
Here's a link to one intro of the show:

There's no "hey you guys" but there is a young Morgan Freeman. Not as funny as "Larry" Fishburne as Cowboy Curtis on the Pee-Wee Herman Playhouse show, but still funny.

2007-09-27 11:17:53
18.   weeping for brunnhilde
15 16 Cheers!
2007-09-27 11:33:35
19.   weeping for brunnhilde
17 :)

That was heartwarming, thanks, Jeremy.

2007-09-27 11:34:33
20.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, and good luck getting the gig, Will!
2007-09-27 11:34:36
21.   Bama Yankee
Here's the opening with the "Hey you guys":

Man, I loved that show when I was a kid.

2007-09-27 11:36:23
22.   JeremyM For those interested, there's Cowboy Curtis, in action.
2007-09-27 11:37:54
23.   rbj
Gosh, haven't thought of The Electric Company in years. Decades even. Nice.
2007-09-27 11:39:02
24.   JeremyM
21 Holy sh-t, that's awesome! My fiance loves Goonies (as do I and all properly raised kids from the 80s), but Electric Company was before our time. She's going to love that.
2007-09-27 11:46:02
25.   Chyll Will
20 Thanks; the producer called me about it and said, "You've heard of The Electric Company?" Heh-heh; Okay don't let me tell you my life story, I said >;)
2007-09-27 11:47:42
26.   Bama Yankee
For those of you who also remember watching Sesame Street as a kid:
"The Bronx Banter has been brought to you today by the letters N & Y and by the number 27"
2007-09-27 11:48:05
27.   Chyll Will
24 I'll bet you liked "The New Zoo Revue", but please don't tell me you liked "The Smurfs"...
2007-09-27 11:55:28
28.   Alex Belth
Yo, I LOVED the Electric Company. And Morgan Freeman was the MAN as Easy Reader. Loved that dude. Mostly, I loved them because they had Spidey. (Remember the Letter Man animated bit, with Joan Rivers narrating?) Know who one of the creators and head writers of the show was? Character actor Paul Dooley.
2007-09-27 11:58:34
29.   Sliced Bread
I was only about 6 years old when The Electric Co. started, but had already acquired a taste for more "mature" fare: Bugs, Popeye, Rascals, Munsters etc. Educational PBS kid shows were already in my rear-view mirror.
Oh, the stuff a first-grader could learn watching "F-Troop" and "Get Smart."

What's a Goonie? Seriously, I have to look that up.

2007-09-27 12:01:00
30.   pistolpete
27 The Smurfs had its moments - the 'Is it much further now, Papa Smurf?' gag comes to mind.

Vanity Smurf had to be one of TV's earliest gay characters...

2007-09-27 12:06:23
31.   Chyll Will
30 Snagglepuss had him beat by a good 20-30 years...

28 The voice of Letter Man? Gene Wilder.

26 Yunnow you can do the Harlem Shake to that funky groove Sesame Street used to close out to with the production credits. I wonder if Thelarmis could do the drum beat on that number...

2007-09-27 12:08:58
32.   RIYank
Leftover from last thread:

Weeping, yes, I did see the Mientkiewicz interview and actually it was because of that that I thought of Andy P. Mientkiewicz seems like a pretty cool guy. I liked his point about his knowing how other teams look at the Yankees in mid-summer and how the vision seems to change in late September.

2007-09-27 12:09:11
33.   Bama Yankee
15 Hey Chyll, is this the thread you were talking about:

(also, as weeping said, good luck on the new job)

Not sure if you got to see my latest creation that I posted in the last thread:

2007-09-27 12:09:58
34.   RIYank
I'm actually too old for Electric Company. My little sister watched it, so I know what it is, but I was a sophisticated 8 year old at the time and wouldn't deign to watch.
2007-09-27 12:15:51
35.   Chyll Will
33 Sheer genius on both counts >;)

(I still never got an answer to my question about the that cocaine-laced Meow-Mix disco version of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame"...)

2007-09-27 12:17:20
36.   Chyll Will
34 You're not too old to watch it now; you missed a lot. The outtakes have got to be special...
2007-09-27 12:19:46
37.   Shaun P
14 et al

I remember the Electric Company, but only vaguely, and only from the reruns (which wikipedia says were just the last 2 seasons of the show). I was born the year the EC ended ('77).

Now 3-2-1 Contact, THAT I remember!

2007-09-27 12:21:45
38.   Sliced Bread
34 that's what I'm talkin' bout.
2007-09-27 12:29:21
39.   Sliced Bread
33 Sweet, Bama.
2007-09-27 12:29:23
40.   Chyll Will
Zoom, anyone?
2007-09-27 12:29:50
41.   RIYank
38 Oh, right, there ya go.
I can't remember what I was watching at the time. Ah, yes I do: I was a big Hawaii 5-0 fan. Also Mannix.
2007-09-27 12:31:18
42.   RIYank
Yeah, I did watch "Zoom"! I think I may have been embarrassed about it. But hey, at least now I have a Boston ZIP code burned into my primal memory.
2007-09-27 12:33:02
43.   Just fair
I was a sucker for "The Bloodhound Gang" on the E. C. long before there was the O.C. I can't remember what specific shenanigans they were up to, I just know it was cool.
2007-09-27 12:34:25
44.   Jen
Kay hates Mussina because he wasn't cooperative during their first interview. Apparently Moose rolled his eyes or something and Kay has never forgiven him. Once in a while Kay will tell the story on his show.
2007-09-27 12:34:50
45.   Bama Yankee
28 I loved the Letter Man also. Here's a clip of how he got his start:

Here's a good one of Easy Reader:
(the fact that he turns the word WEEP into the word SWEEP has got to be some kind of sign)

Also, here's some Spidey for you:

2007-09-27 12:43:57
46.   Bama Yankee
45 Spidey was a Mets fan... Who knew?
(Could that "Up against the wall" sketch be a bad sign for the Mets?)
2007-09-27 12:44:59
47.   RichB
When I was very wee, I was a dedicated Captain Kangaroo fan. When I was school age, they showed us Electric Company every day (I think the teacher just wanted a break). I vividly remember sitting in a darkened classroom with plastic crayola colored chairs listening to "Hey You Guys!". 3-2-1 Contact came later (same darkened classroom, same plastic chairs but only one color for the older kids).

How any Great Space Coaster?

2007-09-27 12:47:12
48.   Raf
There was New Zoo Revue, Great Space Coaster, 3-2-1 Contact, Electric Company, Viva Allegre & Vegetable Soup.

Seems the last two weren't all that well known.

2007-09-27 12:49:43
49.   Sliced Bread
40 Zoom fell into the same category as Electric Co. for me. I was over it before it started.

I see a similar thing now with my sons.
Some kid shows are cool to them, and some kid shows make them go 'meh.'
I think a lot of it depends on where they're at when they're introduced to a show.
Seems there's a window to introduce certain shows and concepts, and if you miss that window (too early/too late) they're gone.

2007-09-27 12:50:29
50.   Bama Yankee
35 & 39 Thanks.

41 Hey, I remember Mannix. I thought that was a pretty cool show.

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2007-09-27 12:58:26
51.   Chyll Will
48 I knew Vegetable Soup, but never got into it. 3-2-1 Contact didn't last long for me, either, I had a brand-new set of Childcraft Books and The Volume Book Encyclopedia to occupy me unitl the real shows came on. Big on Get Smart, by the way...
2007-09-27 12:59:05
52.   yankz
42 0-2-1-3-4!
2007-09-27 13:05:12
53.   Murray
Starting Chamberlain in the playoffs? That'd be very Chuck Dressen of Torre, don't you think?

As somebody who harbors no animus toward the Flushing Flock, I submit this bit of gallows humor to the assembly:

Meet the Mets (2007 Edition)

Beat the mets, beat the Mets,
Last place teams defeat the Mets.
Hanging sliders, bush-league speed,
Guaranteed to waste a seven run lead.
Because the Met bullpen keeps fading away,
October baseball won't take place at Shea.
Every game is now in doubt.
Can anyone who's on this staff,
Get three men out?

2007-09-27 13:05:20
54.   AbbyNormal821
42 LOL! I was an expert of "Ubby-Dubby Speak" because of Zoom!
2007-09-27 13:08:36
55.   Mattpat11
Am I the only one that really likes Colorado?
2007-09-27 13:09:09
56.   Will Weiss
47 Loved it ... What was the name of the giant puppet guy with the rainbow shirt? No gnus is good gnews ... Gary Gnu ... Speed Reader. Get on board with the Great Space Coaster.
2007-09-27 13:11:50
57.   Sliced Bread
53 Don't hate the Mets either, but that's excellent.
2007-09-27 13:17:20
58.   Mike T
55 Colorado, beautiful state, been there several times. The ride through the Rocky Mountains is a must do at least once before you die. And be sure to stop in Vail. It's a little piece of the Alps, right here in America.

I actually have been to a Rockies game. They were hosting the Cubs. Their stadium is not half bad. My father and I, along with a couple of his employees, had dinner at a nearby brewery, and then hopped a bus to the game. And, we could actually drink beer on the bus on the way to the game.

2007-09-27 13:17:58
59.   Murray
57 I wish I could claim credit for writing it, but I cannot. I'm just passing it along.
2007-09-27 13:18:38
60.   Mike T
53 Thank you, good sir, for the laugh of the day.
2007-09-27 13:32:03
61.   pistolpete
31 Wow, that brought back some memories - the Letterman shorts, that is. It's one of those things I didn't know I remembered until I saw it again.

The 'faster than a rolling O' part brought me right back. Didn't sound like Gene Wilder, though - who was Spellbinder?

Here's a fave of mine from EC:

2007-09-27 14:00:19
62.   Bama Yankee
61 Good clip pete. How's this:
"You grew up in the eight-eeees, as a fan of the Yank-eeees... So, who is your favorite player of all-tiiiime? Matting-ly, Matting-ly,... Matting... L Y"
2007-09-27 14:11:42
63.   RIYank
52 Yeah. Nothing like a little tune to ensure a lifetime of memory, huh? In high school I learned the Product Rule and the Quotient Rule for derivatives by really awful little tunes. I've found the Zoom! tune more useful, frankly.

53 Excellent! Continuing the low-brow music theme: I made up derogatory words to that song when I was a kid, but they were pretty bad. It's nice to see it done right!

2007-09-27 14:22:50
64.   Chyll Will
63 Speaking of childhood themes in song, you know I gotta break out Schoolhouse Rock...

As far as dirty lyrics go, "Naught Number Nine" is the closest you might get >;)

2007-09-27 14:31:26
65.   Chyll Will
61 "The 'faster than a rolling O' part brought me right back. Didn't sound like Gene Wilder, though - who was Spellbinder?"

Zero Mostel, who also voiced Kehaar the Seagull in "Watership Down"...

2007-09-27 14:32:54
66.   Bama Yankee
64 Man, I was just about to post something about Schoolhouse Rock... (you sure we ain't related somehow ;-)

My wife recently ordered the Schoolhouse Rock DVD for our son and boy does it bring back memories...
"I'm just a bill", "Conjunction Junction" , "Interjections" ... there all there. It is great and you can get it on Amazon for 15 bucks.

2007-09-27 14:39:21
67.   Chyll Will
66 I asked that question first >;) I was just humming "I'm Just A Bill" to myself, thinking I've grown to be a bit more than tht at this point...

Well, the last grind of the day before I escape... Later! >;)

2007-09-27 14:50:30
68.   JeremyM
The Simpsons spoof of that Schoolhouse Rock deal is hilarious.
2007-09-27 14:51:50
69.   yankz
68 Boo, we want video.
2007-09-27 14:57:57
70.   Bama Yankee
69 Here ya go:
2007-09-27 15:17:57
71.   yankz
70 Thanks, I knew someone would get it eventually.
2007-09-27 15:25:04
72.   cult of basebaal
we've got the Ultimate House Special Lineup (hey how do i make the TM sign?) today!

Damon CF
Betemit 3B
Matsui LF
Giambi DH
Duncan 1B
Cano 2B
Molina C
Sardinha RF
Gonzalez SS

poor betamax ... gets to face Kazmir ... that's another 3+ ks for him, i'm afraid

2007-09-27 15:52:24
73.   Mattpat11
Just don't get no hit

Otherwise, you can lose 15-0 for all I care

2007-09-27 15:58:11
74.   weeping for brunnhilde
53 Very nice, Murray.

I'm rather fond of the Mets myself, especially Willie.

I root for them on the one hand, yet on the other, I must admit I'm kind of drawn towards their woes as to a train wreck. If they win, good on Willie and I'll toast them from a distance.

If they lose, I'll take a perverse pleasure in watching their fans' heads explode.

I remember back in the Bobby V. days they were New York's sideshow, perhaps best symbolized by the Groucho glasses incident.

Then they got good well our fortunes seemed in doubt and they vied to be the number one act in town.


Baseball's a cruel mistress.

2007-09-27 16:00:05
75.   weeping for brunnhilde
26 :)
2007-09-27 16:01:14
76.   Mattpat11
74 I'm going to watch that train wreck tonight
2007-09-27 16:01:42
77.   weeping for brunnhilde
65 Oooh, Watership Down!

That sea gull was on acid or something.

And fuck, but the General was spooky.

2007-09-27 16:02:55
78.   weeping for brunnhilde
76 Oh me too, wouldn't miss it.

Can't lose either way.

Pedro could pitch a classic and then the team can default to Bad News Bears mode in the sixth.

In my heart of hearts, though, I'm pulling for them.

2007-09-27 16:20:08
79.   vockins
...aaaand the first E of the night for the Mets.

Those of you who bet 1/3 of an inning completed for the occasion of the first error can collect at the cashier's desk. Thanks for playing.

Bets for when the five run lead gets blown are still being taken.

2007-09-27 16:20:35
80.   Mattpat11
4-0 Philly
2007-09-27 16:23:35
81.   vockins
Yanks fans should also note that Miguel Cairo and Kelly Stinnett are batting sixth and seventh for the Cards.
2007-09-27 16:26:08
82.   Flip Play
Anyone see this?;_ylt=Asz33VsDRsk2h8Z4jZc.9eOFCLcF?slug=f73c864a07f549508db9f862a328fb46.blue_jays_yankees_baseball_nyy116&prov=ap

Sorry about the huge url. How do you do tinyurl?

2007-09-27 16:32:57
83.   JeremyM
77 Man, the board is on fire with pop culture stuff today. I love that book, as well as the movie. I've tried to recommend it to people, but once I get to "talking rabbits," forget it!
2007-09-27 16:33:42
84.   JeremyM
82 Go to, it's pretty self-explanatory--even I can do it:)
2007-09-27 16:37:55
85.   fansince77
This game has no- hit written all over it...what a shame.
2007-09-27 16:38:38
86.   JeremyM
85 Really? You think Torre will let Hughes throw all nine?
2007-09-27 16:38:55
87.   JeremyM
Kidding, by the way....
2007-09-27 16:39:22
88.   fansince77
Wow Melky is playing right field too!
2007-09-27 16:40:34
89.   fansince77
86 Hah. only if Hughes were a lefty and gassing everyone on three pitches. Love your optimism though.
2007-09-27 16:42:33
90.   fansince77
Molina could work in a frame shop if he didn't play MLB...I love the way he receives.
2007-09-27 16:44:48
91.   cult of basebaal
All the world will be your enemy, Prince of a Thousand enemies. And when they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you; digger, listener, runner, Prince with the swift warning. Be cunning, and full of tricks, and your people will never be destroyed.
2007-09-27 16:49:28
92.   fansince77
Sardinnihia's swing looks alot like Mattingly.
2007-09-27 16:49:58
93.   vockins
Holy crap, 3-0 St. Louis.
2007-09-27 16:50:51
94.   Mattpat11
We got our hit. I'm satisfied.

3-0 STL

2007-09-27 16:52:08
95.   3rd gen yankee fan
we're gonna zoom zoom zooma zoom
2007-09-27 16:52:31
96.   fansince77
Nice wood by the former attorney general...
2007-09-27 16:54:31
97.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Wow, the Phillies could do this thing.

I've been rooting for a Cubs/Yanks Serious, but with the Cubs collapsing, and the Phils surging, maybe we could get a rematch of the 1950 WS.

Lot of good story lines there. Bowa/Abreu homecoming etc.

And Fox would love it since both teams can bash. Lotta runs in a Yanks/Phillies Serious.

2007-09-27 17:04:02
98.   Zack
Interesting three innings by Prince Phil. He's sitting 88, 89 on the fastball and throwing a few 92 heaters. So velocity wise, hes way down. But the control has been way way better and thus he's been ahead of most of the hitters and the breaking stuff has been real sharp. Plus, I've noticed a bunch of changeups...One of Phil's curves even made it down to 68 mph...
2007-09-27 17:04:21
99.   rufuswashere
Do you think the Mets would like Kazmir back right now? Wow, what a horrible trade.
2007-09-27 17:05:04
100.   Zack
Alright, lets push this bad boy up over 100 to get rid of the long url
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2007-09-27 17:06:38
101.   yankz
101 You got it.

Back to work. Lubet's gubo Phubil!

2007-09-27 17:06:39
102.   JeremyM
Matsui is really having some lousy at-bats.
2007-09-27 17:10:53
103.   Zack
ugh, take that pitch back Phil
2007-09-27 17:11:21
104.   Schteeve
Kazmir is really good. But I am confident that we will win this game.

I did not see this Pena thing coming at all.

2007-09-27 17:12:30
105.   Mattpat11
104 Do you really care if we win?
2007-09-27 17:14:05
106.   Zack
105 I do. And I care if Hughes pitches well. A win is still a win
2007-09-27 17:14:29
107.   Schteeve
105 I'm from the Derek Jeter school of thought, so yes.
2007-09-27 17:16:21
108.   Schteeve
The movement on the 1-0 pitch to Norton was insane.
2007-09-27 17:21:40
109.   fansince77
Pena is a Manchild.
2007-09-27 17:35:43
110.   Zack
If Phil can go 7 today, he'll end the season around a 4.5 era, which, ATC, would be pretty impressive...
2007-09-27 17:35:58
111.   fansince77
Why did the Rays announcer just do a "Giants win the Pennant" thing with that base hit up the middle?
2007-09-27 17:37:22
112.   OldYanksFan
I remember when the Mets traded Kazmir I was stunned, but I figured they knew something I didn't. Man, they knew nothing. This kid is pure stud.

Put him on a team with good defense and he would be even better. He is 96.5% Santana.. doesn't quite have the control.

What a fuckup by the Mets.

2007-09-27 17:38:30
113.   SF Yanks
111 LOL, I noticed the same thing. I am confused.
2007-09-27 17:38:54
114.   Zack
Niice curve from Phil there
2007-09-27 17:39:53
115.   SF Yanks
This has to be Phil's best start (so far) since his return from the DL.
2007-09-27 17:40:47
116.   Yankees Brasil
Phil's changeup looks good tonight.
2007-09-27 17:43:32
117.   ny2ca2dc
Alberto Gonzalez: Kazmir Killer. Get this kid on the post season roster.

just kidding

2007-09-27 17:44:31
118.   SF Yanks
Nice! I want a win for Hughes.
2007-09-27 17:46:05
119.   fansince77
Nice rope Johnny!

I find amusing on MLBTV how the Devil Rays announcers still feel the need to belittle everything the Yankees do. "Damon just kinda reaches out and flips the pitch..." BULLSHIT...HE RIPPED THE TITS OFF THAT BALL!

2007-09-27 17:50:37
120.   fansince77
Gotta admit that Kazmir on the Yanks, SOx or any decent team is a 20+ game winner no?
2007-09-27 17:55:39
121.   fansince77
NIce play tall Melk!
2007-09-27 17:57:07
122.   Max
I can't really believe the Mets are going to choke away the division. The problem is that I really despise Phillies fans -- my nightmare ALCS would be Red Sox-Angels, nightmare WS matchup would be Red Sox-Phillies. Mets fans aren't too much fun, but I like Willie's team (outside of guys like LoDuca) and just wish they weren't Heimlich-ing so badly.
2007-09-27 17:57:37
123.   SF Yanks
120 I would imagine. A 3.48 era? with run support? If not 20, close to it.
2007-09-27 18:00:52
124.   cult of basebaal
he does need to be more efficient, though ... we now get three innings against the worst bully in the league and this wasn't even our A team
2007-09-27 18:01:34
125.   fansince77
Damn- this field just took an RBI away from Cano!
2007-09-27 18:03:38
126.   OldYanksFan
123 And that's with very questionable defense.
2007-09-27 18:04:28
127.   cult of basebaal
2007-09-27 18:05:09
128.   OldYanksFan
With good looks and speed...
2007-09-27 18:05:20
129.   cult of basebaal
was it a squeeze play?
2007-09-27 18:05:35
130.   JeremyM
Was this the Molina that had the big suicide squeeze a while back? Or was that Benji?
2007-09-27 18:06:24
131.   fansince77
"Benjustenough Monina!"
2007-09-27 18:06:27
132.   cult of basebaal
now *that's why you don't take the bat out of Molina's hands!!!


2007-09-27 18:08:22
133.   OldYanksFan
Interesting that MLB is doing tons of 'TV' spots with 'everyday' players. No Jeter, ARod or Papi... but Tom, Dick and Harry.
2007-09-27 18:11:18
134.   SF Yanks
Why is there even an argument here? He's OUT OF THE BASELINE. Is it really that hard to figure out? Next time just run in a circle and complain about that too.
2007-09-27 18:13:13
135.   fansince77
There must be something about Hughes fastball that jumps up on hitters. Because 88 - 90 Hughes seems alot harder in the result than say Mussina's 88.
2007-09-27 18:13:42
136.   SF Yanks
Just two more outs kid and you got yourself a fine (last) start.
2007-09-27 18:15:16
137.   SF Yanks
Hughes ERA is now 4.46. Not too shabby all things considered.
2007-09-27 18:17:57
138.   tommyl
I'd say Hughes just made his case for the PS roster. Nice job kid.

I am salivating over our rotation next year.

2007-09-27 18:20:55
139.   fansince77
Gonzalez looks very good at the plate- nice quick short swing- good knowledge of the zone. Great speed on the basepaths- this kid could become something. But where?
2007-09-27 18:21:57
140.   fansince77
Bad jump.
2007-09-27 18:24:26
141.   pistolpete
138 Against TB, in September? I'd want to see a few more starts worth of this type of pitching myself.

But I understand the situation - if Clemens can't go, I'd want Hughes to be the #4.

2007-09-27 18:24:30
142.   fansince77
I was high on WB at beginning of trade...I guess we all were-- but there seems to be a concentration drop for the past couple of weeks- this guys become an automatic out.
2007-09-27 18:25:21
143.   tommyl
Christ Micah Owings line tonight:

6.1 IP 4H, OR, 4Ks

4 for 4, 1 2B, 3 RBIs

yeesh. That's impressive.

2007-09-27 18:26:16
144.   tommyl
I also just realized his season hitting stats


2007-09-27 18:26:42
145.   SF Yanks
138 I've been salivating for the past 2 months.
2007-09-27 18:26:51
146.   fansince77
Gosh Matsui- get a good pitch in that situation- defensive two strike swing with a 2-1 count. Very unzilla-like!
2007-09-27 18:27:03
147.   Mattpat11
143 Three doubles.
2007-09-27 18:27:14
148.   tommyl
141 As a long man for the PS? Who else would you take? Karstens?
2007-09-27 18:27:57
149.   tommyl
147 You are right. Too bad we didn't get him, he could be our starter and UIF all in one. Frees up a roster spot for another LOOGY!
2007-09-27 18:28:49
150.   Max
142 I'd rather have Proctor right now. The only advantage of his departure is that it took Joe away from his pacifier and forced him to consider some alternatives. Unfortunately, the alternatives beyond Mo and Joba are mostly bad to atrocious.

The fourth best reliever on most teams is generally riskier, but Proctor is complete nails compared to the arsonists we have vying for the postseason roster.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-09-27 18:29:37
151.   williamnyy23
I plit the game between YES and the radio, but it seems as if Hughes went mostly with his fastball and change, putting the curve on the back burner in the process. Once Hughes is 100% and has his killer curve back, he can combine that weapon with the very good fastball command he had today. That combination is what had Hughes rated so highly...I can't wait to see it next season.
2007-09-27 18:30:19
152.   williamnyy23
I would prefer that Mo not close today. In fact, I would have liked to see Joba close.
2007-09-27 18:31:04
153.   fansince77
If that gun is right or I should say comparable to the others...Joba is way down in velocity.
2007-09-27 18:31:16
154.   tommyl
151 I also think he'll pick up a few mph on his fastball, and his command should go back up. He's improved almost every time out, in a pennant race.
2007-09-27 18:31:41
155.   Mattpat11
Mets lose 3-0
2007-09-27 18:31:56
156.   fansince77
Again..."The Giants win the...!" It doesn't take much to get the Rays announcers going.
2007-09-27 18:32:12
157.   williamnyy23
150 Ironically, Proctor would be a solid option as a 4th right hander in the pen, but I think his absence changed the dynamic and made it easier for Joe to trust Chamberlain early on. I also still think Betemit will contribute in the post season and in the future.
2007-09-27 18:33:30
158.   tommyl
See Joe, this is why relievers suck more pitching back to back days.
2007-09-27 18:33:33
159.   rsmith51
Does pitching Joba mean that Torre already decided which pitchers are making the roster? I figured tonight would be a tryout.
2007-09-27 18:34:19
160.   williamnyy23
159 It kind of is...Joe is trying Joba on back to back games for the first time.
2007-09-27 18:35:05
161.   fansince77
Big difference between 98/99 and 93/94.
2007-09-27 18:35:16
162.   Mattpat11
158 That's why you have to give him a pen that doesn't suck.
2007-09-27 18:36:10
163.   rsmith51
160 Ok, that makes sense.
2007-09-27 18:36:26
164.   tommyl
161 Remember, he was throwing 94-96 as a starter. 98-100 is clearly something he can only do when he only needs to throw a few pitches.
2007-09-27 18:36:58
165.   williamnyy23
Joba's stuff isn't sharp, but I have a feeling its more a result of partying last night and having 0 adrenaline than not being able to bounce back on back to back days.
2007-09-27 18:37:04
166.   fansince77
Wouldn't mind pitching around SHREK here?
2007-09-27 18:37:48
167.   williamnyy23
There's your 98mph.
2007-09-27 18:38:50
168.   cult of basebaal
okay iwamura just broke gameday, what the hell is actually going on?
2007-09-27 18:39:04
169.   cult of basebaal
never mind, it fixed itself
2007-09-27 18:39:53
170.   Mattpat11
2007-09-27 18:40:21
171.   williamnyy23
Domination...I think the confrontation with Upton got Joba's juices flowing.
2007-09-27 18:40:39
172.   Mattpat11
2 outs in Philly


2007-09-27 18:40:54
173.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-09-27 18:41:20
174.   williamnyy23
Joel Piniero has a 3.96 ERA in the NL. That says all you need to know about the discrpeancy between the leagues.
2007-09-27 18:42:14
175.   fansince77
Here it is...fastball down the it it comes...the wind up the pitch...poof! Adios Upton.

I loved that fist pump with the two-handed bat throw in the backgroiund...right out of a movie where the big bad Yankees are usually in the role of Black Bart.

2007-09-27 18:42:15
176.   BklynBmr
172 I don't pay much attention to the NL during the season, but this collapse by the Mutts is really something. I feel bad for Wille, though...
2007-09-27 18:43:18
177.   rsmith51
Looks like Giambi is a PH in the post-season.
2007-09-27 18:43:43
178.   rsmith51
Tie atop the NL East
2007-09-27 18:44:27
179.   williamnyy23
The Joba fist pump is mild by the standards of what others do. It stands out on the Yankees, but it's not overly overt.
2007-09-27 18:44:47
180.   Mattpat11
Philly wins
2007-09-27 18:45:01
181.   williamnyy23
179 For example, see Brett Myers.
2007-09-27 18:45:28
182.   Mike T
179 At least Joba doesn't make a complete spectacle of himself like K-Rod.
2007-09-27 18:47:28
183.   cult of basebaal
142 i'm still sold on betemit, but he's wasted as a lil' miggy clone with minimal playing time since he tends to be streaky and needs his at bats to balance things out ... he's ought to have been stuck at 1st base and left there, but that's asking a bit much of shabbadoo, so i don't figure he'll get his chance until next year
2007-09-27 18:48:56
184.   OldYanksFan
Not one mention of the Sox score? The RED Sox, I mean.
2007-09-27 18:49:08
185.   fansince77
Cano really prefers not to walk. He just doesn't like it.
2007-09-27 18:49:13
186.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
I wonder if the Braves hate the Mutts enough to pull a Minoso Torres this weekend?
2007-09-27 18:50:47
187.   pistolpete
182 The pointing at the sky thing really gets on my nerves.

Even when Gordon did it with the Yanks a few years ago it bugged me.

2007-09-27 18:51:34
188.   BklynBmr
184 Ssshhhhhh. We're trying to sneak up and grab the division on the last day. Now dummy up, willya...
2007-09-27 18:53:00
189.   fansince77
183 I agree that the jury is still out...but has he shown enough to "be sold" on him? I mean you've got to earn that and he has had some flashes but I am not sold yet. I am sold on his talent but not yet on his "quiet intensity." I do hope the sale goes through.
2007-09-27 18:54:53
190.   williamnyy23
187 Why does that bother you so much. When Pedro and Gordon do it, it's very subtle. I agree about Krod antics, but am curious why pointing at the sky bothers you so?
2007-09-27 18:55:38
191.   williamnyy23
186 The Braves/Phillies series is over. The Nats roll into Citizen's Bank for the weekend.
2007-09-27 18:56:51
192.   Mike T
Considering the Yanks basically started their second team today, I can't help but chuckle at the fact that it appears they are going to win this game.
2007-09-27 18:57:24
193.   fansince77
179 , 182 The Joba fist pump is IMHO not at all a show up of the other team. It's more like a device to keep him from exploding. He's so intense and harnessing so much to keep it tight and throw strikes that the energy has to go somewhere. Roger used to pick up shards of broken bats and throw them at people, Joba turns and lets out a little inner tribal scream!
2007-09-27 18:57:52
194.   ny2ca2dc
would'a liked to see Ohlendorf. Maybe tomorrow. Sure would be nice for Veras to become something.
2007-09-27 18:57:59
195.   williamnyy23
192 You can thank Hughes for that.
2007-09-27 18:58:13
196.   Mattpat11
Midget pops out in Boston

Going to the ninth 5-4 Twins

2007-09-27 18:58:27
197.   pistolpete
Re: Sawx

Difference between Twins bullpen and Rays bullpen - ENORMOUS.

2007-09-27 18:58:29
198.   ny2ca2dc
192 more like third team! and against Kazmir!!!
2007-09-27 18:58:38
199.   fansince77
Sure helps that Uncle Fester is like 6'8"
2007-09-27 18:59:39
200.   fansince77
Selma Hayek will be happy with that hit.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-27 18:59:47
201.   williamnyy23
193 I don't have a problem with it either. While I prefer Mo's silent assassin approach, a fist pump to end an inning isn't inappropriate. I think Joba's show of emotion is within the realm of acceptable, and doesn't come close to Papelbon or Krod.
2007-09-27 19:00:23
202.   fansince77
Oh shit that first pitch almost stopped and said HIT ME! I suddenly have a very bad feeling.
2007-09-27 19:00:41
203.   williamnyy23
200 ?
2007-09-27 19:01:59
204.   fansince77
203 Norton's resemblance to Edward Norton the actor...
2007-09-27 19:02:22
205.   JeremyM
203 Ed Norton reference, I assume.
2007-09-27 19:02:36
206.   pistolpete
190 I only said it 'bugged me' with Gordon - with K-Rod it's downright obnoxious.

Gordon was a little more subtle, yes, but he would do it EVERY time he got out of an inning, not just in the close situations.

2007-09-27 19:04:14
207.   fansince77
Good job Veras. Yeah we needed some walks mixed in. Well done.
2007-09-27 19:04:37
208.   williamnyy23
206 I had no problem with Gordon. It wasn't done as a celebratory gesture, so I can't imagine why the opposition would be offensed.
2007-09-27 19:04:44
209.   JeremyM
206 I always liked Gordon, until he blew chunks against Boston--literally and figuratively. It's crazy to me that a guy with that many years in the game got that nervous, but it shows how little I really do know about baseball.
2007-09-27 19:05:14
210.   williamnyy23
Why can't all 9th innings with the tying run at the plate be so relaxing?
2007-09-27 19:06:47
211.   fansince77
Ballgame. Very nice enjoyable night of pressureless baseball. Yankees AA Team -3
Devil Rays- 1.

Couldn't have scripted it better.

Things that will keep me interested in the next series:
Cano's 100 RBI, 20 HR.
Abreu's 100 RBI
AROD to 55 HR- nice number.

2007-09-27 19:07:03
212.   williamnyy23
I really wish Randolph wasn't managing the Mets.
2007-09-27 19:07:25
213.   Mattpat11
Going to the bottom of the ninth
2007-09-27 19:08:20
214.   cult of basebaal
wow ... glad i'm not a mets fan
2007-09-27 19:08:47
215.   williamnyy23
208 Offended...not offensed.
2007-09-27 19:10:11
216.   cult of basebaal
also glad i stopped giving a crap about the Knicks a while back ...

2007-09-27 19:10:16
217.   ny2ca2dc
oh my god, leadoff double for the sawx. against nathan! by some guy named moss?!?!
2007-09-27 19:10:51
218.   Mattpat11
lead off double
2007-09-27 19:12:24
219.   Mattpat11
Fatty walks
2007-09-27 19:12:46
220.   ny2ca2dc
poopy walks on 4 pitches. first & second, no outs. charming
2007-09-27 19:13:02
221.   ny2ca2dc
219 you got the floor
2007-09-27 19:14:02
222.   BklynBmr
216 Knicks? Are they still around?
2007-09-27 19:14:39
223.   Mattpat11
second and third one out
2007-09-27 19:15:17
224.   OldYanksFan
Opting out?
"This feels like home. It's hard to believe that I played for another two organizations. So much has happened to me here - adversity, some success - that I feel like anything but New York feels weird for me now."
2007-09-27 19:15:19
225.   pistolpete
208 I said it bugged me. :)
2007-09-27 19:15:45
226.   Mattpat11
Nancy IBB
2007-09-27 19:15:46
227.   Mattpat11
Nancy IBB
2007-09-27 19:15:57
228.   pistolpete
Bases juiced for Captain Facemask.
2007-09-27 19:16:59
229.   yankz
Does anyone remember that awesome site that represented the playoff races visually, as a moving line thing? It's tough to describe, but it would be incredible to watch the NL East this year. AL East too.
2007-09-27 19:18:32
230.   Mattpat11
2007-09-27 19:20:04
231.   Mattpat11
Varitek Ks
2007-09-27 19:20:24
232.   OldYanksFan
Tek Ks. 2 out.
2007-09-27 19:20:45
233.   Mattpat11
0-1 on Kielty
2007-09-27 19:20:46
234.   OldYanksFan
Youk up. 0-1 count.
2007-09-27 19:21:02
235.   OldYanksFan
0-2 count.
2007-09-27 19:21:06
236.   yankz
230 Thanks.
2007-09-27 19:21:08
237.   Mattpat11
2007-09-27 19:21:33
238.   cult of basebaal
kevin youkilis, founding member of the chin parasite club ...
2007-09-27 19:21:41
239.   OldYanksFan
Strike 3. Twins win.
2007-09-27 19:22:01
240.   Mattpat11
Kielty Ks
2007-09-27 19:22:25
241.   cult of basebaal
thanks mr nathan!
2007-09-27 19:22:28
242.   Knuckles
2007-09-27 19:22:29
243.   ny2ca2dc
240 That's youkilis
2007-09-27 19:22:46
244.   cult of basebaal
240 youkilis, actually
2007-09-27 19:22:52
245.   Mattpat11
240 Damn sportslin
2007-09-27 19:23:09
246.   BklynBmr
Joe Nathan. My man. A sore subject for Giants fans here in the Bay Area (Pierzynski trade)...
2007-09-27 19:25:02
247.   cult of basebaal
246 jesus, what a debacle that was ... adding insult to that injury, the giants already had yorvit torrealba, who probably could have given them 2/3rds of what Asshat Pierzinski did, without being a complete and utter asshole ...

well done brian sabean!

2007-09-27 19:25:33
248.   3rd gen yankee fan
Is it possible to back into first place?
2007-09-27 19:28:26
249.   OldYanksFan
Edwar and Bruney's shit last night looms larger now.

Has anyone seen the Cardinals lineup? How could they and Pineiro shut out the Mets on 3 hits. Choke of the decade.

Steve Phillips may be 1 for 2.

2007-09-27 19:31:01
250.   yankz
Boston has Minnesota, right? They could lose 2/3.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-09-27 19:31:56
251.   weeping for brunnhilde
188 ha ha ha haha!
2007-09-27 19:33:24
252.   weeping for brunnhilde
190 It always struck me as comical, maybe because I imagine the players saying, "You da Man, God!"
2007-09-27 19:35:18
253.   RIYank
The Mets.
2007-09-27 19:36:04
254.   weeping for brunnhilde
193 Plus, Joba turns his back on the hitters. He's not trying to show them up, he's just excited and as you say, letting off steam.

When that twerp on the Californias does it, he's practically begging the other team to kick his ass.

2007-09-27 19:36:58
255.   Max
The people that care most about the division are the long suffering neurotic Sox fans looking for any sort of one-upmanship over Yankees fans. Apart from bragging rights, the only ancillary benefit would be home field advantage, but do people really want to play the Angels, HFA or not?

The Sox will clinch, but I would love for our C team to prolong the celebration as long as possible...until the final day, ideally. It would be pretty empty at that point.

2007-09-27 19:37:09
256.   williamnyy23
252 That would definitely be amusing, but I guess I imagine them saying, "Thank you God for giving me this very unique talent that allows me to be a millionaire".
2007-09-27 19:38:57
257.   williamnyy23
255 To me, the home field is meaningful, especially if Torre is intent on starting Wang in either game 1 or 2 (which I don't get). I really think the opponent is irrelevant because the Yankees will win if they play up to their capabilities. If they don't, either team will beat them.
2007-09-27 19:41:17
258.   weeping for brunnhilde
253 I know.

Pedro's reaction?

Asked about the team's performance and the bats' silence:

"I can't force them [i.e., the hitters] to do anything."

Reminded me of his musings about the mango trees.

2007-09-27 19:41:24
259.   RIYank
255 I kind of wanted to win the Division, precisely because of those Sox fans.

But for the sake of the team, I think it's at least as good to be the WC, actually. I'd slightly prefer to play the Angels, but it's almost a toss-up. And I want the superior draft position against the Sox, as a couple of people have already mentioned in earlier threads.

2007-09-27 19:43:44
260.   RIYank
257 We're unlikely to get home field even if we do pass the Sox. We'd have to pass the Angels, too. So both teams would have to finish weak.
2007-09-27 19:44:12
261.   Max
260 This is where I actually agree with Torre and many others that there should be more of a penalty for being the WC. Several of us are talking about advantages of not being first. AFAIK, there shouldn't be any advantages, or they should be pretty insignificant.
2007-09-27 19:45:47
262.   Max
261 Woops, comment was directed at post 259 , but RIYank did me the favor of posting in 260 as well. -)
2007-09-27 19:48:12
263.   3rd gen yankee fan
255 I think it's really cool that the Yankees have so many options. If we win the AL East, we win; if not, we're in the playoffs anyway and don't have to face the scary Angels; and playing relaxed like this must be such a joy. It sure is a joy to watch. And I made a killer new dish tonight, which I haven't been able to do when I'm tied to watching and stressing out over the games: chicken tenderloins in garlic sauce with sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata, and zucchini tossed with pasta and fresh basil. mmmmmmmm The kalamata were cured with red wine, fantastic.
2007-09-27 19:49:33
264.   williamnyy23
260 The Yankees are already tied with LA. If they win the division, I'd imagine the Yankees would finish ahead of LA.
2007-09-27 19:51:55
265.   yankz
You know what I would love to see? Joba vs. Arod. I think Joba would win.
2007-09-27 21:06:53
266.   yankz
So um...Dunder-Mifflin is back...
2007-09-27 22:23:13
267.   BklynBmr
263 Thanks a lot. Get my mouth watering at 10PM, whydontcha! That dish sounds awesome. Just needs more garlic ;-)

And yeah, there is a whole different vibe entering October this year. For me, it's bordering on joyous, if that makes sense...

2007-09-28 04:08:04
268.   RIYank
265 What about Joba against Ditka?

264 Angels own the tie-breaker between us, though, right? Season head-to-head? But yeah, it could happen.

2007-09-28 05:02:28
269.   Sliced Bread
Springsteen! on the Today Show right now.
2007-09-28 05:36:04
270.   3rd gen yankee fan
267 I dunno about more garlic, I put in six cloves. But can you ever have enough garlic? ;-)
2007-09-28 06:33:46
271.   weeping for brunnhilde
263 Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

But yeah, BB's right, needs more garlic.

No, you can never have enough garlic. When I make something with garlic, I put as much in as I can bear to peel.

You can never have too much garlic. Same goes for ginger.

Six cloves?

You call that garlic?

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