Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-12-11 15:26
by Alex Belth
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According to ESPN, the Houston Astros have called a press conference for high noon to announce the signing of Andy Pettitte to a thee-year deal worth somewhere between $32-$34 million. George Steinbrenner, who has never been a big fan of Pettitte's, was unable to swoop in at the last minute and get a deal done with the southpaw. Many Yankee fans--including this one--felt that the Yankees would overpay to keep Pettitte in the Bronx, but it wasn't to be. Now, the Yankee rotation appears vulnerable, with David Wells as the only possible left-hander available to them.

As much as this hurts the Yankees in the short-term, I believe that Pettitte may have a tough time with the Astros. The last I checked, Minute Maid Park had an extremely short left-field porch. I'm not sad to see Andy go, I feel bitter. At George, and at Andy.

Ah, I'm just a poor little Yankee fan. (How do you think Met fans and Red Sox fans feel about this? Heck, I wonder what Joe Torre thinks about it.)

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