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Swing Game
2007-09-23 20:54
by Cliff Corcoran
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The Yankees wrap up their series with the Blue Jays this afternoon with a makeup of the game that was rained out on April 25. The way the Yanks were playing back then, the rain out worked in their favor, as they're far more likely to win this afternoon than they were when facing a full-strength Blue Jays lineup amid a seven-game losing streak in late April.

The stakes is high this afternoon as the Red Sox are idle. The result of this game will erase that half game in the AL East standings for permanent either to the Yankees' benefit (an even one game back) or to their detriment (a solid two games back with just six left to play). Fortunately, the Yanks have their second-half ace Andy Pettitte on the hill coming off a strong outing (7 2/3 IP, 1 R) against the admittedly half-assing Orioles. Andy has handled the Jays well this year, posting a 2.25 ERA over 20 innings in three starts while striking out 17 and not allowing a home run. The bad news is that the Jays counter with A.J. Burnett, who stuck it to the Yankees in Toronto two weeks ago (8 IP, 1 R, 8 K), the lone run coming on a Johnny Damon homer. Burnett twirled a gem against the Red Sox as well in his last start, but as a result has thrown 244 pitches over those last two outings. Still, since coming off the DL in mid-August, Burnett has gone 4-1 with a 1.97 ERA, a 0.93 WHIP, and 57 Ks in 59 2/3 innings.

Damon is the DH this afternoon, with Matsui in left, Posada back behind the plate, and Mientkiewicz at first base.

Oh, and if the Yanks win and the Tigers lose in Minnesota tonight (Nate Robertson v. Carlos Silva), the Yankees will clinch their 13th consecutive playoff appearance.

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2007-09-24 08:47:00
1.   C2Coke
So today can be a big day for the Yankees.

Let's Go, Yankees!

2007-09-24 08:52:21
2.   C2Coke
Guess it's good news for the Yanks. Litsch is starting for the Jays instead.
2007-09-24 09:09:36
3.   Max
So if the Yanks clinch today, it will be very interesting the rest of the week to see how "hard" both the Yanks and Sox go for the division in the remaining games. I'd bet both teams want it really badly, but not at the risk of taxing key players.

Plus there's no guarantee regarding the opponent for the division winner, especially since both Cleveland and the Halos just clinched, so their "effort" for best record (and HFA throughout the playoffs) will similarly be in question.

2007-09-24 09:09:36
4.   Mattpat11
2 Don't count your chickens. These are the games that blowup in our faces.
2007-09-24 09:12:27
5.   Javi Javi
According to PeteAbe, Toronto announced that AJ Burnett will not pitch--he had to leave for personal reasons. Jesse Litsch will take his place.
2007-09-24 09:14:22
6.   C2Coke
4 That's how I felt after I posted it...
2007-09-24 09:20:40
7.   ny2ca2dc
Check out the developing story re: Milton Bradley, aparently he was baited. Here's Buster, he's got some good links:

Padres first base coach Bobby Meacham says that first-base umpire Mike Winters baited Milton Bradley into the confrontation that led to Bradley's injury. If Meacham's version of events is accurate, including the suggestion that Winters used a phrase that had racial overtones, this will be a serious test for Major League Baseball in its handling of its umpires.

Bruce Froemming says Bradley got grumpy with Winters, as Corey Brock writes; the crew chief did not make Winters available.

Todd Helton, who heard the whole conversation, would not get involved when asked by reporters. It'll be interesting to see if Major League Baseball asks Helton about what he heard, and if so, Helton will be in an incredibly awkward position. Said Helton: ""It was very interesting."


If this is true, Winters needs to be fired. I'm so sick of umps thinking they're part of the game, getting their knickers in a bunch about being 'shown up' and the like... just call the game fellas!

2007-09-24 09:24:46
8.   pistolpete
I still can't believe Bud Black actually flung him to the ground & injured him. Surreal!
2007-09-24 09:28:03
9.   pistolpete
4 Still, this is his line against us this year:

ERA: 12.71
IP: 5.2
H: 10
R: 8
ER: 8
AVG: .417

2007-09-24 09:28:27
10.   pistolpete
9 And that's actually in 2 games started!
2007-09-24 09:33:44
11.   Mattpat11
7 Shit meets fan.
2007-09-24 09:33:47
12.   Rob Middletown CT
The Burnett thing is a big break for the Yanks. No saying that they take proper advantage of it, of course, but it's definitely a good thing for them.

Milton Bradley is crazy. If he was baited by a racist comment, however, the ump should be fired, end of story.

2007-09-24 09:34:33
13.   Mattpat11
9 That actually gives me less confidence.
2007-09-24 09:37:25
14.   BklynBmr
4 & 6 Exactly. But, I'd be a little more concerned if this was a make up against, say, Chicago, or KC. Yanks know the Jays are playing hard, and probably sick of looking at them, so hopefully they'll stay amped.

Cliff 0 is right on, though, about the timing. In April, we had no chance. Today, even with a Burnett, we do.

Let's go, Bronx Bombers!

2007-09-24 09:56:00
15.   Bob Timmermann

Thank you for correcting my mistake yesterday.

2007-09-24 10:01:33
16.   Mattpat11
15 Huh?
2007-09-24 10:02:41
17.   Bob Timmermann
The fish mistake.
2007-09-24 10:03:46
18.   Mattpat11
17 Ah.
2007-09-24 10:04:20
19.   Chyll Will
I actually thought about this first (!), if we do clinch, I'd like to see Joe to use the time to rest his starters as much as possible (but give Giambi as much AB's as possible) and let the kids/bench make a run at the division title (a goodie treat for them)...

The distinct advantage is that guys like Jeter, Jorge, Damon, etc. get to rest and refocus while Joe gets to warm up and audition his BP/bench this and next season as often as he wishes. Edwar, Veras, Duncan and other players on the bubble can either straighten/get straightened out or wait'til next year. You can still pinch-hit the starters later if the games are close or you need to get them an at-bat so they can stay/try to focus (e.g. Melky should get two or three AB's then replace him after the sixth, etc...)

So, I think we need to wrap this up ASAP in order for that to work. Man, sorry I'm gonna miss this game with you guys, but keep it moving for us >;)

2007-09-24 10:04:21
20.   Rob Middletown CT
I hate weekday day games. Must... fight... irrational urge to take the afternoon off and watch the game... must fight...
2007-09-24 10:08:57
21.   Bob Timmermann
But you saw into the future!
2007-09-24 10:09:25
22.   yankz
Yeah, count me in on the "If Meacham's right, Winters needs to be fired" wagon. Umpires in general need to be re-schooled.

I might be crazy, but I think Yanks can win the division well resting some guys at the same time. Sox are missing Manny, Crybaby, Chanel, Okajima, and will probably be resting Ortiz. That means more scrubs and Gagne. Not to mention they have a tougher schedule left. If the Yanks can tie them up within the next two days, they just have to match them the rest of the way.

2007-09-24 10:12:04
23.   pistolpete
22 I had to laugh at some of the reaction by Sox fans over the Toronto marathon games.

"Burning our bullpen" indeed. There's 7 games to go and the magic number's 2. I'd day there's still plenty of time to get those guys the rest they need. :)

2007-09-24 10:14:43
24.   Jersey
Nice start for Le Pettitte.
2007-09-24 10:19:54
25.   yankz
Of course, Litsch gets out of it in 9 pitches.
2007-09-24 10:21:04
26.   Yankee Fan In Boston
25 he was never really "in" it.
2007-09-24 10:21:10
27.   NJYankee41
19 You can bet that Jeter won't sit unitl he gets his 100th run. It's weird that with all this offense and Jeter's ability to reach base, he is struggling to score 100 runs.
2007-09-24 10:22:54
28.   yankz
27 And I think he's 4 H away from 200.
2007-09-24 10:23:09
29.   yankz
26 I meant the inning.
2007-09-24 10:24:10
30.   Yankee Fan In Boston
29 in that case, he indeed was in it.
2007-09-24 10:28:11
31.   rbj
20 Give in. Come on, you know you want to.
2007-09-24 10:30:09
32.   Mike T
Wow, what happened between the top of the 1st and now? Come on Andy.
2007-09-24 10:30:52
33.   NJYankee41
This Thigpen character is quickly becoming a thorn in my side. I hate "scrappy" players who suck. Especially when the Yanks have a hard time containing them.
2007-09-24 10:33:18
34.   Mattpat11
This is ugly.
2007-09-24 10:34:33
35.   Mattpat11
Why won't this team roll over?
2007-09-24 10:36:02
36.   Shaun P
33 Thigpen is actually pretty well-regarded as a C prospect. I bet he and Zaun share the job next year.

But jeez, this was not the time for Andy to crap the bed. Anyone watching the game (as opposed to Gamedaying it like I am)? Bad fielding or just a bad Pettitte start?

2007-09-24 10:36:15
37.   williamnyy23
Two early misplays and the Yankees are already down three runs. Between the lackluster start and the sparse crowd, you wouldn't think that this game probably decides the division. Hopefully the nine-pitch 1st inning isn't a bad sign and the Yankee bats get back to grinding.

Also, is it just me or do the Yankees never seem to play well in these mid-week, day game getaways?

2007-09-24 10:37:05
38.   Shaun P
35 And Overbay isn't even playing! ;)
2007-09-24 10:37:47
39.   williamnyy23
36 Arod should have easiy fielded Thigpen's grounder and Melky misplayed McDonald's fly ball. He probbly should have gotten out of the inning with no runs.
2007-09-24 10:37:56
40.   AbbyNormal821
Unfortunately, I'm also watching (or since I'm at work...sneaking peeks) at Gameday. By the way, when did Toronto get Howdy Doody as a pitcher?
2007-09-24 10:40:06
41.   Mattpat11

He lurks.

This team played shitty ball all year. Why can't that continue that?

2007-09-24 10:40:16
42.   Yankee Fan In Boston
the feed (via YES) just had the fox news channel logo spinning in the corner...


2007-09-24 10:40:29
43.   williamnyy23
Another very quick inning...hardly the approach you'd expect down three runs, not to mention in what you'd hope this team regards as a crucial game.
2007-09-24 10:43:20
44.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2007-09-24 10:44:08
45.   Mike T
Ok, Toronto's pitcher is dismantling our guys so far.
2007-09-24 10:47:37
46.   spufi2007
43 How exactly is this a crucial game? They've got the playoffs wrapped up. Sure, I'd like to beat Boston as anyone, but it's essentially zero cost to not win it (based on past history).
2007-09-24 10:48:11
47.   Mattpat11
Jeter and A-Rod are losing the game.
2007-09-24 10:49:06
48.   yankz
At least their bullpen is tired, though at this rate, Litsch is on his way to a SHO.
2007-09-24 10:49:46
49.   spufi2007
A perfect day to see Kei Igawa and Jeff Karstens!
2007-09-24 10:50:16
50.   williamnyy23
Another error and another run. Six outs on 19 pitches. Quite an effort for a game that will pretty much decide the division winner. Shouldn't Toronto be the team with one foot on the charter?
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2007-09-24 10:50:25
51.   spufi2007
Maybe even Tyler Clippard!
2007-09-24 10:50:51
52.   Yankee Fan In Boston
49 you take that back.
2007-09-24 10:51:18
53.   Mattpat11
49 No such day exists
2007-09-24 10:51:23
54.   3rd gen yankee fan
Wow, Litsch is tossing a no-hitter.
2007-09-24 10:51:25
55.   yankz
50 Dude, you didn't use the word "focus"! Congrats!
2007-09-24 10:53:00
56.   Mattpat11
Mink the Stud!
2007-09-24 10:53:14
57.   williamnyy23
46 It's a crucial game because first place and an extra home game rides on it. Winning the division is an accomplishment worth fighting for.
2007-09-24 10:53:34
58.   3rd gen yankee fan
Doogie! I knew it.
2007-09-24 10:53:52
59.   cult of basebaal
46 stink's got the focus!
2007-09-24 10:54:16
60.   Bama Yankee
50 I thought the division race was decided after the first two months of the season...
2007-09-24 10:54:18
61.   williamnyy23
55 Whatever word you like, it's hards to explain three misplays in two innings and no selectivity at the plate.
2007-09-24 10:54:34
62.   3rd gen yankee fan
hahaha, what a great roll up Thigpen's arm.
2007-09-24 10:55:00
63.   yankz
59 No. Did you see his eyes during that AB? All over the place. No, that double was the product of Litsch sucking. The Yankees are unable to focus on pitches.
2007-09-24 10:55:55
64.   yankz
61 I'll choose one word, it's called "baseball." Stuff like this happens. All I know is that most of the time (recently) that you've complain about an "approach" or something like not staring into the pitcher's eyes, the Yanks have come back to win.
2007-09-24 10:56:01
65.   williamnyy23
How does Minky not score on that ball...he made the exact same mistake in Boston on a very similar play. Ridiculous. Add baserunning to the list.
2007-09-24 10:56:53
66.   cult of basebaal
61 moral failure is the only explanation ... i knew cashman should have stoned bruney to death with stale donuts to put the fear of losing back in the team, like i suggested ...
2007-09-24 10:57:20
67.   Yankee Fan In Boston
i was blowing air at my computer screen trying to get that out...
2007-09-24 10:58:23
68.   Mattpat11
Okay. This is getting silly. Hit this Opie looking bastard.
2007-09-24 10:58:28
69.   williamnyy23
64 Whether they win or lose isn't the point. Just because you can comeback, doesn't mean you should play very poorly early on in games. The Yankees have played a piss poor game over the first three innings. Maybe they'll comeback and win, or maybe they wont. It still disturbs me that this team would play so poorly in this setting.
2007-09-24 11:01:02
70.   yankz
69 Then you get disturbed way too easily. Like a two-inning sample.

"Whether they win or lose isn't the point."
When did Yankee fans get so demanding? Now winning's not enough. Nope, you've got to look like a champ for every inning of every last game. Okay.

2007-09-24 11:02:22
71.   pistolpete
Every so often we run into a buzzsaw of a rookie pitcher - it happens.

I'm more worried about our pitching against this mediocre Toronto lineup. WAY too many runs this weekend.

Would be nice to catch Boston, and I still think it's possible even if we lose today. They play Minnesota & Oakland while we play the bottom of the barrel...

2007-09-24 11:02:34
72.   Yankee Fan In Boston
69 70 this is the yankees' version of the rope-a-dope. they're just getting all ali on these guys.
2007-09-24 11:03:04
73.   Mattpat11
We're scewed
2007-09-24 11:03:07
74.   williamnyy23
70 I guess we just have different standards for what defines a great team and what makes up a well played baseball game. In the post season, this team wont survive these kinds of efforts which you seem to enjoy so much.
2007-09-24 11:03:09
75.   Yankee Fan In Boston
oh no
2007-09-24 11:03:27
76.   yankz
Who's injured?
2007-09-24 11:03:55
77.   monkeypants
69 William, it's good to have you back today. A couple of days ago, when Hughes gave up a bloop to Thigpen, you argued that this proved Hughes was still injured and/or unfocused. Since that time, Thigpen has drilled a double off the wall against Mo, gotten a hit against Mussina, and another hit (double) against Pettitte. Is the whole staff injured and/or unfocused?
2007-09-24 11:04:47
78.   yankz
Did Cano pull a hammy or something?
2007-09-24 11:05:27
79.   Yankee Fan In Boston
76 cano went hard into the tarp to make a catch... he seems okay though.
2007-09-24 11:05:31
80.   cult of basebaal
70 well, duh?!?! didn't you get the memo? we're the Harlem Globetrotters and everyone else are the Washington Generals ... they can't win, we can only lose ...
2007-09-24 11:05:57
81.   yankz
79 Thanks.
2007-09-24 11:06:22
82.   williamnyy23
77 It's nice to see you still keep misrepresenting the point I made, which was that the poor quality of the curve ball he threw made me think he still have lingering effects from his injury. If you refer back to that game thread, I explained that at least two times.
2007-09-24 11:06:40
83.   yankz
80 I can't wait until the next 6-4 game: "Sure they won, but they gave up 4 runs in the process. Also, championship teams score more than 6 runs against this pitcher."
2007-09-24 11:07:21
84.   yankz
82 You said that a pitcher like Hughes should have blown a batter like Thigpen away. As in, he shouldn't have been able to hit a ball into fair territory.
2007-09-24 11:07:53
85.   williamnyy23
77 Also, the hit today was a ground out that went under Arod's glove.
2007-09-24 11:10:10
86.   Mattpat11
Hit Opie
2007-09-24 11:13:33
87.   claybeez
William, I think you're right that this team does not always play crisp baseball. While it's true that no team does, there have been plenty of mental errors this season.

That being said, they have shown me that they can regain focus quickly. They also have demonstrated resilience, passion and hustle in a number of their comebacks, in fact, in the biggest comeback of the season, making the playoffs.

All teams have weaknesses. We have ours. No sense in harping on the same ones over and over. Maybe, it's time to celebrate some of their strengths. Positive comments are not in fact an indicator that someone is blind. Perhaps, it means theat the commenter recognizes the truth in front of them. This is one of the 8 best teams in baseball this season. There must be more good than bad.

2007-09-24 11:14:01
88.   yankz
Must've taken his eye off the ball
2007-09-24 11:14:31
89.   williamnyy23
84 I said he should have thrown him a fastball instead of keep throwing mediocre curves. Now, I do think that a quality major league pitcher with a plus fastball should be able to blow Thigpen away, but even bad hitters can succeed. The fact that they didn't even try was the mistake in that AB.
2007-09-24 11:15:38
90.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-09-24 11:15:43
91.   yankz
89 For some reason the search thing on this site isn't working for me, but you were most definitely annoyed that they let Thigpen make contact. Whatever, I don't care anymore, and claybeez covers it all much better than I do.
2007-09-24 11:16:04
92.   yankz
A hit! An extra base hit!
2007-09-24 11:16:22
93.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2 out rally, anyone?
2007-09-24 11:16:30
94.   3rd gen yankee fan
Damn I've got the mojo today. Okay I'm leaving it here, I gotta go back to work. Someone else use the mojo.
2007-09-24 11:16:42
95.   Jersey
Typical. If Mats had the right approach, he would have stretched that ground-rule double into a ground-rule triple. What a loafer.
2007-09-24 11:17:25
96.   Yankee Fan In Boston
is it just me, or was matsui whistling the theme from the "andy griffith show" as he rounded 1st?
2007-09-24 11:17:38
97.   williamnyy23
87 The Yankees are a borderline great team with many great players. That pretty much goes without saying, but after four innings of this game, I don't see how one could not be disappointed, dissatisfied, unhappy, etc. with the effort, especially in such an important game. There is time for positive comments, but so far, this isn't one of them.
2007-09-24 11:18:18
98.   Mattpat11
I don't think anyone will deny that they've played a lousy first half of the game.

But they can come back.

2007-09-24 11:19:26
99.   yankz
Gameday is hardcore disagreeing with Blue.
2007-09-24 11:20:42
100.   Yankee Fan In Boston
mientkiewicz looms large in the on-deck circle.
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2007-09-24 11:22:03
101.   yankz
Damn you Robinson!
2007-09-24 11:22:33
102.   yankz
If he had just drawn a walk, Scrabble would've hit the GS.
2007-09-24 11:22:40
103.   NJYankee41
I'm gonna use a big cliche here. Baseball is a sport where the best fail 70% of the time. To harp on EVERYTHING that is not considered a success is a lost cause. No team in history or in the future did or will play well 100% of the time. Sure you can be upset at the moment, but baseball is a humbling sport it can give or take away at any time.
2007-09-24 11:22:43
104.   williamnyy23
98 Of course they can comeback. Just because one criticizes the team when they play so sloppily doesn't mean you think they can't comeback. Still, it would be nice to not be down four runs in the 5th inning, and that fate could have been avoided with a few routine plays in the field, more patience at the plate and fundamental baserunning.
2007-09-24 11:23:15
105.   Jersey

Hey, if the G-Men can come back from 17-3...

2007-09-24 11:23:54
106.   yankz
103 I get the feeling that nothing's going to change.

The Yankees are the best team in baseball in July. Imagine if this collection of clowns actually knew how to play the game!

Shit, gotta run.

2007-09-24 11:24:47
107.   williamnyy23
103 Failure occurs 70% of the time, but fundamentals should have a much larger rate of execution. For example, Minky should have scored easily on the Damon grounder. He already made the exact same mistake last week in Boston, so there is no reason why he shouldn' have learned his lesson. Win or lose, in good times or in bad, a misplay like that deserves to be criticized.
2007-09-24 11:24:53
108.   Yankee Fan In Boston
has anybody seen the squirrel?
2007-09-24 11:26:27
109.   Yankee Fan In Boston
107 why do i get the feeling we'll see melky dive headfirst for 1B today?

ugh. that catch was a close one, too.

2007-09-24 11:26:58
110.   williamnyy23
Not to harp on the point...but Melky and Abreu almost had another miscommunication problem. Am I the only one concerned by things such as this?
2007-09-24 11:28:29
111.   claybeez
97 OK. It's been sloppy. But, saying the same thing over and over, every game, is it necessary?

Perhaps, the best answer is patience. Recognizing what's in front of you with the ability not to draw final conclusions until the game/season is over. Maybe, their transgressions are transitory. Worth commenting on sure, but perhaps not worth an indictment.

I'm not a thread hunter, but I could have sworn being told by you and maybe JD early on that I needed to see the writing on the wall - this team would not make the playoffs. I was just wearing rose-colored glasses.

It seems that a few certain posters have a need to express the same comments time after time and day after day. Linguistic repetition as I've written previously can be a human repellent. Hence, the use of pronouns...

If we don't get your philosophy then what's the point of telling us every day when so many are clearly bored with it? Are you intent on making us see the light?

2007-09-24 11:28:32
112.   monkeypants
66 No doubt about it. They really missed a golden opportunity when the pulled in the fences in LF--I would have used the flag pole in monument park as a sort of stake to which morally flawed players could be tied and stoned and/or burned. The fact they would suffer in the shadow of such focused greats as Ruth, Gehrig, the Mick etc., would only add to the symbolism of the act.
2007-09-24 11:28:43
113.   Yankee Fan In Boston
110 i think we all remember crosby & sheffield.


2007-09-24 11:32:53
114.   monkeypants
111 It's not just that their play is deemed sloppy, but that the team is constantly chided for poor effort. Maybe I am missing the semantic intent, but how do we know that individual players are "not trying" or "losing focus", etc. whenever they make a bad play. Bad results do not necessarily result from bad fundamentals, bad effort, or (by extension) bad moral character (laziness, etc).
2007-09-24 11:33:24
115.   pistolpete
This game will seem like a distant memory as we're pounding Tampa and Baltimore for 6 straight.
2007-09-24 11:34:14
116.   Mattpat11
Quite the inning there.
2007-09-24 11:34:53
117.   Yankee Fan In Boston
115 and LA/cleveland/boston.
2007-09-24 11:34:57
118.   pistolpete
It's a good thing we didn't face the Jays the last 4 games of the season, needing to clinch.

Can you imagine if we had games like Friday & Saturday going into the ALDS? We'd be dead in the water.

2007-09-24 11:35:10
119.   Jersey
That's twelve ground balls for Litsch. Dammit.
2007-09-24 11:35:16
120.   Yankees Brasil
Great AB Damon.
2007-09-24 11:36:49
121.   Yankee Fan In Boston
anyone have a pitch count on litsch?
2007-09-24 11:37:30
122.   Mattpat11
2007-09-24 11:37:40
123.   Jersey
121 63 through 5. No walks, no K's, 12 groundouts.
2007-09-24 11:38:01
124.   ny2ca2dc
man, does this look as bad as it sounds (on gameday audio). yuk. Stupid weekday day games.

PeteAbe reports Kennedy has been shut down. Hopefully it's just due to innings cap/conservativeness.:

UPDATE, 2:32 p.m.: As of right now, Roger Clemens will start tomorrow. Chien-Ming Wang and Phil Hughes will follow. Ian Kennedy has been shut down. Bad for his career, good for his wedding.

2007-09-24 11:38:04
125.   Yankee Fan In Boston
122 crap.


2007-09-24 11:38:43
126.   williamnyy23
111 Over and over? I pretty much stated my case in a couple posts and have since been responding to comments addressed to them. I could understand the sentiment if I demanded that Jeter be benched, said the Yankees were a bad team or cried out game over after the first inning, but that wasn't the case. I realize that some people like to be positive regardless of the situation, but I don't think we need to ignore when the team plays poorly. If you seen an indictment, please point it out. Otherwise, I see nothing wrong with posting about all kinds of performances, both good and bad.

As for people repeating themselves, those without sin can cast the first stone.

2007-09-24 11:41:55
127.   pistolpete
124 Well there goes that option for the playoffs. Moose or Hughes, pick your poison.
2007-09-24 11:41:58
128.   Yankee Fan In Boston
124 ugh. hopefully it isn't that muscle pull/tweak thing.
2007-09-24 11:43:13
129.   williamnyy23
114 Maybe it comes from my own experiences, but I've found that focus correlates closely to outcome. While I am not suggesting the Yankees are consciously not focusing on the game (reading comic books in the bench), perhaps the early day game and the small crowd has the team less than locked in? Who knows? Also, it could be that I regard this team too highly because when they play like they did early in this game, it makes me look for an excuse. Quite simply, I think they are too good for an effort like the one they put forth in the first three innigs.
2007-09-24 11:43:22
130.   Jersey
Pettitte doing his best Litsch impersonation that inning.

Bad as the start was this afternoon, looks like we'll get Andy starting the seventh. He's at 96.

2007-09-24 11:44:07
131.   Yankee Fan In Boston
alright. here we go. i have a good feeling about this inning. it is based on nothing other than the fact that this will likely be the last regular season game that i get to watch this season. they need to come back, and now is as good a time as any.
2007-09-24 11:44:29
132.   Mattpat11
127 Mussina.
2007-09-24 11:45:05
133.   Jersey
132 Seconded
2007-09-24 11:45:44
134.   pistolpete
130 When you give up 4 runs in 3 innings it's on the pitching. When that 3 innings becomes 6 or 7 innings, it's on the offense now.

These guys might just be freakin' tired.

Jumping on a plane to Tampa won't help either.

2007-09-24 11:46:01
135.   Yankee Fan In Boston
farnsworth up in the pen.
2007-09-24 11:46:28
136.   Yankee Fan In Boston
jeter knocks a double off the RF wall to lead it off.
2007-09-24 11:46:30
137.   Jersey
El Capitan! Here we go! aaww skeet skeet skeet skeet
2007-09-24 11:46:58
138.   williamnyy23
He catches that one!
2007-09-24 11:47:06
139.   Yankee Fan In Boston
skeet skeet indeed.
2007-09-24 11:47:09
140.   pistolpete
Anyone got the stat on hand of what their record is in the final home game of each year?

Quickly, quickly...

2007-09-24 11:47:28
141.   Yankee Fan In Boston
here comes the MVP.
2007-09-24 11:48:19
142.   monkeypants
127 I actually trust Hughes more--he pretty much gives 5+ innings, three runs every time. Moose can be very good or very, very awful. Since the fourth post season starter will see at most one game per series, however, I'm not sure it matters a whole lot to me either way.
2007-09-24 11:48:23
143.   williamnyy23
134 This game was never on Andy. He pitched well in the second inning, and probably should have only given up 1 run to this point.
2007-09-24 11:48:28
144.   Mattpat11
135 Ack.
2007-09-24 11:48:50
145.   Yankee Fan In Boston
foul ball w/ HR distance by stay-rod.
2007-09-24 11:49:31
146.   Yankee Fan In Boston
143 hear here.
2007-09-24 11:49:59
147.   pistolpete
145 Thanks for the further detail. One can never quite tell what happened based simply on 'Ack'.


2007-09-24 11:50:25
148.   williamnyy23
Thank you teach Minky.
2007-09-24 11:50:44
149.   Jersey a run.

Maybe Opie rattles to pieces now?

2007-09-24 11:50:54
150.   Yankee Fan In Boston
RBI for the MVP.

dribbler FC.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2007-09-24 11:53:52
151.   williamnyy23
For a team so outraged by cheating, the Blue Jays have the fake trap down to a tee.
2007-09-24 11:54:05
152.   Jersey
Matsui singles to left


2007-09-24 11:54:14
153.   Yankee Fan In Boston
matsui sneaks one just out of the LF's diving reach. a single.
2007-09-24 11:55:04
154.   Mattpat11
142 I think Mussina has looked more impressive lately and Hughes would be a better caddy than Moose.
2007-09-24 11:56:30
155.   Jersey
Dang. Thought we were looking at a rally.
2007-09-24 11:57:05
156.   williamnyy23
154 Hopefully, it isn't Mussina and Hughes in the rotation. Clemens' latest injury has to make his availability at least a small question.
2007-09-24 11:57:18
157.   Jersey
Awesome. Farnsworth. Maybe now I can get some work done.
2007-09-24 11:58:03
158.   Mattpat11
2007-09-24 11:58:22
159.   Bob Timmermann
I believe the Yankees today are suffering the Curse of Mr. Limpet.
2007-09-24 11:58:42
160.   Yankee Fan In Boston
156 i was purposely shutting that thought out of my head.
2007-09-24 12:03:17
161.   Yankee Fan In Boston
kyle "lights out" farnsworth.
2007-09-24 12:03:55
162.   Jersey
...Kyle? Kyle, is that you??
2007-09-24 12:06:11
163.   Yankee Fan In Boston
i think i just saw sal fasano in the jays' pen. that has to count as one of the highlights of the game.
2007-09-24 12:06:39
164.   Max
Helping Kyle Farnsworth "gain back his confidence", as Michael Kay puts it, is like helping Sylvia Plath become a happy, well adjusted individual with high self-esteem. It seems a particularly doomed and foolish endeavor.
2007-09-24 12:07:08
165.   Yankee Fan In Boston
164 awesome.
2007-09-24 12:08:20
166.   pistolpete
164 Kay's been reading again - look out!
2007-09-24 12:08:58
167.   pistolpete
Was it ever made known what Burnett had to be scratched for?
2007-09-24 12:09:09
168.   Yankee Fan In Boston
does kyle come back out? how lucky does joe feel? does joe care?
2007-09-24 12:11:16
169.   Yankee Fan In Boston
joe does care. veras is on the bump.
2007-09-24 12:11:33
170.   pistolpete
It's Veras.

Well, so much for having to mount a 3-run comeback. I'm guessing 5 or 6 by the time the bottom of the 9th rolls around.

2007-09-24 12:12:49
171.   williamnyy23
If the Yankees lose, they'll be 28-27 in day games. Is that just a fluke, or is there reason why they play better at night. It seems as if my "effort" rants occur in the first few innings of day games. I wonder it the change in routine translates to sloppy play early in ball games?

What makes it all the more perplexing, is I recall the Yankees playing pretty well in the day over the past few seasons. Hopefully, the Yankees play all night games in the post season.

2007-09-24 12:12:54
172.   Mattpat11
Johnson shaved
2007-09-24 12:13:57
173.   williamnyy23
Now Veras...I guess Joe doesn't really care about the division. I understand that philosophy, but if game 5 is in Cleveland or Anaheim, it could be the difference, especially with Wang's splits.
2007-09-24 12:14:19
174.   Yankee Fan In Boston
172 during the game? that's funny.
2007-09-24 12:14:40
175.   pistolpete
171 From what I remember hearing on 'FAN, I think we'll actually have more than a few during the day.

Does TV dictate that or does the league?

2007-09-24 12:16:42
176.   williamnyy23
175 The Yankees have always played more day games. Basically, all home weekend games are in the day and the Yankees are one of the few teams left who still schedule all day games on getaway days. I guess it helps that they can still fill the ball park midweek during the day.
2007-09-24 12:17:20
177.   Yankee Fan In Boston
melky gunned that throw on a line to 3B.
2007-09-24 12:17:30
178.   pistolpete
176 I meant during the playoffs.
2007-09-24 12:17:41
179.   williamnyy23
175 Sorry...I think you were referring to the post season. I don't think any schedules are set because the top seed gets their pick of format.
2007-09-24 12:21:23
180.   Mattpat11
173 Start Pettitte 1 and 5
2007-09-24 12:22:22
181.   Yankee Fan In Boston
180 i've read that joe was planning on trying to set it up that way, and get wang a stadium start. we'll see if things line up that way.
2007-09-24 12:22:45
182.   williamnyy23
180 I am sure that's the plan. It also leaves Wang for game 3, which often times can be a pivotal game.
2007-09-24 12:23:53
183.   pistolpete
I was really hoping we'd cinch this WC thing today, because if I was Joe I'd start Clippard, Karstens and Chase Wright all in the next couple of series, just so I could rest guys & line up the rotation how I wanted...
2007-09-24 12:24:29
184.   Mattpat11
182 It's not a bad plan.
2007-09-24 12:26:05
185.   Jersey
JOHNNY dammit take a pitch.
2007-09-24 12:26:15
186.   williamnyy23
Damon...1 pitch...ah forget it.
2007-09-24 12:26:43
187.   Yankee Fan In Boston
jeter wasn't even ready yet.
2007-09-24 12:27:14
188.   pistolpete
186 Gotta get on that plane. Time's a wastin'! :P
2007-09-24 12:29:49
189.   Yankee Fan In Boston
bobby bag o' donuts w/ a 2B to right center.
2007-09-24 12:30:30
190.   Yankee Fan In Boston
finally, the toronto bullpen.
2007-09-24 12:33:55
191.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2007-09-24 12:34:15
192.   Jersey
Alex singles, runners on the corners, Mats up

Let's go fellas. Everybody hits, everybody scores.

2007-09-24 12:34:30
193.   YankeeInMichigan
71 Records in September:
Oakland 8-13
Minnesota 8-12
Tampa Bay 9-12
Baltimore 7-15

Boston is at home while the Yanks are on the road. Advantage Boston.

2007-09-24 12:35:11
194.   Mattpat11
Reed Johnson irritates me.
2007-09-24 12:35:26
195.   Yankee Fan In Boston
terrible throw by johnson, 2 outs or not.
2007-09-24 12:35:54
196.   Jersey
Yeah that's great Zilla. Ugh.
2007-09-24 12:36:03
197.   Yankees Brasil
This game is one to forget.
2007-09-24 12:38:04
198.   Yankee Fan In Boston
193 what are the records for NY and boston?
2007-09-24 12:38:37
199.   williamnyy23
193 The Yankees needed this game. Had they won, it would have made them the favorite to take the division. Now, they need to win out and have Boston lose two.

It doesn't seem as the Yankees are too concerned about winning the division anyway. That might make sense for the their WS hopes, but I guess I am one of a dwindling few who still thinks winning the division is a satisfying accomplishment.

2007-09-24 12:41:27
200.   Mattpat11
From a non rap fan and someone that thinks Kanye is batshit crazy, Graduation is a damn good album.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-24 12:41:28
201.   cult of basebaal
wait! i thought ollie's arm fell off if he pitched to more than 1 batter???
2007-09-24 12:41:28
202.   Yankee Fan In Boston
199 they can still get the division, but today would've made things a whole lot easier.

i wanted that, too. we'll see.

2007-09-24 12:42:48
203.   pistolpete
How has Ollie looked, btw? For whatever reason, I don't think I've ever actually seen him throw a pitch live.
2007-09-24 12:44:30
204.   Yankee Fan In Boston
203 wearing the #60. socks up high. i don't know if he has his best stuff today. abreu just saved a 2B in RF.
2007-09-24 12:44:35
205.   Mattpat11
2007-09-24 12:45:55
206.   pistolpete
193 Home or not, Tampa Bay came within a few outs of taking 2 of 3.

I think Oakland & Minny combined could conceivably get 3 games in the next six. That's basically splitting both series.

Then we'd need to win 5 out of 6, of course. Not sure if that's possible if TamBal decides to be their normal pesky selves instead of what we saw the last go-around.

2007-09-24 12:46:27
207.   spufi2007
While in general I don't mind us not winning the division (though it would have been good to win again), the ruckus of the Red Sox and their fans over winning the division will make me vomit. I mean, we've won 9 in a row, so yawwwwwwn when they win the division for the first time in 12 years....but they won't take it that way regardless of how we made them sweat.
2007-09-24 12:48:06
208.   Yankee Fan In Boston
203 if he is the kind of guy who tries to get guys to chase pitches outside the zone, he might be alright. he doesn't seem to be "pounding the strike zone" however.
2007-09-24 12:49:05
209.   pistolpete
207 Ruckus, schmuckus. A few days ago, the media factions of RSN came out and claimed it "didn't matter" if they won the division or not.

You don't care? You don't get to gloat, sorry.

2007-09-24 12:49:40
210.   Yankee Fan In Boston
can we get 4 runs?
2007-09-24 12:50:44
211.   Yankee Fan In Boston
209 yeah. try telling that to these people. it won't work, regardless of the logic behind it.
2007-09-24 12:50:49
212.   williamnyy23
Incredible...Jorge hacks at the first pitch. I am looking for a reason to justify the way the Yankees have rushed through their ABs, but ...
2007-09-24 12:52:10
213.   pistolpete
212 See 188
2007-09-24 12:52:24
214.   Shaun P
WTF was Cano swinging at? By Gameday, not one of those pitches was anywhere near the plate.
2007-09-24 12:52:46
215.   Yankees Brasil
Obviously, a first pitch out to end the game.
2007-09-24 12:53:07
216.   Yankee Fan In Boston
did we win?
2007-09-24 12:53:31
217.   williamnyy23
Another first pitch hack...incredible.

This had all the trappings of a getaway game in late September. What makes it odd is that one team involved was fighting for a division title. Poor effort, lack of focus or just plain bad luck, this was a pretty pathetic performance.

2007-09-24 12:53:55
218.   Alex Belth
Nice at bats there, guys. Three of the last four guys got themselves out on the first pitch. What, you guys got a plane to catch or something?
2007-09-24 12:54:13
219.   pistolpete
209 Deal with it in your own way, but the slate always gets wiped clean in the playoffs.

It's not like you get a bye or anything...

2007-09-24 12:54:14
220.   Yankees Brasil
214 To be fair, the called strikes in his AB were not even close.
2007-09-24 12:54:21
221.   Mattpat11
Oh well. Hairbrained defense, first pitch hacking will do that.
2007-09-24 12:55:05
222.   Shaun P
213 You're weren't kidding!

What an awful game. Ugh. No walks, 7 guys left on base, and an URP shut them down by throwing 98 pitches in almost 8 innings (just barely over 12 pitches/inning).

I think winning the division is a worthwhile goal, but if the Yanks disagree, that's OK. I only ask, why are Jeter, A-Rod, Posada, Cano, and Matsui playing? Why not give them the day off? Especially with 3 games on turf coming up?

2007-09-24 12:55:23
223.   williamnyy23
218 That was my fear from early on. Hey...where are the sunshine boys now? I guess its easy to excuse an ugly effort when you don't stick around to watch it :)
2007-09-24 12:58:01
224.   Sliced Bread
Fitting title to the thread.
Swing Game.


Ah, well, 'Heroes' is back tonight.
Ali Larter will wipe this one right out of my memory.

2007-09-24 12:58:51
225.   Mattpat11
223 I don't think anyone can claim the Yankees showed up today.
2007-09-24 13:01:42
226.   AbbyNormal821
Heroes, Prison Break, Dancing with The Stars (sing it..."one of these things is not like the other one")
2007-09-24 13:07:35
227.   JeremyM
OK, you guys are going to all think I'm an idiot and I probably am, but I have been almost embracing the Wild Card this season. To me, it seems like the last few years or so the Yankees have had trouble playing as "favorites." In the playoffs, they've seemed tight to me. I kind of feel like watching Boston celebrate a division crown and going in the back door, so to speak, will be just what the doctor ordered. For instance, last season they played great when the chips were down, with all of the injuries and so forth, and as soon as they got back Matsui and Sheffield, it was like they were supposed to win and they were the favorites again, and they were back to playing tight. But I'm probably crazy.
2007-09-24 13:10:20
228.   Mattpat11
They're always supposed to win
2007-09-24 13:11:19
229.   Raf
218 I think they were double parked.
2007-09-24 13:11:21
230.   pistolpete
I was annoyed this got switched to a day game at first, but now I have some time this evening to catch up on some TV I recorded yesterday during the Dallas/Bears game. :)
2007-09-24 13:11:41
231.   Bama Yankee
223 sunshine boys?
2007-09-24 13:11:51
232.   williamnyy23
At this point, I don't think winning the division will wind up having an impact in the post season. Still, the fact that the team pretty much mailed in this game leaves a bad taste in my mouth. No one is asking for every one to hit HRs in every AB, but when two batters make first pitch outs down three in the 9th, well, that tells you all you need to know. Today's effort was indefensible.
2007-09-24 13:13:30
233.   williamnyy23
Wow...Bobby is crying on the air saying good bye for the least something to make taking a day off to watch this game worthwhile.
2007-09-24 13:15:45
234.   yankz
224 Not to mention the now-legal Hayden Panettiere!
2007-09-24 13:16:16
235.   Shaun P
233 Abreu? Wait, nevermind, you must mean Murcer.

Gotta say, that he's been able to come back and do games is nothing short of inspiring. God bless him.

2007-09-24 13:17:28
236.   williamnyy23
235 was nice to see some emotion today!
2007-09-24 13:19:14
237.   OldYanksFan
233 The very, very, very sad truth is Bobby may not see another season. We all like to keep a stiff upper lip but Bobby has to live with some very poor odds.

Poor Bobby will get to experience many things and wonder if it's his last time.

2007-09-24 13:19:31
238.   yankz
I would seriously like to know why people here think that the Yankees decided to mail it in today.

Have you not been watching? This is one of the great comeback teams in history (for the season, not within a game). Below .500 at the break to winning 90+? They understand the importance of every game. They're not taking anything for granted.

Which is why this game can easily be explained. It's baseball. Stuff happens. The best teams ever lose every third day. But to claim that this team doesn't "try" or "focus" or "care" or whatever you want to say, after what they've done this year, is just wrong.

2007-09-24 13:24:28
239.   williamnyy23
237 Sad indeed...but I am still looking forward to seeing him in the booth next April. Murcer was kind of a quiet Yankee during a quiet period in the team's history, but he filled a void and will always hold a special place in team lore. Losing Scooter was bad enough, but Bobby would be tragic. Hopefully, he has many more years left.
2007-09-24 13:26:19
240.   yankz
Eh, scratch 238 . I don't really want to know.
2007-09-24 13:26:22
241.   Raf
232 I think they couldn't wait to get back to the clubhouse because they want to see what kind of clothes the rookies are going to wear today.

237 Did something happen? Did he have a relapse?

2007-09-24 13:30:09
242.   williamnyy23
241 No...but his condition is serious and though stable could always take a turn for the worse. We are only discussing it because he was pretty emotional signing off today.
2007-09-24 13:30:44
243.   Vandelay Industries
238 I agree. I don't think anyone "mailed in" anything.

However, I do find it amusing that the stats rats here who use numbers to justify any and all arguments they make or positions they take, believe that winning the division has no impact on the playoffs. We are one game over .500 on the road and twenty-three games over .500 at home for crying out loud. If statistics can be used for anything, they should certainly be used here, as they could not be more glaring. For anyone to think that flying back and forth to the west coast to face the only team with a better home record than we have will have no effect is kidding themselves.

A great comeback year, for sure! But to think that you can throw out the numbers on this one subject is rather ironic. Winning the division does matter, and today's game was the most important game of the year insofar as achieving that goal is concerned, and the Yankees lost, no matter why that happened.

Go Yankees!

2007-09-24 13:31:16
244.   williamnyy23
For those interested, Andy Pettite thinks the team had less energy than normal today.
2007-09-24 13:32:35
245.   williamnyy23
243 I agree, but at this point, it looks like if the Yankees win the division now, it will be as a 3rd seed, which means they'll still have a first round road series and hoime field against only Boston.
2007-09-24 13:34:47
246.   OldYanksFan
238 A very sane, reasonable, and somewhat needed comment. It all looks so easy from here. I personally am amazed and proud of this comeback. Many teams would have folded. The pressure on everyone, and especially Cashman and Torre was tremendous.

For all the Torre bashing, I wonder if 'any ole' manager would have been able to pull this off. And in just 2 years, Cashman has turned around this franchise. An amazing job.

Maybe we are so used to 'fairytale' endings that we expect them. This was indeed a historic year. Not only for the games played on the field, but for the changing of the guard which is ushering in, I believe, the next great dynasty.

2007-09-24 13:38:34
247.   Chyll Will
231 ,238 I'm just glad I don't know what's going on >;)

Work + IPod = slightly tolerable work conditions...

2007-09-24 13:40:10
248.   cult of basebaal
243 and most likely open IN anaheim, rather than in Cleveland ... but don't let those points distract you from calling out the "stats rats" ...

Go Mariners!

2007-09-24 13:44:36
249.   Raf
243 Stats pretty much get thrown out of the window when it comes to playoffs. I guess one could take a look at the record of division champions in the playoffs, but I don't think that'll mean much. I guess one could also look at how often a team wins in their last at bat, but off the top of my head.
2007-09-24 13:44:43
250.   yankz
Cleveland has a 3.20 ERA over the past month. LAA is at 4.37 IIRC.

I might be changing my "Anyone but the Angels" wish.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-09-24 13:44:43
251.   cult of basebaal
oh ... and just to make sure everyone's in a good mood for the rest of the day ... if Clemens can't go tomorrow ... it'll be igawa or desalvo in his place

sweet dreams, mattpat!


2007-09-24 13:44:51
252.   Bama Yankee
247 Yeah it's probably a good thing, I'm still trying to figure who the sunshine boys are...
2007-09-24 13:45:49
253.   Raf
249 I don't think they'll mean much either

Hit the button a bit too quick...

2007-09-24 13:46:21
254.   yankz
252 For the record, I don't think anyone thought the Yankees played well today.
2007-09-24 13:47:07
255.   cult of basebaal
250 i'd rather play the angels ... but then again, i'm really rooting for the Settling All Scores postseason of the Angels, Red Sox and then D'backs
2007-09-24 13:56:45
256.   pistolpete
255 But what of the Marlins?
2007-09-24 14:09:48
257.   cult of basebaal
i think everyone will get a kick out of this ... from today's chat over at BP:

Simon (Minneapolis): Set the Yanks playoff rotation. And it's pen.

Will Carroll: Pettite, Wang, Clemens, Hughes. I'd shadow Clemens with Mussina, using him in long relief if not needed. Pen, working backwards would be Rivera, Chamberlain, Farnsworth, Ramirez, Henn, Kennedy. That's 11. Maybe Villone for an extra lefty or Vizcaino if Torre goes to 12.

2007-09-24 14:18:25
258.   yankz
257 He was joking, right?
2007-09-24 14:37:13
259.   Bama Yankee
254 Agreed. Of course, the "moonshine boys" climb out on the ledge after losses like this. ;-)

I still can't figure out why the same people who (in late May) declared us out of the division race, out of the playoffs and were bad mouthing Torre, Cashman & Stienbrenner's housecat are now lamenting the fact that we lost a game like this. This team has been playing lights-out since the break and some people want to question their "focus". Really?

The fact that we are even within striking distance of the division was something that some people said was impossible for this team. Sure I would love to win the division, but the most important thing is getting ready for the playoffs and actually making it past the first round for a change. Boston can have the division, its time to get serious about winning the Serious...

2007-09-24 15:55:39
260.   RIYank
I missed the whole game. Lucky me.

Yeah, I'd rather play the Angels than the Indians too. And I'm not all that concerned about that loooonggg plane ride to LA, either. I figure the boys spend 5 1/2 hours on Yankee One, or whatever it is, and it's just not like when you have to go to LA and you get to the airport 1:45 early, wait in a long line to check in, fumble with your shoes and laptop at security, sit on the freaking tarmac for 40 minutes in Newark, arrive at O'Hare 20 minutes late, eat some crappy deep dish pizza during your 2:25 lay-over (or else miss your connection because you figured an hour and ten minutes would be plenty and you kind of forgot that there is always bad weather in Chicago), sit on the tarmac in Chicago for 25 minutes, wait for your baggage at LAX for a half hour, spend an hour and a quarter in LA traffic, and check into a slightly seedy hotel.

Not that I'm bitter.

Uh. Yeah, the Angels. Bring 'em on.

2007-09-24 16:22:53
261.   3rd gen yankee fan
241 HA! I almost forgot about that. Have you seen the pictures? The kids look great. There's some good ones on yahoo.
2007-09-24 16:26:48
262.   yankz
They should've made Farns dress up as the scarecrow.
2007-09-24 16:58:12
263.   Mattpat11
I don't buy using the "come back" as an excuse for games like this.

First of all, games like today are never acceptable. Down 1, up 12, down 30, wherever they are in the standings. They played sloppy, careless baseball.

They could barely get out of their own way in the field. As much as we like to laugh at it, these Cano/Mientkiewicz and Abreu/Cabrera situations are going to lead to someone getting hurt badly if everyone just keeps blindly charging at the ball with no sense of their surroundings. Jeter and A-Rod just missing ground balls is going to happen from time to time, but it certainly is discouraging to see in a game that is supposed to matter.

Further, the Yankees are SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. I'm not going to use their startling incompetence in the first half to justify this.

This isn't the Colorado Rockies. This was a team that was constructed to win a world championship. Its their own damn fault that they had to make this big come back. No one forced them to suck. The fact that they did suck should not be an excuse for this team late in the year.

2007-09-24 17:00:20
264.   Mattpat11
Detroit is losing by the way
2007-09-24 17:19:50
265.   yankz
263 Who the hell is excusing today? Everyone here agrees that they played like crap today. What you and a couple other people don't realize is that games like this happen. The 1998 Yankees looked bad (albeit for like 6 games). I'm sure the '27 Yanks did too.

"games like today are never acceptable"
Yeah, because these things are so easy to control. Everyone can be perfect 100% of the time- because that's what we as Yankee fans are entitled to!!!!

Are you trying to tell me that Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Hideki Matsui, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte, and every one else didn't want to win today? Or took it easy or whatever? Okay.

2007-09-24 17:20:21
266.   yankz
As soon as I hit submit, I regretted it. I wish we had a delete button. I don't even know why I bother anymore. Some people will never be happy unless the Yankees are perfect every single game.
2007-09-24 17:33:52
267.   RIYank
266 "I don't even know why I bother anymore."

I do. I know why.

Because you're an excuse-monkey. You're coddling them like the overpaid babies they are, like the excuse-monkey you are.


2007-09-24 18:19:38
268.   Max
Hey, I think we should all relax. With any luck, the magic number should be down to one if Minny can actually hold on.

I do tire of the automatic negativity that rears its head at the start of the first inning from one poster in just gets tiresome game after game. I'm a nervous nellie of a fan that gets on the players privately from the get go, but the point is that I vent privately. And I'm wary of turning the venting into moralizing about "character" and "heart" and "effort". Let's leave that nonsense for neurotically self-righteous Sox fans.

But I'll also say this: today really sucked. Thank goodness the playoffs are close, because if any game defined "mailing it in", today was it. Even Pettite essentially admitted it. So if people want to blow off steam, that's cool.

But it's also baseball that crap days like this happen sometimes. When posters use games like this to justify their relentless negativity, that's a problem.

(FWIW, I'm not talking about you, Matt. :-) )

2007-09-24 18:24:23
269.   RIYank
The Twins reduce their win expectancy from 86% to 84% by successful bunting! Good work.

268 Excuse-monkey.

2007-09-24 18:31:25
270.   thelarmis
twinkies just added an insurance run, top 9, 2-zip, torii's up...
2007-09-24 18:32:59
271.   RIYank
Two singles and that runner from second scores! That's why you bunt, see. Because then he can score on two more singles.

2-0 going to the bottom of the ninth.

I'm talking to myself.

2007-09-24 18:33:49
272.   RIYank
No! I'm talking to thelarmis.
2007-09-24 18:34:13
273.   RIYank
What kind of name is thelarmis, anyway? Are you Greek?
2007-09-24 18:38:01
274.   JeremyM
2 outs away from clinching a tie for the WC--awfully nice of Minny to use Nathan.
2007-09-24 18:38:02
275.   Yankees Brasil
1 down , 2 to go!
2007-09-24 18:39:47
276.   RIYank
Sheff goes down; up to Mags...
2007-09-24 18:39:49
277.   JeremyM
1 to go...
2007-09-24 18:40:40
278.   thelarmis
273 ha! it's funny - whenever i make fun of the nickname bestowed on me, i say it sounds like a Greek skin disease. like, 'i went to the dermatologist and got diagnosed with "thelarmis" on my left arm"!

nope, not greek! it's a 'stage' name that was given to me when i was touring with Col. Bruce Hampton in the mid-late 90's. i became 'Thelarmis J. Younkin', cousin of Derek Trucks, aka 'Doug Younkin'. long story, but the beginning and end of the name of from "Themis", which is the 10th moon of Saturn. at least it is in Col. Bruce's Sun Ra-influenced world. "Lars," is in the middle. no need to mention the middle initial or last name.

i got introduced all over the country as "Thelarmis" on stage and in print and it sorta stuck. so i use it ocassionally as a stage name. sooo, it's not The Larmis, or anything like that, just 'thelarmis,' with a "soft" 'the' sound...

2007-09-24 18:41:57
279.   JeremyM
Damn, he walked Magglio, Guillen represents the tying run.
2007-09-24 18:42:29
280.   thelarmis
one more strike.
2007-09-24 18:43:13
281.   RIYank
Actually, my real guess was that it was "the larmis", but I thought it was funnier to ask if you were Greek.

The Great Joe Nathan, mean while, has walked Mags.

2007-09-24 18:44:05
282.   Yankees Brasil
oh God, stop playing Nathan.
2007-09-24 18:44:16
283.   RIYank
Geez. Now Pudge with a chance to win it!

Joe Nathan: he's no Joba.

2007-09-24 18:44:27
284.   thelarmis
base hit. 1st & 3rd. 2 outs. pudge up...
2007-09-24 18:44:54
285.   thelarmis
btw, pudge's isolated OBP is .013
2007-09-24 18:45:01
286.   JeremyM
Come on Joe. I've always liked you, Joe. Come on, get an out for your old buddy, Joe.
2007-09-24 18:45:21
287.   thelarmis
stolen base. no force at 2nd. base hit could mean tie game.
2007-09-24 18:45:32
288.   RIYank
Twinkies pissing the game away?

A single will tie it.

2007-09-24 18:45:44
289.   thelarmis
aaaaand, the halos put up 5 in the frame to take the lead. blech.
2007-09-24 18:46:03
290.   thelarmis
one more strike. i mean it this time...
2007-09-24 18:46:48
291.   thelarmis
wahoo! magic # = ONE
2007-09-24 18:46:57
292.   Yankees Brasil
Nice Mr. Nathan!
2007-09-24 18:47:23
293.   RIYank
I like the way Nathan is pitching to Pudge, actually.

And now I like it more!



That's the magic number...

2007-09-24 18:47:45
294.   thelarmis
makes today's loss slightly easier to stomach. i still want the division and best record and home field and all that. but, regardless, we're pretty much 'in' and that freakin' ROCKS!!!
2007-09-24 18:48:18
295.   RIYank
292 The correct enthusiastic ejaculation is:

HOT DOG Mr. Nathan!

2007-09-24 18:48:20
296.   Alex Belth
One, singular sensation! Thank YOU, Joe Nathan!
2007-09-24 18:48:32
297.   fansince77
Pudge is such a beautiful free swinger...thanks. "1" is a beautiful number.
2007-09-24 18:49:05
298.   RIYank
294 Now if the Tigers win out and we lose the rest of our games, it's your fault.

And no excuses!

2007-09-24 18:49:36
299.   RIYank
One is the loneliest number that you ever knew...
2007-09-24 18:50:38
300.   thelarmis
298 that's why i said "pretty much"!!! or is that a built in excuse? ; )
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2007-09-24 18:51:41
301.   RIYank
With her long hair falling and her eyes that shine like a midnight sun
Whoa-oh, she's the ONE...
2007-09-24 18:51:45
302.   Mattpat11
Magic number one.
2007-09-24 18:53:32
303.   RIYank
300 Well, if games were coin tosses, the odds would now be about 4000 to 1 in our favor. So I guess your confidence is warranted.
2007-09-24 18:58:31
304.   thelarmis
hey, and texas retakes the lead. muts are getting crushed...
2007-09-24 19:04:16
305.   Mattpat11
265 Games like this happen. They happened for the entire first half. Which means, if the Yankees had any sights on the division, they couldn't afford many more games like that. The approach at the plate today was horrific. And yes, that is the players fault.

And this bullshit with Cabrera and Abreu should never be happening. And Cano's quest to kill Doug Mientkiewicz, while noble in some ways, really needs to end.

2007-09-24 19:09:01
306.   Bama Yankee
303 If our games were coin tosses, some people would be saying that George Washington's lack of focus caused the coin to land on tails...
2007-09-24 19:10:59
307.   thelarmis
306 ah, but the new George Washington gold dollar coins have Lady Liberty on the back, which means...the Yankees win the World Serious! : )

plus, i would always choose tails in a coin toss, fwiw...

2007-09-24 19:22:55
308.   wsporter
The odds of the NYY making the Post Season are now? HA!
2007-09-24 19:25:14
309.   thelarmis
cool! i thought i cleared the room. was about to start talking about the new Wyoming quarter. still haven't seen one...

man, i hope A-Rod rakes in the postseason!

2007-09-24 19:34:57
310.   wsporter
I always call heads. I haven't seen one either. How does Wyoming rate a quarter when nobody lives there?
2007-09-24 19:43:15
311.   Raf
241 Well, according to WasWatching, the theme of the day was "Wizard of Oz"

2007-09-24 19:49:06
312.   yankz
Oh shit. This Heroes episode was filmed before Claire turned 18, wasn't it?
2007-09-24 20:12:16
313.   3rd gen yankee fan
312 Excuse-monkey. ;-)
2007-09-24 20:13:14
314.   3rd gen yankee fan
btw yankz, I was kind of thinking the same thing about Farns... just didn't feeling like letting him into my consciousness again, even if to bag on him.
2007-09-24 20:15:27
315.   yankz
313 HA!

314 Probably a good idea. Think happy thoughts, and all that.

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