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2007-09-22 09:22
by Alex Belth
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Roger Clemens was supposed to start this afternoon in place of Ian Kennedy but was a late scratch. Nothing serious, according to Joe Torre. Clemens was on the field at a quarter to ten this morning watching his eldest son perform running drills in right field under the guidance of a trainer.

About an hour later, Harlan Chamberlain made his way from the bullpen to the Yankee dugout. His red scooter moved slowly across the warning track and then down the left field line. Chamberlain stopped to shake hands with some fans. As he approached the Yankee dugout, he shook more hands. "Harlan, we love your son." He is clearly enjoying every moment of his first trip to New York.

John Turturro is also at the park. After his daily pre-game conversation with reporters, Torre chatted with the actor, several photographers snapping pictures several feet away. Torre also spent a few minutes talking to Harlan.

It's 12:40 now and it's raining. The tarp is on the field, but rain wasn't in the forecast so I don't imagine the game will be delayed long.

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2007-09-22 09:49:52
1.   Chyll Will
Er, what happened to "Drat!" ??
2007-09-22 09:53:33
2.   Alex Belth
Just a little confusion on our end...I didn't know if Cliff was going to put up a post and so I put up "Drat" as he posted his recap of last night's game. So I took out mention of the game and just kept this open for a game thread. The rain isn't so hard...
2007-09-22 10:02:54
3.   Chyll Will
2 Heh... didn't see this coming at all. I'm utilitarian when it comes to rain, though now I worry about my apartment being flooded now every time it rains.

So is this electric slide the rotation has to do now going into the PS? I'm of a mind of giving Ohlendorf a start after we clinch the playoffs to offset any trouble the shifting might cost...

2007-09-22 10:04:54
4.   Alex Belth
1:04, it's clearing up...don't think this'll last too long up in the press box this afternoon.
2007-09-22 10:06:45
5.   claybeez
I left the stadium last night, tired and frustrated. The comeback was not wholly unexpected as I don't believe this was the first time a Halladay start imploded in the 9th. It was thrilling and the pulse of the crowd, the high energy spike was unlike anything I've experienced before. As a long time fan from outside the tristate area, it was my first exposure to the playoff energy at the stadium. Now in NY, I'm giddy with anticipation for my first Yankees playoffs. Positively Giddy.

Still, what frustrated me most last night was how Melky's AB unfurled. I completely understood getting Shelley in there to play for the instant tie. But, didn't Torre see the right hander warming in the pen? He had to know that he was coming in, right? So was the decision made prior to the AB that you'd rather have Betemit up in that situation than Melky? If so it was not one I agreed with, to put it mildly. Either you decide to keep your starter in there or say "matchups be damned" and let Shelley take his hacks vs the righty.

2007-09-22 10:11:14
6.   Alex Belth
The ground's crew is working on the warning tracks now....some big puddles out there...
2007-09-22 10:11:41
7.   Zack
Raining here in San Diego too, for the first time in over 5 months. Crazy, almost forgot what the stuff looked like!
2007-09-22 10:13:11
8.   Chyll Will
7 We gotta good deal on rain for you, low shipping costs...
2007-09-22 10:13:58
9.   Chyll Will
4 What's the view like up there? I've heard complaints...
2007-09-22 10:15:33
10.   Bob Timmermann
They've got sun in Chicago.

It doesn't matter with Minneapolis.

On many levels.

2007-09-22 10:15:48
11.   Chyll Will
5 Melky needs rest, too. Is this his first full season with the big club?
2007-09-22 10:17:09
12.   Zack
8 We could use it. They broke out the dreaded "stage 2 water conservation alert" yesterday...
2007-09-22 10:26:33
13.   claybeez
11 He was called-up pretty early last season, I believe. This is the 1st season he started with the club out of spring training.

What I was referring to was his being pinch-hit for last night in a game he started.

2007-09-22 10:27:05
14.   claybeez
Still raining in Brooklyn.
2007-09-22 10:29:02
15.   Dimelo
Just a little confusion on our end...I didn't know if Cliff was going to put up a post

I don't know, this is the first I've heard of you and Cliff being "confused". I'm seeing similarties here with the ARod-Jeter relationship. Are you sure you guys can work together? Will Cliff opt-out this off-season?

Hmm...this is the stretch run and the playoffs are about to start, I suggest you guys work out your "confusion" before the 2nd season starts. We are counting on you guys.

I guess the question is, who is ARod and who is Jetes? :-)

2007-09-22 10:33:31
16.   Chyll Will
It's almost stopped here in the N. Bronx...
2007-09-22 10:36:12
17.   Alex Belth
The rain had slowed up but it's still coming down. More a steady mist than anything else...There are two press boxes. One, large one and then another auxillary one, which is directly next to Steinbrenner's box. Far as I can tell the view is good from both--as sat in each of them. The beat guys tell me it's not as spacious as the new parks, but I think that only becomes an issue during the playoffs, or maybe Yanks-Sox, Yanks-Mets.
2007-09-22 10:38:22
18.   Chyll Will
What do players do to prepare for the post-season? I don't think there's a certain formula, but then winning three WS in a row has to produce some discernible patterns and habits... Jeter always seems prepared, Jorge less so but still better than A-Rod and Matsui... but the Giambi surprises. Anything?
2007-09-22 10:40:39
19.   SF Yanks
If anyone has the link, can you please special link me? I screwed up by about 5 min last night, and PHIL HUGHES IS PITCHING. Anyone here who sorta knows me, knows that if I can't watch a Hughes start I go into convulsions...and of course thanks.


2007-09-22 10:45:22
20.   Bob Timmermann
Don't they just hope that the small sample size of the postseason works in their favor?

Jeter's postseason numbers are pretty much the same as his regular season numbers and he has close to a full season's worth of postseason ABs at 478.

2007-09-22 10:46:28
21.   Chyll Will
Holy Switzerland, Belthman! I guess you have to remain extremely neutral when I go on my vicious rants on tabloid-sportspage writers. Still, sounds like a sweet set-up, thanks for the insight >;)
2007-09-22 10:48:33
22.   Chyll Will
20 Does that then dispel the notion that players "turn it up a notch" during the playoffs? Or does it seem that way because of the small sample size?
2007-09-22 11:01:25
23.   Alex Belth
The grounds grew just came on the field. Looks like the tarp is coming off...
2007-09-22 11:04:30
24.   Alex Belth
The announcement just came that the approximate start time will be 2:30...
2007-09-22 11:08:11
25.   SF Yanks
24 Thanks for posting that for those of us that aren't living in the area.

That gives me 30 min. to figure out a way to watch this game...

2007-09-22 11:09:22
26.   Raf
22 It seems that way because of the small sample size and the time of year. More focus is on the playoffs, therefore a good performance will stand out.
2007-09-22 11:15:39
27.   Sarasota
25 ....if you can figure that out, then please don't hesitate to let me know down here in Sarasota. Damn FOX!!
2007-09-22 11:17:19
28.   SF Yanks
27 I certainly will if I can...
2007-09-22 11:19:17
29.   Bob Timmermann
Reggie Jackson wasn't very good in the 1977 ALCS. But in the 1977 WS, he became a larger than life figure.

What was different?

2007-09-22 11:22:05
30.   Alex Belth
Paul Splittorff...
2007-09-22 11:37:09
31.   Chyll Will
Very sweet... the first pitch was thrown out by the President of Panama, with Mo as his catcher (he bounced it and Mo couldn't come up with it; Jorge shoud've been backing up on that play >;)
2007-09-22 11:37:10
32.   Raf
29 He hit 3 HR's a game in the WS for a team that plays in a major media market. Had it been an April game against the Blue Jays, it would've been a footnote.
2007-09-22 11:39:15
33.   Sarasota
28 would be much appreciated.
2007-09-22 11:40:11
34.   Raf
According to Sinins' ATM reports, Kennedy is hurt too? Who's starting today?
2007-09-22 11:40:56
35.   Chyll Will
34 Phil
2007-09-22 11:40:56
36.   Sarasota
Phranchise is starting
2007-09-22 11:41:00
37.   Eirias
If they know they are going to throw out the ceremonial first pitch, why does no-one ever practice first?
2007-09-22 11:45:14
38.   cult of basebaal
very niiiiice 1st inning for phil ... c'mon boys, let's get some runs now
2007-09-22 11:45:34
39.   Chyll Will
37 Actually, they usually warm up a little bit like anyone else. But how often do they have to throw a pitch in front of thousands of people to a pro ballplayer? A little stage fright perhaps...
2007-09-22 11:46:13
40.   Jersey
Phil of the Future looking good to start out.
2007-09-22 11:46:47
41.   yankz
Whoa, studly 1st for Phil.
2007-09-22 11:49:09
42.   Jersey
Melky has a .465 OPS in September. I think I could do that.
2007-09-22 11:50:29
43.   Chyll Will
42 Most people do that on the can...
2007-09-22 11:51:35
44.   Chyll Will
Tow pitchers that struggle in the first inning having 1-2-3 innings... tired?
2007-09-22 11:51:50
45.   Chyll Will
2007-09-22 11:53:51
46.   randym77
Maybe the long season is weighing on Melky. The minor league season is so much shorter. Last year, he was dead weight in September, too.
2007-09-22 11:55:06
47.   Chyll Will
Single by Big Hurt through shortstop hole (seemed like they were playing him to pull...)
2007-09-22 11:56:54
48.   yankz
Gameday disagrees with the ump
2007-09-22 11:57:30
49.   Chyll Will
First and second now, no outs...
2007-09-22 11:58:21
50.   Chyll Will
Fly to right, BH tags to third, 1st and 3rd, one out...
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2007-09-22 11:59:57
51.   cult of basebaal
i see phlailing phil has returned
2007-09-22 12:00:08
52.   Chyll Will
5-4-3 double play!
2007-09-22 12:00:40
53.   yankz
51 You wish!
2007-09-22 12:00:51
54.   cult of basebaal
never mind, double play. That'll do!


2007-09-22 12:01:05
55.   Chyll Will
I'm doing this for anyone who can't get the game yet, let me know when i can stop...
2007-09-22 12:02:18
56.   yankz
55 Just tell them to get on GameDay.
2007-09-22 12:03:01
57.   cult of basebaal
i feel a big game coming for a-rod, he's been zoning back in the last 2 games ...
2007-09-22 12:03:15
58.   Chyll Will
56 Right. Back to bantering...
2007-09-22 12:03:22
59.   SF Yanks
55 No game for me :(

I'm on gameday.

2007-09-22 12:03:42
60.   cult of basebaal
obviously, marcum feels that way too ...
2007-09-22 12:04:23
61.   Chyll Will
57 Not if they don't give him anything. Why doesn't Jorge or Giambi bat behind him again?
2007-09-22 12:05:15
62.   yankz
Seriously, Posada's OPS this month is nearly double Matsui's.
2007-09-22 12:05:29
63.   Sarasota
blacked out in Sarasota too (ecxept for GameDay and Chyll Will)
2007-09-22 12:06:16
64.   randym77
59 Use an overseas proxy. Thailand, India, someplace like that.
2007-09-22 12:07:14
65.   Chyll Will
2007-09-22 12:09:17
66.   cult of basebaal
damn, is this ump's strike zone as small as it seems on gameday???
2007-09-22 12:10:08
67.   SF Yanks
64 yeah, somebody on here does that, but I haven't figured out how yet.
2007-09-22 12:10:28
68.   Chyll Will
63 No, I'm done, I waiting to have the carpet in the bedroom replaced, so I'll be off at some point anyway :'
2007-09-22 12:10:51
69.   yankz
67 What browser are you using?
2007-09-22 12:11:28
70.   yankz
Twice in two days Giambi's gone down on 3 pitches. Isn't he supposed to draw a ton of pitches?
2007-09-22 12:11:35
71.   monkeypants
66 Ball three to Jorge look like a strike to me, but they din't show a replay on Rogers.
2007-09-22 12:14:40
72.   cult of basebaal
meh! just one run here feels like failure
2007-09-22 12:15:02
73.   cult of basebaal
c'mon Malphabet!
2007-09-22 12:15:09
74.   Chyll Will
Bad baserunning by Posada. Matsui was in a long rundown, but Jorge stayed at second. See, Scrabble's single would have scored him...
2007-09-22 12:15:19
75.   yankz
Why would Melky bat leadoff?

I guess because Joe feels scared putting Captain there.

2007-09-22 12:15:48
76.   monkeypants
cripes--a BB and three hits, including one of the wall, and only one run. Weird, unfortunate sequence of baserunners.
2007-09-22 12:16:08
77.   cult of basebaal
argh! no run??? now one run would really feel like failure ... like patton oswalt says, like a failure pile in a sadness bowl


2007-09-22 12:16:35
78.   randym77
Scrabble's single might have scored both Jorge and Cano if Jorgie weren't the worse baserunner in the known universe.
2007-09-22 12:16:48
79.   SF Yanks
69 firefox or ie
2007-09-22 12:17:00
80.   monkeypants
74 Sadly, if Jorge tried to take third I think all we would have seen was a very long double play.
2007-09-22 12:18:21
81.   cult of basebaal
fuck! failure pile, sadness bowl ...
2007-09-22 12:19:19
82.   Chyll Will
It's stuff like that can really trip up a team in the PS. Jorge must be tired, but that's not even an excuse right now, we haven't clinched anything yet.
2007-09-22 12:19:57
83.   monkeypants
75 Remember in the old days when announcers would talk about the advantages of batting a lead off type hitter ninth? Maybe Torre is trying something similar in reverse, where you bat a number nine type hitter at lead off.
2007-09-22 12:20:00
84.   williamnyy23
That was an absolutely awful inning. Giambi flails out of the strike zone, Cano tries to pull an outside pitch, Posada runs the bases like a little leaguer and then Melky (who shouldn't be leading off) does nothing with a 2-0 pitch. Not exactly the kind of baseball you want to be playing with the clock running out.
2007-09-22 12:20:26
85.   yankz
79 OK, for Firefox- first go here:

You'll probably have to try a couple to get it to work. China usually works best for me.

Pick one, copy the IP address, and remember the port #.

Then go to Tools-Options-Advanced, then the Network tab, then click Settings. Click "Manual proxy configuration," then paste the IP address and type the port # in.

Your IP address is now changed, so will think you're abroad (and therefore unable to watch on TV).

Note: Your internet will almost surely slowly down substantially (but the stream is fine).

2007-09-22 12:22:05
86.   cult of basebaal
and i just don't see the blue jays not scoring today, either ... especially if phil doesn't get the ball down more consistently
2007-09-22 12:22:50
87.   randym77
79 There are several Firefox extensions for managing proxies, including one that's pretty idiot-proof.

Or to do it by hand, Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network ->Settings. Check "Manual proxy configuration" and fill in the boxes underneath. (The proxy and the port.)

To find proxies, Google "free proxies" and pick one that outside the U.S. It may take several tries to find one that works.

I've found it quite speedy on Saturdays, because no one else is using MLB.TV.

2007-09-22 12:24:38
88.   cult of basebaal
reed johnson has the dumbest damn facial hair in the game, methinks, it's like his chin decided to secede from the rest of his face and join ZZ Top by itself
2007-09-22 12:24:44
89.   monkeypants
Cue circus music...
2007-09-22 12:24:49
90.   williamnyy23
You those times when I argue that the Yankees don't seem to be giving a full effort...well, this is one of those games. Pathetic.
2007-09-22 12:25:07
91.   randym77
I've found India and Thailand to be much faster than China.

Dammit, Cano. How many times have you done that?

2007-09-22 12:25:10
92.   Chyll Will
Bad Robbie!
2007-09-22 12:25:23
93.   Alex Belth
Nice third inning from Hughes, in spite of a terrible play by Cano...
2007-09-22 12:26:08
94.   yankz
88 I firmly believe it's a Dirty Sanchez gone wrong.

I know I'm being a picky SOB, but Phil's K rate has gone way down the past 3 starts.

2007-09-22 12:29:33
95.   monkeypants
When Jeter is on, he drives the ball the other way. When he is REALLY on, he also pulls the ball with authority.
2007-09-22 12:30:05
96.   monkeypants
Uh-oh, Abreu attempting to play winning baseball...
2007-09-22 12:30:46
97.   yankz
Melky is 3 for his last 40
2007-09-22 12:32:05
98.   Chyll Will
A-Rod must be tired. Two weeks ago, that first pitch was gone...
2007-09-22 12:32:38
99.   yankz
Carlos Beltran has apparently left the game with an injury.
2007-09-22 12:33:01
100.   Chyll Will
Nothing wrong with a clean hit, though...
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2007-09-22 12:33:05
101.   yankz
OK, he's getting hits, that's good. Power will come back.
2007-09-22 12:33:45
102.   SF Yanks
85 87 Where do I paste the proxy? under http proxy?
Then how do I watch the game? Just click on My internet went down after I changed the proxy, did I put it in the wrong place?
2007-09-22 12:34:06
103.   cult of basebaal
c'mon leatherface, join the century club!
2007-09-22 12:34:06
104.   Chyll Will
99 I'm starting to kinda-sorta feel a little bad for the Mets now. I feel terrible for Willie though...
2007-09-22 12:34:33
105.   williamnyy23
I think Joe has to move Matsui makes no sense to put a struggling hitter ahead of one of your hotter ones.
2007-09-22 12:35:11
106.   Chyll Will
102 "Oh blah-blah-blah your needs!" >;)
2007-09-22 12:35:22
107.   monkeypants
This game has the early warning signs of frust-er-atin'.
2007-09-22 12:36:00
108.   SF Yanks
106 :(
2007-09-22 12:36:19
109.   cult of basebaal
he'd have to swap him with someone below, then, if he just moves jorgie up, we'd have 4 lefties in a row at the bottom and joe just couldn't do that

problem is, no one else is really stroking the ball right now either ... not giambi, who's the obvious candidate for the swap


2007-09-22 12:37:25
110.   cult of basebaal
somewhere, in a quiet damp city, mattpat11 seethes with rage ...
2007-09-22 12:38:44
111.   Chyll Will
108 Timmy Turner, Fairly OddParents. Sorry, couldn't resist >;)
2007-09-22 12:39:45
112.   randym77

"Where do I paste the proxy? under http proxy?"

Yes. Make sure to fill in the port number, too.

"Then how do I watch the game? Just click on"

Yes. It might be slow at first. Once it loads, it will be fine.

"My internet went down after I changed the proxy, did I put it in the wrong place?"

No. Did you put in the port number, too? If you did, that proxy isn't working. Try another one. Keep trying until you find one that works.

And remember to switch back to your original settings when you're done watching the game. If you forget, you'll wonder why it's so slow the next time you start your browser.

2007-09-22 12:39:48
113.   Chyll Will
110 New Orleans?
2007-09-22 12:40:09
114.   williamnyy23
The Yankees should have at least 4 runs in this game. With a depleted bullpen, their failure to capitalize could prove costly. I am not sure if it was the long night, but this has been a very sloppy effort so far.
2007-09-22 12:43:21
115.   cult of basebaal
113 is that where he lives? i didn't know ... it's rainy out here on the west coast, it was raining in the city ... i just guessed he lived in one of the two ... wherever he is, he's seething in rage if he's following the game today ... remember, WE MUST SWEEP THE NEXT THREE GAMES!!!
2007-09-22 12:46:03
116.   yankz
Mattpat lives in Long Island, I thought. Wasn't that the station he was on, after his dog died?
2007-09-22 12:46:59
117.   Chyll Will
113 Actually, that was a joke. Damp city, New Orleans, Katrina... seemed opportune, though I don't know how quiet it is right about now. I hate explaining jokes, since it usually means it wasn't that good...
2007-09-22 12:49:06
118.   yankz
2007-09-22 12:49:30
119.   Alex Belth
Not a bad pitch there by Hughes...
2007-09-22 12:49:47
120.   williamnyy23
He still can't break off that nasty curve from before the injury.
2007-09-22 12:50:06
121.   Chyll Will
Well, I guess Phil is having a breakdown delay just to go with the theme of the day...
2007-09-22 12:50:18
122.   Mattpat11
110 What happened?
2007-09-22 12:50:53
123.   fansince77
This is all on the Yankees offense not being able to make this a 4-0 game. They have been playing with fire...not bringing in those baserunners for several games now.
2007-09-22 12:53:00
124.   yankz
Dude, if you walk Curtis Thigpen...
2007-09-22 12:53:31
125.   williamnyy23
123 That really worries me about the post season. I don't have complete confidence in this offense when they face better pitching. It seems like too many guys get sloppy in their ABs when the pitchers step up in class.
2007-09-22 12:54:09
126.   Chyll Will
122 Sloppy play by young and old, missed opportunities to score; you know, the usual...
2007-09-22 12:54:27
127.   cult of basebaal
122 just figured this was the type of game custom made to drive you beserk
2007-09-22 12:55:20
128.   yankz
Curtis Thigpen...
2007-09-22 12:55:28
129.   cult of basebaal
124 well, at least he didn't walk him ...
2007-09-22 12:55:37
130.   Chyll Will
124 Uh-oh...
2007-09-22 12:56:03
131.   williamnyy23
124 That's why I think Hughes isn't completely healthy. He should be able to completely dominate a hitter like Thigpen.

Why the hell would you mess with ther breaking pitch, which isn't very good right now, when Thigpen can't hit a fastball. That's horrible pitch selection and speaks to a lack of focus that this team regularly exhibits.

2007-09-22 12:56:08
132.   Mattpat11
Well, here we go.
2007-09-22 12:57:04
133.   yankz
SF Yanks, you still around? Take it away...

Um, he did foul off about a billion fastballs.

2007-09-22 12:57:22
134.   williamnyy23
More lack of focus...he didn't check the runner once!
2007-09-22 12:58:02
135.   Alex Belth
Man, Hughes is getting beat on his breaking pitches...and he throws just a ton of pitches, doesn't he?
2007-09-22 12:58:35
136.   yankz
135 They've been fouling off a ton today.

And I've only seen him throw the curve today.

2007-09-22 13:00:31
137.   cult of basebaal
well ... that's odd ... marcum only had 51 pitches today ... injury?
2007-09-22 13:01:21
138.   williamnyy23
135 I think that's partly on Posada. Hughes actually has a nice fastball today, and he isn't using it.
2007-09-22 13:01:37
139.   monkeypants
131 Maybe--he flaired one off the end of the bat.
2007-09-22 13:01:49
140.   Chyll Will
Yunnow, I thought Reggie spoke out against "The Bronx Is Burning", yet they showed him giving an interview in the DVD extras... strange...
2007-09-22 13:02:21
141.   cult of basebaal
never mind, gameday says it was an "injured knee"
2007-09-22 13:02:34
142.   Chyll Will
137 Leiter says knee pain...
2007-09-22 13:02:40
143.   williamnyy23
139 But he really shouldn't be making any kind of contact. A good pitcher knocks the bat out of his hand...Hughes didn't even try.
2007-09-22 13:03:19
144.   williamnyy23
Cano swinging away...just what you need when you are trying to battle back in a game. They are definitely playing inspired now.
2007-09-22 13:04:56
145.   Chyll Will
It's good that we're getting into BJ's bullpen early though, right? Burn them out for the rest of the series? Helpful if we get off the shneid and win today...
2007-09-22 13:05:34
146.   yankz
143 Wait, seriously? You're mad that Hughes let him make contact?

You do realize that the scrubbiest hitters have on occasion gotten hits off the best pitchers, right? I remember David Wells got a hit off someone once, can't remember who. I'm not saying Hughes shouldn't have gotten him out, he should have, but demanding K's on will is absurd.

Do you have a "lack of focus" macro?

2007-09-22 13:06:00
147.   williamnyy23
Melky 3 for his last 41...great job by Joe to ensure he gets the most ABs in the Yankee lineup. Genius.
2007-09-22 13:06:13
148.   williamnyy23
Melky 3 for his last 41...great job by Joe to ensure he gets the most ABs in the Yankee lineup. Genius.
2007-09-22 13:06:18
149.   monkeypants
143 Even the worst hitter batting against the greatest pitcher gets a hit now and then, and Hughes did blow away Frank Thomas the inning before. I might chalk the Thigpen AB up to luck rather than lack of effort or health.

Or maybe the whole team (Yankees that is) are just dialing it in today...

2007-09-22 13:06:32
150.   cult of basebaal
moral turpitude, that's what i think is the cause ... i say they stone Brian Bruney to death with donuts!
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2007-09-22 13:06:35
151.   Chyll Will
What the HELL is that thing on that guy's chin???
2007-09-22 13:07:02
152.   Mattpat11
Does Reed Johnson think that looks good?
2007-09-22 13:09:00
153.   Chyll Will
Sweet play at third! At least he showed up today...
2007-09-22 13:10:02
154.   Chyll Will
152 Maybe it's some sort of frat initiation, or he lost a bet...
2007-09-22 13:11:05
155.   monkeypants
Come on Hughes, you lazy cripple--how can let Matt Stairs make contact and flair a bloooper in front of Matsui, who misplayed the ball?!?
2007-09-22 13:12:27
156.   Chyll Will
Okay, who wants to see Kay have a successful audition with Scorsese so he doesn't have to be on YES anymore?
2007-09-22 13:13:06
157.   Chyll Will
155 lol >;)
2007-09-22 13:13:56
158.   monkeypants
146 Wells got a double against Atlanta in 1998--but the opposing pitcher was Danny Nagle, so I'm not sure that we should give him too much credit. : )
2007-09-22 13:14:32
159.   Chyll Will
He kept him in the ballpark at least...
2007-09-22 13:15:17
160.   williamnyy23
149 Regardless of how it was hit, it was a hanging a curve ball. The pitch, and not the result, is what makes me think he isn't fully healthy. The fact that he didn't simply blow him away with a fastball speaks more to his/Jorge's lack of focus in that AB.
2007-09-22 13:15:28
161.   Chyll Will
John Ford-Griffin... long time no see.
2007-09-22 13:16:43
162.   monkeypants
Unfortunately, Hughes has had to use so many pitches that even in the best case scenario, he will only get through this inning. Mo is probably available, but after that?
2007-09-22 13:18:07
163.   Chyll Will
162 Ohlendorf?
2007-09-22 13:18:51
164.   monkeypants
160 Then just say that: "Hughes really hung that curve--I wonder if he is completely healthy." The fact that it was Thigpen (or whomever), and the actually result of the play (hit or not, as you indicate), is irrelevant. Complaining that Thigpen made contact is a red herring.
2007-09-22 13:20:22
165.   monkeypants
161 I saw him a few weeks ago at a Syracuse Skychiefs-Ottawa Lynx game. For me it was a blast from the past when he was announced, but those sitting around me did not seem to grap the historical significance.
2007-09-22 13:21:42
166.   williamnyy23
164 Not at all...a healthy Hughes breaks off dynamite curves, which hitters like Thigpen can't touch. Because he can't break off the curve like he did pre-injury, then it behooves Jorge to call for fastballs against a very weak hitter.

The fact that it was Thigpen isn't irrelevant because it should have meant that Hughes didn't have to mess around with an inconsistent curve.

2007-09-22 13:23:05
167.   williamnyy23
After this week, I think the AL should be grateful Toronto isn't going to the playoffs. If JP makes one or two smart moves on offense, they could be dangerous in 2008.
2007-09-22 13:24:05
168.   monkeypants
166 You've convinced me: Thigpen, a weak major league hitter made contact. This is strong evidence that Hughes is injured or Posada has lost focus.
2007-09-22 13:25:05
169.   randym77
Monkeypants, did you see that game in Syracuse? If so, what's their ballpark like?
2007-09-22 13:25:12
170.   Chyll Will
165 How did he do? He was supposed to be something here, but my limited perception is he seems now like he's a mistake Cash was trying to erase...
2007-09-22 13:25:33
171.   williamnyy23
168 Forget it...Hughes curve ball is nasty and pitchers with ace stuff shouldn't be expected to overpower hitters like Thigpen with fastballs.
2007-09-22 13:26:52
172.   monkeypants
I am impressed with the Jays announcers on Rogers Sports Net--for the first time since it happened, they not once (yet) mentioned "Ha!", but are now focusing instead on A-Rod's failure in the post season. Sigh.
2007-09-22 13:27:43
173.   Yankees Brasil
Where is good A-Rod?
2007-09-22 13:28:44
174.   williamnyy23
It sure looks as if the Yankees aren't able to beat good pitching without Arod contributing significantly. I hope Alex has extra broad shoulders this post season because he is going to have to carry the load.
2007-09-22 13:30:12
175.   yankz
Yeah, I wonder why Arod decided to stop focusing the past few weeks?
2007-09-22 13:31:05
176.   Chyll Will
welcome to 100, Gojirah
2007-09-22 13:31:30
177.   monkeypants
169 Naw, I saw it in Ottawa (which has a pretty standard AA-style park). I've never been to the Syracuse Stadium, but I do remember when they built it back in the 1980s, and it was supposed to be a very nice AAA facility for the time.

As for Ottawa, it's too bad the team is leaving next year--though everyone knew this was going to happen before the season started. MLB has managed to really fuck up baseball in Canada east of Toronto. Québec used to have a very strong baseball tradition, and Montréal is a good sports city with a few million people. It is unconscionable that there is no major league team or real minor league team here (there is an independent league team in Québec City).

2007-09-22 13:31:48
178.   williamnyy23
175 Arod has completely been focused. In this game alone he has played good defense, worked out a walk and ran the bases very well. Not only is Arod immensely talented, but he is one of the most focused players in the game. Even when he isn't on fire, he contributes to winning baseball games.
2007-09-22 13:33:16
179.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hey, Team!

I've been out all afternoon.

Imagine my surprise to come home, turn on the tube and find that not only is the 1:05 game still in progress, but there's plenty of baseball left!

Rain, eh?

How are we doing?

From the score, it seems to be a crisply played game on both ends?

2007-09-22 13:33:25
180.   monkeypants
Now would be agood time for Good Giambi to return. As OldYanksFan has posted, they do need Giambi's bat for the post season.
2007-09-22 13:33:49
181.   williamnyy23
179 Not on the Yankees.
2007-09-22 13:33:56
182.   cult of basebaal
177 you live in montreal, mp?
2007-09-22 13:34:13
183.   yankz
179 You'd think that, but apparently the Yanks all forgot their contact lenses, and our resident mind readers tell us that they're constantly thinking about something else.
2007-09-22 13:34:46
184.   weeping for brunnhilde
178 I think Alex' baserunning is far and away the most underrated part of his game.

He amazes me with his instincts and general heads-up-edness.

2007-09-22 13:35:17
185.   monkeypants
182 Oui.
2007-09-22 13:35:32
186.   weeping for brunnhilde
183 :)
2007-09-22 13:35:55
187.   williamnyy23
179 183 is correct. Except for Posada running the bases like a little leaguer, Cano and Cabrera flailing away at pitches, Cano bumping into Minky on a pop up and Hughes needing 100 pitches to go 5, it has been a very crisp game.
2007-09-22 13:35:56
188.   Chyll Will
173 He's hanging out with the good umpires...
2007-09-22 13:36:19
189.   randym77
177 Thanks. Yeah, I'd heard the Lynx were moving, which is why I didn't ask you about their park. :-)

There seems to be a general trend to moving the minor league teams closer to the big club. I think it's just gotten to be too much of a pain to fly. Especially if crossing the border is involved.

2007-09-22 13:37:12
190.   weeping for brunnhilde
187 wincing

Again with Jorgie?

2007-09-22 13:37:44
191.   yankz
Besides Cabrera flailing at pitches (which has been occurring for a very long time now) and Cano bumping into Minky on a freak one-time play, which one of those is an unusual occurrence?

None, right? So the Yankees never focus? Or is it something in their eyes today that gives it away? Because I'm on Gameday, and I can't really see their pupils.

2007-09-22 13:38:38
192.   weeping for brunnhilde

Who even started this game?

I ran into an acquaintance of mine (Red Sox fan, boohiss!) while out and about and he said something to me about Kennedy and Clemens both being scratched?

No, not Kennedy, Hughes...

2007-09-22 13:41:03
193.   cult of basebaal
185 only been there once, but it was during early august and the weather was perfect ... beautiful city, amazing food and great looking women ... don't think i could do the winters, though ...
2007-09-22 13:41:50
194.   monkeypants
I now this is mean, but Matsui looked like a cartoon figure running back on that ball--you knw, like the Flintstones, where their legs spin around in circles...

Torre is now making a tactical pitching change against Thigpen. I'm not sure what that means...

2007-09-22 13:45:25
195.   monkeypants
I think Ohlendorf is still injured.
Sorry, I couldn't resist. ; )
2007-09-22 13:46:06
196.   Schteeve
I would love to know why I'm blacked out on MLBtv
2007-09-22 13:46:52
197.   yankz
196 FOX is evil
2007-09-22 13:49:00
198.   Chyll Will
Cano swings at the first pitch and somewhere off-screen Melky is diving into first...
2007-09-22 13:49:15
199.   Schteeve
197 Are the Yanks on Fox? All I get on Fox in Chicago is ATL v. MIL.
2007-09-22 13:50:17
200.   randym77
The Unstoppable Minky.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2007-09-22 13:50:26
201.   yankz
199 Yeah, in certain regions; like I said, evil.
2007-09-22 13:51:30
202.   monkeypants
199 Fox owns the rights to all Saturday games in the US, no? So all games are blacked out on The Yankees are on here because the Fox monopoly does not extend to Canada, so I'm getting the Jays' local feed.
2007-09-22 13:51:51
203.   randym77
199 Fox blocks out all games except their own. Whether or not they're showing baseball in your market. It's like this every Saturday. Haven't you noticed before?

Use a foreign proxy. On the good side, MLB.TV is really fast on Saturday afternoons, because everyone else is blocked out of it.

2007-09-22 13:54:22
204.   randym77
202 I'm watching the Yankees game on YES. There is still local TV coverage of games. But MLB.TV is blacked out all over the US.
2007-09-22 13:54:30
205.   Schteeve
203 Usually I'm playing golf on Saturdays. But I have to catch an early evening flight tonight, so I'm just killing time this afternoon.
2007-09-22 13:58:36
206.   Chyll Will
Great. Now Bobby needs to not be a hero here...
2007-09-22 14:00:36
207.   randym77
205 It's like this every Saturday afternoon. All games blacked out until 7pm, or thereabouts. Worst of all is when there is no game on Fox in your area. And it's still all blacked out.

Evil incarnate.

2007-09-22 14:02:54
208.   alterity
I love the assumption by Fox and MLB that if you can't watch the game you want to see you'll watch the one that's on.

"Well, I can't see my team push for the playoffs, so I might as well watch two teams with no shot at it and listen to the dulcet sounds of of Tim McCarver waxing idiotic as a bonus! Hell, it's not like I have anything else to do on a Saturday!"

2007-09-22 14:03:49
209.   Chyll Will
206 Great. Now A-God needs to not be a hero here...
2007-09-22 14:05:09
210.   Schteeve
on the bright side...oh nevermind.
2007-09-22 14:05:49
211.   yankz
So clutch.
2007-09-22 14:06:08
212.   alterity
2007-09-22 14:06:33
213.   Chyll Will
209 Great. Now Matsui needs to not be a hero here...
2007-09-22 14:06:39
214.   Schteeve
2007-09-22 14:07:11
215.   cult of basebaal
HA! what did i say 57 !!!
2007-09-22 14:07:21
216.   randym77
208 Or even better, "No baseball at all, so gee, I might as well watch NASCAR or this cool infomercial."
2007-09-22 14:10:58
217.   cult of basebaal
take that! Hubert!
2007-09-22 14:11:29
218.   cult of basebaal
man, i HATE it when this team just mails it in ...
2007-09-22 14:11:48
219.   Schteeve
Ahhh, breathing room.
2007-09-22 14:16:13
220.   Chyll Will
213 Great. Now Jorge needs to not be a hero here...
2007-09-22 14:17:00
221.   Chyll Will
220 Wowzers, you suck Jorge >;)
2007-09-22 14:18:42
222.   Chyll Will
"Youaremyfavoriteannn-GUS (burger!)"
2007-09-22 14:19:50
223.   RIYank
Jorge needs to play with more urgency.
2007-09-22 14:21:12
224.   RIYank
223 was a joke, but Abreu isn't taking things seriously.
2007-09-22 14:21:13
225.   monkeypants
208 It's even dumber than that--they arbitrarily define regional games and assume that everyone in that region wants to watch only the game that they are televising. This works OK in the NFL, where you have a decent chance of seeing your game no matter where you live, between the games on Thursday, Sunday afternoon, Sunday evening, and Monday. It works less well with MLB when you are forced to watch one game on Saturday.

They have the technology to make all of the games available everywhere, yet between MLB and Fox they can't figure out a way to do so profitably. Why not let FOX run ads on on Saturday? Or some other profit sharing venture that preserves Fox's negotiated Saturday monopoly while at the same time getting more people interested in the very product they want to sell?

2007-09-22 14:21:18
226.   cult of basebaal
ARGH! handing the keys to an expanded bullpen to joe torre is like handing car keys to your porsche to a glue-sniffing 17 year old .. christ, WTF was wrong with pitching Ollie this inning?????
2007-09-22 14:21:19
227.   randym77
Wow, Little Rey Rey actually got a hit.
2007-09-22 14:21:26
228.   Chyll Will
223 Yeah, he's wayyyy too laid-back.

That Bobby out in RF, though... hard-charger!!!

2007-09-22 14:22:13
229.   RIYank
Also, why is Veras in now instead of allowing Ohlie to continue?
2007-09-22 14:22:15
230.   nick
Ohlendorf couldn't pitch to a second batter? Given we've got basically nobody available behind Veras?
2007-09-22 14:24:26
231.   nick
any rally here is on Torre--
2007-09-22 14:24:29
232.   RIYank
230 We do have lots of other pitchers available, actually. (Remember the huge roster.) But it's still a mystery why Ross O. couldn't throw to some more batters.
2007-09-22 14:24:47
233.   Chyll Will
It's the Ollie Rules™
2007-09-22 14:25:29
234.   Schteeve
Is Veras really throwing everything 95-96, or is Gameday out of whack?
2007-09-22 14:25:32
235.   RIYank
233 Nice entity!
2007-09-22 14:25:39
236.   JeremyM
I'm following this thing at work and shouldn't really log in, but why was Ohlendorf pulled? What a moronic decision.
2007-09-22 14:25:55
237.   nick
3 run shot from Stairs wd surprise no one...
2007-09-22 14:28:00
238.   RIYank
Wow, not bad.
Oooooh. Veras got lucky, he just walked the bases full there but Stairs swung.
2007-09-22 14:28:10
239.   Schteeve
237 The K from Veras surprises everyone.
2007-09-22 14:28:12
240.   Chyll Will
I don't like this, Sarge...
2007-09-22 14:30:18
241.   RIYank
Now he needs the K. So do we.
2007-09-22 14:31:17
242.   Chyll Will
"... especially a hothead like Angel Hernandez..."

That sounded so funny from Leiter, even though it's true.

2007-09-22 14:31:36
243.   RIYank

Our bullpen could be good next year, without a single FA signing.

2007-09-22 14:32:14
244.   Chyll Will
241 Ask, and ye shall (blahblahblah...)
2007-09-22 14:33:10
245.   RIYank
Almost funny.
2007-09-22 14:33:30
246.   Chyll Will
243 (sigh)
2007-09-22 14:33:38
247.   yankz
243 Very good, or very terrible.
2007-09-22 14:33:49
248.   RIYank
245 That is, the WP. (Which is ruled a PB!)
2007-09-22 14:35:19
249.   Chyll Will
unbelieveable. Whose on the market next year?
2007-09-22 14:35:23
250.   monkeypants
Maybe go to Mo here for the last out and the 8th, then take your chances in the 9th? Hopefully the Yanks can scratch out another run or three by then.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2007-09-22 14:35:47
251.   RIYank
Well, I did say next year. I mean, Veras is not right now a very good pitcher, but he looks like he's close.
2007-09-22 14:35:55
252.   randym77
That's only the fourth run Little Rey Rey has scored this season.
2007-09-22 14:36:25
253.   seamus
1 run is manageable. If we keep it there.
2007-09-22 14:36:59
254.   cult of basebaal
251 he just came back from TJ surgery this year, didn't he?
2007-09-22 14:37:08
255.   RIYank
Horrible. Damn.
JD would have had that?
2007-09-22 14:37:27
256.   Chyll Will
Okay, that was just sad.
2007-09-22 14:37:49
257.   RIYank
254 Yes.
2007-09-22 14:37:52
258.   cult of basebaal
Another fine situation brought to you by Joey Joe Joe Shabadoo ...
2007-09-22 14:37:58
259.   yankz
Ohlendorf: "Shit, I could've done that."
2007-09-22 14:38:27
260.   randym77
255 I think so.
2007-09-22 14:38:39
261.   Mattpat11
There's probably a reason why Veras has wandered the minors for ten years getting no one out.
2007-09-22 14:38:51
262.   cult of basebaal
257 control's the last thing you get back, he could very easily be a good addition to the bully next year ... better than having to count on Krazy or Baba-Bruney ...
2007-09-22 14:39:00
263.   Chyll Will
255 I thought the same thing.
2007-09-22 14:39:17
264.   seamus
ok, 1 run ok. 2 runs not cool.
2007-09-22 14:39:26
265.   Sarasota
to complain to FOX about the black outs which make absolutely no sense you should use this address:
2007-09-22 14:39:46
266.   monkeypants
258 Also brought to us by current baseball wisdom, where you pitch your best pitchers in innings 1-6 and 9, but lose the game in 7 and 8.
2007-09-22 14:41:08
267.   RIYank

Well, look at it this way: the post-season roster is clarifying...

2007-09-22 14:41:44
268.   Yankees Brasil
This bullpen is pathetic
2007-09-22 14:41:48
269.   Chyll Will
I'm sorry, this is Joe's fault, unless he can explain why he took Ohlendorf out after one batter.
2007-09-22 14:41:54
270.   RIYank
Is Farnsworth going to pitch? I'm surprised he isn't in now.
2007-09-22 14:42:17
271.   cult of basebaal
awesome, just fucking awesome, thanks joe, thanks jose ...
2007-09-22 14:43:26
272.   claybeez
268 Seconded.
2007-09-22 14:43:35
273.   RIYank
Veras had Griffin 0-2. Remember that? Seems like an hour ago.
2007-09-22 14:43:39
274.   Yankees Brasil
270 Next inning. He can't come in the middle of an inning.
2007-09-22 14:43:41
275.   Chyll Will
Jorge sets up one place, they throw someplace else... why??
2007-09-22 14:43:43
276.   monkeypants
270 I think that he's unavailable. But look on the bright side, Mo has been saved for the ninth.
2007-09-22 14:43:57
277.   Mattpat11
Just give up the HR and get it overwith
2007-09-22 14:44:00
278.   yankz
267 Mo, Joba, Farns, Viz, Villone, Bruney, ?
2007-09-22 14:44:18
279.   RIYank

And the last three hits (4 rbi) were crappy, too.

2007-09-22 14:45:06
280.   monkeypants
What a remarkable combination of walks, bloopers, and wild pitch/past balls. I've never seen an inning quite like this.
2007-09-22 14:45:10
281.   claybeez
I think there was a post about Edwar nearly being a shoe-in for the post-season roster. I hope that's changed.
2007-09-22 14:45:15
282.   RIYank
278 Well, Hughes. Edwar?
2007-09-22 14:45:38
283.   Chyll Will
Alex, are you still alive in the pressbox there? You're hair is still in place, right?
2007-09-22 14:45:42
284.   Mattpat11
276 Mo comes in now and this collection of losers blows it in the 8th
2007-09-22 14:45:51
285.   NJYankee41
I've never seen so many bloop hits in one game. You see more bombs in the LLWS.
2007-09-22 14:46:03
286.   RIYank
281 I'd say he's on the bubble. (Remember, his competition is not exactly impressive.)
2007-09-22 14:46:12
287.   cult of basebaal
275 edwar's biggest problem, most of the time, he's got only the slightest notion of where his FB is going to go ... lack of FB command was the reason the Yankees gave for not bringing him up earlier in the season and they were right on the money ...
2007-09-22 14:47:24
288.   monkeypants
278 Wang, Pettitte, Clemens, Mussina, Kennedy, Hughes makes 12. Or leeave out Kennedy or Hughes and go with 11. In any case, the picture does seem to be coming into focus.
2007-09-22 14:47:32
289.   claybeez
278 Is Farns ever going to pitch again? Instead of the reported, "Hughes or Kennedy," I vote for Hughes and Kennedy.
2007-09-22 14:47:35
290.   Chyll Will
280 awesome porno, lousy baseball...
2007-09-22 14:48:10
291.   Yankees Brasil
Thank God we won't have to face the Blue Jays in the PS.
2007-09-22 14:48:21
292.   Sarasota
289 me too
2007-09-22 14:48:57
293.   nick
Managers all want to be more important than they are, pushing the buttons like a fucking concert pianist.
It's not so hard.
Let me explain it.

Rule One: if a guy is pitching ok and not near any kind of pitch limit,

Thank you.

2007-09-22 14:49:05
294.   yankz
288 And it's looking more like a picture of your old history teacher, instead of the Adriana Lima pinup you asked for.
2007-09-22 14:49:31
295.   monkeypants
284 Well, worst case scenario is the collection of losers would blow it in the nnth, since Mo would go 4 outs and pitch the 8th. I like my chances better with Mo holding the lead in the 7th and 8th and the team scoring more runs, then the clowns blowing the lead and never seeing Mo in the game. Either way, it's not a pleasant ride.
2007-09-22 14:50:00
296.   yankz
Only Joba, Mo, and Viz have any business coming into a playoff game. Unfortunately, that doesn't really work, so one of these studs better step up.
2007-09-22 14:50:06
297.   Mattpat11
I want to know what moron looked at Veras' numbers and decided he belonged in the big leagues.
2007-09-22 14:51:34
298.   cult of basebaal
297 man, you crack me up ...
2007-09-22 14:51:39
299.   claybeez
I certainly Hope Cox, Melancon and Sanchez are recovering well.
2007-09-22 14:53:18
300.   Mattpat11
298 I really wanna know. What impressed the decision makers more? The 4.50 ERA or the 1.50 WHIP?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2007-09-22 14:53:54
301.   Mattpat11
Farnsworth AND Igawa?
2007-09-22 14:53:59
302.   RIYank
289 Well, he's warming up!

The Farnsworth Rules. What a byzantine code that must be.

2007-09-22 14:54:48
303.   Chyll Will
299 I'd look for them in 2009.
2007-09-22 14:55:43
304.   rsmith51
Interestingly, if Hill could have thrown better last night, the Yanks would have Joba and Viz available today. Smart move by Hill, get's the Yanks best pitchers out of the more winnable game.
2007-09-22 14:56:24
305.   Mike T
I guess what we are able to glean from the last two games is that Toronto hasn't mailed it in for this season.
2007-09-22 14:57:18
306.   yankz
You can only hope to contain him.
2007-09-22 14:57:24
307.   monkeypants
Indeed, I have never seen more bloop doubles in one game. Where is both teams' rover?
2007-09-22 14:57:39
308.   Chyll Will
Scrabble... you can only hope to contain him.
2007-09-22 14:57:41
309.   nick
Big Mink!
2007-09-22 14:57:54
310.   randym77
How do you spell "Mientkiewicz"?


2007-09-22 14:58:04
311.   Mattpat11
The fan deserves a prize.
2007-09-22 14:58:04
312.   rsmith51
305 True, their pitchers are pretty tough. Good warmup for the post-season, but first they have to win 5 games.
2007-09-22 14:58:18
313.   RIYank
I'll be damned.

Delivery! Mmmm, creamy.

2007-09-22 14:58:32
314.   Chyll Will
What a weird game...
2007-09-22 14:58:32
315.   nick
could Melky manage a bloop?
2007-09-22 14:58:40
316.   yankz
Right bats coming up...
2007-09-22 14:58:43
317.   cult of basebaal
2007-09-22 14:58:45
318.   rsmith51
Doug Out is becoming Doug Hit.
2007-09-22 14:58:56
319.   3rd gen yankee fan
2007-09-22 14:59:10
320.   yankz
So, Farns and then Mo, if the boys can score again?
2007-09-22 14:59:40
321.   nick
one of these teams has to win today.....& we've got last licks--
2007-09-22 14:59:51
322.   randym77
Doug Out hasn't made any today. He's 2 for 2 with a walk.
2007-09-22 14:59:57
323.   rsmith51

I was thinking that now would be a good time to pinch-hit Bettemit for Minky.

2007-09-22 15:00:22
324.   RIYank
310 Well, yes, that's how it starts, I think.
2007-09-22 15:01:00
325.   cult of basebaal
c'mon cap'n
2007-09-22 15:01:27
326.   cult of basebaal
well, at least no DP
2007-09-22 15:01:33
327.   rsmith51
It seems like every pitcher that the Jays brought in yesterday had a 2.something ERA.
2007-09-22 15:01:38
328.   RIYank
320 Yes.
And if we don't take the lead, I strongly recommend we concede and go home.
2007-09-22 15:01:38
329.   Chyll Will
Okay, Bobby needs to not be a hero here... (worth another try)
2007-09-22 15:01:53
330.   monkeypants
Nothing more exciting than crisply played September baseball, with 40 man rosters and 20 man pitching staffs...
2007-09-22 15:02:05
331.   cult of basebaal
jesus christ, the joys of expanded roster baseball ... everyone turns into TLR ... sheesh
2007-09-22 15:02:07
332.   claybeez
323 I was thinking Damon. Nice to be proven wrong.
2007-09-22 15:02:43
333.   Chyll Will
306 By the way... JINX!
2007-09-22 15:05:02
334.   nick
331 and none of these chumps will see the ball in the postseason....except Farns (alas!)
2007-09-22 15:05:36
335.   rsmith51
I think it is time to put a soft limit on the number of players available in Sept. Maybe a list of 26 players that can play. I guess the 4 other starters would be replaced by relievers, but might make more sense than the current zillion people in the bullpen.
2007-09-22 15:06:28
336.   monkeypants
172 I take it back--it took a rain delay, seven innings, 16 runs, and about as many pitchers, but the Jays' announcers just brought up "Ha!". Completely out of any reasonable context, but they got to it. Good job, eh.
2007-09-22 15:06:38
337.   rsmith51
I want double digits!
2007-09-22 15:06:47
338.   cult of basebaal
another pitching change in ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
2007-09-22 15:06:57
339.   RIYank
Hm. What is the record for consecutive innings drawing a BB? Bobby's at three.
2007-09-22 15:07:10
340.   Chyll Will
Great. Okay, A-God needs to not be a hero here...
2007-09-22 15:07:17
341.   nick
pitching around Bobby to get to Alex again...
2007-09-22 15:08:09
342.   cult of basebaal
really? you go situational with abreu, but not for Mr. MVP?

hmmm ... odd

2007-09-22 15:08:24
343.   RIYank
He's baaaaack!
2007-09-22 15:08:54
344.   nick
A-Rod due for a long ball--
2007-09-22 15:08:57
345.   yankz
So, so clutch.
2007-09-22 15:09:04
346.   Chyll Will
Great. Okay, Matsui needs to not be a hero here...
2007-09-22 15:09:20
347.   cult of basebaal
like i said ... odd

also 57 !!!!

2007-09-22 15:09:21
348.   monkeypants
335 For sure. Maybe they still can be allowed to call up 40, but must declare an "active roster" of 25 players (or maybe 26 or 27) each day. That would allow managers to (de)activate players every day, so keep a rotating staff of fresh BP arms.
2007-09-22 15:09:56
349.   RIYank
342 It really does seem stupid, doesn't it? In fact, walking Abreu seems like a really, really bad move, strategically.
2007-09-22 15:10:47
350.   Chyll Will
Well, I did my part >;)
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2007-09-22 15:11:05
351.   rsmith51
12 runs in the last 1 1/2 innings. Nice pitching, guys!
2007-09-22 15:11:16
352.   RIYank
Okay, Krazy Kyle time!

This would not be fun if we had any significant chance of missing the play-offs. But, it's fun.

2007-09-22 15:12:30
353.   RIYank
350 Heroically.
2007-09-22 15:12:56
354.   rsmith51
I will feel better when the magic number is 0.
2007-09-22 15:13:37
355.   Mattpat11
Here he is.
2007-09-22 15:14:12
356.   Chyll Will
Ohhhh, that's Guiseppe Franco...
2007-09-22 15:14:35
357.   RIYank
There's another thing Kyle can't do!

You learn something every day.

2007-09-22 15:14:51
358.   Mattpat11
What is this man good at?
2007-09-22 15:15:10
359.   randym77
Oh, come on. Olmedo on base two times in one game?
2007-09-22 15:16:02
360.   Chyll Will
Why does it seem like everyone is playing, "I Don't Want To Win"?
2007-09-22 15:16:07
361.   cult of basebaal
358 well, you don't see people charging the mound when he's on it, do you?

pity this team doesn't get in brawls, though ...

2007-09-22 15:16:12
362.   vockins
This game is stupid.
2007-09-22 15:16:43
363.   yankz
Please get Sanchez out.
2007-09-22 15:16:47
364.   cult of basebaal
cuing boos in ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
2007-09-22 15:17:10
365.   nick
what!? I leave for a minute and Farns lets the leadoff man reach base!?
2007-09-22 15:17:29
366.   RIYank
There, I feel more comfortable watching Kyle walk guys. Butchering a grounder, that was alarming.
2007-09-22 15:17:54
367.   Chyll Will
357 Throw strike one?
2007-09-22 15:17:56
368.   nick
seriously, I would love to see Torre walk out, look Kyle in the eye and say "if they score, you're off the postseason roster, big guy"
2007-09-22 15:17:57
369.   cult of basebaal
i hate reed johnson and the horrible symbiotic parasite thing that lives on his chin and feeds off the crumbs that fall from his mouth ...
2007-09-22 15:18:01
370.   3rd gen yankee fan
BOOOOOOOOOOO i hate this guy.
2007-09-22 15:18:03
371.   Yankees Brasil
This bullpen is pathetic.
2007-09-22 15:18:11
372.   RIYank
I hope Stairs bunts. That would be awesome.
2007-09-22 15:18:40
373.   Mattpat11
I hate him.
2007-09-22 15:19:00
374.   nick
can I call the Stairs 3 run jack again?
2007-09-22 15:19:15
375.   Chyll Will
366 Indeed...
2007-09-22 15:20:14
376.   Chyll Will
369 I thought he just forgot to use toilet paper...
2007-09-22 15:20:42
377.   yankz
376 No, but somebody else did.
2007-09-22 15:20:45
378.   RIYank
Hey, Wilson B!!!!!

I didn't even know he was in the game.

2007-09-22 15:20:53
379.   randym77
365 Even worse, the "leadoff man" is the number nine hitter, who is hitting below the Mendoza line.
2007-09-22 15:20:58
380.   Chyll Will
2007-09-22 15:21:36
381.   Ravenscar
"Farnsworth, if you cost me a win on Edwar's underwhelming performance, you're off the post-season roster."
2007-09-22 15:22:06
382.   Mattpat11
Kyle also doesnt cover first.
2007-09-22 15:22:21
383.   RIYank
Right, he's good at inducing sizzling line drives. He's good at praying that those liners go into someone's glove. But his prayers are only 50% successful.
2007-09-22 15:23:06
384.   Chyll Will
2007-09-22 15:23:13
385.   RIYank
381 Uh. Explain that one. What does "a win on Edwar's ... performance" mean?
2007-09-22 15:23:39
386.   cult of basebaal
man ... i just didn't know how true {127] would be ...
2007-09-22 15:23:49
387.   RIYank
Batting practice.

Okay, seriously, Farnsworth has to be off the PS roster now. No??? He has to be.

2007-09-22 15:24:03
388.   Ravenscar
God almighty
2007-09-22 15:24:26
389.   nick
381 come off it, dude: Edwar has had a mere handful of MLB innings in his career; the Kyle Farnsworth biopic is titled "Seasons of Suck"--
2007-09-22 15:24:34
390.   3rd gen yankee fan
Is it possible to boo him off the team?
2007-09-22 15:24:37
391.   JeremyM
That freaking rally is really costing us today. And Mattpat was 1000% right on this clown, what an asshole.
2007-09-22 15:24:47
392.   Ravenscar
385 (sorry to be confusing - I have Edwar on my fantasy team and despite not being that hot, he was in line for the W)
2007-09-22 15:25:20
393.   Mattpat11
I'd like to remind everyone that I never bought into the "new" Kyle Farnsworth
2007-09-22 15:25:24
394.   Chyll Will
"I don't want to win the game, here you take it! "

Yunnow, it's just pointless to boo at this point.

2007-09-22 15:26:03
395.   nick
ever was I so glad to see Britton
2007-09-22 15:26:32
396.   cult of basebaal
The Make A Wish Kid!!!
2007-09-22 15:26:46
397.   RIYank
392 Oh. But are you sure? I think Ohlendorf was in line for the win.

Ohhh! Right you are.

2007-09-22 15:26:52
398.   yankz
Oh what the hell is this
2007-09-22 15:27:03
399.   nick
maybe Kyle is injured; you know, "injured"--please?
2007-09-22 15:27:13
400.   cult of basebaal
wow ... a 1st pitch strike, i'd forgotten what those looked like
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2007-09-22 15:27:24
401.   yankz
They have 6 more outs to come back?
2007-09-22 15:27:32
402.   Mattpat11
2007-09-22 15:27:46
403.   RIYank
Good idea, Joe! We need to use more pitchers here, for sure. One out for Ohlendorf, one out for Britton.
2007-09-22 15:27:56
404.   JeremyM
392 He was until he was pulled after 1.3 inning. I'm still furious about that decision.
2007-09-22 15:28:17
405.   yankz
Mattpat, you still there?
2007-09-22 15:28:19
406.   monkeypants
{403] But you simply have to go lefty-lefty with Igawa, right?
2007-09-22 15:28:44
407.   Chyll Will
White Flag! You might as well empty the bench, Joe. What's it gonna hurt now?
2007-09-22 15:28:54
408.   cult of basebaal
man ... 127 is getting truer and truer every minute ... cue total Mattpat11 meltdown in ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
2007-09-22 15:29:03
409.   rsmith51
What the hell is Igawa doing in the game?
2007-09-22 15:29:10
410.   nick
omg teh Igawa!?
2007-09-22 15:29:18
411.   yankz
402 Just stay away from any ledges or knives.
2007-09-22 15:29:29
412.   JeremyM
Worst managing job of the year by Torre, by far. This is the exact opposite of the game he managed so well against Boston on Sunday. What is he thinking?
2007-09-22 15:29:40
413.   RIYank
406 I know, I know. And the tenth inning doesn't exist. There is no such thing. Baseball games have nine innings. So, we have Mo for the ninth, what's the problem??
2007-09-22 15:29:42
414.   Mattpat11
405 I think I had a stroke.
2007-09-22 15:30:04
415.   yankz
412 He isn't.
2007-09-22 15:30:10
416.   nick
luckily Iggy's pinpoint control makes him a smart option with runners on base--
2007-09-22 15:30:42
417.   RIYank
I just have a good feeling about Igawa tonight. I say let him get this out then pitch the ninth.
2007-09-22 15:30:58
418.   yankz
Hector Luna has a .535 OPS on the season. You could get him out on an HBP.
2007-09-22 15:31:24
419.   cult of basebaal
man ... just think ... if igawa doesn't get the out here, joe can bring in jeff karstens ...
2007-09-22 15:31:35
420.   yankz
2007-09-22 15:31:44
421.   RIYank
417 (I know everyone wants to see Mattpat's head explode, just doing my part.)
2007-09-22 15:31:57
422.   Chyll Will
419 (fingers crossed)
2007-09-22 15:32:19
423.   Yankees Brasil
418 I bet Igawa can walk him.
2007-09-22 15:32:36
424.   RIYank
Well, Igawa kind got an out. I mean, he did, technically.
2007-09-22 15:32:44
425.   Chyll Will
421 Meanie >;)
2007-09-22 15:32:50
426.   yankz
Mattpat, it's just a game.
2007-09-22 15:33:44
427.   cult of basebaal
seriously ... what was it that Petey wrote over at LoHud after whichever game it was that Torre over-managed the bullpen last week? something like "joe torre bullpen management + expanded rosters = disaster?"
2007-09-22 15:34:07
428.   Mattpat11
Remember when I complained about calling up loser pitchers and was told they'd never get in agame?
2007-09-22 15:34:40
429.   cult of basebaal
hmmm ... what's that cooking??? i smells me some KARSTENS!!!
2007-09-22 15:35:18
430.   Chyll Will
428 I remember that, too. Ouch.
2007-09-22 15:35:57
431.   Yankees Brasil
To complete the we should have DeSalvo pitch the 9th
2007-09-22 15:36:11
432.   Chyll Will
Great. Okay, Giambi needs to not be a hero here...
2007-09-22 15:36:20
433.   JeremyM
The sad thing is Torre saw Igawa's ERA go down and thought this was a good appearance from him.
2007-09-22 15:36:40
434.   Chyll Will
431 Yummy...
2007-09-22 15:36:45
435.   Mattpat11
431 Karstens
2007-09-22 15:37:21
436.   Chyll Will
You're wrong, Kay. They're playing "I Don't Want To Win The Game"...
2007-09-22 15:37:32
437.   Mattpat11
2007-09-22 15:38:00
438.   Yankees Brasil
437 Now that would be great!
2007-09-22 15:38:52
439.   nick
We're not trying to win today, guys--I mean, hate the strategy if you want, but it's clear as day--Joe wants to find out if there's anybody trustworthy after Mo Joba & Viz in the pen.

Frankly, I'd use all six of our starters in any post-season situation before I'd go to our #4 reliever.

2007-09-22 15:39:12
440.   Chyll Will
Even if we somehow win, this has got to be one of the worst-played games of the season.
2007-09-22 15:40:27
441.   Yankees Brasil
Can we hire some sort of bullpen manager now?
2007-09-22 15:40:52
442.   JeremyM
439 I disagree, if that was the case Ohlendorf would've been given a shot to show more than just 1/3 inning. Under either theory, he doesn't get pulled there, in my opinion.
2007-09-22 15:40:56
443.   RIYank
I think Wolf could walk two more guys.

440 Only the worst pitched.

2007-09-22 15:40:56
444.   rsmith51
Why not just have Hughes and Kennedy in the bullpen? Could they do any worse?
2007-09-22 15:41:01
445.   cult of basebaal
435 yes, but karstens is "the worst pitcher" mattpat has ever seen ... how could he not pitch today?
2007-09-22 15:41:02
446.   fansince77
Robbie swings at ball 3
2007-09-22 15:41:36
447.   yankz
I just wish those relief pitchers had focused a bit more! Maybe then they would win!
2007-09-22 15:41:51
448.   Chyll Will
441 Someone with the ability to say "No, Joe"? I don't think so...
2007-09-22 15:41:58
449.   cult of basebaal



2007-09-22 15:42:30
450.   Chyll Will
Great. Okay, Wilson needs to not be a hero here...
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2007-09-22 15:42:52
451.   RIYank
444 Actually, that's the plan, isn't it?
2007-09-22 15:42:53
452.   nick
442 fair enough, the Ohlendorf thing is just plain dumb--
2007-09-22 15:42:56
453.   rsmith51
442 Good point. I think we just wanted to think that we have a manager that actually has a method to his madness. Thanks for puncturing that theory.
2007-09-22 15:43:38
454.   Chyll Will
447 Anyone wanna spring for some ginko bilboa?
2007-09-22 15:43:52
455.   rsmith51
451 I hope. I see visions of Torre calling the "Lefty" Villone to get out Ortiz in a tight situation.
2007-09-22 15:44:57
456.   Chyll Will
Okay, Melky needs to not be a hero here...
2007-09-22 15:45:01
457.   monkeypants
439 That will be the plan, and I mean that seriously. They are already talking about relaxing the "rules" in the post season. With off days between so many games, Torre will (rightly) ride Mo and Joba and Viz, two innings at a clip if he has to. That means the starters need to go six, and you can play mix and match with the three real relievers after that. If a starter runs up his pitch total or if Torre really feels that he needs a tough out in teh middle of the game, you will see Clemens or Kennedy before you'll see any of the other pyromaniacs.
2007-09-22 15:45:04
458.   cult of basebaal
well ... both runner in scoring position ... c'mon the melk-man needs to ring twice today!
2007-09-22 15:45:25
459.   nick
up to Melky again...
2007-09-22 15:46:36
460.   rsmith51
I can't remember the last time Melky had a HR...
2007-09-22 15:47:27
461.   nick
457 I hope you're right...
2007-09-22 15:47:40
462.   yankz
Oh god
2007-09-22 15:47:41
463.   Chyll Will
Boy oh boy... weird game.
2007-09-22 15:48:01
464.   monkeypants
This is one crazy-ass-mutha-fuckin' game. I like the symmetry of the last out being made on the basepaths in both halves of the eighth.

Can we see Mo now?

2007-09-22 15:48:44
465.   fansince77
Melk makes even unenjoyable to celebrate the game being tied...anyone think this is last night all over again?
2007-09-22 15:49:48
466.   cult of basebaal
what happened there? gameday is done froze
2007-09-22 15:50:06
467.   rsmith51
Do the Jays have any relievers they haven't used?
2007-09-22 15:50:52
468.   Chyll Will
Did Tony sleep at first, or did Melky blow him off?
2007-09-22 15:50:55
469.   rsmith51
What is going on? Did Melkman come through?
2007-09-22 15:51:12
470.   cult of basebaal
yeah, at least i don't think this one has a chance in hell of lasting 14 innings ... not with the relievers that are left on either side
2007-09-22 15:51:54
471.   Chyll Will
467 There's probably some Ex-Lax lying around somewhere, unless Joe found it first...
2007-09-22 15:52:01
472.   cult of basebaal
we'd better see mo for the 9th, heart of our lineup coming up in the bottom ... i'd roll the dice
2007-09-22 15:52:30
473.   randym77
Melky hit a ball that went under Hill's glove. He thought about going to 2B, and ended up out when he couldn't get back before the throw.

So he tied the game, but ended the inning with his baserunning gaff.

2007-09-22 15:52:35
474.   rsmith51
ARod bottom of the ninth...

I am calling it now!

5 1/2 innings where at least 2 runs were scored. This is horrible pitching!

2007-09-22 15:52:45
475.   fansince77
Melky reminds me of like a really nice puppy dog...real happy and eager to please and sometimes...a little over eager to please
2007-09-22 15:53:13
476.   yankz
Maybe Miggy can come in to pitch.
2007-09-22 15:53:17
477.   Chyll Will
469 Yes, but he got tagged out rounding first too far...
2007-09-22 15:54:54
478.   randym77
Man, how long has this game gone on? Between last night and today, it seems like we've been playing the Jays forever.
2007-09-22 15:55:29
479.   rsmith51
So Farns faced the heart of the Jays lineup and Mo faces the bottom of the order. Makes perfect sense.
2007-09-22 15:58:22
480.   cult of basebaal
jesus, can anyone pitch an uneventful inning today???
2007-09-22 15:58:51
481.   monkeypants
So, to review from earlier: when Thigpen blooped a hit of of Hughes, it was held as evidence that Hughes was injured, etc. So when he drills a double of the fence against Rivera, is this evidence that Mo is injured, or has lost focus, etc.?
2007-09-22 16:00:17
482.   Yankees Brasil
481 Maybe Thigpen is the new Babe Ruth.
2007-09-22 16:01:06
483.   Chyll Will
This game started at 2:30PM, but you only think it's AM...
2007-09-22 16:01:51
484.   cult of basebaal
aaagh! It's Reed Johnson and his THING again!
2007-09-22 16:02:24
485.   cult of basebaal
Chin Troll
2007-09-22 16:02:26
486.   Chyll Will
482 Or the new Miguel Cairo.
2007-09-22 16:03:51
487.   Chyll Will
Dingleberry Bush
2007-09-22 16:04:03
488.   cult of basebaal
nice MO ... now it's time for today's appointed hero, Mr. Rod!
2007-09-22 16:04:17
489.   rsmith51
What's that big round thing under the 9?
2007-09-22 16:04:28
490.   nick
I've got a horrible feeling we're gonna play 14 again...
2007-09-22 16:04:29
491.   JeremyM
It looks like a skidmark on a pair of white-tighties to me--dude needs to wipe better.
2007-09-22 16:04:35
492.   cult of basebaal
taint broom?
2007-09-22 16:04:45
493.   Yankees Brasil
486 That's probably more accurate
2007-09-22 16:05:28
494.   fansince77
Jeter is going to hit one of his first row slaps to the short porch...that's my call.
2007-09-22 16:06:11
495.   Chyll Will
Okay, Jeter needs to not be a hero here...
2007-09-22 16:06:16
496.   rsmith51
Double, bunt, sac fly...
2007-09-22 16:07:18
497.   Chyll Will
489 A 6?
2007-09-22 16:08:21
498.   fansince77
Wow that was outside!
2007-09-22 16:08:36
499.   Chyll Will
Okay, Bobby needs to not be a hero here...
2007-09-22 16:09:29
500.   rsmith51
497 It was a joke that there haven't been any scoreless half innings for a while. The round thing was a zero.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2007-09-22 16:10:08
501.   rsmith51
I can't remember the last time that Bobby had a HR...
2007-09-22 16:10:36
502.   Chyll Will
Well. Okay, A-God needs to be a hero here...
2007-09-22 16:10:47
503.   cult of basebaal
well ... it's only fitting that it ends right here
2007-09-22 16:11:32
504.   rsmith51
They have scored 10 in the last 4 innings and now they can't manage one...
2007-09-22 16:11:49
505.   fansince77
What did Alex want there! that pitch was game over!
2007-09-22 16:11:50
506.   Chyll Will
497 I know, I was joking too, but I dare not explain it >;)
2007-09-22 16:12:11
507.   cult of basebaal
bah! only a double ... way to make me look bad, slappy!
2007-09-22 16:12:14
508.   nick
Alex just can't get it over the wall on the fly today...
2007-09-22 16:12:33
509.   Chyll Will
Great. Okay, Matsui needs to be a hero here...
2007-09-22 16:12:44
510.   JeremyM
501 Septemeber 4th, and to answer a previous question, Melky hit one August 12th.

Man, I think A-Rod has straightened himself out...come on Matsui!

2007-09-22 16:13:00
511.   rsmith51
This shouldn't be so nerve-wrecking. C'mon Yanks, let's finish this.
2007-09-22 16:13:02
512.   nick
please Hideki end this abomination--
2007-09-22 16:15:04
513.   yankz
As soon as I saw that Arod didn't hit a HR, I lost all faith.

No way do they send Mo out there again. DeSalvo?

2007-09-22 16:15:06
514.   Chyll Will
Okay, I've got nothing. What a stupid game...
2007-09-22 16:15:48
515.   randym77
483 Wow. So this game is going on five hours already? o_O
2007-09-22 16:16:40
516.   OldYanksFan
This is brutal.
2007-09-22 16:16:41
517.   Chyll Will
Oops, 506 should have ref. 500
2007-09-22 16:16:45
518.   cult of basebaal
i'm soooo glad i didn't go to the bar to watch this game ... i'd be a drunken wreck by now
2007-09-22 16:17:04
519.   rsmith51
I am going to close the computer. When I open it, I hope it says that the Yanks magic number is 4.
2007-09-22 16:17:09
520.   cult of basebaal

i so told you i smelled KARSTENS!!!

2007-09-22 16:17:19
521.   randym77
Karstens. Oy. Isn't there anyone without a double digit ERA?
2007-09-22 16:17:26
522.   Chyll Will
Karstens... (fingers uncrossed)
2007-09-22 16:17:27
523.   RIYank
Heeeeeere's Jeff!
2007-09-22 16:17:48
524.   Mattpat11
2007-09-22 16:18:15
525.   JeremyM
519 Well, Detroit is down 3-0 in the first:)
2007-09-22 16:18:32
526.   fansince77
Oh good- 24 hits in 11 innings. This seems promising. Stairs leading off. Professional hitters coming up. I feel good. No problem.
2007-09-22 16:18:43
527.   Chyll Will
521 Gator?
2007-09-22 16:18:48
528.   RIYank
519 Could easily happen. During the middle of the 16th here, I predict, Detroit will lose.
2007-09-22 16:19:57
529.   fansince77
Fuck- this is over!
2007-09-22 16:21:00
530.   RIYank
We're winning, 10-8, in the all-important "Pitchers Used" category.
2007-09-22 16:21:04
531.   JeremyM
Choosing between Wright, Desalvo, and Karstens is like saying, do you want to shoot yourself in the head, drink a gallon of Lysol, or jump for it? Is it someone's throw day today? Can we sneak Ohlendorf back in and hope the umps missed his 1/3 inning due to 75 other pitchers being in the game?
2007-09-22 16:21:47
532.   fansince77
Yeah good - check on Stairs...he's your biggest worry right now...PLEASE double play.
2007-09-22 16:22:06
533.   Chyll Will
You can hear the stadium crowd groan, "Oh no..."
2007-09-22 16:22:59
534.   fansince77
I heard that too! funny!
2007-09-22 16:23:25
535.   fansince77
86 mph. I am cringing every pitch.
2007-09-22 16:24:26
536.   fansince77
Isn't that strike three?
2007-09-22 16:24:29
537.   Chyll Will
Joe's already set the record for most pitchers used in a game... maybe he can set it at Iron Horse level...
2007-09-22 16:24:39
538.   RIYank
Don't worry. Greg Zaun can't really hurt you with power.
2007-09-22 16:24:58
539.   fansince77
That curve ball seems effective.
2007-09-22 16:25:35
540.   RIYank
I prefer this game to a bowl of hornets.
2007-09-22 16:26:13
541.   Mattpat11
Those breakingballs are terrifying
2007-09-22 16:26:21
542.   fansince77
I prefer this game to getting flicked in the nuts...slightly.
2007-09-22 16:27:07
543.   fansince77
Duz anyone else feel bad about this at bat?
2007-09-22 16:28:01
544.   Mattpat11
2007-09-22 16:28:02
545.   fansince77
Ok - great job kid...there are only three chambers left in the barrel. Let's get someone else in
2007-09-22 16:28:06
546.   RIYank
542 Right, it's close in both cases.

I can't think of anything else I prefer this game to.

Although right now I like it a little better. That throw was, well, it was impossible.

2007-09-22 16:28:49
547.   claybeez
Now I'm even happier Damon didn't pinch-hit for Melky. What a play!
2007-09-22 16:29:05
548.   Chyll Will
I'm not as excited about that play, knowing that Stairs is as slow as dial-up. It would be a shock if he beat the throw.
2007-09-22 16:29:19
549.   fansince77
Thank god for Yankee non-pitchers!
2007-09-22 16:29:26
550.   randym77
I can't believe they sent Stairs.

Then again, they probably want this game to be over, too.

Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2007-09-22 16:30:30
551.   51cq24
stairs or not, that was really a great play (and lucky)
2007-09-22 16:30:40
552.   cult of basebaal
you guys are such debbie downers ... this game has passed far beyond anger or disappointment, it's now deep in the realms of absurd hilarity
2007-09-22 16:31:29
553.   JeremyM
All right Posada, come on Jason.
2007-09-22 16:31:29
554.   Chyll Will
Jorge! The luck continues...
2007-09-22 16:31:34
555.   Mattpat11
2007-09-22 16:31:56
556.   cult of basebaal
send up the Attorney General and bunt!
2007-09-22 16:32:25
557.   yankz
Take it personally, Cano!
2007-09-22 16:32:27
558.   RIYank

Do you have Rob bunt now??

2007-09-22 16:33:09
559.   fansince77
Do you bunt Cano? - I don't. Three cracks at the win.
2007-09-22 16:33:18
560.   JeremyM
Can Cano even bunt?
2007-09-22 16:33:37
561.   cult of basebaal
can robbie bunt? i don't recall ever having seen him try ...
2007-09-22 16:33:42
562.   Chyll Will
552 I'm tired, that's all. I'd be more excited for a game like this in the WS, not when we're trying to get into the PS...
2007-09-22 16:33:46
563.   RIYank
You're right, cult, if they were going to bunt it would be AG.
2007-09-22 16:34:10
564.   randym77
And he was going to bunt.
2007-09-22 16:34:20
565.   OldYanksFan
A DP now would make Mattpatt's head explode. We need a bunt to keep him alive.
2007-09-22 16:34:23
566.   RIYank
He can, but he's not good. He has one this year.

I agree, let him swing, esp. if the corners are charging.

2007-09-22 16:34:25
567.   JeremyM
I say let him swing.
2007-09-22 16:34:47
568.   yankz
Gameday has that as a perfect pitch.
2007-09-22 16:34:51
569.   fansince77
Hit away...
2007-09-22 16:34:54
570.   RIYank
That's a Cano sacrifice. Who needs bunts?
2007-09-22 16:35:05
571.   randym77
We don't need no stinkin' bunt.
2007-09-22 16:35:05
572.   JeremyM
565 Have we heard from Matt in awhile? It may be too late....
2007-09-22 16:35:09
573.   Mattpat11
Good enough
2007-09-22 16:35:26
574.   Chyll Will
Nice! Endgame, please...
2007-09-22 16:35:32
575.   yankz
OK Betemit, just lift one, please don't strike out...
2007-09-22 16:35:36
576.   cult of basebaal
i guess that's how robbie bunts ... nice!
2007-09-22 16:35:43
577.   fansince77
That's why. Great job Damon % Giambi
2007-09-22 16:35:44
578.   JeremyM
572 Oh, there he is on 555 my mistake:)
2007-09-22 16:36:10
579.   RIYank
Oh, come on, Wilson. Contact, baby!
2007-09-22 16:36:30
580.   RIYank
Wow, that deeply sucked.
2007-09-22 16:36:41
581.   yankz
Are you fucking kidding me?
2007-09-22 16:36:43
582.   Mattpat11
Betemit sucks.
2007-09-22 16:36:56
583.   JeremyM
Geez, I wonder why Atlanta got rid of this guy? Come on.
2007-09-22 16:37:04
584.   cult of basebaal
fucking-a, wilson, thanks a whole damn lot
2007-09-22 16:37:29
585.   RIYank
2007-09-22 16:37:31
586.   fansince77
Wow. Wilson...that was a great look at the second strike...too middle. too middle. I understand.
2007-09-22 16:37:43
587.   JeremyM
I would've brought in Duncan, but since I didn't say it before, it's only hindsight. Come on melky.
2007-09-22 16:37:47
588.   Mattpat11
2007-09-22 16:37:49
589.   randym77
Batting Melky leadoff. Brilliant!
2007-09-22 16:38:05
590.   yankz
Oh thank god
2007-09-22 16:38:16
591.   cult of basebaal
the MILKMAN rings THRICE!!!!!!!


2007-09-22 16:38:31
592.   Chyll Will
FIIIIIII-nally!!! Bad game! This Sucked! Whoo-Hoo!!! >;)
2007-09-22 16:38:39
593.   OldYanksFan
It's the ground ball machine. Lets hope the 2nd baseman misses another one.
We win a gutty, gritty, improbable game.
2007-09-22 16:38:53
594.   Yankees Brasil
Big hits for Melky all game long.
2007-09-22 16:38:54
595.   claybeez
Great game for Leche. I still like this kid.
2007-09-22 16:38:58
596.   nick
once....twice.....three times a Melky!
(& I loooove you)
2007-09-22 16:39:12
597.   fansince77
Got Melk? today we do. Thank GOD!
2007-09-22 16:39:14
598.   BklynBmr
Melky for President!
2007-09-22 16:39:15
599.   cult of basebaal
HUGE game for Melky!
2007-09-22 16:39:28
600.   yankz
Melky: 3-7, 5 RBI

Torre's a genius.

Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2007-09-22 16:39:50
601.   OldYanksFan
Kim is looking very breastuous today.
2007-09-22 16:39:53
602.   JeremyM
Great stuff from Melky, we really needed that.

I don't know what was uglier, this win or the game my sorry Huskers eked out today....

2007-09-22 16:42:02
603.   Chyll Will
602 Nothing beats that thing on Reed Johnson's chin...
2007-09-22 16:42:17
604.   yankz
Now let's pray for a rain-shortened win tomorrow.
2007-09-22 16:42:26
605.   fansince77 that is a different AROD than the last two years (refering to the interview). The fans aren't the only one's who have made adjustments. We like Alex better, because he seems to be a leader with a calm champion's demeanor. It's so much more than the numbers.
2007-09-22 16:42:41
606.   BklynBmr
601 Just my luck, no EI 'broad'cast today...

600 Genius indeed! Where's a 'The Torre Wins' sidebar online? Just wonderin'...

2007-09-22 16:43:22
607.   RIYank
600 And the hits were in the seventh, eighth, and tenth.

Well, that was a memorable game.
Tomorrow's bullpen will be... interesting.

2007-09-22 16:43:50
608.   OldYanksFan
It really was a great win, as a loss would have been devastating. And Melky's play in CF really set the table. Although I think he was safe at the plate.
2007-09-22 16:45:05
609.   RIYank
I don't blame Joe when a player sucks, so I won't give him credit for Melk's performance today.

The key hits and the outfield assist in the tenth, damn. Great game for him.
Actually, great game for our position players, wasn't it? Did anyone do anything terrible?

2007-09-22 16:45:53
610.   yankz
609 They lacked focus in the early innings.
2007-09-22 16:45:58
611.   OldYanksFan
Cleveland and Detroit both behind. And the Angels lost. Could be a very good day.
2007-09-22 16:46:18
612.   RIYank
608 True, sometimes a win is so good just because the loss would have been so bad, and for no other reason.
I wouldn't have been depressed with a loss, actually. But it did salvage the whole thing aesthetically. Sort of.
2007-09-22 16:46:49
613.   RIYank
610 Yes, the moral failures aside, though.
2007-09-22 16:47:01
614.   fansince77
608 I thought so too at first, but on replay clearly tagged body before stubby legs got unfurled. What a fucking clutch relay...Melk and Cano...If you think about how many things could have gone wrong on that play...

BTW - Love to see Kartsens pitching for KC next year. He's not a major leaguer.

2007-09-22 16:47:23
615.   nick
Joe had 4 different guys throw fewer than 10 pitches...
2007-09-22 16:47:58
616.   Chyll Will
609 (muffle)
2007-09-22 16:48:24
617.   BklynBmr
609 They all can bring it, but not all the time. It's who can bring it when in Joe's gut is the guessing game. He guessed right today...
2007-09-22 16:48:47
618.   fansince77
Is Joba available tomorrow? Or is it is still one pitch/ one month?
2007-09-22 16:48:56
619.   RIYank
614 Melk, Rob, and Jorgie.
2007-09-22 16:49:50
620.   RIYank
618 Def. not available.

Vizzy, probably Mo; and I guess Britton and Ohlie since they only faced a batter apiece.

2007-09-22 16:49:54
621.   BklynBmr
616 Ah, economy of woirds. I bow to you...
2007-09-22 16:50:56
622.   fansince77
619 How right you are. I was just about to post on how Jorge is like glue on those plays (of course he dropped one earlier) but nine out of ten that most catchers don't make!
2007-09-22 16:52:02
623.   OldYanksFan
I have to believe Joe is watching the Sox. If they keep winning, Joe's not going to bleed this team in a miracle attempt to catch them. If so, we will see a lot of bad pitching and rest our guys.
2007-09-22 16:52:18
624.   fansince77
Duz Moose make it three in a row?
2007-09-22 16:52:19
625.   Chyll Will
621 What can I say?
2007-09-22 16:54:14
626.   RIYank
623 Yeah, and I'm starting to get on board with that plan, too.

Look, I live in Red Sox Nation, so overtaking the Sox would just make my life wonderful. But for the sake of winning games in the postseason, I have to think it's better to get all of our pitchers ready, maybe give an older position player a couple of days rest. (Jeter?)

2007-09-22 16:55:12
627.   RIYank
625 While he's bowing down? Hm.
How about, "Say, is that a bald spot?"
2007-09-22 16:55:45
628.   Chyll Will
Hey, where's Weeping with the EPGR?
2007-09-22 16:57:23
629.   Chyll Will
627 Meanie >;)
2007-09-22 17:01:03
630.   BklynBmr
627 Not after I hooked up with Giuseppe Franco. Now it's more like, "Hey, could you remove your dandruff from my shoes, please?"
2007-09-22 17:01:55
631.   RIYank
There ya go!
Mine was just an example.
2007-09-22 17:06:30
632.   Chyll Will
631 Okay then. Well, I'm sticking around for Weep's EPGR, though I'd really like an ice cream sundae right now...
2007-09-22 17:08:47
633.   RIYank
I dunno, do we deserve ice cream today? None for Kyle, that's for sure.
2007-09-22 17:08:47
634.   BklynBmr
1-0 Boston. Tampa has 'em right where they want 'em...
2007-09-22 17:18:53
635.   Chyll Will
Well, rsmith will sleep well tonight 519
2007-09-22 17:32:37
636.   3rd gen yankee fan
634 You know what, Boston's first run was due to a blown call at first, where Cereal Boy was clearly out on a grounder towards third. The ump admitted to Joe Maddon (I guess, that's what the announcers were saying) that he missed the call.
2007-09-22 17:39:55
637.   BklynBmr
636 Didn't catch the early innings, 3-2 Sawx now, but hopefully the umps will return the favor before this one's over. Here's to Sonnanstine not letting it get out of control...
2007-09-22 17:42:11
638.   BklynBmr
Sweet stab by Upton on a drive to left center by Lugo. Nice to see he drives Beantown nuts, too...
2007-09-22 17:52:44
639.   yankz
Baby Schilling (cute and hilarious):
2007-09-22 18:05:16
640.   JL25and3
I was at the game today...jesus, what a mind-numbing marathon. A great win, but a bad baseball game.
2007-09-22 18:42:24
641.   OldYanksFan
From Lohud: I'm not sure I can sum up that game other than to report what Mariano Rivera told me on his way out the door.

"That would have been a very bad game to lose," he said. "But it's a great game to win."

2007-09-22 18:42:51
642.   BklynBmr
640 Even still, it's somewhat encouraging that the Yanks can outlast the Toronto/Syracuse Blue Jays/Chiefs in a game with post season ramifications. Five hours, though? I feel your pain.
2007-09-22 18:51:43
643.   BklynBmr
6-5 Tampa. Just sayin'... Still early...
2007-09-22 18:54:05
644.   Mike T
From the perspective of the fans who attended the game, they would have been one seriously miserable lot had the Yanks lost. It boggles the mind how games can last that long.
2007-09-22 18:57:22
645.   Mike T
A-Rod went 4-5. Can we call this a slump buster?
2007-09-22 18:59:16
646.   OldYanksFan
Carlos Pena is turning into a hell of a hitter. Just hit his 2nd HR, #42, to put TB up (for the moment).

Meanwhile, Cleveland will lose, Detroit will probably lose, and the Halos have already lost. TB could make today a pefecta!

2007-09-22 19:04:27
647.   OldYanksFan
Wow... TB just went through Bostons 3-4-5 in a blink. 3 outs to go with 6-7-8. Could happen!
2007-09-22 19:05:07
648.   BklynBmr
Gagme in to hold it close in Tampa...
2007-09-22 19:06:58
649.   joe in boston
Yeesh, can Tampa hold on just once ?

Great Schilling video to cheer you guys up latenight :

2007-09-22 19:12:08
650.   rsmith51
635 I was happy with the outcome. Hopefully, the Royals can knock it down to 3 now.

Just think, the Yanks had Pena in their org last year and big problems at 1b all year. Go figure.

Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2007-09-22 19:18:39
651.   OldYanksFan
And Cleveland loses!
2007-09-22 19:20:58
652.   OldYanksFan
Fuck! Tek ties it.
2007-09-22 19:21:28
653.   nemecizer
Detroit loses 7-4. Yanks magic number for the WC down to 3.

Boston just tied it 6-6 in the top of the 9th with a Varitek home run.

2007-09-22 19:22:20
654.   yankz
649 I don't know what's better, the pre-lunch snack, or the picture of Randy Johnson on his laptop.
2007-09-22 19:22:35
655.   OldYanksFan
Crud. Man of 2nd, no out, tied game.
2007-09-22 19:22:55
656.   OldYanksFan
And Detroit loses!
2007-09-22 19:23:01
657.   JL25and3
642 Because of the rain delay, we were actually there for 7 hours.
2007-09-22 19:25:03
658.   joe in boston
649 You know, I have little kids and I'm a die hard Yanks fan stuck here north of Boston ... how come I didn't think of that video ??!!
2007-09-22 19:29:48
659.   3rd gen yankee fan
Wow, Tampa sucks hugely.
2007-09-22 19:29:56
660.   BklynBmr
657 Ouch! Forgot about that.

649 That would be no. Unless it's against us.

2007-09-22 19:35:30
661.   Mattpat11
Al Reyes is no good
2007-09-22 19:39:23
662.   SF Yanks
I would just like to point out that Al Reyes is a human garbage can.
2007-09-22 19:41:16
663.   Chyll Will
By the way, add my vote for "Run To The Hills" for Joba...
2007-09-22 19:44:20
664.   BklynBmr
Sound off on tube. Did Boston just win the WS?
2007-09-22 19:50:14
665.   Jersey
WOW!! Just got home! What a ballgame to miss!

I had a good excuse though. I was at a beer fest watching GEORGE CLINTON AND P-FUNK. Damn skippy.

2007-09-22 20:13:08
666.   yankz
Boston is the first team to clinch a playoff spot
2007-09-22 20:13:57
667.   BklynBmr
Quote from the Skipper:

"Last night knocked the hell out of us. To come back and do what we did today answers a lot of questions. If not from other people, when these guys look back and forth at each other I think they realize we are in this together."

2007-09-22 20:19:17
668.   BklynBmr
[666?] Boston cliches? Love it. Curse II in full effect...
2007-09-22 20:21:15
669.   BklynBmr
668 Make that 'clinches'...
2007-09-22 20:21:17
670.   yankz
668 I think my post number was kinda fitting.
2007-09-22 20:26:44
671.   yankz
Hey, Arod, we fold our bills these days:

2007-09-22 20:32:56
672.   yankz
I would just like to commend the Yankees (especially Melky and Cano) on their focus during that relay play. To do something like that after these two ridiculous games really tells me alot about this team's ability to focus and perform.
2007-09-22 20:52:00
673.   Bama Yankee
672 I was a little worried that due to a lack of focus the team might actually lose the WB Mason encore game presented by WB Mason... ;-)
2007-09-22 20:53:07
674.   BklynBmr
670 Fitting? If everything works out, you should be fitted for a #27 ring. That post alone just might have changed everything ;-)

672 Exactly what I'm feelin'. (Can't wait to see the relay play on the highlights tonight.) This squad is highly confident right now. Better in September/October than March/April...

2007-09-22 20:58:57
675.   SF Yanks
671 Ha, it's kinda annoying isn't it? I made a post about this a few days ago on why players can't fold their bill right.
2007-09-22 21:31:23
676.   Chyll Will
675 Who whudda thunkit? Multi-millionaires that who know nothing about billfolds... >;)
2007-09-22 21:48:07
677.   yankz
New thread dudes.

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